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4 Reasons Most Multivitamins Don’t Work | Jim Stoppani, Ph.D.

Are you spending money on a multivitamin that doesn’t work optimally? Here are four reasons why many multivitamins fall short of their goal.
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Multivitamins are important for anyone who trains, because the vitamins and minerals they contain are critical for a multitude of functions in the body, from energy production to muscle growth.

Unfortunately, many of the multivitamins on the market aren’t worth taking because they don’t work as well as they should. Here are four reasons why your multivitamin might not be working, and what to look for when choosing the right multivitamin for you.

| 4 Reasons Most Multivitamins Don’t Work |
1. Conflicting Ingredients
2. Missing Or Under-Dosed Ingredients
3. The Wrong Form
4. Poor Absorption

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196 thoughts on “4 Reasons Most Multivitamins Don’t Work | Jim Stoppani, Ph.D.

  1. Wtf it’s so complicated

  2. Is this scientific based? Are there any studies that would support these vitamine theories?

  3. What does anyone think of WELLMAN MULTIVITAMIN

  4. There is no substantiated research showing zinc to inhibit amino acid uptake. There’s one random study done on rats but even that only concluded zinc may interact with certain amino acids.

  5. I didn’t know Drax the Destroyer had a YouTube channel

  6. i like jim but this kinda doesnt sound right because the foods we eat sometimes have all these and would not take in some things. even if you buy his vitamins lol

  7. I just read an article that said your multivitamin should include zinc, calcium and magnesium. LOL

  8. Take multivitamins they work he just wants to sell his product

  9. Both hands out. Left hand forward. Hands clasped together.

  10. OMG I’m a med student and when I hear about people ranting about how more people should be taking vitamin D everyday and im like GIRL NO IT’S LITERALLY MORE HARMFUL FOR YOU LIKE STAHPPPPPPP

  11. You will never get full 100% nutrition from your food, most people don’t know how. Eat regular and supplement. It’s the easiest way

  12. Most bad ass looking doctor I ever seen 😂

  13. I take 3 pills of Optimen On, what do you think about this multi?

  14. He should be a villan in some good hollywood movie it would really suite him.

  15. Ok great! Now what! lol. Just a heads up Jim. You might want to leave suggestions of A multi-Vitamins that does not have all these vitamins.

  16. Dudes a scammy salesman.

  17. I just ordered a 44 supply container of Animal PAK…Everything looks good except for their Chromium is in the form of chloride and I don’t see any vitamin K…but other than that really good list of vitamins and other stuff

  18. The first reason is bullshit. A normal meal contains a lot of different vitamins and minerals and if this was true then we would all be living with serious deficiency. The other reasons are also bullshit. Most multivitamins I have seen does contain the vitamins and minerals that this guy claims are missing. Take your multivitamins guys and dont listen to this bullshit.

  19. Hello sir…can u recommend me the best multivitamins ..which works properly

  20. Is this a doctor or an ex con?

  21. So what happens when you eat broccoli? It has both calcium and magnesium as well as other vitamins and minerals like iron.

  22. So according to this info all the biggest brands are useless. So allllll the scientists and doctors that crafted these pills are wrong. Yknow why i HATE everyones…everyones OPINIONS on multivitamins? Nobody knows.. 100 drs say one thing while 100 others say another. You all need to get your shit together, get together and make a fckn decision.

  23. hour hand acting sucs its like you are lying

  24. Solgar is the best brand

  25. 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

  26. Copper makes blue blood…

  27. I searched Most of the Multivitamins have Calcium and Magnesium so what should I do Stop taking them ? 🙄

    1. Yea, google “do multivitamins work scientific studies” and you’ll see that there is basically 0 evidence that multivitamins are useful for already healthy people

  28. notice thats PhD and not MD

  29. damn sounds like im watching a cutscene from batman.

  30. I take zinc o4 ZMA before bed, several hours after my last meal.

  31. What he is saying is actually correct. get a blood test, check which vitamins/minerals ur deficient in and just buy those ones

  32. Get the multivitamins that are based of whole foods!

  33. He’s lying everyone do your research

    1. 😂😂😂

  34. USANA the best supplement

  35. I`m watching this video while drinking magnesium with b6

  36. Ohh yeah and a blood purifier

  37. Even eating is so complicated 😞😞😞😞😞

  38. So what Is a good vitamin pack to take?

  39. WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

  40. Wtf is he talking.
    He isn’t big enough to talk about this shit

  41. Recommend one brand of vitamins please.

    1. 👂?

  42. This guy make me laugh. So you selling vitamin yourself?

  43. Oh My God! Thank you Dr Jim…..

  44. Looks like a liar scumbag to me.

  45. I just looked it up and magnesium is actually very important in the absorption of calcium, this guys a lying phony🚮

  46. If most of the multivitamins don’t work (even’s own brand of multivitamin), WHY bodybuilding is still selling all these different multivitamin brands with zinc, magnesium, calcium etc in it?

    1. He just trying to go against the trend and make a new one. It draws people in. He made another dumb video about reasons to have no rest days.

  47. Tells you why they don’t work and than doesn’t offer a solution. As far as I’m concerned this was a useless video

  48. So…dont take them unless they are your brand..hmmm.

  49. Sounds like most of what this guy spews is fake news.

  50. This has some cancer causing agent in state of california.

  51. oh wait … your body can’t absorb any synthetic vitamins why do you think they are so ridiculously overdosed .

  52. Which is the best multivitamin according to you?

    1. food

  53. Makes video about multivitamins, talks about minerals…

    1. Multivitamins include minerals

  54. All bs from big pharma.

  55. You don’t talk like that in real life, right 😀 ?

  56. no vitamin d in this ?

  57. Jum pls create our own channel ill be be first watching

  58. But mine does!!! Lol

  59. Most multivitamins dont have the same ingredients that conflict with each other. Show us the “those” multivitamins then. People call themselves expert by saying “dont use it that and that ” these days
    Another BS video,
    also Full-Body workout shit is same BS as this one. He’s assuming gene activitation which has no scientific data to back it up.
    I still didnt see any major bodybuilder who is doing full-body at high level. all BS

  60. Sir mujhe bhi body banana chahte hi kiya khaye Mai sir taki Mera bhi body bne plz

  61. It’s been two days and it says: ”Vita JYM:
    We no longer carry this product”

    1. thats because it contained drugs

  62. 😂 Are there fools who believe this BS..?

    1. The one above you and below you. They are that dumb.

  63. he has the same voice as shawn micheals!

    1. Anas Zeidat I’m just a sexy boy (sexy boy!)

  64. Nice link to his shop at the end 😂🤣

  65. What is he a doctor of by the way ?

  66. Don’t bother with other vitamins buy mine….Dr Jim Stoppani.

  67. I’m calling BS on this one

  68. Tune in next week where he will say that they do work! Imagine that.

  69. Let me guess..we should only buy his multi…

  70. your MV is expensive

    1. he needs money for more tattos

  71. i just want to eat multivitamins and fish oil along with protein shake all day forget food

  72. So Doctor what multivitamin supplement would you recommend for someone training hard and over the age of 50?

    1. He’s going to say buy his shit.

  73. You forget to mention they are synthetic not food based

  74. There’s a thin line between misquoting scientific studies and blatant malpractice while trying to sell your brand supplements.

    1. he has a lot of videos like that on his channel.

    2. I highly agree.

  75. What if you take them separately? Such as magnesium supplements

  76. Thank you

  77. The irony of Jim talking about conflicts of interest in multivitamins whilst wearing his branded shirt is so dense it has smaller incidents of irony orbiting is as moons.

  78. are you following those 4 things in your signature multivitamin? 🙂

  79. Ya bullshit hahaha promote ur multi

  80. References ?

    1. Brannon PM, Yetley EA, Picciano MF. eds “How to bullshit people and make money selling multivitamins on YouTube” Proceedings of a conference and roundtable discussion held at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD, September 5–7, 2007. Am J Clin Nutr 2008;88(suppl):483S–592S

  81. Mmhhh interesting🤔

  82. I am taking magnessium by itself as a suggestion of my cardioligist. is that bad?

  83. What is zenk and menizium

    1. Probably Klingon or Vulcan supplements.

  84. All of these are true but I didn’t know zinc interferes iron and amino acids absorption.

  85. How do i get a voice like that? lmao

    1. Train hard

  86. As a woman and mother of two going on 3 children, I know it’s important for me to get plenty of calcium and vitamin D. What do you suggest I do to make sure I get enough of these while not interfering with the absorption of other key nutrients?

    1. LovelyMissQuinn calcium is that important? we get it through diet

    2. ignore what he said in that video what so ever .. im not trolling 🙂 . if its not going to cost you much get a blood test for vit d , b12 , and calcium . as if you are within normal levels taking a multivitamin might cause you more harm than good (hypervitaminosis d & hypercalcimia *will cause* overcalcification of the bones, soft tissues, heart and kidneys. In addition, hypertension .while high b12 levels are eventually balanced and discharged with urine and is reasonably harmless yet elevated b12 levels can cause a variety of annoying skin issues (rash,acne,itching) . just listen to your body give it what it needs and take care of it and it will take care of you

  87. Is it just me or does this guy have the coolest voice

    1. Just you

  88. So what’s next? Maybe get his supplements?

  89. The Conclusion would be not to take multivitamin what so ever !

  90. Nice I can prepare for SSC exams from his video too much information 😊

  91. spam

  92. So are you suggesting taking calcium separate? If so how long should you wait between taking a multi and calcium

    1. I’ve read at least an hour.

  93. The Komodo dragon is back

  94. If zinc stops bcaa obsorbsion than so does a leafy salad..

    1. @Brian Leatherman on Google, just type in “multivitamin studies”, it is 100% accepted scientific fact that supplements and food are processed differently.

    2. Brian Leatherman this Dr reminds me of the popular one that promotes ketogenic diet. Definitely not the adecúate for people that train hard.

    3. you butchered the heck out of that word

    4. Ummm, minerals are minerals, if they fight each other in supplements they also do in foods don’t be dumb…. That being said, I don’t agree with the “DR” on this one. I really feel like he’s just pushing his own multi vitamin…. not only that but zinc plays a key role in testosterone production. Gotta be crazy to sa y keep it out of multi vitamins

    5. no veggies, just chicken, rice and bbq sauce

  95. Vegan Gains sent me here. Not sure why.

  96. when can i add magesium ????

  97. I cant stop watching is hands doing the same patern the whole time

    1. Mathieu Paquette ho tf did you notice that

    2. Once seen it can’t be unseen

    3. he is a robot

  98. Here’s why most vitamins don’t work……. but here’s why mine do. Never change BBcom. Never change.

    1. Literally what I was thinking. Even if he’s telling the complete truth…. he should’ve left his supplement out of it at the end of the video

    2. @Hypnotica the con is never secret if you listen hard enough

    3. Well he did say the problem was conflict of interest

  99. FAKE

  100. Bs he sounds way to boring and serious

  101. Experience worth knowledge

  102. What about protein shakes like whey is it good or bad

  103. Thanks for the advice your awesome.

  104. After all that you didn’t even recommend one…

    1. ► Vita JYM:

  105. Including some evidence-based sources would have made it more convincing because the video doesn’t really explain how much of a difference there is, and more importantly, no recommendations for alternatives.

    1. @StarWars Fan stfu you shit head

    2. He dose say what they lack, so buying those might be a good choice

    3. Ya know to save ya those hard 5 min .

    4. MrGoblin or you can look it up yourself.oh and since you’re too lazy to do that he’s telling the truth .

  106. Very Informative video from Dr. Jim Stoppani. Real Science , Unreal Results.

    1. Real science? Lol. Pseudoscience yes. He twists the truth in such a way that it seems believable, but it isn’t.

  107. Thanks)

  108. Would have been nice to give some supplement recommendations based on your reasoning

  109. Can I take multivitamins without food? Will it work the same?

    1. Sculpin no, you wont absorb the fat soluable vitamins

    2. Cillit Bang What?

    3. Do you ascribe to the ‘all potatoes must be grilled’ hypothesis, or is this just waffle?

  110. We’re entering a whole new level of diet finickiness, closer to insanity.
    – Is this REALLY necessary? Are we talking about 1-5% better absorbion here or is it day and night difference?
    I am all for a healthy lifestyle, training hard and eating clean.. But all of this stuff adds up, soon we’ll be sitting here with 16 alarms, when to eat, when to take certain pills etc.

    1. @StarWars Fan Well said. This is exactly right. Even if it’s a 5-15% difference in your training or body, it’s worth it to those who want to get the most out of their training and look the best they can.

    2. Obscure ‘ this is exactly how I feel about Penny Pinchers, they waste their whole life trying to save a few pennies, daily.

    3. multi vitamins are trash you pee all the good minerals either way especially when you pee yellow

    4. I only take half of a multivitamin a day. I was pissng out most of it when I took a whole one.

    5. No. The only thing you will gain from buying supplements like those sold by Stoppani is expensive urine.

  111. What multivitamin do you suggest?

    1. Shocker. The guy made this video to get you to buy his shit.

    2. *recommend his sponsor*

  112. It would be great if Jim Soppani had his own range of multi vitamins. Oh, wait… he does.

    1. YungKeemThaDream
      Why you care about that?

    2. Does anyone know if he’s made them in veggie caps?

    3. Of course he has a vitamin range for sale.

      All other ranges are obviously inferior to his brand of multi vitamins 🤔

    4. Steve H ya its called d bol…

    5. Hematemesis Prophet O u have no life,what kind of person, unprovoked,criticizes other people’s comments about a subject they don’t even care about? Must be a lonely loser lol

  113. For someone that has a PhD he sure does say a lot of bullshit

  114. Animal pak worth of money

  115. fitness industry has now entered very deeply in youths mind and they redily accept anything which they listen from any YouTuber and even follow them. healthy and clean eating is now secondary supplements are the new priorities.
    clean bodybuilding healthy bodybuilding…

  116. Every multivitamin in the market have calcium, zinc, magnesium. If this interpret, then every multivitamin is not good for you?

    1. There are many forms of those supplements like.magnesium oxide which is poorly absorbed compared to magnesium citrate which is more absorbable to the body

    2. @damien 77 😂 lol

    3. Bro, u have to prioritise which vitamin do u need for your body. Go do some home work on which vitamin you need to have in case you are not able to complete it with your diet. Don’t go for cheap pharmaceutical multi vitamins go for proper bodybuilding multivitamins for men. Calcium is not needed in general if you are not deficit to it. So, now zinc and magnesium u can have in ur multi. Check for EVL Vita Mode , it has everything you need in multi along with Bioperine. Always surf and collect information regarding anything if you wanna comment on and if you wanna criticise some knowledgeable person better get your homework done.

    4. Except his apparently

    5. correct only his work .lol

  117. But his work,right? Shocker.

    1. @Can we get to 1k subs with With No Videos it is nowadays

    2. Mike D – it’s kinda who he is and what he does, dr. Isn’t just a cute title.

  118. Thanks for the advice Jim. You’re awesome 🙂

  119. Thanx for share your knowledge

  120. Mayonese

  121. Awesome sir.. I want pdf information about it sir.. Plz..

  122. why to guys build up their muscles only to cover them all completely with tattoos?

    1. @Curt Randall because they are insecure and get defensive lol


    3. Because that’s his personal preference to look like he changed the motor oils of seceral tractors.

    4. Uhh, you could still see them tho? How did you know he had muscles? Because you could see them, right?🤨
      Plus, you look good in a shirt so…


  123. This bum is full of shit.

  124. Thanks to inform about that

  125. hindhi me batao bhai

    1. hindi me chahiye to mai jaldi ek channel bnayunga. soon

    2. Mahesh Verma usko hindi nhi ati

  126. thenkyu for boddy boldin

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  128. Good

  129. Happy Father’s Day!

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