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Corelle Break & Chip Resistant Bowl Test – Will It Break?

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Larry Graves aka Canadian Studmuffin is from Trenton Ontario and has been creating videos on YouTube since 2006. I do original comedy videos, rock music vlogs on The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Sparks, Frank Zappa, Pink Floyd, Queen, David Bowie and many other rock artists, funny cat videos, Elvis Presley reaction videos, long distance relationship couple vlogs, food reviews and much more. Please support my channel by leaving comments, sharing and rating the videos you watch. Thank you!


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160 thoughts on “Corelle Break & Chip Resistant Bowl Test – Will It Break?

  1. I sat there and gasped for 23 seconds 😮 SUE the bastions!

    1. Meadow Lark you wont win

  2. You’re here for 4:26


  4. Lmao this stud muffin is hilarious, I love his sense of humour, thanks for making this video. I recently upgraded my plates and bowls to Corelle as they are very light,have a nice finish and the bonus part is break and chip resistant, for a while at least…I would never have mustered up the courage to actually test it, so thnx

  5. 🤔🤔🤔

  6. Two time fell down from my daughter and it broke like thousand pieces

  7. My mom said a given Corelle plate with a break and chip resistant in the back didn’t break when the plate dropped from a 4 ft height.

  8. Hi

  9. Clearly it matters what angle it drops at. At that angle, i bet all but plastic would break, and these are very solid plates.

  10. hmm… what IS bullsh*t is, we have a complete set. I was eating mashed polenta and spinach just 5 mins ago, and I chewed shattered f*king glass on my new fillings. wtf! we inspected the bowls and plates and cups we got as a set 7 years ago, and the edges are bubbling and I assume, chipping into the bowls. not cool.

  11. It says resistant not proof

    1. Exactly, it does not says unbreakable!

    2. @HTX_cHrIs_YT Yep, no lawsuit. Even if it did say proof, he couldn’t sue. He wasn’t using them in the correct manner. He made a public video of himself trying to break it. Though they might want to use the footage where it doesn’t break in a commercial someday heh.

    3. Can’t sue

  12. 1093 pieces. you left a piece right next tto the fudge there.

  13. I just tapped a salad plate on the edge of the counter and it broke into more pieces than this did. Of course, I had a nice pot of chili sitting right next to it. I couldn’t believe the explosion of glass!

  14. I just got a set because they stay cool in the microwave, not for break resistance but might help someday.

  15. Its tempered. That is why it exploded. Just like your car window.

  16. I’m suing corelle because one of my plates shattered after falling only one foot (29cm)

    1. unknown caller ID are you dumb

  17. frank never sue’d corelle

  18. He dropped the cat bowl

  19. Somehow this is funnier than the original meme

  20. What a fucking tool loser. Keep your kids away from this dude…

  21. ωну ∂σєѕ нє ѕσυи∂ ℓιкє мαяк нαм ιℓℓ?

  22. “Break & Chip Resistant” not “Break & Chip Proof”

    1. Jon Drinks Water the word resistant in the Cambridge English dictionary “not harmed or affected by something”

  23. 4:30 What was the drop height?

  24. Too funny Larry, now your out 2 bowls! Problem is it specifically says resistant, and it was, it took how many tries?

  25. 4:30 watch this shit

  26. It won’t break it will decintegrate

    1. Disintegrate*

  27. I think what you need to do is put hot water on it

    Edit: I just saw the whole video and the bowl broke

  28. siapa kesini grgr video promosi piring corelle pecah?

  29. How’s that law suit going?

  30. Barrie

  31. Bet a peoper place

  32. God damnit 😂😂

  33. What was the result?

  34. That thing disintegrated

  35. My wife and I got our first set in our first apartment many years ago. Let’s just say the night was entertaining testing the all of the plate ware. We found out quickly the handles on the mugs are NOT break resistant, lol.

  36. Girlfriend????

    1. Yes…

  37. skip to 3 seconds

  38. my brain litterly hurts from watching this dude

  39. Break “Resistant” , not “Proof”

    1. Edward Weiss the word resistant in the Cambridge English dictionary “not harmed or affected by something”

  40. It has to hit exactly on the rim of the bowl for it to break

  41. Lol u threw it…with FORCE

    1. Nope he didnt

  42. Mine is almost 23 yrs old

    1. OMG.. seriously 😱😍😍
      I’m just planning to buy it, but after watching this video it’s make me doubt 😅

  43. Since I’m a witness, you should share $1 million with me. 😉

  44. i have corelle brand dishes, and let me tell you. when they work and dont break, its great. almost like its defying science. but when they dont work, i have to wear shoes while walking in the kitchen for the next few months. i would pass on them next time around merely because they are so severely unpredictable. i would rather get something thatll break into 4-5 big pieces most of the time than have a glass confetti a little bit less often. my sister always drops dishes and it usually ends up becoming satans birthday party.

  45. just copied and pasted from from a corelle complaints forum:
    ” Have had several explode upon dropping them thru the years. The latest incident & by far worst was taking 5 dishes to feed my dogs & one slipped out of my hand exploding on the ground & about destroyed my dogs. Glass was everywhere as far as 12 feet away on top of a table & microwave. Glass was in my feet. I was yelling at the dogs to stay away cause they wanted to eat the food & didn’t know that millions of pieces of sharp glass was all over. Well I had to check their feet for several days. I had to use a needle to get the glass out of my feet & legs. Took me hours to clean up this mess & found glass days later under furniture in a different room. Do not use for dog food. Wow. Scary.


  47. I am a fan of high quality entertainment

  48. i saw one with this same bowl but it broke everywhere

  49. don’t break it


    1. AAAAAA

  51. I dropped a small bowl on concrete. It remained intact! Not a sign of scratch or chip.

  52. I sat one of these in my sink and it fucking disintegrated.

    1. You sat it down or more like you dropped it from an airplane like an atomic bomb?

  53. I’ve had my Corelle dishes for over 35 years. A few have broken but most of them bounce like they’re made of plastic. They have to hit on the edge of the plate for it to happen. Microwaving them to death makes it change its temperance.

  54. I guess he can sue Corelle all he wants but I’m afraid he won’t win a penny, not even a free bowl from Corelle because he doesn’t understand what break-resistant mean as opposed to break-proof.

    1. The word resistant in the Cambridge English dictionary “not harmed or affected by something”

    2. Honestly, hard to take this guy seriously

    3. @Shinigami Reaper Ignorance is bliss, so they tell me.

    4. You…you must be fun at parties

  55. very beautifully made video. really educated me on the glass plate industry and correlle’s supposedly “break and chip resistant” plates. will DEFINITELY subscribe.

  56. There’s a difference between break-proof and break-resistant. It’s the same concept as waterproof and water-resistant. A break-proof bowl will not break at all. A break-resistant bowl will not break in most instances. I would rather have a break-resistant bowl any day, rather than a regular bowl, as a regular bowl will break every time it hits a hard surface.

    1. @NONSENSEchannel But when a normal bowl breaks, your floor tile might break too. I dare you try it with a stoneware plate or bowl.

    2. yeah, but when it breaks, it explodes, normal bowls don’t do that

  57. its unbreakable until you hit the edge and is desintigrates.

  58. I just try it and mine is broken

  59. Our Corelle bowl just did the same thing and that’s how I found your video- was looking to see if it had happened to anyone else.😂

  60. Corelleware is break resistant not break-proof. It will break if it lands on the edge.

    1. @DEADBYMIDNIGHT123 what the dictionary says about break proof then

    2. David Perry the word resistant in the Cambridge English dictionary “not harmed or affected by something”

  61. Had a 18 year old plate that withstood many drops over the years. One night, we let our dog lick the plate and the plate ended up under the recliner chair. When the person in the chair sat up, the chair side TOUCHED the plate and it shattered into a million pieces. Like, projectile shot. Think shrapnel. Worse than a normal ceramic plate.

    1. yep, these plates are extra dangerous around pets and children

  62. I love Corelle, I have many patterns however, let me tell you, they do chip and they do shatter like in the 4th attempt this gentlemen did. Even when brand new or dropped once. They are supposed to be chip and break resistant but they have broken on me brand new. Corelle has been a family tradition since my child hood and I love the light feel of them.
    Yes though they break in a thousand chards and some even shot into my leg and cut me. I still love them.
    I will say one thing about the video. DO NOT USE BROKEN CORELLE pieces as toothpicks. It will break into smaller pieces and cut the enamel off your teeth.
    I certainly hope he was kidding.

  63. Idk if you watch shameless but you remind me of Frank Gallagher, especially the suing part

    1. 😂 yes.

  64. oh hell yeah

  65. Why does your profile picture look like you are going to have a stroke?

    1. lol

    2. Alex Smith he is

  66. You where one of the first people to subscribe to me when I was a kid on YouTube, I just randomly found this video, makes me extremely happy that your still at it 🙂

    1. Thank you very much. 🙂

  67. You sir have another subscriber

  68. Some years ago a Corelle saucer broke and I remember it as being only in 2 or 3 pieces so I thought all the pieces would break similarly. BUT 2 days ago a large Corelle bowl fell off the same counter and shattered into a zillion tiny shards that flew all over—much as yours did. The closest I can describe it is it broke as a glass might, rather than non-Corelle dishes and bowls might—lots of vey sharp and very fine shards that were almost invisible.

    1. Stella A have you seen the guy who dropped in on the kitchen it got destitute

  69. Well I mean it’s just simple science and physics and what not.. it took 3 hits without breaking and eventually after taking multiple impacts it gave out. It’s probably made to take a couple hits and after so long it just gets structurally weaker after each hit. Also that cat looks like he’s saying “I’m tired of your shit” lol

    1. Maybe new Corelle is break resistant but out of my huge set of inherited dishes, I’ve never had one *not* explode into a million tiny shards any time it fell to the floor. Maybe

  70. Yup that cat was pet – trafies

  71. anyone from the snapchat bro?

    edit: thx for the likes wow

    1. Hi how r u… can we chat in facebook

    2. Hi

  72. mine in 14 mo.s

  73. Breaks bowl on purpose…

    “Correlle you owe me a new set of bowls”

    1. It says it’s *BREAK* and chip resistant on the bowl

  74. Me in 20 years


    2. The guy or the bowl?

  75. Ours have been dropped a few times and not breaking. Out damn kitten gets ahold of it and it shatters everywhere.

    1. Lol I feel you about the cat 😂

  76. Break Resistant not break proof 😉

    1. @Ignificus it’s made from glass.

    2. And a break resistant biwl should break into a few large pieces if at all, not shatter like sugar glass

    3. He didnt use a jackhammer, he just dropped it and it broke

  77. Is it boneash free?

  78. Plot twist ** The one that broke is not corelle! Bc you should put the camera abit far from the kitchen cabinet so that we can see if you changed the bowl.

    1. You can see the where the black squares on the bowl are in the shards

    2. Bani Charlie it is corelle but I think if you wet the bowl it’ll break?

  79. Amazed it didn’t break the first time!

  80. This is my favourite video on YT 😂

  81. this is why plastic bowls exist

  82. Yes it breaks. I hate Corelle.

  83. Omg why you do it in your house..

    1. 😂 outside been better.

  84. Hahaha!! You are so funny! I am so glad I watched this video! It was break and resistant 3 times until the 4th time. I can see why it broke… it landed on its side instead of the bottom or top. I love and appreciate my Corelle more now. We have good taste, don’t we? Hahaha! 😛

    1. Thats exactly what I saw happen. It they land in the edge. Bye bye dish.
      But top or bottom. It’s safe

  85. Why do you remind me of Gary Busey? 😬
    Break/chip resistant is different than break/chip proof.

    1. The word resistant in the Cambridge English dictionary “not harmed or affected by something

    2. It fucking shattered

  86. I’m skeptical that it was just pushed off. Looked like it impacts at high velocity. Need full view of the bowl getting “nudged” off. That, and that you said two or three times that you didn’t throw it, makes me believe you threw it. 👍

    1. Well, I didn’t but no one is forced to believe me, thanks…

  87. Ok I guess it bowl you….over …

  88. I had a Corelle plate blow up into a million pieces when I accidentally put it on a hot stove eye. So there is another test you can do.
    Just make sure the eye is red hot, lol, and put on eye protection (your eyes not the stove).

    1. Dave Merc Productions surprise! Glass breaks at high temperatures/drastic changes in temperature. Not an error of the manufacturer but an error of you:)

  89. Jinx looks scarred for life from this experience!

  90. if only that show “fight back” was still on lol

  91. Very funny!

  92. Smashing video, Larry.

  93. This is pretty interesting.

  94. I have the same bowls

  95. Was fun to watch. 3 out of 4 with no breaks does kinda mean ‘break resistant,’ though, i’d say. Try pushing a regular china bowl of the counter. One push would kinda likely be enough.

    I have Corelle i’ve owned since i went off to college over 40 years ago and i’ve dropped pieces many times, but so far so good – i still have them all.

  96. Who else was hoping the floor would break?

  97. A moment of silence for the bowls we have lost.

  98. I have a Corelle dinnerset too, and they do smash if dropped on a tiled floor.

  99. Now this is the high quality entertainment that we all know and love!!

  100. Hey Larry! I remember when watching your 1 lie 9 ture stories, that you said if anyone wants to hear the audio of your wife saying your name. Would you mind if I could listen to it? And btw great video idea!

    1. yes and then once I get it I will delete it from here, thanks.

    2. Canadian Studmuffin can I just send you it in this comment section?

    3. Just message me on Facebook if you can and send me your email address, thanks.

  101. Larry,Jinx is like,oh dear,daddy’s broke again!,anyways I have a story Larry about something that I had once that broke that you might find interesting,Larry,I use to be a smoker and I had a glass ashtray about an inch thick that one day without falling or anything just snapped in half!,I was watching a creepy show on TV about reincarnation when all of a sudden I hear craaaack!!,I looked to my right and the ash tray on the table beside me was literally in two pieces,sliced perfectly in half,like I said it didn’t fall or anything,it just split and it kind of creeped me out so I immediately turned the show off,pretty weird eh? Bob.

    1. Janet Sampson Freaky! I love stories like that…thanks. 😊

  102. That Zappa picture😂😂

    1. Cratorat My son Michael bought it for my birthday. 😁

  103. it’s resistant not unbreakable Larry, it seemed to have survived a few falls, might be a follow up vid when you contact corelle get their opinion

    1. Cherry Carter the word resistant in the Cambridge English dictionary “not harmed or affected by something”

  104. Sorry for the loss of your bowl…

  105. That genuinely made me burst out laughing. Great video, thanks Larry.

  106. Fans of HQE, where you at?

  107. What’s up, Larry?

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