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Celebs With The Worst Personal Hygiene In Hollywood

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You’d think that the richest, most famous people on the planet would smell like a million bucks. But as it turns out, cleaning up at the box office doesn’t mean you’re good at cleaning…yourself. These are the stankiest stars in Hollywood.

Baywatch hunk Zac Efron may look fresh-faced, but he reportedly doesn’t smell like it.

A source dished the dirty deets, telling Star magazine,

“Zac isn’t a big fan of showering. It’s so gross, because Zac loves to work out and plays basketball all the time, and then goes days without showering. When he gets lazy, he likes to clean himself with baby wipes!”

Oscar-winner Leonardo DiCaprio is so obsessed with going green that he reportedly doesn’t want to waste water showering.

A source told the highly reputable National Enquirer,

“Leo has let his love for the environment take over his whole world, and it’s killing his love life. He only showers a couple of days a week to conserve water, and he considers deodorant to be ‘unnatural.'”

The source also noted that he often misses his trash and recycling pickup days, which makes his house smell just as bad as he does.

Watch the video for more Celebs With The Worst Personal Hygiene In Hollywood!

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Zac Efron | 0:14
Leonardo DiCaprio | 0:44
Jennifer Aniston | 1:15
Britney Spears | 1:49
Kourtney Kardashian | 2:18
Naya Rivera | 2:47
Courteney Cox | 3:17
Post Malone | 3:58


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538 thoughts on “Celebs With The Worst Personal Hygiene In Hollywood

  1. Who do you think is the grimiest celeb in Hollywood?

    1. All the black ones.

    2. Nicki Swift um Osama bin laden

    3. Post he even looks dirty to me

    4. All of them

    5. @Richard Taylor wow Richard you ok??? This hit a sore spot? As long as your teeth are brushed face is washed private parts are clean and your properly deodorized then hell, if your not outside active or working somewhere grease infested, there’s no reason on earth you Shouldn’t be able to skip days and use baby wipes if I’m staying home n like I said “clean” smell nice including NO DOG SHIT from one end of home to other then I’m chillin like a villain. You’ve gotta take into account things such as size . Lifting up fat sacks n some have pissy pube odor protruding from their jeans. Lol I’m sorry I don’t even k ow who you are you just looked bent outta shape. Is there someone you could talk to about this?

  2. Post malone is awful

  3. Naya Rivera- most white people dont use rags

  4. Kourtney looks like she smells uhh

  5. I agree with leonardo. Deodorant is unnatural thats why i make my own but hardly wear it lol scorpios unite 🦂

  6. I shower once a week, yes

  7. deodorant is un natural it broke out my arm pits >:

  8. I have met post and no he does not smell

  9. Truck driver and I like it 🤣

  10. I thought I had bad hygiene 👀

  11. Well I smell bad cus the girl from friends smells bad.and Britney Spears and me might get along?dose she still smoke?

  12. Not really that hard to believe about post Malone he looks dirty.

  13. Wow. That’s gross. I have to take showers everyday. You guys have all the money in the world and wants to stink up places?? Please….smh. That’s a damn damn shame.

  14. Post Malone look like he stank

  15. When you say that you don’t smell and it’s actually a common misconception, it’s code for i stink.

  16. Actually I was very surprised to hear that people shower everyday, like it’s not necessary you don’t just get dirty in a day and it’s really waste of water. If you live in a hot country than I don’t know but it’s okay to just pass two or three days.

  17. My husband can enjoy da club 💨💨💨💨

  18. White people thing ???? Wtf

  19. post malone loooks like she smells of aftershave and cigarettes😂i do love him tho😍💗

  20. am I the only one that thinks post is actually attractive?..

  21. Post Malone…The Rat King

  22. Britney spears sounds more like a battle with depression.

  23. I shower can I brush my teeth and I use deodorant and I put on body spray whenever I need to. And of course I also told to keep my job at Goodwill so I can show people how productive I am by keeping myself clean no matter what happens.

  24. Some of the allegations are a complete shock. Some not so much. Greasy skin and/or dirty finger nails on a rich and famous person that’s not in character or doing some laborious project is a tell tale sign. There are quite a few ppl that were left out for whatever reason.

  25. Damm I gotta run & wash my ass before I wind up on here😷

  26. Bella thorne look like she smells to

  27. I prefer someone who has ugly face but smell good and look tidy than someone who has good looking but smell bad and can’t clean theirself..

  28. I don’t believe this shit

  29. Ironically it’s mostly women. When i was a kid i walked into the womens bathroom in yankee stadium OH MY GAWD KILL ME!!!!

  30. I don’t care if Post Malone smelt like a wet fart. I am obsessed with him. Personally he is far from ugly to me. He seems like he would be down to earth to me and he seems perfect 🥰

  31. So leos relo failing coz of her hate for the environment?

  32. No wonder Corona is spreading like wild fire.

  33. Post Malone looks like his breath and ass may stink . Seems like a nice guy tho!

  34. my one mate had a photo with malone and he said he reeks bad,like hones so i dunno

  35. post maloney is gross

  36. -Cleanliness is Next to Godliness
    Of course these SATANIC Humen are the Direct Opposite

  37. I love taking showers cuz that’s when I have my personal concerts 😳

  38. I am not surprised about DiCaprio. He seems eccentric.

  39. DiCaprio trays savings water, well I guess he has to try and balance out those private jet rides and the electric and heating bills for all those mansions !

  40. Omg COURTNEY COX without her fillers❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹 there she is! There’s that natural beauty 💥💥💥

  41. You don’t “smell bad”, instead you “smell badly”, unless your olfactory system is malfunctioning.

  42. Looks like gold, smells like garbage. 🤧

  43. I can smell Post Malone just by looking at him.

  44. Leonardo DiCaprio takes his private plane across the world to tell people to conserve energy…

    I heard Clark Gable was nasty smelly too

  45. Well educated people ?? I live in a hot climate and it’s nothing to have 4 showers a day and change clothes 2 or 3 times. These people heve no fear of the virus, no one will go near them.


  47. Hey. no rest for their satan worship yeah ?

  48. Yep this is why i am going to Roll with JESUS ?

  49. I’m sorry but you should not talk about personal hygiene of others. This is bullying

  50. All of them are White people LOL

    1. Because if you call out a black person you’ll be called RACIST

  51. How is this anyone’s business FFS! Who cares!

  52. Jennifer anistank😂🤢😷🤧

  53. A list you don’t want to make🤪🙄


  55. Ok. I noticed that everyone on this list is white. I would’ve thought there would be at least one ethnic person. 🤔 😂 I can’t live like that & I have to take a full shower can’t even just wash the primary areas.

    1. Not all were white

  56. Britney spears is just … Ew

  57. Pointless bull shit

  58. I don’t brush my bunghole

  59. I just wanna chain smoke cigarettes with brittany fr fr

  60. My ex decided that to live with out deodorant. O my bad

  61. Anyone want a Goldren shower?

  62. 🐗💩

  63. lol whats funny is the commentary many people are making, as if this is all 100% confirmed truth. As well, the not wearing deodorant thing isnt “gross.” im a little peeved that kourtney made this list…for that. 100 showers will not remove a certain natural scent we all have. and I also think it sucks that not wearing deodorant made this list several times. as if that in itself is terrible. a shower covers up a lot of sins. LOL. hygene has nothing to do with deodorant. and most people in the world dont wear it.

  64. Of course they all non black people who dont wash up everyone know y’all nasty….

  65. I sprayed Air Freshner after watching this.

  66. Post Malone looks like he stinks every time I see him gross! Take a dam shower!

  67. Ive heard the Kardashian’s have the worst FARTS 😷💨

  68. Before i go out i shower if i don’t go out i don’t

  69. Some one make sure retardo DiCaprio get this message I take a shower every day and I let the water just run over me at least a good 20 minutes.

  70. I hope these celebrities start to take good hygiene into consideration in times of the Coronavirus disease.

  71. Taking shower and using hygiene things started with the original people first


  73. Zac no😂😂

  74. Oh I don’t know…..Could it be SATAN?

  75. People who smell like ass cheese are also the cheapest

  76. Post looks like the type of guy who doesn’t shower

  77. Wow I am better then most of these people. Except for the money

  78. Ya post malone is so grimy I don’t even listen to his music because of it…

  79. Well freaks and other washewashe NUTS, ask bacteriologist, TWICE PER WEEK IS MAXIMUM or you getting allergies.

  80. Malone looks worse then a homeless junky.

  81. Baby wipes are for babies and elderly people

  82. I don’t care what Jen Aniston does. Whatever it is, it works for her. She so fine

  83. that’s all bullshit I don’t think any of these celebrities would actually tell anyone that they don’t shower everyday all lies

  84. Why is there no black people on this list? Really cmon. This is racist … cowards

  85. Somebody come get heeeeeer
    She dancing like a stripper uh

  86. Yo who is watching dis also

  87. Angasifaki Naya

  88. Like how they know Lmaooo

  89. How they know lol

  90. Post Malone smells like burning shit.😂

  91. So Leo smells but still gets all the models lol

  92. Post Malone does look like he smells, he looks dirty

  93. Some people really don’t need deodorant, unfortunately I am not once of those people lol, but I know people who don’t get smelly no matter how much they sweat. One of my friends can be out in the heat, working out, and sweating his ass off, without deodorant, but he never, ever gets smelly. I am pretty envious of him because deodorants aren’t that great for you.

    1. Yes I believe there’s 10 percent of the world who don’t produce a smell, it’s some genetic condition right? I forgot

  94. I think it’s jenifer

  95. Showering everyday is not a white people thing….. that made me want to go shower right now

  96. Yea because water isnt the most common thing in the world. If you lived in the 3rd world conserving water may make sense, but when you live in the U.S you have 0 reason to think conserving water makes any sense. Its literally free and plentiful everywhere in the states.

  97. Jennifer Aniston is just sexy aF

  98. Not showering everyday is gross. I shower at least twice a day

  99. Im white… And shower daily.

  100. Post Malone all round looks dirty, so I kinda would’ve been disappointed if he wasn’t on this list. That’s what drugs and depressed songs do to you.

    1. still richer and more success than you, he looks dump but you are the real dump😆😆

  101. Yes….showering everyday is a white person thing..

  102. People fall for this

  103. I remember I sat to this kid in high school who didn’t shower he smelled like he rolled around in shit

    1. He mustve had terrible diarrhea or bowel problems tbh

  104. Deodorant wearers have bad B.O., the B.O. being the deodorant.

    1. @Megan Ziggler Called bad because it is bad, and presumably, is bad because it is called bad. Also, the bad bacteria is bad because it causes bad odor. We have a theme. Here’s the thing: until we are circa two years of age, we find no odor objectionable, including that of feces. We must be taught to be repulsed by it. Useful, in the case of feces- it is potentially injurious. Not so much, B.O.; it is the chemical carriers and additives in the products made to banish it which are toxic. I am willing to admit that I have occasionally been bothered by B.O.- not my own, of course- because it was very strong, as the smells of deodorants, perfumes and colognes invariably are. The strength’s the thing- when you have a strong sense of smell. I have always suspected that perfume wearers have weak senses of smell (it is known that women have weaker sniffers than men do; whether this caused by heavier and earlier perfume use, or whether cause and effect goes the other way, or whether there is no connection, who knows?) At any rate, it is not, in my observation, the strength of body odor that turns people like yourself off, Megan, but the distasteful associations which are ingrained in you by your conditioning. I realize that you could make the same charge against me, except that I was never TAUGHT to be bothered by the stench of deodorant.

    2. @Paul Johnston How is it nonsense? It prevents you from producing bad odors. It’s called a bad smell because it is bad and the odor is caused by bad bacteria that feeds off your sweat glands.

    3. @Megan Ziggler Did I not not find the smell of deodorant vile, Megan, I would not have made the comment. As far as unscented deodorant goes, why bother? This idea that any smell produced by the body is a bad smell, while anything that comes out of a can or bottle has a good smell- or neutralizes a bad one- is nonsense.

    4. @Paul Johnston well it depends on the deodorant most of them smell pleasant. But maybe get unscented deodorant instead

    5. @Megan Ziggler I may have been speaking of the odor of the deodorant, Megan. What do you think?

  105. Malone smells like beer, cigs, sweat, and pot

  106. Lmfao this dude said staynkiest

  107. Post Malone certainly looks the part so I have no doubt he smells it…f**kin’ grungy scumbag of a dude right there haha

  108. LOOOL EW. take a fkn shower

  109. Celebs are weird af

  110. Long as you know how to get right when it’s time

  111. RMAO 🤷🏿‍♂️ 🤣😭

  112. My sweat is cologne.

  113. “White people shower a lot more than ethnic”. Dumb broad doesn’t know the meaning of “Ethnic”, which does not mean race.

  114. What a load of bollocks

  115. Anddd this is why celebs lose their sanity.. because media produces toxic shit and thinks they’re not paying attention/wont be affected.. when in reality they’re just normal humans with normal resilience levels

  116. Ke $ha and Christina Aguilera always looks greasey.

  117. Frickin Hogs

  118. That’s sick 😷

  119. Post Malone looks like he smells like weed, shit, and dirty laundry…

  120. The chickens cutlets in her bra just sounds stupid.

  121. Next time I’m in the shower with one I’lll rate their washing skills! LMAO

  122. And you all believe this ? …………holy crap….

  123. She obviously knows no ethnic people white people are the least to shower they jump in to shampoo there hair 😭😭🤣🤣

    1. True

  124. I doubt post stinks as bad they say he is

    1. You’re just delusional friend

  125. Kristen Stewart belongs on this list. We’ve seen enough pics of her looking like she hasn’t had a shower or washed her hair for a week to last a lifetime. She did go on the record about how when she gets her make up professionally done for an event, she doesn’t wash her face before she goes to bed because she thinks the smudged mascara and shadow looks good the next day. She’s ruining her skin because she’s so dumb and has such poor hygiene. She’s gong to be 30 this year but it’s a hard 30.



  128. I dont know how black women can date white celebs. Brad Pitt stanks and so does Jason Mumoa!

  129. Yes
    You should not smell like you have 2 Krystal sandwiches under your armpits

  130. What a bunch of pigs.

  131. I shower, I shave, I wax, I brush, I floss, I hydrate, I scrape my tongue…. 💧🚿🧻🛁🧽🧼🧴🧖🏻‍♀️✂️🚽🚾

    1. @M. E. B. didn’t mention that you brush your lips though

    2. @Lemonard well, you’re too kind… Let’s say that I try my best, but one thing I can tell you : I have never slept in my makeup. And I never will 😊👌

    3. Queen of hygiene! 👏🏻

  132. thats so funny cus i know people from columbia and brazil who tell me most people shower multiple times a day there

  133. What if the billionaires that tried to use money to swing politics would instead try to implement a solar and wind powered desalinization set up near LA? Maybe it would help these people take more showers and stop diverting water from everywhere else in the state so that it isn’t the tinderbox that it currently is.

  134. Really utter bullshit

  135. oh post😎

  136. Are these Hollyweird celebs such tight a.rses they can’t afford to shower and use deodorant, gross.

  137. Lol they do this to keep people away from them way to stink lol bunch of skunks!!

  138. I shower everyday more than once.. Dont know how anybody can go days without washing their parts 😬😳

  139. It really and truly saddens me to to hear what black men think of me 🤣

  140. I think it’s disgusting you use and abuse people poor hygiene.

    You never talk about or make money off someone hygiene

  141. How arrogant do you have to be to think that you’re the only person that doesn’t have to wear deodorant. Post Malone definitely looks like that guy at the back of the bus that just makes the whole thing reeked.

  142. Notice how they are all white?


  143. Smell like shame I assume 😎

    1. Good one

  144. Really, one shower a week is just fine for me. if I smell, I know.

    1. What? That’s ludacris!!!

  145. Oye

  146. Video starts with Britney’s music video clip , and I’m not surprised

  147. if you believe this shit about leo being an earth lover then you need help.

  148. This makes me want to go take a shower right now ☁️

  149. I wash my ass in the sink every night like how can you not wash your ass before bed

  150. they all look like they r stink…so…

  151. “These are the stinkiest stars in Hollywood”😂😂😂

  152. Adam Morrison is #1 in Spokane,WA🤮

  153. No comment…

  154. Bulshit the Star Magazine is just the same as The Enquirer nothing but gossip for ignorant people

  155. Post smells like Budlight and cigarettes,or it might have been the bar we were in….HAHAHAHAA.


  156. My dad once told me « If someone smells a bad smell on you , he will remember it forever and never wants to be around you again. » and I’ve met people who stank with sweat and I just couldn’t be around them anymore, I always remember that smell.😣

  157. That’s disgusting you can catch bugs from them. Ugh

  158. oh lord! 😱 😱 😱 😱 😱

  159. I really like Post Malone, but he’s not very attractive in my opinion at all? Just the thought iif him smelling on top of that, makes me want to 🤢🤮

  160. Post looks dirty and nasty

  161. I dont think post could smell bad. He is so damn cute

  162. Ass sweat Mick fish and Kaka

  163. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  164. Deodorant is unnatural. It’s man-made. Moron.

  165. This is all fake.

  166. Sounds more like people who are upset with these celebs just talking CA CA. I understand you guys gave up along time ago tho. Doesn’t make it right you should be ashamed of. Not mad just disappointed.

  167. Going green or claiming to be natural just translates to being too lazy to practice good hygiene. Here is a newsflash for people who don’t wash their bodies or teeth, diseases spread when you do that shit

  168. My husband never wears deodorant. He only smells on really hot and humid days when he has worked his balls off. Otherwise, he never smells.

    1. Angela Hall his balls smell? 😳

  169. I always thought all the Hollyweirdos stunk so nothing new with me🤔👌🍻

  170. If you don’t shower at lest once a day you need Jesus himself

  171. I do not care HOW RICH and FAMOUS YOU ARE, if you STAAAANK, you worse than a copper penny that I’d rather pick off the street and suck on a couple times. XD (gross, I know)

  172. Poor Post Malone 😂

  173. Ok well listen here.. Zac Effron is already dirty in my own thoughts, who cares lol

    1. Cool, noted. Enjoy the yeast infection.

  174. This is mean. I usually enjoy your videos but this is a low blow.

  175. I’ve always had OCD about being clean. I don’t understand people who don’t care about it themselves.

    1. Its called being lazy about taking care of your body Smell

  176. He won’t shower but a private jet or a yacht is fine sorry sometimes two showers a day depending on the day ! Sorry not sorry .

  177. I don’t shower but 2 a week and once a week in winter . I don’t wear deo either . What’s the big deal ?? If I smelled funky my family would tell me .. and I don’t ☺️

  178. gross
    shower TWICE a day plzzzz

  179. DeCaprio was that way for a movie you idiot.

  180. I’m 100% sure Post doesn’t smell like roses!

    1. Lol

  181. Yuck! Stank! They just so nasty!

  182. I work at a college,this hygiene shit is a big thing amongst,some of the students

    1. Amazing information. People like to be clean? What kind of idiot are you?

  183. Yeah, their feet don’t smell either.

  184. People with money shouldn’t have any excuses as to why they stink.

  185. Leave postie alone

  186. Post is disgusting

  187. 01:30 if the chicken cutlet were always fresh, then she doesn’t belong on the smelly list….plus how is bikini waxing gross hygiene? weird location for doing this is not poor hygiene, it’s just “a weird place for doing it”.

  188. Conserve water😳!!!! WHAAAAAA🤭??? Your rich and don’t want to take care of your hygiene😳.I mean you’re very active and have the means to get more. BATH AND BRUSH YOUR TEETH PEOPLE! Sounds like some kind of mental illness. Whatever it’s just plain nasty😖🤭 Cleanliness is next to godliness and people around you would appreciate you even more.

    1. Lmao amen

  189. Remember, these are the people who are trying to tell you how to vote, and live your life. Keep that in mind.

  190. Shower long then bath in salt and essential oils. Step out blot off and oil skin with coconut oil. End with cream over. To back up, first dry brush to exfoliate the body but first use scrub on bye face neck hands and feet before starting.
    Rest for 10 minutes in bed then do your hair and make up.
    Shower and soak when legs need shaving.

  191. they cant even get up & bathe yet they can solve society’s ills…. lmao

  192. No Leonardo DiCaprio you said yourself up a danger by not washing up and you Are millions of dollars yucky


  194. Leo is getting more Hollywood tail than anyone his age. I’m sure he’s doing fine.

    1. Hahaha id take him in a heartbeat hes handsome

  195. Y’all need to stop bullying post malone like that smh 🙁


  196. Yay lets all judge people we don’t know!

  197. I also rarely take shower, also rarely do laundry….

    But I try to brush my teeth everyday

  198. And also as for Britney:
    She has mental issues and isnt really all there in the head, so im not suprised.
    (Yes i know im a fan but im being honest)

  199. Ugh Post Malone is so freakin ugly, idk what people see in him! Im also NOT suprised he’s on here

  200. Damn,,,I thought that was a custom mouth grill!

  201. Gross!

  202. Sometimes people come into my Burger King smelling like they had a pack of cigarettes for breakfast.
    Disgusting 🤢🤢🤢

    1. Ikr! Those are the worst behind people who don’t brush their teeth twice a day and don’t wear deodorant 🤮

  203. I am broke as shit but I take a shower daily and wear deodorant and brush my teeth at least twice a day. There is no excuse to be fucking nasty.

  204. How about they all stink. They all think the world loves them. Think again stars.

  205. Bullshit I hung out with Post when he was here in PA… and dude doesn’t smell?

  206. Best deodorant without chemicals is Crystal. It’s a salt stick. Allows you to sweat without the smell or clogging your glands/pores.

    It can cost $5 a stick but will last you at least a year.

  207. Does drowning in water in the titanic count as getting clean?

  208. Where’s Robert Pattinson? Heard he decimated his Edward Cullen wardrobe because he refused to bathe and wear deodorant.

  209. Fun fact: Puertorricans bath 2 to 3 times a day…

  210. The Jennifer Anniston stuff wouldn’t bother me…

    1. I always wondered why such a beautiful girl kept getting dumped….

  211. Noticed not too many people of color in this. Confirms my belief, you cold cheese eating, mayonnaise flavored everything, kiss your dog in the mouth and then proceed to eat a pickle troglodytes are the nastiest people on earth even with money. Nasty mf’s blaming the environment for not showering everyday shame or you that tree doesn’t want that corn chip and sardine’d infused c02 coming from your breath. Just nasty.

  212. Post Malone needs to shave and groom his hair often…

  213. I could def see Britney Spears and the kardashians all smelling bad and prob smelling like fish down

    1. Brent Mcnutt 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  214. Showering more than once a day is not a white people thing! Don’t @ me

  215. Eww makes me want to throw up til I have to be hospitalized😒




    1. @Josh Robinson so a little mistake !!

    2. I think you mean, “*Conceited.” You should learn to spell.

  219. You can buy natural deodorants like Fat and Moon do these people live under a rock?

  220. They may be filthy but worse than that, they are cheap. How about helping the homeless in L.A. your neighborhood. You people are so incredabally cheap as p. Maybe you give money to agencies so you can deduct it but it ain’t t getting there. Do what needs to be done. Your so selfish. We are boycotting your movies until you smarten up. Assholes.

  221. Ya’ll lying too much

  222. Post Malone is to adorable to be called ugly and to say he smells bad, well I would love to have a chance to find out my self

  223. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  224. Like DiCaprio takes out his own garbage I’m calling bullshit

  225. Yall stanky!!!!

  226. Nya R, just because you don’t shower ,doesn’t mean that anybody else shouldn’t be clean,every body should be clean.

  227. Yuck,! 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝

  228. Naya Rivera is a dummy by saying that Latinos don’t shower as much and it’s a white people thing. When the Spaniards invaded the New World, Fray Bartolomé de las Casas wrote on his memoirs that he was really impressed because the Taino Indians showered a lot more than once a day. People from warm countries tend to shower more often than people from countries from cold weather because warmth makes you sweat more. Dummy

  229. Uhh baking soda and corn starch is a natural neutralizer..

  230. Molone yes please 😊

  231. And they’re all white, not surprised😂

    1. Yeah but I’ve seen worse hygiene in black people as well

  232. Did you say “highly reputable National inquirer” you lost me😐



  233. i dont care if that post Malone smells like sugar coated roses, he so ugly I just gotta look away….these other folks, I find kinda doubtful …….

  234. They are still trying to identify bacteria on some of the bulldozers that were used to clean out Rosie o Donnells belly button.

  235. I don’t get into the tub to shower, I use the sink to wash up. I do that twice a day, I get scared I may slip in the tub. 😞

    1. How do you wash up in a sink?

  236. One day I was at the gym, on the stair master. Someone was on one, three away from me. His stench was so strong I couldn’t even breathe. It smelled like he had not washed his bottom and shorts for weeks. I have changed many many diapers in my life. I would rather smell diapers than him. Ewwww

  237. Complains about his teeth getting cold

  238. I don’t wear rainbow color’s. I wear nothing but black. Make’s my pure pale white skin stand out more. I hate white clothing not a big fond of it. Black Jnco’s jean’s black hoodies black Dc shoe’s or black World Industries shoe’s is all me. So all you motha fucka’s can bitch at me. While midnight I be wearing all black hit me it’s ok. I get back up itch my butt like what missed me. And your fake ass god can’t kill me. Even if I spit out god damn Jesus fuckin Christ in his name fucker still can’t catch my soul. And make my heart stop at my death. And people claim I have a angle watching over me. Na I am my own god damn lord Jesus fuckin Christ angle. What can I say when I was in preschool I was playing in heating vent’s and with dead rat’s at the same time. You all had your own dirt me the heating vent was my fort need long arm’s like beetle juice to get me the fuck out of my fort. And what else can I say I am a game freak. Movie’s and show’s seem to suck more then they use to be. And who need’s movie’s or show’s when there is the house of Rose Red the Dairy of Ellen Rimbauer. I will Focus on that all up in it. While i want to make it my own house of terror. What a fun way to make a house bleed with death with it’s haunting’s. That be some real fuckin magic in a real haunted house low life imitator freak’s.

    1. U pretty f’d up in the head dude

    2. Did u forget ur meds today?

  239. Well Leo, post, and jen could smell like absolute shit and I’d still eat their divk lmfao

  240. How do they know guys don’t know the celebs. You guys put out this FAKE I do and the dummies will follow everything ya say.

  241. Have these people not heard of deodorant stones

  242. Brad Pitt is apparently very smelly.

  243. Hillary Clinton has the worst hygiene

  244. David Arquette has no room to talk .. came into our bar and was a drunk sloppy mess

  245. if i were a celebrity, i would be on this list

  246. That’s true a lot of non-white people smell gawd awful. They don’t shower at all.

    1. R. Harris no it’s not!

    2. That’s a lie!!

  247. You can use those crystals, for deodorant, you don’t have to shower every day 3 days a week should keep your clean a 5 to 6 minutes is not alot of wasted water.

  248. You are a stinker if you do not bathe regularly and brush your teeth two or three times a day use a deodorant or body spray everyday then you are a stinker!

  249. Who cares these freaks are all part of the cabal anyway

    1. Another one of “those” idiots…

  250. Post Malone looks like a washed-up heavy metal singer mixed with a truck driver

  251. Post Malone grosses me out. I didnt need anyone to tell me he is nasty. He reminds me of the charmin bears except using the cheap brand.
    My hiney’s not clean, it smells like beans.

  252. I do not believe that rumor about Aniston. That Sounds like an old jealous roommate, nothing Else.

  253. Matthew McConaghey just LOOKS like he would smell bad. Also Brad Pitt. George Clooney, good-smelling.

  254. “Musk” means “stink”

    1. Lol

  255. I can’t go a day without showering, it just doesn’t feel right lol and I luv water

    1. @Melanie im so sorry 🙁

    2. I have no running water, and I live in Arizona. I literally bathe in a bucket and do my laundry by hand with a washboard. When you are choosing between being able to cook or clean, I only eat once every other day

    3. @The fluffy otter waaaaaay too cold,you dotn even sweat when its that cold

    4. @Србомбоница i live in sweden and shower every day–

    5. @Србомбоница yeah thats right americans think its dirty to not shower everyday, but people who live in colder region showers once in a week, its easy to say i shower everyday in hot water try showering with cold water

  256. I don’t believe in holding in 💨 farts

  257. Leo sounds like he’s lost it.

  258. Why was this in my suggested videos….I’m sorry but “highly reputable, National Enquirer?” Give me a break. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  259. Post Malone does look like he smells like a BBQ restaurant’s dumpster and weed.

    1. Seann Ryan omg yes!😂no Offense

    2. Lmao

    3. 🤣😅😂🤣😅🤣😂

    4. 🤦‍♀️

  260. man a lot of these celebs have a problem with deodorant

  261. Celeb’s with the worst personal hygiene. Dose not matter if I was one of these celeb’s. I would be known as the king of the worst personal hygiene in the world. I don’t see the dentist I don’t brush my teeth. I wear my cloth’s every damn day. I don’t shower. And I do not brush my hair. So fuck yeah I am NASTY as a motha fucka. So while pussie’s be having a nice smile. I be tryin to have a tooth decay. loose all my teeth. I have a very long tongue like band kiss. It’s ok though momma’s love it. While I love and hate to eat. But if I can loose all my teeth. I would have fun eat eat stuff my face like alittle skinny piggy as I am. Without biting my long ass tongue with it. shit motha fuckin hurt’s as a bitch. And my sock’s are Krusty. And my feet stink up the joint . When i take my shoe’s off.

    1. Well it must had flooded up where all the dinosaurs bones at how much had we found out of each not God damn much at the bottom of the ocean floors dig up in the ground’s damn need one big hose to suck the ocean dry to find em all. But you idiots don’t want to want to save all the God damn fish in the ocean.. I am not scared to put a big ass water hose in the ocean suck out the water out and see what we all can find treasure in fact lots of it fuck those fish I can have lots of tuna shark on my plate bye bye jelly fish no more sting ray all the treasure for us all to dig up on dry land retarted mother fucker’s

    2. And why do I not take care of my teeth. Not just cause of my long ass tongue all the hot momma’s love so much. I don’t wanna see myself on a god damn smucker jar like for real 110 year’s old good for them. Don’t tell me they wanna god damn cookie. Go make one themself if they want one so god damn bad. Me people should live at 50 no more no less where has those good day’s gone now people try to out beat death. Like really you can’t let me go. Let me be god damn you let me be a god damn ghost up in the joint. Where the ghost is best at do their haunting’s. So when this great world end’s. I still be a ghost in the ocean. Even if the world flood’s up even more than it has. When the dinosaurs walked this earth.

    3. And so what I sure can act I ain’t your kick in the funny bone. Na I am the one who can act very scary like it’s horror in my own room. But WTF do i wanna be a actor for. When I can take that shit to Rose Red with me in it. It sure be a house of horror welcome to my fright night up in the house of terror. Where the dead don’t rest.

  262. “White ppl bathe more than other races” she says while this whole list only contained white ppl that didnt like to bathe 😂💀

    1. Ahahahahaha. I want to laugh so contagiously when hearing that statement. Really? I believe Southeast Asians take shower/bath 2-3 times a day while white people have to be forced to take shower/bath.

    2. I know right. Some Europeans even had to be taught how to wash themselves by others races.

  263. This whole story is not true lol


  265. I think it’s called laziness!

  266. Naya Rivera is an idiot 🙄

  267. Ewww white people be nasty asf! I figure they’re the only ones in this video lmao… smelling like funk! How can you not shower and wash ur ass everyday? Thts so fukn gross!

  268. Here is a new ranking for you Nikki Swift: “Once popular youtube channels, that don’t even get 100k views per video anymore”. You’d be winning in that category! Congratulations, your carreer is dead!

  269. Post looks like he smells like vomit

  270. Yuck! wanna take a shower just for watching this video

  271. …..right….

  272. Excellent job YouTube! I have covered several intresting topics in my life. With all this well known information there should be no errors in the world.

  273. Im a terrible human with many flaws. My existence is only through Gods graces. I have been known to sweat but even sweating if one maintains a healthy diet and drink plenty of water bo is not as harsh.

  274. Why does not using deodorant have to mean smelling bad? What about just showering good to not have to hide all the bad odors behind a deodorant?

  275. Britney spear’s just don’t have a bad hygiene. She also is a lip singin ho. A real hooker don’t need to lip sing on a stage. Drop to knee’s and sing on a big stiffy ho.

  276. I love Post Malone, but him being on this list honestly doesn’t surprise much people, including me.

  277. This whole video is a joke… I mean when your home let’s be real some of you guys does not shower all the time only when your going out…

    1. @Nagisa Preston Psh, speak for yourself nutjob.

    2. @Same Hard stfu nobody cares you can go ahead and correct my whole sentence if you wish

    3. First of all learn how to use proper Grammar before you comment!

  278. post malone does look like a dirt bag, and i knew courtney cox took smelly shits

  279. The Chicken cutlets aren’t real. It’s plastic that looks like a chicken cutlets

  280. “… waste water showering”? Cmon that’s not a waste it’s public service, stinky

  281. Five bucks post Malone must smell like weed 🤮 😂

  282. Courtney looks the same with the plastic surgeries 😂

  283. Yaaaaakkkk wft

  284. Gross!

  285. So when do we get to hear about celebrities with the best hygiene.

  286. Yo – smell Ya later – Fresh Prince

  287. Leo dosent want to waste water shower yet he’ll take his private yachts and jets around the world…

    1. Irony

  288. Actually, Leonardo is right, you should not bathe more than three times a week. When you take showers every day or more times a day you severely damage your skin defensive layer and you make your self much more susectable to skin diseases.

    1. @mc Mac Ask your doctor he will tell you the same. It’s common knowlage.

    2. do u have scientific evidences to back this claim? millions of people shower everyday n so such thing was reported..if anything poor hygiene might make one more susceptible to skin diseases.

  289. *I’m ethnic but I shower everyday*

  290. Leo misses trash day? That dude would have cleaners and maids in his mansion looool fake news.

  291. These people are famous and have all the money they want of course there will be times when they let themselves go and not care

    1. Lame excuse

  292. I used to figure to shower, put deodorant on, and brush my teeth all the time but now I learned how to care of myself even more

  293. That’s gross to not shower I’m shocked about Zac efron

  294. I can’t go to bed are anywhere without bathing

  295. It’s unhealthy not to take care of your hygiene

  296. Deodorant is not good for you, but I will not go without it! Ya’ll would smell me!

    1. Connie Wonnie I haven’t bought a stick of deodorant in 13 years. I thought the fact that I had NEVER had B.O. was due to hyper vigilance in the hygiene department. Then I had to have a gene study to rule out a few possible genetic disorders. Turns out I have some weird gene called ABCC11 that makes it so I don’t stink. It’s like only 3% of the population has it, My brother and I inherited it from my mom. I do sweat, but only on my scalp and a tiny bit on my lower back, and it pretty much smells the same as when really little kids sweat. I’ve never had sweat rings on a shirt, or sweaty feet. It’s nice not to stink, but people are supposed to sweat when they’re hot. And I hardly do at all. I get pretty sick in the summer if I leave my house and go somewhere without air conditioning. I think I’d rather stink and get sweaty if it meant I could have freedom to enjoy summer outside.

  297. Leonardo diCaprio is so green he flies all over the World & cruises around in power yachts?

    1. Organic kerosene is thing

  298. if someone doesnt use deoderant after some time their smell actually isnt strong or there at all bc the antiperprint and deoderants tend to block and make that are wonky with the pours

  299. Im brown but i do shower more than once a day. Does that make me white? 🤔 lol

  300. Fake News

  301. Post Malone thumbnail tho 😅😂😂 Perfect Pick !

  302. The Post Malone meme started this lol

  303. Gross.

  304. Hi I’m ugly, but you should accept me anyway.

    You’re not ugly, you stink!

  305. About 20 yrs ago. I rode the city bus and this guy got on and i assume he was homeless. He smelled worst than ANYTHING i ever experienced. My eyes started watering and my nose was feeling like it was burning. And he was on the front end of the bus while i was in back. The lady bus driver stopped the bus and opened every window and made him get off the bus. She also said her eyes were watering and she couldnt see the road. True story.

    1. @Kc king of pickles Audis no, I have smelt people on the bus that would blow your mind

    2. Yeah that’s bs no bus driver would do that buses stink any way given 20 year’s ago you could smoke on busses there is no way you would have just smelt him buses don’t get deep cleaned every day either nice attempt but fail

  306. They’re all nasty, & they’re all white.. Makes sense

    1. Racist much? Lol

    2. Well there is a white person who also made a comment on non whites smelling…. So where is this same energy? You’re calling this person racist so why not the white guy who also made a comment on people of color? Oh… It’s not ok for a person of color to say white smells but it’s ok for a non colored person to say it? Man stfu unless you’re going to have this same energy towards your own for also making racist comments.

    3. Rose Spaulding well clearly you do because you brought up blacks! You showed your true colors! As he or she asked, is there no other races besides black and white?

    4. Uh.. Racist much? You do know not all whites are stinky right? And also the blacks or any other race, we all have stinky people in all race. So stfu if you don’t know what to say.

    5. @Retro Vybz , God Damned you’re stupid 😫😆😆😆🤣

  307. What? bikini wax just let them grown 😂

  308. I shower once a day. AMA!

  309. Why is almost all the whites who smell the worst. And deceased

  310. So, Courteney Cox doesn’t wash her Ass? That Latina chick was right though, about White people taking too many damned showers…

  311. Meanwhile kourtney your silicone implants are ok but not deodorant? 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ my godddd

    1. @Natalia Jayakoddy 😆😆😆😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭

    2. @Ross Moriarty 😂😂😂😂

    3. x raeee omgg 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    4. There’s deodorant without aluminum and all natural ones too if she and the Sanderson sisters wants to buy it.

      Hocus Pocus is one of my favorites.

  312. Why ya gotta do Post like that? For shame

    1. I AGREE

  313. Ugh, Zac Efron was such a disappointment.
    There are very few excuses to be this disgusting.

  314. Where’s Kid Rock??

  315. I seriously can’t stand people that smell bad it’s just puts me off

    1. darth vader well congratulations earth Vader you’re officially normal like everybody

    2. darth vader It’s absolutely disgusting!!🤢

    3. but you smell that bad

    4. Jabba the Hut, stank, so I heard.

    5. Imagine being severely depressed, having no will to even shower then have this bitch tell you off for smelling bad.

  316. #1 Pete Dougherty – The guy drips french fry oil.

    How did Cameron Diaz not make the list? Didn’t she and the lead from Cold Play get kicked off a plane because of their smell?


    2. magusxxx Really?

  317. Where’s Justin Bieber ?

  318. Maybe they want to stink to keep fans away, lol

    1. Lol , that’s fanny 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂

    2. That’s pretty shitty

    3. Lmao 😂😂😂

    4. Carol Driehorst 😀😀😀😀

  319. Post looks like he smells fuckn horrible

  320. Post Malone is so down to earth lol love him

    1. Is that sarcasm?

  321. Last time I saw, Leo’s love life is doing fine…have you seen his girlfriends 😉

    1. And what does it say about a person who would date someone who reeks?

    2. He’s able to have those “girlfriends ” because he has money. If he was a regular schmegular guy , he’d just be a musty jerk🤣

  322. Woman should not smell funky, even if you go green there are ways of doing it without offending people with your bad BO.

    1. Lala Walker
      Nobody should smell funky periodt…..

  323. Why would a man or woman not want to shower? I mean, even if you are rich you still need to bathe. Who really wants to stink? I bet a homeless person would be ecstatic to have a good hot shower.

  324. I would Smell Jennifer Ainiston’s Farts just to get close to her A-Hole.

    1. Brilliant

  325. I’ve met several guys who insisted their natural funk attracted women. They all smelled like dumpsters.

    1. @noemistephanie93 lpl

    2. @noemistephanie93 ]98oo.


    3. @Eric Melendez Battle k

    4. I see why I don’t date certain white women attractive

    5. EW

  326. Britney was depressed soooo….. that’s a low blow to tell everyone about how she acted when depressed.

    1. I bet Brittany has a smelly box

    2. Woohoo take a hot shower and you’ll feel better

    3. A sign of depression is going days without showering…

    4. A hot bath god for depression 😁

    5. Exactly what came to mind..

  327. Just by looking at Post Malone you KKNNOOWW he smells bad.

    1. I already take a picture with him and he actually smell good, idk why everybody said he don’t smell good

    2. Like budussy

  328. But good old leo decaprio will get in his private plane and fly everywhere. He doesn’t bathe because he’s gross!

  329. I take a shower everyday 😂 I can’t sleep dirty 😭

    1. @From A Dark Room Unless you’ve sweated alot, etc.. you don’t really have any smell to your skin.. I shower every 2-3 days & I’m never smelly.. In between days I use either a face cloth or cleansing wipes to refresh if needed & this helps w/dry skin.. I’m usually fine.. 🙂

    2. @Damon McGeachy A hot one in the summer twice?? Thats very drying & should be warmer/cooler side in sumer..

    3. Ivan Čanak yeah even scientists did an experiment on people who shower just with water and with water and shampoo

    4. @ionuthz 69 because we want to secrete the dead skin. Also to get rid of bad smell instead of depending on perfume

    5. I take a shower every week idk why some people shower everyday

  330. I walked passed someone in Walmart one day and they smelled so bad it almost cut my breath off . A cross between a overflowing cat’s litter box and mold and old trash . Wicked nasty .🤢🤮.

    1. Summer Sky Sky someone at my school smelt like that 😬😭

    2. Eww 🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮

    3. Did you get that number girllll?

    4. Damn! Lmao

    5. @Lumpkins lml

  331. Hillary Clinton smells like sulfur.

  332. I’d wash all the lady’s…… dirty girls .

  333. Post Malone looks like he stinks so….

    1. @LaQuita Collins gayyy

    2. @L L fact is that his balls stink ….they say ^^

    3. Post looks like hes got a touch of down syndrome

    4. @LaQuita Collins but his girls love his stinky balls ^^

    5. LOL thats what i was gonna comment 😂😂😂

  334. Uh.. I saw Leo Dicaprio once, I was close enough to perceive his smell and he smelled really good and looks clean. This gotta be a huge joke 😽

    1. “Only showers a couple times a week” like what. I shower once a week. I feel like ur body gets used to ur habits

    2. It doesn’t matter???

    3. @Josh French national inquirer tell lies

    4. It was the national enquirer that reported it.

    5. @Kerry Conradie maybe ,here’s what says not all is true.

  335. This video made me laugh so much! 😂😂😂

  336. DiCaprio may use not showering as an excuse for “greenness,” but then steps into his jet to flit around the world. Way to go green, hypocrite Leo. Such a fake.

    1. @ArJo666DK yeah do you know that? Are you a jet or yacht expert Leo owns?

    2. @Salixis…. Sure, but neither his jet or yacht are 😉🙂

    3. Ever heard of electro jets? 😉

    Where do you get this information?
    Oh I remember it, from an anonymous source
    Great source to get REAL information🙄

    1. @Kc king of pickles Audis lmfaoo

    2. @Kc king of pickles Audis 😂

    3. Typical triggered fan girl he stinks get over it

  338. So Leonardo doesn’t take baths to save the environment but flies on his private jet.

    1. He dont shower to save water but flying a jet to go out on a super yacht that burns more fuel then a dozen 18 wheeler per hour. that’s Democrats saving the environment.

    2. @Insane One When men do it its abuse, when women do it its just their thing.

    3. Bro I just wanted to make this comment, like who are these fake people?

    4. I can’t stand him..

    5. Maybe he’s has so much money he doesn’t know what to do with himself if he has a half of a brain he has to know that if he himself doesn’t wash up its not going to save awhole lot of water .

  339. You’re just being mean, they all live in California and that’s how they deal with the constant droughts in the area… 😂

    1. Yeah, then hop on their jets for “greenness.”

  340. “he only showers few days a week” we arent supposed to shower 7/7

    1. From A Dark Room Think about this constant drying and friction of skin=?

    2. From A Dark Room you sound like you live in a trailer park and shower once a week. Don’t lie

    3. Retro Vybz When your skin is wrinkly and irritated tell me

    4. Euww nasty. I took shower twice a day and i believe most southeast asians do the same. How does take shower damage your skin when it exfoliates dead skin that your body dont want? Also no wonder most Europeans and Americans look older than their age because of this habit. I dont even talk about the private parts that you guys just wipe with tissues. Euw, those who perform these are so nasty.

    5. @Insane One haha the arms first ….
      Asshole then the crotch and then the teeth

      Lol nice order

  341. They got rott croch blahhhh

  342. Just gross and nauseating 🤮🤮🤮

  343. I must say, I am very surprised by some of these celebs.. Especially knowing how people are big fans of them

    1. People are very shallow and ignorant.

    2. So true!

  344. Cringe😫

  345. I’m surprised about Zac Efron, to be honest…

    1. @Yvonne killa me too


    3. @Melissa Reynolds hi higo

    4. Yea that made me sad 😔

    5. @Michele Huffman well he’s a hot window licking douche canoe that I’d ride but shooter would be a requirement lol

  346. Summer Walker is number 1

  347. I just fell back in love with toxic chemicals after watching this video.

  348. The stress of Hollywood

  349. Well, it’s all about “hesaid-she said”…

  350. “you look like you smell like beer and cigarettes”

  351. I don’t care any one says I wouldn’t mind Jennifer anisons bad odor I wouldn’t mind sniffing her stinky feet and toes if she had that odor natural scents of women is beautiful

  352. Stop using post for this shit

  353. You will be successful in life 🏠💰

    Like & Sub to activate ✔️


  354. Zac ? Noo 😭

  355. In other words they are just plain lazy to wash their asses.

  356. Not surprised to see Post Malone on the thumbnail

    1. I’ve never heard of his music or him

    2. He look like hobo homeless on food stamp

    3. Same lmao 😂

    4. Exactly 😂

  357. Gross

  358. When rich people cant buy hygiene habits but can believe strongly on ignorance

  359. Malone smells bad? I’m shocked! Shocked, I say! Who could possibly have guessed that?

  360. Leo saving water by going days without showering…but flies private, has a yacht with a helipad. But, ok. 😒

    1. Paola Ramirez I was speaking out of curiosity not stupidity.

    2. @Natalia Jayakoddy go back to school

    3. Natalia Jayakoddy planed are beyond terrible for the environment. They release a lot of greenhouse gases into the air.

    4. What do private jets have to do with the environment? Is it the gas?

      Leo can get it in 40s but he needs to take care of himself really well.

    5. They said he doesn’t take his trash or recycling out on time and I immediately realized this show is full of shit because I cant believe for one second that DiCaprio does that for himself in the first place. It’s like his maid or butlers job isnt it?

  361. Post Malone’s hair looks like a rats nest, and those face tattoos are horrible

    1. @noemistephanie93 you look like a slag in your pitcure, looks like used alot time and never been washed.

    2. He looks like he needs to bathe to need to shower.

    3. Rats nest lol 🤣

    4. @Homer B boa

  362. Hi I’m Smelly.😁

  363. This must be fake…like every Hollywood personality

  364. Not surprised to see post malone in this list

  365. I thought I already saw this?? 🤔

    1. Brett Kimura I could’ve sworn that I’ve seen this exact video before too

    2. Same

    3. No, you already smelled it.

  366. That just nasty!!! LOL

    1. leechomatic2002

      Nasty to you it don’t bother me I like women with bad odor it depends I’m weird that way

  367. First to comment. 😂

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