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CHEAP Medical Supplies! DOLLAR Tree Shopping!

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713 thoughts on “CHEAP Medical Supplies! DOLLAR Tree Shopping!

  1. Xxx

  2. I see you cant get fish mox on ebay anymore

  3. Your dollar store has better stuff than my dollar store…😁

  4. So sorry for the ignorance of trolls appearing in the thread..maybe they are bots. It’s incredible. Your service is indespensible

  5. Thank you so much patriot nurse.
    Here in the socialist republic of California..were being locked down more every few days..don’t know if I’ll make. it to the doIlar tree..even if I had the money.

  6. She is like the perfect person to advertise for Dollar Tree, they should let her be in commercials.

  7. Sorry but you look beautiful dont know why you say you look ruff being in the morning

  8. What part of the us are you in

  9. YEAH WELLYOUR SUPPORTING CHINA . Not me I try my hardest to not by China communist

  10. Lookin good.

  11. I actually enjoy viewing your little videos and am glad you take the time and trouble to produce and publish them on you tube. My wife and I are both “seniors” and suffer the miladies of advanced age but also some wisdom from all this time on the planet. Your incites and advice are appreciated and valued. We both try to go out to the range every week to keep our proficiency with our firearms up to par, keep a adequate stock of medical supplies, and food on hand, reload all our ammunition, the wife loves to garden veggies, we have 8 fruit bearing trees, a well, generator, and camping gear(propane and wood or charcoal cooking facilities) and a fireplace insert for heating the house if the electric goes out. The big inadequate area I have is in a stock or the lack of is in anti-biotics. I have started to accumulate a little bit of “Fish and Avian” anti-biotics as an emergency stash in case of a supply of such things are interrupted. These appear to be the exact same anti-biotics as are prescribed for humans but are they? Ben Workman, Msgt USAF Ret.

  12. You are awesome!

  13. Use can tell looking at your older videos of the different time of you life. Blessing in YAH’s name

  14. The icey hot patches from my local dollar store definitely worked for me.when i needed them.

  15. Hey sweetheart how are you doinh praying for you hang in there babe

  16. Oh and then they can sniff that doggy puppy trainer pad that has chemicals to attract the urine !! lol You’re not supposed to crush any pills, it renders them inactive.

  17. Thanks so much for this video. I love picking up supplies on the cheap as everything is so expensive! Always enjoy your presentations; thanks again.

  18. Thanks Patriot Nurse for the awesome information on the ‘Dollar Tree’ medical stuff we can get on the cheap!

  19. I especially enjoyed the yelling children 😉

  20. I’ve been to Dollar tree so, so many times and have never seen finger splints.. dang! Gotta keep my eyes open for those. Great video!

  21. A little rough??? NO WAY. You, young lady, are 100% real.

  22. Still gorgeous

  23. *Just to add a little bit… Everyone should know how to do basic medical procedures from splinting through suturing. Sutures and instruments (including self-contained practice kits) can be had on ebay for next to nothing. You’ll want both absorbable and non-absorbable, sizes 0 through 4-0 (unless you plan to be doing vascular or plastic surgery – then go get as many zeroes as you want). “Combat Gauze” (anti-bleeding chems in it) should be in EVERY first aid kit. Antibiotics as well (again, ebay. Not cheap, but you WILL need them. Get Amoxicillin, Keflex, and Clindamycin at minimum). Antibiotic salves from the drug store will do for almost everything, but you’ll also need a few tubes of Mupirocin for MRSA infected people. Get as many Epi-Pens as you can: every insurance will cover them (most docs will write you for one box per month, and there are two to a box). If you can get them, and it just became extremely difficult, you should have a small supply of opiates in case the S-T really hits that fan hard. A seven day supply is your minimum, a month should be more than enough for the life of those drugs (and the extra five years you can safely use them).*

  24. Hey look, it’s a cheap piece of trash at the cheap piece of trash store. Horses for courses.

  25. Firefighter/EMT here another GREAT place to shop for med supplies is your local feed store. I have gotten some really great med supplies there that hard to get otherwise.

  26. cold packs tend to have ammonia nitrate and they can be used for fertilizer or ‘other things’ in an apocalypse. The small amount per packet and time required to process would make such thing dumb outside of an apocalypse/SHTF.

  27. I’m a new subscriber and I really enjoy your videos

  28. I buy generic (equate) maxi pads, tampons. Excellent blood soakers

  29. thank you

  30. Your a sassy nurse!!!!😊

  31. You have a great Dollar Tree!

  32. for us with limited income the Dollar Tree is a good place to shop for things like med supplies I am a little cautious on food but in a pinch there are some things that would work, soups, and crackers canned fruit I just am careful when it comes to food stuff from there but when thinking of survival my mind tends to think water, food and medical we just moved onto 2.38 akers got the compost pile started, the ground needs some weeding working on that, plans for chickens, and a couple of goats just in the process of getting settled oh we live in Fresno County area and we have a well, use propane for heat and cooking we also cook out on the bbq’s a lot almost yr round. we have several fruit trees as well three citrus, a peach, plum and Quince not sure what that tastes like but I am willing to try it.

  33. Luv ya

  34. Your intelligence and strength of character are remarkable and admirable, to this day. I’m really enjoying going back and watching through your older videos.

  35. Hello PN. I’m loving your blogs. Love from Vancouver Island.

  36. Every time I make a first aid kit somebody takes it whaa.. note to self dissolvable sutures liquid bandage and butterfly bandage

  37. I need to make a list of things to get. So many things.

  38. Hi .. could you teach me what dosage of animal antibiotics that would be appropriate to use in an emergency situation? And what types would work ok? Thank you for all you have done!

  39. Sugar, I respectfully think you’re lookin’ hot as always, while sharing your top notch knowledge and advice freely to all. That, in itself, is beautiful, and shows exactly what is in your heart. God bless & keep you & yours, and all who read this, always.

  40. You forgot Super glue and tampons! SG is great when stitches are needed (BTDT). Tampons are good for some severe puncture wounds.

  41. I think it other that having to buy buy buy…why not get into natural alternatives…being you live in a rural area…I’m sure on your property there is/are sustainable…”things” there…But, good vid…lot of these things I do pack for my car bag…thanks

  42. If I had a sister she would look alot like You as you look so much like my mother when she was younger. My mother was a nurse for 33 years. She was born in Lewiston Maine. I am always happy to see your videos as when I see you I see my mom. ❤️

  43. Awesome video

  44. A…. Have you ever seen Knuckle bandages used effectively as Butterfly Closures for lacerations?

    B… I’ve concentrated on making trauma kits, I guess because I haven’t ever been certified beyond first responder (Red Cross Wilderness Emergency Response pretty comprehensive, though.) I’ve acquired supplies and items beyond my training, though, to have around for people who ARE trained to a higher level of expertise. Especially for a couple of active shooter response kits…
    C… Even if you aren’t Certified, it makes sense to learn techniques and items for use for your own family. Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Quakes, any disaster that interrupts police/fire/rescue for days at a time. Does NOT take much.

  45. Thank you! This was awesome information!

  46. I would shun anything made in China though. In the food section I really like the Jimmy Dean pancake sausage sandwiches. The plastic bins are a darn good way to store items.

  47. Rough lookin’? You kiddin’? You’re a natural beauty! 😉

  48. Your awesome!

  49. Well this is pretty I thought I was the only one with Chase things down for reasonable price. When I do guess I take a 4 inch piece of PVC for 6 in Mighty hands got it maybe 24 in insecure my medical you know bandages the causes bills and stuff I need each in their own little bag and I seen them and then I Mark the PVC pipe with what I put in them. That way you can actually think a piece of nylon cord in and out wrapping around the end securian I’ll grab it on the way out. But make sure coarse hacksaw and take it to the outside on the PVC what’s clear tape to protect it from water rust. Cuz later you can break the bleeding out and sharpen one in for a a cutting blade. Patriot Nurse you’re awesome appreciate you. Amen

  50. This stuff is made in China. I’d be more worried about the ingredients. It’s cheap for a reason.

  51. Tell us about Harvey Weinstein. HNow come he doesn’t rape and molest JOO goils??????????????

  52. Oh, I see, all of sudden JOOZ are supposed to be good people; BBBBBBBBBBBSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!

  53. Good idea with the red box in the car and all the cheap first aid supplies, thank you.

  54. Awesome!!!🧡🧡🧡

  55. One of the things I do is vacuum pack my medical supply, to protect from the environment and water. Also, it reduces the size of your supplies so you can carry more in your bag. P.S., don’t worry your still beautiful in the morning too.

  56. Looking bad? Should have seen my sleep study nurse,. For over 3,556.00 I should have had at least a 10+ for the eight hours I was there. Compared to her you look like Marylin Monroe. You Gorgeous just like you are.

  57. Airborne???? Seriously? There’s some snake oil if ever there was.

  58. Hey I recently watched a video on these cue tips that hold antiseptic iodine or alchohol.

    They are on ebay, 100 for about 4 dollars.

    They are made in china but the video on watched on them said he tested them and they were quality.

    They have the liquid inside of them, are individually wrapped, and you basically just snap them to release the liquid.

    I would love to get your take on them

  59. Thanks for sharing this. Dollar Tree is awesome. so are you.

  60. God told me in a dream never to take Benedryl. It can cause death especially in children. Other than that, great work!

  61. Come on please don’t recommend homeopathic or quack remedies like Airborne. A real nurse should know better than that. It’s been public information that Airborne is a quack remedy for over 10 years.

  62. Has anyone told you lately that you are Beautiful!!! Well you are. Keep the great videos coming.

  63. Thanks for the info would have never thought of dollar tree

  64. You look perfectly fine my Dear!

  65. I DON’T LIKE YOU….


  66. Love Dollar Tree!

  67. Great Vid!

  68. Would be nice to cover the what to do and what not to do for venomous insect and snakebite. Thanks

  69. I’m in love it’s a toss-up between you and Dana Loesch

  70. I am new to you and you are freakin AWESOME!!!!

  71. Much love and we are all in this together! Thank you sister for sure you are doing.
    How would you feel about coming on and talking with @shawnnamarfooglereports and or with @MARFOOGLENEWS ??

  72. Rough? You think you look ROUGH? Haha! Not even close.

  73. I haent done any preparation for Shtf, were do you think i should start???

  74. U hyped up. Thank you. Keep going, beautiful girl.

  75. It’s a better deal at the dollar general for benedryl. At the dollar tree you only get 35 25 mg tablets for a dollar but on the dollar isle at dollar general they have 100 25 mg benedryl tablets for the same price. So I buy my benedryl at dollar general cause I’d rather get 100 of them then only getting 35 tablets for a dollar. Lol

  76. Listen, one thing that makes you very attractive is that you do not wear makeup very often. You are a real woman and that is harder to find theses days. You look great in this video as you do in all of them. Thanks for the information.

  77. Wow! Lol awesome you’re too cool
    Patriot Nurse great job!

  78. Getting motion sickness from your crappy camera skills.

  79. What dollar tree is this!!? This is amazing. Fantastic video thank you!

  80. Good advice on the puppy pad.
    If you can’t treat someone for blood loss right
    away slap one of those on and tell them to hold tight.

  81. A little rough looking?
    Lady you must clean up pretty good.😊

  82. Apologize for being beautiful xoxoxxxxxco

  83. Shot that just taught me so much wow. Thanks a lot. I’m 5 years late but I’m going to the dollar store this weekend

  84. Let

  85. Enjoyed the video. Thanks for the tips.

  86. You forgot to grab some quikclot tampons

  87. Love your headbands. Would really love to see you all in bright pink and wearing a bright pink headband.

  88. Wow youre pretty

  89. I might be slightly over-reacting

    but WF (too big to fail) sold off 52 MW(rustbelt) branches to Flagstar (small enough to fail?). My banker moved my MKE savings to an AZ branch “in case something like this happens again”.

    Currently SHTF is escalating across the EU.

    People who are “connected” that I know decided to spend Christmas in AZ instead of WI randomly w/out explanation for … reasons?

    Just speculating but what are the chances of:
    cold winter > grid overload > broken pipes > MW SHTF > price spikes > government either can’t afford emergency action /or goes under trying?

    I am not sure if anyone knows. I really don’t know but I think buying my TP and coffee for Jan now isn’t falling too far from the sanity tree.

  90. …good stuff…stay strong…PS…don’t let them breath…

  91. You have to read the labels as a lot of this stuff is made in China.

  92. I love your videos!👏🏼👍🏼 Thank you for the fantastic pointers and ideas. I have 2 grandsons who take playing very seriously and I keep lots of bandages handy… now I know where to save a bit on the endless supplies needed! Lol
    Blessing to you and yours🙏🏼💕

  93. you are thinking you own that place

  94. Thank you!

  95. 1. You look great, so live it.
    2. I love building med kits from Dollar Tree, been doing it for over a decade.
    3. Keep up the awesome work. I will come and train with you at some point. I love training and have done a lot. More makes us better people.
    4. Please keep this work up. It has helped me introduce others (especially Women) to this concept. You are a great mentor in this way. I look up to you.
    5. Peace, love, and vigilance. Honor, integrity, and intensity. Thank you.
    6. Ham Radio is awesome, think about it.

  96. this makes it so easy and inexpensive to stock up, but I don’t trust the quality of anything from dollar stores, especially medical supplies. 😞

  97. Now show me where you found Reid. I want one just like him 😁 (maybe a little older, clean shaven and Messianic) Shalom!

  98. My Dollar tree is kinda limited so I shop on WISH discount code *jkndqpt* if you dig around they have some amazing things that come in handy. 👏 Great video!

  99. she is cute 🙂

  100. How about 2 vials surgical Supper Glue. One for home kit. One in bug out bag. It’s real small and could be a life saver if cut during running out with glass & building stuff falling down around you. As ya run to higher or clear safe ground.

  101. We use those fabric lunch boxes. They’re padded as well and protect our supplies and from the elements as well. Just a thought.

  102. what a great video!

  103. One sharp woman.

  104. 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  105. When people recognize me they try and beat me up. 😥

  106. Their alcohol is only a 50% strength, I would want something stronger for disinfecting. However it is the perfect strength for cleaning monitors and phone screens. The spray bottle is def a good deal for that. Most the expensive products sold for screen cleaning is just 50% alcohol in a fancy spray bottle.

  107. You are a hero. I do the same things, buy the same things, and dig your whole message. You are rocking it. Build community and grow food! Hero Women who teach the world are the best!!! This is what is a good thing looks like. Peace, love, honor, intensity, and integrity. Things to live by.
    Keep it up! – Please consider the world of Ham Radio.

  108. Shut that kid up

  109. Homeless decon: puppy pads and vodka

  110. Pick up some plastic rap for large wounds and ponchos work great.

  111. Many of my own med kit supplies are from there. The bandages, gauze, throw away medications for the vehicles, etc, it’s hard to beat the price for some of that stuff!

  112. No rough look there, lol.

  113. H2O2

  114. Lol you don’t look rough you are very Beautiful Lady 😚

  115. Thank you 😊 I m a new subscriber and sharing with my fb family

  116. yeah I’m not the only one who does this. made a bag for every one of my family members.

  117. 4.5 yards, that’s like close to 14 feet, not bad for a dollar, buy 10 and that’s plenty.

  118. The headache pills from the dollar tree are very very good it works for me

  119. Ms. Patriot Nurse,…
    I admire you wholeheartedly. You are a FANTASTIC person, full of the grace & intelligence that is so lacking in our country,…. if only we could have MORE of YOU!
    I have a question though, regarding the medical items found in these ‘dollar stores’ and other discounted stores….
    I’ve seen other vids about how the plates, cups & other dinnerware from stores such as these, have high levels of lead & other carcinogens in them. Since they are made in countries whom do not have the same laws governing the levels of such chemicals in THEIR products (especially those exported for use in other countries).
    Is this also true of the medications?
    I’ve noticed that some items are more ‘runny’, indicating they contain more water (a ‘filler’ perhaps?) than branded items, and certainly the individual quantities are MUCH-O smaller containers than branded items as well. Does this lesser viscosity indicate (in your experience) a lower QUALITY,…. as in:… they do not apply the same levels of ‘healing ingredients’ as other branded items?
    Seems like some of the creams I’ve used – do not really have the same effect on a sore or other wound – as a branded product has in the past.
    Just curious?

  120. carry everything in a duffel bag

  121. i use the clear plastic trays for fishing lures little dividers inside…..i will get about 6-9 and use each tray for tapes, band aids, one for gauze and another for cutting tools and so forth….no mentions maxi pads for field dressings and old sheets

  122. Lol…..your apology at the 1:20 mark……right as I was thinking wow,,she looks so pretty with no make up~!!

  123. me walks in with $300 clears med section, walks away with 60 bags

  124. Wow.. iv been building EDC and buggout bags lately for myself and my family, let me just say thank you this literally helped me save so much money with my first aid kits!! I subbed.

  125. “Sorry I look a little rough today y’all.” You look great! First time I’ve been here. Nice video and I learned stuff! Thanks Y’all!

  126. Someone parent that loud ass child, smh! Good info as always! I need to hit the dollar store soon.

  127. Sportsman guide sells IFAK pouches and sawammo pouchs, which work BEAUTIFUL for first aid kits, i have like 3-4, you usually get 2 or 3 for like 15 bucks

  128. Nice tips …on low dough

  129. Love you Patriot Nurse, always have. Just a note that in my experience, dollar store med supplies bargain. In a pinch and if ya only got a couple bucks, go for it. Other than that shop around. Love ya babe!

  130. I just stumbled on your site .Keep up the heads up on good reliable information with a pretty face and solid outdoor thinking ! From the eyes of a professional. Thanks

  131. You can make smoke bombs with those ice packs and newspapers.

  132. Are the medication at these dollar stores just as good as name brands?

  133. Yeah you are going to need needles or suture to repair yourself, do not have it, use Crazy Glue as instant stitch and get up and move before the find you and see your spilled blood

  134. excellent video, thank you

  135. “Look rough” not a chance, you are gorgeous 😊 thanks for the knowledge!

  136. Thank you for the info! I’m late finding this vid, but I’m sure it’s still relevant!

  137. Tax refund time is approaching. It would be wise to utilize a portion of it to stock up on some of these things as well as batteries, toilet tissue (the Dollar Tree has the BEST deal around), and other very important supplies.

  138. Awesomeness, I just liked and Became a subscriber to your channel. Keep the good info coming! Thank you !

  139. Walmart is good place to get some things as well as Big Lots.

  140. I would like to submit for your consideration and thought: years ago I would go into a dollar store with my wife and we would get items that were the same size as a regular store, and you saved a lot purchasing them for a dollar. Maybe the company stopped making them, or they got dented in an accident, but regardless, you did save a lot of money. Unfortunately time caught up with the dollar store. Today you go in there and you have to search for a “real” bargain. What used to be regular size for a dollar, is now small size and is worth only a dollar. You still can find some savings, but not like you used to.
    Thank goodness we’re old, we only need to build our prepping supplies up to a certain level. After all, we’ll be the first ones to expire, so why build a huge supply?? Yet, the desire to live as long as you can in a “grid down” situation, is still a part of the human psychic.

  141. Girl ,you are rocking this !!!…

  142. Your famous . NOT

  143. Just tape your finger to the next finger. It’s that easy

  144. You don’t look that great in make up either. And your goofy

  145. I have been buying a lot of Dollar tree medical
    supplies for my medical kit at home. all of it is
    in a bag. If I need it, just
    grab the bag. thanks again for your videos.

  146. I wish I could have watched this, but the camera was too shaky.

  147. I agree with the absorbing jr.

  148. Great video, PN! Lots of great info! Keep up the good work!

  149. After viewing this video, I ran across the street to Dollar Tree and spend 12 dollars for 6 rolls of rolled gauze, 2 ace bandages, 2 bottles of artificial tears, and a roll of athletic tape. Great resource, thanks for sharing!

  150. I am looking to take on a project for making it easier for you to restock your first aid kits after use or simple wear and tear.
    To identify your needs and wants, I have created a short 21 question form. Help make a quality product and you will get a discount code for 10% off.

    Direct Link:

    The website:

  151. Hello… I know this video is old, but i have a question. Is it safe to buy dollar store medicine?

  152. You, Patriot Nurse, are amazing. I already know plenty of nurses who know more than most doctors, but you are on a whole new level. I really appreciate videos like yours that teach people how to put together a first aid kit. Myself, I already have arthritis in both my back and knee and I do get injured a lot because of my job (landscape contracting). It may not be something I learned just from you, but many of my friends, family, and especially co-workers love it that I have a cooler full of water, food, juice, and even first aid supplies so even I can help them when they’re in need. Not to mention that I even had gone to the hospital for a staph infection and the doctor actually saw how I had taken care of it so far and said, “So you already did all the hard work for us; now all I have to do is just prescribe you the antibiotics.” If it weren’t for nurses like you who go the extra mile, I probably wouldn’t even know what to do about a paper cut (lol), let alone much worse injuries. Thanks so much, Patriot Nurse. You have a subscriber for life. 😃

  153. Wow this was a really good vid.

  154. I want to thank you So Much. I needed this video. Living in Florida with hurricanes like Irma coming through I needed this alot!!! God Bless!!!

  155. Omg! I am so glad I accidently came across you! Your pretty awesome girl!!

  156. Can not believe you passed over the vapo rub!! Not only as a rub on chest as a decongestant, but also a great muscle rub. And the vitamins! Gotta stay healthy, right?

  157. Holy shit the puppy pads are brilliant. I’da never thought of it!

  158. Can you do more about your trama bag??

  159. I love your videos!! You have help me with my prepping med kit. May God bless you for what your doing. Thank You from the old school brother.

  160. Do you really trust medical supplies that are made in China or another 3rd world country?

  161. You look just fine to me!

  162. This video keyed me to make a list of all the things I need but can’t get overseas here. Perfect help.

  163. .

  164. Girl you sexy

  165. 1 thing you left out. Liberal men can get their manpons for their manginas at the dollar tree too.

  166. thank you for the Dollar store vid!, I wanted to do one myself, but this is great!

  167. You look beautiful naturally!

  168. One of the very, very best channels on You Tube ! Thanks Patriot Nurse for all you – God Bless you, and long live the American Republic !!!

  169. cool glasses

    1. good video. Thanks

  170. can you imagine the look on the injured persons face if she pulls out a DeWalt tool box.
    My leg doesn’t hurt that bad. Now that I think about it

  171. OMG are you on speed? Did you take a caffeine pill just before starting this video?

  172. Woman you are hot good video and

  173. if if i had $10.000.00 dollars i would BUY thee whole initre shelf of Medical Supplies

  174. A use for old smart phones……load up the SD card…with free digital books(How to, Knot tying, First Aid, Bible, Kids Books, Cooking, Maps etc) – no apps, as there may not be electricity or an internet. Add, an address book, copies of all your documents, certificates, passports, IDs etc. Copies of photos, family, friends, home contents for insurance purpose etc. Add the smart phone, with a solar charger……and ya set. You normally can connect smart phone with the USB cable to a computer as well….to put the content onto it. Why an old phone? – because its safer for your content if its not connected to a network, easy to throw into a bug out bag, you know its always going to be there, plus you can store it away with all the cables and solar charger at the same time, and in 1x place. I have a 5 in 1 Charging Lantern, for the house…..that has 5x ways to power it up, Crank handle, Batteries, Solar, USB, and Car Lighter socket.

  175. What about an ileostomy?

  176. a woman is much better at shopping. These guys could learn a lot from you

  177. Patriot fraud.

  178. thnx for the video but why you are so cute?

  179. Thank you nurse

  180. skinny medic active shooter kit is life.

  181. patriot nurse your so HOT!!! 😍😍😍

  182. Great video

  183. Some Dollar Tree products are inferior, like paper tape that doesn’t hold.. Before you stock up, test the items to be sure how well they work

  184. I love the things at the 99c store. a bit more variety in bandages for the money in our area than the DollarTree… and brand names. I Love this video… so much info.

    Do you have any information on the blood clotting powder I have seen in another video. I would love to know what it is and the animal one as well. Is it DIYable. What do you think of a generic Tylenol PM… Acetaminophen + dyphenhydramine…. I found some at the 99c store.

  185. I’ve been thinking about you & wondering how you’re doing. I’m sorry to learn about your loss of your loved one & i hope you’re doing alright. i’m happy to see that you are back at it & teaching us about survival once again, i just wanted to let you know that you are important & well thought of & that people do care about you & what you’re going thru. You’re very awesome & i greatly respect you for all that you do for all of us.

  186. Vicks chest rub is great to have too…don’t forget that..🌎⚓🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  187. Good to know! At the rescue shelter we burn through our medical supplies. I find the cheapest way to get supplies is to have all the nurses steal shit from work and bring it in.. Because half of the volunteer staff is all nurses.. Seriously what’s up with nurses and dog rescue?

  188. great information
    you always look beautiful

  189. Thanks for this video,it is VERY practical!

  190. For some reason my dollar store has smaller amounts of pills in each package. Like the anti heart burn and allergy medication is only 4 pills. At 4/$1 it’s cheaper to go to Wally world.

  191. Funny you are Patriot Nurse and the first 4 digits of your subscribers is 1776. ha.

  192. what is the difference in your classes vs someone else class? what are the benefits of your $400 class and skinnymedic $100 class? potential customer and I’m about dollar tree bargaining on everything, picking the best for my money.

  193. so would love to attend your class but whooooo. love your page keep it coming.

  194. Love your videos 🙂 great info , you are very smart and talented, wishing you the very best. . . MAY GOD bless

  195. I think you look sexy even without makeup.

  196. Aloha Patriot Nurse and Friends,
    As always, LOVED this video.  Our house is filled with Dollar Tree things.  We don’t have it in Hawai’i, but we do have Price Busters.  Sadly, they don’t carry as much good stuff as Dollar Tree so if you have family or friends who can ship it to you… it’s a great deal!

    Take care, stay safe and always continue to share your aloha spirit with others.
    – AuntyKeli 😉

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  205. Hello wonderful woman ☺ I actually started my own YouTube site so I could document my survivalist stuff and my trail travels out in the wilderness. but most importantly I did it so I could correspond with you and other people I like to listen to and learn from. Absolutely enjoy everyone of your videos, you’re such a beautiful and strong woman and I wish with all my heart to find a woman like you cause strong smart PEOPLE are so hard to find so keep doing what you do and we love you for it

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  208. I’m hoping to donate bags full of these basic first aid supplies to poor warring countries like Afghanistan or Bolivia. May not be alot, but it’ll at least give them some assistance.

    1. Avenging Angel donate ditectly to hospitals if you do

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  233. baby wipes – you can get a pack of 90 for $1 and they have sooo may uses~
    aspirin – rubbing alcohol – peroxide – baking soda – and tampons can also be use to stop bleeding

    1. @BuckGreywolfe Easier to keep in your back back as well~

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    2. ever lost half a pill that shot across the room? I have. and you are more likely to crush part of the pill. As someone who had to help cut +/- 50 pills a day for a relative, you realize real quick a knife won’t cut it.(Pun not intended)

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  245. Just found you on Youtube….Where have I been? Obviously looking at the wrong stuff. Probably too many “weapon Review” videos.:)
    I really appreciate your down to earth attitude. and the fact that you don’t throw around a lot of $10 words and medical terms, tells me that you are comfortable with your knowledge and ability. Therefore, you are someone I need to follow and listen to for practical medical advice. Not just SHTF scenarios, but for everyday emergency preparedness. I’ve worked and lived around animals for the biggest part of my 66 years, and have raised Goats for the pas 10 or so years…Fell in love with the critters. Goats require lots of preventive and curative meds, so I’m proficient with syringes and needles as well as the use of “Off Label” meds, and keep stuff for my use as well. Dollar Tree?General is my go to place for inexpensive stuff, but you’ve given me extra additions for my med kits. Puppy Pads??? What a great idea. I am now a loyal fan and follower. Thanks for what you’re doing.

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  247. been to dollar tree thanks for the tip!I got large dog pads,should I get puppy pads as well?I bought a plastic ammo box from worked so well ordered 3 more.packed dollar tree items in zip- lock bags work well.saves a lot of space 5 boxes fits into almost the same space as one and more resistant to moisture.If you do it this way just cut a panel of one box put it in the bag to see what it is.

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    1. +Anthony Gomez honestly as nurse trainee I tell you the cheap stuff is just as good as the expensive stuff, especially when it comes to bandages. I got my hand operated last year, it caused 100 dollars of medical supplies like bandages, gauze and stuff…I first bought the very expensive stuff from the hospital becaus you need to prevent infection of course…then I went after 2 weeks onto the cheaper stuff, did not make difference was just as good! Keep in mind a wound needs to be dressed with clean bandages twice a day or sometimes even 3 times a day.

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  258. Adult or children diapers can also be useful for any situationwhere you need a lot of absorbency.

  259. Airborne and dextromethorphan have both been shown to be ineffective.

  260. PatriotNurse, love your wit and smile.
    A paramedic Prepper buddy of mine and I were exchanging prep ideals. I’d only add that heavy zip lock bags for a lot of these items make them easier to store in a bug out bag…

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  264. Hey Patriot Nurse:
    Love your videos, wanted to share a little something~ Sustained an injury to my left big toe~ there is ZERO skin on half the bottom of my toe. I’ve been to the doctor yadda yadda, & the doc said keep it wrapped for a week. This means changing bandages for a week. Had enough rolled gauze enough for 5 days, had to hit wally-world for the remaining two days. My point here is, I’ve had to dive into my medical kit, was pleased I had everything I needed, BUT~ I had the ability to treat the wound, and keep it clean, iodined, & neosporined up~ My learning experience is it is one thing to be able to TREAT a wound…..but beyond that do people have the ability to not only treat but change that same dressing for a week? I had 5 days. Thought it was good enough, but based on what the doc said, I was 2 days shy. It’s just a little something for people out there in the community to consider. Treat the wound, but be able to change dressings for a sustained period. My take away is boo boo’s are treatable and I patted myself on the back, but I look at my kit now & I question its ability to continue to treat the same thing sustainably. Another thing I came across was another side item: Using iodine with an expiration of 2002 on the bottle. It’s my understanding that things like alcohol & iodine pretty much don’t have a shelf life. Gives me an excuse to grab another 2 bottles of fresh iodine & replace the gauze I’ve been using~ Anyhow, that’s my learning experience, figured I’d share, keep up the good work!~~~PS: If you get fitted for & receive crutches, KEEP THEM… paid for them, never know if you need them again!~~~Jason~~~

  265. I’ve been a subbie for a while now. I was wondering if you have any creative ways to stores supplies and food in small homes. I had to downsize after my divorce, so I’m having a problem storing my emergency/food storage. I would love to hear what you think. :o)

  266. Thank you. I need to find a larger Dollar Store. In my local area our store is pretty small. I’ll defo look for these items. :o)

  267. You could also just stock up on feminine hygiene products, they work about the same as bandages.

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  270. surprised government has not banned the selling of instant ice packs, bought books years ago how to make IEDs from household stuff!!!!

  271. I have what some people call a dr and what everyone in the us is required to have called insurance when I get sick I go to the dr and they give me what I need

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  273. No offense, but are the meds made in China or India really best to buy? Aren’t a lot of Dollar Tree (and other cheap stores) full of “made in China” goods? Just wondering.

    1. +Beth Maxey The quality wouldn’t be any different if it were made in the US. (When it comes to buying gauze or basic supplies). When you’re buying meds, I personally recommend buying the name-brand from the pharmacy, you shouldn’t go cheap on meds or vitamins.

    2. +Beth Maxey Best to buy as far as what?  Damned near everything is made in China these days, doesn’t mean it is crap.  Now if you only buy US made items to support your country, that’s cool.  But there’s plenty of crap products made here as well.

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  278. I bought an ammo box, put disposable bath cloths for washing your whole body without needing to rinse or dry off, tampons (stop bleeding, to start fires), water treatment tablets, iodine pads or swabs, food tablets, disposable scaple, bandage scissors, and tape.

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  280. where (how) can we get antibiotics and which ones are the best for common needs and shelf life?

    1. +Carol Smith No, last I checked the Dollar tree does NOT carry anti-biotics. Nor does she state best to have, for what illnesses nor shelf life in this video. That’s ok, found them myself.

    2. She did a video on that.

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  284. I’m wondering if grain alcohol could be a substitute for rubbing alcohol?
    simply because it’s not hard to make if supplies run low or out.

  285. I went to the dollar tree specifically because I saw this video but unfortunately my dollar tree wasn’t nearly as stocked as well as yours. Thank you for the video and the idea of cheap medical supplies

  286. Thank you for the information. i will be doing this as well thanks again.

  287. Also the cold packs can be made into binary explosives. Walmart also has a line of medicines for 88 cents now. The mucus relief tends to dehydrate me though so keep that in mind in a survival situation.

  288. Those instant cold packs also make a good improvised explosive. Cut them open, pour out the white beads of anhydrous ammonium nitrate. Add a teaspoon of very fine aluminum powder and shake until all of the white beads are gray. It’s a safe low yield explosive. It needs to be detonated with a supersonic shock wave. You probably don’t have any blasting caps, but you probably do have a centerfire rifle. Any supersonic bullet (faster than 1100 feet per second) will do, which is pretty much any rifle but a .22 LR.

    I could probably make over a hundred different explosives from stuff found in Dollar Tree, courtesy of my misspent youth as Junior Dr. Science. If I’d had the internet when I was in high school, I’d have probably launched myself into orbit. What are they even teaching kids in school these days? 🙂

    Love the informative videos like these, but also enjoy your opinion and commentary videos too.

    1. +Liberty4Ever There is probably a entire Wikipedia page list dedicated to people who have killed themselves making improvised explosives.

    2. +Liberty4Ever Gotta be careful, they aren’t all made out of the same ingredients these days so only some of them will work for that.

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    1. +Kevin Carey speaking the truth can go along way ya know. If your not afraid to speak the truth then your not wrong. You shouldnt care what others think.

  293. I found out the most emergency preppers don’t have barely are not have medical items but they have some water treatment pills so yeah and sometimes the first aid packet red pouch in house and the car is always a good idea a multiple fire extinguishers and multiple ways to tackle one problem

  294. Just saw this one.  Well done. It has always amazed me when people tell me, “I don’t have a kit…been meaning to get one…” or, “I will get a real kit from the Medical Supply Outlet…”.  I recently treated a hatchet cut.  I used Dollar Store type items. The operation was a success but the …just joking… Keep on keeping on…

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  296. OK, so how would you organize and color code your supplies?

  297. hey. here in germany i dont get any antibiotics because they are regulated from the gouvernment trought the docs. now my question is there something in pill form wich i can throw in my backpack wich helps like antibiotics but wich dont content antibiotics? thanks 🙂

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  304. hi my husband and I take medications that cannot get wet. We zre talking too many. I am looking for something that is absolutely WATERPROFF. I think if it is colored it will be easier for other people to see what is in there. I also feel it is pretty imperative we wear this most all the time. I don’t feel that a hard plastic bin with rubber seal is the type box we need. It seems way too bulky and potentially unusable due to not being able to conceal it. Is there anything that is more like a FANNY PACK? ie a hip bag to keep (on your person) that can be move around everywhere like a fabric rather than something ridget. Could you please help us and many many folks around the worlfd facing tbis issue. Also how do we get extra meds from our doctors? There must be something that could work, think surfers, sailors, navy, coast guard. ETC PLEASE. thank you kindly in advance. Love your videos! They and you are extreemly informative and genuine. I love your straight shooter attitude.

    1. +Trudy Schwartz-Burrill If you want waterproof, crushproof and pretty much nuke proof pill bottles, buy the UCO brand of orange waterproof match containers on Amazon. If you're looking for a waterproof travel bag for all of your family's meds, you might try a PVC roll top dry bag, similar to what is used by kayakers. I've been very pleased with SeaLine brand from Cascade Designs, but I recently bought a roll top waterproof bag from Leader Accessories on Amazon and the quality was just as good for less money. The roll top waterproof bags are available in sizes small enough for a wallet and keys, all the way up to a 4'X6'X3' deep bag that lashes to the top of a car. The backpack versions with shoulder straps make good bug out bags, get home bags, etc.

      To get some extra meds for emergencies, refill all of your prescriptions, and then “lose” your bag that has all of your meds. How is anyone going to prove you didn’t lose your meds. They’ll make a fuss about replacing pain meds, but really, what can they do? Not let you get your meds? Obviously, you can’t pull this stunt every month. I’d consider that a one time deal. You can also buy just about any meds from Indian online pharmacies. Not exactly kosher, but it’s typically the exact same meds you get from your pharmacist, for a lot less money, even after paying a premium to have them shipped back to the US. The worst example was the medicine to treat toxoplasmosis and other protozoan infections. The permit for US manufacture recently changed hands and the cost of that drug went to $750 per pill. It costs something like a dime per pill in Brazil and India. It’s so easy to make that Canadian hospital pharmacies made it as needed rather than stocking it. There’s your FDA looking out for US consumers. Can you say over regulated?

  305. You Rock Patriot Nurse !

  306. The Dollar Tree Brand of Painkillers work very well everyone thinks you have to get name brand but you don’t, By law any manufacturer has to use the same components to make Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen and others are all made from the same components as the name brands. So Dollar Tree Shopping is very practical for Medical Supplies.

    1. +U1T1MATR1X Family Dollar sells a liquid pain killer that my husband swears by, which goes to show that it doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective.

  307. My dollar tree does not have all that.

  308. my dollar tree doesn’t have all that stuff as yours mine only has Band-Aids actually no medical stuff

  309. Which Dollar Store is this?! I’ve never seen one so well stocked with medical supplies! Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  310. Just took a trip there. Most stuff isn’t available anymore. Only paper tape is left. Gauze rolls are now 2.5 yds, not 4.5 yds. Got some gauze pads, stick and non stick. Saw tons of puppy pads. No instant cold packs. No pill crushers or cutters, no splints, no dental filling stuff. They did have a 20 pack of individually packaged antiseptic wipes. Otherwise the first aid section is just gutted.

  311. Today I got maxi-pads, steel wool, shrinky wash cloths made for kids, floss (opened it up and removed the small compact yardage of floss for tying stuff up, latex gloves (hopefully i don’t help someone allergic to latex) and some lip balm. My uses are more for camping stuff though since i already have most of the other stuff.

  312. Loved the morning natural look. Takes me back to the time I spent in Norway. The REAL look instead of the painting. There’s too much “Cosmopolitan” image in this country. Time to inventory the kits and update them.

  313. Thanks for the tips.

  314. Subscribed … The info this woman passes on to others is very valuable.

    1. @The Ghost war some off it is, thought a lot is her own biased opinion.

    2. +Joel Benoit It’s good stuff. Think about it.

    3. +Mai Makua That is your opinion.

  315. I know a few people who are red color blind meaning that they can’t see the color red. So a good idea to help out those people is to mark the red bid with a cross which indicates medical.

  316. The gauze and gizmos might be OK, but I have to wonder about how good any compound is from Dollar Tree.  Bought some ammonia there once.  I thought, great a gallon of ammonia for a buck, what could be wrong with something so basic? When I popped the top, I didn’t smell anything – not even with my sniffer right in the mouth of the bottle.  Now, that was some diluted ammonia!

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  319. Great for at home to be prepared, but what is the mark up in price  that the doctor will charge insurance company/medicare for a one dollar item?

  320. Just wanna say I love your vids !

  321. They have curad big bandaids…I use them on my toes to cushion my pressure pts. and keep my shoes from rubbn em…those curads are so padded and they last all day.  I think you get 20 for a dollar…but shake the box…learned that the hard way. Oh there they are on the left of the pill cutter at 5:12…the very ones I was talking about…ive had some trouble finding them since others know what a good deal they are…LOL.

  322. PatriotNurse, thank you for making this video!  While my wife may not have the same prepper mentality that I do, she did think it was a good idea to upgrade our basic first aid kit with your list from the video.  We spent a whopping $25 on everything and even threw in an LED flashlight, LED touch light, anti-diarrhea tablets, nitrile gloves, aspirin, glo-sticks  and anit-bac wipes. Bought the same box from the video and everything fit nicely.  Our Dollar Tree didn’t have the finger spint or Airborne but I think we can get by.  Up next, the James Yeager Dollar Tree bug out bag!

    1. travisp11 Lol. Good luck finding a ruck sack for $1.00. But truthfully, there’s quite a few things at dollar stores that are totally worth it for the money. That’s how I got these combination ice/heat packs that work on both my back and knee. (My back requires heat; my knee requires ice.) The Dollar Tree ones are both and really are an amazing value. Other than that, I also have my “canine heating pad,” which is just my Labrador Retriever who purposely lays against my injured knee and her body heat alone makes my knee feel better. Even my doctor said that she probably knows there’s an injury there and is just doing what she can to help. 😃

  323. Pill slicers and puppy pads aren’t gonna help you in a serious situation. If you want to survive, you must think like a survivor, not a shopper. Say your in a Dollar Tree, and in walks an active shooter, the criminal shoots a couple of people and are holding the others hostage. It will be 7 min for the police to arrive, another 5 or more for fire and rescue and well up to an hour for SWAT to respond. One of the victim’s has already died, the other two are in bad shape, one shot in the gut, the other bleeding profusely from the leg. Every second clicks towards certain death…. What do you do?

    1. Exactly. Basics will only get you so far. Think beyond the basics is what I advise.

    2. +Bullets Forteeth I think she was talking about basic first aid, not trauma.

  324. good job, I have many Aid bags, IVs, meds, equip for bleeds, great job, i thought id teach in the field, not on the web. hope your listeners are taking notes.

  325. That was great thanks I will just start making my bag soon thanks again

  326. Wish I would have seen this a month ago. Never thought of dollar tree for med stuff.  Had a bad burn in the family and the gauzes and goo were redic expensive even at wally world.

  327. You should perm your hair.

  328. My local Dollar Tree on a scale of 1-10 for med. supplies is about a 4, but the one out of town is about a 7 so will be doing some shopping there next $$ comes around.  TY Patriot Nurse for all the great videos!

  329. Keep up the GREAT work…THANK you so much for all your info…..
    Your doing an AWESOME job of making us ‘aware’….!!!

  330. You can get probiotics and antibiotics and such from places that sell animal supplies.

    1. When I lived & worked on a little ranch for a few years, I bought antibiotics for the animals at the local feed store. Never occurred to me until I went back to the old family home to help my disabled brother in 2003 that they’re identical to the antibiotics administered to humans…Still, you want to be damn careful and take the time to educate yourself. I didn’t give any animals injections, oral medications, or treatments except after getting information & training from our VET.

    2. You don’t want too use antibiotics for animals. You are asking for nothing but trouble.

    3. Yeah. Many stores with a Pets section stopped selling FishMox and similar products. Thank your doctor, because when the med profession found out they started a semi-secret campaign that pushed stores to stop carrying such products. Even some pet store locations no longer stock it. I found all this out looking for FishMox to treat feral cats. You can order as much as you want off the evil ol’ Interwebs, though.

    4. +Chris Layton Probiotics yes. Antibiotics not so much. they really cracked down since people started to buy it for themselves.

  331. A friend of mine who was a nurse in Vietnam, said that duct tape is good for gunsh0t wounds and severe wounds and also tampons

  332. Thank you

  333. You can always use Tampons for gun shots.  Tampons were invented in the civil-war for gun shots. also good for nose bleeds.  Keep up the good work.  America could use more people like you.  Take care, be safe,

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    You are beautiful – thanks for your help.  say hi to maine prepper

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  337. ya i like to be informed but your fucking wacko droning on and on.. wow never subscribe to you

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  339. I just watched the Dollar Tree shopping video and I have a question. In the video you address the generic Benadryl but what are your thoughts on the Dollar Tree brand ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and pseudaphedrin? As an RN myself I’m a bit hesitant to use them. Thanks for the great videos.

    1. I guess when push comes to shove in a SHTF event it really won’t matter that much. I did pick up peroxide, alcohol and a few cold packs. Stock was low that day so I’ll have to check back

  340. Please, put this on your account. Hey @Nancy Ward Check it out, we are always looking. I know you get some items from there, however Patriot Nurse has some I forgot / didn’t think of.

  341. You can never spend too much money on safety.

  342. How about plastic dropcloths for quarantine?

  343. I thoguht you’re a prepper nurse? what next? Are we to believe you’re an ATM? a Notary Public?

  344. Wouldn’t it be a better plan to just subdue and rob other preppers?

    I mean — sure the majority of them are beady-eyed, individualist gun fetishists, but when everyone else is out looting, it’s probably far safer to stalk these areas with high concentrations of supplies and relatively fewer people defending them.

    Better still.. earn the trust of a prepper now, only to betray them later. :p

    1. @hoopart1 “Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness. I am kind to everyone, but when someone is unkind to me, weak is not what you are going to remember about me.”
      Al Capone

      Best to prepare for yourself or you’ll end up just being a waste of a couple of bullets later.

    2. I understand your point of view but comments like these are the reasons we all can’t be friends.

  345. Thank you so much for the video and the hell with you people saying that she is on drugs and if she was who are you to judge that is only gods job I really hope the shtf soon to give us breathing room to many dumb people in the world thank you so much I really love the show me and my wife are doing this and I am learning and thank you again

  346. I’m very cautious with medications & giving them out to others. In a traumatic situation, people may forget about medication allergies. If I rolled up on an incident, I would not give out any type of medication.  I only give out  medications to friends & family that I know their medical history. 
    I make sure all my friends know that I’m allergic to Benedryl. I have a severe anaphylactic reaction to it. My throat swells & I cannot breathe. Benedryl seems to be the first thing docs & nurses want to give you, so it’s the first thing I tell any medical person that’s treating me.

    1. you should look at a road ID bracelet that you have that info in. I always recommend it, much cheaper then medic alert

    2. I feel the same way that is very smart thinking

    3. I have the same reaction and docs & nurses always look at me crazy when I say so.

  347. Thanks Patriot Nurse—great job.

  348. I love early morning – toussled look! 🙂

  349. Always check expiration dates on meds and go as far into the future as possible, as far as dressings take a vacuum sealer place a piece of cardboard the size of dressings and seal carefully, take out just enough air but not enough to break sterility and vacuum of packages and seal manually (I add an O2 eater to each package) makes it water tight and helps to maintain clean products increases storage life. Use a tackle box for meds/slaves. I have several bttls. (6) of commercial Crystal Clear and Everclear with my preps that are vacuum packed + in addition to the bottle. They are 190 proof drinking alcohol which has many uses internal and external, the only draw back is it is extremely flammable, that is why I vacuum seal for extra protection incase a bttl. leaked or breaks. Safety till it is needed. I also buy some good garbage bags fold, push air out, and vacuum seal to condense size to hold soiled drsgs. I put them sealed in a microwave with a cup of water to sterilize the bags (the microwave boils the water and cooks any bugs on the sealed bags making them extremely clean). I contact a local party store owner and have him order “at cost” cards of individual doses packed Rx’s like Motrin, Tylenol, etc., did this for Boy Scouts First Aid Kit, got airways donated by local ambulance co., there are a lot of resources for the right reason they will help, (some will even help with first aid classes) think outside the box. If a group of preppers has one with a sales tax license that gives access to the group to retail suppliers that I have to beg the local party store owner to help. You want to keep sterility and extend the dates of rx’s as far as you can. A good one is buy one and get one free. I use far dated Rx’s & O2 eaters and Mylar bags that are vacuum packed to increase shelf life. The DEFINATION of First Aid I learned was: “The immediate and temporary care of an injured or ill person till the care of a qualified medically trained personel can be obtained.” First Aid is 10-15% knowledge and 85-90% common sense get the knowledge and think your way thru it, in Viet Nam we had to improvise and overcome. PS: Study a first aid book and take a basic or advanced First Aid course it will help you stay calm and assist you with that 10% knowledge needed and help you make good safe decisions.
    I’m not the all knowing expert but have had some training in the past.
    A Viet Nam Medic/LPN — previous EMT, with 40 yrs. experience working as an Registered Nurse in acute care “NOW RETIRED”.

    1. @Ted Papesh Indeed many drugs (birth control, certain anti-biotics or live specimens) do go bad. I would definitely try and prolong them as long as I could. We had an MD and an RPH donate the medicine as well. I believe it was only a year after the expiration date for most of the stuff and we had to advice them on storage in the humid hot environment (well I didn’t since my spanish is subpar!). It was TIVA stuff that for some reason was never distributed and they were going to throw it out for the expiration date and someone said hell no there are sick kids that could use that! Country we went to checked luggage and was more than happy to have Americans bringing aid! On the other hand getting back into the US with nothing but bags full of laundry was difficult for some!

    2. @nateo200 I know that meds go beyond their outdate and can be extended by vacuum packing in Mylar bags with O2 eaters, but by checking dates you increase the viability and life span of the drugs. Light and O2 are the enemies of most drugs. I know this by being a Combat Medic/LPN in Viet Nam and got my “RN” in 1 year, practiced for 40 + yrs. In acute care, Telemetry, Med Surg., and Certified Chemo Nurse. You are right but they do lose some potency and some drugs can become toxic after a few years you treat each drug on their own merits.

    3. @Ted Papesh Many meds don’t really “expire”. Its usually just on there for FDA or liability sake. I’ve taken “expired” medication to third world countries and it worked just as good as stuff that wasn’t expired.

  350. Patriot nurse is awesome!!!!!!!

  351. As a well seasoned ICU/ER nurse I find your videos a credit to everyone. Part of our oath and work as a nurse is community assistance and awareness.  What you are doing and have accomplished on your blogs is well spoken, extremely thorough and very informative. Thank you, you are a bright light in a uncomfortable subject, and an inspiration to our profession! You go girl!!!

  352. Dang what dollar tree do you shop at all the ones i go to hVe barely anything like that lol

    1. yea i know @Josh Apple 

    2. @Trey Lloyd Not all Dollar Tree/General stores are created equal. Shop around; they’re some really nice ones out there.

  353. What is great also about dollar tree is they take coupons too. Their website has the coupon policy.

  354. Thanks for doing this…ignore the trolls….like the poor they are
    always with us 😎 If you are broke you WILL be probably only
    able to buy what is at the Dollar Store so don’t knock it.

    1. @Sn SM Not all Dollar Tree/General stores are created equal. I have three near my home and two are pretty shitty but the third is quite nice. There is PLENTY of good stuff at these stores and people are needlessly wasting their money buying these things elsewhere. Ex. toothbrushes, toothpaste, basic medical items, shampoo, glow sticks, some food…

  355. In my experience, the bandaids from the dollar tree SUCK. They just don’t stick for long. I only buy the “good ones” (fabric ones from J&J seem to last the longest) now. The dollar tree ones are the ones I put on the kids when they aren’t bleeding and need a placebo.

  356. Very good stuff thx a bunch

  357. I love Dollar Tree!!

  358. Once I had to buy a pill cutter from Walmart.  They had a sale, and I got the last one left.  That’s my story.

  359. Best advice for people on budget thanks !  keep it up.

  360. You make me think what if. Be ready, be smart.

  361. As always, you do great vids. I would add xl super absorbent panty liners to the list, as well as benzo, hydrogen peroxide, dental floss and sewing kits. Susnscreen and aloe or burn gel/solarcaine as well, maybe not as medical but still good to have.

  362. GREAT video!!!  Totally agree with you here. Bought a LOT of stuff @ Dollar Tree. As for those “instant cold packs”- some use ammonium nitrate- VERY useful for other things, too. 🙂   I SO hope I can see you this Autumn!!!

    1. @Patriotgal1 I was hoping that someone else would mention the dual usage 😀

  363. You, my dear, are awesome!  Thank you so much for the great ideas.  Keeping you in my prayers here in Redding, CA.

  364. I really like your video’s , thanks.  This is a perfect place to start for many.

  365. I think as a nurse, someone that is educated and see stuff happening you have a very negative and bleak look on how stuff is happening, I’m pretty sure we will never see an apocalypse… but if I lose my entire family whats the point of being the only one left….?

    1. Jason Gurganus “Apocalypse” meant/means “the revealing”, not a catastrophic event – that is called a disaster or catastrophe.

    2. Jason Gurganus “negative and bleak” ?? Are you serious~?? Her attitude is upbeat and about being PREPARED.
      Prepare for the worst,,expect the best. I’d love to have her smile and attitude walk into the room if I were a patient.

    3. I guess it depends how much you want to live.

    4. We are def about to hit ww3, the elite are even preparing, don’t deny it. Thats just being thick. Shits about to go down, do some research. We aren’t rev up our military, china isn’t flexing their muscles for nothing, and russia is doing full blown nuclear war drills ….. but sure we wont see it LOL 😂

    5. +Mine changed sometimes in minutes, it’s called menopause, lol

  366. I love your videos, you have inspired me and my family to take action on our medical supplies. I have a Stent in my hart and requires some special meds, I can only get from a doctor. Do you have any suggestions for this problem, can’t really stock up on rx, drug’s?

    1. @Kenny I have a similar thought as well. I don’t advice it but I know of someone who told their doctor they needed more of a drug than they really took to stock up, not for prepping specifically but because insurance sometimes is funny and 120 pills for a 30 day supply comes out the same as 30 pills for a 30 day supply. I know of doctors that will write for a prescription to be taken 4x a day for someone who only needs to take it 2x a day if tht person can’t afford the medication like everyone else. For controlled substances obviously that doesn’t work but for other meds I could see it working. Maybe you could find a prepper minded doctor! Ultimately when it comes to special medication concerns you should always have a stash somewhere, maybe just enough to get to a pharmacy in a SHTF situation or even just in case your doctor is out on a thursday or a friday and cant fill your prescription in time.

    2. @David Dowd Yes, you have an option. Talk to your doctor, tell him what you want it for and what you will do with the extra meds and ask him for a prescription (or manufacturers samples). Sometimes there are other similar drugs that can be had this way too. The doc will know better than either of us what your options are, both legal and ethical.

  367. You have a sweet heart.

  368. Great video…there are lots of useful preps to be had at dollar stores. Quick question: I’ve heard Hydrogen peroxide is a very useful item to store. I would imagine so; but is there a difference in the quality or strength of dollar store hydrogen peroxide vs. name brand? I’d like to see a video on this if you think it’s imoortant. Thanks , and keep up the good work

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  370. American $1 stores wow…. 🙂

  371. I for one can not stand this lady and her better than you rants, but she is 100% right on Dollar Tree.  Dollar Tree basically gives their medical and personal hygiene supplies away for a buck.  Name brand quality for rock bottom prices.  If you consider yourself a prepper and do not shop at Dollar Tree, than you really arent smart enough to be a prepper.

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  374. Your brain is as beautiful as your smile. Thank you for the many videos.

  375. I heard on the news that the meds in dollar tree were NOT up to par. But most of what PN pointed out were supplies not meds. Their Salonpas did not do anything for me. This was before I heard what I did on the news. Her link to them, we’re Amazon. Com. And on another video.

  376. it doesn’t matter how well prepared you get or become in a SHTF scenario, once you run out of food, medical supplies, water, etc. that’s when the real challenge is going to begin, and most likely all people will freak out, even the best of the preppers will be in good shape for a few months, after that it’ll be total chaos.

  377. Wow, slow down! Another step up it could be like an auctioneer talking. Obviously you know what you are talking about, just slow it down alittle.

    1. @David Mm She is trying to fit in a lot of information in as short a video as possible. YouTube makes it difficult to upload and show videos over 15 minutes, which is most likely why she tries to fit in a lot of information in as little time as possible – in most of her videos it is the same, as it is for others who post to YouTube. And, in some parts of the country people naturally speak fast, and most people don’t feel the need to complain. If you have trouble with quick thinking, you can play it over and over until your brain is able to absorb all 8 minutes.

  378. Great vid. You always look great. Can’t get some of the med items in dollar stores here in the Great White North but will keep looking.

  379. I have great respect for nurses, they are overworked and underappreciated!

  380. sweet stop scurvy for a buck taste a little better than pine tea too

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  383. Another way to stock up that i found is the dollar tree’s website. You can but items at case quantity. Very handy.

  384. Are the $1.00 meds actually of the same quality as the name brands?

  385. I’m just saying this but I wouldn’t bye pills or any medication from the dollar tree

    1. @SunshineDay Indeed. Big chains make a ton of cash off people who “only buy brand name and not that generic crap”. My dad works in the grocery business and he deals with suppliers and is always bringing home samples of stuff. People are stupid, but sometimes stupidity is profit margins.

    2. I can tell you from experience that they are the exact same thing as name brand meds .

    3. Why not? They are normally the same name brands that you see at other stores. A great deal is a great deal. 🙂 Big Lots is also another great store.

  386. GREAT video!!  Thanks so much for the info!!

  387. Hello, Can you please do a video on whats in your medical kit. Thanks

  388. I get a lot of medical stuff there too. Seems well stocked in our town of FAR Northern California. Saw your video on Surviving Widowhood. I survived Widowerhood and know the pain. I was left with 2 kids 9 and 16. They are 33 and 40.

  389. “sorry for my looks” LOL
    You look Great! 
    Excellent presentation, and I believe you are now my GO-TO person for Med-Prep! 
    I’ve had tons of training in this, but it sure does pay to keep updated! I did all my Boy Scout stuff TWICE, our troop moved and lost my records :’-( so I did it again, but it’s all good! CPR and Red Cross first aid several times. 
    SUBBED and Love your Work!  

  390. Been there, done that. Saved a TON of money on this kind of stuff! : )

  391. Hey this is cool…can you look at my page and look at my medical kit and let me know what you think….its not what you might think …its something different…

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  393. It’s amazing, I started out watching runnin and gunnin videos on here and one like led me to your cheap medical supplies video. Now I am starting to watch all of your videos. As a fellow nurse and prepper I admire and respect you and your knowledge base. Do not be discouraged and stay in the fight.

  394. my dolloar store is very bad it does not have alot of stuff there!

  395. I like to get the little “first aid kit” boxes from Dollar Tree to give to my Scouts.  It has some bandages and triple antibiotic ointment, comes in a little backpack friendly box, and is only $1

  396. this is where I got lots of my supplies.

    1. thats whats up I am a ;bargin hunter to

    2. I keep my eye open at garage sales, too. I scored half a dozen rolls of gauze from a nurse, they were medical grade… 25¢ each!

    3. I agree why spend so much money on a role of gause when it will get nasty and thrown away anyway.

  397. Loooooove getting medical supplies at Dollar Tree. Thank you for your tips! I hadn’t thought to get some of these items, but definitely will now, like the pill crusher, great idea. I actually get the majority of our medical supplies from the Dollar Tree and they’re legit good supplies. Great video!

  398. Any of it USA made? I have serious problems with imports. Do you not think the amount of import buying is part of what is degrading this country?

  399. Never thought about Dollar tree, Thanks!!

  400. Great tips! We love the dollar stores!

  401. She’s still pretty!

  402. puppy pads can be used to cover large wounds.  if you need to do this use hypo-allergenic, fragrance free puppy or adult human pads.  great for a lot of things!!!

  403. If there’s one thing I’ve found during my almost 60 years stay here, is that you get what you pay for. Things have gotten so cheap since most of the manufacturing left the US, that you can no longer find the quality in certain items that one used to be able to obtain. If there’s one place I don’t think I’d be skimping on if I could help it, is would be med. supplies. Since you’re a nurse, though, I’d trust you know what is crap and what isn’t from experience. I’m just leery of anything coming out of china these days.

  404. Great tips, thanks!

    I really appreciate the puppy pads… I’m not sure if I would have thought of that.

    1. @Kevin Carey Being able to think outside the box and adapt is a critical skill set.

    2. +Shawn Thompson me to my problem is when I see things like that labeled a certain way I get fixated on their INTENDED purpose and forget that they can be used for other things but that’s a neurotic issue with me lol

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    I think I’m not the only one who feels this way!


  407. My dollar tree has been there for like 16 years, my whole life and it hasn’t stocked up on med supplies like this whole wonderland. I get really happy because I saw Claratin Allergy pack for $1 that’s insane, that was the only thing that was useful aside of all the other bandages, just that.

  408. Fantastic so glad I found you was looking cheaper Ideas

  409. I have just watched your widow video . . .   I like it.   It seems as though you are doing things exactly right for you.  Key to life:  love is giving without expecting anything in return and the essence of forgiveness is forgetfulness, take care

    1. she’s very special & very well thought of!! We are all pulling for her & encouraging her to keep on keeping on in spite of her tragedy! She has lots to contribute to our well being & to society!! she is loved by one & all!!

  410. Not a prepper myself, but being an accident prone, outdoorsy athletic type I find the first aid videos useful.

  411. you can always ask the manager to order you things from the big book in his/her office, I have ordered cases of stuff that way, and /or visit their website:  

  412. I have learned a lot from postings like this! Keep it up!

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  417. and the #1 use for Benadryl?….wine hangover relief!! – Because a friend is the ship & recv. mgr. of a large supplier, I get dibs on damaged returns of IV, suturing, med-surg. stuff and other goodies – 99% are damaged boxes, non-compromised products – Just picked up an autoclave w/ trays a week ago!  ( Hey Al, try and start up a med supply company here with all the Mao-lite’s in the alpha-bet soup Fed  bureaucracies… the PRC is here, comrade! )

  418. The only “Med” supply I have had issues with from the Dollar Tree, are the Band Aides, They don’t really stick.

  419. great video and any news about Maine prepper 

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  421. great video, you made me laugh, thanks. 🙂

  422. the saline spray can also be used as an eye wash, and overnight sanitary napkins can help dress a heavy bleed.

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  428. lemme git a SHTF motorboat.. 

  429. Sort of off topic but it does deal with storage and health.

    We keep current copies of all medications, both copies of the scripts (if possible) lists of daily medications (Rx & OTC) as well as basic health info (pacer / ICD info — diabetes info — last tetanus / flu, etc, vaccinations) as well as allergy info and pertinent prior surgical info; in vacuum sealed bags.

    Also do one(s) with pet license / vaccination / microchip info, homeowners / auto insurance and other copies of other important documents.

    I also ‘shrink’ some important documents and heal seal them to carry in a wallet. If the information is needed, put it on a copier and enlarge.

    Keep up the great  videos!! Knowledge gained is the best insurance against the unknown.

  430. Great vid. You look fine to me. :~)

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  433. Gentle tape: great for fuzzy pets, old grannies, and wussy adults.  🙂
    Suprised you didn’t mention triple antibiotic ointment and standard adhesive bandages… I use the heck out of those two things more than anything.
    Face masks, gloves, and generic tylenol PM are also some of my favorites to buy there for first aid kits.
    Finger splints suck… at least for me, since I work with my hands. Buddy taping or nothing at all is much more practical for me… those splints always stick out way further than the normal finger and thus bump on stuff that normally wouldn’t effect the damaged finger, causing more pain. A dollar is a good deal though since the hospital charged me $45 for the same thing that I couldn’t use!

  434. Thanks for the 411 TPN.

  435. I love ur vid and think you are wise ! my Momma wanted me to be a nurse and I should have listened to her because I would have been a good one! Thank you for the vids and info ,very admirable of you to be so sharing .

  436. What about trauma? im sure you have it all figured out but how would you recommend getting cheap medical supplies when it comes to trauma ( TQ, Pressure dressings, Fluids, Tubes, .etc) this videos concentrated more on first aid and basic illnesses rather than life saving interventions you need to worry about in the heat of the moment. 

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  441. our dollar trees…..suck.  they don’t have this stuff.  i have been in there for tools, FA stuff, foodstuffs. 

  442. Went to two Dollar Trees this weekend.  I bought some of what you outlined.  Trying to put together a first aide kit for my kids baseball season, so those cold packs are gonna be great.  Some kid always gets hurt and my wife usually gives up the hard ice pack from our drink cooler.  
    Couldn’t find AIRBORNE though.  I don’t know if it really works, but every time one of my kids is sick or somebody at the office is hacking up a lung, I take some.

  443. Great video, PN.  

  444. @ThePatriotNurse Hey patriotnurse can you send me a t shirt so next time I go to the dallar tree I wana show it off :p.

  445. Not meant to be creepy.

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  447. After you purchase the band aids after you purchase your item by plastic bags that are reseal get scotch tape put the date on them so that way you’ll know how long you’ve had them put scissors put everything in a plastic bag with a date on them I am in ER nurse and everything has to have a date on it..
    Another thing by baby powder by extremely big and long Q tips bye z alcohol 50 and then by the alcohol 91 and combine them.
    Make sure that every family member has a backpack full of items 4 each and every individual person.

  448. puppy pads are great for changing the oil in your car and keeping the wife from going all praying mantis on my ass!….

  449. If i take a benadryl, im out for a couple days. But i guess thats better than dead.

  450. You have so many great ideas.  Looking for stuff made from China is a good idea too.


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  453. You are a jewel beyond price!  Thanks for putting the effort into this, I’ve found stuff that I’d never thought of, and might be able to better take care of my important people because of your efforts.  Thanks, I owe you one, big time!

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  455. Thank you, I had never considered going to a “dollar store” before this video. I’m in the process of putting together a car emergency bag and this helps A LOT. I just subscribed to you channel, looking forward to more great ideas. Thanks again!

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  457. Your Dollar Tree is AWESOME!!!!  I wish I was there!!!  Keep up the great videos 🙂

  458. Wow.  Inventory of the Dollar Tree by me sucks in comparison.  lol

    I’m not a prepper, but I do try to stock up some supplies, and some of the things I have picked up from Dollar Tree in the past are bandage items(gauze, tapes, etc.), also ziploc bags to keep them in.    

  459. That little kid said “I found PatriotNurse!”

  460. Thanks for the info and explanations, Patriot Nurse!

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  463. Buy three each of three different colors and you can have nine color coded containers.  Blue w/ blue lid, blue with red lid, blue with green lid, etc.  You can do the same thing with other size containers.  Four colors give you 16 divisions of product.

  464. Temporary Dental repair kit, one dollar! Tolnaftate foot spray powder…another buck! Yay!

  465. I like you,your like my teacher,very straight forward and does not suger coat anything for anything

  466. I’m gonna buy some meds, only got twenty dollars in my pocket…

  467. anyone watching this video is buying from china as there is not ONE, yes, NOT ONE, computer manufacturer in the USA. China makes ALL our electronic circuits and everything needed to make a computer or smart phone or tablet, etc…. EVEN THE ONES IN OUT MILITARY’S HELICOPTERS, AIRPLANES, TANKS, MISSLES, DRONES, ETC!!!  I mean really, its a little late to stop buying form china especially in this economy so you may as well buy the stuff for as cheap as you can get it cuz really when the SHTF Im not gonna give a flying F*ck where the damned bandages were made so long as i have them if i need them. I would hope more ppl feel the same way, even if they are also against China, like myself… but not buying from China is practically an impossibility in this country nowadays. Cant beat em, may as well take advantage of them.

  468. I use paper tape on the clinical setting in our nursing program. I never connected it to the idea of thin skin. That makes a lot of sense giving how many IV’s we have to change.

  469. You’re a gifted teacher and communicator, good to see you making good use of those abilities. God bless.

  470. I’d LOVE to go on a shopping spree for preps with Patriot Nurse!

  471. It is a great thing to have emergency supplies in the trunk, but remember, the hood and trunk are the “crush zones” of your vehicle. Even if you only spin into a guard rail, it could be jammed shut. Naturally, the passenger compartment is the most protected area. Keep a small kit with the essentials secured somewhere within easy reach from the drivers seat. Be mindful of where you stow the gear in your vehicle because, at highway speeds, loose items can become missiles. -or at least won’t be within reach when you need them. (think cell phone, seat belt cutter, IFAK….)    (just my $0.02)  – I love your work, PN. Thank you for all of it!!

  472. I find the Sam’s Club has a better cost per pill then Walmart.

    1. Yeah, no kidding! Ibuprofin, diphenhydramine, immodium,…unbelievable prices!

  473. Great video and tips. I just want to make a comment about what I hear a lot from different people and that is keeping a first aid kit or bugout bag in your car. Doesn’t anyone take into account what the extreme weather conditions whether it be cold or hot and how it effects what is in your car. The temperatures are always colder or hotter in your car than it is outside and anything like energy bars, MRE’s, ointment, bandaids, medications, etc. (all these items have a storage temperature on the package) will spoil or rot in a short time and long before you will ever use it. I personally would not keep anything in the car, I would just keep it in the house ready to grab and go or take your first aid with you when you go out.

  474. Wow, if that’s you looking “rough”, you’re lucky because you still looked great to me! Thanks for the Dollar Tree tip.

  475. I feel that this is one of your best videos. I believe that most (90%) folks are barely to prep and make ends meet. This video will probably inspire many to prep when they thought that they couldn’t afford to do both.

  476. Thank you very much your videos, keep it up!!! 

  477. what state is patrionurse from

  478. Could you make a video about what first aid stuff that can fit in a hiking backpack easily?

  479. Good info

  480. 🙂

  481. Is the dressing sterile?


  483. I actually did a couple of videos on the medical stuff from dollar tree. Thanks for doing this to show that even a nurse can stock up there.

  484. Do you really trust meds from the dollar store?? I can see bandages and cold packs but I would not give my family any generic remedy produced in some Chinese/Asian unregulated manufacturing facility. Use the money saved on other items to buy trustworthy brands of meds. Coupons help in this area.

    1. You do realize that even if you buy “USA made goods, that just means the medicine or whatever was mixed/made here and the ingredients/pieces STILL are coming from China, right???? THERE IS NO NOT BUYING FROM CHINA!!! 

    2. True what they did to our milk powder l think twice about any food product mixed or made there. They were making baby formula from our NZ milk powder but were bulking the mixture with plastic waste powder. Chinese were running the company under the umbrella of NZ fontera. NZs pitfall trusting them with our product.

  485. The adhesive on the Band-Aids does not work on those generics you buy from the dollar store. They just fall off!

  486. great video thanks you gave very important info red first aid box will go in my car asap thanks again 

  487. People might think this is a bit strange but over the past year and a half I have found unbelievable deals on med supplies at weekly flea markets. I was so lucky when a few of the vendors had bought tons of stuff from doctors estate sales and brought them to the flea market. Sutures, syringes, IV tubing kits, full 100 count boxes of sterile gauze pads of all sizes, bandages, braces of all types, tons more, all medical grade, sealed, etc. I’m talking 50 cents for each item (100 ct box of 6×6 sterile/sealed gauze pads! etc.) It was like dream come true. I am careful to check that the stuff is sealed and that it doesn’t look like it was stored in an outhouse……. Just a thought for everyone to keep in mind.

  488. Sweetheart that doesn’t look rough at all….

  489. interesting indeed..

  490. we mostly only have poundland shops in the Uk, looks like the dollar tree has a much bigger selection, but still you can get some good buys… I always used to walk past the section when I went in, now I must look a right weirdo when I hand my basket over at checkout…… btw, nothing wrong with the bare skin look, you have very good skin… come SHTF day there are gonna be some ugly ppl who rely too much on make up and fake hair….lol…x

  491. Thanks for being helpful so we can be helpful.

  492. Excellent video. Medical supplies are so expensive even at “discount” places like Wal-Mart & I never even thought about dollar stores having that kind of selection/inventory. I hope the few nearby ones are stocked like that one. The wife & I will be making a Dollar Tree run this weekend to stock up on some much needed medical supplies. Thanks so much for the tip. It’ll be a huge money saver.

  493. What a wonderful fun video! Thanks for the smiles keep the faith and carry one sis.

  494. That is an amazing Dollar Tree. I only wish that the Dollar Trees in my area looked that clean and organized.

  495. No No No and No. Not even going to get into medicines,drugs etc from China but anything made China in general. ITS CRAP! I got caught up in the prepping craze and had 6-8 large plastic boxes packed with enough msc nice to have,need to have stuff that would keep Macgyver happy. Seeing how WW3,martial law or a civil war never happened, I started digging into this boxes. I bet you 3/4 of it was practically worthless. Anything plastic will break. Anything that has moving parts will fail. Tapes,glues,rubber gloves etc will fail. I cannot imagine these cheap generic first aid kits doing anything but giving one a false sense of security. First off all this crap is made with the lowest of standards using the cheapest materials. The already cheap materials/chemicals sit who knows? Years? Then after they are made they sit in a warehouse for ???. Go into a container across the ocean and sit for ???. Eventually they make it to these dollar stores and sit for ??? Then we buy themmbox them and they sit again for years?? Sorry for the mini rant but I recently moved and had to throw away probably 6 large plastic boxes of prepping junk. All 2-4 years old. From can openers,charcoal,lighters,survival gear…. When you go to use this junk it may work a few times but it will fail. I wish I could simply say “buy quality” but where? I rarely skimp and it cost a fortune but even then what today is considered grade A highest of quality would have been standard made in the USA 30 years ago.

  496. show us your dewalt box please.

  497. You don’t like children, LOL.

  498.    My Husband” BigKattsDaddy” and I” Momma Katt” Have just purchased 30 acres in the Tennessee hills and have recently started our adventure towards AlleyKatts Homestead. we are very new at this and have watched tons of videos, please keep posting and feel free to visit our Youtube Channel “AlleyKatTs Homestead” and watch as we embark on a self sustaining life and living completely off the grid.Our homestead will raise, chickens for both meat and eggs, goats for milk, we will raise a couple hogs a year for meat as well as a meat cow, we will also grow all our produce, feed, wheat for bread, and make all our personal hygiene products and cleaning supplies from all natural materials, we will make all our meals from scratch and if we cant hunt it, grow it, raise it or, make it we wont use it, with a cpl minor exceptions. we we will be building a modest 700+ square foot cabin and all our grown children will also be building their own off grid cabins on the land. we have designed our cabin ourselves based on what we want in a cabin/house and we will use repurposed materials whenever available but, our plan is to build as cheap as possible, while still allowing ourselves the luxuries we want. we will be running on 100% solar and wind power (generator till system is up) we will be using a rain water collection system and cookin on wood with a propane stove in the cabin. we will rely solely on wood heat, and we will have an in line propane hot water heater. it is our plan to begin making videos here in the next couple weeks, we would really like for you to come check out our videos and let us know what you think, we are also gonna be getting started on our prepping, so any and all advice is very welcome.

  499. You have never looked rough! Thanks for all you do!

  500. Great tips!  A good thing about inexpensive, generic perishable supplies is, I’m not as reluctant to toss the old and resupply once a year if I haven’t paid premium prices.  

  501. Hadnt thought about the dollar store for med supplies! Thanks.

  502. You mentioned that there were other uses for Benadryl. Can you do a video and elaborate on other uses for items we have stocked up on?

  503. PN,
    I am so glad you did not recommend Dollar trees “Assured” brand band aids. I watched another Preppers Dollar store prep video last year on Dollar store prep Items… 
    So I bulk shopped on Gauze, Alcohol, Hydrogen peroxide, BAND AIDS,Etc.
    I went against my bulk buying rules (buy a test box/item and try/test out first) and bought everything in bulk.
    Not long after I got hurt and went a grabbed a box of dollar tree band aids opened one out of the wrapper and the gauze pad fell off onto the floor. This happened with several more out of that box. switched to another box and had the same happen. I then had to acrobatically open the wropper balance the pad and get it to the wound. OK now that I applied the band aid… It would not stick to my skin long 3-5 min at most. This happened with all 15 boxes I had on hand. Lesson learned don,t buy in bulk with out testing first. Others may have different outcomes but this was my expiereance . the gauze etc no problems.
    Also stay away from their batteries have had really bad luck with them as well.
    Just a FYI, thanks for all you do

    1. Yes I have noticed that some of the items are not worth buying. The items PN highlighted are great deals though.

  504. You hit another home run patriot nurse; thanks and God bless.

  505. Thanks for the great advice!

  506. Nice job! Lots of good info! Thanks for sharing with us, sister!

  507. Thanks

  508. Thanks for the info.!   Great information to give patients after discharge and where to go to get cheap supplies.  

  509. Patriot Nurse thank you for creating this video I have been waiting to see a good dollars store video with what to purchase  for medical supplies beside awesome Disney band aids for cheap

  510. great video! I am a new subscriber, love your videos! 🙂

  511. Thanks for the tips. I do shopping a the dollar tree lot. you can find good stuff there

  512. Our drug plan is about to expire. So for the past 9 months I have gotten every prescription I have used that is on record and still has refills, filled. Have Claratin, Robaxicet, Glyberide,  Ibuprophen. Since my husband has paid into the plan for 30 years I figure they can afford to buy us a few extras. Now for about 2 months he won’t have to be out of pocket for allergy relief at least.
    The drug store was changing their brand from Rexal to IDA so all their R. things were marked down 75% stocked up on shampoo, bandaids moisturizers. Now just have to get a new dresser to hold it all. Don’t have a dollar store close so this was the best deal I could find so far.

  513. Way to go!  I love this video for so many reason.  DT has Airborn!?!?!?  How did I miss that?  xo. <3

  514. Dollar tree is an awesome place for inexpensive bargains. One other thing to note is that for a buck you can get reasonable quantities of ibuprofen (Advil), acetaminophen (Tylenol), and Aleve to put into your kit without having to get crazy over expiration dates. Thanks for sharing some other super ideas from the local Dollar Tree (and no, I don’t work there, LOL)


  516. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and making this video!  
    Btw, you look fine!

  517. Another great video.  I’ve been stocking these types of items from both the dollar store and dollar tree for awhile now so thanks for the tip on the puppy pads.

  518. I always love your videos; I always find them informative. I’m so happy you are living your dream, you deserve it!

  519. well I guess I am dollar tree bound, Thanks keep up the good work!!

  520. Another great use for Instant Cold Packs: Cheap, homemade, Tannerite!

  521. In my Dollar Tree, I found an item that was to good to be true, I found Steak in the fridge section, it was from JAPAN. later I found it was GMO steak, SO I knew it was to good to be true. so say away from 1$ steaks,  I sometimes on my cheat days, diet wise, stock up on Junk food, from Dollar tree,  I have bought cooking items for my survival stock,stash -bowls, plates, utensils etc. . and Patriot Nurse I don’t think it’s possible for you to Look Rough,  You look better even in the morning, than most people look in the evening,dont be hard on yourself .

  522. Listening to the children in this video also reminded me of…. well, birth control products. While not exactly a medical supply, I’m sure someone is going to need that. Also, feminine products and diapers make excellent absorbent bandaging material. Working with a country veterinarian may also have its benefits as those guys come up with some really neat treatments using everyday items. 😉

  523. You are very helpful Thanks for this video!  You looked great  don’t worry!

  524. I would be careful about supplies from such discount stores. Sure, you can buy generic Neosporin for a dollar instead of 6 or 7. But it’s made in China and how will you ever know what’s in it? Bandages and gauze are fine, but I would stay away from anything that you have to trust the ingredients. 

  525. Thanks for all the good ideas But you never look rough,Keep up the good work :):):)

  526. Nice vid PN! thx

  527. thank you.

  528. Dollar Tree near me is small and has a crappy first aid and medical section. Got the idea to check it out from your buddy, MainPrepper. 

  529. More crap from China? Read the labels!

    1. Dollar tree sells via the web as well. You can buy case-lots of many items. For mess that can be great.

  530. PN
    You Rock!! I asked for book suggestions, you provided. I asked for a trusted place to get medical supplies, you provided that too. Thank you. Can you please suggest more advanced medical equipment and where to get them?


  531. Hi, love your videos great stuff. Thanks Steve

  532. awesome this is really good info. i never knew dollar tree had so much first aid supplies.

  533. The link must be broken to this video because it says can’t connect to server with repeated tries.

  534. Medical supplies?  Thought we had that covered with duct tape!

  535. Great video! Are you ever going to come back to California for Medical Prep classes? We need you!

  536. Thank you for a great video. One thing that you didn’t mention and I’ve heard is that “female hygene pads” being a good substitute for gauze bandages, is that correct? I have a larger type IFAK in my truck but I’m not sure it has the “right” items. Have you done a video with your recommended IFAK contents?

  537. I would like to share a tip with getting first aid items. Go to dollar tree buy a roaster pan. You can then cut roaster pan into smaller rectangular pieces. Next with pliers or channel locks fold over onto itself to make thicker. You can use cotton balls also found at dollar tree for padding. One roaster pan will usually give you 6 to 10 finger splints depending on how thick or wide you want them. Plus the foil unfolded can be used for cooking and cheap signaling device. Yes, I realize a mirror reflects better but one material with multiple purposes is extremely beneficial.

  538. please you don’t look rough, i would have to say for such a pretty woman you have a great smile… thanks you for taking the time in sharing your knowledge

  539. What are the five best antibiotics to have? How many would it take to cover the most common or likely diseases?

    1. You can get the Top Five and more from

  540. Great video. One of the reasons I visit Dollar Tree is exactly what you are talking about. Now I just need to convince them to stock celox or quikclot.

  541. Excellent post P.N. 🙂

    LLTR. 🙂

  542. I liked it PN, but you never come to the dollar tree by me….  😉

  543. The best Dollar Tree shopping video I have seen so far.  Thanks.

  544. Great ideas, thank you

  545. Thank you. Got some good ideas from this one.

  546. When I went to Wal-Mart they had an $.88 bin with all kinds of allergy, cold/flu stuff, cortisone, A&D and antiseptic cream, elbow, knee, ankle bandages/braces … all kinds of stuff.  Spent $20.00 and filled up 2 bins at home.  Had to check expiration dates on meds but some were up to 4 yrs.  Don’t pass up those pharmacy bins!

  547. As always your awesome!!! Keep up the great work.

  548. Great Video Patriot Nurse!  NEVER would have thought to store puppy pads – will get some today!  Please, please come to MN to do your classes??!??  : )

  549. You look fine. 🙂

  550. Awesome video, never thought about the dollar tree for medical supplies… A BIG THANK YOU !!!!

  551. Always good P.N.  …Jimmy…

  552. please do a video on dental hygiene. how do you keep your teeth so white?  

  553. Good job getting some quality eye ware. look into wiley x too.

  554. Always beautiful PN even early mornings at the dollar store, that smile lights up rooms.

  555. Thanks for the info. Been there and done that prep. Im set for zombies. —  Ok just joking.

  556. Good info

  557. Great video!!  Years ago when my kids were babies the doctor prescribed ( Clotrimazole) Lotrimin Antifungal cream for diaper rashes.  The cream worked great.   Now I can buy it for a dollar at the dollar tree for my grandkids.  I love the Dollar Tree..

  558. P.N. can you talk a bit about medical supply storage? I have seen a lot of FA Kits that have been fouled by water. These were level 1, 2 & 3 FA kits for individuals and work crews in the field. I expect mildew is even an issue for the home.

  559. I had shop at our local Dollar Tree earlier in the week, It’s good to know I bought some of the suggested items – now to go back and pick-up preps you’ve suggested. Thanks

  560. Great video

  561. Why should you have to apologize for what appears to be no makeup on? I don’t understand why there should be an apology for the color of your face.

  562. This was interesting. I stopped by a dollar tree today, spontaneously for some drinks. I walked through the store and as I usually do I am looking for preps. I saw the med supplies and made a mental note. I come home and here is this video. Thanks

  563. great vid 

  564. hi patriot nurse,great as usual. with the events in Africa of Ebola virus, could you talk about that and how to prep for that sort of thing….

  565. Wow nice Dollar Tree, our dollar stores are pretty much unstocked and dumpy, but ya know I never thought to check for medical supplies there, so I will have to check now. Thanks!

    1. There are roughly 15,000 Dollar Tree stores around the US. My store stocks a lot of medical supplies. Keep stopping in. Any cashier will direct you.

    2. Iridium242 Our Dollar Tree is the same way (small town). I plan to stock up at a huge Dollar Tree like the one in this video next time my fiancé and I go to a larger city for a date!

    3. Check other dollar trees in different towns. Say your visiting someone in another town or state. You could be on vacation and find some better assortments at other dollar stores. I have spoke to my local dollar tree and told them if they stock items that I found in another dollar tree I would buy what they ordered once a month. Low and behold as soon as it was stocked it sold out. Now good luck trying to find things like absorbing jr or puppy pads.

  566. Is that a Super-Dollar Tree store? Its huge compared to the regular one.

  567. I’ve been kicking myself since you posted this.  As a former Hospital Corpsman with combat experience, I love being prepared medically.  Dollar Store?!?!  Never would have thunk it!  Thanks for the advice.

  568. TPN thanks for all you do !

  569. Top video P.N. Thanks 🙂

  570. Sweet I am not the only ne who shops dollor stores for basic med supplies.

  571. Video doesn’t work..

  572. This is good info.  One can stock up a lot of medical for little money.  Thanks PN!
    BTW you did NOT look rough!!!!

  573. The problem with the cold packs is that they only stay cold for 10 minutes.

  574. all items in that store is $1!
    wow – you guys are spoilt in the us – puppy pads for big bleeds – cool
    speaking of cool – im getting some cold pads for swollen joints etc.
    nice one pn

    1. The same stuff in this video costs less than $1 in Walmart, actually.

    2. funkyprepper Another trick that works is to use bags of frozen raviolis for ice packs. I have arthritis in my knee and it really does work (even my pharmacist agreed after slightly laughing at me). Plus we’re Italian, so we usually have plenty of those in the house anyway.

  575. Great video! Thanks for explaining each item. Btw you’re better looking than James Yeager.

  576. Great ideas! Can not wait for my next visit to Dollar Tree!

  577. I use the Walmart $1,00 white lid plastic shoe boxes for storage of empty brass for reloading they are like the second group you showed. They are a better quality the then Dollar tree shoe boxes you showed.  While the color coded smaller containers would work for loose ammo storage.  My Medical Bag, is a 4 see through tray camo nylon fishing tackle box.  The reason for the picking this Med Bag was that it’s lenght allowed it to fit under the bath room sink, it has the ability to store my go to supplies.  This replaced a large plastic tackle box 35 years old that had been my electronics, then my shooting box. It now has been repainted and awaits re-assignment to a new task maybe back to shooting. I have been lucky to pick up a number of metal real first aid kit cases, for very little money that have been filled and stashed in my vehicles.  I found that PETCO has good prices the Kerlix Gauze Bandage Rolls not a great price but still better then other places. Note these are in available in subdued colors, this is the best part of all.  When I travel I make a point of identifying places that have medical supplies, ammo, portable food, like 
    Dollar tree and the 99 cent store.

    1. container  have lots good stuff as well a Rubbermaid container will float and is waterproof army ammo cans and yes tool boxes you can use velcro to divide unto compartments also use a tablet with a 128 sd card to store  pdfs when there is no doctor for diy biogas 1 kg veggie scraps 2 hours stove gas   Also youtube video $ 5 conversion from Gasoline to Propane or Biogas = methane  ,AQsolutions.ORG =  Village Size  BIOCHAR WATER PURIFY  SYSTEM  SODIS.COM 2   LITERS WATER BOTTLE + 5 HOURS SUNLIGHT = UV GERM FREE WATER  A pile of compost with a coil of garden hose with water makes hot water source = permaculture video youtube /com

  578. as far as gear goes, you should do some 2nd hand store shopping

  579. Thank you mam!! GodBless

  580. I scoped out a dollar tree for basic med supplies years ago.  The packaging looks the same as bigger retail stores or identical but the VOLUME or QUANITY has been greatly reduced which makes the transaction not a bargin.

  581. You can also buy them by the case from their website! If there is something you need and can’t find it just give their customer service a call, they’re surprisingly helpful. Things like peroxide, alcohol and gauze are available in large 12/24 count cases. I contacted them about large quantities of this stuff for Girl Scout first aid kids and they discounted prices because I had to buy so much. It’s worth giving them a ring even if they aren’t able to discount it…. $1 items are extremely reasonable now a days.

  582. Thank you.   Take care, as always wishing you the best.  

  583. Actualy the ” grey man” concept,fitting in with the regulars,wearing no make up,let you move amongst the locals with little fan fair…;)))

  584. I have a 1985 36′ motorhome and I have been stocking it with tons of medical supplies. In my way of thinking is i can use it as a mobile response vehicle, and if I am responding to a disaster, i have my living quarters readily available.

    1. I purchased a 1996 Prevost coach 5 yrs ago to be able to move my rescue animals in a short notice…but will be willing to help where and when it’s needed in the coming conflict.

  585. Good video about inexpensive medical supplies.

  586. Dollar Tree is the Shizit ! Affordable First Aid Supplies and Much More.

  587. Some useful practical comments here.

  588. Great video. Thanks 4 sharing! God bless

  589. great video i wish you would do more videos like this for the people that cant afford a lot but still want to perpare

  590. our dollar tree also has family planning tests and uti tests. did some cursory research and found that they are just as effective as the 10-15 dollar brands as long as the directions are followed.

  591. Great video,I really enjoyed this one! Sounds like the kid @ 4:50 found an awesome deal 😀 Thanks for the info !!! – Ricky 🙂

  592. i like using the ziplock gallon freezer bags… if you drop it… everything is still contained in the container… and everyone knows when you get in a hurry, you end up dropping stuff

  593. Ah, the price of fame!

  594. Thank you for the info now I’m off to the dollar tree!

  595. Good info.

  596. For me, this was the most practical video you’ve done yet.  I am *not* medically trained (except for CPR/AED) and I’m going to be very limited as far as what I’m comfortable treating on my own.  So I don’t want to buy expensive medical supplies that I’m not going to know how to use.  You’ve given me some great ideas for keeping the expenses down while stocking up on things that will be useful in a pinch (especially if someone with more knowledge is around).

  597. You go girl!!!  Now you’re talking my kinda shopping.  Cheap, cheap, cheap!!  May God continue to richly bless you P/N.

  598. Excellent idea to add to your Personal Trauma Kit. If you carry things to take a life, carry stuff to save one.

    1. Three types of gear 1) Preventing holes (armor) 2) Plugging holes (trauma/med kit) 3) Making holes (ammo)

    2. Makes a lot of sense. 🙂

  599. Thanks for all you do/say to help the rest of us!

  600. Thumbs up for living the dream! Thanks for the advice. : )

  601. What about a couple of rolls of duct tape and paper towels for work shop injuries?

  602. Awesome. You are brilliant.
    Thanks for sharing.

  603. That Dollar Tree is pretty stacked, compared to mine. One thing that nags me about $1 store meds is whether or not they’re legit. I mean, I’m buying a tube of 1.0% clotrimazole for $1!!? Is that possible? When clotrimazole was first made public, much smaller tubes were ten bucks. Or, maybe the brand names are no better but are just ripping us off? I’m confused.

    1. “When clotrimazole was first made public, much smaller tubes were ten bucks.”

      How long ago?

    2. @FrugalPrepper I feel the same way about Excedrin. 

    3. I have found that the Equate Brand and Walmart and the Generic CVS and Wallgreens Brands to be okay, but some of the cheapie cheap stuff just doesn’t work as well or sometimes at all.  I have found there is no substitute for the real Mucinex DM, no generics work nearly as well.  Even aspirin, genuine Bayer works faster and better for me than the generic stuff.

    4. use natural cures like pure honey for burns and scrapes essential oils for infections Colloidal silver for viruses and fevers taken thru nasal by a nebulizer youtube has videos on mfr Canada maple leaf 1 oz best in world Kills all Bacteria and viruses since roman times !! 99 cent  honey is half corn syrup And seaweed to remove toxins like Floride .Bromide, Chlorine and restore Hormones unto  Normal ,Prevent and cure Breast cancer  and YES A VERY STRONG  ANTIBACTERIAL    KNOW TO GREAT GRANDMA IODINE = KEY

    5. yes be careful a $$$$ fake medicine INDUSTRY  saw on MSNBC  Show on counterfeit medicince mfr south AMERICA  and china and other countrys  look up colloidal silver mfr  info youtube = 1 silver coin or silver electrode 27 volts 1 glass distiiled water a few hours a solution of Very best ANTIVIRAL ANTIBACTERIAL KNOWN SINCE  2000 YEARS !!! USE AS A NASEL SPRAY WITH A NEBULIZER ALL HEALING HERBS THRU NASAL WILL GO TO INFECTION ASAP ALSO USE ESSENTIAL OILS   OREGANO LEMON ETC

  604. Great informative video! The puppy pads come in handy to cover large areas that would normally take a whole box of gauze pads. I suffered 2nd – 3rd degree superficial burns to my whole front torso a couple years ago, and bathing and changing dressings twice a day got expensive, the puppy pads worked really well with the silvadyne cream ( don’t think its spelled right lol) Anyhow a great option to cover large areas! 

  605. Great job, I love the dollar tree for my medical supplies. I also stock up on matches everytime I go. They have boxs of 300 for obviously a $1 they are usually $3 at any other store.

  606. Do you have a list of the items one should have on hand in a put together med-kit?

  607. Did that type of run a while back myself, thank you defending my random spending with the wife ha ha, good video thanks PN. 

  608. Am I the only one having problems loading this video? Other videos are working fine for me.

    1. yeah for some reason its select vids that i have problems with just started in the last week or so

    2. I’m experiencing some probs myself with it. Slow to load n then stops playing, ext.

    3. yeah,i always use firefox still have problems.
      will probably reload it.thx

    4. Open in a new private window (Firefox) and it will run (when Explorer will not run).

    5. @b h I am having the same problem. Some videos load, others don’t.  Its frusterating! Been this way for a couple of days now.  🙁 

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