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Aromatherapy ASMR

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Doctor Andrew Michaels explains how Aromatherapy helps in many ways, including moistening the air, helping you relax, and clearing your sinus cavity. The Cool Mist 3-D Effect aromatherapy oil diffuser can be purchased here at:

Please use the 40% OFF Code: ZC6IUPKS
Coupon code expires on September 30.
I honestly bought two more of these for my wife, they are so awesome.

UNIQUE 3D LIGHTENING EFFECT WITH 24 COLORS CHANGE. Press the “Light” button to turn on the LED light, the color will change automatically from one color to next. 8 colors change from bright, normal and dim. You can also set it in one steady color.
RELAXING & HEALTHY. With advanced ultrasonic technology, it emits a steady mist and fills the air with your desired essential oil. Use with your favorite essential oil to relax, relieve stress, and fight allergy, cold or flu symptoms.
SIZED WELL WITH ADJUSTABLE MIST OUTPUT. This essential oil diffuser holds up to 180ml of water, not too big, not too small. It can run up to 6 hours of continuous output. 3 Mist Modes, strong and light and intermittent. The intermittent mode has constant mist or 10-seconds duration. Operating time for intermittent running: Up to 8 hours.
VERSATILITY. It is not only used as a night lamp or desk lamp but also be used as a humidifier with pure water. The diffuser is cool to the touch that makes it a creative and romantic home decoration as well. Suitable for home, office, gym, yoga or baby room, it is a perfect gift for family and friends who love aromatherapy.
AUTO-SHUT OFF FEATURE. The ultrasonic aromatherapy oil diffuser features an auto shut-off switch when the water tank is empty which ensures safety.

I also did a Podcast with Graces Grove ASMR and it’s behind the scenes with my real voice. Please check it out at:

Get your very own Dr. Andrew Michaels T-shirt here:

Get your very own “I AM HERE TO HELP YOU” Doctor Andrew Michaels Coffee Mug here for a limited time only at:

I do not have a patron account. If you’d like to support the channel
Check me out on the Tingle App At:

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You can use it Free or Support my channel. Your choice.

The introduction animation was by :
Open Animation by Sam Mercer
Sam has also started his own Youtube channel to promote his work at: …
Please stop by if you can and subscribe to show support.
The intro music was by Jason Shaw of at:

Used with full permission.
Filmed on my new Sony a5100 DSLR camera at 60fps.


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242 thoughts on “Aromatherapy ASMR

  1. I Love you!

  2. Probably my third time watching this to fall asleep. Keep up the awesome content. 🙂

  3. Pretty please, stop over exposing all your videos. PLEEEASE

  4. Thank you

  5. We all know the A in his channel name stands for Andrew Michaels at this point

  6. I know this is bit of a late request but that little cup they gave you is so good. Would love to hear more of that.

  7. Intense HOOOOH

  8. Oh my god I immediately bought one. Waiting two days but sooooo staked 😍

    1. I honestly bought like 5 as christmas gifts

  9. You’re the literal best.

  10. i actually bought this shortly after watching this video, and im so glad i did. at the time of writing this comment i have had this for 5 hours, and im using a lavender oil. this is something my mother and grandmother even love. right now its actually on my desk as we speak ^^

    thank you for recommending this to all of us tirar a deguello, this was money well spent

  11. Wow that intro is awesome how long did it take to make?

    1. The fellow who made it is listed in the credits of the video. He does great work.

  12. I’ve been wanting to get one of these for awhile but they’ve been really expensive (online they were kind of cheap but shipping was so much) so i just thank u for this 🙂

  13. Ooooo genial

  14. “mostly male audience”??? I’m EXTREMELY surprised by this.

  15. Cool! I just ordered one for my mommy. She’s an LMT and loves aromatherapy and she’ll LOVE this! Thanks a bunch. 🙂

    1. I honestly ordered a bunch to give away as gifts.  I gave my niece one when she came up with her BF last weekend.

  16. I bought one of these for my office because of the recommendation you made and I couldn’t be more pleased with it! My wife wants one of these now and she already had a different one. Thanks for the great recommendation and for being an uplifting part of my day. 🙂

  17. i like your videos

  18. I love aromatherapy, use my diffuser everyday! This one is pretty cool! Thank you so much for the coupon code, will try it. My kids will love this. They love our diffusers, we have one in living room and one in master bed but this would be really cool for my kids.

  19. Your intro has quite the X-Files vibe to it with that floating ID badge:)

  20. We got 4 diffusers and an assortment of oils in the house, they’re great!

  21. I actually use one, once in a while. Im really trying to find a chrismas tree oil for my machine. Ive found everything BUT what i really want lol.

  22. Kinda hope my doctor’s appt goes exactly like this tomorrow, but I know it won’t. I’m gonna go and buy myself a diffuser from Ebay now I think.

  23. Thanks for the help, Doc 🙂

  24. Nice video 👌👀

  25. FYI oil diffusers are toxic to cats & dogs. Be careful

  26. That was a cool intro not gonna lie.

  27. Also really complex idea haha: put a camera with a flashlight on top on a lazy Suzy. Make them direct towards the center where the vaporizer will be. Have a rainbow lens strip around The entire thing so that the flashlight continuously changes color as it spins around aimed at the vapor. Then ta da you have combined the spinning visual of then vaporizer with the color changing vapor coming out. Fun stuff

  28. Hi, you should spin the aromatherapizer. For some reason I really wanted to see that visual and I bet it would look great.

  29. Great video as always. Keep it up!

  30. Hey tirar. What type of camera do you use? I want to get a better camera cause my webcam has to be next to a loud computer. Thanks👍

    1. TirarADeguello ok. Yeah I might need some help with the editing but I can figure that out. Unless you wanna help. But im assuming you are a busy guy so

    2. clap your hands to mark the video and audio and put it together in your editing program.

    3. TirarADeguello thanks man. I’m trying to get a camera ASAP. Cause I need to make more videos. I have a usb microphone so how would that work? Can I just use an adapter? Thx

    4. Sony handicam or my Sony dslr camera

  31. 👋🌚

  32. WOW! Nice opening!


  34. IS THIS AN AD?

  35. Nothing quite gets Saturday mornings started like your videos, I get off work usually at 11pm, fall asleep at 1am just to get back up at 4am because I work 2nd shift and when Saturday is mandatory it’s on first shift hours, so I’m usually not very happy, but once I get in my truck and start playing your videos I get completely relaxed and calm and I start to feel happy and ready to go to work, so don’t ever let anyone tell you that you don’t change lives, no other ASMR channel has the same effect, I call it the “Tirar Effect” and it makes the whole day easier

  36. Good morning to you too

  37. Great video, always looking forward to your next uploads 👍

  38. 4:58 dad jokes. 😂😂😂

  39. Just a reminder for people who use defusers and other aromatherapies– Some scents and oils can be harmful to pets! Please research before using any around your furbabies!

  40. Sooooo cool v. Relaxing!!!

  41. “I look like Mr. Clean” 😂😂😂 lol I wish I did!!! And 32:41 the tounge sticking out part lol×2

  42. There was a lot of awesome stuff in this video but my favorite was when you got excited and said this is some real hippie stuff right here😹😹

  43. dang that thing is very dope and what a great
    video good job

  44. Wow you have hearted everyones comment nice!

  45. im 100 percent buying one of those diffusers

  46. You’re my favorite ❤️

  47. your soft speaking voice is so amazing

  48. Just saying apparently bat’s aren’t actually blind (no idea if really true just read it)

    1. Bats aren’t actually blind, most just have poor eyesight but can still see relatively clearly. Bats use echo-location to help navigate in the darkness but not see.

  49. Just listened the podcast. Do more stuff like that!

  50. Very calm and relaxing:)

  51. ASMR works better with mate. Trust me.

  52. Best intro what i see

  53. I listened to the podcast linked in your description. I enjoyed it, I liked hearing what your real voice sounds like.

  54. Love the visuals man, where can I buy one?

    Jut saw the link in the description. *facepalm* haha


  56. The reflection in the lid reveals where the magic happens

  57. intro so fyeeeeeee

  58. Omg


  59. I think you uhhh switched the thumbnail text and the title there mister uhhhhhhhhhhh deguello. You see the less descriptive text goes in the thumbnail so people can understand the content of the video at a glance without having to parse all that much. But for people who are still confused or for search results (because algorithms cants read text in an image) you put the more descriptive stuff in the title.

    -see I intended that to be kinda jokey and over explaining for the purpose of comedy but I think it came across more as genuine frustration with a mundane situation but oh well-

  60. I ordered one

  61. Tirar I said I missed tapping on an earlier video and you hearted it and you hearted another comment too—did you ANSWER ME REQUEST?????!! Also I just want to say that every video I’ve commented on you’ve hearted—been a watcher since at least well under 30k if not well under 20k subscribers and subscribed as exactly your 70,000th (which you then hearted my comment saying so lol)—you’re too good to us Tirar with consistently the #1 best quality and personable-ness, despite now having earned yourself one of the top channels in ASMR—keep EVERYTHING up!!!!!

  62. I keep hearing about aromatherapy. I wanna know more about it! 😀

  63. It was honestly hilarious how excited he was for his oil diffuser

    1. I really did order two more just like it and might get more as presents for Christmas.

  64. I think we can all say he has the best intro on YouTube 👌🏻

  65. Hey nice to see you again dr Andrew Michaels

  66. wassup dr andrew michaels

    1. Just hanging out and that

  67. Nice Vid 😎

    1. Thank you

  68. This was so cool!!

  69. Your into is by far my favorite into on any YouTube video

    1. Intro*

  70. Does the oil diffuser work with crude oil?

    1. That sounds fun.

  71. Orange you glad you’ve got so many “thumbs up” for this video? 😊

    ….too bad YouTube isn’t “smell-a-vision”! Kind of reminds me of the old lava lamps. We have a camphor tree and I just love the scent, which we usually only smell when we crush or tear a leaf, or burn the trimmed off branches. This diffuser is Very cool! I just ordered two of them….thank you for the coupon code! >^..^<

  72. I Love this Intro 💥

  73. I really enjoy this show and tell style. Didn’t want you to run out of stuff to show.

  74. I would love to see some more reiki!!?

  75. Schnitzel anyone? Andrew Michaels? Schnitzel?

  76. Oooh… Got a little glimpse at the “doctors office” for a minute there 😂
    (You must have amazing ac Doctor Michaels lol)

  77. Doc better don’t rub the oil in your eyes ;-). And get well soon.

    What a pity that I have no smell sense anymore but the Light itself and the colors are cool. For me, it’s like something between Campfire and Fireworks (reminds me of that palm tree effect). Thanks for sharing. Have a Lava lamp with blue water and green bubbles. But this takes it to a whole new level. CU

  78. @TirarADeguello you should try CBD oil look it up it’s helped so many people relax

  79. You and evoke should do a lobster boy and girl collaboration to grow her channel.

  80. “I did it. Look at that, I turned it off all by myself!”

    I’m proud of you Tirar.

  81. You know what would be fun tho is gasoline instead of water

  82. Heya! Im actually a more recent subscriber and i watched your ASMR pokemon card video..would you ever make a sort of “Gen 2” video? Like “Freds Voice” or a beefed up “Dr. T”?

  83. PSA for those with pets!: some essential oils can be very harmful to your pets! I recommend researching which oils may have an adverse affect on your fur babies before diving into the wonderful world of aromatherapy😉

  84. – xXUSAXx has joined the server – DID SOMEBODY SAY *O I L?*

  85. As good as ever. I also have an idea for a video. Remember that camera from the Dr. T collab? Use that again, and every time you take a picture it does something similar to the brain scan asmr, where it plays an effect while the low-pitched frequency. It’s just a suggestion, but I hope it is of use to you in the future.

  86. Wow!

  87. *sees camera in the back* ARE WE R.O.B.????

  88. Like this video it was kinda all over the place but I like winging stuff

  89. Amazing!!

  90. My favorite blend for sleeping is 3 drops of lavender 2 drops of orange and 1 drop of peppermint! 😴

  91. Ooh, this is a nice one. It’s always interesting to see how you make something as plain as aromatherapy, and end up making it more relaxing than it has any right to be.

  92. Thanks for making me get up and pee with in the first 5 mins of the video. Love the videos!

  93. 23:36 Thank me later

  94. I dont mean to advertise I just want some people to check out my channel see if yall like my content. Only got a few videos so far tho.

  95. Tirar you should do a video with the 3dio in the cameras view (while still being one of your amazing roleplays pleaaaaaaaase?)

  96. Oh man I love ATD videos.
    I love all the ones Tony Bomboni does. I wish he was on Tingles.

  97. :-]

  98. FORTNITE 😎😎😎😍😍😍

  99. I buy

  100. 10:56 caught a ghost on camera in your video!

  101. Doctor Andrew micheals for smash bros ultimate

    1. he’ll make everyone relax and stop fighting

  102. I would set up my diffuser with orange myself if I wasn’t watching this at 12:50 AM.

  103. Thank you for the video and thank you for the promo code. I just ordered one and for $20.38 total ….man… I can’t wait for it to show up at my house

  104. This guy has the most relaxing voice ever, I don’t know how to describe it I just feel safe.

    btw love your channel 🙂

  105. It was night when I started watching this and he said Good Morning everyone and I had to look outside just to be sure it was still night lol

  106. I had such a great time chatting with you for the podcast! Thank you for the lovely compliments, and for the shout out 😊

    Loved this video! I have the same diffuser, so I put in on while I watched this and had a double light show. The sound of the water is so relaxing, and I love all the different scents. I had cinnamon in mine tonight.

  107. I loved the bags under the eyes bit

  108. This gives me an idea. We need Dr Andrew Michaels infomercials!

  109. You know Dr.Andrew Michaels is a professional if he can cure you from anywhere. Also I feel like I’m not tge only one who saw how his mini ASMR room looks like.

  110. Next time you should do the humble water filter salesman asmr.

  111. I thought this was going to be therapy for my armor, dang my dyslexia! 😀

  112. Tirar’s been straight up in a closet for how many years making videos for us? That’s commitment.

  113. That thing is seriously mesmerizing and you couldnt have made it look more appealing. Dang. I want one doc. “I like it”

  114. Love the video! Keep up the great work as always!

  115. You are by far my favorite ASMRtist, please don’t overwork yourself, this video is so relaxing. We will all understand if you ever just need some time off, not really sure where this is coming from but I just wanna make sure my go-to calming doctor is getting the relaxation he needs lol

  116. Oh, Grace. She tried, but failed to pronounce your name XD

  117. what’s the hidden story of Tinglebottom Industry and TirarADeguello?

  118. Dr Andrew Michaels got me the Rx for Zzzzzzzzzz’s

  119. Realized I don’t have notifications turned on for you. That’s fixed now!

  120. Hello. How you been? 🙂🙂👍👍

    1. Dennis Lema *B E A N

  121. Ok ok I’m done I can’t keep going with this I’m sorry for spamming I thought it was hilarious 😂

  122. Does it run on oil?

  123. I hope this helps with depression too

  124. Amazing I’ve been going through depression

  125. Great

  126. Hello dr

  127. Ok

  128. Hello

  129. Do you know what happened to house of ASMR and why he stopped uploading

  130. i have this same diffuser! i forgot to put the lid back on and the water sprayed out everywhere and ruined my dresser! 😩 i still use it tho, i love the light effect and your videos of course!

  131. Tirar: hi im your doctor and im here to help you
    Me: yes
    Tirar: buy this diffuser from amazon 40% off
    me: okey

    Lol just kidding.. big up

  132. I loved this, Doctor Andrew Michaels! 😁 The oil diffuser is so cool! 😎😁❤

  133. I have the same exact diffuser, just a different shape.

  134. Sinus Naval Academy

  135. Tirar is just a sweetheart. He’s such a goober, making all those dad jokes.

  136. Boogie Tuesday.. You’re ridiculous man 😂

  137. It’s funny you make this video. My husband and I have talking about getting a bigger diffuser. Us being us, we have yet to make a decision lol. I’m going to show him this. I know he will like the lights 😂

    1. TirarADeguello That really excites me. I miss my good cool mist humidifier. It was old AF and the motor went out. I have never found another one that I like!

    2. It’s also a cool mist humidifier if you need it for the kids over winter.

    3. TirarADeguello Oh wow! That is a great deal! Ya that’s a lot cheaper than the ones we have looked at!

    4. I bought an extra one, because, with the discount code, it’s like $14.00 and that’s even cheaper than the ones they sell at walmart.

  138. This world does not deserve you big bro! 🙂

  139. Glad to see another upload in my sub box

  140. Am I stupid or is this guys real name Andrew Michaels????? + Massive fan of the channel, kept up the good work!

  141. This video was the tonic for what ailed me today, my friend. Thank you.

  142. Hell yeah another amazing video! I swear you can’t make any bad content 😄

  143. Have you ever lent your voice to narrating a story? I’m very much interested in having a portion of my book read to create interest and gain exposure and I’ve always enjoyed your videos, especially the Lovecraftian ones. ; )

  144. I bet this video will help people who think their lives ahem… Stink! 😛

    1. +MochiGirl11 Awesome pun! 😛

    2. This video will help ahem…diffuse anxiety!

    3. +Chimeru YT Meep! Meep! 😛

    4. Meep Meep!?

    5. +Gavin Bates Meep! 😛

  145. Another great video! Is your name actually Andrew though lol! Watching this from England by the way! ❤️🇬🇧

    1. lewis lafferty No His name is not Andrew for real what I know of…. 🙂 I think his name is Michael Weir.. or Weil..? Well better to ask Mr Tirar/ Andrew Michaels himself 🙂…

  146. Definitely going to listen to that podcast so I can find out more about the man, the myth, and the legend that is TirarDeguello

  147. (Lady Suisho and Felidae here in incognito) I got a plasma ball from my god mother as a belated birthday present.

  148. You should do voice over jobs! Cool voice, good acting 👌

  149. You remind me alot of my dad, that seems weird 😂 My point is, you’re awesome and I have loads of respect for you. Lots of love!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  150. Can we have another Friday night story time session with beers!

  151. Simply lovely … The burner aint bad either! Great vid, bud. I need that oil burner in my life but they don’t ship to the UK. Boo! 💖

  152. Unplugged? So COOL!

  153. Have you ever heard of Neuro-biofeedback? It might make an interesting video.

  154. shame it doesnt ship to my country, amazon isnt that popular here either as far as i’ve realised

  155. “and you have to hope it won’t fall down while I’m doing it.”

    Indeed. I think the same thing while plugging in my fan.

  156. This is the coolest thing ever

  157. You are wise and relaxing! I love these oils and use them, they are very helpful and your descriptions are spot on. Thank you!

  158. This felt less like a professional I came to see and more like my dad showing me this oil diffuser he got and telling me all about it, you’re so excited ahhah love it

  159. You look 35 Tirar…lots of love ❤️

  160. Dr Andrew Michael’s? More like

    Dr. Shirts with Wrinkles

  161. Nice work, mah asmr boi.

  162. How the hell I smelt citrus I donno believe me I did.

  163. You don’t look a day over 45? Are you kidding me? You’re older than 45 or something? I thought you were late 30’s – 40 just by looking at you! Man, I need to get some of those oils too! XD

  164. You could never make a bad video I know what i am going to get a work of art clicked liked even before watching x

    1. hope you are doing well? It’s good to hear from you again, thank you.

  165. You should do some HP Lovecraft short story reading.

    1. @Jake the Dog tf

    2. AHAHAH My YouTube has some weird bugs (probably due to the ad blockers) and sometimes it mixes up the comments from one video to another, look what it did to your comment: “most underrated fitness channel out there You should do some HP Lovecraft short story reading.”

  166. When you said, “there’s only probably 5 people watching at this point” I was one of the 5 I guess lol. I watched the whole thing start to finish. Good video Tirar

    1. T.R.I.V MUSIC personally I have an Android for that reason, however, I actually watch ASMR on my Xbox or computer so that I can use my turtle beach headset. Having a high quality headset combined with tirars high quality mic allows for maximum ASMR. Afterwards I brush my teeth and hit the bed, because it usually isn’t good to have any lights on especially your phone when you go to sleep

    2. Sooo…I know I’m not the only one still upset that I can’t fall asleep to ASMR anymore without the risk of my phone dying because of the newer gen IPhones not having the old headphone jack.😭😭😂

    3. +Altair Fate I always like when he gives shoutouts to the few of us who watch the entire video.

    4. Hey, thanks, hope you check out the podcast I had so much fun making it with graces Grove ASMR.

  167. I love how you actually take requests from comments and interact with everyone. Very good video btw.

  168. Great video as always!

  169. Nooooo…I have to drive now or maybe not…:/

  170. Oooh, the cover is so shiny, I love it

  171. I love you

  172. That was so relaxing!

  173. Just got back from a stressful day at work, looking forward to nice relaxing, calming afternoon nap. 🙂

    1. Yep that worked a treat! Thank you friend!

  174. Very relaxing and much needed today. You’re just fabulous! 😊🌟

  175. You are here to help Me.. Sir, you have already helped Me so much, and I am ETERNALLY grateful and so thankful that you are around. 😉👍

  176. Can we take a minute to recognize that superb tie tying job?

  177. Doesn’t ship to the UK, aww that’s a shame, it looks so cool 😄 Great video as always, many thanks 😃

  178. “…you know what else is cool? I didn’t even plug it in, so it won’t work.” lol, love diffusers.

    1. Nice profile not sarcasm new vegas

  179. thanks Tirar

  180. Just f’in good….

  181. Very very relaxing as always my friend…

  182. Ok I want one now

  183. Nice work

  184. Majestic sound at 4:54 !

  185. That’s a really cool device, another great vid buddy, so relaxing 🙂

  186. Great Video

  187. the reflection on the diffuser is awesome.

  188. Yess, right when i wake up. I can go back to sleep

  189. Love the good content. Keep it up

  190. OMG This is the coolest looking oil diffuser omg . I might need to buy it hahah Awesomess Tirar!!

    1. Indeed, I just ordered me one 🙂 xxoxox

    2. My wife and I love this product so much and it really is a fantastic oil diffuser. Thanks. Also, very reasonably priced with the discount code.

  191. The belly gurgle at 4:56 gave me intense tingles

    1. You missed it bro it’s starts at 4:54

  192. So good to see you too! 🙌

  193. 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

    1. GTA DELİSİ Turkiye ☺️. (Ben Turkiy’ye cok seviyorum.. Always done.. and will)

  194. Its 4:30pm But okay i can sleep every time everywhere
    (Im from Germany)
    And thank you for your work

    1. Hello my friend from Germany, welcome.

  195. Notification squad 😁

  196. Hello tirar!!!! Hope all has been well!!

    1. Doing well, thank you my friend.

  197. Hi, do you think you could do a echoed ASMR

    1. LOL this thread just one word. Yes. Ok. Humans interacting.

    2. ok

    3. Yes

    4. You mean with an Echo in the audio?

  198. First

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