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How To Super Clean Your Carpets when they are in horrible condition, this method is one of the best ways to clean carpet and get it LOOKING LIKE NEW AGAIN. It removes every stain and all the dirt deep down in your carpet.

If you would like to help us out.


SEE this For Dirty Seating

USA Tools:

Wet and Dry Shop Vac

Carpet Extractor

Drill Brush



Spray Bottles

Dish Soap

Glass Cleaner

Rubbing Alcohol

Crevice Tool

Scrub Brushes

Plastic Jug

Duct Tape

House Fan

3M Scotch Guard

Garden Hose w/Sprayer
UK Tools:

Rubbing Alcohol

Window Cleaner

Shop Vac

Oxi Clean

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2,286 thoughts on “AMAZING Way To SUPER CLEAN The NASTIEST Carpet !

  1. DUDE! I watched this video a few months ago, maybe even last year. I bought the ingredients as per Julio’s instructions and they sat in my garage collecting dust. I had a bottle of ice tea break in my back seat and stain the floor. THat’s what I was originally going to use the solution for. BUT I didn’t use this on that. However I did use it on my son’s F150 today. HOLY TOLEDO! I wish I had taken before pictures ( and smell-o-vision) to give a comparison. Well actually there is NO comparison. Long story short. The previous owner had dogs which rode in the truck. Despite vacuuming several times (even with scented baking soda carpet cleaner) the smell just wouldn’t leave. So today (a rainy Michigan afternoon) I tried the solution/technique and WOW! The carpet and seats look BRAND new and smell amazing. I love you guys! Thanks so much for all you do…….Namaste!

    1. Sweet Project Cars How does this work on dark or black carpet? Any issues with the Oxy lightening the darker material? Great video!

    2. Looks like creating poison gas with all that mixture lol. I’m going to try this though my carpet needs it

    3. Eddie, are you good at doing F150, show me! I bring my over this weekend!…. Lol. Yeah, his Solution WORK well !

    4. Eddie Trasher HECK YAH BUDDY now I’m going to try it down in the deep south!

    5. Wish I would’ve seen this video years ago… my sister had a ford escort and the previous owner let the dogs loose in the car. Many failed attempts to get rid of the smell. Heater core went out and I fixed it for her. Tore the dash, console, and front seats out and told her, “if you want to seriously clean this carpet now is the time” probably couple fistfuls of fur inside the center console alone… I’ll never buy a car that smells like dog after that

  2. Can you use this on tan fabric car seats?

  3. What Hoover is he using

  4. How is he Hoovering up water without there been a power cut??

  5. Can you use pure ammonia instead of glass cleaner?

  6. Can you do this to home carpeting?

  7. Ok, that looked good ! But I have a question? Will this cause any rust underneath the carpet ? It’s almost like what happened after a flood gets into the car.

  8. i’m just wondering just how in the world you came up with that mixture for cleaning carpets .

    1. years of frustration in the detailing biz as they say frustration builds invention thanks mike SPC

  9. I hauled several bags of wet leaves to the landfill in the back of my SUV. I didn’t realize how wet they were and one of them leaked disgusting brown leaf brew all over the back upholstery. The dark brown stains were terrible. I tried a normal hot water scrub vac and that did nothing. Just found this video and today I mixed up the concoction and followed the steps. I must say wow, this really worked, all the stains are gone and the back of my SUV looks brand new! Thanks for posting!

  10. Thank you thank you very much I kind of changed the formula but still worked it was great my carpet looks brand new literally thanks for sharing your tips that actually work.

  11. Can I use this solution w my carpet cleaner to clean my house?

    1. Baby stork yes you can hope this helps have a great day Mike Sweet project cars

  12. Will this work without the alcohol? I’ve went and bought everything but that since there’s a shortage due to covid19

  13. Will this work on black mold in carpet?

    1. Yes this will work on just about anything and everything on class materials such as carbon hope this helps thanks Mike Sweet project cars

  14. I hate to tell you this sir, but you can also strip the color right off the carpet! Especially on colored ones! I know know, it happened to me after a spill happened. Try at your own risk!

  15. Can you put this solution into an extractor like rug doctor?

    1. Josh you sure can thank you for asking have a great day my sweet project cars

  16. Can you use this method on home carpet?

    1. Geisha you sure can thank you for asking Mike Sweet project cars

  17. sir get video, will this mixer work on windshield fluid stains on carpet .thks

  18. As long as you have something in the cleaning fluid to kill bacteria it won’t stink when it drys no matter how wet it got. The stink is actually the bacteria processing any remaining debris

  19. Pshhh i drove my car into the river. My carpets will be brand new in 48 hours!

  20. 1scoop oxiclean,dish soap 2-4T , alcohol 3T, window cleaner with ammonia 6T, fill hot water, scrub in couple hours, scrub more, rinse hose and use wet vac and vac up.

  21. can you do this method with any color car carpet?

  22. Got to add this comment for the guy that said it would probably cure Aids. Yes it would but it will kill you in the process.

  23. First class job.

    1. thank you very much my friend

  24. Can I use this on home carpet?

    1. you sure can my friend mike spc

  25. Ah Meth

    1. Thanks for the very useful, I’m sure that will help a lot of people on here

  26. My dog found the spot where I dumped out the grease trap from my smoker and she ate it all!! Grease and basically carbon/smoke. In the middle of the night she got nasty black diarrhea on our white living room carpet days before us hosting a big family party!!! 😳 Nothing else was taking this out and I thought my wife was going to kill me!!! YouTube has saved me before and I found this video. Had just barely enough ingredients to make about a half gallon of this mixture once the hot water was added. Dumped it into my Little Green Clean Machine and watched a miracle happen!!! Sold!!! And I will never use anything else to clean carpets. We had to do the whole floor because the pure black spot became the whitest spot on that floor!!!

    1. Gun man thank you so much for sharing this great comment I don’t think you could put a worse mixture together for a dog and then have it do that on your white carpeting I was cringing as I was reading so glad that we could help you out we have all kinds of little cleaning tips to try to help good people like yourself have a great night Mike sweet project cars

  27. thank you so much for sharing. great video. have a fantastic day

    1. Thank you Tony we truly appreciate that have a great day Mike Sweet project cars

  28. Brilliant thanks 🇺🇸🇬🇧

    1. Thank you Danny we truly appreciate that my friend have a great day Mike Sweet project cars

  29. So you’re telling me you didn’t just make mustard gas mixing the OxyClean and Ammonia

    1. Nope no mustard gas here maybe a little mayonnaise or miracle whip gas have a great day Mike Sweet project cars

  30. Can you use it on seats I’m asking because where I park the suns always blasting

    1. Yes you can use it on seating it works on all fabric and carpeting thank you for asking have a great day my friend Mike Sweet project cars

  31. I was waiting for the jug to explode 🙂

    1. Hello Michael we have done this for so many years on so many customers cars we can’t even tell you never have we had it explode have a great day thanks Mike sweet project cars

  32. I needed this . Buying right now.
    Hope it works . I dont have the water extractor thing, so I will see what I can do lol . THANK YOU

    I been taking my truck to clean . But the sand is always thier, I did it. OMG. It worked . Thank you so much. I’ll for sure do it in a week. But this time I do perfer the VAC 😅😅 my hands were sore. Onces again !!THANK YOU !!

    1. Hello Janet all you really need is a shop vac and you’ll be good to go thank you for sharing have a great day Mike Sweet project cars

  33. Probably easiest to remove the carpet and use a pressure washer instead of a hose.

    1. Hello Garry Great comment and you are absolutely correct it is easier but not for the average DIYer because they have to remove all their seating and on most cars that is a real pain as you cannot get the carpeting out unless you remove all the seating from the floor and most cars have bolts holding the seating down are all rusted then they end up snapping a bolt off and then they’re really in trouble so we make it easy for them a process that absolutely anybody could do have a great day thank you for sharing Mike sweet project cars

  34. So I’m I need a version for my rental carpet that’s like 30 years old, help me out here

    1. He won’t change it

  35. thanks so much!

    1. @Sweet Project Cars 🙂

    2. You’re very welcome have a great day Mike Sweet project cars

  36. is it weird that i could smell this video?

    1. That is really weird you are definitely blessed with some special talents have a great day Mike sweet project cars

  37. Thank you soooo much!

    1. Eczema you are very welcome my friend have a great day Mike Sweet project cars

  38. can this in all honesty with the same ingredients do this with my living room carpet? I have some terrible stains but I also have 2 pet cats though

    1. This works on all fabric if you have bad stains put it on let it soak for a while you may have to do it a couple of times but it works on all fabric good luck thanks for asking Mike sweet project cars

  39. very nice and great share

    1. Thank you very much we appreciate that

  40. Do you think this be used in a rental Rug Doctor for a carpet in the house?

    1. Amy it sure can be used for that you’ll love the results, if you have stains let it soak for a while if the carpet is really dirty do it a couple of times good luck my friend thank you Mike sweet project cars

  41. Can I do it without the ispopropyl alcohol ?

    1. Yes you can but it does not work as well by any means thanks for asking Mike Sweet project cars

  42. can i use denatured alcohol?

  43. Tried this on the carpet in my rental suite that has had some stains for years. Worked great. Thanks you saved me from buying all new carpets. 🙂

  44. What size is the jug?

  45. Can you use this to spot clean indoor carpet

  46. Amazing!!! Thank you

  47. I have some red juice stains in my living room carpet will this work for that my normal carpet cleaner stuff isn’t working for it

  48. Carpet in the home not car!!

  49. Best. Video. Ever.

    1. Thank you very much Bilbo we appreciate that Mike sweet project cars

  50. what about in a room I-

    1. okayy then tyy, cs I got two cats and they both accidentally peed on my carpet😔.

    2. the mix works on all fabric no matter where it is located my friend

  51. Does this work for house carpets as well?

    1. Sure Does Daniel for asking Mike Sweet Project cars

  52. Can i use a vacuum cleaner instead ?

    1. you need a wet and dry vac only

  53. “this is how we do it. this is how we started years ago”

    1. It works great of course the best way on carpet this bad is to remove the carpet and use a power washer but the problem is most of our subscribers don’t have the ability to remove their seating to pull the carpet out

  54. Always set the trap with heavy plastic sheeting. Roll everything up dump in the NJ Pine Barrens. Just sayin

  55. You remind me of a dad I never had

  56. Man. My dog shitted on my carpet. Now my carpet have a shit stain on it. And it won’t come off 😭😭😭

  57. Can we use any type of oxiclean? Or does it have to be that specific one?

    1. Okay, I’m sorry to ask, but with the pandemic going on, I cant find rubbing alcohol. Can I use witch hazel or high proof vodka to replace it? I know you said i cant substitute but i don’t know what else to do

    2. You will need to use what we share for this to work correctly. Thanks Mike

  58. I like to use a pressure washer on the carpets in the car. At about 3500 rpm I can’t hear my wife screaming at me anymore.

  59. I’m bored in this quarantine so I’m gonna clean my cars carpet lmao

    1. lol me too

    2. Forcing people who are not sick to stay in their houses is not Quarantine, it’s house arrest and it is unconstitutional.

    3. Fearless Ghost same!

    4. I’m gonna clean my dirt ass room lmao

    5. Take this upvote

  60. Can’t purchase any alcohol right now what can I replace it with?

  61. Man I can’t find any alcohol because of covid19! Can I use vodka

    1. lol you can use double the amount of window cleaner

  62. Great video. Thanks for sharing your trade secrets. These are projects I like to do to take advantage of hot summer days – dries quickly; for my floor mats.

  63. I really enjoyed your video!

    1. Thank you Natasha we appreciate that

  64. Can you do this in a house, definitely not currently having a mental breakdown about how disgusting my carpet are in my house and wanting to clean them

    1. gidget you sure can, rent an extractor and start cleaning you will love the results thanks SPC Mike

  65. This worked perfect in my Lexus Carpet, is looking very new, thanks mate!!!

  66. My concerns are this mixture on the lungs. Can it be safe to inhale?

    1. we have done this for over 40 years on 100’s and 100’s of customers vehicles with never an issue on us …im sure the air we breath in from car exhaust is far worse

  67. No cables underneath carpet? That could cause electrical problems or rust?

    1. we have done this for over 40 years on 100’s and 100’s of customers vehicles with never an issue

  68. funniest shit ever

    1. it is funny but it works and has for 100’s of our customers for the last 30 years thanks SPC Mike

  69. I tried this on my geo’s carpet and it seriously looks awesome!! I spilled some on my stomach and it burned but when I lifted my shirt I had abs!!! I squirted it on my go and it’s a Porsche now!!! Squirted some on my wife and nothing changed at all….

  70. After watching the video and reading the comments I cannot wait to try this!! We live in a camper and the carpets are cream color 🙄

    1. @Sweet Project Cars thank you!!

    2. Have fun! you will love the results

  71. Hot wahter lol

  72. Boring

  73. Will this help with rust stains that spread over a big area?

    Thanks in advance

    1. @Sweet Project Cars It’s helping, but goodness, u were right, I had to do it quiet a few times..
      Rust is stubborn, have to keep coming back to it, but it is definitely working..slow process stretched out over days..

    2. It will definitely help you may have to do it a couple of times on Rust

  74. This actually works. I am not kidding you. I call it the “farm mix.” It works! Detailed my 2006 Dodge Cummins looks brand new.

  75. Cool thank You 👍😊

  76. Interesting. It’s always welcoming to find these kinds of videos which could potentially better my craft. Will definitely test it out, on some cars.

  77. A better way is to buy paint that’s the same color as the carpet and just paint over the stains. I see no issues with this logic

  78. i’m definitely trying this over the weekend!

  79. Okay… seriously. If I could attach a picture, I would. BUT THIS WORKS. I used it on actual carpet (probably not a good idea) but it made the carpet SPOTLESS. Thank you for allowing me to get my security deposit back. 😁 ACTUAL LIFESAVER!

    1. Glad it helped!

  80. This video really made me smile. Thank you.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it!

  81. Lil scary mixing them chemicals

    1. dont be scared we have done this for over 30 years detailing cars with great results

  82. Do you use the same technique on seats? Less water on the seats maybe?

    1. Yes this is something you can use all fabric you use way less water on seating of coarse

  83. You can’t do this with a normal vacuum right?

    1. The shop vac’s are fairly cheap nowadays you will love what they can do for your vehicle

    2. Sweet Project Cars ohh thanks for the reply. I don’t have one, but great tips tho

    3. Do you need a wet and dry shop vac to do this

  84. We scrub our kitchen floors and cabinets down with tons of soapy cleaning water and brooms and bath towels from the day before or bedding that is going into the laundry provided its fairly clean to begin with the bath towels like for your baby or your hair or your second shower of the day not dirty but you wash it anyways use those towels lay them across the wet floors after you have thrown large pans of hot water and scrubbed them and the baseboards and doors with your kitchen broom…when you throw the large bath towels on your wet floor step with one foot on one end and your other foot on the opposite end and as you scoot and shuffle ypur feet across the floor you will be dragging the bulk of the terry cloth across your floor and can use your foot to slide under the refrigerator grate and under carts ets.

  85. Do you have an extractor?

    1. a wet and dry shop vac works great

  86. OSHA does not approve of this method of mixology… lmfao

  87. WOW. Thanks bro. I’ll be tryin this

    1. Have fun

  88. I assume those ingredients are only recommended for nylon carpeting ? Not wool as well … 🤔

    1. it works on all cloth even wool

  89. God bless YouTube

    1. Thank You Very much

  90. my compound is simular

  91. What about home carpets??

  92. Enjoy your vids! Do you have one where you clean the carpet you have pulled out of a car or suv? Our 2007 CRV leaked during torrential rains last week, and we’ve fixed the leak but had to pull out the soaked carpet and we need to clean it now. How best to clean it since it’s out of the car? We need to clean the mats as well. But the padding under the carpet was just awful, wet and molded and apparently this had happened once before, before we bought it, unbeknownst to us! We had to trash the molded padding. Where can be get more? Thanks in advance.

  93. This shit worked like a fkn miracle!!! I was using Folex on the carpet which kinda worked but this stuff is like Folex on STEROIDS, after the second application the water was running clear and the nasty coffee/dip cup spills plus whatever 5-young boys can stain a carpet with, this stuff worked! There is something in the rubbing alcohol and ammonia that creates some kind of synergy I’ve never seen before. I used a shop vac to extract the final remnants of water but first I drove up on small ramps I put on the driver’s side to give it some tilt and then went at it with a 3/4 inch garden hose and spray nozzle and douched the shit out of that mother!

  94. (To bad this won’t clean donald trump’s presidency.)

  95. You should try the Ajax powder in the silver blue container.

  96. “A lot of people make big preductions out of stuff that doesn’t need big productions” so true

    1. Thank You

  97. I seriously died watching this video!! love the measurement’s!!

  98. What about the possibility of mold?

  99. Dude this is like ghetto ass detailing but it fucking works, but just get a extractor and a drill brush and it’ll work so much better but you did an amazing job

  100. Can you use this on carpets in your house

  101. I do site work wonder if it will get red clay out of tan carpet I shampooed them and now the carpet is a clean red lol

  102. Omg the measurements 😂😂

    1. when you have done it a 1000 times like we have you get it down by feel thanks have a great day

  103. I’m try this I have light brown carpet

    1. it works great on all fabric and colors

  104. What products can I buy in India ?? This looks amazing

  105. Can I use this on house carpets

    1. You sure can

  106. Nice one but is there a substitute for alcohol?!?!

  107. If you see my carpet I bet you will either have a stroke or heart offence

  108. instead of the extractor diy i can use towels right?

    1. You can use whatever you like we are just sharing what works the best and fastest if you Only have towels than that’s what you will have to use thank you for asking

  109. I got to try this thanks 😊 I’ll be back to let you know how it is.

    1. You will love the results

  110. I fucking love this man 🤣 of course use windex, it’s gonna get worse before it gets better. This is amazing

    1. Thank you very much Erica we truly appreciate that

  111. Used same ingredients with exception of rubbing alchol as i didnt have so used a degreaser instead, worked absolutely great and so pleased with the results. Still drying out and will see final result. Thanks guys keep.up.the great work.

    1. Thank You For sharing we use the 99% rubbing alcohol as a cleaner and mainly a disinfectant have a great weekend

  112. Can this be converted for in home carpet cleaning

    1. @Sweet Project Cars how do you use it with a carpet cleaner? Do you put this concoction in the carpet cleaner rather than the ready made carpet cleaner?

    2. @Sweet Project Cars oh that’s great to know, but what if you have pets? however I might be locked up and seen as a mad man if I start spraying hosing down my carpet in the living room lol

    3. Yes it can be used in home use the concoction with a rented carpet extractor and you will be amazed at the results

  113. Can I use this mixture in a carpet cleaner for inside the house?

  114. This leaves a lot of soap residue in the carpet.

  115. Looks like a homemade shampoo+vacuum from a car wash

  116. Why not use ammonia instead of Windex with ammonia?

  117. Thank you so much! I stumbled across your video about a year ago and just recommended to a friend because of how well it worked for me. I have a black lab with a rogue tail that has knocked over quite a few drinks off the coffee table in his day and this cut through it all. I’m talking fruit punch stains, coffee stains, muddy work boots stains. You name it. I know this video was intended for car carpets but it worked like a charm in my house as well! Thanks again!

  118. Hi there. I need to get my bedroom carpet clean. Ity oatmeal coloured. I cant steam it due to ply wood flooring underneath, Anyone got any advice on how to get it clean and stain free

  119. SIR!!!!! I did this today on a close friends car that he bought for his daughter’s sweet 16, what a miracle! Beforehand I always bought a few gallons of LA’s Totally Awesome and it just reeked of strong harsh chemicals, this stuff is a miracle truly.

    1. Thank you very much glad It work for you

  120. Will it work on white carpets ?

    1. yes it works on all carpet and fabric no matter the color my friend

  121. this was great! thanks for sharing these simple solutions

    i guess if you are in a hurry you could get a heater gun/hairdryer and dry it out quickly

  122. All I’d do differently is try to suck up as much of the soap as possible before putting rinse water on the carpet. It will make the rinsing less of a job. Also, use white vinegar in the last rinse, when the rinse water starts looking pretty clean. It will get all the soap out. The smell doesn’t last. I do this when I shampoo my carpets.

  123. Family Guy/Cleveland fans….
    “Oh that’s….02:24”

  124. Will your magical mixture kill and remove black mold? Can you post or a photo of your carpet after it dries? I’d love to see the same area where you had the black mold. Thank you!

  125. Wow, thanks so much for this. I bet you could clean nasty rental carpet with this method only rinsing with an extractor.

  126. Was wondering how to use up all the window cleaner I have on hand. Don’t like the window cleaner to clean my windows, use just plain ammonia and water and a few drops of Dawn.

  127. Wow! 2.5 million views! Carpet cleaning is billion dollar industry. Nice work!

  128. Jules and Vincent should have watched this..

  129. Why not to remove the carpet and use a high pressure washer and lot of soap brush?

  130. You measure like my Gramma–she was a great cook ! BTW, this is how they dissolved Jimmy Hoffa !

    1. LOL thank you very much after doing it for over 20 years you get used to the amounts needed and poor Jimmy Hoffa

  131. All that water will soak the pad underneath creating mold over time

    1. Sweet Project Cars omg, I think I’ve gained another brain cell

    2. Morgan you’re exactly correct my friend

    3. We have done this for over 20 years and never had one customer of the hundreds we’ve done this for come back with any issues if you’re done as per the video you’ll have no issues

    4. That’s probably why the rubbing alcohol is in there

  132. Thanks. Ive got the nastiest , shitiest, stankiest carpet in my vehicle right now. Cant wait to try this.

    1. B T you will love the results

  133. If this clown turned up at my door and tried to do this id kick his arse to kingdom come. What a tosser

  134. just buy a proper extractor

  135. Can I use this as a solution in a carpet cleaner?

  136. I could tell this guy is Midwestern

  137. Amazing! Is Right. Thanks!

    1. cindy you are very welcome

  138. It’s works thank u sir all so very much. !!!!

    1. You are very welcome Roger glad we could help

  139. Modified this by using a soft scrub brush (Amazon) on a drill after pouring the solution on, and then used a wider attachment with ShopVac (of course I’m doing floor carpeting in a bedroom), but otherwise the formula and procedure works great. The drill and soft brush, though, makes a huge difference in labor.

  140. is it safe for pets?

    1. @Sweet Project Cars what if i want to drink it and live on the edge a bit?

    2. we have never had a customer say they have issues with their pets and this mixture but of course you dont let them drink it

  141. One problem my house water hose don’t work

  142. I wanted to see the finished product…

  143. Would this work on carpets in a house?

  144. Thanks man, my carpet needed cleaning and I didn’t have anything fancy

  145. Omg why so much water you need an extractor

  146. I tried your concoction on my 1999 Suburban. All I can say is, wow !
    The amount of dirt that came out was amazing. The real bad stains lightened up a lot.
    Thanks for a great video.
    Oh, by the way, I did the paint and lacquer thinner thing on the leather seats. I didn’t get the results you did. Different leather and degrees of wear. It did make a noticable difference.
    I’m going to do the Rit dye on the carpet. I’m sure that will work great also.

  147. What about home carpet?

  148. This dude said “two shots of vodka”

    1. Sweet Project Cars no, but you reminded me of something and I laughed

    2. I did ? lol

  149. Will this work on a mattress for kids urine

    1. it sure will

  150. What an amazing video. I use glass cleaner to polish and clean all my stainless steel appliances, absolute god send that stuff👍👍👍

  151. If you put that much soap in, I will guarantee you, you will have a devil of a time getting the soap out.

  152. Does anyone have or know anyone that has a small business where they clean carpets,etc? I am interested in starting something like this on the side. I’m just curious if there is good potential profit in it.

  153. how would this work if i used it with a pump sprayer, then drill brush,and then follow with extractor?

    1. we say give your idea a try an see if you like the results and if you dont you will know that you can always follow the video for perfect results every time.

  154. Sure the carpet will look clean, but at the cost of what – Chemicals are not healthy, so what if it LOOKS good!?

    1. the air you breath outside is more damaging to you than any of these household cleaners,,,thanks mike

  155. called 5 shops all booked for weeks will need to clean radiator fluid soaked carpet myself😔
    Glad there’s good info available from good old SWEAT PROJECT CARS channel to help the job👍

    1. Glad we could help you Willy have a fantastic weekend

  156. Or you can use Euromak Carpet Washing Machine 😉

  157. at 4:57, that looks brand new.

  158. what about all the water soaked into the sound deadening/carpet pad and through to the metal floor?

    1. @Sweet Project Cars So no issue with mold or residue under the carpet? i like the solution and the results, just terrifying amount of water.

    2. that was all removed and any other dampness is removed on a nice hot summer day as you know water evaporates very fast on a hot day…thanks

  159. Will the ammonia attract cats if used on home carpet?

  160. Excellent, I’m impressed.😁

  161. does that work for house carpets too?

    1. it works for all cloth even in the home

  162. Can I use this mixture in my carpet shampooer for my apartment?

    1. I did it yesterday and it did really good I just forgot to add the alcohol 🤦🏽‍♀️

    2. I want to know that also. I’m about to clean my carpet 🤔

  163. Is it okay to use this during cooler temps i had a big stain i needed to clean but it’s fall time and is chilly at night? Didn’t know if temperature would affect anything? And is a hand held steam cleaner okay to use? Instead is a shop vac

    1. The main secret to this video is the mixture as long as you have some way of extracting the fluid after scrubbing the mixture in you are all set as far as cooler temperatures that is fine as long as it is not raining and you are not in a high humidity area

  164. Can you do a tutorial like this but for your house carpet

    1. you can try that but make sure you scrub it in good and let it presoak for a 1/2 hour or so before extracting and you may have to do it a few times if you do it your way

    2. @Sweet Project Cars Can you just spray this formula heavily on a house carpet and use a strong ShopVac to extract it? I’m sure you should never flood your house carpet with water….

    3. Best way to use this video for your home carpet is to use the mixture and rent a carpet extractor you will love the results very simple to do

  165. Can you do this with your carpet in your apartment????

  166. Any update on if this works on your carpets at home? If so, is an “extractor” the same as a wet vacuum? My apartment carpets smell absolutely disgusting even after hirring a cleaning company!! Need to try this I just don’t want to mold the apartment carpets.

  167. has to be “one of best hacks” on youtube….

    1. Thank you very much my friend I appreciate that

  168. Can you use this on couches?

    1. You sure can Natalia The cleaning mixture is the secret to this video

  169. Is this solution good for indoor home carpets?

  170. Crazy

  171. My cars carpet is worse than this. My carpet is supposed to be beige but is so dirty its more black than beige

  172. Thank you for this. I just did the spot right in front of my chair in the living room. Ground in dirt and stains had my wife growling at me. Came out so good she thinks I am a genius.

  173. I just stopped suffering from depression and my carpet is a mess!! This rlly help

  174. This is absolute goddamned sorcery. Used it on the carpet between my couch & coffee table- scrubbed it in really well with a scrub brush, let it sit, then ran my steam cleaner- looks like new. Thank you!

    1. glad we could help you LW Sweet Project Cars mike

  175. Best carpet clean Ive seen. Thanks for sharing.

    1. thanks Robbie Sweet Project Cars mike

  176. Would this work inside the home? There are light tar foot prints in the living room.

    1. It will work great for that you may have to do it a few times and let it presoak If that doesn’t do it let us know if we have other methods that will work well thanks Mike

  177. Will this work for pet odors

    1. it sure will tina thanks spc mike

  178. Worked great i wish i could put before and after pictures

    1. Thank you Valeria so glad we could help you mike

  179. Looks awesome. Just bought a used minivan with Lord knows what spilled
    All over the carpet and just general ew. I use a similar solution on my house carpets except the alcohol… will try this solution this weekend in the van (and then my house!)

  180. I love the oxi clean too! I used it to shampoo my carpets yesterday and it worked really well. But next time I’m gonna try this🤩

  181. I have tried this and it’s amazing! Smells good like professional clean and cleans the best! Used on carpeting in my home However it reminds me of that movie my big fat Greek wedding “put some windex on it” 😂

  182. Forgot to comment last time i came. But i tried it on my old chevy malibu. It worked awesome! Had to do it 2 times

    1. Good deal glad it worked for you. Spc Mike

  183. Can you use these ingredients on carpet in the house? Is it safe to use In a carpet cleaner?

    1. @Sweet Project Cars thank you!!!!

    2. We use it on all carpet and cloth no matter where and in any machine my friend

  184. Dude, your measurements are waaaay off. 😂😂😂

    1. Nnnno, …they are “just right.”

    2. When you have done it for customers over 1000 times it’s close enough to get the job done thanks have a great day Mike

  185. Can you do this on indoor carpets

    1. you are correct you use the amount of water needed for the area you are working on so yes common sense does come into play thanks spc mike

    2. yes you can

    3. Minus drowning the carpets in water?

  186. I loved the it’s gotta get worse before it gets better quote!! Haha that’s so true with anything in life thanks for that!!

    1. Roscko it is true for most things in life…thanks for sharing my friend…SPC Mike

  187. Are you using a normal dry vacuum cleaner to suck up the water?

    1. No we are not you have to use a wet and dry shop vac you can find those in the tool list of the video

  188. “alot of people make big productions out of things that don’t need big productions…”
    Understated. This has somehow become the standard philosophy of everyone born after 1984. All we got are entrepreneurs or welfare recipients. Then entrepreneurs not wanting to hear this end up on welfare. The wheel hasn’t been reinvented yet…. 💯

  189. Hi does this solution work for pet stains?

    1. J it works great for pets, now on cats you may have to do it a couple times as their urine is the worst..thanks mike SPC

  190. I would vacuum as much sand and dirt as possible before cleaning .

  191. Will this work on hard food stuck in the carpet? I have severe stains near my computer, it’s hard and not pleasant to step on.

  192. How does this work for smells? I have an old spot on my living room carpet where milk from the kids was spilled. I’ve cleaned it a million times with different products. I’ve used several things to kill the mold (I feel pretty confident there is no mold), but the smell remains.

    1. Smarty pants this has worked fantastic for us for years and years and hundreds of customers cars it does a great job for smells you may have to do it a couple times but with you it will work great for you thanks Mike have an awesome night

  193. 01:37 that mix is boilling there.

    1. it is it is the power of Oxygen

  194. That was bad ass 😂

  195. I know this is a very old video but I just got a 1994 ford F350 dually with a dirty ass carpet and no seats, the trim panels are just tossed on the floor boards, I have no idea where to look for a nice seat of seats but I know rock auto sells all the trim pieces. I am going to try this on the carpet for sure though, at this point it can’t hurt anything anyhow lol

    1. look on ebay they come up once in a while thanks mike

  196. I have a big blood stain that is huge about 6 ft. Any suggestions?

    1. This will get out any stain you may have in your carpet

  197. I like how he doesn’t measure anything…looks about right lol

    1. after 40 year of detailing we have it down, we are like the Chefs of cleaning.

  198. How big it’s the bottle that you are using? ♥️ I can’t wait until I will clean mu carpet ! You are a life saver ! 💪🏻 thanks

    1. you are welcome

    2. I was trying yesterday on my carpet, and was amazing! Great result! Thank you so much ! Have a nice day!

    3. it was a 1 gallon bottle glad we could help you mike

  199. No future rust on the floor boards from that?

    1. we have done it for 20 years and never had a customer complain about rust or any other issue

  200. Will it get out blood, lots of blood?

    1. no problem it will do the job

    2. Susan Fudge lol

    3. @Sweet Project Cars But lots of blood, like gallons?

    4. it will remove 99.9% of all and any stain

  201. just doing a Navigator (LOTS OF CARPET) WITH YOUR formula and a shop Vac. it is working great. Thanks you are the MAN

    1. glad to help you mike SPC

  202. Like previous commenter, I saved this video on my phone for MONTHS. Sept ’18, we had two coolers leak in our minivan while on 3-day camping trip. Our van smelled like a garbage can. Had it professionally detailed, which helped, but didn’t smell “good”. Then late winter this year (2019), a 5-gal water container upended in the trunk, and it began smelling again. Finally in Aug, we cleaned. We had all the stuff mentioned here (except we used Dawn detergent). We didn’t respect how well it would work, and made like 3 gallons of it to clean from second-row seating area all the way back to the trunk- DO NOT DO THIS!!! Oh my the rinsing we had to do! LOL! One gallon would have been just fine. But we learned that if you pull up the carpet in the Toyota Sienna, there are rubber plugs you can pop out and the water drains out really easily! 🙂 We also used clean water with vinegar to rinse (pro carpet friend of mine told me this will extract the soap better by changing the pH of the water, and since soap pH attracts dirt -which is why it works to clean stuff – then you will be left with carpet that won’t attract dirt). My carpet is AWESOME. We have a busy & big family. This solution got out old stuff. It got out old stains. It got out smells. As a mom, I am loving getting into a van that just smells clean. No perfumy stuff. Just clean.

    1. good deal becky glad we could help

  203. Do you know where if I can even purchase the foam liner that goes on the bottom of the carpet

    1. zua this is what we use

  204. Can I put this solution in the bladder of my steam cleaner? And still get the same results for my carpets in my house?

    1. One more question lol
      Can I use this on dark carpets and also dark couches?

    2. Thank you!

    3. you can, you may have to do it a few times but it works just let the mix presoak a bit everytime

  205. You will grow mold underneath carpet

    1. ron done this for 20 year for 100’s of happy and returning customers with never an issue…thanks

  206. Thanks you

  207. You guys are something else. Just finished this stuff on my carpet and upholstery and they both look great!!! Thanks soo much!!

    1. good deal paul glad we could help

  208. Wow guys thank you so much it works perfectly … it’s an awesome mixture thanks again

  209. Thank you so much! I do a lot of cleaning at my father in laws house. I tried this today just to see if it would help at all with the stains on his carpet. I wish I could show you before and after lol I couldn’t move all the furniture because I was alone, but the test areas look so, so much better!

  210. Can I use this on seats too?

  211. Pretty awesome instructions. Pulling the carpet out of the car this weekend, so that may be the way I’m gonna do it.

    1. Currently the bumper is off, headers are out, exhaust is totally off, and then I swapped the shift tower and selector. After light bars are wired, headlight bezel gets rebuilt, and PCV stuff gets worked out the interior is the next step.

    2. If you have the knowledge to pull your carpet out that is always the best way

  212. Will this be safe for carpet inside the house?

    1. Sure will be

  213. How long is it supposed to take to dry ?

    1. in 70 to 80 degree weather if done as shown, it takes about 2 to 3 hours…the key is getting air flow through the car and we use fans sometimes when it is humid out

  214. I love it

  215. Hey bud.
    I don’t know your name, but I just wanted to say that I follow your Channel and I tried this hack today on a friends massively disgusting van…..
    Holy Shit…. worked great

    1. @Sweet Project Cars
      Thanks Mike.
      BTW…… adding Simple Green when needed is very useful.
      I have been working on an ’08 Chrysler minivan for a friend recently. I do not exaggerate when I say that this poor thing was unsellable.
      The ceiling alone was greasy, dirty. Hand prints, etc. I literally painted the ceiling with the mix and a 3″ paintbrush.
      Wish I could show you the photos

    2. rusty glad we could help you my friend….mike

  216. Did you wipe your ass on that carpet shit shouldn’t be that dirty mate

    1. Anarchy was it totally necessary to post a comment like that? We do these videos to help good people out we would appreciate it if you don’t have anything nice to say not to say anything at all

  217. What if I don’t have a wet dry vacuum and only a regular vacuum?

    1. Sweet Project Cars thank you! Just purchased one. You use glass cleaner in this one, but your recent video you didn’t use it. Should I leave that out of my solution?

    2. To do this process you need a wet and dry vacuum or you will need to rent a carpet extractor they have them at Most big chain stores

  218. He cleaning like a body was in there caught

    1. You are absolutely correct and we were never caught

  219. Thank you

    1. Hue you are very welcome

  220. Wow! Thank you so much for this video. Can I use this for my cloth seats as well?

    1. you sure can we actually have a cloth seat video if you search our 600 plus videos maribel

  221. I posted this on my neighborhood homeowner’s association today. Appreciate your working this out. It makes sense. A car dealer/seller can’t afford to replace carpets and upholstery every time a car comes through that’s kind of been neglected. Many thanx.

  222. didnt mean to find this
    i searched “making a carpet that hurts my roommate”

  223. I rarely comment on videos but I had to comment to thank you for this method. I thought those bottles of “carpet cleaner” were impressive but this just blew them out of the water. I’ve never had carpets this clean, thank you sir.

    1. you are very welcome

  224. Mixing chemicals always scares me, but seeing how it didn’t explode. I may give it a shot

    1. It is perfectly safe with this mixture

  225. That would get any thing out . Surprised the bottom of the floor didn’t fall out with those ingredients dam.

    1. works like a charm and has for close to 20 years we have used it on customers cars and trucks that are really bad 🙂

  226. How about water stains on sofas??

    1. send a pic or two so we can advise correctly

  227. Anyone use this in a Bissel?

  228. Could just use good floormats!! Just saying🤪

    1. Very true but many people do not for whatever reason

  229. Just discovered this video. I love this. I love yall. Take my love and appreciation. Take it.

    1. OK we will take your love LOL

  230. What’s the best way to dry up the carpet even after vacuuming all the water out. I know it still may be damp afterwards but I don’t want it to keep an odor

    1. Best way to do it is open all the doors on a nice warm day set a fan on a chair blowing inside that will help dry it out it is the warm weather outside that will dry it out the fastest you sometimes have to get creative with this the key is letting airflow go through the car warm airflow at that

  231. My carpet in my car is black, will it strip any of the coloring?

    1. we have videos on that and mixtures for them in our video archives

    2. What about fabric seats?

    3. It does not mess with the color whatsoever

  232. Very useful video my truck was full of coffee stains front to back got rid of all stains using this method and it works thanks

    1. glad we could help you Estrella

  233. Can u use this for indoor carpet to

    1. Yes you can and we suggest renting a carpet extractor

  234. Once again Sir you deliver yet another amazing solution to a common problem, via your clear and easy to understand presentation, description and theory to inform the viewer how and why it works, along with a detailed step by step instruction to ensure a rewarding outcome 🙂 Bonus item is your concise listing of all the tools, materials and products used to achieve the positive results. Keep em coming brother and have a amazing weekend.

    1. Thank you very much Brian we appreciate that my friend

  235. Will the ammonia smell encourage my dog to pee on my living room carpet? I’ve heard ammonia attracts dogs

    1. please dont tell me that.. those daggone chihuahuas are the reason I need to clean it now

    2. we have never seen it in all the years we have used this mix

  236. I was expecting an upholster vacuum to be used.

    1. puff you can use a rented extrator if you like thanks mike

  237. Can’t wait to try this on my carpet and sofas!

    Has anyone tried this with strong urine odors on wood floors? If so lmk how it worked!

    1. Sweet Project Cars thank you so much! I Will be trying soon and I’ll be sure to let you know how it turned out 😊

    2. You can definitely try it on your wood flooring we have found it removes most all smells

  238. Can you do baking soda that like goes in the fridge, Ajax dish soap, and glass cleaner?

    1. morgan you need to use the same exact products we use for the method to work for you my friend

  239. This is so satisfying to watch, you’ve used this on bedroom carpets too, right? Looks incredible. I want to blast my entire bedroom carpet floor using this method

    1. if you rent an extractor you can use our mix and clean it right up my friend

  240. Which do you like better? This or the spot cleaner with the dawn you made in another video? I’m curious to try them together I have a nasty truck to do next week.

    1. dan you cant go wrong mixing the two together my friend

  241. Do this ONLY during the summer time or when it’s hot outside

    1. Why only the summer time?

    2. you are exactly correct this is not a winter time project or if you live in the rainy city of seattle lol

  242. Just use Super Clean…cheaper and does the trick on anything

    1. sorry nestor the super clean is way to corrosive on plastics and can actually bleach out carpet if it is not mixed exactly perfect

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    1. you will love it

  247. Thanks! I always use Resolve but I think I’ll give this a try next time. It’s probably much more effective.

    1. you wont believe how good it works

  248. Would the measurements be the same for using this in a carpet shampooer? Or would it best to just stick with the method you show here in your video? Because the carpet shampooer I use isn’t an industrial one. But I do also have a wet/dry shop vac, so I could do this either way. I’m mostly just trying to figure out the easiest and best way to go about cleaning my rug. Thanks for the awesome video and tips btw! 👍😎

    1. @Sweet Project Cars will do thank you so much and I’ll come back and let ya know how it went as well👍😇

    2. oracle the mix always stays the same and give you shampooer a try and see how you like it if not then use your shop vac thanks mike

  249. That’s freakin amazing…thank you!

    1. thank you mark and you are very welcome

  250. Hubs went out with my list of items needed for this (experiment) on our carpet and bought the liquid instead of the powder oxi. What would the measurements be for using liquid (since you used a full scoop) or should I make him buck up and go exchange it for the powder?

    1. @Sweet Project Cars Thanks for the quick response. He’s out the door with the return. See, I knew I should have done it myself. 😉

    2. kathie the powder my dear is the key to this awesome mixture …send him back and and have him do it right this time LOL just kidding

  251. Life is short buy a extractor machine

    1. For the average person who does not have much money buying $1000 or even $500 extractor is not something they can handle but you can always rent an extractor most larger shopping chains

  252. On a related subject, what’s the best glue for adhering carpet to the car…?

    1. bossa this is what we use

  253. Try adding about 2 tablespoons of fabric softener and itll soften the fibers.

    1. You Can add pretty much anything you want if you feel it will make it even better

  254. My car carpets are disgusting

    1. @Sweet Project Cars dont have the equipment to do it and thx for responding really appreciate it

    2. Well now you can clean them up

  255. Does this work for carpets stains in a home? Thanks

    1. It sure does

  256. So excited to try this out. I JUST made the mix & waiting for my husband to vacuum the carpet! We’re gonna do it on our apartment carpets as our lease is coming up! I’ll give an update on how it goes!

    1. hector it works great just follow the video my friend and you will see for yourself

    2. How did it go im in the same boat

    3. Good deal

  257. Wait can i use my regular household vacuum to do the extracting? I want to try this on my rug.

    1. you need a wet and dry vac or a rented extractor

  258. Would this work on house carpets?

    1. yes it will work on all cloth

  259. Will this work to get out ash stains? Looking under my couch and found soooooo many dumped ashtrays under it 🙄🙄🙄 wooo. And pet and food stains?

    1. It should work very well for that you may have to let it soak for a bit

  260. Awesome. Just wish I had a wet/dry vac

    1. If you look in the show more of the video description you’ll find a good value on one

  261. Is that combination of chemicals safe? I mean, to get on the skin or inhalation of vapors…cuz i recall i have a bottle of something (bleach?) that says do not combine with detergent/soap.

    1. @Michael Bibby i know.

    2. I didn’t see bleach

    3. We have used this mixture for close to 20 years on hundreds of hundreds of vehicles We have never had a problem with it

  262. How do you make the extractor again can you do this without a extractor?

    1. you can rent a extractor or just buy a wet and dry shop vac and then follow our video

    2. Sweet Project Cars Well the thing is, my car doesnt run because it’s missing a piece to the engine. It’s am auction car and has been sitting for awhile so it turns on (music and car) but not the engine so I have to find ways to clean the car without having it towed to a shop (I’m trying to fix the car on my own. I don’t trust repair shops plus in the future it will save me a lot of money) so how do I clean up the suds without an extractor?

    3. You can do it without an extractor a good wet dry shop that does a great job


    1. You’re very welcome thank you

  264. Can I put this mixture inside my shampooer to clean my carpets inside and my couches?

    1. thank you mamamia :))

    2. Sweet Project Cars thank you so much!! I’ve done it to my couches and carpet and it’s amazing how well it works! I had to come back and tell you!

  265. What is the extractor? a vacuum cleaner?

    1. @Sweet Project Cars thank you!

    2. If you look in the show more of the videos description you’ll find all the tools that we use that should help you see what an extractor actually is

  266. Does it have to be hot water

    1. for the mix yes it does

  267. Does it work on seats?

    1. yes but we have this video for seating

  268. I have used oxyclean to spot clean pet stains. Guess i used too much and now there are white spots against the rest of carpet which is a berber that used to be almost white. Would this method help even it up if i used the solution in the old type shampoo scrubbers or do i definitely need to do the extraction?

    1. Thanks so much!

    2. this will help it for sure and a rented extractor is the best to use

  269. This is a real hack for carpet cleaning.
    Much better than with all fancy equipment.

  270. Thank you so much!!!

  271. Won’t your carpets be soaking wet for days and you end up with mould?

    1. @Sweet Project Cars I guess they would! Thanks 🙂

    2. Well in that kind of heat the carpets will dry out in about an hour

    3. It’s 114 degrees Phoenix tdy

    4. no mold, that’s why we share the exact method and of course you do this in the summer when it it 70F or higher outside

  272. Could you use just straight ammonia?

    1. Bronwyn you will be glad you did as it works great.

    2. @Sweet Project Cars I have a 3 and a 4 year old who have done a number on my carpets. I’ll stick to the exact products you used! Thanks for the response!

    3. you may use whatever you like of course, we are just showing 40 years of experience in detailing vehicles.

  273. Great tutorial! I’m excited to try it!

  274. Sweep project cars, you rock! I tried this on my friend’s carpet to day and we were amazed! Got all the stains out without bleaching the carpet. Thanks so much for sharing. God bless you and your business.

    1. thank you very much and thank you for being a blessing to us today 🙂

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  276. One of the finest video I have ever come across pertaining to this matter

  277. Great video!

  278. And larger carpets or rugs?

    1. it works on all size capets and fabric

  279. This concoction is AMAZING!!!!! I used this in my Bisell to clean my white carpet. I usually have to work so hard to get the stains out, but this potion made it a breeze! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

    1. Hey I have a bissell too! Did you put this inside the water container? Or did you put it on the carpets and scrub first. Sorry this is my first time. I don’t want to ruin the shampooer please answer!

    2. Good deal glad we could help

  280. What if your car has sensors underneath the rug like my BMW has a traction control sensor underneath the driver side is it safe to still do it?

    1. no stupid questions here my friend

    2. I know it sounds like a stupid question but just figured I’d ask love you videos hope you keep making lots more.

    3. You of course want to use common sense when doing this process if you have sensors and you’ll definitely want to rent an extractor using the mix we give you

  281. Gotta say not bad… but dam I dont wanna do that

    1. danny you can use the mix and then rent an extractor the mix is what does the work of remove the stains

  282. Does this work on all carpets? Because I have a several year old urine stain that we couldn’t fully remove from a house carpet, would this work on that as well or is this just far car carpets?

    1. This works on all fabric and if you have a really bad stain just put it on and let it set and you may have to scrub it a few times and you may have to do it a few times but you’ll get it

  283. Nasssttttyyyy

  284. Life saver ❤ just moved into our first apartment and we had no clue how to clean the carpet! Thank you!

  285. I like how he saying tablespoons but just pouring it in with out measuring what he says…..

    1. Yeah I agree … with some comments .. doing it so long he already knows … I worked applying mixing pesticides for 15 yrs … I had a problem with a youngster that kept telling me .. u don’t even measure rates ..told him no need to .. his like what !! U want bet $$ 100 I did not only eyeball once but 6 diffrent pesticides all measured exact rate

    2. Tristan I could not have stated that any better great, thank you mike sweet project cars

    3. Outside the box I could not say it any better than you just did Thanks Mike Sweet project cars

    4. You’re a clueless bitch

    5. When you do something for so long you dont need too measure any more.

  286. Is this soap concoction safe on the dash/center console/leather shift boot? I have a horribly dirty and stained older truck im fixing up to be a DD again and would love to use this method on carpets at least.

    1. it is very safe we use it on most everything

  287. Causing rust

    1. we have done this for 40 years and never had a rust problem on 100’s and 100’s of customers cars and trucks

  288. I’m definitely giving this a try. The results looked very good.
    Thx for sharing.

  289. I’m so glad to have this instructional video! My husband spilled motor oil on the floor of our Toyota T100 and I was worried about the carpet decomposing over time as a result. Now, after watching this video I’m going to attack it! Thanks again!

  290. CAN I POUR THIS IN A CARPET CLEANER? My carpets need to be done bad in my home! HELP

  291. Is there any alternative to Oxyclean that can be found in South Africa?

    1. Bleach

    2. @Sweet Project Cars Ah that sucks… Shipping to SA costs a lot – and our postal service is AWFUL – so if I ordered it today, I may or may not get it within the next 2 years. Yes, you read right… 2 years… 🙁 Do you have any alternative cleaning formulas that work well for carpets?

    3. not really best thing to do is have some one in the states send it to you or someone in the UK

  292. Wow! Thanks

  293. Will this work if I use all the ingredients except that oxyclean stuff?

    1. you will be glad you did Angela here is the good stuff

    2. Sweet Project Cars okay I’ll have to pick some up then! 🙏 thank you

    3. Angela sorry it will not work as the ingredients all work in harmony with the Oxi

  294. maybe dont walk with shoes on inside smh…

    1. you must dont have kids and a hard headed stubborn hubs..

    2. You’re saying you make your whole family remove their shoes every time they get in the car?

    3. thats hard to do in the winter

  295. What if you have a vehicle that has cheap carpets….with the cardboard backing??

    1. Then you call this guy to clean your carpets

    2. you need to then rent an extractor to do the job

  296. I would have liked to have seen before and after shots once it dried

    1. it looked perfect as it always does..we have done this 100’s of times for 100’s of our customers with perfect results every time. 🙂

  297. I really like this video is a old school technic, very practical and effective, thanks God bless 👍

  298. Just strip the carpet out and jet wash it ..I use to do car valeting

    1. many people cannot remove their seating thanks for sharing

  299. Shop vac will work

    1. It sure will that’s what we used

  300. Omg thank you I wasted cooking oil in the back used cooking oil.

  301. Or just use the carpet cleaner with a handheld attachment that honestly everyone should own. Cause if you don’t you nasty.

  302. My living room carpet is so gross that when you walk through the living room, you get black goop on your feet. I’m going to go get the stuff and try this. Update afterwards

    Edit: very effective although I couldn’t get the oxyclean to bubble up like in your bottle?

    1. Michelle Craigmiles did use a carpet cleaner?

  303. You can do this in homes also right?

  304. I would like to try cleaning the carpet in my room from pee stains from pets. I see that one of the ingredients is glass cleaner with ammonia? Is this safe to use I’m new to this I just want to make sure it’s something that safe to use and we dont inhale anything while trying to clean the house. Thanks

    1. we use this mix on every thing inside and out and have for years on 100’s of customers cars and homes

  305. wow. all that and you don’t even show the finished, dry results

    1. once you do it you will see your own perfect results first hand my friend

  306. Does this work on dog urine? Thanks in advance.

  307. Men like you are an American Treasure! Thanks for this! ✨

  308. Just a drill brush man. Be there all day

    1. You got that right

  309. Will this work with water stains on a tan colored couch?

    1. We use it on everything cloth so we say give it a shot

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    1. No sense when you can save big by just cleaning them but hey if you have lots of time to remove all the seating and money to buy new we say go for it

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    1. Henry Santos yeah I heard that filter is a source of majority of the odors I plan on changing that as well.

    2. I had bad odors that I thought were coming from the carpet but we’re coming from the condensor. I removed cabin filter, Turned on the a.c and sprayed some Lysol through the vents that are beneath the outside of the windshield. Odor is gone.

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    1. You can use the cleaning solution on any cloth and of course you would not need to wet down on the couch as much as we did the floor

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    1. Yes you can do this on stairs you most likely will just use a spray bottle with clear water in it instead of the garden hose in 70° weather it usually only takes for five hours for it to dry if you put a fan on it it dries even faster just like the professional carpet cleaners do

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    3. فاروق احمد we have done it for 20 years on really bad carpets and it has never caused our customers any issues

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    2. Valerie Hernandez use the mixture and a spray bottle with your shop vac or rent a carpet extractor and the mixture together

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    1. Yes this mix will work on any carpet flooding the carpet is only done on carpets that are in terrible shape of course you would not do that on an interior carpet of a house

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    1. MKED you can use what method and vacuum works best for you we are just sharing s fool proof method that works every time 🙂

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    1. We have just put out a new video on doing seats it has a couple hundred thousand views on it I think we did it about a month or so ago take a look at that one but yes this will work on cloth seating

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    1. Kristie Costello you can use whatever method you like we are just showing you a couple methods that work every time for us, but it does not hurt to try whatever method you have at hand ..we have found on bad carpet scrubbing it in and letting it soak works the best and it will remove most any stain when done the way we are doing it

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