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China allocates US$1.63 billion for urgently needed medical supplies to fight coronavirus

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China’s Ministry of Finance has said 11.21 billion yuan, or approximately US$1.63 billion, has been allocated to fighting the coronavirus outbreak. The funds will mainly be used for medical treatment, the procurement of equipment and epidemic control materials. Since the outbreak, factory workers and medical professionals across China have been working around the clock.

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443 thoughts on “China allocates US$1.63 billion for urgently needed medical supplies to fight coronavirus

  1. The Chinese communist party pillaged Australia and other countries of much needed medical supplies in the early stages of the pandemic.
    The Greenland Group, which manages property developments across the globe with the support of the Chinese government, told employees at its Sydney office to stop their normal work in January. Instead, they were tasked with sourcing face masks, hand sanitisers, thermometers and other medical items, storing them at their office and shipping them to China.This was no small-scale operation, either. Greenland Group told Chinese language media in Australia the company collected three million protective masks, 700,000 hazmat suits and 500,000 pairs of medical gloves during the global effort.

  2. Pray for China..

  3. 中国必定会转危为安和转败为胜成为世界超级防疫治疗中心,为全球服务。

  4. Cool looks great

  5. respect for all the workers

  6. 素手で作られたマスクは使う気にならない

  7. mask is expensive and rare much more the anti virus..

  8. Anyone know where to buy surgical masks in Uk. Everywhere is out stock

  9. 加油 别放弃 from Thailand.

  10. With that much money you can prob buy every single person in China for 1 dollar or less..

  11. My dad works at a mask company. He works 4 hours more overtime. He brings in masks for my family and we donate to China.

  12. Chiana I don’t like you eat snak dog more why you eat bad food you eat come all cuntres problem and more people death very. Bad chaina

  13. Let’s all make money off China!!

  14. 3m Masks for sale.

  15. If this is the modern bubonic plague then what if they run out of money at the peak


  17. Maybe do you think this is a big strategy all foreigners well be out to China after no foreigners totally 🔐 lock down it’s possible right?????????

  18. This is propaganda to cover the fact that they are killing dissidents and blaming it on the virus 🦠.What a convenient excuse ey China?

  19. I got the anti vaccine ,now i feel better folks 😷

  20. I wish I own the company stock.

  21. We’re in the endgame now


  23. Secrey new year or secrey decade

  24. – China starts work on cure
    – Australia starts to work on cure
    – France starts work on cure
    – USA starts work on cure

    – WHO aids with cure research

    *Cure is now at 20%*

  25. It’s the worst start of the year ever . 😷😤😑


  27. China is running short of face masks.
    Taiwan temporary ban on exporting face masks.
    Japan and some companies donate face masks to China.
    Hope there is no hoarding face masks and more donated to China where it’s most needed.

  28. China bussiness policy…world destroyed policy…they’re make this her laboratory for make a business

  29. Don’t buy Chinese mask

  30. Everyone used her clothes make a house..

  31. If you buy this mask nust be affected corona virus but china make this virus for bussiness

  32. If this is Australia, u would see the flu spread all over the country n the the premier been seen visiting swiss for skiing with family.n

    1. In almost every outbreak in the western countries immediate action is taken literally after just a couple of cases unlike others that are more worried about their global reputation.

  33. 1:25
    “In The Work”

    well i’m sure it is in

  34. By the time they discover a vaccine much likely it would evolve then…

  35. Nature is taking back its land. The cleansing is upon us!

  36. Why aren’t they giving out n95 masks these ones aren’t gonna protect people

  37. 2 words: Bill Gates.

  38. 少点我行我素的,损人不利己的败类,就是对地球最大的贡献!少吃点野生动物吧!垃圾分类吧!跟日本人🇯🇵比就是差劲👎

  39. Proud of china

  40. After seeing the collaboration and efforts agains corona virus…. I’m pretty sure we won’t let any more plagues happen again

  41. I should have bought stocks from companies that make this stuff

  42. Allah thala ka keher aya hai china. par.pehle kiye hue zulm ki saza……..

  43. I admire that China can make such nature disaster into oppotunities of some certain industry expanding and earning.

  44. This looks more like controlled production of pharmaceutical class, unlike the one before by CGTN, that was embarassing!

  45. also, time to think robot nurse and doctor to help frontline for the endless battle

  46. China is always a hardworking. Even though sometimes they are too arrogant in claiming islands. I acknowledged them being industrious and innovative.

  47. All of a sudden the HK protests sounds meaningful again. Let’s all protest against the Chinese and their sick ways.

  48. Nice profiting off people once again, pharmacies.

  49. Relax! – If China pays me that $1,6 Billion, I can Rid It and the World of this Deadly Virus in less than a Week, for it Can Be Killed The Moment It Touches Us – China and the World will Not Be Threatened any more by Any Viruses, Bacteria, etc. Pathogens, Cancers, Diabetes, Chronic, Heart, Brain, Liver, Kidney and Any Other Diseases – The Only Riddance Of All Diseases On Earth Is An Exercise For A Minute A Day.

  50. Matthew 24:6-13 New International Version (NIV)

    6 You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. 7 Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. 8 All these are the beginning of birth pains.

    9 “Then you will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death, and you will be hated by all nations because of me. 10 At that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other, 11 and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. 12 Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, 13 but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.

  51. Where is all this money coming from?! Emergency fund?

    1. Taxpayers. Where else?

  52. You really don’t know, do you.

  53. When a disaster happens, people gets rich.

  54. How about no…

  55. Our mask manufacturing business were through the roof, stock price will skyrocket.

  56. i suggest they should use sulfur and hot water for cleaning the rooms, the streets and places of wuhan because sulfur is very strong.

  57. Pray for China. Pray for the world.

  58. Coronavirus:

    Made In China 🦠

    Thought you would be interested in this very informative channel also.

  60. Ban China .

  61. 200,000 detection kits per day? Why do they need that many when compared to the number of confirmed cases? The actual numbers must be in the hundreds of thousands then?

    1. Detection kits. Which mean, of 200,000 who have flu symptoms and tested per day, a percentage will be positive. That percentage can be high or extremely low, we don’t know.

    2. Ngato they need the kits to distinguish other flus from coronavirus as winter and spring season is the flu season. Please don’t panic.

  62. Wow.. Just of 1 person who spread the virus. They need to spend billion dollars.

  63. World’s best troublemaker 🇨🇳

  64. Masks won’t protect you. Wearing a mask will only make you more sick if you don’t have a virus. Only the sick need to wear a mask.

  65. 1:31 4,500 Infected people as of January 28… but the video was posted on the 27 🤔

    1. Rebecca Lee thank you for the clarification 🙂

    2. Ana Karen The 28th in China is the 27th in the States for about 12 hours. So when the video was posted, it must have been during that overlap period. The post date will be based on US time.

  66. Eat raw garlic

  67. Its called karma for the atrocities against Uighurs. Stay strong Uighur.

    1. care to explain how the deaths of innocent people are karma for the actions of the political elite? hope one day you can find compassion among all that hate

  68. Virus spreads through China masks to other countries. Care need to be taken – not to export them. Pl.

  69. What happens if one of the workers are sick

  70. Curse arrived from Uyghur’s Innocent souls.
    My advice is”destroy wuhan,save china”.

    1. Saiful Islam Saif 🤔🤔🤔 I’ve always wanted to ask someone who says this corona virus is punishment for the Uyghurs, what is MERS punishment for? What is Ebola punishment for? What is Zika punishment for?

  71. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  72. 🤔

  73. How can there be test kits if it’s a brand new virus? Hmmmmm?

    1. NotAFuckinPplPerson yep

    2. Lynn Moon lol. exactly. not new, nor was it created by the chinese eating bats. this is a man made virus that was released.

  74. Take it easy, there will be a lot of money after we claim the South China Sea … we fight for nine dash line.

  75. Very poor work on this video .

  76. So China allocated almost close to the GDP of Bhutan in a few days for a disease? Woah

  77. Stonks!

  78. sisi positifny dari kejadian virus corona adalah china siap dengan bahan baku dan tenaga kerja yg memadai coba terjadi d negara yg minim segalany

    1. Kalo di Korea utara bs kiamat tuh korut


  80. Probably earth is overpopulated. And we need to get rid of some…

  81. This is a war China will fight with no mercy, and I believe in them. Go china!!! Our hope is with you.

  82. Too little, too late. China never ever tells the truth. They keep on lying and hiding on what’s really happening. The real number is probably close to 100000 according to the people living in China leaking the information. 5 millions  people had left Wuhan before travel out of the city was restricted. Planes keep travelling everywhere in the sky of China. Worse, people with the virus symptom brag about how they escape from Wuhan

  83. Wuhan virus: made in china
    Masks: made in china 🙂


  85. I can tell China is working with all there might trying to fight this virus

  86. Prayers for Wuhan 🙏🙏🙏

  87. Most countries would never

  88. Well as of may 2019 the united states owes china 1.11 trillion $

  89. Cure: 10% complete

  90. It’s been less than a month and soooo many bad things have happened already.

  91. 1.6 billions dollars simply is not enough. It needs at least 10 billions or more to stop spreading the virus and contains.

  92. Times too

  93. This is way worse than people realize!!!!! People joking about this will be holding their children while they slowly die soon

  94. that’s why need to know what food can you eat properly not anything you can saw you should be to eat. try to avoid anything can be affected any kind of bacteria that cause of virus. People of the world take care and always pray for everything happen not sue anyone just help each other.

  95. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  96. China I love you 😢😥

  97. Biznis

  98. Never trust the W.H.O., they have paid by CCP to cover up the truth. CCP can use 5G from Huawei to identify the coronavirus. LOL!.

  99. Those who are not so healthy can also add cinnamon and turmeric powder in their food and 100% the cold and inflammation will come down, and you can have the regular medicine and this do called viral infection can come down..

    Please spread this information to all so it will help them…

  100. now is dangerous to buy merchandise from China

  101. Nobody ever talks about the children………

  102. Can’t wait for February to come

  103. Stay strong china. My family, friends, and the whole country of Cuba wishes you a prosperous lunar new year. Thank you for your decades of friendship

  104. If the virus is fast.. So do china can be faster..

  105. in my country mask price is US$ 0.14…….Yup its India!

  106. When the outbreak is in full swing in the unitd states industry will not step up to the plate.

  107. Yeah right it’s elitism in China not democracy

  108. Why are the mask factory workers not wearing gloves… What if they get infected?

  109. I guess the Chinese workers are considered as a world’s greatest heroes.

    Respect Heroism!! Donate money to China’s people in wuhan for funding for the cure.

  110. Chinese are the smartest people on earth

  111. 😭

  112. A big part will lose because of corruption

  113. First it was WW3 then australia on fire now a plague inc live action really?

  114. The year of the rat is a plague.

  115. Perfect music

  116. They are producing the wrong kind of mask

  117. It’s time countries take measures to help them with medicines and fundings. Big companies should spend on providing free masks to ppl. The world should come together to overcome such big problems and v are surely doing it. Let’s support china

  118. 截至 2020-01-28 19:00
    (北京时间)  全国数据统计
    确诊 4599 例 Confirmed 
    疑似 6973 例 Suspected
    死亡 106 例 Dead 
    治愈 68 例 Cured

  119. Hope they create the new technology by home have the sanitizer body and scanning before enter home so that bacteria killing faster results

  120. Advantage of China n Japan are entries studying in there mother toungewhich doesn’t make much difference while learning but in India we learn in English entrie syllabus which makes different.anyway mother tounge is that only

  121. China people are always willing to fight/overcome an obstacle that is tackling their country they will do whatever it takes to fight back and sustain to the Chinese people who are working as Doctors/scientist/medical staff I salute you for your service for your people of China 🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳

  122. I hope they could contain and cure the virus. people’s life at stake.

  123. Why is it not a global emergency yet?

    1. @Roktoof a lot of country has cases already including mind in Malaysia

    2. It hasn’t spread yet around the world, dude.

  124. Guaranteed they aren’t working overtime. Its China. Proper term is Normal time.

  125. Those masks are selling like hotcakes. Cake in the bank

  126. Is that coming from the debt we own to them??? Or I mean government.!

    1. I wish the best for all. I was wondering the same thing. When things are going bad US is not far from the creation.

  127. I don’t feel sympathy for them like they don’t feel sympathy for killing innocent uighurs.

    1. @Md Islamuddin many muslim countries visited the camp. They like how the civil laws were conducted and vacational training. Anyway CPC has stop the camp. Everyone become normal citizen. Noone wanna accept ETIM ideology that keep destroying their family.

    2. @Kong Wee Pehreally? Uighurs are putting in concentration camp and allegedly torture are all false?

    3. No China uighur are being killed.

  128. the people in australia who order mask got emailed and told they are delayed and can get refund or wait until a unspecified date

  129. Release ughur Muslim people

  130. I hope this will end soon.. dang 2020 has been a bad year already.

  131. 11 billion for epidemic control.! Trump would rather spend it on military..!

    1. Walking TimeBomb militarism over 9000

  132. I would sell my soul to a demon to make this world safe dor everyone and to make other humans happy

    1. Demon s hate you and everyone else and caused it.

      Pray to Jesus of Nazareth for forgiveness for what you said was dangerous for you

    2. We need more souls

    3. but that ‘s not happening lol

  133. A boon for pharmaceuticals corporations 💰

  134. Prevention is key, they are down 1.6billion now when they could have acted swiftly, first case was first week of December. They cared more about saving face, when lots of precaution could have been made. The nurses around patient 0 didn’t know, got infected and spread the disease further, the government knew but din tell anyone till almost the end of the month

  135. We’re dead if it comes in Philippines

    1. I’m from Myanmar. My government doesn’t do anything to let the people know about the virus. They just warn the people about volcanic Ash coming through the country. So we have to put masks. But no one cares about doing it. 3 person has been reported dead in country with lung and kidney failure. The reports came from the social media news. But the government and medical department gives no statement about it. Almost everyone in the big cities is coughing and sneezing without masks. And the price of the mask are ridiculous.

    2. Yah cuz the government and hospitals aren’t prepared at all..they have to wait for proper “protocol” before take any quarantine actions. Phil media loves to spread fake news. And results on the possible cases are taking forever to show up

    3. Get ready for the worst, I say.

  136. Here in Capital Manila Philippines we finish wearing mask because of Ash fall created by Volcano…..
    now we continue to wear those mask because of this Virus💪

    1. @Jan Marvy Cose true

    2. @Jan Marvy Cose yah and summer is near

    3. Michael Nablo dont worry, sulfur and other content from the volcanic eruption could ward off coronavirus. blessing in disguise 😂 sure thing, its not gonna survive hot Philippine weather, lets all pray for warmer days ahead

  137. Imagine the catastrophic situation of virus outbreak,if a budget of 1.6 billion is sanctioned ,,, problem is much bigger than what is being staged on media

  138. History is repeating itself all over again

  139. China’s most important festival, the lunar new year, the country’s factories have almost all been closed, workers have returned home, only a small number of factories called workers back to start work, most of the time to start work. Most workers will return to work after 11 days after the Mid-Autumn Festival.

  140. Cant you see its the begining of the end. Hunanity had its chance now nature taking Earth Back.

  141. Bill Gates population control….

  142. n-CoV makes America great again

  143. 106! 😫😭 That number is probably higher than what it is this definitely a reality check for me it’s scary to see just how fast it spreads!…

    1. Population control at its best

  144. I spend millions to aid other countries and only one billion for his people what a rat

  145. Meanwhile, Australian government…

  146. When everyone works for one goal, you will see the strength of socialism

    1. @IAMDIMITRI the se can be said for you.

    2. @GodessWorshipper bro that is so right. I hate how people stereotype china… Western propoganda is real and people ignore it

    3. @IAMDIMITRI Communism has nothing to do with what you say, please read some books. Btw, you should stop watching movies, playing video games, because these are the things the US govt fund to control how people think. No one in China believes CCP propaganda because they are too obvious, but everyone watches US movies and games without a doubt
      I mean seriously, if you read Chinese, you will know how Chinese people joking about the govt’s propaganda. It is only the foreigners who think the Chinese believe whatever the govt says. And who make the foreigners think that way?

    4. @GodessWorshipper It’s not comunist? I mean, ther government controlls everything. Even how people think.

    5. Socialism NEVER works. Many countries have tried it and failed miserasbly, as well as some wealthy states in the U.S. that have gone from the richest in the country to third world status in under a decade(im looking at you Cali.) Socialism will never work, it’s not feasible.

  147. China should do a mass donation from people im very sure will got a very mass budget to encounter these battle.. like sichuan earthquake

  148. The proletariat strikes back !

  149. They probably need the money they invest to other countries if this virus stays longer

  150. What a country hats off to China from India

  151. This is China now. Amazing

  152. starting to get in my nerve when WHO still not ‘YET’ declare this as global matters 🤦🏻‍♀️ what’s measurement to proclaim this as global things, I wonder?

    1. Evidence of human to human transfer in two or more WHO countries. Taiwan’s just had a case is of human to human transfer that happened within Taiwan. Unfortunately, Taiwan is not part of WHO due to China objecting Taiwan being a member.

  153. Blessing in disguise… Thats what i keep saying, dont forget “mass productions labour”, thats where u came from China 🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳

  154. Hello Everyone, please think beyond the wet market scenario, there is quite a bit of evidence that a Wuhan bio-lab weaponized the Coronavirus with something far deadlier, speculation it could be Nipah Virus, or pneumonic plague. Johns Hopkins in the past ran a simulation of a weaponized Coronavirus and results were 65 MILLON people dead in 18 months.

  155. There is a reason why America hates China And want to ruin it.
    From India 🇮🇳.

    1. @Joey Hurwitz does your Government think the same….
      No hate just a statement….

    2. Stop the hate you are so misinformed I live in USA and I have nothing but love for Chinese people

  156. Just stop breathing, no mask needed 🤔

  157. Lets go back to the main problem, stop eating exotic unhygienic animals, so thats another case like these, wont happen again

    1. Don’t forget about mad cow dease, Swine influenza (pig flu), H5N1 in chicken… there’s chance getting sick on a large scale whenever you eat livestock farm rise too.

      The Coronavirus: Health officials are not sure of the source of the virus yet or how easily it can spread. Coronaviruses are found in many different animals, including camels, cattle, cats, and bats. The new virus may be linked to a seafood and live animal market in Wuhan

      Conclusion it hard to draw a line where the main problem is. I wish everyone safe and don’t let the media fool you

  158. Stop eating 🐍 meat

    1. Bat soup started it.

  159. Feels bad for them. Wonder how the camera man survive things pretty easily

  160. sooo……
    they not gonna show us the bodybags?

  161. *2020 is the magic number*

    Um? WW3, viruses, IN JANUARY.

    1. Your mom dead ?

    2. Earthquake

    3. Australian bushfires

  162. It is far worse than they want the world to know.

  163. “make more money

    1. Phusion Is that how your government is making money?

  164. So it’s worse then what they saying huh..

  165. That’s a lot of money.

  166. That’s a positive response from China. China is a rich country and they can afford to spend to prevent the virus from spreading. The sooner they stop the virus from spreading the better.


  168. February here we come

    1. Difficulty x2

  169. I feel the amount of neglect that the ccp has done is coming back to them hard.

    1. It’s only hitting citizens, it does not hit CCP at all.

    2. raveglory300 Your government is useless

    3. Yes, over the past 40 years they have only pull 850 million people out of extreme poverty. Why couldn’t they pull 851 million. Grown their GDP from RMB400 to RMB50,000. It should be RMB51,000. Saving up the largest foreign reserve then investing that into other countries to help them prosper. Why didn’t they invest in Antartica? What have they been doing all this time! 🙄🙄🙄

    4. And cruelty as well.

    5. raveglory300 what is your government doing differently?

  170. Since virus can be asymptomatic, what if one of the mask workers get sick?? One worker can infect thousands people 😨

    1. Virus cannot survive outside the host. Medical products undergo sterilisation/decontamination before release to the market

    2. Stay positive and wait in line

  171. Government of liberal countries seem very chill right now 😂

  172. I call BS on this virus. Just another scare to make rich people richer.

    1. Try to enter wuhan

    2. Okay boomer.

  173. So why is the virus so bad? Doesn’t it just cause coughing and a few respitory issues I don’t understand there’s worse viruses

    1. 林子倫 it is deadly tho. There are 8200 deaths in the US due to influenza. That’s in a year. Chances are low but it is still deadly

    2. @Carol ine
      Influenza is not deadly. Mortality rate is less than 0.1%.

    3. Cuz it transmit and its deadly. Influenza in USA is deadly but its not transmittable between humans. Thats the difference


  174. Wow the mask factories sure hit the jackpot in this chaos

  175. who can tell me what would happen if this kind of Coronavirus happened in India ?? i know many people like comparing dragon and elephant.

    1. 2 cases confirmed in Delhi, India.

    2. Lots of chanting.

    3. Your government will go into emergency protocols.

    4. It would be disastrous..

  176. 😲 democrats waisted MONEY on our impeachment for selfish reasons when It could have gone to save lives. 😭 I’m ashamed of our people

    1. Welfare and Entitlements take up 2/3 of the US federal budget. Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and other income security programs took up 2.325 Trillion USD. This does not include the amount of money states and municipalities have spent on these programs.

      The US military budget in 2018 was 856 billion USD including veteran benefits, retirement benefits, intelligence agencies, R&D, pay for civilian employees, and Army Corp of Engineers projects which aren’t always military related.

    2. There’s way bigger money wasters than this tbh China and US together spent almost dollars on military… 🙄 Imagine what they could have done instead with all that money.

  177. Shutting down commerce of exotic wildlife would have been way less costly. China should seriously ban them.

    So many big things happening around the world. And it is just January

  178. People be buying 3M stocks.

  179. Take some Corona for selebration of Brexit!!!

  180. You china, need to set camps over there and not let people go home. It’s not fair to us!!!

  181. My country mask price is 24$ lol for 2

    1. Her it is 0.5 $

  182. Before you enter the comment section,here’s some hand sanitizer🍶

    1. Drink it

    2. Thanks

    3. Lado van khatey

    4. How to use

    5. Bijay Bhandari that’s sake emoticon, but sake contains alcohol. So it works too!

  183. China: debt trap
    USA: *gives USS$1.63 billion to China*
    also USA: gimme ur land
    my prediction

    1. USA owes China US$1.3 trillion in debt….China owns many US companies shares in mean time as interest.

    2. 11 bilion yuan..ahehe

  184. Daydreaming and looking out a window: “Imagine having coronavirus and working in this factory and coughing without your own mask on putting the whole factory and millions lives at risk.”

    1. thana mesny I said most. I never said all.

    2. @Olympus Devil. “most people” aren’t all people. Everyone deserves a chance. Stop it.

    3. Me as a Chinese: sips tea

    4. @Olympus Devil haha alright

    5. @blue Because it’s futile. In the end, the masses will choose to trust their own beliefs over reality. Not even science can convince them.

  185. A mask is not going to protect you against the virus 🤦‍♂️

    1. I think it does. How the virus spread is basically if the saliva of an infected comes in contact with your mucous membrane, basically your eyes, nose, mouth etc.etc.

    2. Its supposed to be worn by the sick people

      So its a “protect others from yourself” rather than the other way around

    3. Reduce the risk. Prevention is better than doing nothing. Stop complaining.

    4. More like only 10% protection…….hey better than having that than having 0% protection right?

  186. There are those who are criticizing China, but remember greater Wuhan has 57 million people. If 25k or 35k or more are sick this would put a incredible strain on the American health system too.

  187. Medical industries: *_stonks_*

  188. when it’s been reported that the virus has been found in your state 🙂

    1. Malaysia , Singapore , Philippines too 🙁 *sigh*

    2. Waiting for a case in Oregon, here. Surely just a matter of time.

    3. It’s in my freaking city, in the hospital close to my school

    4. @TomCZE Doufám, že nebude.

    5. not uk at mo but their is in France

  189. FFP3 masks are the only masks, that help against viruses (at least that’s what I know…) :/ here in Germany one piece costs about 5,50€ (6,06$)

    Correct me if that is wrong :{

    and sorry if I wrote something wrong, English isn’t my first language ➰〰️➰

  190. Quarantine China, please be considerate of other countries, China has a history of spreading viruses, to yellow fever 🥵
    Restrict travel abroad‼️
    #who #usa #WH #UK #UN #airports #customs #college

  191. Well.. You deserve what ur haf done. Countless people were killed b4 now its payback time.

  192. Masks for Wuhan!
    Masks for Hong Kong!

    1. @MrPieman00 thank you for the information than I will edit my comment since it state some false information

    2. @Stefania Ogun Even the pro chinese groups in Fan ling opposed the quarantine buildings becuase it is literally in the center of a population center, it wasnt built by the Chinese government but by the HK government

    3. @Susan Ananda it surely is but anger blurred Thier vision and Thier thinking

    4. @Stefania Ogun That’s dumb

    5. Well Hong Kong doesn’t want Chinese mask they distroyed the quarantine clinic builded for the infected Hong Konger so that it does not spread

  193. Pls remember uighur hahahaha… 😂

    1. The best thing china ever did

    2. Xinjiang is not really heavily infected, the demand shouldn’t be high

    3. Let them die. They literally worth nothing.

  194. There’s hope!

    1. Let the force be with you.

  195. I saw folks working without gloves. Tf!!!

    1. All the medical products will be under decontamination process for 7 days before release to market.

    2. Medical factories have air showers and hygiene rooms.

    3. They probably needed to sanitize their hands

  196. Cant wait for February 1.January is too much to handle.

    1. Mr 9 A-TV & Ms 5 R-V How do you know you will make it through Jan?

  197. china should ban eating wild animals

    1. esp. the exotic or unusual types + rodents , reptiles, bats…

  198. This is the downside to large, extremely dense mega cities. In the event of an epidemic, it will destroy whatever economic growth such cities create.
    I hope China rethinks their plan for 100 millions people mega cities, or at least have plans in place.

    1. Their limit is 25 million per city. Beijing is pushing all non-government body and business to the new Xiong An city.

  199. Daam china you scary

  200. Remember, you people locked and hurt innocent people and tried to erase their religion and culture! Now you locking your cities in your own hands, Just a reminder the one above you is watching you.

    1. Ali Abdul I honestly don’t know what this comment is supposed to mean. The CCP locked the people up (I’m guessing you are talking about the Uighur concentration camps), therefore your comment does not make sense since it’s the country’s people that are the victims not the CCP.

  201. US already owes China a huge sum of money. Why does China need to allocate in the first place

  202. That mask isn’t really helpful for this outbreak. You have to get N95 mask to properly filter air from the wandering viruses.

    Edit. Not recommended for people who have a hard time breathing

    1. @Carol ine surgical mask doesn’t fully seal your nose and mouth, therefore it’s useless since small particles (including airborne viruses) can just simply get inside. Not only that, but it’s just meant for one time use. More than that and it doesn’t do its job anymore.

      N series mask provides full protection since it completely seals your breathing pathway. The 95 in N95 means that it can filter 95% of small particles in the air. It doesn’t guarantee total protection but it still does the job well. The negative part is that it’s making you hard to breathe, so it can’t be worn by people with respiratory problems.

    2. N95 masks are for ashes and dust. Surgical masks are for viruses

    3. @linolino better safe than sorry. Unless you have some problem with your respiratory system and it’s really hard to breathe, I really suggest this mask. You’ll eventually get used to it

    4. Erwin Buntod Genius

  203. Feels like the longest January ever.

    1. Zetta ask us in quarantine

    2. 𝐒𝐮𝐥𝐞𝐢𝐦𝐚𝐧𝐢: 𝐀𝐦 𝐈 𝐚 𝐣𝐨𝐤𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐲𝐨𝐮? 𝐥𝐨𝐭𝐬 𝐨𝐟 𝐩𝐞𝐨𝐩𝐥𝐞 𝐜𝐚𝐦𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐦𝐲 𝐟𝐮𝐧𝐞𝐫𝐚𝐥.

    3. Dio Brando Yeah, even some Chinese are calling it their Chernobyl. I have a feeling this will make Chernobyl a walk in the park by comparison.

    4. @Lightning Driver it already has a second variant which is highly lethal and can evade testing and shows no symptoms but is highly contagious.

    5. We haven’t seen anything yet. Give this virus another ten days. After that, it will mutate and go into high gear.

  204. Settle ur own problem and stop eat everythig

    1. @XD张景荣 thank u

  205. 中国加油。

  206. If China kept better regulation and sanitation at these markets and street vending….this whole outbreak and these billions of yuan could have been saved

    1. @Victor Gomez i know im right…and because they are always smoking or on their cell phones and they dont carry guns…nobody is afraid of them.

    2. @Angelita * because they dress sloppy? great argumentation, I’m sure you’re right

    3. @Victor Gomez no….in China the police are taken as a joke because they dress sloppy and they dont enforce most of the laws…..totally different…

    4. your statement is pretty flawed since people always find a way for doing illegal activities and trade. if not take the drug war in the USA as an example

    5. Its not that easy to govern a billion people. They have already banned the wildlife trade but those group of ppl in Wuhan found loopholes

  207. 20/20 the year of vision, didn’t you see it coming?

    1. The end is near

    2. @Susan Ananda I see a new beginning by 2030, remember in order to re-create you must first destroy.

    3. What do you see?

  208. Finally I’m early

  209. Meanwhile in Indonesia, the gov didn’t want to announce if the cases are positive or not.. And just keep silence

    1. @Susan Ananda Indonesia government is very corrupted, one of my relatives has been there for business and the official asked for bribery

    2. @Susan Ananda it is common here

    3. Why is your government like that?

    4. Until it is too late*

  210. Those things ain’t gonna protect you from this virus.

    1. It’s a false hope

    2. ORYX X You need to reduce the risk. Don’t give up on prevention. Rip

  211. You know this is serious when they put up that amount of money.. Praying for all

    1. YOURSHOW absolutely especially when cities go into lockdown which massively damages domestic trade

  212. 武汉加油!

  213. Just wrap a diaper around your face looks pretty much the same

    1. only if there’s feces in it first mmmmmmm mmm mmmmmm!

    2. 👌👶

  214. make sure the staffs themselves are clear from the virus too…..

  215. China’s manufacturing now is the world’s largest, strongest n most comprehensive …… Well, we all can just rest assured.

  216. january is like all disaster in 2020 in one package

    1. @Jerry Huang True

    2. 2019 went by in a blur. While this January feels like an entire year.

  217. Karma for u chinese

    1. @chenze helfire wow.. 🙂

    2. chenze helfire When people are dying, saying that it is Karma is very cruel, you are basically saying that they deserve it, therefore how heartless must you be to comment this.

    3. @Hello Hello yeah, chinese is one country with so many making trouble.

    4. Wow, is that all you have to say in this dire situation?

    5. @audy surya lo siapa anjing gw ga kenal, balas komen gw sok kenal anjg

  218. that mask do not help filter proper air and can still inhale it !! please purchase round mask that many construction often use !!
    be safe!!

    1. Actually unless you are a medical worker working in a contaminated environment for a prolonged period of time, these kind of triple layered surgical masks with particle and bacterial filtration rate of 95% or above is sufficient to protect against the virus. However, if by any chance you need to go to a hospital or clinic that receive infected patients, the N95 is indeed a better choice.

    2. Just sew/staple the sides

    3. N95 masks are technically more useful but they’re uncomfortable to wear. It makes breathing pretty difficult and many people don’t wear it properly. If you want to be really safe you can choose N95. If not surgical mask at least. Better than nothing at all

  219. Edit: W.H.O. just declare the virus as a global health emergency already please.
    It’s killed over 100 people.

    1. @Roomy Elf Agreed NOW we do.

    2. Daniel Duong ok now we have confirmation that the WHO has declared it a Global Emergency

    3. @CakeDerps You still didn’t provide a source. Your statement is a grain of salt.

    4. @Roomy Elf I didn’t make my comment clear enough sorry

    5. As of early morning Jan 28 in NA, WHO has not declared global health emergency.

  220. don’t forget to wear a gogle to protect your eye coz the virus can spread via mucus membrane

  221. Keep safe everyone ❤️❤️
    Keep fighting ❤️

  222. How are thay preventing If one worker was sick without knowing and contaminated the medical supplies???

    1. Virus can’t survive on inorganic objects for more than 5 days. I believe production of medical products go through a disinfection process of 7 days.

    2. Presstoned D no worries 🙂
      Actually, it is very serious over here. The government has said many many times, this is bad but we are all hanging in there and staying positive. We have been told what to do and we are doing it. You guys should be safe from this virus in the US. That being said….The flu season in the US is pretty serious this year. 8,200-20,000 deaths over the past 4 months. Kind of puts the corona virus to shame right now. 😰😬

    3. @Rebecca Lee so i dont really no exactly who bad it is in China rite now because i live in the U.S. but im extremely interested in whats happening in world events. So thank u for your answer I appreciate it. Im just curious

    4. Presstoned D Contagious and deadly viruses existed before this corona virus. They would already have procedures in place to stop the spread of not only the corona virus but other diseases.
      Masks made in China are probably your safest bet.
      If you don’t trust them then get masks made in Taiwan, Korea or Japan. Plenty of other countries make masks.

  223. And the best the u.s can do is whine about what they suspect no research all whine!! This virus did not originate in China!!

  224. Coronavirus: exists

    Mask companies *STONKS*

    1. American Born issa meme

    2. American Born like increase in uh— money HHAAHHHAHHAA sorry my english is broken

    3. Stonks?

  225. I hope the virus can be stopped soon.

    1. Kaita Kawada thats when the vaccine will come out. Or 2 weeks, update in british news. But it’ll take for ages for animal testing

    2. @ginisai 8 weeks? For real?

    3. Kaita Kawada 8 weeks*

    4. @Dio Brando and we know that western media love to exaggerate the numbers

    5. @HAPPY MASS SHOOTING USA what is the number of infected? We need that to determine the mortality rate. SARS was around 10% but let’s face it Chinese probably under reported the deaths. What is scary is we don’t know how deadly this virus is. Oh and don’t believe that 2-4% mortality for this virus.

  226. Mask

  227. Now this wouldn’t happen if you just banned the Wet wildlife markets after SARS .
    Now your economy is crippling , 1.63 billion for something that could have been avoided. Tourism is affected potentially 5-10 billion dollars no one wants to travel to China right now and people are not going to work in major cities that are quarantined. Some countries have even completely banned travel and even import of some commodities from China. That has also costed Chinese Economy.

    I want to tell Chinese people , change your eating habits , this is only doing harm to your people and country. Your people are dying and your economy is suffering.
    Even if you survive this Corona Virus and don’t ban those markets , it will return again

    1. Caribbean breeze I’m from Australia. We eat kangaroo.

    2. @Rebecca Lee wrong we have many cultures habits all around t world….stop eating puppies😭 pls

    3. Anna L I find this comment highly offensive and racist! Most of ‘them’ are the same as all other human beings on this Earth. Get over yourself. Your race is not superior to others. We are all equal.

    4. @chatchi It’s not just most of the Chinese. Most of the humans are just like that.

    5. I dont think $1.63 billion is “ crippling” to such a powerful country thats willing to help its people building hospitals at a drop of a dime and providing medical supplies. They jumped on this in hopes to save its country and the world, whether it originated from them or not. highly doubt the US would do this as quick. Our pres and the gov’t would be trying to cut every corner, put a $ value on all relief efforts. The American people would jump into action before the gov’t steps in the take the glory….look at all the natural catastrophes in the last yrs!

  228. only idiot eat rats and others exotic animal…

  229. Is it illegal to sell the 3M mask with price over friggin $30??? A lot pharmacies are doing it where I live. D:
    They’re putting money over people.

    1. Cause it took lots of time so that’s why they putting a lot of money at people.

    2. @Emiline Bellé sad reality

    3. @Jerry Huang Yes we understand that, but you are totally wrong in this situation. I did study economics but it didn’t teach us that in an emergency like this, the lives of humanity should be put in front of money. Which is why China fined this pharmacy 3 million yuan for doing so. We should be uniting but what scares me more is that your surname is Huang, what a shame.

    4. @condorX2 yap i saw that, its heartwarming

    5. @ً yea im not blaming china im just saying about those people who choose to sell masks at a ridiculously high price. they should not have chosen to 发国难财

  230. This virus will help control China’s 0verp0pulation

    1. helen james It’s alright nevermind

    2. who are you ? i am new at this

    3. helen james Are you responding to me or?

    4. fact are facts

    5. Your comment is absolutely insensitive to the situation at hand, not empathetic in the least.

  231. They not telling US all truth!! 100.000?? Sick

  232. january literally felt like the whole 2020 itself.

    1. Oof now its for everyone

    2. I don’t know about you guys but I kinda starting to forget the name Suleimani.

    3. Alan Parker right

    4. For real 😓😓😓

    5. Ikr

  233. What if corona virus were created by medical supplies industry to boost up their sales? **X-Files soundtrack** ##Illuminati confirmed##

    1. Yeah, probably created by US gov

    2. @Bobbo Robbo Dude, chill man, I’m not serious. Gee, your sense of humour are lacking.

    3. China doesn’t need that, go an check about the laboratory that was there in that city

  234. Do not believe the numbers China is giving.. it’s much worse. They lied last time they had an outbreak. What makes everyone blindly believe them now?

  235. Meanwhile the other countries want to fly their plane to ground zero and get their citizens back with the virus on board. Genius idea..

    1. @Esujin Kuular okay buddy

    2. @thana mesny My comment could have been easily taken as a dark joke by adults. Only kids would mistake it (or anything serious) as factual. Btw, i am not your buddy.

    3. @Esujin Kuular yeahh okay bud.. It was a genuine question. Your comment could have easily been mistaken as factual. Most of us in the west have no idea what’s going on in Mongolia or with this virus anyways. Relax.

    4. @thana mesny I said “probably” and expressed my “personal” opinion and yet you’re asking me for confirmation? Where is the logic in that?

    5. @Esujin Kuular they are killing them?

  236. I knew things were worse than they’re letting on the moment I saw they were building two new hospitals specifically for this outbreak

    1. @WEI H over 300 dead CONFIMED. over 14,000 infected Confirmed……. Now Spreading all over the WORLD. 💀☠🗣

    2. True it is highly contagious

    3. True. M sure they are hiding a lot more inside to not panick the world.

    4. Victor Gomez everyday over 294 dead bodies have been cremated and this fact have been proved. Maybe the english news haven’t officially showed that part yet. But close countries such as korea have been giving news nearly every hour. Plus the reason the number of deaths are low is because they only announce the numbers of the dead who have been proved they are 100% infected. There are People in wuhan who were waiting for a check up and deceased without being said they are infected which doesn’t count for the deaths of this virus.

    5. Victor Gomez i aint lying dude im checking koreas news everyday u dont understand how serious this is

  237. The virus must die!

    1. @unauthorized user why?

    2. @XD张景荣 u guys torture, skin alive, boil alive innocent animals. Others may do this but u r on highest scale possible

    3. @Kartikay Bhardwaj not to mention i do love animal.. half of my life never without dogs 🙂 lets pray they found vaccines..

  238. say a zombie apocalypse could ever be a thing, it would always be overcome for 1 reason, industry.

  239. If there’s one thing to be thankful for, it’s that China already has a huge manufacturing base to quickly produce its own medical supplies.

    1. @Justin Y’s Ghost sorry dont need to worry for us.Thanks for your much obliged concerns.

    2. And they also started the virus

    3. @Justin Y’s Ghost Yeah we are really scared but we are going to switch to our factories if it hits us

    4. @hendry li and big pharma and politicians

    5. @jacob matelot terrible! Hope will never happen

  240. There’s no foreign volunteer Drs?

    1. Japan sent a medical team actually.

    2. Don’t think China would want that . They’d much rather have doctor’s they can manipulate and control . There’s more cases than what’s being reported …. China wants to contain this as soon as possible before it really gets out of hand

  241. ISREAL USA mission Corona virus attack on china Hong Kong Taiwan Japan all the world my information is true news guys pls believe that my information

    1. Yeah, right.

    2. Owh, really? Alright, don’t worry, I believe you. I’m totally believe you. Because I’m really sure you’re not a liar.😉😶😑

    3. Liar

  242. great investment.

    1. Necessary does not equal to ‘great.’

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