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Decades-old Household Cleaning Products

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152 thoughts on “Decades-old Household Cleaning Products

  1. Part 2 coming later this week, Thanks for watching

    1. I’ve taken a liking to watching your videos I done watched six videos this morning

  2. I think the cat and dog stuff would be ok, in a glass bottle unopened, but not worth the risk still.

  3. Yeah, i remember the static of old TVs. You would place your fingers on the pure glass and feel the electricity and you could indeed smell it..

    Would freak out if my sony bravia would behave the same way nowadays.

    1. same tho

  4. Quit huffing vintage.

  5. BAB-O

  6. It’s like the back of my kitchen cupboard.

  7. Paramite is still a thing it seems.

  8. Oh, you have orbs. I got some of those. one in particular. They want to take your body.

  9. The Static Guard looks pretty much the same.

  10. 😎

  11. Look how many of the older products as well as the older can foods were actually made and packaged in the USA. Compare to items and food now from India, China, Japan etc. Over the years so many companys went over seas. That left thousands of familys over the decades without a job.
    Out of everything you show on the products and can foods, I was focusing on where it was made. 😢 Start looking on your items friends, stuff now says “a product of” add the country; or it will say “packaged in” add the country.

  12. I thought you also gonna *eat* them lol

  13. Barcodes were actually invented in the early 50s, but it was the early 80s when they became somewhat popular, and I noticed barcodes on 45 RPM records in around 1984, maybe 1983. I don’t remember “Billie Jean” having a barcode on the 45, but I clearly remember “Thriller” having it. So in between those two songs is when they began hitting 45 records. And Van Halen’s Diver Down was maybe the first time I’d seen a barcode on a vinyl album and Paul McCartney’s Pipes Of Peace was the first time I’d seen it on a cassette. Which is to say, barcodes became popular right before CDs were popular. I don’t recall ever seeing a barcode being used in the grocery store until around 1988 or 1989.

  14. 2:57 Packaged November 1976
    20:05 September 1992

  15. They still make the stain stick, it just looks like deodorant now lol I use it on my son’s clothes

  16. I can find these in my grandparents’ bathroom

  17. Do you think it’s work.

  18. They still make Spray and Wash Stain Stick, just different packaging.

  19. I remember Brooks. that store is closed now, right?

  20. Powdered cleanser is awesome. I use it all the time to clean.

  21. I can hear your smoke detectors chirping in the background. Time to change the batteries!

    1. It’s actually a messed up microwave motherboard beeping

  22. I still use Static Guard and the can has always pretty much looked the same, at least since the 70s. Spray it on your brush or comb and it eliminates fly away static on your hair. Murphy Oil Soap is still going strong and still a great product. Also, bar codes began in 1974. And you can know that if there isn’t a website, it’s at least from the mid-90s back. Zipcodes began nationwide in 1967. This can also help date things.

  23. But the companies knew the dangers of the chemicals in their products, that’s why they didn’t go too much into depth probably with their list of ingredients,

  24. I really appreciate you showing all this old stuff on your channel it’s awesome!! But you should seriously invest in some rubby gloves, God knows what may be festering in all this old stuff, especially old chemicals 😖😖😖😖

  25. some of the cans from the 80s still had 70s graphics on them. a lot of that stuff is still good.

  26. In 1993 & 1994 I had a soda and beer can collection. Cans from 1993 & 1994 but also from the 70’s, 60’s, and even 50’s. Stuff I found in the woods but cleaned out. So what happened to my cool can collection? My parents found it and threw it away! “It attracts bugs.” I forgive them even if I’m stilling upset about it 25 years later.

  27. That was a big lie. You don’t hear any more about the “ozone layer hole” because it was never true. Now the new lie is climate change…. ALL complete BS.

  28. It seems a form of Super Iron Out is still being sold today at walmart in a powder form…. Super Iron Out Powder Rust Stain Remover, 76 Fl. Oz for $12.97

  29. I love these videos . make one about old pop tarts

  30. Oh wow that stain stick with the green cap brings back memories of my poor mom scrubbing out grass stains from my pants as a kid. Also that easy on is way too close for comfort to the easy off oven cleaner can lol

  31. New Englanders love our Murphys oil soap

  32. I used the pet product in the 90s to cure mange on a stray dog. No one dips pets sny longer. Sevin dust and other chemicals eventually caused nerve disorders. Pets didnt live as long before we had spot meds like Advantix, etc. Thank God for the new stuff.

  33. Just came across your vids love the postings of the old can food openings and other old foods

  34. Iron Out is still around and sold under Summit Brands.
    Summit Brands
    6714 Pointe Inverness Way, Suite 200
    Fort Wayne, IN 46804-7935

    Found that the company started in 1958 with Super Iron Out. It was their flagship product.

  35. I believe barcodes started in 1974. Thank you . Love this .

  36. Did you get round to changing the battery in your smoke alarm?

    1. It is a microwave

  37. If they’re very old….I’m bloody ancient! Lol.

  38. I find these vids, and your canned food vids, strangely relaxing to watch! I’m so glad there’s no background music. It’s so offbeat and interesting, just the kind of stuff I’m into. Thank you!!💜

  39. I saw store still going

  40. please take care with old and rusty aerosols they can very easily explode.

    1. @New England Wildlife & More yes they can actually they contain chemicals and are in a presurised container there have been many cases reported over the years where aerosol cans have exploded in peoples cupboards after just been sitin there for years also when people take them out and shake them or spray them they explode in their faces. i made the comment based on facts not just what “i think”. any aersol can with rust should be desposed of safely and not messed around with. its nice to see old things after all these years a lot of people would of never heard of them been young or from different countries but people are entitled to know the dangers too.

    2. Well they wouldn’t explode just sitting there. They would leak slowly over time

  41. No mosquito spray?

  42. oh so this was all of ur dads stuff huh?

  43. I go from watching Louis Vuitton unboxing videos to So cool and interesting!

  44. are those pads supposed to be black

  45. Oh my I remember the Bon ami.. my mother had that…my mother bought her house 1969 so it must have been from the 70’s..I remember Easy off but not easy on..Awesome how they still work!!!! And I remember Static guard too..Awesome!!!!!! Love your videos!!!

  46. Brings back memories of cleaning when I was a kid. Great video!

  47. Here’s a little interesting fact… The copyright date, does _NOT_ determine the age of that said product… It is just the date of which the copyright for that product was submitted… I’ve had products sold this year that said, “copyright 1988” or “©1988″…

    That “Arm& Hammer Carpet Fresh” I’d say, looked mid 1980s… I remember that stuff when I was young…my grandma used that stuff… That red resalve carpet foam is very new… In fact, I used that stuff about a year ago to get stains from a carpet in an old motel room I was living in..

    Though, not everything you had there was really vintage, it’s interesting seeing how things change and vary over the years… Yet some things barely change at all…

  48. Hmmmmm that arm and hammer deodorizer got me wondering. As long as I remember church and Dwight( which I used to deliver pizzas to btw) were in Princeton NJ. Wonder when they were in Piscataway. I used to live in Princeton.

  49. That static guard… does that product still exists?

    1. Not for TVs but for clothing yes

  50. On June 26th, 1974, a ten pack of barcoded Wrigley’s chewing gum was the first item scanned by a modern UPC scanner. As the 70s wore on, barcode equipment became more affordable and the barcode became widespread. By 1980 they were used in the majority of sales establishments.

  51. I looked this up for ya’ll

  52. Love your videos man. You truly do have a great voice. Just curious if you’ve ever considered doing any voiceover, radio or audio books work? I think you’d be great at any. Amazon actually has a site,, where you can sign up to record audio books if you have the equipment to do so, and it can be a pretty simple setup. Anywho, you can make per finished hour amount, do royalty share, and I think now you might can do both. Anyway something you might wanna think about and look into sometime.

  53. That seal is the good housekeeping seal of approval. Not a warranty stamp.

  54. That stamp is the good housekeeping

  55. I remember polishing our tv set in the 70s , as most large models were still made with wood . We used Endust . I always loved the smell of it

  56. Very cool. Really like your interest in these vintage products. Thank you for not using profanity in your videos. At least in the videos I’ve seen.

  57. That Super Iron Out is like the OxyClean of the early 1960’s.

  58. Ha, I live in Fort Wayne. I remember Iron-Out. Haven’t seen it in a while, though, but then I don’t use products like that often.

  59. Bar codes didn’t come out until like 1980. So anything w/o a bar code is pre 80.

  60. Oh, so you’re not doing a taste test on these products?

  61. That resolve capet foam was from the 90s even now you can get it. Since the label says no CFCs or ozone harming. That’s at least 90s. I graduated high school in 1994 so that pledge isn’t that old man.😁

  62. What you are missing is glass wax, big wally and jubilie kitchen wax. When i find them on e bay always buy them

  63. Murphy oil soap is still available. It’s great stuff and smells nice . The iron out was for glasses ect. Yes to clean rust off stuff . That Murphy oil soap is hard to find. Bab-o is like comet. Yes love old cleaners. Smell nice . My parents use to bath the kittens and dogs in the vet kem. Please use gloves. We have such cheap packaging now. White out is for your grout in the bathroom . Thanks for the video. Memory lane.

  64. I was born in 1956 and as such feel ….you make feel old….thank you.

  65. it is made from ground feldspar and tallow they a limited run in 2011

  66. I remember most all of these products dam im getting old 😂😂

  67. I love seeing these old products. 😁

  68. That Pledge bottle actually looks pretty modern, for being from 1994, same with the Bab-o, Resolve red can, and the Arm & Hammer (Most packaging I see from them today looks the same as it did in the 70s, but with slight changes).

  69. Old tvs had so much static you could literally smell it.

  70. Good job very interesting!!!

  71. Subscribed! Love your videos with the old products!

  72. where did you get the arm and hammer carpet stuff? I saw some of that stuff at the good will in Bangor, Maine a while back.

  73. Brooks was a drug store in Maine. I don’t know if it was in any other states. But I can remember shopping there in the 80’s and 90’s. They went out of business in the late 90’s I think.

  74. I think YDC tags are from Woolworths.

  75. Name one decade old thing this man hasn’t got

  76. I’m guessing those two Resolve cans are the same product, just one was older.

  77. Smells fine

  78. EEEEE

  79. My mom was such a clean freak growing up in the 90s I swear to God we had all of these..

    1. Still is?

  80. Does anyone else find his voice super relaxing?

    1. definitely unintentional asmr haha

    2. Yea asmr ish feel 😆😆😆😂

    3. Yes

    4. Imani- Tarpeh his voice gives me a wicked boners

    5. Almost a cross between Bob Ross and Mr Rogers…

  81. You’re not supposed to bathe a rabbit…the water can easily infect their ears, implying the water doesn’t already shock them. :/

    1. @New England Wildlife & More – Yes…not washing your pet rabbit(s) leads to a pungent, pissy-shitty stink that not only fumigates your home, but, attracts flies which leads to maggots and more flies. This is almost always in their genital area, so, they can also get a skin rash, and, even a urinary tract infection and/or yeast infection.

    2. @kekmeup – Why are you telling this guy, he’s only including the product in his video? Tell the manufacturer…and, every other manufacturer who makes rabbit and pet shampoos. The aloe vera makes this shampoo hypoallergenic as it’s an anti-irritant. Also, you bathe pets in lukewarm or ambient temperature water to prevent shock. Any mammal can get an ear infection if bathing is done carelessly.

    3. I have been giving baths to my pet rabbits for years and it’s fine. Yes I know not to get it in the ears that’s why I use a cup and pour water over the back. If your not ment to bathe a rabbit why do the make rabbit soap? They get stinky

  82. im loving these videos, they’re really interesting

  83. Great video! Was actually very interesting

  84. Not sure why I’m here, but I am

  85. My grandma has a lot of stuff from the 50s it’s so cool

  86. There was a store called Brooks in Southbridge, MA. I live in West Brookfield, MA.

  87. Some of that stuff looks familiar to me

  88. For some reason I keep coming back to your videos so I guess I like them, so I subscribed

  89. I cam e from can vid

  90. This guy is the ultimate hoarder but I love these kinda videos

    1. @Crab Mint – Ha-ha! He’s not a hoarder, he’s a collector…and, I could be wrong, but, I believe he sells all this stuff after he’s done making the videos. I saw in a video or read in a description somewhere on a video that he goes to places to make videos of antique and vintage items that other people own – estate sales; antique shops; yard sales; etc. Then again, maybe he has a very large, kick-ass man cave for a garage!?!? 😀

  91. I need you and Steve MRE to have a video together

  92. This will be my new favorite channel is these kinds of videos are something you’d like to do more of. Such an interesting and intriguing video over mostly boring things 😂 nice video

    1. I will be posting more videos like this later in the week. Thanks for watching

  93. Looks fine, smells fine

    1. Hahahaha

  94. I’ve fallen in love with this channel. Theres something about it that always keeps me entertained no matter how long I watch.

  95. Is this man gonna get poisoned simply by letting those things get out in the air? Like holy shit

    1. @Retards only SKRRT SKRRT – Of course not. They’re household cleaning and laundry products, and, they don’t become toxic with age. If anything, they become weaker and less effective.

  96. Where did you get that stuff from

  97. Looks fine, smells fine 😉

  98. im sorry but how did i get here

  99. PLEASE do more of these

  100. Very intriguing. Nice review on these products love these types of videos.

  101. This was a really interesting video. My grandma’s got old products like these still sitting around her house. In fact, she gave me a set of her old hot hair rollers because I guess she thought I could use them. I looked in the box, and there was a can of hair spray in there from the 70s. 😂

    Anyway, your old product videos are interesting. You’ve earned a subscribe from me.

  102. The only other vintage thing here is the battery from that smoke detector

    1. Stunning profile pic 😍😍😍😍😍✅

    2. @classiclistener01 I have a faulty microwave like that… Sometimes you close the door, and it starts running even though there’s no timer running… But the damn thing works awesome…

    3. @angie flowers – On another video he commented that it’s the faulty motherboard on his microwave. It must work if he keeps it. I once had a microwave like that, but, it still worked perfectly.

  103. At the last part of that video if ots lost all the pressure, you can push the top down ona table or hard surface, to get the product out.

  104. Every grandmas house has these😂

  105. i came from the old canned food video 👀

    1. carla gaines – Wow! That’s pretty cool! 👀

    2. Same

    3. Same🙃🙂

    4. These comments are fine

    5. Same

  106. Omg I use to buy Magic Coat dog shampoo for my 1st dog Crystal from Dr X pet store chain , I’m from Boston.

  107. I found this video very interesting! 🙂

    Some of the labels jogged my memory as to some of the products my Mom and Grandmothers had kicking around their houses many years ago! 🙂

    Thank you for the memories, and, for taking the time to collect-up all these products, film them, and, post this! 🙂

  108. Yay ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  109. That’s soooo much fun to watch , not many ppl post these kind vids , thanks lots for posting it ,cuz I have a very boring life .., i always searched something interesting and fun to watch (:

    1. Indeed,i also love to watch these kinds of stuffs coz its different 😍💗💗💗

  110. *4:35** the COPYRIGHT is from 1990, product code is what determines date.*

    1. Thank you

  111. That’s cool. Yeah, the ones with the bar code they starting putting on it in 1973 I believe. With the words New! or New formula probably late 80’s and mid 90’s. I just wondered with the Good Housekeeping logo was in the 90’s? I couldn’t find it either. Many laws has changed with these products. I brought some cleaner stuff at a grocery store just lately and it just like walking in the time machine. I brought tons of Kool Aid and Sur fine drink mixes. 1990 and 1997.

  112. Love this vlog! Trip down memory lane hehe

  113. We need a vid of you cleaning with them !!

  114. Do more please!!!!

  115. I just found your channel and absolutely love it thank you for your video’s ❤

  116. Wow love these videos !!!

  117. Back when cleaning your house was inexpensive.

    1. But due to inflation, the cost of the product is basically the same. What cost $2 in 1980 would cost $6.15 in 2018.

  118. I was born in 1970 and I am pretty sure those products on the right are all from the 70s or very early 80s. Great video..thanks for the childhood memories!! Keep making these I love watching

  119. Nice vid, very intriguing to see these old items.

  120. You have got yourself a new subscriber

  121. I always wondered what old products looked like now I know!! Thanks!!! ☺️

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