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5 Best Supplements For Clear Skin

My skin has become far less reactive the last few years due to some changes I’ve made to my skincare routine and my diet. Taking vitamins and minerals to supplement my diet where I’ve been deficient has helped lower inflammation and hormonal response noticeably. For a long time now, I’ve been seeking more holistic treatments rather than just treating symptoms or damage control. When my skin is reacting, it’s symptomatic of imbalance in my health. This video highlights the 5 supplements I believe have helped not just my physical well-being but have had a big impact on the inflammation in my skin. I will also explain why I avoid popular supplements like Evening Primrose Oil. Again, we are all built differently and this is what has helped me. All these supplements were recommended to me by a Dr. I suggest you get the approval of a medical professional before taking any supplement. Enjoy, my skinthusiast family!

Oh and I do take these vitamins daily but at different times as some require an empty stomach while others are better taken with food.

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Solaray OptiZinc

Bluebonnet Zinc Picolinate

Probiogen –
Women’s Vitality Probiotic
I also like Daily Digestive Balance

MegaFood Balanced B Complex

HUM OMG! Omega The Great

HUM Here Comes The Sun


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740 thoughts on “5 Best Supplements For Clear Skin

  1. Does Solaray 30 mg Zinc work for Acne ? I know it already contains zinc monomethionine with vitamin B6. If someone has already taken this specific brand, please reply.

  2. I love your dimples.. whole time I could not get my eyes off them

  3. Very young looking face but very old looking hand

  4. You give so beautiful tips for people i m very happy for that thank You🙏🏼

  5. What about collagen?

  6. Hello…. can one be able to get pregnant after taking the pills?

  7. My doctor just told me that vitamin d3 deficiencies are common in people who wear sunscreen everyday. It’s blocks the the vitamin d from getting into your sun. I stopped wearing it and wear linen long sleeves and a hat and my levels were back up on a few weeks!

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  9. 1. Vit c 1000mg..
    2. Omega 3
    3. Vit e
    4. CoQ10
    5. Extra fresh veg / fruit for pre and probiotic..

  10. Your skin is amazing . If you don’t mind how old are you ?

  11. I am trying the mens version of the probiogen probiotic, thank you for giving the explanation of the “look-fors” and how even though there is a lower count of bacteria, the survival rate is much higher. I actually understand!

  12. Thanks for the very informative and helpful tips!!!👍👍👍☺️☺️☺️💝💗💙💛💜💚

  13. Please please please tell me which one of the five is best for acne to stop from within?

  14. Can we intake this supplements at the same time?? Or how to intake please reply

  15. You are my everything 🥺

  16. Would love a more updated version if there’s any other vitamins you now use / work better!

  17. Yaayyeeee I LOVE HUM!! I love that you use them!

  18. malasma ke liye kon ka supplimant best h

  19. I was always thinking that maybe people with acne not necessary deficient in Zinc, but because their genetic predisposition needs simply more Zinc ( or body isn’t using it properly) because that’s how nature decided for them. Just a theory, probably not true but this came to my mind these days heh.

  20. Thank you so much

  21. i love german clean beauty & health products my fav is SUNDAY NATURAL products

  22. Do u know probiotics for rosacea that are good please??

  23. Thank you” I take vitamin B complex, zinc, c, D3 liquid iodine, b5 probiotics 30- billion

  24. Will this apply to people with eczema too?

  25. I’m taking folic acid B6 and omega 3

  26. 1. Zinc
    2. Probiotics
    3. Vitamin B complex
    4. Omaga3 & evening primrose
    5. Vitamin D3

  27. Vitamin b5 is amazing as well for my hormonal acne

  28. It would be good to acknowledge that inflammation also comes from all sources, not just bacteria. 😊 plaque build up etc. in the blood vessels can cause huge inflammation e.g. in a fatty diet, so it’s important to keep an eye on that too. 😊 Also sleep is so important for reducing inflammation

  29. Which one can I use to remove an old scar

  30. I’ve currently started taking combined vitamin C and zinc (the effervescent tablets), vitamin D, and I also take a probiotic yoghurt drink every morning like DanActive, known in the UK as Actimel. I recently had some dreadfully inflamed pimples that were on the verge of scarring my face for life, sounds drastic I know. I can’t say if the supplements work or not because I’ve just started taking them. I eat quite healthy most days and try to include a balance diet and get vitamins through food as well, so I’m going easy on the supplements for now, gently introducing them to my body so as not to overwhelm my system. However I have notice an improvement in how I feel just after one day, and I woke up in the morning feeling surprisingly refreshed when I usually would feel groggy getting up. I’ve also noticed that the red angry swollen scabby spots all on my chin are starting to fade a bit quicker than they were before.

    The bottom line is that the biggest improvement I’ve had so far, I’d say, is feeling better in myself and not feeling so groggy. I need to keep on taking them for a bit longer to properly tell if it’s helping my skin or not, but first results are definitely promising.

  31. Thank you for this beautiful video. Kind of we all take the 5

  32. I should buy any of the drugs?

  33. My skin is dry and i have got pigmentation on face after pregnancy .. plzz suggest me supplements am 32ys

  34. I get wet dreams and try hard not to jack

  35. hye can i take 1000 mg omega 3 fish oil each day while im consuming vit c + zinc 1000 mg at the same time ? ohh also before breakfast , can i take pre & probiotics ? please reply me

  36. B5 is the BEST for acne

  37. I used omega 3 for a month now iam high blood pressure patient

  38. This acne guide “Vαtαnuz Bdα” (Google it) is extremely useful for my daughter that`s why she really appreciate it. For a year and a half we struggled buying different acne cures without results. I`m truly glad we discovered this guide. After a few days of trying it, I noticed its change and her acne had cleared up after a couple of weeks. .

  39. B5…. And that’s it.. everything else is just not required unless you’re definicint

  40. How do you take this drugs

  41. Maam, im taking evening primrose everyday, is there any problem that im taking this , im a male im taking this because im sufferring of hormonal acne. Im taking omega 6. I need an advice maam, but somehow my acne gets better right now rather than before that i was not taking it.

  42. When do you take these supplements?? All at once or a few on some days?

  43. Plain organic Coconut oil is all you need inside & on the skin…or go pay boutique prices for flowers at the store entrance.. [incoming] XD

  44. Where can I buy this in ph 😪😭

  45. Very valuable information. Thank you so much.

  46. Let mi buy it all


  48. When do you take them though? All together at once?

  49. In the UK, doctors can get struck off by the BMA for prescribing vitamins. They get very little training in nutrition even though lack of vitamins like B12 and D3 when low doses in the body, cause everything from nurological disease to schizophrenia. People with nurological disease also have damaged guts so coming off gluten and maybe dairy will help.

  50. What must effective vitamin for my pegmentatiin?plss help me to advice abt my problem on my face🙏

  51. I am a in my mid 50’s and I still grow acne….
    Thank you so much for all these informations.

    I think l am gonna love mirrors again…. 🙂

  52. I was deficient in zinc (just below the lower end of the range) due to years of being a vegetarian (I quit due to leaky gut and loads of deficiencies I developed on this diet). But at first I did not make the connection to my late acne in the chin area that I aquired after quitting birth control. I literally got new spots every day for many years and almost every blemish cream or kind of specific skincare made my skin break out additionally. The only serum and moisturizer that didn‘t clog my pores was from an UK based natural brand that has an acne blemish prone skin care line. I ordered it half across europe. My late acne was still there. Then I finally found the endurance to take zinc on a daily basis mainly to improve impaired immune function because of the zinc deficiency. After 60 days of 50mg zinc gluconate daily I started to notice a difference in skin texture and less break outs. I got a blood test too and was a little bit above the lower range. It takes very long to cure a zinc deficiency. Now after 4 month I have almost no blemishes on the chin anymore, it‘s like a miracle to me. On some days I almost forgot to apply make up since my skin looked so even. I have to say I tried true retinol from cod liver oil too for a month several month ago (high dose) but it did not help with acne. D3 high dose also did nothing for my acne but for other ailments. Get a blood test for D3 and zinc before you start any of it and get blood work done later on to make sure to reach and maintain normal levels. Retinol deficiency (vitamin a) also can induce acne but do not use beta carotene (lots of people can not convert it to retinol) or sythetic retinol (poisonous) if you are deficient (there is a blood test too). Forget about all the synthetic and harmful creams dermatologist describe you need to dig deeper and find out what nutrients the body is missing or what hormone inbalances there are. Btw I healed my leaky gut by a high animal products diet (carnivore mostly) that reduced my inflammation in the body greatly. Also contributed to getting my rosacea under control.

  53. OMG, these are precisely the supplements I take, not these brands but the same supplements, you are bang on with the latest research Renee.

  54. *

  55. What about the liver and guts to digest so much chemical stuff. Do yall think these supplements are all natural?

  56. Pantothenic acid b5 vitamin clears acne 1 or two tablets with meals try it

    1. @cirt cirt yes they say one or two every meal but you can look it up .I saw a video they were going to put their son on accutane but they ran into this lady at a store health store and she suggested this and he had severe acne .they tried it and it cleared it all up.he eventually would only take the vitamin when he noticed a pimple coming on . I hope it works for you but research it so you feel at ease .have a great day

    2. With every meal?

  57. Ihave pigmentation for my face elso oil skin my face very sensitive 😢 same time I fell my face so hot and red my English so so 😆 sorry guys

  58. Do you know what vitamins I can use for acne scars ? Could I use zinc for acne scars?

  59. Please update – its 2017 – now its 2019 . Thanks in anticipation

  60. KAL Blemish Guard supplement check out reviews


  62. How to take these supplements plz tell me… i want to buy thsse

    1. @what a cutie these all

    2. Take once a day

  63. Thank you 🙏🏽

  64. فدوة لعرف هاذ دواء ماليش يكولي لين دكتورة كتبلياء وما اعرف

  65. I guess we can take all these minerals and vit in Centrum .
    M i correct ?

  66. Can these supplements be helpful for indented pitted scars and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation?

  67. Great info.👍

  68. Is this supplmnts is also good for large pores ? Plzz tel me some thing about large pores

    1. Thnks Alot mam❤😘

    2. This real random but jus tryna help you out

    3. If you have big pores or pimples buy this burt bees herbal stick nd use it everyday everynight nd it works

  69. This was informative! I didn’t know vitamin d deficiency can cause acne.

  70. Great info, thank you! What do you think about Biosil ?

  71. I have been searching for a great probiotic, thank you so much for your research and recommendation 😊💛

  72. Hello there! Thank you so much for this information. I know some of them but you clarified very well . 🤗😊

  73. I take fish oil, lycopene and vitamin C daily and I never had even a single zit again

  74. Q U A L I T Y C O N T E N T. Thank you

  75. Should I still get a medical opinion and recommendation by a endocrinologist doctor for excessive dry skin and supplements to help solve the root problem? I don’t have a holistic doctor; I only have a conventional one but I want to try some supplements for skin elasticity, suppleness, smoothness, and increased moisture. No matter how healthy I eat or how much water I drink, my skin still looks sooooo bad.

  76. if Zinc is anti-inflammatory, it’s treating the end result and suppressing the body’s attempt to tell you there’s something very wrong with your diet .. the cause. it’s just as bad as an antibiotic then. that’s the one I’d leave out, or just take normal amounts periodically as part of general vitamin and mineral supplementation, given our food chain is so adulterated and depleted.

  77. Skin

  78. Thank you for making this video.

  79. Nice

  80. You look younger and nices your skin. Shiny look beautiful more and more

  81. Will you review halo beauty her multivitamins ingredients

  82. 💖 your videos!! #thankyou

  83. Hi I found this video very helpful. But I would like to knw how u hve it.the sequence u hve these vitamins

  84. Is 25 mg of zinc twice a day too much?

  85. Oil skin. Face wash

  86. iherb discount code NVG181

  87. Acne is usually what you’re eating. Eliminate all diaries,sugar and gluten from your diet and your skin will improve massively. Eat more foods rich in fiber (organic foods) and stop with processed foods. Processed foods are low in fiber and therefore sit in your gut for a longer period of time causing gut inflammation which causes acne

  88. 1. Zinc
    2. Probiotics
    3. B complex
    4. Omega 3
    5. Vitamin d3

    1. Vitamin c and e

    2. Can they all be eaten on the same day?

    3. i get acne after eating seafood .but i all started after i get blood donation from hospital .cus i never had acne before till im 18 cus from the blood that i got from hospital due to anemia . then i start donate for the first time and the effect of acne appear on my skin are getting less than before but then i get a hair fall . ahh im sad 😫

    4. @Jason Kelly Collagen & Gluthatione for u!

    5. Thank you Khan!

  89. I will like to try them all, my skin is horrible since always im trying different thing and nothing is working,,, for how long u should take all suplements?? All of them 3 moths and break for few weeks and after start again or just stop for longer…

  90. Hormonal acne sucks, I cleaned up my entire diet, went vegan and now avoiding foods known to cause acne or hormonal imbalances and my skin will be perfect for three weeks but then suddenly the chin jaw break outs near the period. They do heal quickly and not cystic like in the past but still a major pain. I’ve been wanting to invest in zinc but have also seen people suffer break outs on high doses of zinc. Waiting for my next blood test to see where my levels are at before buying any supplement.

  91. I take neem supplement in a pill form!!!!!!!!!!

  92. You’re absolutely right. I personally take zinc, probiotics in food (i.e. kimchi, sauerkraut, pickled olives), D3+ K2, b-complex, vegan omega 3, and glutathione and my skin is FLAWLESS!

    1. But kimchi is spicy is that okay ? And u buy kimchi at supermarket or you do it yourself?

  93. I dont trust advices from someone who doesnt have a clear skin : )

  94. Can you just take a multivitamin? Cuz it has all the vitamins in it anyway, except for probiotics

    1. You also need minerals

  95. Hello can i take vitamin b5 and zinc at the same time?

  96. Which product is best for body acnes.

  97. I have black head problem on my face thats became acne and also facing open pores. Please recomend me which Supplement should i take

  98. For melasma please suggest?

  99. Is the Probiotic Soiled based? Great video and very informative. Thank you

  100. B12 helps the body to absorb iron

  101. You talk too much

    1. If you don’t want to hear about all this valuable info she offers, DON’T LISTEN.

  102. very attractive and well spoken lady

  103. This was wonderful. With the exception of vitamin B, I take all of those as well as evening primrose oil (as suggested by my dermatologist) and Magnesium – which helps not only with skin concerns but also preventatively against depressive symptoms due to pms or predisposal. High impact exercise also leads me to take Glucosamine & Chondroitine for joint care. I used to also take dr. Brandt’s green tea concentrate before it was discontinued. I really really miss it, as I am sensitive to caffeine and that product was decaffeineted and highly concentrated, meaning you would get a much larger dose of green tea than you could possibly drink in a day. If you can recommend an alternative I would be grateful! 🙏

  104. Can I eat foods high in zinc instead of using a supplement?

  105. Thank you beauty

  106. How did you know you’re deficient in Vitamin D?

  107. I take omega complex with DHA, they are vegan ones and my skin has been so much better less dry, i have keratosis pilaris and it has been helping with it.

  108. Loved this video and will definitely be taking zinc picolinate! I need some help deciding on vitamin A or the Omega 3 supplement recommended in the video. I’ve seen a lot of videos recommending vitamin A but I’m worried abt the hair thinning side effect and just want to know which would be more beneficial to get clear skin.

  109. I feel funny in my stomach whenever i take zinc. Makes me want to throw up😕

    1. Every Little Thing always take it with or after a a full meal

  110. I’d like to hear your thoughts about collagen pills

  111. Almost 4 year I am visiting doctors and different clinics, however my acne is still here. I will try to take vitamins as well. Non of them recommended it, however I know I need them
    They told me it could be hormonal acne but after treatment it is still here. So I will try those one. Hope to find them in my country

  112. I use vitamin c, glutathione, milk thistle & evening prime rose oil

    1. And I bet you rarely get sick right? N-acetylcysteine is amazing! (Glutathione)

    2. @Amirul Amin What kind of Glutathione do you use

  113. B5 and Betaine HCL are also really good for acne.

  114. You’re skin glows and looks hydrated!

  115. I wish I could order them, from you

  116. I have been doing some research on B 12 viatmins and I found out that It causes acne in some people with acne prone skin to break out more. Can you do a video more on B 12 viatmins please .

    1. B12 definitely made me break out ..bad!

  117. Do i have to take all Or one of them?

  118. I ♥️ You. That’s all lol Thanks Beautiful 😊♥️✨

  119. How did you find out which vitamins you lack? Loved your video by the way 🙂

    1. Courtney Thompson get your blood checked at the doctors

  120. Will you pleeease do a review onThe Beauty Chef powders??

  121. I like her earings. Different but maybe they’re her style🙂🙂 anyway, i like your video. Very informative

  122. I’ve suffered hormonal acne for many years did a lot of research, started taking Glutathione as my supplement, have more vegetables and avoid sugar, dairy etc…. it works!!!

    1. Glutathione is very dangerous whether ingested internally or applied topically

    2. me too

    3. Collagen also

    4. Brand PLUM FLOWER Margarite Pills; Brand KAL Blemish Guard

  123. Hi .. can I have ur opinion pls ? I am currently taking YAZ birth pills and Vit D3 along with Vit E … is this ok? Coz I am still having adult acne 😔

  124. Love u mam,ur ways to express the information very precisely

  125. Do you still take these supplements? Could you speak to collagen powders? Thank you!

  126. Beware of B complex vitamins!!! They usually contain biotin which has been shown to cause acne!!!

  127. I’m late asf but I really hope you reply. Does it matter if I buy a cheaper supplement with the same dosage or do I have to get the same ones you do?

  128. Are these specifically for women or does it not matter?

  129. I start taking magnesium Ang it’s a big help for me.nice vid.

  130. Thank you

  131. wow very nice skin

  132. Your video may have just saved me SO MUCH EMBARRASSMENT. I heard online that Primrose oil was high in omega 3 and really didn’t do any digging deeper. Eating a diet already high in omega 6 I began taking it to ‘help with my acne.’ I’ve had it for years, and it seems constant but not too terrible. It got worse, now I rarely leave the house! It’s all around my jawline and chin, nothing helps. I’m not the type of girl who adores makeup because it feels cakey to me, so I always use power if I use anything at all (most of the time I enjoy being barefaced and simply spray rose water on my face and head out the door). Now I feel like I have to wear makeup just to cover this junk.

    Anyhow, you said it was high in omega 6 and I thought, AHHH HAAA! Maybe this is the cause of such bad breakouts lately. Despite the breakouts I thought maybe my body was getting used to it these past 2 months, maybe my face wasn’t clean enough or maybe it was x, y and z. I’m not going to take it anymore! Hopefully they sell that ‘hum’ brand of fish oil at the local store near me (so I can send my husband out to grab it while I put a paper bag over my head in the meantime) Thanks so much for this video!!!

    1. @Renew Your Mind you can also try algal omega 3, so you don’t have to hurt fish 🙂

    2. Update: My acne is nearly all gone now & I’ve been taking fish oil pills as well as incorporating more fish into my diet. My completion seems much more smooth!

  133. YOU are very attractive and well spoken

  134. Did is Dietary supplement make me fast?because I want to get fast..

    I have seen so many pacients develop serious illnesses from taking too much zinc, magnesium, vitamins… Unless you have deficiencies you should NEVER have to take supplements.
    Supplements exist for those who have deficiencies due to illness, or a poor diet (old people specially since most can’t eat meat).
    A good balanced diet will give you everything you need. If you do not know how to balance your diet you can look for planned diets on the internet, always making sure they have been done by a certified nutritionist!!!

  136. Renee I must say u r very soft spoken and ur videos are very educational and informative.

  137. You should use retin a

  138. good inf. very nice thnkx

  139. Due to asthma (allergy). My skin dark.. What medicine can I use.. Now I m not using inhaler. But my skin dark ..please please please tell me solution.

  140. Where have u been all my life?😄

  141. Sourkraut for the win! Thank you for an amazing video <3 All your videos are super helpful.

  142. I’ve have tried Coco supplements and it works greatly. PM me if you are interested.

  143. Thanks a ton for the information 🙏🏻..could you please tell what time of the day you have these supplements?? Coz I am not sure how to incorporate in your daily routine. Would greatly appreciate your reply. Thanks again

  144. Selenium, and silica. Also I love horsetail for growing hair and strong nails. Because it has silica I believe. I absolutely love “He shou wu” or “fo-ti” for sleeping. If you can have good rest, then your body can repair and restore itself. Fo-ti is for strengthening the kidneys. Your adrenals are on your kidneys and basically they get worn out from stimulants. So anxiety and tension and restlessness all come from compromised kidneys. Also grey hair. The kidneys also with the lungs and large colon all remove toxins from the body… but kidneys clean the blood.

  145. Great vid what’s the ratio of zinc n copper if you’re taking 50mg of zinc picolinate ? Thanks

  146. Hey, have a questioned is chelate copper zinc ok ? I been taking garden of life probiotics 50 billion. I heard b can break you out ? Thanks so much .

  147. Oh my goodness, yes I’m trying this!

  148. Can i take probiotic, zinc and omega 3 together with a meal?

  149. Renee, have you tried vitamin A in your mix of supplements to help with acne?

  150. You’re so knowledgeable. Thank you for sharing!

  151. Serious question: let’s say I take Zinc, probiotics, B complex, omega 3, Vitamin D and lysine, are there any of these that shouldn’t be taken together?

    1. Great question … Zinc cant be taken for a long period it blocks the absorption of iron which can lead to anaemia

  152. If I took a multivitamin with all of that in it would it be the same ?

  153. Hi
    I’m new to US
    N I’m a vegetarian n don’t eat eggs but I do consume yogurt.
    I take vitamin C (1000 mcg)
    Vitamin A
    Vitamin E
    Biotin n peptides
    Green tea supplements
    N calcium supplements

    Which fish oil supplement do I need to take
    N vitamin d
    Plz suggest
    I’m already 40 n overweight in the process of reducing
    Plz suggest
    It would be a great help

  154. @gothamisa, are you still taking the same ones?

  155. Nutritional Yeast is you best source for your B Complex Vitamins – One tablespoon of nutritional yeast contains 180% of the RDI for B vitamins.

    1. Brekhna Yousaf dont bother. Nutritional yeast and also mess up your gut biome. Especially if you have candida

    2. how to use this yeast plz tell me

  156. My regimen is different zma, nac, and collagen 1 and 3 . It works wonders

  157. Did u see an obgyn or naturopathic?

  158. This is very helpful …

  159. Your skin is Gorgeous! Thank you for the video

  160. i take lycopene and vitamin e! there a some great antioxidant supplements that help out the skin!

  161. Excellent video thank you so much!!!

  162. Is it safe to take vitamins on long term or not? And which ones? I have a huge problem with acne and I’m wondering if would help or not

  163. i think i have acne because of my hypothyrodism

  164. Have been taking Omega 3 and Vitamin B6 every single day, thanks for the enlightenment about D and Zinc! Didn’t know Zinc is so cool 🙂

  165. Was told to take 30mg zinc 2x day sounds like a lot
    I have low levels

    So I figured 20mg in my multi and take extra 20 from supplement maybe that’s fine

    So confusing

  166. Can you take extra b complex
    If u take a multi with b?
    I just don’t wanna overdo shit
    I know water soluble

    I have and want
    Fish oil
    Seabuck thorn oil
    Multi whole food
    Vitamin d
    Digestive enzymes
    Hyaulornic acid
    Collagen supplement

    Maybe hcl?
    B complex
    Extra c?
    Magensium? My multi has like 27% of that

    I have dry eyes skin nose rosacea like skin
    That’s why I added these
    And low ferritin and zinc levels

    I also have mutated mthfr gene
    And not absorbing fat from food

  167. Vitamin A and E as well as D3 and remove sugar from the diet as well as most processed carbs although I do ok with white rice.

  168. Your skin is gloooooowing <3

  169. Hi thank you so much for this video 🙂 how can I know if am lacking Zinc, other vitamins,probiotics and Omega3? What test should I do?
    Thanks again

    1. yes i need to know too

  170. I took probiotics and if got worse. I stopped and if got better. Strange

  171. Are you taking them all each day? I understand you’re promoting these supplements but i just want 1 kind. Pls help ne which 1 should i take

  172. Do you take these vitamins daily as 5 kinds in one day ?

  173. My zits just grows under my skin with no heads….

  174. You’re so pretty😍

  175. If I’m allergic to seafood, is it safe to take fish oil supplements? I mean, they’re pills, anyway? Or is it best not to risk it? Thanks

  176. I use Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids, as well!!😃

  177. I’m taking everything you mentioned except evening primrose oil 😁

  178. I don’t have clear skin but it’s not too bad. I have few red pimples and some sebums so which one should I take? I’m not sure

  179. Had acne all my life. Tried everything under the sun…topically and internally. REMOVE GLUTEN. Acne gone.

    1. And remove dairy also sugar.

    2. And dairy and sugar

    3. What specific products you used can you please it to me. Thanks!

    4. A friend told me that I may breaking out due to Gluten. I didn’t want to remove it, because I didn’t want to be those “fake” gluten-free people that don’t have celiac disease. But, dang it she was right…my skin does better when I don’t eat gluten for a while.

    5. Whole grains actually decreases the functionality of zinc. Don’t know the source of info, read it on some health blog.

  180. I am from Kerala in india and which supplement brand is more helpful and natural for taking daily

  181. Literally taking notes while this woman is talking. I’m 32 years old, doesnt use sun screen, sleep and nutrition deprived . In Philippines, even middle class working women are not properly educated in skin and overall health care. Will need to change my overall diet and life style. Subscribed!

  182. Make another one of these for anti-aging supplements! I wanna know if I should buy CoQ10 supplements 🙂

  183. Hey there! I have a question. Do you cycle these supplements or is this your consistent everyday routine? Thanks in advance.

  184. maam can you suggest me supplement for open pores and have healthy skin

  185. Recently my endocrinologist advised me that Align probiotics were the only probiotics that have clinical evidence of effectiveness. I won’t spend my money on any other brand. (A month supply is $30)

  186. Have you taken rose hips or l carnosine?

  187. Hi Renee, could you please try and review halo beauty? 🙂 thank you!!

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  191. If you want to avoid heavy metal contamination, stick with algal DHA.

  192. Those are the exact 2 Hum supplements I got when they offered Sephora employees an extra discount! I have to go to target today so I’m definitely going to check out the Probiogen, I feel like probiotics are the one thing that I’m missing in my supplement regimen.

  193. I have fibroids and suffered from cystic hormonal acne on 2011 it was Very painful. My cystic acne is very painful that even when I take shower I have to take ibuprofen so the shower droplets will not pain my face. I went to my dermatologist and so fourth. I troubleshoots…and change my diet to all raw veges diet, no milk and it help my skin, don’t get me wrong changing my diet didn’t clear my skin Overnight but it sure did help me a LOT. Then after that I went to get Uterine fibroid embolization to fix me 🙂 both changing my diet and the UFE Change my world and now i’m in my normal pace of life 🙂 Your video is truly helpful and informative 🙂 thanks~ because what is mention in your video are all true

  194. Can someone please tell me if they know where to find Probiogen probiotics in Europe or UK. Thank you!

    1. Biovea website

    2. Ela hi, Holland and barret will do them. I just brought some vegan ones £10

  195. I am allergic to shelled fish etc…..would it be ok if i took Fish Oils or not really?

  196. I currently take a women’s multivitamin, zinc, vitamin c, evening primrose oil, probiotics, and milk thistle which i hear is great for removing toxins that lead to acne☺️ I have also read that chlorella and spirulina are great as well

    1. glowingmyway and was it effective for you?

  197. Tati’s halo Hair Skin and Nails vitamin has been so amazing for my skin and it’s hydration, supplness. No breakouts. Im glowing! One of many things that is different about this vitamin is the inclusion of ceramides. Skin changing!

  198. love your insight thank you

  199. I’ve been taking the Bluebonnet Zinc supplement everyday since you posted this video and I think it has made a difference! I developed acne a few years ago due to the Paragard IUD. I had it in for two years and all of a sudden I had terrible acne along my jawline. I eventually figured out it developed because the copper in the IUD was overriding my zinc levels and had it removed. After I had it removed, two weeks later all my acne was gone, but I was left with scars. It’s been two years since I’ve had it removed and slowly but surely with diligent skincare, it’s almost gone. All I have left is some pigmentation, but I think the zinc has really helped with all this so I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! 🙂

  200. Love your videos. You’re very informative and knowledgeable. I truly appreciate that.

  201. @gothamista can u talk about glutathione for skin whitening?

  202. I’m watching everyone posting their own ideas, but you all are missing the root of the problem. When women stress mood change having their periods not eating right lack of sun which causes acne pimples break outs. Get a grip. Stop the make up. Stop the junk food. Stop cheese and dairies. Stop smoking and drinking. Eat a lot of greens and green drinks. Take more showers and stop complaining about everything

  203. So basically all these?
    Zinc, Probiotic, B6 or b-complex, Omega 3, D3

  204. Did she have acne before? Because it seems like her skin is perfect. I get hormonal acne here and there, I live healthy life compare to others…

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  206. I would love to see what you think of Halo Beauty’s supplements. They were made by Tati – a YouTube like yourself

  207. I was just taking all of these (minus the Omega 3) because I had a cold and I needed to boost my immune system. My skin started to look better, but then I stopped taking the vitamins when I got over my cold. Now my skin is back to its normal acne-riddled self. Oh well, at least it all makes sense now. Thank you for such an informative video! I’m going to go take some vitamins now.

  208. Hi how many mg’s do u need for zinc?

    1. RACHEL ANNE MOTAS *50 mg*

  209. Can you do a review on the Halo Beauty vitamins please 🙂

  210. Are these supplements only recommended for women? Whether probiotics is required for men?

  211. Be careful though, vitamin B6 and B12 in high doses can trigger acne!

  212. Turmeric supplements for anti inflammatory

  213. nobody ever told you that you look like Gabriel union, you have beautiful skin, thank you for all your videos

  214. Hello, you are amazing honestly one of the few opinions about skin I take in count. I have a question about probiotics and is: if the Kafir works ok also against acne? I hear that is really good probiotic as well as the greek yogurt, but since the lacteos are banned in the anti acne skin I’m not sure whether to implement it or not.

  215. Should i take all of them?

  216. I’m here to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the information you provided in this video. I related to your story and I was just getting off the pill when I watched this. I tried stopping the pill once and I had awful hormonal imbalance and breakouts like I never had in my life. Ended up going back to the pill. One day I decided to stop no matter the consequences, I watched this video and after some additional research, bought all the 5 supplements you indicated. I swear my skin changed completely in 2 days. The breakouts that were starting to appear in my jawline and chin disappeared. I still have an oily face but is much more controlled and is probably something natural for my genetics that the pill was holding back. Still, I don’t have the red, inflamed breakouts I was afraid of. I have glowy, healthy skin. Thank you!!!

  217. I’m taking a great probiotic that only has five billion count and five strains, but I found out what is crucial is the time you take the probiotics. You don’t want to take them when your stomach juices are flowing, so before, during or after a meal. I find taking one early in the morning and having breakfast an hour later is great, or in the afternoon. I also take aged garlic for immunity boost, and cranberry extract for reproductive health. The zinc, B complex, and magnesium citrate are others I’m considering. Maybe an all encompassing vitamin!

  218. I love your content! New subbie 🙂

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  220. I have had really bad Atopic Dermatitis since I was a child. Recent 8 years I have had occasional flare-ups that were gone after max 4 days. This time I was suffering a lot for over a month and a half with constant redness, itchiness, flakiness, patchy rashes and cracked skin around cracked corners of the mouth..I have not had as bad skin in over 8 years!  I had dermatitis around my face and on my hands. I tried many creams prescripted by dermatologists but as soon as it started to get a bit better it got worse the next day. I was keeping a diet – diary and gluten free. But nothing really helped.

    I stopped using pescripted creams and started trying different home remedies. I can finally say that my skin cleared up and what worked the best for me is taking MSM and B-complex. I still cannot believe how magically it worked after using it just over 2 weeks. I have not had such beautiful skin in years!

    What I also do is drink a mix of table spoon (using plastic or wooden one) full of honey and a tea spoon of turmeric in warm water before eating in the morning; drink green tea (I order mine from China); do face massage and face yoga on daily basis and stress as less as possible. Taking magnesium is also very good to take in stress period but for me working out and be active helps me so so much. When it comes to creams I do tend to change it after a month or two (when the climate changes) but right now I use pure Vaseline and in the evening I also put a few drops of rosehip oil in it. It leaves my skin super soft.

    I know this video is more for acne treatment but anyone with atopic dermatitis this is what works the best for me 🙂

    1. thank u….

  221. Hello! I just started following you:) your videos are very informative. I did have a question regarding the supplements you’ve mentioned in this video. Do you take them daily?

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  226. Hi Renee, you are so elegant and beautiful here! My condolences on what happened with your dad. I’m sure he’s proud of you for the kind of person you’ve grown into. Stay strong!

    Also, I want to thank you for creating this great channel. I have been getting so many compliments about my skin and it was all hard earned work and research and your channel was the only one I can rely on for solid advice. Thank you so much renee. I dont now you personally but from your channel I can tell that you are an amazing person and so generous for sharing what you know. I dont feel the need to consult a Derma because i have learned to “listen” to mys skin and your advice from your channel is top on my very short list.

    Take care always renee. You have a big fan base here in the philippines! <3 <3

  227. ive a question! do you take one of everything everyday ??? or is there an optimal way to take all these supplements ? they all seem really essential, hence i’m wondering if it’ll be sort of over kill when taken all at once? 
    your video have always been helpful ! thank you! ^^

  228. can you also make a video about collagen, glutathione, grapeseed extracts and lycopene supplements? thanks

  229. Taking zinc caused me to breakout hours after taking. Fish oil on the other hand truly helped, not just with acne but also with pms cramping. The pain went down significantly.

    1. I’m on fish oil now and i can see the difference.. its wonderful

  230. Im on B Complex, B3+Calcium and Omegas (from Flaxseed oil) I ocassionally use a couple drops of EPO on My face,although I break out a small bit from it. Use it on my hands first or feet. What ever is left goes on My face. Being on the Pill helps a bit but gives Me other side affects,but My Dr. wont take Me off it.

  231. Thank you so much for the video!
    With all these supplements, when is the best time to take them in the day and could you take these supplements all together?

  232. I’ll just drink yakult for my probiotics.

  233. I suffered from acne too every time . Took tons of supplements just like you mentioned and it does helped to control my acne but then again it will pops up. We all have different skin types and how our body reacts to supplements , observe and listen to your body. For me I cleared my skin by :
    1. Exercise : more on cardio ( the best detox is when you sweat )
    2. Avoiding nuts ( if you have allergies from it )
    3. Limit dairy products
    4. Avoiding sugary and processed foods
    5. Excessive salt intake
    6. Supplements – zinc , probiotics
    7. Good skin care ( know ur skin type)

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    1. D 3 bcomplex fish oil collagen [

  235. Oh no I have been taking evening primrose oil and noticed my skin more inflamed on my neck and jawline no where else 😰

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  239. Thank you so much for this video! I’ve always had clear skin, and all of a sudden i started getting tiny whiteheads around my forehead, and upper cheek areas…I got my blood tested, and it turned out that  I have vitamin D deficiency(my vit D was very low) Now I’m taking supplements and hopefully this will clear out my skin. Also, my acne isn’t that bad, but i do have tiny white heads and oily skin!

  240. Omega-3 didn’t work out for me

  241. i have lots of breakout and dull skin …it is full of small bumps and black heads …pls suggest something or sm suppliments

  242. I have hormonal acne and I decided to try the same supplements you mentioned here
    Now I don’t know what time should I take everyone of them
    Which one during the day
    Which of them don’t mix together
    Is it ok to take them all after one meal ?

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  245. Are probiotics and biotin the same?

  246. Have u experienced any side effects to taking so much zinc a day? How much is actually being absorbed out of 50mg? Because I was told no more than 11mg a day or too much can cause hair loss etc? Just curious because I want so badly to take it but I get scared.

  247. Thanks Renee, I notice my inflammation sky rocket along my chin after taking Evening Primrose Oil Supplement. I will stop using it to let my face “cool down” 🌬

  248. This video was so helpful and inspiring
    Love it
    More videos like these that could help me better my skin and hair

  249. I wonder if you made a video about lysine and collagen as I heard they are good for curing acne too

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  251. Wise, confident, and beautiful inside and out- you are an inspiration for all women. Thank you for this informative video & I’m glad I found your channel.

  252. Have PCOS and suffer from Hormonal acne too. Its so painful for Me. UNFORTUNATLY the only option I was ever given was Birth Control.So I’ve been on that for 7 years or so.I HATE it.

  253. Take some Vitamin K with the D3.

  254. I recently purchased a rice phytoceramide supplement. It’s too soon to see results but I’m wondering if you’ve ever tried them and if so what your thoughts are!

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  260. Also occasionally grapeseed extract to eliminate itchiness in the skin~

  261. Hi Renee, I have been taking Skin Defense supplements in a green bottle. Has ginkgo and lots of good skin vitamins. Seems to work for me! It’s in a green bottle and I get it from Amazon 🙂

  262. Can you please enlighten us how and when did you take those supplements in a day? It would be really helpful. Many thanks.

  263. Well that was some fascinating and well researched information. Very helpful. As far as the pickled veggies below, I am a big fan of Sauerkraut and have a recipe in Joy of Cooking (best cookbook ever) that I make on a regular basis. Make some potatoes and bratwurst to go with it. MMMMM!!!!

  264. Hi Renée, I just want to thank you for sharing this information. I have had hormonal acne on my chin for years and what worried me more than the cosmetic factor of dealing with breakouts was the fact that my body was trying to tell me something was wrong and I didn’t know how to help it. No topical product made any lasting difference, and neither did spironolactone. But for the past month or so I have avoided most dairy and taken a hair/nails supplement, zinc, omega 3, and vitamin B, and my skin improved almost immediately! I used to get a giant, angry zit at least once per week and I’ve had a total of two zits in the past month, both of which faded back into my skin as you have described happening to you. I also look forward to drinking matcha daily (what a delicious and nourishing way to treat acne!). I’m truly so thankful that I found your channel and that you have shared your personal journey towards skin health so openly. Obviously everyone’s root cause of acne varies but I think mine was very similar to yours and now you’ve actually changed my life. My whole body just feels happier. Thank you thank you!!

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  271. Hi Renee…hope,you having a brilliant day….
    Please could you tell me what colour your probiogen women’s vitality is pls???
    Bcos as soon as I saw this video I went online and ordered mine… But it seems the colour on there instagram page and what I got seems different. Would just appreciate if you could let me know
    Thanks in advance

  272. Health Kandy has a miracle skin supplement that cleared my skin after over 10 years of acne. Everyone who has pimples or oily skin should try it

  273. Hi Rene. Thank you for this information-packed video. I am struggling with hormonal acne on my chin since early twenties ( I am in my early 30s now). After going to numerous dermatologists and trying numerous pills and creams I am ready for a different, more holistic approach. I have been so disappointed with all the “professionals” in the field thus far. I live in NYC as well, and was wondering if you would share contacts for your Dr of Integrative and functional medicine.

  274. this is so interesting! I actually didn’t know that vitamin deficiency could cause acne! This might be why I always have 2x more acne during school semester than during holidays like christmas and summer. I tend to not eat very healthy and very balanced meal during school (like I don’t remember the last time I ate a fruit) so maybe these supplements could help me ( i know I also have to change my habits of eating no so good food too )

  275. Rene lots of love ❤️❤️❤️❤️ so blessed that I found your channel ! For hormonal Acne I also take L- Lysine as a supplement ( on top of the vitamin B, probiotic, and zinc that you are taking) ! Not many talks about it around but it actually has help me a lot ! Ohhhh and a tablespoon of gelatine powder on daily basis…. honestly I think it had the most amazing effect on my skin elasticity. I put it in my Matcha tea in the morning since it’s tasteless and odourless .

  276. Another great product ,beside L-lysine , for adult female acne relate to hormone ,is Chasteberry (Vitex).

  277. L-lysine, L-Lysine and more L-lysine. Wonderful channel Gothamista.Thank you so much.

  278. I take vitamin B12, D3, C, and an oregano oil supplement. The oregano oil makes it so I almost never get sick. After watching this, I may switch to a B complex and add a probiotic as well. But I do not suffer from acne, otherwise I’d be adding in some other supplements that were mentioned.

  279. After seeing several youtubers recommend zinc to help with acne, I began taking that Bluebonnet 50mg zinc supplement. Eventually after taking it every day for a couple of weeks, I began feeling sicker and sicker. I could not get thru the day without multiple naps. I finally became concerned when I began vomiting due to extreme nausea a few times a day maybe once or twice a week At first I thought it was from not taking with food but it happened WITH food as well! Long story short (too late), 50mg is a pretty high dose of zinc. It was too much for me apparently and I’ve been fine ever since stopping. Just throwing that out there, because it took me months and a lot of torment to figure out what was happening. Definitely be cautious with these things. 😉

    1. I think the limit for females is 30mg per day. Too much zinc has several side effects.

    2. That big ass paragraph and not once said whether it helped skin or not smh

    3. Zinc can induce nausea, vomiting, headache. So take at dinner with meals. It’s can affect copper absorption. So take Copper along with Zinc. Take it 3 days a week.

    4. It makes me nauseous too I’m thinking of breaking one in half and taking it that way

    5. Too much zinc, about 40 or more mgs everyday, will lower copper and make you’ll feel sick. We need some copper.

  280. i just wanted to stress how important it is to be healthy on the inside and not just smear skin care products on our face and expect them to heal all our problems. since my father has Osteoporosis and no doctor could tell him how much he needs of vitamin d, calcium etc I bought a book about it and read it…. it was really eye opening what our body needs to function properly. a lot of people already have insufficient levels of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and other things in their younger years that will bite their asses when they get older. the problem with todays nutrients in food is that the ground where it grows on is already low in minerals etc. since we dont let it rest and regenerate those minerals. i guess some 50 or 60 years ago we would have looked at a brocolli and declared it a super food. today? not so much. or take our food industry as a whole. you can, for example, find zinc in eggs, but only if the chickens were able to eat things from outside like worms and other insects etc.. but where are most of them being held and what do they eat? its premade stuff with hormones and antibiotics. thank you food industry. as long as our death cannot be directly linked to one product, I guess its okay to put in whatever is cheap and makes quantity.

    I think today we have no choice but to add some supplements to our diet. I have just recently started taking vitamin d, k2 and magnsium. I will also consider buying some vitamin c and e. I think that taking vitamins and such is better than any medicine. sir william osler said: poeple who take medicines have to heal double; first from the illness and then from the medicine they took. the really nice thing is that a lot of doctors do not even know how much of what to take as its not a main subject in med school, or so I’ve heard. you really have to ask an expert on nutrients. for example Vitamin D: the doctor of my father prescribed 800IE of vitamin D a day. a lot of studies show that a daily dosis of 800 IE does not help with anything, whereas a dosis of 2500 to 5000 does. this also depends on weight and height. my dads doctor just looked up the default dosis every doctor prescribes and thats it. on a sunny day, our body can produce 20.000 to 50.000 IE on its own…..what I wanna say is that we have to inform ourselves and not just take what someone else tells us as the ultimate truth.
    ok that enough. I am sorry for the long text.

  281. B6 + Zinc + EPO + Magnesium = PMS remedy

  282. i have tried all these supplements including lysine unfortunately it did not help me. the only thing that helped me with my hormonal acne is taking aldactone or spironolactone.

    1. setarn13able q

  283. Instead of 5 tablets evey day can we take MULTIVITAMIN 1 tablet per day?? Looking forward to hear from you sooner.Thanks.

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  285. Nutritional Yeast is a complete source of all the B vitamins

  286. Fab video 🙂 I take vitamin D3, Omega oils, B12, TMG, Folate and probiotics. I also removed dairy and limited sugar intake. You may want to check out Thorne’s B Complex #12. I will be taking it after I run out of my singular supplements 🙂

  287. I feel like my search for a informed person is over. The internet is full of ppl tryna get likes and got shitty knowledge from all over Google. Thanks God for this

  288. Wonderful video and so much important info packed in! Thank you! A question: Can you take the supplements that you introduce together on any given day or do you alternate between supplements?

  289. How about pills for eczema? I was just diagnosed with that… per my derm, my eczema is caused due to extreme dry skin (craquele eczema).

  290. I had the same experience with eve primrose oil. Thabk you for sharing. So many of us learn through YEARS and decades if trial and error and then every new stage seems to bring another challenge. Hugs from MN!

  291. I went to a holistic practitioner too for help with my hormonal acne and period 🙂

    I was set to take vitamin E that helped a lot with boosting progesterone, however with time, I’ve felt that it has lost its effect somewhat when it comes to keeping down skin-inflammation. I also supplement daily with flax/chia/hemp seeds. ALA is really good for hormonal health, and there’s a misconception that it’s somewhat difficult for the body to convert to DHA and EPA, but in fact, women have a much better conversion rate than men (because men don’t need it as much as women) and there’s really no problem as long as you get your daily requirement or above of ALA’s in (and don’t have any digestive issues). But everyone’s got different lifestyles, and sometimes when I travel I find it hard to get my daily requirement of omega 3/ALA and been contemplating getting an algae-based supplement.

    I’ve recently started taking Evening Primrose oil for the GLA, and though it’s omega 6, because I’m getting so much omega 3 in anyways I haven’t noticed any adverse effect. Actually, it’s working quite the same as vitamin E did when I first started taking it, and I’m only taking like 500mg! 😀

    I’ve been also taking L-opti zinc with copper (important that your zinc supplement has copper as these rival each other!) based on my doctors recommendations. But to tell you the truth, it did almost nothing for my skin o.O My skin has actually been better since I finished the bottle 😐 I don’t know if it’s the brand I was taking? I do try to fill up with lots of zinc foods, so maybe I was getting too much? Either way, I’ll keep testing.

    I also was recommended a b-complex. When I took it everyday I got a build up and experienced severe anxiety which took a few weeks to calm down after I stopped taking them. Now I only take them occasionally without any side effects. But overall, haven’t noticed much with my hormones or skin. I do get plenty of B6 through diet, the only b-vitamin that sometimes faulter is B3 and of course B12 as I’m vegan. And of course I take vitamin D, it’s the most prominant thing that has had any effect on my hormones when I stopped taking it. Probiotics I go back and forth on, ever since I fixed my gut issues, probiotics don’t seem to have any effect on my well being whatsoever. Okay, this was long ^^ I’ll stop now! Thanks for another informative video! xx

  292. Can you make a video on textured skin?

  293. I actually consume 3 in 1 multivitamin, for metabolism issue at first. It containt squalene (1000mg), salmon oil (600mg) and evening primerose oil (400mg). Arent these enough omega3? And also i want to adding more supplement like zinc, vitD, and vitC. Is it ok? Is there any differnt between zinc picoliate or gluconate and which one is better?

  294. This was so helpful thank you , as I took evening primrose oil and it may be correlated to my consistent chin breakouts

  295. i have been fighting inflammation outbreaks for soooo long, from acne to eczema and now i developed vitiligo from an eczema flare up. I have been prescribed sooo many different creams to help and medication over the years, and never was my diet or supplements discussed. I am not sure what doctor i should visit as all my doctors seem more quick to provide me with steroids of sorts. Of course doctor visits and medication is alot of money. I now resort to doing my own research based on how my body reacts. I am 40 and still battling acne and eczema. I am scared to eat at times. It is like my body kicking my ass. This is my only concern health wise, the skin diseases so I try not to over react as it is a small thing. The other thing is stress and it seems this is how my body reacts to stress it freaks out, In my head, face and neck. Thanks for your video.

  296. I took zinc and idk why but it broke me out so bad with cystic acne for months. I still have scars from it almost a year since. ):

    1. Teresa Nguyen ah really? Been takin the Zinc to help my breakout but its quite scare me lol. What brand of zinc supplement that you consume and whats dosage?

  297. You videos are amazing I watch every one of they.they are soo interesting and I love watching them because you explain so well and I really want to become a dermatologist or cosmetologist.

    Thank you for the videos ❤️

  298. another great review…Thank You Rene 🙂

  299. I LOLed at “and for once, we’re not talking about sunscreen.” 😂

  300. Hi! are you thinkin to add supplement such as Zinc, Vit C and Vit D/ Vit B can reduce acne and improve skin health? Or any other recommend? And whats dosage? Am starting to adding some supplement daily but not sure yet which one its best. Need some thoughts and advice

  301. If I have extremely oil but also very sensitive inflammatory skin, can I still take omega 3?

  302. Hello, Renee! What supplements should I take to help with my dry skin? 😥 It’ll be great to have anyone to help me! Thanks!

  303. Just found your channel. Coincidentally I started taking probiotics and I can already tell a difference in my skin, which was an added bonus. Binge watching your channel this weekend!

  304. Collagen powder is also really beneficial to skin and gut health. I cant live without it!

  305. Is there an altenative to smaller B complex tablets ? I struggle to swallow big tablets 🙁

    1. rachel kok

  306. beautiful eyebrows!

  307. Genetically, the women in my family have hormonal cystic acne. Keyword: hormonal. I began getting the horrible cysts at 17 & am 34 now! No amt. of supplements, creams, probiotics or clean eating has solved it. I’ve always eaten a mostly clean diet, drink the suggested amt. of water everyday & stayed away from animal products. Additionally, I take regular vitamins, drink probiotics, aloe vera, collagen & chlorophyll. The only thing that has solved my acne is Spirnolactone! I’ve had my blood drawn & am not deficient in anything & don’t have other health issues. Unfortunately for some of us, it’s genetic. Period. Please please please, when you are watching videos like this, remember that what might work for someone else, may not work for you! I’ve had adverse allergic reactions to witch hazel, soy, echinacea & papaya…all of which have been in product/food recommendations over the years! If you’re going to add products to your regimen, supplements or topicals, add only one at a time & see how your skin reacts. Remember: nobody knows your body like you! Not even doctors!

  308. Apparently I’ve been unsubbed! I was wondering why I hadn’t seen a video from you in a while. How annoying! Grr….now I gotta go binge watch the last few videos. Xx

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  314. I use a variety for a variety of reasons. Iron pills for anemia, fish oil for cholesterol, biotin for hair, skin, and nails, and a women’s daily multi vitamin. I stay away from gummies and gel caps the best I can to get more raw ingredients so to speak. The supplements plus the Korean skincare plus my healthy diet all attribute to potential pimples retreating in a day or two. Also thanks to you I am drinking matcha green tea four days a week!

  315. Hi Renee, thank you for this video and all the important information you have taught me in it 🙂 xx

    1. To answer your question at the end of the video, I take a probiotic, a multi vitamin and Omega3 every day 🙂 I also have Apple cider vinegar every morning and it helps my gut a lot! I am doing my annual check up in a few weeks so I will be able to adjust according to the results xx

  316. I also have horrible cramps and break outs at that time of the month and my physician advised taking the same supplements, the only difference is she has me taking Flaxseed oil instead of fish oil. Everything else is the same.

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  320. I recently started taking zinc/D3/calcium combo and my oily skin is less shiny throughout the day! I don’t have to blot every few hours anymore and I’m just amazed…

    1. Susan Lee hi! So you taking those containment in 1 pill? May i know whats brand of your supplement is? As i want to adding zinc and vitD to my supplement

    2. Raiza Nisa H I got a bottle that has all three in one pill. The dosage on the bottle says 3 pills a day.

    3. Susan Lee so you still consume those kind of 3 Vitamins? Whats dosage?

    4. Raiza Nisa H I’m no expert at all but I had read and viewed vlogs about zinc and it’s effect on oily skin. I also need more vitamin D, according to my doctor, as well as calcium, so when I found the supplement that combined all three, I purchased it. Sorry, I’m not versed enough in this topic to make recommendations. But I would start with seeing a dermatologist or doctor to get advice on supplements. I found out what I lacked in through a blood test, not necessarily what I lacked in my skin but my overall health. Hope that helps…

    5. Susan Lee are you thinkin to add supplement such as Zinc, Vit C and Vit D/ Vit B can reduce acne and improve skin health? Or any other recommend? And whats dosage? Am starting to adding some supplement daily but not sure yet which one its best. Need some thoughts and advice

  321. SAW PALMETTO! It has a similar effect on androgens as spirolactone

  322. I think Zinc also (and this is so crudely simplified) helps regulate one’s insulin, which is also a sex hormone that directly interacts/moderates other sex hormones like estrogen, testosterone, and androgens 🙂 that’s the summarized tid-bit I got from a doctor who explained it way more eloquently than I can.

  323. can guys take it?

  324. I’ve recently got on to Vitamin A for acne. I was on accutane and had a good run of being relatively acne free for about 5 months after the course of accutane was complete. Now I am trying solgar vitamin A for a similar effect. I don’t know if it’ll work, been two weeks and I’ve had some hormonal breakouts already.

  325. Thank you for this video … I’m on a similar journey now as you were before. A year ago, my physician tested my blood level for vitamin D and I was extremely deficient. A year later, my levels were higher but still deficient. In that one year of taking vitamin D3, I noticed a change in my skin – less sebum, less whiteheads, fewer acne and faster healing. Now that I have further increased my vitamin D3 intake, I hope to see better improvement after another year. Results will show – we need to remember to be patient with supplementation.

    1. Hi Raisa. I like to take a liquid D3 supplement and this particular brand is a professional one and it’s a small bottle that I can easily carry around in my purse so that I don’t forget to take it. Each drop is 1000mg and it has an “oily” taste but that’s normal. For the first year I took 2000mg and now I’m taking 5000mg. When I first starting taking it I noticed a change 3-6 months later in my skin. The Liquid D3 I take is Bio Lonreco MCT Vit D3. If you’re deficient, you will notice a change for sure! Good luck!

    2. Xina may i know what brand of your supplement vitD3? Bcs i plan to adding vitD3 but not sure yet. Whats dosage?

  326. Hello Gothamista! NEW subscriber to your channel. I watched a couple of your videos this weekend and purchased a couple of items you recommended for skincare.

    Vitamin B Complex is such a tricky supplement. i tried it this summer and got the strangest symptoms of chest sensitivity to the most extreme pain. i had to immediately stop taking it and my symptoms went away a week later. Folic Acid is a ingredient i found in many B Complex pills and i believe the issue that caused my symptoms. I’ve switched to B12 and haven’t had an issue. Have you heard of Folic Acid causing issues?

  327. I would love a video on the slightly more budget end skincare favourites you have, the ordinary videos were fantastic for unbelievably affordable serums and acids. I would love to know of any affordable cleansing balms/creams/gels and moisturisers you have loved!

  328. Thank you for your amazing knowledge and explanation of this. I noticed a significant change in my skin when I incorporated a probiotic in my diet as well as lower bowel and zinc supplements.

    1. Valerie Cristina whats probiotic you consume? So you drink Zinc and Probiotic per day and whats dosage?

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  333. I take a multi with omega 3’s as well as a magnesium tablet morning and night. I don’t take probiotics any more, just ensure I have either sauerkraut, kimchi, yoghurt or fermented apple cider vinegar with every meal. I eat breakfast outside to get some vitamin D in from the sun. I try to keep my diet as low carb as I can, which means my food is all very nutrient dense.

  334. I remember when Renee’s channel had just about 70K subscribers, and now it’s over 200K! Congrats, Renee, you truly deserve it!

  335. Does Biotin supplements cause acne in people who are already prone to acne? I took 1000 mcg biotin supplements for a month and saw a few zits appear around my chin & cheeks. However, I’m not 100% sure it was due to biotin coz I anyway keep getting new zits every now and then. So I have stopped taking biotin now and taking only Zinc & cod liver oil capsules. There’s no noticeable difference in my skin. How long should we take zinc to see a difference in the skin?

    1. megha k whats dosage for Zinc? So noe you only consume zinc everyday? And notice slightly improvement to your skin?

    2. megha k biotin caused breakouts for me 🙁

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  338. This is so great – thank you! I take cod liver oil capsules and beef liver caps to help with vitamin D deficiency & KP bumps. Xx

    1. Gothamista Yep, I should’ve more accurately stated they are fermented cod liver oil capsules (I take “Blue Ice Royal” – found it on Amazon) and desiccated grass-fed underfatted beef liver caps (from “Perfect Supplements,” also from Amazon). Look up an article by Stefani Ruper on Paleo for Women — it’s a very informative look into KP treatment:)

    2. wait what?? omega 3 and beef liver caps help rid of KP bumps?? Tell me more!

  339. Funny primrose oil does not agree with me either… It gave me severe period pains…
    I take vitamin D3 cause I work nights..
    Omega and MSM for my joints..
    And skin. Combined with vitamin C.
    I would like to incorporate Zinc into my cycle again… I used to use it when I was active at the gym… Then stopped cause of working nights.. And being married with two kids.. Sleep is the winner over a workout. 😂
    Thank you for a very informative video

    1. Mamajem Jemjt hi thank you so much! Have you mix with taking zinc also?

    2. Raisa Raisa hi there.. I just get mine from Holland and barretts…

    3. Mamajem Jemjt hi! May i know whats brand of vitD3 that you consume? And whats dosage? I’ve plan to adding vitD3 but not yet sure which one to buy he

  340. Turmeric supplements and they have definitely reduced my acne significantly ! Can’t wait to try the Zinc and balanced b complex

  341. You are amazing, I love hearing what you have to say. Thank you.

  342. Have you ever tried Agnus Cactus tablets to help with hormonal acne?

  343. Im so glad you mentioned a disclaimer about these. People should proceed with caution. I kept trying out probiotics in my protein powder and realized my body just doesnt like probiotics, i get really sick and have crazy gut pains from them. However my body loves fish oil and my doctor has recommended me take Vitamin D. So everyone is different. Please consult a doctor and listen to your body before blindly taking all of these :))

  344. What type of doctor would be most helpful in advising someone about this?

  345. Renée, I have never previously commented on a YouTube video, however, after having subscribed & watched your channel for a few months I, too, just had to let you know how grateful I am to have found you!

    Your elegance, wonderful personable demeanour, and knowledge of science based skincare is breath of fresh air! Please always continue to do what you do ❤️

    1. Gothamista I’m so happy to see your reply! You are most welcome and you’re such a sweetheart 💕

    2. Aw Sarah, this means so much to me! Thank you for commenting, as someone who isn’t a ‘commenter’ myself, I can really appreciate the gesture. Thank you for the love girl!

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  347. Hi Rene! Very informative video as usual! Personally, I take a Micellar form of Curcuma+ Vit D3 which is AMAZING in suppressing any kind type of inflammation into your body. Imagine that my PMS has also dramatically decreased!! No more 5 pills of ibuprofen 😀 I guess it helped me also to regulate my testosterone that caused me hormonal acne on my chin! On top of that, I also assume zinc pills for acne which contains a bunch of other good vitamins mentioned in your video. I am pretty happy about that! I also included in my skin routine a lot good CORXS and The Ordinary skin products that changed totally my skin! Thanks again for all your helpful work and advice! A big CIAO Laura (from Italy 😉 )

    1. Hi Raisa, I used Zinc pills for 4 months and now I stopped … I took one pill for day. My skin improved immensely because I have attached the problem from multiple sides (skin care, diet, and assuming supplements). I think also the Zinc pills helped me but acne is multifactorial and your fight must multifactorial as well. Cheers Laura

    2. Laura Ferrando are you still consume zinc for acne from puritan pride? How about the progres and whats dosage?

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  349. I take magnesium at night to help me sleep, and it seems to be working. My sleep will never be perfect (and I’m perimenopausal which makes it even worse!) but it’s certainly much better after 6 weeks of magnesium.

    1. Magnesium glycinate 💤

    2. Yes Magnesium is a miracle worker for helping me be calm and relaxed enough to sleep!

  350. I was with my Vit D levels reaaaaally low and my B12 also kinda low so my hair was falling like mad,nails were weak and my skin wasnt oily but you know that yucky felling of bad sebum that stays on top of your skin, and my skin is dehydrated so it was a gentle and hydrating skincare+yucky bactéria sebum on top oh boy i got such a bad breakout and even itchy skin. After i started taking those supplements for 2 months and a half now my skin is much clear and hair is growing up again XD

    1. its a brand from Brazil its called Adera and the dosage is 7.000 U.I so i just need a capsule per week.

    2. Victoria Lobo what dosage of your vitD? And whats brand of that?

  351. I only take one supplement though I have been thinking about taking fish oils, because my diet isn’t very heavy in unsaturated fats. It’s a more recent thing, but I went to the doctor at the height of summer to get a vitamin d test done, because I was aware that I don’t get much vitamin d exposure whether from sun or food. After a few weeks I got my results and was told to take vitamin d since I’m insufficient which is veeery common here. I read a study that talked about how 50% or more of the danish population is slightly insufficient in vitamin d partly because we only get enough sun from a period between april to september for our bodies to produce vitamin d 😰

    1. It’s generally already common but not suprised it’s so widespread in your part of the world! Once I started taking D3, so many things started getting better!

  352. I’ve been taking evening primrose oil for 3 years now. Earlier this year I stopped taking it for one month, my skin was breaking out like crazy. It’s weird because I eat a lot of snacks and fast food, and they’re omega 6. XD

  353. The evidence on evening primrose is entirely conclusive. It has absolutely NO medicinal/therapeutic benefits for acne, eczema or any other skin conditions, or for hormonal issues such as PMS or menopausal symptoms. Because it’s been so widely recommended, it’s been studied extremely thoroughly. We know it doesn’t work. If you use it and your symptoms improve, it’s not the evening primrose that’s responsible.

    1. Gothamista It’s interesting that your breakouts coincided with every time you took it. Although, of course, correlation & causation aren’t the same thing, consistent correlation always warrants a closer look. I wonder what the mechanism was behind it?

    2. Yes, I don’t even know where that hype came from or started but it has become widely known as the PMS/hormone supplement. Pretty much why I started taking it…and promptly broke out, every time.

  354. Don’t forget guys that often Omega 3 supplements are a lot lower quantity than what you’d get just by eating one sardine. Of course, you might need them anyway but keep it in mind and find out what’s inside and its price.

  355. Wonderful! Informative and enlightening video. Thanks for sharing!

  356. I take acidophilus, vitamin D3, Vitamin E and biotin.

    1. Raisa Raisa yes, no problem. 125 mg (5000 IU) Trader Joe’s brand.

    2. Debora whats dosage of your vitD3? And may i know whats brand?

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  362. Interesting! I took all of those, but notice a difference only after vit B supplements! I didn’t see any skin effect from zinc, omega 3 and vit d. Probiotics probably helps a little bit too. But, of course, it’s all very personal. You need to find out what your body needs at the moment and fix the situation!

    1. Katherine Roulington are you thinkin to add supplement such as Zinc, Vit C and Vit D/ Vit B can reduce acne and improve skin health? Or any other recommend? And whats dosage? Am starting to adding some supplement daily but not sure yet which one its best. Need some thoughts and advice

  363. i’ve used the high potency zinc for acne supplement, evening primrose oil, DIM for my hormonal acne caused by my nexplanon implant. It didn’t work when I was on it at all – it only cleared up a month after I removed my implant. I was pretty much vegan 95% of the time (health nerd), juicing daily with superfood, take my tumeric/green tea – knowing how food can affect my skin in many ways, I was still shocked how it couldn’t fight off the acne the BC was causing on a daily basis. I was sad to see supplements couldn’t help with hormonal acne and the only solution was to remove it. This made me realize how complicated the human body really is. I am continuing to take these supplements though because I do still think it’s important to maintain good health even though it wasn’t an effective solution for my acne experience. I’m glad a beauty expert is finally bringing the importance of dietary health into the light in this industry because skin should be seen as part of our entire system and the last indicator of what’s really happening inside our body. Having a clean gut/liver and detoxing it regularly is so important to balance and prevent diseases/cancer.

    1. I’m also struggling with skin consequences on nexplanon, what method did you switch to?

    2. Jean Wang so whats supplement that you still consume? 🙂

    3. Jean Wang are you thinkin to add supplement such as Zinc, Vit C and Vit D/ Vit B can reduce acne and improve skin health? Or any other recommend? And whats dosage? Am starting to adding some supplement daily but not sure yet which one its best. Need some thoughts and advice

  364. Is there a brand of D3 and omega 3 that you would recommend from Swanson Vitamins instead of Sephora? I can buy everything else from Swanson and it would be a lot easier for me. Thank youn😊

    1. I trust the brands garden of life, megafood and new chapter

  365. I never realized that vitamin d was helpful in this way! My doc told me to add it because of a sleeping disorder but it also started to clear the perpetual breakout on my chin. I’ll def be adding some of these to my routine! Thank you!

    1. Raisa Raisa Well, I started with 2000 IU a day which is way too much for the average person to take. I bought Jamieson brand 500 IU tabs but you should talk to your doctor or pharmacist! They will be able to help you out! I’m in Canada so I don’t know if that brand is available to you.

    2. Ash Mack are you already taking yout vitD? What dosage and may i know what brand that you take? Been tryin to find it in my country 🙂

  366. Thank you so much for this video! I have been interested in adding some more supplements to my routine – I currently take probiotics and omega 3. I was wondering if you looked into the zinc by MegaFood. I have tried their turmeric supplements and have really liked them and you recommended their B complex. MegaFood’s zinc is sourced from yeast? Curious if you have any thoughts on this or if it is better to stick to the picolinate variety. Thank so much 🙂

    1. I love megafood but I would stick to the picolinate or the optizinc.

  367. Hello Renee! may I know what’s your take on flaxseed oil? I’ve been hearing good benefits on flaxseed. But I have no clue on the flaxseed oil. 🙂

    1. flaxseed is an omega 3 so it’s good.

  368. I wish you can be my dermatologist renee..i still cant find the right one where takes me seriously not just about getting done and send me the bill.
    Im taking fish oil and multivitamins but im really interested in HUM products for a while now they seems legit company,thanks for the recommendations,

  369. Hi Renee! So I recently discovered that I may have dehydrated skin. I couldn’t figure out why my face looks so oily yet feels so tight. It doesn’t ever feel moisturized, no matter how much moisturizer I put on. It just looks oily. And when I tried to use products for oily skin, I feel like I have to constantly reapply because my face feels so dry! Do you have any products (cleanser, moisturizers, toners, etc) that you can recommend to me? I’m still in college, so maybe products that aren’t too expensive like La Mer. Thanks so much!

    1. please check out my video on hydrating toners and the 7 skin method! That has completely helped me with my dehydration!

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    1. Haha yes!

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  371. I’m actually considering going vegan for overall health and better skin. Can anyone attest to this?

    1. There is no harm in trying. As you said, it is for your overall health, you know this is a lifestyle change that is positive. I will just advice you to go slowly and gently by being a vegetarian first or start with taking off red meat for 3 months, next is white meat, the chickens, off for 3mnths, then the sea foods, fishes, then take off the by products like egg, milk, cheese. So within the 12mnths you have gradually transition, and during those months, you keep on trying new fruits and vegetables as well as incoperating new vegan meal.
      Whatever you do, make sure you do what is best for you and live a happy and fufiled like. Good luck

    2. I’m vegan, but I don’t think it’s affected my skin (good or bad). I still get hormonal acne. However if you don’t have that problem you should try it out for a few months.

    3. Absolutely! Do it for yourself & the animals🐄🐷🐓 Start vegetarian then work other types of animal products out of your diet. Dairy is a known contributor of acne. You will feel & look amazing!

    4. RJ Fernandez Try it! For me, the combination of eating vegan and using topicals like retin-a helped my skin texture a lot and in terms of health, I feel lighter and happier than before.

  372. I wonder how you feel with taking Collagen supplements? I dont know if its placebo but i think it helps me whenever i drink it as i wake up on an empty stomach with 1000mg of Vit C. Then after 2hrs i eat

    1. I took them ages ago but more for ligament health and digestion

  373. What do you think about cod liver oil?

    1. omega 3

  374. I agree with all of those supplements, however I would also add a gelatin/collagen supplement. Or one can just consume bone broth. It gives you THE most amazing glow! 🙂

    1. @Sabby Kohli what i heard you cant take it more than 1000mg and above

    2. @Sabby Kohli im responding from my experience. i take vitamin c, which has collagen in it. my vit c dosage is 300mg

    3. But how much collagen dosage per day is recommended?

    4. bone broth is everything!!

  375. I’ve got IBD so I’m deficient in everything 😅 my Dr has me taking D3 and Iron in liquid form, as it’s more easily digestible in that manner as supposed to a pill. I am supposed to take a multivitamin as well but I am hunting for one that isn’t going to just sit in my gut. Thanks for doing this vid. These are supplements I’m supposed to take, minus the zinc. I’ll try these out, esp the probiotic and omega.

    1. rainasparkles whats dosage of vitD that you consume? And may i know what brand?

    2. That’s the hardest part, finding a multi that doesn’t stay in a solid form forever.

  376. Renee I wanted to ask if the doctor that recommended this was a naturopathic doctor? I’ve been trying to find a good one but unfortunately they are not covered by insurance in most states! And thanks so much for this video. I believe 90 percent of the acne I have comes from internal issues, which makes skin care difficult.

    1. Hi Rene. Thank you for this information packed video. I am struggling with hormonal acne on my chin since early twenties ( I am in my ealry 30s now). After going to numerous dermatologists and trying numerous pills and creams I am ready for a different more holistic approach. I have been so disappointed with all the “professionals” in the field thus far. I live in NYC as well, and was wondering if you would share your dr of Integrative and functional medicine. There are so many out there, but since these dr’s are not covered by insurance I would like to spend my hard earned money on someone who is well recommended and is effective in their practice. Please, please help!

    2. Yes a dr of integrative and functional medicine. Not covered by insurance which sucks.


  378. I take Vitamin D, B-complex, fish oil, turmeric, chlorophyll, and probiotics and my acne/redness hasn’t changed at all. I eat a relatively clean and balanced diet with limited dairy and meat, I sleep 7 hours a night, and exercise daily, yet I STILL have pervasive skin problems. Not sure what to do anymore.

    1. Kait Gardner WATER AND LOADS OF IT

    2. Research the vitamin D…I say that because you may be surprised by how it is stored in the body since it is a fat-soluble vitamin. The best way to get it may surprise you but do your research. Also research turmeric (I drink it in a tea daily) and you may find you don’t need the B-complex because of the amount of B vitamins in turmeric. I say do your own research so you can draw your own conclusions for yourself but the info may surprise you.

    3. Kait Gardner
      Thank u so much.

    4. reshma rai take them all at once if you like! Vitamins & fish oil (fish burps, gross!) can sometimes cause upset tummy so I take krill oil (not fish oil) & all these vitamins at night before bed.

    5. Kait Gardner
      plz tell me how to take all the supplements at one time? any time table?

  379. Can you make a video of cleansers (both steps) that you recommend for each skin type

    1. Devin Mera

  380. Also, I’m a bit confused. If you are taking probiotics that thrive in the gut, wouldn’t they just keep replicating by themselves? Why is it needed to continuously take the probiotic supplements? (I’m actually asking, not trying to be confrontational in case that doesn’t come across well.)

    1. please what vitamin can I take, I have rashes all over my body

    2. Miiyaoo y

    3. This is a great question, and like Andela said, it’s about maintenance. So many things affect the balance of bacterial flora in our guts, things like stress, the food we eat, the chlorine in our drinking water etc. basically our modern day lives support the growth and maintenance of bad bacteria. So we need to replenish the good ones everyday.

    4. I think it’s good to start with supplements, but then keep it healthy with fermented food and sometimes enzymes pills (if you overeat or something). It’s not only about bad bacterias, it’s also about the power of all those digestion processes, which gets slower as you age.

    5. Because sometimes you have ‘bad bacteria’ in your gut which can reduce the amount of good bacteria and flush them out so you have to repeatedly take good bacteria in order to fight them. Also the junk food or any unhealthy foods will lower the effectiveness of good bacteria so clean diet is necessary. Hope this helps 🙂

  381. Hi Renne this great information , thank you!
    Could you yell me how to take them? All together in the morning, separated, night? .

  382. Great video! I feel very inspired to look into supplements for myself. Do you have any sources for all the information you mentioned about how the vitamins work for your skin?

  383. I take cordyceps and reishi supplements, and ginseng! But I’m definitely adding ALL of these thanks Renee, you are my absolute favorite person to watch. I tell everyone about you (everyone I’m talking skincare with).

  384. I suffered from hormonal acne for years. Last year I was recommended to take a supplement called DIM . I stared taking it and New zits stopped appearing and my face was completely clear after one month. Love all the information you provide. I feel like I learn something new every time I watch your videos!

    1. @Gamer F1750 good to know! I’ve been supplementing with iodine bc my boobs got sore one day like I was going to start my period and it just never subsided. Iodine completely gets rid of it. At higher levels I hear it displaces halogens like bromide and fluoride. I just switched to lugols 5% bc it was on sale on piping rock and I’m doing 3 drops 2x/day. I’m hoping that once the detoxing stops my skin will improve. Bc iodine balance estrogen and also detox heavy metals. Jw if anyone has any experience with this?

    2. Which one are you taking? DIM is recommended for breast cancer prevention, it helps lower estrogen if one has estrogen dominance.

    3. Which dim product did you use ? Just so I have a reference point

    4. Nawras Sattar|قناة نونو 9

    5. Sarah D have you tried saw palmetto?

  385. How do you use each supplement? Like when do you have to take them during the day?

  386. I’ve taken a supplement for acne before and never really saw the improvements. Watching the video and you noted the 28-day skin cycle… Well, I perhaps didn’t give the supplements a good enough time to do their possible magic. I heard about Vitamin D being good for darker skin colors so I will probably dip back into that for longer than 2 weeks. Heh. Unrelated: Do you like Shisedo products? I’ve been debating it but the prices…

  387. Can you please do a video about a skin care routine for normal skin.

  388. I am taking collagen type 2 for my joints but at the same time it helps with skin elasticity. I also take omega 3, probiotic, prebiotic, soy protein. I have never suffered from acne. But looking at my family tree, I notice that noone has acne. I think it is in the gene but also our family eats a lot of vegetable, drink lots of water and tend to drink detox tea for leisure too. I do that since I was a little kid so I was unaware that it is actually not the way many other families do not live by.

  389. So you take a multi? A whole food multi?

  390. Great video, thanks!
    I’ve also heard that you should rotate the brand of probiotics you use every 6 months, I always thought that recommendation was because you should introduce new strains in different combinations, but now I’m wondering if it’s because they are so unregulated…

  391. Thank you for posting this it was so informative! Do you take all 5 vitamins everyday?

  392. I’m interested to know any supplement you take for just skincare in general? I have been taking the Japanese collagen power every morning, milcolla and recently changed to asahi premier.

  393. i took zinc when i was 19 years old and it helped a TON, seriously try it out. it’s also inexpensive

    1. I take 50 mg a day with 1200 mg of fish oil. Also apply aloe vera gel and my acne is not even 5% as bad as it used to be. I would feel uncomfortable even taking my shirt off but now its not even an issue

    2. Kylie Smith whats brand your zinc supplement you consume? And whats dosage?

    3. Kylie Smith how much and for how long please

    4. How many mg a day? 🙂

  394. This is so interesting and I would love to learn more. Do you have links to those studies and published reports about zinc and other supplements like probiotics and B Complex vitamins?

  395. Wow this was very helpful thank you so much for such detailed information!

  396. What kind of doctor and do you have recommendations? I live in ny and have been thinking about going to a holistic doctor but don’t know where to start!

  397. I’ve always had quite sensitive, sometimes acne-prone skin and the smallest changes could aggravate it. Someone suggested I try taking Omega 3 and after a few months, without me fully realizing it, my skin had improved a great deal. Not sure if this is completely due to the supplement but I’m sure it had a hand in it 🙂

    1. Sorry for slow response! At the moment I am only taking Omega 3 – I just take one capsule per day. I am planning on adding a Vitamin B supplement as well in the future. My skin is doing pretty well so I’m a bit paranoid about messing with a good thing 🙂 I would start with one and not many different supplements – in that case you can better tell which are actually effective. Probably best to consult with your doctor first though! Sorry I couldn’t be more help!

    2. I use the Solgar Omega 3 – think it is the double strength fish oil concentrate version 🙂

    3. Natasha what brand of omega3 that you consume?

    4. Natasha are you thinkin to add supplement such as Zinc, Vit C and Vit D/ Vit B can reduce acne and improve skin health? Or any other recommend? And whats dosage? Am starting to adding some supplement daily but not sure yet which one its best. Need some thoughts and advice

  398. Cod liver oil is rich in omega 3 naturally as well, right?:-))

    1. yes

  399. hi renee! i think this is my favorite video of yours that you have ever posted. i liked that you thoroughly did your research on the supplements instead of just taking them for their claims 🙂

    1. Thank you Tiffany! Science can make lots of claims but if they don’t work and break me out, then it’s no good

  400. Hi Renee! thank you for a great video. I’m puzzled why you didn’t mentioned vitamin K2 when talking about vitamin D3? I supplement both as here, in Europe (Great Britain), everybody says it’s effective only with vitamin K, I wonder what is your view on that. Greetings from Scotland x

    1. Gothamista or you could take magnesium in combination with vitamin d in order for it to be well absorbed into the body. 🙂 Take care !

    2. This is really interesting! I was never told to take D3 with K2 but I think I need to find a well-rounded D3 supplement that also has K2 in it. Thank you!

  401. I’m currently taking EPO, and yes it does help with PMS. I have been taking it for two months now and I don’t get any PMS pain anymore…regarding my skin condition, I don’t see a lot of different? since I do have my own skincare routine to help me lol..but I’m now interested in purchasing one or two of the supplements you mentioned

  402. Krill oil has helped my hormonal acne more than anything!

  403. What do you think of cod liver oil?

  404. where is that cute pullover you’re wearing from?

  405. I love your top! Where is it from!? It showcases your nice skin so perfectly.

  406. As a Med student, we were advised by our professors to not prescribe zinc for more than three month. It is absorbed with the same carrier that also transports iron or copper. That means while taking zinc supplements, you might get deficient in iron or other micronutrients that use the same carrier in your intestine because the carriers are “blocked” by zinc. An exception here is obviously if a patient has an actual deficiency in zinc.

    1. Tell me these 5 supplements are ok for men also??? How long taking is ok continuosly?

    2. The body has no where to store zinc. So if you aren’t getting it daily with food then you must supplement with it. I use zinc+ copper from solaray daily. My testosterone has increased. (Sorry—>) and my erections are super strong. My immune system is also very healthy. But keep in mind, I supplement 5,000ius of D3+K2. Zinc+ copper. Omega3s DHA/EPA. And a few drops of trace minerals. I also workout.

    3. MsJB93 koo

    4. yes often on the back it is. Depends, some people want with copper some without.

    5. 22poopoo Well if the supplement also contains copper it should be on the label. If it is in trace amounts then maybe not. You definitely need to get high quality mineral and trace mineral preparations.

  407. I have oily to combo very acne prone skin… would u recommend using clarasonic daily?? (I only wear makeup occasionally if not just cc cream) plz reply, it would help me a lot! 😭😭

    1. Gothamista thank u so much😊 I’ll keep that in mind

    2. Hey, I’m personally not into any kind of physical exfoliating.

    3. thank you so much guys! 🙌 it makes sense now. are u suppose to physical exfoliate acne prone skin or should I only do mild chemical ones maybe 1-2 times a week??
      thanks again💜

    4. Hridi Purna (sorry I’m also not Renee) but I wouldn’t use the clairsonic daily on already inflamed skin. It can further aggravate skin that’s already trying to heal. Try to focus on gentle, hydrating cleansers and moisturizers to get everything calmed down, especially if you’re using drying acne medications like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Just using cool water in the morning to rinse your face might help. I hope she replies!

    5. Hridi Purna I’m not Renee, but I have acne prone skin too 🙋🏻 When I have active breakouts, I don’t exfoliate, but when I only have the scars to deal with, I do use my clarisonic 3-4 times a week! I really like using it, but not when I have active breakouts, since exfoliating will spread the acne bacteria to the clear sections of the face. Hope this could help you!

  408. Another excellent and informative video Renee, thank you so much! I’d never have guessed that you struggled with hormonal acne, it’s something I’ve struggled with since my teenage years, I am now in my 30’s. I have certainly found that dietary changes (removing dairy for example) coupled with supplementation make a big impact. I am going to incorporate the b vitamins now too as I already take zinc, probiotics and magnesium daily. I’ve also started to take turmeric daily, in a non dairy hot chocolate drink made with raw cacao powder. Turmeric has been shown to have excellent anti inflammatory properties and as you mentioned inflammation is a root cause of acne…and many other issues. Thanks again for sharing your wealth of information, your skin looks really beautiful, as do you! 😊🙏🙌 PS I love your top/shirt!

    1. Raisa Raisa I take the Megafood Balanced B complex and Synerzinc by ATP labs. Hope that helps!

    2. Áine Rooney have you already taking your vitB and zinc? May i know what brand? Been looking to find it at my country 🙂

  409. yes Vit D & calcium helps regulate sebum too. Also people with dry often lack in vit A
    Very comprehensive video. Great job!

  410. I take D3 2000IU recommended by my doctor. I also take a potassium tablet prescribed by my doctor. I’ve been taking the Ouai thinning hair vitamin for a couple of months and I can tell a real difference in my hair.

    1. Justine Hall vitD3 2000 IU was huge aits? I just started to consume D3 400 IU. What test that you do to checking that?

  411. Best thing is yo feed your gut bacteria with fruit/ veggie in the form Of smoothies really feeds gut bacteria ☺
    Evening primrose oil works better for mood.

    1. Evening primrose oil has helped my acne and also helped make my formerly irregular monthly cycle regular 😌

  412. 😍😍😍

  413. If you could only chosen two of your supplements, which would they be? (University student on a budget here haha.)

    1. bbappzz98 , that is so true, only if going to a doctor was easy. Some people still cannot afford doctor’s visit or costly lab work. That’s the hard truth.

    2. I’ve been in to dermatologists. But they often recommend accutane , antibiotic and sterilizing my face. Thay really not into inside medication.

    3. Leticia M spirulina and fish oil

    4. A lot of GPs will recommend going on the contraceptive pill for acne, which will just mess up your hormones even more – STAY AWAY! 🙂 But if you can get referred to a dermatologist then go for it… actually there are a bunch of dermatologists on YouTube giving free advice… but I suppose you do want someone to look at YOUR skin… maybe a facialist can give you advice- get a groupon for a facial or something… worth a try

    5. bbappzz98 true that…

  414. I never knew that vit b12 can cause acne. i was starting to take vitamin b12 about 3 weeks ago, and i started breaking out. i was wondering what cause it, coz my skin has been cleared for about 2 years. i do get acne that time of the month, but in these 2 weeks i had 5 acnes over my cheeks and my chin. I keep thinking maybe because of period, but it is worst than usual. thanks Rene for this helpful video 😊

    1. Putu Nadya ah i see thank you so much. So whats ur current supplement? Am thinkin about Zinc or any other like Vit C. Am not even know anythinf abt probiotic one lol

    2. Raiza Nisa H It did to me, after watching Rene video I stop taking vit B12. and my skin got better. so far I have not take another supplement except for Korean ginseng. I was thinking collagen drink would be beneficial. 😆😆

    3. Putu Nadya so consume vit B12 can make you breakout?

    4. Putu Nadya are you thinkin to add supplement such as Zinc, Vit C and Vit D/ Vit B can reduce acne and improve skin health? Or any other recommend? And whats dosage? Am starting to adding some supplement daily but not sure yet which one its best. Need some thoughts and advice

  415. Hi!! Love your videos! Can you do a video on blackheads? I don’t suffer really suffer from acne but I have a LOT of blackheads and it’s so frustrating!! Please help!

    1. Cynthia Huang agree with this!!!!! Nothing I’m trying is working 😢

  416. Renee are you sure you can’t eat pizza ever day and take these supplements to balance it all out?😅😅😅. Wouldn’t that be a dream! Wonderful video, Wow so informative and precise. Thank u.

    1. Jennifer Lee just and dont gain weight too that would be a dream come true for me!!

  417. I’m taking Omega 3, Vitamin C, Milk Thistle, and Turmeric

    1. what is milk thistle?

    2. Which supplement brand is more helpful and natural for taking daily

    3. Wonderful! I used to take milk thistle too, amazing antioxidant!

  418. Hi Rene , thank you for sharing . I always watching all of your videos . So informative and natural. Can you share with us , why some products and/or supplements do not working for skin and causes and tips … thank you , love from Malaysia

  419. Im a guy and i tried taking zinc to reduce my acne for more than a month or about 2. It significantly reduced oil production on my face and i think it cleared up acne on my jawline & chin. But things didn’t go happily ever after, i started get acne on my cheeks, which i never had issue with before, i didn’t change anything in my diet or skincare routine other than adding zinc supplement. Whyyyyy?? 😕

    1. It is GNC Zinc 30mg.

    2. Nevle Ihcom hi! May i know what brand of the zinc you consume? Been adding zinc to my supplement along with vitC

    3. I think Im kinda positive about that, now that I have stopped zinc for more than a month, I dont get nodules on my cheeks anymore (touch wood), but Im left with a lot red marks left by those nodules I got when Im on zinc. But my skin does return back to its oily state like before I started zinc. The reason I started taking zinc was that I found a lot of info about how zinc cures ppl acne on the net, and nearly all of them say that if zinc didnt clear you up, it wont worsen your skin anyway, so just give it a shot, you wont lose anything. But I guess that didnt apply to me lol. Also, I thought I was deficient in zinc/malnutrition even though I didnt really get a test by doctor and Im kinda sure about that cause of my eating habits (I often skip meals due to hectic lifestyle, hate oysters, rarely eat food that is high in zinc). Lesson learnt: dont fix it if its not broken. (facepalms)

    4. Nevle Ihcom hi, so you may thinkin you breakout cause of the zin consumption?

  420. This is an amazing video. You are awesome as always, Renee!

  421. Thank you for sharing this. Love the way you speak.

  422. @gothamista : have you talked to your doctor about polythenols, they were more commonly available for our ancestors, who used organic farming methods, and I have been reading so much information on how amazing taking a oral supplement of polthenol would help clear skin by 44%, which sounds pretty amazing and this study was done by one of the most credible and highly recognized heart specialist, who after discovering this switched his speciality to overall digestive health or General practioner. He even created his own product called vital reds, I trust your channel can you tell me what you think on this topic, I don’t know if it’s a kitsch idea or really worth invest and changing to a whole organic/ south Asia/ tropical fruit diet, which can be expensive. Love your channel have bought so many products that you have reccommended and appreciate the honest and openness of your channel. Does really feel like a safe and welcoming place with a more refined take on skincare management and just overall “skin love”.

    1. Christopher Newby

    2. Hey Christopher! Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I am intrigued and will investigate it! Thank you so much for your sweet, lovely and informative comment, really makes my day!💗

  423. I take Omega3, vit D3 during fall&winter months, B complex + vit B12 separately, selenium, magnesium, and vit C. Also an occasional iron supplement during heavier periods.

    1. and how’s ur skin ? do u suffer from acne?

    2. Autumn Sphere what dosage of your vitD & vitC?

    3. Autumn Sphere are you thinkin to add supplement such as Zinc, Vit C and Vit D/ Vit B can reduce acne and improve skin health? Or any other recommend? And whats dosage? Am starting to adding some supplement daily but not sure yet which one its best. Need some thoughts and advice

  424. What do you think about Beta-carotene? Do you know anything about it! 💜

  425. Can I still take a multivitamin with these supplements?

    1. Sarah Stroud hit the books

    2. Beauty Addict thank you so much ♥♥

    3. Aali yah not all centrum brand products only multivitamin , spirulina hawain , omegas brand i dont know its local brand from our country nepal thats it

    4. Beauty Addict all centrum branded products? also did it make you more happier/optimistic?

    5. Sarah Stroud centrum multivitamin , omega 3 spirulina and probiotic changed my skin

  426. Please try l lysine, one of the best supplements especially for hormonal acne and textured skin

    1. Kanishka Sikri

    2. you’re not the first person i seen who has HIGHLY recommended l lysine

    3. Didn’t work for me 🙁 I

    4. For Me l-lysine worsen my breakouts … I’m wondering if anybody else experienced this 🙁

    5. Kanishka sikri i’ll do hon 🙂 wow u seem so kind and lovely 🙂

  427. Another great video Renee. You are so informative and concise. Have been dabbling with these supplements on and off for years but think it’s time to step up my game and be more consistent. Thank you ! 😘

  428. Awesome informative video as always. I agree with your assessment. Do your research and consult with your various medical professionals, i.e., dermatologist as well as your OB/GYN, PCM to make informed decisions that will work for and not against you.

  429. As always your videos are so informative, timely and draw attention to a “wholistic” approach to beautiful skin and health. I’ve taken supplements my whole life and I work in natural health and ingredients are my thing etc. I will mention one thing, Zinc is great but it depletes copper (good for skin) so you want to look for zinc supplements that contain copper. They are available. I also like BCAA’s (yes, for sports guys but so much good stuff) and I am a huge fan of L Glutamine. Agree on the EPO, you breakout….for a while. Then it should stabilize. But its really tricky. Borage oil is great for skin as is Sea Buckthorn. Probiotics are good and I live in Canada so I take a brand called Bio K (rice version, not dairy) and it’s fermented 50 billion. Just make sure to take your Vit D with fats (fat soluble) and Vitamin B & C can be taken anytime (water soluble.) I love love Mega Foods and I take the Balanced B. Because it’s Food State, its so easy to digest and can be taken on an empty stomach. I think food state vitamins are pretty great overall to be honest. Sorry for the long note ladies….

    1. Rena Dempsey hi! Not real sure about the ‘copper’. Bcs i want to start consume zinc (picolinate) 20mg a day to reduce my breakout, is that ok or shud i adding other supplement to balance it?

    2. Rena! Thank you for all this wonderful and super helpful information! I love it, you’re the best!

    3. This was extremely helpful. Thank you so much!

  430. Earrings are AMAZING by the way!!

    1. Haha thank you love!

  431. Vitamin E works really great for me. Vitamin B also does wonders I’ve noticed.

  432. Hi My dear Renne, one of your oldest quiet subscriber, have been watching you and so happy to see you with two hundred thousand over subscribers which you truly deserve and much more, you are simply the best n beautiful too; Thank you for sharing your supplements as always a great video, Bee 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😍

    1. Hey Bee! Thank you for always being so supportive and lovely!

  433. How does she look younger in every video! Awesome video as always!Thank you very much! Life style change and proper “diet” are life changing, food is medicine. Thank you very much for your wealth of knowledge and for sharing it with us🌺You da bomb💎

    1. Haha you are soo sweet!

  434. Why so beautiful and radiant? Love you Renee!

    1. 😘💗

  435. I use a bio antioxidant that contains alot of vitamins (mainly vitamin b’s) and minerals like zinc selen krom etc. I also take omega 3, kalcium and vitamin d3 because i live in sweden not much sun over here.

    1. I take them for various reasons not just acne but it have helped me with keeping my skin clear (havent got much new acne after i’ve been more thorough with my vitamins) a bit brighter and have filled some of my fine lines a bit (together with a extensive skincare regime of course). I tend to occasionally get som acne on my chest and i haven’t got that since i started taking the bioantioxidant.

    2. is it helping?

  436. I’m so glad I found you! I’ve watched so many of your videos now and feel so informed. You are a light! Thank you Thank you you thank you!

    1. Thank you Silvia!

  437. Apple Cider vinegar

    1. applying it on face is also amazing

  438. I love hum vitamins! I’m currently taking daily cleanse, gut instinct, and flatter me, fish oil, and a multivitamin! I know I haven’t been using it long but during my time of the month I didn’t have a breakout! I was so surprised! My skin is glowing and better than ever! 😀 I heard that taking vitamins that improve the digestive tract relates to breakouts so I tried it out and got amazing result! 😀
    Thanks for all the information!

  439. Is the dermatologist the best source to find what you’re deficient in, or who would you recommend? Great video, I appreciate all the information! I’ve enjoyed your channel!

    1. Seek a Naturopathic Doctor

    2. Annual physical bloodwork can indicate deficiencies too

    3. you can get your blood checked at a doctor and they could see if your deficient in something though i heard it’s expensive in some parts of the world to get those tests

  440. Pickled vegetables and kombucha are also a good source of pro biotics. Generally fermented stuff is healthy and should be part of a diet.

    1. @- 수인Bru what is botulism

    2. alice333 I started eating probiotics but I feel like vomiting whenever I eat it does it happen to anyone?

    3. Whenever we have any kind of discomfort, we eat sauerkraut. (The rumor exists for a reason.)
      – a German country child

    4. alice333 fermented foods are so good but i’m afraid of getting botulism.

    5. does this mean wine can help cure my acne?? I can get on board with this treatment.

  441. A very no-nonsense, informative and measured approach to skincare! No random hype products or anything, which can be a little hard to find nowadays. Subbed!

    1. Thank you Caitlin!

  442. Can u take zink supplements whilst having underactive thyroid and taking medicine for that?

  443. great video!! thank you for sharing your daily supplements with us. my grandmother told me about B complex and how it helps for pimples around the mouth due to hormonal changes. I really want to try B complex and Zinc. I’m currently using vitamin C for the anti oxidants. I’m very hesitant to use omega3 though…

    1. Undercover Chemist hi! Have you already adding vitB and Zinc to your routine? Whats progress is that?

  444. Thank you Renee, incredibly clear, concise and educational as always. You are awesome!!

  445. the only trust worthy brand I can reach for here is forever living and they do not provide all of this

  446. Thank you for sharing and just ordered the B complex you use. I take Dr Ohhira probiotic the professional formula any thoughts on this one? Also Vit C with zinc gluc, Omega 3 Purepharma, Dlux Vit D Better for you, Magnesium xxx

    1. Lara Nee are you thinkin to add supplement such as Zinc, Vit C and Vit D/ Vit B can reduce acne and improve skin health? Or any other recommend? And whats dosage? Am starting to adding some supplement daily but not sure yet which one its best. Need some thoughts and advice

  447. Thank u for sharing this informative video😗

  448. I love how informative your videos are and you are so beautiful 💕

  449. I have been having acne on my chin and jaw lately which I never used to have before I only had acne on my forehead. I am wondering if the cause is the evening primrose oil I am taking. I always thought it is going to balance my hormones not to cause more inflammation. Should I take the evening primrose oil along with an Omega 3 supplement?

    1. i have the same problem & so the same question… renee pls guide

    2. I have the same question, lol.

  450. You are one of the rare gems here in YouTube. I love the scientific approach you do when you talk about skincare. You saved my skin so much Renée, you also saved me lots of money because of you I don’t even have to visit my dermatologist. I will surely take these supplements. Thank you so much Renée, love ya!

    1. I should be the one to thank you😊

    2. Thank you Kookie! 😁

  451. I have PCOS and suffer from hormonal acne. I visited a gynecologist and asked if there was anything I could do to help regulate my cycles after they were messed up by the pill (and of course my acne had came back). He suggested I take a supplement called Inofert, which contains inositol (a vitamin B) and folic acid. He said it would help regulate my cycles and also work great on my hormonal acne. I also read online it really helped other people like me. Well, that didn’t go as planned! Although it worked wonders on my cycle, from the third day of taking it I started breaking out on my forehead (which I never did before, I mostly break out on my cheeks and chin). After taking them for about 2 months, my skin was so bad I could not believe it. It kinda looked like cystic acne because it was inflamed and would hurt so much!! My skin was at its worst (plus it was summer and the sun and heat did not help at all). I cried every day. When I stoped taking it, my skin slowly came back to normal, but with lots of hyperpigmentation left. So you should always consider that just because something helps some people, it may not work for you as well

    1. K

    2. I’m taking inofert as well and they helped me a lot. But I feel like as soon as I stop taking it I break out again.

    3. Laura Shible hi! Whats zinc brand supplement that you consume hun? And whats dosage? 🙂

    4. Laura Shible what dosage you consume zinc and those veggie supplememt? I need to treat my hormonal acne by supplement

    5. Laura Shible this is great! I will give this a try, I hope everything goes well for you 🙂

  452. I take Magnesium + Zinc for a good boost to my immune system and I just find that it really works for me, helps with energy levels and stress. Also, I used to take Biotin for hair (stopped now, but want to go back to it) and some Fountain Molecules from deciem! I’m currently loving the Geek Molecule and I quite enjoyed the Beauty Molecule, but seen more results from the Geek one.

    Thank you for the video! You look great, as always! <3

  453. Thanks for your Information✌ you look so flawless and I love how you speak👏

  454. I always love how informative you are!

    1. Thank you Mary!

  455. Great video! I take most of those supplements too and in addition to these I take pycnogenol and tumeric.

  456. Do you take all at them at the same time? Or do they berry by day?

  457. Hi Renee, this video is very informative. I take supplements of vitamin c omega 6 and 3 spiruline and blackberry for better blood circulation. Never tried probiotics so I thank you for the advice. Thank you very much for all your research and for making things simple to understand.

  458. So helpful! I’ve been taking the Garden Of Life Once Daily 30 Billion probiotic for a bit over a month and was thinking about adding an omega 3 supplement as well, still looking into that! Could you do a separate video on clogged pores and closed comedones? I suffer from them pretty extremely after waxing my face months and months ago but they won’t seem to go away since😩

    1. How abt probiotics with digestive enzyme

    2. i too suffer from closed comedones 🙁 but try tree tea oil, it helps a bit!

    3. Have you seen a difference in your skin since taking the probiotic?

    4. yeah waxing is nuts on the pores.

  459. Ive taken vit d3 and zinc picolinate and it helped a lot with my hormonal acne. Ive noticed that my acne was not as inflamed as they were before and they really helped in drying them up faster. Now I’ll look for the b complex and probiotic capsules because my regular intake of chia seeds cover my omega 3 consumption. Thanks for the recommendation Renee!! 😊

    1. Kate G. Ziii

    2. Raisa Raisa Im not from the us so im not familiar with the brands that you mentioned. I bought my vitamins from a healthstore so theyre vegetarian and “natural” and from the brand healthy options. I take them all at the same time once daily after a “fatty” meal (usually just an egg) bec vit d3 is fat soluble so im kind of helping its absorption.

    3. Kate G. Hi! May i know what brand from ur supplement? Been thinking to grab it from puritan pride/ nature’s health. And are you taking those supplement at the same time? After meal at the morning?

    4. Raiza Nisa H I cant say which one is the best because Ive started taking them all at the same time and Ive noticed a big difference from when I wasnt taking vitamins and the result after I took them.. plus i read that the picolinated form of zinc is better absorbed by the body than the gluconate one.

    5. Kate G. Zinc picolinate its more better than gluconate aite? Not really know more about the probiotic in form of pill. Yes i cut dairy sugar gluten bein half vegan but nothing much so i thought i need more to balance my ‘inside’ (but not accutane or any others drug) am consider to take all your vitamin that u alreay consume. Is it VitD3 affected to ur acne?

  460. I really love this Renée! These are the exact supplements my family are taking to support overall health! For us, it’s not only great for the skin but also for gut health to help IBS, new allergies and fatigue symptoms. I’m so happy that you are sharing this and more people can be aware how they can support not only their skin but also their overall health!

  461. hi Renee, it is so helpful. but are you taking this five at the same time? or could you recommend the order for these supplements

    1. Eleni V. Wai

    2. Gothamista so you dont consume your zinc everyday? But to others is yes?

    3. It depends on your supplement and the directions. Some may require an empty stomach while others require food. Yes, I take these daily. I take the zinc in phases when I feel my immunity needs a boost.

    4. Guys she said in her description that she does drink them everyday only in different times. Some needed to be taken on an empty stomach and some after eating

    5. I’m also curious about this

  462. I’m still a bit queasy about using probiotic supplements (although I drink Yakult and Calpis but I drink them mainly for the taste). I always drink vitamin B-complex, vitamin C, and zinc, and I make sure my diet is rich in omega 3 and 6. I wonder what are your thoughts about L-cysteine supplements in skincare? I see popular Japanese brands that contain L-cysteine (with either vitamin B-complex and/or vitamin C combined) that claimed to help with dark spots, acne, and blemishes. Personally, I use L-cysteine in conjunction with my multivitamin, and it kept my hormonal acne to a minimum (along with a basic skincare routine). Interesting video as always <3

    1. Robin Smith Benitez hi! Now i only consume my omega3 3 in 1 supplement that containt salmon oil & EPO. And be adding to vitC, Zinc and vitD. What brand or ur supplement that you consume? Been searching those in my country

    2. Raiza Nisa H Like what Gothamista said, it’s best to seek advice from your doctor. I can’t vouch that what I use will work for you, as our diets, hormones, environments, and needs differ.

    3. Robin Smith Benitez are you thinkin to add supplement such as Zinc, Vit C and Vit D/ Vit B can reduce acne and improve skin health? Or any other recommend? And whats dosage? Am starting to adding some supplement daily but not sure yet which one its best. Need some thoughts and advice

  463. Here immediately as always. You are awesome. I take omega 3 and evening primrose but will do more research on the primrose. I had terrible hormonal acne but lost weight, changed my diet, and added supplements and even though I am still oily, I have not seen as much as a pimple in five years. I am a 55 year old very fair black woman who skin is completely clear, even toned and I don’t have a fine line or wrinkle on my face. Genectics and ethnicity are big players but my skin routine is serious and consistent and I see a dermatologist 2x yearly without fail. Good skin takes a commitment but the things need to do, especially in your day to day lifestyle are just good overall. I love your videos and your approach to beauty. I never miss a video!!

    1. Warrior Protocol what brand of omega3 and EPO that you consume? I’ve consume omega3 3in1 from nature’s health for metabolism and just realized it containt EPO 400mg and a bit scared abs the effect.

  464. Such a helpful video! I’m taking vitamin B complex every day and vitamin D every other day. Have really seen an improvement in skin, mood and energy levels! Really interested in getting some really good probiotics as I have been suffering from some digestive issues.

  465. Can supplements help reduce with homonal facial hair?

    1. Of cause, but first of all you must check the male hormones and female hormones level before take any supplements.

    2. How do u keep new follicles from forming? Forever?

    3. What Kendall said. Once the follicles are formed, there’s nothing you can do about it but laser or electrolysis. But anti androgens can stop new follicles from forming. So if you had laser and it didn’t work for you, it’s because as soon as you zap those follicles, new ones are forming.

    4. Even prescription anti-androgen medication like spiro or hormonal medications like birth control pills will not reduce the hair you already have, but it will stop any new follicles from being converted to the coarser type of hair. That means any permanent hair treatment you go for, like electrolysis, will stay effective over time where before you might keep developing new hairs. Some people also report that they feel the hair grows slower, but my understanding is that it’s anecdotal.

    5. It’s been reported that spearmint capsules can reduce androgen, thereby reducing facial hair.

  466. Have u tried HUM daily cleanse? Is it really work for acne?

    1. It could help on some level since it’s supports your detoxing organs the same way going on a detox might help your skin.

  467. Silica is also awesome for the skin….
    Horsetail tea does wonders

    1. Angelique Skerritt Thank you for enlightening me! It maybe not the silica itself but the combination I don’t know but most of the sunscreen broke me out😏 I’m drinking spearmint and green tea and sometimes lavender and camomile😍 Thanks for the recommendation. Definitely try these 😍

    2. Beyza Aydın silica is one of the vitamins your skin is made from…the older we get the less our skin absorbs this vitamin …as a result we get wrinkles cause the collagen is not being fed …..I think its the combination of things why u broke out….. An often times that silica in the product is synthetic…… So work from the inside out …..look at the blood that’s what carries oxygen to the skin …if the liver is not doing a good job of cleaning because of the toxic buildup. the blood will carry all the waste round an around the body an it will often times show in the skin……so look into herbs to clean the blood.. What worked for me was burdock an dandelion capsules also red clover work in combination to clear all my acne…horsetail tea will strengthen the skin …u can go online an research all of these items….. Also I use Castor oil to cleanse no harsh soap feed your skin with natural ingredients

    3. Angelique Skerritt Isn’t silica pore clogging? I’m literally running from a product everytime I see Dimethicone,Silicone,Silica etc. Am I wrong?

    4. Angelique Skerritt yes and Baobab tea too…

  468. Words just can’t describe how thankful I am to have found you and your channel! 😍❤

    1. Thank you for finding me!

    2. Miki xo i agree

  469. A timely video, thanks again Renee

  470. As a hormonal acne sufferer, this couldn’t come at the perfect time. I am loving your videos Renee. Its very informative and well reaearched. Keep up the good work!! 🙂

    1. Thank you Julie!

  471. We have a saying in Hungarian “one can look at the sun but not at her” meaning that you are so beautiful you shine brighter than the sun and that comes to my mind whenever I see you .

    1. That’s a beautiful saying!

    2. @say p

    3. Hi

    4. This is one of the sweetest compliments I’ve ever seen! Yay for women empowering other women! 😀

    5. could not have said it better…. she is beautiful

  472. Your skin looks AMAZING, it just looks more beautiful in every video!! I recommend your channel to everyone I know. So they can educate themselves about their skin and skincare. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!!🦋

    1. I do the same! I’m a skincare junkie so I’m always on other skincare channels spreading the word about/recommending Renee’s channel😍

    2. You are a sweetheart!

  473. Hi Renee! Thanks for a very informative video as always! Regarding probiotic so it’s better to drink in tablet form than drinking it from bottles, that makes sense. @gothamista

  474. dear Rene. .what do you think about hyaluronic acid supplimens? works? got clear but unfortunately dry dehydrated skin. ..♡

    1. me too . wanna try…please let me know what product would be your choice. ..for me it must be vegan typ. ..hope I will be able to find ( india but not indian) I would be the perfect example. .guess not easy to find someone more dehydrated than me 😉
      looking forward to hear from you ♡

    2. Don’t know but may start trying one soon to find out.

  475. Yay! I was just putting supplements in my cart and your video helped me refine my choices! Thank you Renee 😬

  476. I’m so early hahaha, I feel so accomplished

  477. Thank you for always sharing your knowledge about how to take care of our skin, you really helped me a lot. God bless you always! ❤️

  478. for me Saw massive results after omega 3

    1. Magnesium is a miracle ! It relaxes me so much!

    2. oh i love taking some extra magnesium to help lower stress levels and keep stress acne away

    3. that and mulitvitamins

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