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7 Ways to Clean with Vinegar! (Clean My Space)

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Vinegar is a rather pungent, although highly effective cleaner that you probably already have in your house. In this week’s video Melissa Maker shares 7 sneaky, but handy ways to clean with vinegar!

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505 thoughts on “7 Ways to Clean with Vinegar! (Clean My Space)

  1. i like the smell of vinegar lol

  2. Wath you ting for appel vinegar? Can I use it?

  3. I don’t mind the smell at all. We have used vinegar for over 50 years to cook with and clean with.

  4. Veneger is the Best also to clean you toilets . Boiled water and veneger this comes clean as new. Love my veneger.

  5. Good old fashioned method! Bless you sweet lady! Ms Clean …. You are!

  6. I been using vinegar and water for a long time to clean. Great on mirrors windows floors etc I just put mixture in a spray bottle my kids never liked the smell so sometimes I put a drop of lemon juice into mixture.

  7. I also love cider vinegar. With Mother. Soooo good

  8. Sorry- You can clean with it/ I’ve NEVER liked the smell🤪

  9. This girl probably uses vinegar for her hair and perfume the way she ‘s hyped on it

  10. Vinegar smells like sweaty feet💅😨

  11. Also effective as a veggie wash.

  12. I love using vinegar and I don’t mind the smell

  13. I can definitely live with it!

  14. What about 30% vinegar to kill weeds ? I just bought in Amazon and I dont know if i can give the same use like your video .

  15. When you clean with vinegar it leaves everything smelling clean. I like the way it smells.

  16. I hate the small of vinegar. Thanks for this advise

  17. I don’t know about loving it; but, I can certainly live with it!

  18. Hi Melissa first of all thankkk yoouuuu soooo muchhhh for all your tips and tricks they are all awesome and it works!!! I have question for you about the vinegar for washing clothes. I usually use fabric softener but I want to give this a try, do I replace the fabric softener with vinegar or do I put the vinegar together with the fabric softener???

  19. I always use vinegar also brown vinegar on Fish and chips 😎

  20. I like the smell of it 👍

  21. Vinegar! My go to for cleaning my coffee makers. Add one cup to machine well. Let set for half hour or so. Swish around with bottle brush and then turn on maker . Let vinegar cool and run through again. Run maby two carafes of plain water to flush out vinegar residue.

  22. My kids aren’t thrilled with the smell, lol, but is dissipates quickly. I don’t mind the smell. I use it to clean so many things in my home!!!

  23. Cheap apple cider vinegar is great for hands that are dry. Your hands will feel soft. The smell from apple cider vinegar disappears quickly.

  24. A Fridge De-Funkifier 😆

  25. I do like the smell too! Plus I know it cleans and deodorizes!

  26. i like the smell

  27. If your doing this you can also clean your sinks with a 50/50 vinegar and Neutrogena oil free acne wash mix and it is much cleaner and safe for the environment and makes your house feel good to be in.

  28. Great tips!👍👌⭐️

  29. I don’t mind the smell of white vinegar at all. It really does dissipate quickly after using anyway. Love the usage tips for the safe and inexpensive cleaning options.

  30. I smell vinegar join me call me 1 206 2653988 paul

  31. Would you use vinegar to clean a ninja foodie, If put on pressure cooker?

  32. you could have mentioned it cleans sponges

  33. I like the smell of vinegar. I love the smell of vinegar weed and will pick ia branch and carry it around to smell if I see the plant.

  34. I smell vinegar females smell with me call paul 12062653988

  35. Get rid of irritating back music

  36. I really love your channel and your cleaning tips but the music is so annoying. Please consider leaving the music out when you’re talking

  37. I like the smell of vinegar, to me, it smells fresh, better than the overly scented hard chemicals…

  38. Debbie smell vinegar with me

  39. I smell vinegar call paul 12062653988

  40. Hey great video! I detest the smell of vinegar it’s like the worst lol. However I’m trying to downplay the awful odor because I KNOW what an amazing all around product vinegar is. It even helps break down food in the digestive system. Thank you for tipping about essential oils because me & vinegar don’t get along lol

  41. Are use vinegar to clean so much that now the smell makes me feel clean. Love your videos – went out and bought a bunch of specific cleaning products for stainless steel and glass top stove and you know what I’m going to return them and mix up some bottles with my vinegar , baking soda, Dawn and hydrogen peroxide in various combinations. Oh and don’t forget the alcohol ha ha

  42. I have some hard whitish scum at the base of both faucet how can I get that off? I clean weekly to no avail!!! Help

  43. Any cloth will do. Try to stay away from microfiber and go with a more natural cloth. I like cotton, bamboo or flour sack. Microfiber breaks down its plastic particles when you use it and fish get confused and eat it.

  44. Love the smell
    Thanks for the tips

  45. Everything will smell like salad pretty strong but then you don’t smell anything at all.

  46. Be very careful when spraying vinegar. It can ruin floor finishes, countertops and parts on some small appliances. I learned this the hard way. I now keep it in a repurposed cooking oil bottle so that I can control pour it directly onto a rag.

  47. I must be weird, I actually like the smell of vinegar

    1. Me 2

    2. Me too lol

    3. Same here. Always have.

  48. Now feet up girl and enjoy a nice glass of vinegar

  49. Is it safe to clean cabinets?

  50. Smell vinegar with paul

  51. Paul call 12062653988

  52. I give you a thumbs up before I watch because I love them and learn so much.

  53. I like the smell of vinegar

  54. It always makes me crave potatoe salad…lol.

  55. Tip, if you burn the bottom of your pan ti the point that it creates a hard crust , pour some vinegar in, let it boil (get back a little so you don’t inhale the vinegar steam) and wash it gently with a sponge off and tada!

  56. Aren’t micro fiber Not eco friendly, and we should be avoiding using them??? Nisha

  57. I prefer the smell of vinegar to the smell of cleaning chemicals like bleach and ammonia

  58. I live the smell. When I was a kid I use to drink it straight from the bottle. Now I load my salads and soups with it. And my wash and dishes, and basically everything lol

  59. I hate the smell of vinegar

  60. Can you use vinegar to clean bathroom windows?

  61. who wants to smell vinegar with me call paul 12062653988

  62. My sister smells vinegar with me in her velvet. Dress

  63. Just cleaned my shower floor with vinegar, Dawn and baking soda

  64. Paul needs females to smell vinegar call 12062653988 goes with velvet

  65. Vinegar and baking soda is the perfect cleaning combo.I use it all the time to clean my sinks and bathroom.

  66. i love smelling vinegar in a velvet dress call 12062653988 paul

  67. Vinegar smell I love it call paul 2062653988

  68. Your videos are very helpful

  69. Polish my friend!

  70. I think of French fries.

  71. Jj

  72. I love the way vinegar smells.

  73. I love the smell of vinegar. Odd duck I guess!?

  74. I can’t use vinegar. It is a migraine trigger for me. On top of that Vinegar leaves a film. Bacteria builds up and it can cause illness. As well as vinegar does not kill the cold or flu viruses. But Thieves Cleaner from Young Living does.

  75. The paramour of perfection.

  76. You are the sultan of clean, the empress of polish.

  77. Hate the smell of vinegar…rather use grapefruit and coarse salt to polish silverware and get rid of water spots. Smells better too

  78. I love the smell

  79. I’m a little late too the party, the vinegar smell has grown on me, it was repulsive at first. Just found your channel now I’m obsessed. Binge watching 🤣

  80. Apple cider vinegar smells better 😉

  81. I like the smell of vinegar it’s an amazing product I use it for heaps of things now. Thanks Melissa

  82. I can live with the smell of vinegar. If you want to remove limescale, I recommend citric acid. It is more efficient and has no smell.

  83. I think the smell of vinegar makes me think cleanliness.

  84. I don’t mind the smell of vinegar! I used it to remove the smell of urine when my cat 🐈had an accident on one of the blankets! It worked wonders!!!

  85. I truly hate the smell of vinegar

  86. I’d rather smell vinegar than those smelly chemicals.

  87. What about clean wood floor with vinager? Any suggestion clean my space… thanks

  88. I don’t mind the smell of vinegar at all. Vinegar is our friend! I HATE chemical perfumes and detest all chemicals. You have to get rid of all perfumes for a significant period of time before you can see the very real difference. If you do that, you will be so repulsed and horrified at how awful those chemicals smell.

  89. uses vinegar to clean all the time. I don’t really notice the smell unless my nose is right next to it.

  90. I’ve seen a few videos regarding homemade laundry detergent I’m skeptical only because my family are highly sensitive I can’t even use gain detergent without getting irritated is it possible that homemade laundry detergent is better? if so do you have any recipes? Love your book!

  91. Have you done a video with Apple cider vinegar? Specifically, dollar store bought? Also the vinegar you suggest, is it distilled? I remember u saying that you have to be careful using distilled…sorry I’m not an expert, just getting started to understand “how to clean”…thank you for your video..

  92. I love the smell of vinegar!!

  93. To be fair it is StainLESS not StainPROOF

  94. I love cleaning and cooking with vinegar

  95. I love using white vinegarse to clean and use it all over the house. What are your thoughts on White Vinegar for cleaning with the fresh smell of lemon – Single 5l PET. I just saw it advertised. I usuallly add pepermint and lemon grass to my vinegar cleaner that I make up. The peppermint keeps spiders away as they don’t like it. Would you buy the one with added lemon, or prefer to add your own.

  96. I can live with it

  97. Nice video hate and love smell of vinegar actually mines odor less

  98. I usually put a few drops of essential oil in too. And that helps with the smell if your not a fan ..💜

  99. And I don’t mind the smell. Use it in my morning & evening drink. 😀

  100. Vinegar in fridge. Put in a small glass jar with a metal lid with several holes punched in it. No spills if you bump into it, or the vibration of closing the door. 😀

  101. I’ve used vinegar for so many things!! its amazing, I don’t mind the smell, and I also love salt and vinegar chips lol

  102. I like vinegar it is great

  103. How can I get rid of limescale in my toilet without using harsh chemicals?

  104. Every time I mop the floor with my vinegar spray, if my husband happens to be home, he’ll say, “douching the floors again?” 😅

  105. Don’t like the smell 😷

  106. Awesome.

  107. Where do you buy your vinegar?

  108. I hate the smell of vinagre

  109. It’s not so bad and doesn’t last , then were ever you cleaned smells amazing

  110. thank you , what about vinyl and hard wood floor . can clean it without harming the floors

  111. I like the smell of vinegar, I associate it with soft laundry and clean rooms.

  112. Do not mind!!!

  113. I don’t mind the smell of vinegar but wouldn’t want to smell it constantly.

  114. I can live with it it’s bearable especially better than smelling funk!

  115. I LOVE the taste and smell of vinegar!

  116. microfiber towels don’t absorb liquid at all

  117. I added vinegar to a hot pan. Mistake! it atomized and the steam was like acid (yes vinegar is an acid) in my eyes and nose. No real damage done, just wasn’t pleasant.

  118. I do not mind the smell of vinegar

  119. To deodorize plastic containers.

  120. I love the smell of vinegar I would clean with it more but my boyfriend hates it

  121. I’ve tried the white vinegar with the laundry but I don’t like the smell after…!! it stinks

  122. i have found out how to steam clean my carpet with dawn dish soap and white vinegar. just add about 2 table spoons of dawn dish soap and 1/3 cup distilled white vinegar then add your water. it got out my dogs nasty pee stains an other accidents. plus it got out my daughters koolaid stain and tons of dirt that was built in my carpet. oh yes an windex works too an so does laundry detergent. so save your money on getting those so called carpet shampoo or whatever u call it. dawn dish soap an white vinegar actually works.u be surprised!!!

  123. Can I use apple vinegar ?

  124. Is distilled vinegar and white vinegar same?

  125. So I am one of those REALLY sensitive scent kind of people. I can’t handle the smallest sniff of bleach for an example. When I was little my momma loved using vinegar, she would take the apple cider vinegar add a little apple to it to help with the smell and use it for almost everything. And no i dont mean the store bought juice since it’s got alot of suger in it but the apple im talking about is oils just to add more apple scent to it. Anyway something slightly off the topic of vineger almost everyone i know uses baking soda in their fridge and freezers but I found a mat that has baking soda in it that you tear to fit where you need it to go AND you just pull it out of say your fridge wipe it down and put it back. I got it thinking it wouldn’t probably work like it said (baking soda in it but you can just pull it out and wipe it down. Without it screwing up…) But brought a roll home and tried it out works pretty darn well. It come in different sizes and one of them you dont even need to cut, you just size, tear, and place. I’ll look the name up if anybody wants but its at target with th drawer covers and dish rack section. And it has baking soda picture on the label. Mainly shown in a fridge but i use it in my utensils drawer and my cooking utensil drawer, plus underneath my spices spin racks.

  126. don’t boil vinegar and stem it in your room

  127. I had to forgo fabric softener when my daughter was diagnosed with eczema, and we started using vinegar. I gave up on the vinegar for that purpose because I cannot tell any difference at all when I use vinegar in the laundry or nothing at all. It does not reduce static or seem to soften my clothes at all. I’m not seeing the value of that one, although I do use vinegar for many other uses and love it all around.

  128. I quite like the smell of vinegar

  129. I hate the smell of vinegar

  130. I love the smell of vinegar. It’s practically perfume.

  131. the only vinegar I can find is white wine vinegar. Can I use it for cleaning ?

    1. thank you very much !

    2. Evelina Tseliou no she has a video on what type of vinegar to use. Only white vinegar, distilled vinegar, and super vinegar. Anything else is only for cooking

  132. Melissa u r so cute

  133. Vinegar always makes me think of Easter time. Coloring Easter eggs together with my family.

  134. I can live with it!However, someone said don’t put it in the microwave as it could smell badly thru out the whole kitchen.btw,where can I get the microfiber cloth?

  135. Does vinegar kill germs and can it be used to sanitise kitchen bench tops?

  136. Can you use vinegar at same time with hydrogen peri oxide in laundry

  137. I hate how vinegar smells

  138. Let me get this right…I can put vinegar in my laundry… Nothing else? Vinegar is going to clean my clothes? No more laundry soap? yes???? Are my clothes going to smell like vinegar?

  139. I love the smell of white vinegar but I hate the smell of red wine vinegar and apple cider vinegar

    1. I do too can i rub some on you

  140. I don’t mind the smell since I know it goes away quick. My fiance cannot stand the smell, but he doesn’t even know I clean with it cuz it doesn’t stick around long 😉

  141. what i’ve been doing lately is mixing equal parts white vinegar and 3% hydrogen peroxide and this creates peracetic acid. It’s a powerful disinfectant and oxidiser so I use it to disinfect the countertops in the kitchen and cutting boards. Posts on the internet say not to mix the two but i don’t see the toxicity nor the danger of mixing them

  142. I used to think vinegar was a mildly bad smell but now I LOVE the smell of it. I’ve been cleaning with vinegar for years and I love how it is non-toxic and makes everything so clean. My boyfriend HATES the smell of it so I do add some essential oil drops to appease him but he still complains lol!

  143. תודה💝💝💝

  144. שלום. 🌸🍭🌸🍭🌸

  145. I keep lemon and orange peels soaking in vinegar…. It makes it smell much better! and it looks pretty in glass bottles too 😆

    1. Is not whit blich efect? Where you use it?

  146. Vinegar has quite a strong smell at first but if you can stand it for a few seconds, the smell dissipates rather quickly. I don’t mind it at all. It has all kinds of pluses with it. I have COPD and I’m afraid of those spray on cleaners for the kitchen and bathroom. I use vinegar all the time just to keep my lungs as healthy as I can under the circumstances. No sprays in my house. I even clean my floors with it.

  147. I would like to know where did you get the white/orange tray/ storage box on your counter top beside the stove. Thanks!

  148. Not a fan of the smell of vinegar… But it’s the best cleaning product out there! Gonna try putting in some essential oils to pretty up the smell😌

  149. vinegar is also awesome for sunburns 🙂

  150. Man, this is why it is so hard to decide who is the hottest between blondes, redheads, and brunettes; look at her 😍

  151. I love vinegar! My mom cleaned with it and hot water on almost every surface, and the house was completely spotless 24/7. It does the same for my house now. Plus, it REALLY gets pet stains out, something great to have at my disposal with an elderly cat, lol!

  152. live with it.

  153. I love the smell of vinegar.. when I was a kid I’d take those little vinegar packets and either drink them or smell them… I know… I’m odd

  154. It stinks but it doesn’t last long at all I rather smell vinegar than stinky bleach smell

  155. The smell of vinegar is alright with me. I won’t say I like it however can’t say I dislike it either.

  156. its a strong odor but I can deal with it

  157. Do you substitute the vinegar for fabric softener or use along with it? I love your videos. They are not only useful but you do a great job presenting them.

  158. wouldn’t it make your dishes and clothes smell like vinegar? 🙂

    1. no

  159. I have used vinegar in my laundry for a few years. I found out when my son worked in a bacon cutting plant that his clothes would smell real strong. After I started the smell was gone on his clothes. I have gotten used to the smell and don’t even mind it , plus I now add essential oils. Love it!

  160. How often do you need to change the frig vinegar?

    1. It evaporates in 5-7 days.

  161. 1:43 Chrome Polish or Chrome Poish?

    But thanks for this video. It helps too.

    1. Thanks for watching Francis!

  162. I don’t mind the smell. As someone else said, it’s better than chemicals. Once it’s dry it goes away quickly

  163. Vinegar smells better than those with very strong chemicals

  164. I like the smell of vingar too.

  165. Once you know what it is, the smell is a clean smell.

  166. you are a goddess of clean.

  167. Live it love it

  168. I’m not Supper Crazy for the smell, but I have chronic allergies to everything with an sweet or strong odor . So I learned to live with the smell , because it doesn’t bother my allergies . BTW just bought a stainless steel fridge & hate those fingerprints ! Thanks ..

  169. Is vinegar safe to use on kitchen cabinets? Thank you for the great videos.

  170. this girl loves those micro fiber cloths

  171. I use 50/50 vinegar and water with a couple of drops of dawn dish soap for cleaning counters, table, floors and even the toilet smells fresh and disinfects. I make 2 ltr bottles of it and fill spray bottles. I put about 1 inch in a pyrex cup and put my dishcloth, sponge and microwave it for 2 minutes and let it sit till it cool. Everything smells so nice

  172. I like it

  173. Fantastic information, thank you Melissa! I will start on these things tomorrow!

  174. What can you clean wood furniture? Do you use vinegar also for the wood furniture?

  175. Your videos are sooo fun to watch! and the hacks are pretty easy to follow as well, thank for sharing!! ♥ Love from Dominican Republic! 😀

  176. gt

  177. i use it so much around the house and for so many years that i no longer can smell it; my husband got used to it too

  178. I love the smell. I made tamales about a week ago and burned the last batch and boy did my house smell, I wiped down my walls with vinegar and left bowls everywhere and the next day no smell. I just left my windows open all day the day after to get fresh air in. but I love vinegar

    1. Exactly. I have no idea why everyone thinks vinegar is going to last forever. It really does not. It does the job (better than any oils, I might add) and then dissipates. What’s better than getting rid of bad odors and just leaving it naturally fresh!

  179. I’m weird. I actually love the smell of vinegar, I don’t know why but I do.

    1. I do to can i get a bottle and rub it on you and just smell you all night

  180. I like the scent of vinegar

  181. Another fantastic tip about cleaning with vinegar is: if you have a glass bottle that is dirty inside, create this magic solution with hot water, vinegar and baking soda. Close the bottle, let the solution sink in for a minute and then shake that to remove all the dirty stuff that was inside the bottle. If that doesn’t work, put a little bit of rice to work as an exfoliating tool to take the stuff out of the bottle. 😉

  182. To tell you the truth, everytime I clean with vinegar I start having cravings for sushi 🙂

  183. I don’t mind the smell of vinegar. It goes away fairly quick anyway. I wouldn’t want to smell it constantly though.

  184. Very motivational and organized cleaning site ever. Thanks! Just keep it up.
    Can you guys show how to clean and wash different types of flower vases including the wedding one also? Actualy my ones has became so dirtier!
    I’m desperately waiting for your response. Thanks again.

  185. buy gallons of white vinegar! Gets that yucky smell out of my kitchen cleaning and drying linens (and my hubby’s work clothes). Takes the smell of onion out of most containers too. Wipes out the frig shelves like a charm. The smell goes away so quickly so I don’t mind it. Pour over windshields on your car and turn on the wipers! (hot days do in the evening to avoid cracking and never below 32 degrees freezing)

  186. I used to hate the smell of vinegar. Now I don’t mind the smell and I guess I could say it smells good. I used apple cider vinegar first on my hair and then I would drink it with water. Now I go no poo on my hair with the exception of an olive oil soap, and as a natural face toner. I also use apple cider vinegar in salads and cooking. I’ve gotten used to the smell. Once you get used to the smell and taste of Apple cider vinegar (like the strongest I’ve ever encountered) white vinegar is nothing 😂

  187. I hate the smell of vinegar

  188. I’m not a fan of the smell , so I’ll try the oils 👍🏻

  189. Really nice video. Thank you!

  190. Hey Mellisa,Dis is kawal last time when I was cleaning tile grout with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide I added dish liquid 2 it and it made grout cleaning much more easy and with leftover solution I clean the stainless steel ref.., and micro and dishwasher and everything steel and let me tell you it works amazingly, super and heavenly and there is not a single streak of gunky film on the appl… SINCE last 4 weeks and now cleaning them is easy peasy with brilliant shine. And BTW I love Ur vid keep it up girl.

  191. I love vinegar,since i was a kid its a staple ingredient in the kitchen for cooking,dipping sauce,for marinating.and now also for cleaning.much better than expensive cleaning chemicals.#Filipinohere

  192. I love what vinegar does so I can stand the smell. I’ve used it and baking soda for over 20 years. I also love cutting up a lemon, put it in a microwave safe bowl with water and bring it to a boil in the microwave. Once it is done I open and close the door right away because the the beep every minute annoys me. Let the condensation do its thing maybe a half hour, and not only is it easy to wipe out, but it smells great. My friend has asthma so this is a great alternative to some of the toxic cleaners.

  193. Melissa, I have two questions. How do you clean the stove – the white enamel around the gas burners? Also, do you have a laminate floor cleaner recipe? Thank you.

  194. So in one video you show you do the laundry with backing soda, and Here with vinegar. What do you prefer? Or do you do both? Sorry if this question is blonde 😀 thanks anyway!

  195. I love the smell a vinegar, it makes me think of coloring eggs.

  196. I love your channel/videos! I am a very messy person and usually, my room is messy. And everytime I watch your videos, it motivates me to clean! Thanks for the awesome content, keep it up!

  197. I’ll take your word for it. I’m going to try it in my laundry.

    1. Works fantastic!

  198. I use it all the time, It works and is cheap

  199. I keep a spray bottle of white vinegar/water and a couple of drops of dish liquid( I use dawn) at my kitchen sink. I have a stove like the one in this video. I spray my vinegar mix on, let set a couple of minutes then wipe off. Followed by a warm to hot water rinse. Ends up sparkling clean. For cooked on messes I use the vinegar spray and baking soda. Spray on, let set a couple of minutes, then sprinkle on some baking soda. Let fizz then wipe with a little elbow grease. Depending on the cooked on mess. You may have to repeat. Then follow with a water rinse. I use hot water as it dries quickly and doesn’t leave streaks. When cleaning my toilet I use white vinegar. Pour some into the toilet with a couple drops of dish liquid(I prefer dawn) and then add some baking soda. Let fizz or bubble then use the toilet brush. Comes out sparkling clean.

  200. So,did you find other solution?Im sorry for the loss

  201. I have that same stove, what do you clean it with ?

  202. the smell of vinegar makes me hungry

  203. can you use white vinegar on tile floor in the bathroom and kitchen?

    1. oooo can you do another video on cleaning your walls? i seen your dusting one. but what about cleaning(washing) stained walls or just wasing them with hurting the paint ect.

    2. +darkangelkitty34 Absolutely. Just mix with water (preferably distilled) and you are good to go!

  204. Can I use vinager and water to clean my percription glasses? I bought lens cleaner wipes but don’t like them.

  205. For one so young, you are so full of knowledge. I’ve been using shop-bought cleaning solutions for years and have now switched to vinegar/baking soda/dish liquid, and boy, it works. It just does not smell nice enough though, so may be a drop of essential oils will do the trick? Thanks.

  206. I like the smell of vinegar; like the smell of bleach, it means I’ve done my job in cleaning a space! However, my husband HATES it. If I could find a way to clean my space with vinegar without him knowing from the smell, I’d be all over it.

  207. You guys spelled “polish” wrong, lol ..

    Still love y’all though 😝

  208. Looking at how clean your home is so satisfying and puts me at ease

  209. I use vinegar for cleaning. sometimes I add baking so a great cleaner.
    I do not use any dryer sheets, or softener in my laundry. the first time run the wash and rinse cycles at the hottest water temp. If you have a cup in your top loading machine, scrape the residue take it out if you can & clean with vinegar & soda. Do this cleanse to rid any inside residue. Trust me,there is gunk in the pipes. It is kind of a wax that makes things soft, but buildup will make dingy cloths. If you use Vinegar in the rinse cycle, no more dingy clothes. As for already towel and clothes, run a cycle with only vinegar-wash and rinse cycle. I may take a couple of times. After everything, wash everything with the vinegar. It will elevate any detergent/soap residue. I am a seamstress so I need to pre treat washable fabrics and get rid of the formalide they sometimes use to prevent deteration. You could tell with a light haze on the ceiling. It is illegal now, I think, but there is still a coating on some older fabrics fabrics. The smell of vinegar disapates, and there is no odor.
    I you have wonderful antique baby or children’s clothes, or christening gowns there is a great way to remove stains but do not use vinegar. I’ll give these tips if you want.

  210. We hate wiping

  211. I am from a hot zone we use water for cleaning show me how to clean toilet usin

  212. I don’t mind the smell of vinegar.

  213. I can deal with the smell but i want my house smell fresh and fruity or something like that but i love using vinager to clean. Btw i discovered your channel yesterday and i’m obsess now i want to deep clean everything plus i have to fold my cloths again cuz i love the way you did. The only down side is i’m pregnant and i get veryyy tired with the cleaning cuz when i start something i have to finish it 🙁

  214. hey melissa i had a question about your use of essencial oils. dont those leave oil behind on what ever you put it on not just the scent? im asking cuz i really want to try them but my skin is really is really sensitive to any sort of oil. 🙁 i cant even use body lotion without get acne cuz it stays on my hands even after washing them and i touch my face and break out.:( i just wanted to make sure these would be ok for someone like me to use or if i could do another method the same but changing the oil part? I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for all your amazing videos.

  215. The smell doesn’t bother me, I use it to wipe down the tables for the students in my class. I like it way better than using strong chemicals around them.

  216. I clean with vinegar. I don’t mind the smell and it does not linger for long.

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    1. She uses the no name one you can get it a superstore,loblaws and no frills here in canada.

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    1. ps.. I added the lemon to avoid a strong vinegar smell but soon realized they Both go away quickly after absorbing odor 😀

  230. how do i clean yellowed white bikini? /white bikini that’s turning yellow

  231. I didn’t mind it for years but as I get older I notice I don’t tolerate the smell quite as well. I’ve been adding a couple drops of essential oil to my 1:1 Water/Vinegar cleaner for a while now and it really does help. I still hate the idea of using more expensive and hazardous cleaners around my house. Vinegar and Baking Soda are my “go to’s” for so many things and they’re so cheap! I even use Vinegar to mop my kitchen and bathroom floors, no sticky residue and it smells GREAT! when using citrus peels!
    I’ve even found mixing vinegar and baking soda to remove really tough stains from glass cooking dishes. The naturally created effervescent reaction between the two really chews through baked on food and doesn’t harm my dishes!

  232. is there a way where i can use white vinegar to eliminate dog urine odor?

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  235. The smell of vinegar really doesn’t bother me at all. The only time it’s ever bothered me is when I was using Cleaning Vinegar (not tradition distilled white vinegar) in an enclosed glass door shower stall, it was a bit strong for me at that moment but wait not even five minutes with the window cracked and the smell (and the hard water spots on the glass doors) went away.

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    2. campfire52
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    1. Yes. I think you just hit on a truth. People think they like the smell of harsh cleaners bc they associate it with “clean”. We just need to change that as vinegar and alcohol are effective and safer products.

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  319. I actually like the smell of vinegar, however, if YOU don’t like the scent it’s a lot more effective to soak nice smelling things in your vinegar. For instance, lemon peels, orange peels, cinnamon sticks and so on. Leave them sitting for 1 to 2 weeks and the smell is just gone instead of masked like it is when you add essential oils.

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  341. I’ve recently came across information from several sources on the internet, and some appliance repairman who say to never use vinegar in the dishwasher or washing machine. The reason is because it breaks down the rubber hoses and seals. The serviceman said they can tell who uses vinegar because the hoses will crumble in their hands. This information has scared me away from using it to replace my fabric softener.

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  354. Remember to wear gloves. Vinegar is an acid and not a friend to your hands. Tfs

  355. Not keen on the smell of vinegar I add lavender and spearmint or tea tree to it when cleaning so I don’t get the smell it works wonders !

    1. Ann marie White add orange peels and let it sit for a week or two, when you want to use just remove the peels 😉

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    1. Google it

  385. I’ve used vinegar in the wash for years by putting it in the fabric softener bin. It breaks up the soap film that forms on the clothes which is what can cause irritation. It also is okay to use with towels. You shouldn’t use fabric softener with towels because IT leaves a residue that affects absorbency. Vinegar leaves no residue. My clothes and towels come out with absolutely no smell unlike with fabric softeners which has a smell because of the residue.BTW, you forgot to mention vinegar for cleaning windows. Also, it is rarely known that if you use vinegar as a rinse when you shampoo your hair it comes out shiny, soft and with no snarls. Use it once a week to cleanout old product. It is like a clarifying shampoo.Can you tell I’m something of a vinegar evangelist? 8~)

  386. I been living with the smell of vinegar but I need to start adding some essential oils or citus peel.

    1. I meant peelings, so when do you discard them floating in vinegar?

    2. How long does the feelings last on your vinegar?

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  388. Thanks for the tips. I mix a small bucket of water, vinegar, dish soap and a lavender oil and use it to clean my kitchen.

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    1. I store mine in the fridge.

      I could be wrong, but I don’t think it can expire?
      You can always use a smaller spray bottle.

  394. Love the smell of vinegar too. It has taken a year or two to associate it with cleaning rather than chips. I fell in love with vinegar as a cleaner when I used it to wash sticky drink off my linoleum floor. I was pleasantly surprised that it had succeeded where regular floor cleaners had not.

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    1. +animalrescuegeek 10 drops seems like too much. It would leave an oily residue I’m sure.

    2. +animalrescuegeek OK thanks I’ll try that next time..

    3. +Tyree Courtney Add 10 drops of your favorite essential oil. This is what I do. I don’t care for the smell of vinegar either.

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    5. +Clean My Space. and i thank you hahaa 🙂 so far first vinager video! Thanks! can’t wait for more videos!

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    1. +Clean My Space Okay….I’m gonna try the vinegar with next load. I really don’t care for the store bought stuff…makes towels soft but they don’t dry well. AND….I’m headed outside today to vinegar up the weeds coming up between the bricks on patio….love that tip…so safe for my doggies. You’re such a clever gal Melissa….Chad is so lucky to have you! LOL

    2. +Gayle MamaButterfly Thanks Gayle – and I use vinegar to replace fabric softener, or, just add to the pre-wash compartment of your washing machine (if it has one) 🙂

  400. i love vinegar. ive been using it in the dishwasher. wow! no spots! i wash my kitchen floors. plus i use a little in with my whites in the washer.

  401. Vinegar also removes the smell of cigarettes from a cars interior. Just place a dish into the car with a clean sponge and vinegar, and leave it for a couple of days. It will remove the smell, and the smell of vinegar will dissipate in a couple of days. Bought a car used and had to do this, I was surprised how well it worked.

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    1. +Mayra Redonda Welcome to Clean My Space Mayra, thanks for watching 🙂

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  407. The smell is fine for all I care. P.S. We have the exact same saucepan!

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    2. +angelhearts1251 should be working now 🙂

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  410. I love your videos drives me crazy to clean my space after watching your videos.thank you for the lovely videos

    1. +Nazia Sultana Thanks for watching!

  411. We don’t have that kind of vinegar (pure white),here.We use apple or wine.

  412. I can live with the smell

  413. hate the smell of vinegar link is not working

  414. Thumbs up for no name brand haha

    1. +hello7421 haha – no name brand ftw!

  415. My mother used to wash the tile floors with vinegar and water and it made our house stink for 2 days. I used to gag from the smell. Like smelling a wet dog.

  416. Love cleaning with vinegar especially washing towels. Never never ever use on granite or marble!!

    1. +A King Good advice! Thanks for watching 🙂

  417. Hi. How about dog piss? Can I use vinegar to remove the stench?

    1. @Marsha Perez We don’t have carpeted floor. We only have tiles. I don’t even know if we have those products here but I’ll definitely try looking for it lol Thanks a bunch!

    2. Yes it actually works really well

    3. Use Bissell Pet and Stain Odor Carpet Shampoo. Works pretty well.:)

  418. I hate

  419. vinegar smells good

    1. It really does

  420. Had a little laugh to myself when it said “Chrome Poish”

    1. baby singing

    2. +Clean My Space Bye, Chad.

    3. +MusicManChave Someone’s getting fired….

  421. I use vinegar for household cleaning so much I hardly notice at all anymore.

  422. I don’t mind the smell but my husband and daughter hate it and moan when I’m cleaning!

  423. love it alsome

  424. I don’t mind the smell of vinegar. I prefer the vinegar scent over the chlorine. I also like to clean my mirrors with part vinegar part water. I put it in a spray bottle and wipe with a cloth. it leaves mirrors shine free with out any streaks.

  425. like viger use and smells better than trash👃

  426. We have hard well water. After we do loads of laundry the hole that we use to pour the detergent into gets real yellow and irony. How would you recommend to clean that and at the same time be safe for the washer?

  427. Amazing

  428. I love the smell of vinegar

  429. @cleanmyspace when will you do Q&A for starting your own cleaning business? I use your channel for cleaning but need to know the business side as well. Thank you.

    1. +Julie Hernandez (Jewelz) We’re working on some new Q&A videos so stay tuned!

  430. Let’s just say I don’t really enjoy the smell of vinegar but I can live with it 😛 it disappears pretty quickly after all.

  431. What do you think about the smell of vinegar?

    1. Mayu I was going to say the exact same thing. But I still use it.

    2. absolutely repulsive

    3. I love salt and vinegar chips so I love the smell of vinegar!

    4. Our house doesn’t normally have odors or fragrances, so it’s just a shockingly strong smell. I don’t find it as repulsive as a trash smell, just way too strong as far as smells go. When pouring, I try not to get too close to the bottle and hold my breath while I pour it (last) .^_^.

    5. DO NOT mind at all

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