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6 Supplements That Might Actually Help You

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More than half of Americans take a dietary supplement, but the truth is, most people don’t need them. There are, however, a handful of supplements that can be helpful in some situations!

Hosted by: Hank Green

ER visits

supplement paradox
selenium/vitE on prostate cancer

glucosamine combo
calcium & fracture
calcium & osteop

cochrane eyes
AREDS2 2013

BMJ 2006

2005 review


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2,183 thoughts on “6 Supplements That Might Actually Help You

  1. If you want something to help you ,allways try quality things

  2. Now that we have covid19 every1 is taking vitamin c & d.!

  3. Wheatgrass supplements give me energy and reduce my need for sleep.

  4. Melatonin absolutely helps put me to sleep and sleep soundly! No question about it.

  5. LMFAO😂🤣! “Pregnant people”?! You all need to get a grip.

  6. someone had coronavirus last March and he took Zinc 25 mg 3x a day, Vit D3 5,000 to 10,000 iu after 3 days he recovered well.

  7. Omega 3??????

  8. I HAVE DELAYED SLEEP PHASE SYNDROME! It’s fairly common (many – perhaps even most? – people with ADHD also have DSPS) but very few people know what it’s called. SO SO SO exciting to hear Hank name and define it here! I hope this helps more people understand their bodies, and how to get the sleep they need to stay healthy!

    Edit: also, unless you like wildly vivid nightmares from the bottommost bowels of hell, do not EVER combine melatonin with alcohol.

  9. I wonder what happens if you mix st. John’s wort with mushrooms

  10. Wait beet root is a supplement?
    it’s just food isn’t it… 😀

  11. Or just eat beef and liver.

  12. 1:00, that’s why I love this channel

  13. fish oil benefits

  14. I’m pretty sure St John’s wort is called what it’s called because St John got decapitated, and if you crush the small pale buds of the St John’s wort between your fingers you get an unexpected dark red fluid that looks similar to blood.

  15. So talking about babies IN UTERO has to be gender-neutral now? It’s politically incorrect to say that pregnant women need to take a supplement for the health of a growing fetus? Or that babies in utero get nutrients from their mothers? Seriously?

  16. I have Muscular Dystrophy and doctors don’t mention supplements. On top the creatin (pancreatin 4 x 500), I take 2,000 mg of MSM (Doctor’s Choice), and Cell Food (by Lumina). I saw a Naturopath who tweeked other supplements for my specific needs (I am an older female, 120 lb, 5′-5″). 13 years “mostly” in remission. Not to have all my muscles (everything from my legs, toes, jaw, neck, back, heart, stomach, anus, …) in utter spasm my entire life is miraculous. I am now able to go shopping, pick out my own food and go thru the register, drive home, cook a meal, eat an entire meal made of actual groceries and not mush, watch a romantic comedy without fear of my heart seizing, and go to the bathroom instead of using diapers. Yep, life can be better. Now, if we could only get the medical institution on board and convince them that our health matters more than their income, and keeping us on deadly drugs and keeping us sick is not good for anyone. Life is good – if you aren’t a prisoner of the Medical Industry.

  17. I’m surprised that Vitamin D isn’t mentioned, as most people have a deficiency, and it’s critical for your immune system (Covid-19 anyone?).
    You get most of your Vitamin D from the sun shining on your skin. The darker your skin, the lower rate at which your body produces it.
    This could explain why darker skinned people are more likely to get infected. Being in quarantine doesn’t help the situation.

  18. if u make a summer sausage (or any sausage) it helps a bunch to mince up some celery finely into the mix because of its nitrates– which expand the cell walls, yada yada looks ground beef turns into tasty summer sausageru

  19. Actually, MANY PEOPLE DO NEED SUPPLEMENTS to control histamine, the most overlooked neurotransmitter and the most common cause of mental illness not effectively treated by options on the market right now. Also, many people who struggle with overeating are overeating specifically because they need to be taking a multivitamin. If you can’t stop eating, you probably don’t have all the nutrients you need because food in America is literally a joke. Take a multivitamin, and you won’t crave food nonstop. The pharmaceutical industry does everything it can to invalidate any options that doesn’t make them money. The entire “health” discourse is determined by WHAT MAKES BIG PHARMA MONEY.
    (How come I get posts taken down on reddit because it’s “medical advice,” but you’re giving medical advice to 968,245 different people with VERY different bodies, and this doesn’t get taken down?

  20. The placebo effect is becoming larger and larger in trials of psychiatric medications, making it more and more difficult to rate the true effectiveness of new drugs. We’re not sure why; possibly due to enhanced expectations, or increased treatment of less serious conditions. Whatever the reason, it’s a real and growing problem.

    1. “The placebo effect” is caused by mast cells. Mast cells release inflammatory markers in response to your emotions. Believing something will help you literally observably decreases the release of histamine and other inflammatory markers. Medical researchers refuse to study mast cells, and we all suffer as a result.
      Mast Cell Activation Syndrome is literally the cause of most mental illness. Neuroinflammation = mental illness

  21. The suffixes ic and ous are no longer used to denote oxidation states. At least use the proper chemical terminology if you want to present yourself as having accurate and current info.

    1. This entire video should be taken down. It’s giving medical advice to hundreds of thousands of total strangers, when the person speaking isn’t a doctor.

  22. I wasn’t aware of any yellow flowers that bloom in September, interesting.

  23. In the pregnancy talk, thank you so much for using lgbt inclusive language ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  24. What about B12 and fish oil?

  25. Why doesn’t he mention that Vitamin C is an antiviral and D3 is good for the immune system and these two taken together with zinc will prevent and treat corona virus.

    1. I agree with you. I suggest you take a look at

  26. “Pregnant people” 😛

  27. only women can get pregnant you muppet

  28. does ingesting melatonin effect the feedback loop for it’s production in pineal gland?

  29. I can’t afford a doctor. Doctors are costly. Instead, let me consult Dr. YouTube.

  30. Thank you for saying “pregnant people”. Amount of times trans and non binary people are ignored nowadays is atrocious.

  31. Creatine is terrible for you.. I own a store and do not carry it.

  32. St.Johns Worth can make you pretty tired and sleepy.

  33. So I should probably have more folic acid (I’m not pregnant)

    And I’m pretty sure I’ll never overdose on freaking serotonin

  34. I know im a little late to the party, but what about Valerian root?

  35. Most of you having deficiencies, just go to a dietician, you’re not experts and you don’t know what to take. Healthy people don’t need supplements.

  36. Καρνητινη

  37. Don’t take Folic Acid: it’s the synthetic form of vitamin B9, it is slowly converted in folate and homocysteine may build up in the body. You need to take your B9 vitamin in the form of 5-MTHF or eat food rich in folate.
    IMHO That’s really a bad choice to keep folic acid in this 6 supplements list.
    Some supplements could have been added anyway, many comments point out magnesium or omega 3 for example.
    I can also add iodine to the missing supplements list: according to the WHO, iodine deficiency affects 72 percent of the world’s population!
    If you want to live long and healthy you could also add K1+K2.

    It’s always preferable to get vitamins and minerals with food, with a better bio-availaibility and no dangerous excipients like nanoparticles. If we eat only real food (meat, fish, eggs, liver, plenty of vegetables, fruits…) we should be able to reduce supplements. But probably not to suppress them totally.
    I see at least 2 reasons for that:

    1. Our food contains less vitamins and micronutrients than it used to, that’s true in particular for vegetables and fruits (). So we probably don’t get what we should even if we’ve stopped junk food long ago.
    2. RDIs are likely wrong with way too much carbs and less than adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals. Why too few vitamins and minerals? the RDI have been, mainly, estimated for short term support (survive, don’t get scurvy, etc.) and not for long term support (live long and healthy). See the “triage theory”: micronutrient deficiencies cause insidious damage that
    accelerates age-associated chronic disease ( , ).
    For example daily intake for vitamin K is based on coagulation needs but not on needs to maintain healthy bones and a healthy heart in the long term.

  38. My poor processor. It’s branded with AMD.

  39. Is chocolate a supplement? I don’t know, but it helps you to be happy. It’s important.

  40. I disagree creatine is not for everyone artificial creatine that is not the stuff you make yourself. Beets are cool . Antioxidants are good. Multivitamins possibly not so much. Folate is good, Folic acid is not the same. melatonin is a natural derivative of organic processes in your body supported by health. Saint Johns wort may actually cause Postural Hypotension in some individuals and so should not be on your regular to do list.

  41. Some missinformation you gave out Scishow; Folic Acid supplements aren’t effective at providing us with Foliate, which is the actual substance required by the human body, especially women before pregnancy. Our bodies can’t use Folic Acid at all and, the speed we convert Folic Acid to Foliate in our bodies is very very low.

    So inadequate that undesirable amounts of Folic Acid build up inside of us. It’s not helpfull because our Foliate receptors appear to prefer to team up with the useless Folic Acid before the essential Foliate has even had an opportunity to attach to the receptors.

    Oftentimes then the more folks are showing Foliate deficiency then the longer they most probably persist in consuming the hopeless Folic Acid. Any little precious amount of Foliate laboriously hard won from all these moumtains of Folic Acid hanging about in the bloodstream and body tissues in all likelyhood completely wasted.

  42. Something I have discovered is that a lot of foods, supplements, etc are Individual Based. For example sugar will generate an insulin response in everyone. But Stevia will generate an insulin response in some, but not in others. My theory is that some peoples bodies will recognise that insulin is not needed but other people’s bodies will react to the sweetness. This may be a ‘learned’ response: ie sweetness means an incoming rush of sugar. Who knows? Getting good medical advice from your doctor is difficult. Partly because of the expense, partly because very few doctors know about nutrition. (This latter is not damning criticism, but rather Medicine is such a vast area that they cannot be expert in every area).

  43. Melatonin is an active hormone that makes it through the blood brain barrier.

  44. Do your research regarding supplements and vitamins..there are 2 categories: fat soluble ones and water soluble ones…..the fat soluble ones were stored(any excess of them) in the bodies fat stores..and the water soluble ones ,any excess of these are removed from the body through wastes and must be replenished daily.The very best reference you can find to gain all this info is called “The Vitamin Bible” by Dr.Earl Mind all(spelling?) I went on the Atkins diet years ago and it became invaluable to me..

  45. St. Johns Wort made we vomit for hours the one time I took it

  46. Melatonin is a hormone, therefore, it is strongly recommended to not use it for longer than 2 weeks. Cycle off for 4-6 weeks and use again if needed but it shouldn’t be used continuously.

  47. Beet juice is not a supplement it’s a vegetable juice.

  48. Thank you for posting the sources in the show notes!

  49. Listening to this guy makes me want to drink a bottle of pure grain alcahol🤣😁😉

  50. COME UP FOR AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Was always told to avoid st Johns wort because I have Bipolar disorder, so not everyone can take them like you said 🙂

  52. You can make some vitamins. Sunlight can create Vitamin D.

  53. B vitamin complex helps my narcolepsy

  54. Thanks for putting this out. Interesting on the creatine.

  55. Gosh he is making me feel agitated, he just goes on and on like he’s racing to catch a train. I’m off lol to someone who slows down! lol

  56. Gosh he looks like he’s on flaming speed! Hasn’t stopped moving about. DONT TAKE FOLIC ACID! THIS GUY NEEDS TO GET HIS FACTS CORRECT. YOU NEED FOLATE!! NOT FOLIC ACID!

  57. I have to take cranberry supplements bc of my frequent and chronic UTIs. No matter what I do, they keep coming around. The supplements help a lot though : ) (they were recommended by a urologist btw)

  58. Consult my doctor? Lol I’m one of those Americans, too poor to afford insurance but not so poor that I own a smartphone. I take vitamins to fool myself into thinking I’m being healthy.

  59. Hmmmm. To much Ritalin?

  60. So…is it really a placebo effect…or does sugar cure a lot of stuff? Hmmm. ;0

  61. Do not use iron and calcium supplements. Calcium is already heavy in the diet, if you have issues cut out oxalates and phytayes (grains, legumes, spinach, kale).
    If you have anaemia you need copper, zinc, Folate and B12 not iron.

    Creatine is good to take becuase it halves your daily methylation, especially good for people with MTHFR SNP.

    Co enzyme Q10 and carnitine are also extremely good, for this eat organ meat (cow heart).

    Melatonin is stupid to supplement, take tryptophan rich food (cheese) and some berries at your evening meal to get tryptophan into the brain, it will help you sleep. And also you need vitamin D3.

    Saint John’s Wort is used to stimulate the expression of the genes that produce cytochrome P450 enzymes (CYP34A and CYP2D6), increasing hepatic clearance.

  62. Love that you say pregnant people and use they them for an all inclusive way of speaking!

  63. I take vitamin B supplements for energy. Very effective! Also, melatonin is extremely effective for helping me sleep.

  64. I’m a former drug and alchohol user with many major vitamin deficiencies taking a lot of vitamins has helped me tremendously

  65. VITAMIN D!! 1 billion people are already deficient in vitamin D according to the Vitamin D council that +30 doctors from several countries participate. Vitamin D is now (for 30 years really) being recognized as a steroid hormone not a vitamin because of its role in the methylation process of an altered gene. The Japanese are trying to find a vitamina D that does not cause hypercalcemia (high calcium), and I am sure once they find that the price of Vitamin D will be quite different. Since people are much more indoors in the last decades, use sun protection, and do not eat very healthy, this deficiency is not surprising. Also Folic Acid can be obtained eating raw dark green leaves but if you cook them, no vitamina B9 anymore. Important too for the methylation process.

  66. Once again, old video, sorry. I’ve always been pretty sketch about supplements but I’ll vouch for melatonin. I take Xanax every night for psych issues (legally prescribed, relax), and this makes it harder to enter REM sleep when used long term, and obviously REM sleep is dream sleep when your brain actually gets to recharge. I find 10mg of melatonin a night tends to help me get slightly more restful sleep (though it depends on a multitude of other factors). But it certainly never hurts my sleep, that’s for sure.

  67. Beet Juice? You mean Dwight Shrute was right?

  68. The only people who are pregnant are women. Stop the PC crap.

  69. Arrogant people like to think, that people who use natural remedies and supplements is definitely putting themselves in danger for taking them. It could be, but I wonder how many people die from taking supplements, compared to medically prescribed drugs? I bet it’s a lot less, which would make it safer, since 128,000 died of prescribed drugs by their physicians, according to these studies!!!

  70. This is pretty useless. Sorry. Thanks for the try. Dont even have magnesium which most everyone is deficient in since it’s tested by serum which only contain 2%. Need rbc magnesium test. But also creatine #1? O_o

  71. _”Individuals with atrophic gastritis are unable to absorb the vitamin B12 that is naturally present in food. Most, however, can absorb the synthetic vitamin B12 added to fortified foods and dietary supplements. As a result, the IOM recommends that adults older than 50 years obtain most of their vitamin B12 from vitamin supplements or fortified foods [5]. However, some elderly patients with atrophic gastritis require doses much higher than the RDA to avoid subclinical deficiency [41].”_
    — *”Vitamin B12: Fact Sheet for Health Professionals.”* _National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services_

  72. I think supplements are great, even if you eat a healthy diet. Since I started taking them five years ago, I have improved my health. At least take omega3, since almost nobody gets that the natural way, since a lot of food isn’t that natural these days.

  73. By the way, his sources are all proven propaganda sites. For example, NY Times? Are you kidding me? Not one of them are a natural-path doctor, expert in nutrition. You are not helpful. Geez wheez….

  74. Sulbutiamine.

    You’re welcome.

  75. Nascent iodine!

  76. Doctors don’t specilize human metabolizism. When you’re young, your metabolism is roaring. You are growing, which uses energy, and your smaller frame has more surface area, so you lose heat, which uses energy, and you are sometimes more active. You need more food per pound of body wieght when you are younger, but your mind thinks it needs to eat like that your whole life. After the age of twenty five, or younger, your body is done doing any growing, and such. So after that, you need less food. Also, every single person is either getting fatter, or thinner. The body doesn’t stay a set weight. Every year you age, your body needs less food, calorie wise, but you still nutrients. As most of you might know, you seem to gain weight, regardless of what you do. Honestly, mos of us over eat, but it doesn’t help that each year your body needs, less, and less energy.By the time you reach your mid thirties, you hardly need to eat, unless you are doing hard physical labor nine hours a day. Okay, how many people are their ideal weight? You? really? You big liar. As you grow older, you lose muscle mass, so you need less calories. So, the simple truth is, you barely need to eat. This is the truth. Try it some times on vacation. Wake up, eat a bowl of dry cereal, and plain coffee. Eat a bowl of dry cereal, and a apple for luch. Then have a very light meal for supper. After two weeks you will lose weight, but you will still be over weight. What is the real pain in the ass is, once you stop taking in calories, your body goes, “Holy smack, I’m starving, and it lowers your metabolism. Bummer man. You get low blood sugar, and might start to beat your kids, but you will not go to you ideal weight. Hey, you might say, “Hey dumb ass, I weight the same as I did when I was sixteen.” Yeah, you also so had twice as much muscle mass at sixteen. So your ideal weight would be less then your sixteen year old self, and that’s not counting, you might have been a lard ass at sixteen. Blah, blah, blah, So what’s the deal? Just eat a whole lot less, and cut out every ounce of fatting food. Coffee and dry toast for breakfast. An apple, and half a sandwich for lunch, and half the amount you are eating now for supper. You just might lose weight, but I doubt it. So lets say you white knuckle it, and starve your body to the right weight. There is no way in hell you are getting the vitimins you need. Just don’t work that way my friend. Take a multi vitamin and you’ll be okay, just not happy. No one on earth die from taking one multi vitamin a day, so don’t let this fool stop you.

  77. One of your better videos – balanced and well presented. Thank you.

  78. We are mineral deficient. We are zinc and magnesium deficient. We use non organic fertilizers and our soils are depleted. Zinc helps stop viruses and magnesium lowers bp. We are also vitamin D deficient. Deficiency as defined by the US government is not the proper standard.

  79. This is the only supplement that helped me
    Turmeric Curcumin – 2250mg/d – 180 Veggie Caps – 95% Curcuminoids with Black Pepper Extract (Bioperine) – 750mg Capsules – Most Powerful Turmeric Supplement with Triphala

  80. pregnant people….

  81. Since beet juice allows your vessels to expand, does this work for a stronger erection?

  82. Hey wow! St. John’s Wort is something I’m on daily! It was a psychiatrist’s reccomendation, actually. I’m vulnerable to sudden and sharp anxiety and depression episodes. The John’s Wort is there as a buffer, to slow down that dip long enough that I have time to arrange some time off work to do eat, gym, cuddle dogs, and do my self-driven CBT stuff to work out what’s going on – nearly always catastrophizing something that isn’t. Wasn’t expecting to see it here! Nice. 🙂

    1. St Johns Wort is dangerous and no one should take it unless their doctor tells them to.

  83. Pregnant people? The word you are looking for is women.

  84. This was an interesting list. I’m a little disappointed in the lack of vitamin D though. Last I checked, 42% of Americans are deficient and a supplement for that can be very beneficial.

  85. Please do an episode on the top ten most deadly drugs with scientific approval, that doctors prescribed to the public.

  86. A lot of supplements actually do work and you are healthier..MUCH healthier for using them. But you have to try for yourself to see what does and doesn’t and of course use common sense, research your supplements and use some caution. You can screw yourself up pretty good going willy nilly.. But we usually do that with the crap we eat and expose ourselves to anyway. Just don’t jump on the first thing you hear and actually use your brain.

  87. DON’T TAKE FOLIC ACID. Our bodies do need folate but folic acid doesn’t work as a folate source in humans, only in mice. Folic acid has directly led to tens of thousands of miscarriages. Don’t take it, seriously. There are much better sources for folate out there

  88. Talk to a doctor? Mine said anyone over 50 has no business at a gym. Also that drugs were better than supplements. Sounded like kickback from drug companies.

  89. I’m on alot of supplements supplied by my doc, because my body is always deficient from an unknown condition causing my body to not absorb them like it should.

  90. Who is this clod ? he should be in a basenette

  91. Beet juice is also full of sugar that will feed bacteria and cancer, use cocoa powder instead it does the same thing but without the sugar, you can use honey instead to sweeten it, preferably manuka or tea tree / eucalyptus honey.

  92. There is NO WAY I would talk to most doctors, they are only interested in keeping you sick to make money.

  93. This man is full of bs.
    Most people don’t need them..stupid

  94. A group of people with a hidden agenda and it was superficial patronizing

  95. What about underdosing smartypants

  96. My body makes Melatonin only at sunrise. That deep orange low-angled sunshine always makes me depressed and sleepy. I have my energy at night.

  97. Talk to your doctor yeah sure, the same bunch a people who touted smoking as being beneficial, you betcha. Doctors tell you what makes them money.

    1. Yep. The Pill Pushers are doing it all for profit.

  98. Creatine also has some cognitive benefits. It really helped me put on some lean muscle. I just buy the micronized creatine monohydrate it’s a lot cheaper and you can buy it in bulk. It’s the original also the most studied type of creatine out there. I wouldn’t believe all the claims from the other types of creatine companies either.

  99. Pregnant people….? You mean women.

  100. If you have too much creatine it might be a sign of kidney failure

  101. You missed cranberry juice vs prostate gland (but only in men… no effect in woman).

  102. What about taking supplements, peeing in your compost and then growing produce that you’ve grown from that compost!

  103. Magnesium supplement got rid of my muscle twitches and bad cramps.

  104. I take melatonin. It works very well for me.

  105. #1 explains why when I severely hurt my shoulder (and was attempting to heal it and do muscle strengthening therapy) – it got better when I started eating more beef and fish in my diet.

  106. And you should be careful with st.john wort or Johanneskraut! Beacause its interact with other Medicine and it can be its not working or overworking. So dont take that if you need Medicine.

  107. Supps that work
    L-Argining = Beet Juice
    Zink= for The Immunsystem and
    Omega-3= because the most People cant eat enough.
    Vitamin D if you not living in a Country or Staate that dont have enough sun.

  108. What are you guys even talking about, the most important one they left out was good ol’ Mary Jane.

  109. Am I the only one who noticed he said “pregnant people”?

  110. Creatine is in steak and salmon you shouldn’t need to supplement it. Its actually not beet juice that is wonderful for endurance it’s the beet greens on top and arugula just dont use a month wash like listerine it will diminish the effects. Best antioxidant is Indian gooseberry. A b complex 100 is a wonderful supplement mostly for active individuals. Melatonin doesn’t seem to ever work phenibut hcl is incredible but only once or twice a week if abused its addictive and will cause side effects

    1. St. John’s wort is the worst supplement for drug interactions if you take any pill it is extremely dangerous

  111. The pediatrician said I can give my son melatonin 5mg before bed. I got the dissolving chewable kind and it has worked wonders.

  112. I need d3. I live in Ohio and was found totally deficient. I needed to take 50,000iu supplements to get it back up there and probably need to get it again from a doctor.

    1. Of all the people I have met who were deficient in D, supplementation has NEVER improved their D levels even a little! It certainly didn’t help me at all.

  113. Vitamin D should be taken with Vitamin K .

  114. It is better to get your vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from the food you eat, but it’s also nearly impossible most a great many people to do this. Particularly poor people. The healthier food is, the more it costs, and you need so many different foods that you can’t begin to afford them all. That’s the modern world.

    There are also thousands, many thousands, of plants we know are good to eat, but that haven’t gone through scientific studies. A massive number of modern drugs came from plants being used by “primitive” people around the world, both as food and as medicine. Doctors routinely said there was no scientific proof any of these helped. Then studies showed they did, the key medicinal part of the plant was isolated, and doctors took the credit for the discovery.

    Go see a doctor? If you’re sick, go. If you’re injured, go. If you want intelligent advice about diet, run the other way.

    This is how silly it gets. Ask any doctor what a healthy diet is, and you’ll probably be handed a sheet with foods you should eat, and why. Ask if you really need the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in these foods, and any doctor will say, “Absolutely. You can’t be healthy without them.”

    But take a supplement that contains these exact vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, and you’ll be told these is no scientific evidence that these will help you, OFTEN EVEN IF YOU HAVE BEEN DIAGNOSED AS DEFICIENTIN THESE AREAS.

    Fortunately, some medical doctors are catching on. These are doctors who believe in the results they’ve seen in hundreds or thousands of patients over their time as a doctor, rather than the silly, egotistical, arrogant dogma that comes from the party line.

  115. Pregnant *women* …come on, you can say.

  116. l-lysine is wonderful for people prone to fever blisters.

  117. Living on Reds, Vitamin C and Cocaine. 😎

  118. Never do gingko biloba. Risks in internal haemorrhage, strokes and even rectal bleeding outweigh benefits

  119. Zinc vitamin before a night of drinking is helpful.

  120. How can you look it up if your supplements have exactly what they say on the label?

  121. This guy must work for the AMA. If we rely on what our processed manufactured food has in it, then we are dumber than we think. The added chemicals in our food removes most of the nutrition and vitamins from it.
    Do your homework and research this guys info. He is stating half truths or beliefs about our processed foods. Feeding people also comes down to money. Food is money whether it is processed, modified or so called naturally grown. When ever profit is involved there are people who will do whatever it takes to sell it. Making sure it is completely safe is left to the FDA. Trust the information which you have researched thoroughly to make sure that some fast talking video guy is not leading you down the wrong road concerning food production and or supplemental info that may or not be in your food already.
    The findings are still in the wind about GMO’s. It may take ten more years before we find out if they are safe.
    There are now 11,000,000.000 people in the world 2 billion more than there where in 1950. Feeding this many people is not easy. Hopefully we will learn to be more careful about how our food is created. If we don’t then we might not be here much longer. I hope we get this food things right sooner than later.

  122. I once had an adverse effect to sublingual melatonin. I started forgetting stuff a lot. Then one day I woke up disoriented with my eyes moving up and down of their own accord for a bit after I woke up. When I went to the hospital they said that I had an irregular heart rhythm and my white blood cell count was up. They kept asking me if I did cocaine for some reason. I kept waking up whenever I used it with a burnt out sense as if I had been up all night partying. I threw that bottle in the garbage and have never experienced anything like it since. Listen to your body no matter what a physician tells you. They kept telling me at the hospital that it couldn’t have been the melatonin. Everyones body is different. What messed me up may be fine for someone else.

  123. Without vitamin D and magnesium on the list this is not a very good video.

  124. Folic acid actually doesn’t come in leafy vegetables—it’s usually synthesized to add vitamin B12 to foods such as cereal, bread, and many baked goods. In leafy greens, beans, beets, and more, it comes in the form of folate. I personally have a genetic mutation causing folic acid to be toxic to my body, significantly cutting down my body’s ability to perform methylation by up to 40%.

  125. Creatine + beet juice = one punch man

  126. Wow look at all of comments by “internet people” who think the SciShow (that links to their proof of research) missed that supplement they like. Geeeeesus

  127. There’s alot of doctors and supplement experts in the comments

  128. it is MTHF and it’s not folic acid, it does nothing

  129. i love how he said pregnant people instead of pregnant women! since not only women identifying people can be pregnant!

  130. 1:07 CREATINE

    4:15 FOLIC ACID (folate)
    5:38 MELATONIN
    6:47 St. JOHNS WART

  131. Vegans need B12 supplements though

  132. 2:15 Ah yes, time to bust some Beets!

  133. What about biotin, does it work?

  134. Beet juice? Dwight was right!

  135. The narrator inspires confidence by embodying the information. Dude just looks incredibly healthy!

  136. Hmm… Ive been hearing that all the veggies (U.S.) have less minerals in them that we actually need due to extensive terrible farming practices……. so we need to “supplement” with vitamins because we are not receiving the nutritional value those veggies once held?? Perhaps a video on papers or studies that show that this is actually true or not?

  137. Lol pregnant people!

  138. I travel a lot for my job. Melatonin cuts the 12 hour China jet lag from a week to about 2 days. That stuff works like a charm.
    But the irony of all these is that, i’ve had several doctors tell me that they recommend multivitamins. “If you have more energy when taking a multi, you’re probably deficient in one or more of those items, so you might as well take them.” seems to be the consensus.

    Another one that works is Ginseng. But taking too much is counterproductive because it can cause headaches.

  139. Melatonin is a hormone, right? If you take some hormones, like testosterone, your body will start making less testosterone, and there’s lots of stories about body builders who took testosterone and had their gonads atrophy. Will the same sort of thing happen to the part of my brain that makes Melatonin (I think you said it was the pineal gland?) if I take too much Melatonin or too often or??

    1. You don’t need to take melatonin. Your body makes it naturally. It’s recommended to turn your phone off and all other blue lights (plus bright lights) about 4 hours before bed every night. Your body will start to produce melatonin when you are in a dark enough environment, and the closer we follow ancient ways of living the better our internal clock and sleep quality will become. Getting sunlight exposure during the day also helps with producing enough melatonin by nighttime.

  140. Interesting topic marred by pressure group politics !! *Pregnant people* ???????? Biological women !!!!

  141. BTW it’s *Women* that get pregnant *not* people

  142. You forgot Fish Oil.

  143. I think we use more supplements because most don’t have an actual doctor or insurance. Just make sure you google drug interactions if you start taking any supplements. Some may have an adverse reaction with a prescribed med or even a food.

  144. Oh darn I forgot to take my melatonin again. If it’s like a drug how about a clue as to which are the reliable brands? … Keep St.Johns Wort. I tried it years ago to no avail.

  145. Taking a Vitamin C supplement has real health benefits if you are getting sick (or are sick). At least I have always found this to be the case.

  146. No need for anything but real organic plant based food. Cheaper and healthier.

  147. SEAMOSSS!

  148. Huge fail saying pregnant people, not pregnant WOMEN.

  149. You could easily do a sequel to this with all the ones you’ve left out. Turmeric is my fave.

    1. About 30% of people are allergic to turmeric.

  150. The title is 6 supplements that may actually help you… He didn’t mention vitamin D so i guess it may actually not help you…. Just a thought.

  151. Get blood work to see if you are deficient ask your doctor to do this.

  152. wrong wrong wrong… we do not obtain optimum amounts of trace minerals from our diets. the soil in which produce is grown no longer contains them. industrial farming practices don’t include replenishing the soil with anything except the absolute minimum to grow produce which does not include the trace minerals humans need for optimum health.

  153. The only thing on this list you can’t get enough of by eating a balanced OMNIVORE diet, is Creatine.

  154. I love taking health and supplement advice from a skinny-fat wimp.

  155. People mention zinc alot, but its super easy to overdose with it. It feels horrible.

  156. Don’t take folic acid!!! It’s synthetic. You need l-mytholfolate the natural version. Through eating leafy greens.

    1. @J G indeed.

    2. You just need to eat greens. You don’t need to supplement.

  157. Can you make a video on collagen supplemmentation?mith or fact

    1. Depends on what you think you’re using it for.

  158. St Johns wort also induces cytochrome p450 3a4 which breaks down a lot of drugs and can lead to drug interactions.
    Tell your dr or pharmacist if you take it

  159. Red light therapy. Increases NO and creates ATP, very helpful for health in many ways.

  160. I’m 53, people have called me a degenerate…you have my attention…

  161. I’m surprised he didn’t mention iron supplements. Iron deficiency is fairly common in rich countries compared to other deficiencies, because some people who menstruate lose quite a bit of blood.

  162. I’m increasingly suspicious about comparisons that say something did no better than a placebo, or only a little better. There might be a small minority of cases that benefit hugely from something, but only raise the average slightly.

  163. Be careful about folic acid. It can mask the symptoms of B12 deficiency. And B12 deficiency, I can tell you from experience, really sucks.

    1. Vegans are B12 deficient. What don’t you understand

    2. @J G ???

    3. Vegan has entered the chat

  164. Tumeric

    1. TuRmeric

  165. What about cranberry capsules/juice? Works wonders for those who are prone to urinary tract infections and such (as prevention).

    Also D vitamin (like many others mentioned) if you don’t get a lot of daylight (like Iceland in the winter).

  166. Folic acid is great for people with the enzymes to actually use it. But it does nothing for the minority of the population with mutations to that enzyme. Such people can still supplement folate, but they have to get methylfolate supplements that work around the damaged enzyme.

  167. Wait, beet juice is good because of the nitrate content, but the “healthiest” bacon indicates how wonderful it is by promising “no nitrates or nitrites”? Seems fishy, but OK, whatever you say.

  168. Doctors have not been trained in herbal extracts or nutrition! Why would I ask advice from someone that does not know anything about herbal medicinal medicine. TCM, or aruvetic ya, allopathic western medicine kill or maim over 500,000 people a year as per the CDC.

  169. I have non-24. Melatonin doesn’t help.

  170. What a Rediculois 6 things!
    – Omega 3?; Vit D; Iodine; Magnesium; Probiotics; even extra Iron _(for some is vitally important)_ … *NOPE!*

    Science is sound reasoning. This is just a collection of insipid drivel. You really should pull this GARBAGE VIDEO and redo it, after having actually thought soundly about the subject matter.

    Cod Liver Oil – 1,000 mg / 40 kg body weight SPREAD OUT over 3 to 4 times a day for 2 months.

    1,000 mg / 40 kg Body weight taken LAST thing at night/early hours of the morning on an EMPTY stomach. The oil goes straight to your joints – Try it and see! Take Calcium and Magnesium once or twice a day AFTER food.

    Omega 6 Oil is also good and can be taken in combination as it has no Vitamin D content and help cure genetic itch condition/chapped lips/cracked skin etc but must be taken 3 to 4 times as day.

  172. No mention of Vitamin D? You sir are a fraud.

  173. Holy sources, Batman!

  174. Pregnant people? Not females or women? What the hell is wrong with you guys?

  175. Creatine made me fat as hell and weak AF.

  176. I take Feverfew for migraines. Before I started taking it daily I had migraines a couple of times a month. After taking it I may get one a year and the severity is greatly reduced.

  177. I’m late to this party, and maybe this has already been answered, but why “pregnant people?”

    I’m all for inclusion; I use “them” as a singular, “folks” instead of “guys”when I remember. And it’s not technically wrong to say pregnant people.

    But to the best of my knowledge, pregnant people are women. Even if in some sci-fi future people other than cis-women can get pregnant, it still feels weird to hear it this way now. Aren’t we somehow going the wrong way when we avoid referencing women when we’re talking about something that specifically refers to women?

  178. Love it

  179. I am 11 years post gastric bypass, so I’ve done massive amounts of research into supplements. And the supplements i always take are iron, b12 magnesium, copper, collagen and tumeric.

    And coffee.

    Copper is necessary for iron storage and for collagen formation. It also helps prevent gray hair. People with chronic anemia should look into copper supplements along with iron.

    Our diets are high in calcium and low in magnesium and too much calcium can cause heart failure. Magnesium is involved in over 600 biological processes and the Standard American Diet is deficient in magnesium but high in calcium. Everyone can benefit from a good magnesium supplement. Deficiency is responsible for a host of physical and nervous system disorders like ADD, restless leg syndrome and anxiety.

    B12 is becoming a standard treatment for bipolar disorder, since pernicious anemia presents bipolar symptoms. Pernicious anemia can be deadly.

    Turmeric is a powerful anti inflammatory which helps with depression and arthritis, and has shown liver benefits. It is also a good anti oxidant and can slow age related cell deterioration.

    Collagen helps relieve joint pain and slows skin aging. It is also good for many digestive conditions. I put it in my coffee.

    Also, coffee increases bone mass and studies show people who drink it live longer than those who don’t.

  180. Hank: Consult your doctor.
    Internet: ~visits Google~

  181. We are just internet people, lol. Love that.
    Every Body is different. Seriously.
    I will say, after dealing with simple partial seizures for years, and having a stint of about two years where they went away, as well as migraines, my doctor put me on riboflavin, I did have to make sure I sandwich it well because it gave me a horrible tummy ache, but I haven’t had any more migraines or seizures! I wish more doctors were actually educated in diet, nutrition and supplements and not just pharmaceuticals. Could be so helpful.

    I’ve had insomnia my entire life and melatonin doesn’t help. My doc also agrees it rarely helps.

    Folic acid doesn’t react in the body the same way Folate does. Lots of research on that!

  182. so for a long time in my mind vitamins= vital minerals…am i wrong?

  183. Why does an association with bodybuilding make it seem “sketchy”?

  184. Isn’t creatine bad for the kidney?

  185. Never take vitamins, if you need vit. D take codliver oil

  186. I feel like you don’t need to visit a doctor to know what you’re lacking in? Unless you’re feeling ill
    Take a look at your diet???? Do some research.
    My diet is decent but I know I don’t get every vitamin or mineral I require. So I take vitamins. Not daily but every few days. Or when I feel my diet has been trash. Like he said. taking them on an empty stomach is bad.

    1. Everyone’s body is different, what you’re saying is true of those who are generally able-bodied but not those with actual health conditions.

  187. I’m the 666 to dislike this. Supplements should be regulated and if they are there wouldn’t be an isle for them…so many contaminations

  188. Zinc should be on here. Taking zinc and b6 has completely changed my life. I struggled with depression all my tween years and things are finally getting better with regular supplementing. I’m pretty sure zinc does a lot of other cool stuff too 🙂

  189. I can attest that melatonin is great! And healthier than caffeine!!! I work night shifts, and I only need to take one when I’m consistently falling asleep 3 or 4 hours later than my bedtime. Then after like 3 days in a row of taking them before bed, I can fall asleep faster, and naturally without them. Of course the weekend always screws me back up but that’s the nature of night shift -p- it’s important to start with a low 2mg dose and work up to a 3 or 5 mg dose to see how it affects you. And don’t do that liquid nyquil crap either! I use a chewable pill.

  190. I’m thoroughly impressed by the reference list! I’m thrilled to have a plethora of sources to dig into…down the rabbit hole I go!

  191. But blueberries are a super food – also the one you buy in shops, which are not actually blueberries. It’s not at all a marketing hack, cause I’ve seen this ads, that tell how great they are! Could you do one on contemporary health food scams please! 🙏😙❤️

  192. What about B12? I expected this to be on the list.

  193. St. John’s Wort works wonders. But it needs consistency over some time.

  194. I highly recommend 5-htp it feels like weak mdma if used with another stimulant(BUT DON’T USE AMPHETAMINE OR ANY OTHER STIM THAT AFFECTS SEROTONIN OR YOU MIGHT GET SEROTONIN SYNDROME)

  195. 1.Creatine is made by our bodies and hence not essential. Creatine can lead to water retention and that increases blood pressure. High blood pressure leads to many other problems
    2. Whole beets are better than beet juice but either way, a plant food
    3.antioxidants are made and found only in plant foods
    4. Plants are rich in folates. Just eat more leafy greens. Like 6-12oz a day
    5.pistachios contain melatonin. A plant food
    6. St. John’s wort. A plant. Nuff said
    Conclusion: eat plant based foods. It’s got everything you need.

  196. St. John’s Wort is VERY dangerous if taken with antiretrovirals! (HIV/AIDS meds) It will make the antiretrovirals useless.

  197. I feel a rundown of b12 was a missed opportunity. I’ll provide:

    – Even if you eat meat regularly you’re likely not getting the RDA as it’s only high in beef, seafood and liver. Chicken for example has almost none.
    – Obviously vegetarian and vegans need to be aware of this.
    – A prolonged extreme deficiency causes severe problems
    – Luckily the body seems to store b12 very efficiently, in the liver, that’s why animal livers are so high in it. Probably why there are anecdotes of vegans going years feeling normal before suddenly experiencing very bad energy issues, their b12 stores finally deplete.

  198. What “scientific studies”? I hear this on utube, but having worked in the chemistry field for 30 years, one questions unvalidated statements.

  199. I eat really well, but it turns out that I don’t absorb nutrition well from regular food, and supplements have been a lifesaver for me. I take a high quality, high strength multivitamin and additional calcium, magnesium, zinc and D3. I also take COq10, ALA, l-carnosine and l-carnitine. After starting this regiment, I noticed massive improvements in energy, massive improvements in mood and cognition, and all the pain and discomfort I constantly felt just went away. I think supplementation can really help, but it REALLY depends on the quality of the supplement you’re taking. I only trust one brand for the supplements I take.

  200. What’s the pill from *Limitless* ?

  201. You skipped Cannabidiol (CBD), it actually helps you.

  202. I’ve used many different supplements from many different companies but the only ones that ever worked and worked well are the products from
    It’s no exaggeration to say they’ve been life changing. Oxy powder was phenomenal and by far has the best impact on my health, super male vitality made one of my friends think I was on drugs since I was not my usual lethargic self, my doctor said I was vitamin D3 deficient so I took their winder sun D3 supplement and feel Alot better, their iodine supplements are awesome, their Vaso beet formula tastes great and is the equivalent of like a kajillion beets lol. Their stuff isn’t cheap but it’s the best quality and actually works so it’s way cheaper than wasting your money on crap that does nothing

  203. B12 is the only thing you need to supplement. Not even mentioned in this video 👎

  204. thought you might have discussed low dose aspirin

  205. 7:34 That’s wildly inaccurate. Serotonin is not bioavailable, meaning you can take as much as possible, and it wouldn’t effect you. If serotonin was bioavailable, depression would barely exist.

  206. my dr freaked out when i said i have been taking melatonin on a regular basis. it is a HORMONE. and for me, converts to estrogen after about 3 hours of sleep while on it. i had very low test levels and was even getting small “moobs”. and im not overweight. for women it converst to test. after 2 weeks of stopping melatonin. my moobs went away. and my mojo a bit better. and this is part of the reason it is banned in a lot of europe. only take it for jetlag!

  207. Be cautious with the usage of melatonin. It could cause you a lot of problems.

  208. There is ten minutes of my life wasted

  209. I’m taking a supplement that is changing my life. It’s synthetic B-1 called benfotamine that helps with nerve damage. I have had neuropathy of the fingers and toes getting worse over the years. Taking 300mg 3xs per day. It’s even helped a pinched nerve in my back from an old injury. I always took a B-complex vitamin cause I love how it makes me feel but this synthetic b-1 is a life saver for me. I recommend it for all diabetics the world over. Oh, and you should get all the sugar and carbs out of your diet also.

  210. My placebo dealer got busted, so I’m hurting.

  211. Informative

  212. This video was terrible. Top 5 supplements was a Ridiculous list.
    How about Vitamin D, Magnesium, zinc, iodine, b vitamins, and on and on.

  213. Nice vid. Melatonin can mess with your natural circadian rhythm, if you supplement it regularly you wake up with headaches and lose the ability to naturally fall asleep. Mainly because these supplements have high doses of melatonin and you brain usually produces this in small doses, an excess stops the brain producing the chemical naturally

  214. Here is something you can try, it has worked AMAZING for me!! …… shorturl .at/ckFSW ( no spaces)

  215. Even more important for Folic Acid is that 40-60% of people have a genetic condition where you can’t produce enough Folate. so supplements are necessary. Check your genes folks!

  216. You have to be very careful with folic acid. There’s only a certain type that your body can readily absorb new Studies have shown that for a long time one of the most common forms ended up just finding with are receptors rather than getting transferred around our body. Essentially reducing the uptake of any natural folic acid. It only happens in the supplement I don’t remember which ones they were anymore but in short get your folic acid from natural sources to be on the safe side

  217. L Tyrosine

  218. What about fish liver oil? Or just liver in general? Kinda cheating because it’s technically a food but the sheer nutrient content is absurd.

  219. Be VERY careful with Creatine, and heavy proteins. As these can cause kidney failure, congestive heart failure. The reason….the protein molecules are so large, that the kidney has a difficulty absorbing or excreting them, this they can cause a “backup” in the kidney, then too mych fluid that cause the heart to becone over stretched trying to pump excessive fluids, thus congestive heart failure. Creatine is dangerous for this and other reasons, and can adversely affect the liver in addition to kidneys. My husband was a major body builder, his entire life, even while in military. His system became SO toxic from the elements, that his swear smelled like pure acid and woukd bleach our colored sheets. I couldn’t sleep in the same room, as the smell burned my eyes and nose. His doctor ran tests, and told him he was literally “toxic” from the supplements he was taking, including Creatine. His kidneys were failing because of this blood toxicity. He “weaned” down and off, and is doing much better, now. I can sleep in the bed with him, again.
    And remember, ANY supplement can cause toxic blood levels and kill you. Even Vitamin C, a water soluble vitamin, can be toxic to kidneys.

  220. Did he say pregnant “people”?

    1. @giantsquid2 so just say women

    2. Women are people.

  221. All I have to say to this guy is: Says you.

  222. So taking supplements becuse my doctor told me to is a good thing

    1. Unless your doctor tells you to take stuff because a pharma rep bribed them to push it, but yeah, ideally.

  223. … brought to you by big pharma!

  224. I feel like there’s a consensus on vegans and most vegetarians taking B12?

    1. Definitely. Do take B12 daily if you’re vegan/vegetarian.

  225. Go see a doctor – call dial a nurse , get real professional advice – then do no harm – go slow , take notes ,stop of there’s trouble – find food that provides the mineral you desire –

  226. Regular antidepressants are a scam anyway

  227. Yeah always talk to a doctor before starting any supplements. In a lot of cases there’s a prescription kind that’s better regulated, and your insurance might pay for all or some of it.

    1. Wrong reasons. Many doctors have a difficult time keeping up with information on prescription meds. The main reason to talk to your doctor is to inform them in case they prescribe something that may interact. Otherwise, they are usually uninformed and have no interest on doing research, not even a simple Google lookup!

  228. ALA is very helpful for people over 50.

  229. Interesting how German trials on St John’s Wort had excellent results, while American trials showed the opposite..

    That wouldn’t be because American Pharmaceutical companies don’t want a NATURAL antidepressant as COMPETITION to the side effect loaded POISON they prescribe..? Would it..?

    Your doctor is an owned drug pusher for the death dealing healthcare industry, which, by the way is the 3rd largest killer…

    “There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution…”

    Aldous Huxley

    1. Yeah of course! Doctors here in Europe are angels while yours are the reincarnation of Satan himself… Okay Alex Jones

    2. Tadferd I guess Alex Jones did show evidence of pedo island. As far fetched as it seemed at the time.

      Side note. St Johns Wort is sold as a supplement so there’s less restriction on it. Kinda kills the theory that big pharma is trying to control us.

    3. @Bourdeaux Photo Always demand evidence. The way the comment was written also shows a lot of signs of a paranoid conspiracy theorist with no real evidence. Very similar to Flat Earther and Anti-Vaxxer rhetoric.

    4. Epstein and Clinton pedo Island was a conspiracy theory until it wasn’t. Don’t be so quick to discount someone connecting lines.

    5. Absolutely agree!

  230. You should get everything in your diet, if you don’t know how to do that there’s a problem

  231. B12 has no upper tolerable limit and many people are deficient. It’s cheap and taking it can prevent nerve damage. Surprised that didn’t make this list.

  232. Why do researchers use sugar as a placebo? Shouldn’t they use something that doesn’t have an effect of its own? People don’t talk about sugar highs for nothing.

  233. What about B12 and D vitamin?

  234. Number 3 antioxidants has some omissions: Vitamin E is best taken from mixed nuts and fatty foods, instead of from supplements. This is because there are many types of Vitamin E our body needs, but supplements just need to contain one type of Vit E to be allowed to sell as vitamin E on the label; moreover only taking one type of Vitamin E will be detrimental to the absorption of the other types your body needs.

  235. Pregnant people? 🤔

  236. What’s a doctor?

  237. Your better than any doctor I’ve been too… I tell you that much..

  238. Fantastic. So much info…

  239. Great video!!!!!! 💯💯💯👍👍👍💖❤💜🧡💛💚💙

  240. Really? Find me a typical doctor that has any useful knowledge of nutrition let alone supplementation. They ate weaned solely at the teat of Big Pharma and carefully, methodically inculturated to only that model. Anything else to them is witchcraft unless they go on to additional training and enlightenment. Stay away from doctors for any such advice is my advice

  241. Thank you Dr. Green

  242. I love this channel, but pregnant people cracks me up every time.

  243. I take L-Dopa and a multivitamin

  244. Vitamin D is much safer and more effective for depression than St. John’s Wart and you did not even mention it! Sunshine is a great way to get Vitamin D, but I live where it is cloudy most of the time and my Doctor told me to take 5000 IU’s every day.

  245. TOTALLY disagree with you.. Please re-educate yourself on supplements. Soils are depleted of most nutrients plus filled with pesticides, and weed killers which
    get into the foood and contaminate the human body. Have you been paid to do this vlog by the AMA? However, everyBODY is different when they are given supplements.
    MSM which is building blocks for collagen, tendons, Ligaments, and bones. (please look that up) Love most of your videos, but NOT this one Kiddo.;))

  246. Melatonin is a hormone… Let the body create it naturally by eating superfoods with probiotics and bioenhancers (pepper and ginger in combination for instance)

    1. There are 15 supplements need to be avoided

  247. Many are d3 and b12 deficient which makes us not feel well

  248. The best supplement that you should all take is Hydrogen Cyanide.

  249. One supplement that I’m pretty much 100% certain does help (me at least) is phytosterols/phytostanols (e.g., Cholestoff). My doctor recommended it, and I’ve systematically compared its effectiveness in reducing “bad cholesterol” (LDLs) without reducing “good cholesterol” (HDLs) with actual, direct blood tests with my Cardiocheck-brand cholesterol tester. Cholestoff works almost as well as Lipitor! YMMV, of course, but in my case at least, it definitely does help.

  250. Traditional MDs are not trained in nutrition. Furthermore, studies show certain supplements are beneficial. Who’s diet is adequate? Nobody’s. And recommended daily Requirements are only a few increments above disease causing malnutrition. Diet is extremely important too though, they should be combined.

    Also this list ACTUALLY is:
    1. Vitamin D & K2
    2. Vitamin C
    3. Omega 3’s/DHA/EPA
    4. Multivitamin-preferably liquid
    5. All the B’s esp B12
    6. Magnesium
    7. Zinc
    8. Selenium

    These all don’t have to be taken every day, but at least regularly is beneficial.
    A healthy junk food free diet is also helpful.

  251. Anyone on a vegan diet should take vitamin B12. Also, a lot of omnivores are B12 deficient, especially older people.

  252. Pregnant person?

  253. Beets are nature’s Viagra. Why do you think Dwight got laid so much?

  254. enough with the babies, another episode

  255. Trace minerals (72 of them) should be everyone’s base supplement. They keep your nervous system healthy. If not, enjoy your backache for the rest of your life!

    1. John West yeahhhhh it’s WAY more complicated than that. Pain isn’t something you can prevent via nutrition and exercise, although those can definitely be helpful. If you really want to learn more, google biopsychosocial pain. It’s way way way way way more complicated than nutrition and movement. Although those are good for sure!

    2. @Chloe Bradley yes other nutrients are also necessary along with lite exercise to keeping a healthy nervous system and body.

    3. John West hmmmm. I’m glad you’ve found it helpful, but pain is a bit more complicated than that

    4. @Chloe Bradley my understanding is the nervous system is unique in nutrition and I have found Trace minerals to be very beneficial to strengthen it. I have been consuming them for 25 yrs and have a high resistance to pain compared to when I was young and malnourished with chronic back pains at age 21.

    5. “Keep your nervous system healthy” can you be more specific?

  256. And vitamin BS increases your belief in catastrophic climate change.

  257. You missed Berberine

  258. Doctors are useless money whores that give horrible food advice … take your statins and give me your wallet

  259. Folic acid is synthetic crap used by corporate food gangs … foliate is B9 … Folic acid is garbage … stop saying the synthetic crap is good for anything

  260. Everytime I click a video from this channel, I assume he’s targeting an audience of science minded people… instead I find him speaking to us like we’re children or can’t easily digest information. Unsubscribed.

    1. Life Connoisseur lol the goal of this channel is to make science accessible. Maybe go to pubmed if you’re so science minded

    2. Lol, you sound like a try-hard

  261. I take a one a day once a week and it does not make one weak.

  262. Better idea, eat grass fed beef liver. It’s basically nature’s multivitamin. It literally has some to large amounts of everything your body needs. There’s a reason why native Americans ate bison liver when trying to conceive and gave raw liver to their children when first weaning off of breast milk.

  263. Do NOT take St John’s Wort because it is phototoxic and will lead to permanent eye damage, even blindness.

  264. I can’t believe you didn’t mention Ashwaganda and its clinically proven ability to lower cortisol. It did wonders for me.

  265. I recommend melatonin for DSPS. However only take .25mg – .5mg, not the megadoses of 3-5mg they sell. Dream Water is more effective, and more expensive. If you don’t go to bed immediately and power through it, then you produce cortisol (?) and it will no longer work that night. Use a benzodiazepine then. Holding howlite also works great in combination.

  266. For Chissakes! Talk to your doctor… doctor is nothing but a pusher for the big Pharma industry.

  267. MSM works wonders it helps all around the body. Look it up. Do not use if you drink alcohol. It will give you a monster headache. Probably, why its not talked about much. Helped me with leaky gut and allergies and my baggy wrinkley skin tightened up some too. It took 2 week for the leaky gut to clear up pain and allergies started to disappear the next week i can now consum dairy products without rashing out on my face. Take small doses first. MSM has a detox effect on the body. Im 200pds I started with 1/4 teaspoon 2 times a day for 4 days then 1/2 teaspoon twice a day for a week. Now I take once a day 1/2 teaspoon or as needed.

  268. One that was missed is Vitamin D. Very helpful for many living in the dark frozen North during winter and can’t get enough sunlight.

    1. @Electro Magnetic lol from the ocean, what do you think radiation works like homeopathy…

    2. M Tull but not nearly enough

    3. zammmerjammer sounds like you should be consulting a professional

    4. cheezhead Z usually shows up more than just one time a year

    5. “vitamin” d is actually a hormone regulator, rather than a vitamin.

  269. In general doctors are woefully ignorant of herbal medicines. I’m all about research, but I think we lack a good body of research for herbs and supplents.

  270. BS. Serotonin can’t cross BBB. No melatonin has serotonin in it. You aren’t taking molly.

  271. I can’t take folic acid due to a genetic mutation. I take folate instead which you can find in broccoli and stuff but I also take it in supplements cause my doctors tell me too. Same with B12.

  272. There is loads of scientific research to support supplementation for optimal health. Supplements can be absorbed as well or better in supplements than food. It is very difficult or in some cases impossible to get all you need for optimal health from food. Apples no longer contain vital minerals. Apples have less than 1 milligram of boron today due to commercial farming practices as one example. Previously apples had over 24mg. Boron has no RDA because corrupted governments, serving the big pharma industry, block it, the EU even blocks borax which is the best form of boron for the human body. Big pharma now makes hundreds of billions from arthritis drugs where many people would be easily treated and effectively cured by regular boron supplementation. They do this with iodine too causing virtually all breast and prostate cancers. Breast cancer can be cured by 35 milligrams of boron a day, which is 35,000 micrograms. The government only recommends 150 micrograms of iodine which is the cause of these cancers and virtually all thyroid problems- people should take 12,500 micrograms or 12.5 milligrams every day for optimal health. Boron is needed by every cell in the body and is used in the construction of cells. Nations with 1mg of boron in their diets have very high rates of arthritis- over 45%- nations like Israel that have 9mg or more in their diet have less than 1% rate of arthritis. Magnesium is vital to health. It is nearly impossible to get the 400mg of magnesium from food. something like 3,500 health conditions including heart disease are caused by not getting at least 400mg a day. Also the best form for absorption is magnesium citrate. Switch to one meal a day eaten after 2pm and cut off all food intake after 4 to 6 hours after. Reduce calories is also very important. Supplementing fibre as it is very difficult to get the optimal fibre from food alone. And there are many more supplements which are best provided through supplementation. Always be careful to avoid DL-alpha vitamin E which is synthetic and does not fight cancer. High levels of D-alpha vitamin e are essential for health. They often type dl-alpha(with the lower case L close to the d) in very small print so it looks like d-alpha, beware.

  273. You gotta be careful with natural supplements because they might interact with synthetic drugs and additives doctors and the food industry charge us 100 times more for … St. JOHNS wart is crap

  274. Folic acid is a synthetic poison … there is no folic acid in any food … folic acid is a synthetic poison

  275. Doctors write prescriptions for Statins and other very expensive but equally useless and/or other very harmful drugs … in med school doctors have their morales removed

  276. the amount of sources, this is why i love this channel

  277. I trust you more any of my doctors. I broke my back 4 years ago. They started TRYING to fix it June THIS YEAR

    1. you have scar tissue in your muscles. Doctors literally are completely oblivious to this and do not acknowledge it AT ALL. You can break up your scar tissue yourself with cupping and gua sha. Check out the videos on my YouTube account where I explain how. I am not selling anything. I just got rid of all my pain on my own by breaking up scar tissue and I desperately want to help others in pain. Living in constant pain isn’t life. It’s torture. You can be free. I promise you.

  278. Exactly. This video starts out explaining why supplements are not always a good choice. I can’t take them because my body REJECTS them. Except for Flintstone vitamins. I’m good on fake nutrients, I’ll stick to getting my nutrition the old fashion way…. By eating a meal.

  279. “pregnant PEOPLE” 😂

  280. People who are pregnant are more commonly referred to as women. Why does “woke” PC nonsense have to be inserted in everything?

    1. kenmac542 because anyone with a uterus can carry a baby, regardless of their gender.

  281. Thanks so much for talking about pregnant people, parents, and using ‘they’ in your segment about folic acid. It did not go unnoticed, and to some of us it really mattered. Thank you.

  282. I thought you gonna talk about my protien shake 😢

    1. Protein isn’t the be-all and end-all drink ever, you need a broad variety and consistent of foods and drinks

  283. Please do more research. We need folate, not folic acid.

    To claim that pill vitamins do nothing you need a *lot* of research to back that.

    1. This needs more attention. Folic acid is TOXIC. For a channel called “Sci”show, they sure don’t do a lot of scientific research for some of their videos. I guess that’s what happens when they try to cover every subject on Earth instead of specializing on a particular subject.


  285. I take magnesium yet still te se ted liw. Most people are low in MAGNESIUM most people are low the dirt is depleted.


  287. Everyone is deficient because our water & soil is deficient

  288. This guy does commercials for BIG Pharma. Nothing more.

  289. This guy is a twat. He did not mention real and effective supplements like Moringa, Ashwaghangda, Vitamin D etc. He only spoke about minor supps. What is the point of him doing this video? Mislead? Twat!

  290. This video is ignorant crap. He got his info from the medical industry, which is focused on money and drugs. Doctors spend virtually no time in medical school studying nutrition. Doctors are controlled by the drug companies. Let’s talk about how ineffective and harmful drugs are!!! For example, statin drugs are useless and are based on the lie that cholesterol is bad for you.

  291. 1 creatine
    2 beet juice
    3 vitamin c, e, beta Carotine, zinc
    4 folate (b9)
    5 melatonin
    6 st John’s wort

    1. Creatine, folate, melatonin, and st john’s wort can all be SUPER dangerous for certain people. DO NOT START THEM WITHOUT TALKING TO YOUR DOCTOR

    2. Thank you!

  292. whenever I need to give myself a headache I’ll take melatonin

    1. Melatonin triggers a histamine release, that is why many people can’t tolerate it. Histamine is actually the cause of headaches.

  293. A “Medical Doctor” is the last person I would be discussing vitamins, herbal supplements and antioxidants with. I’ve worked around them for almost 50 years. They’re “clueless” about preventive nutrition or anti-ageing. Your sickness and ill health makes their mortgage payments and pays for their luxury vacations. You staying “well” is not in their best interest!

    1. @Shawn Grant i agree except…its hard to get all the tests that can help all of us (myself, all my doctors and functional practioners) figure out what is going on in our bodies. If the md will request them, most insurances will deny them. If i order them from a functional practitioner, I have to pay…a lot. We can’t expect doctors to know everything or keep up with all of the new studies. They are there to give us drugs or do procedures and surgeries. They are not trained in how to keep us well.

    2. William Kilgore yuo

    3. @William Kilgore I’m not sure why ‘big pharma’ would love me. I’m not advocating taking any medication. Just like I’m not advocating taking any vitamins or supplements as most do nothing for you, if not harm you. Besides depending on where you stand, I’m sure the vitamin, mineral, and supplement industry loves you, considering it’s about a $40,000,000,000 a year industry in the US alone.

      You would have a doctor for many reasons. If for no other reason, hopefully you are having annual wellness visits for preventive care. Things like physical exams, blood test, cancer screenings, etc.

      You say ‘they’ve drummed it.’ Who are ‘they?’ Doctors? I thought you didn’t have a doctor so how would you know? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t disagree that there is a certain amount of over medicating but it’s not conspiracy level the way you are coming across.

      It’s great that you do your own research. Two problems with that however. 1. People are typically idiots. (Myself included.) We see what we want to see and believe what we want to believe. Our perception is extremely skewed especially when it comes to assessing ourselves. Example would be someone looking up studies on the efficacy of a particular supplement on an ailment they believe they suffer from. They see three studies with 2 showing no effect and 1 showing possible effect. People want to believe so they ignore the other two studies and convince themselves it’ll help them. 2. No matter if you are able to overcome bias, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know whether you really need a supplement or not. You can’t know without medical testing. So, regardless of whether you want to trust someone in a white coat, you still need them to test and advise you as to whether there is a nutritional deficit.

      PS: The part about speaking to you doctor in the video is primarily concerning taking a vitamin or supplement while taking another medication so as not have any adverse reactions. That and the potential effects of vitamins, minerals, supplements on medical testing.

    4. Shawn Grant, I’m sure Big Pharma loves you. Why would I “have a Doctor” in the first place? I would visit one for the surgical repair from an accident. That’s about it. I wouldn’t solicit nutritional advice from them period. They’ve drummed it into every American’s mind that we need to be “on something”. Every man must surely be suffering from “Low T”. Every woman must surely be “depressed”. Everyone must surely be suffering from poor quality sleep.
      I don’t need to visit a spiritual advisor (shaman) for health and nutritional information. I research it myself. I don’t need to go see someone in s white coat to “tell me things”.
      European visitors think we’re lunatics when they come here and see Big Pharma peddling pharmaceutical drugs on TV commercials. They’re deprnding on the weak-monded

    5. You’re right. You should definitely be talking to your shaman or an instagram influencer instead.

      Btw your logic is flawed. In the US there is a growing shortage of doctors. What good does it do them to keep people unhealthy when they can’t see everyone? On the flip-side, wouldn’t extending the life of a patient extend the amount of time doctors can milk them for all they are worth?

      But by all means, keep shoveling vitamins like biotin down your throat without telling your doctor. Just don’t complain when you end up being treated for a disease you don’t have or not being treated for one you do since certain supplements can affect the results of medical test.

  294. Gee! You missed some important supplements that affect cardio and bone health.
    D3&K2 combo; a lot of north americans are deficient for bones and cardio,
    Magnesium; for bones and cardio, a lot of foods are deficient.
    Probiotics; a lot of people got their gut bios wiped by antibiotics.
    Astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant.
    Pqq, for mitochondria support.
    Fish and plant oils (omegas 3, and 6 and 7) support for joint and bone and cardio health.
    All of the above are harmless.

  295. And steroids

  296. So helpful and not helpful at the same time.

  297. But Sheldon said it will just make your pee expensive.

  298. Go back to telling jokes

  299. I am disappointed you didn’t mention Glucosamine/Condroitin I have pain in my knees and hips hen I walk. I had surgery on my knees and it helped but didn’t eliminate the pain. The doctor who did the surgery told me to take 1500 mg of glucosamine and 1200mg of condroitin every day. I did and still do and I almost never have pain in my knees or hips anymore.

  300. I trust Usana. Juice all the vegetables and eat all the fruits i do not juice my fruits

  301. so If I wanna take Saint John’s Wort in combination with a low dose of adderall …..

  302. *Try 1 teaspoon of Glutamine powder ($10 @ Walmart) in water every morning and evening.*
    From curing stomach & bowel issues to clearing your complexion. The benefits are many.
    Research it, you won’t be disappointed! #GlutamineBenefits

  303. Vitamin D3 for all those in northern climates where we don’t get as much sun so we are more susceptible to depression among other health issues

  304. I take a multivitamin, B-Complex, and Calcium-Magnesium-Zinc and sometimes take Iron and/or D3 (particularly in winter). I’ve taken melatonin before too. I live in my car and don’t have a great diet, so I try to at least supplement with vitamins.

    1. @Florian Peter Well, I don’t get leg cramps anymore since I’ve been taking the Cal-Mag-Zinc, so it’s doing something.

    2. Lioness006 supplementation can‘t improve the foundation

  305. Look into Moringa Oleifera it is much more than a supplement. It is truly a superfood.

  306. Since you’re not a doctor then you shouldn’t be dispensing advice on what to take? lol…just kidding. Unfortunately, not all doctors know what they’re talking about like functional medical doctors DO! Allopathic/conventional doctors traditionally only get 36 hours of nutrition in medical school and are only now beginning to scratch the surface when it comes to vitamins/minerals/supplements! People need to learn to listen to their bodies and self-educate themselves on vitamins/minerals/supplements and see what works best for them, of course without o-d-ing on them! I have a mild form of MS and have found that taking garlic and Vit. C gets me out of a relapse real fast, minus any lethal prescription drugs which are more costly than most herbal supplements and vitamins/minerals. I’ve had a known vitamin deficiency of Vit. D3 which most people with MS have along with a B complex deficiency so we need to take that as well along with all the other much needed vitamins and minerals! Getting them from food/mostly organic foods are best but there are many antagonists to vitamins/minerals such as artificial lighting, cooking and birth control pills etc. “Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food”…Hippocrates, the founding father of ancient medicine who also recommended those now famous apple cider vinegar drinks! Thanks for sharing…”knowledge is power”~ Hippocrates also said one day we’ll all be are own physicians…FACTS! That time has come, imho. p.s. Melatonin with valerian root worked fantastic for me after 20 years of insomnia.. 3 mg a night is not overdosing since Melatonin depletes as we age…fact.

  307. Soo, why buy MDMA… when I can have St. Johns wort and a cup of coffee?

  308. I’m Dwight Schrute, and I approve this message.

  309. calcium disodium ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid (EDTA)- in this metal rich polluted world, specially for those that eat salt water fish, this stuff can save your life.

  310. Creatine, fish oil, b complex, c, magnesium, enzymes, probiotics, d3, flax oil, cordyceps, lions mane… All things worth taking. Also eating a salad every day is something my body responds very well to.

  311. Watching all my video’s at 2X speed to save time Hank sounds like a hamster on 5 cups of coffee.

  312. what about ashwaganda?

  313. News flash, genius, there are MANY more than just 6 supplements ( proven in multiple double blind studies ) that will help people….I am surprised that you chose St. Johns Wort instead of something such as Vitamin D

  314. When I took creatine it made my body hold water. Especailly my legs. It took about a week after quiting the creatine to be normal again.

    1. Yeah it’s almost like all of these supplements aren’t actually safe for 100% of people and this video should be taken down because it’s dangerous (bad) medical advice

    2. You might want some analysis of your kidney function; we excrete creatine via these organs. Or ask for a referral for a nephrologist (Doctor which specialize about kidney.)

  315. Way too generalized thumbs down

  316. What about iron b12 vit d

  317. No fish oil..

  318. Give a presentation on prescription drug failure & deadly side effects. Then, have a PHILOSOPHER speak about the epistemology of science so that listeners can better detect bias.

  319. “Pregnant people”? You mean women? lol

  320. I guessed this video was a waste of time when you said talk to a doctor.

  321. I can’t take melatonin it makes me stay up a lot extremely worried with my heart racing like crazy

    1. Switch to cocaine. After the cardiac arrest I slept like a baby.

  322. This guy is not accurate

  323. A NutriGenetic Research functional genetics (enzyme/DNA) test is a targeted personalized approach to knowing yourself and which supplements to take, the science of N=1.

  324. dont listen to this clown

  325. what about vitamin D? hard to overdoze and works miracles;p

  326. These supplements were being used long before they were proven to do good. So why are you bashing all the other supplements just because science hasn’t caught up yet?

    There’s lots of studies about a lot of supplements being beneficial, just not 100% conclusive yet. And people can’t get everything from their diet nowadays. I mean… Modern vegetables, meat and other products do not have the same nutritional value as those before the industrial age.

    And just to prove my point, you add melatonin to the list, commenting that there have been extensive studies but weak evidence. So you’re just listing supplements that have a million studies behind them and that’s it. Do some research, SciShow, and learn about other supplements.
    Thank god for modern science proving that St. John’s Wart does something. We would’ve looked so stupid as humans, for using it since ancient times if it was useless. (there’s a whole range of other supplements used since ancient times and it’s the same idea… we don’t need to wait for science to tell us they’re good. Science is too slow.)

  327. I hate when they day ask your Doctor. Doctors don’t care and on top of that your copay or if you don’t have insurance is a lot of money just ask your doctor. How stupid .

  328. So beets are good b/c of nitrates? Well, I eat a lot of smoked meat for my nitrates!

  329. Pregnant Women,

  330. Up north in Canada, vitamin D is really important, especially in the winter when we only get a few hours of sunlight (or none at all, if you live far enough north)

  331. L – Tyrosine and 5HTP are also great.

  332. I can think of at least 10 not on the list that I’m sure a majority of people are definite in

  333. What about Vitamin D or Magnesium?

  334. Magnesium is also good

  335. Taking too much St John’s Wort gave me heart palpitations, so I never took it again.

    1. It’s dangerous for MANY people. (not all of course)

  336. I find it hard to believe that Magnesium didn’t make it to the list

  337. Why don’t scientists focus on genotypes when studying effectiveness? Seems like throwing the baby out with the bathwater is a heightened risk of poorly controlled trials.

  338. Omega 3 essential fatty acid (fish oil) is not on your list ?????

    1. Contaminants and rancidity

  339. And marijuana gets you high.

  340. There’s a few animal studies linking exogenous melotonin to testicular atrophy. Also, I heard CoQ10, chelated magnesium, and choline are useful at doses with negligible side effects. Also also, vitamin K2 can help mitigate the risk of the potentially lethal side effects of hypercalcemia resulting from large doses of exogenous vitamin D3 over time, which has been shown to increase the activity of sex hormones like testosterone.

  341. If anyone is taking supplements please ensure the following..
    Is it GMO and petroleum free
    Is it from the human food chain
    Is it good for you.
    Does it have a seal of approval.

  342. I’m sorry, but most doctors I’ve encountered push the idea of taking pills, etc. and have NEVER told me or most of the people I know to change their diet… I don’t trust *most* doctors – not all…

  343. talking too fast talking

  344. I’m not against the use of supplements or holistic medicine as long as it is used in conjunction with modern medicine (coughcouchVACCINEScoughcough) and at the discretion of a person’s care team. In fact, having a treatment plan that consists of both modern and holistic medicine has helped my health reach a new level of stability! ❤️

    I took folic acid when I was taking methotrexate (a nasty old cancer drug) often used now to treat rheumatoid arthritis (although apparently I don’t actually have RA… now my docs think it’s hEDS but not officially diagnosed yet). Without the right dose of folic acid while taking methotrexate, I would get many super nasty canker sores and lose a surprising amount of hair.

    I currently take N Acetal Choline (not sure I spelled that right) 😅 which has been shown to aid in reducing compulsive behaviors (I suffer with hair pulling and skin picking).

  345. What do regular M.D.’s know about health? They are a part of the problem – my view.

  346. Was there any particular reason during the folic acid section and the St. John’s Wart section, you repeatedly say “pregnant people” or “pregnant parent”, like it offends you to say “women”?

  347. I always have vitamin D insufficiency and it’s really hard to obtain it from food, therefore I need vitamin D supplements, specially during winter times

    1. Eat lots of oily fish 😍

  348. Evidence-based medicine? There’s also overwhelming evidence that only women, or females, can get pregnant. Who wants health advice from a source that says “pregnant people”? They deny science with PC language when it suits them.

  349. Vitamin C with iron increases absorption!

    1. @arlothedino thats another good one. Unless Trump somehow has removed the wicked from the food companies already cause if not most people are deficient in many things, and i have all the links from the intelligent to prove that. Roundup is used on the crops and the soils are depleted of nutrients, they don’t replace the nutrients after harvest to feed the crops they need to be using stuff like neem to protect the crops too there’s hardly any boron in our produce now and many people have wack thyroids, deficient in d, a, c, potassium, copper, b’s. I have Linus Paulings teacher on standby in an article to show how vital these minerals are but check out tikun dot com, most illnesses come from deficiency’s in minerals and vitamins, and herbs are better then pharmas chemicals.

    2. @Nathan gamezio Most of those things you get from your diet. You shouldn’t go out of your way to get supplements if you don’t need them.

    3. vit c with dmso and colloidal silver for max absorbtion takes to through the deepest tissues in the body, msm paired with it as well. Everyone should be doing vit c , broccali sprouts, magnesium, moringa, d3, potassium, copper, b3, boron, lugols iodine, himalayan salt.

  350. Did big pharma “debunk” those other vitamins?

  351. Does marijuana contain vitamins?

  352. Omega 3 fish oil and magnesium are 2 big ones that will likely benefit every person. Definitely omega 3. Good for SO many things, unless you eat a big piece of fish every other day.

    1. I took fish oil at one stage and thought it was helping with arthritis.Then I stopped it and there was no difference. Perhaps the arthritis went for some other reason. It’s very hard to tell whether a supplement is causing a change or not because symptoms change for all sorts of reasons. Some studies haven’t supported fish oil supplements for heart health and dry eye syndrome. I take magnesium and it sometimes seems to relax muscle tension. Other times it doesn’t or I get a headache.

  353. magnesium and b2 reduced my migraines after 10 years of suffering.

    1. yes Magnesium prevents migraines, take 400 to 500 mg

    2. So you didn’t eat a single piece of salmon for 10 years.

    3. Johnny James – magnesium did the same for me!

    4. Damn bro, 10 years of migraines?😬

  354. I heard melatonin can make depression worse or bring on depression if you are predisposed to it. Is this true?

  355. “Pregnant people”

  356. Pregnant people………… PC!

  357. Most ppl who eat westernized diets *are* deficient in all vitamins.

  358. I’m so anemic all the time that my doctor told me she genuinely didn’t think it was possible for me to od on iron lol. I eat primarily meat, but she also told me to take double doses of iron or more and honestly that has always scared me, but 2 years in and I’m still not at a normal hemoglobin count… I wonder why they never mentioned Folic Acid tho :/

  359. I live in Canada.
    I’m using 5htp with valerian and St.Johns Wort to snuff out an anxiety disorder that turned me into a raving lunatic….took 5 days off this ‘unproven’ pill. Bad fxxkin idea boy. We’ll say, I won’t be taking a break off it for at least a year.

    Jello! Who does’nt like Jello! Tell me the difference between the amino’s in Jello and any ‘new’ and ‘amazing’ source of Collagen and I’ll ask why my joints stopped aching when I added it to daily diet.

    Stretching! Stretching hurts. Again, I live in Canada. The only thing that works for pain and injury here, if you have no benefits is pain pills.
    If I’d taken local health advice on how to treat and prevent sport injury I would be a cripple.

    Learn your body, cultivate awareness, and fon’t be an idiot theres no such thing as magic.

  360. Suddenly everyone in the comments is a professional lmao.

    1. No, people are just responding to the dangerous, inaccurate info in this video.

    2. You mean have some sort of life experience, right?

    3. Yes, we are! (he he)

  361. you forgot testorsterone

  362. Doesn’t matter if supplements are necessary or actually do anything, it doesn’t hurt so why not?

    1. Even OTC supplements can be incredibly dangerous to certain people and it’s hard to predict these reactions.

    2. Well you can get pretty sick if you OD on fat soluble vitamins.

  363. All doctors and nurses here in Finland suggest we tale vitamin d because we dont get that much sun

  364. I don’T know but according to some people, our food contains so much less vitamins and minerals, that one cabbage in 1800 probably had the same amount of 10 cabbage today. So to say that ONLY people with deficiency in vit and min should take them is a little …light? What about saying how much a normal adult person should have? And realizing that most of us eat fast food instead of ‘green foliage’ and vegetables? Let’s get real here. Most people don’t even have that once a week!!! At least i have a lot of friends here in canada who don’t! So what is left to them is to buy vitamins and minerals and take some. I know it is not the best source of vitamins but in our crazy life, with all that crazy food we eat, i think that it is finally not so bad a solution…

  365. #5 should be liquid magnesium

  366. Pregnant people? Pregnant women. Only women can be pregnant.

  367. Hahaha… “It’s beets”. Anyone else see that episode of Portlandia? Lol

  368. I take two high strength placebos a day
    I feel GREAT!!

  369. Pregnant “people” I’m sick of this s***

  370. Raw beet….ugh. Found out I’m one of those sensitive to it…it burns the hell out of your throat, painful as hell for 24 hours!

  371. Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 has deregulated the industry, so there is no safety or purity checked on supplements, as such contents of these supplements are unknown and adulteration is a huge concern.

  372. Just a warning that creatine can have bad side effects. I have stomach aches and skin flushes when I taken the minimum dose

  373. Is it possible to talk normal. This is very irritating to listen to.

  374. 4:44 Tracy Morgan says “Someone gonna git pregnant!!” Get some folic acid!👨🏿‍🦲

    1. Clay Owlglass It was a joke!

    2. Folic acid IS TOXIC to people who can’t process it (including MANY autistic people). *If folic acid makes you feel sick, STOP TAKING IT!*

  375. Doctors are not trained in Nutrition. Majority of Doctors will pooh pooh supplements. Run from them.

  376. Interesting.

  377. Phenibut for sleep and anxiety, and kratom for pain. Both are slightly addictive, but the benefits outweigh the risks.

  378. More recent studies on metformin suggest it can probably prolong life span significantly. Want to live to 120? Nothing else so far is suggesting it can do that for you. Good luck getting any of this old, cheap and (especially in a “one 500mg pill a day” dose) harmless medicine which has no sensible reason to be “by prescription only” unless you know someone with diabetes. It’s going to be very hard to find out if it’s effective or not when no healthy person is permitted to get it.

  379. Creatine has been linked to hair loss, so buyer beware

  380. Pregnant people??? Pregnant women, you mean!

  381. How can they miss THE BIG ONE? 1000 IU of vitamin D will literally cut your risk of getting cancer in half. That of course is most especially if you don’t get a lot of sun, like if you’re usually indoors or if you live in the PNW where it’s so often cloudy and then not warm enough to want to sun tan much of the summer. (Or if you use sun tan lotion and don’t get any healthy sunlight even when outside.) Almonds and pine nuts are also reputed to be especially valuable for that too, as they have good proportions of very digestible iron and phosphorus.

  382. A lot to criticize here. Such a good channel but it’s misleading. People might walk away thinking supplements are bad where as there are a lot (omega 3, ginseng, etc, etc etc) which are crucial to fighting over metabolic diseases caused by lack of exercise and mainly a terrible diet

    1. One particular ginseng helps reduce my tremors (which seem to run in my family as we get older). Another ginseng seemed ineffective.

  383. What a load of useless rubbish. I could name 5 supplements which are scientifically proven to increase health, life span and combat cancer.

  384. Don’t forget vitamin B12.

  385. Your schtick on St Johns wort is deadly

  386. MDs will always tell you supplements are a waste of money and you should pharma drugs instead

  387. I think the best supplements for me are: creatine, b-complex, fish oils, magnesium, msm / sulphur, zinc, collagen, apple cider vinegar. I disagree with melatonin (careful, it’s a hormone), and beet juice (is high sugar). But best to seek out the highest quality foods you can afford including large amounts of concentrated greens.

  388. Expected omega 3, vitamin D, and probiotic supplements being included. Many are also deficient in magnesium.

    1. @Clay Owlglass Too much magnesium at once give me headaches. I take half the dose i was recommended, and thats fine. But the dose i got recommended gives me headaches.

    2. @Clay Owlglass what dangers associated with vitamin D (unless very high doses) and fish/krill oil?

    3. Magnesium is the only supplement that’s probably safe for everyone. All the other ones people are talking about can be really dangerous for certain folks.

    4. There have been cases of people getting sepsis from probiotics. Too much bacteria of any kind is bad and most of the supplements have really high amounts.

    5. Check this out. and if you have questions don’t hesitate to ask. =)

  389. Too much hand movements which is distracting

  390. and melatonin saved my skin

  391. this guy is dissing my adult gummy vitamins

  392. CoQ 10 is my supplement of choice. I take statins and that causes significant muscle fatigue….CoQ10 reduces the muscle pain and fatigue. Recommended by my nephrologist.

    1. I am *so* glad you are taking supplements your actual doctor who understands your conditions recommended instead of stuff some random non-doctor who’s never met you is recommending!

    2. CoQ10 feeds mitochondria, which makes ATP. Metformin for diabetics depletes CoQ10.

    3. May be lower or change statin

    4. I’ve just given up on statins. They were giving me head ache and nausea. But I still take coQ10- 300 mgs

    5. look into statins more

  393. Creatine. 5mg in the morning every day with my first 50 grams of whey isolate based protein. Heavier lifts for a longer time. Helps with recovery time also.

  394. Curcumin for arthritis all the way!

    1. @Clay Owlglass really? Ive never known anyone who experienced it. Crazy

    2. 30% of people are allergic to it

    3. I take it for the hell of it

    4. Plus piperine,for efficacy.

    5. And pineapple!

  395. Beet juice can be cause very bad gout and redness of the skin. It’s safe to use if you are using it for exercise but don’t drink it everyday if you aren’t getting your daily workout.

  396. I have bipolar and take an ssri. Just like below don’t take st John’s wart if you have a mental illness. It can drive you off the edge. Ok video but they should have added curcumin tumeric

  397. Beet juice is also good for kidney function!

  398. St. John’s Wart helped me in the late 1990’s with depression, completely getting me over it and back to normal within 6 moths to a year without having to continue taking it forever like doctors who love you put you on and leave you on an antidepressant for the rest of your life, essentially making you into a perpetual Zombie who can not FEEL good or bad for the rest of your life?
    Do NOT EVER take pharmaceutical antidepressants, they are literally mind numbing!

    1. Worst advice in the history of the internet , please nobody listen to this nutbar and don’t be afraid to ask your GP for help

    2. Natural ways to combat any disease…oh yes…wait until you get a serious disease…you will be grateful for modern pharmaceuticals.

    3. K M

      Shout out to all my fellow depressives who would prefer numbness over death

      Also, if your anti-depressant isn’t working for you, there are lots of other options. Prescription medication can be a powerful part of recovery.

    4. @Brian Mcnary You can combat a disease by punching own body, but we want successful ways.

    5. shedevil50337 there are natural ways to combat any disease .

  399. Talk to a doctor??,beware!!!!

  400. This misses lots of nuances

  401. Pregnant people? I’m out of here!

  402. Some people have health issues that make supplements necessary to the point where I have to get IV infusions since I’m unable to absorb from food. Otherwise healthy people typically don’t need them & are better off without. It’s also important to know that where you get your supplements, it can make a difference between getting what the label says & getting something that’s either lacking or has more than a safe amount so buy from natural pharmacies!

  403. Beet juice, nitrates… Great! I can run a marathon! And then die of colon cancer… 🙁


  405. Lost me at ‘pregnant people’

  406. 4:43 – “Pregnant people”
    Yes, let’s use gender neutral terminology, even for that which is dictated by biology.
    My cynical mind wonders whether this is a slip of the tongue, or political correctness gone mad 🙂

    1. Honestly, I’ve noticed the shift in Scishow’s terminology over the years as well. I’m pretty open-minded and think efforts to be inclusive are great, in theory. However, in discussion of biology and social issues that predominantly effect women, I think the use of the term “pregnant people” undermines reality for MOST people. Yes, non-binary folks exist and yes, some can get pregnant but I think the language they prefer shouldn’t entirely erase the language that suits the vast majority.

    2. The latter I think


  408. L-theonine….. you’re welcome.

  409. This guy is a fool. He’s even has glasses on which is an indication he’s had or has nutritional deficiencies 🤦🏻‍♂️
    We all have deficiencies all the time. And don’t ask a doctor about nutrition ffs!

  410. Hope lion’s mane makes the list

  411. Did you just say that pregnant women have babies in their stomach?? Did this baby eat the clump of cells?
    Funny how the truth comes out when we aren’t paying attention.

    1. Lolbait

  412. cocaine
    beet juice

  413. Take methylfolate. 25% of women are allergic to folic acid, which doesn’t exist in nature.

  414. Just Juice some spinach, half a beet some parsley, 3 carrots, and one apple. This is will get your engine running. Have a nice day.

  415. Folic acid is important but folate, the synthetic one, can be very damaging for some people. I don’t understand (well, only as $ saving, lazy, irresponsible…) why in the world you’d think adding supplements in water or in many foods for EVERYONE can be health promoting. Chloride and Fluoride are very damaging to people with thyroid issues because these two have similar molecular composition to iodine, and so the body will reject iodine thinking it has too much when in fact there’s a deficiency that will affect many body functions and cause ill health. Just one example.

  416. Western medicine GP (general poisoner) doctors are probably the largest group of mass torturers and mass killers ever in the history of man. They are primarily there to make money for themselves. They know nothing about good health because they are not trained in health and/or nutrition though they will try and masquerade as “health” doctors. They are only trained in the use of medical poisons. They are only medicine/poison doctors. As a rule, the poisons they suggest and promote will be extremely dangerous to your health. If possible, never ever use them, As a rule their poisons will not address the underlying root cause of your symptoms. Often they will have very little useful effect, if at all, and any effect they have will usually only mask symptoms, have dangerous side affects, exacerbate other existing problems in your body, create dependency and rarely cure anything in a biologically enhancing way.
    The poisons they promote are made by large western pharmaceutical corporations which exist to make profits. To make profits, western pharmaceutical corporations will lie and deceive you and the medicine doctor too and basically do whatever it takes to sell any product and make as much money as they possibly can. Do not ever believe anything said by a western pharmaceutical corporation. In the interests of your good health, if you can possibly avoid it, never ever take their poisons. If ill, and you have to, use a medicine doctor for diagnosis and test purposes only. When they talk to you, take their advice with “a grain of salt”. They think they know a lot (if not everything) unfortunately, they do not and their advice will often be incorrect. After their diagnosis, research dietary and nutritional treatment options, Paleo, Ketogenic, Low carb, High leafy greens, gluten free, exclusion diets, healthy food, intelligent eating, fresh unprocessed foods, fasting, supplement options, vitamins, minerals, herbal treatment options, Ayurvedic (Indian) Asian (Chinese) and European herbal treatments, Acupuncture, Meditation and just about any alternative that appeals and is not dangerous. Ask around and research online.
    “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.”
    “You are what you eat.”
    Be polite and courteous to medicine doctors, sometimes they may have a lot of power over your situation. Do not try to convert them, often they are health fools and thoroughly poisons indoctrinated. Many have very large egos that do not respond well to challenge, truth, honesty and anything outside their tunnel vision/tunnel education of poisons. If challenged and shown up to be the ignorant, poisoning, incompetent frauds they are, there is quite a risk they will become angry, aggressive, vindictive and quite nasty towards you.

  417. Ask your doctor to tell you which vitamin is right for you. 😂🤣😂 The last time I attempted a nutritional discussion with a doctor I gave up. I will never try that again. They know exceptionally little re nutrition or vitamins and minerals. My OPiNION.

  418. “Talk to a doctor”. Most doctors are morons.

  419. Where is the iodine, a little research will show the power of iodine in our bodily functions, not only thyroid but immune system and much more

    1. @T Henson
      Eggs are probably my main source of iodine. I eat mainly all whole foods and kosher non iodine salt. I do eat cereal once every couple weeks and I do eat liver and meats.

    2. For modern western diet, we get too much iodine with our soduim chloride (fortified table salt).

    3. eggs?

  420. Folic acid can have an adverse effect on B12 and provide misreading on a pathological test.

  421. I have add and melatonin is a godsend. Plus, I feel so refreshed and my dreams are so much vivid and I can remember dream much better. Me personally use naturol gummies. Love it

    1. In many people melatonin causes horrible nightmares. I am glad it works for you, but to those reading, if melatonin makes you feel bad, stop taking it!

  422. This is published in the journal of Anesthesia or related.

  423. I was informed by an anastesiologist, those people who put you to sleep for surgery that St. John’s Wort has counter indication with some of the drugs used for pre-op and during surgery. I was in pre-op at the time and they tried 1 mg of the drug they were no planning on using and they (surgery staff) predicted that my vitals could go out of control which happened so surgery was cancelled and I stayed in pre-op until my body fully stabilized for release from the hospital and I had to wait 72 hrs without taking St. John’s Wort for the remainder of the herb to leave my body so surgery could be safely performed.

  424. Wrong.You be the first one to take the doctor drugs

  425. ST. JOHN’S WORT IS NOT HARMLESS!! There are certain foods you shouldn’t eat w/this herb. Whatever you can’t eat while taking an MAO, don’t take w/St. John’s Wort.

    Why there has been no mention of pre- & probiotics, I do not understand. After a month on Dr. T_bias’s D_ep Imm_ne capsules, I started losing weight, didn’t want to eat as many junk foods, & cut many of my med doses in half or more! I know this is not scientific research, but I won’t recommend anything I haven’t tried or haven’t seen to display good/great results. In my case, $23/mo. is well worth it, even if only a placebo effect.

    Finalily, if’n yer old like me, you don’t absorb the good stuff you need as readily as you did when young. Life just ain’t fair. But hey, we all gotta go sometime. I don’t want to be a constant tax on anyone. ‘Sides, I already made my peace w/Lord Jesus, so I’m ready anytime. Chow!

  426. If you tied his hands behind him he couldn’t talk. Come to think of it that would be an improvement, just text

  427. Studies are often done by people with agendas, such as the multibillion dollar pharmaceutical industry, which skews the studies results to fit their desired outcomes.
    They have a lot to protect, and you not needing their drugs is not to their interests.

    1. Sometimes true but thankfully science is real.

  428. You seem to give the usual party line.
    There’s a lot, lot more to supplements than you espouse.

  429. You left the supplement King out! Vitamin C!

    1. @Stravo Lukos lol…………..noooooo. 😉 good try.

    2. @Nathan gamezio Nathan, your Mom probably has an iron constitution, unlike us mere mortals. My doc still tells me to watch out & not take too much. We just pee most of it out anyway.

    3. @Stravo Lukos nah that rumors a bunch of goose stool. Plenty of testimony and lectures from the brilliant, my mom takes high doses and shes perfectly fine. High doses of vit c are like a wonder cure for pretty much everything.

    4. @Stravo Lukos Thanks Stravo!

    5. And– too much Vit. C might lead to stones. I cannot imagine anything hurting worse than a Rhino Rocket up the nose, but peeps say it’s worse!

  430. Unless you are living out of a blender and drinking kale, spinach, raw eggs, nuts and berries, you are most likely malnourished. Your fancy pasta dish at your expensive Italian restaurant has little if no nutrients. And, that sandwich and chips at lunch is the same. Americans are fat and diabetic because they consume sugar. They also eat too many carbohydrates. Food is not entertainment it is nurishment. If you are enjoying what you eat, you are probably eating the wrong things.

  431. All people don’t get pregnant….just some women do.

    1. Stravo Lukos does that make the statement wrong, or my understanding of it?

    2. Gotta be pc, Aaron!

  432. Doctor? I don’t think so!

  433. You, Mister in the video sure need some creatine. You need muscles on them bones.

  434. You don’t see turmeric as good to take?

  435. Considering the American diet? But don’t trust what may be in them.

  436. Serotonin Poisoning is no joke! It’s like being dragged through hell, only every individual layers of your body, because you can feel every single layer fighting to get away from the layer next to it!
    You also can’t remember your name or where you are half the time, all while you want to throw up because it would feel good, but you just can’t!

  437. beet juice = poor man’s viagra

  438. High doses of sodium ascorbate! Our bodies don’t make vitamin C.
    Sodium ascorbate is the only effective form of vitamin C.

  439. Wrong advice….doctors are not train in vitamins. So they can’t give advon them.

  440. Pregnant women, not pregnant people.

  441. For about half the US population, folic acid (synthetic folate) is toxic at some level and can cause severe mental health and neurological problems. Natural folate needs to be supplemented, either in food or in whole food vitamins, to combat this toxicity. Also, those of us with gastroparesis have a very difficult time eating enough nutrients, so a whole food multivitamin is also necessary.

  442. You missed cinnamon. Even the American Diabetes Association recommends it now.

  443. I take a cod liver oil and vitamin D pill once or twice a week, I have joint problems and mild agoraphibia

  444. A big issue with a lot of supplements (the natural ones more commonly, like St John’s Wart) is that they aren’t well regulated, nor have many studies been done proving their efficacy. However, vitamins and minerals are more regulated, but not entirely. Either way, before taking anything, do research on the upper limits on vitamins and minerals unless recommended by a doctor or dietician. For example, niacin can come in extremely large doses to try to control cholesterol levels, and should NEVER be taken unless under regular examination by a doctor that recommended it.

  445. Guys can you do benefits of black seed oil? Hope this gets seen!

  446. Folic Acid is not important for anything, 5DMHF is. Folic acid must be converted to 2DMHF and then 5DMHF before it is useful, and folic acid competes with 2DMHF for the same enzyme (yes, it must react twice).
    This makes higher folic acid result in lower 5DMHF because it bottle-necks at 2DMHF which is not bioactive, and then you get intracellular folate deficiency.

    Have fun.

    1. Also many people straight up can’t process folic acid (including many autistic people)

    2. Ugh! And good luck even finding a multivitamin that lists less than 800mg, e.g. now seen in most name- brand OTC multivitamins, but especially in all the women’s formula multivitamins.

    3. Sadrien

    4. @Sadrien I literally went down here only to write something similar the moment I’ve heard “folic acid”. 🙂

    5. @Vospi I agree.

  447. Always choose a methly group attached to a folate . Folic acid is not easily broken down in the body , opt for folate.

  448. Melatonin is a Hormone.

  449. Vitamin D

  450. You can use the placebo effect to your advantage. If you believe your pills are effective then they might be. Just make sure they won’t slowly kill you 🙂

  451. I take multi vitamin most days. I understand that the benefits are limited at best. Thing is, how can you know if you have minor deficiencies? I’m not going to log the properties of everything I eat. Since there are very few risks associated with using vitamins I use them to make sure I have no deficiencies. I try to balance my diet but I don’t want to use a spreadsheet just to eat 🙂

  452. I plugged my ears at 1:00

  453. Gee! I wonder who funded this travesty of a hit piece on supplements. They must think the average viewer is in elementary school. The presenter needs to go back to class.

  454. Yall slacking… Vitamin D3, Magnesium & Vitamin B12 Are Godsends.

    1. @jackerocket K2 not to be confused with K1, one of the most important supplements alongside d3~

    2. Plus vitamin K.

  455. This presentation is a sterling example of how much weight small clinical trials are given over the massive abundance of anecdotal evidence accumulated, sometimes, over centuries. Too often reports of the efficacy of certain foods or substances are dismissed because they lack the stamp of approval from clinicians who have been trained to gather up statistics and assemble them into some kind of coherent report about whatever item they are studying. Without this clinical analysis, very often, whole histories are discarded because the clinical trials don’t add up to the results reported by thousands of first hand experiences. Also, due to the tendency of these kinds of trials having a predetermined anticipated outcome, the voluminous anecdotal histories related to the subject of study are summarily dismissed. This is particularly true when the trials are conducted by groups who have an agenda and a stake in the establishment of bona fides for what is being studied. Thus we’ve seen such stalwart health aids as ginseng, gotu kola, fish oils, vitamin rich veggies and other nutrient rich substances belittled as “old wives tales” and anecdotal myths. Many times the studies are arranged in such a way as to isolate certain aspects of the whole food that are essential to the actions of the components under examination thus rendering the exploration of effect disconnected from the synergistic impact of the whole food. So, any given study may claim that this molecule or that enzyme is either useful or useless under laboratory conditions when in fact the real world use is far more complex than the study is prepared to consider.

  456. That’s why you should take multivitamins with active vitamins not isolated synthetic vitamins.

  457. Iron? Nobody?

  458. “Pregnant people”, previously known as “women”.


    1. And where did you get that shite from?

  460. Hi Hank, if you ever revisit this topic you should cover beta alanine, it’s surprisingly effective at buffering lactic acid.

  461. This guy needs to drink a quart of beet juice daily to prevent waving his hands all around.

  462. You forgot psyllium!

  463. I’ve heard bodybuilders say creatine supplement will cause your muscles to tear faster

  464. 4:42
    Pregnant “people”?
    Last I checked, only FEMALE people get pregnant….or is it politically incorrect to state the obvious?
    Why the hell couldn’t you say “pregnant women”?
    Man, that stuck out like a sore thumb. So weird.

  465. I take St John’s Wort for my Seasonal affective disorder, but of course my doctor actually prescribes it for me.

  466. Fact. Bears eat beets. Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

  467. What about Omega 3 supplements?

  468. No mention of Lutein for macular degeneration or omega-3 fatty acid?

  469. Eating lots of beets/drinking lots of beet juice causes red/pink BM, not urine

    1. @A Nixson That’s really interesting. Thanks.

    2. @Heidi H yeah, I enjoy beets as well and I know the red BM effect. It’s hard to eat that many roots to turn the urine, but it happens. Had only one patient come in the ER and they had eaten a jar of pickled beets then later his wife had made roasted beets which she made to go with things for meal prepping. So after a week of beets his urine turned and he thought it was blood. Urinalysis came back negative for blood, heme, and myoglobin (all things the can be found to turn urine red/pink from the breakdown of muscles) so questioned about recent diet. And bingo!

    3. @A Nixson Oh wow.. I’ve experienced the BM effect firsthand. (Not that i should be sharing such information.) I guess I just hadn’t had enough beet to affect the urine perhaps. Thank you for the information.

    4. It can cause urine to turn pink in high enough quantities. Med student here.

  470. What about magnesium against cramps

  471. What about Magnesium ?

  472. Mitragyna speciosa.

  473. Took St Johns wort a few years ago . No sleep , irritation level maxed out over tiny things . I mean things like “Don’t talk so loud ” . Then “Speak up , stop whispering”. I am a passive sort of guy , but it really messed with my emotions . It took years to find an SSRI that agrees with me . Brain chemistry is unique to all of us .

  474. Why is beet juice considered a supplement? It’s a vegetable! That you put in a blender! For that matter, all juices are supplements, too. It doesn’t make sense!

  475. most people could use some extra magnesium

  476. Also most vegetarians and vegans (including some meat-eaters) have a vitamin B12 deficiency

  477. Melatonin doesn’t help me.

  478. I love how you keep talking about pregnant “people”, as if any type of person could be pregnant rather than women. 😂

  479. Guys, I had a recent onset of reflux and I am taking antacids, specifically famotidine and lansoprazole, does anyone knows if st John wort reacts adversely with those? Also, does it react with common medication like ibuprofen?

  480. Why does he say pregnant ‘people’ all the time? Did he forget the word “women”?

  481. St john and John the Baptist are two different persons are you sure it’s name after him

  482. Here’s a better option, just eat grass fed beef liver, nature’s multivitamin. FYI 100g of liver has 2246% of the rda for vitamin A. Along with many other vitamins and minerals, especially B12 and copper.

  483. “Doctors advice people to take folic acid supplements, both before and during pregnancy”. Best not to be gender specific like saying “Doctors advice women …”.

  484. st johns ward interferes with the pill (maybe also other contraceptives as well?) so be carefull there too…

    1. you should be safe with condoms though, funny how those always seem to be the best contraceptive.

  485. Surprised you didn’t mention Milk Thistle for Liver health.

  486. Right out of the gate the best thing to do as said is of you think you are deficient in something maybe you should alter your diet so you can be eating it rather than popping pills. It is the safest and healthiest way to do it.

  487. 23,000? So no one? Ok got it!

  488. That is a *LONG* list of sources…

  489. I’m honestly kinda surprised that b12 wasn’t mentioned at all. Like it’s a pretty key supplement if eat a vegetarian or vegan diet.

  490. Doctors don’t know schizzle about supplements, or how the body works or heals, just how to prescribe chemicals that change the levels of natural biochemistry instead of actually finding the source of the problem. The internet is a library, you can go to the non-fiction section or the comic section.
    I recommend Dr John Bergman, John Rose and Dr Gundry for real scientifically and clinically proven health information.

  491. Melatonin doesn’t work very well if I didn’t time it precisely every night and even then it doesn’t help me much. Feels like I had a long unsatisfying nap instead of a good night’s sleep, and I still woke up throughout the night just minus one annoying waking in the night

  492. Suddenly wondering why I was obsessed with eating beets and radishes when I was little

  493. I have a question about creatine:
    Are there reported cases of hypersensitivity? When i supplement it, even in small dosages, i get the dryest mouth on earth, the thirst of my live and even drinking up to 8ltr wont help. This sideeffect also wont go away after 2 weeks. So i stoped and stil needed 5 days to recover.
    The strength gain totaly worked though

    1. @Philipp Alexander Mehr I get it on Amazon from bulk supplements. Worth a try👍

    2. @Dan Ryan hey and thank you for your answer. Yes, i tried three different brands but all where monohydrat. I thought it was a strange reaction, but it happend every time 🙁 ill try the one you said!

    3. Never heard anything like that. Perhaps the brand you used was adulterated with something, did you try a different brand? Creatine is naturally contained in food and necessary for the body so that’s a really weird reaction. Also there are different kinds, creatine monohydrate is the most common but there are several others.
      I prefer creatine hydrochloride as it requires a smaller dose and no loading phase is required. You might want to look into it.

  494. Pregnant PEOPLE? Really?

  495. How about vitamin D, if one has been diagnosed with a deficiency, and recommended that supplement by a doctor?

  496. Under which rock has the maker of this video been hiding for the past few decades? Modern farming practices has left us with depleted minerals in soil, only 3 are replaced by fertilisers used in commercial agriculture, glyphosates and other pesticides. EMF exposure and other environmental toxins. Stress. To name but a few.

  497. If you can’t just change your diet because of AFRID/SED then supplements are pretty much essential.

  498. …are you telling me that beetroot juice is the same as Viagra?!

  499. Glucosamine can be beneficial for cartilage. Fish oil for joints.

  500. I’d like to see a sci vid that talks about stuff that actually work not just “might”

  501. Thank you for “pregnant people.” Gender inclusive language matters.

  502. with melatonin I dream in full color, but I only take 0.4mg, that is what a 7 year old makes (a 60 year old makes 0), creatine too is made by children, but not by young people (teenagers), carnitine is made by young, but not by old people, and old people make a lot of cortisol instead of sexual hormones, taking the right suplement can make your life a lot better, and unlike drugs they are naturely produced, so can’t make your future ugly

  503. But is there a legitimate difference between folic acid and folate? It’s almost impossible to find folate unless you order online or go to a health food specially store. Whereas folic acid is cheap and readily available.

  504. Why not just eat beets, rather than juice them? Then you get some fiber too.

    Sorry to be so logical. I know a packet of beet seeds at Dollar Tree is 25 cents, so who can make a $bundle$ off that?

  505. Lgd 4033. Rad140. Sr9009. Mk677. Are my research animals favorites.

  506. Do an episode on L-Methylfolate deficiency. It’s caused by a mutation to a gene, called MTHFR.

    1. There are TWO VERSIONS of the MTHFR mutation. Some people literally cannot tolerate ANY methylated B vitamins at all. I ONLY ever hear people talk about the people who need extra methylated B vitamins. B vitamins can seriously harm people with the *other* MTHFR mutation.

  507. So is eating beets a good way to help the adjustment to visiting a much higher altitude?

  508. What about probiotic supplements? What about fish oil? Any thoughts on those two?

  509. My mom told me that my doctor recommeded vitamin D supplaments….where can I find a better vitamin D source?

    1. like Laura Nebula stated, we can produce our own palmitate D from direct exposure to sun light on our skin. Just 15 minutes and then do was the area of your skin. iIt takes more than 15 minutes after exposure for the body to create the palmitate D. It works even inside a building on cold winter daylight times.

    2. The sun

  510. Melatonin is great. If you like vivid nightmares!

    1. The only side effect ive ever had with melatonin has been being tired all the time. Then again i recently got more to try again but made sure it was a low mg and was fast dissolving instead of time release

    2. I do like vivid nightmares. Very much, in fact.

    3. Yep I’ve gotten vivid nightmares from each and every sleep drug/supplement I’ve tried. Melatonin was one of the worst.

    4. I already have vivid dreams 🙄

    5. My Dr. had prescribed Trazodone for My insomnia and inability to shut My brain down at bedtime. You want vivid nightmares? Try this 👎🏻. If I had a cocktail at dinner or hours before bedtime the nightmares were worse. Trazodone also made me lightheaded getting up from bed to go to the bathroom if I got up to fast. Dr only wants me to use Melatonin now. I don’t get great results with Melatonin, but no nightmares using it.

  511. I eat a balanced diet, but due to health problems, I’m on several supplements that I do find have real results. They were all prescribed by normal, mainstream doctors to either solve a horrible drug side effect (folic acid) or fix a chronic deficiency (D3 and B12). I don’t understand the urge some people have to take dozens of supplements every single day, none (or almost none) of which have been prescribed by a doctor. Why? All it does is making outrageously expensive pee if you’re not actually low on the thing in question.

  512. Pregnant​ people? Really? You were not thinking of Arnold Schwarzeneggar were you?

  513. I loves the Supplement Made by Natures Brands Phyto vitamins series,Those all are organically made with real fruits and Vegetables and veggie capsules as well.
    I absolutely recommend their Supplements.This is the company is also a pioneering Organic health and Wellness products in USA since 1995

  514. 1. Viagra

  515. Sounds weird to hear “pregnant people” lol. Assuming you mean pregnant women….

  516. What about b12 in vegans? You forgot that one

  517. Melatonin does help but you can become dependant on it if you use it for months. I know this through personal experience but no I can’t back it up through science.

  518. It’s a pleasure listening to you. Thanks Sci-show. Thanks Hank!

  519. HANK AREN’T YOU MY DOCTOR????!? O..o (I want you to be my doctor)

  520. What about Collagen? It’s $11 dollars a bottle. For 240 days. At Walmart. My friend says his ear hair growth has doubled. You better trim your ears.

  521. Be careful with melatonin supplementation… it can cause sleep problems like night terrors or intense nightmares & don’t rely on it chronically

    1. Agree, it d never work for me either.

    2. Yeah, was taking 20 mg but now take a lower dose and Benadryl, valerian, skullcap, or diluted essential oils on feet.

  522. Beet juice totally lowers blood pressure I once ate some beets to “break a fast” bad idea for me… I very nearly passed out because I already had low blood pressure…

  523. Melatonin gives me nightmares, prefer to take tequila instead xD

    1. Wow! That stuff (teq) is near hallucinogenic in itself.

  524. Supplements are better than big pharma.

  525. My grandpa said he liked Cornchips because they had vitamin corn. I’ll never forget that. RIP

  526. St. John’s Wart And antidepressants: There is no scientific validation the “chemical imbalance” hypothesis of depression. “Antidepressants” are not fundamentally different from any other drug that temporarily changes your brain chemistry to elicit an altered state. The “chemical imbalance” model for depression continues to be propped up by people despite the lack of supporting facts. If you’re reading a study that claims antidepressants work better than placebos to a statistically meaningful degree, you’re likely reading a biased work paid for by pharmaceutical companies who have a vested interest in maintaining a belief in this model to maintain their sales of these products. They originally presented this myth of the “chemical imbalance” to the public in their antidepressant commercials, using “sciency” language (but no actual valid science), embedding it into the public mindset and making it seem like “conventional wisdom”. Consequentially, attempting to argue against this myth will get you marginalized in conversation, mocked by so-called science bloggers (some of which are presenting “marginally better than placebo” studies as absolute proof, don’t you dare even attempt to use critical analysis), and even verbally assaulted by people who have an emotional attachment to the belief that their prescription drug is saving their lives.

  527. Remember that serotonin warning when considering SSRI/SSNRI drugs for depression. Major amounts of adverse effects, including seizure-like spasms (and actual seizures), because the body is blocked from consuming serotonin (the intended mechanism), leading to too much serotonin building up. If your body is really good at pursuing homeostasis, it’ll even reduce its own serotonin production, making withdrawal even more miserable when you attempt to get off the drug (fooling you into thinking you’re “relapsing”).

  528. Most people don’t need supplements, unless they do, and then they really, really do.

  529. good antioxidents is opc extract.

  530. You neglected to talk about nicotinamide riboside, nicotinamide mononucleotide, resveratrol, pterostilbene, quercetin, fisetin, alpha lipoic acid, carnitine, and carnosine, to name a few.

  531. Vitamin D should have been here

  532. I wonder howcome this video keeps saying “pregnant people”… they want to be politically correct but this is just silly 😅

  533. thats quite some references for a 10min video

  534. Also noteworthy is that some vitamins block absorption of others, like calcium and vitamin c. Better to take separate vitamin c with iron, and calcium with vitamin d a couple hours later, than taking them all in a multivitamin.

  535. I’m a medical student and my pharmacology professors insisted that melatonin must only be taken after consulting with a doctor

    1. And very low dose and for a very short time. Your body makes melatonin and if you give it and artificial melatonin your body stops making it. At least that what I’ve read.

  536. I find it funny that the only two supplements that science says we really need (B12 & D) aren’t in here. Because of pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, and filtering our water we do not get enough B12 which protects the nerves. Smokers need even more b12 because a side affect of nicotine is it depletes b12 (this is what causes the nervous system to breakdown from smoking). D is really only a problem for northern living people mostly or some that have other deficiencies like magnesium, magnesium deficiency makes it hard to process vitamin D so you can have plenty but still have a deficiency. Folic acid was a great one as all B vitamins are easy to be deficient in on SAD (standard American diet). Interesting video though, I knew about the beet juice and it is very accurate I just don’t consider that a supplement (with the exception of taking it every single day, I guess that makes it one).

  537. Why did he refer to pregnant women as pregnant people?

  538. Cod liver oil and krill oil are supplements, right? Why didn’t you mention those?

    1. Because they’re not good for you.

  539. The red pee side effect of drinking beet juice is very real.

  540. 2:16…Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica…

  541. That’s right your not a doctor so shut your mouth. I have been taking supplements for a long time and they have helped me a lot…

  542. Alcohol.

  543. dwight shrute

  544. Is fish oil pills consider supplement?

  545. You guys need to go to to study the supplement literature.

  546. As a man that has lived my life with the consequences of Spina Bifida, take folic acid when pregnant ladies! ( I can still walk, so I am lucky )

    1. @Ryan Hill lmfao TONS of foods are fortified with folic acid. Maybe you should look things up before you spread lies. EVERY SINGLE FORTIFIED FOOD has folic acid added


    3. If a woman plans on getting pregnant, they should start taking folic acid at least a month before “trying “ to get pregnant for precautions (2-3 months preferably)

    4. Solidly recommend at 5:01!!

    5. very true and they actually block the uptake ! natural is the way to go!

  547. Also B12, essential for people on plant based diets.

  548. The only problem with beet juice is that it’s beet juice.

  549. People get pregnant lol? It’s like when they say BCE or happy holidays just so some radical isn’t offended. Although in this case I think they were just being playful calling woman people. Lol. You know what I mean so don’t get your panties in a knot

  550. “Spina bifida be damned.” -Dr. Katya

  551. Those are solid recommendations, except for Melatonin, which is addictive and the only cure is darkening your computer screen and computer, also your indoor lights to a lower KELVIN. Besidesthat all of thos are valuable supplements, I agree, St John is controversial but you have to be an adult and research, it has its upsides. Good review SciShow though, you have other channels to promote such things, scishow is for sci stuff…right?

  552. Tyrosine? Choline? 5HTP? Theanine? I feel like they could have covered a lot more ground here.

    1. What’s 5htp about?

  553. Would love some insight into Black Seed Oil/Nigella Sativa

    1. Yesssssss black seed oil is a miracle

  554. Melatonin works pretty nicely for me, and I don’t think it’s a placebo effect either. There was a period of about a couple weeks where I thought I was taking melatonin but I wasn’t (I don’t get my pills myself for safety reasons, and I take about 6 each night so if one’s missing I might not notice) and I had so much trouble falling asleep it was crazy. I tossed and turned for hours and felt miserable. Eventually I found out that we had been out of melatonin and nobody went and got more. After a trip to CVS I was finally able to get a full night’s rest. I guess it’s just a case-by-case sort of deal with melatonin.

  555. What about plant based protein?

  556. I didn’t know delayed sleep phase syndrome was a thing. I’ve been saying for years that my body thinks it was meant to function on a 28 hour schedule day, not knowing that it might actually be a real disorder. And melatonin does jack for me. The only time in my life I didn’t have a problem going to sleep was the few years where I was in constant physical activity on my feet all day long. I have to exhaust myself.

  557. Most people’s bodies can’t even absorb them supplements

  558. May we talk about circadian rythms,please?

  559. I would look up folic acid, not the same benefit as folate, and can be detrimental.
    I guess processed nutrients are just as bad as processed foods. Go figure.
    Unless you have a life threatening disease of course

    FYI just made a vegan baby and hey! No low folate or iron levels, yes no complications and healthy baby.

    Maybe nutrition and it’s supplementation is too complicated to be explained scientifically in a ten min vid.( last 30 sec. Validates my point)

  560. Even here in Australia, white people are vitamin D deficient because we are covered up. Indigious Australians get free vitamin D if they work for the Government, presumably in an office (lots are park rangers, so out in the sun). So I would guess most Afro-Americans and Central Americans in the North of the USA have some deficiency.
    He didn’t mention Iodine and Vitamin A. Dr Jorge Fechas does a great youtube video on Iodine, salt is NOT enough. Vitamin A is dangerous, again for pregnant people, but lack of vitamin A is a leading cause of being born an imbecile and of skin diseases.

  561. This guy is by far the best host on this channel. He looks and speaks the part of a true nerd, and those are the only people I trust relating this sort of information. Bravo.

  562. Folic acid is a power b vitamin. So powerful that I’ve heard it doesn’t come out of the enzyme as easily causing a functional deficiency in B9. We should be striving for methyltetrahydrofolate, instead.

  563. Can you please talk about ocd treatments …please

  564. Vit C and E supplements have shown to shorten life expectancy on a large trial, and yes, there are reasons why melatonin isn’t recommended anymore: it can cause depression and doesn’t help sleeping on the long run.

  565. TIL that if I want to be healthier, I should eat green vegetables like broccoli, spinach and kale. Shocker!

  566. I trust you more than I trust any lazy arse GP 😂

    1. GP’s aren’t lazy, just arrogant. They think they know more than you and will never pursue anything you tell the because GPs fundamentally disrespect and disbelieve every patient

  567. What about iodine? It’s one of the most common causes for dimished mental capacity in newborns.

  568. ran out of content, did you?

  569. I absolutely love my L-Theanine supplement. It definitely reduces my stress levels, noticiably so. And the synergy with taking it with caffeine for focus is awesome. Essentially, it makes work so much easier for me.

    1. @Cuvtixo D ok

    2. @Jabreel green tea actually has naturally negligible amounts of theanine, it needs to be extracted to get large enough amounts to be effective (in particular to counteract the caffeine).

    3. @GlacialImpala 2:1 l theanine to caffeine. So you should take 100mg of l theanine with 50 mg of caffeine

    4. What dose of theanine do you take, Iron Throned? Does it help with sleep?

    5. Dude, you wouldn’t need the thienine if you cut out the caffeine.

  570. All kinds of athletes swear by creatine, not only lifters lol
    Fish Oil
    Multivitamins (or at least vitamin D for us northerners during winter)

  571. I deadass clicked on this thinking “I bet they’ll talk about creatine lmao” and it was the first one. Also wait but like y’all think that supplements don’t work like they don’t raise your levels of certain vitamins and minerals? I feel like it’s maybe misleading to say you’re better off without them if that’s not what you mean.

  572. I get all my nutrients from grape Kool-Aid

  573. My list would have been
    1. Vitamin K2
    2. Vitamin D3
    3. Turmeric
    4. Maca
    5. Grass fed butter and liver

  574. Melatonin is extremely bad for you, most countries have banned it.

  575. You talk about macular degeneration and beta carotene yet not vitamin A in its natural fat soluble form in butter and eggs. What a joke.

  576. Is ice (frozen water) cold? The answer is yes. It doesn’t take thousands of scientist thousands of experiments to find out. My point is, if it takes thousands of scientists thousands of experiments to find out that a supplement may or may not help … I might try it if someone paid me for my time and trouble to do so.