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  1. Time to get cleaning! As always, all of the recipes are written up on my vlog for you to follow:

    1. Madeleine Olivia P U T S O M S D A M N C L O T H E S O N Y O U T H O T

    2. *****NOTE*****
      Be careful with essential oils and plastic surfaces. I’ve had essential oils melt the varnish from my wooden desk. Essential oils are fantastic but they are NOT all purpose.

    3. Madeleine Olivia hi! Thanks for your beautiful videos! I enjoy watching them. I’m trying to go green and I have some question…all of these stuff can make a surface clean but how much clean?? Is there any scientific research that ensure us they are as effective as the commercial ones?? For example for cleaning the toilet these can make the surface look clean but what about all the bacteria??
      Also do you have any recommendation for washing sponge? They are not environmental friendly but I can’t find a substitute for them.
      Thanks a lot 🙏

    4. Madeleine Olivia EE r

  2. Just looked at the Castile and it has palm oil in it! I thought that was a “no no?”

  3. Also, lots of store-bought cleaning products are tested on animals.

  4. Lovely, thank you Madeleine!!

  5. For the oven situation, you can use a lemon to clean everything up instead of a towel which will help the mix be easier to use and spread while also cleaning the oven even better.

  6. No

  7. I really like the different cleaners used here however unfortunately vinegar isn’t a proven anti bacterial agent and therefore doesn’t kill all germs/bacteria on surfaces. I would recommend the Method all purpose antibacterial spray which has a rhubarb scent. The brand is environmentally friendly and does not use toxic ingredients.

  8. What do you use to mop the floor?

  9. why put essential oils in the toilet… what a waste, just use vinegar and water in your toilet

  10. This is one of the best videos on youtube ♻️💚

  11. Where do you get soap nuts?

  12. Great advices. Thank you for sharing🙏🏻✨

  13. I like to put chopped up lemons in the garbage disposal and turn it on. It leaves the sink smelling nice and fresh plus I think the lemon cleans the sink.

  14. I haven’t cleaned my microwave since the day I bought it 10 years ago! You just use a a $2 lid cover from kmart! No excuse to have uncovered food spitting everywhere in the microwave

  15. bruh this two years late but u highkey pretty

  16. Firts of all essential oils should NEVER go directly into lavatory/sink/washing machine because they are toxic to aquatic life. Not to mention the fact that they are sooo resource-intensive and have only short term benefits.

    Second, using soda or other powders is great way to clog up filters a motors in your vacuum and your carpet as well.

  17. For a great streak free glass cleaner is rubbing alcohol(or vodka) and white vinegar(equal parts), put in a dab of corn starch. Shake well. Spray on the glass and wipe off. My favorite oven cleaner is some sort of liquid soap and baking soda paste. Add a little water if it’s too dry. Let it sit. Then wipe it out. That is what I used in my janitorial business for twenty years. Cleans anything burned on from pots, ovens, stoves, stained microwaves. It’s a miracle cleaner. Vinegar and water is the best hard water remover. My basic bathroom cleaner is white vinegar and a liquid soap in a spray bottle. My favorite liquid soap for this is dawn dishwashing liquid but Castile soap is almost as good. And my go to essential oil to clean my toilet is pine. I rub the pine essential oil on my wooden toilet seat(most are wood or painted wood). Other cleaners on wood can damage the wood. If there is extra dirt on it, then I spray a rag with my bathroom cleaner and wipe the seat after I’ve applied the oil. To scrub the tub I shake a generous amount of baking soda in the tub and spritz with water. Scrub a bit then spritz with my bathroom cleaner. For light soil on most of the shower all I need is the bathroom cleaner. I generally never use soap on my counters. I will wipe the counters after I clean the sink with my bathroom cleaner and partially rinse out the rag. Otherwise I can just use white vinegar and water on the counters.

  18. I have never heard of soap nuts! How cool!! Thanks for sharing, loved the video.

  19. Great video. I’m into natural cleaning too! Just wondered why you didn’t mention washing soda/Soda Crystals at all – even better than bicarb for lots of things. On mixing bicarb and vinegar, some people say they just cancel each other out being an acid and an alkali and you will be left with a neutral solution. I guess the fizzing could dislodge some dirt etc in some cleaning tasks? Xx

  20. Love these ideas! Does anybody have an alternative to essential oils? I have birds with really sensitive respiratory systems so we are making the switch but essential oils alone can kill them.

    1. Rachel Melling boil orange peels, lavender flowers, or lemon peels into distilled hot water and then use that water instead of plain water. You’ll still get that nice smell. Or just add the peels or flowers and vinegar into a mason jar for a week to let it soak. both or there will give you the smell you want without essentials oils 🙂

  21. The olive oil and vinegar wood polish is fantastic. I tried this a few years ago and wouldn’t use anything else on my wood furniture now. Only a tiny bit is required and remember to buff off with a clean cloth 😉

  22. Thanks!

  23. stay away from tea tree oil if you have cats. Its deadly

  24. I have been banging on about this stuff for years, too many to admit. I was hoping that the millenials would pick this way of seeing the world and the huge mistakes we are still making oops grammar. Anyway, i feel heartened that you are walking the talk. Yey you.

  25. Love these! I’ve heard about these for ages but need to finally make these!!

  26. Thank you so much for this! I’m moving on Monday and I’ve been trying to find a video of decent natural cleaners I can make, as my new place will definitely need a spring clean!
    Love your videos, I actually also had my first trip to Un-Rap in Falmouth after watching your video there 🤓

  27. This is so helpful!! Thank you

  28. Where’d you get all of those pretty spray bottles? Amazon?

  29. so there is no point to the essential oil other than for smell? If so I wont be throwing it down the toilet.

  30. Thank you for the tips, my gf just started a cleaning business and wanted to have a natural option.👻

  31. Where do you get the bag you put the soap nuts in from? 💗💗💗

    Thank You!

  33. White vinegar works really well as a fabric softener & it doesn’t leave any scent on your clothes, great for sensitive skin. For window cleaner, use vinegar & water but if you add eucalyptus oil, the windows & mirror will be fog resistant 🧚🏼‍♂️

  34. In KUISHI website is advised: “Please note this trigger head is not suitable with the use of vinegar.” about their spray bottles. Have you had any problems to report about this?

  35. Love💚

  36. I put basil or other things I grow in my cleaning vinegar as well.

  37. I am surprised you use a microwave! Watch dr Leonard Colledman on the dangers of microwaves!

    1. Nonsense. You believe quacks?

  38. Can I add soap nuts with baking soda, and sea salt for a laundry detergent?

    1. Baking soda and salt are fillers.

  39. Andalucia pure Spanish olive oil Castile liquid soap is better and safe. Dr. Bronner‘ Castile soap is not good according to environmental working group.

  40. Dr. Bronner’s castile soap not safe, check on Environmental working group. Best one out there is Andalucia pure spanish olive oil castile liquid soap. It’s 100% pure.

    1. Ha. EWG is a lobbyist for natural product companies. Google EWG is not science.

  41. you’re so inspiring to me, thank you for spreading the word of veganism, minimalism and an eco friendly healthier lifestyle in general, in the most genuine way. Keep doing what you do, we all support you!

  42. More people like you in the world please

  43. I just ADORE her accent!

  44. Sorry if I’m repeating a question… The soapnuts… Available in USA? Do they work in High Efficiency washers?

  45. Almost every cleaning product I’ve seen has that big read triangle on it that indicates that its toxic to the environment…why do people keep using these??

  46. That was amazing most of them I am doing but great new ones for me to try. Thank you. X

  47. What was the brand of the gray mop ringer that you used in video? Thank you. 🙂

  48. Regarding your floor cleaner, the lady at CleanMySpace who runs a professional cleaning company says you should never mix vinegar and castile soap. I’ve read similar advice elsewhere. Sources claim that the vinegar unsaponifies the soap. You actually just end up make your floor oily. Also, you shouldn’t call something a “sanitizer” unless it actually sanitizes. Lemons do not sanitize.

    1. Nonsense. Too bad you slept through chemistry class.

      It can’t ‘unsaponify’ soap. Vinegar lowers the pH so you have a solution of insoluble fatty acids vs soluble sodium salts of fatty acids (ie, soaps) at high pH.

  49. I just bought a 25 kg bag of Bicarbonate for £22 on Amazon. It’s so expensive to buy in supermarkets and it comes always in plastic.

    1. Exactly pointless lol

  50. For how long can u use homemade detergents like this?
    Don’t they go bad if they stay in a bottle for some time?
    I’m always worried about that.
    Can I just use it forever?
    Won’t lemon or orange peel go bad after some time?
    Or won’t some spray ‘lose’ some power when it’s not freshly made?

  51. Really grateful for this video!!!

  52. To clean teacups I have salt and baking soda in the cup, and pour over hot water, and stir with a spoon. Then I let it do its magic before a wash the cup.

  53. Read the ingredients on essential oils they are also harmful to environment …

  54. the background musak is horrid and loud and distracting silence is golden

  55. 10:41 who has plastic pipes…?

  56. i encourage people to not buy soap nuts!! THese are from india where my people have been using them for thousands of years. Now because of western people’s desire to live more sustainably, there is a high demand for them. As such, people in india who relied on these nuts are forced to use the same harsh detergents that you westerners are trying to avoid!!!

  57. This is so smart, I myself am a cleanfreak and a naturalist, and ive been using things like lysol and sprays to clean my home. They always made the air stink, hard to breathe in. The surfaces stick, are also terrible for your skin.And im afraid it’ll affect my animals as well. I love your channel, and i will definitely start making products like this myself!

  58. Are there any alternatives to White Vinegar?
    I’ve been into my local shops and there aren’t any. The closest in name are White Wine Vinegar.

    1. EliezaBaby yes! It’s just vinegar made with white wine!
      And yeah, my best friend came round to my flat unexpectedly just after I’d put some bicarb and vinegar down the loo. The fan in my bathroom doesn’t work so I’d left the bathroom door open to dissipate the smell… it confused and minorly disgusted her when she realised it was coming from the bathroom!!

    2. Does it smell like vinegar? My bf dont like the smell of vinegar for cleaning cause it smell like pee . Hehehehe

  59. Microwave can create radiation in your whole room so changed it please.

    1. Madeleine Olivia

      The article incorrectly describes why microwaves heat water. The article says the amount of time the food is heated is relevant, not the source of the heat.

    2. Not true!

  60. Hello Olivia, thank you very much for all this info, very useful! But I have one question: could all these cleaners be in close bottles for a long time? If I leave just water in a bottle for ironing it starts get green. Could be the same problem with these products as they are natural and have water in all recipes?

  61. Does castille soap use palm oil?? If the answer is yes, I wont buy it

  62. What about vodka? It doesnt smell

  63. the drain cleaner hack actually works.

    Story time: “ I was at my bf house and we had made bacon for breakfast and in the afternoon when I went to clean the dishes. I threw the bacon grease in the sink which you should NEVER do that. NEVER EVER throw any cooking grease throw the sink because it can clog the pipes which is what happened to us and his mom did the exact drain hack mixture and it unclog in a matter of seconds! Pretty amazing and all done with stuff you already have at home.

  64. For the glass cleaner, the 1:1 ratio works best for me.
    water : white vinegar

  65. How long can these natural products be on the shelf for? Do they go bad after a short amount of time or last long? Thanks in advance

  66. Time stamps:
    0:36 Reasons to switch to non-toxic alternatives
    1:42 Ingredients
    4:18 Recipes
    4:20 All-purpose cleaner
    5:13 Toilet cleaner
    5:42 Laundry detergent
    5:59 Window/Mirror cleaner
    6:19 Air freshener
    6:40 Mold/Mildew cleaner
    6:59 Microwave cleaner
    7:30 Dish soap
    7:47 Furniture polish
    8:15 Floor cleaner
    8:38 Carpet deodorizer
    9:02 Oven cleaner
    9:49 Cutting board (wood) cleaner
    10:13 Drain cleaner
    10:41 Stain remover

    1. You saved my LIFE!!!!

    2. Thanks!

    3. thank youu

    4. Kaleigh Sue 🙏 thank you!

    5. Thanks

  67. So inspired by the video I went to the website to buy these glass spray bottles and on the site it says the spray nozzles are not suitable to be used with vinegar!? The main ingredient in home cleaning products

  68. omg do not use a longhaired mop head ever its just pushing the dirt around you need to use a microfiber cloth swiller of some sorts

    1. I disagree! And micro fibre clothes are not ideal for the environment as all those small plastic fibres end up in the ocean!

  69. Don’t use the essential oil, you are actually harming yourself, use lemon or orange rind.

  70. 1. Tried baking soda and essential oil on the carpet, did not work.. i let it stay for like an hour.
    2. When I used vinegar in microwave, it really made my whole kitchen smell, so be prepared. Cleaned really well though!!!
    3. I would not use baking soda and vinegar, they both cancel each other out and make water + salt, so really not much benefit from it. But they work great separately.

    Very interesting video, learnt new thigns, thank you!

  71. What songs were playing in the background?

    1. @Elize thank you 😊

    2. freakparty22 Ymir-SINY 😁

  72. Wonderful video!!!

  73. woww ur soo smart i think this video is amazing, U have just received a new subscriber ps im new

  74. Please your all purpose recipes are Not Safe on calceferous stones like limestone, marble It can cause dulling, etching or pitting….people be warned

  75. What could you use for hardwood floors? I heard water and vinegar damages the floor overtime so any other suggestions? ♡
    Also, last question, is the all purpose cleaner good on granite countertops?

    1. I have an organic cleaner where you always put a few drops into the hot water you use to clean hard floors (the mop). It leaves the floor nice and shiny. Also: sincr you only use a tiny bit, it lasts very long; ive had it for 2 years and my roomate before me had it for another 2 years (theres still a quarter left)

  76. Will be doing all of these thanks for the great video

  77. The best thing I ever did was buy a steam cleaner. It was about £30, but with it you can shift almost anything (even oven grease) with just water. It uses a little bit of electricity to heat the water (about as much as boiling one mug of water in a kettle), but other than that it’s zero waste.

  78. Great video! I’ve recently started making more of an effort when it comes to zero waste / ethical cleaning and this is a great help!

  79. What!?!? That was fantastic!! You just gave me everything I was looking for. I’m just getting into DIY and it makes me feel so good about doing what I can to save the planet, me, and my family. Whoooohoooo I’m gonna go buy a bunch of orange to infuse my vinegar!

  80. Love love ids .

  81. Thank you 🙂

  82. Camomile + lavender essential oil + water in a spray bottle. Spray it on your pillow and bed sheets before you go to bed to help you get to sleep

  83. Be careful with the carpet deodorizer, if you use too much too often you can clog your vacuum

  84. Great alternatives! What can I use to substitute the castille soap? Cause its craz expensive in Argentina, where I live. Thanks!

    1. Pure olive oil green soap.

  85. I think you look so amazing without (or less) makeup!!!

  86. Thank you!

  87. If anything I’d prefer the strong sharp smell of vinegar rather then the chemical bleachy smell

  88. Oh my. Yet another armchair internet toxicologist.

    Oh my. Again. Mixes vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to make a cleaner, but doesn’t understand the consequences. Don’t quit your day job, dear. You’re no chemist!

  89. This is one of the hestnatural cleaning videos I’ve seen. Thanks! I just started using some Method and Mre Meyers products, but will be using some of your recipes as well

  90. Can the all-purpose cleaner also be used on wooden tables and such? I absolutely love using it, but I read somewhere that it can be harmful to wood and other materials as well.

  91. Thank you. Great information. I recently found this channel too. I hope it helps.

  92. Hi Madeleine, loved the great video. Do you have an easy natural recipe for washing clothes besides soap nuts because I seem to be allergic to them. thanks

  93. I really love this video.. just 1 video for all the things I need to know. Auto subscribe

  94. Tip for mould and mildew – Oil of Cloves (essential oil) 10-12 drops per 500ml water, spray and leave overnight, then scrub away with bicarb soda and vinegar. Your house will smell like Christmas and the mould will be gone!

  95. If you are in the UK, get your glass amber bottles from they are £2 for 500ml or £1.89 for 300ml with the spray top

  96. Metals that don’t degrade are pretty bad also. Glass, and cloth also.

  97. I just have a spray bottle of vinegar and use that for everything. Just hose everything down let it sit for 5+mins and wipe/ scrub down.

    1. And then I run around with a spray bottle (with distilled water and a few drops of tea tree oil) as a room spray after that because my god vinegar smells awful

  98. Really helpful video!!

  99. Just gotta add that some essential oils are poisonous to most pets

  100. Stop wasting money on paper towels that pollute and aren’t reusable.
    For every pack of NanoTowels purchased a tree is planted on your behalf.

  101. Be careful using tea tree oil around dogs, it’s highly toxic for them.

    1. Bree Phoenix Other oils too! All the below can be toxic.

      Citrus (d-limonene)
      Sweet birch
      Ylang ylang

  102. This is the most helpful DIY cleaning vid I’ve watchedt! Thanks for the great advice!

  103. Check up the Ecoegg 

    No harsh chemicals
    Dermatologically tested and kind to skin
    Kind to the environment
    Kind to your pocket

  104. amazing, thank you!

  105. I always use method cleaning products Tesco is for sure the best place I would say it get it or sainsburys.. More expensive from normal cleaning sprays but worthet x

    1. @Melissa .Garrett I know!! I love it,method is my favourite i also love the one in home bargains from cif it’s called natures recipe there non toxic and they use 100% recycled plastic!!!! Amazing x

    2. Chelsea Frew I’m in love with the Tesco Eco range! It even shifted spray paint which had gotten on some bottles, it’s amazing. And their washing up liquid seems to last forever . . .

  106. This is such a great video!!! Love it 😍 also are essential oils bad for the drains? Xx

  107. can i use apple cider vinegar instead?

  108. Amazing! Thank you ❤️

  109. Wouldn’t mixing baking soda and vinegar just produce salt water/ineffective cleaning solution?

  110. hi madeleine or anyone who reads this: i really wonder are you sure all that vinegar won’t leave damage on the polished items in the long run..? i may be paranoid about this one, it’s just that i heard someone say one time he forgot vinegar-essence somewhere and overnight, it literally started to “eat” the material.. i mean that was essence! but idk, still makes me worry a little haha

  111. Drain cleaner doesn’t work! White vinegar and bicarb neutralise eachother that’s what the frizzy action is (common misconception that it cleans) I did a trial on natural drain cleaning on my Instagram and the best for kitchen sinks with grease buildup is Castile soap and warm water ✌ I have loads of natural cleaning recipes on my channel xx

  112. If mould is on a porous material better to use vodka rather than white vinegar ✌

  113. Great recipes. Lavender is wonderful for pets but Tea Tree oil and Citrus oils are toxic to pets along with a few others so check if you have pets what is safe. Love your video great advice. Do you know a good place to get Castillo soap as I bought some off Amazon and it is expensive l. Thanks xx

    1. @Kris Biz right ! I’ve seen several ecofriendly stores sell (coton) bags of soap already in scraps ! from there you can dissolve the pieces of soap directly in hot water or even very easily turn them into homemade liquid soap

    2. You can buy it at the local health food shop. I make my own using a slow cooker.

    3. What about carbon footprint when you order on Amazon? You can just go to the shop…
      Also in the video she uses Castile soap in plastic bottle so how is that zero waste? Why not get a bar of soap wrapped in paper and dissolve It?

    4. Lavender is actually toxic to cats. It can also be absorbed through their paw pads so I’d be careful using that around the house if you have any cats

    5. I have gotten mine from amazon and also from local health shops!

  114. A word of warning about tea tree oil for anyone who has cats. I found out by chance when surfing the net one day a few years ago that’s it’s supposedly bad for them! The same with a list of things we commonly use unknowingly,particularly onion and garlic. I told a couple who I have been close friends with for the past 20 years,who once at 9 cats and had 5 at one point since I knew them,as he’d been showering with a tea tree oil body wash and she’d been using garlic in a home-made flea treatment because she believed (probably with some justification) that the commercially available products for such a task have carcinogenic properties. I’d only known for a while that you weren’t supposed to give them chocolate,which we used to give pieces of to them once in a while in complete ignorance many moons ago,and I’d been becoming aware of the fact that the lactose in milk doesn’t actually get on wit them either.

  115. I’ve been keen on trying this for some time now,particularly as a way of not polluting the water table. I just used white vinegar to do my bathroom and now it smells like I’ve just opened the world’s largest packet of salt and vinegar crisps. I’ve also got old baking soda,etc. and have ordered in Bon Ami powder and Bar Keeper’s Friend from the United States to try on my surfaces.

  116. Anyone try the stain remover? Is it work?

  117. If i have plastic spray bottles I’ve never used can i put the multi purpose cleaner in those or does it actually need to be glass?

  118. Please dont use toilet brushes unless you are using sustainable ones. Even better use reusable gloves and scrub it with a cloth. You can get under the rim and in the hole much better

  119. Are you naked? Lol

    1. Miriam Conrad well thanks for being so considerate

    2. @Lil Umi Vert well nobody else bothered answering you

    3. Miriam Conrad I’m not asking YOU

    4. No

  120. this s is kind of an odd question but where did you buy your dish sponge? the ones at the store fall apart after a few weeks and I haven’t been able to find one that does not create waste. thank you 🙂

  121. Do you have a natural non toxic recipe for natural nail polish remover?

  122. A lot of interesting tips in this video, I look forward to implementing some into my house and cutting down on the pollutants and allergens there. Love the video!


  124. I have been really inspired by your videos, I have tried some of your recipes, I now only use cotton food bags and shop locally and I am going to try some of these cleaning solutions. Thank you.

  125. Yea I’m definitely switching to natural cleaners now once I’ve used up the ones I still have this is great

  126. That furniture polish would make a nice salad dressing.

  127. How long do these DIYs store for?

  128. So many great recipes! Thank you 😀

  129. You are a saint.
    I just came across your profile and I think your tips are so helpful.
    Thank you.

  130. Great video!

    However, microwave cleaner? Who uses a microwave who is health and environmentally conscious? 😊

    1. Nothing wrong with microwaves:

  131. soap nuts grows in India. the massive demande of these made the price go higher localy and the natives are now forced to buy harmfull detergents.
    please buy liquid detergent in bulk or make your own an stop consuming exotic things like soap nuts and avocado. we have other valid alternatives.

    1. As a hispanic person its in my culture to consume avocados so I think I’ll stick with them thanks.

    2. Do you have a source for this claim? NPR proved the quinoa-boom-made-it-to-expensive-for-locals-myth patently false. People growing quinoa earned more money and the entire local economy benefited. The real worry is that only certain species of quinoa are now grown, reducing plant diversity. Now, if the soap nuts are all controlled by some monopoly company and the local economy doesn’t benefit, then that would be a different situation. But please provide a source to back this up rather than hearsay.
      NPR article:

    3. toadie no but some commented that you shouldn’t buy thing that come from overseas . If everyone stopped that would also hurt the people. The focus should be on people not being greedy and price gouging a product.

    4. toadie but then won’t that hurt their economy in other ways if they don’t have that income?

    5. Thank you so much for this comment!!

  132. Why is your sink and plug hole stained brown? That would cause me to lose sleep. I’m hoping to switch to homemade cleaners but only if they actually clean. Maybe they require a bit more of a vigorous clean than if using bleach?

  133. I always confuse between distilled white vinegar and artificial white vinegar, is the usage of their is same or distilled is better?

  134. Hello! I really love your video and your recipes! I always seem to have a hard time with vinegar and baking soda, so with your video, I think I figured out what I was doing wrong and am excited to try it out again! Just to let you know, soap nuts actually slowly deteriorate many washing machines (something about breaking/eating away at the seal) and if they break, because you’ve used soap nuts, the warranty is no good. So, please check with your manufacturer before using soap nuts. A lot of people have ruined their washing machines and cut the machine’s life short by using natural means when unfortunately modern machines are not designed for things like soap bars and soap nuts. You can google it up if you would like more info. Once again thanks for your video. For once I am looking forward to cleaning my oven LOL

    1. You’re not doing it wrong…the OP is

  135. Brilliant video & so useful especially when you wanna clean with pets or children around without spending £££ on expensive ‘non-toxic’ brands.

  136. Olive oil is great for cleaning hand prints from stainless steel appliances.

  137. Can the soapnuts also be used for dishes, floors etc 🙂 ?

  138. Where do u get the bottles from?

  139. Thank you for another amazing video, Madeleine. I`ll try the window and mirror cleacning recipe later.
    Do you have any recipes for houses that have pets? I raise my cat in my super small apartment and the smell is sometimes really stink. I tried putting a bowl of vinegar in the corner of the room but it`s not working much.

  140. 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  141. Dyson does not advise to vaccum baking soda!

  142. Love the video…. but what song is playing in the beginning? I want to hear more 🙂

  143. How many times can you use the nuts shells for laundry

  144. I use some of these, and I’ll be using more! Thank you!

  145. salt is very hard, and will ruin nonstick, enamel and other soft surfaces by cutting with each pass, as it has hard edges

  146. Bruh…you the GOAT

  147. Baking soda ,vinegar and essential oils are my best friends when I clean our home.This way I save a lot of money and I avoid all the harsh chemicals in cleaning products.

  148. Love this!! Clove Oil is also great for mould

  149. Castile soap irritated my skin, is there another all purpose soap that’s less intense? I mean I’ll google, but if anyone knows a good one

  150. I see you have some things in plastic bottles, others in dark glass bottles. Does it make a difference which recipes you put in each kids of bottle? And are there some recipes that can be made in a large bottle to keep for a few weeks and others that need to be made fresh each time? Thank for the video!

  151. I’ve been using a glass cutting board. It’s easy to clean, doesn’t accumulate fungus and bacteria, and has other purposes, like serving food and snacks.

  152. Thank you this is very helpful

  153. Do you or anyone reading this know a cheaper version of castille soap, as Dr Bronner’s is very expensive

  154. I use vinegar and water also for my hair and scalp cleaning. After that my hair is stronger and more shiny

    1. @caroinez thanks a lot! ❤❤

    2. Maria Rosario I use apple cider vinegar with water as a conditioner for my hair. It makes it so soft and shiny. I usually do 1/3 acv and 2/3 water but it will really depend on your hair type. For oily hair you’ll want to use more acv. For dry hair you’ll want to use less acv. It also treats dandruff and prevents it from coming back since acv is anti fungal.

    3. May you tell the procedure?

  155. Thank you so much for this

  156. buy the cheapest vodka you can find and add that to your cleaners, it will totally boost the cleaning power. I love to also boil lemon and orange peels in distilled water, until the water changes color, then add that, instead of regular water, it boosts the power so much! It works great on stainless steel and pots.

    1. Yes! I use a vodka mixture to sanitize beds, hands, and surfaces.

    2. Hello! Thank you for sharing your tips! but how much shoul I add of vodka to the mixture?

  157. What do u use to clean your clothes? What do u use to whiten clothes and get rid of stains?

  158. I can’t seem to find regular white vinegar anywhere in London? help? X

    1. poundland – cleaning vinager. tesco is white vinager

    2. Is it the same as malt vinegar? 🙈

    3. They sell vinegar in every supermarket! Probably called distilled vinegar

  159. Thank you for that video! Well made and very, very helpful.

  160. Nice video! The only thing I don‘t like is all the baking soda in small plastic packages.

    1. True! But she might just use an old container and fill it up (either at a filling station or by buying it in bulk from somewhere that don’t use plastic packaging). It would be less wasteful than throwing the container away and buying a new glass jar to put it in. At least, that’s what I’ll be doing once mine runs out 🙂 if you don’t have anywhere you can go locally like me, then buying in bulk from somewhere like, or will be your best option. Sorry to jump on your post anyway, I thought this might help people who perhaps have been buying the small containers under the belief there are no other options out there! X

  161. I love the tips. Some of these types I need to try out thanks.

  162. Have you ever heard of pouring a bottle of Coca Cola in a toilet? The citric acid in it works. I saw this years ago on the show “How Clean Is Your House?” With Kim Woodward.

  163. I love the microwave cleaning hack. I’ve already been doing everything else you mentioned. I’m glad I kept watching.

  164. Love the bottles! But I saw you put the essential oil in water. I’ve heard that’s not a great idea, because those oils don’t mix with water. So there is a chance you use pure oil and that can do harm to your skin. It’s a very powerful thing to use, but you should be careful with it. But maybe the oils you use do mix well with water :). Love your video anyways, haha

    1. Gigi vE you are right. But if you shake the bottle every time you use the cleaner it mixes.

  165. Do you make your own beauty/skin care products as well? If so, could you make a video about that? Thanks for making so many helpful videos💚

  166. The baking soda and vinegar hack has literally never worked. The only thing that ever worked is snaking out the drain or using Drain-O. Snaking the drain is gross as it brings many of the bacteria to the surface and time consuming. I hate having to purchase Drain-O, but it’s pretty much the only effective solution.

    1. I’ve had success with just hot water and salt a few times if the clogs not too bad but I’ve never seen anything do the trick like draino lol

    2. Because it’s BAD ADVICE

  167. Great video! 👍😀
    Do you have some tips for cleaning your washing maschine? I mean the inside to remove build up dirt. I used to buy a small package of soap that I would toss in the soap dispenser and run the maschine without clothes. But I haven’t wanted to buy that in a long time because it’s really bad for the earth, so I don’t know what to replace it with.

  168. Another great video, such a good bunch of tips. I already use most of these recipes but some have been a cool surprise and I’ll start using right now (I’ve used soap nuts for years and they are awesome!!). I’d like to mention that your all purpose cleaner is great for all surfaces except marble, because vinegar or lemon juice damage it so much. For marble I use rubbing alcohol instead of the vinegar. I prefer to soak fruit peels in the vinegar instead of essential oils because they’re more expensive and hard to get from nature.

  169. Thank you so much Madeleine! I’m newly pregnant and i’ve been wanting to switch to zero waste cleaning products for so long. I’ve never been a fan of the chemicals within our cleaning products and the smell is so overpowering! I normally use vinegar and lemon for cleaning the microwave as well as vinegar as a disinfectant on the countertops. But i’ve never heard of the furniture cleaner!

    For laundry i actually only use two tablespoons of castile soap and a small glug of vinegar as the fabric softener 😊 it works great!

  170. This makes it so much easier with the basic few ingredients. Though, how many soap nuts should you use for a load of laundry, like 1/4 cup or something like that?

    1. Yes

  171. I love this video, thanks for sharing Madeleine!

  172. I read that poverty stricken people India are suffering because of the new trend of soap nuts so if you guys can find other alternatives please do

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  174. Don’t these recipes leave things sticky?

  175. What can I use if there’s no Castile soap in America?

  176. I just discovered your channel and now I am binging all the way! Thank you so much for creating content that matters! I love it!

  177. I am looking for a substitute for dish washer machines tabs. Any tips?

  178. As much as I like that soap nuts create less waste for us, I woudn’t recomment to use them, not because they don’t work but because the increase in demand in the western society for these soap nuts makes it expensive for the people/locals who actually collect them. So I’d say that we stop putting our money there and find other ways to do our laundry. I really liked the video btw, I’ll be using some of the recipes at home 🙂

  179. So useful! Thank you Madeleine 💕

  180. I add about 10-15 drops of lemon essential oil to my dish soap recipe to give it extra grease fighting power. Using this, I only use about 1 part of Castile soap to 3 parts of water. I’ve been using this for years and it works great!

  181. Also try sprinkling baking soda on the chopping board then use the lemon,

  182. I’d love to know a product for dish washers as well. Can I use those soap nuts in a dish washer too?

  183. Not sure if this is a silly question but are soap nuts actual nuts? Just as I’ve got an allergy.

  184. Love this 💜 thanks for sharing!!!!

  185. I want to get on board with this but I’m just worried about the germ killing power of things like vinegar, baking soda, lemon, and essential oils. I hate germs and messes and only feel at ease when I use things with bleach, but I’m trying to move away from that. It’s hard though

  186. to clean really dirty oven or baking sheet – sprinkle generous amount of baking soda and spray with pure vinegar – wait 15-20 min and scrub. Works like magic! I got old uncleaned oven (grose!!!) in my flat and it cleaned it like magic!

  187. SAFETY WARNING: The baking soda + vinegar trick works great for sinks, but just know you should NEVER pour hot water into your toilet. It could explode! Just letting people know 🙂

  188. Oh my god. I am in love! :* 🙂 Thanks. This is amazing.

  189. For me one of the main appeals of using homemade cleaning products would be the reduction in waste. However bicarbonate of soda is one the most used ingredients and it is used in large volume. In the UK bicarbonate of soda pretty much only comes in very small tubs (intended for baking) and these are often plastic so I feel like this would just create a lot of additional waste (even in this video you can see madeline use several different tubs of the stuff).

    1. Melanie Mcallister I don’t know about the UK, but in north America we have bulk stores where you can bring your own containers and they almost always have baking soda there (it’s in with the cooking stuff)

  190. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be careful what essential oils you are using if you have any pets.
    Not only do cats/dogs have a much more sensitive sense of smelling meaning essential oils can be overwhelming and stress them out, they also absorb them and react differently than us. Cats in particular can not some compounds in essential oils meaning they are highly susceptible to toxicity.

    1. Be careful with tee tree oil

    2. Yes peppermint oil and many other essential oils can kill dogs if they ingest it. I found that out the hard way (my dog didn’t die) he just got very sick and when I realized what it was I totally excluded essential oils from my home completely. You really don’t need them

    3. Wow, i didnt know this and never tought about it.. Luckly i havnt used any essential oils yet but i’ve been wanting to. Is it the same with scented candles?

    4. Yes, I was shocked to discover that many essential oils are harmful to cats, and can actually destroy their livers. I found a “safe” list that I use, which I’ll find the link for, but here are the safe ones I use: Lavender, Geranium, Rosemary, & Clary Sage. But if you have cats and want to look at the full list, it’s here:

    5. @toad Right, nobody is safe

  191. GENIUS

  192. I love using natural cleaners! When I make an all-purpose cleaner, I include a little rubbing alcohol as well and like the tiniest drop of dish soap just to reaaaaally disinfect everything haha

  193. Do you usually use rags for cleaning? Thanks for the recipes! I’m definitely going to try some tonight! ❤️

  194. This video is so nicely put together!! I love it!

  195. This weekend I found out that straight coconut oil applied to stainless steal appliances works like a dream to polish them perfectly!!!

  196. I need a homemade stone bench top cleaner recipe because everything I’ve read said not to use vinegar or lemon juice on stone

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  208. Loved the cleaning tips! Will definitely be making my own cleaning products as soon as I am empty. Btw I think you would like to see this video/animation about plastic pollution by Kurzgesagt:

  209. Castille soap is pretty terrible as sudsing up for washing the dishes – better to make a liquid soap nut recipe (very easy and plenty of recipes on the internet). But everything else was spot on! (I really dislike castille soap due to palm oil and it is SO incredibly drying on skin).

    1. This can be used for laundry, cleaning and even as a shampoo, shower gel and hand wash. Just liquid soap of vegetable extraction

  210. Thank you! I actually needed this video, I was looking for recipes all around! Another e-book coming? 😉

  211. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for condensing all these into one place! Definitely want to shrink my carbon footprint and these will really help!

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    Very helpful <3

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  223. Thank you! The best resource I’ve found on this topic. Perfect since I’m moving out in the autumn 🙂

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  225. Great tips! I’m trying to use bicarb more often in cleaning, though it isn’t so great at removing really tough, super burnt on stains from the oven. I’m hoping a few goes will slowly loosen the grime. I need to try your mould cleaner next!
    Also, I was a little shocked at the price of the castile soap. Is that brand in particular just expensive? Or is that how much castile soap costs?

  226. Hi Madeline where did you get the bag for the soap nuts from? I use soap nuts but always receive a drawstring bag which come undone during the wash. Great video thanks.😀

    1. Linked the one I got in the description 😊

  227. Awesome video, thank you. Just a quick side note vinegar does not smell once dry, but if you can’t bear it go with a few drops of essential oil, peppermint oil is a winner and spiders hate it too WIN WIN

  228. I have that one pan that always gets dark. Like on the inside, on top of the ceramic surface. The food sticks to it, making it worse. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to get rid of it! I just used baking soda and a brush and now it’s white again ♥️

  229. I think for videos like this it might be useful to cite any sources you use to provide this movement with more credibility, especially when talking about mainstream cleaners being toxic to us and wildlife etc. Great video nevertheless, just a suggestion ! 🍀

    1. Sources linked in my blog post!

  230. Thank you 😊

  231. Apparently due to their chemical properties, when vinegar and baking soda are combined they cancel out each others beneficial properties

    1. Kate W

      Nonsense. They neutralize each other when mixed. Neither exists afterwards.

    2. Correct, so this chemical reaction pretty much leaves water as a result… but then water is the universal solvent and universal cleaner LOL. Baking soda is a base, vinegar is an acid… is important to note the ratio used and often times using each of these two with plain water can clean just as good.

    3. What cancels out??? These two mixed together are excellent cleaners

    4. I used baking soda on a soda spill then put vinegar on it. It bubbled and cleaned up great. Plus no sticky residue later. I was pretty proud of myself cuz this was before all of this info at our hands in seconds.

  232. 99% Rubbing Alcohol is also go for cleaning mirrors and windows.

  233. Will make my mixes soon! I need those in my life.

  234. Great tips

  235. How long last those soap nuts? 😊 like with one bag of one kg how many months does it lasts?

    Btw It’s so good that you are making these videos! You are an amazing person!

  236. Combining an acid (such as vinegar) with something alkaline (such as baking soda) is just gonna make water, a bit of salt and probably a bit of either vinegar or baking soda, as they neutralise each other. For cleaning something directly, like a drain, it’s perfectly fine, but it doesn’t work when already reacted.

    1. Marie Wasgehtsiedasan i use baking soda and vinegar together to clean tough grime as it softens up the grime when it reacts together and makes its easy to wipe off..

    2. What do you suggest then…?

    3. I use vinegar in my tile grout and scrub but to neutralize the vinegar after I use the bicarb. Then go over everything with water to wash it all away.

    4. @Dri Pak oh my word! Your website is awesome! Thanks
      Love your products by the way 🙂

    5. Yes I thought that

  237. Omg you and your Dyson at the end! Amazing video!
    My old neighbour who’s in her 80’s uses vinegar and bi carb so she got me onto that! <3

  238. Thank you – such a cool video 🌿🎉 I think white vinegar might have a different name in my country – do you know the “percentage” of the one you use?

    1. Distilled vinegar!

  239. Very nice tips! I need to use more eco-friendly products around the house. I still use Tide as laundry detergent 🙈 and use Mrs. Meyers dish soap for almost everything else, and baking soda for stubborn stains. I don’t have any white vinegar, purchasing some today!
    It’s a bit ridiculous now that I think about it, but for my deodorizer I mix some Thayers witch hazel toner with water and 5 drops of essential oil. I also use it to clean the bathroom mirrors for the finishing smell.
    Thanks for sharing!

  240. Thank you so much these tips are so helpful !

  241. Madeleine, where do you buy white vinegar in the UK? I moved to North Wales from Canada a year and a half ago, and I have not been able to find white vinegar anywhere. I just assumed that it didn’t exist in the UK!

    1. Ah! Thank you very much! I will look for that next time I’m at Tesco.

    2. It’s called distilled vinegar but it’s the same thing – probably should have said!

  242. Brilliant video. Cant wait to make all of these products. No guilt! 🙂

  243. Oh no Maddie, you’ve done it again! Going ‘minimal’ by not wearing any clothes in your video 😂 🤣 😂 My favorite all purpose cleaner is a few tablespoons of Dr Bronners (e.g. the peppermint one) mixed in a spray bottle with 500ml of tap water and about a dozen drops of essential oil (e.g. lemon, tea tree, eucalyptus)

    1. minimal level expert 😂 😂 😂 Just playing – please don’t get offended Olivia!

  244. This is really great – thank you so much for sharing all of these tips/tricks/hacks! x

  245. I’m definitely gonna try out the stain remover! I have a stubborn stain on my couch that didn’t come out with a furniture cleaner so hopefully that will work 😊

  246. Great video, thank you so much for compiling all these! I do use all these ingredients already but am never sure how to mix them most efficiently. <3

  247. Do soap nuts only last for a single load of laundry ? Or can I reuse them ?

    1. They last for 4-5 washes apparently! And then you compost them 😊

  248. Thank you for the great tips.

  249. Thank you for those great tips!

  250. These are some great recipes and tips. I must say I do like my anti bacterial cleaners and bleach and I would definitely like to use less of these products.

  251. I LOVE THIS VIDEO. thank you so much for this ❤️❤️❤️

  252. Dysons ROCK! The carpet freshener is also brilliant for freshening your mattress, just follow the same procedure you used for the carpet. It smells sooo good. Baking soda is epically good for cleaning baking trays that have got that brown yukkiness on them, make a paste with water, spread it on, have a cuppa (or G & T) then give it a gentle scrub and, voila! no more yukky tray. Off to clean the shower now 🏃‍♀️ xx

  253. Wow I love this video !!!

  254. the vinegar evaporates the smell does not stay long, it disinfects (dont need essentiel oils) and absorbs bad smells. bicarbonate and vinegar cancel each other out. This is why there is that chimical reaction. they are mixed only if you want the cloud effect (for the sink “. for the white, the exfoliate side etc. prefer water plus baking soda

    1. Aysha Safiya vinegar is a wonderful smell remover. My mom uses it all the time if we have a water bottle or whatever that’s smelling funky. Apple cider vinegar also works really well to get rid of fruit flies (put it out in a cup and they will fly in and die)

  255. Avoid using essential oils with hot water. properties are disintegrated so it’s wasteful. do not use them just for the smell because you need a tones of plants to make a few drops.
    it is not ecological and zero waste. let infuse barks (orange lemon pamplemouse etc) in vinegar and water or just vinegar. when I do my laundry, for example, I let lavender sprinkle in the soap and I do the same thing in my water / vinegar mixture for the softener and for the interior perfume, for the multi-surface cleaner for the carpet. ..

    you can also put flowers, dry or fresh plants or bark in a jar of baking soda and it will naturally perfume. Bicarbonate absorbs odors.

    it’s cheaper and healthier for the environment. you can harvest it everywhere, you can grow it or the fruits of your meals or on your garden, balcony or in bulk (uses the plants, flowers normally dried for the tea and the infusions to drink or for the natural medicine) uses the essential oils rather for medicine and beauty because they are precious. Its not a bad comment i love your Channel ❤️

    1. Aysha Safiya I was think the same thing

    2. hii. what do you use to do laundry?

    3. Marco Martínez technically. But since our forest cover has been going down, it’s not a bad idea to avoid stuff that would result in trees being cut down.

    4. how long does it last in bottle if i put vinger+ lemon oranges= 3 months, 1 year?

    5. You do realize plants are like a renewable resource?

  256. best cleaning tips video I”ve ever seen! thank you)

  257. This was the most informative and useful guide to low waste, healthy cleaning.

  258. Can’t wait to try out all these great recipes! I’ve been slowly working my way to switching to all natural and homemade products. Love this, Thank you 💕

  259. Loved this thanks, really enjoying natural cleaning. Could you do a video on diy beauty products x

  260. Great video, Madeleine! I like to put salt on my cutting boards before scrubbing it with lemon. Otherwise I wanted to look much more into natural cleaning since a while. I used microfiber cloths earlier, but then learned they are not good for the environment, either.
    But you shouldn’t use soap nuts. Because soapnuts were getting so popular in the western world, the people in the poorer contries where they are coming from can’t afford them anymore and have to use cheap laundry detergent. This is much more harmful for the environment (no sewage plant) then if we would use it. Instead you can try chestnuts or ivy

    1. Soap nuts grow in abundance in the SW US. Buy local soap nuts whenever possible. Buy everything local when possible! 😉

  261. I wish more people cared about this stuff!!!

    1. Visit my channel u. Will found it

    2. @Lara Johnston There is your business plan for the future. Make your own and sell it in glass or in bulk saving our planet.

    3. We do. we are all over the planet now. We dont have a choice anymore. We have to clean up our act for the future generations!!

    4. Hannah B I wish it was more accessible to 😢

    5. Or people that “care” and say how they don’t have time, it’s too expensive, I can’t find these common items…. I just started watching this channel… she’s my spirit animal!

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  265. For cleaning the floor you should also add some salt as it’s also anti-bacterial and it will melt with the hot water ~ after that add the castille soap ! Didn’t know about the wood polish, but that is actually great ~

    1. Nonsense. Salt is inert. Won’t aid cleaning.

  266. Such good tips and recipes! The mix you used as a carpet cleaner is also great for cleaning mattresses! I like to do that about once a month on mine to make sure it stays nice and clean 🙂

  267. This is priceless. Thanks!! ❤️

    1. Jesse Gartzia (literally tho haha)

  268. This is the most comprehensive eco-cleaning video I’ve seen; all in less than 15 mins!

  269. Thanks for all the wonderful recipes. I’m now curious as to where I can get my hands on soap nuts and Castile soap. I’ll have to check my local stores and failing that, the internet!

  270. Dish washing liquid is one thing I’ve yet to change from commercial brand just because I can’t get used to Castile because it doesn’t seem to sud for me. I may try your ratio and see if it works better

  271. This is so helpful!! 💚

  272. Loved it… nice tips dear … love from Assam,India😘😘

  273. Awesome tips thanks so much. How about hand washing soap mixture?

  274. Loved it! I’ve been watching your videos for a couple of months, and I’ve learned so much about minimalism and zero waste lifestyle. Your content has changed the way I lead my life in some aspects, so thank you so so much!

  275. Wow this was a great video

  276. we already use most of these, didnt know about the wood polishers though, nice! been wanting to try soap nuts for awhile now!

    1. Happy Veggie Kids & Family apparently this is untrue and the soap nuts come from a completely renewable resource.

    2. @H T Thanks!

    3. @Ralph Jackson yes!

    4. Soap nuts were the only item in the video I’d not heard of. Does chestnuts include horse chestnuts,i.e. conkers?

    5. Searean Moon chestnuts are great ! Just collect them yourself and you have free „soap“😊

  277. I really enjoyed this video but I’ve heard some worrying things about soap nuts mainly that the western appetite for them is preventing locals from using them as the growers get more money from us. Has anyone else heard about this?

    1. Miss K not at All! They are a renewable product and provide an income for the people who grow and harvest them! The people who import soap nuts on a small scale for sale are very much into sustainability and supporting local communities. I’m afraid there is a lot of false information about, rather like the one abut home made washing products damaging washing machines. The industry stops at nothing to prevent the smallest drop in profits!

    2. @LVFBJ I’m guessing you’re talking about Marseille soap (savon de Marseille) ? Because that’s what I use for my laundry and yes it works perfectly !
      note for people who might want to try it: Marseille soap isn’t a protected name so always check that it has 72% of olive oil and is green to be sure it’s the original recipe

    3. @LVFBJ washing my family 😂 such a lovely expression 😂😂

    4. I heard the same thing, which is why I don’t use them. I just use a bar of soap, just the big blocks made from saponified oil, water and salt. They have some French
      name but I always forget it. I use it for laundry, dishes, cleaning and washing my family.

    5. There was another comment talking about it

  278. ❤️thank you so much for this video!! Been looking everywhere for this info.

  279. I audibly gasped at the state of your sink lol I’m sorry… It’s a pet peeve of mine to have a less than shiny and clean sink at any point. A recipe that’s been working well for me as an air freshener and all-purpose disinfectant cleaner is, equal parts distilled water and the cheapest vodka, with any essential oil for smell. I usually use about 20 drops of oil for a spray bottle. It can be used on mirrors, windows, sinks, toilet seat, you name it! The distilled water is essential to avoid streaks and calcium buildup.

    1. Sarah Rose I had to laugh too – our rental sink is just never clean due to hard water… and probably just years of neglect from other renters!

    2. Maleah Michelle I audibly gasped at the rudeness of your first sentence. But judgmental aren’t you? No problem with offering a recipe to prevent it but could have been said without sounding judgy.

    3. Very very very hard water in Brighton! The sink was like that when we arrived in the flat! And thanks for the recipe!

  280. It looks like you are in a buff Madeline…

    1. haha 😉

  281. Liked the video, but sorry, no everyone has money to use organic olive oil in their furniture.

    1. And anyway, you will save so much money from making your own cleaning products that it should compensate the use of olive oil on wood!

    2. I’ll try it then, cool tipps btw. 🙂

    3. You don’t have to use organic! Any olive oil will work, it’s just what we had.

  282. Always love your content! 💕 and I love the style of your videos, they are so beautiful and informative 😸🌳☀️

    1. Thank you!

  283. Nice tips!

  284. Could spraying water around as an air freshener promote mildew on your curtains and fabric sofas and such?

    1. If you’re in a very humid climate ut wouldn’t help – but generally I don’t think it would hurt every now and then. I sprinkle bi carb soda on the couch and then vacuum it up to get smells off the couch/sofa.

    2. Madeleine Olivia OK. Thanks!!

    3. A light spritz should be fine 🙂

  285. The vinigar’s smell goes ones it drys

    1. I honestly just have to go buy some salt and vinegar crisps after cleaning with it. No other problems

    2. lally nor I love it! Reminds me of vinegar on chips…

  286. Can you find some ones without lemon or a lemon alternative? I’m allergic to citrus

    1. Vinegar.

    2. I use mustard powder (really good for cleaning greasy stuff) and citric acid powder.

    3. Baby Bat Jack maybe other acidic fruits would work? 🤔

  287. 9th

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  292. Thank you so much for the tips girl! Also, congrats on 180k!😊✨

  293. Love your videos so much!
    Do I need to use hot water with soap nuts to do the laundry??? Tks. 😀

    1. I just did it on a 30C wash 🙂

  294. 2nd

  295. <3

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