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DIY Home Deodorizers! How to Make a Home Deodorizer & Keep Your Home Clean & Fresh (Clean My Space)

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DIY Home Deodorizers are easy to make, and easy to use!
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It’s a great alternative to febreeze and glade air freshener products!

How to Make Natural Home Deodorizers..

– Cut any fruits and place in water, add spices, extracts and herbs.

– Fill your pot with water (I use a small saucepan) 3/4 the way full, and boil.

– As soon as it reaches the boiling point, reduce to low heat and simmer.

Now, gorgeously scented vapour will travel throughout your home, changing the scent signature and overpowering other smells in your home.

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Often times, realtors will tell you to bake cookies or boil cinnamon sticks or vanilla on your stove top to create a scent in your home, and this is an elaborate extension of that idea.

You can let the pot simmer (attended) for hours on end, continually adding liquid to prevent the ingredients from burning.

When you have had enough, you can jar the liquid and ingredients up, refrigerate once cooled and use a few more times (keeping in mind some fruits and herbs hold up better than others for prolonged periods of time). This can keep for about a week.

If you are headed somewhere for dinner, you can jar up your favorite recipe and give it to your host in lieu of wine or flowers. It looks quite pretty when placed in a mason jar (and you can get extra fancy and use twine or ribbon to tie it up).


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340 thoughts on “DIY Home Deodorizers! How to Make a Home Deodorizer & Keep Your Home Clean & Fresh (Clean My Space)

  1. **Empties mason jar with fruit and herbs into pot, sets to boil**
    **Sits down to watch more CMS videos**
    **House starts moving**
    **Suddenly notices freeway out the living room window**

    **waves arms**  Sh*t!  Go back!!

    Thanks Chad and Melissa for leaving that in.  xDDD

    And it works!  I like the orange/cinnamon/cloves one a lot!

    1. LMAO😂😂😁😁

    2. +wxclim8
      ROFL!!!! Too funny, and yeah…really glad she left that in. 🙂

  2. Cool good idea thank you.

  3. I like fresh clean smells? Do have a recipe for these scents.

  4. I just tried this with only oranges and it smells pretty weird. Doesn’t smell good like oranges at all. Does this work with only oranges ? Or do you need all those other spices ?

  5. Can I just use oranges or lemons without the herbs and spices? I don’t have those
    :(. I just wanna make my bathroom smell nice

  6. my bitch ass neighbors smoke ten cigs a day, got any recipe for that?


  7. Dang you’re really hawt

  8. @Clean My Space Nice ideas! I have a couple of questions.
    1)Does this work with herbs? 2) Would it be better to chop up or crush the cloves / oranges? 3) Can the water be stored for later?

    1. @younaatz Thanks for the tips!

    2. I usually use the same water for about a week or two. Sometimes I add more if it boils down.
      I haven’t but I’m guess crushing will make it more potent but it also wouldn’t last as long because the smell will dissipate quicker. But I have fun trying anyway hahaha. 🖤

  9. she’s Canadian…I can sense it!

  10. Hey thanks.. I just boiled some coffee with cinnamon powder in hard water…now my doubt is..what do I do with that water which is cooled now..can I reuse or I must waste it m afraid …


  12. So if I use this natural deodorizer, my home will head to the freeway? 🤔😂

  13. Done this but who can afford the electric or gas bill to keep the stove running.

  14. Your house is headed towards a freeway 😂

  15. As I kid I would make a design on an orange with cloves and set it anywhere, made a great air freshener. I like the music in the video!

  16. I put a few drops of essential oil in the center of the toilet roll. It smells great

  17. My roommate has one of those plugin air fresheners in the bathroom. Can you suggest a nontoxic alternative for the bathroom?

  18. Currently using apples cinnamon and cloves, that’s what I have on hand, and a crockpot that’s not being used anymore, Question, how many times can I use this before thowing it out and starting over with new ingredients?

  19. Love your channel ! How you deodorize the bathroom instead of using air freshner ? You know what i mean…

  20. I am giving my cleaning supplies I threw away my candles I use vinegar and baking soda the only non natural products I use is dawn original laundry detergent but I do use baking soda for fabric softener thanks I was surprised to learn about candles

  21. Cool and funny too

  22. gold! esp the freeway comment! thanks for being real 🙂

  23. Thanks. I like the smell of grass and horses , im going to boil up some grass and horse hair and hoof trimmings 💕

  24. Can I put it in a spray bottle and use it as a room spray?

  25. I’m switching to this

  26. Awesome.. thanks..

  27. Hi Melissa,
    Can u please make a tutorial on making essential oils at home

  28. Lmfao. Love it.

  29. What kind of cloves???????

    1. Whole cloves

  30. #Freewayhumor

  31. I used a old coffee machine & a old candle jar.
    Cinnamon & apples/
    & some suavitel laundry pearls I got on clearance into a old candle. I can use that one more than once with lavender essential oil drops

  32. I kinda like it when my house smells like…. well… nothing! I’m not really big on fake scent things or even these natural scents… except Christmas… at Christmas there must be smells of cinnamon and vanilla and pine!

  33. Please tell me how to freshen a large room without aerosol sprays

  34. Question: how long can you leave this concoction in the pot before you change out the ingredients????will this last for 2 weeks at a time

  35. isit okay to use onion for air freshener?

  36. what that means..??? headin for the free way I don’t know also!

  37. music sucks for god sake

  38. Heading for the freeway. That laugh

  39. I’m heading for the highway, lol great!!!!


  41. Amazing!

  42. You’re very informative. Thanks for all your suggestions.

  43. My best ways to get the house smelling good: simply open all windows on a windy day and let your house air out. Also use an essential oil diffuser!

  44. 3 or 4 hours in the stove, wasting electricity, is against energy saving. Your advice is totaly wrong.

  45. That great for kitchen but how about the bedrooms and bathrooms? Thanks

  46. what I like to do after juicing my fresh OJ, is use the peels instead of a full orange! works just the same. and I use cheap cinnamon spice with it too

  47. Can I use cinnamon powder rather than the sticks?

  48. Want a fresh smell all day long, live in an apartment? Keep a pan of warm bacon grease on your stove, but don’t leave it unattended or you may burn your entire building down.

  49. how many times we can use it once boil it?

    1. Vipla Jain Read the description box?

  50. I live with a chain smoker and the whole house smells. any ideas?

    1. Jade Ryda she has a video on that

    2. Time to move.

  51. No need to waste the orange, make juice with it. Just use the rinds, it’s as effective.

  52. this is the best idea!😇you’re halarious😂and I’m going to try this😄

  53. How do I clean up a lot of blood, just curious, don’t ask why I need this info. So much blood.

    1. lmfao

    2. Lmfao!!

  54. Cloves? CLOVES? REALLY? Freaking nasty! I’d rather smell dirty ass than cloves! I don’t know anyone who likes cloves…. just…. why?!

    1. +LtDarkstar Maybe because the smell is actually good compared to biting into one!

  55. Great video! I enjoyed :). Can you reuse after it’s boiled?

  56. What about bringing them to a boil, then place them in a slow cooker, uncovered? This way you will last longer.

  57. are just lovely Melissa. Thanks for the tips! I’m wondering if you have any specific tips for getting rid of “old people” smell? I just bought a new house and I’m almost certain the previous owner died in it. Even if she didn’t ACTUALLY expire inside the house, it was clearly maintained to the level of her limited abilities for the last few years of her life.
    I’m gonna start with the tricks you gave so far and let you know how it goes.
    Thanks again!

    1. Thanks so much Megan!  I’ll look into those.  I did give up after the vinegar didn’t work at all and use an “Air Wick” air freshener, which masked the odor adequately.  I’m thinking maybe even just leaving the windows open for a week and letting air circulate throughout may be all it takes.

    2. Try activated charcoal (has to be activated, not grill charcoal). You can find pre-made bags of it online, or you can make you. However, you’ll need a lot of, which is dependent on house or room sizes, open-concept vs not open. You’d also need to set them outside in the sun for a few hours to get them activated upon arrival, and do so again monthly. They last about a year and are pricey, but they’re good for stale, long-time smells.

      In fact, not to be morbid based on the subject, mice would get in the attic at our old place and often died above my closet. Putting charcoal bags in the closet was the only thing that worked, though it took a week or more to disappear (I noticed results in three days, but it was a small space). Circulating air via a fan alai helps the process. They can be purchased online, such as through Amazon (I use Moso, I think).

      Another good product would be stuff with zeolite, like Odor Out. My fave is Zero Odor, which needs to be sprayed liberally. It also helps to wash walls, if possible, and clean any carpeting or rugs.

  58. made me think of vin chaud just add wine and sugar and it’s ready to drink. Just kidding 🙂 Thanks for the tips 🙂

  59. how long does this smell last ?

  60. فكره حلوه

  61. Informative and hilarious!! haha!!

  62. I have this smell that hits me every morning I get out off my room and I’m wondering where is this smell coming from and I swear up and down its the kitchen so I’m gonna try this and see how this works.

  63. she talks to much

    1. lol

    2. +Shadalia Bradley
      Hmm, I suppose she could just stand and point at stuff.

  64. love all your cleaning videos melissa 🙂 They are awesome.

  65. Ground cinnamon *

  66. I just tried this now i could of done without the oranges tho. The scent of the cloves is amazing this is amazing thank u .leave it on low and omg!! great for when company comes over and u don’t have to tell them unless they ask 😉. I used ground cloves and count cinnamon the cloves is stronger so u really don’t have to add alot of orange or whatever fruit clove will or can over power but in such a good way enjoy! I will do this from now on thank u !

  67. Can you do one that is s chocolate scent.

  68. Hey Melissa! I love ur video’s! could you do a video on how to use oil burner/warmers!!!

  69. Hi Melissa,
    My Bathroom doesn’t have a window as I live in a flat. How can I deodorize the air without an air freshener?

    1. I like using tea tree oil. Only need a little and it kills mold. Mix a few drops with water Spray it on your shower walls wipe away when it dries if you choose. Wahlah! You have fresh clean smell and no mold.

    2. dreaming dawn Baking soda. Works in a bathroom the same it would in a fridge. You can put it in a nice looking jar with a mesh or covering with holes on the top. You can also add essential oils to it for added fragrance. Another thing you can do is get a wax warmer and put small peices of beeswax in it. When it melts, there’s a soft, honey smell that’s sweet but not overpowering.

  70. Just did this with Cinnamon, lemon, and vanilla extract. It smells heavenly in my house right now.

    1. Sounds amazing gna do that now🤗

    2. JayCee
      Does the smell last a long time? Like days? Or hours? Would i have to do this everyday?

  71. im becomming a real fan your fab xx

  72. Great video…funny and right on spot! ( I really love the fact that you left your “blooper” in the video) It made it so much fun to watch. Thanks ~

  73. How do people NOT like the smell of garlic?

    1. +banstaman
      I LOVE the smell when I’m cooking and eating, but I don’t want it still lingering the next morning, or when I get home from work the next day.
      It stops being appetizing and becomes stale and unappealing.

  74. I’m headed for the freeway with this recipe

  75. I assume you’re wearing a retainer or those invisible braces deal, I can here a small lisp, the same as when I wear my retainer.

    1. btw, I love your channel!

  76. I take vanilla and cinnamon from my cupboard with a little water and simmer it on my stove, makes my whole apartment smell sooo good

    1. Really how much water do u add

  77. Oh my God I love the mason jar idea! Thanks

  78. My favorite part of this video is Chad’s laugh.

  79. Lol at the way she said “different herbs”. But anyways, great video! I tried this and loved it! You’re awesome!

    1. Adding parsley might be interesting, like a “green” note.

  80. thanks it really helps now my house smells really good 🙂

  81. I subd , thank you 
    much lov3

  82. I get use to a shitty smell because of my dogs 🙁

  83. How long does it work?

  84. This video is very helpful for a student like me. I think I’ll try it to make my room become fresh. Thanks a lot.

  85. My dad used to do this at night c:

    1. Nah, actually. o-o

    2. @Moosta he smoked weed

  86. I’m gonna put a steak in my jar. So my house smells like steak.

    1. Jonas Rosenven invite me to your house

    2. +Jonas Rosenven I’ll simmer that steak in some bourbon, maybe some tobacco leaves–but not too much bourbon cause I like to drink it. 🙂

  87. can u plz do show how to clean the kitchen exhaust plz

  88. can i use cinnamon out of a jar?

  89. Totally unexpected drop of the “F” bomb. Laughed so hard I need to search CMS for removing nostril projected coffee from a computer screen.

    1. +hrdcoreRider
      Wow, it totally got past me. I had to watch a few times to find it.
      ‘Twas a subtle F-bomb, it was. LOL

  90. think of all the gas/electricity you’re using by keeping your cooker on for hours!

    1. Your house will start to smell nice immediately. It doesn’t take 4 hours for your house to reap the benefits.

    2. If you’re using an induction cooker like she is, you won’t be using much electricity at all.

    3. it would take the same time to make a soup or cook a turkey roughly

  91. I’ve been looking for a video of exactly this EVERYWHERE!!! Thank you for all your tips. Living in an apartment with downstairs neighbors that smoke, it helps to have all these tricks to save my home from smelling like a nasty old bar. You’re doing awesome!

  92. This is my favorite video on Youtube EVER! My house always smells like garlic, as I am an avid cook and make dinner every night, most of those dishes have garlic, onion, etc. Thank you so much for this video! You have a new subscriber!!

  93. I lived in Belgium as an exchange student for a year and the mother of the house did exactly this but also added red wine and eucalyptus leaves.  Instead of refrigerating it, though, she’d keep it on the back of the stove and boil it daily for  few days and then throw it out.  She’d start a new one about every 4-6 weeks.

  94. For the people who have items that smell funny, I have an idea.  I may be going out on a limb here, but sunlight and fresh air will get rid of any unpleasant smell.  So fugal, too, at zero cost.  An item can be left out for a couple hours and be good as new.

    1. I would think that knowledge would come under the heading of common sense.  I wasn’t writing an article.  Just adding my two cents.

    2. +Lynn Dutt Doesn’t work if anyone in the house is violently allergic to pollen, dust, etc. At least this is something where you can control the ingredients, the smell, and/or when the aroma is used.

    3. @Karem Duran
      Who let’s their tenants smoke in the house? That drastically drops the value of the building as a whole.

    4. @Lynn Dutt you are correct I do that nearly everyday, it’s a keeper 🙂

    5. You’re right about opening the Windows, but I have down stair neighbors that smoke and are complete slobs. Until my year contract is up, I need a little more for making my place smell better. But you’re totally right on that

  95. The Former Owners of my house had a signature that is stuffy and musty. I’ve been doing this for awhile myself my grandmother taught me this tip. But after I jar mine up if I want to use some I just put some in the oil diffuser. I can put it anywhere in the house when it’s done I can add more or blow out the tea light candle.

  96. I have been simmering ground cinnamon,or nutmeg(a couple of tbsps) with a little vanilla or lemon flavor for years….I do this in fall, winter when the weather is cold and I’m not likely to open the windows for long lengths of time and or on rainy days when fragrances from cooking can hang in the house….I put it on the stove after I am finished cooking…..but if I am going to bake a dessert after the meal….I don’t bother to use it…..

  97. The freeway hahahhahalol

  98. Could you use coffee beans with this technique? 

  99. I would probably leave the mason jar on a candle warmer with holes poked on the top for a while. Then refrigerate it when I’m done. (:

  100. Lmaooo “And your House is Head in for the freeway”….I was like “Wtf” Hahahah

  101. Can i use lemon instead?

  102. Any tips for getting a smoke smell out of a purse, I purchased a beautiful purse from someone a while back and when I got it home I realized it smells so much like smoke, I’ve left baking soda sitting inside of it, I’ve tried wiping it down and everything and can’t get rid of the smell!! 

  103. Will give it a try just love your channel always good and practical tips..and I have always felt that every house or business has  a scent of there own.I recently visited my friend at his home and realized and very distinctive smell in his home 🙁 I came home and smelled my home when i walked in to the door not bad but could use improvement Thanks again. 

  104. I love your ….

  105. I just purchased used a guitar and the case it comes with has a smokey smell to it.  Any suggestions as to how I can remove the smell?  I read in this time line about baking soda, currently I’m trying dryer sheets.  Any and all help would be appreciated.

    1. If it’s still a problem, in a spray bottle mix 1/2 water and 1/2 vodka (the cheap stuff is fine) then spray it on the fabric inside the case.  This is what we use to get smells out of costumes.

    2. In case you haven’t able to get out the odor yet… Try making a mix of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda (say, 8 oz peroxide and 1 or 2 T baking soda) with a drop of dishwashing liquid added to it in a spray bottle. Shake it up to combine, then spray lightly and let it set and dry on its own (as you would Febreze). This spray kills odors. I have a pre-owned upholstered chair that smelled of cigarette smoke when I got it, and I sprayed that spray on it liberally before I went to bed one night. It smelled terrible as it got wet, but the next day, the odor was completely gone. I’ve also used this spray on pet odors, and it kills them as well. You do have to use up all the spray at once because it doesn’t seem to be effective after it sets a while. Also, test it on a small area of whatever you want to spray it on, just to be sure it doesn’t fade the color or harm the material. Hope it helps. 🙂

    3. I just read that a bowl of vinegar removes the smell of cigarette smoke.  The instructions were to leave the bowl out over night.  Let me know if it works, if you have a minute.

  106. I really like ur videos so helpful!

  107. Try this : Lemon, Vanillasticks and some Cinnamon! It smells wonderful!

  108. My one question is, wouldn’t this get pretty expensive, too? I guess it depends on where you live, but an orange is around $1 to begin with here – sometimes more! Then $1 for six cinnamon sticks. (Can they be reused in the next recipe? or is all the smell boiled out of them?) So we’re talking at least $2/day, right?
    Don’t get me wrong; I love your recipe! I’ve done it in the past when I already had it all, and I definitely got complimented. Again, I’m just trying to figure out prices.

    1. Plus the cost of stove running so long would be higher the cost of items used.

  109. Can you do “how to clean your car”?

  110. hi melissa … i have guests coming this sunday … i want to make this deodorizers for my house .. i cudn’t get the last part of ur video 🙁 … what shud i do after boiling ? and also can i use lemons instead of oranges ?

  111. For years I have boiled cloves on the stove to scent my house.  I do this more in the fall and winter than in the warmer months.  It smells sooooo good.

  112. I tried with two slices of apples,  a few cloves and some  cinnamon sticks and yes indeed the house smell good and my guests vouch for it. When they entered  they found my place smelling nice. Ever since  i have watched this video i have become obsessed with this DIY deodorizers!

  113. i love to use tea tree oil or any essential oil you like!!!

  114. i like the idea & recipe. but i do have one question. by boiling/simmering the ingredients for couple of hours, doesn’t it consume a lot of electricity or your stove gas? is there any other options?

    1. this is exactly what I was wondering, not a very eco friendly way to freshen the air in your home, in fact with all of the energy used to keep a stove going it can equate to be a toxic air freshener just like the sprays, candles and plug ins she mentioned in the beginning of the video.

    2. Ha ha! I never knew what they were for, either! Thanks for the idea! (Just don’t use them, say, on an end table if you have small kids around!)

    3. @Jennifer Whitt
       Lovely idea. I keep seeing those tiny single serving crockpots at thrift stores and wondered how they can be useful. Now, I found their purpose.

    4. I *LOVE* the idea of using a crockpot; much less electricity. 
      I haven’t tried it yet, but i was wondering if after a few days in the fridge, you couldn’t turn those mason jars into spray scents! Hmmmm….

  115. Lemongrass is great, I also like romero too 🙂

  116. How to clean a house that has a cat

  117. Could you use this recipe in a spray bottle for a bathroom spray for guests, or does it work best if heated?

    1. I was just coming here to ask that question… now to wait for a reply or I’ll just try it in the next few days and report back….. If you haven’t already tried it, if you have did it work?

  118. you can take arabec perfume like oud or sandal

  119. hahahaha heading to the freeway! hilarious! thank for the video!

  120. cool!! thanks

  121. can you find a way to make a fresh air spray like fresh ingrediants in a spray bottole

  122. Can u make a vid on how to prevent smelly pillowcase

  123. Loved your video!!! Very informative…..

  124. Liked it

  125. How can I clean and deodorize a machinist’s work clothes ? They smell like oil 🙁 even after washing….

  126. I used lemon, cinnamon, and a few basil leaves. Just some crap I had in the fridge, and now my apartment doesn’t smell like dog lol. 

  127. oh god the freeway comment made me love your videos even more!
    today my husband and I went to the store and bought a shit ton of vinegar, baking soda, soap, and rubbing alcohol! 🙂

  128. I died at the freeway comment! Glad that blooper made it in to the video.

  129. can you use honeydew/melon as well?

  130. Can you mix in unflavored gelatin and salt so it doesn’t have to be water? Might spill or grow bacteria..

  131. I wonder if you can pre package this in freezer bags and freeze it in case you want to make a bunch??

  132. Hahaha.. that was great. 🙂 Danke!

  133. Another great option is to use a crock pot or a slow cooker to do the same thing. It takes less “watching over” and you don’t have to worry about burning anything or it boiling over!

    1. @D Leo What you could do is start it on high for 30 minutes, covered. Then change to low, and move the lid so that the smells still seeps out.
      Does anybody know if the scent will last longer in a crock pot?

    2. @nightmiztrez  Hmm its been in my crock pot for about 14 hours, and I still dont smell anything. Just turned it to the high, maybe that will change it.

    3. That’s up to you. Most crock pot lids come with a vent now a days to let some of the air out, but if yours doesn’t have that, feel free to leave it off.

    4. but with the slow cooker you wouldnt cover it right?

  134. thank u , u r videos r very useful , I use sugar & cinnamon & vanilla put it in an old pot on a low heat and it gives a great natural smell to my house .. love fom egypt

  135. Awesome idea! I recently decided to use sliced apples, cloves, and pine tree clippings. 🙂

    1. Sketch Marks ,h

  136. we have and spa, and I have different clients and employees that have some allergies, and I expend a mini fortune trying to eliminate the bad odors, I don’t have an stove or microwave, bc my space is small. any natural suggestions?

    1. Refer to the owner’s manual!!
      Run your spa with hot water and chlorine bleach or hydrogen peroxide to sanitize and deodorize. Refill with cold water and some vinegar to cut any bleach odor.

    2. You should probably run your spa bubbles with hot water and bleach to sanitize

    3. use a those mini electrical cookers? or those little stoves they use for camping?

  137. Was great until…. the F-bomb. 🙁

  138. How long would the premade mason jars last in the fridge?

  139. i use a candle

  140. Hahaha, loved that F-bomb!  🙂  

  141. rose and other flower peddles work really good as well 😀  pine needles smell AMAZING as well if you boil them 😀

  142. What can help get rid of the spell you cast over me with that gorgeous face? Apple cider vinegar? got it;) LOL

  143. I have a question can you use Basel leaves for a herb 

  144. I love how you use natural ingredients! 🙂 Love this video! xx

    1. @Himani Wright how you waste natural ingredients is more like it.

  145. F-Bomb makes this the best video of your yet!

  146. your my moms life saver

  147. Green apple, cinnamon, vanilla and cloves Works great Thanx!

  148. Hi Melissa,
    Great videos. How do you clean grease from the walls and the utensils around your stove. You know that sticky grime that is so hard to clean…not even soap and water can take it off…help please…thank you! 🙂

    1. I use Easy Off…it’s a great grease cutting cleaner. It’s very caustic but it works! Wear a mask when using it.

    2. hey u cn use baking soda and lemon juice to clean greasy stove n utensils

    3. It’s true it works.If you have a dollar tree in your city they sell a GREAT degreaser it’s in an orange bottle it’s called,LA’S TOTALLY AWESOME OXYGEN ORANGE. spray n leave on for 10 min.This is only if you don’t feel like making your own degreaser just sayin.

    4. +TripleMRocks I use clean cooking oil on it. I know it sounds crazy, but the clean oil loosens up the old, sticky oil and then you can get it off with dish-liquid and water! It changed my life when I discovered it!!

    5. You need to pre-treat that area with a degreaser, you can watch our 5 homemade cleaners video to learn about the recipe, or you can use an enzyme cleaner to remove the gunk.  Either way, you need to spray and soak for about 10-20 minutes and then wipe off with a cloth or sponge.

  149. LOL  “Headin for the freeway…”  That cracked me up..was not expecting that!  Thats why I love your videos Melissa you are so upbeat and funny

    1. Me too, don’t think I’ve laughed like that for a long time

    2. And three years later… My husband and I still say this as an inside joke

    3. Aw thanks!  I still smile whenever I watch this video, it was a funny moment!

  150. Thank you for your videos!! Could you do one on How to clean your kitchen fast? I ´m using your video about how to clean your room and it works perfect! Thanks again! 

    1. Yes – stay tuned!

  151. I don’t like cinnamon smell can I change it with vanilla for example or just orange and cloves

    1. Of course you can!

  152. lol love it, the funny parts 😉

  153. NEVERMIND. I found it! 🙂

  154. Melissa, I did this last week and IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!! Oh, do you have a Twitter acct that can give us cleaning updates?

  155. I love your videos so much!!!!! you’e awesome!!!

  156. Melissa I just did the recipe its was glorious just wondering if after I simmer can I re-use? After cooling can I store in fridge to use again

  157. Washing machine, no fabric softeners as it takes out the static cling. She has a video about cleaning your cleaning tools. 😉

  158. Do you have any suggestions for a nice Christmassy smell around the house? They don’t celebrate Christmas here in Greece and I really miss that nice smell that seems to be associated with Christmas. Thanks.

  159. Love this! Thank you lady!(:

  160. Hi Mellisa, how to you wash your microfibre clothes? Washing machine or hand wash?

  161. Hi Nikki, the carpet needs to be deep cleaned/steam cleaned!

  162. how about upstairs if i want my roomto smellgood and not just the kitchen?

  163. What about an upstairs that doesn’t have a stove?

  164. lovely

  165. Car deodorizing tips? I can’t stand those car sprays. They are so harsh.

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  173. I have noticed that my home has a sour smell. Very noticeable in the morning but throughout the home. Could that be body sweat? I can see how that would be mainly from my spouse but, eww, the smell makes my nose turn.

    What would you suggest?! Btw, I do change the bed sheets every week to every other week. Thanks.

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    Just leave the bowls out in the room and things should be smelling fresher within a few hours!

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  196. Growing up my mom would do this on our fireplace. She would just fill up an old metal coffee can with water, oranges, and cinnamon. Not only did it add moister back into the air, but it always smelled wonderful! =]

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    Really like your great idea, That you showed a week ago or so. I found a “Potpourri Crock Pot” in our local thrift shop, and wow it really works well. Thanks for sharing

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  244. My Dad hated the smell of sauerkraut and believe it or not pizza. Well the rest of us loved that stuff. So, when Dad worked afternoon shift, we had one or both of those things. Then after dishes were done and the leftovers gotten rid of, she would put a pan on the stove with vanilla in it. It smelled like she was baking. She used cheap vanilla for this, not the real stuff. That was saved for baking and such.

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