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10 things EVERY GIRL should know about personal hygiene | Malvika Sitlani

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Hey muffins!

These are my top 10 things you should know about basic hygiene. I hope This video helps you.

I love you.

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556 thoughts on “10 things EVERY GIRL should know about personal hygiene | Malvika Sitlani

  1. Your eyebrows looks different like less thick and more arch shaped
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  3. Malvika mam I am your craziest fan and I love you you are my inspiration and my dream is that in future I will meet you

  4. Even I squat in public bathroom.

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  9. Cleaning our private part with chemical items it’s not good got our health . We have lactobacillus , it’s good bacteria it’s can affect and imbalanced ph level cause of yeast infection cause horriabke itchiness … so clean warm water in unscent soap
    🌹🙏🌹dear ur teeth very attractive and white

  10. Lol I’ve been squatting since forever

  11. From shaving the hairs get hard

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  13. How can squat wearing heels 🤨🙄

  14. At 5:48
    They’re not really clean
    You know what I mean:D

  15. Hey…Malvika can I carry Panty liners for my school instead of Pads.(Sanitary pads)……?

  16. Thanks for all information ..

  17. Awesome video .. Can i ask from where u got neckpiece ???

  18. I thought I’m the only weird one who Scotts and don’t want to touch my inner thighs/groins on the WC ring. I Scott even if that position pains I never sit on publicly used commodes

  19. Thank you so much…you are like my big sis…making me aware of things I don’t know…😊🤗

  20. Shaving the way u told hope that don’t dark the area …right???

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  22. U have given very good points I will definitely follow

  23. r u for real!!! its cancerous to apply antiperspirant that often .Also itss not awkward to talk abt this stuff

  24. Uh need to give us a tutorial on this look! 😻

  25. Panty liners cause serious infections.

  26. Ap Hindi me kyu nhi bolte ho

  27. I love the way you talk and the confidence you carry throughout the video.

  28. Also, no need for deodorants unless you are sweaty enough to smell bad to self or to others. Even separate vaginal wash is NOT CONVINCING…. I mean how did all the women and ladies survive all these years before this vaginal wash was invented🤔🤔🤔🤔

    Remaining tips and suggestions are helpful 🤓👍

  29. Disposing sanitary napkins regularly by millions and billions of women is itself is creating so much load on our ecosystem since it takes a long time to disintegrate and the plastic lining in the sanitary pad never disintegrates too.

    We should look out for reducing dumping waste as much as possible and here we are getting suggestions to use such things daily… Even though the panty liners are thin, still just imagine if all ladies out there in the world start using them daily and dumping them daily 😱😱 TOO MUCH OF UNNECESSARY LOAD ON OUR PRECIOUS EARTH 🌎 SAVE EARTH 🌎

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  31. Thank you so much…. Very useful

  32. I have been practicing all this since years except wearing panty liners all the time and using razor in bikini area. I personally find it uncomfortable wearing panty liners all the time, instead use vaginal wash every day as u said or I use SE summers eve tropical rain freshening spray meant for private areas which smells really good and is very safe.
    Using razor in bikini area leads to those ingrown sharp hair which are super irritating and I have observed the growth is more when you use razor, I prefer waxing.
    Btw, very useful tips.

  33. Deospray everyday on underarms not necessary. Wear pantyliners when you go travelling or when you have excess discharge other than that you dont need to. Intimate wash not necessary everytime but u can use it when on your periods or when you have excess moisture down there. Squatting in public toilets absolutely necessary for all women. Shaving doesnt work for people with thick hair just do a trim. Disposable razors good idea. Clean lingerie is common sense. No tight clothes while sleeping agreed. Cleanliness down there is important. 👍

  34. Those underarm deodorant can cause breast cancer

  35. I also Squat and i dont poop when am outside.. i dont knw i only urinate that too in emergency situation

  36. Its vry unpleasant n i dont evn knw why women do tht..

  37. 2nd point 🙏🏻

  38. I thought I’m the only one who squat in the public washroom

  39. Thank you for letting us know all this

  40. Thank you very much Malvika… Your suggestions are really important, and does give out a lot of good advice to all the girls. It does lots of good to all us girls… 🤗🤗

  41. I love your makeup di please make makeup tutorial videos for us…….
    You’re amazing 😘

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  43. Thanks for the sanitary napkin advice…….to everyone watching the video….HEAR HEAR…🙂🙂🙂

  44. There are panty liners made, which are specifically for use with thongs. There’s not a lot to them, but they do exist.

  45. Super helpful . Real nice idea to make this video 💯

  46. And I thought am the only stupid girl who do squats while using public washroom 😂😂😂😂😂

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  49. Gud video. But Panty liners cause heat n suffocation n global waste … cotton panties r gud any day.
    Save paper, don’t feel gross looking at 1 round wrapped sanitary napkin, own it. Watch padman.
    Quit sanitary napkins there r more eco friendly reusable options now. Chk out!

  50. Can you plzzz. Give yourrr makeupp tutorial

  51. All I could look at was the HUGE pile of products on the top right corner. And I’m pretty sure most of it is made of non sustainable chemicals and packed in plastic packaging.
    Do you really need that many products? And at the cost of the environment? I mean you really look pretty normal, it’s not like it’s making your body and hair golden or something.

  52. Yur neckpiece is ossam

  53. I squat in public toilet.

  54. Sanitary napkins are not environmental friendly people! Try menstrual cups, they are a great replacement and I promise you’ll never go back to using anything else! Think green..

    1. Menstrual cup has sterilization issues bcz it goes inside your body

    2. @Love leenI have not forgotten anything, only speaking from my own personal experience and from my OBGYN recommendation. see, everyone’s experience differs, i agree and i only posted my opinion on the said matter considering the right to free speech, but since you’ve oh so kindly reminded me about ”personal hygiene” i would like to tell you that personal hygiene is nothing but a habit, if you don’t have it, you can not develop it overnight; having said that I would also point out that there’s always scope for betterment. so no matter what is our choice, we should always remember the proper way to use that and following it, i promise you, from my own personal experience, its heaven. usually, I am not the kind to rant about such things but this time i had to, cause, this is tried and tested and i swear by it.

    3. @Vartika Srivastava i would again like to mention the topic of this video that you’ve somehow forgotten that is “personal hygiene” and what my point is that even menstrual cup is not safe. It being more pocket friendly which i agree it is one time investment but that doesnt make it any better! The most important thing here is that its not safe. Research is fine i would recommend you to ask your gynecologist.

    4. @Love leen i agree, but in terms of using something which is non bio degradable and keep using it throughout, only increases that waste. whereas once you have used menstrual cup which i agree is made of silicon but still is a great replacement especially considering we only have to buy one and it goes a long way.
      Green doesn’t mean it should be bio-degradable, something which is environment friendly in the long run is most definetely a great step. have done my research.. do yours as well.

    5. amm menstrual cups are made of plastic itself. its not green from any angle and to have something inside you for 8 hours that jst stores the blood which should rather not be in your body. i dont think so. mentrual cups are still not safe.

  55. Advising girls to use deodorants and intimate washes/foams, without conducting thorough scientific research on the long term impact of these chemicals on your body, is not a smart move. If you have odor issues, fix your diet or your water intake. And panty-liners are so terrible for the environment and not at all good for long term use. Please research 🙁 It’s disappointing to see bad information circulating.

  56. I M a doctor.. you are genuine beutiful and beauty with brains and not just beauty blogger..

  57. Placing tissues or squating on the pot .. damn .. I thought I was the only one doing that !! 😄👍🏻

  58. Panty liners everyday r u serious it’s not good for health plz don’t make others believe it ur a women don’t spoil others help there r many who will follow all this blindly

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  65. The thing about sanitary pad and squatting is so true.. it’s very unhygienic.. but always using panty liners is not good. Keeping your private part less stuffed with these things will be good. It will collect moisture in fact and can cause infection. I am a Doctor. That’s why I can say this with a confidence. Plz don’t use panty liner all the time..

  66. Not using a panty liner can cause infection!
    Wash your down there with warm water during your periods, even when you’re not on your periods you wont catch any infections.

  67. Very helpful video n I thought I m t only 1 who squats in pblic bathrum😀👍

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  69. Deodorants the underarms one it doesn’t like make ur armpits darken??

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  72. The squatting is exactly why public bathrooms are so nasty. Please people, if you can’t aim correctly (and most of you seem to fail) just clean the seat beforehand, put a double layer toilet paper where your legs will touch and sit down. It is so disrespectful to piss on the floor and seat. Leaving a mess for the next user and the cleaner. And while we’re at it don’t crumble your tp in balls. Fold by perforation and wipe properly. More wiping surface + less trees killed.

  73. From point 2, I know we r alike in most things. Well basically I mean we are “basic”. 😊👍

  74. Well-said regarding sanitary napkin…i second you a 100%

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  78. Vaginal wash, deodorant everyday or multiple times a day and wearing panty liners every day are complete no no..

  79. M a fan of your videos malvika. Keep going

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  81. There are toilet seat sanitizers available as squat can be risky as slippery

  82. Very nice only few people have guts to spread awareness in this topic thanks a lot mallvika mam love from haryana

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  86. OR..Use a toilet seat sprayer instead of squating, folks

  87. V wash plus is perfect , i hate clean and dry, it makes me so itchy. Marks and Spencers is so poor quality, try undercolors of Benetton. They are not that cheap medium priced but they last eternity.

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  90. how many underwears should one own?

  91. I used to think only I maintain these hygiene rules for a long time. Like the squatting thing. 😂
    I never ever sit on a public commode! Even after spraying it with Peesafe spray. Not only that, I avoid touching anything. I push the flush button with a toilet paper so that I don’t have a direct contact with it.

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    I had learnt a lot on face makeup essentials through your tutorials.
    Kindly do a video on ‘How to do body makeup’? Glowing and flawless body skin.
    Thanks a lot 😊

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  102. Hi baby even i do squat.

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  107. Toilet seat spray/sanitizer can be used in case one has to poop.

  108. have started watching your videos since 5 pm and cannot stop watching. xxo love from Canada <3

  109. 1) Use Natural Deodorant – Weleda is a great brand. Less harsh on the skin. Also not necessary to keep reapplying if one keeps the underarm clean and bathes regularly! When lounging at home, best to wipe with a face wipe and let breathe. Your skin will thank you.
    2) Totally agree with the sanitary napkin disposal. It’s about time we ladies address this very unhygienic woman habit!
    3) Yes, squat. ALWAYS!!
    4) A Woman must always help another out. Keep it in a little cosmetic bag so it is discreet but always handy.
    5) Yes wear a panty liner when out and about during the day, but make sure to change underwear and skip the PL when not necessary. Always important to air dry your lady parts whenever possible.
    6)Do not agree with Vagina Washes. Some can have severe reactions to them. Always wash when in the bath and wipe/wash after using the toilet. Never use anything strong and stay chemical free down there! Keep clean Keep Clean Keep Clean!
    7) Apply baby oil when shaving down there. it helps soften the hair follicles and lets the blade glide through.
    8) Prefer not to shave instead epilate and wax. No beauty without pain!
    9) Keep a separate set of underwear you can wear outdoor and ones to wear indoors. And yes change when you think you wouldnt want to be found dead in them!
    10) Totally agree with wearing loose clothing when sleeping. It’s nice to have designated sleepwear which is soft and breathable and one to look forward to at the end of the day. No panties are always the best!

  110. Thanku ☺️☺️

  111. Also hand sanitizer!

  112. Mam uh wear leases… Can uh plz guide me… That which co. Or brand is best for eye lenses.. How to take care …tips… Precaution…

  113. For vaginal wash …u have to consult ur gynaecologist…

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  115. Thanks for sharing… Barvo for talking about it. I was wondering if you can review some of the sheet face masks. They are a rage currently… I was wondering if they are any good for dry wheatish complexion like mine

  116. Where do you dispose ur used panties and bra as u cannot donate them!

  117. These things shouldn’t be used on daily basis gril! It will make your skin a hell with age.
    Talking about deos, they are not preffered to use in underarms area, It smells bad.
    Panty liners shouldn’t be used daily
    (-not a perspective, a fact)

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  122. Randomly came across this one.. Totally! I feel ya!!! I thought probably I was the only one in the world who squats in public restrooms!! I am so glad to finally know that there are others too.

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    Point num 2
    Alwz use toilet paper to rap my pad..☺️☺️✌🏻

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  128. I came across a product called Pee safe, which is a spray to sanitize a toilet seat. Any thoughts on that?

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  133. Loved the video.
    Also I’m sorry but I don’t agree with the part about squatting on the toilet seat.
    One can use sprays to disinfect the toilet or as I personally prefer, use those disposable paper funnels where you stand and pee through them (you get them in Nykaa, etc).
    Because firstly it’s gross for the cleaning lady to have to clean the dirt, pee, dirty water, etc off the seat
    Secondly it’s gross for the next person to use because incase it hasn’t been cleaned someone else has to see it all
    Thirdly it’s dangerous because one might slip if the toilet isn’t sturdy enough or wet and you’ll probably end up with a foot inside the toilet itself !

    1. Adiba Khan I’m glad if that’s the case 😊 though i don’t see how one would go poo in that position !

    2. Pretty sure she is means hovering above the seat … like pretending u r sitting on a imaginary chair. NOT squatting Indian style on top of the toilet seat.

  134. I mix toms natutal aluminum free in wild lavender, with Schmidt’s natural deodorant in Lavender +Sage, and it is healthy, smells heavenly, (&lavender is natural afrodesiac ur man will thank you!)

  135. Thanks a lot for such impt u baby……it did help for sureeee…..muaahhh

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  137. never use Vaginal wash unless prescribed because it kills all bacteria which are protecting from infection, i am mbbs doctor and i have confirmed this from my one of my gynecologist friend

  138. Hello. I’m new to your channel & its really great. I love the way you put across those tips & other things. By the way I’m a manglorean too. Just wanted to mention one thing related to this video. For those who can’t do squatting can use toilet spray.

  139. which is the best foaming gel/cream for hair removal?

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  153. Umm tissue papers in the public bathrooms are way more infected than the actual toilet seat. Just search about it. Toilet seats are made in a way that doesn’t lead to infections. Not 100% infection free but still less likely to be infected than the toilet paper and everything around. The case is diff If tissue roll is inside the box.

  154. #2 👍👍👍.. It’s really good to watch someone talking about sanitary pad disposal.. V much required!!! It s a disgusting site!!
    You can also try himalaya baby wipes.. They have a v soothing fragrance..! Loved the video

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  197. Correct way to dispose sanitary napkin when you want to change into next one –
    Step 1- Unwrap the new napkin and keep the green cover with the sticky white tape.
    Step 2- Remove the pad from your underwear.
    Step 3- Wrap the used napkin and wrap it with a toilet paper
    Step 4- The Green cover from the new napkin should be wrapped around the toilet paper and secured with the sticky tape it comes with.
    Step 5- Wear the fresh napkin.


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  206. PS: Intimate washes often mess with the pH level of your intimate area. Intimate washes are normally not recommended by gynaecologists as well as it is not good for you. Normal soap with water if the best. Please don’t use intimate washes down there. A gentle soap like dove along with water is amazing and works wonders.

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    NEVER EVER EVER USE FEMALE WASHES it is the WORST thing you can ever do. It will throw off your vaginal pH, your vagina is self cleaning and it is a change in pH that dramatically increases chances of infection especially yeast ones.
    The razors tip is very good, even better is to use disposables once or twice and never use the same one for the vagina as for the rest of the body. Always try to exfoliate at least twice a week to prevent ingrown hairs especially if you are Indian as we really suffer with ingrown hair down there. A good product is the salux japanese wash cloths.
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