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Clean With Me: Our Entire House (Cleaning Motivation)

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Now that we’ve completed the first phase of our renovation, it seemed like the perfect time to do a Whole Home Clean With Me and follow along routine to get ready for 2020!

Maker’s Clean Boxing Day Sale!! –

The house was a bit of a disaster—we had some friends over for a dinner party and were in and out for the remainder of the weekend—so you really get an idea of what our house looks like when we don’t clean anything for 3 days!Join Melissa Maker as she tackles an all day clean with me!

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1,192 thoughts on “Clean With Me: Our Entire House (Cleaning Motivation)

  1. Do you enjoy long Clean With Me videos like this one?

    1. Yes yes i do

    2. I live with my kid and husband in a small space so we really have to be on top of the cleaning game every day. Luckily, it only takes me an hour or two to do a deep clean.

    3. Yes!! I’m a bit late, I just found your channel but I got a lot of inspiration from this video!! I learned that I was never really cleaning in any certain order!! I would be doing whatever came to mind and was doing circles and having to go back over things again a second time and was making my job harder for myself!! Besides the floors! I always did the floors last before too:) but now I am feeling more efficient and I thank you!!

    4. Yes, this video motivates me to clean

    5. Sad reality. I do both :p I do my spot cleans during the week, a room here and there and then I do a full one on Saturdays. Not that it really needs it by that point lol

  2. I take a bowl with water mixed with clorox bleach and soap and rub everything down in my house with a cloth.

  3. Girl I know cleaning products are good and you a great cleaner but I feel like you don’t use enough bleach😂 Like I saw about 20 things I would have used bleach on🙈🤷🏻‍♂️ Love this channel so much!!

  4. Hi. do u have maid or helper? or you do by yourself everyday?

  5. wow look at that one toothbrush on the counter you guys are animals

  6. I’m following your vedios from 2014.i came from India and I don’t know how to clean the tubs and bathroom. So there you are my cleaning guru. I learnt so much from your vedios. Keep going on 🥰🥰

  7. I like to clean along the way I’m alot OCD and cannot rest of our house is a mess..I dislike that so much and wish i was able to leave it alone sometimes! Being this way drives me crazy, I just found your Channel and love your videos:) I’m wondering if you have a video or advice on how to just simply get motivated each day for instance every single morning I just simply have no get up and go, like I’m OCD about my home being clean yet ADHD and bounce all over the place and cannot get things done besides the cleaning that are needed alot of times if that makes sense I run late etc all at the same time 😣🙈..
    Thanks in advance! Amy

  8. What kind of bath mat is that?

  9. You used to say Less is more. Then why are you having too much stuff?

  10. I prefer marathon cleans because I hate cleaning so I don’t like to do it every day and once I get momentum going, it’s hard to stop until it’s done.

  11. You don’t put stuff away, that’s why there is clutter. Recently cleaned toilet? LOL. The biggest source of household germs. Love the pink shades? Farrow? Which one’s? Middleton pink and mauve? Glad you cleaned up! Husband cleaning with child was funny, where did you get the big yellow cup?

  12. I watch on line at work with no volume. Way better.

  13. I just want to know where she got that huge yellow mug from. That was the best part of the video lol. I live for cool stuff like that.

  14. Where did your leather couches come from? They are gorgeous.

  15. That is a beautiful cat!

  16. She looks so tired

  17. Idk the video is fun to watch but watching her touch dirty areas esp like a toilet or the floor w her hands make me cringe she’s not wearing gloves

  18. With this much square footage of floors, would you pretty much only use a stick vac / vacuum system? Like, would it not make sense to sweep using a broom if there’s that much space?

  19. I love your videos 😍😄😘❤️😘❤️😘😘

  20. Thank you and God Bless! Hahahahahaha the cat watching you cleaning, love cats thx.

  21. Weak lol my house gets worse then this!

  22. 8:40 lol the left over green LEGO 😂

  23. If you have trouble with extra strong stickers, lemon essential oil can help get stubborn stickers or labels off of things its a natural glue gone. Just soak the sticker with water and lemon essential oil let sit for a few minutes, and wipe away

  24. Thank you for being real. This is my usual daily life.

  25. I like how she uses different towels everytime she cleans somewhere else. Because not everyone does that.

  26. if that’s a 2 my place is -1000 lol I know my place is messy but tbh your place looks pretty good to me lol

  27. If that’s a 2 then mine is a -6. It’s a house with two men (one disabled) and 2 cats. Cleaning is only a thing that happens when rent inspections come up 🤣

  28. Good job i like watching motivation cleaning videos before i start my day,, i do more frequent cleaning but for sure i do also marthon cleaning when it gets out of control or if im doing that deep cleaning .

  29. @Clean My Space I really enjoy these cleaning videos. They are relatable and give me ideas and courage when cleaning my own space. Thank you very much. I look forward to more of your videos. 🙂👍

  30. I would get overwhelmed if I leave it for a long period of time, I do everyday 20-30 min and the Saturday I’d the main cleaning day where k do deep cleaning

  31. i love how the cat is just watching while you wash dishes LOL

  32. 8:41 you missed a LEGO!

  33. love your video.  Beautiful home!

  34. What are the color names your walls. Love them.

  35. I do the same thing when I’m cleaning the bathroom, I clean the floor with a towel. I hate hair lol 😝

  36. Video

  37. I love watching this

  38. please make another one without talking. You don’t have to narrate we can see what you’re doing.

  39. u should do the bestment if u have one

  40. We use a Dyson stick vac too but the battery will only do the living room, kitchen and hall before running out. Is your doing your whole house on one battery charge?

  41. im going to stay up and clean the house, my grandma will be happy!

  42. I love your house 😍😍

  43. You a go- getter!

  44. this is amazing!

  45. Smells good

  46. *looks around my 2 story house *
    Also me: I should clean
    1 min later
    : I GIVE UP

  47. Wow my family is a bunch of wild animals if that’s your dirty house. Lol 😂

  48. I absolutely cracked up during the kitchen cleaning portion, because we clearly see Melissa leave the recycling by the door, lol. My husband recently moved a tall Snap-On tool cabinet into our garage, and as a result, our garbage/recycle/compost bins have moved… so now I leave the recycling on top of the tool cabinet, and I can tell that it irks him to no end lol.

  49. I like how you clean your house🧡❤️🏁😂

  50. Hmmmmm if that was your version of a two out of 10 I wonder what mine is prob in the negatives

  51. I like house clean every day no matter what.Thats me.I like cleaner life and cleaner house.I dont like messy house.

  52. thats really not as bad as my room gets. maybe if you combined every single rooms mess then multiplied it by 20

  53. that plant behind her what kind of plant is that?

  54. I wish my house was as beautiful as this one! 😭😭

  55. Girl. This couch

  56. Marathon cleaner here, so I don’t have to worry about it too much the rest of the week… of course I do eventually, yet the sensation after I’m done is incredible and I just love it. Of course, when I’m done I start thinking of possible nooks and crannies that I’ve missed but I take note and I promise to start from them next week. Still, 10 mins a day, as you advise, could prove rather useful as an extra step to perfection and it could take some load off the next cleaning marathon!

  57. I just can’t fathom how someone could leave their house so messy. I leave a pair of shorts on the floor and I get anxiety…. I just can’t live in mess and filth…

  58. I’m definitely not a marathon cleaner. Daily chores and clean ups works for me! I’ve got a life to live girl!

  59. How much the cost of this house

  60. Just out of curiosity, would you consider yourself a minimalist?

  61. Do people really need this type of thing spelled out for them?? No hate ofc but i guess to me it just seems obvious lol

  62. This house looks so… bare?

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  64. All about the marathon clean! Such a motivating video. Thanks!

  65. I think you’re amazing 😉

  66. While raising our three kidlets, we had a two story, 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 house. On Friday (cleaning day) I would start after the kids were off to school and clean from stem to stern. When done, my house was spotless. I didn’t miss ANYTHING. What a wonderful feeling to have it all clean. Now, at 80 years old, I clean our small 2 bedroom, two bath home as I can. Energy went South along with my boobs etc. lol I enjoyed watching you clean as I used to. Your house is beautifully decorated! Did you do it or have it professionally done?

  67. I’m a clean freak and seldom feel anyone has the equivalent standards of cleanliness. You are pretty awesome. Thanks for all you do!!

  68. Who is watching this in 2020 cuz of coronavirus

  69. my question is why does she have so much towels 🙂

  70. you missed a lego under the couch lol

  71. Where did you get your night stands?

  72. 8:40 AHHHH!!!! Lost loney solo toy block forgotten under the couch!!! HA HA HA HA!!!!! (Lil’ Easter Egg there for ya)

  73. You forgot sth under the sofa at 8:40 😀

  74. I will never EVER understand why don’t you guys wash your bathrooms… I only clean my bathroom throwing water w/ products in everything hahah

  75. Your cleaning methods are amazing. Please make a video on your home tour. We would really like to watch your home. Make a small video on it. We are waiting.

  76. Love your black/white top! where did you get it?

  77. you’re 2 is an 8 to me

  78. I do marathon cleaning for my own house once a week but I always end up doing small cleaning every 2 days too, cant help it, I love a clean space.

  79. How many cloths do you use when cleaning your whole house and how often do you clean or change these cloths?

  80. I love clean

  81. Wow thanks for sharing! ❤

  82. Excellent video 🤞

  83. I agree when it comes to the toilet I use paper towel

  84. should do a cleaning with me livestream that does the full five hours. Have a drink every time there a “missed a bit!” comment

  85. 😁👍🏻 I have a question…. my wooden cutting boards smell like onions. 😝 I tried lemon but no luck. Please help with the best suggestion. Thank you so much. 💐

  86. How Do I Clean Terrazzo??? Please help me clean this damn beautiful terrazzo floors!!! Is there a video for this?

  87. I’m quarantined right now so when I wake up tomorrow I want to organize and rearrange my room lol

  88. Am I the only one who thinks the woman in this video looks like Janet from the good place show

  89. Hello, what LG models are your washing machine and dryer?! I love them but I don’t think we would have those in the UK 😂

  90. Welp, now I’m inspired to clean! Thank you

  91. I use paper towels to clean toilets too! I hate the idea of using that towel later on the counters or something even after being cleaned and sanitized 🙈 I also don’t wear gloves to clean my own toilets. I just scrub my hands extra and wash them after I’ve done the toilet. It’s more laundry to add to to use the gloves just for the toilets. The amount of times I’ve had bodily fluids get on me from my boys I’m not disturbed by not wearing gloves for this. 😂

  92. i love all the advice and quick tips in these video, i always watch them before cleaning just for a bit of motivation xoxo

  93. Riley’s room is stunning!

  94. I see you cleaning everything with the same solution. What solution did you use in this video? Just wondering.:)

  95. How do you keep you house clean with a cat our litter box is in the bathroom and it sooo messy

  96. Alguém sabe o que tem dentro desse spray que ela usa nos móveis do quarto dela?

  97. Meu Deus que máquina de lavar roupas é essa?!?! Linda e gigante.

  98. I’m super late to the party here, but I really love the top you’re wearing (the black with wobbly white stripes) – it looks really comfortable, and I’d love to know where you got it, if you’re comfortable sharing that information? 🙂

    Also, my tip for cleaning… get good music going. I find that I end up singing along and dancing while I clean, which makes somewhat fun. I take 30-second-dance-party brakes now and then. lol it all gets done anyway, and my husband gets an hour long concert featuring me, so we both win! lol

  99. You clean the whole house and then have to make an excuse to have your
    husband make the bed? Wtf

  100. What is in the spray bottle

  101. If you see this and respond I would appreciate it very much! Thank you for any help you have in advance!

    How to deal with a family member, friend, or in times of self isolation: anyone in your immediate contact (like I said “in times of self isolation!” anyone in your self isolation camp! I think you get the drift. You give these people the information they need to keep others and thereselves safe. You give them the information they need to be safe and they just aren’t buying it and don’t want to do it! Like wash there hands in alcohol and wash there hands in soap and water whenever possible! They act like you have three heads and basically tell you to go float a boat!

    As crazy as this sounds: why would anyone have the information that will atleast increase there chances by 50% that they will not get sick (those odds are better than 0%) and they don’t care! They get all sick headed and tell you that they are clean enuff and you can go bugger off!

    Now listen this can be very hard to take when you have their lives (I mean in my case the person is 76 years old, has heard that it takes out the elderly and all the information and stilll is not really serious about cutting down the spread off viruses and germs?)

    Anyone, who reads this and has any kind of solution to peacefully try to make this person wisen up and how to do it in a nice way without burning them alive pleace help! I am kidding of course! But, no jokes. When you go out and come home wash your hands and atleast use hand sanitizer when you think necessary (even at home use) and they don’t wanna do it and they ight / argue with you? I’m not obsessed! I’m am like this: If you come home and wash your hands as soon as possible for atleast 30 seconds with a nice soapy lather! Then use hand sanitizer throughout the day your good and after that try not to worry! But, this seems to be too much to ask? If I am trying to do my best not to spread germs or bacteria to them and I wouldn’t ask anything of another that I am not already doing for them and I, I find it offensive that they are not willingly and happy to do themselves! Like I said if anyone can help or even relate to let me know!

  102. How do you clean all towels and cloth?

  103. Oh girl! This still isn’t messy. But hey you should be proud of yourself for that! I’m a little on the bitter side that you feel like this is incredibly messy but that’s just cuz I’m jealous. We have 1 walk-in closet in our house that was built on to the house that we store holiday decorations in, but outside of that, we have tiny little closets in our bedroom, so there’s nowhere to hide our mess. It’s so overwhelming!

  104. With a newborn and toddler sometimes picking up and cleaning gets ignored for a few days. The I turn to these videos to inspire me to go into power mode and feel fresh again

  105. I love cleaning as I go each day. But that was before I moved in with my SO and he’s a pile things up and do mass cleans person. I constantly found myself feeling like I was treading water doing my daily clean method that I just caved and gave into his weekly cleaning mentality. Still drives me up a wall a year later.

  106. Wow this is so enjoyable to watch 😀👍

  107. Wait a second, why is there two sinks in the same bathroom? and 2 washing machines?!

  108. If I could afford a house this big, I hope I can also afford a maid.

    1. you should try this :

  109. Jesus is this a mansion?

  110. Always tie your hair while cleaning 🙂 you are getting all the bacteria in your hair and clothes.

  111. Whats in the spray bottle for cleaning the bathroom

  112. Unfortunately I’m a marathon cleaner. New to your channel and just bought your book. Thank you! These videos will motivate me to be less marathon and more of a frequent cleaner.

  113. Kitty is watching! Meow!

  114. Your 2 is my 8 lol

  115. I like the marathon clean personally because I feel so accomplished afterwards. Not the same feeling doing a little at a time every day

  116. I go either way

  117. Very nice home.

  118. What cleaning product did you use in your bathroom ( it was in a spray bottle)?

  119. Loved this! I’ve been needing to spring clean and since we are all at home now… this has been a life saver for me! I prefer to keep things tidy and then clean as needed but then I neglect stuff. So a marathon clean with a little help from the family on a weekend always makes our house look AMAZING. Plus we’ve been decluttering big time this last year and our home is easier to keep up with and looks nicer when we do clean.

  120. I should not have watched this because it’s one a m……

  121. I prefer small frequent cleans because I get stressed out by too much clutter or grime, and I would put off any large/mass cleanings. I usually just do tasks on certain days. I’ll wash the bed sheets and dust or something on one day, sweep and mop on another day, clean windows and mirrors another, overall clean/disinfect surfaces on another, etc. The only thing that gets done daily/twice a day/whenever they appear are the dishes. I make my bed to some degree every day, and laundry gets done 1-2 times per week for my things/towels

  122. Is she cleaning her mirrors with her homemade dish soap mixture? Thank you to whoever can answer my question ✌️❤

  123. What to you used in the spraybottle?

  124. Small frequent cleans. For me, keeping up with it on a daily basis is easier.😃😃

  125. I have the same sweatshirt. Target


  127. Great video! very inspiring!

  128. Thanks I have weeks like this that I hold out for the weekend to tackle.

  129. I eat popcorn and shes cleaning toilet …

  130. Please remind us again and again what’s the spray you make in the bottle.
    We need to know that.

  131. An easy way to remove stickers, baking soda. I only know this accidentally lol. Just like how I came across your videos and channel just now. I was looking for a way to clean up this iron my husband trash picked for me (waste not want not). After I was done with my baking soda, toothpaste, vinegar solution and I was wiping up the little breakfast tray I was working on (also trash picked 🤫). I noticed the solution wipe away the remnants of a long forgotten sticker. 😊 No elbow grease necessary. Came right off.

  132. you forgot the green block under the sofa

  133. Ah I have some similar strategies to you. I’ve always done the ‘full hands’ and encourage my family to do the same. I’ll leave things at foot of the stairs to be taken in the right direction. I also go one room at a time and have a holding area in the hall dragging things in the right direction as I go.

  134. Hey, cleaning the house is a great Quarantine Activity!

  135. I really needed this video for inspiration xxx thank you x hugs xxxx

  136. Thanks for showing your kitchen! I honestly thought I was the only one that had a kitchen that ever looked like this.

  137. Small frequent cleans preferred.

  138. 1. Why would anyone not like a cleaning video? Like if you don’t like it don’t watch it that is so weird to me. Two. I can’t fathom what it would be like to be able to clean for 5 hours straight in one day. I am lucky some days if I can clean for an hour straight. And it wipes me out the rest of the day. stinking autoimmune diseases man.

    I’m really enjoying your Channel! My mother had one of those homes that never looked lived in but never made me lift a finger so I’m 41 and still have a house that looks like it’s run by a twelve-year-old. I find your videos very inspiring! Keep up the good work!

  139. Small frequent cleans preference

  140. I do both marathon and small frequent cleaning very often. I can’t keep up with all these people in the house.

  141. Un-du adhesive remover will get those stickers up. 🙂

  142. I prefer the marathon cleaning

  143. 👏👏👏👏👏

  144. I am a homemaker and have 5 sons ages 7 down to 11 months and homeschool. I am forever marathon cleaning because it is a lot of work to keep up with, especially in our large home. I prefer my whole house to always be clean and don’t like when I know there are large areas that require work.
    It would be a whole lot easier and achievable if I had hours on end to work, but when you factor in all the distractions and kids playing and undoing the work I’ve done, it just doesn’t last long.

  145. ….That’s a 2?

  146. I love your house! And this video 😍

  147. You have such beautiful hair 😍

  148. Thanks at least i have learnt some thing.

  149. You are amazingly brave for showing us your real lived in home and it is very appreciated to know that it is quite normal to live your life and sometimes slack in the deep cleaning a bit longer than intended.. life gets busy and I really enjoy learning to clean my home more efficiently so thank you so much for doing these videos!!

    1. And your home is gorgeous

  150. Ok but have you seen my home, haha that is totally a disaster

  151. What kind of wash machine do you have ?

  152. That’s not even messy 😢

  153. I do enjoy your videos. However, I was shocked to see that you are throwing your pillows and duvet on a floor which has not been cleaned yet. The stuff which was on a bathroom countertop was placed on the non cleaned floor too. Could you please explain your thought process behind this?

  154. The only thing I would say about not wearing gloves is that you could end up damaging your hands from the cleaning solution.
    It’s more about protecting your skin.
    Thanks for the tips and motivation though ❤️

  155. Subscribed because of the cat! 0:54

  156. Did anybody notice the toy under the couch?

  157. What is the name of the pinkish paint color on the wall in your bedroom?

  158. I love the colours in your home! great video my uncle is inspiring me to have a neater home your helping me out lots for my 2020 goal! 😁

  159. Your home is so beautiful. Great video!

  160. I will admit I feel motivated to clean now.
    Ok, Google – vacuum my house!

  161. Oh my gosh, the cleaning of the stickers has become my life!

  162. Cat on the table…((((((

  163. BIG ass house, holy

  164. I do an intense clean every Monday (laundry, floors that the rumba didn’t do, replace filters and yard work) and try to keep it clean by doing a tidy up during naps and that pre “omg hubby is home in 30 minutes” speed clean! keeping it clean throughout the week (and a good tidy up on Saturdays) means my Mondays are a deeper clean. This becomes especially important when its warm and the grass is growing really fast or I have weeding to do outside 🙂 and nothing beats spraying off the entire patio with my power hose! SO satisfying!

  165. a

  166. I wanna know What’s this liquid

  167. Im not motivated either way i just think its entertaining

  168. Hey what is that one thing you’re using to clean everything? The kind of spray that you’re doing on sinks and counter tops and mirrors and floor. Is that the mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide?

  169. Bathroom lovely very I endowed

  170. الحمام رررروعه 🌹 جميل

  171. You need to use a delicate laundry bag to hold Riley’s toys in the bath tub. P. S great show. Lots of everyday useful ideas.

  172. Wow… Your daughter has a better room than me… 😂

  173. I clean things every day.

  174. I did the eye level test for the first time this morning….OMG…this is gonna take a while…

  175. Your dirty house is so clean. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  176. i prefer the small cleaning than the marathon

  177. can u tell where did u bought shoes mate on ur doorway having shoes , also i liked ur indoor plants can u do some video on it about those indoor plants taking care of them ,etc. i also hate cleaning but when i do i cleaning same like a marathon.also havent seen recently any videos of chad for cleaning ,or any house related

  178. Lolol. Her 2 is like my 5 or 6.

  179. What is solution you clean with Thank you so much for sharing

  180. Just shut up and clean.

  181. I’m mostly grossed out about drying dishes with a towel.

  182. My room is as dirty as your whole house combined. You ain’t seen 2 yet girl 😬.

    This helped me clean the house and I’m grateful thanks for the vid😊

  183. Loved the video thanks. I also love your dining room chairs where did you get them?

  184. Thank you for this video that has given me a lot of useful knowledge and tips. I really like your Siamese, is it really loud and chatty? I’m thinking of getting one.

  185. That’s not even close to being BAD

  186. Definitely motivating! Thanks ☺

  187. Micro clean and timing it.
    I place every tool where it needs to be and do what you do. Move things around and spot what needs work.
    The oven I preheat the whole thing and let it get to a warm feel so when I wipe, it should come up. Then I use whatever cleaners afterwards with hot as I can take water. Sweep in my place should take ten minutes but if I had a bug home, what you did makes a bit more sense to consolidate some things. Spray and leave for a bit so its least on the hands and more in the power of your arms to keep from getting too burned out. Mop and Swifter but I make sure the cleaner mixed properly. I usually boil some water to throw in the bucket to get it to a point. I’m wearing gloves anyways but I am careful. Sometimes I wipe the walls because it collects dust there too sometimes. Once, I wiped my wall, I got gray dust I never thought was there.
    Sometimes it’s not too bad to be around certain places where germs can lie because you build an immunity to it over time or at least some form of it.
    Dust is something I don’t tolerate because that holds all kinds of shit in it.

  188. Hmmm looks like the light mess was staged lol. Omg this is nothing compared to what I have to deal with 😖 had a couple guests that left a disaster and my bf won’t clean a thing, never after himself either. Things get cleaned and immediately after it’s a crap show. So I guess I have a 50 year old child? Lol

  189. What are you adding in this spray to be for all the purposes? Thanks

    1. Clean My Space ??

  190. This video made me so happy 😍 the mess was giving me anxiety

  191. I was never taught how to do cleaning, cooking, etc growing up so I’m really grateful for youtube and channels like this because I get to learn how to do these things as an adult. This is one of the reason that I aim to have just studio apartments. I don’t like spending so much time on doing house chores at all.

  192. I like to do cleaning when nobody is at home

  193. I do a good thing and clean my chest freezer and refrigerator with a 50/50 mix of vinegar and oil free acne wash – like Neutrogena this makes it clean as a saints freezer can be and you can do this to the exterior surfaces first. This helps the food stay fresher because it is put into the spirit and is a spiritual cleanse for anything you like to clean. Use any kind of vinegar white, distilled, and apple cider.

  194. I love cleanliness

  195. 12:41 Your cat attentively watching you the whole time is the cutest thing ever XD

  196. I love your house.

  197. I was brought up learning the art of clean as you go, make time to do a little each day, and then the overall cleaning/tidying tasks are not so big to tackle, takes less time and effort leaving you feeling less exhausted and more pleased with the result of the task done, its what my mother calls “daily maintenance cleaning” it works for me and especially with my limited abilities I have to make sure im not overwhelming myself with too much at once, and then leaves me time to rest and relax and enjoy the day.

  198. Jesus. Whenever I do a deep cleaning I wear golves, a face mask, use load of chemicals (the least dangerous ones I can find ofc, or even natural substitutes). But still. I look like s**** when I clean. You look so casual and chill xD

  199. Silly comment, but would love a video on how you regularly care with your hands. My hands get really dry and wrinkly after a long clean. Resort to wearing disposable gloves, but not environmentally friendly.

  200. marathon cleans

  201. you missed one ball under the couch

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    These are my maintenance clean.
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    Edit: Oof I just realised she said all of tbis 😂

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    2-I use baking soda boxes once a month in my fridge/freezer. Could I re purpose that baking soda for cleaning after the month is up or would it have bacteria or anything else that would mean I just need to throw it out?
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    1. Due to short battery life, I recommend using the Shark Rocket. It has so much power I am amazed at what it removes even from a clean house. I use vinegar, Dawn and Hydrogen Peroxide for cleaning entire house. Started this due to asthma, but have found all of my clients want to get chemical free, too. I prefer using Walmart’s cheap wash cloths; 18 in pkg for just $4. Very absorbent. I buy them in packs of different colors and use colors for bathroom, whites for kitchen and cleaning. I encourage others to do one area/zone a day. I also do a lot of organizing so would love to see more videos on that, too.

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    If you have any questions, I would love to help 🙂 hope you had a great Christmas and a new year! Keep up the great work!
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    I’ve spent a really long time dealing with chronic fatigue and veritgo, and the state of my home really shows that, but in 2020 I’m going to try harder to keep my home a place that isn’t a stressor. My goal is to get everything all clean by the end of Jan 1st (I go back to work on the 2nd) and then implement a schedule which breaks everything down into smaller tasks everyday instead of letting it get crazy. I’m so jealous that you get to do laundry whenever! My apartment is on-site laundry and I swear someone is ALWAYS using it. I’ll be so happy when I have my own house with my own washer/dryer!

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    Toilet is considered as “dirty” germ prone. So its best practice to start from clean (kitchen) to dirty (toilet)
    Tying hair up/back is also advised to avoid getting your hair caught in things. Its actually a hazard. also so you dont rub your hair all over dirty surfaces and then rob on the clean surfaces. Your hair was rubbing onto your toilet seat and bath tub and you then went around the house rubbing the same hair all over your house.

    Folding your sleeves or wearing short sleeves is also an important practice. We can pickup germs/dirt with our sleeves.

    Wearing of gloves is also a good idea for washing bathrooms/toilets. Some people think washing of hands after is enough… but garms can hide in nails and wont easily come off when washed or else you wash your nails with brush and in some cases disaffected. You seem to think it’s ok to use bare hands just because you “know who’s used the toilets”. Because you know who’s used the toilets does not mean you know what’s sitting in their guts. So gloves are the easier option and wash hands after taking them off.

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