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✈ Medical Supplies & Airplane Trips: Packing/Travel Tips! 💼 (4/8/18)

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166 thoughts on “✈ Medical Supplies & Airplane Trips: Packing/Travel Tips! 💼 (4/8/18)

  1. Just a heads up! I am having my Ketamine/Injections tomorrow so tomorrow’s vlog upload will most likely be several hours late. (:

    1. Hey Jaquie what ice packs do you you use to travel. I’m traveling soon for my injections would like to keep them cool. I’m 8 hour flight 😅


    3. Chronically Jaquie that’s ok good luck with your appointment I’m sure it will be good so you don’t feel any pain while you are on your trip and love the sweater so cute 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    4. Extra infusion supplies would be good, just in case, especially the IV fluids and meds.

    5. Chronically Jaquie i have to be patted down for security because i have a pacemaker so i can’t go through the metal detector

  2. So many great tips and always a beautiful and generous share. Your videos I always share with others, they are so helpful and gave me inspiration. RIP.

  3. Special needs?, aren’t you sick? No offense

  4. I have a port too!

  5. This video was incredibly helpful ty sooooooo much❤

  6. Gonestatron sounds like a dinosaur.
    (Hope I spelled it right!)

  7. Omg I named my pitbull Harlow!

  8. Are you going to paris

  9. My sister also has GP but doesn’t have it as bad. She’s been really lucky to not have a flare up in a while. I feel like I have already told you this? If so sorry I tend to repeat my self.

  10. Why, do you have a feeding tube?

  11. I am sorry that you have that . I will sad for you

  12. We have the exact same phone case and if you have a Samsung 8 curve then it will be the same phone lol

  13. Pretty awesome to see Baxter IV bags being used considering that is where I work. To see the face of a user and know that they depend on it makes my job even more better.

  14. Oh my goodness, Harlow putting her head on the storage container as a headrest, totally melted my heart! ♡

  15. i love how Harlow is nodding her head a bit at the end

  16. frozen sponges are always great for travleing

  17. Stunning video clip! Hereabouts at Y&S FOOD! we love to come across this kind of content. We create Travel & Food films as well, across the globe, so we are continually interested in inspirations and so approaches. Thank You.

  18. Jaquie: “I don’t know if I like the color…”. Um, it’s almost the same color as the shirt you are currently wearing. Haha!

  19. I didnt have any issued going through any security. (Tho I DID have issues on rhe actual plan both ways which were a whole other story time.) I didnt bring my own wheel chair (its used as needed only and I typically just plan on floor sitting here and there) but knew I’d be getting into the airport wheelchair. Which was rhe BEST decision. I had an attendant with me the entire time.

  20. Is the trip to Washington DC??

  21. I love those organizers. I use them for everything.

  22. I haven’t been able to access #helper_dog_harlow on instagram for a couple days. It cut out suddenly the other day while I was watching. I’m absolutely loving watching her grow train and learn. I’ve also learned so much from them.

    I’m watching your daily vlogs from the beginning… I’m up to May 2017. Question: How come everyone you know, who has a service dog, have a golden retriever? Friends sharing info or something? I know Harlow isn’t your first dog. I’ve seen the the video.

    The Puppy Pool Party was sooooooo fun!!! I’ve watched it several times and shared with several friends. I grew up with two golden retrievers who never wanted to go IN water but loved playing WITH water such as in the automated sprinklers in the yard. Then they”d want to come inside all wet.. They would use those puppy dog eyes as if to say the sprinklers caught off guard and got them all wet. LOL 😀

    So again, #helper_dog_harlow on instagram has completely disappeared.

  23. Traveling can be so nerve wracking! I went on a 12 day trip last month and everything I worried about didn’t come true. It’s good to research and be prepared, but at the end of the day, you just gotta go and know either way you’ll come back with some stories! :p Oh and it was my first time flying with my wheelchair.

  24. Been a part of your audience for several months now and I must say I really enjoy your vlog. Your positivity is Awesome! Thank you for helping me understand your condition, as well as how I can empathize and respect the journeys of other chronically ill people. It’s encouraging to know I’m not the only one who has a journey to complete.

  25. (For Everyone That Needs To Smile Today….)

    JAQUIE! Love you so much and I adore this community. Not only do I learn a lot here, getting to know people in this community that share a lot of my daily issues and concerns just has made me feel supported in a way that’s new to me. And I’m so grateful!

    I wanted to make you guys all smile! I found a channel and I know you will appreciate this gentleman as much as I have!! Sometimes there’s days it’s hard to find smiles, and that’s why I’ve been binge watching his channel and loving it so much. He’s a stand up comedian and he utilized a service dog for his own needs that I’ll let you all discover. He’s had such deplorable interactions with people who just don’t understand “invisible illnesses” but he uses them to bring awareness in such funny ways. Anyway, if by chance I’m not allowed to share channels here, delete no worries. Either way, I hope you all find something to smile about today. BLESSINGS UPON BLESSINGS TO ALL!!

  26. I’m flying back from vacation tomorrow. I know what you mean how flying can get more complicated with chronic illness! (I have Cystic Fibrosis) they always throughly check my vest machine like it’s some kinda bomb lol!

  27. Going to watch this vlog tomorrow. But looking at the title it is exactly what I need. What to pack for a trip 😊. Perfect! Do you have something for cooling yourself in the sun?

  28. Are you coming to North Carolina??? Lol j/k

  29. Does Harlow know any command that would resemble a wave? I think you’d be the first on YouTube who’s dog was able to join in on the signature wave at the end of your vids! 👋🏽 😆

  30. Really great advice! Thanks for the thorough rundown of how to pack. Will come useful in a few months for me 🙂 By the way, Harlow resting her head on the organiser organiser is so damn cuuuute! What a sweet girl 🙂

  31. My guess is your going to DisneyLand in California!

  32. Excited for your trip! Have fun!

  33. You’re a pretty lady

  34. “I can’t decide if I like the color or not” she says whilst wearing almost the exact same color. lol. Love you.

  35. That does not look fun lol hope you have a safe trip and much energy to have fun😍😎❤

  36. That is some really good information to know about TSA. I have the same containers. With port supplies, IV meds, ostomy supplies and catheters I had to have some form of organization. Those are by far the best I have come across, I just wish I could find them bigger.


  38. Insurance?!

  39. Jacquie! So excited for your trip, love the organizational inspiration! Just a side note…keep an eye out at Walmart…they had a wide variety of inexpensive, fashionable, and comfortable Flowy Shorts last summer! 🌞

  40. Hmmmmmm I am guessing it’s Paris.

  41. Jackie when I was in isreal the tour guide told us that people with rheumatoid arthritis are given prescriptions to cover hotel stay near to the dead sea. ( for 6 months) the patient then spends 30 minutes a day in the water. what they claim is the minerals in the dead sea relieve the pain from RA. Me personally I had a really bad cold sore and it was almost completely gone the next morning after I swam for 30 minutes, You don’t want to be in there more than 30 minutes. The insurance companies cover the cost.

  42. Love the jacket, it looks great on you and the colour is perfect. Have a great trip. Take care.

  43. I saw a golden retriever puppy and I was freaking out so much because it was so fluffy

  44. Love when you share your mom with us!!

  45. Hey Jaquie I pray you and your friends/family enjoy your vacation. Quick question -> Are you still taking the college class?

  46. I’m guessing your traveling to England :). If you are it’s about to get warmer here. Hope you have a low pain and fuss free flight/travelling. Travelling can be very hard with chronic pain.

  47. Why do you get muscle spasms? Do they hurt?

  48. Hello,
    Have you received your email to go to the dispensary yet for your MMJ? It’s still working amazing for me and I’m really praying that you will have the same relief 🙏🏼💞

  49. I bet you get to go to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester!!

  50. “Progression not perfection” the mode i really get from you!

  51. I love that hoodie I tried it on a target it’s really comfy

  52. So glad you’ll be getting pain management treatments! I was thinking for a tip, place the whole lunch sack in the freezer the night before you have to fly! It’ll be an extra precaution just for those what if times!

  53. I think harlow knows your leaving

    1. Harlow is coming with her

  54. Is pasta a safe food since bread is? Couscous is pasta so im asuming?

  55. Get black you look good in black n you can wear pink under it lol

  56. Jaquie!! Just lay all your sickness at the foot of the cross and Jesus will heal you!! I have to say that my wife had cancer and we was married for 10 years and she fought it and i took care of her and she died 2 years ago and i got bitter at God and one year ago i found your channel and you have helped me and seeing your faith reminds me of my wife and she had great faith and was saved by the grace of God and i know she is in Heaven and she is happy and has no more pain and you have been like a minister too me and have gave me a better outlook on life and now my faith is stronger and i want you too know that i pray for all of y’all and i know God will heal you!! Thank you so very much for your post and Keep the Faith and know that a lot of prayers are said for y’all. God Bless!!! Best Regards from North Carolina!!!

  57. I find it funny how you Floridians call zip-up hoodies “jackets.” That’s what goes UNDER a jacket 😂

    1. Laura Mater , yup and I only have one jacket or zip up hoodie lol. I think I wear it like 3 days a year….

  58. What do you do if you or Harlow needs to use the bathroom?

    1. First- there is a bathroom for people in the plane and second Harlow can wait a little until they get off, as she did while hurricane Irma came to FL. If it sounds like I’m being mean, sorry I didn’t mean that! 🙂

  59. If you can, take an extra bag of saline, it’s always best to take extra and I’ve accidentally popped a bag before, even though I thought it was well packaged.

    1. Good point! If one fits, I will take it

  60. don’t forget heating pad. have a great trip!!

  61. Hmmm I’m going to guess Boston or somewhere up that way is where you will be traveling

  62. Don’t forget to have something to help Harlow’s ears pop. So excited for you!

    1. Dog’s ears don’t actually pop because of their shape

  63. “cant decide if i like the color or not”
    is wearing the color
    haha but for real, ily jaquie, you really made me look at things more positively. i went through a breakup this weekend while having to interview for internships, and i decided to stay positive and try my best and i got a full time position! youre really impacting people, whether they have CI’s or not 🙂

  64. Gah I can’t wait to find out where u are going! lol it’s like I’m more excited then you 😂😂

  65. what are you doing with the rest of your infusion bags? or do you only need the two?

    1. They all come with me but for out out of state trip I am timing my infusion schedule to only need two

  66. Hey are you going to take your medical binder?

    1. Glen King she should do just incase she gets admitted to a hospital for any reason.

  67. Hope you have a safe flight. Does POTS effect how you feel when you fly? I have POTS and have never flown in a huge plane cause I’m always so dizzy normally.

  68. I LOVE the color of the zip-up jacket on you!

  69. I’m the one with the dog. – that’s funny

  70. If any of your liquid smaller vials need to be cold look for frio packs while at target they can be found by the diabetic supplies and are perfect for small vials

  71. I want the hoodie. Guess I’ll have to go to target; cause I totally need a reason. I like hoodies to be too big, comfy.

  72. California?!???

  73. Are you going to bring your IV pole? Or do you have some alternative? I have to feed on a trip and I’m not sure how to feed at night without a pole

  74. I’ll guess that you guys are going to Washington D.C to see the cherry blossoms!

  75. I hope your trip goes well and safe travel. I love how Harlow was resting her head on your supplies. Lol. I hope you feel well to on your trip.

  76. You’re such a sweet person, you remind me of my younger sister.

  77. Hey Jaquie! I was wondering what your pain and nausea management plan is for the flight? I have chronic back and neck pain, and the thought of flying (although I love flying) is just too much.

  78. Why do I have a bad feeling that even though your in a plane the altitude will mess you up?

  79. “i’m over here, i’m the one with the dog” 😂

  80. medical supplies are free for carry-on, am i correct here? does it also apply when you have large luggage like this and a large amount of medical equipment?

    1. drexel quin I think any case that’s just for medical supplies is free!

  81. I just realized you aren’t wearing you wedding ring and I can’t remember if you have told why, so why aren’t you wearing it?? ps I love you and your family

    1. I take it off to shower and change my port needle and to wear my WC gloves, sometimes I forget to put it back on

  82. Harlow is so cute!

  83. Can’t decide if you like the color of the hoodie???!!!! It’s pink!!! LOL!!!!!! By the way, for God’s sake, don’t let the airlines get a hold of Harlow. Airlines and dogs can be a disaster.

    1. Lol I realized it’s the same color as the shirt I was wearing 😅 And yes there have been many issues/controversies which have us a little apprehensive but we have to go in hoping for the best.

  84. Will the airlines allow your wheelchair to be on the plane with you or will they store it in luggage? Have a safe and fun trip.

    1. We take it to the gate and they store it where the strollers are stored.

  85. Hey jaquie

  86. I’m guessing South Carolina. But I have no clue.

  87. Wonder if TSA Cares is new. I flew about 4 years ago which was a nightmare. My needs aren’t as obvious as yours, but I need specific food and water due to MCAS. Can’t get suitable replacements at the airport. I called TSA before my trip and was told that I had to follow the rules…no exceptions for my medical needs. The trip out was rough, but the trip home was worse. TSA is the reason I don’t fly anymore, which is a shame since it’d be nice to be able to see my specialist in person.

    1. ABDR4 we used it when we flew to Fl a year and a half ago it was wonderful except for TSA spilling my sons epilepsy medication I was so upset but they were holding the plane for us so I didn’t get to clean it up properly, I now carry baby wipes for clean ups and sanitary wipes and gel lol

  88. and I still use it to this day

  89. dad always told me while growing up “best be over prepared than under prepared”

    1. Lol sadly we found out that lesson when we forgot our tent while camping xD

  90. I’m so happy the medicine worked! Hugs!

  91. The aqua bedroom turned out so cute!

  92. When I travel, especially by airline, I always pack extra for a couple of days in case I run into delays or cancellations. I’m not sure if you do this too, but it never hurts to do this just in case! xoxoxo Heather🇨🇦

  93. That was so cute when you were holding up the sweater saying you were not sure about the colour. I was thinking “but you are basically wearing that colour right now”! Glad you found what you needed. I’m excited for you to get away for a few days. A change of scenery is good for the soul sometimes, even if it is exhausting/uncomfortable. I just got back from a week on Vancouver Island at my brothers sea-side home. It was lovely. Granted I’m still recovering since getting home 5 days ago, but it was so worth it. Have fun, Jaquie! xoxox Heather🇨🇦

  94. I’m glad you’re getting your ketamine shots ! Hopefully you’ll be able to enjoy your trip with less pain !!!

    1. Yes I definitely will! It was a bummer to have to push them back but I think it was meant to be seeing as I will have things in full effect for my trip!

  95. Harlow is adorable! I love Target runs too even though they can be exhausting. I’m so glad the new IV nausea med is working!

  96. If a trip to Target is so symptom provoking you need to go to bed I can’t fathom you traveling by air to another state with a suitcase full of supplies that could stock an Emergency Room. I hope all goes well and you have a blessed time.

    1. Taking a trip like this is definitely out of the norm from what we usually ask of our bodies. But like I said, we prepare the best we can and go into it with a positive mindset. That seems to work out better than dwelling on how difficult it might be. If I did not think this trip was doable, I would not be going. But thankfully it is possible because of my treatments and the support I’ll have with me! Chronic illness is a balancing act, and this trip is part of the “don’t let my health hold me back” side of things. Also, the timing of my procedure being on Tuesday will surely help! Perhaps it was meant to be pushed back so this trip is more enjoyable. 😊

  97. “Do you like the colour” It’s the same one you are wearing hahahaha, love you Jaquie

    1. Lol right? I thought the same thing when I looked in a mirror 😛

  98. I love how informative your vlogs are, I’ve learned so much from watching and am grateful you share your story so awareness is raised. I’ve also adopted your phrase of ‘keep moving forward’, for whenever I face challenges. Keep up the great work! 🙂

    1. I find Judd’s “If you can’t change your situation, change you attitude” helpful 🙂

    2. Sanctuary of Prose 👍

  99. Kate Farms is literally the sweetest. I hope you have a good time where you’re going.

    1. Many tube feeding formulas set off bomb detection devices. Surprisingly I had a harder time getting my EleCare through then I ever did with syringes and needles!

    2. Chronically Jaquie Be careful where you roll.

    3. I’ll be taking my WC with me, no way I can get through an entire airport with out it (plus our trip itself). Harlow always alarms something as well, and I have to be tested for bomb residue and have my bags thoroughly searched. We definitely allow extra time for all that!

    4. Chronically Jaquie The good news with you is that you walk. I always have something on my wheelchair that alarms.

    5. Love Kate Farms! And no, I don’t really. I am interested to see how it goes with all my supplies, the needles mainly. But I think with TSA cares we will be okay!

  100. Your video’s are very helpful to me. I’m on a journey to figure out what is wrong with me and using your tips and such is very helpful. Also that you share how positive you are while also letting us see when it gets really hard. Thank you

  101. Hey jaquie, How do you handle the neasea without your G tube and the muscle spasms? Do you have any suggestions I can use to calm it down till i see my Dr again? I do have zofran and it helps when it needs to but my primary care Dr dosnt want me to take it constantly.

    1. I am super reliant on my IV meds right now, sadly. I am in the process of trying MMJ. I use a heating pad on my stomach but I am so sorry to not have a good answer for you because I have not yet found anything that works for myself.

  102. I’m guessing you’re going to D.C. For the Cherry Blossoms 😊

  103. This is awesome! It’s always good to be prepared in all sorts of situations, for me, when I go traveling I always bring 6 portable chargers that fully charge my phone twice each, just in case. It’s good you’re bringing another button in case yours malfunctions. I recently used special assistance at the airport for the first time a couple weeks ago, and it was so easy, they were so lovely and helpful, they brought me in a wheelchair through security (if I stand too long my blood pressure drops) so I didn’t have to stand in line for half an hour, I was through security within 5 minutes when it’s usually 30-40 minutes, and they brought me straight to my gate! The jacket you bought is so cute 😍

  104. Im currently on my trip too, i leave on Friday so your Thursday, what’s funny is that when you upload your Sunday vlog for example I’m watching it on the Tuesday at the time you uploaded it. Hope you have a great trip

    1. Where do you live?!

  105. hope you all have a safe and happy trip. cant wait to see the vlogs of your journey, i think you picked a pretty jacket. it looked cute on you, love harlow<3

  106. that’s a really nice pillow that Harlow go.

  107. I want to say it’s Disneyland but maybe not

  108. I like your New Hoodie it will go Great with PINK 🌸❤🌸💯✔💕🙏🙏🙏🐾 . I also Love Pink 🌸❤🌸🐾 My service Dog wears pink too. 🌸❤🌸 i can see Pink 😀👍💪🙏🙏🙏 Have a Great Trip you guys.

  109. Congratulations on wearing a mask less often! That’s a huge step forward. How is the new mask you were trying (the darker pink one) working out? I’m looking for a mask and was wondering your “review”!

    1. Chronically Jaquie thank you so much! Where did you get the one you got?

    2. It’s very liberating! 🙌 VogMask is more comfortable but Cambridge does better at filtration.

  110. I just bought one of those containers! I love it!

  111. All this trip prep is getting very exciting!

    1. Lol more like exhausting 😅 I’m just ready to be there!

  112. gran-ICE-uh-tron 😉 Sometimes I think they make these names as unpronounceable as possible on purpose. And I’m a pharmacist.

    1. I agree! But now that I have said it one way I feel like it will be hard to correct it lol

  113. When i saw the lunch sack it reminded. Me of a mans pants

  114. I need to find someone who looks at me like how harlow looks at Jaquie

  115. Sounds so exciting! Are you bringing and epipen or is it not needed?

    1. I always have at least two Epis on me at all times and on trips I pack extra just in case.

  116. I love target runs too! I went today to get stuff for our cat and some personal things for the house. I love that jacket. Your mom had a point about pulling them down when you’re cold and pushing them up when you’re warm. Good luck with your injections and the fliying!

  117. Your new hoodie/jacket looks great on you. The colour is gorgeous. It will match perfectly with your wheelchair.


  118. What happened to Harlow’s instagram account?

    1. I couldn’t keep up with this channel and two IG accounts so I temporarily disabled it.

  119. Harlow was so cute putting her head on the storage containers. I know you have to be but you are certainly an organized person. I like your new jacket.

  120. Love the new hoodie! Have a good day!! 💕

  121. Can’t wait to see where you are going!

  122. Have a really good day!!

  123. The reason I am commenting is because my bus is super late, my school has started already and we can’t leave or else we will be marked late. Well at least I can watch Awesome Jaquie!

    1. Chronically Jaquie omg the bus finally came!!!!!!!!!!!!! After two hours!!!!!

    2. Chronically Jaquie thanks. It’s still not here and I fell and made a huge hole in my knee. The bus is two hours late😢😢

    3. Lol I hope the bus arrives soon!

  124. I have a question, why do you dry-heave (or however you spell it)?

  125. Hope your day is going well Jaquie! 🤗

  126. Hello! ♥

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