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Being a Medical Sales Rep – 4 Facts You Need To Know

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Are you ready to jump into the role of a sales representative in the pharmaceutical or medical device industry? Then watch this video, because I’m going to share 4 important facts you need to know before you make that leap.

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173 thoughts on “Being a Medical Sales Rep – 4 Facts You Need To Know

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  2. The way I see it is this. You better be ready to cut your social life off, including friends and family because the number of hours required are very high (60-90+ hrs a week)

  3. Please send me your email

  4. HI mike, in your experience, is the salary for med reps based only on commissions or do they usually have some type of based pay? thank you.

    1. @tennisace101 You’re welcome. Have a nice weekend.

    2. Mike Allison Coaching thank you sir!

    3. The ones I’ve worked with all have a base salary. In the best companies the best reps make very good money.

  5. Please let me know if there is any age limit for MR job

    1. Not that I know of, but most companies want their reps to have a University degree.

  6. The video starts at @1:20

  7. Hi Mike what are your thoughts on companies like Medtronic and Stryker?

    1. Patrick, I can’t give you an opinion on Medtronic, but as far as I know Stryker’s products are very good, pressure there may be high. Check Indeed dot com for employee’s reviews of what it’s like to work at each company.

  8. I really appreciate the straight forward approach to this video! I found it very insightful, as I am hoping to get into this field! I want to sell medical devices and I have applied to a couple openings, but have not had much luck. I would really appreciate some advice if you have the time. I’m gonna give it to you straight. I have no college degree. I have no medical experience. I have never worked in a hospital. So… clearly I’m off to a great start.
    However, I am an extremely successful salesman and have been for about 6 years. I was working for a cosmetic line and oversaw multiple locations. I had 4 Ulta stores (one of the biggest beauty retailers) under my wing. 2 of the 4 Ulta locations I oversaw ranked in the top 5 in the country. There are over 1,300 in the US. I’m mentioning this to give you an idea as to what sort of successes are highlighted/emphasized on my resume. I’m proud of achievements such as the one described above, but I realize it’s not enough. What do you think I can do to stand out to recruiters despite my lack of education? Any advice you could give wood very helpful. Thank you

    1. Hi Jessica,
      My apologies for getting back to you so late on this. First, I appreciate you taking the time to watch my video and for reaching out to me. I’m pleased that you benefited from it.
      To answer your questions, 1) If I were managing a sales team inside of a medical device and/or pharmaceutical company, I personally could not care any less whether you had medical experience, a college degree or had ever worked in a hospital.
      There are only two things that matter to me, and they are 1) Attitude 2) Willingness and ability to learn new stuff. That’s it! If have a truly positive attitude and a thirst to learn new things, you would do great as a sales rep inside any organization.
      Based on what you’ve written here, you’ve already succeeded in sales, and that means a lot.
      The only problem is, I’m not the person working inside the pharmaceutical or medical device company, and the fact is that the likelihood of you getting into a position in an organization like that without a college degree is going to be very slim.
      That being said, it doesn’t mean you have no chance at all. What I would suggest you do is try to get to know people inside of an organization that you would like to work for. One of the best ways to do this is through LinkedIn, if you’re not already using it to build a network of people inside the medical device/pharma industry, then I would highly recommend you begin doing so.
      Also, be sure to include on your CV how you would help a specific company that you’re applying for a position with. This means you’ve got to research the company and try to get to know as much as you possibly can about the challenges and obstacles said company may currently be facing and be specific in your resume about the skills you bring to the table that would help them overcome those challenges.
      I trust this is helpful.

  9. Lol, long hours and stress? I am a Paramedic.10 hour & 12 hour days? I work 2436 and 48 hour shift. Stress ? Selling a drug, not exactly life or death.

    1. Wait what!? Lol medical device sales dies actually impact life and death situations in the operating room.

    2. 24, 36 and 48 hour shifts

  10. Mike, how do I get into biotech sales here in UT? Do you have any suggestions?

    1. @Noah Russell I have definite advice for getting into a good company, although I am aware that each and every organization is going to have its own challenges, positives and negatives. First and foremost, you must find out if the company you’re interested in or interviewing with has a coaching culture – a REAL coaching culture – because a lot of organizations will tell you they have a coaching culture, but they don’t. Fact is that 90 to 95% of sales leadership in any organization, sector, has no idea how to coach his or her people. If the company you’re interested in doesn’t have a coaching culture, you have two choices; 1) look for one that does, or 2) if you like the company and its products (pipeline) and you’re extremely driven and self-motivated, then go for it.

      Some of the companies I have personally worked with in terms of training and coaching sales teams and leadership and that I would consider great companies to look at are: Johnson and Johnson Vision (this is eye care equipment and not biotech) but J&J have many divisions, so worth a look, IMHO. Bayer, Merck, Essilor, Mölnlycke could also be considerations. A newer medical device company that is doing good things and has great products is Penumbra.

      Let me know how you make out Noah, and if you have any other questions, let me know.

    2. @Mike Allison Coaching Utah! I got 3 years in commercial insurance sales, but since I have a biology degree I think biotechnology sales fit me better. Do you have any advice for getting in with a hood company and what I should look for?

    3. UT? Please explain. Thanks Noah.

  11. 1. Long hours 10-12 hours.
    2. Can be HIGH STRESS from general sales life, constantly changing healthcare system, clearances, mergers, and acquisitions constantly so you likely will change job every 10 years at least.
    3. Limited room for territory growth. Once you max out, you are maxed out and likely won’t get bonuses.
    4. Company politics. Like all sales agencies, there can be some toxicity. You are lucky if you find a good place.Usually its Dog Eat Dog though.

    1. @Noah Russell – thanks for watching and for your input. It is a very competitive business to be in, and there can be a lot of politics, as well as managers who are jerks.

  12. Is there age discrimination in this industry?

  13. @MikeAllisoncoaching I am about to take the leap and would like to hear from you some more information about medical sales. May I message you on linkedIn like you said?

  14. Very well explained, thanks a lot sir

  15. I’ve have worked as a medical devices rep before. But I wanted to move to Pharmaceutical Med Reps. How can I become as comepetitive as you do sir?

    1. Dalia Idk it was good. In fact if there would be a new offer for me to work at medical devices company, I would still accept the job. But for now, I would like to explore jobs in pharmaceutical company after I have read and watched videos from various authors and video creators who were successful in their chosen field in pharma. That definitely lures me to get into it.

    2. How was your experience working in medical device sales?

  16. Thanks this is very helpful

    1. Thanks for watching Christopher. I’m glad you found this helpful.

  17. I recently finished up at school (Bachelors in Health Science and natural Science) any chance I could email you?

    1. Jordan, no problem.

  18. What degree would you recommend for pharm/med sales?

  19. These are good points! And, actually, it makes me consider the field even more! 🥰😆

  20. Am now going after this job
    I wanna know, am a person who isnt great with communication skills and get really nervous but i really like the job and want to do great and improve myself
    Is my lack of communication skills and confidence gonna be a huge obstacle for me or is it normal and it will get better?

  21. I am in India and would like to shift to USA , Please suggest suitable job in medical & Fitness equipment sector , , 00919971358977

  22. Well Said Mike👏👏

  23. 👏👏👏👏👏 true!

    1. @Mike Allison Coaching just subscribed. Was Pharma rep in UK till very recently for 20+ years. I loved it but I’m relieved to be out. Wouldn’t want to be a rep starting out now. Found your channel by accident. Watching with interest 😆

    2. Thanks Moya M

  24. I hope i’m not gonna face this 4 points in saudi arabia as a female medical rep 🌚

    1. @darkguyitsme اهلين, انا توني متخرجه ما اشتغلت لسى بس قووو فور ات خصوصا لو كنت جريئ وعندك انتربيرسونال سكيلز لان صدق ذا اهم شي في المبيعات اهم من النولدج وذي السوالف

    2. هلا، أنا صيدلي عندي خبرة في قطاع ثاني وحالياً أدور فرصة في المبيعات. وش تقييمك للشغل وهل تنصحين فيه؟

  25. Mike – I really felt I made a difference in the late 80s & 90s – by the time I got out in 2008 it was NOT what I enjoyed early in my career. My college age daughter asked me if she should consider it & I talked her out of it.

    1. Not what it used to be for sure Bonnie. Thanks for your comment.

  26. I am medical representative and I have experience 21 year

    1. Rajiv bhatt
      How would you grade your experience ?

  27. Thank you for not sugar coating this and not convincing people to waste money on a degree or certification if they are not fully prepared to enter this field!

    1. @Pixie Living: You’re very welcome. Pleased that you benefited from this video. Are you or have you been in the pharmaceutical or medical device sale industry?

  28. Hello everyone!
    We need a partner who will help us reach new customers in exchange for this we want to share our profits with him.

    We want offer to our partners the highest possible commissions. If someone are be intrested, please come to on our


  29. So what is your take….is a good path or not…i am studying Bpharm and im thinking of doing my Mpharm so that i can be a pharmaceutical sales rep

    1. Albert, the medical device and pharmaceutical sales industries have changed a lot within the past fifteen to twenty years. I can’t say whether it’s a good path or not for you. It just may be something you love. One of the key things that will make all the difference for you is getting hired on with a really good company that has a coaching culture and provides the very best training and development opportunities for its people.

  30. Point 4 is absolutely true…. the Dunning-Kruger effect is enormous. It’s always a huge challenge to sell ideas. It’s even more difficult!
    To much inside-out thinking. And hardly any innovation. And I know because I am in pharmaceutical sales an marketing for 2 decades…..

  31. All of what he said is true i was a medical sales rep for 10 years in Philippines and i experience all of this but on the other hand its a rewarding job. You just know how to play the game and ready for all the challenges.

    1. Thanks for your response Karen Neusa.

  32. Thank you for sharing your expirence…It was very helpful for me…

    1. You’re welcome Martha.

  33. Would you say it would be harder to become a Medical Sales Rep with a Biomedical Science Master, as opposed to being an MD or have a PhD? Great sharing this advice! Sounds like a good warning to think thrice before going in…

  34. Please don’t lump pharmaceutical sales in with medical sales. There is no comparison between the two. Most companies outside of pharma won’t even hire reps with pharma experience because in pharma you are not really required to work very hard or close business.

    1. Moya M lol Jesus calm down take your anger management pills buddy

    2. How dare you?! I have worked and studied bloody hard as a pharma rep for over 20 years. If you mean as a rep do I put patient care first and foremost and am not cut throat as you are?…I’d take me over you any day of the week. You’re a complete Twat!

  35. What’s the qualifications for Med Sales Reps?

    1. Hi

    2. 80% require a bachelors in a related field. Example: Biology Major

  36. I have experience of 5years working in pharmaceuticals company in India, can I get job in U.K , please respond to my question..

  37. Thanks, you just saved me a lot of time and grief.

  38. Hi y’all, 🙋‍♂️

    What are some useful or popular software (apps) sales reps and consultants use for catering, serving, managing physicians and their patients?

    1. You can ONLY use corporate approved software. There are strict rules about what can be shared and said! No rogue info if you want to keep your position.

  39. Seems a bit negative

    1. Nope! Realistic!

    2. That’s the point. Some people thrive on long hours and challenging jobs. But many don’t, so he’s letting you know

    3. miraqueguay the truth is not always pretty

  40. Four things that they won’t tell you to get into Medical device jobs:
    1. You must be FRESH out of college. Anyone over 40 years old is wasting their time trying.
    2. You must be a well known local all star college football or basketball player, or the Student Body President, or Fraternity/Sorority President.
    3. If you were in the military, you won’t be hired…PERIOD.
    4. If Daddy is a well known Specialist in the area in which your med products are sold to…. You are guaranteed a position

    Let noone blow smoke up your skirt. You also don’t need Science background or medical knowledge.

    1. Oops! You are honest

    2. @Teddy Li I have heard that experienced reps themselves are being discriminated against due to their age.

    3. Skoogie Magoo over 40 shouldn’t bother ?!

  41. You’ve described every job from professional athlete to self-employment to airline pilot. An antiquated approach to business coaching but kudos for having the foresight to create a YouTube video.

    1. William, thanks for your contribution and remember that you’re always FREE to make your own video so we can learn your modern approach to business coaching. I’ll be looking forward to seeing yours soon. All the best. 🙂

  42. This profession is not good
    I was also medical representative in Boehringer Ingelheim in diabetology division @ Aligarh Hq
    I think this profession is not secure and long term for us
    Friends I do my work with passion and enthusiasm
    But my manager named mr Neeraj mishra is highly bad person 😤
    He regularly torture me mentally and at last he play politics aganiest me and forcefully take my resignation 😢😢 while I do request please don’t do this if you don’t want , please transfer me another HQ
    Friends I was far from my home town about 200 km during job
    But now a days I am totally jobless 😭 😭 😭😭😭😭

    1. @lokesh nb because he’s a buffoon, a clown, an idiot, a dummy, etc. And you’re a dumbass too if you don’t see why.

    2. @J D why did u call idiot to kapil. Mind your words

    3. @J D wrong in kapil words… plz tell me .. as he told in.india Many MR facing lot of problem from their Manager. Its true

    4. Nobody gives a shit Kapil. Why are you telling your life story to the public? You idiot

  43. I just sent an e-mail but it came back?

    1. Ok will do thx

    2. Anthony, please email me at Thanks.

  44. Hai as a pharma Rep I’m doing good.but incase if u are not done your target then only you’ll face pressure…so u have to create your sales base day by day …through your concern to your customers…don’t think about sales pressure just work on make your base so strong.

    1. How money do u get??

    2. karthik jonas That makes sense. Thank you for that.
      Hey, which are some useful or popular software (apps) sales reps and consultants use for catering, serving, managing physicians and their patients? What do you use?

  45. no pain no gain

  46. Device reps are like athletes. Unfortunately, where it differs is that we dont get an off season to recharge. Its a 12 hour a day sport with no time clocks. Even on vacation you have to keep a thumb on your business to at least some extent. Its not for everyone. Ive seen highly educated very motivated people crumble to the stress. It is rewarding though thats for sure. My story…I am a (lower level) team leader for a well known outfit and one of the very few who slid in without a college degree. I will clear $135k by EOY. I have stock grants that are contributing in a nice way to my cushy retirement in 15 years. I was willing to start at the bottom answering phones for $8 an hour years ago and found creative ways to contribute and get noticed….kept moving up (and around the company) and helping everyone around me. Let my little story inspire you! Be willing to start at the bottom and LEARN. Be humble always and keep yourself passionate about what you do. Know that everything you say and do can and might be seen by your mentors and leaders so always act as if. You are in more control of your destiny in device sales than you are in most other industries.

    1. Inspiring. Thanks you for the advice. Could I ask you;
      what are some useful or popular software (apps) sales reps and consultants use for catering, serving, managing physicians and their patients?

    2. Thanks for your comment.

  47. i am beginner in working as sales representative for medical device supplier, i am facing all 4 things listed. but thanks for listing them.

  48. I wish I saw this before I entered this industry

    1. Do you still disike the industry after 11 months?

    2. Rida Tarrayo why’s that? How is the industry for you?

  49. Hello Sir,
    Is it possible to get a MR job in uk for an indian M. pharm fresher willing to make a carrer?

  50. Sir I want to join mediacal rap what quality i Hvv to due increase my sale what practise I should done

    1. work on your english

  51. I had worked as a Medical Sales Representative for 12 years in India. I’d say that all your four points are correct.

    1. oh ma.. i need more information and tips for this job.. im in training for this job…

    2. Did you enjoy it? What did you do after?

  52. Thank you so much ✊👏 👏👏 👏 truth is a bitter pill

    1. You’re welcome Victory. What in particular resonated with you about this video?

  53. Spot on ! Point two in regards to the Pressure in Sales , to hit the targets is the most tedious, hard thing any sales Rep would experience.Being in sales for 8 years, I decided to quit sales and move to a logistics and warehouse job , atleast you dont have a sales target and can be with your family at 6:00 pm

    1. Hi Dave, sales is definitely not for everyone. Happy to hear that you’re in a job you enjoy more and that gives you more time with your family.

  54. Long hours = much more money. Enjoy the long hours, anyone complaining, is on a salary and mad about the money they could be making as an independent agent!

    1. Mr thunder tell m about money

    2. Exactly work part time med rep and invest more time in educating ur self in sales & marketing , bussiness ….etc ( all courses on private independent busineses ) at least 5-10tears into future you will be free

    3. How much money do they get? Tell me plz

    4. But then, you’re lacking time to spend it? Or is the plan to retire at 50? 🙂

  55. strongly disagreed with the statement that most people join pharma sales coz they can make a change in the life of the people when the irony is that pharma companies sell 1 dollar cost product to 1000 dollars and the poor can barely afford medicine.

  56. Can u help me find a job in america.? Ive completed my bachelor’s in pharmacy.. Interested in marketing

    1. Did u get any info? Cauz I’m interested too

    2. Akhila Ah yeah let me get your inf

  57. I’ve been in the med device field for almost 6 months. It’s been a huge learning curve, though it’s been a blast thus far. I’m in orthopedic trauma, so logging 12 – 15 hours is average. I’ve had a few 20+ hours so far also. These facts may seem like negatives but I see them as positives. And yes, a big grain of salt is needed prior to getting into the industry. I am young-ish, single, and driven by my future goals. The amount of knowledge and skills that I have gained in this short amount of time is amazing. I believe one of the most important factors in selecting a medical device job is really which discipline you decide to dive into. If you’re into sports you should get into sports medicine sales, if you enjoy everything that has to do with the spine and how it effects your body, get into neuro sales, etc. etc. Good video on these points. And remember, a good salesman goes home after a long day and decompresses. A great salesman goes home after a long day and continues to further his education. Let’s connect on LinkedIn 👍🏽

    1. Hey man I just graduated with a bachelors in kinesiology and wanting to get into surgery sales could give me your linked in or email ?

    2. I am interested in protology, what devices are good to sell to doctors that stare at the puckering star fish all day?

    3. Yeah! You are my man! Seeing the stroke go over negativity is key to achieving life goals.

    4. Ramsey Z what’s your LinkedIn ?I’m an engineer in the medical device field and I’m considering sales .

    5. This is the best positive information I have heard on medical sales, send information when ever you can especially on Neuro, going to graduate in healthcare medical operation management soon, just looking at other possibilities. Thank You for your positivenes.

  58. Very accurate assessment! And, yes, there is no job security. In the back of every rep’s mind, or at the front of some reps’ minds, is the fear of layoff. You can be with a manufacturer or on a contract, and a layoff or contract termination can strike – sometimes with little warning. Sometimes there’s a severance package, but in the case of contract work there’s almost never a severance package. And if your job is eliminated it can be very difficult to secure another opportunity – some get lucky and land on their feet, but for most it takes awhile. Many experienced reps, after years in the industry, and after enduring one or more layoffs with unsuccessful attempts to remain in the industry, made the decision to leave the industry and move to less lucrative, but more stable work. This is a reality that should be taken seriously by those seeking to break into the industry, and by reps newer to the industry who may believe that their skill sets and sales results can offer them a higher degree of job security. No one is immune – anyone can have their job eliminated at any time. I’ve seen my share of former president’s club winners and high performers let go when their sales forces were restructured or eliminated entirely. The industry is incredibly volatile and has been so for years now.

    1. Another article that provides evidence of the industry’s inherent volatility:

    2. Here is a link to an article from last year that provides some insight into the current, and possible future, of the industry:
      Note that the industry has been moving in a specialty/rare disease/niche product direction for years now – smaller sales forces and larger geographic territories are becoming the norm. Fewer opportunities will exist as less reps will be needed. Competition for fewer opportunities will intensify.

  59. Incredibly negative

    1. Hi Dylan,
      Thanks for watching and for your response. I appreciate it very much. My intent is not to be negative at all but to simply inform individuals who are thinking about going into pharmaceutical or medical device sales about the challenges they can expect to face. Have a super day and all the best to you.

  60. Wow – you use the same music as us! What are the chances 😁

    1. Dad2Dan The chances are pretty high.

  61. Ex Pharma Sales Rep speaks the truth – Pharma doesn’t want to cure you

  62. Sir well said iam a medical sales representative from India I visit Drs to make them prescribe but the situation today is people of pharma companies started paying Drs to prescribe their medicines when the company pay to Drs they expect a favour from Drs to prescribe them this is wat happening currently in all th world

    1. @lokesh nb true

    2. Its a world wide mess,i also experience the same its like they buy the loyalty of the prescriber.

    3. Because of this i left pharm field

    4. Its our indians fate

  63. Thank you for this video. I have been thinking about changing careers. I have been contacted by a few Pharm companies and have suggested I buy the NASPRx book to learn the terminology used in Pharm sales. I also was told I did NOT need a 4 yr degree which is contrary to what I’ve known to be the case and why I didn’t start in Pharm sales 20 years ago. Can you please tell me, in your experience, if a 4 yr degree is required. Thank you!

    1. @Mike Allison Coaching Agreed. As more sales people than ever are needed, less and less are choosing it as a career. Companys have to bend and are taking on experience as a substitute for a degree.

    2. 4-year degree, yes. NASPRx, no! You should have your degree and some experience selling something prior to attempting to break into the industry (note that retail sales experience is not valued – go for B2B sales or consider a stint at Enterprise rental cars).

    3. Maria, that’s going to depend on the company. If you’ve already been successful in sales outside of pharma or medical devices, a company many not require you to have a 4-year degree. If you don’t have any experience in sales, that could be a different story. What’s your current background?

    4. I had a question in my paragraph above. In your experience, is a 4 yr degree required in this field? Thank you.

    5. You’re very welcome. How else may I be of help to you? Maria Church

  64. Hi Mike! I came across this by accident and expected it to be nonsense… but you are spot on! This is great information for anyone considering a career in pharma.
    (15 years as a top 5% rep in the UK)

    1. Hi Paula, can u help me to get rep.job in UK..I have experience of 5year working in India.

    2. Paula Brown what was your highest earning year? USD

    3. I an from India pls give me your gmail I’d madam

    4. Wow! From pharma sales to a wedding photographer. That’s an interesting change of industry. Are you looking for a coach at the moment?

    5. I feel like a lot of people don’t really understand what the job is like. There are a lot of “managers” who were never top performers themselves. I was lucky, I worked for decent honest companies.
      There are still a lot of people who don’t understand the mindset of top performers and what makes us different. I left after 15 years and run my own business as a wedding photographer. Yes, I’m Paula Anne Brown on Linked in

  65. I’m currently studying to become a certified NASPR member. I am quite curious to know… does the NASPRx study material gives realistic expectations for a career in pharmaceutical sales?

    1. Wasting your time and money dude

    2. Yes, they provide you with realistic expectations for a career in pharma sells. Success requires a lot of hard work, e.g. continuous learning, practicing, making lots of mistakes, asking intelligent questions, being very well prepared, prospecting, etc.

      If you need a coach, contact me and we can work together to help you succeed. And thanks for watching my video.

  66. Oh God, I found the video 6 months after I jumped sales rep! Everything is totally true. One difference is that i’m in Russia so I believe I’ve good potential to grow territory. Thank you!

    1. Bro even i want to join medical sales rep…
      Can you contact me on my email id

    2. Glad you enjoyed this and thanks for your comments.

  67. Nice video mike!

    1. Mike Allison Coaching Mike Allison Coaching Actually i was a Territory Manager at Mead Johnson Nutrition for 6 years in the Philippines. I migrated to United States 3 years ago, I’m thinking to apply to a sales job here in the US. I Agree to all what you have said Sales politics exists.. you want to be promoted you need to be close to the big boss, that is one basic example of sales politics.sales jobs are very rewarding special when you hit your monthly target or YTD, but you will face a lot of challenges along the way the stress , compliance,administrative paper works and pressure from your supervisor. You’re right you don’t know about the stability of the companies is question mark nowadays. Some of the big companies merge to one another, Unlike back in the days. I just subscribed to your channel. Hoping to learn a lot from you.😊

    2. K D, thanks for watching and your comment. Please let me know what you enjoyed about it the most? How did it benefit you personally?

  68. Thank you!! Great video

    1. You’re welcome, happy you enjoyed it. Any other topics you’d like me to make videos on?

  69. Thank you sir. I’ve been thinking about being a drug rep.

    1. Sell marihuana

    2. Don’t sale drugs that make people sick and have all kinds of side effects just to make a buck .

    3. You’re welcome.

  70. This was incredibly informative. I’m definitely not getting into medical device sales

    1. @M Boren What is… the “right company” in your mind?

    2. @Jacob Menard not really, every job has its pros and cons, at the time I was traveling all the time and the company I worked for (yes worked for) wasn’t the greatest. There wasn’t any team players on my team and with me being the newbie I was used and abused to the point where I was never home with my family. It wasn’t worth the extra 10,000 a year. You just have to see if it fits your lifestyle. I would definitely do it again for the right company.

    3. @M Boren do you still hate it?

    4. lmfaooooooo

    5. Me too, I think I’ll stay in the lab :p

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