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CLEAN MY WHOLE HOUSE WITH ME! 💙 Fast & Organized Weekly Cleaning Routine Motivation

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Clean with me! Some much needed cleaning motivation (on a budget of course). After lots of requests, I FINALLY made a video of my weekly whole house cleaning routine. I have daily cleaning routines that keep me organized and on top of the house (these take about 20-30 minutes a day), and my weekly cleaning routines (which incorporate monthly ones one or twice throughout the week) take 20-30 minutes a day. I want to spend LESS THAN AN HOUR A DAY staying on top of my house. And even then, we have young kids, so spotless floors aren’t my number one priority. I aim to get 80% of what I’m showing here done 80% of the time. I hope you find it motivating, helpful and learned some hacks and tips you can use in your home! If you want me to make a video of my daily and monthly/bi-monthly/yearly cleaning routines give this video a thumbs up and let me know in the comments.💙 Blessings and love! Remember, give yourself grace and love the season of life you are in (especially with little ones). Your kids are making memories.

💙Budget Cleaning Guides and Home Management Binder:
💙Water Only Cleaning Clothes (ECloth):
💙My Spin Mop:
💙Cleaning Glove:
💙Cleaning Caddy:
💙Spray Bottles: Dollar Tree

🍋Shower and Tub Cleaner
*1 Tablespoon Dishwash Soap
*1/2 Cup Apple Cider Vinegar
*2 Cups Hot Water
(scrub using a brush with an abrasive, but non-scratching side)

🍋DIY Pledge/Furniture Cleaner
*1 3/4 Cup Water
*1/4 Cup White Distilled Vinegar
*1 Tablespoon Olive Oil
*1/2 Teaspoon Essential Oil

🍋Floor Cleaner
*3 Part Water
*1 Part White Distilled Vinegar
*Squirt of Dish Liquid
*Essential Oil Optional

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Matthews, NC USA

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1,374 thoughts on “CLEAN MY WHOLE HOUSE WITH ME! 💙 Fast & Organized Weekly Cleaning Routine Motivation

  1. Your a super human. Where do u get your energy😳

  2. I like to watch but I don´t like to do it.

  3. Never use same cloath for different areas!! One cloath for the shower, one cloath for the wall, each cloath or rag for different area. Can’t believe most women still dont’know how to clean or to ve clean.

  4. Awesome video!! So motivating!!

  5. Great video! Where’s your monthly routine video?!

  6. What are you using as your cleaning solution to mop

  7. Yes definitely a monthly clean

  8. Please do a linen closet organization

  9. Katherine, you are so lovely!!! I wish you were my neighbour in London UK!! Lots lots of kisses!! Thanks so much for your inspirational videos ❤️

  10. I need NO YT to clean up; in fact, when cleaning the media is off. There’s some point.

  11. Its silly to watch cleaning vedios.. i always only watch such vedioes never applied it..
    m i super lazy..🤔 or 90% ppls do this..😆

    Anyways lovely vedio and ir voice is so sweet lady..

    So is ur house.. ur house is so beautiful.. 👍

  12. Is the checklist you’re using available somewhere for us to print?

  13. Thanks so much for starting this video with the 80% reminder and the “good enough” reminder. You are so great to remind us about what is most important in life. And how to make our lives better without taking more time away from our families. I definitely want to try this and I can’t wait to see the monthly cleaning list

  14. Can you pls share the link of your kid’s dino bed spread ?

  15. What vacuum do you use? We are in desperate need of a vacuum! I noticed you don’t have to adjust it from tile to carpet

  16. I am 83 yrs old and I struggle to clean my house and I watched your show today and was really inspired. I know what to do, but my body rebels due to arthritis in my back. Do you have any suggestions for older people that have problems cleaning their homes or apartments? I would appreciate any suggestions.

  17. Since you said you don’t use shoes inside your house…how do you take care of your feet?

  18. Is it okay to clean hardwood with water ? Your kitchen floor was hard wood

  19. Monthly cleaning routine please!!!


  21. I’m 18 I go to school and I have to clean the whole home all by myself. I live with my brother and dad. They do nothing but mess the whole house up. And even though I’m depressed at my dads, I can’t move to my mom cause she makes me more depressed and angry.

  22. This so helpful and motivational!!! Thanks!

  23. I just found u..and you already made me believe that I cn do this!!..

  24. I put this on while I started picking up our kitchen. That mop bucket seems like a lot of fun 😂

  25. Can you share your weekly planner or daily planner? Email it or post it somewhere? I love it

  26. You are correct. Good enough is good enough. Houses will always get dirty. Your kids are only little once. Your priorities are in perfect order.

  27. I use vinegar for nearly everything.. 🥰

  28. Thanks beautiful but I Cannot use vinegar because I have allergies it gives me itchy eyes 👀 Can you please recommend something else thank you

  29. 4:44 why don’t you use a swiffer duster instead of this rag? they would safe you a lot of time, and they trap and lock 2X more dust than a rag

  30. Hi. How could i get the free weekly cleaning products?

  31. We need more of these videos 😊

  32. I’d love you to make a “clean with me” for each room and then one for the whole house with motivating happy music maybe some pop jazz. I watched another YouTuber do this and I cleaned my kitchen while she cleaned her kitchen. Felt like I wasn’t cleaning alone. Good times👍🏻

  33. What kind of solution should you clean your screen tv

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  36. Love your videos ❤️❤️ .. I would like to see your daily , bi-monthly , monthly , & yearly routines also .. Thank you 😊

  37. Thank you!!!!!

  38. Kathryn, I think the mirror in your bedroom over the mantel would look better if placed horizontally and hung firmly from the studs behind the wall, rather than rested against the base. That would be safer. If the mirror slips forward, it could break, or somebody little could get badly hurt. Little guys climb, remember? If they do and knock it forward….dangerous.

  39. love your channel, you motivate me and I have various health issues that make it a struggle usually, but I love your way of doing things thank you xxx

  40. Whew! Thats a full time job. I guess you’re a stay at home mom dojng full time cleaning video’s? Any mom’s who work full time outside of home would definitely not able to do this.

  41. I need you to come to my place!! I’m sitting on the couch watching your video to give me motivation to get up and clean!! You are so upbeat I always feel good after watching your videos!! Thanks for all your hard work!!!

  42. Were can a get a checklist?

  43. I have a question about the dusting spray. The recipe in the video says 2 tablespoons of olive oil but the recipe in the description says 1.
    Also, is it 1 cup + 3/4 cup of water or just 3/4 cup?

  44. I agree about focusing on zones. When cleaning all around in bits all over the house… very easy to get to the end of the day and if all is not perfect it is demoralising.
    I think the plan to focus on a specific room, or on a deep clean I. Kitchen , etc. Allows you to get the necessary satisfaction at the end of the day of seeing something DONE!

  45. This is so helpful! I’m 28 and still pretty overwhelmed by cleaning even in my tiny apartment haha! God bless you and your family!

  46. I hope you know the handle goes higher!

  47. Loved video!

  48. 😱😍Where did you get the blind cleaning gloves?

  49. Hi there! I’ve been doing a similar thing for a while now where I focus on one room a day.. it’s interesting how mine is the exact same except I reversed Wednesday with Thursday! Did you get that list somewhere or did you make it up yourself? I would like to know more about the specifics of each task on each day for each room in case I’m missing a small chore within a room. Thanks!

  50. Watched 2 videos and love the organization hacks. Thank you

  51. Gloves!!!! 🧤 😖🤢

  52. A very good habits… thumbs up!

  53. I wanted to clean my house, but then I realized I have no house.

  54. “ Good enough is good enough” – perfect quote for cleaning!!

  55. When you work full time it’s hard to fit cleaning in thru the week, and winter is worse. I’m literally gone from daybreak to dark, it’s so depressing and unmotivating. I try to clean on Saturday morning but then there’s no sleeping in (no additional rest) that way and I hate to run the vacuum while hubby sleeps, we have a small home.

    1. Kim Straight Hi Kim! I totally understand! I work third shift and talk about house work! I really try to do what my mother in law taught me…. I used to clean all the time, every day… but she said that she always cleaned at the END of the day. It sounds stupid, but it really helps to just let it all go until the kids and or hubby/ partner is heading to bed.

      She also said every second you waste worrying over your house is another wrinkle on your face… her face is amazingly smooth

  56. Which essential oil?

  57. I like cleaning on Thursdays so we have the weekends free

  58. Can I just say rubbing alcohol works on EVERYTHING!!!! Tree sap of clothes, slime off carpet, pizza stains off carpet, and black tar off carpet….don’t ask lol. But seriously that stuff is amazing.

  59. I love that you spend less than an hour a day.

  60. I just do a super clean once or twice a week and spot clean the rest of the time. I’m thinking about buying the bissell crosswave so it can mop and clean at the same time lol and I’m thinking about getting a portable dishwasher.

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  62. I’m just binge watching and loving your videos! Can’t wait to make shelves for the bathroom and make a chunky blanket!!

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  64. Have you ever used a steamer! I LOVEEEE using this because the pads are reusable and you can see how much dirt and grime comes up off the floor

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  66. Watching your cleaning videos is a favorite of mine! It’s so satisfying and motivating!

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  68. I’ve just started zone cleaning and it’s LIFE changing. Thank you for sharing your tips. This video is awesome!!

  69. I know this is from a couple years back, but it is just what I needed to hear again. Timeless and practical!!

  70. How about handling paper clutter? The mail, coupons, magazines, books, all this stuff I have all over my desk. I think it’s in my DNA to be unable to keep things neat. Also, my HAIR gets all over everything. I have a lot of medium to long hair and shed like an Irish setter. It constantly clogs the vacuum and gets all over the bathroom floor too. Any ideas to handle hair?

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  74. I’m watching people clean their homes when I should be cleaning my own haha

    1. Motivational

    2. Great Video clip! Sorry for chiming in, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you researched – Mahorrla Control Clutter Method (do a search on google)? It is an awesome one of a kind guide for decluttering your home without the normal expense. Ive heard some decent things about it and my cousin got cool results with it.

    3. Same.. it’s satisfying when someone else does it.

    4. Me too. Why? I just love watching other people clean!! It’s so silly!

  75. Love how real you are about this! I have a toddler and an infant so my apartment is never fully clean and I wish it was but really, REALLY, it’s not realistic. This makes things seem much more managable!

  76. Hi 😉 I know this is an old video but it’s great 😉 and I wanted to know where the baby’s I think bean bag chair is from and the teepee? And does it hold up well?

  77. You had a video on cleaning wall baseboard. .I would like to find and watch again

  78. This song is stuck in my head and I don’t know which it is! It goes like “you know what’s going on I know what’s going on but we don’t know it yet” loved the vid but searching for that song. Any helpings iz good. I offer two slices of bread

  79. What is an E cloth and where do you get them? How can it disinfect if you only use water?

  80. Awsome

  81. What do you use to clean your kitchen?

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  86. Clean kitchens are everything, for the five seconds it lasts for….😂😂😂 AINT THAT THE TRUTH! Or in my house the living room too lol

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    1. I want a new bedroom set and yours is pretty and simple

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  105. 😀

  106. I feel lists R intimidating! Then I get even further behind. ;(

  107. Wow, girl. You work too hard. Put the vinegar and Dawn in a bucket. Use a broom to spread it and a squeegee to remove. Wipe left over spots with towel and done!

  108. Thank you for reminding me “Good enough is Good enough”😊😊👌👌

  109. Wow, am I happy I only have a 12 m2 room and a shared kitchen and badroom 12 m2 combined. I spend maybe 3 hours a week on cleaning and laundry..

  110. Love your videos, but do you work outside the home? Could you maybe break this down for those who go out to work? Thanks!

  111. I can’t use a dry cloth for dust. Too many pets! Lol. So I bought the dollar tree tv screen multiple sheet cleaning pack and that’s what I use to dust. Would love to figure out the key ingredient that eliminates the annoying static that attracts dust so I can diy. Maybe you can figure it out 🙂

  112. Are you a no shoes household?

  113. Wear gloves girl while cleaning washrooms !

  114. Oh yes. Dear Catherine. Pls do a monthly cleaning routine.

  115. Would you please show us your current weekly cleaning routine if it is different than this?

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    What the name brand of your mom and bucket?

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  120. There are 8 of us living in my house. In spite of early training, my teens and older are slobs. I’m outnumbered!

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  123. It’s certainly more fun to watch someone clean than to actually clean my small apt. Good the boys are learning to take care of home. Their wives will thank you one day.🤗

  124. Thanks so much for the inspiration. Sometimes we are so worried about things in our home we forget what is really important and that’s family.

  125. I just binge watched a bunch of cleaning videos and i found myself coming back to yours… amazing tips!! Thank you!

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  134. Waycross you clean is very satisfying. Lol

  135. Great ideas! It’s fun to watch you and I love your positive attitude of we need to do these things for a healthy home, but perfection is not a goal over more important things, like spending time with your family! Question : You showed a binder and an weekly organization checklist. Can I find it online somewhere? Thank you! Love you and your great ideas!

  136. That mop does not look good for easy cleaning. Don Aslett’s mop is awesome!

  137. What kind of mop do you use? I’m looking for a good one and yours looks great!

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  139. Where can I get a list of your weekly to do list?

  140. check this video out at 7:31min mark

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    1. Linda Kincaid And tall, long curtains! They could be super pretty!

  142. Please put chore chart on monetize it if you want. 1 million subs.

  143. Wow! You are a master at cleaning. I’m terrible at cleaning and organizing. I think it is because I wait way too long and then there’s too much and it’s overwhelming. This breaks it down well and makes it seem so much easier and way less time consuming. Love it! I’m on a cleaning and organizing boot camp watching your videos. Haha

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  145. I’ve never really had a weekly cleaning routine. I keep on top of most of it but it’s always easy to make things stretch for longer but then that stresses me out!
    I’m going to try and replicate your weekly routine.

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  214. Such a great cleaning video! I have a ridiculous amount of dust in my home. It feels like no matter how much dusting I do it never goes away. Argh. Wonder if u have any tips for that? I I’ve in Northern Cali. So it’s pretty dry here.

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  217. First I have to say that I love your inspirational cleaning video and I love your organizational ideas and videos! Wow! I love your house it is so beautiful but I must agree with all of the comments these ladies have left below. I myself love a clean organized house … it’s so satisfying for me…and I really think I have a touch of OCD LOL! I am a working mom, not by choice but because financially we can not make it with only my husband working. I get up early and get home late. So you can imagine cleaning during the week is not on my to do list. It is on my mind and I feel frustrated because I know it’s there and It’s not how I want my house to be. My house is not new and it has a lot of defects. Sometimes I dream that I win a house makeover and someone will just totally re-do my house. LOL. Saturday’s and/or Sunday’s I do a little here or there but as everyone knows the weekends fly by fast and in between laundry, cooking, and doing a little house work, well I feel I’ve made a small dent on my to do list. I get so much satisfaction in seeing my house clean and not everyone understands that. I am not posting this to be a crybaby…lol I’m just saying that I know and understand what these ladies are commenting. Love your videos and your doing a great job.

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