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30 Exercises You Can Do At Home With Household Items

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What up! Hope you all are staying safe out there! Since we’re all at home right now I wanted to give you guys and girls some ideas to workout if you don’t have workout equipment. No excuses here! Have fun and comment what videos you want next! For FULL Workout plans (bodyweight & weights) visit my site

Let’s get it!

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280 thoughts on “30 Exercises You Can Do At Home With Household Items

  1. So this is why anime character tends to wipe the dojo’s floor for the first few months of training huh🤔

  2. i cant do that last one, 😞

  3. Name of the song please !

  4. Awesome 👍

  5. For househusbands.

  6. I can see that MV has lost a lot of muscle 🤣🤣🤣

  7. Васкесс без обить но ты стаал. Дрышем

  8. Thanks for resistance band bicep curl exercise. Nice idea

  9. He made this look sexy!

  10. qua dinh cua gym

  11. Wax on wax off lmao killed me

  12. I would die cleaning the floor

  13. Didn’t work well on my carpet.

  14. 0:00 *cries in british (only british will understand)

  15. Not to be rude, you have zero leg exercises.
    Those leg exercises are weak.
    Your legs look no different than a regular Joe.
    From your knee down it’s only bone, looks unhealthy.
    Makes you look silly, like a kite.
    No point working out if you can’t do your entire legs.
    As you know you need heavy weights to grow your legs.

  16. Ok now u just showing tf off 😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂look like it hurts but u look good😂😂💋💋🙏🏽

  17. Me quebré la nariz a los 2 minutos de ejercicio.. Pero buen video gracias

  18. Chingon bro! 👊🏼💪🏼⚡

  19. Despues del primer ejercicio tuve que visitar a mi dentista

  20. Fez curso com o senhor Miagui

  21. I need this dude to come work out at my apartment, I’m leaving and I want my deposit back.

  22. I guess alot desperate women would be masturbating while looking at him

    1. He has no legs.
      He looks like a kite blowing in the wind.

  23. Limpia el suelo , cuando termines te pasas por mi casa y por la finca y me pasas el corta cespe, limpias la piscina y me labas el coche, friki ja ja ja , ponte a trabajar bago

  24. Sooo. You got shiny floors my man, do it with coconut husk and we filipino women would love you

  25. I’m so wet right now, I’m gonna need those paper towels lol

  26. Dios bendito!! que podré hacer eso!!esos saltos a las sillas 🤪solo agarrare mi escobita 😁🦥🧹

  27. Who is this “you” that you speak of?

  28. Especially 1:51😀

  29. 30 exercises you CAN’T do anywhere !! 🥴😱

  30. Guess what guy, if you don’t have shinny wooden floors like this one lol, you out of luck.

  31. Wow! Karate Kid!!!

  32. Wtf Michael we told you to clean the house not to fuck around!!

  33. Wow! Respect! If i try – game over…

  34. These napkin excercises are the best for cleaning your floor as well 👌

  35. Вот они!!! ГастАрбайтеры! И пол вытрут и воды натаскают! Обезьяна…

  36. This dude is a ninja

  37. Reminds me of karate kid

  38. Everyone is some type of fitness expert

  39. finished watching him … man iam tired … so tired … 💪💪💪💪

  40. Wo kann man diese Reinigungskraft ausleihen👍

  41. The apartment floor is shining!

  42. Lol 30 exercises you can do! Who can do?!?! I’m in pretty good shape and would have a hard time getting good reps a lot of those.

  43. Damm I want to be like him 😭😭😭😭 he is soo toned
    Due hats off

  44. Por favor podrían poner una rutina para mujer trabajando la espalda brazo glúteos gracias excelente video saludos desde México

  45. Great cleaning style 🤪

  46. 👍👍👍👍👍❤️

  47. But what happens when my broom breaks? Curious

  48. It looks fun and the floor will be clean lmao

  49. This reminds me of “wax on, wax off”

  50. Amma baboi…😨

  51. Yeah, no, I don’t think I can do any of these. Great to watch though. 😂

  52. After 20 sec of watching i surrender tottally

  53. that’s one clean floor

  54. Awesome video!!

  55. Very nice exercise bro👌👍😘

  56. This video is titled incorrectly. It should be, “Advanced Training for Future Avengers.”

  57. Good clean

  58. Tried the first workout can feel my face now !!

  59. 😱 Inacreditável

  60. Towel reminded me of Mike Chang

  61. This explains why so many people were hoarding toilet papers lol

  62. When u want make sport but want clean your house

  63. Блин а нормально он полы протирает 👍👍👍

  64. Ven a mi casa y entrenas en todas las habitaciones 😷👽😈

  65. Man great ideas for an advanced workout but for a typical guy like me losing weight I dont think I could handle most of these exercises . Also Im jealous of your apartment and that view !

  66. О! И физкультура и уборка. )

  67. What kinda superhero shit is this???

  68. Now THIS is a fantastic business idea! Combination housecleaning and fitness training!

  69. “wax on wax off”…..good job Danielson

  70. Looks like surf 🏄‍♂️.

  71. Daniel San vibes

  72. Someone older will find this difficult to do.!!!

  73. what about the corners !? who will clean !!

  74. Just came to watch))

  75. Warning — Don’t try this at home… 😬😬😬 This is not easy at all…. Just seems because of his harder work. 🙏 Appreciated

  76. This guy’s a beast! Wouldn’t want to date someone like him, no matter how fit I was. I can only imagine the side eye and shaming if I wanted a brownie. 😆

  77. Get a pair of socks on your hands 👌🏻

  78. Lost two front teeth by trying 1st exercise…… By little brother show me video why he try this😂😂😂🤣

  79. lol half of these I would need 5 years of training for. But good for him.

  80. Wax on, wax off 😌

  81. He makes it look so easy 😥😥

  82. Really nice, inspiring and awesome techniques for exercises.

  83. 😍😍😍

  84. Me encanto grasias.

  85. wow realy so cool 😍

  86. He can clean my kitchen floor anytime 😊

  87. I do almost 25 exercises out of these. Except all in which I have to be in the air😔

    By the way you’ve a very cute partner ❤️

  88. Lol I don’t have a Floor like that at home. 😂 can’t imagine doing it on my uneven rough cement floor. Hahaha

    1. India rocks

  89. El problema es el piso, no tengo uno así, lo mojo, pongo arroz o ¿qué hago?

  90. My homeowners insurance does not cover this

  91. Well that’s one way of cleaning the floor ….baaaahahahaha….love it ….

  92. Thank you! This is video is awesome💜

  93. “Mamma will be so proud of you Aadi.”

  94. The floor is clean after the first 4 exercises

  95. I really enjoyed this video…Damn 😘 😍

  96. Wow, he is good!!!

  97. Title should be “30 Exercises to clean your House” 🤣

  98. Oh.. Wow.. That’s absolutely perfect awesome good job and stay safe

  99. but i dont have this kind of body

  100. Wow I loved it!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💖

  101. Waouh 👌

  102. In same time you can wipe whole floor 🤣

  103. Limpando a casa e treinando ao mesmo tempo 😳😳

    1. Brasileña?

  104. 😱😱😱OMG

  105. 👌👌👌❤️

  106. OH MY MY…the 4 chairs workout….yummy

  107. 💋💋

  108. Plus he is a racist in Real life

  109. Hey micheal I been doing your workouts since the Pandemic and I been seeing results quick and I say keep it up..still gotta work on the chair thing

  110. First three exercises are liked by Mom. She wants me to do this every where in my home.

  111. Ain’t tryna commit suicide

  112. Big Fan Brother..You are My Inspiration.. Take love From Bangladesh

  113. And i thought house cleaning was boring


  115. Wow really cool 👍👍👍

  116. Michael vazquez is the best calistenics in the world

  117. Now I don’t know which one to do first hahaha

  118. He is a true athlete, probably a dancer, he moves with the grace of a ballet dancer. 💜

  119. What if you daily do mopping daily ? ,get one buy one free

  120. no 1

  121. That’s unbelievable! And it’s beautiful to watch. . movements with towels, speechless! I will never look at a towel like before.. good choice of music. This man is certainly an athlete..

  122. I recommend putting sand and water into the plastic bottle.

  123. Great work out. Can u help for make my body fit. I’m beginning to workout. Can u tell me simple home workout it’s help for me to make my body fit. Thanks for u video…

  124. Wow i love those napkin exercises…could you make some.more of those …for various other body parts ….loved how u could be so innovative …here people pay lakhs for those kind equipment gym memberships

  125. This dude is a beast.

  126. If u love what you do
    You can do everything.

  127. Soum… Who owns a wooden broom?
    Because a metal one would snap in half under ANY real weight.
    Kinda funny thumbnail.

  128. looks like he cleaning the room🤣🤣

  129. And clean the house at the same time.

  130. This is not for me. Rather waste my time spinning some vinyl and smoking cigarettes.

  131. Órale! Me gusta!

  132. Look at meeeee

  133. Michael all home work out is fantastic

  134. Mr. Miagi would be proud of you

  135. Who? WHO is doing these at home?!

  136. Ahora Daniel San,
    Es muy fácil Daniel San

  137. Before cv19 out break we had an obesity problem. It will be worse with gyms closed. And every one maxing out on food stamps.

  138. I am just here for the sick club beats

  139. 😂😂😂wow, I’ll make my hub wipe.🤔awesome workout💪👌💗🙏

  140. Wax on wax off.

  141. Started relatively doable and then it quickly escalated to impossible

    1. some of these are definitely not for beginner but most of them are doable

    2. Wenutz impossible for those that aren’t hungry

  142. A lot of the items in this video do nothing towards the excersize. Like you can do it without the item.

  143. The four chairs should be called : Spiderman Push-Ups! (Absolutely brilliant. Thank you for sharing)

  144. Wow…nice. can workout and clean the house at the same time👍

  145. Beautiful apartment

  146. Hi


  147. The real reason there’s no fucking toilet paper and paper towels at Costco during Coronavirus lol

  148. What city scape is in background?

  149. Mr Myagi would be proud!

  150. 30 exercises YOU can do at home.

    1. For real yo…My shoulders were hurting with just watching the first exercise

    2. 😂😅

    3. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    4. Dude totally thinking that haha !

    5. 😂😂

  151. Que venga a limpiar mi casa jajajjaja

  152. Я шваброй полы мою, мне кажется быстрее

  153. Mantappss broo.. gaya ngepel lantaii…

  154. Como limpiar mi casa en 10 minutos jajajajajaja

  155. За одно и в квартире прибрался

  156. And after this shit he went to the gym 😂

  157. This is ridiculus xD

  158. Final level

  159. Awesome check out my book on my channel thanks

  160. And at the same time whip the floor.

  161. The chairs are of good quality. If I do anything like that either I wld break my bone by falling or I will break the led of a chair 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. I was thinking the same, taking into account the shitty chairs I have home 😂

    2. 😂

  162. Me: This looks doable
    Then: I saw the 4 chairs. Got some work to do.


  164. NICE!!!👏🏽👏🏽

  165. Every Gay man’s dream.

  166. Good

  167. Dislocated my shoulder by seeing this

    1. Can u tell us how to strengthen the shoulder to avoid injuries

    2. 😂😂😂😂

    3. Damn you got some weak shoulders bro 😂jk

  168. Metti la cera togli la cera…karate kid

  169. He’s thinking beaches might be open this summer so gotta look good for the ladiez 😘 lol

    1. Depends on you. If you go to streets and protest against illegal closing of beaches, they probably will be open.

  170. This is brilliant. Thanks for sharing. 😁

  171. No mames puliendo el piso 😂😂😂😂😂Que pendejo

  172. I felt motivated for 10 mins

    Back to being lazy 🤦‍♂️

  173. Assuming everyone has a powerband.

  174. Think I’ll stick with dumbbells

  175. You are the best man all it’s good for body 😉

  176. WOW 👍👍👍👍

  177. best !!

  178. Don’t think I didn’t catch you watching the muppet show on that tv screen

  179. This body You got at home with this exercises?

  180. Don’t have a house that spacious, floor is cemented..

    1. Birds prefer rich dudes not fit dudes

  181. If
    I don’t have a guitar can I do this work out.….?

  182. Or you can use socks and save those napkins for when you run out of toilet paper lol

  183. So cool! The human body really craves movement, I think, of any kind. Great ideas.

  184. I have carpet… Sooo…?

  185. Bounty your new sponsor ? You do realise 1 sheet does plenty?

  186. Now the house is clean

  187. LOL

  188. How do you progress a broom exercise? Put another brush on the stick? 🤣

  189. Yeah!! Thanks for this video mate.
    I am doing my body workout +my mom is also happy on me because it cleaned the floor 🤣 🤣.

    Much love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩.

  190. A Yuri.. Chechi..
    Questi sono esercizi da esperti non trovi?????

  191. When you take multitasking to the next level 😂

    1. Exactly !

  192. Liked and Sub’d.

  193. This has to be the coolest and most helpful video I’ve seen this year. Thank you so do much. Very informative.

  194. To do 20 push ups it’s a dream to me

  195. 🔥🇮🇳❤

  196. I love that mat 😍

  197. Do you train with weight or just calisthenics.
    I too wanna get a ultimate physique.
    I have taken 100 pushup a day for 30 days challenge too.

  198. Great video
    and great idea

  199. the same thing. nothing new . CHRIS heria is much better and different videos

  200. The broom overhead with resistance bands is just genius! Will try it soon thanks 🙂

  201. Super training good luck.

  202. (Late comment) these are great home exercises to try out. Thank you, mike.

  203. Thanks men you motivate me to keep goin

  204. How to tie the rubber band to the mo handle ?

  205. Best quarantine homework video I’ve seen!!👏👏

  206. And we all know what happens next at that last clip 🤫

  207. Michael Vasquez I am your fan I am Brazilian I live in Brazil I love your videos and Frank Medrano my dream is to meet you

  208. Thank you for giving us time and effort to post such inspirational exercises and videos..we really need motivation and inspiration from skilled people like you🙏hugs and kisses from Lebanon🤗

  209. (Bhai jaan Pakistan k ghr esay nahi hote hamare gharo k mutabik exercise btaye shukriya) translate to Urdu please

  210. Que le paso a tu cuenta de instagram?

  211. You r a fire bro nobody can’t beat u

  212. Is this watermarke tower?

  213. Your amazing…great video… thanks man!!

  214. Sir, y’ve changed alot in 3 years. [Not having that aggressiveness].

  215. Great work Mike……you are always an inspiration

  216. You sir are the man.

  217. Круто!!!

  218. I’ve already seen this video on another channel 🤔

  219. Great work, killing it bro! 💪🏾💯

  220. 💓💓💓

  221. بطل ولله👍

    1. عاش

  222. Grande Michael

  223. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  224. Респект

  225. I like that the difficulty ranges from “Do it in your sleep” to “A human can do that???” 🙂

  226. mom: clean the floor michael
    michael: but mom i am doing my workout
    mom : shows slippers

  227. Very good !! Your channel has helped me a lot !! I am from Brazil, I look to mirror you to produce my channel videos! thanks !!

  228. You are my Idol!!! Hahaha😆😆😆

  229. Hola?? Eres tu angel? ? Sorry if i have the wrong person.

  230. Muy duro. Asi voy a limpiar el piso de mi casa. Excelente video

  231. Nice

  232. Your great man I am Big fan off your love from india 💓

  233. Plzz sir make a tutorial on flare

  234. Sir amazing exercises

  235. Te mando un saludo desde Nicaragua 🇳🇮

  236. Nice post 👌

  237. he always be my favorite and my crush

  238. Love the workouts bro, thanks for sharing!!! 💯

  239. Wow!!! Thanks for the good ideas

  240. Nice skyline

  241. Thanks Mike, Where do you live Michael?

    1. Los Angeles

  242. Karate kid. Left hand, right hand.

  243. Hey man thanks a lot blessings bro

  244. saldume ,joder tio estan buenas esas pequeña rutinas

  245. Este video es muy util

  246. Man,I got a question for you.lately I been doing some explosive workout but when I do clap pushup,my shoulder hurt after do I deal with it??

  247. Crack… I love ❤😎💪

  248. 🔥🔥

  249. ilove you Michael 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  250. I will try these today…Love from India 🙏💓

    1. Bhai pocha lga Lena mummy bi khush 😂

  251. 👍🏽💪🏽

  252. Greatly appreciate you my friend taking the time to make this video and share the knowledge thank you thank you thank you please have a blessed day keep making videos you’re very good at it 👍

    1. Yeah, it’s good one.I am trying it!!!

    2. Outstanding! Would of been great pre-Marine Corp brokenness. Keep up the knowledge sharing.

    3. Yeah this is beast of a video, highly appreciated

    4. Rogerio Rodriguez of course brother 👊🏽

  253. Hello Michel I am the first here omg.!!

  254. 🇺🇸🌏🌎🌍👀💨👍💪🇺🇸☕

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