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LET’S start with some unexpected and smart uses for the toilet rolls. You can use it as a kitchen knife case to protect your hands. Or you can make super cute toys and yarn pom poms. You can also organize the eggplant sprouts in your garden.

And if you need to get rid of the hanger marks on your pants guess what’s gonna come in handy again?

And if you fold a toilet roll into heart-shaped form you can make the cutest prints on the fabric bag, using acrylic paint. Or make colorful flowers or nice owls. Another idea – super handy makeup organizer where you can keep your rouge brushes, mascara and other stuff.

Old broken things deserve a second life! So I highly recommend to watch these brilliant easy ways to restore damaged things!
If your beautiful silver ring starts to get rusty just pour some Cola into a pan. Let it boil. Then put your ring into the boiling water and rest there for a couple of minutes.

This time I’ve prepared some ingenious ideas for cans and bottles for you to try! They’re so incredibly fun, creative and entertaining!
Learn how to make Wi-Fi signal booster, make cookie cutters from soda cans, reuse plastic bottles, cool gift wrapping ideas, make fantastic bubble machine and telescope! : )

One of my favorite hacks with plastic bottle – home slippers! You should definitely give it a try!

Plastic bottles are also great for making orange fresh or use it to apply buttercream or cake frosting!

Or you can make cute lamp from plastic bottles! It’s up to you! 🙂


6:05 Hanger marks?
8:42 Coffee scrub
10:48 Brand new wallet

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  1. Wow! It’s just a crazy idea at 12:30! We expected to get anything from Starbucks’s packet, but not that 😂
    And what idea impressed you? Do you like making handmade things? What did you do not so long time ago?

    1. Amazing😊♥️

    2. Wooooww! So cool

    3. -Luci atlanticevelyn v

    4. I wanted to make about 9 of your project your projects are very good that was that was me Zia who is 6 years old b bye my mum needs her phone back by I love your videos

    5. YA!

  2. Dont lie who is here because of covid-19

  3. Pretty sure the fumes that come off burning plastic is toxic. Do your research.

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  5. this went from art projects to life hacks. what a waste of time.

  6. 5-Minute-Crafts be flexing when they use $20 bills when the craft relates to money

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  8. Love these video’s


  9. Wow what a crafts

  10. 3:18 is it just me or is anyone else scared of knives? just wondering.

  11. Now I know why toilet paper is out of stock. People are doing the toilet paper hack

  12. That’s pretty
    😎 can you do cardboard

  13. I hope y’all have a Great day and don’t worry we can get thru covid 19 I promise

  14. 5- Minute Crafts: *Brings knife to park*😳
    Can’t you just cut it at home?😂💀

  15. 5:19 was such a cheap thing to make at home

  16. Who else is here cuz of quarantine

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  19. I only chose this video because it had the word ‘cheap’

  20. I can’t believe the virus led to this

  21. Nobody has these at home..

  22. Only people who are watching this in 2020 will understand toilet paper and toilet rolls 😐

  23. Hi 5 min crafts can u mame stuff that most people have not always jot glue guns and more

  24. Anyone else just bored in quarantine???

  25. You wouldn’t put a knife in a bag like that anyway I use a Ziploc bag it was all for the sake of entertainment “_”

  26. 3:59 free skip

  27. Who els here bored bc of quarantine?

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  28. Because of the corona virus, its perfect as we have so many toilet papers

    1. Nyah Jesani-Lee yeshhhhh!!

  29. You do know when that all of these things are under $5 at any Walmart in the country

    1. Well some people don’t have it at this time and don’t want to risk there lives doing it ok

  30. Why would you grave then end of a knife

  31. 3:15 you know you can just buy a knife cover

  32. Who else is here cause of the Corona virus?

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    2. Meh 🙁

    3. i am!

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  33. I think most people would just say “Omg!” and maybe stop the bleeding if that happened to them instead of… just screaming at their hand.

  34. nononono nono nononono save the trtels shraw

  35. This channel is useless 🙄

  36. There are 5 strict rules about 5 minute crafts
    1. Your the best channel ever
    2. Your the best channel ever
    3. Your the best channel ever
    4. Your the BEST channel ever
    5. I love you 5 min crafts !! ❤️

  37. i dont have any of these things

  38. At 8:45 the grim from Harry potter 😅

  39. u make awesome crafts!!

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  41. U know 5 minute crafts are fake🙄

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  43. 3:03 that’s a lot of blood for calmly touching a knife

    1. IKR 😂

  44. girl with pink pants what size are you

  45. Your channel creats outstanding quality content

  46. Who just clicked on this this because they have toilet paper rolles at home

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  49. 1 Like= 1 more great video!

  50. You said easy…..

  51. Ok but like this is actually pointless

  52. 6:04 so u dont have an iron

  53. 9:35 OMG


  55. 10:17 impressed me!!

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    Me:only 20 seconds….
    Me 20 seconds later: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH
    The video:comes on…
    Me: YA-
    extra add:EXISTS

  57. Me now only watching 5 MC because I want to hear the “HEy nOw hONEy” song

  58. did anyone notice that there is like so much lipstick on that cup

  59. 🙁 I keep seeing the same hacks

  60. 14:50 Starbucks one so COOL

  61. Lol VSCO girls would hate this video because of all the plastic straws that u are using

  62. Cool

  63. this is a really good one…..i would watch this all day

  64. 13:18

    Did they legit cut a Starbucks bag to make a different type of Starbucks bag?

    1. Wallet

  65. Question is what are wagon wheels

  66. 1:49

  67. Some things are good

  68. ❤️

  69. when the VSCO girls want to drink water ina glass but there are plastic straws all around it… :3

  70. nice vid! helped my son alot

  71. Who else watches the videos but never does them? 😂😑

    1. Wendy The Burrito I do em😂

    2. me

  72. Bookmark for myself: 2:18

  73. I made the 1000th comment

  74. Why is no one talking about how they put cake into EGGSHELLS…

  75. Who else watches these to help go to sleep? No just me ——>

    1. Lil Sums yup

  76. How do u think of all these ideas

  77. i like when the women at 2:59 cuts herself with a knife then when she put a cover over the knife and doesn’t worry about her cut no more

  78. It’s 5 miniuts for you but it takes about 5 hours for me ❤️😂

    1. Unknownkiller99 thx I’m 12 I need to go back to primary XD

    2. Jasmine Beckley nice grammar and same I get confused watching her do it

  79. “””Starts making the keye thing”””
    Cuts the shape wrong
    “””buys more plastic folders
    Cuts them wrong again


    Spent money on folders…

    Didn’t need the keye thing anyway

  80. Why water a plant with water with banana peal ?

  81. These are useless . 🙄🥶

    1. Like you I believe you were talking to yourself

  82. 4:55 who else thought they were binoculars?

  83. 3:16 or you could just get a knife holder they usually come with them.

  84. That’s 15 minutes of my life that I’m never getting back.

    1. Sy DiY 🙄😐

    2. Alex Jarrett

    3. Don’t u mean 14:50 seconds

    4. Sy DiY you are so right

    5. Lol

  85. 5:20 thats not cheap

  86. 2019 anyone?

    1. 2020

  87. 8:25 the fakest cookies I have ever seen 😑

  88. No one wants to eat out of a egg shell

  89. 3:04 you could just cut them before you go out

  90. 🤨

  91. What
    why did you just water a fake plant

    Also if I was wrong don’t go raging atms😑

  92. Someone please tell me what the point of an eggshell cake?

  93. Straws?? Really? Don’t humans already ruin the planet enough?
    You should do a video on crafts made from recycled products.

    1. @Peridot Rainbow Thanks!!

    2. That’s a great idea! I would 100% watch that!

  94. That’s dumb that’s so.hard like your going to have the supplies

  95. 1.3millon people are cheap

  96. Love the art

  97. 1:15 AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FO DAT!!!!!!!

  98. Some of these just make u think… why?

  99. Its cool diys but its nothing anyone would buy on etsy, atleast not in my opinion. They look a little bit to basic

  100. Wow & who said life is an expensive game. Such fun stuff to do. Thanks for sharing.

  101. Your the craft qween

  102. 0:10 and 1:48 and 13:31 are amazing 👍

  103. You are amazing at it where do you get the craft from love your chance can I get a shout out bye

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  151. These ideas are incredible and make it very easy to be congratulated, you are incredible😍😍😍

  152. I wouldn’t recommend the candle holder with the straws on the outside. Even with the glass there, it could easily melt the straws and start a fire.

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  196. 5:24 what if i wanted to remove the tape? Then the money is gonna be useless

    1. Amy Carter yass

    2. luckily in the UK our money is plastic now 😂

    3. Exactly

    4. I see. Definitely don’t tape money made of paper. Maybe you can wrap each bill in clear plastic wrap and then tape them to each other.

    5. @AJ Randall we us shekels… That are made of paper😑😑

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