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Debunking The Myth Of Vitamin Supplements

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We’ve been told to take vitamin supplements at an early age, but are they really good for you? The history behind them might surprise you…

How Does Our Skin Turn Sunlight Into Vitamin D? –
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Multivitamin/mineral Supplements

“Americans have been taking multivitamin/mineral (MVM) supplements since the early 1940s, when the first such products became available. MVMs are still popular dietary supplements and, according to estimates, more than one-third of all Americans take these supplements.”

The Vitamin Myth: Why We Think We Need Supplements

“Nutrition experts contend that all we need is what’s typically found in a routine diet. Industry representatives, backed by a fascinating history, argue that foods don’t contain enough, and we need supplements. Fortunately, many excellent studies have now resolved the issue.”

Getting your vitamins and minerals through diet

“We all know that vitamin supplements are no substitute for a healthy diet, but nobody’s perfect when it comes to healthful eating. It can be particularly challenging to get the nutrients you need if you’re dieting or if you avoid animal or dairy products. So, many of us take a daily multivitamin as nutritional insurance. But research suggests that multivitamins may not be all they’re cracked up to be. ”

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Written By: Matt Morales


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548 thoughts on “Debunking The Myth Of Vitamin Supplements

  1. Must watch this video on Vitamin supplements

  2. Check Out this I am sure you will get you answer

  3. been tryna tell my sis…
    shes got the trump cult like view when it comes to vites n mins

  4. Actually the isolation Alpha tocopherol is the biggest mistake in nutritional history. The following video describes in detail as well as why it fails as an antioxidant and causes higher mortality rates.

  5. People do not realize that their are vitamins in food. IF you eat a healthy diet, you don’t need them. IF you are eating a crappy diet, they will not even help. You will still be undernourished in undiscovered vitamins and minerals. Vitamins can destroy your kidneys, liver, heart and brain. These damn things build up in your system and cause a lot of havoc.

  6. Hey cest la chanson de

  7. Non-absorbable vitamins don’t work. For example, cheap vitamin c supplements (absorbic acid) and magnesium (oxide) just go right through you and do nothing. You have to find the right ones beyond CVS. Magnesium glyconate is highly absorbable and has helped me with muscle spasms. Liposomal vitamin C is good as well, but generally more expensive and harder to find.

  8. Meds for your illness will shorten your life, ignore vitamins and get sick every 2 months.

  9. I like karosene. It’s jet fuel. Lol

  10. whole food nutritional supplements like BarleyLife is the safest healthiest way of consuming natural vitamins, amino acids, enzymes compared to pharmaceutical vitamin tablets which are made up of perhaps 3 chemicals which are not compatible with the body thus create kidney stones and expensive pee Rashid Abass Cell & watsapp number 0826306056

  11. Can anyone find me the research about the Finland and American study?

  12. Food today is been highly refined which strips it of it’s of its nutrient, vitamins, & minerals. Then it’s fortified with synthetic vitamins. Which are not. Bio-available to the body. Natural vitamins contain the isolate vitamin (contained in the synthetic). But isn’t bio- available to the body due to containing no-cofactors. Natural vitamins contain naturally occurring co-factors Which assist in bio-availability & absorption of the vitamin I.e. proteins, carbs, fats, enzymes, bioflavonoids & other vitamins and minerals that are not present in synthetic vitamins, so take a synthetic vitamins which 90% plus are… you wee will be bright yellow as the vitamin passes through your body and is pissed away. Because your body won’t process it without the other co-factors. Hope that helps to clear it up. peace

  13. If only our food had the nutritional value it did 50 years ago not to mention the pesticide that don’t wash off cus it literally was absorbed in the plant

  14. Vitamins don,t hurt u. Some prescription drugs like statines (unproven benefits) will actually kill u. Thumbs down for this video. It was probably funded by the farmaceutical maffia anyway 😉

  15. Can you do a video that shows us what food we should eat to get all 90 essential nutrients our bodies needs?
    60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids, 3 fatty acids.

  16. FACT: It’s impossible to get your nutritional needs from food alone. MD’s and even Nutritionalist will claim you just have to eat healthy to get all your vitamins. This is absolutely wrong! MD’s kill millions of Americans per year and we still listen to them? What are these “studies” you present? Where did they come from and who profits from this information? By the way it may interest you to know that the FDA does not test supplements or any other product and only relies on submitted studies by the manufacturer. So there may or may not be 40mg of magnesium or 200mg of vitamin C etc. Ralph Nadar did a study on Supplement companies a while ago and found a small percentage of supplements where fake! It may further interest you that the FDA has determined what percentage of a dosage you need per day based on product sales not based on what your body needs. Take a look at the percentage numbers on your bottle. This is yet another misleading piece of information regarding dietary requirements. So it’s not just a matter of taking supplements but the right kind which is another topic all on it’s own. YOUNGEVITY products are considered to be the best or at least one of the top 3 supplement companies on the market today.

  17. It’s a “SUPPLEMENT”. Don’t rely on your vitamin intake on just multi vitamins.You just have to take a look in your diet and see if you can benefit from it. Not take it just to take it. You can take all the protein shakes and creatine you want but if you’re not working out, it’s not gonna go anything in terms of building muscle. Also, make sure you’re taking a good quality multi vitamin. Not some random bottle that says “Multi vitamins” and think it’s just like any other bottle.

  18. vitamin a in high doses is toxic to the human body. You mentioned that a study was done proving that excessive amounts of vitamin A did not make people healthier. Thus, you concluded that higher amounts of vitamins are bad for you. Is vitamin A every vitamin? Hell no. What a dumb argument. i’m no nutritionist, but this video was severely lacking in the logical points it presented.

  19. Annoying music.

  20. This is one of the single dumbest video I ever seen on YouTube. Our soil is so depleted and so dead that what we eat is so depleted from all the minerals and nutrients it’s not even funny. Yes couple hundred years ago this video would have been valid but today it’s a BS video.

  21. The guy was a scientist , spend his life in research. Came up with solution. And you try to debunk him in a silly 3 minute video? Are u serious. Has it ever occured to you to go and check the quality of the supplements being sold? Half of them claim to be good but are made from crap. So next time try to DEBUNK fraud companies and not the lifes work of a nobel prize winning scientist.

  22. Pauling is jewish…it explains it all….

  23. You are a pharma student sucking pharma’s ass lets not go back to things your body needs naturally that the food we eat doesn’t have any more and just rely on big parma that is a business way beyond the billions of $ I will bet the studies you say and base you info on were done by or sponsored by a pharmaceutical company You prove to me why I don’t watch tv any more

  24. Can we make a list of foods we can eat that we know for sure wont kill you? I swear there are conflicting reports on every little thing out there. Even on fruits and vegetables.

  25. Vitamins suppliments are 1000% biggest scam….if people would eat right thats all needed the vitamin world businesses are scam artists put them out of business…..

  26. To unsubscribe or to not unsubscribe. That’s the question.

  27. Two key points:
    A/ We actually do need supplements because our food is seriously compromised this day and age, unable to provide us the natural supplements as food once did, mainly as a result of the way man has been unappreciative of what he’s been freely given by doing everything from littering to deliberately dumping toxic waste along with chemical spills and such by irresponsible conglomerate corporations without consequence.
    B/ 99.9% of all Vitamins distributed by Big Pharma for the big buck are synthetic and not worth the materials they are made with or packaging they come in.

    It’s important we seek truth in all things, especially regarding our health, and avoid anything to do with the brand name vitamins on the market today. One is found at where you will find one product in particular, 100% all natural with a Composition Patent (normally reserved for Big Pharma Drugs) … OGF. 

    Good luck in your search

  28. Let food be your medicine..Hippocrates…peer reviewed studie show that most all synthetic vitamins do nothing for you AND that some can be harmful thi goes for touted fish oils and other things…Vit C and Lysine were touted by Pauline who was intelligent scientist..however vtiamin where then touted as a cure for everything I soon do extensive studies peer reviewed aa well and telll my own experiences and if asked do the MOST extensive studies ever known on you tube ..for the asking

  29. Here’s the thing, if you actually stop listening to all of these studies which you don’t know who’s funded them and if they’re even true or not, stop listening to channels like this and actually just think about it for yourself then you’ll realise that taking synthetic chemicals or at least man made, processed capsules etc doesn’t make sense. It’s not a natural thing to do and if you were in true nature then you wouldn’t be taking any supplements at all because you’d have all the fruit and veg you needed

  30. Getting enough GMO free food is very difficult and expensive. Supplements work if they are made from food for humans and are free from GMO’s. I know they work, my wife took them when she was diagnosed with breast cancer last year.

  31. So I guess they started putting iodine in salt for no reason. And the reduction of people with goiter was totally unrelated. Of cause some supplements work and some are junk, we just need more research to find out which forms of the vitamins and minerals are the most bio available to the body. Magnesium oxide is junk but Magnesium Taurate and other kinds are looking promising for brain health.

  32. The video makers are so ignorant they are using wrong name use, like saying vitamin A and beta-carotene as if they are different, and also saying Folic acid is vitamin B but there are several vitamin Bs B5 B6 &7 B12 etc

  33. i wonder why my hair and nails grow 2x faster when i take vitamins. if they don’t do anything… this video is bullshit

  34. Yeah but if we eat out Fruits and Vegetables from the grocery here in the US we are eating them with Antibiotics and acids and other chemical procedures that kill us and have no benefit in being put in them

  35. Fock off!!! to this video cause vitamins kept me alive! Taking an enormous amount of ascorbic vitamin C will cure cancer, an oncoming flu & scurvy!!! I’m stating that your intake to kill an oncoming virus can be up to 100,000 mg. or more!
    Vitamin C is water soluable the WORST thing that could happen to you is throwing up!!! My body needed more than 100,000 mg. of ascorbic acid vitamin C when I had to kill virus that other pieces of shit gave to me!

    So you happen to be WRONG!

    This entire video is a lie!!!

    Go to the lieing video’s about flat earth!!! Retards!!!

  36. Is there any chance that vitamins could help with mental health? I was prescribed vitamins by my psychiatrist to help with my depression.

  37. Bad information!! I know first hand that if you take ENOUGH vitamins, especially vitamin C, they improve health markedly. Linus Pauling was a genius. Believe him before believing whoever put together this piece of propaganda.

    1. Fred Pauser only real vit c not ascorbic acid which binds to fortified iron and binds up the liver

  38. My mum feeds me like 10000000000 vitamins every morning (including a vitamin c gummy WHICH I SWEAR IS ONLY SUGAR) and I know they aren’t helpful in any way so I want to write an essay to prove my point

  39. B vitamin supplements are awesome though, they turn my pee bright yellow I love it

  40. take a trip down the produce section and get some round up yo .

  41. The only pill as a “supplement” i take, is fish oil.

  42. They are correct you should be getting your vitamins and minerals from food. But things like vitamin d, b12, iodine can be beneficial. Especially vit d as a lot of people don’t have sun exposure all year round

  43. Psh… Adam ruined this LOOOONG before you guys 😉

  44. Nah, vitamin supplements works a lot when you are in Africa.

  45. Don’t forget… There are 7 billion+ humans on a planet with a wide variation of environments to which all plants and animals must adapt and evolve. There is no (one) petri dish standard to which we all must adhere. Don’t be so eager to commit to someone else’s conclusions. Good info should increase your options, not limit them. Life is a moving target…move with it.

  46. Or I just take them to top off whatever I’m short on, since I don’t always get the best dietary intake.

  47. The ad for this vid was One-a-day men’s vitamins….

  48. Unsubscribed.

  49. I prefer NG360 Multivitamins, works wonders!

  50. what I think the researcher forgot to do was to check and see if the vitamins actually had vitamins in it! I saw a report that showed that more than 80% of the vitamins sold in North America had nothing but starch or sugar in it! Yikes!

  51. I take vitamin supplements because I know I don’t get every nutrient I need in my diet.

    1. I realized the same thing years ago so I changed my diet.

  52. Rationally if Vitamin C helps treat scurvy then other such discoveries have yet to happen. Perhaps megadoses of one will cure cancer easily, who knows? Also different delivery methods exist using things like Liposomes so we have yet to fully understand all ways they can be used.

  53. There was a vitamins ad in front of this video…

  54. Doesn’t imrpove health my ass. D vitamin alone has made me go from daily 2-6 hour long seizures to one 2 hour long sezirue every few months.

  55. The information on this video are wrong and out of date basically. For example it is now clear that the C vitamin although could not prevent catching cold, it reduces the time of being sick very effectively.

  56. This shit is harmful. Supplements help a lot of people in ways that the rotting medical industry fails to do. Everyone I know that has taken vitamin C has reduced their rate of illness dramatically. Just a small example. Better than bowing down to shit doctors who are paid to stand around all day and say “um idk there’s nothing to do hur dur” for virtually every ailment barring bacterial infection.

  57. I’ve seen 2 separate en vivo studies from 2 different labs that say otherwise.
    Plus ever since I started taking 1200 mg of vitamin c I’ve only been congested once for about 24 hrs

  58. 3 minutes of anti-vitamin bashing followed by 1 minute saying “but we actually need them and they work.” #clickbait

  59. Great Idea !
    In which food can I find vitamin D ?

  60. Star flower oil helps are old creaky joints, but its about 2 weeks plus to notice a difference.

  61. It’s becoming more widespread that multi-vitamins don’t work. If you are deficient with a specific vitamin then take that specific vitamin supplement. I take Vitamin D, copper, and I used to take iron.

  62. Hmm… eat broccoli and carrots or pop a pill. Uh… pill please.

  63. Barely scratches the surface of the vitamin myth. For instance, many vitamins pass through our system very quickly if they are not needed at the time of ingestion. Those vitamins would need to be take several times a day in order to be utilized and not just excreted through urine. Another vitamin, A, is just the opposite and can build up to toxic levels in the body. Vitamin A may cause bleeding in the lungs, blurry vision, bone pain,
    breathing difficulty, changes in immune function, chronic inflammation
    of the liver, cirrhosis (scarring of liver), cough, cracked fingernails,
    cracked lips, death, decreased thyroid function, depression, diarrhea,
    feeling of fullness, fever, fluid around heart, hair loss, high
    cholesterol, increased pressure in the brain, increased risk of HIV
    transmission (through breastfeeding), increased risk of lung cancer,
    increased risk of heart disease, increased white blood cells,
    indigestion, inflammation of the conjunctiva (conjunctivitis), injection
    site pain, irritability, joint pain, mouth ulcers, muscle pain,
    psoriasis flare-ups, pain, perisinusoidal fibrosis (in the liver),
    redness (from skin use), respiratory infection, seizure, skin
    irritation, sore eyes, steatosis (fatty change), stomach and intestine
    adverse effects, and suicidal thoughts.
    Vitamin A toxicity is rare in the general population. Vitamin A
    toxicity can occur with high amounts of vitamin A taken over short or
    long periods of time. Consequently, toxicity can be short or long-term.
    Symptoms of acute (short-term) toxicity include nausea, headache,
    fatigue, loss of appetite, dizziness, dry skin, desquamation (loss of
    skin), and cerebral edema (swelling in the brain). Symptoms of chronic
    (longer-term) toxicity include dry itchy and cracking skin,
    desquamation, dry lips, scaling anorexia, headache, psychiatric changes,
    cerebral edema (excess fluid), bone and joint pain, osteoporosis (bone
    loss), and hip fracture. Severe toxicity can lead to eye damage, high
    levels of calcium, and liver damage. In children, signs of toxicity
    include irritability, drowsiness, dizziness, delirium, coma, vomiting,
    diarrhea, increased pressure in the brain with bulging fontanelles in
    infants, headache, swelling of the optic (eye) disk, bulging eyeballs,
    visual disturbances, and skin redness and peeling. I don’t understand why time-release vitamins have not been made available. Any ideas?

  64. “…folic acid, otherwise known as vitamin B”
    Well, folic acid is vitamin B9, there are 11 different vitamins in the B group and all of them are important. Also, beta-carotene is a form of vitamin A, and you list it as a different thing for some reason (or maybe you wanted to list all forms of this vitamin and just forgot to mention them? this was sarcasm). You didn’t mention the dosage of vitamin A participants of that research had been taking before they died, you see, vitamin A is fat-soluble, it accumulates in your body (unlike water-soluble C and B group vitamins that you basically pee out a few hours after taking them), and taking too much of it for a long time can seriously damage your health. Great recearch you’ve done here.

  65. Yeah, and people still ask vegans if they’re protein deficient 🙄

  66. I didn’t hear them mention vitamin deficiencies. It is a fact that many people (like me) just don’t eat right all of the time. Also, aren’t some soils depleted of nutrients? I have known people who were bow-legged, I think they could have benefited from nutritional supplements.

  67. Where are our hosts? ☹️

  68. Not a very well researched video.
    Getting your vitamins and minerals through food better? Well absolutely, the bio availability is much high when you get the needs through food, this mean’s it’s easier on your body to process.

    Problems not covered:
    A: The number or variety of foods a normal person would need to eat to get all the vitamins and minerals for “minimum good health” is about 17 different foods, from veggies, friuits, nuts, fish, meat, mushrooms. It is very rare to find a person eating all the correct ingredients in the correct amounts, a good multi-vitamin is workable alternative.

    B: There is a difference between the minimum good health and optimum health in regards to vitamins and minerals, including macro, phyto nutrients and fatty acids (not even mentioned in this video) While it won’t cure cancer it is possible to have a stronger thyroid or kidney and prevent disease or dysfunctions from ever developing in these and other organs, CLA for example can help your brain remember things and process abides tissue, so if you’re not eating (anchovy, mackerel, oily fish) once a day you don’t get this benefit of optimum nutrition here a supplement can again be a suitable substitute for a stronger person.

  69. This channel is garbage. Is there anyone that actually believes this shit?

  70. It’s kind of hilarious to see after reading some of the comments that most people commenting apparently just read the title without watching the video and immediately wrote some pseudoscientific bs claiming this video is pseudoscientific bs.

  71. Superficial. 70’s science. The idea that one can put much trust in mainstream medical research and practice is ludicrous. To do so is to ignore its sorry history.

  72. What about Protein Shakes?

  73. OK, but why don’t the vitamins work? Please explain!

  74. the true data is that most Vitamins are junk. You have to educate yourself to learn which are the good ones and which are the bad ones. for example, ascorbic acid, in most cases, is practically a poison to the body. A natural source vitamin c, such as Camu-Camu, is highly absorbable and highly beneficial. natural source and organic food based vitamins can be extremely beneficial in this “Monsanto” age.

  75. +lllidan stormrage you are right, this shouldn’t be your health source. but it shouldn’t be because your doctor can detect it in your bloodstream. just because he can detect something doesn’t mean it should be there.

  76. they’re not supposed to be a cure but most ppl don’t have balanced diets so they get those vitamins from supplements, which is way better than not getting those vitamins at all.

  77. no sir, you got that wrong… Experts don’t argue

  78. nah wont go nowhere cuz i vape my vitamins and minerals

  79. There’s a request to dnews. please also give the information about the quantity of people that were sampled in order to check the vitamin effects. we dont know how valid is the value 17% higher mortality rate unless we know the sample size. so in other words the most important part of the video wasnt supported good enough.

  80. SUOMI!!!!!!!!! Torilla tavataan.

  81. what if I have deppression and I think it’s due to lack of or unbalanced seratonin and dopamine and I think about taking supplements to help aid my mental issues

  82. I just got an idea on how to live healthy! It involves gettin one of those intravenous bags, vegetables and a food blender..

  83. So you start by saying that vitamins don’t work. Then saying if you have a deficiency they are useful. Then end by saying really the objection is that the vitamins aren’t coming from fruits and vegetables.

    I personally think you just further confused the issue.

  84. As like the old saying goes, natural is always better than synthetic.

  85. My girlfriend is the best she told me this long time ago.

  86. Vitamin A and Beta-Carotene? kind of redundant don’t you think?

  87. I think its important to note that the results that showed higher mortality rates are not completely accurate. People are probably more likely to take vitamins when they have health problems. So they likely still have a 0% effect.

  88. sell out. currently many governments are quietly making vitamins only available by prescription.

    Google it.

  89. Wow, vitamin supplements don’t work.  I guess I should just be a good American and put my trust into the prescription drug market.

  90. Vitamin bbc

  91. Vitamins are amazing. They have done for me what no diet or medication can. If you have an issue do research then give the product a try. If you want to pick on something how about medications

  92. This time of video was actually better than just standing there

  93. I like my vitamin V

  94. vitamin D deficiencies are common, while the other vitamins are easy to get, besides the e from almond milk or regular almonds which are high in calories

  95. What about fish oil supplement???

  96. I’m going to throw up right now in real life

  97. vitamin D supplementation must include vitamin k2 supplementation or you’ll get vitamin D toxicity. a b complex and magnesium are also generally beneficial to take because vitamin C and B vitamins are water soluble and almost EVERYONE is deficient in magnesium. omega 3s are also important (not 3-6-9!!). any other supplementation is DANGEROUS due to toxicity unless you have blood work saying your deficient. never take a multivitamin. vitamin A, E, zinc, iron, copper, selenium and even calcium can cause life threatening side effects from supplementation if you’re not deficient. D3+K2, vitamin C, B complexes, magnesium and omega 3s are all you need to supplement with unless you have paper evidence showing you’re deficient in something else.

  98. Only 33 % take vitamin supplements as compared to 70% ( more than double) in this country take prescription drugs (mayo clinic news june 19, 2013). I wonder if these studies took into account how may of the vitamin takers were also on prescription drugs? It appears like the studies were done with people in poor health to start with, which would indicate they were on prescription drugs which may have skewed the studies.

    I’ve taken vitamins for many years, I believe that vitamins make a difference over the long haul. They are not a cure all, they are part of the equation. I eat right, exercise and I take vitamins. I believe taking them has allowed my body to stay strong longer and fight of diseases. I am in better health than most people 10 or 15 years younger than me.

  99. because financial times were tough i had had a rubbish diet for a while & was in a need for Supplements, when i asked the Pharmacist for some she looked at me funny & gave me some tips on (genuine) healthy food and informed me that getting the Nutrients i’d need would be cheaper if i’d just follow her tips.
    Some might yell at her for budding in, I am actually surprised not more people dare do what she did 🙂

  100. So I guess I should stop taking my one a day but I already knew that about vitamin C it doesn’t prevent the common cold

  101. this is just a horrible video: vitamins are bad, some vitamins are good, get them from eating healthy food.

  102. Most people lack reasoning skills, prefer silver bullets, and thus fall for marketing and will soon to be parted from their money.

  103. Vitamin b17 its been linked to curing and preventing cancer …. i wonder why its banned by the FDA

  104. You mean I’ve been drinking Head&Shoulders for nothing ?! >:(

  105. So I should eat more fruits and vegetables? Um…duh.

  106. Dr. Linus Pauling: Takes 10gs of vitamin C daily. Lives to age 93.
    Some DNews millennial: “No correlation at all! Vitamins are actually bad for you!”
    Me: Sure, DNews 😑

  107. I wonder if you will come to the opposite opinion if you set your mind to finding studies showing that supplements DO help.

  108. Vitamins don’t CURE anything. All they do is give your body it’s best chance against disease. Look at it like this: Vitamins are like parts of a gun (food is the bullets). And you need a gun to kill the enemy (disease states: Measles, Polio, Flu, broken bones, pneumonia, even arthritis). So if you don’t have the correct vitamin (or nutritional ingredients) when you need it, you’re going to get sick (or die).

  109. what a horrible horrible video

  110. “Experts argue that we should get our vitamins the old fashioned way” – What experts? All of them?

    You used a shitty example from a long time ago. And even though Pauling was wrong about the details, he was right about supplements in general. If you want to get enough potassium every day you can pick bananas, the food with the highest natural content. And how many bananas would that be? Oh, around 30. Yellow bananas also contain small amounts of radium.

    Believe what you want but don’t go around spreading ignorance just because you don’t understand basic chemistry. Supplements have already beaten “natural” foods. Get over it.

  111. Oversimplistic video with almost no content. You only addressed studies related to beta carotene, and none of the studies showed that the supplement didn’t do its job, but that it has a high mortality rate related to it.

    Obviously not a word was said about CoQ10 either, which is HUGE when you’re talking about antioxidents.

    Nothing in this video debunked supplements as a whole.

    I’m not one to tell people how to do videos, but if you’re going to make a broad title, you should make sure you at least prove the broad case or prove more than, say, one specific case against it.

  112. I am sick and tired of these stupid anti-vitamin videos / articles that usually refute their own argument by the end of it. It starts off making me think I should just throw all my vitamins out. Oh wait, but then he goes on to say if you lack exposure to the sun, take vitamin D or pregnant women are encouraged to take vitamin B. So there is a benefit? Why did you just say they do nothing to improve our health at the beginning of the video then? They need to get their argument straight on this and start telling us the actual benefits, rather than dismissing it altogether.

    1. The video is saying once you do not have an increased need for vitamins eg pregnant or old age then the vitamins from our food are sufficient and we don’t need to take supplements

  113. dont agree

  114. I take them and they help me tremendously without them I wouldn’t function well throughout the day.

  115. You going to cite the mountains of conflicting evidence?

  116. so they make people die sooner yet they’re bad?

    I don’t get it

  117. So what was the myth?

  118. First vitamin D then vitamin B

  119. problem here is even vegetables these days are full of chemicals and kills half of its vitamins while cooking. if seen a video in china vegetables and rices are made out of artificial components. its funny this video says eat vegs instead of supplyments but completly ignore the dengerous of current vegetable production…

  120. Vitamin supplements saved my life .

  121. soooooo giving our bodies the nutrients it needs doesnt help anything?

  122. I work in this industry…Pretty much a scam…and the biggest scam? Probiotics-they are expensive and usually a single strain. the best way to get probiotics naturally is yogurt and sauerkraut.

    1. get me a job boii

  123. what about vitamin supplements for athletes ?

  124. Beef jerky, and generous amounts of meat sticks, on a multi grain roll.

  125. If I don’t take vitamin B12 injections and tablets my blood can’t carry enough oxygen so every single cell in my body is affected causing numerous problems.

  126. So your saying vitamin supplements don’t work unless you have a vitamin deficiency?

  127. How about eating your vegetables?
    Then you wouldn’t need most supplements!

  128. I’m vegan so I have to take vitamin b12 supplements 😑

  129. why was this posted after i took 4 children’s gummy vitamins….

  130. I recently saw a documentary called Food Matters
    It spoke about the same topic but instead claimed that there were only 4 reported deaths due to vitamin overdose in 23 years,
    That’s even less than a death a year.
    I think you all should go and watch it on netflix.

  131. OK.. but what about the 95% who have a crap diet. Also what about the ground not being as nutrient dense as it was 100’s of years ago when we actually let it rest before we planted and cultivated like we do year after year now? And what about natural supplements compared to manufactured? was this video paid for by the government? Is D news trying to help them with population control.. is it possible to get an IP address from a comment? Just a sec someone’s at the the door BRB…

  132. when the people think that taking a man made pill is healthier than eating a natural fruit or vegetable then you have a stupid society. especially when the majority have an Internet connection to research this immediately but do not lol

  133. Pauling is the reason why i will never complet my medicine degree!

  134. well no wonder dnews say such thing, cuz they are funded by the pharmaceutical industry, they just want you to have disease and make a profit out of you by obscenely sell you those pill to solve your problems. In fact you should take vitamin supplements as preventive method

    1. It’s not even necessarily directly through the hand of the pharmaceutical company. Often the pharmaceutical companies act through organizations like the FDA and DEA, in order to squash substances and companies that may (even modestly) affect their bottom line. Hell, look up “CBD patent”, if you don’t believe me. They’re also always pushing for more scrutiny from the government over the supplement industry, yet less of their own—seems perfectly fair, right? Especially, when most pharmaceuticals “can cause … or even more serious symptoms like … which could be a sign of a serious fatal condition; please consult with your [paid] doctor to see if … is right for you”.

      I think what’s most concerning to these megalithic companies, pushing highly-politicized “science”, is that taking supplements is generally an initiatory step in taking better care of your body, and moving in the direction of eating healthier and staying active. Something that also hurts their bottom line, ultimately.

  135. Vitamin C and Zinc both shorten colds when consumed at safe levels. Vitamin C is water soluble so overdosing on it is nearly impossible. Most Americans are at least slightly deficient in some nutrients because most processed foods are empty calories.

  136. I wish I could afford that much of food that would provide me with all vitamins and minerals my body needs ! Unfortunately the only way for me to get all vitamins and minerals is by taking multivitamin. And I feel a lot more energetic when I take them so that’s defenetely a benefit. But I would suggest everyone at least choose a Whole Food organic multivitamin it’ll cost you a little bit more but at least you can be sure you get a good quality vitamins + no additives (if you find a good one)

  137. saying that vitamin supplements could have adverse results is kind of a strong statement Dnews, can you guys release another video further going into this subject or maybe post where you got this data from to clarify things up a bit?
    you can understand how after watching this video some people might think taking vitamin supplements will end up harming them right?

  138. IF YOU’RE READING THIS, HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY, and please sub to my channel, im close to 100 subs and if we can pass 100 it would mean the world.

  139. any one heard of Ronda Patrick?
    so they are fine if you are deficiant?

  140. DNews- Dont take vitamins! They dont work!

    also DNews- Maybe take them if youre deficient… They just might work

    I understand deficiencies and vitamin bioavailability but the general public doesn’t and this video could be very confusing

  141. this is not true. it’s not about taking vitamins it’s about the sometimes appallingly poor quality on some supplements!
    and that is the whole problem!
    of course you should get as much as possible nutrients by eating healthy. but food today is not what it was 40 years ago or sth like that

  142. i have been taking vitamin c dailty for 3 years and havent had A SINGLE cold. contrary to the time before i took vitamin c. so cut your bullshit dnews.

  143. suomi mainittu torilla tavataan

  144. vitamin D is not a vitamin as it is synthesized within the body after UVB radiation strikes the 7-Dehydrocholesterol underneath your skin.
    As it is synthesized within the body it cannot be considered a vitamin. It is regarded as a sterol

  145. To all those that claim healthy food costs a lot:

    Yesterday i had Sushi.
    a bit of salmon, tuna, shrimps, asparagus etc.
    8 nigiris, 25 Makis

    But i made it my self. guess how much it had cost me.
    40$ ? 30 $ ? 20 $ ?
    No, less. In grand total i payed just a bit over 7 $ – and i still have a lot of ingredients left over to make more.

    Yeah – a big set of nigir and maki sushi, enough to get full and some more, for less then the small portions you get in the supermarket.
    Of course some work is involved – that is the ‘price’ of good food – you have to make it, maybe 30 mins in total.

  146. Interesting.

  147. But how come they never discuss bodybuilding in these videos?! We push our bodies to the extreme on a daily basis for constant growth. Meaning we also burn a lot of the nutrients in our bodies that even our great diets can’t entirely account for. So shouldn’t supplementation of vitamins be a basic necessity? Specially vitamins that help with joint care such as fish oil?

  148. Dr John McDougall has been saying this about supplements for YEARS.

  149. It’s funny how many people simultaneously strongly critique Paulding while advocating his ideas.

    For the time he had pretty good ideas. And they aren’t exactly wrong, they’re just inaccurate extrapolations based on insufficient data.

    “anti-oxidants” are good in some scenarios, this has been shown despite media oversimplification. But oxidation is also an extremely important function, so it depends on if, where, and why there is an imbalance.

    Agreed, best jus be eatin yer veggies.

  150. Folic acid is not the same as vitamin B. I’m guessing you are thinking about vitamin B12(cobalamin) which is a cofactor in a process that also requires folic acid.

  151. You’re found to be a little more liberal with the data here, Dnews. Editors simply must be allotted the time necessary — raison d’étre.

  152. Duh.

  153. And for vegetarians B12 is important to take, because it only exist in only animal products, just so any vegetarians watching this know 🙂

    1. Yeah, and eggs, but not all vegetarians eat those

    2. Katarina Bergqwist dairy products too

  154. Its basically what adam ruins everything said but with less detail, visuals and there is no half bearded male here ( the comments miss you trace and jules)

  155. where Dominguez at?! Julian? Wilde? At least Reagan….

  156. Thank you for this. I have been very skeptical about buying vitamins and now I got it confirmed.

  157. Wtf is this—- go back to the old style!!!!!

  158. Ah pauling

    1. huehue, le ty

    2. I see what you did there, and appreciate it. 1 thumbs up for you, Black Mirror style

  159. I really hope that this style of video isn’t going to be the new DNews…

  160. What about Vitamins C and B complex they are water soluble, so excess of these vits should not be a concern right? besides vit bcomplex is not easy to get, can someone address these concerns

  161. Could you explain why a supplement would not work and fruits will? I’d like to have all my food to come in a pill as eating is such a time sink for me (we’re all different).

    1. Most supplements are synthetic despite a lot of them claiming it to be natural (except if they dared to write “100% natural). While supplements can be beneficial (and in fact life-saving in some situations), the video above concerns the general populous in developed/second-world countries, where people are consuming supplements in excess.

      Now to answer your question: wholesome and natural is the best because natural sources of vitamins contain other plant chemicals as well that work in synergy. This include the fibers and carbohydrates in fruits, veges and meats. When a manufacturer tries to produce “natural supplements”, they would either: A) add back some of the nutrients that were lost during the drying and extraction process with synthetic analogues, to such limit where local law still allows them to call it “natural” — or — B) Use synthetic nutrients as the primary ingredient and add some natural extracts into the mix, usually they would highlight the source of the extract instead of claiming it to be “natural”

      If you would like to know more, go study Nutrition. It’s a lot more complicated than one might think

  162. Exercise every day, eat healthy, get enough rest, live a stress less life, elevate your mood, take nitric oxide,
    Jesus haven’t any of you played sims

  163. Its a fairly benign placebo, but my diet is terrible, and I never go outside.

  164. THANK YOU! I’ve been telling people for years to stop taking vitamin supplements unless they actually have a vitamin deficiency but they all look at me like I’m crazy. Now I can just point them to this video.

  165. Two things left out of this video:

    1 – Absorption
    2 – Co-Factors

    1 – While it is true that consuming excess vitamins can lead to adverse health effects due to the body needing to clean them out in addition to the normal trash load the lymphatic system has to deal with in expelling waste from the blood to the kidneys, liver and colon, the key is in absorption. Many of the vitamin supplements consumed by people are not in an absorbable liquid form for one. And if you are consuming grains, sugar and oils that have been heated (Including animal fats), the foods containing these elements damage the villi in the intestines (The tissues responsible for absorbing minerals and nutrients into the bloodstream). As these are common in much of the cooked food we consume even if we could absorb the minerals and vitamins our cells require to function properly, consuming vitamins on top of this type of diet truly is throwing your money away.

    2 – The body does not absorb any minerals or nutrients without co-factors. Your stomach acid is more than simply acid, it contains various substances that bond to minerals and nutrients so they can be absorbed further down the tract. The body produces a small amount of these materials on its own, but as we age the cells producing these bonding agents begin to break down and become depleted and your absorption efficiency declines.
    The most effective supplements for human consumption take these co-factors into account and are included in the correct ratios for the vitamin or nutrient that needs to be consumed and absorbed. Nutritional health is more than simply pulling a raw material like calcium out of the ground, refining it and eating it. For nutrients to be consumed effectively, they should be close to the rations of co-factors and nutrients found in plants.
    Before most of the minerals were stripped from farm lands across the world due to cost pressures and population increases, plants did contain copious amounts of vitamins and minerals, this is not the case any more. Supplementation is required to support the complex systems of the human body and not everything we need is found in what we consume in modern times.

    Please make a future video that more completely addresses this issue as I felt too much was left out for the audience to make an informed decision about supplementation. Thanks 🙂

  166. but I’m currently taking multi vitamins, and I spend a lot on it 😞 does that mean I need to throw all of it, I do eat healthy food but does having multi vitamins actually cause me any harm, cus I don’t have these pills because I have a deficiency, I just thought it would be good to include it in your diet. pls help me 😖.
    the pills that I have Are just one kind it’s like a pill that has multivitamins, instead of having various kinds of pills for various uses.

  167. Adam Ruins everything episode of this is waay better and simply explained imho.

  168. The average non-vitamin / mineral supplement taking American can have multiple deficiencies that, while not producing overt symptoms of illness, nevertheless cause his or her body to function at lower metabolic level that can adversely affect things like energy, immune function, hormone levels, and even cognition. I read a study that said about 70% of all Americans are not even getting 50% of the RDA of about 400 mg of the element magnesium in their diets everyday. What’s so important about magnesium? It’s actually involved in over 400 biochemical reactions in the human body and if one does not have enough, then those reactions will not be proceeding at an optimum rate in his body. Incidentally, the five major symptoms of old age are also identical to the five major symptoms of magnesium deficiency in the body! Coincidence? I certainly don’t believe so.

    There was a time when our nutritionally ignorant medical doctors were telling everyone to just eat a “balanced” diet and they would get all of the vitamins and minerals they needed every day. They even continued promoting that nonsense in the last half of the 20th century when Americans switched over to eating “empty calorie” junk foods until they came out of their ears. Now, after no telling how many people were made sick by that “informed” medical opinion, they have changed their tune and are now suggesting that everyone can benefit from a good multivitamin / mineral tablet daily. And, of course, just in case any reading this didn’t get the message yet, *Stop Smoking*! If you’re smoking now, stop, and if you haven’t started, then don’t! Not smoking can, literally, add *decades* of healthy living to your lifespan. With daily vitamin and mineral supplements, maybe you can extend that even further. IIRC, there was a study done with people that were over 100 years old, centenarians, and in good condition healthwise and most of them had been non-smokers who took their vitamin supplements daily.

  169. Fruits and veggies! Go vegan!

    1. I personally find far more preferable to avoid in partaking with animal exploitation, regardless of the health benefits, those are merely a secondary plus of the lifestyle.

    2. Fair enough, most, and all vegans I know take many more supplements than anyone else I know to make up for the gaps in their diet. Well sourced animal products are not by definition stuffed with supplements and hormones, but sure, if you get the full on factory farmed garbage you would intake some pretty woeful stuff. Still hardly lays a finger on the chemicals that are used on many plants, though, as the circumstances in which those are grown are harder to manage than animals, unless they are produced in greenhouses, in which case it is similar

    3. Wrong, meat eaters and vegetarians are intaking a bunch of supplements and non-natural components in those animal derived foods… those animals products you are consuming are coming as a second hand “supplement’ to your gut, the animals are no longer living in natural conditions, they are fed with supplements (even of the poor kind and cheapest possible) plus hormones, antibiotics and even more nasties.
      You don’t have to take anyone’s word, go see for yourself. In my 3 years as a vegan I am not taking supplements at present and this is actually wrong because I probably should, I have a variety of raw/cooked food and wholesome fruits and veggies, it doesn’t matter if you eat or don’t eat animals… supplementing, if done right can be of benefit if you research properly.

    4. Vegans take way more supplements than anyone with a sensible diet. You may not need meat or animal products in your food but they are a damned good source of pretty much anything you need when combined with fruits&veg. Vegetarianism is sensible, especially from an ecological perspective, veganism is not.

    5. @Rennuir That doesn’t bother people do don’t eat meat, it bothers your gut and sexual functions.

  170. I’ve been taking mulitivitams for around 2 months. During that time I’ve had really bad breakouts on my face and back but didn’t know why, I stopped taking them and a few days later my face is clearer .

    1. Jamtoast The B vitamins e.g. B6, B7, B12 can cause you to have acne if you take too much for you as an individual. This is why I tell people not to take some hair, skin and nails vitamins as some have ridiculous high amounts of B7 in them as well as other vitamins.

    2. could be coincidence too.

  171. ………….I’m Still Taking My Flintstones…<_< >_>

  172. someone has been watching Adam ruins everything

  173. But the question is, is there enough viable nutrients in the crops we grow? Do they give us enough minerals and nutrients we require based on the current agriculture methods used today?

  174. 吓死我了,赶紧吃一把维生素压压惊。

  175. Man so many people need to see this video. I never really took vitamins serious just go get some fruits and vegetables!!! I heard some of these pill capsules are placebos!

    Basically just making a profit off people who like taking pills.

  176. The only thing these studies conclude is that taking vitamins doesn’t make you miraculously healthy and if you have a balanced diet you will probably be fine without them. That does not mean there is no value to vitamins or that they can’t improve your health when taken in the appropriate context.

  177. So it starts off by saying that vitamins don’t do anything, but we should take them if we don’t get enough from out diets! Haha. Either way, people need to find things out for themselves. I know for a FACT that Vitamin C not only helps me not to get sick, but helps me to get better faster if I do. Sure it might not work for everyone, but everyone is different anyway. Do your own research people, and make your own decisions.

    1. For a healthy person, vitamins don’t do anything. For someone with a vitamin deficiency, vitamins might help. Unless you have a vitamin C deficiency, any vitamin C from supplements that you take is going to be lost through urination and won’t help you at all. Any effect that you feel from taking vitamin C supplements, unless you have a bad diet, is probably a placebo.

  178. Poor video. Not every one takes vitamin for neutralising free radical

  179. Now can you make a video about protein powder?

    1. @Da,Taper there’s not a lot of ingredients. It’s basically whey , soy lecithin and the flavor

    2. ilovesparky13 Some Protein powder arw just Pump with loads of Bad Chemicals

    3. But there are pluses to the other sources so I think a video discussing their differences could help people 🙂

    4. Steffi Moos milk has better absorption rate than all other foods except eggs.

    5. Not all protein powder, there are some sourced from other things such as peas and rice which are argued as better or worse for you.

  180. Can you make something to debunk radiation treatment of food?

  181. The idea of a reductionist approach like taking some compounds from food sounds crazy anyways. Let alone making them in the lab! . No wonder artificial vitamins don’t work!

  182. i like it when i see their faces not this

  183. I had my share of doubts about vitamins and multivitamins until I tried a multivitamin called NG360 which I found on Amazon. The multivitamin contains over 40 superfruits and superfoods along with coq10, apple cider vinegar, digestive enzymes, probiotics, etc. My energy level now is unbelievable my hair loss is also reversing. This makes me believe that hair loss is due to vitamin deficiencies, and this is just my opinion. It’s no longer a question of whether vitamins work? The question is, which is the right multivitamin supplement for me. I believe I have found my holy grail in this multivitamin supplement.

  184. the real problem with vitamins in a bottle is that they are synthetic , vitamin C , manufacturers make it from ASCORBIC ACID , there is more than ASCORBIC ACID TO VITAMIN C , Vitamin C complex molecules also contain P, K and J factors, the
    tyrosinase enzyme, at least 14 known bioflavonoids, various ascorbagens,
    five copper ions, iron, manganese, zinc, selenium, phosphorus,
    magnesium and yes, ascorbic acid.without the whole package the synthetic vitamin c is worthless , as well as other synthetic vitamins .

  185. cheeseburgers, and steaks.

  186. The Harvard link is broken…. Illuminati confirmed

  187. Those 8 Hot Pockets and 2 liters of soda most kids eat everyday gives you everything you need.

    1. Ana “I’m F*cking Better Than You” Kasparian LoL i eat very healthy meals everyday but those kids looks way healthier than me 😀

  188. Where’s TRACE???? Or ANYONE?? It’s hard to focus when I’m not LOOKING or feel like I’m SPEAKING to someone. Where is anyone? 🙁 I don’t like this.

  189. What difference could the source of the vitamins make on your health? Many companies say they dry and grind up the plants to extract the vitamins so does this process somehow change the results of the vitamins?

  190. The only two supplements I take are vitamin D3 and a calcium/magnesium tablet.
    Most people are deficient in vitamin D3 in the winter, also most people are deficient in magnesium but you should take it with calcium otherwise it will give you diarrhea.

    BTW: vitamin C supplements(ascorbic acid) is virtually useless in our bodies, you need to eat fruits and veggies to get natural vitamin C. Besides 80% of the worlds ascorbic acid is made in China, no thanks.

  191. As a Brit, America’s obsession with vitamins does seem rather mad.

  192. I had surgery recently. I was told to take a multi vitamin. And a bunch of vitamin C before hand to increase health. They make a difference.

  193. This comment section is such cancer. Jesus Christ!

    1. Robert Hilston Well maybe, but u didn’t hafta bring him into it…..

  194. so, when in pill form, vitamins that have antioxidants= b/s to unhealthy, but the same vitamins you get from the plants you eat= In order to be and stay healthy, your body must have them… that makes absolutely no sense.

  195. Whenever I catch a cold, my mom would tell me to drink lots of Immunity (it’s this drink powder that contains some 2000% the body’s daily requirement of Vitamin C. It also has a horrid aftertaste.) Her logic was that if drink it after having urinated already, the vitamins would stay in the blood and chase the cold away. She refuses to believe that drinking the shit will not do much to fight the cold.

  196. First of all, great content!  Next, this seems like a new style video for DNews; no disrespect to the hip kids chillin’ with science… but this is better.  Thanks!

  197. One small correction : folic acid is also known as vitamin B9 not vitamin B

  198. I like this style of DNews video 🙂

  199. Why does this feel like big pharma propaganda

    1. @Confuzus “you need others to give you your information in life”

      hahaha so wait, when you said you had provided data, your own personal anecdote is your gold standard of evidence? This is hilarious!

      Sorry, the plural of anecdote is not data, and you don’t even have that.

    2. That’s because you need others to give you your information in life, you can’t rely on your own instincts and things you have found to be true for yourself. This is because you don’t actually look, you just jack the jaw. Because of this, you are full of mistruths. I am here to make sure people like you are pointed out to those who still have the ability to look for themselves and to let them make up their own minds. My mission is accomplished.

    3. @Confuzus “I know that properly-sourced vitamins can be a very good thing”

      “I will respond with the actual true data”

      Yeah, saying “I know” doesn’t actually provide any evidence for anything and that’s all you’ve done.

    4. @Confuzus “That’s where we differ. I am pro-life”
      Who said that those were contradictory positions? Being pro-science means I base my beliefs and actions on evidence and reason.

      “I will respond with the actual true data”
      You have not responded with any data. You have just made claims without any evidence and constantly tried to change the topic.

      Still waiting for evidence for:
      1. Your weird claim about pharma only selling meds due to gov support.
      2. That Aspartic Acid causes cancer.

      You don’t get to throw your opinions out there and pretend you have evidence when you provide none.

    5. Pro-science Jack?….That’s where we differ. I am pro-life. I stepped onto a channel that was bashing the taking of vitamins. I know that properly-sourced vitamins can be a very good thing. I responded to numerous false comments on the channel, yours was just one of them. I could frankly care less what you think. But anytime I see untruths, such as yours, I will respond with the actual true data, so that others are not sucked down the tube with you.

  200. What do you get from eating food, the vitamins and minerals. Are vitamins necessary, no. But if you don’t have a good diet, like most people these days, then take a vitamin.

    1. ilovesparky13 Depends heavily. I forgot the average amount they say an American has in their savings, but there’s a good amount of people that live paycheck to paycheck. Everyone’s situation is different but for myself there’s rent, water, electric, student loans etc. bills that have to be paid which limits one’s spending money. I eat good food & take vitamins because I & like some others can’t afford to have a balanced diet everyday. Not sure where you live but various food types can be very costly. I have to pick & choose what to get otherwise I can break my budget/may not have enough food to last me the month. Everyone’s situation is different thats all I’m saying.

    2. Why not just eat a healthier diet then? Most people aren’t THAT poor that they can’t afford healthy food, so they really have no excuse not to other than pure laziness.

  201. See those see through orange pills in the thumbnail my mom makes me take like 30 of those a day is that bad?

  202. Hayy, thank’s goodness did not take such supplements here like that vit. pills, here just fruits and vegestables and a brewed coffee as my super powered Vit. and Minerals extractions from the organic resources I got here my golly’,. and yeah that is all and never smoke, water enough also, is my health regime. and not to think the stresses cause these are neutral or normal in life, just avoid thinking awkward thoughts or negativities in life, healthy lifestyle with a thanks giving to the mother nature who’s the producer to uhm immuned and being adaptable to the dynamics on our environment ,I highly trained myself to it.

  203. Very interesting

  204. ok so we know they dont prevent illnesses that’s just silly, but if we are not eating a balanced diet every day and getting the recommended dosage of the vitamins we need every day, isn’t it safe to assume that taking vitamins is a good thing? i know plenty of college students living off of mountain dew and raman noodles. so no way can anyone say that taking a multivitamin would be detrimental to their health.

  205. Vitamins in supplements are made from coal tar and waste from the petrolium industry that are processed with acetone, heat etc to make the vitamin molekyles (I’m not kidding look it up or email the company like I did) .Nah I’ll stick to food. Too bad the amount of vitamins in our food have decreased.

  206. I don’t take no vitamin supplements and guess what I’m healthy as can be

  207. ty for encouraging vegetarians!

  208. somehow I’m not convinced at all by this video. there are too many things that don’t make sense, like if supplements are bad, why are they added in milk and drinking water? other thing, a molecule of vitamin c is the same everywhere so why it’s bad if you take the same molecule from a pill rather than a lemon? like how does your metabolism distinguish them? btw you can’t overdose on water soluble vitamins, so that reason out of the question

    1. jack ripper they’re added because Americans are obsessed with vitamins.

  209. downing a vitamin as i watch this… I know i don’t get all the vitamins i need out of my food.

  210. It’s true only your body has the cure for any disease even cancer. Give it the correct building blocks and watch your body do some magic.

  211. A 60 capsule bottle of multivitamins cost the same as a fucking salad. I can’t afford to eat healthy due to the incredibly high cost of fruits and vegetables. So I maybe get the luxury of eating a salad, or any fresh vegetables once a week. Maybe once every two weeks. I also work overnight and get maybe 1 hour of sunlight exposure. There is some claim to what this video says sure. But if you are a fit, wealthy individual who eats healthy, gets plenty of exposure to daylight, and plenty of exercise in a clean healthy environment. Than sure maybe you can get by without any. But for the majority in this dystopian place. we only get our vitamins from multivitamins.

    1. William Merzlak vegetables are expensive?

    2. A salad does more for you than that entire bottle of vitamins. Eating healthy is actually very inexpensive if you are wise with your cash.

  212. Synthetic

  213. vitamins have other functions in your body. important ones. its not to cure cancer. click bait

  214. The argument for supplements is invalid. A large majority of foods, including milk have added in vitamins and minerals to make them healthier…

    1. bob le Vitamin D is not made like that. It’s the human body, the skin, that utilises the sun, UVB rays, to convert cholesterol into vitamin D3. This is why vitamin D2 is not very good for humans.

    2. @MsPeabody1231 No idea what kind of vitamin D as it just says vitamin D, but it’s basically the type you get from natural sunlight.

    3. bob le Is it vitamin D2 or vitamin D3 though? Lots of milk alternatives have vitamin D in them but it is vitamin D2 which humans struggle to metabolise. That’s one of the issues with fortified food stuff – they put vitamins and minerals in them but not the kind that’s easily absorbed and metabolised by humans.

    4. @MsPeabody1231 Oh my bad, I forgot it’s only in certain areas. From where I live there’s a lack of sunshine so all our milk is pumped with vitamin D..

    5. There is no vitamin D in milk where I am.

  215. Do free radicals even exist? I always doubt when something its the only cause of everything, its never that simple

  216. Or get vitamin supplements that extract the nutrients from plants / fruits / vegetables.

    1. Neighborbob
      We will not receive optimum vitamin and mineral contents from foods grown in depleted soils. If we all stop overeating and concentrate on putting higher quality and less quantity food in our mouths, maybe the soil could take a break every now and then. But we won’t come together and do that unless/until forced into it. In the meantime, even eating vegetables will not ensure optimum healthful intakes. What is often left out of the discussion is the fact that our government set standards, recommends amounts, needed to prevent disease– the bare minimum– not amounts needed to maintain optimum vitality. But everybody do what they see fit.

    2. Extracting it directly from the plant still leaves out parts of it. You will never be able to fully replicate the effect of a day’s worth of fruits and veggies in a pill or two… But that said, they are inaccurate to say it doesn’t do anything. Supplements don’t live up to the hype, but they can still help fill gaps in nutrition. Inefficient nutrients are still better than nothing. And your body knows how to deal with the excess vitamins.

  217. can you guys plz make a vid on frb121102 we have been receiving signals from space now we have located where they for coming from, scientists believe it must come from a huge power source

  218. Now if only I could get people to listen when I tell them basically the same things.

  219. Haven’t been sick in any way since I started taking vitamin c over a year ago.

  220. So many saying healthy food is expensive, bullshit. 200 a month feeds me all the fruit , veg, nuts, seeds, legumes and beans i can eat. best shape of my life and healthier then ever.

  221. life´s just dangerous..

  222. And thats why the fruit ninja was invented

  223. I take a multivitamin everyday because I don’t eat a balanced diet. If I don’t take them, I would be deficient in most important vitamins.

    1. no, it doesn’t make a difference.

    2. Robert Burnham Try to take a multivitamin that’s made from whole foods and not synthetically made. It makes a difference. I live out in the fields so I can only find whole food multivitamins in the organic/gluten-free section, and that makes it more expensive. If you do too, don’t let waiting for sales discourage you, they’re worth it.

    3. LMAOOOO i didn’t know it was gonna turn into this

    4. I regret my original comment.

    5. @Gelenvader3 *” it’s extremely more expensive , even the raw ingredients are more expensive”*
      Have never seen that in any place.
      Lets just take Wallmart – cause reasons.
      Noodles – 1.5$ / kg
      Ground beef – 6$/kg
      tomatoes – 3$/kg
      garlic/onions – 2$/kg
      Chees – 10$/kg

      Big sized portions for an adult ~ 600g.
      Comes down to about 4$ for a self-made Lasagna with all fresh ingredients.
      now boxed processed Lasagna –
      Look at that – it costs pretty much the same, about 5$ for the same portion.

      it again comes down to being too lazy to look at the prices.

  224. There was an ad of One A Day multi-vitamin before this video.

  225. Can you do a video about bcaa’s? Made and how they work

  226. Let us also not forget that one of the reasons they are so popular is that the ‘natural health’ industry has lobbying power that makes that makes big pharma green with envy. This is why consumer protection regulators will not touch them.

    1. Mshojat
      ….says the mainstream, lol

    2. neeneko Actually vitamins and minerals are regulated under food regulations as they are good supplements not medication. If they were regulated like medicines I would be bugging my doctor like loads of people in the UK for a vitamin D3 prescription. (Yes I’ve been tested as deficient and now take a maintenance dose.) This would lead to more work for the doctor.

    3. Natural healing is scoffed at by the mainstream, because most of it is ineffective or has very little effect.

    4. You’ve got to be kidding me. Natural healing is scoffed at by the mainstream. Only big pharma supported doctors are given any credibility. Most of the money in advertising goes to pharmaceuticals as compared to foods/supplements/herbs/nutrition found in their more natural forms.

  227. #fightbigpharma

  228. Due to my Ben & jerrys diet i have to take vitamin supplements! 🤡

  229. Thought our food huh? You should do a video how we don’t get half of the nutrients through our food than we did years ago.

  230. That sucks.

  231. Start growing your own food! With non GMO seeds and you’ll be fine! No pesticides or fungicides which are harmful for us but we are being lied to. You won’t need vitamins if you eat right

    1. Umm.. Monsanto’s website literally says you can produce more with GMOs than non-GMOs ()

      You also don’t believe what countless scientists have to say about it? ()

      Assume you do not believe in anthropogenic climate change? I ask this because there is more consensus on GMO safety than there is in climate change ()

    2. Neighborbob like I said I question what I’m being told I just don’t believe whatever is being told to me especially if it’s from the government. Even Monsanto said GMOs produce way less more food than non GMO . I never said just because a third world country doesn’t allow it that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t . I can’t make you become open minded because that’s all up to you.

    3. GMOs can (and are) used to reduce the need for pesticides ()

      They don’t strip defenses away. The vulnerability of GMO crops comes from the nature of how they are grown. The fact all of a crop is the same exact thing, thats where GMOs have their vulnerability. And any crop grown at such absurd scales will have that vulnerability.

      GMOs also allow scientists to breed plants that are hardier, that can withstand large scale agriculture better.

      There are natural ways to get rid of some pests. But how do you naturally remove an invasive species without introducing another invasive species? Hmm?

      So because the poorest and least educated corners of the world choose to ban GMOs, we must as well? Despite the fact those GMOs are what allows the US to produce the massive quantities of food it does?

      You simply cannot grow food at the scale the US grows it without GMOs. And again, may I remind you, there is no such thing as a natural crop. Humans have manipulated how plants function since the beginning of civilization. We have destroyed multiple creatures’ ability to survive in the wild. We have twisted and distorted organisms into grotesque monsters in order to keep food on the plate. Scientists have just given us a way to make things move a little quicker.

    4. that’s the problem . people believe whatever they are told without questioning what thy are being told. Don’t you find it surprising how even thirld world countries don’t allow gmos because they know its not natural or good for you.  they manipulate its genetics and it doesn’t have its natural defenses thus  why they need way more harmful pesticides and fungicides. THeres natural ways to get rid of these pests and funguses but yet they use harmful products that requires them to have to wear suits and gas masks to apply it , DO you really think that’s good for us? People don’t want to believe they have been lied to all these years so I understand why you doubt what im telling you. They make money off us being sick

    5. … What? GMOs (Which, btw, all agricultural products in the history of mankind are genetically modified and manipulated out of their natural state) do not change the nutritional value of the food. There is no science behind the idea that GMO crops have any health consequences. As for pesticides and fungicides… Those exist for a reason. Even a backyard garden can fall prey to such things. And GMOs let you grow crops without the need for chemicals. Thats their big selling point. More food, less chemicals dumped on the fields.

      Also, not everyone can grow their own food. Some don’t have the time. Some live in climates where the weather doesn’t allow many crops to grow. Many don’t have a yard to plant this garden in.

  232. time to eat five bottles of flintstones gummies

  233. Why are people watching a science channel then considering their own anecdotes and logical fallacies over science‽ This is the reason we’re suing so many pharmacists for spreading false information that supplements & homeopathy works. Almost all food is fortified even if you have a horrific diet like mine and the amount you actually need is far less than the RDA B/c that is created with synthetic supplementation sources.

    1. Jonathon Dunn because most people are stupid.

    2. No, the DV numbers are not based off synthetic sources. They are roughly based off what a fully grown adult male needs. Some have higher recommended values purely because more can’t hurt and shooting too low can have consequences to your health. You can live off less and be relatively healthy, but that is still a good goal to shoot for.

  234. So are we phasing out those expensive actual hosts, Discovery News?

  235. The funny thing is that video started with s ad for multi vitamins.

  236. I see you watch Adam ruins everything

  237. I hate when people put Finland in wrong position, leaning forwards :/

    1. The right side of the Finland should be lined almost vertically. Google maps shows it right, to me at least.

    2. What do you mean? I pulled up a map of it on google and it looked EXACTLY like that in every single picture I saw.

  238. smart


  240. Good to know Dnews watches Adam ruins everything. Do weed next… Oh wait

  241. The ad before this started was for 1 a day

  242. Healthy eating is how you can stay healthy, keep in mind one of the reasons multi-vitamins don’t work for everyone is due to each person’s unique nutritional needs.

  243. People in comments thinking vitamins don’t exist in regular food. :/ Vitamin deficiencies normally occur when you eat the same thing every day, and don’t have a varied diet. Which is to say, you can get ALL your recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals from eating (several) potatoes and (a gallon or so of) milk, with a little oatmeal on the side now and then – all of which, newsflash, is a lot cheaper than mcdonalds and chikfila. I don’t know where you all get your facts about food (commercials prob), but our bodies are pretty good at taking care of themselves, as long as your brain isn’t terrified of eating anything other than mac and cheese every day. If you’re so afraid of people in lab coats writing papers, why do you trust people in suits and ties who want all your wallets? And why the hell are you watching this channel?

  244. no just no.

  245. My family can’t afford fruits and vegetables everyday. I will still stick to some vitamins until I can.

    1. @GenJotsu two points need to be addressed,
      1) We always don’t have nutrient rich food, for many reason or the other.

      and 2)supplements are not a panacea, they do cause some problems.

      Is there any middle path, like taking supplements of only water soluble vitamins like vit C and vit B complex.

    2. @ABaumstumpf Lol, I rarely eat junk food and all I drink is water, no soda or coffee or other junk like that. We can afford to buy some fruits and vegetables, but the amount daily recommended is a lot for a family of 6, and the costs adds up Every day. Having a house, pc, and smartphone is an investment that is well worth as it gives us shelter, helps with research studies, and communication. Rest assured everything we have has been a bargain to us, so excuse us if we try to use vitamins as a realistic semi-supplement.

    3. GenJotsu – if your family is too poor to get fresh vegetables then you would also be too poor to have a smartphone, a TV, a PC or even a house.
      Cause guess what?
      fresh fruits and vegetables are CHEAPER than the junkfood you eat.

      yes, yes they very often are.
      They contain quite a lot of vitamins in far too high doses but mostly unusable forms – and fat-soluble vitamins get stored inside your body and can lead to toxic levels quite easily.
      More often then not they do a lot more harm then they help.

    4. Most people don’t know what constutes a good diet or don’t have time to prepare nutrient rich foods, so whats wrong with some taking supplements? are they really harmfull

    5. You can make a healthful food options from beans, mushrooms, brown rice and potatoes that can cost very minimal and output a lot more. There are ways to save money, I’m not wealthy but I choose where I spend my money elsewhere. Health over wealth.

  246. Sadly, fruits and vegetables aren’t bred and grown with the purpose to be nutritionally dense.

  247. I believe that vitamins did nothing to help smokers, but I don’t believe they had a significant impact on worsening their health. I like to think of it like diet soda – many obese people who drink diet soda end up gaining weight, because they think that the sugar-free drink gives them a pass to eat more worse things. Perhaps smokers who took vitamins ended up smoking more often, or maybe ate worse foods thinking they had “health to spare” when really they didn’t.

  248. Okay I was wandering about vitamin D as I need that one

    1. Ys Sampson over the counter vitamin d isn’t the same as the one that a doctor would prescribe if you do have a deficiency.

    2. Ys Sampson if your dr said to take it, have him recommend a brand or write a script. The general population does not need vitamins or dose themselves correctly. I have a vitamin D defiance too.

  249. Juice Plus

  250. anyone else get a vitamin ad before the video

  251. i use magic to heal myself

  252. I think it’s time to unsubscribe.

  253. They help some people. Everyone is different. You can’t make blanket statements about anything. I, personally, gain much more energy taking B12 once a day than I do drinking caffeine all day.

  254. I don’t really get the myth you’re debunking here. I don’t think I know of anyone, or any video/article I’ve seen that suggests you take supplements to cure cancer. I have seen suggestions that a lack of certain vitamins/elements etc can cause you to suffer ill effects, and if you’re unable to get these through your food/drink then a supplement might be for you. Which, I don’t believe, is a myth. (Please correct me if I’m wrong).

    1. Yes, it is a myth. Vitamin C will do absolutely nothing for you if you have a cold, flu, or any other disease.

    2. You’re right. That’s why is sad and frustrating to see people prey on the fear and desperation of the terminally ill.

    3. CaptainMcAwesomepan Ive only read you’re first comment, and your mother wished she never had you as a child.

    4. CaptainMcAwesomepan its a thing people believe

    5. Katarina Bergqwist To be fair if you had late caught pancreatic cancer or another hard to diagnose cancer until it’s too late like ovarian cancer, you would grab at anything that someone said could save you when conventional medicine admits they can’t help.

  255. These vitamin studies seem dubious at best.

  256. I had to take vitamin d because I had a vitamin d deficiency

  257. Everything kills you. Just go to McDonald’s and shut up

    1. @AE Hall K, I’ll add some taco bell too. God damn their Cheesy Gordita Crunches…

  258. So you are saying there has been a multi decade long false advertising campaign?

    1. @Logen M Vitamin D is just funny. How about going outside house in a month

    2. Not completely false as he did say vitamin’s D & B in pill form can be beneficial to some.

    3. Yes, and intense lobbying to prevent regulators from stopping it. they essentially get a ‘for novelty purposes only’ exemption.

  259. its true, im anemic and have been given iron supplements that make me feel like utter shite. i stopped taking them and upped the iron in my diet. [didnt tell them i didnt want my blood results skewed] got my results back yesterday and theres improvement. i may still need supplements to keep my iorn levels up but honestly most times its not even expensive foods you needs to be eating. just eat more eggs they have literally everything in them and green leafy shit. Frozen veggies are just as good as fresh if not better cause theyve not been sat rotting on a supermarket isle with god knows who fondleing them.

  260. A non biased video that shows every view on the subject and that is well explained ! YAY !

  261. I gave a radio interview at the beginning of my postgraduate studies, saying basically what is being said in this video. This was in *1982*! And the market is still growing…

    1. Yes, sadly, this isn’t news. The problem is people buy into the commercials and “quick fixes” rather than changing their habits. Healthy, cheap and tasty fast foods and snacks, if they ever get a foothold in the market, is probably the only thing that could change something for the masses.

    2. False, Jeep doesn’t give a flying duck about Yelchin.

    3. Nobody can change the opinion of mass media except corporations or the death of an innocent celebrity.

  262. Also make sure to take Vitamin G, mostly found in Greasy foods.

  263. Adam ruins everything

  264. Don’t tell me what to eat

    1. Your profile pic fits well with the comment.

  265. Calling bullshit on the video. Multivitamins are a regular part of my life. Perhaps I don’t take them daily but it’s a part of any rational man’s diet because quite simply there are such things as essential minerals and vitamins that the body needs to maintain and rebuild stuff like tissue and ligaments and tendons, and frankly I don’t get these from the stuff that I eat on a daily or even weekly basis. My health (and appearance) would have declined years ago without my bottle of vitamins. And most people have a diet that tends to be very narrow and that habiltually deprives them of much of the band of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that the health needs. So, get fucking real, DNEWS. This video is a propaganda video paid for the by farmers who farm brocolli and carots.

    1. Since when do broccoli and carrot farmers make the kind of cash to bribe a huge fact-based media outlet. If anything Monsanto would’ve put their hands in this, but not even they care, because they make enough cash on swiss army corn and factory farms to give two shits about cute little science facts trying to convert brainwashed citizens anyway.

  266. vitamins is a business to usa, to make people sick, equals more doctor bills, the food is a another example.

  267. High level of Vitamin C have been proven to accelerate cancer growth because the vitamin has no free radicals to bond with so they will bond with something else.

  268. isn’t it way more enjoyable to get your vitamins from a rich and diverse diet anyway? I mean, it doesn’t event have to be vegetables for most vitamins. Sweet fruits, sea fruits and fish, wholemeal, nuts, liver, mushrooms. Take your pick.

  269. If vitamins didnt do anything how do they treat diseases?

    Treatments for scurvy
    Scurvy is treated by providing the patient with vitamin C, administered either orally or via injection. Orange juice usually functions as an effective dietary remedy, but specific vitamin supplements are also known to be effective.

    I see this as clickbait.

    1. Update: If you believe vitamins are a viable cure for cancer I cannot help you. But to say that they are useless or a trick by the manufacturers is misleading. We might need to start calling you DEntertainment…

  270. nice video! more like this please

  271. Starting to give up on social media and info given, or lack of to be specific:/

  272. literally got a men’s multivitamin supplement ad before this

  273. They can still be useful and good though. For those that have a defincy in them and need supplements in order to stay healthy

  274. vitamin supplements are largely a load of money-making bollocks, but this video was very poorly presented. Health Triage did it better and is presented by an actual doctor.

    1. The presentation is not affected by the presence of an actual doctor, though. While doctors are very good for information, they’re not particularly skilled at distributing it through media.

    2. stauner32 doctors treat patients. I don’t think you have any idea what doctors know. They study chemistry and the body in depth. I studied dietetics and I had to take every chemistry class available, do a year internship and take a national test.the program was also used for students who were pre-med. I believe doctors know about vitamins. They make up he basic cycles of life. Take chem 1, 2, organic chem, inorganic chem, bio chem and advanced nutrient metabolism and tell me we don’t know what we are talking about.

    3. Jindorek A doctor is an expert on how to diagnose and treat patients. They don’t learn or study such specific supplements.. So there’s not really a reason to have a doctor to read a script..

  275. Be nice if the food industry would stop fucking with consumers first…

  276. But what if you are dieting

  277. These studies need to state whether the nutrients are artificial or naturally-derived in relevant cases.

  278. Don’t like the new format.

  279. If food would contain as much nutrients as 40-50 years ago, sure! No problem getting your vitamins out of that. But you guys FAIL to mention, the value of minerals, vitamins etc decreased by up to 90% in vegetables and fruit!! So back in the good old days you had to eat for example one carrot a day. Now for the same amount of vitamins and minerals, you need to eat 5 or 10.

    1. exactly !! today’s food is very contaminated, so these was going to happen !!

    2. This is completely false. Foods today have more benefits than ever. Stop spreading lies, you cancerous piece of shit.

    3. Some GMOs may have higher vitamin levels per weight unit than older versions, but dont think this applies to GMOs in general.

    4. MrBasinator GMOs have more vitamins than the the produce of the past

    5. Without checking any sources i do not really find that hard to believe based on what we know about modern farming. Even without GMOs we have been selectively breeding vegetables to produce volume(or mass) over quality as sales are measured in weight. Combined with maximizing beneficial growing conditions it could easily explain that 1kg of carrot or tomato today contains less vitamines and micronutrients than 1kg would 100 years ago. The positive side is of course that 1 square kilometer of fertile soil can now feed many more people with less manual labor.

  280. Nice propaganda, a lot of people who takes supplements can’t afford good fucking food. Americans in general have a pretty piss poor diet.

    1. You can dehydrate, canning, fermenting (yum), like Kim Chee, saurkraut, yogurt, kombucha teas, water kefir and milk kefir, sourdough. I recommend starting with kombucha tea. And later you can try wine, beer, vinegars.

      Kombucha doesn’t require any fancy equipment, but a small upgrade will give you fizzle like champagne, in your already refreshing drink. The nutrition and good bacteria that you restore to your body will keep you away from the doctor and the store. Better than soda. Soda leaves you craving more, instead of refreshed and satisfied.

    2. Actually you would be surprised at the amount of food you can grow on a sunny balcony, patio, deck, roof, in buckets, raised beds, a big round bale of straw, walmart shopping bags, urban alleys, … you should see the things Italians and Greeks do to their windows, doorways, and balconies in their tiny cobbled lanes. Start with one bag of potting soil for like $1.99 plant some tomato, pepper seeds, put it in the sun and keep it moist, you can buy the tomato and pepper plants already started. 🌞🌱🍓
      Strawberries are so easy like that too. Take the bus, taxi, metro, bicycle to your local garden center this year, order off line. Happy planting and harvesting. 🌽🌾

    3. @loboalamo I agree. Seeds are a great price for the returning yield. it is a really great choice for those who have the time and their own yard.

    4. I’ve seen a very good YouTube series of somebody eating very healthy food on $1 a day, which is pretty crazy considering my weekly groceries are about $50 and he was still eating great looking food that I would definitely eat. The main difference tho’, is that I don’t have time (or skill) to make inexpensive dinners for myself.
      But you know what’s packed with nutrients regardless of your opinions on commercial farming? Eggs, beans, nuts and seeds, etc. My breakfast in the morning is two eggs fried in butter with a piece of seed-rich toast, which is all packed with macro- and micronutrients and worth way less than a dollar. Plus, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but fasting and eating less in general is incredibly healthy for your body. I’m sure the average American, if they tried, can figure out how to eat healthy for cheap, considering we have no shortage of food to choose from.

    5. Lukas Ah, I misunderstood the point you were making. You’re right then.

  281. Adam Ruins Everything had an episode on this

  282. When I get the cold, I take vitamin C. In my experience, it helped. Not significantly, but it definitely lowered my symptoms a bit. Every bit counts when you’re sick.

    Also, when it’s gloomy for days, I take vitamin D. No sunlight = no vitamin D. That’s just how I see it.

  283. Best Healthy Supplements/ Food on

    1. I thought spam was bad for you

    2. share if you like

  284. Still I don’t understand. Why are vitamins that you take the old fashioned way healthy while they’re not when taken through supplements?

    1. You need to be tested to see if you are deficient. Only if these tests show there is a problem do you then need to supplement that individual vitamin/mineral and it’s co-factors e.g. iron and vitamin C. If you just willy-nilly take vitamins you are either wasting your money e.g. multi-vitamins or poisoning yourself e.g. individual supplements.

    2. Like other people have said, too much of anything is bad. This is especially true for fat soluble vitamins, which linger in the body and can accumulate to dangerously high levels. Also, supplements don’t provide fiber like fruits and vegetables do.

    3. Peter Zwart because people take too much of the settlement and can overdose on fat soluble vitamins. It is much harder to overdose by eating too many fruits and vegetables.

    4. same thing in essence, but it’s a supplement, it ADDS to your normal intake. if it replaces your intake you wont get enough, the quantities are minuscule, and it cost more than just eating foos, which you need to survive anyway

    5. because 1000% of anything is going to harm your health.

  285. So Dr. Oz is wrong?

  286. natural food, that the human body has evolved with, is very complex when it comes to how the different nutritions interact, such as enzymes, vitamins, minerals, proteins and fiber. Even today the science is sometimes pointing in different directions when it comes to what food diet is actually healthy.

    What can be said in general is that the closer the food is to natural, the better it is suited for our bodies.

  287. When you can’t afford good food that has all the nutrients and minerals and vitamins we need, we have to take supplements as a cheaper-regular alternative.

    1. Jindorek huh? 5 apples or 5 oranges here in sweden is like 7-10 dollars, i eat atleast 3 fruits per day, a good food multi is way better

    2. You don’t need money for “good food.” You can literally get your daily calcium intake from pizza, and as we all know, pizza is neither expensive nor healthy, proving that you can get your necessary vitamins and minerals from even the shittiest of foods. So don’t try to make the argument that people “can’t afford” it.

    3. Ben Wilson Your missing the point. You take the vitamins because the advertising has told you it will top up your health but it’s simply not true. They come from a company trying to make money, of course they are going to try and convince everyone that they need to buy their products.

      Stop making excuses. Your a bad cook? so learn a bit.
      Your fresh produce goes off? batch cook one day a week and freeze meals for the rest of the week.

      Now it’s not for me to tell you to do these things but if you want to remain healthy it is down to you and how much effort your willing to put into it.

      Really though I don’t care. Your choice, keep taking your miracle pill, keep blaming inconvenience.

      You learn things by listening to people and checking facts. Sorry for the rant but telling him to get off his high horse for giving an informative opinion cheesed me off a little bit.

    4. ABaumstumpf : I am a bad cook and hate buying produce because it often spoils before I can consume it all. The alternative is multiple trips to the market weekly and the time and travel costs are prohibitive. Everyone’s individual situation is different. I eat as healthy as I can with the resources I have, and take a multivitamin to shore up the areas that are suboptimal. Get off your high horse.

    5. you have to eat anyway – and now compare the price of the junk you eat to the price of fresh food.

      Fresh and health ingredients are cheaper than the easy to make fast/junk-food.
      Don’t compare the price of a 5 kg sack potatoes to a single portion of french fries….
      Get a few tomatoes, onions, a bit of garlic and some noodles – with 10$ you can make enough for 5 people. have fun getting even close to that with processed food.

  288. what is this new crap!? I wanna see Traces sexy face

    1. Ye! science isn’t fun unless a hottie teaches it.

    2. 😂😂😂

    3. I wanna see Amy

    4. Tyler Matthew Harris Gay

    5. yea who’s the voice?

  289. I appreciate the addition of the Narrator

  290. I *love this style of editing*. I’m not really sure why though…

  291. Vitamins “work” if you are taking a bioavailable form of them and you have a deficiency.

    1. exactly! most people don’t understand that there are different forms of each vitamin… some of which are actually bioavailable
      On top of that a highly bioavailable multivitamin is only meant to fill in nutritional gaps… so yes you piss out what you dont need

    2. @Jay T Because your body stores fat soluble vitamins, meaning they can potentially build up to a toxicity. Vitamins A, D, E, and K are the fat soluble ones.

    3. @Kim Brown Yeah you have to use a third party tester like to verify what’s actually in them. Most vitamins just come in the cheap “oxide” variant and has like a 2% absorption I’ve read. In relation to the citrate or chelated versions which have excellent bioavailability.

    4. Kim Brown why do you say fat soluble vitamins are especially harmful?

    5. Jack Hoff yep. I’m a dietician and it turns into expensive urine for water soluble vitamins and you can do a lot of damage or even death with fat soluble vitamins. Also, they are not FDA regulated and have been shown not to contain what they say. Only eating food will you know what you are putting in your body. One test showed a company used Nestle Quik in their supplement capsules. Only take what your licensed medical advisor tells you. They will know what brands or will write a script. B12 is shown to help women with more intense period symptoms. Vitamin D helps those with the deficiency. Don’t just randomly take it. It is a fat soluble vitamin and can harm you. I could go on, but I’ve made my point.

  292. The only Vitamins this channel is missing is THC

    1. FrequencyOfThought 😅😅😅

  293. This may seem like a stupid question but what’s the difference between taking a vitamin supplement and eating a fruit or a veggie that has the same vitamin? Is it how our body processes it or?

    1. Ohhh okay, I think I understand what you’re saying. When you’re taking the vitamin it’s literally just the vitamin but with the fruit, it not only comes with vitamins but also other components that help us absorb them. Right?

    2. ElectrixHeart In a fruit, vegetable, meat or diary product the vitamins come with other micronutrients. So for example a carrot contains not only beta-carotene but niacin, vitamin K, vitamin C, potassium, etc plus many molecules we are only now researching. It’s the combination of all these micronutrients with macronutrients which is thought to aid our absorption of the vitamins and minerals in them.

      Vitamin and mineral supplements are only useful if you have a known deficiency in it and you should take a single supplement and some of it’s co-factors for that deficiency only.

      Multi-vitamins are junk as they don’t contain enough of vitamins and minerals that people have common deficiencies in e.g. vitamin D, iron and often contain minerals that are known to decrease/inhibit the absorption of one another.

  294. This is definitely the shallowest and least well researched video I have seen in some time. The story of vitamins is much more complex than is even hinted at in this video. You did not even mention that a lot of the questions around supplementation revolve around dose. Pauling was advising huge doses, with no evidence, and subsequent studies have proven huge doses useless or even harmful, but the doses suggested by reputable organizations, to prevent deficiency, are safe and effective. A more interesting question is, why did Pauling, a highly respected scientist, go off the deep end, promoting nonsense for which he had no evidence?

    1. Mark Holm I prefer to get my info on vitamin and minerals from the universities that do talks here on YouTube as they give you the bibliography of the research articles they discuss, so you can look at the article yourself.

  295. I was about to say something about vitamin D and how it helps depression, but I looks like they actually mentioned it (but not the depression part)

  296. Suomi Finland perkele!!

  297. Very interesting! ❤😃

  298. Common sense:
    Eat healthy food, don’t take drugs if they can be avoided.

  299. The vitamin C that you buy as a capsule is not vit.C . Read the label . If there’s ascorbic acid written then it’s not vitC . Get you vit C from real food , it’s so easy to get vitC

  300. fish oils tho??

    1. look up what can come in fish oil. Poisons and mercury. But the fish with the highest mercury levels is tuna. So dont listen to Jindorek. All kinds of stuff says stay away from tuna.

    2. just eat deep sea fish, like tuna or salmon. tastes better and doesnt make you burp up fish flavoured sick.

  301. Well of course you’re going to get sick of you take extra vitamins in your duet when you don’t need them, our bodies have adapted over countless eons to be a biochemical machine, taking to much or too little of a needed nutrient is going to cause problems.

    1. Micah Bourquin Actually there is. Ever heard why you don’t eat the liver of a Polar bear? If not look it up.

    2. True antitheist2006 Nope not necessarily as what is too much varies person to person. The research actually can’t tell you at the moment what is too much for you as an individual. So why I take iron tablets if you took one you could be ill.

    3. True antitheist2006 There is no such thing as, “too many vitamins”

  302. This is sort of a narrow explanation, it in no way takes account of what vitamins actually are and what our body uses vitamins for, we don’t just take vitamins for antioxidants, obviously no one should attempt to survive solely on vitamins and we all know that gummy multivitamins are horseshit, but for most people who live in areas of the world (including America) where they’re agriculture doesn’t support as nutrient dense food as it used to, and where we farm so much we’ve depleted trace minerals from our environment stripping them away from our food, A great many people do benefit from regular vitamins as a way to supplement their deficiencies and improve their general well-being, that being said of course eating healthy foods will give you a lot of what the body needs, but it’s really a person to person issue in my opinion and I don’t think we should discredit the use of vitamins in general, but she seems a little arrogant and evaluative. Let people make their own decisions and do their own research. Side from that I really like Dnews, keep making cool shit.

    1. thenotorious ong the point the video was making was that vitamins do not improve our health, but a 1/3 of Americans take them regardless. Then the video went into the reason the fallacy began was because vitamins we’re presented as something to cure diseases. No one believes vitamins cure diseases which i think is why people are arguing in the comments. The other reason is that if certain foods contain such vitamins how do vitamins not improve your health if eating the healthy foods that contain those vitamins do. Thats the fallacy people are alluding to that this dnews video made. What people don’t get is that taking vitamins requires research. No American unless you hire a nutritionist/are knowledgeable on such will get optimal levels needed for daily consumption. Vitamins that people take are supposed to be based on your typical diet, many of these vitamins sold on shelves are based on people with deficiencies and overload certain ingredients which will make a person sick that doesnt need them. People who want to benefit from vitamins that aren’t deficient in anything is take them only to get your daily serving of something u did not consume that day or did not a sufficient daily dose of. This requires monitoring what you consume daily in which most people are to lazy to and end up taking vitamins that dont benefit them and get them sick. Daily no matter what we will be a little deficient in something just not emergency deficient unless your knowledgeable on your own nutrition. Excess vitamin B complex or C will not harm anyone to where we need emergency services because those are the only supplements your body does not actively store and any excess will just be dumped out with your waste, but too much of them do carry side affects. I’ve heard of people breaking out from too much vitamin B & people being really jittery from too much vitamin c. People just need to do their own damn research before just taking a daily supplement and expecting it to make you healthier just because its a vitamin.

    2. MsPeabody1231 I have deficiencies and have a doctor’s prescription to take supplements because I have a real illness. My levels are substantially low. To be normal, you just have to be within a range. When I say a little deficiency, that’s what I meant. And that’s what this video was addressing. A lot of folks are taking supplements when they don’t really need it. They feel like they need to take 100% of everything to be healthy, and that’s not really the case. And some supplements can be harmful if you take too much. They never said don’t listen to your doctor. I don’t understand how anyone can miss that part. People just want a reason to be mad. Lol.

    3. thenotorious ong Just because your grandmother was fine other people aren’t. I know it’s of people who have had iron or vitamin D deficiencies. In the case of the iron deficiency some of them have needed emergency treatment.

    4. Falkotheboss my grandmother hardly ever ate anything nutritious because she was a drug addict. but she lived to be 100 years old. I’m sure we’ll be fine even with a little deficiency.

    5. This has got to be the best comment pointing out the flaws with the video. Kudos, maybe DNews will post a follow up.

  303. Using footage from the 50s isn’t very convincing.

  304. Interesting style on this video. Who is the narrator?

  305. Most people don’t have deficiencies, so taking vitamin supplements is pointless. I thought I had an iron one, as it ran in the family. But the tablets made me sick, so I stopped taking. Turns out I didn’t even have a deficiency.

    1. Actually most as in almost everyone has deficiencies and many of them.

    2. Actually its not pointless. I think you missed the entire meaning of the video.

    3. you should’ve went to the doc first to get it tested. Because to much iron can be bad for you. On the other hand there is a possibility as well that your body just cant except enough iron because of a sickness (that’s something i have). So i could take more iron but it doesn’t matter because my body does not accept it.

  306. Despite this companies still sell vitamin supplements

    1. Guilherme C.
      *DING DING DING.. **_BINGO!_** Yet another glaring example of the inherent failures with **#GreedKILLS** – based **#ProfitOVERpeople** **#Capitalism**!* #JustSayin

    2. Sadly, supplements are not regulated by the FDA, so this market is a pseudoscience paradise

    3. t.c.a.w Exposed Yeah, kinda hard to tell on the internet…

    4. oh I wasn’t sure if it it was sarcasm or not lol

    5. t.c.a.w Exposed Yup, that was the point I tried to make…

  307. this video is BASIC AF !

    1. stalkerlohh Nope, ’cause at 2:19 they’re talking ’bout an acid…

  308. Adam ruins everything did it better.

    1. FLBoyCanScrap i love that show and I agree

    2. agreed.

  309. vitamin supplements are water soluble vitamin E is fat soluble.. after your body reaches saturation point you pee out the rest.. taking vitamins is a good safety net if you have a vitamin deficient diet but it’s not a cure-all..

    I would say avoid overtaking Mineral & Metal supplements as they could build up in the body

    1. there’s no links to negative health effects and vitamin E.. Is D and A water soluble? No it’s not

    2. George Rodriguez You can’t pee out fat soluble vitamins A, D and E you just poisoned by them if you take too much. Ever heard why you should never eat a Polar bear’s liver? Because the high amount of vitamin A in it will kill you.

  310. So you’re basing this off a study where it didn’t state whether the subjects had a deficiency or not? Then how do you know it’s bad? Were their diets even monitored? I don’t think a youtube channel should be giving conclusions off vague studies and not giving the whole basis of information, that’s very irresponsible.

    1. Daily News I’m a casual watcher and I think for myself. I don’t draw my own conclusions from one video. I watch DNews mostly for entertainment and to find new topics to learn about. If I’m interested, I do my own research. People like you rely too heavily on these short YouTube videos to distribute all the facts. That’s why you’re all triggered and shit. Relax and enjoy life a little. 😊

    2. thenotorious ong I’m not even going to respond to your comment if you aren’t even educated enough to have read studies,listen to my previous comments they made absolute statements of two studies with vague details, whereas there are thousands of studies proving otherwise, you need to get educated kids

    3. thenotorious ong but you didn’t, you went on a YouTube video which was distributing the wrong information and you believed it, if you would of went on studies you would of learned that vitamins do help health, go on and you’ll be proven wrong

    4. I have a deficiency and have a prescription for supplements. I didn’t feel like this video was irresponsible with its information. If I was interested in learning more about these studies, I could have easily accessed Google.

    5. Pasolero BH a lot? They provided two, it doesn’t matter how many you read they’re making the point on a video not you, it doesn’t matter how many you read, the point is they read two studies and made an absolutely conclusion off it with no extra detail, that’s embarrassing and it doesn’t take a lot of reasoning to figure out why

  311. I thought this was common knowledge… :/
    Vitamins are just that. Vital in minute quantities

  312. This sounds similar to the vitamins episode Lacy Green did for DNews a few years ago.

  313. Iv never been this early before! Also, where do i suggest new video ideas?

  314. Is Tang a supplement?

    1. @Ravi Bongarala I did. I went and check my cupboard and read it… Just tell me what chemicals you’re talking about!

    2. That’s because you never read it’s ingredients

    3. @Ravi Bongarala I’m not flipping.

    4. @George Cataloni check out its ingredients, you’ll flip :p

    5. @Ravi Bongarala Oh ya, I don’t want chemicals like ascorbic acid; I just want vitamin C.

  315. *So basically we’re fucked*…

    1. John Smith you failed to mention don’t consume drugs 🙂

    2. We can survive for 30 days without eating. I’m pretty sure we’ll be fine.

    3. Based Trill No. just eat right and exercise, and you’ll be fine.

    4. Aaron We’re all gonna die!

    5. Based Trill Wait what?

  316. Its that simple, man can’t beat nature.

  317. I am 15 and I have known that like 3 years and I find it ridiculous that 1/3 believe this like this comes up regularly in internet don’t they use it ?

    1. @elgato9o no pain no gain

    2. I see this excuse used all too often. Do you write sentence upon sentence upon sentence in your own language without any comas then? Bcus as far as i know, “,” and “.” Are universal. It’s so painful to read (>ლ)

    3. @Sonny Jim you couldn’t even write a good cv if you wanted so get out with your dumbass excuse

    4. elgato9o This is the internet not a CV

    5. you are 15 and can’t even use proper punctuation, go back to school.

  318. Arrr! Ye scurvy pirates! Don’t forget yer vitamin sea.

    1. Conor Malone 0 Vitamin C rules. High dose!

    2. good one too!

    3. Master Therion teach me father

  319. So you’re basically saying that vitamin c doesn’t cure cancer
    Who would’ve thought?

    1. Ya no shit. I didnt think vitamin c cured cancer. Ppl take vitamins cause pizza rolls are not healthy. Ya I know I should eat oranges but if u r broke all the time or live on the road that shit is hard to come by. Its just easier to go down the frozen food section.

    2. there’s no such thing as a cure for cancer and there never will be

    3. A ketogenic diet imply fat.

    4. Allan Bruno Petersen but did I say anything about fat or diabetes? no. do you know how seals correspond with the recent climate change? lmao. I can say some random bull too. gtfo. no thought was put into your comment obviously

    5. To answer in kind.. You have no idea how fat cause type 2 diabetes do you? Right back at you with the BS blabber. 🙂

  320. I’ve been taking vitamin supplements for about 2 years religiously everyday and I can safely say I haven’t gotten sick. That may be because of pure luck but I’m a stressed out college student who travels a lot and lives in the densest city on the planet. I really don’t know if it’s been useless but to me it’s been helping. I used to get sick a lot as a kid and now I don’t. Maybe I’ll die sooner or maybe I’ll live forever? Guess I’ll just keep poppin’ pills until we find out.

    1. Rei Zyka I do both. And yes I get sick but that’s my genetics. I would actually get sicker if I didn’t take the supplements as advised by my health practitioners.

    2. roebow same mate, but instead of taking vitamins I’m drinking green tea. I have heard it’s even more effective

  321. I jus kno Imma die from heart failure. all this preworkout i be taking
    I’m makin gains tho!

    1. Kim Brown
      There’s only caffeine, creatine, & beta alanine in preworkout
      No roids, hormones, or sugar… so I don’t know how man boobs could develop.
      Don’t be jelly

    2. The Universe
      If u consider caffeine a drug

  322. Very garbage meta analysis

  323. I am a pharmacist and this is y you can’t trust channels like this for your health

    1. mpiazza000 you need to stop being brainwaahed but then being you are in the aelling scam market of selling pharmacy business i can see why you dont like hearing when people knock down suppliments & drugs etc…the pharm bussinesses needs to be shut down & put you scamers out of bussiness now go chew on an apple😬

    2. Actually, everything in this video is entirely correct. I can’t believe people actually take you seriously. You’re a pharmacist, so of course you think this is “propaganda,” because the less people buy of your useless shit, the less money you’ll make.

    3. -Timothy Perera~ ::facepalm:: You’re too stupid to know how stupid you truly are.

      The video never said vitamins did not work.
      It said vitamin supplements are worthless unless you suffer from a deficiency or specific need.

      Try to pull your head out of your ass and actually listen to what is being said instead of being in such a rush to post pointless drivel that only proves your stunningly low, low, low level of intelligence.

    4. You’re a pharmacist so you are literally owned by big pharma, that makes you biased. Not all the things in the video are sensible to take at face value, but yeah…”trust me I know cocaine is not bad for you I sell cocaine”

  324. What about green tea though?

    1. MsPeabody1231 I never, ever bother with Tea bags, i always brew my tea from natural leaves, That’s what I meant with *natural*. And let’s be honest here, you aren’t really processing it by heating it up, you are just extracting the goodies from the leaves to the hot water. It’s not like the antioxidants are getting destroyed or something.

    2. Rei Zyka What do you mean by natural? Tea, green or otherwise, is processed before you buy it and even if you do what I do with peppermint leaves, you still process it when you pour hot water on it.

    3. Galaxy Ninja but green tea contains EGCG, which is around 100x more effective than vitamins if I am not mistaken, and unlike vitamin supplements, egcg taken from green tea has a greater biodiversity since it’s natural. So shouldn’t green tea theoretically be much better than vitamins ?

    4. Rei Zyka green tea has been used as a treatment for a variety of conditions ranging from arthritis to weight loss, as well as a preventative measure for diseases such as cancer, although the evidence for the majority of these conditions is weak or lacking.So about the same as all vitamins.

  325. I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again: I’ll start eating healthy when healthy food starts tasting like french fries, fried chicken, potato chips, etc.

    1. I mean just the fact that you said “veganism needs careful planning or a lot of supplements to be balanced” displays your knowledge of the topic. Certainly, every single person needs to plan their diet to make sure that they get adequate nutrients, regardless of whether or not you eat meat and dairy. I’ve been vegan for 2 years and the only supplement that is required is B12, which is only found in unfiltered water (which we don’t drink), shit (yeah), and meat (where the animals are exposed to a lot of those two things). Every other nutrient that is required is able to be achieved on a vegan diet.

      I think that there is something to be said about the lifestyle of those who have these diets, especially since those who choose veganism care more about their health. Vegetarians do care more about their health than meat eaters, but they don’t care enough to choose to not eat dairy or eggs.

      Most of the information that I get is found on This site contains numerous studies and videos with the aim of achieving optimal nutrition. The thing that really changed my perspective on nutrition was the book “How not to die.” A very enlightening book, I recommend it to anyone who cares about their health, even if you eat meat there is something in there for you, even though it give evidence to say that a plant-based diet is optimal, it has good advice.

    2. +QVear I’ve tasted so many french fries (which not many variation in my country) that are very very good. But if I have to choose to eat it daily, I’d pick watermelons or mangoes over that. I like fried chicken, but no I don’t think I can ever eat it everyday… Juicy chunk of red meat is different tho, I love those stuff.

      Your comment makes it seems like you have a small world…. Like you don’t realize that the texture of that amazing bolognaise, or that superb meat sauce comes from carrot. Lots of spices in fried chicken comes from those plants.

      Doesn’t mean to offend you but try to expand your selection of food… or how it is prepared. Maybe go to an Indian restaurant, it could be a start

    3. ABaumstumpf Lols, I am a Superpredator and We Eat Meat Daily and Hunt Accordingly

    4. @Coras Ⓥ Yes, balanced not including junkfood.
      And no, it is not ignorance but the opposite.
      Unless you have a prior medical condition, vegetarianism offers no health benefits, while veganism needs careful planning or a lot of supplements to be balanced.

      People often get the causality mixed up there too:
      Those that want to be healthy already have a better lifestyle causing them to go vegetarian, it is not that being vegetarian makes them healthier.

      And that is also what the studies show:
      When just taken at face value it appears that vegetarians would be healthier.
      but if lifestyle-choices like drinking alcohol, smoking or exercising are taken into account, the difference vanishes.
      For vegans – no such luck. Even without taking into account those differences they already do worse.
      So yes – i would say you have to be bonkers – or have a medical condition – to go vegan.

  326. Aaaand what about athletes?

  327. I bet you can’t subscribe to my channel 😑

    1. Mr omer are you Iraqi?

    2. Mr Money go ahead, beg harder and I might sub. NOT. Subs aren’t important if you don’t get engagement. So all you’re doing is creating a dead channel. If that makes you happy, fair enough.

    3. Mr Money Lols, Thanks for all the money back 😉

    4. subscribe if you dare 😑

  328. *this comment will get lost within the comment section, but for the 1% that read this, I hope you have a great day*

    1. May God bless you sir

    2. Witherd Factions same to you

    3. My name is Zarik and I am a democrat LoveHillory Lols, Bend over. Dickies Jeans Time

  329. *But what about things like Cod Liver Oil/ Seven Seas?*

    1. Sleep- Over-Everything cod liver oil is good for you but only if it’s good quality and fresh but I am pretty sure there is nothing fresh and quality about cod liver oils in a capsule but that’s just what I’ve heard

  330. Hey person reading this
    I hope you will reach ur goals in 2017:)
    my goal is 5k subs:) want to help out?

    1. Molten Science why not?

    2. privjet kak dela?

    3. no

    4. are u russian

    5. thanks u2

  331. Thank you yes finally

  332. I find it amusing that before this video there was a vitamin supplement commercial

  333. 1st

    1. Gabriel Gajadhar you beat me by 3 seconds 😲😲

  334. Love your videos

    1. too

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