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10 BEST Supplements To Build A BETTER Body!

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Most of you know that Alpha used to be a personal trainer and owner of a fitness center. He also competed as a natural body builder, which he won Natural Nationals. Long before the personal training, he opened a chain of nutrition center. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro says that he knows more about nutrition, diet, fitness, and supplementation than style. It’s him and a part of him — for a very long time. Starting to work out was the single best decision Alpha has made — it changed his life, and if you decide to do it, working out will change yours.

He’s honored and humbled to announce that is the sponsor of this video. For the past 18 years, has been his personal to-go resource for everything fitness related. Alpha details and emphasizes how it’s the best resource out there for fitness — and all the workouts and information are free! You can also research products and read authentic reviews. Their customer service is awesome, and their shipping is super fast.

Alpha’s 10 Favorite Supplements

1. Great multi-vitamin derived from whole food
2. Vitamin C
3. Omega 3
4. L-Arginine
5. ZMA = zinc, magnesium, + B6
6. Quadracarn (Alpha’s 2014 video Quadracarn | Awesome Fat Loss Supplement )
7. CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)
8. 100% Whey Protein (ON)
9. Pre-workout drink (GRIT)
10. Post-workout recovery cocktail (JYM)

2,728 thoughts on “10 BEST Supplements To Build A BETTER Body!

  1. I tried this one: ** it really does works that why it marked number 1 in usa.

  2. You don’t even need Whey protein. Just eat a healthy meal after.

  3. Vitamin c does *nothing* to your skin unless applied topically, that is, a serum.

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  5. What is Penlargerem System? I’ve noticed numerous awesome things about this popular male enhancement.

  6. “I recommend this guide:
    So grateful it exists in 2020.”

  7. Please let me know the time table for taking supplement

  8. You shouldn’t need a multivitamin. You should be eating a balanced diet that doesn’t require you to eat vitamin c or a multivitamin or omega 3. The only exception is when you are dieting heavily.

  9. Hello guys this is Arun anzan …
    I am so weak so that’s why i am unable to find good job ….and in my office so many people laugh on me..i want grow up my body…if any one have good idea then they can share me plz……..🙏

  10. The supplements i found the most effective are these There is everything i need. I love it <3

  11. His loud ass voice is annoying he’s yelling the whole video … that won’t make us buy it ..

  12. Cann 18 years old use mass gainer?

  13. you are right exactly

  14. yo i’m 16 should i be taking the multivitamin or nah?

    1. isaac moreno its not that necessary but if you can afford it no problem

  15. Hey alpha,
    I’m a woman 32 years old, is it okay if i use BCAA or DAA?

    1. Avin kamrawaee researchers says if you take your daily protein intake you don’t need the bcaa, but it’s good with the meals if you are vegan 👌

  16. Add probiotics, collagen, replace whey for a clean vegan protein powder and eat a balance diet withe alot of variety and you’ll look like a greek god in no time

  17. I like using

  18. So do I take this all at once ?

  19. When do you take all these tablets ?

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  21. hat if there was a common spice you could add to your favorite morning beverage that would burn away an average of 1 POUND a day for 21 days without even exercising?… > see more in here >

  22. Can a 17 year old take these?

  23. Is he high on coke for this video?

  24. Doesn’t taking all 10 daily (assume we work out every day) represent a health problem? Can I go ahead and take them all? Thank you!

    1. We are factory supplement in USA. With GMP FDA …

    It is an incredibly safe and healthy product, and the results are way quicker than any other supplement out there!

  26. What is better the build your legs back squats or front squats

  27. “I recommend using this supplement if you need to get slim: ** it works great in 2020 for me”

    1. @Alberto Souza yeah it’s working

    2. @Sadanda Thokchom thank you 💞

    3. Its just a scam made by an actor and the product name is leptitox which by the way they will try to sell you in bulk and discounts

    4. Brother I can’t see the whole half an hour video now, can you please tell me what is the trick

    5. Man thats a stupid scam a 30 min long ass video for a 5 sec trick and that creator morgan doesnt even exist.

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  29. Can you take all of these everyday?

  30. Best supplement fat loss ?
    Claim yours below :

  31. have u lost weight before?
    christian bale style…if not u know nothing

  32. “I recommend this guide:
    So grateful it exists in 2020.”

  33. Look on to find the best supplements. They test supplements and let you know what the best ones are.

  34. What is Custokebon Secrets and how does it work? I hear lots of people lost their fat with this popular weight loss methods.

  35. I want to gain my weight and mussel

  36. My age is 22 and weight 49kg
    What’s better for me
    Best supplement for me

  37. Where is creatine bro ?

  38. Tell me about Ayu Mass Gainer Result can be taken in 13 days guarantee from livo universal Ayu Mass 500 please tell me

  39. alpha (Y)!

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  41. This is the only supplement that helped me
    Turmeric Curcumin – 2250mg/d – 180 Veggie Caps – 95% Curcuminoids with Black Pepper Extract (Bioperine) – 750mg Capsules – Most Powerful Turmeric Supplement with Triphala

  42. “I recommend this guide:
    So grateful it exists in 2020.”

    1. dont click

  43. How do you shove them all in your mouth? Won’t I get stomach pain if I consume them all togther

  44. “I recommend using this supplement if you need to get slim: ** it works great in 2020 for me”

  45. I take vitamin c. I got to buy more c and. Vitamin d. I also take a. Powdered vitamin. I should buy protein powder. Also eat a better diet

  46. Does Custokebon Secrets really work? I see many people keep on speaking about Custokebon Secrets. But Im not sure if it is good enough to lost a lot of weight.

  47. Redcon1 makes some delicious protein powder and some solid pre-workout. 20% off site-wide if you’re in the market. Use code T20CJohnston

  48. Ok….no mor food…….😁😁😁

  49. Is the fat burner bad for your kidneys?

  50. Aaron your videos are great! I am not sure you have covered in one of your videos, Gym etiquette. You know the do and don’ts? How to go about you biz in locker rooms and in the gym itself. I have a few ideas for you that really tick me off men who work out are completely clueless about..

  51. I have been taking turmeric with patented black pepper – BioPerine. It is USDA organic and has helped me increase my metabolism and weight loss. I’m so happy. Here is the link for those asking *YELLOWHALDI* *.COM* Stay healthy!

  52. lolol

  53. thats awesome

  54. really

  55. haha

  56. awesome vid

  57. great

  58. wow

  59. ummm that’s good. I always use green juice and it works great for me, in my video it explains for those who want to get abs in 4 weeks

  60. Ordered some supplements Alpha. I just started but I’m 40 so I can use all the help I can get. I’ll let you know how it goes. You rock and definitely motivate me to keep going to the gym for the first time in my life.

  61. “I WAS…a great personal trainer….” coming from the soft-looking dude who probably hasn’t had to actually work a day in his life, trying to spout off as many products as possible in hopes of getting sponsorships. And by WORK I actually mean getting up at an ungodly hour for a job to do some sorta work that requires to get dirt/shit under your nails and mess up your hair/makeup. *side note: not sure about dudes who wear makeup, since I’m…ya know….a guy who works with raw sewage on a daily basis*

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    Supplements on sale♥


  63. Muscle blaze product quality good and bad

  64. Hallo a need a supplemet to fast gain muscle i have creatin and whey protein and amino but a need something different to gain fast muscle 💪🏻????

  65. Hello there, I want to know if Penlargerem System, will really work for me? I notice lots of people keep on speaking about this popular natural male enhancement.

  66. Reminds me of Muscle and Fitness magazine, where they show the champions diets, plate of great food, freaking cereal bowl of supplements next to it. I’m just not up to having to choke down all that crap a couple-three times a day. I do B-Complex and multivitamins and protein shake on lift days and that’s it.

  67. If it doesn’t get absorbed, you can’t pee it out. If it’s not absorbed, you poo it out

  68. Hey Aaron, I’m a huge fan of your videos. But I’ve been having a problem finding a good explanation online of explaining a good workout routine and how to increase it to build muscle for an Ectomorph body style. Also the foods with proteins you should be eating for people with a high metabolism. I’ve tried working out and it does little for me and really need help trying to figure this out. Could you please help me??

  69. Grit preworkout isnt even available any longer

    1. No shit. This is almost 3 years old

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  71. What muti gummies help with erection and sperm

  72. Video starts at 2:51

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  76. “Let me list off as many products as I can and hope one of them sponsors me”

  77. Thank you…..

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  80. paid

  81. I never took any supplements but I have heard a lots of positive things about Omega 3 and whey protein…
    So I actually wanna give it try… So, has a beginner there anything I should know first???


  83. do you take all these pills in 1 day

  84. I heard CLA is dog shite?

  85. So, do you take the CLA with the Quadracarn at the same time or do it every other day? I need to know when to take this stuff.

  86. Can soy protein be consumed for muscle growth?

  87. There aren’t even 10 fucking supplements that work?! What a fucking bro meathead idiot.

  88. I see lots of people keep on talking about Penlargerem System. But Im uncertain if it’s good. Have you ever try this popular natural male enhancement?

  89. why are you yelling

  90. Always great content, thank you for always making my life easier lol

  91. jump to 2:50
    thank me later

  92. Bro any side effects problem in life please bro tell me.. Bro…. reply me……………!

  93. where’s creatine?

  94. Superb

  95. Did you know that ZMA was developed by Victor Conte of BALCO Labs? He’s the guy who gave Barry Bonds his power (and his giant head) and Marion Jones her speed (and her time in prison). Victor would give his athletes ZMA (publicly) along with “the cream” and “the clear” (privately) so it got a lot of attention as a crazy testosterone booster and he sold a ton of it!

    Long story short, it doesn’t do much of anything without the steroids and hgh.

  96. All fucking bro-science! All you need is a pre-workout drink, MAYBE a post-workout protein shake & REAL FOOD!!!!!! All this other bullshit is completely unnecessary.

  97. I can only admire this dude. Incredibly handsome, ripped and probably has a huge dong as well.

  98. Your the best other YouTubers are 2 young for giving advice your the bets keep it up

  99. These so called self help and style gurus are meant to keep you poor while making themselves richer. Stay away my friends

  100. Can take those vitamins and supplements altogether the same time?

  101. You forgot steroids

  102. How about 90 for life by Dr Wallach the best of the best out there

  103. Awesome video 👍

  104. R.I.P. liver. 🙏🏼

  105. I’ll probably not buy any of his products but he is exactly right

    The quality of the supplement makes the difference of it works versus it literally doing nothing.

    Everyone do your research.

    I’ve been bodybuilding for years and I can say I’ve used all the products he’s recommended and they help a lot.

    Do your research

  106. Damn do you take all these pills at the same time?

  107. Can I just juice a lithium battery instead of drinking my pre workout. They taste exactly the same

  108. youtube is one big commercial

  109. Yo Alpha!
    You’re missing all of the natural little stuff that the supplement companies don’t provide which are…

    White Rice (helps you build muscle without adding on fat)
    Turmeric (helps contribute to the prevention of fat accumulation and it contains curcumin which stunts the growth of new fat cells)
    Cinnamon (reduces blood sugar thus reducing cravings throughout the day)
    Cayenne Pepper (helps boost metabolism and is also a pain reliever)


    Apple Cider Vinegar which is gonna help you digest all of this super fast without causing a lot of problems in the body

    Much less expensive than what you get at GNC or any other nutrition shop 💪

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  112. Can I mix Pre Jym Pre Workout with Platinum 100% Creatine?

    1. Don’t need to. Pre jym already had creatine in it. Just take post jym after the workout to get the full dose of creatine

  113. I read many people keep on talking about Penlargerem System. But I’m not sure if it’s good. Have you ever try this popular male enhancement?

  114. Are you the actor- Patrick Dempsey???

  115. Hey Alpha I was wondering if you have any thoughts on the Garden of Life multivitamin and whether its any good or not. I appreciate all you do!!!

  116. Lovely Video! Apologies for butting in, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you tried – Lantslay Bigger Man Domination (do a search on google)? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my cousin after a lifetime of fighting removed the small dick issue with it.

  117. Questions is it safe to buy and start drinking all at once or how does it go?

    If I get a multivitamin that has vitc will it be necessary to still get a vitamin C alone or no?

  118. Hi there, have you considered Penlargerem System yet? Simply do a google search. On there you will find a great tips about how exactly you can get permanent enlargement by using healthy ways. Why don’t you give it a chance? perhaps it is going to work for you too.

  119. All hail The best resource for you for fitness.

  120. You have to be super careful about supplementation. Too much Creatine can cause kidney disease. Research it. There are a lot of people who are fit, trim, hit the gym regularly, eat a clean diet and look to be the picture of good health but they are not because supplementation is causing disease in their kidneys. livers and hearts.

  121. Pre workout, really? If you don’t got the energie, don’t go to the gym. What you eat yesterday impacts you today. Think about it.

  122. I take rainbow light men’s one multivitamin. It’s amazing.

  123. 18 supplementary pills per day. Scary, but I’ll trust you.

  124. You have some awesome achievements and fitness being a big part of your life is awesome! But maybe consider consulting more experts before posting about a topic like this.

  125. Bro i know old video but how about creatine?

  126. Can I take the first 6 in the morning, like with my breakfast or what?

  127. Can we get an update (2019) list

  128. I love your videos man, don’t get me wrong, but as a 4th year sports science student, stick to the style and grooming content and leave the nutrition info to the people who have real knowledge and have looked at the research on these nutrients. Honestly, most of these have no practical use. This is not evidence based and is presented very unscientifically. Love most of your content, but anybody with a background in nutrition will tell you that this is nonsense.

  129. Certainly hope they have all that at an affordable price. xD

  130. Haha I have been subbed for a bit now love the channel but I knew you looked familiar then it hit me like a train tonight the shark tank dude your a canuck cool

  131. Some of the products sound sponsored… any comment?

  132. has anyone tried these? if so howd it go

    4. L-Arginine
    5. ZMA = zinc, magnesium, + B6
    6. Quadracarn (Alpha’s 2014 video Quadracarn | Awesome Fat Loss Supplement )
    7. CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)

    look like they have a lot of side effects?

  133. I have cla carnitine

  134. Do you have to take it all together at the same time??

  135. The only reason you keep that trophy is because you Dress Him With Your Eyes !!!

  136. Do you even fucking lift?

  137. So , all of the sound good, but obviously you are not going to take them all, would appreciate if someone could share their personal pick list that worked well for them, thanks!!!

  138. i eat all 10 together … going to sleep..

  139. Hey Aaron i have a good addition to your list, this one
    This is some crazy stuff 💪😎👍

  140. Workouts are simple, Just go to Unflexal page.

  141. No creatine?

  142. You look good because you take these many supplements

  143. You drink all that in one day?!?!?!?

  144. There was a video taking 5 whey proteins and putting them against each other and oddly enough optimum nutrition had the worst percentage like 64% protein where as the others had 70+ but I personally use Gainful there’s no extra crap aka chemicals it’s protein that’s custom to you and I LOVE IT definitely recommend and if alpha sees this dude you gotta try it

  145. I took Zinc on an empty stomach and I had bad stomach cramps for a day or two after. learned that lesson the hard way!

  146. Hey um I’m 17 I’m bit over weight I’m taking multivitamins and other stuff .. but I need help Whit weight loss I’m lifting 25 pounds but I do about 200 sets a day and. Was wondering about my facial hair it’s low and it’s not coming is there eny natural way I can grow it

  147. “I was…[dramtic pause] …a great personal trainer”… LOVE IT. Love these videos… keep ’em coming

  148. Don’t waste money on worthless supps. buy something 100% proven to work: Anabolic steroids!
    Multi-Vitamin, Vit C+D, creatine, Methyl-B12, and a good fish-oil is the most necessary. 

    Pre-workout is overrated and overpriced. Drink 2-3 cups coffee or take 200-600mg caffeine pills + 30-120mg Niacin (the flush version, works as a vasodilator) 30-90min before the workout. 
    If you get too jittery by caffeine, I’d recommend buying Modafinil (get a prescription, OTC or order online). Pre-workouts are often filled with tiny amounts of vitamins, BCAA’s and other sh1t you don’t need and won’t work in those tiny amounts.

    Whey protein powder is not necessary unless you don’t eat enough food.
    Chicken, eggs, tuna, beef, milk, Skyr (high protein yogurt, 10% protein) = >200g protein
    And remember lots of fats. Nuts, avocado, MTC, coconut etc.

  149. All do respect bro stick to doing reviews on creams and perfumes.

    What would you know about being big and lean

  150. Can someone tell me about neurobion dietary supplement?

  151. The only supplement you need to take is real food… don’t spend any penny before your nutrition is on point. Supplements are’nt a shortcut to an awesome physique. Just work out and live healthy and you’ll see everyting will come, it just takes time.

  152. I wanna know that what is the perfect age to view take a protein powder…

  153. Arginine does sweet fuck all. I’m sure citrulline is better?

  154. Guys what is the best one for Body Weight Growth ? Plz help me.i need a answer from those 10 items.

  155. how do we know you arnt just trying to sell these

  156. Only things you need
    Omega 3
    Believe i have been training for 3 years unless your diet is shit stay away from these supplements

  157. Great video! Thanks for sharing this knowledge to lose excess fat and build muscles too. All those who seek for such great results of weight loss can even try out the fat loss supplement by Tetrogen.

  158. G E N T L E M E N !!!!!

  159. Great !!

  160. How about bcaa’s? Any thoughts?

  161. surplus Vit C what you take is just expensive piss

  162. Might as well eat Tiege Hanley
    Not only will you gain muscle but your muscles will look good

  163. So can i take all these supplements? Or is that not safe?

  164. Are you get paid by optimum nutrition ?

  165. I wish I had locate the “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it) years ago. I lost 12 pounds in 3 weeks so far. There is certainly still need of work outs even just a couple of times a week and also the foods to eat should be best. It showed fantastic outcomes for me. Without a doubt, this is recommended and I also do hope this would work to you too because it did to me. .

  166. Hello sir….i would like ask u that whether we can take fat burners and protien Supliment together in day….

  167. I want you to be have 10M subscriber ….lov and support from india…

  168. Bahut bolda hai yr tu siddi gall daseya kar gussiya na bhoriya kar landu jeha

  169. Nucleotides are the building blocks of protein. Amino acids are a form of proteins which speed up chemical reactions

  170. U r doctor

  171. Whey

  172. Where is your muscle ?

  173. just eat wtf

  174. That protein contains soy, not good for men, you talked about increase testosterone in another videos, soy is bad for increase testosterone levels

  175. I am allergic to whey protein. I take Orgain Organic Protein with almond milk or water instead.

    1. I also take a One A Day Men’s. That had vitamin C. I am trying to convince my wife to let me get the rest of this good stuff.

  176. Haha Aaron Aaron advertising is your life to be honest you are addicted
    You can’t breath without advertisements

  177. Use this link to get offer for buying supplement. …trust 100%

  178. Skip the bullshit, get to the products!

  179. So if I get this stuff so I cant it all in one day ?

  180. For best results dont listen to this bull. For pre workout just use something like c4 or sixstar that has creatine so you dont have to have a separate supp just for the creatine. Then after workouts take whey Protien Isolate, glutamine (or other BCAAs, they’re optional) and tumeric pills. Then before bed fish oil. That’s a total of 5 supplements and they take you far.

  181. I’m 13 can I still take this stuff or should I wait

    1. dont take anything apart from teen multivitamins from local store

  182. i miss you! you’ve been a big help to me the time i was depressed, when i was loosing my self confidence completely.. one of your video changed me! thankyou so so much!! muah! 🙂

  183. Why not just take a multi? Doesn’t that work? Plus a lot of this stuff is in pre workout / protein powders

  184. Do I need all of this?

  185. Lol, no need for all of these… don’t do it guys..

  186. 2:51

  187. Fucking Love ZMA

  188. Don’t take any of these

    1. ABCDE 2000 why

  189. do i take all these suppliments all in one day everyday?

  190. i cannot afford all…what are the best 1 or 2 option i should go for better body building ??

    1. Multi vitamin, Protein and fish oil

  191. Hey Alpha long time subscriber and watcher love your videos , I was wondering what your thoughts on the Bang energy drink as a pre workout?

  192. Think ill stick to just 3

  193. Man, thanks, thanks, thanks a lor for your videos. I really have learned a lot from them. Thanks for been so real. Thanks for teaching me how to really be and embrace my alpha. Thanks.

  194. Do you take all this in one day?

  195. What about for us people that are diabetics……

  196. That’s a lot of damn pills to take

  197. Whaaat about calcium??? You don’t want jiggly bones…

  198. 1: Whole Food Multi Vitamin
    2: Vitamin C
    3: Omega-3
    4: L-Mino acid
    5: ZMA (Zinc, Magnesium, B6)
    6: Quadracarnt
    7: CLA
    8: Whey Protein
    9: Pre-Workout
    10: Post-Workout
    Also in the description

    1. It deems to cause mild Turret’s as well.

    2. WiseSilverWolf probably not . His most likely getting paid thousands to promote all this shit

    3. Mr. Nobody just do your research and you will realise it’s a scam , you must have just been eating less fatty

    4. I wonder if he actually takes all these things on a daily basis + food + water, thats alot of pills to take every day.

    5. CLA is a scam

  199. Why you shouting man?? Lol

  200. Alpha what brand bcaa do you recommend?

    1. Depends what your looking for. Are you looking for a very good recovery supplement? If you are looking for best recovery look for a high ratio like a 10:1:1 or something high I would recommend All day you may Rich Piana his supplement is great taste might not be that good but it’s good plus it offers liver and joint support. If you are looking for a pre workout bcaa look for a 3:1:1 or something low. If you have questions email me

  201. Cheap pre workout price coffee

  202. just protein powder is enough

  203. Don’t waste your time people. The idiot has no idea what he’s talking about.

  204. So your tellin me to shove all those pills down my throat in the morning .. Goodbye liver

  205. sir alpha m is serious mass lactose free? cause im lactose intolerance

  206. What is better supplement for
    Age 21
    Weight 51

    1. @Nadirova Aj
      serious mass glutamine how can we buy online in Pakistan

    2. @Nadirova Aj thanx brother

    3. Serious mass is the best for you and glutamine try them bro in 1 month you will be 60kg

  207. Dont believe in him bec I know her he work in beautiparlor thats trophy is not her thats belong to her boyfriend

  208. I’m so happy that you are talking about this 😃There are soooooo many fitness food supplements out there. So confusing!! That’s why I started my own Fit Food review YouTube channel.

  209. Hi guys I will recommend the following pre-workout supplement it is really good. I try many and this one really works here you go if you want to try

  210. Alpha I’ve been taking prohormone so long since I was 16 actually now getting ready to turn 40 I really don’t know what happened if I ever got on natural supplements

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  217. Boiled potato and eggs and banana are the best supplement ever.
    I have gained 6 pound of pure musle in 16 days.
    And its good source of protein, vitamins and its a whole food.

    Stop taking chemical supplements.
    We work out to stay healthy , not getting sick.

  218. I guess I am confused on this. Besides the pre workout do you take all those supplements every day? Multivitamin, how do I know it’s working for me? Man I need help

  219. Dear comment section:
    “BEST supplements to use” not “EVERY SUPPLEMENT YOU NEED”
    jeez, for those who went off on rants just know that half of these are litterally the same as the other or a substitute for another

  220. When choosing supplements, watch out for fillers and additives, if your taking high doses of sport supplements, your also getting large doses are dangerous fillers, there are tons of brands now who know this and have removed, have a look around first before jumping in with 2 feet, I recommend nofillersupplements, you can get them on ebay or but any reputable brand as long as they don’t contain fillers will be fine.

  221. Rich Piana taught me that supplements are a waste of money. Good food is the best supplement you can ever have. Protein shakes are a substitute for food because it’s for on the go people.

  222. You should try Advocare it is an amazing website for people on many different fitness journeys from just trying to lose love handles or trying to get absolutely shredded they have all natural and healthy supplements and drinks etc that fit everyone’s needs.

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  227. If you want you can save 5-15% off of your purchase oh iherb using code 19NEW and AET1924

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  231. Alpha I’m 22 years old. Would you recommend me to take CLA, L CARNITINE and Omega 3?

    1. Glutamine is better than CLA

  232. Use Code: EMP20 and Save 205 off ur order, Killer Pre Workout that last longer then C4.

  233. What is better creatine or bcaa

    1. Creatine. BCAA is crap.

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  256. As someone who used to take all of this stuff, I can personally tell you that creatine and a multivitamin are the only ones worth your money. I quit taking everything else and noticed no decrease in performance or my physique.

    1. @Brad Mohre Do you take a mutlivitamin everyday or every other day because some are saying it is bad when it is in excess…. (1 month late, btw).

    2. @OE U mmmm idk it’s hard to say man. I was working full time and had zero bills so I bought all of it. My take is if you can afford it easily than go for it. But the right food and consistant workouts will get you more results and than any supplement

    3. Brad Mohre but did it get your physique to where it needed to be and then all you needed to do was maintain?

  257. One thing they won’t tell you is not only does gold standard products include soy, but so do pretty much EVERY protein powder on the market.

  258. Apparently I need to be taking 10 pills a day to survive 🤷‍♂️

    1. @eddie hinojosa maybe you’re right 🤣🤣🤣

    2. Ben Mole y’all needa chill my man was just joking around😂

    3. It’s says “top 10 supplements” dumbass. It doesn’t mean you have to take all these in one setting these are just good stuff that you can buy. Learn to read, fucking moron.

    4. You are mistaken on the point of the video. You can also find pills and powders that enable you to take multiple supplements in one pill or scoop

  259. Why do you recommend CLA when it’s shown to cause inflammation? Also the Whey product you recommend is suspect. There are much better whey products avail, such as are grass fed and undenatured. Are you truly interested in helping people or making money?

  260. Ashwaganda

  261. Best supplement: real food
    Please go to cronometer and look how much vitamins you already get.
    Taking extra vitaminC, multivit etc can be very harmfull if you alreadyget enough of it.

  262. 3 supplement
    1 eat
    2 sleep
    3 breadth

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  265. ON products have always been the cheapest and worst!!   their protein was tested years ago and found to have fillers. the CEO refused an interview on live tv

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  276. I could agree, in certain cases, with taking a multivitamin, but the rest are useless if you have a balanced diet. While a slightly poorer diet could definitely benefit from the use of these supplements, it would be much more sustainable and healthy to simply improve one’s diet rather than looking for a quick fix through these types of supplements. They’re called supplements for a reason: they’re not meant to replace anything. They are there to provide a boost. That’s it. You don’t need a boost if your levels are already good.


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  280. nawwww u need some of that stuff. vitamin c is something for the penis I mean brain. zinc also. prostate heard this lady talking about 7,000 mg of c. helps with stress. maybe not for a 360lb body builder. c also helps replace testtasron . which building strips u of. c also helps stress Harmon. u figure all the celisterall in proten that’s all prostate.

  281. Join the WP WhatsApp group for Supplements and trend alerts()

  282. Just ordered my CLA, Quadracarn, Multi-vitamin and Omega’s. THANKS AARON!!!

    1. update? how are things 9 months later

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  289. alpha whenvit comes to health please don’t sell out. when it comes to tiege hanley,sell out.

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    1. Yes and it’s safe

  293. You take the fat burner in the morning with meal and CLA at night? If not how did you take them? Thanks

  294. Multivitamins are useless. New study on multivitamins proves it. there are tons of article on this and all show strong evidence.

  295. I have been using ZMA for about a year now. And I would stop when I spend the night with my girlfriend because I didn’t want to be dead if she needed me. My GNC Supplement caused me anxiety when I was off of it by Sunday I’m crying because all L-tyrosine/tryptophan makes you calm if you have anxiety and messes with dopamine/happiness receptors. So don’t take ZMA if it has this stuff in it and most ZMA Supplements are an zinc overload if you’re taking a multivitamin already. A zinc overload can lower you ability to fight of sickness and absorb iron and other important metals.
    Zinc is 11mg recommend by the Mayo clinic

    1. I just realized all of this do your own research before you load your body with supplements.

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  301. the real question is. Is he taking all these things at the same time?

  302. I don’t leave comments usually however, after reading a lot of yours below I felt incline to do so. Simply to the point, alpham promotes his sponsors to make money and he does not hide that fact. YouTube is a business let’s not forget..and I appreciate his integrity on the manner. On that note (integrity ) I chose to believe that if Aaron puts his seal of approval on a business or product offered by them, he legitimately believes in it.. (maybe you should do one on products you’ve turned down in the future.) And while he may or may not have PhD what he does have is admirable physique and years of experience as a personal trainer, not to mention a very prestigious bodybuilding award. So I personally would take his opinion over that of a nutrition scientist. I mean if we’re talking semantics than why not follow the food pyramid? I’m just saying that science goes back and forth on the touchy subject of nutrition. But results speak for themselves. Thank thank you for the video, and I look for 2 seeing more

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  318. Hey I bought quadracar from Beverly international when it’s the best tim e to take it and it’s it normal that your body feels warm when you take it

  319. Just letting yall know. Myprotein USA is usually more then 1/2 the price and (according to Labdoor testing) far more pure. It’s not even close. I like, but as far as Protein goes, it is only consumer ignorance that makes the market competitive. Even some of my lifting friends are stubborn and won’t switch off of ON or ISO. And while these are very good products that I have used in the past, it’s not even close. I started buying from Myprotein about a year ago and will continue to do so. Just to give you an idea. A 5 lbs ISO 100 on is 75 $. You can get 11 lbs of isolate for 70$ on right now. Legion pulse for pre workout and you are all set, trust me.

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  329. Multivitamin is debatable. There isn’t enough valid studies to determine whether it absorbs; L arginine helps with circulation, but you have to be careful too not be on it for long periods of time bc if you have high blood pressure it can give you heart palpitations; Zma works only if you lack the following: zinc, magnesium and vitamin b6; CLA is bad for you. If you take high quantities of this it produce more inflammation to your body; l carnitine has very very little affects if at all, but be careful too much in a short time will lead to a laxative effect. Not sure what else he mentioned but those are all general knowledge I know from taking it and working at a health food store.

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  335. Creatine and whey are the only things you need, and are the only supplements that actually work. Everything else is junk. If you want to build a better body, just take steroids

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  338. EAT ALOT OF FOOD THROUGHOUT THE DAY, pre workout before a workout and then BCAA at night before sleep. THATS ALL

    1. i also took creatine. 6 weeks on 1.5 weeks off, 5-10 grams a day. NO LOADING PHASE just wait two weeks for it to kick in, its better than LOADING PHASE. LOADING PHASE can cause gastric intestinal problems (or if you take too much at once)

  339. You know these dumbasses that are in charge of formulating these products arent real bright they put mass amounts of b6 and b12 so muchin fact that they do nothing but make you gain weight by water retention!!! Very little of these vitamins is needed you damn sure dont need the amount they put!!! To much vitamins make you cramp up retain water and over all do just the opposite of what their intended to do!!! Vitamins in moderation people forget you get alot of these vitamins from the food that we eat! Hence the saying you are what you eat!!! Healthy diet means feeling really good!!! Alot of junk food means youll feel like a alot of junk!!! Think about what your doing! And beware of what your eating who knows some scum might be slipping you some bad stuff!!! Trust who??? Absolutely nobody especiall

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  341. Hey Alpha M, I was wondering when is the best times to take all these supplements?

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    1. nothing waste of your fucking time and money
      Eat real food good quality food and train 3 times a week like a beast

  347. I have liver incise would any of this Products affect my liver in a negative way.

  348. I disagree
    Here is what you need:
    1-Vitmain D 1000-4000UI> unless you get exposed in the sun for hours.
    2-Protien powder> if you can not get enough in your diet
    3-Fish oil
    4-Eat lots of fruits and vegetables
    That is it!

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  354. You definitely do not need a multi vitamin. They are a totally waste of money. Do some real research and you’ll find that if you eat semi healthy you’ll get all your vitamins and nutrients naturally. No need to spend money on it. Seriously just look it up

  355. The preworkout is stupid and you should replace it with creatine

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  361. Don’t take l arginine. It isn’t absorbed well at all and that is a fact. Take l citrulline instead.

  362. Do u take all of these in one day ?
    If so then how do u schedule them ?

  363. Can you tell us when you take what.

  364. the only supplements you need is “NO SUPPLEMENTS ” eat real food instead. such as chicken, fish, oat meals and fruits and whey protein . look for whey protein that has 45% or more protein per scoop . ex both gold standard 100% whey protein and Syntha-6 has 45% protein per scoop so I recommend these two. if you feel tired at the beginning of workout you are probably dehydrated and you need to drink a lots of water but if want to be hydrated so quick try some energy drinks like Gatorade Sports drinks, but avoid drinks like monster or redbull they will leave you with heart burn and you will die!

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  378. You can only take so much Vitamin C/day. You will pee out all other amounts that your body doesn’t need regardless of the composition of the vitamin.

  379. what about a proper supplement routine video ??? on when to take what ..

  380. So do u take all of these supplements at once ? I mean do u take all of these listed supplements everyday and how much do u take of each one of them pls answer.

  381. Eat real food, don’t waste money on whey. Studies on top whey proteins have shown they don’t give you the amount stated. Generally a scoop should be 23-25 g of protein, but in reality it’s 10-12 g. Look up the studies done by Princeton.

  382. Start at 2:35

  383. Alpha…just a quick FYI…your link to Body Builder initially had the ten product recommendations.  Two are now missing, CLA & GRIT.  Perhaps on back order?  Thanks for all your hard work and dedication.  -Scarne

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  390. The reviews on are a joke. Just go to

  391. Love body building .com used them before and cant go wrong . whey protein is essential and l arguinine is also important so is creatine for recovery – side note L arguinine helps with blood flow to your di**k to and a thermogenic is very important . you can find protein that wont break your wallet as well as the other supplements he mentioned some are right in your grocery store or the sporting goods store like academy sports .

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  399. This is kind of ridiculous, in my humble opinion.

  400. okay but how much of each do u take if u workout everyday?

  401. Sometimes you may feel reluctant to co?me to the gym when you are not excited or feel tired. It would be better if you just relax all day long on a cushioned sofa. But, this certainly can hamper your progress.

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  405. So post workout i assume that you take the whey protein + the JYM Supplement Science Post JYM Active Matrix?

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  408. Is it really worth it, feeding your body all these factory made chemicals?

  409. The question is when do you take them all? You need to take most if those supplement 3 times a day…. so with every meal you take all these pills? And they all work out well together? On top of the protein, pre and post workout shakes?

  410. any time someone says take arginine, you should take citrulline instead.

  411. I like to take this supplement protein chocolate flavour with hot water at the beginning of the day only of I am working out on that day. I then take one at the end of the day as well because I heard that it is important to have one after working out too. The thing is that I am 17 years old and my family told me not to take any of these things. Should I listen to them? Or maybe I should just change the routine. I haven’t been doing this for too long so i am not sure of what works and what doesnt or if there could be any side effects. So it would be great if someone who knows about this in the comments can give me some advice. Thanks

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    1) Tiege Hanley
    2) Tiege Hanley
    3) Tiege Hanley
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    10) Tiege Hanley

  417. little man, you are not an alpha. Metro, yes.

  418. u so tiny why should I listen to you?

  419. Save your money. Supplements don’t work UNLESS you are actually deficient in something and need them. Normal health people will only experience things like darkened pee, brain fog, trouble concentrating etc. from the side effects of over dose. Go to a doctor if you’re convinced you are deficient in something. If they confirm you are, THEN take it. Otherwise you will be doing your body harm. Don’t believe me? Do a personal experiment. Take a supplement for a month that you’re not deficient in. Then stop taking it for a month. The month you DON’T take it will feel better than the month you did. If you have no true deficiencies, the only vitamin you can probably get away with is vitamin C. Vegetables and fruits have the natural doses to be healthy.

  420. All these nasty chemicals

  421. Tell me which is one of the best in these products

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    I mean ad what time?
    You take all together or at what time of the day.
    Do you get my questions?
    Please can you explain it to all yor suscripber

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    Also, I’ve been wondering if it is beneficial for me to invest in a protein powder or other supplements. I try to eat hard boiled eggs for protein and stuff but I’m not sure if that’s enough since I’ve basically gained no weight in the few months of training.
    I am around 6ft1 and 160 pounds with (according to that machine at the gym…) 13% body fat.

    Last thing, like everyone else in highschool, I’m trying to get abs ASAP. Should I be focused on losing weight and body fat so that the muscles can show while continuing to work out or should i be bulking and gaining as much muscle as possible?

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    I eat One to two times a day like around 5:00 or 6:00 due to having school, plus a protein bar and two shakes

    I drink one of my protein shakes in the morning like at 6:30am and one at about 8:00pm and the bar at 11:00am

    Extra info I’m on a ketogenic diet for about a week, weigh 146lbs, height 5’7″ have about 20% body fat.

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