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In this video, you will find a lot of household lifehacks that will speed up your cleaning routine, you will learn how to make helpful crafts for home, how to fix nearly everything at home. Besides, you will find surprising ways to use such ordinary things as a soap bar, vodka, and flat iron.
Learn unexpected ways to use soap and soap bar. Use a soap bar to make an antifog coating for your glasses. Don’t buy expensive closet fresheners and simply cut a soap bar, wrap pieces into tissue and put into the closet. Make a homemade shower gel from soap leftovers. Make cleaning bombs: mix baking soda, citric acid, and liquid soap. Stir the mixture and place into a mold for ice cubes. These cleaning bombs are perfect for toilet cleaning. Also, soap is a perfect eyebrow volumizer. Check out the tutorial!
Do you need to sharpen a knife? We share an easy way to do it! Take a ceramic plate and place it upside down. Hold the plate with your non-dominant hand and slowly pull the edge of a knife across the ceramic rim. Make a cool door stopper out of an empty paint tube that looks super creative. The design of this project is so realistic that everybody will think that some paint has been squeezed out and leaked all over the floor. Grab your hot glue gun and start creating! Use cream of tartar to clean your plates from scuffed marks.
Air fresheners contain a lot of chemicals that could be very harmful to your health. Also, they cost a lot and the fragrances are usually not so good. You can easily make air freshener by your own hands. All you need is vodka and mint leaves. Watch our tutorial.

00:11 Awesome soap uses
01:40 Handy cleaning bombs
03:57 Creative door stopper
08:22 Mint and vodka air freshener
11:45 Forget about red wine stains
13:32 Brilliant kitchen hacks

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  1. If you prefer red wine 11:50 💡
    Selected ideas for you:
    0:11 Awesome soap uses
    1:40 Handy cleaning bombs
    3:57 Creative door stopper
    8:22 Mint and vodka air freshener
    13:32 Brilliant kitchen hacks
    Smart ideas for bathroom

  2. super 😀

  3. Or ya know you could just not be gross and wipe your hands off before you grab the remote 🤢

  4. Does anyone else realise that this is the first time they used an intro?! Just me?! X

  5. Hi, please check out my new Chanel, *Sarah**Pepper*. If you subscribe and turn on notifications, I will subscribe to you! 👋

  6. Min 2:38 😐😐😐😐

  7. Very good and fantastisk ideas bro

  8. Iove youuuuuuuuuu

  9. I liked and subscribe

  10. Hola

  11. Wow I will try this hacks

  12. They r new

  13. how do you get these fantastic ideas !!!!!!

  14. no boys are watching this, right?

  15. The owner of this channel seems to be very hot . 😍😍😍

  16. HACK channel right here

  17. Just wanted to say, I’ve seen all of these in previous videos and other 5 minute crafts channels. Also, all of your hacks, repeated in videos.

  18. Esque no es mi problema si no limpias el baño o la satén esque hay que ser un poco más listossssss

  19. Brujos feos ,vuestro canal tiene una bruja fea que cuando se mira en el espejo el pobre se rompe

  20. Our doors have stopper

  21. Can l also join your group

  22. 8:24 a better use for drugs

  23. Y sketch’s song

  24. 12:27 Ik I. Not the only one who seem that cut Nd it’s water in that plate🙄

  25. Omg

  26. 12:35 o oh looks like someone got there period

  27. Hello

  28. I watch these to fall asleep am I the only one ?? 😂😂

  29. You’ll regret using soap to fill nail holes when it come time to paint, you’ll have a mess when the paint wont stick to the surface of looks an off color.

  30. 0:31 the first time you probably put coffee and second water I tried FAKE😞

  31. Um is it me or does the first girl look like James from the odd1sout? But in a girl version?

  32. I’ts so great for using in your house or other things

  33. I don’t really know what this is your doing but I love it!! Make more vids!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  34. The answer to spilling wine is more wine😂🍷

  35. لو عملت حاجات زي دي في السودان الناس بتتهمك بالجنون😂😂😂😂😂

  36. 3:02 biz onu çoktan bulduk hatta tarihe karıştı

  37. I am a big fan😃😗😍😎😛😜💩

  38. The glasses hack relly work THANKs 5 minutes craft

  39. 0:34 *whispers* soap cutting ASMR

  40. Baking soda is not safe it caused Cancer by DOCTORS advice 👩‍⚕️

  41. 1:34 I don’t think you thoroughly washed your hair there, same goes to your body??

  42. My favorite channel is 5 minute crafts!!❤❤❤❤

  43. Sub to sub?? Type done and I will sub to you

  44. I love that chanel, is the beeeeeeest in the world.

  45. I love 5 minute crafts💕

  46. Same old boring hacks,rpeat again and again plz stop this now.

  47. If you are reading this just know that you are beautiful and fantastic. Keep doing what you’re doing and you will succeed. Love from a small and growing Chanel ❤️

  48. I love how they think putting hot glue on a hammer is gonna help put a nap in while shaking it!!!

  49. Eyu who wants to eat dirty popcorn made by a hair straightner 👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😨😨😨😨😓😓😓😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫

  50. We use any soap

  51. Some of these aren’t even 5 min crafts their like ages long

  52. Don’t click on read more

    Have a great day and god fulfill your all wish.
    if u subscribe my channel 😀

  53. Very good

  54. I wonder how thry house looks

  55. Good everything works

  56. I love your hakes

  57. She protecc
    She attacc

    But most importantly

    She has useless hacc

  58. It’s too much fun of watching again and again 🎉🎉😃😃😃😃😃😃😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😉😉😉🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠

    1. @5-Minute Crafts 5-Minute Crafts is my favourite craft😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🖍️🖍️🖍️🖍️

    2. What’s your favourite craft?

  59. Nice video

  60. Dumb life hacks

  61. *i changed the comment so you wouldn’t understand what i posted here awhile ago*

  62. *I am from the Future… This channel will have 200M in the Year 2020, if you think its fake, then search i on youtube… Now im going back to finding my bathroom time machine*

  63. Other countries

  64. Why you don’t make lifestyle video

  65. Did anyone else feel actual pain watching her rub that knife on that plate?

  66. In the pd where is the mechanism

  67. Very nice 👌👌👌👌👌

  68. reee

  69. 1

  70. Hi gyes have a nice day.Please look my Chanel let me know what you thinking

  71. Quem aqui e do brasil?

  72. looks like someone got explosive diarrhea

  73. I only knew one hack in this video….the pencil eraser one ….ya

  74. I just wanna go directly 👉🏼 🚿 🛀

  75. Ai bem que podia ter uma legnda portugue a em baxo

  76. I’m wondering can u use the soap hack for the glasses on sunglasses as well?

    1. IApIApfqgqqrhkog0 my pop to upfgyt

    2. Mercilous One shnmncolxrv it
      G hu up your yYzZo

  77. Cool 🤗

  78. 09:55 is that soap??

  79. LOL I Don’t Believe that This Girl Put The Glue On Her Teeth

  80. Bueno habladores lo de las palomitas no funciona

  81. Your thumb nail is gross just like you last one please change it what if someone did it…

  82. oh ok I’ll just brush my teeth with hot glue

    1. Lol,good one

    2. Lol

  83. what if you don’t have white walls…

  84. Like si sos de argentina

  85. To make shower gel ? Nothing worst than slimy soap !

  86. 4:55 Wow like we never actually tried doing that before when we was at school

  87. This is the channel that will beat pewdiepie and t-series

  88. I would break the plastic chairs😂😂

    Small youtuber/new 😉

  89. Wow super awesome crafts

  90. Wow these things work

    The dislike button finally works

    1. Really bro? That’s super rude.

  91. Don’t due the mirror soap hack of just f’s up ur mirror

  92. You’re really going to pop each kernel with a hair straightener? Okay, I’m done with the internet for today…

  93. Beautiful

  94. You can’t see through your glasses when you drink something with steam?


  95. Still long videos………..

  96. 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  97. Yes

  98. ❤💛❤💛❤💛❤💛
    Swipe up and down to see orange

  99. 5 minute crafts…Can you help PewDiePie?

  100. 4:57 you copied me

  101. same thing everytime😵

  102. 4:56 I totally did this hack and it worked! I love you guys so much thank you

  103. You know something 5 minute crafts i like your live video you have good ideas 😐😙

  104. You best YouTube I wish you success in your next life

    1. Far from it this channel is full of lies there is so much quality content on youtube this channel is on the bad side of youtube I’ve seen people with no subscribers make better videos

  105. 2:31 why do people like h0t glue so much

  106. Useful tips.. I like the fact that their giving ideas that sometimes people will not be able to notice. Not every time u want to get the same method everytime facing work. Let’s say we promote creativity in every way we can so that we don’t live a mundane lifetime.

  107. Amei e muito legal

  108. I’ll be honest, 5 minute crafts is a good channel but sometimes there hacks are Dumb because they put jeans in a microwave and the jeans had metal and so don’t put anything with metal or gold in the microwave because when I put a gold rimed plate in the microwave It was making exploding noises so I took it out but it was fine, but a message to 5 minute crafts: don’t teach kids the wrong thing ok but your channel is cool

  109. Кэш и Маврик набирают больше просмотров за 1 час😏🤔😎

  110. Early

  111. Cool

  112. 👏👏👏👏

  113. How am I just now finding out about this channel

  114. Give a thumbs up on my comment if these 5 minute crafts won’t even work

    1. Most of them do if you watch the YouTuber Robby

    2. Bella Duignan sometimes there life hacks are dumb cuz they put something metal in a microwave

  115. I mean like, most people are saying: Anyone watches these but never uses them?
    Though the real question is…
    Do 5-Minute-Crafts even use them?

    1. 5-Minute Crafts Wow really?! I was just saying that for fun, well they’re strange but then again so cool and creative

    2. Alan Liongtig Yeah fair point

    3. tonyyy I don’t know what that means ?

    4. ellis brown XD

    5. We do! Works great! That’s why we’re sharing with you!😘

  116. Ноги – табуретки это жестоко 😁😁😁

  117. Who are the audiences who actually try these at home????

    1. @Addy Sherman great

    2. Sania Crafts meeee

  118. Quem é do Brasil comenta!!!!!

  119. I love all the new life hacks!

  120. I swear down you had 500K like yesterday

  121. 3:45 cant you afford tissues instead of wasting toilet paper 🧻

    1. I mean what is you run out of tissues then using toilet paper is a good idea

    2. We just have a lot of paper🧻

    3. Teeh Mutasim yeah there poor

  122. Im turkish

  123. Hello l love 5 minute crafts

    1. How could you they dont even work

  124. Είναι πολύ τέλειο

  125. Fastest rap by me
    Plz listen it once 👌

  126. mindig ugyanazt adjátok
    ez már szánalmas

  127. Stop hacking my life!

    1. Yitocuk Kilic good one dude

  128. الي يحب الله تعالى يحط لايك

  129. Cleaning service, how can I help you?

  130. 3:30 it’s simple, don’t make up.

  131. ممكن الرد مسرع و ابردها احبكم 👍

  132. ☺☺

  133. 😎منو عربي هنا 😊

  134. 76th

    I have nothing to say

  135. i love your crafts very much but you always show old hacks

    1. *_They Repeating Hacks Because, They Have New Fans. And They Don’t Want To Let Them Miss Any Of Their Hacks._*

  136. Niceeeeeeeeeeeee

  137. Nice to see the video. Wants more.💖💖💖💖👍

    1. 😘

  138. 3:10 isn’t this sketch’s intro?.?

    1. I’m it’s wierd

    2. Yes it is

  139. Comment section is the most honest thing in the universe..
    Hit like those who agree..!

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  141. who came from notifications ?!!

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  143. *i love this YouTube channel so much❤️ .and i just wanna Tell You i’m 12 subscribers away to 1350 Subs 💙 😍 and i’m so HYPED

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  145. B-b-but moooooooommm, I don’t wanna clean the house!

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  147. Nice video

  148. First

    To not say first

    1. Aiyona Danielle

  149. Nyc

  150. Algum “brasileiro”?

  151. Very nice

  152. 10th wonder of the world: How 5 minute crafts got over 50 million subs

    1. @Anas 791 putting soap on mirrors is helpful? Lol

    2. That’s because they’re helpful

    3. Bvh

    4. S U B B O T

    5. Idk how they do

  153. Hey all have a fabulous day!!

    Btw I have a youtube channel!!

  154. Early and love it also 93rd like

  155. Your channel is always best

    1. @Waffle Cookie Dough *_-That Is Your Opinion.-_* _Don’t Judge Astita yadav, That Is Her Choice And Not Yours._

    2. No pewdiepie is

  156. tu puta madre
    y tus muertos juntos


    1. @Waffle Cookie Dough *_That’s Her Opinion And Don’t Judge Her._*

  158. Sweeeeet

  159. AAP ke channel ki ojaha se ham motivate hote hai thanks so much

  160. Who loves lifehack

  161. Good

  162. Like para que muestren el Botón de Rubi

  163. i like all the videos you make

  164. بليز شوفو فيديوهاتي 😢😭

  165. Very good video very good video bro

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  168. And I thought my mum was cringy…

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  173. 5 min craft is the best channel . I could find any thing and solution of problem.
    It’s a solution of every ones problem…….😘😘😘

    1. problema tiene tu madre

  174. Notspeakinglish

    1. *_Well… You Spell English Wrong. So That Means That You Are Speaking Spanish To A American Kid. (I Also Don’t Know How To Speak Or Type In Spanish. And I Really Hate Mexican Food.)_*

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