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It’s not enough time in the day for our favorite things to do, let alone chores! Let’s not waste to much time on them while we have these amazing pro hacks to speed up your daily routine! Find out lazy ways to use nail polish, make toilet bomb freshener, get rid of hard water marks, quick ways to apply makeup and clean the kitchen, make super handy folding device, keep your needlework in order and carefully sort different kinds of liquid in the kitchen!

I’m gonna demonstrate how to clean off different kinds of stains and surfaces.

Let’s take this situation to illustrate. A car dries off your yard, you’re looking down and what do you see? A horrible gasoline puddle! How on earth you’re supposed to get rid off this?!

Don’t stress out guys! Just take a Cola bottle, pour it down on the gasoline puddle, let it dry, pour some plain water then and enjoy your clean paving slabs!

And if you haven’t got time to clean your microwave in a month and it turned into pathetic mess, I’m here to help! Just fill the bowl with the water and vinegar and press ‘start’ for 10 minutes. Now you can easily remove old stains with a kitchen sponge and your microwave looks like a brand new one again!

And here’s a geniusly simple way to clean the toaster. Take a toothbrush and sweep a toaster with it.

Baking soda and vinegar work cleaning miracles. If you need to wash off an oven, put some soda and vinegar on it and wipe it out. And if you can’t reach all the needed surfaces, use the clothes hanger for it.

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  1. Are you tired of constantly buying dishwasher detergent? You can do it yourself! This is much easier and cheaper 😉
    Just look at on 7:59 and try it yourself! 👌🏻
    Well, what idea do you like also?

    1. They would prob make a hack for that

    2. Have watched this show since I first found it. Excellent ideas and the info is quite good,, as well as fine presentations, of the videos.

    3. Mr proper huh oooooo Europe I’m guessing

    4. Łu

    5. Liked the sofa cleaning but don’t know what type of alcohol? And was that a chamois cloth used?

  2. Cool video.

  3. Gehts bitte in Deutsch

  4. wss

  5. E

  6. Useful ideas 💡 💡 💡 💡

  7. I m kiko mijo l
    M lo llllloooopplppl

  8. How to clean greasy bed head

  9. I appreciate the multiple uses for WD-40. I find any oil gives the same results without the lingering stench.

  10. Grazie

  11. Very good ha je I like it iam ck kharar punjab India say ap kay leyea 🤔🤔🙏🙏🌹🌹🌱🌿🐈

  12. What the yeck is a HACK I don’t understand it….

  13. Thank you

  14. Its cool

  15. What is the spray that you used to clean gum and scribbles in pencil and markers? Thank you!

  16. Where to get the vinegar and baking soda truck from?

  17. @8:18 😂😂😂

  18. on that first one she went real hard

  19. B

  20. Awesome video. I’m going to try the oven hack for sure. Thanks for sharing. Your videos are helpful indeed.

  21. Most of these do actually work and are just awesome.
    I love that whistling music in the background too, the one at 2:06 till 4:something. Can anyone tell me what it’s name or how and where to download it from. Thanks

  22. This was so helpful, thank you!
    We have the experience and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of job that comes our way.

  23. Cinnamon sucker! Love it

  24. It seems like most of the work to getting the things clean is done by elbow grease, not the cleaning products. Also a magic eraser, even a store brand would get out the majority of those stains on walls and such without wasting a bunch of WD40. There are some good ones here too.

  25. sorry nope, not going to have my plastic plants stinking of wd40. A nice lemon scented furniture polish works just fine. And some brands repel dust.

  26. Playing

  27. What music

  28. If you need cleaning supplies use the link:

  29. Great hacks 💜

  30. Love all your Videos

  31. Love all your Videos !

  32. That drain wasnt clogged the drain was plugged with that metal plug

  33. Nothing will replace Mr.Proper nothing but this hack

  34. Where to get the powered citric acid? Nice hacks BTW. 🙂

    1. I bought mine at Walmart in the canning section. $5. I want to make the dishwasher soap but I don’t know the ratios of the ingredients. I’m going to guess

  35. Sink is clogged 😂😂😂 oh wait it’s the drain plug

  36. name the materials

  37. The music drived me nuts

  38. How long can you keep this going before every other channel debunks every single thing you post as a ‘hack’? 😂 I’ve just watched 3 videos that try youd ‘amazing tricks and not one works. Particularly love the condensed milk in the microwave for 10 minutes to get instant caramel that ends up all over the inside haha

  39. Water and mob for sofa any thing else change it colour

  40. I can never remember all these

    1. Make yourself a “Household Hints ”
      book ,write the hints /hacks in it lol

  41. Do NOT put cinnamon in your vacuumcleaner!!! It is extremely dangerous to inhale cinnamon.

  42. Most never work

  43. Great

  44. qand

  45. I am like “ohh” “haaaa” 😳😳🤨🤣🤣

  46. I’m just wondering why would you store your household cleaning products out in the open on the floor, instead of in the cupboard or on a high shelf like most people do 🤔

    1. Dafuq do you know what most people do?

  47. Lemon juice is also good for getting mold off windows and curtains…….Vinegar is good too but the stink is awful.

  48. What’s that blue tin spray from which u cleaned chewing gum on mat

    1. I

  49. If you want to unclog your drain, you might try taking the drain stopper out first.

  50. how do you now about all of this ? if you are asking the same question give a tumbs up

  51. Do quality work for a tam or any
    Anna kwiatek has to work with the new year to day work day weekend so I’m just a bit overwhelmed and I’m a good friend of

  52. ice is better to take out gum on fabric, carpets etc
    but vinegar and baking soda really can clean alot of things

  53. What powder is soda?:P Salt?

  54. I wanna try 1:28
    Just need a few sticky hooks.

  55. Some brilliant hacks

  56. In the clogged drain hack you had the drain in so it wasn’t really clogged!

  57. Can’t watch this while I’m charging my phone when it’s only set to go vertical. Dumb.

  58. I love your videos but I can’t buy somethings

  59. Where do you find citric acid?

    1. Walmart in the canning section. $5

  60. Who gona use wd 40 on carpet, it stinks and will stain plus smell dont fade and now if u walk across you will track it everywhere

  61. Putting wd40 on wall to clean crayon is not safe when kids then touch walls and then touch their face, put their hands in their mouth ect.

  62. I’m going to try these class I’m having a Halloween party

  63. Hi y’all, I was just wondering if anyone knows if at 5:32 is that a suede sofa? I have two that need some cleaning.

  64. They thought they was slick at 2:00 but whole time the sink wasn’t clogged it had the water stopper in the sink drain 😂

  65. Be nice to know how many ounces each….

  66. I wouldnt recommend the putting boiling water down sink guys

    1. Melt your plastic pipes

    2. Yeah just use hot tap water.

  67. As u shown cleaning of gas stove filter then it is possible to clean car air filter in same way?

  68. Drain wouldnt be clogged if she took the plug out lol

  69. How do you get toilet bowl cleaner out of your carpet….Blue stain on cream carpet! 😪😳

  70. واو

  71. Don’t use vinegar on marble. You will be sorry.

  72. I follow them on instagram and all the comments are about where is the glue gun.

  73. Not sure why you are mixing .. use lemon or use vinegar .. you really don’t need both.. why are you making it so complicated !work great solo .. and works for all these so called hacks!!

  74. Thank you for your tips!

  75. Nice

  76. To sum it all up you only need WD-40 and Water+Baking soda+ Vinegar

  77. Thank you about cleaning the hood range filter.

  78. Why use a pool noodle to fill the bucket? Why not use the bathtub?

    Life hacks.

    1. Educated Gibberish 🙋🏻‍♀️*ahem* I happen to be a member in the ‘No Bathtub Club’! 😂

    2. Educated Gibberish lots and lots of people don’t have bathtubs . Especially out of the US I was abroad for a month a didn’t see a single bathtub .

    3. @Educated Gibberish people with very small living space

    4. @Ginger_Gaming205 who has a sink but, doesn’t have a bath tub?

    5. Doing laundry in bathtub at same time.

  79. Vinegar and baking soda neutralize and put on a pretty show. It’s NOT cleaning anything.

  80. I’m impressed nearly half of these would work. Much better than the last one of these. And half of the ones that do infact work could be done in half the time if you ignore this video and clean it like a normal person.

  81. 0:15, real question is why would ur floor be that dirty

    1. Accident, constructions ?

  82. Who is that girl vaccuming?? I love her so much. Does anyone know what is her name? She looks so fresh God bless her.

  83. Hi mam, I accidentally poo on my cousins matraass and she is away in dheli how to fix before she comes back, in India new matraass is too expensive for me.

    1. Rajgor this is the best comment I’ve ever seen

  84. I tried the oven cleaning and kitchen drain suggestion because I was curious and they didn’t work at all.

  85. OK… how do In get the WD 40 out of carpet??🤔

    1. tanielle Williams 😂

  86. 2:40 so satisfying

  87. I need measurements to make some of these cleaners

  88. Awesome tips! Thanks for sharing!!

  89. Boiling water in a spray bottle works magic on dust and oders without a bunch of chemicals I use bleach but I use the water on my soft surfaces I might add a little fabric softener to the water it smells way better and is less expensive.

  90. As a professional cleaner I wouldn’t suggest cinnamon in the vacuum!

    1. Anar Zaitoon because it will cover all in yellow dust. Bizarre. Umm so much for hoovering.

    2. Why not??

  91. You’re not giving us how much of what to use you just saying water and vinegar

  92. Instead of WD-40 you could use a magic eraser by mr. Clean and have less stains

    1. No I’d say mr.proper


  94. We are trying to get our cable in , and it won’t come in. We have COMCAST.

  95. How do you have your cable set up ? We don’t have ours set up right & we need HELP PLEASE !!!

  96. Isn’t it just crazy to realize all the things your Gramma cleaned with were way cheaper and exactly what they use as “hacks” these days to avoid simply mixing your own stuff?

  97. smells dust? clean your vacuum cleaner do not waste cinnamon

    1. @Maureen Davidson Good luck finding talcum powder. I believe it was taken off the marker. However, if you come to my city a particular store still has it on their shelves in its original marketed container- Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder. The sad part about this is that their are poor people and others who do not keep up with the various lawsuits because all the news stations are in English. I would hate to think that 5-Below would have better sense than to leave it on their shelves and possibly have another person get ovarian cancer. I wrote the company but, they have not responded. Maybe Baby Powder made of Corn Starch would be better. The Talcum powder may not be good for pets…

    2. Some vacuums have washable filters! I clean mine in the sink with hot water and fabuloso, tide, or pinsol! I’m sure you can use other all purpose cleaners or detergents but these are my favorites and leave my house smelling fresh!

    3. Sprinkle the carpet with a little talcum powder before you start or spray air freshener onto dust bag.

    4. I would rather have my house smelling like cinnamon then haveing to find ways to use the cinnamon for baking,challenges etc.

    5. Ecey 😂

  98. Hi

    Could you please tell the amount (1 spoon baking soda or 2 spoon baking soda ) of ingredients required

  99. Amazing tips which kind of vinegar

    1. White vinegar ,you know the clear one
      The other one will stain lol

  100. Thank you!!😊

  101. Click bait pics

  102. The first one… it won’t do anything. She was rough on the before. And after she was cleaning it like it was normal

    1. It will just make a muddy mess. Yuck

  103. 6:39 IT ACTUALLY WORSSSS!!! T

  104. Will reconstituted lemon juice work as well for cleaning as from a lemon?

    1. Yes

  105. Did I miss the recipe for the toilet bombs?

  106. Which type of sponge using in microwave cleaning.

  107. but like where can I find the ratio of these things.
    like water + vinegar but like how much 1:1 2:1 1 TBSP of vinegar to a cup of water?

  108. Any life hacks for cleaning outside dirty paths

  109. What type of tea did you use and in the bags for cleaning wood floors? Green tea? Or does it not really matter?

  110. I love 5 minute crafts! You provide such awesome cleaning tips. I can clean so many things without spending so much money on store bought cleaning products. Your videos often show that you can use baking soda for so many areas in the home and you don’t need much more than that.

    1. Yes it is very exciting

  111. I mean, I kinda like the dust smell

    1. 😄 You are weird 😅

  112. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. If you use cinnamon regularly as a room freshener by putting it in your vacuum cleaner you are going to seriously clog it up and reduce the suction power.

  114. You did all that to unclog a sink with the drain in? 🧐

  115. cool:>

  116. No comment

  117. Seriously for a clean microwave – just get a large hard plastic tumbler cup. Fill 3/4 with water. Microwave for 6 minutes. Take cup out but be careful because it’s almost boiling hot. Now the microwave is damp – just wipe with a wet dish rag. No soap, lemon or anything else required.

    1. Lemon is for smell

  118. In case of apocalypse – Just mix baking soda and vinegar.


  119. Next time when u r shopping, go buy lemon, baking soda, and vinegar!!! 😂

    1. I live in the UK. Our baking soda comes in 200gram tubs. Some of these hacks use more than that. At a cost of 1 British pound per 200 gr most of us would rather buy the commercial cleaning product.

  120. Gente por favor coloquem em português também AF

  121. This biggest thing i learned,, keep a can of wd40 in your house.

  122. Do you want to know more house hacks? Watch:

  123. Personally I haven’t tried any yet BUT I stumbled across one I previously seen on hers on another site for ants control/repel I DO KNOW VINEGAR WORKS WITH WATER, If you dilute it in a empty spray bottle for benches you’ll have a great cleaner that repels ants too. Also spray some in the dishwater b4 washing dishes (if u want extra clean + Maybe tiny bit of food smell b4 washing & rinsing thoroughly) & after to clean the sink. I do put a tiny bit of pine smelling cleaner in the bottle 4 the benches but NOT the sink or food pantry obviously because disinfect is poisonous. Pine cleaner is optional for smell ONLY Because the vinegar solution is acidity & will clean just like other natural acidity products but I cannot comment on that as I am sharing for cleaning to prevent ants whilst saving tonnes of money & It’s good for the planet too.

  124. The first one was a bad example. Without the water, they were forcifully putting dirt in there, so of course some of it will fall out, but when they added the water day out the dirt in their gently.

  125. I love these videos, they are so helpful. I’m so happy there’s a channel like this in YouTube 😊

  126. 5 minute crafts but the vid is on over 9 mins long 😉😂😂

  127. Love this channel

  128. Can you plz make a 5 Mintue cleaning craft how get rust stains of your white Clthoes?

  129. i swear i love this channel omg

  130. 2:48 anyone do this?

    1. 5:38?

  131. So nothing about Windex………

  132. For pencil ✏️ , ball points n colour marks from floor or wall use hair spray 🤩 works way better

  133. ,

  134. Alot of these my grandmother taught me as a child. And I still use them to this day.

  135. This is the BEST DIY videos I’ve seen yet. Thank you so much.

  136. Your video camera doesn’t count as a spotter

  137. Has someone already tried one of these?

    1. Fi na the vinegar and baking soda in clogged sink works but very slightly and doesn’t full unclog the sink .

  138. What song/band is playing at 7 minutes in?

  139. How are you getting the gum off the sock

  140. Ну почему на русском не пишут? Очень интересные моменты.

  141. Don’t we just Love YouTube.. 😄😄😄😄😄. This person thinks She’s the 1st one to put this information on YouTube.. things past from generation s. Or they ask or watched YouTube…. How many people knew some of these tips…. I for one WONT use sugar on the floor.


  143. Toothpaste will also remove a kids kool aid mustache

  144. Ok time to buy a random lemon, spray bottle, citric acid, baking soda, lemon juice, vinegar, club soda, tea bags, wd40 spray & fuzzy long socks. Cause who even has those random things just lying around the house? 😐

  145. I wish they supplied us with actual helpful info….

    1. Like how much of each to use….kinda useless without that right?

  146. love watching these ….

  147. Everybody everybody who has seen these hacks repeatedly say oh yeah!

  148. Using a small diameter pool noodle to fill a bucket…What a wonderful idea!

  149. Ideas seem good but the recipe ratio for homemade products would be more helpful. Also pop up ads for your channel block writing in videos

    1. Mary Wemigwase Yes, that always happens. It really irks me!

  150. What the heck? You show us the ingredients, but don’t give us the measurements??? I just wasted 9:15 of my life here.

    1. I feel the same way!! Useless video like this!!

  151. Thanks ! These are great ideas to help with every day messes!!

  152. An easy way to clean the gunk in the bottom of a thermos etc where a bottle brush won’t work: pour a tablespoon or so of uncooked rice or farro, barley, any small uncooked bead-size item. Add a little water, cover, and shake like crazy. Rinse.

  153. What is citric acid

  154. I just can’t handle the dreadful background music, I’m out.

  155. The filter from the stove, can be run through the dishwasher. Much simpler.

  156. WD40 ON WALL=BIG GREASE STAIN… no thanks but I commend your efforts.

  157. What is this in this blue bottle

  158. Dont use wd40 on your carpet… it stains and if you step on it ur sock is ruined

  159. I don’t do fake plant’s but I would’nt use WD-40 even for that. Especially for kids and pets. It’s Petroleum-Highly Toxic. I use Mineral Oil on my real plants.

  160. Put off by the music.

  161. WD 40? What is it?

    1. its some ….. like air but you can only cut that bottle to see what’s in that

    2. @Musa Awais
      Hm, I think it is some special degreaser!

    3. m also asking about it,,,,,anyone can tell us please ,,what was in that bottle

  162. She literally swept up super hard and aggressive n then when she showed the hack she swept like a normal human wth

  163. 👏👏👏👏👌👌👌👌👌👌

  164. WD40 is flammable isnt it?

  165. I wanted to see about the dirty carpet and Windex. Do I just spray Windex on my carpets and scrub it off or what? It was the teaser then never showed it.

    1. They are always doing that… They also show the same stuff over & over just different videos

    2. I see I wasn’t the only one dipped.

    3. I also wanted to see that one.

  166. How about mold in shower

  167. I’ve been doing that sock one for yrs

  168. Nice thanks.I’ll try.Thanks

  169. Tried to clean the oven myself with baking soda + etc . Tired myself out unnecessarily. Sprayed with easy off no fumes = it WORKS for me , then called a young friend who put the necessary elbow grease = IT WORKED !!!

  170. A lot of people say that hypnosis doesn’t exist, but this kind of channel (and they know very well what they’re doing) hypnotizes you!

  171. 1:06 mai curat si mai usor cu asa un ajutor, Mr.Proper!

  172. I bet you Mr. Clean 🧼 & that’s Pine Sol Clean 🧽 lady both are jealous of y’all 🤓✨✨👍🏽 Great Cleaning hacks

  173. Superb!!

  174. I’m watching all the time but just keep forgeting..


  175. Best one I’ve ever seen… finally!

  176. You didn’t show how to get that carpet cleaned that you have pictured in the title 🙁

  177. If I see one I could use, I never remember it.

    1. Me either. Now where did i put that notebook?

    2. @Audrey Tanksley Good idea, thanks.

    3. You could start your own notebook of household hints ,write ideas in there ,to use now and in the future loI
      hope this helps

    4. Ditto loo

    5. Me too😂

  178. Whoa! And I also enjoyed the Latin Jazz tune!

  179. I want my maid to know these tricks

    1. I think I might have to pay her more money.

  180. What is WD 40?

    1. @Bob Luciano Thank you

  181. I use denture cleaning tablets to clean my toilet.

    1. Who asked

    2. Ithaca Comments 🤷🏻‍♀️😱. Are you being treated with denture fix like a toilet ? Scary

    3. @Ekaterina epic

    4. Depending on how dirty your toilet is – I use Barkeepers Friend powder (gets everything out including hard water rings.) Just turn off water on the back of your toilet, flush twice and you will barely have water in the toilet, then sprinkle the powder on generously, scrub on and let sit for 5m. If you have deeper rust or marks – use a WET pumice scouring stick. Turn water on and flush. It will look brand new.

    5. Will try!

  182. DON’T use WD40 to get gum off carpet! It will rot your underlay and stink up the house, not to mention leaving an obvious grease mark on many carpets. You’ll also get a stain from the rotted underlay. I speak from experience as someone used WD40 on carpet in a house I once rented and it stunk for months and buggered the underlay and carpet. WD40 has many uses but getting gum off carpet is not one of them.

    1. +kez kezooie exactly! 🙂

    2. @Sheri Houlden Yes, that’s what I do. Why anyone would suggest WD40 for this is beyond me. I’ve also seen it suggested to remove gum from the soles of shoes but Ice works just as well on them and there’s no risk of going base over apex due to slippery soled shoes afterwards.

    3. just put a piece of ice on the gum for about 40 seconds to a minute. itll come right off..

  183. You had me at the noodle,

  184. Los trucos del minuto 7:25 y 7:46 son demasiado útiles para mi y 8:20 y todos!

  185. 1:56 to 4:21 I like that song. If anyone reading this knows the title, please let me know.

  186. Well I found free $5436a money making system that is really working:(just go to) Great work…

  187. What is the product which clean pencil marks

  188. What do I like. All of Them !!!!! Im filing this. Great job.

  189. Thousands of copy cats omgwhen will it stop seen these over and over same hacks repetitive just to get likes and make a good figure of money 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎💩💩💩💩

  190. I also tried cleanin my oven with lemon peels in a galss bowl cracked…dats d only thng dat happnd

    1. It wasn’t oven proof

  191. Its really unusual..itried to clean my kettle and the whole water poured out after boilin(i didnt even fill it to d max)

  192. Gonna go clean my pots now haha

  193. Great ideas!

  194. )

  195. Basically vinegar is everything

  196. If you spray WD-40 on a carpet to get gum out, than what are you going to use in the huge grease stain you just put on the carpet?

    1. Shaving cream. Works wonderful. Barbados is the brand I use; have used for 30+ years . Works great on rust stains, as well as most organic ones.
      Not so good for red wine but better than nothing.

    2. Then u use gum to get the stain out

    3. I thought I just saw dw40 get sprayed on the carpet lol

    4. Baking soda and vinegar of course silly!

    5. 😂

  197. The political ads are so annoying.🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄👎👎👎👎👎👎

    1. U Block Origin

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  200. At 2:00 the drain isn’t even clogged up it just helps you clean dishes

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  202. Urm failed! Why? Because… the gum on carpet didnt tell anyone what she used… also its to fast! Had to rewind…

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  204. Natural WDfortyAtOrganicLivingStorePhoenixAZ

  205. Some crafts r shown in previous videos 😰😰😰

  206. The comments on this video are way more weird than the hacks , I need a video to explain what most of these comments even mean or what’s the point… of 99% of them?

    1. What weird said:weird weird weird weird
      What hack said:hack hack hack hack

    2. Same point as going to the strawberry festival. You can’t eat all the pies they sell but you still go there and try as many as you can )))))

    3. Lisa Spence OMG I was thinking the same thing. I’ve actually tried a few of these hacks over the years and they work but the comments are crazy.

  207. I feel like the ingredients to make the dishwashing detergent are more expensive than just buying it already made 🤔

  208. Same thing repeating in ur every videos

  209. guys, you are awesome! love your videos!

  210. Like if you clean your home every day 😅

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  216. Hi,nice video!!! really amazing.Ohh,i can make any kind of real estate drawing
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    1. Yeah violently sweeps into dust pan, adds water then slowly sweeps in dust pan. If they did it right the first time, sheesh

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  230. Ice works really well when trying to remove chewing gum out of carpet

  231. So boring and you

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