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DIY $3 Survivalist Blowgun from Household Items!

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Hope you like this simple build and please be careful! I take suggestions on my facebook page of what to build next so please check that out so you can stay updated. See the links below!

Needed Supplies:
$1 :Broom
Long Reach and Pick Up (Grabber)
Cooling Racks
3 Pack Wire

Wire Cutter

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234 thoughts on “DIY $3 Survivalist Blowgun from Household Items!

  1. When you’re in the jungle you don’t have a wallmart or supermarket on the next corner to get a broom and some wire and all that,
    But you are going to find a red cotton tree blossoming some cotton
    You are going to find ”printa” tree hollow tree
    But this is your trip so have fun with it

  2. Use cotton at the end, silent silly simplest way

  3. You are doing it wrong, my type of ammo can penetrate a whole 1 inch board on both sides. Its simpler too, just paper, a nail and hot glue gun

    1. G3AR – ‘GreekGadgetGuru’ how did you know hahaha

    2. OK KingofRandom

  4. loved it

  5. Dude $3.00 blow gun? You spent 3 dollars on just making the darts. Lol

  6. Survival blowgun: something made from the woods
    Him:let’s breakout the dremel tool

    1. He did say you could also use a file 😛 so still totally doable. I think he just used the dremel for the sake of time lol

  7. Better thing to use for darts to catch the air is clear packing tape, stick two pieces together and shape it like a cone around the metal dart, just gotta use the tube to get the sizing right. Far lighter, much better at catching air, and it makes the dart more balanced overall since all the weight is the dart itself.. Used to make them on the street out of street sweeper quills, packing tape, and lawnchair tubing, to kill pigeons and rats for fun. Ahhh, my homeless crust punk days lol

  8. I think I would be more efficient with nails

  9. Those are dangerous … try making them (the darts) out of paper and train . I used to play with paper darts with my friends (not to hurt each other 🙂

  10. How to make proper darts:
    Make a small cone out of paper that fits the barrel and put a nail through the cone and then just put hot glue.I got a distance of 50+meters with these

  11. The broom is f.cked Up 😀

  12. Those metal darts weigh a ton. Try a short 6 inch bamboo skewer and Post-it’s for the cone with some tape, much much lighter and will go faster and farther.

  13. Really poor: Video, grammar & design Good: Effort

    1. Ur not a teacher Bob the builder

  14. Nice loving this but you can probably find simpler ammo

  15. Outstanding!

  16. The darts need to be longer for maximum penetration.

  17. basicly teemo gameplay

  18. Very bad, exceptionally heavy with the wire for volume and very little air pressure build up You would NEVER use wire for a non shaft purpose. A zip tie is also very, very heavy and a very poor design feature .. Use wound cotton or thistle or a cone of some type. Also very time consuming.

    Without a doubt one of the very worst videos on dart making on YouTube !

  19. Must say that is a lot of work for an extremely poor dart … way, way to much air pass through and very heavy. A thin paper cone and glue is a much better cone design. A dart shaft with a cotton wrapped stop is far superior, have you tried a cone ? I can send a thin steel sharpened shaft (.062) over a half inch in a tree from 18yds away. It is a pain to pull out even with a good set of pliers !

  20. Hey I’m bored let’s go to the Dollar Store and get parts for a blow gun.

  21. Cool but you need shorter broom ends and a longer tube. Way too much drag and weight for optimal velocity.


  23. Yes. Just put those dirty broom bristles in your mouth 👍

  24. Never thought of making darts that way

  25. I take apart a rim of a bicycle so I have those spokes and I cut them to desired length. I have a roll of foam that you put in the various chairs, seats, stuff like that. So I take my tube and place it on the foam and just press it and spinning and cut out the perfectly snug fit that makes quite good amount of power. And I just realized that I can just glue it together instead of using electrical tape.

  26. You can make a way cheaper one using a sewing kit,straw!

    1. Why did I say cheaper? I don’t know! I meant better

  27. I’ve done the same idea but instead of using my lungs to blow air I’ve made a small bike pump and an empty spray can system that holds pressure and it has much more power than this also my darts are much more simple and affective than yours just make a paper cone cut it as the diameter of your pipe to make it air tight then insert a nail in the middle hole then you could stop it with either hot glue from inside or some tape from outside the cone

  28. please household stuff yeah right what a waste of my time

  29. Would these kill someone

    1. Matters on strength of lungs

    2. if you poised the tip yes

    3. jawsh227 if the point was a bit longer and had way more power and it hit the heart. Yes

  30. Darts would be okay for small birds or squirrel maybe. Make them longer & they will do serious damage.

    1. @Sir Gillium Agreed 😎

    2. I would very hesitant to hunt with these darts, wouldn’t make a large enough cut, might work for mice

    3. Aaron Joshua Eh?

    4. Tossdart dog?

  31. I went to Home Depot and bought 2 packs of little flags with metal stakes and took off the flag part and cut it into 4th then made a duct tape cone and hotglued it onto the end then sharpened it with a Dremel and they work great super accurate and penetrate very well good for small game

  32. Use a nail and duct tape instead. Who wants to cut up there grill or broom?

  33. you could have gotten the tube for the blow gun from the broom instead of buying a grabber

  34. good video

  35. I think I would rather use the broom as the blowdart gun and maybe use a kitchen funnel as the mouth piece, and use post it notes and the grill piece for the darts also. Not sure how that would work though, but think it would be better.

    1. Another way to make a blow gun is a PVC pipe as the gun and use nails post it notes tape and glue to make the ammo

  36. taek soutyde mbo kesolomng

  37. yo! it’s so cool dude
    I am you biggest subscriber ever # awesome.

  38. And I love that idea FK the others that are hatars how about #hatersforreal

    1. +Brogue Kick boy u only have 2 subs lmao u and ur mom lmfao ur just jealous of his subs he has ten times of what u have

    2. Haters* Noob Cuz It’s A Really Weak It Sucks So Accept It ; )Noobs Like You Will Never Change Go At The King Of Random’s Channel Then Search Blowgun Video On It And Then Say Me Who Is Right And From These You Can’t Stick In Concrete But With That One You Can.Huh Noobs Like You Huh……Speechless*

  39. Subscribed just because of intro xD

  40. broom on my teeth lol

  41. Try wire nails

  42. couldn’t you just zip tie and electrical tape the darts to save time

  43. add a magnet to your blow gun then the dart does not fall out when aimed down also add a barrel making it a double barrel is fun if your in the moodalways fight for the right to keep and shoot a blowgun….

  44. why no a peice of pvc and buy cold steels darts which are perfect for 1/2 pvc

  45. nice blow gun but king of random macks a relly good one

  46. shouldn’t use a cut-off wheel for the dremel like that. weakens it and makes it more prone to shattering.

    1. you get two types of dermal disks grinding and cutting I have some of both

  47. are you greek ?

  48. r u from greece

  49. Also do you know how I can make the gun more powerful and accurate (no offense, I meant for longer ranges).

    1. The pipe portion would be longer and the arrow balanced. Heavier on the front means a deep nose dive.

  50. how can I make the darts lighter

    1. Remove the metal from the bristles. Use thinner wire

  51. You can actually see his face at 13:56!!!!!!

    1. XD You got me!

  52. No… First things first I’m the realist

  53. Can’t you just use the broom pole?

    1. Circumference probably too big

    2. +Anonymous2266 My thoughts exactly 😛

  54. Weak as fuck. My blow gun’s projectile can penetrate plywood at 5 meter range.

    1. Don’t tell me you were planning to kill someone with this

    2. Vince Yutuc shut ya dum dum looking Ass da fuck up cuh

    3. Vince Yutuc The brush thing is to stablelize the dart.

    4. it’s a fucking homemade survival blow gun it’s not going to be fucking incredibly powerful and the darts are homemade to so shut the fuck up you peice of shit gay looking ass

    5. fuck you

  55. Nice idea shittest camera angles though can’t see what he is doing half the time gives me the shits

  56. Paper darts or plastic bag darts (both use nails for the tip) are easier to make and I think that they work better as they’re lighter. Try to make them and see if they work better, Grant Thompson has a good tutorial for the paper darts, they are my favourite type of darts because of the lightness of it.

  57. If your tip is nice and pointy, you could do some damage? Bad choice of words.

    1. Ha ha……lol😂😂😂😂

    2. 😂😂

  58. would that kill a rabbit or squirrel?

  59. Grant Thompson does something fairly similar to this project

  60. such an awesome and easy to make blowgun dude!… Imma shoot it at my dog…
    JK i would never hurt an animal cause i love animals. but really cool dude, really cool

  61. Woah! You’re darts can penetrate Styrofoam?! That’s amazing!!!

  62. Get ballistic gel

  63. How long is how many inches

    1. 1 inch around 2.5 cm

  64. anything clever idea

  65. i once made a blowdart completely with paper and tape, just a tube and some cones as bullets. i put ends of paperclips sticking out of the bullets and filled it with paper and tape for some weight. needless to say, it can release blood.

  66. Could I use the broomstick from the broom for the barrel?

  67. DAMN!! he makes dangerous shit. I like it

  68. Can i use the metal pipe from a broom?

  69. Great video dude keep it up with the awesome videos

  70. It seems like it takes almost to much effort than I wan’t to put into making a blow gun. I’l stick with grant Thompsons idea.

  71. because using nails is too mainstream -.-

  72. if you don’t have a dremel you can us a peice of a4 copy paper or a peice of paper from a notebook

  73. Gadgetguru is epic

  74. Couldn’t you use the broom handle, if it was hollow

  75. I don’t have an angle grinder. Now how much does it cost?

  76. Ohh my god you talk so slow. I am so sorry but it’s kinda annoying how long this video is. Again I am sorry I don’t want to be rude just a heads up

  77. Why not use nails?

    1. I mean the dowel rod and pipe cleaners

    2. Nails are a better choice. But you need a paper cone or a thin dowel rod and some pipe cleaners which take much more work

    3. @Aidan Cargile only in California and new Jersey

    4. @Chris Far isn’t using darts for hunting in the us is illegal

    5. Too much weight, this on the other hand could be dipped in poison and used for hunting.

  78. Does this man realize he could be Batman?

  79. Sweet vid works great 

  80. you can also use foam from a pillow . you only use a small piece to create a wind block and use yarn to tie the needle and the foam together. you can also use a paper cone as a wind blocker that just fits into the pipe. 

  81. Nails are better, also it has sharp tip

  82. i dont mean to put anyone down but this is really shitty compared to the one +thekingofrandom made for $3

    1. @MG Studios​ no problem

    2. @Gabriel Elkins Ok, thanks for giving me information

    3. @MG Studios you made a Japanese paper cone

    4. @cmandoom Too be fair he isn’t really digging into weapons, he’s a man of science. You failed to imply sarcasm my friend.

    5. nah bro @cmandoom 

  83. needle, end of shoelace, straw. done

  84. The fact that the darts are heavy does NOT make them drop more quickly!  Acceleration due to gravity is irrespective of mass/weight.  The fact that they’re heavy means that they move more slowly horizontally (alternatively a greater impulse (basically a larger force) is required to get them to move at the same speed as a smaller particle).  This means that the darts take longer to reach the board, meaning the darts spend longer dropping, so they drop further.

  85. Easy but hard

  86. my little brother has that grabber 

  87. check out #thekingofrandom he has lots of cool tutorials including a powerful blow gun!!!

  88. @GreekGadgetGuru Cool ! Can u make more DIY stuff like this! 

  89. What watch is that you are wearing?

  90. can you not just use an old wired hanger for the tip of the dart

    1. Or thick sewing needles

  91. @GreekGadgetGuru Try shooting these from you assassins creed poison dart gun. Also try shooting those smoke capsules from it

  92. Could You keep making gadgets from dollor store they are cool and cheap

  93. for four dollars you could use the broom stick

  94. 100

  95. Are you actually Greek? εε ρε μαλακα?

  96. Make something similar to the L.R.A.D. but handheld small compact or at least something that you can carry in a back pack

  97. Catch valve- air compressor- i think this will work

  98. Can you make a automatic arrow gun. That would be super cool.
    And plus, I know your still a student but you should make your own weapon business and sell your weapons and make money.

  99. so i guess if i try to rob this guy one day ill be fucked when seeing all those weapons and etc.

    1. would if he has the hearing of a dog and will wake up when hearing the door creek or the dot so silent thud of shoes. le face will be ( p_q)

    2. why not rob him at night and use his own weapons against him….. i should really stop telling people how to rob houses

    3. Haha yes pretty much

  100. Make some of the weapons from Dead Rising 3

  101. Not trying to knit-pick, just an idea; you could make the dart out of wood (not sure of soft or hard would be better) and use twine to fasten it and it would be a nice weight for accuracy/distance.

  102. Bic pen, finishing Nail, black tape. Done!

  103. and than dip it in the poison and shot the thing

  104. Quick question would it work in the assassins creed dart gun

  105. Are you from Greece?

  106. If you don’t have anything you could use to sharpen the tip, you can just cut it at an diagonally. so it will form a point off to the side, its not that accurate but it’s real easy to make.

  107. aaaaaaaaaaaaaand…..subscribed.

    1. +GreekGadgetGuru I have a few ideas for you, they are relatively straightforward and simple considering what the are, but they are considered firearms, since you are underage and I do not know what your state’s firearm laws are, would you feel comfortable with building a zip gun (a very advanced zip gun)
      Sincerely: a long time fan
      PS: sorry for any spelling mistakes English is not my native language

    2. @FueledByCookiezGamin   Thanks for taking time to give me some constructive criticism. I know exactly what you’re saying. 

      It was never intended to be a weapon channel. I wanted to build things that people could find useful, kinda like life hacks. See my video from way back on the Guitar Tuner Amp Transmitter, idk. But my 2nd video on the Ballistic Knife went super viral with the release of COD Black Ops and people wanted to see more weapons. I’m still a student, not an engineer either. I’d like to someday do a Kickstarter or be a product designer/innovator. Also, I get bored easily, working on the same project is a drag. 

      So I do lack some of the skills. I could learn on my own time. I’m planning on using some online videos because school is so expensive and I don’t want to take  a college class to learn something that that could take like 2 hours tinkering with an arduino and servo. 

      The refined look is very expensive. Thats why AnselmoFanZero sells his stuff privately. I’m original in my own way. These easy builds are for everyone who can’t afford expensive tools and equipment. 

    3. @GreekGadgetGuru You know what, you’re right. That was mean but this channel was headed in such a good direction. I always saw your channel in the trajectory of the likes of AnselmoFanZero. Your builds before had potential. You need to revisit some of your previous builds and improve upon them e.g. more compact, more efficient, sleeker/cleaner if you get me.
      Your thing was always weapons right?

      -Ever tried to fit a potato pistol into a bb gun?
      -You never finished the idea of the assassin’s creed hidden blade with the OTF switchblade.
      -You’ve hardly played with electronics such as servos, circuits, motors, arduino…
      -Ever heard of a coil gun? Learn the concept and if you’re kinda stuck. I might be able to help you. if not, there’s always google.
      -Wrist-mounted Coil gun? Wrist-Mounted potato gun?
      -Have you tried hydraulics?
      -Ever seen that “Mini-foldable crossbow”? Make one of those but out of brass tubing or something and make it actualy as big as a crossbow.

      Finally, I do have videos made 2 years ago. They’re unlisted but i’ll send you a link if you really want.

    4. @FueledByCookiezGamin I love it when people with ZERO uploaded videos posts a negative comment. You’re purpose is what? Be a troll? Well enjoy!

    5. what? that was so dumb

  108. Hi

  109. Hi

  110. Not bad for £3! Awesome video..

    1. actually it’s U$ 3…

    2. @Robert Corbell $4.50 basically

    3. 3 pounds equals 5 dollars currently? Hmm.

    4. U mek teh video of 10 top trolls online. Many views.

    5. Alltimes10 omg

  111. I CAN BE TEEMO!!!!!!!!!…if u get it its funny

  112. If you buy. A cheap broom wouldn’t the handle be plastic? I think you can just cut that to size, will it work?

  113. @GreekGadgetGuru you could cut the broom handle down to make the blowgun too

  114. Try adding a grill lighter on the end of the gun so you can light the darts on fire as you shoot them

  115. PLZ make a homemade gun with simple objects!

    1. Yes… Let’s all make shotguns


      Everyone make shotguns
      They’re easy to make accordingly

    2. A homemade gun? Whatever would you be wanting that for haha. It’s pretty simple to do if you understand the basic mechanics of a gun. Especially a shotgun. That is painfully easy.

  116. Why do you shoot your own logo?!?!

  117. Nice video man, glad you still upload awesome videos xD

  118. Is it sad that I can look at your parts list and know you went to Dollar Tree? LMAO

    1. Sure, but which of the many dollar store chains?  🙂

    2. He said these were dollar store items haha cx

    3. Maybe haha

  119. may get to heavy with solder

  120. can you use soleder for the top instead of super glue?

  121. What is common sense? xD

    1. lol

    2. Don’t fuckin shoot it at anyone at all lol

  122. When you clip the to the correct length to make the point, you can save your self a little bit of fabrication time if you clip the wire at a 45 degree angle instead of clipping it flat, it’s mostly in a sharp point, reducing the amount of time you need to grind it. 

    1. that right

    2. +Aaron Nelson bow chicka bow wow

    3. Good idea!

  123. Cool well done. MOARRRRRRRRRRR PLZ

  124. You over complicated the absolute crap out of this… All I need is a .5 inch pipe, some type of stiff wire, paper and tape.
    Make cone shaped darts and cut to inner pipe diameter.
    Insert wire; secure with tape.
    Boom done!
    This also allows for many different tip shapes, styles, and weights.

  125. What is the inside dia of the barrel?

  126. i made one with nails and duck tape and a steel tube and its is awesome fast and penetarte cardboard and very good acuratcity

  127. Do a lot of these diy vids plez

  128. U should put a scuba diver mouth piece or something that maybe Can make ur mouth more comfortable while blowing the tube or to keep the dart from going into ur mouth if u inhale accidentally. It might fit nicely and add extra safety

  129. Also, your next idea could be to try make it powered by a pump.
    Make a way to attach a bike pump and bottle with some sort of valve/trigger. Might make it even more powerful.

    1. Exactly the same thought, look down at comments POW

    2. AKS or an air compressor

    3. And? I never said it would be.
      It was an idea to use a now past project in a future one to have more fun.
      Even if I did say that, he could easily do it in a way that you chose to have it as a blowgun or pressurised dart gun.
      Which is actually what I meant anyway.

    4. If he did that it wouldn’t have been a blowgun anymore -_-

  130. I bet the dollar store loves you, lol.

  131. It is funny how many of his subs think the channel name is GeekGadgetGuru. To all you, it is GREEK, not geek.

  132. it looks awesome i will make this soon 🙂 

  133. Sweet video

  134. Can you get in truble if someone is going wild and crazy with it??

    1. Not at all you’ll be given a medal.

  135. You should Try make a mouth pice. It would increase your power. Also use a shorter harder breath.

  136. Έχω μια απορία είσαι ελληνας;

  137. Now make an airgun for it

  138. i love it and i have deepreshn

    1. @ThatTallGuy who said im joking

    2. @zombieslayaZAK Don’t tell anyone to kill themselves even if your joking. Its not a laughing matter.

  139. Use the arrows for the assasins creed blowgun!!!

    1. cool

  140. I like these do it yourself videos you should make occasional ones.

    1. Oh and to be honest, you remind me of MacGyver. 🙂

  141. Why not use that wire to hold those in place, rather than waste a zip tie, specially if those aren’t reusable. Not afford to waste stuff in post in case of zombies accolypce

    1. @Dru Iglesia because otherwise it’s almost impossible to kill anything with a blowgun….

    2. @blazeninja2599 sorry didn’t recall that, it’s been while since my last zombie apocalypse. 😉

    3. @Dru Iglesia 

      Ctrl+F type poison


    4. @aserta why would you Posion the game you would eat

    5. @blazeninja2599 You can hunt small game with it. Tho, you’d need some kind of poison.

  142. Cool

  143. I used to make simple darts by wiggling off the metal and eraser piece off a pencil and a sticking a pin needle through the back of the eraser and finally using the metal piece and pliers to clamp a cigarette bud and flaring the end of it. Worked well.

  144. Nice one 😀

  145. teemo

  146. Can u make a phantom blade in assassin creed unity

  147. Hi

  148. Hey, you should do something with a deodorant bottle, like a taser or hidden blow dart idk hhahah. -Semper Fidelis Subscriber

    1. @GreekGadgetGuru or a cannon. You could ignite deodorant and it would expand so that dart would fly out of the tube.

    2. @GreekGadgetGuru yess plz

    3. @GreekGadgetGuru Maybe an airgun with any pressurized bottle like a deodorant?

    4. @Ben Vilaysack I don’t think I can find enough parts from the dollar store to make a stun gun. I’m trying to keep it pretty constraint to things the average person can buy and find. I suppose the parts of a disposable camera could work. 

  149. fifth!

  150. First

  151. First

  152. Okay

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