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10 Ways to Clean With Vinegar! (Clean My Space)

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Vinegar is pretty much the most diverse cleaning product on the planet – and a great, natural way to clean many, many things..

So, this week, we take a look at ten interesting and cool cleaning uses for vinegar! Why interesting you ask? Well, a lot of people know about the more popular uses, so, I’ve assembled a list of lesser known cleaning tips and tricks using vinegar 🙂

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** Ten Cleaning Uses For Vinegar **

Scissor cleaner

Ooey, gooey stickers

Clean the dishwasher, kettle & coffee pot

Steam clean your microwave

Naturally refresh fabrics and upholstery

Rejuvenate your bathroom tools

Defrost car windows

Replace dryer sheets & fabric softener

Hand stank

Clean your wood cutting board

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687 thoughts on “10 Ways to Clean With Vinegar! (Clean My Space)

  1. To clean the kettle do you add vinegar and water or just vinegar and then you boil it. I tried vinegar with water but it did not clean kettle well. Can you tell me the ratio

  2. Hi , I am here from the year 2020 . Can Vinegar kill germs ? Warning. In the year 2020 hand sanitisers will be sold out in the shops due to panic buying .

  3. Horrendous background music, is it really needed?

  4. Very annoying music. Can’t understand what you are saying

  5. Does anyone know why so many youtubers use loud music under the monologue? It’s been a mystery for some time.

  6. So you are saying for counter cleaning use only hydrogen peroxide ?

  7. White vinegar is great in the washing machine. Keeps my clothes smelling very fresh and also keeps the washing machine clean. Great idea. 💡

  8. What about apple cider vinegar? Can that be used for cleaning or just cooking

  9. Hi. Do you have a cleaning solution for plastic containers, that held leftovers that left behind stains, such as leftover spaghetti?

  10. So do we add the vinegar at the beginning before we start the washer or during the rinse cycle? Do we add it to the fabric softner compartment?

  11. you’re a babe

  12. The music in this video makes it difficult to hear the content. Can you repost this video minus the music?

  13. You also said to use: 1 part distilled water
    1 part cheap flavorless colorless vodka
    20-30 drops essential oil lavender for bedding. Which one?

  14. Please lose the background music its distracting and louder than you talking

  15. ♥️

  16. So I basically watched this video to learn how to correctly clean my new can opener & my wood chopping board, but then she started talking about cleaning the microwave. I figured if I don’t go do it right now I’ll NEVER do it & I’ll forget how. So I paused the video and handled my BID-ness! OMG, it worked! I’ve had my microwave for years and I clean the walls here & there but never the top part. I had to put a little elbow into the top because it’s basically never been done, but all in all not bad! Cutie knows what she’s talking about. Thank you!

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  18. Put a soaked cloth around your bathroom fixtures for an hour to break up build up. Works like a charm! Make sure your fixtures can handle vinegar though.

  19. I wasn’t looking at her cleavage at all.

  20. I smell vinegar with my velvet dress call me 12062653988 paul

  21. 1 clean scissors
    2. Gooey stick residue
    3. Clean kitchen appliances like dishwasher
    4. Microwave with water & vinegar
    5. Upholstery & fabrics
    6 Pumice, loofahs, razor blades etc
    7 Defrost car windows
    8 Add to clothing as sheet softeners
    9 Hands for food removals
    10. Wood cutting board
    Don’t use on natural Stone.

  22. Very pretty lady, thank you. But Never buy, use or recommend a microwave – the EMI waves increase risk of cancer and interfere heart pacemakers. Otherwise great advice, I love white vinegar.

  23. I use that shit on everything, counters, wood work, walls, floors shower Curtin ect

  24. OMG! Awesome woman…

  25. I cleaned a dish drying rack by submerging it into a hot solution of vinegar in a bathtub. Fill it with hot water from the tap and add 75% essence of vinegar. It has to be warm to get the reaction going in reasonable time. Almost no rubbing was required.

    Apple “vinegar” is like a concentrated juice.

  26. I’m so glad the other videos I watched (of yours) didn’t have that horrible music. I speed up almost my videos so the music was faster too. YIKES!

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  33. would love to watch but I don’t watch anything with clevage or inappropriate attire.

  34. Such great tips! I just cleaned my microwave with equal parts white vinegar and water. Worked great! Thanks for doing these videos. I’m learning a lot! 😊✨

  35. Thumbs down for the music 👎😩

  36. I use white vinegar to clean my floors. I have pets and grandbabies and is safe and non toxic.

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  38. Your music is to loud

  39. as everyone else has said, the looping music that is at higher sound level then your narration is killing me.

  40. Great tips

  41. Very good tips thanks!👍🏻🌷
    To get smells off of your hands hold the blade of a butter knife under cold running water. I do this after cleaning crabs & the stink vanishes!

  42. You can’t use vinegar to clean everything now. And you’re not even using the 30% white vinegar. Use bleach, like the lemon scented Clorox bleach.

  43. The music makes it so hard to hear your beautiful

  44. did you mention Apple cider vineger?
    I dint hear that one

  45. Painfully Effective?

  46. Good info, but loud music

  47. Do NOT add vinegar to the wash cycle because it will dissolve the detergent and not clean your clothes. Add vinegar to the RINSE cycle.
    Also, do NOT put vinegar in the dispenser because it can erode the components.

    1. So NOT true. I use vinegar right in my load of laundry and never had a stinky or corroded dispenser

  48. why did you not mention Cleaning vinegar???

  49. Can i use cooking vinegar for cleaning as it cheaper than cleaning vinegar

  50. Brilliant suggestions, to be honest I was never sure if I could use distilled vinegar….now I know I shall be giving these ideas a go. Ta everso.

  51. Why the ridiculous music???

  52. Apple Cider Vinegar??! Where DOes that fit in cleaning?!😺

  53. The music! The music! The music! Enough comments about the music already! I think she got it! Many of you don’t like the music. So turn it off for Pete’s sake! And that mean comment about her talking too much? How rude!! Do your own video! Obviously some people enjoy her tips. I do. If I don’t, I’ll change the channel. Simple. No drama please. It’s my time you’re wasting when you do that and nobody really wants to read your snarky comments of which I am now guilty of doing! See what you made me do? lOL 😆

  54. My tip for removing stickers especially useful if stuck to other paper surfaces is use hairdryer on hot temperature. The glue melts and the sticker comes off without ripping the paper it is adhered to.

    Like your Febreeze alternative- will try.
    I’ve put pots of vinegar in the attic where I store clothes etc to see if it deodorisers (inspired by you) thanks xx

  55. The music is as crazy as you are. You talk toooo much

  56. I like to mix equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle, super easy surface cleaner and even great on glass since it doesn’t streak and works just as well as specific glass cleaners.

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  58. Can I use the vinegar in my white load it with bleach? I never do it because I’ve never done the research

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  60. Tried similarly in my distiller. Got the same results.

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  63. I felt gross while throwing the loofah and stuff to the wash basin …

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  65. I’m always amazed by the big bottles of vinegar they sell in the USA. Here in Sweden we have only small bottles. Expensive as hell. ☹️

  66. So what kind of vinegar should I use on granite?

  67. little hint, not “people”, “you people”, “all you out there”… talk to “me” not everyone.

  68. Does vinegar make color fade?

  69. Great video, BUT music is distracting!

  70. Most useful thing I’ve seen all week. Thanks!

  71. The music!😩

  72. You are a amazing person.
    We don’t need music only to the points. Thanks

  73. thanks for tips. used the kettle one already, it really works. tip: the music is annoying too distracting

  74. That music!!! It was really hard to concentrate on you!

  75. Hey there
    Learnt a lot from your videos 🙂
    Can i clean my light brown suede leather shoes with Apple vinegar or white vinegar is better?

  76. How about reposting this vid, without that awful crap sound in foreground.

  77. Like the video but the music drive me crazy

  78. Your videos are the best! I hope that you will consider not using any music. I love your voice and I want to hear all our helpful hints.

  79. Couldn’t watch music was driving me insane sorry

  80. I just did this one right now, the one about the microwave. After cleaning the microwave, I dumped the white vinegar into a small pot with water stains and let it sit for 5-10 minutes and then I rinsed it. I still cant believe it was easy for me to clean the microwave. GAME CHANGER!

  81. Seriously !!! I can’t keep listening to you ….music is awful

  82. Oh Yes! I can’t use fabric softeners they make me itch. I didn’t know you could use vinegar for that!

  83. I love your channel but, that music is awful irritating and distracting. Please no more music I just want to hear you.

  84. Great Video! You got my subscription!👍🏼

  85. You Can Use Plain Water In The Micro Without Vinegar, (1/2 Bowl Of Water)To Steam Clean,Then Wipe.

  86. The Dollar Tree has….CLEANING VINEGAR ! ! !

  87. I throw my scissors in the dish washer, open. Works like a charm. Apparently it also cleans off Mildred, something bleach won’t do. Lol. Love the outside vinegar on car windows – at least out a coat on unless you love blue lips. Scrapping (flat, blunt side, will remove garlic and onion smells) with a stainless steel knife removes the smells immediately.

  88. can it be used in a shark steam mop with out ruining the mop..heating element that heats the water to make steam?

  89. I grew up using apple cider vinager… I use it in my laundry and keep a spray bottle with acv, dawn dish soap and water for cleaning surfaces.

  90. Thank you so much my dear friend

  91. Do NOT Like to clean ANYTHING with…….. Baking Soda !! All it Does is “create” a filmy, mess, which involve’s even MORE………….. cleaning !!!

  92. You can steam-clean your Micro, with just a lil’ water in a dish.

  93. I let my ribs soak in water and vinegar for a couple of hours before cooking them. Baking or grilling them. It makes them very tender.

  94. So when cleaning the kettle, do I let it sit then let boil?

  95. Music is distracting from concentrating on whats being said

  96. Damn right! Vinegar will get those coffee stained pot lookin like new!

  97. I found out that u could use vinegar in laundry to help get urine smell , its works very well

    1. It really get the smell of urine off your clothing by using vinegar

  98. Yeah, get rid of the music.

  99. In pre-dish soap days, werent pots cleaned with vinegar and ashes?

  100. Hey you have Mention the fabreeze diy. Can I add a little fabric softener?

  101. nice rack

  102. I was so distracted by the not so beautiful music, so I stopped listening, but I love your advices:)

  103. Muito bom like inscrição visite o meu canal.

  104. I hate it music it’s IRRITATING gurl

  105. ACV  (apple cider vinegar) is also a good one …

  106. Thanks again, Melissa and Chad.😊 ♡

  107. Nice video; and I like the music .

  108. After doing the dishes pour a splash of white vinegar down the drain and no more smells!!! Also works with lemon juice. God bless.

  109. I love this video, much helpful info. But on the wood cutting board trick, it should be known that vinegar is NOT a disinfectant and doesn’t kill bacteria that comes from certain things, like raw meat. That’s why I have a plastic cutting board and allow the dishwasher to sanitize it after cooking things like this.

  110. What about Apple cider vinegar?

  111. At one time I was drinking straight white or apple-cider vinegar (not diluted with water, not measured, just swigged from the bottle) to help with my acid reflux heartburn. It worked, but my GOD! My eyes would water like faucets from the burn of the vinegar!

  112. The music is so annoying!!!!

  113. Can you use cleaning vinegar (which have a cleaning agent) for these tips or should I stick to pain white vinegar?

  114. Can i use wine vinegar?

  115. well i like the music!

  116. I am using vinegar on toilet now. Pour in to soak.

  117. btw….hope u get those plush cloths back in stock soon🤞🏻

  118. Mmk…I have an old school washing machine(no compartments for soap/softener) so I use DownyBall…I’m not waiting around for the rinse cycle so I can add vinegar but I would like to try it out…u think the DownyBall will work the same with vinegar? Being that the softener is much thicker…does the consistency make a difference?💁🏻

  119. There has to be a story behind that last tip of which vinegar to clean with and which to cook with…

  120. I use vinegar for every dishwasher load I do, completely streak free dishes, pots, pans and glasses. Where I add the soap I fill the rest of the soap dish with vinegar. Love your videos. ❤️🤗🤠

  121. Remove the smell of skunk from the inside of your home.
    Boil 2-2/2 cups of vinegar until it is almost dry. Turn off & let it sit until the smell magically disappears!

  122. I use vinegar and water on my tile floors. While I love how well it cleans, my floors are constantly streaked! It’s so frustrating! I use a clean mop, clean bucket and just vinegar and water. What could I be doing wrong?

    1. Jennifer Dixon you have to squeeze the water out very well out of the mop and dry the excess of water on the floor. This way your floor will look so shinny and clean without the streaks

  123. I heard vinegar can also be used for douching in women; like one tablespoon of vinegar for one cup of water, it gets rid of odors.

    1. AG : Better to drink water mixed with 1-2 Tbsp ACV (unrefined apple cider vinegar). Eventually take this first thing in the morning & last thing at night, but beginners can start with taking it whenever convenient.

  124. Good grief this music is annoying!

  125. Brilliant tips! Curious to know if apple cider vinegar can be used to clean stuff ??

  126. Vinegar + Baking soda = Magic!  add dish soap for a foamy scrub. I’m sure you’ve done a vid on this.

  127. So what is cleaning vinegar?

  128. I love ur tips on cleaning

  129. can listen anymore bye

  130. no need for the music


  132. Your annoying and so is this music

  133. can you show how to clean the dish washer with vinger

  134. I love your videos but I can’t concentrate on what your saying because of the music

  135. thanks ….see you next time

  136. i use vinegar water to wash windows and dry/polish with newspaper no streaks!!

  137. music is so annoying

  138. i like the microphone

  139. What do you suggest to use for cleaning granite and tile floors if not vinegar/water solution?

  140. I’ve bought vinegar was going to do a video on my channel but can’t stand the smell any ideas how to reduce the smell lemon or something

  141. Music awful and unecessary, had to switch off, sorry

  142. Your tips are good and interesting but do you want to give us tips or music? I hate the background music.

  143. when painting a room, leave a bowl of vinegar out…absorbs paint smells..or any grease smell as well…

    1. Maggie W thanks for your great tip 👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏

    2. Maggie W, thank you for this valuable info.

  144. Hi Mellisa…can you pls tell me how to stop indigo colour running from my new cotton bed sheet during first wash and consecutive washes ? I love your videos, they are life changers 👍 thank you so much, am Ujwala from India 😉

  145. I bought a jug of Cleaning Vinegar from the dollar store. It smells like running alcohol. What’s the difference?

  146. Always love your videos – but oh the music in this one – it’s better to have none to distract/ and compete with your voice. I love videos with no music because I alway speed them up.

  147. I’m 5 months pregnant. suffering from eczema. is it safe for my baby if I orally cleanse my body with acv soaked in cotton?

  148. The thumbs downs must be about the music lol

  149. Baking soda, vinegar, and hot water to clean, disinfect, and clean the floors.

  150. i think the music is supposed to distract you from feeling dread over cleaning tasks.

  151. And yes u look so mischievous…

  152. U so much resemble someone…but unable to recall…. u r so neat n pretty…same goes for your videos…..i watch them often
    ..ur videos r precise n to the point…

  153. hi Melissa! what kind of shops sell this vinegar? i didn’t find in supermarket or farmacies! i just use normal vinegar.i live in Cyprus.thank you 🙂

  154. Love watching YOUR VIDEOS BUT HATE THE ADDED MUSIC!!!!!!!!

  155. Don’t fill the kettle with vinegar – just use 1 cup like she says! Mine bubbled out the top!!! Nice and clean though 🙂

  156. IDK I love your ideas though so I subbed you. Now I have an idea to use q-tips and vinegar to get gunk out from around my sink and also for small kitchen area! I love the tip on adding it to the laundry!!Ty!

  157. What is the best thing to use to clean granite counter tops??

  158. My brain, consisting of only four neurons, is having a hard time handling everything going on in this video–

    Enjoyed it anyway, of course =P

  159. I keep a smaller bottle of that same dish soap at the ready as I only do dishes by hand. But it is always cut with plain vinegar at about 1/2 to 2/3rds vinegar. It just works better and it’s easier to be sure the soap all comes off faster using less water.

  160. i love your videos but i cannot get thru this video cause of the music…thank goodness for the list in the description

  161. Love the music! My favorite vinegar hack is vinegar, dawn soap and H2O in a spray bottle. I use this on my glass shower doors, I give it a gentle scrub and rinse with clean H2O. The end results is clear, clean glass. This removes all hard water spots beautifully.

  162. Are you talking about alcohol vinegar or white wine vinegar?

  163. Vinegar:( Add to the laundry as fabric softener, Add to the mop water, Clean the counter tops, stove, frige, wash the sick, and clean my windows, and last Spray the mat for the bathtub! Yes I love vinegar!!

    1. yeah I love that. so fresh and healthy!

  164. vinegar also removes residual soap and softeners, retains colors, makes towels feel heavenly and they will retain more water while removing dry skin cells. I keep a small bowl of hot water and vinegar on floor next to tub to drop used everything u mentioned and before I rinse I drain into bathtub so drain smells fresh too. By combining your tips into methods I can do quickly and easily my life is becoming more and more comfortable and manageable. thank you.

  165. once u have sprayed your furniture and it is dry to the touch vacuum really well and you will be surprised at how clean it is and looks. also if microfiber type furniture is sprayed with straight alcohol, dried completely and then vacuumed really well it will remove even more of the oil accumulated from wherever  your body has touched. I have cheated and having found some spots that now show cause it wasn’t removed completely and using a cloth rubbed area either with vinegar or alcohol, let dry and then rubbed off with clean dry cloth then vacuumed. I got asked if I had replaced the couch and chairs which made me realize how old and used it had looked. Now I just spray, dry and vacuum and it is refreshed, odor free and looks new.

  166. Hi from Germany. I want to ask, how much percent acid the vinegar you use has. I understand that you don’t use white wine vinegar for cleaning. I am not sure which vinegar to buy, but I think the nearest ist called “Tafelessig” with 5 % acid. But also I can buy vinegar concentrate with 25% acid… I would be very grateful for an answer. Thank you so much for your interesting videos!

  167. Love your series. But…the music makes it a bit hard to concentrate.

    1. Music is so loud

    2. Yeah same the music is loud as well

    3. @MDClean Jasa Sedot Tungau dan DebuI could say I didn’t notice but you would know I’m lying. 🤣

    4. Not because of music but her cleavage

  168. I like white vinegar

  169. please stop the music! it is tortur!

  170. I add it to my regular wash, along with detergent for keeping our gym clothes, hand wraps and jiu jitsu gi’s from stinking! We keep a gallon in the laundry room just for that purpose! I tell all the new stinky kids at the gym about it!

  171. does it have to be white viniger, can you use normal viniger x

    1. What do you consider “normal” vinegar is?

      White vinegar is the cheapest vinegar, it’s also pretty strong, so it is good for using larger quantities for cleaning things.

      Apple Cider vinegar is a little more expensive but can be used for body cleaning and food.

      Other kinds of vinegar are even more pricey, so they should be used for food purposes only.

  172. gave a thumbs down because of the background music, plain stupid even vinegar cannot get rid of it

  173. Love this! But…It’s chlorine and ammonia that can’t be safely mixed – actually that mix was used as a lethal gas during WW2. I have a cleaning solution of vinegar/ammonia/water that I use all the time (great, albeit stinky, glass cleaner!) and no one has even gotten a sniffle from it 🙂 I really do love your channel/all your great advice, though! Keep up the great work!

  174. What do you mean by equal water and vinegar? is it 1 cup of water and 1 cup of vinegar

    1. Yes…..

  175. this is not cleaning this is more what white vinegar can do.
    1.white vinegar kills fungus…so one time a catch a fungus from a swimming pool…and I put some vinegar on a cotton pad and I applied to the affected area and let it there for like 10-15 min and in the next days or so diapered never bothered me again.
    2. white vinegar helped me get rid of tick. my friend dog had some nasty tick and he was just a puppy so we could not administrate harsh chemicals. so we mixt half water and half vinegar and washed the dog and pick up the ticks with tweezers… we repeated the process every day for 3 days…because there was a hard infestation with tick’s.
    3. white vinegar is a natural repellent for fleas and ticks and mosquitos…so when you walk your dog in the nature spray him with half water half vinegar ( BE CAREFUL WITH SENSITIVE AREAS). this mixture also gives you dog a really shinny fur .
    4. when I finish my day I saturate my dish sponge with vinegar then I squeeze the excess moisture and let it over night, this way I know that are no fungus or microbes developing over night.

    1. Thank you Mina Antisecu for these tips.x

  176. I drive my family round the bend, as I use vinegar for everything. Also, my loo has never looked so shinny.

  177. Hi Melissa

    can you please write which vinegar I can use for cleaning purpose. in video it was not clear

    1. it adds an aroma.

    2. why Not red viNegaR? ????

    3. Thanks a lot

    4. Hi Rubab – thanks for your comment! You can use any white vinegar – the brand does not matter.

  178. Thanks for sharing, Iast night i cleaned with vinegar and was so impressed. I love your videos, they are so helpful. Well done. Cheers!

  179. watching tip. mute the video and turn on the subtitles.

  180. Melissa your videos have encouraged me to clean more. The steps are so simple, affordable and effective it appeals to me.

  181. all meat prior to cooking i heavily rinse it in vinegar and let it sit in the vinegar for about 10 mins .
    this kills any bacteria in or on the meat .
    you can also use vinegar and water to heal cuts and abrasions and its good for any kind of rash. hair and body rinse mixed 15oz of water to 1 oz apple cidar vinegar this makes your hair super soft and shiny and it brings the hair and skin to its proper ph.

  182. can vinegar clean spark plugs ?

  183. i have distilled white vinegar. is that ok?

  184. does using vinegar work if the microwave is really bad? like i haven’t cleaned my microwave since i bought it

  185. I would eat that chick, smokin

  186. And it’s bird safe, too! I use a 1:5 white vinegar to water mix to mop down my wood floors and actually, my porcelain tile as well. Comes out clean, only smells for a few minutes and my bird is safe. You can’t get that with any commercial floor cleaners, even if they say “pet safe!”

  187. Amazing tip per the defrosting windows. Love your channel!

  188. vinegar used for cleaning is it the vinegar used for cooking pls help

  189. My favorite use for white vinegar is to remove cooking smells. After cooking fish or chicken with onions and garlic there is usually a strong stale smell the next day. I boil equal parts vinegar and water on stove top, and wallah all smells are gone. Home smells fresh and clean after vinegar smell dissipates, which takes only a few minutes.

    1. Ronnie Mead h

    2. But Wallah also means the same thing in the Middle East. So coincidentally you weren’t wrong in using it that way 🙂

    3. Sandra Russo You beat me to it! I see the crazy American misspelling all over blogs and it kills me.

    4. @Ronnie Mead Thank you. I hoped you wouidn’t take offence. I certainly didn’t mean to offend and I can see you were not offended

    5. Thank you, I learned something new, had to look it up. No matter how much you think you know there is always more to learn and to know.

  190. 👍 Thanks for the info, yr great

  191. Have you a tip for cleaning brasses

  192. in the winter i will spray vinegar and water on my garage doors so they will open easily. i also use straight vinegar on my front stairs to keep ice from forming. its also good to use a vinegar and water solution to spray the front door so it wont stick. The winters can get pretty nasty where i live. and the vinegar trick works great.

  193. Hi my friend. I looked everywhere for this white vineagar no where!!! I only found Distilled White Vinegar is that okay ? Thanks

    1. They sell em at Walmart the brand is Heinz there’s a cleaning one wich is stronger or the regular one u can use for cooking.

  194. good

  195. I saw a cleaning solution with vinegar and dawn dish detergent but unfortunately didn’t get to see it all. can you help?

    1. If u get a regular sized spray bottle add more than halfway of white vinegar then add a big squirt of dawn. And ur good. If u need to scrub a little more u can beat up the vinegar without the dawn soap.

  196. I would love to see a video on car seat cleaning. It is so expensive to have my car cleaned, so tips would be highly appreciated 🙂

    1. +Mimmi L We’ve got you covered because we just released our Car Cleaning Video! Watch it at this link and let us know what you think!

  197. you mentioned vinegar to clean dishwasher. Yet you never said how to do it. Also other things you mentioned, but not how to do it. Re watch your videos. I want to learn how to do these things with out spending hours searching and watching videos

  198. I’m surprised these tips are not more well known.

    I’ve certainly learnt allot from the video.

  199. Can I use apple cider vinegar?

    1. no that is for food

  200. ur beautiful and ur ideas too beautiful

  201. wow…….superb love u ….it,s very easy to help my mom now ….

  202. Wow! Excellent tips Clean My Space. Already shared on Twitter & FB. I really like the one to use 1/2 cup vinegar in the wash cycle, which reduces static & brighten, soften & deodorize your clothes. Looking forward to seeing how that one works.

  203. What brand do you use?

  204. Hi. Is it OK to use distilled white vinegar?

  205. Thank you for the great tips 😄

  206. great video subscribed

  207. Help! I need advice on how to get sweat stains out of my grey car seats! Multiple times a week I have stinky, sweaty teenage boys in my car after hours of sports practice and there are stains everywhere! Any tips on how I can get that out?? Thanks!

    1. Thanks! Took a look at it and through enough but I didn’t quite see details on what you would recommend for the sweat/water stains on the cloth/fabric seat. I’m wondering if I just need to have it detailed and shampooed? Thanks for notifying me! Love your videos!

    2. +Angel Livingston We just released our Car Cleaning Video and it shows how to clean the interior! Watch it at this link and let us know what you think!

  208. Very Useful Video Thanks Clean My Space 🙂


  210. I don’t understand.. you say not to use vinegars that are meant to cook.. so no white wine nor apple vinegar? Which vinegar is it that we should use than? I live in Italy, maybe you are talking about a specific product ?

    1. Berenyke . Vinegar made from pure alcohol. Not sure about the strength though. We can buy 12% and 24% here (Sweden) so not sure if I should use the stronger one or not.

    2. i confuse too

  211. Girl I sincerely hope you dont mind. The music’s torture! Loud & irritating!

    1. Yes

    2. Agree

    3. SUCKAS😂😂😂 love it

    4. Yes, but it’s less the kind of music that it’s volume. It’s really hard to focus on the content if you have to hear past loud music to get to the voice.

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  213. I got distilled barley malt vinegar can I use this instead of white vinegar thank u

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  216. vinegar is the best cleaner ever made. Especially if you own a cat. I found a kitten in the upper wheel part of my vehicle. This kitten would absolutely not use a litter pan and continuously urinated on my new mattress. I used half vinegar half water. then sprinkled baking soda over top. I waited approximately 15 min and vacuumed the excess off. The smell never came back. Thank God!!

    1. Brian Simmons This is a great tip! I wish I’d known about this when our new cat decided to use my papasan chair as a backup litter box 🙀

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    1. A really good microfiber cloth lightly dampened with water and vinegar. I use ecloths on our chair, which are a mixed nylon (oil/water) and polyester (dirt/dust) fibers, but I’m sure a number of brands would work.

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    Thank you, keep helping us, lol.

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  234. 1) I use vinegar as a room deodorizer. Smoked odors in the room or fish cooking put a small custard cup or bowl out of vinegar out and leave it there. Spray room freshener work fast if u need a quick fix and has chems. Just put some out at night. 2) You can clean the frig with it to. 3) I dropped a bottle one day on the garage floor, when I went back the cement where it fell was like new.

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  238. Soak fruits and vegetables in 1 part vinegar (cider vinegar is best) mixed with 2 parts water for a few minutes as soon as you get them! Then rinse and dry them, they will last way longer without molding! Especially good for berries!

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  240. want to get rid of stains? i mix toothpaste and vinegar and rub it on the stains like armpit of blood and it washes off. i use it to clean my carpets along with water, make french fries, oh and if u have a weed or poison ivy problem boil vinegat and salt together and spray it on the plant. its safe if pets go near it and kills the plant in no time. if your hair iron always smells burnt just wipe some vinegar on it. it deodorizes and cleans your iron

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  253. My new favorite vinegar only solution is for rust removal. I recently needed to de-rust a few buckets of bolts for building a metal wheelchair ramp. A 24 hour soak in 100% distilled white vinegar removed 95% of the rust. A wire brush drill bit took care of the rest of the rust. But once the bolts are dry they will quickly begin rusting again. So, plan to paint the bolt once you are done. I tried WD-30 oil coat and olive oil to prevent re-rusting, but I was not satisfied with the results. Any suggestions?

  254. Another thing she forgot to mention is that NEVER mix vinegar with bleach. It releases chlorine and can poison you!

    1. @Ruth Goddard I used to have a roommate who was a complete idiot when it came to general life skills. He mixed bleach and vinegar to clean the bathroom and ended up with some chemical burns on his hands and a nasty cough for about a week. I guess he thought it would be “extra sanitizing”.

      Of course diluting both bleach and whichever other thing you’re mixing it with in water will make whatever chemical reactions it may have less toxic, but it’s still better to keep them seperated. Bleach can give you nasty chemical burns on its own, you wouldn’t want to do anything to make that stronger. Plus mixing bleach with other compounds alters it’s pH and typically makes it a less effective disenfect (and just more toxic).

    2. @Ellie Blunden i did look it up. You are correct it does say that. But I swear it has never botherd me. Thank for intel

    3. @Ellie Blunden used it forever. And have never heard of it. Im almost 70 and never had a problem. I will look it up on google

    4. @Ruth Goddard all it takes is a quick Google search, my guy. You can’t mix alcohols or vinegar with bleach.

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  264. Can I use white wine vinegar for cleaning?

    1. That’s for cooking Hun x

  265. We are expecting our first child and because so I will be dropping down to part time. Because so I really want to save money where I can and not buying so many cleaners and just using diy ones with vinegar, dawn.. As much as possible. My husband is not convinced that things will be clean enough with just vinegar. Any good resources to show him that I don’t need wonder or Lysol, vinegar will do the job?

    1. A great reason to use this instead of cleansers, is not only the savings, but preventing your child from being exposed to toxic chemicals in most common household cleaning products. Vinegar doesn’t have warnings on the label, I would think, about how damaging it is if swallowed. It’s food! So I would rather a child’s immune system got practice on a few stray germs that got away, than that his/her body had to learn to adapt to mutagenic, carcinogenic chemicals that are bad for them, and for their environment. The ill-effects of the toxic chemicals just keep on going — even after you rinse them down the drain, they’re producing carcinogenic by-products in the sinks, drains, and in the water system.

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    And whats up w/i vinegar’s expiry date. Really less effective?

    Whew! My brain just got tired

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  279. Nicki Garcia, you almost got the CARPET SHAMPOO RECIPE CORRECT. Try:
    Foaming Carpet Stain Remover
    1 Tablespoon Vinegar
    1/2 Teaspoon Ammonia
    3 Tablespoons Dawn Dish soap
    3/4 Cup Water
    Empty Foam Soap Container
    Add all ingredients to your foam soap container and swirl to mix.  Dispense foam directly onto stained carpet.  Wait a few seconds, then lightly scrub the carpet with a damp white cloth.
    * Personally I like to rinse the area again with a wet white cloth to remove any soap residue that could attract dirt.
    Stains are gone!
    I put the solution in my home carpet shampoo machine too. But the best alover clean comes from Stanley Steamer. Insist that the get it clean though. They have what it takes and no need to pre treat.

    1. @Diane Smith very informative reply. Thank you 🙂

    2. +Zainab
      Rizvi , I have heard your concern. I did a quick internet search of
      “reliable sources” and have found more pertinent details. The
      chemical cocktail that I list above for carpet care creates a small amount of solution that I either shake to create a foam head or put into a small hand soap foamer. Either way, creating a foam that does an amazing job on carpet stains for a few pennies sure beats spending $4+ for an aerosol can that is probably going to clutter my closet for months. I also do put this solution into my home carpet shampoo machine and it does a better job than the commercial carpet shampoo solutions (CCSS). Also, I must confess that I have asthma like reactions to some of the perfumes in the CCSS. I have ivory/white carpet in my home and used to pretreat before having the carpets professionally cleaned. BIG mistake. I get the Stanley Steamer Special and hold them to their guarantee. They can and do get the carpet back to almost new. No cleaning company can
      compensate for worn, torn or snagged carpet. So small mixtures of these
      chemicals are definitely not a problem. But, use all that you make right away and don’t try to store the mixed solution for use on another day.
      For my laundry I’ll use bleach OR ammonia in the wash cycle and vinegar in the rinse cycle. Both are very effective and my drains seem to run smoother too. I also put a cup of baking soda in the wash cycle to good effect. The most potent mix that I use is adding vinegar to baking soda ON A SURFACE like dark tile grout or oil stains in the driveway. The reaction is immediate and temporary. After scrubbing with a brush during the bubbling I rinse with lots of water. BUT the one thing I do
      NOT do is mix bleach and ammonia.
      The MSDS (Materials
      Safety Data Sheet) for Clorox Bleach States: [ Reacts with otherhousehold chemicals such as toilet bowl cleaners, rust removers, vinegar, acids, or ammonia-containing products to produce hazardous gases, such as chlorine and other chlorinated species. Prolonged contact with metal may cause pitting or discoloration. ] on the other hand if you have ever peed into the toilet when there was a little chlorine bleach in the bowl you got up close and personal with a pretty serious chemical reaction. But these were very small amounts of chemicals mixing. and it produced a toxic but efficient cleaning combination. Do not allow this mixture to sit in your toilet. It can eventually ruin the surface of your toilet or tile and make it difficult to clean well. It is overkill. But sometimes I’m remodeling an old house and I need to figure out if I can save a toilet or sound tile work. This is my last test before I scrap
      it. Finally, never never never breath the fumes. website = LUCK 😉

    3. but isn’t it dangerous to mix vinegar with ammonia!

  280. Great ideas! It was refreshing to hear these less common hints. But, I use vinegar and ammonia in my laundry all the time. I think that you were thinking of … don’t mix ammonia and bleach. even in your drain pipe. it turns to hydrochloric acid gas and if you are in a confinded space it could result in burns that make you look like the hot dog that fell into the the barbeque flames. Burnt to a crisp black that falls off leaving raw pink behind. You get the picture. And yes I knew someone who did that once and that is how he looked. Painful. The damage to your lungs can be fatal too. Nuff said.

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    1. @Elmira Tirado try ketchup

    2. I have stainless steel ones I watched a video from her that said barkeepers friend works wonders now to go out and find in the store lol if you find any other ideas let me know I just got some tfal pots and pans from my mom they have seen better days I am trying to restore them to there original beauty lol

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  288. Thanks Melissa!!  These are quick, simple and easy tricks to clean!  I was going to throw out my microwave yesterday and Googled  and found about your blog yesterday by chance !  There has been hardnede  food (oatmeal) that has been there since December 2014 !!  I bought 3  store bought cleaning products and sprayed liberally—the gunk was still hard.  Only the small tidbits came off.  

    I bought a gallon of vinegar  last night just to see if it would work.  OMG!!!  I nuked for  6 minutes because it was really dirty.  All the gunk came off–WOW!!!! No scrubbing!@@@! I had a glass of wine to celebrate.  Seriously–my microwave was so dirty– I was going to just throw $80 in the garbage last night because i was frustrated!  You saved the day.  I also used it for scissor cleaning and will be using it for my loofah and razors!  I had no idea of I could even clean those things– I just toss them after 3-4 uses. You are saving me me dollar$$$$$.. Holla back girl! :- )

  289. I have a heavily stained  colorful wool rug. (dog slobber).  tried, woolite stain still there,  vinegar & dish detergent still stain.  Other than pro cleaning ($$), any suggestions?

  290. On taking stickers off I find it best to use a blow drier. Also the shelf line paper that has sticky stuff on it and your trying to get it off use the blow drier. Just be careful to keep your hands away from the heat. I used the dish soap & vinegar to clean my shower the smell was in there for days. I can’t stand the smell of vinegar that long of time any suggestions to what to mix with the solution to make it smell good?

    1. Essential oils can work.  I know several people that use Lemon Essential Oil mixed in to help with the vinegar smell.

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  294. Re: the windowsheild, do you have to pre-treat it everytime a frost is expected? It’s 16 degrees below zero, so I don’t feel like freezin’ my hands tonight. I think it worked the first time I tried it, my hands were cold. Next time I’ll put gloves on. Thank you for the video and thank you for your replies. Some you-tubers don’t reply 🙁

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    1. let me know ur results. I don’t use G+… I mainly use FaceBook. My boys don’t like the vinegar smell, I used it once to do major carpet shampooing with my Hoover Steamer. I sprinkled baking soda on the carpet & put vinegar in my steamer, about 1-1 parts. It was too tiring to continue the carpet cleaning and only did my room. The smell lasted for a couple of weeks. I believe it did good. I have two cats; one doesn’t like the other and marks her territory. With two litter boxes, I end up starting to smell her markings. I steam cleaned my sofa with just steam, but it didn’t truly help. The marking smells, start to fade. Unless, I’m getting used to them. I’ll take whatever help to removed that smell, and/or prevent my one from marking her home. My email is

    2. I am about to do that this week on couches with Dog pee using my bissel if you still need to know get at me and i’ll let you know the results.

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  308. Use vinegar and epsom salt to kill weeds outdoors.  It’s kind of cleaning!  One gallon vinegar, 2 cups epsom salt and one cup dawn dishwashing liquid. 

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    I just moved into this house that has old house smell in the carpets and closets. Now my clothes are starting to smell too. I am five months pregnant and don’t want to use abrasive chemicals. Do u have any suggestions for a non chemical clean to rid off these musty, smell room odors.

  315. Actually mixing vinegar with ammonia is safe, you should never mix vinegar with bleach though(same as ammonia).

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    1. Willa,
      The liquid doesn’t have to evaporate totally. It just steams lightly throughout the oven. I assume leaving it for four minutes allows the steam to penetrate whatever is stuck on the inside so you can easily wipe it clean. It works great!

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    1. It did when I tried it many years ago. Never dared to use vinegar in my washing machine ever since. Think it depends on the machine. Always check with your instructions manual.

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    I was wondering if it makes any difference if you use ‘cleaning vinegar’ instead of food grade white vinegar? You always say vinegar/ white vinegar in your videos. So is cleaning vinegar as good as white vinegar for all the tips you give?

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  333. There actually are a few mornings in AZ where we get some frost.  But then it heats up to about 65 later in the day.

  334. I’m a huge fan and I absolutely love your videos! Your tips are useful and you are quite charismatic! I’ve been using vinegar for almost everything in my house. 😀 It’s also useful against MOSQUITO BITES! If you rub your skin with vinegar they won’t bite, and if they do, just rub a bit of vinegar on the bite and it will disappear in seconds and there will be no itching. Greetings from Serbia! 

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  341. I am amazed on how much vinegar whitened my clothes. Just add 1/4 cup baking soda to the washing tub and 1/2 cup of vinegar to the place where you would put the fabric softener or pour during the rinse cycle. I was happily surprised at the results.

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  343. I don’t know if this has already been mentioned, but white vinegar is also very good for setting colour on your dark/bright linens, clothes or even jeans. The acidity of it helps take away the excess dye, but allows the rest of the colour to stay on your fabric. I work for a bedding store and for a queen size duvet cover we recommend adding 1 – 1 1/2 cups of white vinegar to set colour. You need to skip the soap as it just neutralizes the vinegar (and vice versa) and it would be a waste of money.  You can do this every 10-15 washes but, from my experience, adding vinegar it the first time you wash is enough. My jeans and bedding has stayed vibrant. Only thing you shouldn’t do is let the items soak! That will just take away all the colour and stain whatever your item has been sitting in! Much love for white vinegar! Haha.

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  346. we use white vinegar to clean our boat after we get off the water, it cleans water spots, makes it shine and keeps all the bugs away.  we also use it to shine up our car and truck.

  347. While washing my laundry by hand (don’t have a washer) I add distilled white vinegar to the rinse water and let things soak for awhile. This helps remove some of the detergent. I just give it one more rinse and the detergent and vinegar smell are gone.

  348. How is apple cider vinegar for household cleaning? I use it for my yoga mats and it’s super effective, but not sure about things like upholstery or bathroom items.

  349. can I clean the tiles in the bathroom with the apple cider ? And if I can how to do it ???

  350. Wait, vinegar (mildly acidic) will most certainly rust/corrode your metal, IF the metal is not wiped dry, and the metal isn’t stainless steel or other oxide resisting metal.  Good news is that high-carbon steels (knife/scissor blades) have been mostly replaced by stainless.  Drop a few old nails into a jar of vinegar, the resulting foamy goo is can be used to stain wood without toxicity (the acid eats the metal).  Takes about 3 weeks to make the stain.

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  365. I’ve done all these and many more, but I never heard that one about the frost on the windshield.  Have to try it next winter.  Vinegar was a lifesaver when I had a house full of “hard sleepers” –kids who peed the bed because they didn’t wake up in time to go to the bathroom.  My last one left soggy beds until he was into his teens.  I kept vinegar in a spray bottle to spray everything–bed, sheets and covers before they were washed. (Don’t let the pee dry first, even rinse it out first if you can before spraying.)  Now my mom is very old and leaky and she needs it the same. Underwear, pants, all affected clothing will not be smelly if sprayed with vinegar and washed.  I use the vinegar as a rinse and the clothes will not stink when the body heat warms them up again.  Dryer sheets can’t do that.  They only add perfume to the stink and it is repulsive!

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    1. Kerrie Nicole coconut oil is the best even after helping process,no scars either . For years I’m using it for sting and burn only use coconut oil aloe I heard flour works for burn too but I only use coconut in everything even in the morning before brush your teeth ,use one table spoon in your mouth 20 min after throw in garbage bags it helps remove detox from your body it’s important do not swallow any of it . After wash warm water and brush you teeth . If you do it everyday your gum sand your teeth don’t get ever sick .

    2. sounds crazy but works for sunburn too!!!! and trust me, im a redhead!

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  529. Vinegar and lemon juice make a great flea spray for your house! Equal parts lemon juice and vinegar in a spray bottle and spray on furniture floors and yourself to stop fleas from jumping on you and your stuff. Do not use on pets though! It won’t hurt them but it will drive them crazy… Lol

  530. I use vinegar for basically everything in my home! Instead of using carpet shampoo in my carpet cleaner, I just fill the tank with 3/4 water and 1/4 vinegar…it cleans just as well, and gets rid of odors! On tough stains, I use a little bit of peroxide and baking soda to pretreat the areas!

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  555. thx for these extra tips! ever since i subscribed to ur channel i been obsessed with using vinegar to clean things. random fact of the day, my b4 said companies have to pay a lot more money just to put on the bottle that vinegar is also a house hold cleaner. crazy right? its a lot too its like 1 mil or something

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  560. I used apple cider vinegar as a hair rinse after shampoo and conditioning. I rinse the conditioner out of my hair using 1 gallon equal parts warm water and ACV. I do that 2 a month. It helps keep my hair soft, scalp super clean, makes my super duper curly hair much more manageable.♥

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  565. I love rinsing my hair with it after cleaning I don’t use conditioner anymore

  566. Where in Canada are you located? I’m in NB 🙂

  567. Great tips, I rarely use ‘cleaning’ products, I always use vinegar, baking soda etc where I can as one of my sons is very sensitive. As for more uses of vinegar – every few months I run vinegar through my washing machine on the hottest cycle, then an extra rinse cycle just to keep it nice and fresh (I do 2-3 loads of laudry every day in my house!). Happy New Year Melissa . . looking forward to more great advice this year! Shar : )

  568. The microwave idea!! Amazing! 🙂

  569. she has one already.

  570. I love the one for pots and pans. Love to boil the vinegar and dump it in my sink to make is super clean.

  571. Amazing… The wife and I love you videos and forward to many more in 2013. Happy New Year!!!

  572. Great, great, great tips!! Thank you so much,,,,

  573. NICE!

  574. gorgeous !!!

  575. Wrong. Mixing vinegar and ammonia does nothing. Do not mix vinegar with bleach.

  576. Yayyyyy! I’m in Canada too 🙂

  577. Can you do a what’s in my cleaning kit video with homemade and store bought cleaning supplies? I’m moving back to college next week, and I’m sure my apartment needs a good cleaning:)

  578. Awesome video!

    I spray vinegar in my shoes to keep odors at bay 🙂

  579. Thanks for another great video Melissa! I love using vinegar to clean. When I clean my Keurig with vinegar, I save the hot vinegar to put down the bathroom drain (that has all the gross toothpaste residue)…since the kids are taught not to run the water while brushing….ew it can get kinda stinky!

  580. I use vinegar to shine my windows and mirrors! I also heard that if you soak black pants in water and vinegar before the first time you wash them, it keeps them from fading.

  581. She’s from Canada.

  582. Happy New Year! Where in the US do u live, Melissa? 🙂

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