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Don’t make these mistakes! Learn why you shouldn’t clean your ears or how to sit on the toilet correctly. Improve your hygiene routine and live a better life!

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  1. Mistake number one Midnight Diamond

  2. Five minute crafts: mistake number one your not supposed to wash your hands

  3. Guys there saying that if you have bad breath it’s probably because u dont brush ur teeth before bed and after meals and stuf

  4. 7:39 but how to get rid of the odors?
    and what is wrong in my health if it s unpleasant smell?


  6. nice

  7. That means all the wax of our ears r dangerous to us🤣🤣🤣

  8. which is your first video ??

  9. Yes whenever I put Q-tip in my ears there always come smelly wax and sometimes I notice that in my ears the sound Is producing and sometimes it blocks my ears

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  12. No one wash their hands like this ?????????

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  14. A really fantastic and useful video to the society….thanq for bringing this video to us….keep making these types of videos

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  16. 5:19 how can I solve that problem faster

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  18. Dirty money is even dirtier

  19. Salam from indonesia

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  25. Now I’m scared

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  27. But you have to brush your teeth before you go to bet

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  32. A mi me paso lo de los cotonetos y me tuvieron hacer labada de oído😄😢🙀

  33. Is it bad to teeth if i use baking soda?

  34. nice I like it

  35. Ramdayal kannoujiya

  36. 0:43 funny

    1. 0:38 is funny

  37. 5 minute crafts has the best life hacks.

  38. At first you said you can use an Q-tip to pick up ear wax but the next one says that you have to

  39. These are fake, it’s just so dumb

  40. Thumnail hai kuch aur video hai kuch aur

  41. Thumbnail didn’t make any sense sadly,and I don’t use cottonbuds.

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  45. I know how to wash my hands , don’t tell me ok😐😏😒😒

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  48. So all this time indian were pooping right 😅

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  50. Actually I do need to get rid of my ear wax because i have too much in one of my ears so I can’t hear well!

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  53. You r crazy if you pop the cotton bud soooo deep

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  58. I was watching this and when it said your phone is dirtier i looked at it a whole different way

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  60. 0 multiplied by 200 is 0 so nothing is dirtier

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  63. Owsm

    Wiping back to front or front to back, or sideways is in anyway wrong and dangerous, particularly to women and more so to pregnant ones. THE MICROBES REMAINING IN THE FECES FILM LEFT AFTER WIPING, QUICKLY TRAVEL, THROUGH FRICTION AND AIR, TO THE NEAR URO-GENITAL ORGANS, CAUSING UTI AND LATER TO ANY SURFACE IS OF THE HOUSE OR WORSE OF THE HOSPITAL, CAUSING THE ACQUIRED HOSPITAL INFECTIONS. Keep in mind that the in Hospitals weakened ill people are not able even to wipe satisfactorily.
    Counting and comparing the number of microbes under pants left after wiping and washing it is not a such formidable task to do, so this very serious in its implications scientific problem , if somebody could call it a real problem, as it is so self evident, could easily solve it. It is so strange hat such a research had not taken place up to now.
    After that there are following important questions. . 1. Isn’t it strange that there are some doctors, urologists, gynecologists and others, against any scientific logic, that could be satisfied to advise people and particularly women to continue using toilet paper and just change wiping direction ? It is well known that microbes should be faced at their SOURCE and not just be dispersed around.
    2. As regards Hospital measures to fight HAIs, it is so irresponsible for Hospital Health Officials not to think of what remains on the body of those visiting the toilet..
    3. Would it be issues of responsibility and compensation?
    In spite of high cost and effort of Hospitals measures to reduce HAIs, still there are a serious number of HAI cases. I believe this failure greatly reflects to our neglect to bother about the personal cleaning of everybody visiting the toilet and especially of those unable to wipe properly, or they are suffering from hemorrhoids. It seems every day, in all world Hospitals, a so strange, for our civilization and cleverness, event is taking place: it is like if a piece of feces is left at a central corridor, that all step on and disperse the filth around, but the Hospital officials, in order to prevent HAIs, instead of taking immediate measures to clean the place and to prevent that this act does not happen again, give orders to staff how to clean everyday their hands, ignoring that the dangerous microbes are already everywhere on the Hospital’s air.
    It is difficult to believe that it could happen really….It also strange that, in spite of my continues efforts, not a medical or other Hygiene official had given me any answer or view, positive or negative, about my thoughts. What is happening? The issue, as it regards life or death of people, is very serious to be ignored.
    It seems that there is an urgent need for a new generation of bidets producing VERTICAL, or front to back water jet, in order we eliminate UTIs, by their right directed jet and. HAIs by their enhanced effectiveness on cleaning.
    ZISIS KONTOGOUNIS, retired medical doctor.

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  67. Thanku so much I do not understand #MASTIWALATECH

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  73. After watching this video , feel like I’m suffering frm many diseases…

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  75. That long to wash hands?? I could finish eating within that period of time

  76. in India all sit on toilet 35 degree

  77. Muslims Wash Hands like this way

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  80. 2:47-5:16 liked the music.

  81. They really had to make a step by step video on how to wash your hands……. I have no words🤦🏽‍♀️

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  87. Super knowledge.. The channel name became suited to its videos. I Like all the videos of bright side

  88. What if my sweat smells like alcohol!!?

  89. For toilet Indian style is best.

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  92. From now on I’ll cut my veggies on the toilet rim 🙂

  93. why did you take it from Bright Side Video about the tongue and spoon test

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  97. I don’t care what anyone says i will always use a q tip to clean my ears.

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    try the arabian toilet it’s give u the same position without any thinking

  100. I have white wax dangg

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  103. Ok I have done a lot of these wrong

  104. It is natural to have bacteria in the mouth when it’s been shut for a while, please stop scaring people with the diseases you just mentioned

  105. I’d just be cutting in the toilet then

    Of course not

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  112. In the very 1st one they didn’t wash under their nails

  113. Nobody vl ever have so much of patience to wash their hands so well 🤣🤣

  114. Hated from the beginning only. So irritating the way this person washed hands. Disliked immediately and didnot view the rest!

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  118. Bad breath

    Also means you didn’t brush your teeth

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  130. I mostly eat vegetables and fruits not that much junk food

    1. But I always burst my teeth and I wash my tongue and then floss

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  133. Can we clean our ears by adding water in it ?

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  135. Weight loss tips make a video on this topic thank you

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  137. I’m loss my eardrumus in two ears.

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  140. yes you can get rid of earwax

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  143. thank you for showing such a video i dont even know this was happening to me from today it will change my life thank you so much

  144. The earwax color of mine is nothing I don’t see anything come on it

  145. The hand washing was wrong. Yes you wet your hands first scrub for 20 seconds but you must turn the water off with the paper towels not your bare hands.

    1. And a period on the end of your sentence.

    2. Sofia BtsArmy4ever, correction: True,.

    3. True I know because my health occupation teacher teached me that

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