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Dangerous Reaction Mixing Household Products – Chemical Reaction Warning

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Dangerous chemical reaction: 2 Components used in Health & Beauty Products have a violent / dangerous reaction when mixed together (risk of explosion if not handled correctly). Strong exothermic reaction has beneficial uses including making fires in damp conditions (survival, camping, backpacking and more). In this video there are 5 demonstrations shown with alterations and interesting effects! My apple burst into flames. This mixture literally erupts in a shower of sparks, smoke and fire!

This reaction involves the use of potassium permanganate (KMnO4) and glycerin (see MSDS for more information) but the glycerin action can also be caused by other household items. This is why you should never mix chemicals or products if you do not know the possible reactions that can occur. Products that have such dangerous reactions should not be stored together.

WARNING: this video is for demonstration purposes. The chemical reaction shown is highly volatile and should not be conducted without significant preparations including but not limited to location awareness, safety gear, knowledge of chemicals & reactions, and responsible supervision. Never attempt to combine these agents in a closed container.

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247 thoughts on “Dangerous Reaction Mixing Household Products – Chemical Reaction Warning

  1. They’re redox reactions. Permanganate is a strong oxidizer; alcohols (ethanol and glycerin) and glucose are good reductants.

    1. Nice summary of the reaction! Thanks for taking time to watch and comment.

  2. Science!!!!!!

    1. Oh yes! thanks for the comment!!

  3. MoOoOoOoM where’s the glycerin

    1. Dialed In DIY your welcome

    2. LOL… heard that in my head like you probably meant it too! Thanks for posting your comment!

  4. “we must do this in a safe environment with nothing that can catch fire” >Does it right near leaves

    1. lol… yes, that is true… but, as I mentioned I made sure the ground was wet before I started and all of the leaves are fluid rich. Plus, I was overboard on safety with redundant back ups at the ready. Thanks so much for watching and taking the time to comment! I appreciate it.

  5. Wow the one vid I’ve ever seen that doesn’t have any vids to watch when this one ends. I’ve watched vids that didn’t have descriptions.

  6. Just so you will know… A copy of the receipt of restricted items/chemicals/ goes to the F. B. I.

    1. Good to know. What is considered to be restricted is different based upon geography. In my area these are not restricted items.

  7. Americans do not blow things up In the U. S A. If you want to blow up things join the army. They will teach you the correct way to do it. 😈😂😂

    1. That is definitely one way to get some explosives training!… 🙂

  8. Educational but dangerous,,be aware

  9. I think matchbox or lighter is most commonly found house hold item… Rather than potassium permanganate

    1. Lol… true, much more accessible and easier to use and control!

  10. Try a bag of pool shock and glycerin / brake fluid.

    1. Another good science experiment idea! Have you done this one before? If so, how much of each did you use? Thanks for watching and commenting!!

  11. I want to try this out but will bleach and hand sanitizing gel work?

    1. @Dialed In DIY Thanks for the advice bro… cheers

    2. I would not recommend it. Bleach is dangerous to add to many things!! Bleach reacts with alcohol (found in hand sanitizer) and forms chloroform; very dangerous indeed!!

  12. KMnO4 is not a household product, in Europe u need permission to buy it. but 35-40 years ago it was and I did it a lot with glycerol …

    1. Good point; in some locations it is harder to get.  But in others people have it for water purification, survival kits, and more.  Thanks for watching and taking the time to post a comment!

  13. This Is the kind of crap I do when I’m home alone, I just do random science things and mix random stuff.

    1. I totally get that!! Thanks for taking time to watch my video and post your comment! [Sorry for the delayed reply. I just found a large volume of comments that never showed up in my main notifications list]

  14. Would water put it out?

    1. The chemical reaction will complete itself even in the presence of moisture which is why I keep a fire extinguisher handy that also works for grease fires.  But I am curious to see what happens if the combination occurs under water… I might have test that!  Thanks for taking the time to post your question, I appreciate it!

  15. Anyone has a mother-in-law, that harasses him?? Her??? What can a huuuge make up present can contain…😂😂😂😂

  16. Stupid video. Just do a safety video and forget the rest.

  17. YEAH science B-WORD

    1. 🙂 Thanks for taking time to comment, I appreciate it!!

  18. #RocketFuel?!

  19. An appropriate fire extinguisher? Aren’t they all appropriate? What would be an inappropriate fire extinguisher? LOL

    1. In this case most are appropriate but I figured I’d hedge the statement since not all types of fires can be addressed with all types of fire extinguishers.  That way nobody could say  it was “misleading.”  So I guess “appropriate” is just a CYA for the vid…LOL

  20. Damn Imagine drinking that stuff! That’ll put fire on yo azz lol!

    1. I like hot and spicy but I think that’s too strong of a shot for my taste… LOL

  21. My butthole does that on the toilet…..

    1. Lol!  That sounds like an explosive problem that may require the attention of a specialist.  I guess that adds new meaning to the phrase “fire in the hole.”

  22. Just telling people how to make bombs lmao

  23. Don’t do this as I do this

  24. Says to be safe and not near any combustible. Does experiment in a grassy and flowered area.

    1. Lol… yup. Good news is that it had recently rained, I still sprayed the area in advance with a hose, had a fire extinguisher and the plants were all moisture bearing and were not going to even smolder.  Even still, you are right… gotta err on the side of caution whenever possible. Thanks for watching and taking the time to comment!!

  25. So now Apples do explode beside Samsung

    1. Dialed In DIY
      Happy new year 🎈🎆🎊

    2. LOL… yes and that is perfect timing; my video release tomorrow morning is for salvaged li-ion batteries!  They do tend to react poorly under the right/wrong conditions.  Thanks for watching and for the comment!  Happy New Year!

  26. She blinded me with science, she blinded me, with SCIENCE!!!

    1. “I can smell the chemicals
      . Blinding me with science, science.” Indeed! Nice Dolby reference BTW 😉 Thanks for watching!

  27. What are the materials?? Is a science homework chill

    1. @Dialed In DIY Song

    2. Sorry… do you mean “What are the materials” is the name of a chill song?… or you want to know the name of the materials?  Now I am curious. 🙂 Thanks.

  28. 0:30 “where there is nothing around that can burn” Explodes shit right next to a bush

    1. If any of the plants were dead & dry it might have been a problem but I saturated the ground first, it had recently rained & the discharge all went into dirt. There was no evidence of char on anything close.  Doesn’t mean I didn’t have a fire extinguisher close, you know… just in case (lol).  Thanks for watching and for taking the time to comment!

  29. This is a good fire starter for camping.

    1. I use ClF3 for that

    2. Oh so true…. even in damp conditions.  Thank you very much for the comment!

  30. My teacher said her teacher was cleaning this bathroom with a chemical and when she finished she thought “let me add some bleach” she did and it let out this fume making her pass out, luckily someone found her and called the hospital. She woke up in the hospital not knowing what happened to her.

    1. That would have been ammonia and chlorine bleach. Its homemade chloraphorm.

    2. Dialed In DIY well I don’t know, my teacher didn’t tell me that there were any ill effects.

    3. Thanks for sharing this feedback (and for watching my video). There are many things that bleach should not be added to, mixed with , or even used after. Allot of cleaning products contain ammonia and the addition of bleach creates chloramine vapors that can be dangerous. Mixing bleach with any acid actually produces chlorine gas (even vinegar can cause this with bleach). Rubbing alcohol is another one that can produce some nasty byproducts if bleach is added including an acid and a version of chloroform. Did your teacher have any long lasting, ill effects?

  31. What happens if you seal this combo in a container

    1. Boom it go!💥

    2. Boom, need I say more?

    3. Definitely a good question. Answer: violent reaction that can have dangerous results. In many jurisdictions it would be illegal to confine in an enclosed container. I highly recommend against it since the results would be difficult to predict and the results could be extremely dangerous. Thanks for taking the time to watch and to ask your question.

  32. Was the black powder the potassium permanganate

  33. Sputtering, he he, what a great word. 😀 Cool video.

    1. Haha… thank you very much (for watching, taking the time to comment and the good chuckle for “sputtering”).

  34. Why is this age restricted it serves as a safety video that does an excellent job at portraying why you shouldn’t mix household products

    1. Great question.  From what I understand someone flagged it and I am guessing it was based upon reading comments only and not watching the actual video.  The people at YouTube did agree that it doesn’t violate the community guidelines but they still weren’t willing to remove the recent age restriction.  Thanks for taking the time to comment!!

  35. Used to do this all the time as a kid.

  36. Why the fuck did you do all these dangerous experiments in a cess pool of grass and shit?

  37. Well, now I know how to make a grenade….

    1. Incendiary one…🤣🤣

    2. how to make Bro ^_^ PM me i want to make

  38. RIP plants

    1. It could definitely torch plants if placed just right but my good plants remained unharmed (close-up at 1:36 shows the leaves right behind the reaction un-scorched).  The section later where there were plants with purple flowers… those were actually overgrown “weeds” that were removed anyway when the garden was cleared and the soil was amended.  Thanks for watching and for the comment!

  39. Sorry can’t Finnish video
    FBI is knocking at my door

    1. That was very nice of them to knock.  They usually don’t bother… I mean, so I have heard.

  40. Great video. The reaction is insane. science is so cool.

    1. Thank you very much for the feedback and for watching my video!  Science can definitely be cool (I just wish I knew that when I was much younger)!!

  41. This would be great for moles

    1. A new use!.. cool.  Do you mean to put it in one entrance of a hole/tunnel to smoke them out?

  42. survival kit ????? …. I know something that will take up much less space in your kit … a LIGHTER ffs

  43. Just a heads up from experience, mix white vinegar and household hydrogen peroxide 50/50 to get potassium permanganate stains out. It makes a strong acid that turns the manganese, the element giving the purple color, to an ionic form which is colorless. Just don’t get any on your skin, learned that part from experience as well.

    1. Awesome tip!!  I had roommates in school who used the staining element for practical jokes… that would have been great to know.  Thanks for sharing the info… and for watching the video.

  44. Potassium permaganate fire starting kits used to be sold by camping supply stores. Also used by Arab fighters as malitove cocktails.

    1. Dialed In DIY I’m in Alaska, only time I need the stuff is to start a fire in the winter.

    2. Yep, that’d do it for sure. Thanks for clarifying.

      [Now for the unnecessarily annoying disclaimer for others who may read this string: “fun facts” or “fun to know” does not mean you should go do this… it is most likely illegal where you are AND dangerous if you don’t have experience working with & controlling this sort of reaction.]

    3. Dialed In DIY potassium in a plastic bag, glass bottle of glycerin inside. Thow against a hard object.

    4. I can honestly say I did not know about that second one. I wonder how it could be used without rupturing / erupting too soon (actually, perhaps it is better if I don’t wonder about that… LOL).

  45. If I add this video to “favorites” will I start to have a black van parked outside ?

    1. a very interesting hypothetical consideration. Added food for thought… which one of my vids would mistakenly get you added quicker, this one or the one titled “what’s inside a woody?” Just thoughts… Thanks for watching my video, I appreciate it!

  46. Now you tell me!
    I made a volcano in my front room and burned a 3′ hole through the floor!

    1. Dialed In DIY
      My business name is, Super Dave’s Plumbing.
      Actually got it from Super Dave Osborn, plus it’s been my nickname. Back to my original comment….. my homeowners policy would not cover the volcano, they attributed it to a natural disaster.

    2. LOL… it’s like I can hear Super Dave Osborne’s voice in my head reading your words (might not be the super Dave you were going for but that’s how the comment hit me) 🙂 BTW… quite a visual too! Thanks for the comment!

  47. This is cool

    1. It is definitely a fun reaction and I am glad you enjoyed watching it. Thanks for taking the time to watch & comment!

  48. I am so putting permanganate on roommates face then glycerin in hand and tickling his face with feather, sweet cool dude, I’ma be posting it on YouTube along with this link so we can all do it

  49. Mixing these two itemsat home makes a violent reaction, my first wife and alcohol. Lmfao.

    1. Same with Carol Baskins

    2. Lol!

  50. Got into doing this back around 1970 with some mates. We’d buy a small bottle and add a few drops of glycerin, put the lid back on, give it a shake, and chuck it. It usually blew the lid off really nicely. Anyway, some of us used to attend a Christian boy’s club of a Friday night run by this bloke we called Tramp. One night, a fellow thought it would be a lark to throw a bottle inside. He threw it just inside the door, and Tramp happened to be close by. He took a couple of steps towards it when it went off. Only this time the bottle exploded. Tramp has staggered backwards, clutching his neck. The kid’s gone, “Oh shit”, and taken off, with Tramp a few steps behind. We thought he was going to kill him. But he’s just dragged him back, blood well and truly dripping out from between the fingers of his other hand, which is still gripping his own throat. He made him clean up and that was the end of the matter. Fireworks were great fun back then. But I’m glad that they’ve almost impossible to obtain a long time ago. I live in Australia, and can say that easy access to explosives and firearms make for an exciting youth. But you can’t legislate against youthful stupidity, only make it more difficult to limit bad outcomes.

    1. Love the story and glad it sounds like everyone was ok after the fact… I can totally relate to the “youthful stupidity” thought (as can my mom). I have learned to be much more thoughtful in how I exercise curiosity since those days. Thanks for watching and for taking the time to comment!!

  51. Whats added to the first reaction

    1. First was the basic combo of potassium permanganate and glycerin but then added sugar for the second round. Was that the “added” part you were asking about?

  52. Can i mix these in my butthole? I ate mentos and drank diet coke and nothing happened.

  53. Household items?? I don’t know of anyone EVER to have either of these anywhere in their homes.

    1. Old Man from Scene Twenty Four I have glycerin

    2. @Dialed In DIY
      Hey, thanks for the reply! I just figured that if sugar could be used, then why not Karo? It was just a random question I threw at you. I took chemistry in high school.., uhm.., oh geeze.., almost cough, cough, 40.., cough, years ago. Shit, I should be shopping for a coffin and looking for a nursing home instead of watching YouTube vids!
      Anywho, I remember two things from Chem 101. One, it doesn’t matter if a chemical is sweet or sour, the chemical composition is what’s important, duh. And two, Ms. O’ Tools was an ugly, ugly teacher. Like I said, it was just a random question.
      Thanks again for the reply, I enjoyed your video. Your camera work and narration was done very well.

    3. You raise a very interesting question.  While glycerin and Karo/corn syrup are both used in cooking / baking they do have different “origin stories.”  While I can’t honestly say I can explain all the key differences I do know that the glycerin has an oil property that Karo doesn’t.  Still would be fun to experiment with some different reactions and combinations.  Thank you for the comment & for watching!

    4. Dialed In DIY
      If glycerin is used for cooking sweets, then I wonder if possibly Caro Syrup could be used as a substitute. Hmm, light or dark? 🤔 Great video, Dialed in DIY!

    5. Old Man from Scene Twenty Four i have a blow-up doll and a banana….. Can i make a bonfire with these two household ingredients?

  54. Potassium permanganate is very useful for water Purification it can also be used as an antiseptic and also to start fires

    1. So true… thanks for the added info and for checking out my video!

  55. You could also skip the glycerol and just use sugar instead.
    Mix them with a stick, scrape the mix roughly for a couple of seconds, then stand back.

  56. This guy is a creep……. it like you know what people would use this for… but that’s your point right?

    1. Hi Stan, simply put I’m a nerd too which is why I like to try and share information for the purpose of educating.  Sorry if it comes across like I’m sharing info for the purpose of being dangerous but honestly that is not my intent. Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback.

  57. Voice is annoying, stop doing that

    1. I have actually been working on reducing the amount of voice in the vids.  I only get a chance to do the VO when it is really late at night when I’m trying not to wake up others in the house… not the best qualities for commentary.  Thanks for the feedback and for watching the vid.

  58. Well it looks like you can make your own fireworks depending on how much those products cost you might be able to make fireworks for half the price what happens if you put that in an enclosed environment can you make it into a bottle rocket

    1. Your right, and the chemicals used here actually are used in fireworks, but you have to be careful with strong oxidizers like potassium permanganate cause it’s really easy to accidentally turn your normal seeming bottle rocket into a time bomb. Even if you make it just fine and store it somewhere you think is safe, if it gets wet it can have a habit of finding unexpected fuel sources.

    2. Not a bad thought… I have not experimented with it for the purposes of controlled propulsion.  I  have left that to other chemicals which I can predict the response to (ex. my DIY fireworks video).  I may try some small scale, controlled experiments to see what I can do under safe conditions.  I’d probably add more sugar to slow the reaction some in addition to other ingredients… hmmm… this has me thinking of some fun stuff to try.  Thanks for the comment & the view!

  59. – why are you destroying your garden ?

    1. – Thanks.

    2. Fortunately I am not causing any damage to any plants despite the fact that I was doing this in the midst of “weeds” during the off season.  I have since tended the surface and amended the soil, grown a new batch of plants, and repeated the process.  Thanks for taking the time to watch and to comment.

  60. I am really glad that i came across your channel.

    1. Thanks so much for the feedback… hope you continue to like the new stuff (once I fix my computer and can get back to editing videos that is).

  61. What exactly is pot perm?

    1. Pot Perm has many uses including as an antiseptic, fungicide and for treatment of various skin issues such as eczema, dermatitis, acne and more.  It also has uses for water purification.

    2. You said that both ingredients are used for health and beauty. I know about glycerin, but how is potassium permangate used for health/beauty?

    3. Pot Perm is a name commonly used to reference the chemical potassium permanganate (it is also the name of a product used for water filter treatment).  If that wasn’t exactly what you were asking, then please feel free to ping me again and I will happily answer.  Thanks for watching and for the question.

  62. There you go.
    Educating crazy nuts on ways to start arson fires and bomb makings.

    1. TheParanormal70 trust me… they already know how to do stuff like this.

  63. Why didn’t you do this in some sand, instead of burning those poor plants.

    1. I agree. Where I’m from, we use Roundup and other broad spectrum herbicides to kill our “poor plants”.

      We also call the “poor plants” “weeds”.

    2. Good question.  Fortunately none of the plants in close proximity were damaged despite the fact that they were all weeds.  This was greatly due to recent rains plus some extra pre-soaking on my part.  The ground was a bit dryer by the time I got to the apple which is why I moved to a concrete surface.

  64. I use another product which also has a great exothermic reaction, but doesn’t burst into flame, quicklime.
    When you add water to the finely ground powder (also known as kibbled) this eventually produces a lime putty that looks like
    yogurt that I mix with sand (3:1) for my lime mortars and plasters needed for my work as a plasterer.
    I have often wondered how anybody worked out the process in the first place. I even saw somebody get a similar reaction after they made a fire, added lots of snail shells, and when the wood burnt out they crushed the shells, added water and produced the calcium carbonate or lime putty.

    1. Peter Gambier….. awesome fun facts. 4 year final cure time… too cool.

    2. What I like about lime is that with the right aggregates you can make a base, middle, top coat and a paint from one material and with the added fibres the tensile strength is second to none and with a room plastered in lime you get better acoustics, it’s also warmer to the touch I think.
      Funnily enough, cement just like lime continues to harden up to 6 years later, and what was learned recently was that when salt water hits pumice or lava a substance called ‘Phillipsite’ is produced. These are plate like objects which bend rather than shatter when put under stress.
      Roman harbour walls are stronger today than when they were first built. Also look at the Pantheon in Rome, it’s the oldest, non-reinforced roofed structure in the world and the strength come from the added lava sand in a 3:1 mix.
      The foundations of the Edison lighthouse and the Houses of Parliament in the UK used a Blue Lias lime and sand because this particular lime sets best under water yet blue lias stone, which is a mud-stone is a rubbish material for buildings because over time it cracks and fractures more than other stone, around where I live in the S.West of England, many of the old properties walls are made from lias.

    3. That is very cool info! Thanks for sharing… I am going to have to do some experimenting with that in the future.  My only experience with it has been as a minor ingredient in concrete mixtures.  I appreciate the feedback!

    4. When you add the water to the quicklime, within a few minutes it starts to bubble and eventually it gets so hot you cannot stand over the tub, it’s quite a steamy bubbling heat. For teaching purposes it’s great to show this to people especially teenage lads.
      If you make a wood fire and cook empty snail shells, when cool, add a little water to the shells you get a less intense exothermic reaction too.
      In fact, I wonder how the Mayan, Egyptian, Sumerian or Romans figured this would work?

    5. Thanks for the info Peter.  How strong does the reaction get?  Given the use for plastering I am assuming it is a strong heat effect without the burn but does it react allot more than Plaster of Paris in terms of heat?  Thanks for watching and for the comment!

  65. 2:30 “Use appropriate protective gear” Like GLOVES, maybe?

    1. Gloves would definitely be a wise choice for active engagement with the reaction once it has begun or if trying to add consumable material to the effect for purposes of starting a fire.  Good thought!  Thanks for the comment.

  66. 0:25 “Picking a very safe outdoor environment” NOT HARDLY! Are you kidding me!? You’ve got plants in very close proximity, and I can’t tell from the video if that object in the background is stone or stump. True that those green, moist plants are very unlikely to ignite, but still they could be damaged (why would you want to damage your own decorative plants?) and possibly set off sparks; with that amount of heat in the ground you are sterilizing the soil; what kind of chemicals are you now adding into that soil as a result of the reaction? Is it toxic? If there are dead roots in the ground, the heat could cause an underground fire. You guys might know something about chemical reactions but you know NOTHING about safety! Don’t use words you don’t understand.

    1. @Dorrien North
      Actually, underground fires are a reality, ask any firefighter that’s fought a forest fire. After the tree burns to the ground it’s possible for the roots to start smoldering and that can last for days. No flames, but just smoke coming from the ground. Kinda like the tree roots act like charcoal briquettes. Naturally that would never happen on a small scale fire such as this one though.

    2. Andrew Velonis How ’bout that “appropriate fire extinguisher” @ 4:43?…lol.

    3. Thanks for the feedback Andrew.  Fortunately the entire surrounding environment was saturated and the plants were moisture rich weeds.  Because I know the effect, limits and limitations of the chemical reaction I was certain that the effect would not damage anything.  The item in the back was indeed stone.  The two elements utilized in this video are components of consumable products which means byproducts of this effect are not much different from burning wood in terms of contamination potential.


  67. Nice to know! Don’t want that to happen

    1. So true… not a good thing to have happen by accident.  Thanks for taking the time to watch and to comment.  I appreciate it!


    1. Mr.t Whitie because boom

  69. Potassium permanginate and glycerine can be use to create an explosive

    1. FBI open up!!

  70. there like a way to ummm…have this reaction..happen in a time like ummmm that will aaaaa plosible like aliby… alaby….that I wasn’t there when my chinese restaurant burns down? 😁

    1. LOL….um, I don’t think I can condone that but if I were going to do that… no wait, sorry, not what I meant to suggest.  Thanks for the view and the comment.  Hope you enjoyed the video.

  71. When you showed the first reaction, I thought that in a “lost in the woods” scenario, that would be a great way to get a fire started.

    1. Actually a pretty good use; if the “lost in the woods” type of situation included being anywhere near a car then you could even use the car’s coolant which contains a similar ingredient as the glycerin.  The Pot Perm used to be a more common component of emergency packs because it has many uses.  Thanks for taking the time watch and comment!

    2. v1los ☆ Daniel Boone was once asked if he had ever gotten lost. It is said he thought about it for a moment, then replied,” No… But once I was a might bewildered for three days !”

    3. So one is ‘lost in the woods’ and wants to start a fire, and doesnt have a lighter but just happens to have Pot Perm and glycerine! Sorry not being rude, but it did give me a chuckle!! LOL

  72. doesent work in uk

    1. I did not know that (thank you for enlightening me).  Car coolant has a very similar reaction because of the glycol that is typically present.

    2. glycerin has an additive in it in the uk so it dosent do anything. there is a way to make it work. boil the bottle of glycerin with the lid on loose. then you will see the liquid seperate . then with a syringe take the top part off and use that. then you have glycerin again. the bottom half is no good.

    3. Is potassium permanganate not available where you are or do you mean something else?  Thanks for the view and the comment.

  73. why giving people such destructive ideas?

  74. Swimming pool chlorine and brake fluid is another good one.

    1. Now dose it have to be pool shock or would a 3″ tablet work?

    2. True… quite an impressive result as well.

  75. how about mixing them but freezing them in liquid nitrogen? 🤔

    1. Let’s find out why don’t u post a video of the reaction

    2. I had not considered that… do you mean freezing the two ingredients separately first and then mixing or trying to combine and instantly freeze before the reaction can get violent?  Thanks for watching and for commenting.

  76. Are the fumes toxic?

    1. Good Q; despite this reaction being a common school demonstration you should still make sure to have a very well ventilated area and treat it like you would any other combustible reaction.  The production of smoke is going to be an irritant at minimum and should be treated accordingly.

  77. What if this was placed in an air tight container (Like a short 1’diameter pvc tube) sort of like a firecracker. Would be a cool experiment. Make it like a grenade where you turn a small valve to mix them

    1. I can say that based upon the exothermic reaction that this creates the result would be beyond spectacular!  Honestly, I have wanted to test that idea out but I also know that where I am it is illegal… bummer, huh?  Thanks for the comment!

  78. Potassium permanganate isn’t exactly a common household chemical

    1. You can also use any potassium phosphate base plant fertilizer

    2. @Tyler Gearlds what is label or name of product in walmart?

    3. But it is easy to find in Walmart

  79. Got a few items to add to my hiking bag. This would be great for starting a fire if matches or a lighter are unusable.

    1. you should store them together in your pack, this way you dont even have to do anything, except not catch on fire. why would you carry both these together in your pack? are you suicidal?

    2. Hi Bob, Pot Perm and can be found on line (ex. Amazon) but depending upon where you live you can also find it in hardware stores. It is used for removing iron & minerals from filtration systems. Hope that helps. Thanks for watching!

    3. Bob Taylor
      Aquatic suppliers.
      It’s used as an antifungal in fish tanks.
      Alternatively, Ebay.
      A couple of the tiny crystals purifies a litre of water in 15 minutes.
      It can be drank safely, used to clean wounds, dressings, smelly clothes or even feet.
      The water stains pink or slightly purple but it’s harmless.

    4. Dialed In DIY where can I find pot perm?

    5. Great info! The antiseptic effect is also why it is helpful in emergencies to help purify water.  I did not know about the dental use… cool to know!  Thanks for the feedback/info!

  80. Rocket fuel?

    1. hmmmm… it might work if you could control the reaction and keep the waste product from damaging the rocket. I’ve made solid fuel cells for rockets but not liquid fuel (although I guess this would sort of be a combo). Thanks for the comment!!

  81. instructional video’s should probably have some, say INSTRUCTIONS?
    don’t you think?

    1. You make a good point but please note that I called it a demo video to explain the reaction… not so much for duplication. That said, I explained the ingredients and how I combined them… was there some additional detail that you were hoping I would have shared? I would be happy to provide it in the comments if there was something I missed. Thanks for your comment and for watching… I do appreciate it!

  82. In fact if you add water before it erupts it gets a lot more interesting.Ive seen the reaction get very violent like this

    1. Dialed In DIY Thank you for replying.I attempted the same reaction with Kmno4 and glycerine,but on the lack of any noticeable reaction I tried to wash it away where it violently erupted almost instantly.So to answer your question I added the water after the two ingredients.(the water was in a very small quantity.I believe it just accelerated the reaction by allowing the two to mix faster .)

    2. Very interesting… When you saw that reaction was the water added after the combination of the two items or was one of the items mixed with water first?

  83. I’m curious to know… How pissed was your mom when she found out what you did to her garden? How long did you get grounded for?

    1. Good news is that it was my garden… even better news is that my family is very understanding of my extreme curiosity and nobody has been too annoyed with any of my projects… so far (even the fireworks build when I accidentally filled the kitchen with smoke from outside the house).

  84. welcome to the watchlist

    1. *FBI FBI OPEN UP*

      btw, I got here by watching cat videos??

    2. Affirmative, big brother watching you

    3. Ricktacular Rick 😂😂

    4. LOL !!!

    5. LOL… fortunately not for evil purposes but rather informative ones.

  85. Nice video i’m taking chemistry in school right now and super into it. I’m wondering if you could make a video on sulfuric acid (perhaps on how to make it) another request is to make a video on natural dyes 😀

    1. You can buy H2SO4 at an auto parts. It is called battery acid.

    2. I love to hear the feedback! Good suggestions too. As far as natural dyes did you have a specific purpose you wanted to use the dyes for (ex. staining wood, concrete, etc. or possibly to be used in smoke effects?) Thanks for watching and for commenting!!

  86. Same reaction as gunpowder

  87. Right next to plants your a dumb ass

    1. Dialed In DIY well hey if you put it more to the left I would have been fine

    2. Hi Hunter. If you can clarify more about the variables and related assumptions leading to your thought that it was dumb I will gladly try to explain more about the steps I took to ensure safety. Thanks.

  88. Potassium permanganate & Glycerin Cool!

    1. Excellent way to sum it up!… and I totally agree. Thanks for the comment!

  89. how do i get potassium permanganate please respond

    1. Dialed In DIY forgot name of stuff was like four letters if remember

    2. Dialed In DIY use to work at ace hardware does it remove lime ect?

    3. Excellent! Glad I could help.

    4. Thanks dude that really helped me.

    5. The product I used is called Pot Perm and can be found on line (ex. Amazon) but depending upon where you live you can also find it in hardware stores. It is used for removing iron & minerals from filtration systems. Hope that helps.

  90. Way yo go, trash mums garden

    1. My projects do tend to have a bit of an impact on the landscape… but I hide it pretty well (LOL). Thanks for watching!

  91. Cheap homemade fireworks!

    1. Not a bad idea at all… I might try experimenting with adding some baking soda to the PP to slow the reaction and make it last longer (I’ve done this with other DIY firework materials with success). Thanks for the comment and for watching DID!

  92. 2:44 WE GET IT YOU VAPE

  93. I kind of made a chlorine bomb in my home by accidentally mixing a bunch of pool chlorine powder and concentrated oxalic acid…. My mom grounded me for 2 weeks for that…

    1. Jann Dadea I remember that! Weren’t you like 48 yrs old when you did that and got grounded?😅

    2. Hi Jann, first and foremost I would recommend checking local laws & ordinances to make sure that there isn’t a risk of trouble and then make sure you have informed and/or gotten permission from someone who is able to help if something goes “not as planned.” If everyone is ok with you doing this then you may want to check on line to see if it is available for use in the Philippines…I would think that it is but it could be restricted.

    3. Dialed In DIY No didn’t became volatile reaction…. but after the violent reaction, the liquid is still fuming…. luckily my gas mask is nearby so there are no serious effects to my health… Question, I am looking for Potassium Permanganate to test with my Pure Glycerol. I live in the Philippines and I can’t find KMnO4 at Pet Shops and Hardwares… Any suggestions? By the way, i’m just 12 yrs. old. Thanks!

    4. Oh wow, that’s definitely a serious potential reaction isn’t it? Did you have any kind of volatile reaction? I guess the obvious huge risk is deadly chlorine gas production (chlorine & acid combo is nasty dangerous). Glad you are ok & able to talk about it. Thanks for the comment too!

  94. Couldn’t this be carried in a survival kit for fire ?

    1. Good points… the main goal with this approach for fire starting is in more of an emergent situation where all of the fuel is damp or wet. This way you can still get warmth, boil water, etc.

    2. wouldn’t using this to cook something, or atleast a fire starter for food be dangerous? If it shouldn’t be done indoors harmful gases are probably being formed.

    3. Absolutely! I have used it for starting a campfire when everything was damp and it works great. The PP also has other survival uses too including water purification and emergency signal (shows up real bright in snow).

  95. Wow, thanks for that. I have that stuff for medical/prepper stuff but dang!!!

    1. That stuff is great for a med/prep kit. It has many great uses. Thanks for the comment and for watching.

  96. Mix alcohol and potassium permengernate

  97. The second chemical can be found in hand sanitizer correct?

    1. that’s nitroglycerin

    2. Good to know about the glycerin… I need to keep an eye out for that because I use it for a bunch of different kinds of projects (including bubble solution – opposite spectrum of project) and have it stored away in a couple of places.  I don’t need extra messes to clean… I make enough already.  Thanks for the comment.

    3. well I wont be keeping Potassium Permengarnate around! had an old bottle of glycerin I dropped and it exploded on it’s own ( NO fire, Just exploded as it was prob expired/fermented) Just made a nice sticky mess 🙁

    4. You are correct. Some hand sanitizers have glycerin in them in addition to alcohol, water & sometimes fragrance.

  98. I’ve heard antifreeze in place of glycerin gives a stronger reaction, haven’t tried it myself yet.

    1. That would be interesting

    2. Thanks for the comment! Antifreeze does work (I’ve tested a few types) but the key is the main ingredient which is sort of related to glycerin. Ethylene Glycol used to be a key ingredient but these days propylene glycol is what is often used; both are synthetics & to varying degrees toxic. How well it does compared to straight glycerin depends upon other additives like buffering agents, etc. Maybe I should do a side by side comparison of a glycol and glycerin and see how they compare.

  99. what is first chemical of first reaction

    1. yes I thought

    2. The black stuff is potassium permanganate (KMnO4)

  100. Amazing video 👍🏻

    1. Jacksbio nowon Poteat i in

    2. Thank you very much for the feedback!

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