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Cleaning Expert Teaches You How to Disinfect Your Home

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During cold and flu season, it’s important to keep your home clean and to disinfect – but how do you properly disinfect? That’s where Cleaning Expert Melissa Maker can help, in this video, we learn how to effectively disinfect countertops, points of contact, doorknobs, bathrooms and more. We talk about disinfecting, sanitizing, cleaning products and everything else you need to keep your home clean and disinfected during cold and flu season.

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844 thoughts on “Cleaning Expert Teaches You How to Disinfect Your Home

  1. Are you in San Diego?

  2. If you have a plate with raw meat juice but no dish washer, is it enough to use dish soap and hot water or should I spray a disinfectant on the dish after cleaning with soap and water?

  3. Does the soap leave a film?

  4. I’m interested in steam cleaning tips.

  5. I mean as cleaning not disinfecting. If you do not have an all purpose cleaner can you just use this?

  6. Do disinfectant wipes count?

  7. All disinfectants are sold out in stores. Is there any use in cleaning the door handles with a milder cleaner? Better than nothing?

  8. If someone else cleans my place i get relaxed and feel like cluttering a bit. If i clean it myself i don’t feel like that. There are some unwritten rules about how one feels. Also there are rules specific to houses and one needs to choose among ways.

  9. awesome video, very informative 🙂

  10. Man…… I wanna run my fingers through her hair so bad….. does anybody else feel this way? Her hair is not curly it is perfectly straight yet it looks either thick or she has so much hair on her head that it looks thick either way I want to play with it….. you never see her touching her hair or flipping it she needs to flip her hair at least once in her videos…. But im a hair addict so might just be me😏😏

  11. What happens if we only use Clorox bleach wipes on bathroom surfaces a lot BUT DO NOT WASH FIRST?

    This did not answer WHAT HAPPENS IFFF

  12. That sweet first gen iPhone B-roll at 7:54 🙂

  13. Have you tried Force of Nature as a cleaner? It’s supposed to be all natural and very effective for disinfecting.

  14. I’m interested in disinfecting offices and need to know if you know if I need to have official training or certification

  15. Thank u

  16. Yes, I am very interested in Steaming Cleaner video! Great video. Thank you :)!

  17. I would love a steamer video! I have one and I used to use it and really don’t pull it out anymore.

  18. I’m 8 years old and I watched this with my mummy 👩🏽👧🏾🦄

  19. I’m immunocompromised Watching you and your family has helped me so much. I’m in Manchester. In the uk l
    Lots of love

  20. Saanitize your household objects, sofa, beds, chairs, dining tables without the use water & chemicals easily and safely

  21. I’m working in public-after cleaning thoroughly and applying a disinfectant and people come back in , how long is it disinfected?

  22. Awesome, thanks 😊 new Subscriber

  23. Amo esse tipo de vídeo!!! Muito obrigada por compartilhar tantas informações.

  24. I am interested in a steam cleaning video. Also… I find myself furiously taking notes on all of your tips – mostly for the disinfectant, sanitizing and cleaning recipes. I’m new to your channel (which I LOVE) and wonder – is there a cheat sheet somewhere where I can find the recipes or is it best to keep doing what I’m doing and sit with a notebook and write? Thank you for doing what you do!

  25. Yes, please for a video on how to disinfect with a steam cleaner properly. 🙂

  26. Your videos are awesome BTW and my household has been watching for years. We really appreciate your knowledge and your videos. God bless. – A fan from America

  27. Steam cleaning. Never thought about that. I’d like to learn more

  28. Yes, a steamer video would be great. Have really enjoyed your videos!

  29. Wondering what your thoughts are on the microfiber cloths that claim to pick up 99% of bacteria with just water? Are these a good alternative?

  30. Great video , thank you Melissa. You are getting emotional because you care. Please be safe. Thank you again.

  31. What do you think if hypochlorous acid as a disinfectant?

  32. You are so sweet, thank you for all your videos. It’s a pleasure to listen to you and learn from you.

  33. Steam cleaner video yes please!!!

  34. People actually think their stupid lysol and clorox wipes are getting rid of germs just by wiping sufaces. All they do is pollute the environment!

  35. Like&subscribe
    I enjoyed this helpful vid

  36. What steamer is that in the video? It is amazing and I need that in my life :). I have one that I use on the floor but I have never seem one with a small hose like that.

  37. Curious since rubbing alcohol evaporates pretty much immediately how does it work if it is supposed to stay wet?

  38. Excellent informative and practical advice.

  39. How would you disinfect a real/genuine leather sofa (without drying it out) after someone has COVID-19? I would suggest doing a DIY cleaning video for how to disinfect/sterilize alll types of house surfaces to help with coping with COVID-19, especially since we have so much time now 🙂 Thank you in advance!

  40. Do you make your own disinfectant?

  41. Hey Melissa how are you? Can you make a video showing how or what to do after grocery shopping? Like what to do with plastic bags and food stuff…
    Thank you

  42. phone soap ultraviolet light for cellphones and larger electronics

  43. Thanks for the video, it’s very helpful during this hard time, I’ve never cleaned/sanitized/disinfect my house this crazy before, it’s hard for all of us, we can go thru this together!

  44. Do you have a disinfectant spray recipe? To spray all the boxes that are delivered home? Something like lysol spray

  45. Hi Melissa, I just found you and binged watched more than 50+ your videos!! Absolutely love you guys!! I did a big decluttering exercise when I downsized homes so had no choice but to do it and now I seem to have let things go and living the minimalist lifestyle is what I want to aim for so I’m super excited to go through all of your videos to help me get there and learn all about good cleaning tips as well. I just bought a steamer and would love for you to share all the things that we can do with it. Thank you again, you guys are great!

  46. Hi, do you have a video specific for cleaning house against Corona virus (Covid-19)? Thanks

  47. Awesome information. Thank you.

  48. Its clorox a disinfectant? And if so how do we use it?

  49. Can anyone confirm if the disinfectant in Melissa’s DIY video still work as a disinfectant when the rubbing alcohol is being diluted with water?

  50. I have a steam mop with a removable head, im steaming my life today!!!

  51. I’d love to hear more about steam cleaning!!!

  52. Which steam cleaner would you recommend

  53. Thank you. I always cleaned the space, get some desinfection spray and let it work and work and work… But I never cleaned after it. I never thought of it. I always thought that it has to stay there. So it can work.

  54. Cleaning, disinfectant is very important make you breath fresh air, Thanks for sharing we always learned ❤💙💚

  55. Yes please – please make a video about using a steamer. Thank you for your advise.

  56. Thanks Melissa I will use your tips to clean now because this will help with the anxiety when groceries come in the apt. I like the 3 categories you put cleaning in. Blessings to you for this info. 😷🙏💪❤

  57. Superb

  58. I’m so happy I found your channel, I’m wandering about damage to surfaces when using a bleach and water solution, or is that generally safe?

  59. Hi Melissa

    Thanks for sharing this video, was eagerly waiting for advice from you especially in disinfecting.
    Wanted to check your recommendation on how to disinfect upholstery or wooden surfaces? Would the diy disinfectant or even steamer damage these surfaces or even metals

  60. What exactly qualifies you to give such advice on what constitutes an effective disinfectant? I am asking because you look and sound like a moron. I wouldnt take your advice on how to make a ham sandwich.

  61. What is a professional cleaner ? Do you specialize in toilets?

  62. Would love info on steam cleaners.

  63. Steam cleaning is the

  64. Thanks so much for this info! I would love to see a video with a steam cleaner please.

  65. My boyfriend thought of using his hand held garment steamer to disinfect/sterilize ‘stuff’ like his work uniform and doorknobs(?) . I said I think that it’ll probably take a larger steam baster. So, yes please do a video for steam disinfecting.

  66. I’ve been making dish soap spray for years since you first recommended it!!! It’s a game changer!

  67. Hi Melissa!
    How do I clean Door Mats that have a Coconut Choir? Bath mats that have a rubber backing?
    Please help.
    I’ve ruined so many bath mats that had rubber backing in the washing machine 🙁

  68. General hospital 4 7 2020

  69. Thanks for the nice post. You talked about steam cleaners…but the one in the video is a very basic sort. Why don’t you ask your nearest Karcher contact to demo a suitable Karcher steam cleaner? Here’s the link:

  70. Very informative and accurate . Thank You! Dan

  71. It gets more complicated if you have pets especially cats. Any suggestions?

  72. HEY PEOPLE YOU DO KNOW THE CDC CAN LIE !!!!!! right? also “Clean My Space” ill take what u say SERIOUS when you can clean ur face from all that fakeup

  73. steam cleaner video please!

  74. Little we knew that soap and water is exactly what we need to kill Coronavirus! But it had to be enough soap otherwise disinfectants are the best for the surfaces!

  75. The past few weeks have been really hard, especially since I am already a stay at home mom and the way I normally stay sane is take my son out but that has been out of the question. So I started cleaning my house and Illuminating things every single day. Every morning with my cup of coffee I watch one of your videos to get me moving through the day and give me something to focus on. This video has been helpful and thank you so much. This isn’t an easy time for anyone but glad to see some positive in all of this. My house has never been cleaner and every day I throw something away or put it in my “donation” box. Also not sure if you have one of these groups near you, but we have a Buy Nothing group in my city and it’s nice to give something to someone who can really use it instead of throwing it out.

  76. Should I use paper towel when I disinfect or can I use microfiber?

  77. I would love to see a steam cleaner video

  78. Can I disinfect the whole entire house everyday?

  79. I think I missed the part where you talk about how to use bleach…. since I will never have those other chemicals in my house.
    Gonna watch again…

    1. So, only mentioned in passing in the context of laundry.
      This is the one thing I needed more information on.

  80. I really need to know how to disinfect granite.

  81. Hi Melissa. Could you maje a video about steam vacuum for corona virus. Thanku so much

  82. Hello Melissa, I’d like to learn more about steam cleaning. 🙂

  83. Very helpful information which we all need. Yes, it is an emotional time. You are not alone in feeling that way. We will get through this challenging time. Thank you.

  84. Always wash hands before you touch your face. That is how you get infected.

  85. You are a very good teacher. You give clear msg very clearly. I like the material you presented

  86. You are the best! Thank you!! And I would love a video on steam cleaning!!

  87. Thank you for a good presentation. It has corrected many misconceptions about hygiene that we get from advertising etc. And now I understand why those supermarket disinfecting trolley wipes are so soggy and seem excessively wet and unpleasant to touch and why restaurant workers wipe down your table with dissecting cloth and leave it all wet and annoying, instead of drying it off. The disinfectant has to remain wet to do its ‘dearth and destroy’ mission on germs. Many people confuse cleaning with sanitising and disinfecting. They just quickly wipe with a disinfectant without first cleaning and then wipe the dissecting off immediately with a dry cloth, instead of letting it sit and do it’s search and destroy job. And think it’s all done and dusted, hygienic. My mother, a real obsessive neat, clean type used to yell at me that just because it looks clean doesn’t mean it Is clean. I now realise she was right. Clean, neat looking houses etc are not necessarily safe, hygienic environments. And certain bacteria are beneficial to boost immunity, but you need to know what, where and how and when, for who, why etc. I commend you on just talking about things you do know about ie how to clean correctly and not what you are not expert in eg medicine. This can be so annoying. I was in a grocery store, with my freshly soap and water well scrubbed, sanitised, bare hands, in my face mask so I did not breathe germs onto stuff or breathe in others’ germs and this seemed to annoy a store shelf stacker there, wearing no mask, no gloves, no hand sanitiser in view anywhere. She kept rudely telling me that if I was going to do the mask business for Corona virus hygiene, I also needed to wear disposable gloves. I knew, from real medical experts that gloves do little to avoid this pandemic and told her this. But she kept wanting to argue about it and telling me I should be wearing gloves. I asked her is they sold any such things there. She replied they didn’t but she was always sanitising her hands. I asked if there was any hand sanitiser around, as I saw none there. She replied there was none. Hmm… Shelf stacker medical disease control experts who think they can save us all from this pandemic? By just donning our rubber disposable gloves when they didn’t even have any for sale!?! I wish that, like you, they stuck to what they are experts in eg how to stock and stack supermarket shelves correctly, so that the praises are correctly shown for goods, instead of being different when you get to the checkout to pay and you get a shock, financially embarrassed if poor, or have to argue and hold up the queue, when we are supposed to be moving in and out of such places fast and not chatting g face to face much, to avoid spreading g Corona virus. It’s these little things in everyday life that nobody notices, which often cause the bigger problems, like spreading disease, unnecessary, avoidable social aggro and irritation etc.

  88. Emotional? Because at the core of us, we are family!!! Thank you for continuing to share nuggets of ‘health’ with us. We rely on your expertise and appreciate your research. yep! We need each other!

  89. What is the cloth used for?? Please tell me from where we buy those cloths? Thanks

  90. Very informative Video… Thanks!!

  91. Very interested in steam cleaning video.

  92. Everyone should do standing ovation for professional cleaners. No joke you guys should get more respect than society gives you.

  93. Anyone here because of the corona virus

  94. Please make a video with a steamer

  95. Thank you for this video. I feel like such an idiot… I’m one of the dummies that thought when I wipe down things with a lysol or clorox wipe that it like instantly kills the germs, so I guess wiping off groceries with a wipe that isn’t sopping wet probably isn’t doing a well enough job at killing the germs. I’m kind of freaking out here because my husband, my son, and I all have chronic illnesses, my son & I also have suppressed immune systems, and now I can’t find any lysol, clorox, bleach or rubbing alcohol in ANY stores, or online, to purchase in order to clean and disinfect properly to keep us safe… I don’t know what I’m going to do. 🙁

  96. alcohol is way cheaper, safe for your skin and to breathe it into your lungs, and actually more effective than any cemical cleaner, thats why hospitals use alcohol to clean surgical instruments, most cemical cleaners are made of chloramine or fluorine which are chemicals designed by the Germans to kill people and is murder on your immune system when you breathe it in and get it on your skin so let me ask you why would you choose to use that?…. people need to educate themselves before they put out videos, coming from a professional not an expert, your health is your only wealth…..

  97. Just subscribed! Do you have a video on steam cleaning? Which steam product do you recommend?

  98. Is there a certain % of alcohol to use when making the disinfectant spray?

  99. Love this video

  100. Thank you Melissa

  101. How do I integrate dwell time into dish washing? It seems like we (my house) just scrub and rinse which is cleaning only. Or is that unnecessary?

  102. Please do steam cleaning video!!! ❤️

  103. Just a note, disinfecting does not kill ALL microorganisms, that can only be done via sterilization.

  104. Hey I’m starting to clean my bathroom because I’m 15 so can you show me how to get your tub shiny and look new

  105. Melissa I love your videos. Can you give any advice on disinfecting in the car. Example leather wrapped steering wheel, leather seats and so on?

  106. Wow. I really learned a lot in this video! Thank you!! <3

  107. Can rubbing alcohol, dawn dish soap (blue one) and water go together for a degreaser AND disinfectant in 1?

  108. Thank you so, so much for this very informative video! You’re truly helping so many people this way. And yes I’d very much like to see a steam cleaning video 😊❤️

  109. Yes please I love my steamer mop..I can use some extra tips!
    *Stay safe, We be alright 🙂

    1. wow, I have a steamer mop as well….time to get steaming around the house.

  110. any tips on what disinfectant to use or is this also something that can be homemade by any chance? thanks for this video!

  111. I have watched your videos for like EVER! I know you know your stuff and love how well you explain disinfecting for people to understand!

  112. Do you have any recommendations on products that are safe to sanitize granite and other natural stone surfaces? All I’m reading is most disinfectants will damage these surfaces.

  113. Thanks so much for this video Melissa. I truly appreciate that in your video you’re not pinpointing a specific ‘bacteria’ to clean, but you’re teaching us how to clean and disinfect in general. I learned a lot!

  114. Thank your so much…. my step dad has Covid 19… this was very helpful. Thanks again God bless you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  115. Thank you so much Melissa for looking out for us. We love you ❤️

  116. Yes please do a video on using a steam cleaner. Thank you for all you do!

  117. From what I understand, essential oils are toxic to pets, especially cats. Would you be able to shed some light on this? I do have a cat and would not be using essential oils if this, in fact, were true. What would you substitute?

  118. Would love to know more about steam cleaning. And thank you for this video, I have gotten those term confused and this totally helps to clarify. Love how organized you are in your explanations 🙂

  119. Thank you for the much appreciated information. I would like to know more about steam cleaners (such as, which can fit in a small apartment but get really hot to disinfect, which are the better brands, how to use, etc). I would also like to know how to disinfect a carpet without a steam cleaner or vacuum (My stairs have carpet).

  120. Steam cleaner machines and uses please

  121. 2:50

  122. Does pouring boiling water on a surface kill bacteria and viruses?

  123. 💖💖💖

  124. I would love a video about steam cleaning your home. I have a basic floor steamer only. But I am interested in learning more.

  125. I don’t feel comfortable using a disinfected surface (for fear of poisonous residue like bleach!), can I re-clean a surface (with a eco-multisurface cleaner) after I disinfect? (So clean, disinfect, then clean again) Thanks in advance!

  126. 👋🏽Hi Melissa. I’m happy to know that your family and you are safe. Thank you for this and all your informative videos. I believe you were getting emotional because this is a VERY emotional time. Please continue keeping your family healthy and putting out VERY useful information. Be well🙏🏽

  127. I’m in Portugal so we are in quarantine for some time and have recommendation to wash all clothes…… I use cleaning vinegar with regular detergent for colorful clothes.

  128. Yes, Steamer video!

  129. Melissa. How about ways to properly disinfect scrubs after working with covid-19? Work in a hospital.

  130. The water..essential oils and dish soap in your homemade cleaner can we use that for wooden cabinets in kitchen or no.

  131. Yes – please do steam cleaning video! I bought one a few years back for a specific task but realized it is probably useful for lots of things. Just broke it out again this week now that I am stuck at home. Ready to steam the whole house.

  132. @cleanmyspace is it safe to mix vinegar and rubbing alcohol together? And can it be a good diy disinfectant?

  133. Please provide a video on steam/vaporizers and how to use them to quickly clean and disinfect different types of surfaces in the home. Been trying to convince my hubby that we need one!

  134. You care and that is what makes you wonderful to watch. Thank you and yes, I would love to see more about steam cleaning. Stay safe.

  135. Hi Melissa! Thank you very much for uploading such a great video! I am Italian but I live in the UK and I am incredibly happy that you are talking about on how important it is to clean, sanitise and disinfect the house because this is exactly what I think it should be done to fight this horrible disease. But my housemates unfortunately don’t agree and they only abide to soap and water.
    Only because of this world pandemic, I recently asked my housemates (something I would never do in normal circumstances) if they could kindly add to their cleaning routine a product called Dettol (which I think is only available in the UK). This is a very valid product because it kills bacterias and some viruses but it got rejected because in their opinion only kills bacteria and not viruses. So I suggested to use a bleach based product (not pure bleach, I was clear on that) but got rejected too because bleach is bad for your lungs.
    Their argument is that the use of water and soap is good enough and when I gave evidence of the contrary with various articles and short videos like yours they said that I should not follow some ‘lifestyle magazine programs’ which they are all about scaremongering. In other words I am the only one at home following what you say and I am probably seen as the one over exaggerating and quite frankly, the ‘mad one’ of the house. So I am confined to my bedroom most of the time.
    On the other hand, I have never seen them cleaning door handles and surfaces with soap and water though….
    They also say that there is absolutely no need to sanitise and disinfect the house when nobody is ill with Coronavirus yet.
    I think that prevention is very important because you don’t know whether things you touched and things you brought from outside, like the grocery for example could be contaminated on not. They all seem to be very relaxed about this whole issue because they all have the ‘privilege’ of working from home but I cannot work from home and also being Italian and having all my family in lockdown in Italy and seeing how many deaths are adding up over there just breaks my heart.
    Would you please give me your opinion especially on the issue of preventing the contamination of this virus even if you just went to the grocery store, considering also the fact that none of my housemates ever wears a mask or gloves when they go out? Many thanks.

  136. Yes pleas which is the best steamer you recommend ! Please ASAP :))

  137. Thank you for all that great information and yes I would also like to know more about what steamer to get and how to properly use it. Thanks again!

  138. I would like as well, to see about steam cleaning and which one will be the best.
    Thank you!

  139. Hi thank you. Would you please recommend steamers when you make the how-to steam video?

  140. Hi Melissa,
    How can we disinfect foods from the supermarket? I’ve seen tons of information about fresh fruits and vegetables, but in my case the stakes are very high if I get covid19 so I only buy those is wrappers for now. However, how can I disinfect those wrappers that we will manipulate while eating, cookie boxes, milk cartons, and so on? I understand it is extreme but some of us don’t have the option to risk it. I heard about the bleach solution (9 parts of water for 1 part of bleach), but how to use it? Do I need to leave it on for 10 minutes? On a cardboard box that doesn’t seem feasible… Thank in advance!

  141. Yes, please demonstrate how to use a steam cleaner. I had 2 of them, Hahn which I enjoyed but they both died.

  142. Thanks I shared this to my Christian Facebook group

  143. Hey Melissa – do you still use the lady bug steamer or something else? The link for the portable steamer is for an iron.

  144. Now is a great opportunity for us to keep improving our housecleaning knowledge and habits. So I was excited to see this video which has some great info – such as explaining dwell time and that disinfecting requires first cleaning. Many people seem to not know that!

    However then I saw this links to her video on DIY sanitizer, and her video with a sanitizer spray for after people were sick. As commenters pointed out, neither recipe are effective against Coronavirus, etc. I don’t feel it helps the public health crisis to put out misinformation. The internet already has too many ineffective DIY recipes. Plus essential oils as awesome as they are have risks many don’t mention or know such as to pets.

    Hopefully these are all honest mistakes that’ll be fixed and explained such as deleting the DIY sanitizer video. I know none of us are perfect, best we can do is keep humbly learning. It hurts my trust in the channel. Meant as constructive criticism.

    Otherwise seems like a valuable channel from what little I’ve seen and I’m sure its cleaning tips help many. But I’ll check in sometime to see if the mistakes were fixed, or if not will just unsubscribe and move on. I hope everyone keeps taking advice with a grain of salt and doing their own research. Safety and health to all. Peace and love.

  145. In my town no store has sanitizer so I went to find items you mentioned for diy and others must’ve watched your video because they’re out of those too lol your videos are so helpful. Thank you. We just got new 3 cases our now in our town. So scary. But me and the kids pray and remain calm and have faith this virus dies soon. Praying for summer to come early 🙏

  146. Hi Melissa, Thank you for your wonderful advice. I am a healthcare worker that works directly with COVID 19 patients. Can you talk about the best way to launder my uniforms. I typically use tide detergent and the hottest heat setting. Is this the best way or is there something else I can do. Thank you.

  147. I’ve been quite confused about something…
    I have read on numerous sites and even on the packages of microfiber cloths that the cloths pick up 99% of bacteria. So it is necessary to still use a disinfectant with them?

    1. They do wipe up bacteria, I haven’t been able to find any information if they will pick up virus or not, so since I have a lung condition I follow my micro-fiber cleaning with a spray of alcohol.

  148. I don’t recommend leaving wet disinfectant on electronics for dwell time.

    1. Then they won’t be disinfected. Read the lable of the disinfectant you use to see what the dwell time is to be effective.

  149. SO HAPPY i discovered your channel a while back – EXACTLY who I wanted to hear from after CDC/WHO. Glad to see you displaying your vast knowledge beyond helping us tidy up! Both of which, btw, I could not live without 😉🤗 THANK YOU! 💙

  150. Great informative video! I would also appreciate seeing a video on steam cleaners. Thanks!

  151. I am a physician and also a mother. This video is excellent. Melissa, your instructions are clear, intelligent and well-informed.

  152. Thank you

  153. Please let me know what steam cleaner you recommend to purchase. Thanks!

  154. Do u have the video how to clean white cabinets?

  155. I wonder, would my clothes steamer double as a steam cleaner? 🧐

  156. Thank you for the soap and water cleaning recipe. I used it today for cleaning my kitchen before I disinfected. It really was helpful. Keep the helpful tips coming. 🙂

  157. thanks. what to use if you can’t buy those products in the stores now. Can’t find rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, bleach

  158. Please make video on steam cleaners

  159. Steam cleaner/cleaning, please

  160. Yes would be interested on how to use a steam cleaner

  161. Thank for that video, as a lonely dad i really appreciate your helpful video. HelloFrom Luxembourg.

  162. Hope this is not redundant, I haven’t looked back on all comments. You sell microfiber cloths. Do they disinfect surfaces? There is another brand that claims they do, but I feel better with liquid cleaners. Thank you for all the great video’s through the years. The reason you get emotional is because you are now a mom. It changes you, not just toward the one, but toward all. We will get through this together.

  163. great video! Btw Your hair is beautiful!!

  164. We have a steam cleaner and would like to get more use out of it.
    Please make the video you suggested.

  165. I am So Glad that You said the Steam cleaner Needs to be 220 degrees! A lot of them don’t heat up as far as that. Make Sure You Check People, when You buy a Steam Cleaner, that it is that Hot.

  166. This is incredibly useful. Thank you sincerely.

  167. Definitely make a steam cleaning video! Thanks

  168. Yes, please on the steam cleaning video! 😀

  169. May I ask what brand of washing machine you have. And what is the brand of steam cleaner shown here.

  170. On the news they were showing one city cleaning the transportation areas. The pros were spraying on and wiping off immediately. They have a training issue there🥴🤢

  171. Love this!

  172. Melissa, this was timely and super helpful. Thank you so much for doing your part to make our world a cleaner, safer place for us all to live and thrive in!

  173. Your marble are shiny… How U maintain it ? Thank you! From Malaysia

  174. Helpful video. You seem to use “bacteria” to mean all microorganisms. The distinction between bacteria, which is not of particular concern right now, and viruses, which is very much of concern for everyone, is an important one, I think. Maybe something to keep in mind for next video, to avoid confusion.

  175. Thank you, this was very informative.

  176. Yes please to a steam cleaning video x

  177. Do you guys have the ladybug steamer after the review video?

  178. Thanks Melissa
    This is all important stuff we need to know especially during this time.Please do a video on steam cleaners and do they disinfect

  179. Thanks for the video..valuable information..I liked the way you looked when you mentioned you daughter..May Allah bless you and all your loved ones💜

  180. Would love a video on steam cleaning!

  181. If you don’t have access or cannot afford a steam cleaner, a wet cotton towel and an iron work in a pinch.

  182. A steamer “how to” would be really helpful.

  183. Bleach and water. 😉👍

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    1. Yes, my hope is that people do read the instructions. Each product varies.

    2. She should have advised to read the product label on that count. Some require up to 10 minutes dwell time per a supplier we use at work for EPA registered products that are listed to kill the Coronavirus.

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  422. Great video. I thought I’d throw in some more info as I work in contamination control in the life sciences industry. Please note, Disinfectants are not efficacious against spore formers; for example, c. Diff. The two types of disinfectants are actually phenolics and quaternary ammonium based compounds (think Lysol). Quats are actually better cleaners than phenolic based compounds. All EPA registered labeled claims are listed on the product labels on the product container. COVID-19 is an enveloped virus, like HIV, herpes etc and is actually much easier to kill on a surface than vegetative bacteria, gram negative bacterial, etc…
    But what you said is correct that the surface needs to be cleaned first; all residue needs to be removed first prior to a sanitizer or disinfectant being applied. This way the chemical can thoroughly penetrate the surface and do its job. Hope this helps. 😊

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    It is SO DIFFICULT to try and determine a way to keep our home clean, sanitized, AND disinfected at any ONE POINT IN TIME, much less all the time, though I feel that we really need to. My home is a mix of the immunocompromised & mostly bedridden, high-risk due to underlying health issues, elderly who don’t come into excessive contact with the outside world… And the youngest and healthiest of us (in the main/family house) who, ironically, travels constantly to un-/install equipment in hospitals all around the country! Added to that, we have multiple families with us (in other areas on the property) through work exchange programs who have young children and teens that often get sick and a couple of the ladies are nurses and daycare staff for disabled or very young children.

    There is never a calm moment, especially with the children running through the house after playing with the animals or in the dirt, and there are ALWAYS multiple projects active at any given time, added to the logistics of running and maintaining a small homestead and farm. We try to always stay somewhat prepared for natural disasters (mostly hurricanes) as we live in the middle of nowhere, but everyone who can works so much that it’s very difficult to try and make them properly wash up and disinfect!

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    2. Alcohol evaporates and to disinfect you need at least 90 percent nothing less if it stays wet you probably have one that is in the 50s. Higher percents are hard to find right now. I would follow this video and do a 2 step cleaning like she says.
      This is the best time to clean. Remember to clean the bottoms of all shoes that have been outside. AND clean where you keep the shoes.
      This is airborne take clothes off immediately put in a seperate plastic bag right away.
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    1. As far as I’m aware bacteria is destroyed at around 89°C so I’d go with 90°C+ cycle

    2. If you don’t have it specifically, go the hottest you can be based on what your items can tolerate. I am glad you learned about the wipes here!

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    1. it won’t work to kill the corona virus it has to be epa certified but you’re free to listen to the person that wants to be politically correct and tell you i’m wrong

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    3. Heat destroys bacteria and VIRUSES. But with the heat cleaning, it is a continuous effort. The Clorox to water ratio is BEST! Dwelling time is 3 minutes. Fill your clean sink with the correct proportions, some dishwashing detergent. Wear a good pair of cleaning gloves. This will clean and sanitize your surfaces the best. Mainly the kitchen counters, touch points and toilets. This video up front should have mentioned that cleaning and sanitizing can be accomplished in the same step. Just one step. I am a professional cleaner, 15 years, with combined cleaning experience of major universities-public settings, commercial and private cleaning. .

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