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6 DIYS Using Stuff You Already Have Around Your House! ~ DIY Compilation Video – HGTV Handmade

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2,298 thoughts on “6 DIYS Using Stuff You Already Have Around Your House! ~ DIY Compilation Video – HGTV Handmade

  1. Every so often we’re going to bring back some of our favorite projects in fun compilation videos like this! Which project is your favorite?

    1. Things you have at home?

      Sis why do you have bricks ???

    2. HGTV Handmade

    3. Hey! All your crafts are woooooowwwww…👌🏻👌🏻 and I love ❤️ that bulletin board craft…!!

    4. The umbrella

    5. Bone

  2. Not trying to be rude but the first one we don’t have those things casually laying around in our house

  3. Who just has brick around their house

  4. I clicked on the video as it said I can use stuff that I already have and the first thing I seen was 2 bricks!!! I do not have bricks in the house 🏠

  5. Who has bricks and spray paint! Not me

  6. who has spray paint in their house?

  7. Cool! Of course I have a charger. I also got needle, threads and scissors. What exactly do I do?

  8. am i the only one without a random build bored in my house?

  9. hi can everyone sign up to green peace in google and sign the pettion like when your done

  10. (son) im just going to poop out a brick mom
    (mom) ok
    (son) or i can take a brick off the house.
    (mom) no just poop out a brick ok.

  11. Oh yeah because for the first one I have random bricks laying around

  12. Excellent

  13. Not helpful

  14. who tf finna have random bricks lying around

  15. who has a random bulletin board lying around

  16. I mean my house is made of bricks, should I just get those?

  17. The Title: 6 DIYS using stuff you already have around your house
    The first item: *a brick*
    Me: …..

  18. The only bricks I have is for my house😂

  19. ok i just moved into a new room and it just has a bed and a tv, pretty small but idek what to do with it ;(

  20. Did this person just paint a brick …….

  21. Who just has spray paint or felt laying around their house?

  22. First thing she whips out – bricks. BrUH who got bricks just laying around their house ?

  23. Oh yes, let me just grab my bulletin board that I just have randomly lying around the house!

  24. bishhhh i don’t have any of these at homeeeeee

  25. I don’t have any of this stuff at home lol

  26. wait how do they know we have those things in our house 0.0

  27. oh yeah because everyone has random bricks in their house

  28. Anyone else here but they don’t have a hot glue gun? Only me ok

  29. If you don’t have bricks in your clothes cupboards I mean you can’t be an ACTUAL person like everyone has at least 1 don’t they!!

    Edit:apparently phone chargers are boring they actually are mint

    1. Btw for all you serious ones this is a joke 🙂🙂 some hacks are good so no hate here

  30. Me: reads comments

    Also Me: seeing most of them are about not having bricks

    Also Also Me: coughs in “I have seventeen bricks outside waiting to be used for me to use in DIYs”

  31. I don’t have half of the stuff

  32. Yeah everyone has random bricks at their house

  33. Please let me know why we should have a random BRICK laying around!!! And as diy’s they need to be for KIDS little kinds don’t have bricks and hot glue gun and random crap you have.

  34. Potato

  35. All was my fav

  36. 99% of the comments: Talking about🧱
    1% of the comments: My comment :p

  37. I love how the title of this video is “6 DIYS Using Stuff You Already Have Around Your House!” and then the first item is a BRICK! who has a brick lying around there house!

  38. no offence but who has a brick and spray paint in their house

  39. Me at the start:Ooh I can finally do a diy craft!

    Me now:Welp better rip a brick from my path!

  40. i know that the title says with stuff you have around your house, but I didn’t know that they meant bricks from our neighbors house!!

  41. Where am I supposed to get bricks?!

  42. very nice

  43. Ok but y does she have 5 chargers doe


  45. Is it just me or did anyone else have NONE of the stuff they listed?

  46. And u thought that I was weird because I had a bunch of bricks just lying in my backyard

  47. Oh I “definitely” have that at my house

    Me:do we have any random bulletin boards???

  49. Wow

  50. Title: DIY using things you already have
    0:06 – Me “Is she tellin me to break the house and get some bricks?1

  51. Yep we use bricks evry day I wish

  52. Them:6 DiYs UsInG sTuFf YoU have!

    Me:Ummm…. I don’t have 2 bricks….

  53. 6 DIYS using stuff you already have!

    *takes out two bricks*

  54. Stop with al the hate About the bricks some people just have them and maybe your dad has them

  55. highly recommend

  56. Like the phone charger

  57. What is Washi tape? If you know could you tell me 😂

    1. @Juliana Nicole Thank you so much! 😊

    2. Fernanda Nelson a type of tape with designs on it

  58. im sorry, what kind of weird people have that kind of stuff lying around??

  59. Yes I have bricks there were used as walls-

  60. Yeah because I have paint, spray paint and random bricks laying around my house

  61. I don’t have any of these things laying around my house.

  62. Relatable

  63. I don’t think I have stones at home 😕🤔🙂

  64. And whyyy would i have bricks laying around

  65. Her: *Uses brick*
    God: *Throws 2 bricks on my table*
    Me: AW C’MON DO YOU- Hey look, bricks

  66. i didnt have any of the things but the chargers but i dont have washy tape

  67. I don’t have bricks😔😭😭


  69. Finally, something to do with all of the bricks, bulliten boards, embroidery thread, clear umbrellas, and paint chips I have lying around!

  70. yes of course those bricks I have laying around my house

  71. Im here dying without jenga cards and unable to buy them and someones painting them off in a diy?

  72. I dont eve have these ITEMS whats the use

  73. So you just expect us to all have a bulletin bord lieing around somewhere

  74. who would have bricks lying around? 😂

  75. Who has bricks laying around in their house?

  76. Yes because everyone has bricks they can just remove from their walls

    Hi this is a JOKE

  77. Because I DEFINITEEEEELY have bricks just lying around in the back of my wardrobe tho….

  78. i’m just too lazy to do it

  79. Every body has a brick and clear umbrella

  80. Title: diys with things you already have around your house
    First diy : A BRICK

    Me : oh yes let me just take the brick out of my wall 💀💀

  81. It says with things you already have in your house but nobody has bricks in their house!!!!! STUPID!

  82. Bruh who has bricks in their house!?!?

  83. That sucked

  84. I don’t have the patience to color every Jenga block🤭

  85. Me before coronavirus: “who has time for this stuff?”

    Me know: “okay I’ll paint bricks!”

  86. 0:48
    Just don’t keep these on a shelf….
    U don’t wanna break someones head apart lol😂

  87. I have bricks alot in my backyard

  88. i would not make this stuff…

  89. When you have unused bricks, bulletin boards, colour chips and umbrellas laying around your house

  90. Ok umm… who has bricks just laying around in their house?? I know some people do but…

  91. Am I the only one here in 2020

  92. Her:DIYs with things you have around your house Also her: 1st DIY with bricks Me: we decluttering our walls today😊

  93. Uhm so people are supposed to have a random brick in their closets and a hot glue gun laying around? I’m sorry but I don’t think so xD

  94. Wait do people actually have bricks laying around there house? Just curious

  95. their title is diys using stuff u have around your house

    their first craft:uses a brick

    me:unless u r a construction worker thats not around your house

  96. Yes i had some bricks layin’ around lemme use em

  97. i did not have any of this

  98. The bricks look really cool

  99. Who else is whaching while quarantined

  100. I don’t have all these

  101. Me- sees bricks
    Also me:- *breaks the house*
    Again me:- oh yeah I have brickes in my house

  102. These are not even unique projects. They are just painting bricks and sewing buttons on umbrellas!

  103. title doing things with stuff you already have!

    number 1 diy: bricks

    me: you think i have bricks laying around in my new house?

  104. You said we have this stuff around are house I don’t have random bricks around my house who’s with me??

  105. The title stuff you already have yeah ya know everyone’s got a brick laying around that they can craft with yeah

  106. Title: make decor with things you have at home!
    Takes a brick
    Me:yup I definitely just have a random brick in my house it’s like everyone just has a brick laying in there house


  108. As someone who lives in an outback area in WA (we have like a mini farm) I can relate to having spare bricks handy.

  109. I definitely have a brick just laying around

  110. Yep cuz everyone has bricks just lying around at home

    1. ikr ugh

  111. I have like nothing

  112. *This is not stuff we have laying around our home, It’s stuff YOU have laying around your home. You just think other people have it because how common it’s used.*

  113. Me: Imma watch this to see if I actually have this stuff.
    Get a brick
    Me: oh ya! Everyone has random bricks just hanging around

    1. I actually do..

  114. BRICKS!

  115. “CuTe aNd WatErProoF!”

    arent umbrellas supposed to be waterproof?

  116. I mean I hate to say it but… a brick? Yeah, I have that. Who has spray paint? Definitely me! And felt? Of course! And a spare bulletin board? Who doesn’t?!

  117. Who has spray paint. Unless they’re a master graffiti artist

  118. We all have bricks right or is it just me that does not

  119. Anyone here in 2020 cus there bored

  120. Who
    is watching this In qurantine

  121. Video. Bricks
    Me. Gets a brick from the wall

  122. Love the Bulletin board!


  124. HGTV: Easy DIY projects with stuff you have

  125. Like we all have spray paint

  126. just saying… i dont have any of those things in my house XD

  127. who’s watching because they’re bored from corona virus break

  128. I have bricks on my house not in it

  129. who just happens to have bricks felt and spraypaint!? im not tearing down my house if thats what theyre suggesting XD

  130. But great diys. Maybe change the title to Awesome Diys, that are fun and easy?

  131. Aʜ ʏᴇs ʙᴇᴄᴀᴜsᴇ ᴡᴇ ᴀʟʟ ʜᴀᴠᴇ ʙʀɪᴄᴋs ᴊᴜsᴛ ʟᴀʏɪɴɢ ᴀʀᴏᴜɴᴅ

  132. Me: oh here’s a pretty cool video

    The video title, items

    Me: I don’t have those stuff in my house. The title’s a lie.

  133. No one just has bricks lying around

  134. You think we have felt laying around…

  135. ok nobody has bricks in there house

  136. lets see.. this should be easy since i probably already have number one a brick.. GRANDMA DO U HAVE BRICKS!!! grandma; no why would i have bricks gosh!!!

  137. This is “6 DIYS you need to go buy all this stuff for!” 😑

  138. I don’t have paint chips?

  139. we definitely have bricks laying around in our house

  140. Not everyone has a bulletin board

  141. Me:oh I can just buy washi tape from the store.

    Me five minutes later:oh right I’m in lockdown

  142. Seriously bricks r something ur supposed to just have lying around

  143. hi i am trying to start a youtube channel and i would really like to know how you or what app you use to edit

  144. Me: ooooo I like the first one!

    Also me: Wait do we have any bricks? Oh wait I know!

    Me again: *pulls brick out of wall* YES now I can do it!

    My mom: Sweetie why is there a hole in the wall

    Me: 😐😳😶

    (Ik I’m not funny)

  145. Ya, I totally have bricks laying around the house

  146. These are not household items

  147. Ahhh yes everyone has a bulletin board just laying around

  148. I legit have none of these things in my house legit

  149. Who tf has bricks laying around

  150. Me= OK… Let’s see this…. Oooh DIY!! Cool let’s check…. 😉

    Video = no.1… Bricks! And a book end things?!

    Me= such bad luck…. Just threw the bricks I had to the dump and I really really need a book end…. Why??? 😂😶

  151. They’re video: cute and waterproof
    Me : 🤔 hmmm… I think it’s not waterproof because the water will travel through the string and drip down

  152. Who in their right mind owns spare bricks?
    Mom: Um.. child, what are you doing?
    Me: oh don’t mind me.. just destroying the house trying to get a brick

  153. No offense or anything but.. I prob wouldn’t want to do most of these things

  154. Now to grab a random brick to hold books..

    Oh wait…


  155. 3:08 Like 4 months ago my friend put a washi tape on my head and it coloured it…
    (I mean the head was coloured)

    Idk why i written this

  156. Oh yes, I hack bricks laying around.. 👏👏

  157. Who else is watching this during qurentine 😂

  158. It said you have at home
    1. BRICK

  159. Whose here because they’re bored out of their minds because of quarantine. 🖐🏽 (just me ok )

  160. Yes of course, cause everyone has bricks

  161. Using things u already have who has a break just lying around??

  162. I have NOTHING that she has sooooo… Fake title!

  163. Such great ideas!

  164. who has a BRICK just laying around 🗯🗯🗯

    1. who has paint chips

  165. First item: Bricks
    *casually collapses house*

  166. wow so everybody has a bulletin board or sticker paper or a clear umbrella or BRICKS??!! 🤦‍♀️

    also not a lot of these things are so useful now that you’ve transformed it like that bulletin board

  167. Comments section: Reeeeee! No one has bRiCkS in their house!
    *my pet brick slides into the conversation*

  168. Me:oh that’s easy I’ll just go to my room and for sure I’ll find a brick
    The future:uhhhh your not finding a brick

  169. everyone has bricks and sticker paper lying around their house! of course!

  170. *DIYS with things you already have at home!*

    first diy: a brick

    me: oh yeah, let me just go get the brick I keep in my wall

  171. Who has a random brick laying around their house…?

  172. *Oh here let me just check my closet for the bricks i have*


  174. So cool

  175. Wow super ídeà

  176. Idea

  177. Me :outside with a hamer

    Mom:whats aré u doing

    Me: trying to make a brick with the wall.

    Mom: Lets go to the store to get one

  178. I love how they say a brick
    is a normal household item

  179. I don’t have

    h o t. Glue gum

    A c r y l i c s

  180. Who has bricks laying around? lmao

  181. what a coincidence i have a brick laying around just like everyone else🙄

  182. I don’t have bricks I don’t have a bulletin board the Jenga game that I have is neon and already colored blue pre-decorated iPhone charger I don’t have that kind of thread or an umbrella neither do I have paint chips

    Bro I can’t do anything

  183. Who has a brick or a die spray laying around

  184. Ah yes, we all have bricks lying around in out homes

  185. Washi tape is a fire hazard.

  186. “Stuff you already have around”
    Me: cool
    1st item: BRICKS
    Me: -.-“

  187. Ppl be saying that they have no bricks and all I can think of is: bloody city ppl don’t have any bricks while all I have to do is go outside and find them everywhere

  188. Anyone else came to see the comments about what all they don’t have in their house

  189. Who is bord in the house trying to do something new during the quarntine

  190. When they hold the bricks perfectly me over hear thinking oh yes that would be a perfect thing to break my toe

  191. Who has a brick laying around there house 🙄

  192. ok lets make a video about crafts you can make with things around your house oh a brick. LIKE EVERYONE HAS A BRICK

  193. Yes, I have bricks and bulletin boards lying around my house

  194. I just wanna know who has random bricks lying round their house

  195. My fav part was seeing you i miss your videos since you started at hgtv



  197. Am I the only person that has bricks laying around the house.

  198. also who had strap paint around their house?

  199. oh yes ill click this video ‘DIY with things from around your house’ starts off with a brick
    me: ah yes let me grab my brick


  201. I dont have any of this stuff at home . Why would I have any brick and spray paint I’m a child !

  202. Ahhhh a Karen lmao

  203. Bricks are not everyday items
    We don’t build

  204. Great ideas but just wondering if the umbrella idea will leak??

  205. “Using stuff you already have around your house” im poor

  206. I did the charger one it’s looks really good!!!!!!!

  207. Me: Ooh this seems easy!
    Me after seeing the first DIY: Bricks? SprayPaint?

  208. I have none of those items in this video except the brick which I have inside a wall.

  209. You put your brick diy on a 105 year old desk and you wait then the brick breaks it what ya gonna do now?

  210. You: ~Watches This video~ You: ~Sees a hack for bricks~ You: “Mom, do we have any bricks?” Mom: “Yea, why?” You: “I need it for a DIY.” You: “Where do I get this brick?” Mom: “Uh, from the wall. “

  211. Allot of people don’t have spray paint though

  212. I don’t have any of these materials at all 🙁

  213. Uhhh for the first i dont have spray paint at home ….

  214. Like I have a brick at home

  215. 1.brick oh umm sure lemme just get my brick collection under my bed yah

  216. it’s corona time

  217. Right time to get those two bricks out of my closet

  218. *Needs a brick for the DIY*

    *punches wall* Ah there it is.

  219. Useing stuff you already have at home hu I don’t have BRICKS

  220. Goes in room sits on bed what’s that oh a random brick I have laying around in my house yeah

  221. Video: Pulls out brick

    Me: *Pulling brick out from jumper pocket* Yay I can finally use the brick I carry everywhere with me!

  222. 4:03
    Me: …….But why though?

  223. Yeah I have a brick lying around

    My house is made of them

  224. When you don’t have bricks lying around

  225. Is it just me but who has bricks🤣

  226. Who has bricks, paint, a bulletin board, etc. just laying around their house? Not me!

  227. THE VID: this is so cool and so easy!
    ME: how?
    THE VID:so today we will need a brick…and paint
    ME: do i have a brick? Then i try to break a wall but nothing happens but my mum tells me off
    THE VID: now u will need a jenga set…
    ME: When i take his set…”WHAT DO U THINK U R DOING?!” i say…”DOING DIY?”
    my brother…”WiTh MY jEnGa SeT!?” me …”YH?”
    THE VID: get some chargers that look boring to u…
    ME: they look perfectly fine to me!

  228. i lov tis video

  229. This how many ppl didn’t have half as much then she did

  230. Ain’t nobody got time to paint all Those triangles on the bulletin board super cute idea though

  231. Am I the only one with bricks?

  232. ok… the title says stuff you already have around your house.. the first thing that shows up are bricks…

    so do you want me to break my house for a craft??

  233. Ok um who TF has random bricks in their house

  234. DIYs using stuff you already have around your house.

    *grabs a brick*


  236. People with about 90% of this stuff unavailable at home put ur hands up.

  237. I honestly don’t have any of the stuff she said 🤣

  238. Bulletin board, sorry we’re not in a school here-

  239. “Everyday stuff” brick, wow ok 👌 everyone tOtAlLy just have brick laying around

    1. I did, in my garage. Some people have bricks in their garage, they are really useful with mechanical jobs, my family is a mechanic and factory worker family

  240. Don’t have any of them

  241. 0:52 Couldn’t you just buy a bookend? They are super cheap….

  242. I bought plans from woodprix and I made it very fast.

  243. Do you know what no one has…. TIME TO DO THIS

  244. I DON”T HAVE BRICKS!!!!!!!!!!

  245. Yep lemme go clean under my bed and find sum bricks in my stash of junk pretty sure i have sum

  246. Am I supposed to have a brick laying around

  247. This two and a half minutes had just made me question my existence. I think it’s time to clean my room. I would give this a thumbs down if it wasn’t for me realizing something while watching this. I am wasting my time that would better be spent staring at the ceiling. Instead of that I am watching stupid videos on YouTube. Staring at my ‘smart’phone. The ceiling is better. It actually makes me use my brain.

  248. So bricks, spray paints and buletin boards are around the house items?

  249. No offense- but- NOONE has ANYTHING in your video…🤣 Let’s break the whole house for 2 BRICKS….

  250. This is like 5 minute crafts but 30 minute crafts

  251. now something useful pls

  252. Who just has bricks?

  253. I only have the stuff for like one of these

  254. You think I have a house?

  255. Who has BRICKS laying around except for your actual house structure bricks like bruh

    1. I have a few in the backyard. They are just too heavy for being placed on the shelf. I don’t think I am actually strong enough to get it inside a house without hurting myself.

  256. Why would someone even have bricks,buttons, cardboard,jinga,and washing tape and it’s says using things you already have

  257. The only things I have is the glue gun, colours and paper-

  258. Who has bricks laying at home are you insane😑

  259. me: *goes outside looking for a brick*
    mom: what are you doing?
    me: do we have two bricks?
    mom: no
    me: what about a bulletin board?
    mom: no..
    me: spray paint???
    mom: no….
    me: well so much for the stuff we have at home….

    1. also who has paint chips

  260. HGTV Handmade: 6 DIY’s using stuff you already have around your house!
    Me: I don’t think I have that…..

    Me: looks around my house to see if I have that..
    Me: why does it say I have this stuff when I really don’t?!?

  261. *Goes into fridge*

    Here’s my brick that EVERYONE has just laying around 🙂

  262. *Yeah we sure have a random brick,spray paint and bulleten board just hanging around..*

  263. Title
    6 DIYS Using Stuff You Already Have Around Your House! ~ DIY Compilation Video – HGTV Handmade

    Paint a brick

    I do my Have a brick in my house, do you?

  264. You’re si dumb not everyone has that

  265. I have everything it’s so amazing what they do here and I love how my crafts turned out

  266. Uhm, i don‘t have bricks at home…?

  267. I don’t have any of this stuff

  268. I have bricks laying around for no reason, my husband found them in blackberries yesterday!

  269. i love the cork board, mine is plain. Great art for my granddaughters during time off.

  270. NaNi!?

  271. i totally have a brick just lying around the house

  272. Me: ” Oh wow im so bored ( sees video) Me: Oh stuff I have at home!” ( Clicks video) Me: ” what?? I don’t have a brick laying around in my house”

  273. Who has a random brick laying around?

  274. Ah yes. A random brick.

  275. “Everyday stuff”
    *first item is two bricks*

  276. i dolt even have anything on this list >:(

  277. Who has bricks At there place right now???

  278. I bet to make this video they had to go out and buy the materials instead of finding them around the house XD

  279. Description:Diys with stuff you ALREADY have at home
    Me:Mom do we have bricks anywhere around
    Mom:Yes..If u go and check in the seven wonders,then u might get it in one of them

  280. Phone charger

  281. My mom isn’t letting me do it

  282. I would very much like to do the Jenga one!

  283. I like’m ALL but …
    Simply impressed by making a charging station and extra outlet cords so cheerfully colorful and has personality for everyone to use.

  284. Hold up let me go outside, break my whole house for bricks, and now I can do my DIYS

  285. Sewing onto an umbrella….
    Suure, very smart….

  286. But those are cool tho

  287. Omg its a karen

  288. This video is awesome 😎
    If the creater of this video liked my comment I will definitely be his / her viewer , subscriber , commenter and liker 😍♥️

  289. “Using items around your house” Yes. Because everybody has the patience to do this.

    1. Or the “everyday items around your house”

  290. oh yes i do just have 2 bricks around

  291. HMmmM yes let me grab my bricks from the backyard and spray paint in my garage and the felt in my closet. Let me also pull out a huge bulletin board and tape *hMmm yes sounds like I don’t have any of these materials*

  292. Them: Get bricks
    Me: ok (Breaks wall)

  293. Oh thanks for telling
    I didn’t know umbrellas are waterproof 😂

  294. Where am i gonna get bricks…..

  295. 👍👍👍 V e r y n i c e👍👍👍

  296. Very nice

  297. Oo i really like these hacks my favorite so far is the 2nd one ❤

  298. Who just has bricks in their house

    Person 1: man I’m really bored
    Person 2: yea, same
    Person 1: what can we do that is fun with everyday items?
    Person 2: are you thinking what I’m thinking? We could use bricks because we all have them laying around in our kitchen
    Person 1: you’re a genius.

  299. Video: bricks
    Goes outside to break the whole house for 2 bricks


    1. You literally just copied a comment right up yours. How original 👁👄👁

  300. 0:10

    Me: “ Ye sure let me just grab ma bricks “

  301. I have the game Jenga, but I want to play it.

  302. ” 6 DiYs uSiNg StUfF yOu aLrEaDy HaVe ArOuNd YoUr HoUsE!!!”

  303. Why would I have a brick in my house

  304. Do you expect me to have bricks laying around my house? 🧱 🏡 smh 🤦🏼‍♀️

  305. Who has a bulliten board laying somewhere in the house

  306. Who has a brick in their house?

  307. For all those people who are saying they don’t have bricks laying around their house. You just said you did have bricks. *Your house is made of bricks.*

    Jk I wouldn’t recommend using those ones😂

  308. No one has bricks laying around

  309. In the titles :we all have in our closet
    I don’t have bricks in my closet and I think I am not alone!

  310. and oh don’t forget the paint chips

  311. ya, because i have two bricks laying around my house
    doesn’t everybody?

  312. am i paranoid or is washi tape on an outlet a fire hazard because under my outlet is a heater

  313. what if you drop the brick

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    Bulletin Board
    Masking Tape
    Washi Tape
    Embroidery Thread
    Clear Umbrella
    Paint Chips
    Thanks a lot! I can’t do any of these crafts because I don’t have these appliances. Who else has wasted their time?

    1. Jora Usher I have wasted my time aswell! I don’t have any of these items!

  654. What if I’m broke af and I live in park

  655. Is it weird that I have all of this stuff at my house?

  656. Who has bricks, spray paint and felt lying around their house?? I love your videos but I have absolutely zero of these things in my house

  657. Who in the world has a brick lying around in the world 😂?

  658. So everyone has brick just lying around?😂

  659. Them: Stuff you already have
    *pulls out brick
    Me: nope

  660. How did you make your own washi tape

  661. Not everyone has a bulletin board

  662. “DIYS Using Stuff You Already Have Around Your House!”

    1st video: BRICKS
    Me: “So people just casually have bricks laying around their house?”

    1. yes. . .

    2. Uuuu I do by my pole barn and why be so negative when there trying to help you if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all

    3. Yes.

    4. I do

    5. Well maybe in their garage. I have some in my garage because we are a family of mechanics and factory workers


  664. Who has bricks and spray paint in their homes?

  665. *pulls brick out of fireplace*

  666. Everyone’s all like “who has a random brick in their house!?”
    While I’m like “who has random paint samples in their house!?”

    1. Loc Bui I don’t even have washi tape…..😑

    2. I have a collection

    3. Yesss

    4. claireyoung1953 I don’t even have that-

    5. I have both

  667. Am I the only one who doesn’t have a random brick lying around in their house?

    1. Nope!!🧱

  668. Who to has bricks laying around there house 😂

    1. Check the garage

  669. I don’t have a brick so…….


    God dang it why did I say that I’m so childish- ugh

  670. Soo good

  671. Bricks are totally everyday stuff…

  672. Who has some bricks laying at home because last time I checked I didn’t

  673. 2019 anyone

  674. **Troom Troom has entered the chat**

  675. Ah yes, I’ll go grab some bricks from my wall collection. And my spray paint that I totally have laying around! Great craft.

  676. I don’t have a brick

  677. Video: how to revamp everyday stuff!
    Also video: *starts painting brick*
    Me:wait what?

  678. The very first is kinda i dont know
    NOT actually NEEDED

  679. Yes, yes. Bricks always show up around my house, and when I see them I think, HEY THIS COULD BE A VERY GOOD THING TO USE IN A CRAFT


    Fisrt item shown: Brick.

  681. It was ligit like with”stuff you have at your house” then the first thing was BRICKS.????

  682. Yes!! I have a brick sitting on my coffee table actually!! Like really who has a brick just lying around

  683. Who has felt?!

  684. People dont randomly have felt and that stuff stupid

  685. Me:I Need Bricks!!
    Me:Totally Not Me!

  686. Bcz u defiantly have bricks lying around your home

  687. Who has bricks just sitting around in their house?

  688. if that book end falls on ur foot

  689. *let me just get one of the bricks just lying around in my house*