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9 Extremely Flammable Household Items

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Don’t try this at home! Seriously!
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Mars Crazy
by: izier



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1,657 thoughts on “9 Extremely Flammable Household Items

  1. If you’ll ever need make a flamethrower this is how

    Me: Welp, there goes my plans for Saturday.

  3. When it said dont try at home u know 12 year olds are gonna
    Start going it

  4. Sodium silicate is flammable???? Loooooool ofc buzz feed don’t fact check

  5. *welcome to the FBI watch list*

  6. Thanks 🔥

  7. Litteral copy of another video made on this subject on youtube

  8. Combine all of these and add gasoline and diesel…. and go put in it in your gas tank and change your spark plugs(the most powerful one) and turbo it…..what happens?…….it will become the most powerful car…..if you are actually gonna do this please send me a link or a video….i want to see if it will actuall be powerful….

  9. Does Anakin Skywalker count as an household item ? Cuz he should be on the list too .lol

  10. WD-40 and fire. classic party trick to burn yer house down

  11. Who else loves the smell of WD 40


  13. Can my comment reach 100 burns..oops likes

  14. Few months ago i saw the vids about the ping pong ball and tried it inside it didn’t end well was unexpected😂

  15. *Uses hand sanitizer one and becomes a fire bender,Something Goes Bad,Runs To My Partner:Sink The Water Bender!*

  16. Gawt I Really Wanna Get Suncreen Spray And Arranged Candles Around Me And I Spins

  17. i would not try this at home but outside!!!!

  18. Reading ‘DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME’ while doing everything AT HOME

  19. there’s flour too. if flour is floating around your kitchen and your oven is on you go boom.

  20. Once i read the title i immediately think of Shane Dawson

  21. The last one you can do

  22. The URL says “YMCA” in it, Lolz.

  23. ‘Do not try it at home’
    me: tries at school

    Im pretty sure holo will protect ze nail polish

  25. i was about to try that hand sanitizer thing

  26. I have a lot of flamethrowers apparently.

  27. so you show me a cool way to FIREBEND using HAND SANITIZER and tell me to NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!?
    Where should I start, then? The temples of the air nomads?

  28. you should have written something with the hair mousse, it would’ve looked pretty

  29. AKA How to Make a Wicked Flamethrower

  30. Don’t burn a tissue. Trief that when I was young and my brothers hand was engulfed in flames. No damage but scary.

  31. does the hand sanitizer burn your hand?

  32. *casually picks up fire*

  33. wow, what’s next? asbestos?

  34. “Don’t try this at home”

    Why do you think we’re watching “9 Extremely Flammable Household Items?”

    1. Actually the only times I’ve seen people light hand sanitizer on fire was at school

    2. JackOS // Enterprise Edition

      Don’t try this at home

      Try this at school instead

    3. Lol


  36. Flame throwers !

  37. I think they mean you shouldn’t try any of these because of the fire hazard. They just made this video because it is cool and so you know what items are flammable or whats safe.

  38. “hey lets touch fire”

  39. Too bad, I’m trying the hand sanitizer at home.

    1. I know right

  40. If you don’t want me to try this at home don’t make a video about it

  41. hey, so the hand sanitizer can be burned but is such a good insulator that is dosent hurt you?

  42. is super glue combustible

  43. What do you do after you light your fingers on fire? How would you put the fire out? Figure I should find out before I ignore the warning at the end.

    me : ok ill try outside

    1. lol same


  46. *gets all the flammable objects mentioned in the video*

    IM PYRO!!!!!!!!!

  47. Do not try this at home. Yes, this means you, Millhouse.

  48. Primer is not paint. It’s primer. It goes on before the paint. My dad’s a carpenter/house painter so I know this stuff.

    1. +Nightcore Dreams Sorry. My dad and I are sensitive about this kind of stuff… And yes. I am underappreciated.

    2. Saying “I know this stuff”
      Really means,
      “I want you to think I’m smart about this topic! PLEASE NOTICE ME!!!!!!!”

  49. of cause we do this at home, thats why we watch the video

  50. what is the background music

    1. +Nurin Ridwan mars crazy – izier

  51. My fourth grade teacher used to put flame and oranges together in front of the class all the time

  52. I think I could use all of them as fuel when I ran out of LPG for cooking

  53. I won’t try this at home.

    But, will do it in my garden or friends house…

    1. or even school…. YAY

  54. you forgot cooking oil

    1. nope

  55. Who else was thinking of using these methods when a burglar/robber comes to your house?


    2. 🙂

    3. +aaron wang a burgler is not going to be scared of a boy/man burning his own hand 🙂

  56. Bruh I set my desk on fire all the time, I always do this at home

  57. This makes me sad. My house burned down 11 months ago. It was so scary. In my house we had most of these.

  58. Lesson Learned: every sprayable object is flammable

  59. i wont try this in my home BUT the backyard is fine 😀

    1. +bluewolf998 Haha go for it!

  60. Haha im trying it…dont worry im a chemist

  61. I did that hand sanitizer thing before… It’s like touching a hot stove

  62. firebender guy at the end had me like 0.o

  63. instant blowtorch

  64. You just made me try the hand sanitizer

    1. did it hurt

  65. I just tried it, at home.. I almost burned the whole house because the curtains caught on fire too!!

  66. I did this with Sun-Screen. It was awesome

    Me……. Now….Wheres my lighter

  68. *Takes every spray in the house and a lighter* MOM I’M READY FOR THE WAR

  69. see, the thing is, i really want to try that hand sanitizer trick now…

  70. Burn your house down with combustable lemons!!

  71. I did hand sanitizer trick and why mom freaked out thx buzzfeed for the wonderful knowledge you gave me (no scaraism intended)

  72. they said don’t ever try this at home. so simple I’ll go in my friends home and try it😂😂😂😂😂😂😁

  73. Please tell me I’m not the only one who thought of King of the Hill when I saw WD-40.

    AND SOME WD-40.

  74. Don’t breath this!


  76. Well, I’m a fire dancer (poi, staff etc), and its always pretty fun when I lighten up my hand with a sanitizer 😀 Of course when nobody knows 😀 They are always in shock 😀 I ike it 😀

  77. These things are useful if there’s a zombie apocalypse

  78. You forgot to add in my mixtape

  79. FIIIIRE! Its so tempting to try, I mean fire is so cool! It moves like its alive!

  80. i knew about the hand sanitizer thing befor i watched this video because i tried it

  81. I was expecting EXPLOSIONS…disappointed…but still I give ya a thumbs up!

  82. This is so cool I’m gonna try this at home.

  83. My 5th grade teacher purposely lit the table on fire with hand sanitizer and made us touch it

    1. Nice teacher

  84. Now you can hold fire! 1:36

  85. I bet WD40 is mostly Kerosene and lubricants.

  86. I’m gonna try it

  87. *reads don’t do this at home*
    HA BITCHES! Where’s the lighter?

  88. The hair mousse one was cool

  89. They say don’t try it at home but I will

  90. And how is a ping pong ball a everyday household item?

  91. ‘don’t try this at home’ at the end of the video. that is too late.

    1. +Lars Maas It was. I did the It with Sun-Screen at the very beginning

  92. 1:19 be like “Hi Billy Mays here to introduce u to the house torcher

  93. * places hand sanitizer on hand and lights it on fire* LOOK MOM I’M A FIRE BENDER!!


    2. +Alia Ibrahim *Places sanitize on my hand and lights in and slaps my friend* BURN BABY!!!!! WOOOHOOO

  94. The hand sanitizer
    Is a LIE I GOT BURNT MEAT FROM IT aka my hand is burning

  95. Isn’t WD40 flammable cause of the fish oil?

  96. hahaha you know someone is going to attempt the last one, if they haven’t already xD

    1. +Poppy Kowalski it doesnt the water in the handsanitizer keeps it from “burning”

    2. +SummerBellify wonder if it burns…

    3. Im going try the last one

  97. stop being scientists buzzfeed

    1. So do i XD

    2. Hey! I luv buzz feed <3

  98. it’s all fun and games till the can explodes because fire flows back into the arisol can when you stop spraying

  99. u forgot deodrant

    me: *tries at home*

    1. Is your house on fire yet? Call 911

    2. God Mode wot

    3. @Wolf Crespo *tries at home’s friends*

    4. *tries at friends home*

    5. i already did the hand sanitizer thing before he said that

  101. The ping pong ball ate to many spicy Doritos

  102. I’ve done the sanitizer thing before. its awesome

  103. Hair mousse looks kinda cool if you do it in the dark

  104. the paint looks awesome

  105. I’m doing this to my friends that have a phobia to fire

  106. How does it not hurt the guy

  107. What about my mixtape?

  108. For whatever reason I began feeling really cold after this…

  109. dont try it at home? ok ill go to my friends house

  110. Nail polish remover is flammable LOL

  111. my name is Carlos but my Roblox name is ninja skills 2041 41

  112. I love Roblox my favorite game is build your cyber suit

    1. +juan Vasquez cool I love roblox too my name is bhyfch2

  113. Don’t forget nail polish remover 🙂

  114. This is the coolest thing I have ever seen😍

  115. what the heck ? the warning’s at the end not the beginning?


  117. Darn. I wanted to try the hand sanitizer

  118. Hand sanitizer one of the most helpful things to have while camping.

  119. and perfume

  120. A good rule of thumb is basically anything in an aerosol can is flammable.

  121. Mk I’ll just try it at school. c:

    1. lol

  122. lol someone get pyro

    1. *I love it*

  123. Just look at how far away the flame is from the candle in the WD 40 part!

  124. did it hurt your hands

  125. Juan someone explain hand sanitizer one?

    1. There is alcohol in hand sanitizer. The alcohol burns, and there is a layer of glycerine, on your hands, also from the hand sanitizer. The alcohol burns instead of ur hands, and the glycerol is not flameable. Sorry for bad grammar


  127. LOL i already tried all of the in the garden LOL i burned my hands to LOL !

  128. Can hand sanitizer harden by ne chance

  129. Perfect ways to survive in zombie apocalypse

  130. Am i the only one who find this really pretty and amazing

  131. I only watched this to try to get over my fear of fire…

  132. This should be a renamed “how to make a flamethrower” or “things you can burn your house down with”

  133. The hand sanitizer one fucked me up

  134. So in the list hero when Travis stoll (or was it Connor? No I’m pretty sure it was Travis) put a lighter under a ping pong ball to see how long it would take to burn it technically should’ve already been burning??

  135. to late for that warning 🙂

  136. “Don’t try at home” Aww…. Can I try it at the coffee shop? lol

    1. +Lexiflower 33 me : what ? I actually like school LOL

    2. YAY

    3. @TheRedstoneEffect Try it at school, you have a chance of setting it on fire

  137. i tried it. Almost ded.

  138. PERFUMES ARE ALSO FLAMMABLE, Created the newest version of a flamethrower

  139. So how do you not get burnt with the hand sanitizer thing

  140. Does the hand sanitizer fire thing hurt his hand?

  141. Don’t try at home? I’m going to use this in school. Because… school is not home (unless you are homeless)

  142. Now we know better.

  143. lost 3 fingers thank you very much for the idea now i’m suing

  144. the thing with the hand sanitiver does it hurt

  145. Do not try this at home…

    But I want to set my hand on fire!!!

    1. +Mazzy Raaymakers I’ve tried it,doesn’t hurt one bit.

    2. +Mazzy Raaymakers Ikr XDD

    3. @Mazzy Raaymakers
      Do it outside.

  146. lol that ping pong balls. before watching this i tried it in schools at my class and i panicked

  147. I guess I’ll bring a ping pong ball to a camp trip

  148. We have some firebenders in this video


    1. #GhostRider  

    2. @Carl Mhine XD
      *uncontrollable screaming bc hand sanitizer fire on your face*

    3. I prefer hands 😀
      And do it with hand sanitizer rather than alcohol
      Best thing is use it to slap someone XD

    4. @ρяιηcєѕѕנυѕtρєαcнy its not that dangerous just do it on something stone

    5. Nope, just call me a noob experimenter XD

  150. Lol, the Ping pong thing, imagine if someone played flaming ping pong.

    1. flaming beer pong 😂😂

    2. @StellaDragon Yeah It’s Awesome!

  151. Do not ever try this at home… Yeah, right!

  152. Rest in pepperoni ping pong ball

  153. You can actually use the flame from a lighter/match to un-pop ping pong balls.

  154. Okay how on earth does that last one work? Picking up fire? Whaaaat

  155. Omg!!! Fire Benders!!

  156. Take like 2-3 Ping Pong Balls cut it in little Pieces and wrap some aluminium foil tightly around it (you still need 1 “exit hole tho)

    After that heat that with a lighter and you have a smoke bomb

  157. how the heck shes not burned when she touched the hand sanitizer on fire

  158. i watch this video to see how the fire move and the hand sanitizer one was awesome

  159. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm thaanks now i know i can burn CREAMER!!!
    …seriously wtf?

  160. *Finds out ping pong balls are flammable*

    Alright lads, I’m gonna need a lighter, a gun barrel, elastic bands, a trigger, and a truckton of ping pong balls.

  161. Can you really touch the hand sanitizer when it’s on fire because I wanna do it but I also don’t wanna get burnt so like does it burn you?

  162. Oranges, homegrown grenades.

  163. Light flammable objects on fire on a wooden table. *claps

  164. Fun fact: In “Are You Afraid of the Dark?”, when that one kid would throw “midnight dust” on the fire to make it flare up and begin the scary storytelling, the dust they were using was actually non-dairy creamer and not a mysterious storytelling powder at all.

  165. 1:14 it’s a flamethrower in a bottle!

  166. Does it burn your hand if you try the hand sanitizer trick?

  167. Thanks buzz feed!!! Now I can use other ingredients than just deodorant for my flamethrowers!!!

  168. I knew about almost all of these, except for the mousse. Also the primer paint, but most alcohol-pressurized things are flamethrowable xD

  169. Well dont freaking smear your hand al over the flaming hand sanatizer!!!!!


  170. lol what about AXE thats a fun oen

  171. I have some sunscreen in the car…and a lighter…somewhere..


    1. @Claudiu Vieriu Use Primer (Paint) IT’S FLAMETHROWER PRIMER (PAINT)!

  172. UMMMM, this video basically do this at home btw.

  173. OMG limonene is flammable, i tasted that and it tastes bitter

  174. most flammable household items, YOUR HOUSE

  175. youtube logic: watch a 5 minute ad before you can watch your 2 minute video.

  176. Finally this completes my flamethrower set I have one that sprays 4x the amount if wd40 and primer paint, it can go up to 20 feet away

    1. @jamar Raccoon HOWWW

  177. So you light sanitizer on fire and become a fire bender and expect me not to try it at home?!

  178. I tried to slightly melt a guitar pick so I could create my own grip.  Big mistake.  Those metal-flake guitar picks are SUPER flammable.  The flame is like an outdoor campfire on the tip of the pick.  Try it out, but be warned.

  179. How?

  180. another thing thats flammable Mary Whinchester

    1. You assbutt!!!!! That was uncalled for!!! Go sit in the corner

  181. Does you don’t feel turn when you touch the hand sanitizer?*i can’t write it*

  182. Why did I watch this? FIRE

  183. Combustable lemons(or oranges)

  184. Makes me think what else could be flammable .-.

    So much potential destruction!

  185. I actually tried the hand sanitizer w/ fire thing, and lathed my face in it.
    Didn’t really burn, made my face smooth though!

  186. Pyromaniac heaven.

  187. Ok, that’s pretty cool

  188. Is the hand sanitizer fire relatively cold? If not, how was he able to touch it?

  189. I saw these and I just said “BURN IT!” oh irony…

  190. I’m freaking trying this at home.

  191. My teachers neighbors’s son tried the sunscreen one, but the bottle caught on fire and exploded and he lost his hand

  192. you can get drunk on hand sanitizer…..i mean…theres alcohol….bleh

  193. um…. dont try at home…. can i do it at the science lab at school?!?

  194. like if watching in 2017

    1. @Riya Srikanth dislike

    2. Apparently we have some time travellers

  195. I hope that person at the end is okay after touching the hottest type of fire

  196. Nicole lee yes

  197. dammit buzzfeed i have homework to do

  198. did it hurt when he touched the hand sanitizer or nah???????

  199. Oh man, Combustible Lemons, meet Combustible Oranges. Now burn down the houses of the lab boys, cause we now have a growing arsenals of combustible fruits

  200. hmm who knew wd40 and hairspray was flammable 

  201. wow I never guessed that a dry powder suspended in mid air was flammable.

  202. I am so going to try this! XD

  203. 1:43 are u shure u can touch

  204. Thank you BuzzFeed for feeding my PyroMania

  205. I didn’t know rubber bands were extremely flammable until I dropped one on a candle :

  206. Ping-pong balls are just magic spheres of science.

  207. 1:52 How? I dont care about “dont try at home” Just tell me how to properly do it and I’ll be carefull.

  208. The hand sanitizer was amazing

  209. Ill try this 1:52 hahaha

    1. YEAH I KNOW OK :3 XD


  210. :O omg !!!!!!!!!!!!

  211. 1:52. U WOT?

  212. Am i the only one who thinks that this is bad for the environment?

  213. Now i kinda really want to try the hand sanitizer trick.

  214. ive done the ping pong ball on fire at home. it was awsome.

  215. The last one looks really cool!

  216. Says dont try this at home. when its all around you. 

  217. Dear Buzzfeed. Get your chemicals straight. Alcohols have the OH function group. That’s what makes them alcohols. Ethanol for example, is C2H6OH not C2H6O.

  218. Can we all agree that fire is prettier than any human being? 

    1. yEP


    3. @Snivy shy @Nicole Lee Google image: “Flame Atronach Skyrim” 😉

    4. Yes fire amazes me

    5. HEhEEH
      GO TO TRuThConTEsTcOM, ReaD tHE PrEesnt

  219. omfg

  220. LOL don’t try at home HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  221. how did he not get burned by the sanitizer

  222. I didn’t know that we can become fire master with only soap xD

  223. The paint one and WD-40 ones r like home made flame throwers

  224. Always did this stuff

  225. How did you bend the fire on the hand sanitizer?????

    1. @muridi ahmed If you want to be one, sure 🙂

    2. +Kaeley if he is a firebender,lm a waterbender

    3. +Nadya K You must be 13.

    4. Easy i have done it just grab it

    5. @DystopianFantasy With the hand sanitizer on your hand, you wont feel the fire. I’ve done that before. it doesn’t hurt

  226. The hand sanitizer one looks like flammable cum.@.@

  227. Starter fluid

  228. a ping pong ball is not really a house hold item

  229. 82 people tried this at home.

    1. @bigtridragon3 and 81 died #winningggggg o>O

  230. Once, I put my touch screen gloves in the microwave and they caught on fire😑

  231. Tuff nubs im totaly trying the sunscreen thing

  232. 0:08 well there you go strap a flame to that can and you have a handheld flamethrougher that will get past security 

  233. 1:29 HADOKUN!

  234. kewl


  236. i knew about the spray paint and hand sanitizer

  237. is lac flammable?

  238. wawwwww when you say dont try that at home i get up and bring evrything and i try it and it was awsome i show it to my girlfriend and i… you now whant happen i am 14 she 15 ohhhhhhhhh yah

    1. Grammar ?Pfft ,that is so 4 years ago

    2. @Makeshift Picture – this is Youtube pal, don’t get too excited here.

    3. I think a 14 year old should use better grammar. I’m 13, and I have better grammar than you.

  239. Did it hurt when u lit ur hand in fire

  240. I will try this :3

  241. I have a sudden urge to try all of them out!

  242. i have to try this 😀

  243. You forgot farts.

  244. Well, I did light an orange at home…
    It’s actually safe, AS LONG AS IT’S THE STEM.

  245. This looks fun OwO

  246. The ping pong ball was awesome.

  247. 1:48 I CALL HAX! BLACK MAGIC! LOOMYNARTY INCOMING !!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!


    okay i’m gonna try this at my friend’s house

  249. Like if you just went and burned yourself XD

  250. i remember ssundee doing for his intro saying im catching  fire and he had a lighter in his hand and had handsanitizer and lite his hand on fire then he said it smels like roting fish XD

  251. I’m so going to try the hand sanitizer…

  252. is it really worth it to buy ALL this stuff and then burning it JUST for our entertainment?!?!?!?!?!?!?1?!?!?!?!

  253. Damn I did the non dairy coffee one and blow the block I didnt see the warning at the

  254. Buzzfeed the next ahould be how to make a smoke bomb or firework somthing neet but idk

  255. this was rorschach’s guide to killing

  256. you forgot the nintendo ds i saw somebody put it on fire and it made a big one

    1. @Kaick Gonçalves unless you have a ping pong table.. Or a cat. 

    2. @Leftforllama Neither is a Ping Pong ball

    3. it isn’t a household item

  257. Ou got the chemical formula for ethanol wrong it’s C2H5OH

  258. NOW I definitely want to try this at home!!!!!!!

  259. Don’t try this at home,you try it at a friends home…

  260. how the hell did you do that flame on hand trick i will do it home because ytold me to opposite

  261. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME… Yeah right…

  262. *goes out and buys lots of ping pong balls*

  263. Button your lab coat! Amateur. 

  264. I’ve lit hand sanitizer when it was on my hand before and it burns so bad

  265. The mouse looked epic.

  266. holy shit 1:46

  267. Do not try this at home, oh don’t worry kids were doing it at my school.

  268. Aside from the orange not one of these should surprise people, everybody knows stuff like that burns easily. If you wrap a ping pong ball in foil and hold a lighter underneath it it billows smoke for a solid 2 minutes, make sure to make a chimney in the foil for the smoke.

  269. I can’t IMAGINE the stench of burning nail polish omg

  270. =O the Hand sanitizer one reminds me of azula’s fire bending. :’) 

  271. do not trythisat home…. try this at youre friends house!

  272. ok so u showed us this on purpose, then u asking us not to do this ever? really

  273. I wanted to do the hair mousse one D:


    1. @Caroline Vanessa You’re not subtle at all.. 

    2. @Hai Tran Oh, shut up. I kill robots everyday. Don’t make it so you’re one of those robots.

    3. Many kinds of #house-hold #items is discounted on from 30 to 50% depending on the items. Wow. Great price. Hurry up! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

    4. @Kevin G. **Respawns** …Jeez…Remind me to not piss of Pyro…

    5. scout owes me a very special favor, he’ll keep quiet, and there’s alway’s respawn


  276. does anyone else feel tempted to try the last one out

  277. You know I am going to try the last one

  278. I don’t know if this video will save me or get me in trouble.

  279. Dose the one with hand sanitizer burn or hurts

  280. Gaseline

  281. “Do not try this at home!”, this phrase is driving me nuts!
    How about “Do not try this at home because……, instead you could do it in places like…… taking these precautions:…..”
    MUCH better as people will always be curious and want to do something cool. Why just going against their nature when instead you could tell the ones who will do it anyway, how to do it, what’s so dangerous about doing it and how to be safe when doing it?

    1. @manicka123456789 That I’m coming at here is that you should be able to do it if you want to but the ones tempting you should equip you with the knowledge and safety precautions necessary. This is because someone may still do it with the TV show simply relieving themselves from responsibility, they may hurt themselves.

    2. @Atristiel I am suprised nobody adds: or everywhere else. I mean I can go outside and do it…

    3. @TopOfTheBox I guess so, but that statement is a lazy man’s way out of a responsibility.

    4. I believe it’s mainly because of legal reasons, so that the creator of the video won’t be accountable for if someone does try it and injure themselves.

    5. @Ken Zhang Yes, I won’t disagree on that, but would you rather your family member was curious and know what protective measures to take or simply did it blindly with only one thing in his/her mind, “it’s your fault if you get hurt”.
      Please don’t reply with anything like “curiosity is a bad thing” because saying and/or thinking it is wrong on so many levels.


    1. @AceTheDragon3 I never played half-life, but I get it, haha 

    2. @Atristiel
       A job for Gordon Freeman

    3. Damn, you have strong jaws if they have to be pried open with a crow-bar.

    4. Steel?

  283. You cant just show awesome stuff like that and not expect me to go home and try them…

  284. Well obviously if you tell people not to try it at home they will get more tempted to try it, LOL!

  285. Well now I have to try all of them at home…

  286. Children in africa could’ve eaten those ingridieants… and those fires!

    1. @AndySayHelloThere RBLX
      I know English, I sometimes mess the words up purposley… And atleast I know the difference between your and you’re.

    2. @AndySayHelloThere RBLX
       Why is it that little shits like you and your obsession with Roblox think that your opinion and disagreement actually are valid?

      Pop quiz, they aint.

      Want to be heard in Youtube? Ditch the childish obsession.

    3. @AceTheDragon3 What about Oranges?

    4. Not funny

    5. @AceTheDragon3 I know kuite a few people who have done the same. 🙂

  287. Doesn’t it burn if you put your hand into a flaming pool of hand sanitizer?

  288. im tempted to do some of that

  289. lol orange XD

  290. The non dairy creamer I knew about from Mythbusters 😀

  291. WD40 is oil… Oil=flammable? And there is gas in the can (butane) flammable too

  292. how the heck did he not get burnt???

    1. Only the fumes are flammable. However, if you do that for too long… you will get burnt.

    2. lol…thanks

    3. Only the surface of the jell was burning and he had a thick coating on his fingers. If the jell would heat up all the way through (I assume it’s a good thermal insulator so takes some time) or the entire jell would burn through….
      I’m not an expert but a student in engineering, not physics so I’d take these ideas with a pinch of salt. Hope it gave you an idea of what might be happening.

      Or maybe he DID get burnt and regretted doing it afterwards. Always a possibility.

  293. don’t try it at home. try it at school so when you burn it down, you have a mega holiday

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    Source: Music video for: Darude – Feel The Beat

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    2. Well, you could also just use the fire making charm, Incendio. 

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    Ping Pong Ball + filled with hairspray + homemade fuse = Incendiary Grenade?
    Well, time for me to get to work then. Where did I put my tiny drill?

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    ME: Ima try it at home 😀


    1. You don’t get burned because the fire is burning the hand sanitizer which is protecting your hand… It could Burn you if you let is sit for awhile

    2. The liquid will burn around ur hand and if u do it right u shouldn’t burn urself I do a similar trick where I coat my hand in axe spray set my fingures in fire and pretend to eat the flames

    3. Before touching the fire, wet your hands first- water will create a barrier between the burning sanitizer (which contains surfactants) with your hands. Surfactants are chemicals that forms the barrier. Just some cool colloidal chemistry… 😛

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    Stupid warning messages.

    1. @Lovelife090994 youll know it will feel warm and once all the ethyl has been burned it will start to burn your flesh or clothing

    2. @Lovelife090994 That’s a terrifying thought

    3. @Theover lord So you can be on fire and never know it? 

    4. btw when u use sanitizer it does work but u can only see the flame when the room is dark 

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    1. I burned hand sanitizer today and I was really close to burn a forest down…

    2. @lyadmilo I was gonna burn something with a lighter…. I put hand sanitizer all over it and my hand freak me the hell out T.T

    3. @Christine Yuan The alcohol burns too quickly for the flame to reach your skin.  If you wait too long to put it out though, you will get burned.  Also it is easy to make a mistake.  Basically, don’t actually try that.

    4. you wont feel it for the first few seconds. you do have to put the fire out though. dont just leave it there

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    1. @Shelley C They have the same definition.

    2. They mean the same thing.

    3. whats the difference? I’ve always been curious 🙂

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  439. WD 40; 50% Stoddard solvent (In 1953 this was the predominant cleaning fluid used by dry cleaners.)
    25% liquefied petroleum gas (presumably as a propellant; carbon dioxide is now used instead to reduce WD-40’s considerable flammability)
    15+% mineral oil (light lubricating oil)
    10-% inert ingredients.

    Secret my ass.


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    I used to leave a lot on the ground spelling something out, then light it (nice blue flame).

    I used to take the cap off and light the opening. The flame stays lit kind of like a candle bit I believe it burns hotter.

    And of course I’ve smothered my hand with hand sanitizer before and lit it. Then I threw a big blob of it and I was throwing fireballs. Super-powers. Oh I miss being a kid :’) *single tear*

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    if u have further info plz tell me:)))

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  472. Dollar + alchohal (I prefer rubbing as it’s fairly cheap) + water = the fire proof dollar,dries via fire, keeps unburnt via water. Your hands arn’t protected, so use tongs

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    1. Victoria Ibañez


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    You can use a ping pong ball as a smoke bomb, if you wrap it in aluminum foil, leave the top open, and use a lighter to heat it from the bottom. Also, you didn’t read the number of the fact.

    1. You mean a breath?

    2. I dont even now what that number is supost to be 🙁

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    4. @rockjaw11 BE MY MATH TEACHER!!!

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    1. Yes, but don’t have it on for too long. It can heat up too far and burn your hand. Always be careful when doing fire experiments. Something you can try that is less dangerous is filling a bucket with water, dish soap, and butane. Scoop up the bubbles the butane produces and then light your hand on fire. It’s perfectly safe, and only hurts if you put a ton of bubbles on it. But be sure to put it out after 5 or 10 seconds. Look up CrazyRussianHacker, he has a video tutorial on how to do this.

    2. my science teacher did it

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    ….then the disclaimer came up T_T

    guess i gotta just do it at skl :p 

  497. I love setting things on fire much more than a 13 year old girl really should

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    im gonna explode some butane brb

  499. You’re missing the Yu-Gi-Oh cards! Those even burn blue!

  500. Whats to stop the flame from backing up into the spray can and turning it into a molotov?

    1. The pressure

    2. yeah i know what you mean i just meant in general 🙂

    3. Of course, but until then, that is why the can didn’t explode in the video.

    4. yeah but you can also be unlucky an get can with not enough pressure an that’s when back draft occurs 

    5. The material is coming out of the can faster than the flame is burning up it.

  501. As a child with with a crazed mind, ive discovered this  all by myself. Also, Bike chain oil is very flammable, it burns for 2-3 seconds after it have hit a wall/the floor/the target giving it a nice flamethrower feel to it. Corn starch is also flammable, as is nail polish remover. (the one wo acetone works as well)

  502. I’m eating Doritos right now….

  503. My parents would hide anything that could make a flame until I was well into college.  I don’t blame them… when I moved out on my own, it took two instances of the fire alarm going off to stop lighting things on fire.
    In short, it’s a darn good thing this video wasn’t around when I moved.

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    1. It’s a fuse (but waaaaaay cooler!).

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    ‘Jo sup bro, you wanna do something cool? i’ll come at your house…

  537. The only things that surprised me were the non-dairy creamer and the orange. Also, I’m pretty sure touching flaming hand sanitizer isn’t the wisest of choices.

    1. its fine its not gonna hurt you 🙂 my chemistry teacher often sets my hand on fire by covering it in methane bubbles and lighting it. it I the weirdest, best and most superhero feeling I have ever had :3 😀 would highly recommend it 😀

  538. First one was sick, didn’t even touch the candle flame

  539. Ooh the hand sanitiser flame was awesome!

  540. Can someone explain to me how you wouldn’t get burned when you touched the hand sanitizer? 

    1. @Phillip D. You are right, but he does still get burned from the heat. I think the footage is slowed down heavily. Making it look like he held the flame long. He could just cool down his hand to a very low temprature. 

    2. it burns the vapors from it not the sanitizer itself in liquid state.
      Correct me if I’m wrong guys. I doubt I am.

  541. tried the hand sanitizer… lets just say things didn’t go great…

    1. @Kazuto Kirigaya Yeah, he didn’t even flinch

    2. does your hand hurt if you try to touch it?

    3. what happend did something catch fire?

    4. it took you probbaly 10 minutes to write that down, of it really happened :/

  542. Axe is highly flammable too.. js.

  543. Fucking epic!!!!

  544. How ironic is it that sunscreen can catch fire?

    1. MistaMobie its irony dumbahh

    2. Very irony. Don’t use sunscreen spray on yourself. It melts you. It was made from the sun.

    3. Preciesly (dont jugde me on my english skils)

    4. Thank you, and yes I completely understand, YouTube is a venue for everyone to be complete a-holes to each other anonymously, even if someone is genuinely being nice and just trying to explain something. But it always annoys me in particular when people get all “high and mighty” over the use of irony and they themselves don’t understand how to use it lol XD.

    5. @Christopher Byrd Nicely put.

      And yes, voila. I don’t know… I felt like giving the smartassery right back to them, so I did.

  545. Yeaahhhh, uh, I don’t mean to brag but, I knew all of those were flammable except the ping pong ball

  546. Before the “Do not try this at home” I was about to say, ” Hey I should do the hand sanitizer thing!”

  547. Thats how you make a flamethrower not that easy at all!

  548. where is the deodreant????!!!!

  549. Or take the pingpong ball fill it with a flammable powder, coat it in nail polish and put on a fuze.  Or just gas and Styrofoam 

  550. amm I maybe year ago tried burn hand sanitizer and it was cool

  551. im pretty sure its dangerous to do the spray can flamthorower for to long

  552. Holy shit im using this for my science project

  553. gawd damnit i’m an arab and i’m watching this… hope i dnt get arrested and jailed for being curious…

    1. Nice. Funniest comment i’ve seen in a while.

  554. “Do not try these at home” damn it I wanted to do them all 🙁

  555. We did the hand sanitizer in my astronomy class once,it was pretty cool.

  556. i’ve tried all of these already 🙁

  557. What’s WD-40?

    1. @PhantomGiz  WD-40 is an oil

    2. It not really a lubricant, Its actually a water displacement agent..   That is were the name came from “Water-Displacement” Attempt Number “40”   (WD-40).  Good to use to spray on squeaky mechanical items or great to use to keep tools from rusting.  

    3. Oh, okay! :3

    4. Well, am i so wrong indeed… 😀
      My mistake, i was with wrong impression.

    5. @Йоан Дянков Its a lubricant. 

  558. I was worried abut the flame getting to the primer paint can

  559. You forgot nailpolish remover… I’ve played with that too many times haha

  560. Shut up! You can not show us how to make our hands fire balls like in Animes and then tell us not to do it! I’m doing it!

  561. The orange was interesting!

  562. a new and creative way to kill spiders

  563. the flame almost got inside the primer paint can, that would have been bad :O

    1. @johannes the stalking biscuit  It explodes from the heat smashing your hand into tiny meat pieces.

    2. no it wouldn’t actually be so bad, because theres no oxygen to keep the fire alive down there

  564. Do not try this at home. A good friend lost their hand when a can exploded in their hand from the flame following the stream. 

    1. Video or it never happened.

  565. thats how jackie chan used the fire hands in karate kid

  566. DO NOT TRY ANY OF THIS AT HOME. I wanna try the hand sanitizer.

    1. That’s the dream man 😀

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