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11 Products That Make Cleaning So Much Easier

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These are perfect gifts for someone who loves to clean!

Find them here:,,,,,,,,,

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373 thoughts on “11 Products That Make Cleaning So Much Easier

  1. Yeh bhi made in China hoga toh bhai heme nahi lena

  2. 1:50
    What if you sit on it and then realize that it’s filled with lego…..

  3. Does anyone know if I can buy the toy let plunger.? And if so we’re can I find it please and thank you.

  4. Excellent Video 👍👍👍

  5. that snow cleaner is satisfaction

  6. LoL The kazoo pisses me off

  7. Last one was good ,,,mop

  8. For the first time i have something in my house that it shows 😂😂

  9. I have the #4 one

  10. 0:29 imagine finish mixing up the batch with your whiskers, ready to wipe the extra batch up with this product

    And realize you forgot to put it on

  11. 0:24 Will it sweep up my little brother?

  12. No Shamwow? That’s pretty gayagagaya

  13. Drain weasel

  14. I have this local Chinese married a 6 kids mum helper she is reliable responsible good results on glass windows ceiling fans detachable fans flrs toilets cleaning changing covers cabinets drawers….try contact her 87119013 Amenda

  15. Very nice


  17. А для чего всасывающий совок, если изобрели пылесос?))))

  18. والحاجات ديه نلاقيها فين ولا نشتريها مينن مافيش الا جردل المسيح بس هو الموجود طب والباقى

  19. Superb!

  20. رائع جدا

  21. I liked

  22. Many years back India got this gadget and even many people are using it

    1. Ye. India Got it from China lolol

  23. nice

  24. Vav klass

  25. 2:58 oh god,i cant be the only one with a dirty mind here

  26. Very helpful products

  27. No 4 have it

  28. Nice,👍👍👍😍

  29. 4one i have that my home

  30. 😊

  31. good vaccum cleaner easy to use and easy to handle

  32. how much cost ?

  33. Пврчп

  34. eye vac is everything!

  35. 💖💖 Σούπερ που τα βρίσκουμε αυτα τα προϊόντα? ??💟💟

  36. We do not have snow at all…

  37. We do not have Snow in India in Mumbai… We have only two seasons here one Mild Summer and Hot Summer … Hahaha… And it rains in Mild Summer…

  38. china is best

  39. 1100 h price

  40. I have the mopnado at home

  41. Thanks insider,I’ll recommend these to my wife.

  42. ‘It sucks up anything you sweep in front of it’

    *drops earring*


  43. We want to see more device like this especially mops with buckets

  44. 👌👌👌👌👌👌

  45. Those in the States aren’t using those tools because if they were so many of them wouldn’t be kicked out of their homes by Adult Protective Services. They need to use them. And those tools must be made available outside of the States to show that people outside of the States actually use them. This will motivate them to use these tools.

  46. That spin mop is the best mop ever.

  47. Who was here before the title change?

  48. روووعه

  49. Awesome products

  50. Ok im not gunna lie
    I liked the touchless vaccum and the whisk wiper

  51. Monica Geller liked this video

  52. Snow my

  53. I have this mop

  54. الا اخترعوا حجات زى دى ناس فى فوق العباقرة والذكاء

  55. But where does that dust lead to thru the vacuum sweep thing

  56. My favourite 1:10

  57. At 0:31 pause you can see some on the whisk

  58. why buy a touch less vacuum when you can literally use a normal vacuum

  59. واو

  60. I like this……

  61. Whisk wiper is so satisfying

  62. I have the vaccum thing

  63. I thought it was the Toothless vaccum

  64. My mom has the “MopNado”

  65. My mom has mopnado

  66. I thought you were supposed to lick the spoon

  67. 0:23 I am machine of succ and I succ kat hair

  68. THEY CHANGED THE TITLE XD because they saw everybody say instead lazy or something, who agrees?

  69. I was wondering why the video was so fast then I realized it was on 2 times the speed ;-;

  70. 1:14 i had that since 2015

  71. 0:25 it simulates all the large black holes in the universe that will destroy Galaxies Milky Way and Andromeda once they collide and will bring an end to all life in both galaxies

  72. 1:31 I wish we had that much snow here in England.

  73. wow 👌👌👌 super

  74. Hmmm the snow plowed looks cool…

    Oh wait

    I live in Florida

    And it doesn’t snow

  75. Why does the snowwolf look like 17th century invention

  76. Wow great keep it up

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    ‌Aap Ko Aap Ka Commission Mil Jayega………….

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  78. Nice

  79. 1:10 Ever since my aunt brought that home, me and my brother would fight over who is going to mop the floor. I loved it when you spin it really fast and pull it out while it spins.

  80. 👍🏻

  81. Where will I get

  82. I love and enjoy to clean my house, playing my favorite music it’s much easier , i use my old and traditionals tolls ,that is not problem for mi!!!😊.

  83. If u have money to buy all of these u have money to get a maid

  84. i would sit on my stuff toy’s? my poor babies

  85. I need all of them !

  86. You know what I like don’t you

  87. I want them all except the whisk wiper and the bean bag chair.

  88. I want all of these except the avalanche it looks hard to control

  89. I also have that …. 1:17

  90. love love

  91. Nais

  92. Love love

  93. I have one of them

  94. Where can we buy these products?

  95. Number 9 looks like a dildo

  96. Me encanta quiero la escoba q se cambia

  97. 2:51 after a week nofap

  98. 0:48 i want this. Has anybody used ???

  99. Amazing 👌👌

  100. 3 is just a hack made in to a product just cut a little bit in to a ziptie

  101. All.. are superb 👏

  102. ._. This song slowly bothers me more and more.

  103. Why u need the wisk wiper when u can go up to a kid and say clean this off for me

  104. I need these things in my life

  105. I have tge mop thing

  106. “It will suck up a thing in front of it” if I stand in front of it, will it suck up the feelings for my crush that ik will never happen?

  107. #7 u don’t need the avalanche. U can just throw rocks at ur roof an there an avalanche. That’s what u wanted, right?

  108. No one will need the whisk cleaner because you can just lick it off

  109. did that dumbass person just try t shove medal up her vacuum

  110. 2:34 to 2:44 No 8 one was looks soo helpful!!👍😃👌

  111. They forgot to write things after 11

  112. 11 what?

  113. 11 has alot going on saving her friends from the upside down to be cleaning anything!


  115. Where can we get these all items ? In dubai

  116. 0:11 and 0:12 are satisfying

  117. This all things are available so earlier in our country

    1. Except snow cleaner

  118. *Looks at title*
    11 What? Idiots? Cucumbers?
    *Looks at comment section*

  119. 11 what

  120. The title has a typo

  121. 11 what?

  122. We have a wopnado

  123. Why does the 9th item look like a dildo

  124. I had the mop nado one

  125. Mopnado i have one of those in blue colour

  126. there wasting good batter

  127. 11 what? Eggs, Chairs, Fish…?

  128. There’s a mistake in the title because it missing ‘Products’

  129. Hwang Minhyun needs all of this.

  130. why the toilet pump looks like

  131. Probably super pricey.

  132. I have mopnado

  133. The song sounds like I’m in a word battle with Mr.Noodle from Elmo’s World

  134. The music tho

  135. But don’t you need to clean those whisk cleaners?

  136. 2:35 I have that!

  137. 11 that would make cleaning easier?
    Fix your title, lol.
    Eleven what?

  138. 11 that make cleaning so much easier.
    Guess what’s wrong with the sentence.

  139. 11

  140. Satisfying video

  141. Person: Why would anyone need THAT many stuffed animals!?!

    Me: *I have more and there are many reasons why someone would need that many stuffies!*

    I’m 11

    1. Where do you get it?

  142. 2:04 those poor stuffed animals

  143. 6. stuff and sit Stuff this bean bag with Hard toys and cars, Allowing the chair to break your child’s back xD

  144. I have mopnado

  145. Twerk …


  146. None of these where really that great or nothing that new. None are worth buying that we dont already have something to do the same job

  147. 1st one is stupid may as well use a vaccum cleaner

  148. 1:46 wait.. what if there’s a lego mix inside..?

  149. did anyone notice that the title says 11 THAT MAKE CLEANING…
    11 WHAT

  150. Not to make it easier but to make yourself lazier 😛

  151. Ive had a mopnado they work very good and are easier

  152. **GRAMMAR**

  153. I have number 4

  154. 1 1 T H A T

  155. We have the mopnados in india 😂

  156. Wtf, why I’m a 16 year old boy why am I watching this

  157. Avalanche cleaner tho

  158. The title is wrong. It says 11 that makes cleaning easier instead of 11 products

  159. “11 That Make Cleaning So Much Easier” English please.

    1. Stop trying to be an English Professor because maybe Common Sense would tell you it’s not 11:00 apples 11 cars $11 Common Sense tells you be 11 things that make cleaning easier calm down take a break get a grip

  160. Does anybody else scrape the snow on the freezer and then eat it

  161. I want to eat snow

  162. 0:30 That’s why you have a tongue.Use it!

  163. 11 that make cleaning so much easier? 11 what?

  164. I don’t have snow in my country

  165. I have the mop it works great

  166. your titles fucked

  167. 11 what?

  168. My mom has the vacuum one it’s cool but really loud

  169. 2:29 I was gonna cry if it hit that snowman

  170. I have the mopando lol

  171. “11 That Make Cleaning So Much Easier”… English?

  172. One problem. We don’t get snow in Florida………

  173. Touchless Vacuum cleaner?
    Now make a

    🅱️oneless Vacuum

  174. Why does the title say “11 that make your life so much easier” isn’t there supposed to be another word between “11” and “that”?

  175. 11 what?

  176. “11 that make cleaning so much easier”. Hmm….

  177. “11 that makes cleaning much easier”?

  178. 11 what

  179. :v

  180. I have a mapnado and its really helpful.

  181. Bitch do I see a typo

  182. *11 that can make cleaning easier*

  183. 1:09
    Sorry that’s everywhere in Asia

  184. It would be great if the title was fixed

  185. *sees title*
    11 what? 11 potatoes?
    11 idiots? 11 awards for bts?

    1. BTS!!!!

    2. 11 products, dumbass.

    3. 11 more awards for BTS in its way~~~

    4. Hi EXO-L

    5. Lol army

  186. Its Perfect for me… and People would get Lazier and Lazier

  187. I have a mopnado when I was 6

  188. My poor poor soft toys!!

  189. I think they meant to type ” 11 Tools that make cleaning so much easier “

  190. minhyun would be happy if he sees this video

  191. 11 that make cleaning so much easier
    what about 10 or 12
    why 11

  192. 11 what?

  193. Isn’t the title supposed to be “11 products that make cleaning so much easier” ?
    Like if you agree

  194. 11 thAT MAKE-

  195. 11 that make cleaning easier……

  196. All you snowbirds, thats what us floridans call you guys, are dealing with snow, were deaing with avoiding coconuts so that they dont fall on our heads

  197. UMMMMMMMMMMMMM…………. Can this videos title grammar well?

  198. 11 what? am confused

  199. You forgot the word things

  200. “11 that make cleaning so much easier”

    Really Insider… really? You had one job.

  201. Um…11 what? 🙄🙄

  202. “11 that make cleaning so much easier” 💀

  203. I thought it said “Twerk” on the thingy

  204. The Avalanche looks like fun because when your done u have a big bundle of snow

  205. nice title.

  206. wr vil can buy dis itm

  207. *products


  209. You forgot “products” in the title mate!

  210. The mopnado existed like so long ago wth is insider late or am i early

  211. “11 That Make Cleaning So Much Easier”
    11 what????? What makes cleaning so much easier???

  212. I WANT IT ALL!!!! huhuhu

  213. And that machine-mop,it’s around for ages,starting last few years ago,it’s a tool for housemakers..where were you,insider’s team???

  214. You know,the first product has no place cause that’s why we have vacuum cleaner..

  215. I can imagine my most favorite picture or paper falling near the Vacuum machine.

  216. I’ve been using that mop for bout 3 years ago…

  217. Who already has a mopanado

    1. From where can i get it? I live in UAE

  218. 11 what?

  219. 11 that???? More like 11 inventions that make cleaning easier. (For those who don’t get it, the title is written wrong)


  221. That stuff and sit is toy abusee

  222. those bean bags… what if you have a child that like toy cars and trucks and he sits on them? uncomfortable…

  223. HOW IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT HOW THE TITLE SAYS “11 that makes cleaning so much easier” INSTEAD OF “11 *things* that makes cleaning so much easier???

  224. More places to hide my weed!

  225. You can change the title using YT Creator studio in play store. It won’t affect your views and likes

  226. 1 step to keep dorm cleam
    1. Have roomates that clean up after themselfs

  227. *reads the title*


  228. My teacher like
    11 what? 11 eggs? 11 cows?

  229. omg we have that mopnado thing in our classroom and it was really fun to clean with haha

  230. Good thing it doesnt snow here in Calfornia 🙂

  231. 1:45 Can a dead body fit in there?

    Oh wait… shit I didn’t mean—

  232. stuff n sit
    it was perfect for me storing my lego

  233. Nice title

  234. 2:27 I thought it said watch it fail

  235. Wow . Awesome house cleaning equipment . Wish I could have these

  236. Anyone here when the title said 11 that makes cleaning so much easier?

  237. 11 that make cleaning easier…

  238. I think Monica will want all of them :-p

  239. We have mopnado but a different one

  240. “11 that make cleaning so much easier” what 11 things make cleaning so much easier??

  241. My mom got the thing in the thumbnail

  242. 2:04 those poor bears

  243. 204 those poor bears

  244. 11 that make cleaning easier

  245. I need these

  246. are we all just going to ignore the title

  247. My mom has the same thing t home right now

  248. Wow, the title is great, good job Insider

  249. i really need all of that

  250. 1:47 imagine if you filled it up with Legos.😟

  251. 11 what? lmao

  252. at 0:23 and sucks up anything 😏👌


  253. 11 What?

  254. Oh puh-lease, my aunt has the exact mop shown in the thunbnail

  255. 11 what??

  256. What happened to the title? Lmao.

  257. 0:50 WAT DA HELL IS DAT

    1. Amelia Jackson A demogorgon.

  258. 1:09 whoa i have that at home

    1. From where can i get it.. I live in UAE

    2. I also have found it in south east asia

    3. glennvr .-. Me too

    4. Same

    5. Same

  259. 11 what?

  260. That grammar tho

  261. 11 what that make work easier
    11 dogs that make work easier?
    11 chips that make work easier?
    11 WHAT

  262. Too good to be bought, too lazy to clean the house… -o-

  263. For the snow thing if its man powered then how do woman use it 😂😂

  264. The title makes no sence

  265. I want that mopnado. I hate having to wring the water out of mops.

  266. stuff and sit i can see problems, what happens if the kid eats or drinks on it and spills? not to mention any farting or hard plastic parts on the toys.

  267. 11 what exactly? 11 what? Eleven what? ELEVEN WHAT?!!!

  268. Ya know what’s not clean? The typo in the video title

  269. These look so cool

    If I had these I’d just clean for fun

  270. 11 what?

  271. 11 that make cleaning easier

  272. With the 💯sureplurge if you hear a r🅰️t comming up you can 🅱️ack d🅰️t 🅱️oi 🅱️🅰️ck 👇😁👇

  273. 11 That Make Cleaning So Much Easier

  274. The number 4 one isn’t it from CJ Wow Shop?

  275. Insider fix your title 😂💜

  276. My first thought was how much Levi ackerman would love this XD

    1. Amelie Maynard I THOUGHT THE SAME THING

  277. Mopnado, I have one of those in my house, and believe me, it makes mopping 10x easier and more enjoyable. and don’t forget the satisfying feelings that you’ll get when you see your marble or hard wood tiles clean 🙂

    1. I do as well.

  278. Typo in title

  279. 11 things because demogorgon is coming

  280. My mom had a mopnado since 2015

  281. Longest insider video ever. . .

    Loving the new style

  282. Just get a robot hoover

  283. Forget sharks, in 2017 we’re talking about ‘Mopnado!’

    1. I don’t think Mopnado is a “new” thing. Majority of people uses it or have one..

    2. i have one in my house

  284. Change the title to: Gadgets for people who hate cleaning

  285. I doubt anyone likes cleaning

  286. I swear Wanna One Minhyun would totally like these!


    1. Phillydelion S O R U D E T O U S

    2. Phillydelion S T O P

    3. Phillydelion NO

  288. Oh l own a Mopnado since 1 year

    1. ArtismFun is it any good?

  289. I have the number 4 thing

  290. that eyewac is remind me of cleaning by put trashes inside the rug :))

  291. This one was really good

  292. 2:19 so satysfiying

  293. 2:50
    When u bust

    1. Smiley fun Boy shut it, you’re like 11.

  294. Monica Gellerrrr

  295. Insider is down-right stupid into thinking that anyone likes cleaning ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  296. 2:49 wow. That looks… phallic….

  297. More for people who hate cleaning…

  298. The title shoud be 11 products for people that hate claening

    1. Ben Sheehy ppl who hate cleaning wont even bother touching any of this product😂

    2. This comment should be The title should be 11 products for people that hate cleaning

    3. Claening *Wrong*
      Cleanang *Wrong*
      Cl… *True*

    4. claening

  299. Almost first

  300. This is perfect for people who HATE cleaning tbh…so these objects make their “work” easier 😉

    Edit: now the video title is different

    1. Perrfect

    2. @闭嘴,笨蛋 my mom lol 😂

    3. Loi

    4. nice

    5. What the title was?

  301. It would be satisfying to use those snow cleaners but…

    There’s no snow in our country

    1. I live in canada

    2. SeaMacaw same in singapore

    3. Hmmmmmm country

    4. @SeaMacaw let ikr

    5. Same… Phoenix az 😭

  302. Who the hell enjoys cleaning

    1. Not I . if i we’re rich I’d hire someone to clean . since I’m not ill use these . lol

    2. NaviSakura i

    3. Me

    4. Tilda Ahlgren Danny Tanner

  303. First

    Person to enoy everyone by saying first

    1. safi ullah fail

  304. You are not going to believe who is the best person in the world

    Read the first 2 words

    1. Cringe asf

    2. loli killer

      Thank you

    3. You don’t know me

    4. @boyswuv

    5. Thnx for make me smile…:-)

  305. 1:50 I thought it said “Stuff your kids”

    1. Store your kids

    2. DarkGamer k

    3. same

    4. i’m sure that would work too 😀 amd after you sucessfully stuffed your kids into the bean bag, you can throw yourself on it to relax XD

    5. DarkGamer omg


    1. Abigail The Sloth they thought it would be to whiskey

  307. My OCD kills my urges to clean

  308. Levi Ackerman Would Love this

    1. Roswell Grecia THANK YOU FOR THIS COMMENT

  309. First!!
    and this was satisfying! like if you agree

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