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10 Toxic Household Products (You Should Banish from Your Home)

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Learn more about synthetic fragrances and other toxic household products on here:

Health is not one dimensional. While you’ve probably already examined your eating habits and workout routine, have you taken a look inside your home? Toxins can hide out in your cleaning supplies, cookware, beauty products and more. While you may be leading an otherwise healthy lifestyle, these toxic household products can derail your health journey. Watch to learn more.

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181 thoughts on “10 Toxic Household Products (You Should Banish from Your Home)

  1. What about glass cookware?

  2. What about Lysol?

  3. Common, organic mattress?! What’s the proof that flame retardants on child seats can hurt humans???

  4. Sir please beautiful products chemical s video

  5. I love the growth hormones

  6. So much crap marketed to us – all filled with chemicals – look at all the money you will save if you ditch all that crap.
    I am no longer buying perfumed anything or candles – even “soy” candles. The least amount of products the better.
    I am throwing out my remaining candles right now. Fire danger also if you forget about them. Save you money and don’t buy a lot of essential oils either – who is monitoring the production of those anyway? Stop buying clothes that need to be dry cleaned – problem solved.

  7. Why cannot I get subtitles in English on this video? I am hard of hearing and need subtitles….

  8. To keep food from sticking from stainless steel…HOT PAN…COLD OIL…THEN ADD FOOD…FOOD WILL NOT STICK!

  9. Cornstarch it is work

  10. So what to use for disinfecting a bathroom at hotels?

  11. I love organic foods but I cannot afford it!

  12. 😁

  13. Thank you Dr. Axe! doing some of these, will do more!

  14. Hey,doc Axe…u r awesome love from India…

  15. What can i do, ppl vape& ecig downstairs . Smelly all the time toxic chemical smells all the time ive lived here 10 yrs. Time to move???

  16. i want to thank you,very much because it makes so much cents.from now on i will use 100% biodegradable house products. it will benefit the environment and me! i will never use chemicals again! thank you,buddy you are the best.mother nature needs more people like you!

  17. So i got a legit reason for being fat.

  18. 🙏🏻💜❤️💞

  19. New Zealand wool dryer balls👍🏼

  20. This is what a real doctor looks like 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Thank you Dr. Axe for teaching the truth. I hope God blesses you for that.

  21. Thanx for all this info! Luv u! But, I have found it kind of hard 2 find lemon oil, always my favorite! Do u sell these oils? If not, u should! Luv the great info u bestow on us! Luv u!

    1. I have a great source for oils and safer products! =)

  22. Thanks so much Dr.Axe love you

  23. Dr.Axe – videos great .
    Grapeseed oil & avacodo oils have much higher temperture ability
    w/o burning-about 450° vs 300-350 w coconut oil.

  24. Amazing tips. Thanks

  25. Dr Axe, do you mind talking about the toxicity of essentials oils? ….I didn’t think so.

  26. Thank you for sharing this knowledge

  27. Wow bleach I can not stand the smell of bleach like it started stinking to me peroxide is better

  28. Tooth paste is my favorite gum flavor

    1. Gum is my favorite toothpaste 😀

  29. He forgot skin care products, lotions, dyes in our close, shoes, tap water…

    1. We would be here forever if he went into that. But you’re totally right

    2. I mean, he did say “Household Products”, not skin care products or clothes.


  31. Thanks for sharing, toxins are real, we are exposed to over 2000 toxins daily

  32. Which is more healthy…. enamel cast iron cookware or real stainless steel

  33. Might be strange to some people. However chemicals are used in everything we use and most of these chemicals and byproducts are toxic AF

  34. I doubt that he mentioned the dangers of hypochondriasis.

  35. I love essential oils, but I have a cat I love more. How do I use essential oil cleaners and diffusers safely around her?

  36. Just the other day someone try to sell me some other form of cookware, with the notion that all that was in my kitchen was bad. This included the glass and the stainless steal and the cast iron, which was only what I had.

  37. How do you make room deodorizer?

    1. Constance Stinger keep your house clean

  38. Very informative. ThankYOU. You reinforced what our parents always insisted on us!

  39. How do paint products affect your health? Like oil based primers, and cleaning up with paint thinner?

  40. To have better health….just live in the woods far away from civilization

    1. ? so your moving to the woods with you chemicaly abundant matress, toothpaste, toilet paper, house hold cleaning agents, etc lol

      You can live a healthier/safer life in a city (caveat, not considering a high smog, traffic, water toxic city).

  41. I love you dearly but if I can give you a advice about get rid of toxics in you and our home would be my NR 1 GET RID OFF YOUR WIFEs PICTUREs and RIDICULOUS and HIGHLY DISGUSTING WORKOUTS (?! ) IT IS A BIT TOO LAUD….. if you know what I mean

  42. A St. Louis jury awarded nearly $4.7 billion in total damages to 22 women and their families in the case against Johnson & Johnson that focused on asbestos in talcum powder.
    The lawsuit claimed that asbestos in the product contributed to the women’s ovarian cancer.

  43. Can I use stainless steel with aluminum base exterior???

  44. I’m loving cleaning with water and microfiber to avoid as many toxic chemicals like bleach as I can!

  45. Excellent useful content but this video gave me anxiety! I just feel like there’s a slim chance of me being able to eliminate all these things or even REMEMBERING to…. 🤦‍♀️ I’m getting screened for cancer ASAP!

  46. Most of people can not afford organic

    1. I found a source that is safer and not expensive!

  47. what about copper pots?

  48. Hello would you please tell me what to eat to improve eye vision

  49. Thank you for sharing. I really appreciate all that you do!

  50. Thank you for the info!

  51. thanks for educating the public, very useful information.

  52. Dr Axe is the man!

  53. You have to be careful with oil pulling. You can actually loosen crowns and fillings.

  54. baking soda is bad for you though. Why swish that around in your mouth?

  55. omg i cannot stand artificial air freshners.. i get such a bad headache

    1. Me too… this year I developed a fragrance allergy where my lungs close and my heart palpitates and my workplace doesn’t support me at all.. they just tell me to take meds. They are not informing patients bc they do not want to offend patients aka lose profit if patients get angry and leave. I say so I invest my time catering to other people’s health at the expense of my own. They just don’t care.

  56. Can you do a video on how to use these things when you have pets as some E.O’s are toxic to dogs and most are to cats. I love these ideas but I also have pets. Thanks.

  57. Great recipe!!! I have 3 quick questions.
    1. What is your opinion on Dr. Steven Gundry’s Vital Reds?
    2. Would you do a review on Dr. Steven Gundry’s dietary supplements?
    3. Can you share a good Bone Broth recipe?

  58. How do we make avocado oil I have a lot of avocado

    1. And orageno oil I want to try making it

  59. great stuff Josh

  60. Dr.Axe I hope someday organic products will be easily buy in market and more cheaper

  61. Hello! I’ve seen lately on sites i follow that cooking with sunflower oil is healthier than olive and coconut oil. But i searched it and saw that it’s the worst and unhealthiest. i want to get your opinion. I am using organic non gmo grapeseed oil instead and found it enhances flavor in food.

    1. I use olive oil and butter. Great flavors, just don’t cook on high heat. Family is Greek and those are the only cooking fats they use. They live forever. Use butter for sweet baked goods.

    2. Grapeseed is good. Coconut and olive oils are up there too. i read a great article about oils not long ago, can;t remember who wrote it, but it was good. Vegetable and sunflower and canola are the worst oils

  62. bring the beard back, its organic and natural

  63. Thank you for sharing this information as it is most helpful; I had to share it on Facebook and Twitter after it was shared to me in an inbox.

  64. Can you do a video comparing purified water to spring and alkaline water? I have irregular bowel movements and I’ve been told by doctors to “just drink more water” – which I began doing 8 months ago. But the thing is, my bowel movements did not become regular until I switched to spring water.

    Is that something weird with my body or was it actually the water ?

  65. Suggestions to freshen the air in the bathroom?

    1. Open windows and door especially after taking a shower to let all the moisture out! If no windows, then use the air ventilator it’s there to allow moisture and odors out. Use it especially when showering or using the toilet. Remove any wet or damp mats, towels, runners and let them air dry outside or in a well ventilated area. You can also use a dehumidifier to keep moisture from accumulating and mold forming. I use lemon oil to freshen the toilet water and keeps bathroom smelling fresh. Of course always keep your bathtub, sink, and toilet clean from mildew, soap scum, etc. Hope that helps.

  66. So basically stuff that’s bad for your health cheap, stuff that’s good for your health expensive, and people wonder why so many people’s overweight and unhealthy.

    1. Or only eating one meal a day (OMAD) and cleaning more frequently so you don’t need powerful chemicals to get rid of gunk…

    2. Exactly, BUT, you can save by making it yourself, or growing it yourself

  67. How about the safety of incense? Or vinyl gloves (such as clean ones brand)? I try to wear vinyl gloves at work to avoid the bpa in receipt paper

  68. What would you use to kill germs? When getting rid of bleach

    1. KeeKoo48 white vinegar

  69. Thank you!!!!!

  70. Thank you Dr Axe, I never want to be fat! I take these tips seriously.

  71. Thank you Doctor Axe for words of wisdom 📝 I take notes and ready to make changes one day at a time

  72. How do I know I’m using the wrong candle

  73. This is awesome. I’m ready to start making those changes this year. Last year I concentrated on my food intake and changing that now I’m going to start with baby steps on these.

  74. The video is disrupted by a lot of static

  75. Dr. Ax! Is coco butter good for old generation scars on leg?

    1. Dr. Axe! Sorry

  76. most of us cannot go ORGANIC.

    1. Every little bit helps. Do your best.🌷

  77. 😮

  78. I use GLASS cookware. I have found that alot of so called stainless steel really are not they
    put aluminum over the stainless steel so I take a magnet with me and if the magnet doesn’t
    stick it has the aluminum coating over the stainless steel. I have glass cookware even a
    glass frying pan that I mainly use and I have cast iron although I am concerned because when I rub olive oil on the cast iron the paper towel is black even though I scrub my cast iron with salt after cooking.

    1. Thank You!!

  79. I know Dr. Axe is trying to attract those people who are trying to lose weight but what he neglects to say is that “anything can cause anything.” You may be experincing headaches, joint pain, skin rashes, diabetes, inability to sleep, afternoon drowisness, inability to focus, etc. All of these things can be from toxicities that the body is unable to keep up with and detox out. Bodies today are so overwhelmed that it can’t naturally keep up with removing toxins from the body (kidneys, liver, digestive system, etc.) can’t keep up and becomes overwhelmed. So, we must do what we can to eliminate toxins from our environment. I agree with everything Dr. Axe is saying, I just want you thinking of more than “the inability to lose weight.” You most likely are having toxicity symptoms and are not aware.

  80. my grandparents had me  clean some things with bleach over christmas and it was death. i had to cover my mouth and nose.. so horrid!

  81. hoy should use Melaleuca

  82. More muscular in previous videos…much thinner now.

  83. Awesome. Thanks.

  84. Awesome video. Something that came to my attention recently; smoke rates of cooking oils. I switched from coconut to avocado oil. Thanks again!

  85. Josh, what is your opinion on grounding? Up here in Manitoba Canada we don’t get to do this for half the year. What are our options?

  86. It’d be nice if you’d list the 10 things in ur video description so I didn’t have to sit through a 13 min video.

  87. one of your best videos I’ve seen. Thank you.

  88. Thank you for all the great information

  89. Be aware that essential oils can be very dangerous if not used correctly. During pregnancy i would suggest to not use any oils. When using oils in a burner pleasse research. Yo bro you must explain the dangers otherwise you will be sued and maybe cause irreversable damage to an innocent person like a child. What are your credentials to recommend the use of oils. Wake up.

    1. Ray Blazejko He didn’t say to use oils in a burner but a diffuser. He can’t be sued for the info given out. people have to do their own research before they take anyone’s word for anything they hear.

  90. Tide pods

  91. Anyone know of a good alternative for Lavender? I’m allergic.

    1. Victoria Stone Ylang Ylang

  92. I have organic wool dryer balls…never switching it up again.

  93. not only can you eat organic you can buy organic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. Paudarco would give me sooo much gas I just stopped drinking it

  95. HOW COME there is no penalty and/or a Shut Down of such companies? So are they just allowed to buy their way to stay selling Death and Debilitating products? FDA is a joke. American Heart Assoc. is a joke. All paid to lie.

    1. Money I suppose

    2. have you been to American Cancer Society’s website , they don’t offer any help

    3. If it was population control then they would manufacturer a virus to wipe out large chunk of the population. In reality all it is is corruption and incomplete data causing the deaths of millions by drug cartels calling themselves pharmaceutical companies.

    4. Robert Long agenda 21, population control

  96. Sperm oil kills vaginal cancers.

  97. What if you have cats? For the essential oil/vinegar spray. I know essential oils are not good for cats.

    1. Can you use on vinegar?

    2. Caitlyn Deerberg only if it’s citrus

  98. Does the vinegar and lemon work for bleaching clothes?

    1. Joe White What was your recipe? I’ve used 1c of vinegar in the final rinse and my clothes are still statically.

    2. I messed around and use borax, Dawn dish washing liquid and vinegar forgot dryer sheets there was no static and my clothes felt softer real soft

    3. It might. Try it

  99. Also, plants can purify the air in the room!

  100. Also, plants can purify the air in the room, ( snake mother in law’s tongue:Considered highly efficient in oxygen production, the Snake Plant otherwise known as the Mother-In-Law’s Tongue, is unique for its nighttime oxygen production, and ability to purify air through the removal of benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene and toluene.) (chinese evergreen:The Chinese Evergreen is one of the most common household plants and for good reason. This plant emits a high oxygen content while purifying indoor spaces of harmful chemicals such as benzene, formaldehyde and other toxins. As its name suggests, it is quite popular in China specifically for its high efficiency in removing harmful pollutants from the air.

    Recommendation & Care:
    The Chinese Evergreen does well in full shade, and only needs to be watered occasionally with a focus on keeping the soil moist. The number of plants kept is at the owner’s discretion.

  101. I’m surprised indoor plants weren’t mentioned for cleaning the air

    1. Which plants would you recommend?

    2. miloradvlaovic ahhh I see it lol

    3. “air-cleaning plants” in the bottom on the right of the slide. He did list them at least

    4. miloradvlaovic what am I supposed to be seeing?

    5. 5:22

  102. I haven’t found a dryer sheet that will actually stop static. For now we use ALL Free and Clear but only 1/3 of a sheet at a time and only on colder days.

  103. I cook my food in coconut oil usually.
    I love Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap. I make my cleaners out of it, and vinegar as well. My granite can’t have vinegar though so the soap is perfect.
    Also, ALWAYS spit coconut oil out in the trash or a tissue and throw it away. Never spit it in the drain. It hardens easily and clogs it up.

  104. This was a really good video, we have such disrespect for toxins. It’s too bad that this was probably too overwhelming for most.

  105. How about cannabis oil?

    1. Marketing.. its a drug for crying out loud, so are opioids and yet ppl think they are from hell. both come from a plant.

  106. Aw man. Literally just put in vinyl flooring.

  107. Thanks for sharing good to hear information that can help me pick the right items.

  108. Great video but buying everything organic is extremely expensive. Unless one’s rich there’s no way to keep up with the organic bills.

    1. Dealing with health problems cost you more !

    2. Your health is your wealth! You can pay more money now to buy organic products for better health in shah Allah, or you can continue wasting your money on cheaper, poisionus, chemical laden products and conventionally grown/GMO foods, and end up with much more expensive medical bills for chronic illnesses and cancer. Try farmers markets as they are often cheaper, and ask the farmers how they grow their foods whether with pesticides/herbicides or not. Most are organic but can’t afford to pay for organic certification as it is quite expensive for a small farmer.

    3. Stop eating out and going to McDonald’s

    4. We are a low income family of 5(living on less than gross $63,000 in Bay area California) and only buy organic fruits and vegs (mainly fruits as kids never liked vegs) and as much organic meat possible. only organic eggs. my health and kids are more important than eating out in restaurants (1x/month), going to pubs, going on vacations (i couldn’t afford it anyway), no alcohol drinking, no drugs, no cigarettes, make my own cleaning products. Only buy small amount of food enough for 2-3 days (breakfast, lunch, dinner and school lunch for 3 kids) Our fridge and freezer is not full of food, don’t buy canned food.
      You can achieve it but you need to be smart shopper and you need to sacrifice.

    5. You pay for your health upfront (at the grocers) or you pay for it as you age (in the hospital).

  109. I am always concerned about using E.O.’s around my cat.

  110. YOU’RE BACK!! 👏👏👏

  111. *PLEASE READ* Dr. Josh Axe, I always love the information you share with us, however, your information about how to use essential oils is dangerous and wrong, and you are leading people to use them unsafely. Essential oils are VERY powerful natural medicines. You say you add essential oils to the coconut oil you use for “Oil pulling.” Well, the coconut oil is a safe way to dilute and disperse the oils, but you did not give a safe dilution ration. Someone may unknowingly use 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, and add 9 drops of cinnamon essential oil to it which is way too high and can cause chemical burns inside the mouth and throat, and possibly lead to a hospital visit. You recommended cinnamon essential oil, which is a “hot” oil with a very very low maximum dermal dilution limit and it is highly irritating to mucous membranes, like the inside of the mouth. Most experienced aromatherapists and people with any knowledge about essential oils agree that you should almost never use cinnamon or cassia essential oil topically because of its extremely low dermal limit. You also said you and your wife use essential oils with water to wash your hands. Water does not carry, dilute, or disperse essential oils in any way. So, what you’re doing is applying totally undiluted essential oils to your skin. This will eventually lead to sensitization (allergic reaction) to the oil that’s been used undiluted. Once you are sensitized to an oil, you will never be able to use that oil or products containing that oil ever again without a reaction. Reactions from improper essential oil usage include: chemical burns, rashes, dry skin, thinning of the blood, tightness in the chest, difficulty breathing, liver damage, and many more; some that may need a trip to the hospital. The use of essential oils neat/undiluted is not safe and will eventually lead to a life long allergic reaction. As a doctor, it is your responsibility to make sure that the info you are giving to thousands and millions of people is correct, and with all due respect, a LOT of your essential oil usage information is wrong and dangerous and your very large audience is now going to follow these guidelines and could suffer the consequences.

    1. Since this have the most comments I’ll say it here, PAINTed toys are very toxic and it’s ALL over people house!

    2. benatural49 mine didn’t 🙁

    3. Don’t essential oils come with instructions on how to use? I hope people are reading the instructions for that particular essential oil before using.

    4. elus 11 that’s not good. 🙁 at least you know now and you won’t make that mistake again! Even the “gentlest” of oils can cause chemical burns and other major problems if used incorrectly. :/

    5. PREACH! I’ve used tea tree oil mixed with water on my face for 3 months last year. I didn’t know I had to dillute it with a carrier oil. While I was using that mixture on my face, my skin got slowly worse. Nothing major, but worse than before. When I realized what I was doing I stopped, but damage had already been made. I’m still dealing with the consequences. Very sensitive, dehydrated skin, burning sensation…

  112. All the information in this video caused me a migraine, anxiety and suicidal thoughts’ soaked my feet in coconut oil and tea tree oil and my toe nails fell off but I feel better ☺

    1. Not even close to bein funny

  113. NEVER use the Self Cleaning Oven feature! It Will Kill BIRDS in your home. It’s so toxic- If it kills birds it is Harming humans as well.

    1. Karen Mitchell The Mom-stick pans ARE coated with Teflon.

    2. Also teflon, air fresh, incense, oil burners, etc and some essential oils, so choose for diffusers carefully!!!!

    3. Please let anyone you know who has a pet bird not to use the self cleaning oven feature, as they might not know. thank you

    4. The lining on the inside of the oven is coated with chemicals that release with the high heat of the self cleaning oven feature. Its so toxic it will kill birds even if they are in a different room with the door closed.

    5. ollerpops Wait! Just as to turn on the. self cleaning feature or if you add a certain chemical?????

  114. i gonna stop using nonstick pans

  115. Thank you for this, I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and people think’ It’s all in my head….’ well in a way it is…. these toxins have caused BRAIN and organ damage. I don’t you them myself, but to get people to part with their toxins… Ive found almost impossible. Its not just hurting me its hurting themselves and their families. Keep putting out these vital informative video’s….maybe some will start believing, it does make a difference, a huge difference.

  116. Thank you! Dr. Axe for All your knowledge about teaching me about good health including the things not to use in my home as well.

  117. Thank you for the information!!

  118. Great info.. thanks

  119. Awesome video Dr Axe, as per usual!

  120. I didn’t realize Vinyl was so bad!  I just floored a bedroom with the snap together vinyl flooring. 🙁

  121. Today i was thinking about this….later this video popped up. Very great! Ty Dr. Axe

  122. I am grateful for this video.I agree with you bleach is not good.I am grateful for this,I am impressed. Thank you for video and blessings and greetings and hugs from the north east England.x

  123. essential oils!!!

  124. Luv ya Axe… I’ve done much research and investigation of so called “fragrance” in personal care products including the worst offender, laundry. The NIH confirms that dryer exhaust, when using the top selling brands, including dryer sheets— emit 25 VOC’s, 8 known as hazardous chemicals and 2 carcinogens. The so–called natural types containing “natural” fragrance were deemed as just as bad in this regard. I agree, they smell nasty. The best practice in this regard is to use products that simply are fragrance free rather than “organic”. In addition, often when a shampoo for instance, has the word organic on the label, frequently contain chemical fragrance. When a label says the word “fragrance” or “parfum”, it means that it is derived from petrochemical base. There are over 3000 of these chemicals and any product with the word “fragrance” contains an average of around 15 of these carcinogenic, hormone disrupting chemicals, some are even on the EPA’s list of toxic waste! Make sure the scent in your products is derived from plants, not crude oil.

  125. I have had to scale way back on EO’s as I believe that caused asthma in my cat. Citrus oils are toxic to cats Do you have any suggestions on working around this and considering the cat’s health as well as well as ours?

    1. I clean my floors with vinegar.

  126. Use the magnetic wash system with eo… works!

  127. What about laminiate flooring?

  128. I’m really getting into using more natural products so this video was very helpful😊thanks

  129. Knowledgeable Information

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