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Cleaning Expert: My Secret System to Cleaning Fast & Effectively!

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The first thing I knew I needed to do when I started my cleaning company was to figure out the optimal way to clean a room. By this, I mean a method to clean a room fast and effectively. This is how I developed my 3 Wave System. So, in this video, I take you through exactly what my 3 Wave System is, and how to implement it so you can clean any room in your house quickly and efficiently.

COMMENT QUESTION: What is your #1 time-saving cleaning tip?

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637 thoughts on “Cleaning Expert: My Secret System to Cleaning Fast & Effectively!

  1. What is your #1 time-saving cleaning tip?

    1. Lilies yes I start cleaning and that is when everyone decides to send messages. I stop to check text, next thing it is 3 hours gone by that I didn’t get back to cleaning!! What!! So yes turn off all devices makes cleaning go super fast.

    2. I like cleaning up because it’s good I’ve cleaned at school before scooter clean and I never complain about not it doesn’t give me the creeps

    3. Jennifer Hermann So you use Murphy’s soap and hot water for floor? And use just the Murphy’s soap in toilet?

    4. 8888888888

    5. Another huge time saver is I put 3 small colored mesh trash cans in my walk in closet. They are colored white, black & red. I basically sort my clothes into each bin and when one is full, I do the laundry for that color. I also put some oxiclean spray next to the bins so I can spray soiled clothes & let them sit as this is always the recommended way to treat stains.

  2. not only is this a great algorithm, I think you are also a fantastic presenter.

  3. Nice video

  4. My biggest cleaning tip is to have less stuff. I don’t collect anything. I have minimal decor. I HATE knick knacks. And every time I look at furniture, I think, “How easy will this be to clean?” If it’s too ornate and has lots of places where dust could collect, then I pass. Sleek designs, minimal stuff.

  5. I have a dog and a newborn. The dog fairs a lot and I am crazy all day trying to get rid of dog’s fair. Any suggestions on a good efficient way? I am trying the robot vacuum, the vacuum, the swiper, the mop, kind of everything. Any good plan to share?

  6. What is the best homemade bathroom cleaner ?

  7. Can you please do a video that is about cleaning the entire house? Like how you would go about it?

  8. When I watch tv every time the ads come on I jump up and clean.

  9. My tip: Teach your children to clean. If they can make a mess, they can clean a mess. It is amazing how many less messes they make when they have to clean them up themselves.

  10. How to clean coffee maker

  11. listening to music is my tip for efficency

  12. I have a house cleaner for the elderly called In Home Cleaners and they will sweep and mop the floors with one hand.Because they won’t put there cell phone down .Then after they sweep and mop they go in and out of the house and track in dirt .

  13. How do I clean plush toys? Especially toys that are scented? Some Disney toys have a scent that I don’t want to lose.

  14. My cleaning lady does just that. She’s good! Now we are all our cleaning ladies!

  15. You are good!

  16. So simple, yet so smart! Put all the stressful eyesore messes in one basket 🧺 in wave 1.

  17. She is so beautiful 😍

  18. “Always be carrying” things back where they belong. That way it’s easier to dust, vacume, mop when it’s time. My biggest time saver is my Dyson V10, which I use in the whole house each day. Amazing what it picks up. No cords to deal with and it’s lightweight and fits under most furniture. I dust weekly and mop weekly. Keeping things picked up is huge. One of the most helpful things I have forced myself to do is to sort mail immediately, open it right away and pay any bills daily. I did t use to do this, and it stresses me out. I have a station ( top of washer ) with a simple file holder, checkbook, envelopes and stamps, recycling bin, and mini shredder. Knowing my “business” is taken care of gives me such peace.

  19. What is the castle soap for? What did you use to for , in your client’s homes?

  20. I hope to learn this method of cleaning and save time!

  21. Does anyone know if she has a video for cleaning real wood floors?

  22. I was almost salivating with excitement watching this video 🤤 I’m such a clean freak I have serious problems 😂😂

  23. I am a slob and a clutterbug and my house is a disaster much of the time, but when you talked about bringing the trash and recycle cans in a bin into a room, I smiled, because that’s something I already do! Yay me! I am not completely hopeless.

  24. Keeping my kitchen sink empty and clean seems to help me from being overwhelmed. I’ve followed that one rule and it motivates me.

  25. I think my house needs at least 5 waves. Honestly, thanks for this I am almost excited about cleaning.

  26. Every morning I’m the last one in the bathroom so I clean the sink and counter top when I’m done, I have squares of linen cut up and in the cabinet to use everyday, I wash them once a week, I also wipe the toilet every night with a clean one and also wash every week . That way the bathroom never gets dirty.

  27. Start at 1.51

  28. Could you do a video like THIS ONE but specifically for laundry?!!

  29. My biggest cleaning tip is to get other people in the house to put their dishes in the dishwasher after they eat. Put a sticky note on the cabinet at eye-level with a heart drawn on it: Please put dishes in the dishwasher. I still have one person who continually leaves his dishes in the sink, and is obstinate, but I am still working on him. My other tip is to make sure that the dishwasher is emptied as quickly as you can after it has run. That way there is a place for others to put the dishes instead of the sink.

  30. I’ve been cleaning my own home since long before the internet…I’ve always cleaned this way. Honestly, I thought everyone did.

  31. My biggest time saver is using my flat head mop with a number of washable pads. I use them to clean windows, mirrors, cabinet doors, walls, bathroom tile. Any place hard to reach. I’ve even used it to clean the top of the refrigerator. Wash/scrubs then go back with a dry towel attached to dry the area. Switch out the pads so I always have a clean one and attach a microfiber cloth to use on tile, glass and mirrors. Streak free. And it’s good at getting into the corners.

  32. Hi, thanks, very helpful. I save time by using hydrogen peroxide to remove gunk/water deposits around faucets, etc.

  33. thank you for posting this video very helpful.

  34. Very good

  35. I keep Windex and a roll of paper towels in the bathroom for – obviously. I use a cheap little paintbrush to dry dust around the toilet hinges. In the kitchen, the prep scrap bowl is very handy. Love your work!

  36. Using like a basket to put stuff together that doesnt belong in a room, then if I have to run to the appropriate room for something else, I bring that stuff with me. 2 birds come stone. 2 trips for the price of one.

  37. Hello this motivating ! Thank you

  38. If anyone has any tried and true tips on the following I would really appreciate it:

    * How to dust indoor textured brick walls (and I mean, really rough bricks… this is a rental, the person who designed this home clearly did not think about the impracticality of the bricks lol it’s more for outdoor areas… the dust settles into every little pot on the bricks and makes it hard to even vacuum… my brush attachment makes the suction super loud and it’s a mini attachment so would take me forever!!!)

    Anyway here are my tips:

    Use an extension cord for vacuuming, one that can reach the entire floor of your house if possible

    While I wait for the water to fill the mop bucket I will quickly do something else in that bathroom/laundry (eg: wipe down the mirror, tidy up the counter top etc).

    Throw on a load of laundry overnight so that it is ready in the morning to be hung out or put in the dryer.

    ALWAYS empty the lint compartment for the drier, and same for the Vacuum dust canister after every use, so that it is ready to go after every use.

    I use a coffee pod machine. after every use, I will empty out the catcher tray and rinse out the parts that need it. usually by the time I use it, my bf has already got a couple of pods in there so it helps to keep it from clogging up fast. he does it too though, I will say that 🙂

    Speaking of which, having a partner who is just as self sufficient as you are in a house makes life SO MUCH EASIER! you are not left having to do most of it yourself, they know this is also their space and they will do things whenever they get a spare moment.

    I love using a spray mop for quick clean-ups in between a ‘deep clean’ 🙂

  39. How to be you

  40. For me I put my clothes in washer then spray shower cleaner on shower then spray oven cleaner the I dust then go back wipe down shower then clean stove then check on laundry then do what ever else in those rooms the thing is need to keep product on there to do its job.

  41. Thanks for your system! It’s pure GENIUS!

  42. I unknowingly use the three wave system! 😁

  43. You are a superwoman for me

  44. When washing pots and pans by hand, wipe surface with paper towels first and then wash with your wash cloth/sponge. No yucky, gunky or oil gets on your clean cloth.😊👍

  45. Great advice, tnx

  46. My saving tip only relates to the bathroom, but it’s to use the shower and spray water with it on the walls and the floors, sink and so on (my bathroom is very small). It works great with removing dust but also with washing off all of the cleaning products that I use in between

  47. Bestest method. Love you Melissa. I hated cleaning and a messy dirty room at the same time, but your channel has changed me as person in terms to cleaning and keeping my house tidy. From the bottom of my heart thank you. ❤️

  48. I’m just _hear_ for the cleavage … I meant, cleaning tips.

  49. Do you usually always do. All your floors in all rooms each time you clean ?love your videos..

  50. I have chronic illnesses, including depression and anxiety. My room looked like a tornado went through it. It’s so easy to get overwhemed. So I listened to you’re 3 wave method and focused on the first wave. I couldn’t believe the difference just that step made to my space! TY

    1. Doctors Song I hope having a freshly cleaned space is a nice recharge for your mental health. It does wonders for me. Can be hard to get the motivation!

  51. After watching your video it motivated me to clean my master bath and bedroom! My nephew, 22 yrs old. watches your videos and also cleans the “Melissa” way, and he has your book, he is Down’s syndrome and loves to clean so thank you for inspiring him!

  52. From 7:53 to 8:06 is the time it took me to subscribe, finally someone that I can relate too when it comes to cleaning 🤗❤️

  53. 3:57 … 🙂

  54. My #1 cleaning tip is to entice my partner in crime, my husband, to clean with me. I promise whatever & I have the music going & before we know it, we are done!

  55. I like the never leave a room empty handed rule, and to motivate myself to clean, I set a timer for 10-15 mins, and make myself do it, 99% of the time I am in “the zone” by then and keep going. But knowing I only HAVE to do it until the timer goes off motivates me to get started.

  56. When I watch Hoarders I become a cleaning angel!!! I clean and fold and de lutter

  57. Hi Ckean my space, how can I buisness in georgia. Do I have to get.bonded.with the state?

  58. Melissa, please help! I have tried everything! What can I do to make my house smell better while potty training a puppy? My house used to smell great, but hate it now!

    1. Put 2 capfuls of vanilla in a coffee cup in the oven at 300 degrees for an hour & your house will smell wonderful.

  59. This is an excellent video! Thank you for sharing!

  60. Hello, I’m back. I lost you for awhile. I learned the way you do it also years ago. I was successful BUT now I can’t seem to get a job. Do you have any advice?

  61. My tip…use barkeepers friend in sink’s, toilets and tubs….one product for 3 areas…no stains..happy clients.

  62. I have multiple laundry baskets and we sort out clothes as we take them off. When a basket is full it gets thrown in the wash. I also turn my Roomba on after dusting one room while I go dust another. That way it kind of follows behind me and when I get the dyson out its mostly to get corners, baseboards or spots the Roomba missed. This has been a huge life changer for repetitive strain injuries. We also run the Roomba every day, sometimes twice a day as we have to Labs who never stop shedding!

  63. Having a plan might help are beautiful and I love how you talk with your hands .

  64. Plan to have a yard/garage sale in the spring and start gathering items that are no longer needed or wanted. What doesn’t sell, donate. This has always motivated me to declutter and free up space in closets and cabinets over the years. It’s even fun if you have friends or neighbors join you😊!

  65. In addition to keeping the kitchen sink clean every day, I do the same in the bathroom… every day I quickly spray ( I use alcohol, but, whatever you clean with) and clean the sink and the toilet outside and in)…every day.. it takes almost zero time, and then, cleaning the toilet is never a huge chore, as it’s always clean. Next, I take another five minutes on the shower, quickly wiping down the fixtures, walls, and tub…and done! Under ten minutes a day, and my bathroom is ALWAYS clean.

  66. You talk too much and waste a lot of time, introduce yourself and get to the point.

  67. Hi Mellissa, do you normally use baking soda powder with dish liquid to clean surfaces? . Also, do you have tips to create more space on cupboard shelf in a bedroom? I would like to put less things on my shelf and create more peace. X

  68. I’ve been cleaning for MANY years & after having 5 children, 2 grandchildren, & 2 furbabies, it can be a little overwhelming! You can be the neatest, the mother of all cleaning Gods LOL, & can have a place looking & smelling fantastic afterwards however, I get anxiety just overwhelmed on just the thought of cleaning & easily distracted & not know “where” to start! Clutter & pet hair are my biggest enemies! After watching these videos, many great tips came about, that will have you saying to yourself, “wow, why didn’t I think of that all along!” Great tips!

  69. My New Years resolution is to be cleaner and your videos really help thanks. I need to be cleaner and throw things away, pretty bad lol my landlord came for a visit and I had to clean more thoroughly than I am used to and it feels nice to have a cleaner place and I want to keep it this way. I love coming home and my place is clean

  70. I loved this video. So helpful.

  71. Cool woman! Dust is public enemy no 1. If you can prevent/minimize dust from entering the home by pressurizing it with filtered air, it REALLY helps a LOT. But that means you need to get the house ventilation design right from day 1.

  72. Hi Melisa I agree that collecting items that doesn’t belong to the room is the only time and life saver but if u don’t finally make one touch during every 🕒 or room may be… Bad thank-you

  73. Great video. Thumnail is a bit strange though with someone having strectched the t-shirt to make the bosom poke out. Cleaning must be sexy now? Or promote breast-feeding? The latter may be a good idea, for sure.

  74. Wow ! Thanks girl! This system has been a game changer to this add mind! Thank you so much

  75. Simple…but mind blowing!

  76. No time for long preamble. Please explain right away for time’s sake!

  77. Love this! Thank you so much.

  78. Milk? I’m lactose intolerant, but I love to make pancakes. I’ve found that milk in small containers like what we got on school, will keep for months in their unopened little containers

  79. As a professional cleaner do you move other people’s belongings in wave 1?

  80. My tip is putting a dish/saucer of some kind under your hand soap bottle in the bathroom so you won’t be wiping up a puddle every time you use it.
    Not a fabulous tip, but I personally find this to be helpful.

  81. Love that dress!! Where’d you get that?! 🌸💕

  82. Great 🥥🥥

  83. Hello! Why did you start to clean the floor near the door? It is not the opposite side.

  84. she did not need all that for that CLEAN stove. But I get what she is doing. lol

  85. before smartphones? geez do you even age?

  86. My tip is having a good quality mop. I have an e-cloth mop that actually picks up the dust off the floor and my floors stay cleaner for longer!

  87. perfect

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  89. 1 start! See room as a clock in sections!
    Scan room first! Organize before… Laundry & rubbish out etc.
    2 top to bottom when dusting etc!
    Clean & disinfect surfaces etc. after clutter gone.
    3 localise tools & items needed.
    Say yes while sorting!
    Clean/vacuum from opposite side of room!
    Clean your way out of room. 💕

  90. Nice video i also like to clean the house specially kitchen 🧤

  91. I know how to clean pretty fast but daaaaang you did a GRAND job explaining this!!!!! So satisfying!!!!

  92. You had a video on cleaning the bathroom like the tub and tile etc… how would you suggest cleaning the curtain because no matter how what cleaning product I use and no matter how hard I scrub it still seems a little dingy to me. It drives me crazy! If I could I would just replace it everyday. I only have one bathroom and my step children are slobs and it’s a nightmare in my bathroom seriously. I have to clean the bathroom everyday before I will take a shower and I know this sounds odd but I cannot get into a wet shower! The whole tub and tile have to be completely dry before I will take a shower. I had a friend live with me once and I would get so irritated with her if she took a.shower first idk I just think it’s gross!

  93. My tipis to sleep while my amazing house keepers clean my house!!!!

  94. My only “problem” with your videos, and it’s not even really a problem, is that I feel compelled to start cleaning and organizing when I’m watching them! Five minutes in and I’ve already started a load of laundry. 😆

  95. Melissa, you are truly inspiring and life saver! I would love to know what is your advice for maintaining a house clean for as long as possible so that we don’t have to do big cleanings very often. Thank you so much for all your tips, effort and positivity ❤️

  96. I open my mail by the recycling bin so it can go straight in

  97. Wave 1 basket trash put all in bucket. Every place has its space. Remove them.Wave 2. Pretreatment. Top to bottom. Wave 3. Outside of room moving backwards towards the door.

  98. Listen to music or a podcast. Then it feels like downtime on the move.

  99. Thanks a lot for these videos: they are extremely useful and a way to educate and improve people’s quality life.

  100. “There is no sweeping it into your hand and throwing it into the garbage. We don’t have time for that. You are going to be a savage and throw everything onto the floor.” I love it!!! I laughed so hard. 😀

  101. You Are Awesome 💪
    Ms. Lady🌹👏💯%👌

  102. I sooooo needed this alot of cleaning professionals do not tell you exactly how to do this and I am just learning and have no clue what I am doing lol thanks so much

  103. didn’t think your old enough to know before smartphones

  104. I clean everyday for about 15 mins

  105. Instead of a basket, I use garbage bags for a “don’t belong” and later, take it all out and put it all where it belongs. It’s easier to carry around as well.

  106. I went beyond to wave 7

  107. Thank you so much for the cleaning tips 😀

  108. Great strategy

  109. Love this one! So much valuable information. Thank you Melissa!

  110. Because I focus on cleanliness, I immediately notice when certain things are out of place. On top of cleaning as you go, (cleaning behind yourself, as you cook, or putting things back when you use them) I whenever I notice something out of place I immediately put it back in place. (Crooked book, sock on the floor etc… because life happens)

  111. Love this!

  112. Just get started. I’m the master of “oh I’ll do it later” Guess what? I’m not more likely to do it later then I am right now. So if I just start right now then I have the best chance at getting it done or even just doing part of it.

  113. Get floors that are smooth, without or with a few rugs or carpets. Limit the amount of furniture and keep things (toys, boxes, piles) off the floor. Cleaning your floor is a breeze. And it is easy to use a robot vacuum that won’t get trapped this way.

    Another tip for pet owners: get a vacuum mouth piece with rotating brushes, pet hairs will be cleaned from couches very easily, there are also hand held vacuüms with rotating brushes.

  114. really liked your idea of dividing the room into sections like a clock. that was a real game changer for me, thanks.

  115. Thank you so much Melissa for sharing this amazing video with us for that we are immensely grateful. 💐🌷🤗🙏🌸🥀🍃💜🌹💙🌺💋🌼💖🌻🦋🖐👍😘

  116. Love what you have. Only keep what sparks Joy. pick up after yourself and have less stuff!

  117. Congratulations for the babyyy!!!!

  118. So glad I found your channel! No nonsense, helpful information! Thank you! Will keep watching! : )

  119. Which room do you start with when you clean a house? Do you do all bathrooms first etc?

  120. I love how you always seem to be barefoot 😊

  121. Hello Melissa just a question. With my home I was using wipes to clean. But it became experience so used my old towels cut up.
    Can I put then them in my wash with other items? Thanking you

  122. From cleaning then organizing then declutter then frugal then zero waste living then minimalism style of living

  123. This is brilliant. Thank you for sharing. I even took notes!!!
    My son loves ketchup but always leaves a big blob on his plate and brings it from his room 2 days later … Sometimes 3 or 4 plates like this. Time saving tip is to not even bother trying to clean. Submerge in soapy water for 30 minutes while doing something else. Not a great tip but it is so easy to clean after this.

  124. When it comes to the bathroom I like to dust and sweep the floors first, so I can get rid of hair, because when it gets wet and all the hair on the floors it’s disgusting

    1. Yes! I do the same. I dust, vacuum, then clean the counter top and shower and then mop the floor on my way out 🙂

  125. During summer months, I sleep on top of the bedspread, using a a throw blanket for cover. This way I only need to straighten out the bed, not make it. Definitely a time saver.

  126. What do I use to clean TV screen.

  127. my best tip is just watch an episode of compulsive cleaners!!! lol

  128. In wave 1, as you’re gathering everything that doesn’t belong there, into a basket or bin, do you put everything back in its proper place before you begin the actual cleaning?

  129. My tip is: always fold laundry when it’s done& sill warm from the dryer. It folds better when warm. If you don’t have time tofold immediately, leave it in the dryer, as it stays warm for quite a while. Got this from a busy, homeschooling mom. Also, could you tell me what kind of vacuum cleaner I see you using in your cleaning videos?

  130. thank you dear Melissa for your precious help! I tried this threewave system out and had a really great time cleaning efficiently and less stressfully because I could see the difference immidiately!(bc if you clean at one place and then in another and dont clean clockwise you see some little difference between all the existing mess ) my number one cleaning tip is to get inspired and educated by your videos and methods and think “What would Melissa do ?” while cleaning❤☺ thanks again sweetheart

  131. In our home, the last one to take a shower in the evening has to wipe the glass door and shower walls with one of those rubber things to remove excess water and then buff dry shower head and faucet with a microfiber cloth. we have really hard water and without doing this I would probably be pretreating and scrubbing my shower for hours every time but when I take these extra 2 minutes after every shower I just need to quickly wipe down the shower without harsh chemicals and there’s never stubborn water stains ☺️

  132. My number 1 tip to saving time cleaning is

    ….. not cleaning

  133. My time saving tip is using my shower squeegee on the glass every time I take a shower. My fiancé never picks up his dirty drawers off the floor BUT he sure can use that shower squeegee!

  134. Wow, you talk too much. Get to the point girl… I’m a maid so I’ve been trained to do this.

  135. I instinctively clean this way. How interesting!

  136. I clean my bathroom sink and toilet with natural non toxic products when my toddler is taking a bath 🛀

  137. My number one time-saving cleaning tip is literally just owning less stuff since owning less stuff in the first place means less time spent cleaning your stuff.

  138. I cannot thank you enough for this video, Melissa

  139. The one thing that saves me MAJOR time (and aggravation at others LOL) is to never leave a room, or a floor, empty handed. I have “crap baskets” at the top and bottom of the stairs, and put stuff to go up or down in them (or by them, if too large), and any time I’m going up or down, I grab it and put it where it goes. I also have individual crap baskets for family members, so I can toss their stuff in it while I’m picking up, which I do when I get home from work in the morning, and again when I get up or after dinner (I work graveyard shift). That way, wave 1 is already done, and I can actually clean! Clutter is what keeps me living in dirt.

  140. Hi….One thing which I do is to do dry cleaning or dusting of the room first and in second stage I take wet cloth to wipe out surfaces. This way I need to carry less things and in case I could not complete cleaning the room starts looking tidy already. This I am saying is because I have kids and unexpected things come up while I am cleaning or doing any other work.

  141. Melissa, serious question: what made you want to start a cleaning business if you didn’t know how to clean in the beginning? I would be really curious to hear the backstory to this.

  142. Quick tidy – a basket or a tote to throw things into that need to be relocated or dealt with later

  143. I use a roomba for my vacuuming. It does the vacuuming while my wife and I watch TV

    1. That’s good

  144. Best. Cleaning. Video. Ever!!!! I’m so scatterbrained so I always clean all over the place.

  145. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  146. You’re a genius.

  147. Thanks, I cannot wait to try this. Do you have a video on tips on hiring a house cleaner? What to look for? What to expect? Etc. Thanks!

  148. This is probably the most useful video AND comments section I have seen in a long time. Thanks everyone 🙂

  149. I start the dishes washer after dinner so it can run and finish by the time I go to bed. Then the dishes can dry during the night. I also start laundry at night so in the morning I have a load done in the dryer and one to put in the dryer.

  150. Melissa, once i have dusted your wooden furniture pieces with. Microfiber cloth, I need to treat the wood at least once a month to some sort of oil product to condition the wood. I have been trying to go all natural using your cleaning solutions and recommendations, so what do you recommend using to condition the wood and how often should it be used? Thank you so much

  151. I have some paperwork that I’ve been putting off for weeks and decided to do it today after I gave the house a quick tidy up. Goodness me – I’ve never cleaned so hard in my life. And all so that I can put off my paperwork even more!!?!

  152. Tip: get dishes and Landry going right away before starting . This way they are cleaning while you are. You can get them done a lot quicker

  153. Idk if this is necessarily time saving but I’ll put on a bomb album or playlist and see how much I can get done within that time frame. It really turns it into a game and my fiancé and I actually get a lot done. And when the playlist is over, you can be at awe with all you’ve accomplished! Or if you finish before the songs end, you can dance it out 🙂

    1. I put on dance party music . . . .

    2. Destinee Kenerson I try to get my husband to clean to no avail. It’s aggravating!

  154. Where can i get that necklace? LOVE IT. 😍

  155. Decluttering and having less miscellaneous stuff that is not of use is time-saving when it comes to cleaning as you don’t have to move as many things around the house when cleaning.
    I also think doing a little bit at a time is helpful on the whole. I don’t have a dishwasher and at times, I feel like a few dishes in the sink is something I can leave for later, however, then it just piles up and I feel overwhelmed. I find it better to tackle those few dishes now and then I only have a few dishes each time vs. a whole boat load. Same with laundry. Keeping on top of it so that only a 1/4 of the basket is full, so that it’s not overwhelming. I honestly think doing a little bit of things here and there, help on the whole. I’d rather spend 2-5 mins tidying a room though here and there, vs. always taking something with me each time I leave a room. That’s too much pressure and too forced for me. I’d rather enjoy myself and spend the 2-5 mins to tidy later, as it usually takes so little time to put the few items in their proper place when they are spread out in a room.

  156. Did you do a video on the cleaning caddy?

  157. Refreshing content!

  158. You need a tidy husband & I haven’t got one

  159. Thanks Melissa, I love your strategy for attacking a room. I have been trying to teach my teens to do this, without success unfortunately. I feel when I clean and de-clutter, it de-clutters my brain, and I am more productive as a person. It lowers my stress to have things away, and knowing I have reduced how much bacteria and germs are in my home. Too many people fill their homes with “stuff”, great places for dust and bacteria to be hiding! Minimize people!! lol. Love from B.C. Canada wherever you are!

  160. My cleaning tip is to deal with one thing at a time..don’t concentrate on all the things one time only

  161. Nice

  162. #1 has to be evening cleaning routine!!

  163. Too much talking

  164. When possible, clean something when you see that it needs it. There’s a lot that is overlooked in my weekly cleaning, so if I spot cobwebs or dust that I missed, I take a few minutes to clean it.

  165. I’m 70 and I’ve always loved a clean home.  A few years ago I discovered these brushes and honestly don’t know how I ever lived without them.   The uses are endless…lampshades, blinds, shutters, window sills, door facings, baseboards, figurines and hard to reach crevices.  These save me lots of time. 

  166. I don’t collect useless staff, I try to have as less objects as possible laying around. I don’t like owning many things. Decoration is minimal in my house and getting older I realize between people I know that more staff one’s owning more idiot is as a person! The word “idiot” comes from the Greek word “idiotis” which means in Greek : owner!

  167. Saves time…doing laundry every day.

  168. I just did something crazy the other day and used the shower head to rinse off my sink and toilet after cleaning the bathroom…I moved quickly so as to get minimal water on the floor, but the water that did get on the floor ended up flushing out a lot of the dirt and hair that was hiding behind the toilet. My bathroom looks cleaner than ever.

  169. Great video. When my kids were little, I used Box, Bag and Basket. The basket was for clothes, or linens. The box for misplaced items. The bag for trash. Walk in a circle and that is sometimes most of the cleaning.

  170. My Tip:
    If you can do it in less than 5 minutes then do it straight away…don’t leave it for tomorrow.

  171. Can you redo the video wearing a swimming suite or at least a tight yoga pants?
    You’ll get much more views 😉 (And more and more people would benefit from your fast cleaning tips!)

    (Thanks for the very helpful video.).

  172. Why can’t you get to the point faster 😂

  173. So how do you deal with large pieces of furniture, like couch, chairs, wall units…. I learned the hard way to never assume anything.

    I had a cleaning lady who cleaned every two weeks, and it “looked” clean… until the day I dropped something behind the couch, moved it out from the wall, and discovered a lot of cobwebs and dust from the couch to the wall/window coverings….

    It seems that should be part of the cleaning job.

    Personally, I pull things out from the wall as I am cleaning that section for that very reason.. Is that your recommendation? Basead on your system, it sounds logical. Or – do you do a separate cleaning from time to time when you pull out furniture and clean behind and under? Thanks!

  174. Hum when I clean. Simple and makes this not a chore.

  175. I love cleaning because of the CMS channel. Thanks!

  176. Cleaning tip: For quick wipe-ups in the bathroom
    *I spray the mirror with my glass cleaner,
    *I use a paper towel(or 2) folded in half so that it’s stronger to wipe down the splash area of the mirror THEN
    *I use the SAME paper towel to wipe the faucet/knobs THEN
    *I use it to wipe the counter/sink area/vanity doors and face of drawers.

    Honestly, after my morning routine (brushing teeth, washing my face) is when I have the most splashing. So after I wash my hands I choose to use a paper towel to dry them then I use THAT paper towel to follow the steps listed above.

  177. Use an apron and have ALL of your cleaning supplies with you. No going back and forth to get supplies and do not be tempted to rinse and re-rinse your cleaning cloths. Just grab a clean one. And I agree with Melissa: swipe everything onto the floor and clean it up when you do floors. So many tips of hers I agree with! Use a “W” pattern when vacuuming and break down the floor into a grid so that you don’t go over the same area twice. We own a cleaning business and can clean many of our regularly maintained homes in 3 hrs or less.

  178. Sometimes, in the evening, just before to go to bed, I put the vacuum cleaner in the middle of the main room : so easier to initiate cleaning the next day. 😉

  179. My time saver tip is to find ways to organize your space, so you can spend less time on wave 1. A place for everything, and everything in its place. For example, we have 3 laundry baskets. One for dark clothes, one for white/light clothes, and one for towels. That way, I only have to grab a basket, and start loading it in the washer (the sorting is already done). I have an organizer on the wall in the middle of our main floor (open floor plan), that we can put all our mail/papers that need to be dealt with in. Once they are dealt with, they get filed away. I found I was putting my purse on the island in the kitchen all the time, because I didn’t have another accessible place to leave it, so I installed hooks in the wall. That gave me a place to hang my purse out of the way.

  180. I keep an extension cord attached to my heavy duty vacuum, and I keep a cordless vacuum upstairs and down stairs for quick cleaning.

  181. Wearing pockets to put my 3 main colors of microfiber cloths in that are folded and ready to use and my fluffy buffer microfiber cloth tucked into my belt. I tie my cloth for Windows around the neck of the sprayer if it is clean enough to use again when I am done if it belongs to my customer. I also tie a gray one around the stainless steel cleaner and a light blue one around my Lysol mix sprayer. The red toilet one is always flooded again after use with the used side in and returned to my pocket. This way all the kinds of cloths are handy for normal cleaning. Nasty toilets get pre cleaned with Lysol wipes so they don’t contaminate my red cloths. Stainless can stain your good cloths black so I use a junk microfiber cloth 1st then my regular one and only my buffer to polish to a hi shine. I get the black or extra dirt out with dawn and an old fashion scrub board or my hands to pre wash them so they are ready for the regular wash. Cloth: white or very light = Windows, glass when not excessively dirty; light blue or even a palsy = counters, and other light to med contamination areas; red = high contamination area like toilets, these are my main colors and the reason for color.

    1. Problem Oily pillows, if it is washable spray it with Krud Kutter and rub it in and you my add Dawn as well as soon as you can. If it isn’t washable take it to your dry cleaners and show them the stain and tell them it is oil

  182. I’ve always been very lazy to clean, because of all the things I had to “gather” to do so (cleaning products, assembling the vaccum cleaner, mop, etc) so recently I’ve started kind of dividing your waves by day of the week (so Monday I do wave 1, Thursday I take care of ceilings – in Brazil it’s easy to get spiders or mold if you forget that, Wednesday I do wave 2, Thursday and Friday wave 3) and since I started this, my house feels much cleaner actually! (Although I’m not cleaning the whole room at once, since I’m doing the wave in the whole house I have the feeling I’m more on top of things (and I don’t have to bother gathering everything everyday)

  183. Pro-tip: Sometimes just getting started cleaning is the hardest part. Try playing one of Clean My Space’s videos for motivation.

    1. Piper Sisk I’m battling a nasty bout of depression and can’t seem to start. My house is a mess. YouTube videos don’t even motivate me anymore 🙁

  184. It looks like your pregnant with BABY #2!!!

  185. Set a timer to race or clean before u have to go somewhere on time ie work or school pickup. Deadlines really help me from wasting time 😉

    1. that’s what i do, i thought i was the only one lol

  186. Great video! Do you have a morning routine/cleaning schedule? Do you have set days you clean each room of the house?

  187. Never leave a room empty handed. You sort of tidy as you go so nothing piles up (in theory) too bad.

  188. I make a cleaning/laundry/cooking quarterly schedule as reference and guide to ensure that everything’s covered and nothing’s left out.

    Sort and segregate. That way, I can tell you over the phone where exactly my stuff are.

  189. My cleaning tip, when I am at home. Is to wear my duster/slipper shoes. The duster is on the bottom of my slippers. This way I dust my floor without to much work.

  190. Great video Melissa. Question: What is the Swiffer type of cleaning tool you are using in the kitchen at 9.02, it wasn’t linked below. Thanks. 🙂

  191. It’s helpful to clean up for 10 mins after work/school before sitting down. Never set a timer if you go longer it’s probably needed.

  192. I have a cleaning apron that has pockets and loops. My dusting solution and rag in one pocket my glass cleaner and rag in the other pocket. Scraper and toothbrush and q tips in another pocket. Feather duster at my back. All my tools are onboard so cleaning is a breeze.

  193. Pls more pratical explaination showing more video and in the back audio, it creates better understanding

  194. this is seriously one of your best videos

  195. This video has been a cicerone for me. I really brought a revolution to my cleaning routine planning. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us!

  196. Thank you for all the tips 😭 I love your channel!!

  197. Great tips! I’m always looking for ways to be more efficient.

  198. I do the trash and clutter scan so I agree

  199. Love all your videos. Just ordered microfiber cloths and can’t wait to get them. Thanks for all your wisdom!

  200. My motivation to even start is to watch a couple of clips on hoarders.

    1. I’m not going to lie that’s actually a really good idea lol I currently have a guest room that I can hardly walk into and I’m looking forward to getting rid of just about everything in there. Mind you the rest of my house is spotless and decluttered which happened during a renovation where everything I didn’t want anymore ended up in a box that ended up in the guest room lol eventually I have to tackle that

    2. That works for me too

    3. That’s mine too!!!

    4. yaass. especially when I know I should declutter

    5. Lynn Proctor 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  201. My tip: set a timer! For example I set the clock to 30min and try to get done as much things possible in that time. Also some fun music gets me going.

  202. I clean my vessels as soon as I that I don’t have to wash too many vessels altogether by the end of the day….I don’t have dishwasher.

  203. I like to clean at my most productive time of the day. That’s either early morning or later at night. I know to avoid my slump part of the day which allows me to clean with the most energy and motivation. Playing music or listening to these awesome cleaning videos help me stay moving too!

  204. Nothing new 🥴

  205. What is a good way to clean window blinds.

    1. Clint Little— Use a lint roller

  206. Instead of one basket to put things that don’t belong in the space I keep 2 or designate 2 spaces one for every floor of the house so when it’s time to put things in there proper space I am not running up and down the stairs plus less time sorting through those baskets.

  207. I wish you had some printables for this

    1. Just get index cards and write down what she says!

  208. Where is the dispenser on your kitchen sink from? I assume it has dish soap in it. I’ve looked on amazon, but cannot find it. If that’s where it’s from, can I have the model number? Thanks in advance!!

  209. I basically do this when I clean. I organize and put everything up or throw away stuff in the whole house. Then I start in one room and clean top to bottom letting everything fall to floor then I do the floors. Been cleaning this way as long as I can remember. I am a 49 year old bachelor. For me it just seems natural and a common sense thing. its super fast. Never met woman that cleans this way. It always took them all day and still not truly clean. Bounce around like they were on crack. Quick fast motions but not making any progress.

  210. My saving time of cleaning is not to think of cleaning, but just start cleaning 😉

  211. need help, I know this is off topic but there is ant attack. I cant get rid of. I clean the house every day because of that. used all purpose cleaner, only vinegar, use cinnamon, baking soda, essential oil like orange but nothing worked. I have allergy and keep itching.

    1. s23
      4 cups of water
      1/4 cup sugar
      1/8 cup borox
      Soak cotton ball’s place outside. I place the cotton balls where I see the sugar ant’s coming in.
      Just be sure to mark the jug so no one will think it’s water Lol🤣

    2. Try finding out where they are coming from or rather their “colony” if that’s the right word here 😬 use play dough with a color that matches the surroundings to seal any openings they might be coming fom. You can also use toothpaste or cement … etc.

  212. I use dawn dish soap for everything!

    1. Hmm

    2. @BreAnn Yorky

    3. Same. I mix a lil dawn and water in a spray bottle works better than windex.

    4. Ann Latham SAME! It’s incredible how universal Dawn is for cleaning all types of surfaces/materials

  213. Thanks SO much for the 3 wave video. I have only taken notes on ONE other video, and this one. Most helpful, and I’ve been cleaning (my own home) for about 50 years. I even had a cleaning job with a friend of MINE. HUGE house…I wish I had this system back then! (The worst job was a half bath with mirrored walls and BLACK toilet and sink. The only cloth that would work with no lint was a cotton baby diaper.) Thanks again!

  214. Get to the point. Tip # 1 is don’t waste time on videos that are slow to get to point.

  215. I agree with alot of your tips but i have found after 20+ years of cleaning homes as a full time job that focusing on finishing one room at a time is not time efficient. Do phase 1 in the entire house….then move onto phase 2 in the entire house and then finish with phase 3 in the entire house. This is definitely more time saving!

    1. Becky Rose same here —- from a 20+ years professional cleaner 😊👍.. but this only applies to me on each level of a home. Going up and down stairs = huge waste of time.

    2. Agreed. I’ve been in the house cleaning business for over 12 years and was professionally trained by a leading cleaning company before I started my own business. I find that doing this is more efficient than finishing one room at a time. I work top to bottom, moving either counterclockwise or clockwise around the room depending upon the setup of the room, doing all the “dry” work first and then the “wet” work, ending of course with the floors. That way I use one or 2 tools at a time until I’m done with a particular house-wide task and then move on the next appropriate task using only the tools I need for that task.

    3. I do phase one in the entire house, then dusting/cleaning room by room since I use different cleaning agents for bedroom/bathroom/kitchen. Then I vacuum and mop floors in the entire house. Voila.

    4. It depends on u if ur over whilmed taking a room at a time makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something.😅 I’m also add.

    5. Agree. I’M a “task master” too.

  216. Melissa think you looks like Mira Sorvino, young Mira Sorvino.

  217. This is going to change my cleaning game for life! I honestly don’t know why I wasn’t cleaning like this before, it usually takes me so long that I hate the thought of it. But I can’t wait to get home and try this out! It’s the little things in life lol

  218. Hi Melissa 🙂 Thank you for this video. I like the idea of tidying before cleaning, my question is, if I am professional house cleaning and my client has a messy house, would you suggest I put all the “stuff” into one section of the room (or kitchen bench) and then clean, and leave the stuff where I put it for the client to sort later? I get really overwhelmed trying to clean with all the stuff everywhere. Any advice welcome. Thank you. 🙂

    1. Maybe it might help to tell the client that, but tactfully. Emphasis to them how it takes longer to clean, thereby costing them more money. Inform them that a cheaper long term solution can be had with the aid of a professional organizer/other, then recommend a good one that fits with yours and your clients needs.

  219. I think today was the first time I ever really got to cleaning my house! And I am 30 years old. It was super productive by using your 3 wave method. I feel like it could look professionally cleaned in just a few days. 3300 sf and I have 6 kids, a great dane and 4 cats and I actually feel hopeful with this method I could get ahead of cleaning and spend more quality time doing things I love with the people I love.

  220. Save time tip: Start watching this video at 2:30. 😉 YW

  221. My (Laundry) Tip: Right after the laundry is done, sort each item by type and then fold each type. For example, all towels are put together, all socks put together, undershirts put together, underpants put together, dress shirt together and casual shirts etc. Once I have a pile for each type of item, do that type until it’s finished then on to the next type.

    It may sound like more work but it goes super fast for 2 reasons. A.) I’m doing a consistent fold for each type of item B.) once that type is all folded I can put all of that type away at one time instead of going back and forth to different areas.

    For example: If I had washed 4 towels, 5 undershirts, 8 underpants, 10 pairs of socks, 6 dress shirts. Once the towels are done, I put them in the linen closet and it’s done. But if I folded 2 towels, then a dress shirt, then 3 underpants, I’m going back and forth from the linen closet to the regular closet to my chest of draws then back to the linen closet. Divide and conquer.

  222. I clean by days:
    Monday documents bills mail ✔
    Tuesday All Tops. Polish dust ✔
    Wednesday Bathroom and Kitchen✔
    Thursday Laundry day. Closet/clothes check.✔
    Friday All floors.✔
    Probably an hours worth of work each day except Thursday.
    Saturday Sunday off ✔✔✔✔✔✔
    Performed daily to avoid being overwhelmed on Sat and Sun. I’d rather enjoy my time off. 🍷 🍷🍷🍷

    1. Same

    2. I do tasks daily too. I don’t want to bring the cleaning supplies out for each room on a daily basis. I use mop on floor day. I use dusting supplies bon dusting day. Etc.

    3. Good idea. Will try

  223. Exposed top of fridge: Clean well. Dry. Cover with cling wrap. When it gets dirty, remove cling wrap, replace. Voila!

    1. Sabrina Robertson, 😂😂😂😂, what love? Certainly no love for our planet!

    2. use newspaper then, if it’s above eye level.

    3. Wow. I believe YOU are more toxic than anything I am doing. Feel the love.

    4. Sabrina Robertson, you’re lazy. And your kids and grandkids will suffer because of your blatant ignorance. Doesn’t matter though, you don’t care, do you?!

    5. What a flake yep!

  224. Would this method work if your working in a hospital ? I do housekeeping in a children’s hospital here.. mostly clinics/offices.

  225. Don’t put it down….put it away

  226. Tip : reduce recycling method to reduce time management to bi-weekly. Place cleaned papers, plastics, glass, aluminum, cash back-bottles in their separate clear bags until full enough in a large outdoor deck hutch. No need to lock it as required👯maybe if you have wild animals👪

  227. This is what I do for my business! 😀

  228. Load the dishwasher at night and unload it in the morning

  229. My time saving tip is don’t have a 7,000 sq ft house.

  230. Melissa you should sell those squirt bottles!!! I LOVE THEM!!!

  231. It is wrong putting chemicals on top of a stove even if it is turned off. Some chemicals can catch fire just for being next to each other. Read about the Chemical Class before putting them together in a basket.

  232. Just the video I needed to watch right now 🤣

  233. I saved time and watched this at 2X speed. lol my tip is to always tidy…. never leave a room without taking something to put in it’s proper place. 🙂

  234. My biggest tip is clean as you cook! Rinse cutting boards, load dishes in the dishwasher, wipe down surfaces, etc. Also, doing the dishes means cleaning the kitchen. Period.

    1. Tiffany Mane; can you yell that at my husband, please. he’s a great but messy cook.

    2. Yes! Clean as you Go 💌

    3. Totally agree! Nothing worse than a filthy and full sink and counters after cooking or baking.

    4. I do that too! Especially things that can’t go into the dishwasher are much easier to clean while fat/sauces etc are still soft or warm.

  235. Thank you so much for this! Very helpful.

  236. My #1 time saving cleaning tip is…….. I stopped socializing with my home maker! LOL

    1. LOL tooo funny and also don’t clean up for them saves you even more time! haha

  237. You must have read Speed Cleaning by Jeff Campbell and the Clean Team, I have had that book for about 20 years, it cost me $4.95. In June of 1991 another of his books called Speed Cleaning by Jeff Campbell and the Clean Team at a cost of $10.95. You are using his system almost verbatim! My number one cleaning tip to other people is to try and find Jeff Campbell’s book.

  238. I too used to clean for a subsidize to our regular income. My go to guide start in one corner of the room work around clockwise, top to bottom vacuum or sweep is last step or mop depending on the room your in.

  239. I am pretty much always tidying. I can’t remember where I heard it (maybe you) but I pretty much never leave a room empty handed. It’s not burdensome or anything, I do it without even thinking. If I’m walking from the bathroom to the bedroom and someone left dirty clothes on the floor, I grab em and toss them in the hamper. Same with toys, papers, shoes, keys, anything that’s out of place. It helps wave 1 go by so much faster when things are generally where they need to be. Also, Marie kondo – the whole system but time saving, everything has a home so when you are tidying there is limited “where should I put this?” Stuck feeling.

  240. Hi Melissa I saw your vídeos and knowing that you like nails and make up, here I al leaving links that I hope you enjoy.. .

  241. Hello ! I’m using your technique since a long time, but i am always asking me what i should do if there is a table in the center of the room ? At the begining or at the end of each wave ?

  242. Purging and putting things where they belong before cleaning is saving me lots of time 🙂 .

  243. My time saving cleaning tip: Clean when you are alone, no kids, no husband, nobody and it cuts my time in half 🙂

    1. With your favorite upbeat music playing. Or when pissed off, I do some of my best work when I’m really angry about something.

    2. As a solo parent this makes me cry haha

    3. I agree!!

    4. I can’t even get myself to do hardly any cleaning when my husband is around. It’s like hey my playmate is here! Let’s play, not work! I think that’s a good thing because I had an older friend years ago who said one of the reasons for her divorce was that she spent too much time doing other things (including cleaning) when her husband just wanted time with her. Not too much to ask of a spouse right?

    5. Sam McGuire lol! Same here! 😅

  244. listen with 1.25x Speed! so much better

    1. haha I listened at 2X the speed. 😛

  245. My biggest thing is keeping upstairs things and downstairs things in their right place

    1. yup! I taught my kids to put everything in their home.

  246. The only thing i don’t know how to handle is telling the other 4 adults i live with that im tired of cleaning up after them lol

    1. I’d love advice on how to motivate adult children, and adults!

    2. hillsunshine43 he wouldn’t be my “friend” after that. That’s just disrespectful ( and disgusting) to everyone.

    3. That’s certainly annoying. I’d just Make your very own space habitable. My friend left his pants and underwear on the floor. Pissed in front of the toilet didnt wash his hands. Very unclean untidy and selfish.

  247. Lol before i clean i go around and toss EVERYTHING that doesnt beling on furniture or tables onto the floor. Any clothes or blankets go to be laundered and trash is the very last thing i pick up before i sweep and mop. Always work from top to bottom that’s my motto! Oh i dust my ceiling trim and corners first and foremost! Love your tip of looking at the room like numbers on a clock thats a great way to do cleaning!

  248. Clean one room at a time……we can finish it quickly

  249. Hi Melissa. What mop are you using to mop the floor?

  250. Thank you for making a dedicated video on this! I’ve used the system loosely, mostly because I couldn’t remember the details. Having ANY sort of system keeps you from bouncing around and I’ve noticed that it has helped me stay motivated instead of getting stuck in one spot.

  251. Business must be good….look at that rock on her finger!

  252. My favorites are “It was never dirty”, and “Don’t put it down, put it away.” Basically, the first one means clean as you go, and the second one came from one of your CMS subscribers. Awesome and life changing.

  253. you have a book? What’s the name of it? Where can we buy it?

  254. My time saving til is to clean out my sinks daily with baking soda so they never get really dirty. I do the same with toilets. I am declutter and Eli ate stuff on counters so it’s easier to clean.

  255. I use the toothpaste bubbles from the kids sink to clean the rest of the sink! There is ways toothpaste everywhere, but it is a time saver for sure!!!!

  256. Clean when you’re mad about something… Super nitrous turbo adrenalin cleaning!

    1. True

    2. I love this thread 🤣

    3. Kaella Christiansen ujkkiio Nneka

    4. I love angry cleaning.

    5. Me too!!!!!

  257. My cleaning tip to make cleaning more enjoyable is to use that time to chat with a friend. If possible I call a friend and get caught up on how they are while I am cleaning – then when I am ready to vacuum it is a great excuse to not stay on the phone for a long time. This makes cleaning go by so much quicker and also to check in with the people I love.

    1. I do that and/or listen to an audiobook or podcast, sometimes even YouTube videos. Same with ironing. Make it more enjoyable. 😁

  258. Why are you so annoyed today? I honestly hope that whatever made you upset can be fixed. 😉

  259. Magic 👏 Erasers 👏

  260. Tip #1 have a plan before you start
    #2: if you have a small house with two bathrooms, clean them at the same time. Which means, since the toilet cleaner and the countertops need dwell time to kill bacteria, do it all at the same time to save time 👍🏻 sounds weird but it works for me! Hose them down and you can clean the mirror while they’re dwelling. 👍🏻

  261. My tip: MAGIC ERASER SPONGE! Works on walls, cabinets, floors & bathtubs! It’s magic!

    1. Thank you. I’ve never tried one. Will have to try out this product!

    2. I buy a 100 pack of generic ones from China at a time. They’re awesome!

  262. I have these ‘all purpose cleaning wipes’ from Aldi in EVERY room; the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, livingroom… Every time i have to clean something up like putting dirty laundry away, the bathroom sink after brushing my teeth, doing my hair, dishes,…. i just quickly grab a wipe, or two, and wipe things down. Things get done so much faster when i actually start my cleaning routine

  263. I think the best tip is that the more often you clean the less you have to clean. Let me explain…if you clean up a little everyday, on the weekend it’s just the bigger tasks to do so it doesn’t feel so overwhelming or take all day. I vacuum my downstairs every day (living room, kitchen, entryway), clean dishes right after I use them, put things in their place as soon as I’m done with them, etc. I’m always so surprised that some people have to do wave 1 to begin with. I’d never leave laundry around the house or my hair products sitting on my bathroom counter. Find a place for everything and always put it there unless it’s in your hands.

  264. So when do you put the items back that you collected from Wave 1 – right after Wave 1 or at the very end?

    1. DanijelaJanjic during wave 1. As you go.

  265. I use a mesh laundry delicates bag to put socks in before washing. When the laundry is washed and dried, I fold all the other items first, and leave the socks for last. Because they were all in the bag I don’t have to search them. They are all in on spot. Socks are done quickly and ready to be put away.

  266. I’ve been cleaning on my own for many years and I also follow these steps especially working my way out of the rooms I hate to walk back over a swept floor unless it’s my own home 😉

  267. ❤ When you taught me months ago to wipe stuff from the counter to the floor it was like the heavens opened and I heard angels singing. Before that I would brush every crumb into my hand or into the garbage that I would try to push up against the edge of the counter. I would still sweep and mop after! Now that I just brush stuff onto the floor and sweep and mop it is SO MUCH EASIER AND FASTER!!! I also keep a cleaning caddy under every sink so that I always have what I need nearby and I’m able to give the bathrooms a quick wipe in between deep cleaning. Lastly, I try to make my kids do Wave 1. I tell them to run around the house with garbage bags and tidy baskets and whoever has the most stuff after 15 mins wins a prize. Keeping a few things from the dollar store on hand is worth it for cheap labor. ❤

  268. The Waves are okay for speed, but honestly to get to the next level of clean, what is required is detailing, the sum of every nook and cranny being clean and properly polished is what will get you there, not how  fast you do it. Respectfully, one of your longest subscribers.

  269. Love this!!! You’re always helpful!

  270. I use the s pattern at work!! Love clean my space

  271. I see a clean my space t shirt…. I want one….

  272. Yes … I have always been taught to clean top to bottom ,left to right . My granny always said that theres a right and a wrong way ,and her way was ways the right way lol

  273. Dear Melissa, do you have a video on your favorite cleaning tools? Mops, brooms, vacuums? etc.Thank u.

  274. Best cleaning tip: don’t clean something that’s already clean…

  275. Melissa, I need some help on cleaning. What i mean is I have arthritis throughout my body and a disc problem in lower back and can’t stand for more than 15 minutes at a time and then have to sit down for about an hour before getting up again. Can you give me some guide lines how to declutter and clean. My husband is a pack rat and a messy marvin. He dont know how to keep things tidy. Please help.

    1. Make as much use of your 15 minutes as possible. Take a basket and head to an area that needs to be decluttered … without much thought, fill it with stuff and go back to the comfort of your couch while sorting and decluttering while also sipping on your favorite drink.
      As for your back pain drink as much water as you can, as 70% of the bone structure is water. There is a natural healing group on facebook that has amazing advice on how to heal your body using natural food, maybe it could be of help in your case.

  276. Be consistent. To it every week, same day. No excuses. If you can’t do it on the scheduled day, do it the day before or day after. That way when you have days that you truly can’t ie vacation etc. it won’t be a disaster and so overwhelming.

  277. I clean as I go as much as possible. Also if I need something like a clean towel that’s in the dryer I will pull it out and use it.

  278. Love this! Thank you. My tip is to reduce toxic cleaning products and swap to natural or make your own.

    1. Yes! I’ve recently been using vinegar with essential oils to clean my kitchen countertops, and it is WONDERFUL! I still use 409 to sanitize after I’ve had meat or eggs on the counter, but if I just need to tidy up, I use the vinegar solution. No rinsing! And it leaves my countertops so shiny

  279. I need some advice. I’m moving in to a new home and I want to start off right. I work a lot of hours M-F so realistically Saturday will be my day to clean and do laundry. Do you have a “Day of cleaning” check list/video I could follow?

  280. In the kitchen it is clean as you go.

  281. Why do you always look so tired and somewhat annoyed?

  282. If you are the kind of person that has a lot of chachiski, you clean and/or dust them the day before you actually do the house hold cleaning. If they are not delicate run in the dishwasher. If not then put them in a basin with soapy water and just rinse. All other items just regularly dust. Some grandmas I know used to do this chore once a week. Nobody has time for that so once a month should be fine.

  283. Thank you for your amazing videos! In your experience if you have a whole house to clean, is it better to do the three wave method in each room, or to treat the whole house as one huge room (so wave 1 all rooms, then wave 2 all rooms etc)?

  284. My time saving tip is for the bathroom faucet and sink, I spray them with cleaning spray before going to weekly shopping in the afternoon, and I wash it the moment I come back. I no time I get clean and shiny sink!

  285. I work in a kitchen and we use paint scrapers to scrape any off food messes or buildup before wiping the area down. So that’s my tip. Its expecially great for the stoves and dried dough that stuck to the counter.

  286. The plant behind is beautiful! Is it a Bird of paradise?

  287. omg! this could not have come in a better time! ramadan is almost over and I have not clean a single room yet!

  288. I like the way Mallee was supervising Melissa.

  289. Your method is so simple I can’t believe I never figured it out myself. But I didn’t. My problem is that no one ever taught me how to clean. My mother was a terrible housekeeper. So was her mother. And so was I. Until now. Thank you so much!

  290. Using timer

  291. Once I Kon-Mari’d my space, life changed! Less stuff and everything up off the ground makes cleaning a breeze

  292. As long as I can remember I have cleaned from top down. I’ve seen your other video on the three wave system but this one really motivated me!! Great info! Thanks Melissa!

  293. a good cleaning tip I remember as a little kid the classic chore chart and now as an adult I found out there’s a weekly chore chart book you can buy on amazon and I recommend getting one or a chore chart for kids

  294. Thank you Melissa! Love you tons and tons!

  295. Thank you:D
    And you sound like you might be coming down with a cold, wishes to get well soon;)

    I love microfiber cloths for cleaning but I used to use them for dusting which took forever – especially the big black sida that attracted so much dust…
    and it made me really dislike dusting. Got myself a swiffer – I think it’s called, the stick with a fluffy end that is static and attracts dust into it when you brush it over something…
    which I’ve told growing up was something old ladies use that just stirred up dust in the air etc. Turns out they don’t as long as you replace them after a month or two. Now it is almost to dust and I save so much time:D

  296. I have mobility issues and an autoimmune disease, so keeping a clean home is difficult but vital. Mornings are really bad for me as far as bending down, and doing deep cleaning.
    What I’ve started doing is similar to your 3 wave system, but on a much slower scale. Instead of going in and cleaning a room all at once, I do things based on my symptoms. So in the mornings when I can’t bend a ton or inhale any scents because I’ll get sick, I just work on decluttering and putting things away. Then around lunch time, I do some basic stuff like dusting, wiping counters down, etc.
    Then, when I’m able to bend and such later in the day, I will do the actual cleaning ☺️

  297. My tip: do 1 cleaning task for 15-20 mins per day.example surface dust all Monday….shine Tues…bath wipe down wed..etc this Mon- Friday and on weekends relax. When you do ur task each day put 1 load of laundry while u clean. Also spray surfaces and let it sit on it few mins to do the work for you…then just wipe.

  298. Thank you so much for this video! finally, I understood how to clean properly a room when we have so many things to do in the same place! your cleaning-clock idea certainly will save me a lot of time and in the end I will finally see results! thank you so much! kisses from Lisbon

  299. I always start at the top of the room and work your way to the floor last. That is how my dad taught me to clean.

  300. Very useful tips. iWork the clock system too but tend to not do the floors as well

  301. Aww! The old house and a pregnant Melissa!! Good times xx

  302. So glad someone else is savage about crumbs and whatnot being dusted onto the floor. My husband will sweep before or during my cleaning the counters and it drives me nuts. After 16 years this dude doesn’t know how I clean, I guess?

    1. Hahaha! My husband does all the floors and then he cooks. He isn’t very careful and usually makes a mess of the floors, but idc because I don’t clean them. Lol!

  303. I would love to see another video talking about commenter cleaning tips. Just throwing it out there.

    (I love your three way system.)

    1. Me too

  304. When vacuuming don’t unplug the machine, when the cable wont go round the low furniture, take the cable OVER the furniture. It saves a massive amount of time.

  305. I am old and know how to clean I watch Clean MY Space for inspiration to keep cleaning my space and have learned a few things from you I guess that old saying is true your never to old to learn.

  306. It’s just my husband, me and a golden retriever.. We tackle our home together and in an hour or so the whole place sparkles and we relax and enjoy… he vacuums and I do the details.. (baths, dusting and mopping.. 🙂) team work makes the dream work..

    1. Nova Norman my husband and I clean together also. Takes so much less time. My teenagers on the other hand…..🙄🙄

  307. Can you do a video about cleaning Le Creuset cookware?

  308. Ooooookay I’ll clean my house now haha! Thank you😉

  309. Time-Saving Cleaning Tip: while cleaning the first floor of my home, I will place things that go upstairs on the bottom stair, instead of taking a million trips up and down while cleaning downstairs. Then when I am done, I grab a basket and put everything inside of it and take it all up at once.

  310. I approach tidying differently because I can get easily overwhelmed. I go by themes. I pick up all the clothes then pick up the trash and any dishes and then any miscellaneous stuff out of place. If I just start one thing it looks so much better and helps me keep going.

  311. My life changed when I started preparing the house for sleeping, i.e. putting things in order and cleaning a bit here and there, before going to bed. And also, putting things in order and wiping the kitchen and the bathroom before leaving the house. This helps me stay on top of things and my house is always in a decent shape, even if I get surprise visits (those don’t scare me anymore! 🤣🥰)

  312. My tip is always have a glass of wine in your hand. By the second or third room, the room already looks clean!

    1. Lol

    2. Too funny!

    3. LOL

    4. Or take your glasses off!

    5. 😂

  313. Clean out your corners and the middle will clean itself.

  314. My tip is: Clean Up After Yourself. Simple and easy habit for everyone in the family.

  315. When do you make the bed? Which wave?

    1. Make your bed in wave 1

  316. I was a Merry Maid one summer and we were taught “top to bottom, left to right”. I still think that little mantra when I clean.

  317. My viniger all perpose cleaner witch disinfects and cleans in one go because of its peracetic acid viniger alcohole sope and 5 enzymes and you just spray the in second wipe yhe serface withe a microfiber cloth i made it by mixin vanish powder wich is ocxy clean with 5 enzymes and soap pluse viniger and alcohole and citric acid powder.

    Allso i use a shenile mop and i mop without vacuming or brooming the fibers just push evry thing to the side and obsurb all the liquid and solubles then i vacume the corner full of debree and mop that corner again and this methot works allso on hard wood flooring ànd by the way i do electronics and the floor of mu bedroom gets filld with bols of solder nuts and lots of coper and wier insulation and saw dust so i have to regularly cleen it or it weel be a helth hazard

  318. Do you charge by the job or by the hour?

  319. My tip is to rinse your dishes. It is much easier to clean the dishes if the main debris or sauces/liquids are out of them. It saves you having to take the time to soak them or scrub at them to get them clean. That way, when you do the dishes or load the dishwasher – they’re basically already going in clean for a rinse off. 😉

    1. I find that using paper plates for cold or warm foods helps cut down the dishes. Using smaller saucers for small meals helps both dishes and my body. Reusing my own dishes (maybe I had a meal earlier but the plate just has crumbs or something) helps too. This goes for glasses for water, and recent use for milk or juice. Just rinse it and reuse.

    2. Yes!!! Use your dishwasher as a sanitizer! You also won’t have to clean the filters as often and your dishwasher may last longer

  320. I was always taught that you vacuum 1st because you stir up dust and debris from the floor even though your vacuum is picking up 98% of it. That 2% will settle somewhere and I have checked. Maybe it’s the climate we live in, the area I don’t know why. I have an excellent vacuum, a dyson, the heavy duty one.

  321. What changed my life is using a cleaner that repels fingerprints! I use it on countertops, glass tables and mirrors and I literally don’t see fingerprints for at least 2 weeks. I use them on my dressers and cabinets too. I use the car cleaners – the ones that say that they’re water repellent for the outside of my windows so when it rains or snows, the water literally runs right off the windows and it usually good for a good 3 months plus

    1. Where do you get that product?

  322. This is soooo freakin helpful! Thank u!

  323. I’m going to get an extension cord for my vacuum now so I don’t have to switch outlets all the time. And starting in the corner of the room and moving to the entry point will save a bit of time.

  324. I watched your first video of this method. I still use it two years later. This method has helped me over come that overwhelming feeling every time.

  325. Group/display smaller surface items of 3 or more collectively on attractive movable trays that can quickly relocate them together from surface to surface as needed during cleaning. Works and looks great with framed photos, kitchen sink items, plants, bed side items and any combination of such.

    1. I love this idea. Any surface is good for this method. I need one for my computer area, since I practically live in front of it.

  326. #1 time saving tip: I have tile counters in my kitchen (design idea from HELL, curse you Satan) so instead of spending a lot of time getting stains out of the grout, I lay down either paper towels or a thin kitchen towel under the area I’m using for food prep. After, I shake out the crumbs and use the paper or fabric towel for wiping down the counters, appliances, the kitchen table, etc. It’s dumb but it keeps the stupid grout clean and the last thing I want to deal with at the end of the day (or at any time) is scrubbing and rinsing counter grout and tiles. If the grout never gets stained then I am only degreasing or disinfecting lightly.

  327. My top tip is to spray & walk away. I then go back & wipe whatever I need to.

    This especially works well on kitchen worktops.

  328. Thank you for those tips. And yes you just need half of the soda for cleaning! Sometimes we think we need too much, but even here ‘less is more’ 😊.

  329. #1 Cleaning tip:
    Procaffeinating! ☕
    Don’t clean anything until you’ve had a cup of coffee (for focus of course), then GO for it! 🚦
    Always have the Clean My Space book on hand for quick reference and a stack of Maker’s Microfiber cloths. 😊👍

  330. All o can see its a bump.. And a baby n 2 soon lol?

  331. My tip is stay organized and clean up as you go.

  332. Hi. You don’t have any video for bed bugs problem. Please can you make a video for how can we get rid off bed bugs if we found in our house. How can we keep our house always bugs free. Thanks

  333. I have two tips.

    • Tip 1 : when you clean your kitchen. Put hot soapy water in the sink with your dishes. Soak any other dishes with stuck on food. Set aside. Than put everything away that doesn’t belong, wipe off every unused countertop, take out the recycling and trash. All you have left our your dishes. Once you washed your soaked dishes your whole kitchen is cleaned.

    • Tip 2 : Set a timer for everyone to clean for 30 minutes (even 15 minutes with children) with three people that’s an hour and a half of work done in 30 minutes ( or 45 minutes with children).

  334. I NEVER procrastinate. If you do, you will pay for it in the end. I tidy up my house on a daily. I work full time and have a family, but I keep things picked up and always, always put things where they belong and when it’s time to clean I don’t have the extra to do.

  335. You can eliminate Wave 1 if you and your family put things away after using them. Might be difficult at first, but it’s a behavior that can be learned.

    1. Sherry Lynn I am a grown adult and can’t seem to learn this 😭

  336. I took the advice of the Fly Lady and keep glass cleaner and (paper) towels under the sink cabinet and toilet brush near each toilet so everyday I can do a once over and it only takes 5 minutes to spray down mirrors, vanity, and toilets and swish the toilets and it is clean. So no embarrassing messes for unexpected guests.

  337. Great video!!!! I will apply this to my cleaning.

  338. Thanks for sharing.

  339. Same as some of the other commenters. 1) shoes come off in the mud room. 2) less stuff=less to clean 3) if it takes 5 minutes or less; just do it (dishes or sweeping)

  340. A stop watch app on phone helps me clean

  341. I always start in the East…then, just go around…

  342. My number one time saver is using a swiffer mop to clean my cabinets, stove, dishwasher fronts and doors. The swiffer also does a great job on the bathroom tub, shower, cabinets and walls. too. I use an old face cloth or dishtowel instead of those detergent laden swiffer cloths that I have to use an extra step to rinse off, so it doesnt attract dirt. I am 73 and I don’t like bending and stretching to get sparkling clean rooms. Using the swiffer gets it done in a fraction of the time. Hmmn, I should add this in a video on my channel among the other hacks that have worked great for decades 😉 Thanks for the inspiration & motivation, Melissa!

    1. I use brooms to scrub wet floors, then mop up the water. The bristles are great for grout, textured vinyl that builds up grime, and gets corners better than a mop. A clean mop from Dollar Tree is great for cobwebs on the ceiling, scrubbing out the oven, or cleaning high and low cabinets. You can get several of the mops so you are not constantly washing them out. Clean them all at the end. Be careful on step stools!

  343. To save time. One thing I use is good cleaning products for my job that are work well and do the job. That saves time!

  344. I always wipe down my shower screen after use, also my kitchen benches get a good clean at the end of the night, I’m also obsessed with water marks in my sink so that gets wiped out every time the sink tap gets turned on as does my vanity, I guess I’m a bit OCD and a clean freak Lol 😂…🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  345. I wiped down the bathroom daily and spritz the toilet. It stays clean and smells good. I do a deep cleaning about every other week! How do you clean grout? My is dirty and I have tried so many products and diys with no results. Love your channel

    1. Clorox has a new gel product for bathrooms, that with an outdoor broom that has strong bristles cleans my grouts easily.

  346. I Clean up after myself as I go about my day. If I am walking through a room and see something that goes in the room I am heading for, I grab that item and take it to the correct room. I guess I save all of step 1.

  347. I am so gonna do this 3 wave cleaning routine😮 it’s great & so sensible I don’t know why I haven’t thought of it before! I’m such a clean freak!! Thanks so much BTW I love your dress 😉

  348. #1 tip for me is putting things away after use. Just takes a few minutes and boom it’s done no mess. #2. when cooking I prepare for next days meal by washing & cutting up all ingredients ingredients in separate baggies or dishes. Makes cooking time in half next day by planning and preparing ahead of time.

  349. Melissa is that a clean my space spray bottle?? 😀 please say yes! and then send 10 to Norfolk in the UK!! 😀

  350. I keep a cleaning basket in my bathroom and a broom. This way, i don’t have to be coming and going to pic up cleaning bathrooms tools, and it keeps me focused on the task. I also use robots for vacuuming and a robot for mopping the floor. It helps me a lot! More time for sleep!

  351. 04:44 I didn’t realise the chairs were from your old home funny how they stand out and look so much better in the new home. I’m trying to find similar ones in the UK.

  352. I have to laugh… I watched your video and decided to clean my home office. The first thing I did was throw some garbage on the floor. Seeing my desk be less cluttered motivated me to clean. I’m amazed that this one thing helped me start cleaning instead of procrastinating. Thanks, Melissa!!

  353. My cleaning tip is that I often invite someone to my house so that I have to get some cleaning done quickly. It’s amazing how much you can get done if you only have 30 mins.

    1. Haha YES!

    2. So true

    3. That is so funny and so true

    4. Oh my yes.. 😂

    5. True, but where do we put things?😉

  354. Video idea for your channel: cleaning tips/tricks for people with low immune systems

    1. Helps to be as efficient as possible for people with chronic pain too. But oh yeah, time is money so that’s already done. 😪

    2. @Crackmy Contour I’m sure it gets overwhelming. thank you for the reply, and take care!

    3. Susan Wolfla I have lupus and also a few other chronic things like migraines. The biggest obstacle I face as a single mum (99% all by self with no father help) is not having full health each day. Some days, there is NO POSSIBLE way I can do more than bare minimum for two kids and pets and I’m always running behind. It’s stressful, never fully finished and depressing. My tips are gloves and face masks to protect myself from dust, kitty litter etc.

    4. What are the special needs of a person with low immune systems? I’m guessing more thorough cleaning and with specific cleaning sprays, or better filters on your vacuum, but I’m curious what other concerns there are. You never know when you or a family member might need to know.

  355. Put things up as you finish with them.

  356. Your videos have particularly revolutionized how I clean my bathrooms. I used to just maintain them, but didn’t have the patience to clean them as thoroughly and with the proper products until I found your channel. My biggest time saving tip has been to “pre-treat” surfaces in both bathrooms and then clean sequentially using cloths. I also clean the shower while showering as a treat for finally getting the job done!

  357. Love this. I have a bad back and leg. I put everything I’ll need on an Ikea rolling cart with caddies on sides to go from room to room. I look like I’m working in a hotel. I keep things on this cart all the time and it’s kept in a closet. I refill b4 I start cleaning. Helps move things I find from room to back where they belong. I put bags on side for trash and dirty cloths. Makes life so much easier.

    1. Yes, I live in a condo and have one of those personal shopping carts. I could use that…garbage, put away and cleaning supplies all in one. Brilliant!

    2. @Cynthia Bakke –I use the one from Ikea but because I have an Ikea near me and they aren’t that expensive. I have another one beside my sewing machine. I think Michaels has one too and maybe Hobby Lobby–not sure but I know Michaels does. It is very similiar to the Ikea one.

    3. I’ve been putting a few items in a closet/cabinet in different areas, like keeping a set of: windex, toilet cleaner, and general cleaner plus cleaning rags and wipes in each bathroom, and a mop with cleaner on each level of the house, but I LOVE this idea, and will try doing that as well, and see which works best for my house in different areas. That is so smart! Thanks for the idea!!! Any particular cart you like best or suggest?

    4. @Mamma Bear thank you

    5. @hyggeGirlStef x thanks–it works great for me.

  358. I listened 3 times but never heard when to put all the stuff away in wAve one. After wave one or after wave two….or three?

    1. what I do is to carry the basket for each room in my house like bathroom bin, kitchen bin, living room bin, and I sort things as I collect them. Then after wave 3 I grab the bins, and what ever room I am about to clean next I put things where it belongs.

  359. My cleaning tip is the tidy tote. Going through a room and collecting everything that doesn’t belong and putting it in the tote. Then carry the tote around and put everything in their homes.

  360. This was so helpful!!! Thank you!!!

  361. My tip for cleaning “quickly” is to clean as I go. If I’m in the kitchen cooking, I rinse the items used and put them in the dishwasher or start soaking them in the sink. This keeps the dirty dishes, pots, etc., from piling up. I also make sure the dishwasher has space so I can load it up, and run it when it’s full. This helps me keep the clutter down in the kitchen. It’s a habit I developed when I was in high school regarding my bed so I couldn’t go back to sleep and be late for school. Which means as soon as I get out of bed, I make it. At night, I do a general tidying up, but do the major clean up of spills, etc., when they happen. As for laundry, I have hampers for bedding, towels, clothing, etc., and set days for washing, then we put those items away as soon as they come out of the dryer. This saves time so when major cleaning needs to be done, we tackle one room at a time and we’re done pretty fast. My parents taught me this and now my daughter does this too.

  362. I don’t have a cleaning tip that saves me time other than the one you mentioned , tidy first .

  363. When I do laundry in my top loading washer, especially if it’s a dirty/hairy load like washing the dog beds or muddy jeans, I pour vinegar around the top of my washer to rinse off the dirt/hair but also because the vinegar cleans the top inside rim of the wash bin and keeps it from getting “mucky”.

  364. Do you have more tips for growing a cleaning biz. Im having a hard time because i need help as i have a few more clients this summer but to get help it really really cuts into my what point do you start highering people and what % of your income do you put out for your help. What tips do you have to find more clients so i can have plenty of work to have those people work more for me.

  365. Video starts at 2:27.
    Before that is just rambling how time is money.

    1. Ends at 9:06 then more of the same rambling.

  366. I make sure everyone puts away EVERYTHING when they’re through with it. Have always used the three-wave system, but Wave One is for making beds and tidying in each room, moving from the back of the house to the front; I refuse to collect things throughout the house and move them elsewhere. Wave Two is pretreating anything that needs to be cleaned or polished. Wave three is setting my robotic vacuum cleaner to run throughout the house while I scrub the bathroom and kitchen fixtures, empty the dishwasher, fold laundry, etc. When the vacuum cleaner is done, I pull out my mop for the kitchen and bathroom floors. Typically, the whole house is done in 30-to-40 minutes. I had to develop this system when I was young and had a career and a family to take care of — I didn’t have time to pick up after everyone else, so had to train them to eliminate general clutter themselves.

  367. At 4:44, I thought she was going to toss in the cat as well 😂

  368. I wipe down my shower walls while I shower : )

  369. Another great video Melissa, thanks 🙏 for your all video.

  370. Fantastic video. Thank you.

  371. -Never leave a room dirty.
    -Clean cleaning spray cleaning products 10 min ahead to let them do the work for you

  372. My tip is: don’t be clumsy.
    Like when I had just finished spring cleaning my kitchen, then made a coffee for a husband and dropped the container of coffee grinds on the counter, which then fell on the floor. They went EVERYWHERE. 🤦‍♀️

  373. You are amazing ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  374. Be a minimalist. Have less items to clean to minimize the amount of furniture/surface space in your home. Surfaces attract clutter and having less furniture makes your home exponentially easier and faster to clean. Think about cleaning a bookshelf with 5 shelves vs 1 floating shelf, the bookshelf has 10x more surface space to clean and also accumulates dust under and behind it which is tricky to reach. Another example: Hanging all your clothes in the closet = no surface space to clean… vs having multiple XL dressers = lots of surface space to clean on and around.

  375. I wish you could’ve done an updated 3 wave system in the new house! 😊 I think that would’ve been nice to see! 🤗💙 From Tennessee 💙

  376. My tip: My kitchen cabinets don’t reach all the way to the ceiling, and the space above it used to get so grimy and sticky between cleanings (because let’s face it, we don’t clean that space weekly). Once you’ve tackled that mess, you’ve lost all motivation to keep going. So I’ve lined the tops with cheap paper towels for years now – they absorb any grease and trap dust, and cleaning is as simple as replacing the toweling and wiping the trim.

    1. @shibbyxoxo That’s funny because seriously, ALL the young people in my life (millenials and gen-x’ers) are the most wasteful people I’ve ever known! My own kids (ages 19-24) are so wasteful and I’M the one yelling at them to not be wasteful!! LOL!

    2. Thank you. I will be using that Idea

    3. This is genius

    4. Genius!

    5. @Simrit Sandhu Cabinets can get pretty bad, especially over stove tops in households that do a lot of frying but very little vent hood use, and those that haven’t been cleaned in years, or ever. In my research and experience, a mix of white vinegar and a few drops dawn, baking soda, a non scratching sponge and soft brush, a cloth rag, and elbow grease work best. Spray or wipe on the dawn and vinegar mix (I use full strength vinegar when things are really grimy, not diluted with water). Then scrub the area with baking soda sprinkled on the scrubby sponge and a brush for the crevices, wipe clean with damp cloth (hottest water possible). Feel for gunk with fingertips, then scrub again if needed using same mixtures, rinse and test again. Keep doing this until you can’t feel any more gunk or tackiness. This has worked for me on the gunkiest, toughest, most built up, stuck on grease and grime, but it can take a lot of time and patience.

  377. Having a nighttime routine. Dishes must be done, coffee maker prepped for the next day, load of laundry. So nice to see a clean kitchen first thing the following morning.

    1. Shani o

  378. Thanks, Melissa watched this over and over again, while I cleaned my kitchen. Going to apply to other rooms as well. Say yes, to cleaning is huge for this procrastinator otherwise, my brain goes in fifty different directions and nothing gets done. On to the bathroom and bedroom watching other of your vlogs on cleaning.

  379. Brilliant and so on point!
    Besides all the rest of the things that can be appreciated on the Clean My Pace channel, i love how intelligent Melissa is. Iove the way you speak so correctly the English language.


  380. I’m going to have to use this system! In your terms, I would have always done waves 2 and three before wave one. But the way you put it makes me think “duh, that’s less time you spend moving everything off and back on surfaces.”

  381. Wow you really got back in shape after the baby. Kudos friend.

    1. @BriarRose A little baby fat and such. You knew what I meant.

    2. That is because she was not out of shape before or during. She was growing a little baby human.

  382. Needed this.

  383. My tip is : At the end of the night take a few minutes & put things away / back where it belongs (especially if you have kids) PS … I always clean much faster when No-One is around ! 😊😊

  384. Your description of cleaning before the 3 wave system is me, right now, cleaning my kitchen 😬

  385. Great video!! 3 Waves are awesome 😀👍

  386. I use soft scrub with a non abrasive sponge to clean my glass stove. Then I keep a Brillo pad (wet) to clean difficult parts of the stove.

  387. What’s a good effective way to clean a book shelf? One that’s loaded with books…

    1. I use the vaccum with the brush/duster attachment sometimes, other times, the 360 swiffer duster does the trick. If I’m going in with a wet cloth to really get it clean for guests or something, I tilt the tops of the books back a few at a time to get underneath, if it’s starting to get dusty.

    2. Take out a handful of books each time, clean the empty space, wipe the books, put them back. Then take another handful of books and do the same.

    3. That’s why I love glass doors on bookcases. Barristers cabinets. Vacuum top of books, or use Swifter duster. Finish rest of shelf with rag and furniture cleaner

    4. Use the vacuum, I use my hand-vac with the detailing attachment and vacuum the shelves in front of the books and then vacuum all the books.

    5. How I do it: Take absolutely everything off and dust the shelves top to bottom. Then separate the books into “keep” and “donate/sell”. Then seperate the “keep” books into as many categories as you have shelves, dust them and put back! 🙂

  388. My cleaning tip is……. Well when decorating keep corners open. Makes the room look bigger and it’s easier to clean. Plus no area rugs.

  389. Thanks for the tips. Now here’s one for you: Please don’t set items on your stovetop unless you plan to cook them. My firefighter husband has been to many fires that started when the stove was accidentally turned on. Stay safe so you can continue bringing us these marvelous videos.

    1. So true, I put wooden kitchen roll holder on stove, well it was on low, after I forgot to turn off after breakfast.

      Luckily I smelled smoke and realised something was burning. If I had of left the house with that on and my dog had of got overwhelmed by smoke or burned..I would have never have got over that..So yes, never put items on stove..

    2. @Barbora Štruncová I trained my house cats to NEVER jump up on the table top or counters by using a squirt gun or spray bottle of water to target them when they did. Within a few days, NO MORE CATS ON THE TABLE going on 4 years now! When we are not home, we left very sticky tape on those surfaces so the cat got it stuck to them when they went there, and they headed back to the floor because that is were we found the tape.

    3. Carolyn Greene So true, never put anything on your stovetop, sadly we learned that lesson the hard way almost 3 years ago. My husband brought groceries in to our home and he sat the bags on the stovetop. We then walked outside for just a few minutes and that was all it took for our kitchen to be engulfed in flames, as he had accidentally hit the nob on the stove with a heavy bag and it turned the burner on without our knowledge After the fire was put out the extent of the fire and smoke damage was horrendous, we had to gut almost the entire house and rebuild. I tell everyone I know to never put anything on top of the stove because it could turn into an accidental nightmare.

    4. Speaking of cats, never leave sharp knives point up in the dish drainer. Cats jump off of the refrigerator or kitchen shelves all the time. Children also get up there and can fall on them. Place everything pointed DOWN.

    5. thank you for this reminder.

  390. #1 tip is to flush everything down the toilet. I’m a renter so it’s okay.

  391. If you have several loads of laundry to do, keep it circulating through the washer/dryer as soon as you can. You save drying time this way because the dryer is all warmed up from the previous load.

    1. I do this. I don’t do laundry daily. I wait until I can have a laundry day or night when it is cooler and won’t heat the house up. I save a ton on my power bill.

    2. I actually set a timer on Siri for this, it takes so much less time to do all the laundry. 😁

    3. Good one!

  392. Welcome at my channel 💕

  393. One of my “speedy” tips goes along with my daily morning or night routine when in regards to counters, though it kind of leaps over the clock method lol. But really helps with bigger, weekly or monthly cleaning.

    Every morning, I start my coffee and do my usual tidying and decluttering of the downstairs area (kitchen, powder room, living room, entry, dining), which is also prepping for a daily vacuum (thanks to a dog, construction worker, 2 dirt roads, allergies, venomous insects) . Because I vacuum my couch daily due to fur, I’ll shake out and move pillows, trays and throws during this phase too. We don’t leave dishes in the sink, which became a rule a few years ago, and Man Unit usually empties the dishwasher for me before I wake up since I do everything else.

    If it’s dusting day, I’ll brush the dog and then use my Swiffer 360 duster (speedy godsend lol) and dust all surfaces, including blinds, doors, fixtures, vents, etc., so that I’m not scrubbing during a monthly or quarterly cleanfest due to dirt and dust not building up and adhering due to humidity and whatever else. This rarely takes more than 5 minutes. I may also add in a quick weekly chore if I feel up to it (e.g. tossing out leftovers and briefly wiping down fridge or pantry, or wiping down kitchen cabinets with a damp microfiber cloth).

    Regardless if it’s a dusting day, I always pop on music, news, non-distracting YouTube video, affirmations, or audio book to listen to and then clean kitchen counters after we’re done eating and making coffee. Most days, I’ll spray down the kitchen and then the powder room counters and toilet tank, lid, room and counters since it’s nearby. Then I’ll wipe down kitchen counters, followed by bathroom counters and then the toilet, starting from top to bottom, which takes less than a minute and a half. This way, any deep cleaning of the bathroom during a weekly cleaning is less than five minutes, monthly deep clean less than 10 , if I hustle, and I can focus on cleaning other areas of the room since there’s no lint or buildup to contend with and its already done. Bonus: I’m never embarrassed if a surprise guest needs to use the restroom nor rushing to do it before they arrive, and the bathroom is no longer my most hated chore because it’s stupid easy to do now lol.

    Then I just vacuum and put things where they belong by area.

    Settimg a timer initially, as I was just starting this routine, and watching how much time each task takes at first also helped motivate me the next time and kept me from overhyping how long a task will supposedly take — meaning, less procrastinating in the future. I always assumed certain tasks would take way longer than it actually would, and so I’d blow it off until it became truly time consuming vs just a few minutes. If i slip a day or do very minimal, the house still looks great and I feel less stressed.

    Average total time (tidying, vacuuming, counters, depending on what I did the might before and how far I move): 6-10
    Dusting day: 10-15
    Additional micro chore or two: 12-20

    1. Meg C Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!
      Really appreciate that you took the time to write out your
      CAN DO IT ALL IN NO TIME tips!
      Love how you get started while the coffee’s brewing!

    2. That’s a brilliant 💡 idea!!!

    3. Meg C LOL 🙂 Man Unit empties the dishwasher! Seriously sounds like you have an excellent system in place…👍😊👏 Bravo & thanks for the giggle 😁

  394. Hi, i live in england but have watched all your youtube videos and have just brought your book which i cant put down, i esspeccialy love all your home made chemical free products, i have always enjoyed cleaning but cant wait to start cleaning the clean my space way ! i just wanted to say thankyou from tracy in the U. K. x

    1. She has a book??? I love England. I would love to go there someday.

  395. I love your channel! I just enjoy watching you videos even though most of them are info I know. I’ve been cleaning like this for years, my mama taught me. I think my best time saver is making sure everything is picked up at night, dishes, toys, shoes, we’re a family of 5, making sure things get put back where they go before they get out of hand is key!

  396. I always use Non-stick Tin Foil whenever I use baking sheets. Baking chicken, cookies, roasted veggies. All come off very easily and then I can just throw away the foil and the pan is clean. I hate scrubbing baked on gunk.

    1. Lisa Henderson tin foil is toxic.

  397. Great topic! My #1 tip is to not overclean. If I’m trying to get a dirt, dust etc. from an area, once that has been accomplished I move on to another area.

    1. Working on this myself! Perfectionism can be a time suck!

  398. My cleaning tip is to start from top to down

  399. My daughter is 4 and I’m teaching her to clean up after herself such as putting toys back where they belong, putting away books on her shelf, fixing her bed, this all not only helps her learn to clean but also saves time when cleaning the house vs cleaning up after her. If you make it fun it’s like playing a game.

    1. Mari Catala, that’s brilliant. Kids love to help at that young age and by praising their work you are reinforcing good habits that will last a lifetime.

  400. I definitely do these techniques, thnx

  401. Do you recommend doing all three waves one room at a time or each wave through the whole house at a time?

  402. Don’t know if it saves time, but it saves my days off… it’s to break my cleaning into small sections that I do every day so that I don’t have to clean on my days off. So I clean the bathroom after work one day. I do a load of laundry before work one day, etc. So I do a little something every day and then my days off are just that!

    1. I do the same…

  403. Melissa, in case we don’t have carpets, which should be first – dusting or cleaning the floor? Because when cleaning the floors, dust could be lifted up to the furniture again.

    1. Lashlove16 Thank you!

    2. Carla Itie Thank you!

    3. Use a good vacuum to do floors and dust will not get on furniture.

    4. Dimitra P.
      Dusting first
      Clean top to bottom

  404. Love this video Melissa😁, my go to cleaning tip is to clean up small messes daily such as tooth paste and other splatters on my sink and bathroom mirrors. I believe having a daily cleaning habit keep things nice and tidy and prevent the overwhelming feeling of a massive clean “take down”

  405. I don’t know if this counts as generic, but I always clean as messes are made. When cooking, I put what I’ve used into the dishwasher/trash. After eating, I rinse dishes and put them right into the dishwasher. When dirty clothes come off or dirty clothes, towels, etc. Are used, they go right into the hamper. Things like that. I also don’t pile things on the obvious places such as my counter or couch. When I walk into my apt., I hang up my coat. I hang up my keys. I put my shoes on the shoe rack. I put my purse or whatever it may be in my bedroom or wherever it needs to go. It keeps things cleaner, longer.

    1. It saves so much time and energy. It also is similar to being ready for the next step. If a saucepan needs soaking then soak it asap. Waiting until you are too tired to care sets you up for more work not less.

    2. Sarah Noyes Exactly that!! I do the same and it works wonders

  406. Good how-to-video. Having a strategy helps. It might be obvious to most but for some like myself I need ideas.

  407. Use a sticky lint roller (available at Dollar Tree) to clean lamp shades. It is much more effective than a duster or cloth.

    1. Great idea!

    2. Just vaccuum it. (Use attachment or handvac)

    3. WOAH! Mind. Blown. Thanks!

    4. And on your throw pillows if they’re dark and you have a dog or cat!

    5. Genius! I just ran to do this to my lamps and it works amazingly! Hahaha! Thank you!!!

  408. My tip: Own less stuff. Declutter. You can’t clean what you don’t have.

    1. @Christina Ruiz Good idea!!😉

    2. Haha!! Yep!😆😆 Sad, but it’s so true, and so worth it in the end!!👍

    3. Christina Ruiz ,Instructions unclear, I’m homeless now

    4. @Christina Ruiz did u

    5. Lmao

  409. Melissa how do you tackle a small kitchen that your husband makes a mess in I feel like I’m getting nowhere then I just start dreading it and it doesn’t get done! My bar is always cluttered and my kitchen table! Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Thank you so much Melissa for the advice I’ll have to try this at one time I’ve tried everything else! Lol

    2. I have started doing something that gives me peace. I have a tote for each person in the house when I go around and pick up stuff it goes in that person’s tote so if they can’t find something I tell them to look in their tote. And if it gets full I tell them they have to put everything away. I bought some pretty plastic white wicker looking baskets with handles because there are books and binders that need to fit in them. I jokingly tell them it’s not a part of my decorating scheme. Or just that I want a presentable home in case someone drops over, whether it be the insurance man, a friend, etcetera the kitchen table is a place where people meet and discuss things. I also have the same rule for the coffee table. It seems whatever surface is open is a drop off point for anything and everything. I cannot change him. So this preserves my sanity and I remind myself that he does things for me that are helpful and nice also , so I don’t get angry

  410. Clean clutter at the end of each day! That way you can almost skip wave 1!

  411. Wasn’t this posted before? I swear I watched this video sometime over the last week, when I was going through the archive.

    1. Jennifer Riggs It’s a new version of an old video. It’s described really well in her book.

  412. hi melissa! i disovered your channel & i am so addicted now.i watch all ur help me a lot & it really works.especially the microwave cleaning.excellent!

  413. Any suggestions for avoiding tracks on laminate from my wheelchair? I’m not able to wipe them off each time I go in and out.

    1. Keep wet wipes by the door or a small pack on your chair and wipe the wheels as you enter.

  414. My #1 time saving cleaning tip is being addicted to your channel. 🤣

  415. Lets see, first set a timer , then dust all the surfaces, and then I clean the floors , at the end I have three rooms clean not just one, for kitchen and bathroom I set a timer for each cause them take more effort and time to clean i believe, good weekend guys!!!

  416. She started a cleaning business and had no idea how to clean …. goes to show you folks … you really need to vet the people you hire

    1. That’s ridiculous. She was doing a great job but it was a time management issue oh, because the faster you get someone else’s house done you could probably squeeze one more at the end of the day.

  417. Get the pace? I call it my mojo. Haha. New sub. Luv the CHANNEL.

  418. Clothes! When doing laundry fold them and put them away as soon as you take them out of the dryer. I have one laundry basket. Any clothes you take off are put away or they go in the laundry basket. Shoes are put away! They don’t live on the floor. Coats in closet! If you tackle the clothes your house will be a lot more manageable.

    1. Marge Davies same!!! I ALWAYS fold every load right out of the dryer. Period. No excuses.

  419. Omg! Too funny! 😂😂😂😂 This savage loves Clean my Space!!!

  420. I have spray botttles, comet, micro fiber clothes, scrubbers in both bathrooms and the kitchen. I dnt have to carry these items around from room to room. For scrubbing I have a drill and non-scratch scrubbing pads. I keep it in the bathroom for the shower. I also have a small container with a plastic cup in it next to both toilets in the event I hv go bail the water out of a toilet to get at a ring. I also use the bucket/small garbage can to put water in when cleaning the tub to rinse places the sprayer dznt reach. In my cleaning carrier I have lots of q-tips and toothpicks in the event I hv to get to a hard to reach place. Years ago I took my husband’s tool belt. Strap it on and carry spray bottle, cloths, q-tips, scrubbers in it. I wld approach a spot, spray, put bottle back on the belt, get scrub pad and cloth, one in each hand, scrub and wipe and put back in belt, and move on. I cut down cleaning time from 8 hrs to 4 hrs. I hung the spray bottle off a pocket on the tool belt.

  421. Nice tips! I’ve cleaned since 95′ and I use this method. Thanks

  422. Great video. My #1 cleaning tip as you are moving around the room is to never put an object on a surface that hasn’t been cleaned yet. You’d be surprised how many people keep shuffling the stuff around. Just put it back where it belongs. If you’re waiting for the surface to dry, put it on an already cleaned space.

  423. Prevention, Prevention, Prevention – rugs at entry way, wipe the dog paws, pick up after yourself.

  424. My tip I use is to never leave a room empty handed. There is always something that needs to be taken and thrown away or put away!

    1. Good idea 💞 thanx Bex et al 🎶

    2. haaha this was my tip too. I just left my tip and then started reading comments. I swear by this!! I taught my kids this too when they were young, now if only my husband would do it! haha

    3. Becky Watson yes my tip as well! Always take something from the room im leaving (that doesn’t belong there) and deposit it where it does belong.
      My rule is ‘There’s a place for everything and everything has a place.’

    4. Sometimes it means putting the children and the dog outside, so the house can be put in order again. 😉 Mise en place.

    5. I use that rule too and it so helpful to keep clutter down!

  425. This is so helpful. And I think I’ll play your other videos while cleaning for inspiration! 😊👍🏻💖

  426. I never knew how much time could be saved by just putting things away after you use them. I have found that my cleaning time is almost cut in half by doing this. I was just like a lot of people and didn’t believe that it would make much difference, but it really does.

    1. I

    2. Putting away as you use does save lots of time, but only if you can get your spouse to do it too. From the time he comes home, I’m running after him to pick up everything he leaves. Sometimes that takes less energy than asking him to do it, 4-10 times per.

    3. Linda f

    4. I recently started doing this as well and I’m shocked at how much more time I have!

    5. Linda yes! I am constantly hounding my kids and spouse to put it back where it belongs, do things right the first time, and never leave a room empty handed. If you step over something, put it away!

  427. *#1 time-saving cleaning tip is to involve the whole family! It cuts the time in half or more.* 💕

    1. This is, by far, my favorite tip! There is no i in team! #teamworkFTW

    2. Live Love Clean That’s a tip my mom used to do. I cleaned the kitchen, my sister did bathroom and and everyone else did a room. We were 5 kids and 3 adults with one bathroom in a 4 bedroom apartment. The house was clean by noon on Saturday. Every one knew Saturday morning was cleaning and dancing. My mom put dance music on the radio.

  428. My #1 cleaning tip that truly and truly saves me a TON of time is ALWAYS put things back after using them. It is now habitual for me. Yeah people don’t like to hear this. I tell my daughter that whenever she leaves a room she should be taking something with her! A cup, a book, a blanket, shoes …. so when it’s time for me to clean I literally don’t have Wave 1 to do! So I never have to really do too much tidying up. It’s cleaning, dusting, sweeping, and mopping that gets me! 😩. Thank you for the fantastic tips you gave today. I shall apply wave 2 & 3 today!

    1. Omg! Thats a brilliant tip you gave your daughter. I am definitely implementing that into my own routine. Thanks for the tip.

    2. This is the one I’m training myself on now.

    3. Ugh I get so tired of saying this over and over.

    4. MissVasques dust and I are definite enemies. Also, I thought I was the only one who had issues with using microfiber cloths. Never purchased a swifter! Now, I have to check it out. It’s worth a try.

    5. chantal small Dust annoys me but at the same time I hated dusting as I used to it with a microfiber cloth which took forever. And then dust piled up within a day or two because of tv etc.
      I got a swiffer or what you call it that uses static energy to stick on it so you kinda brush your surfaces with it.
      Now I can dust nearly daily in a quick quick go and Only use a cloth like once a week.

  429. This video was exactly what I needed right now! Thank you!! Now..what room do you start in when cleaning the whole house in one shot? 🤔 S patern is my #1 time saver 😉

    1. When wiping a surface, you do horizontal lines from top to bottom instead of moving the cloth in a circle. This stops you from redoing work you’ve already done. Think of it like playing Snake: if you overlap your ‘tail’, you lose.

    2. What is s pattern??

    3. The bedroom….so when u get a good sleep u can tackle the rest another day

  430. My timesaving tip is keeping my cleaning supplies on every floor. I also have a step stool and grabber on each floor. I also keep a shop vac in the basement, an old vac in a bedroom closet, and my new vacuum on the main floor. It saves me time.

    1. Same here! 🤗

  431. Thank you for these tips!

  432. This is great

  433. My time-saver is actually having little to no decorations sitting openly on my furniture. I have very few items sitting directly on my coffee table, TV sand, desk and vanity and I strive to have everything hidden in drawers or behind glass doored shelves and cupboards. This way I don’t have much things sitting and collecting dust and it takes me about 5 – 10 min to dust all surfaces in my whole apartment as I don’t have to constantly move things around.

    1. @Beck Church brilliant!

    2. @Krystal Harris If things are in boxes due to lack of storage space, then downsize what you have. Get rid of whatever is in the boxes you are not using. For boxes holding things you must keep, drape a decorative cloth over them, and use them as a table for lamps, potted plants or large decorations that add something to the room. You could also use that surface for a cat bed, computer stand, night stand, etc. Stack a couple of boxes to take up less floor space.

    3. This is my decorating style also. I call it Early Holiday Inn.

    4. For me this tip was introduced by my toddler who didn’t leave anything on any surface 😂😂😂😂

    5. Maria Petkova, this is so very effective and true!! I used to clean houses and one lady had Knick knacks and photos everywhere. It took me over an hour to dust her home. My house takes 5-10 minutes to dust tops and it is quite a bit larger than hers.

  434. Yes to cleaning!!! 👍 😂😂😂

  435. I think your audio is off 🙋‍♀️ Anyone else????

  436. Thank you for reminding me of your three waves, I tend to forget to declutter first and just go around all the junk I should move or throw away first. Also I wish I was as disciplined as you and could keep only three items on desks or end tables like you stated growing up in a previous video. That’s probably why your home looks so great and your videos look so clutter free I need to be more like you. Do you have any storage ideas for old textbooks people want to keep? Do we just store them in our garage or put them out on display? Also what to do with a lot of beauty/skincare products for storage or display?

    1. File 13

  437. Actually, the ‘S Pattern’ has unbelievably saved me time. No going back, over and around anymore. And now, when I see other videos NOT using the S pattern, I cringe. 😬😬 😂😂😂

    1. Sayruh Kama @clean my space has the s pattern in a video

    2. @Sayruh KamaIt’s sort of a side-to-side motion that starts at the top and works it’s way down by moving left to right, then right to left.

    3. I hate watching anyone else on YT clean now! Those circular patterns gross me out now! S all the way.

    4. Are you talking about cleaning something like a mirror, or cleaning a room? If a room, could you explain more? Thanks!

  438. These are some great cleaning tips definitely will try it out.

  439. My cleaning tip that saves me a lot of time is ….hire a maid. Lol
    I wish!
    Love the videos. They are so informative and well done.

  440. Howdy! 👋

  441. The best cleaning decision I’ve ever made is buying a robot vacuum. Not only do I save tons of time by not having to sweep or vacuum my floors any more, but having clean floors and carpets every week makes me feel so much better when I’m in the house. Plus, my floors are always clutter free to always leave room for the robot vacuum. Best investment ever!!!

    1. My granddaughter has a dog and the robotic vacuum has saved her life.

    2. @Katarina Ramos You should! They are seriusly life changers, especially for those of us who hate vacuuming.

    3. LBarrioV I read they mop too. Tempted to buy one.

  442. Love that dress! Thanks for the tips, I need them. God bless!

  443. The only thing I do is throw any laundry in so it’s cleaning while I’m cleaning. 😊

    1. Andrea Knight ooh I like this one

    2. @Clean My Space
      I do that, too!! But I gather the clothes the night before and throw a load in the machine so in the morning I just turn it on and add detergent/fabric softener so it’s washing while I’m cleaning house!!

    3. I do this too!

    4. Love that tip!

  444. My #1 time saver cleaning tip is involving my 3 boys. Each has a task, they earn their allowance, it’s a win-win!

    1. cokecrazy08 haha hopefully she doesn’t goo as far and appreciates effort! 😅👍

    2. Ugh but what if the don’t clean it “correctly” to you

    3. Melissa Harris haha my mums friend does that

  445. Great info!

  446. First! Love ur vids! Pls heart this

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