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DIY FISHING Rod and Reel Challenge Using Household Supplies!

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Today I decided to do a DIY with using household supplies and turn it into a fishing rod and reel to catch fish!!! I can’t believe the outcome! Crazy Action you don’t want to miss! We put a croquette on a number 2 pencil and you won’t believe what came up and attacked it!!! Be sure to check out the trivia questions in this video to be shouted out in the next video so comment your answers below! Awesome DIY anybody can do with household supplies so check it out and I hope you guys enjoy the action! Leave a comment and give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it! Be sure to Subscribe to my friend Ryan’s YouTube Channel👇

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391 thoughts on “DIY FISHING Rod and Reel Challenge Using Household Supplies!

  1. Dang my man lui is wearing a Gucci shirt to a fishing trip

  2. In the thumb nail it’s a crocodile not a alligator

  3. i want a lesson

  4. Definitely dont have captain shusher on again.

  5. His theme song is wwe stage creators theme I love wwe

  6. The fish name is ugly butt cheek

  7. Bro How did you reel it in

  8. His name is redy

  9. Good
    Please support my chanel thanks 🙏

  10. Aaa

  11. Most fucked up video ever…
    thats just a fk line in a stick u fk dumbass

  12. You did a very good job

  13. Your intro is old

  14. What does the tape reel? You cant reel it in right?

  15. Diwhy lol
    Buy a 10 dollar Mini pen rod from the internet

  16. 9:58-10:05 not kid friendly

  17. Fish name john

  18. Are you action

  19. how do you reel it in

  20. Hahaha that was fun bro 😆

  21. How to pull it out

  22. How can you get back the line on the reel?

  23. Name the fish DIY because it is a diy rod

  24. He should’ve used some of the magnetic tape as a handle grip, but other than that the fishing rod looked amazing!

  25. Did the homeless guy just steal your glasses?

  26. Her name is ALLLICE!

  27. Im gonna do the same thing like you did but im going to make a handle for the reel

  28. Love ur video : )

  29. Travis

  30. Catches big fish 🎣 the snaps off

  31. the gator

  32. One fish

  33. How do u tell in

  34. I love when they grabbed the shopping stuff they yanked it🤣🤣🤣

  35. i refuse to believe captain Louie never use to sell coke.

  36. fly fishing with school supplies?????

  37. Was that Ryan in the vid

  38. If mike doesn’t respond he hates his fans

  39. 2

  40. You sound like a bisexual version of Durv.

  41. 0:24 stop

  42. Family friendly only

  43. Monster mike I love your videos I can’t stop watching it

  44. I will call him wilbur

  45. the first fish is good it if it is cooked

  46. Oi eu sor portugués eu so esncrito

  47. 4 fish Charlie gator

  48. ohh, my god,! YOU ARE THE BEST!

  49. THANK YOU !!

  50. Anie the goldfish

  51. what does diy mean?

  52. Alex

  53. crazy fishing
    very nice

  54. Name him whole

  55. For the price you paid for the tape you could have went to Walmart and got you a $10 Real and rood

  56. Mike can you shout me out I love your vids

  57. Where is Spot Fishing

  58. Ggg

  59. Gsss

  60. B

  61. How did you reel it in

  62. one question how did you reel it in without a crank you know the handle that you turn to reel in, how did that work?

  63. Yo dude keep it down

  64. ITS NAME IS Black tip

  65. 11:30 is that an alligator

    1. Its a gator

    2. Aydon Milligan no it’s a crocodile 🐊

  66. Funny fishing…lol

  67. Congratulations on 1,000,000 subscribers

  68. Send me some of them red devils/midas

  69. Little red

  70. WHAT!?!??

  71. Good fish

  72. ชักเวานำ้แตกfyiiihgfdfgjkkpppopBook

    1. บุ๊คBook สายโหด no sorry

  73. Gator and u caught 3 fish

  74. Name the first fish dirty goldfish

  75. How can I justify buying a new rod and reel when you make these videos mate ?

  76. Click minnows


    1. I’m wearing headphones so I’m not clicking that

    2. You is right

  78. How many people did they said on the park holy s#%t is that monster mike take out a pen mom

  79. Rdgggfxxxxb

  80. I’m living in Japan, what is the most popular fish?

    1. Tuna??

  81. You’re de best youtuber if ever seen

    1. You are de master

    2. You’re de best

  82. You got my cousin

  83. You are the whitest black guy I’ve ever seen
    Nice video bro

    1. Hello!!Goodbye!!! Yeah ok

    2. @Yeah Nah Nah Yeah come on bro
      You know I say that with love!!!

  84. name it violet

  85. Bob

  86. “Mike enjoy the fight.”
    “OMG im enjoying the fight.”” lmfao

  87. 3

  88. You love the fishing rod

  89. I want to meet you monster mike

  90. How are u going to spin the reel

  91. Comment if you want to meet monster mike I do P.S monster mike you are the best youtuber in the world 😉 🙂

  92. i would love to also

  93. my school project XD

  94. Number 2 is charlie

  95. Number 1 is 3 fishes

  96. Im got to name it the red Beauty

  97. Nemo

  98. Hot poll muster

  99. 👉👌

  100. tod

  101. yo bro you dont need a fishing guide. especially if hes constantly telling you to be quiet and shit 😕😕😕😕

  102. yooo id throw one of those cichlids in a 55- 100 gal tank bro bro. 55 or 60 at the very least

    1. i got the details on what youd need if you wanna know bout keeping stuff you catch in tanks for loong time

  103. name that cichlid Paco 😂😂

  104. this fish name is tatti khor

  105. Intro music name? Please

  106. You got three

  107. Billy

  108. 3/charley

  109. Yo Louie what’s your address. I need a place to stay and fish. Let me know thanks homie.

  110. Extortion from heaven under the bridge. I’m homeless but a millionaire an 20 bucks I won’t be a troll long and let u fish my living room

  111. Se escreve no meu canal #200subs

  112. Who was the homeless looking dude telling ppl to keep it down

  113. I want make things like that

  114. Mrs buty

  115. Rocker

  116. How to pull back

  117. hey monster mike your really cool your videos are sik you also you catch 3 fish and that big animal was Charlie the gator im also hoping to get some of your stuff for my birthday and hoping that I can win some stuff from you lol plz can I be shouted out

  118. how do you reel it in

  119. Jordan

  120. Well u can that fish with handline though 🤣

    1. True

  121. Cool

  122. Hi monster mike

  123. Have crocodile in the river

  124. I name it Camo! So very good name! Keep up on your videos too!

  125. Alligator

  126. Man you look 30 you sound 12

  127. This is ssoooo ccccooolll mike

  128. How do you bring the weal

  129. I wish you added a reel system

  130. Good perfek wi

  131. The fishes name is jeff

  132. Dang!

  133. Fishing with the homeless new plot

  134. Não entendi foi nada kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  135. bro cut the malarkey and sing that damn thang bruh! whats good with my trivia mike? stop playing with my emotions mike!!! XD

  136. 3 0812215889 kol me plis wessel

  137. red tilapia

  138. crazy! 😆👍

  139. Ok had enough of your crapy videos, you’ve lost a viewer

  140. Alligator

  141. Monster Mike are awesome many a shout out plzzz

  142. สาส

  143. Gator

  144. You caught 3 fish on the DIY and the gator, Charlie ate the Croquette

  145. The fishes name should be Goldie

  146. you caught 3 fish

  147. Why such bad quality

  148. Can you make videos about Charlie

  149. Keep up the good videos

  150. Is it time for trivia

  151. 2 fish and Charlie the gater

  152. อยากไห้ประเทศไทยมีปลาสวยงามเยอะแบบนี้

  153. Looks like a fly rod

  154. If you think mike should help that guy just by giving him some money like the comment…😀😇🎣

  155. Смешно

  156. An aligator and 3 fish that you caught

  157. 😂😂

  158. why are you so short

  159. steured should be the fishes name

  160. Charlie

  161. Wow non ci credo sei un mito.

  162. That was awesome!

  163. Goby

  164. Your freakin’ crazy and i love it😆😆😆

  165. Very good video Mike congratulations👍👍👍👍🐟

  166. Joansy that’s the fish 🐠 name

  167. That’s so cool I’ve done the same thing and court a some brim

  168. First man _ lovi

  169. Mike I love your videos they are always fun, but is there any way you can get better audio or visual??? It’s just hard to watch man, up that production quality. You probably not losing that many viewers, but it could be so much better. Peace bro!

  170. 4fish

  171. 2🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣

  172. Hey can I get a shoutout plus love your vids keep it going 👍

  173. Where are you

  174. Mike caught 3 fish and a Gator ate the coquette

  175. Feeding an alligators illegal and there is a $500 fine

  176. Charlie the croc

  177. You caught 3 fishy’s with the diy gangster rod and fed that gator!!

  178. Mike caught 3 Midas cichlids and Charlie the American alligator

  179. Your videos always makes me laugh I get so excited when I see that you posted a new video

  180. Thanks for choose me Monster Mike

  181. You got 3 fish and the big thing was a crocodile

  182. 😂 always doing something wild! yo get a spiderman suit and find a ways to rig a glove to shoot fish string with hook!

    1. one thousand percent fish string makes sense

  183. Call it Goldie

  184. Can we eat the fish

  185. 3 fish and the animal was a alligator

  186. You rock monster mike love the videos bro 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 you caught 2 fish with the diy school supplies rod and the name of the alligator was Charlie 👍🏻

  187. straywalkersoutdoor check out his page

  188. Congrats for 600k bro… always love your videos😎🤘🏼💪🏽

    1. Kontol

  189. Trivia question answer number 1 is 3 fish trivia question answer number 2 is Charles the alligator

  190. Hmm like 3 fish n his name was Charlie word gangsta

  191. You caught three

  192. Congratulations on 600K subs Mike! Awesome DIY too!

  193. 3fish you caught angel and the gator that eat the thing

  194. That Captain Louie dude is putting that Croc’s life in danger it is making it not afraid of people therefore it will approach people looking for food and eventually it’ll get reported and the fishing & game will KILL it they will not relocate it because it is not afraid of people that’s why they say don’t feed the damn crockaGators. I can understand shit like this happening from immature kids but that dude is a grown ass man please Mike Brian the CEO tell him to stop. You don’t want your channel known as the channel that puts wildlife in danger of being killed because of stupidity…… SMH

  195. You caught 3 fish and charley the crocodile ate the bait or fish the homeless guy feed it to charley please pick me

  196. Congratulations to 600k subs

  197. Mike you come up with crazy idea and they work lol you gone have all kids want to fish now awesome video bro

  198. Hey

  199. You caught three fish and Charlee the alligator

  200. Monster mike catches 3 fish and it was a gator that ate the crochet

  201. Mike caught 3 extotic fish and Charlie the alligator

  202. Did he use a normal hook

    Is there a reel on there

  203. More like Captain fruitcake no surprises homeless and you should never feed alligators one day the old Captain is just going to disappear

  204. very nice

  205. We get it you like peacock bass attractive girls and sharks.

  206. I don’t wanna sound mean or nothin mike but why did he keep telling you to keep it down

  207. Gator be like

  208. Wow! Its really work!

  209. Your videos are the best in the world

  210. Mike caught 3 fish and Charlie the gator

  211. 3 fish and alligator

  212. 3rd trivia question… Bryan and now Ryan?

  213. Patend it dude. I would buy one.

  214. That first ones name is getting schooled. That is so sick dude

  215. Monster Mikes energy got me into fishing😂😂😂

  216. It was a blast filming with you Mike! Let’s make more Bangers soon!🎥💥

  217. Good pro man

  218. Very good ideas for fishing

  219. You have a lot of good ideas in your head or fishing I want to meet you

  220. Why do you sound like @chrisfix tho

  221. Mike were is our ceo man i miss the asian dude??????

  222. Lol

  223. Feeding of Alligators and Crocodiles in Florida is illegal. Statute 372.667 makes it a misdemeanor to feed Alligators or Crocodiles. Feeding of alligators causes them to lose their natural fear of humans

  224. Tomorrow

  225. Hi

  226. Drugs are bad mmmmmm k….🤦‍♂️

  227. Man I’ve seen gators down there that would straight up take a fish out of your hand!!!! CRAZY!!!!

    1. 👉👌

    2. Let me ask you a question do you think that is an okay thing for Gators to approach people for food and lose their natural fear of humans? and then one day when they approach let’s say a younger kid and there is no food to be had so they decide to take the kid would that be the Crocs fault or the people that programmed it to not be afraid of humans and find its own food because that’s what happens they do not relocate Gators that have no fear for humans they “KILL” them. Just saying ✌

  228. DIY flex tape/flex seal boat and fishing tackle!!

  229. Woah nice i like that keep up the good work i love your vids monster Mike and i like to fish

  230. Please do the saran wrap kayak Monster Mike. Please!

  231. 3🎏🎣🎣🎣

  232. Where’s the reel???

  233. 3 fish and one gator

  234. could you add a crank to the reel so you could reel the fish up

  235. Gold fis

  236. You caught three fish and Louie fed Charlie the gator

  237. 3 fish and Charlie the alligator 🐊!

  238. Show amigo

  239. 3 oscarlishes and a crocodile

  240. You should make a neant

  241. 3 midas and a aligator love these crazy fishing rods its crazy how excited mike gets

  242. Three fish were caught

  243. #1 3
    #2 alligator

  244. This video was one of the best 🐟🐠🦈🐡

  245. 3 fish and Charlie

  246. Stoop

  247. You can’t reel it in!

  248. omg mike fantastic cane. you’re the best .

  249. 3 fish and Charlie the gator

  250. Your channel is DAF

  251. Subscribe

  252. I got the same answer

  253. hey I need some help getting on some fish in Miami. as you know the blacktip shark migration has begun they should be in Miami within a couple weeks so I may be heading down there. if we could get hooked up somehow that would be great. I will do pretty much anything daring so if you have some crazy stuff planned I’m up for it.

  254. Why would u feed an alligator

  255. 7 fish and it was a gator

  256. Go diving for stuff

  257. alligator and 3 fish

  258. 3 fish and Charlie the alligator

  259. #MMF

  260. Great video you caught 3 fish 🐠 on the DIY rode 🎣🎣🤙🤙

    1. Heu

  261. Lol oscar x goldfish? Lol funny but not possible lol

  262. NICE!!!!

  263. 3 fish and an alligator

  264. I hope I can meet you one day and go fishing together

  265. Love the videos mike how bad were bryans injuries from the other day

  266. 400th like

  267. Almost 600k YEAAH

  268. 1:01 why did this make me laugh so hard?!?

    1. Joker by like

  269. 1. 3 fish 2. An alligator

  270. 🐟🐟 mike did you made homemade fishing rod🐟🐟

  271. 3 fish and the second answer is alligator

  272. That was great

  273. Why he act like he’s snatching up animals

  274. 3 fish and an alligator!

  275. Hey Mike you are the man true inspiration . Because of you i started a channel. I know it takes time to grow. Come by every one show some love. Ps you are my son’s favorite YouTuber.

    1. 😁 Awesome! Tell your son I said Hi!

  276. I love fishing

  277. Let’s start a go fund me page for captain louie. Awesome guys

  278. 3 fish and charlie the gador

  279. Name it goldy

  280. Maybe a rod with a toilet brush?

  281. Nice

  282. Almost 600k subs my guy

  283. 3 fish and alligator

  284. Good video you are the best

  285. You caught 3, and Charlie the alligator. Oh you should name that one fish the Captain, lol

  286. Mike you nide a new camara

  287. You caught 3 fish and the big animal is Charlie the gator

  288. It’s funny how it said gator on the thumbnail.

  289. fishing whit rubel sugar

  290. Bem loko

  291. and links for promo ?

  292. Cool

  293. Can you teach me how to catch catfish I wanna catch them but i just cant ever do it great vid by the way keep it up

    1. My man, all you have to use is a circle hook and the bait (from my experience) can be worms, bread (white bread of course), and pretty much anything else edible that sinks will have catfish biting.

    2. You can catch them with chicken livers and a circle hook my bro! I hope this was helpful!

  294. mike caught 3 fish and charlie was captain louie’s pet gator

  295. You cought 3 fish and Charlie the gatter

  296. 3 fish 🐺🐹🐠

  297. You caught 3 fish and Charlie the Gator

    1. 3 fish and charlie the alligator

  298. Mike coght 3 fishes and charley the aligatir ate it and what happen to Bryan does he have a concussion if so I hope he will be ok

    1. a Aligatir?

  299. Fishing with Tape Worms

  300. You just caught a hybird

  301. I subbed and turned notifications on can i get a shoutout

  302. Name the 1rst fish sun king

  303. very good idea, i will try
    Good job 🤙🎣

    1. Good luck please give me a shout out 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝

    2. Carna Fishing Family Thank you! It was a blast!!!

  304. Excellent video !!!!

  305. Georgi or super Mike or Mikejr

  306. You should make youre own fly lures for fly rods

  307. You caught 3 fish. And Charlie was the pet

  308. Nice beard

  309. Second commy

  310. Bro your videos gave me some great ideas to fish. For the Trivia questions you caught 3 fishes and the big animal was Charlie the Alligator. Hope I get a shootout.

  311. Put

    1. @Jairo hi

    2. Somebody wants likes and likes fortnight

    3. @MOBILE GAMING Montage OK lol

    4. Rest In Peace Xxxtentacion oops i missed it

    5. @Wentelteef 101 ok

  312. On the diy fishing challenge 3 fish and Charlie the gator

  313. You caught 3 fish and Charlie the gator

  314. Fishing

  315. Like the diy fishung rod

  316. first one to subscribe

  317. firstn’t comment

  318. like if monster mike is the best youtuber on youtube

  319. Love the vids

    1. Peww igotu thank you! 🙂

  320. monster mike I like you

  321. Nice

    1. sup

  322. I was the first comment

  323. Много to get

  324. *What a weird dog*

    1. Just A Dio Who’s A Hero For Fun what?

  325. Almost 600k suscribers❤️🔥🔥

    1. Franky Perez Thank you!🙏🙌

  326. I was the first to,like

    1. No I was

  327. First comment!!!🔥🔥👌🏽👌🏽

    1. Fake

  328. Brilliant Video Mike ❤️👍

    1. Eimi Loves Japan!!! Thank you!

  329. Awesome video

    1. Caleb Sentner thank you!

  330. Notification gang😂

  331. First

  332. Who wants to meet monster mike I do

    1. Monster mike is really cool dude

    2. Meeee

    3. Same

    4. หดดพดเกกก

    5. Me too

  333. First

  334. First

  335. I need try this stuff and I am subscribed

  336. 1st! My son loves your videos and hes 4! I personally love them too. Would love a shout out for him Creyson is his name from fortville, indiana.

  337. first o cool

  338. First

  339. Fist like an wyoue

  340. 2nd nice vid

  341. Cool

  342. First

  343. First love the vidoes

    1. Fishing Freaks 🙂 🙂

  344. First

  345. Hi

  346. First

  347. First

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