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Do Essential Oils Really Work? And Why?

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What does the research say about what essential oils can actually do?

Hosted by: Stefan Chin

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893 thoughts on “Do Essential Oils Really Work? And Why?

  1. And then you have people like me who are very scent sensitive (scentsitive – LOL). Essential oils and other scented products almost always give me a terrible headache. Lavender oil would definitely not make me feel calmer.

  2. Essential oils, Tim, do you do essential oils, Tim?

  3. Fast absorbing CBD oil, essential oils, and sprays.

  4. So my mom injected essential oils into my sick brother’s spinal cord and he is complaining about not being able to move his legs 😒 how dramatic…..

  5. I use essential oil after i fart

  6. Nice fragrances are pleasant and make you feel better? Wow. I had no idea until a scientific study came out and told me about it. I used to smell poop all the time and it was fine until that damn scientific report was published, proving that bad smells are unpleasant. The more you know right?

  7. Essential oils come from plants. The plants wouldn’t be able to live without the oils. Therefore the oils are essential to the life of the plants. That is why they are called essential oils.

  8. I believe they work for things such as headaches, allergies, protecting your teeth and muscles pains(cbd comes into play here as well). They def arent going to cure diseases but maybe we should be more concerned about avoiding the causes of diseases than trying to find natural cures for them. Most diseases(not all, obviously) are caused by the synthetic stuff we injest everyday. Syntheitic diseases need synthetic medicine. If we eat natural and healthy food we’ll avoid the majority of diseases, such as cancer and type 2 diabetes. Thats just my logic in the subject. Feel free to debate my logic, I love a good debate. Just dont be rude about it lol

  9. ғʏɪ: ғᴏʀ ᴛʜᴏꜱᴇ ᴡʜᴏ ᴀʀᴇ ᴡᴀɴᴛɪɴɢ ᴛᴏ ᴛʀʏ ᴇꜱꜱᴇɴᴛɪᴀʟ ᴏɪʟꜱ, ᴍᴀᴋᴇ ꜱᴜʀᴇ ɪᴛ ɪꜱ ᴀ ʀᴇᴘᴜᴛᴀʙʟᴇ ʙʀᴀɴᴅ. ɪғ ʏᴏᴜ ᴜꜱᴇ ᴀ ꜱʏɴᴛʜᴇᴛɪᴄ ᴇꜱꜱᴇɴᴛɪᴀʟ ᴏɪʟ, ᴀʟᴛʜᴏᴜɢʜ ᴛʜᴇ ʟᴀʙᴀʟ ᴍᴀʏ ꜱᴀʏ “100% ᴘᴜʀᴇ ᴛʜᴇʀᴀᴘᴇᴜᴛɪᴄ ᴇꜱꜱᴇɴᴛɪᴀʟ ᴏɪʟ”, ɪᴛ ᴡɪʟʟ ɴᴏᴛ ʙᴇ ᴇғғᴇᴄᴛ ᴀꜱ ɢᴇɴᴜɪɴᴇ ᴘᴜʀᴇ ᴇꜱꜱᴇɴᴛɪᴀʟ ᴏɪʟ ᴡɪʟʟ ʙᴇ. ᴀ ꜱʏɴᴛʜᴇᴛɪᴄ ᴇꜱꜱᴇɴᴛɪᴀʟ ᴏɪʟ ᴍᴀʏ ᴄʜᴀɴɢᴇ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴇᴍᴏᴛɪᴏɴꜱ ʙᴜᴛ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ɪꜱ ɪᴛ. 🤙🏼

  10. It really sucks that some oil people claim it does something for things like cancer, it ruins everything for the people that just do it to get rid of a headache, and then they get a negative stigma from people who think all oil people think that it cures cancer.

  11. Ugh… i hate essential oils, they affect my asthma, giving me an asthma attack. I remember the deans office of my high school had it, and allways gave me an attack. I was so worried that one day id get in trouble and they would try to make me sit in there. Be careful, your oils may cause someone to not breathe

  12. As a clinical aromatherapist I can definitely state that though there can be a placebo effect with essential oils (subject to the individual), essential oils can in fact impact and assist a persons a health and well being on a mental, emotional and physical level. The issue with the industry and education around aromatherapy and essential oils are follows:

    1. The industry is not regulated.
    2. Any idiot can call themselves an Aromatherapist and purchase/sell essential oils.
    3. Said idiots are promoting unsafe, and ridiculous unsubstantiated claims.
    4. There needs to be more financial assistance in order for more clinical research can be put forward to essential oils.

    Essential oils can be very effective. In France for example, they are used within hospital settings. One of the biggest users outside of clinical aromatherapists who use essential oils are Nurses within palliative, hospice, cancer and aged care facilities.

    The chemical component 1,8 cineole for example has been heavily researched as we know it is an amazing decongestant which is why it it used in vicks vapour rub and other cold & flu salves. 1,8 cineole is found in high amounts in Eucalyptus oil. Another essential called Ravintsara may not have a lot of clinical research on it, however when we break it down to see what chemical constituents it has in it and in what percentages, we can see it is high in 1,8 cinelole, therefore it is not unreasonable to say that ravintsara is beneficial in cold and flu salves as a decongestant.

    The issue most people have with essential oils is that each individual reacts differently to them, and we don’t know why. For one person, Lavender which contains the linalyl acetate a known sedative and analgesic can be very relaxing not only on stress but also to release muscle tension, yet for another person, its not as effective.

    However the same can be said for pharmaceutical headache medication for example, however no one seems to question why one works better for one person compared to another.

    For people to say that aromatherapy is all placebo is incorrect, but to say its the be all and end all and is also incorrect.

    If a person with cancer comes to me, I would never claim essential oils can cure cancer as that would be false.
    Any clinical aromatherapist worth their salt would tell said cancer patient to undertake the advise and treatments recommended and advised by a certified Oncologist and that aromatherapy may be beneficial to assist is the side affects that can result for said cancer treatments – appetite loss, constipation, diarrhoea, fatigue, mouth and throat problems such as ulcers, sleep problems, nausea, vomiting, muscular or nerve pain, stress, anxiety, etc.
    We would work along side said patients oncologist openly and honestly.

    There are quite a few studies on essential oils, however I 100% agree that we need more clinical studies of their affects on the human body.

    Here is one clinical study onThe Effect of Lemon Inhalation Aromatherapy on Nausea and Vomiting of Pregnancy: A Double-Blinded, Randomized, Controlled Clinical Trial

  13. i use essential oils to treat corona

  14. so that can cure my brain tumor

  15. What do you call essential oils that work?


  16. I put peppermint oil on my forehead and temples every morning and night. That and CoQ10 cut back my headaches almost entirely. I also Love the tingling and smell.

  17. Nice smells give nice feels

  18. Hi,
    I also use essential oils and I fell they work. Whenever I felt muscle pain I use peppermint essential oil as it has certain components in it which gives relief from pain.and each essential oil has its own healing property some times I use lavender essential oil because it is good for night sleep and its aroma gives the essence of nature. I think everyone should once use essential oil in their life.

    1. How about you post a link to a scientific study that proves these oils do what you’re claiming?

    2. Do you honestly think anyone will see your comment and decide to buy some shitty essential oils from your pyramid scheme?

  19. I know that when I use my favourite parfume I feel prettier 😊

  20. The effect of essential oil varies with people. Exploring the science behind essential oils helps us to understand how different individual oils can be used to support our bodies. Bergamot, cedarwood, frankincense, juniper berry are some of the most popular ones. If you wish to buy essential oil, be careful about the amount and make sure the quality of the oils you want to buy.

    1. Exploring the science behind it reveals that they don’t actually work.

  21. Not essential as in necessary for us, but rather the constituant, concentrated oils of the plant.

  22. welp no matter if its the placebo effect, or if essential oils are related to memory dopamine release, if they do the trick then idc 😊

  23. My question: if it’s just the smell it doesnt matter if its organic or synthetic does it? It’s just the smell not the actual plant extract then right?

  24. Good smells make you feel good?! Crazy!
    Probably won’t cure chronic illness or cancer. Just use that scented candle to make your room smell nice

  25. This video can be used in every scenario of any disease or virus or sickness treatment. i.e. Croup has been for a while and easily diagnosed. However, nobody knows whether humidity, cold air or warm air really helps. Everything is always inconclusive. It will be that for a while with everything. It’s basically because humans are too complex and God is the creator of the Human code DNA Humans will be clueless forever

    1. DNA isn’t a code

  26. I…just…can’t…

    1. Chris Boucher then don’t???

  27. Lavender will GIVE me a headache. Peppermint soothes me. Etc. I’ve been in the spa industry, and had to bow out. One reason – I could never include essential oils in what I was doing – at least, not the ones most commonly desired.🤣🤣

  28. Karens love this..

  29. سبحان الله ✨💖

  30. Broke my wrist and out of nowhere this woman appeared and told me “here use my essential oil” And broken wrist is no more. End.

    1. Hahahaha

  31. Occam’z razor, the answer is really simple as to why the smell of essential oils helps us feel more clam and relaxed. It’s a pleasant smell, of course it will better your mood, just like how soft music can calm you down. I’m sure if they had fresh baked bread or pie, they’d have about the same results.

  32. ok,boomer.

  33. I thank its pretty obvious it does relax you . When your relaxed you feel less stressed and anxious and depressed . Now I’m not sayen this is all you need or it’s gonna last the whole day . And you should also incorporate other things to combine with this therapy such as exercise meditation yoga messages sleep ect

  34. Don’t forget that most of our modern medicine comes from refined compounds removed and or derived plants and their essential oils…they are not just for aroma therapy. Besides which, most aromatherapy oils contain chemicals to make a base oil smell a certain way. They are rarely pure essential oils and those of medicinal quality are very costly.

  35. There are other ways of using essential oils. I, for instance, have a very painful allergic response to tobacco smoke on my skin, that can only be stopped by showering. I can get a substantial temporary relief from the pain by spraying peppermint essential oil diluted with water directly on my skin. This works for my legs even, while wearing pants, where I can’t really smell it.

  36. Você esqueceu de analizar as propriedades da plantas que através das moléculas chegam a corrente sanguínea

  37. No, they dont

  38. Your hondsome..i like your deliver your speech clearly..hmm

  39. Great video! I love using essential oils with my daily affirmations. It’s a great way to help hack your psychology and mindset. Highly recommend! ❤

  40. It’s just a febreeze that’s healthy for you

  41. This video strikes me as coming from an overly biomedical standpoint, and consequently being needlessly skeptical. When it comes to treating psychological issues, effective treatments don’t need to have biochemical effects; Essential oils may very well be effective because the experience of smelling them is generally relaxing, and they’d still be equally effective and useful. Also, the focus on placebo and the request for double-blinding simply isn’t relevant here, since the effects may derive from an experience. If something is studying the effects of an experience, blinding participants to the condition is impossible, because you’re studying their response to the experience of being in the condition, and isn’t regarded as necessary to do so; It’s enough to simply not inform them of the other condition so they don’t know what the experimental manipulation is. As such, I think this is actually a somewhat poor video.

    1. Wow this smells really good! I think I’ll stop being depressed now! Thanks I’m cured!

  42. *Karen has joined the chat*

  43. They work for making perfume cologne and incense. they work well for that. Ive never heard of this unitl now. Cure disease?

  44. I love essential oil

  45. Totally can change my feelings. Like when i smell one like my ex gf.

  46. there is much more to essential oils than just “aroma” therapy. Biochemical interaction and duh likes er what knots. look at opium poppies, coca leaves, poison ivy?

  47. Why do they always try to claim an external chemically-induced process in the brain? Maybe the body is just DOING WHAT IT DOES when we react to pleasant (or unpleasant) external stimuli. This is the same nonsense that continues to maintain the belief that antidepressants “fix” or “treat” a problem in the brain, when it is experiences and life situations that are almost always a problem (your brain is responding to toxic experiences the way it’s supposed to; LISTEN to the damned symptoms as a MESSAGE about your experiences or circumstances).

    Surely when you ENJOY a pleasant scent, your body does what it does when we ENJOY things. Are they doing studies comparing the results of exposure to unpleasant odors at the same time? “How did you feel while in this room?” Respondent: “Disgusted and stressed out by the smell of rotting flesh and skunk stank!”

    1. And for the brain, smells can improve your mood, but nothing more than that.

    2. Just so you know, our body doesn’t enjoy things or have a mind of it’s own, it’s a machine in every sense of the word and so it doesn’t react to pleasant experiences and what not, that would actually be your brain reacting.

  48. Essential oils are fine and all but they’re not some magical elixir that can cure all diseases. It’s mostly just placebo, and its even more dangerous when people think they can replace vaccines because “they’re all natural” and “people have been using them for centuries to cure diseases”. Before modern medicine, the average life expectancy was about 40 years. Thanks to vaccines and modern medicine, the average life expectancy is about 70 years. We need to educate people that essential oils can’t cure or prevent diseases with a high mortality rate like measles, tetanus, hpv, etc.

  49. They don’t do anything but smell good. Its all about how smells affect us.

  50. It is not all about the smell of essential oils that cause the effects they cause. For example, Lavender oil contains Linalylacetate, Linalool, Camphor and Cineol, which all take effect once the oil is inhaled or applied to the skin.

    1. You know right that once eaten, the liver will break down the essential oils, depriving them of any sort of unique health benefit before they can do anything

  51. Throat:(Gets sore)
    ”Would you like essential oils down your throat?”

  52. No Karen, lavender scented oils won’t cure Timmy’s toe fungus

  53. I’m late but I don’t agree with anything said in this video… cause those “studies” are cherry picked. The real studies show that essential oils actually do effect different parts of the brain like the right side or left side. It’s proven by a simple brain hooked up to a censor that shows which part of the brain is activated when smelling the essential oils. P.S here is the video proof of what I said and the study starts at 43:06 –

  54. Vax your children

  55. NOPE! Completely bunk and only effective on morons.

  56. Marijuana is the only essential plant wafting to my nose that makes me feel better

    1. Hell yeah

  57. I can’t believe you did an entire video on essential oils and neglected to discuss the efficacy of ingesting them or applying them topically to the body.

  58. I specialize in essential oils/aromatherapy and I’ve finally created a shop for it! All of my creations are made up of pure essential oils made into a blend of pure perfection. I have all sorts of blends for almost anything. They range from helping with ones Sleep, Happiness, Relaxation, love, calming and even energy.💛🧡❤️
    I’m also capable of stirring up some custom blends. I’d love if some people could Check it out. I’ll be posting some more soon as well.

    1. Ixion Music maybe it just didn’t work for you 🙂

    2. You know essential oils don’t work, right?

    3. @Yvonna S oh ok, that’s cool! Often times products like that (especially aromatherapy) are MLM schemes. That’s cool! I’ll check out the site.

    4. I used to sell clothing, shoes, bags , makeup, etc. but decided to try something else and revamp my page

    5. Robert Gable ahh gotcha but what does that have to do with my comment? Depop is like Etsy or poshmark or Mercari I remade my online shop to sell handmade aromatherapy and just simple essential oil based products that I make myself

  59. Just gonna take a wild guess here, but im pretty sure its just psychological. Its a nice smell, you like the smell. Being surrounded by something you like, i bet its gonna ease you a bit. Its like listening to soothing music, yeah its gonna sooth you. Im no scientist, but this seems like common sense to me.

  60. It’s the placebo effect and nostalgia effect.

  61. Your assumption that aromatherapy only affects the olfactory system overlooks quite a bit, don’t you think?

    Perhaps you should read the article “Aromatherapy On Central Nerve System (Cns): Therapeutic Mechanism And Its Associated Genes” which appeared in the journal Current Drug Targets. The authors state:

    “In contrast with current oral drugs used for the treatment of psychiatric disorders, essential oils produce pharmacologic effects, not only by the absorption through the skin and upper respiratory tract (URT), but also via the sense of smell.”

  62. R/anti-mlm 😂

  63. Answer: No.

  64. Thank you for showing sources. Mad respect bro

  65. Think about this oils have been around for thousands of years. Yet humans today live longer because of modern medicine. Don’t need to buy most of the oils sold . Plant a herb garden.

  66. Lavander relaxes me.

  67. Putting peppermint oil on cotton balls and laying them 6-8 feet apart from each other in a ring can reduce the amount of insects or arachnids in a room at least from my testing, the oils can be toxic to even humans when you get too many drops on your skin and because spiders breathe through their skin it makes them especially vulnerable, I suppose this is also good info for people with pet spiders so they can be careful.

    1. Just buy insect repellent instead of doing an arbitrary ritual

  68. Yeah, they work, and I’m sure it’s a very complex mix of all of the mechanisms you mentioned in the video.

    1. Then tell me how do they work

  69. Essential oils smell good. Stuff that smell good make you happy. That tends to happen with everything that’s “good”.

  70. Designer medicine for designer illnesses

  71. Don’t you dare tell me that my DoTerra oils aren’t going to cure my everything

  72. They’ve worked for me.

  73. By the way!!! Some oils can be deadly for your pets!!! Be careful!!!

  74. Remember to be very careful with mint and eucalyptus oils around children! They’re said to help against cold-symptoms but can actually STRESS your respiratory system. It could be deadly for your child. Also be aware of chemical burns, because essential oils are VERY concentrated.

  75. So when the flu was killing everybody last year, oregano essential oil cured myself, my husband, and then 2yr old and 6 month old of the flu…seriously. I thought it was bs at first, but then I became desperate when we weren’t getting better. I mixed approx 10-15 drops of the oil into 1oz of argan oil, and rubbed that mix all on the bottoms of our feet, then applied socks…you could literally feel the warmth in the soles of your feet! My husband and I also applied it to our necks and chest (not recommended for kids, only soles of the feet for them). Within 3 days we were feeling about 80% better, and the mucus was clearly up more and more everyday.
    Try it guys. I’m a believer now.

    1. Literal ignorance of common sense for false truth

  76. Soon there is going to pop up a video on my Channel about Young Living, then about the starter Kit and all the oils in it- i can realy recoment this for you to watch, because Young Living Oils are the cleanest and best on the market- If you would like to have more information about that or want the 24% (you will see on the webside)of from every product, just write an email to ”
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  77. There are a large number of factors that could be involved in the subjective effects of some of these oils.
    Many of them trigger my asthma but a couple, such as eucalyptus, has a positive effect on nasal congestion and relaxes me in a big way, because of positive childhood associations with the smell.

    Positive experiences in which the fragrance of the oils may well be a factor.

  78. Resin incense is the way to go if you REALLY wanna get into the wonderful world of smells

  79. if by work you mean smell like things, then yes.

    good luck conducting a double-blind study though, I’m pretty sure I can tell the difference between smelling oranges and smelling nothing.

  80. I could see anxiety or depression being treated by essential oils, but cancer? You might as well try to sell me snake oil and saying that it can treat cancer as well. I do not believe that it can do that.

  81. Yo, would ya mind doing a video on the dangers of essential oils? Some lady nearly killed her dog because she used tea tree oil, and some kids got severe sunburns because they used a citrus essential oil on a sunny day. Safe practice and application methods aren’t well-known, and that’s not good. Most major EO distributors don’t tell customers the potential dangers because ‘ohh, but the SALES!’ I have asthma. Certain oils trigger a bad reaction in me (uncontrollable coughing, exhaustion, shortness of breath…). Knowing which oils can be harmful to certain individuals or creatures is important.

  82. I get the mood altering stuff with oils, but what about the claims that they aid in healing or antibacterial and are applied topically? What, if any, research is there into that?

  83. Using oils to treat psychological issues makes perfect sense to me. I can say from personal experience that it works. However, using them to treat cancer and broken bones is just stupid and makes no sense at all to me.

  84. I do like lavender oil and find cleaning my house more enjoyable with a citrus type oil added to my homemade cleaners. Tea tree oil works well on blemishes and reducing oil on my face. I also like diffusing oils. I will not spend a fortune on them though, like from those people who sell oils that will “cure” anything.

  85. The best oils I’ve used to date have been from a company called Natural Life Essentials. I get them from Amazon.

  86. i honestly hate lavender LOL

  87. lol essential means “of or pertaining to an essence” but i guess thinking that you need them in some way could be a common understanding.
    Thanks for the vid 🙂

  88. I like the lavender oil, it makes me feel calm.

  89. This video sucked.

  90. Not good for chronic sinus allergies, except mint or menthol which helps open the airways. Anything else is a nightmare and makes me feel very ill and unable to breathe. In fact I would consider it unethical to experiment on unknowing people in a waiting room with scents because of the risk of allergies.

  91. Great video, the best about awareness on using them, do you give me permission to dub this video before sharing in my country ?

    1. You can add a translation. Click on the three dots in the bottom right below the video.

  92. My dad runs an essential oils business for skin care and stuff and it works, at least with mosquito bites

  93. Also:

    Essential oils of some plants have been used for anti-microbal or skin soothing effects for a long time.

    Plants and their essential components have been components for a very long time as well. Atropine, thymol, and asprin are all examples of plant essence based medicines that we find in hospitals the world around!

    1. EOs are contaminated with toxic substances.

  94. Could you do a video on iridology and homeopathy?

  95. Flashbacks to when my friend said “drinking essential oils will cure AD HD”

    1. Lmao

    2. Dude he/she probably joking I’ve never heard anyone say that

    3. Was your friend anti vax

    4. Damn really?

  96. Could the effect of these oils be related to voluntary breathing? I don’t have the source, but I read something about how voluntary breathing helps to meditate.

  97. Thanks for sharing this! It’s interesting to see the science behind how essential oils work!

  98. Use only PURE essential oils. Simply Earth is the best company! And you can get the recipe box and all ingredients which is perfect for new essential oil users! AND… it’s only $40!

  99. I used to tease an ex that her tea tree oil was ‘rich people’s PineSol’ 😉

  100. So why is tea tree oil so good for treating burns?

  101. @scishow I was hoping for less discussion of “it feels good” and more discussion of this:

    1. I feel like most of your subscribers are familiar with the placebo effect, the power of habit, and the problems with push polls, so this … Touchy feely focus feels like personal bias against the science of an old (admittedly problematic) system.

  102. I find rosemary helps me with my migraines most of the time.

  103. Essential oils can be used topically and orally as well, it’s not just aromatherapy

  104. I got rid of bed bugs w/Tea tree oil. Made me feel better.

  105. I’d bet preference.

  106. I can only speak for myself, but EO’s have helped me with my allergies a whole lot. A little on my feet and chest and my sinuses clear right up!

    1. They are toxic!

    2. Essential oils are so powerful!

  107. He sounds just like Hank!

  108. Maybe these smells just create mindfulness. Meditation is a legitimate prescription for everything mentioned, so…?

  109. Lavender oil makes my sinuses ache and give me a headache as do many other essential oils. With the exception of peppermint.

  110. are you going to ignore the scientific effects on clearing sinus passages and easing breathing?

  111. It’s an essence of a plant rather than an oil that’s essential to our use. That’s why it’s called an essential oil.

  112. Could you talk about using essential oils topically? Not for the smell-but rather the chemical effects (basil as a muscle relaxant, for example). Also-i have heard it stated that some are anti-microbial, is that true?

  113. Any studies on whether tea tree oil is a decent anti-fungal agent? Or whether it really kills lice?

  114. It works…
    Why? We don’t know yet if it works or not…

  115. Anything headquartered in Utah is going to be a scam. Ive seen so many overprised home security alarms, energy drinks, and health stuff bassed out of the idiot capital of the world, Provo Valley ut. Do you know why they have the youngest average age per capita? Its because they are all born yesterday!

  116. So I know that you mentioned the lack of any rigorous studies for the treatment of disease with essential oil, but are there any studies about the antibacterial properties of certain essential oils? I always see things about oregano/tea tree/lavander can help treat scapes and burns or acne and other things.

  117. so u covered 1 use of essential oils and provided no new information even on that use….thx bro

  118. My theory: while you for example waiting to repair teeth you are nervous or time flow too slow, you sniff some smell and you interested and your time go faster and you think less on dentist. So smell take your time and while you are intrested what is that your mind is calm because you analizing something what occupy you.

  119. For me, I like to come home and light that stack of weed up.
    Ah… the aroma

  120. Trafuccion oral o eliminst

  121. i think its the feeling they give so brain makes good feeling chemicals and you fell physically better. Chain reaction.

  122. I know certain smells so affect the body. Smell a decaying dead animal or a super smelly portapot and your stomach can heave or even actually vomit. Yoy don’t have to see it; its the smell that makes your body react. So, why wouldn’t pleasant odors cause our body to have a particular reaction?

    Those molicules get breathed in, get into our blood system and make their way into the brain. It can change the chemistry there that affects a certain place in the brain. And, that can change us physically and/or mentally.

  123. What about the studies on Lavender and estrogen?

  124. 4:13 Bath bomb…… aka Toaster

  125. 4 minutes later you’re still not sure wether they work or not …

  126. I never realized people use these oils, scented candles, etc. as actual “treatments”. I sometimes light jasmine scented candles, not to treat or cure anything, but just because it’s a more pleasant smell than a neutral/unscented room.

  127. there was literally an essential oil ad before this video

  128. Peppermint halo from Sage! 😍😍😍

  129. Yea, watching The Green Detox commercial before a Sci Show is crap. Seriously how is that crap still a thing? Didn’t you guys already debunk detoxing? Can Sci Show even filter the commercials that play before their videos?

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  131. I think essential oils are great, but if you do invest in them make sure to get therapeutic grade essential oils because they are made out of pure plant oil and no toxic chemicals are added to make the solution.

  132. It’s unfortunate that so many people will take this video as the well researched presentation that it pretends to be. They didn’t define “essential” properly (a quick google search could have done this) and ignored the fact that essential oils do have well documented biological effects in favor of just saying it might be a placebo. Some are bactericidal and others are well known to interact with various receptors in the brain. So now a good amount of people who make lazy attempts at understanding “science” will walk away thinking essential oils are equivalent to snake oil because of a few bad examples of poor studies. Shame, SciShow.

  133. Just take one PepperMint essential oil drop in your month. You will see if it’s placebo or not!
    Put Gaulteria Essential Oil on your arm and wait…. oh! Your arm get warm! Is it placebo?
    Put Ciste Essential Oil on your bleeding wound. Oh! It stops bleeding! Is it placebo? So many exemples! It’s not placebo ….

  134. Hey SciShow, might be worth pointing out that there are dose limits on these substances and that people have died from using concentrated essential oils?

  135. Maybe it’s just because they smell nice and are comforting?

  136. 1000th

  137. I brought a candle last week and It has essential oil in it, its called lifestoneusa candle and it was really good. Before i was using a difuser but its kinda anoying so i swiched to candles.

  138. 990th!

  139. Why smoke weed when you can sniff some lavender oil.

  140. Joke luck warm processing German designer protest waste search silly genetic.

  141. essential oils help a lot. My mood f.e. would be way better if my garden had an oildfield, essential for a filthy rich company

  142. In pokemon, you can get addicted to aromatherapy

  143. No

  144. Lavender can possibly cause changes in estrogen – though maybe not just by scent; would you please cover that, too?

  145. But what about all the prepper YouTube channels?? Lol

  146. I’ve tried the whole essential oil thing bc I have bad anxiety/panic from putting it on my skin to using it in a infuser & it’s a load of crap. Now I find bbw lotion & sanitizer helps. Also I have better luck with smelling my favorite essential palmolive orange soap to sooth me js.

  147. Why do everyone of these people, man or woman, talk exactly the same?

  148. U.S A.R.M.Y W.A.N.T.S T.O K.N.O.W Y.O.U.R L.O.C.A.T.I.O.N

  149. Do all these SciShow hosts attend the Hank Green school of awkward vocal delivery?

  150. The video only addresses aromatherapy use essential oils, and not topical use. A better title would be, “Does aromatherapy really work?”

  151. When my wisdom teeth were coming in, clove oil was the only thing that helped the pain

  152. The smell of a clean baby is relaxing to a new mother. The smell of one’s partner or spouse relaxes the other or both and helps anxiety and depression. Smelling fresh cut grass or wild flowers does the exact same thing.

  153. I mean it’s kind of like listening to music. Of course stuff that sounds/smells nice is going to make you feel better. Is it going to cure cancer? No. Can it help you focus? Just as much as classical music.

  154. Tell this to my mom

  155. Oregano oil has healed illness in my house so many times! And eucalyptus is very effective in chest rubs.

  156. big pharma shill !!!

  157. short answer. no they dont work at all. long answer. no they dont work at all.
    its a placebo effect

  158. This was such an umbrella title for a topic that was barely scratched. Instead of it saying do essential oils work. It should have been does aromatherapy work. There a whole bunch of oils that are ingested or applied do have medicInal properties. In terms of what was presented here I can’t argue if you were wrong or right but the title is definitely misleading as well some of the terms used.

  159. I would love to see a video looking at similar effects of music therapy, which, for the record, is hardly ever just listening to music, and certainly not just recorded music. has a lot of info, though you’d need to dig into the Journal of Music Therapy (JMT) or other scholarly sources for most of the hard data.

  160. Whether they do all that healing and relaxation mumbo-jumbo, they still smell really nice at the end of the day, and they work really well if your apartment doesn’t have good ventilation.

  161. TERPS!

  162. I believe anything this man says solely based on his appearance.

  163. Downvote because of the dweeb giving the presentation.

    1. Alex Silverstein Nice one, dickhead!

  164. …. When the subject comes up, I always relate the fact that as a child I enjoyed visiting my Aunty (an honorary title, she actually my Mother’s Best Friend) Helen’s house ‘cause it smelled really, really nice. 😋

    TL;DR Version… Family Friend used Scented Waxes for Aromatherapy without knowing about Aromatherapy, and mostly used them as dictated by Aromatherapy. 😅

    She burned different Waxes throughout the day (Citrus in the Morning, Jasmine at Night, and whatever she felt like during the day), NOT because she believed in Healing Properties but because she, like Me, just liked the smell. 🤗
    As a Young Adult, having read a book about Aromatherapy (I was bored, my Local Library had an entire “Complete Idiot’s Guide to…” collection, I read them all…. I now have basic understanding of Massage, Origami, Engine Repair, Simple Chinese, Psychology, Sex Therapy, Chess, Machine Assembly Language programming, Bullriding, Pilates, Piano Tuning, Aikido, Dutch Cooking, Child Care, First Aid, BDSM, Knitting, and much much more 😬) if that was the reason. She explained to me her Mother (who during my childhood lived in a Granny Flat at the back of her home) used to do the same thing. When she herself had her own home she would use any random Scent, but over time she noticed she felt energised from Citrus Scents, calm from Jasmine & Lavender & Linen, and mellow from Ocean & Grassy Scents. It was only many years later she became aware of people using them for Aromatherapy purposes. 🤨😏😅

  165. There’s no way I would have felt relaxed by a massage after giving birth. I was so sick of people touching me!

  166. Oregano on a wart makes that part of the skin brown and dry

  167. The smell of the Scotches that I drink is very relaxing, but….maybe it’s not just the aroma doing that.

  168. Essentially no

  169. My mom uses essential oils to help depression and anxiety and from what I can tell they help to make her more positive and more fun to be around.

  170. Don’t name the title if it works and why. If it does work, no reason for if it does work and why. Why does it not work if it does work and why. Why work if you don’t. You do work so I’m asking you why do you work and why. Working is why work why is why work when working on a why to working. Conclusion. LWIAY

  171. No but the dislike button does

  172. I sorta wonder if it’s “this smells nice, I like it.” it’s like…”stop and smell the roses” but with conusmerism products.

  173. certain oils work. some are scams. i use doterra. i’ve had so many life changing experiences with them.

  174. i swear lavender makes me pass out . i’ve tried this over 50 times and it makes me tired/relaxed everytime.

  175. Thank for sharing about essential oils ✌

  176. Paid promotion.

  177. 10w 40 makes me moist.

  178. I believe that everything we need to live a healthy life comes directly out of natural forms of nature. It’s very simple and has been lost through the generations that have grown more dependent upon governments and are no longer self reliant. I mean, just drinking water (now filtered) can be one of the single most healthy things you can do daily. I have used essential oils to treat headache to aiding in digestion and respiratory problems. All I know is they work. Centuries of being used and I believe the title “essential” is fitting. Never once do they claim to cure cancer. Of course, modern medicine cannot even make a miracle cure for the same diseases we pay trillions of dollars to fight yet nevertheless never cure.

  179. So good

  180. Which oil is best to fry fish?

    1. 30 weight

    2. AWSOMUS PRIME Cannibis., oil your fish will be fried.

  181. Lavender is the way to go my dudes and dudeits 👍

  182. Maybe they just smell good and that’s it

  183. I loveeee essential oils soooooo much

  184. Yes…they do work

    I mean, cinnamon is great for alot. Cleans your mouth, anti inflammatory, helps your stomach.

    Peppermint is great for your GI and respiratory system.

    Spearamint helps with vertigo and dizzyness.

    Frankscense and murrh are good for pain and an anti bacterial.

    Least it works for me.

  185. Makes me think of funky apartments and greasy people with mustaches.

  186. Are crystal energies pseudoscience? I assume they are but I just wanna know for sure

  187. why they *SEEM to cause the feelings they do.

  188. What about put some people on the Ctscan, some with the oils, others without?

  189. It was nice to see that one of the trending topics was something I already had a subscription for.

  190. The chemistry is everything and there are various pathways and docking sites that are known to be triggered. While there is a lot we don’t know, there are many more published studies than most people think. Here’s an online compendium if you want to read some of the research:

  191. I love essential oils 😂 in my weed…. actually relaxing, and very high In Terpenes

  192. I bought a bottle of Doterra Balance from my best friends wife who is doing some pyramid scheme. I dont remember the intended effect but it did get rid of my athletes foot I had been dealing with for years. I havent used the oil for 4 years now and it still hasnt returned.

  193. It doesn’t have to be so scientific. Sometimes people just like the smell… If you like the smell of grapefruit, that can calm your nerves. If you like the smell of bleach, it can have the exact same effect… eww…. Also, nostalgia could play a role. If your mother worked at a nail salon, the smell of acetone could make you feel more relaxed… and kill your brain-cells at the same time. The smell of the right kind of pizza does it for me. it reminds me of my childhood, either at the shore, or the lake.

  194. You guys should make a video dedicated to terpenes. These are actually quite powerful and one of many reasons cannabis or full spectrum cbd oil helps heal people and why certain fruits are better at healing that others.

  195. You can do all that with a good pupper

  196. Why does feces on your sphincter make it itch?

  197. So… no answer… Great why make the video

  198. I’m so glad you haven’t sold out to big oil.

  199. mangos

  200. these soft science studies are at the center of “the crisis of non-reproducibility in science”

  201. But isn’t it impossible to make a double blind study about smell? You can’t make the subject blind, he will always know if he is smelling something or neutral. Just if they didn’t know what the study was about at all, but I don’t know if it is ethic.

  202. What a waste of a video. Some people use them because they think they can cure cancer, or treat illness, not just to be calm. I wish you would have talked about that and told people that they don’t cure diseases and shouldn’t be used over visiting a doctor. Nah…let’s just talk about smelling them to feel calm.

  203. Sometimes the easiest answer can be the right one
    They just smell good

    Hell, make me smell some lasagna and you’ll see that has twice the effect of essential oils

  204. There is pretty conclusive evidence over some oils and some medical situations. For example lavender oil is a natural antiseptic that can help with secondary infections from colds. All you need to do is put a few drops on something cotton and put that on a saucer in the room (as it eats varnish etc). Tea tree oil is a mild antiseptic that is also anti-fungal. You just cant use it neat and some of the cheaper shower gells with genuine tea tree oil in them are actually quite good. Clove oil is a ridiculously powerful anaesthetic and literally a drop on a cotton bud touched on the crown of the tooth that has toothache will stop it for several hours (don’t get it neat on the gums as it burns).

  205. Oh come on, I was expecting some information different from the obvious “we’re not sure, but maybe it’s the oils maybe the experience”…still a cool video though! I believe it’s the experience and honestly I don’t care what it is as long as the effects are positive!

  206. Check out the Ultra Spiritual video on YouTube for the real facts on essential oils.

  207. PLACEBO

  208. They do mean “essential”, as in, they are essences, concentrations of pure oil.

  209. This was interesting and also very helpful, glad we watched this 🙂

  210. So they have been playing _doki doki literater club_ and trying to get with Yuri haven’t they

  211. Coconut oil helps with dermatitis in the scalp

  212. Why they work is one part placebo, one part supernormal stimulus

  213. Castor oil?

  214. It would be intersting to see if fresh air has similar effects. Seems to me like it does. 🙂

  215. Fun Fact: they’re called aromatic because the first ones discovered all had strong aromas.

  216. I thought that said existential crisis

  217. very interesting and informative!

  218. Wouldn’t the question be “and how?”

  219. Do my farts count as aromatherapy???

  220. Weed is my essential oil

  221. Its your brain people! Stop believing that you are weak and dependent on exterior factors. You are much more powerful than your lead to believe and the placebo effect is undeniable proof! Words are just sounds; you make up the meaning within yourself! You have never experienced anything outside of your self! This video your watching is light hitting your eyes, the images happen within in you! You are powerful! You are strong! Break the grip on social norms! Become enlightened and see eternal oneness. It’s the only path to our salvation.

  222. My wife loves to swallow my Meat Whistle Oil !!!!!

  223. I always thought “essential” referred to the “essence” of whatever you’re getting the oil from.

  224. Oils are meant for our body they used them back then

  225. I use dottera for my allergy’s and it helps me a lot I don’t take the average allergy medicine any more

  226. what about the study that was released saying essential oils make mens breasts grow?

  227. Damn! I wish he had taken a breath somewhere! He made me anxious! Bye while I lather in frankincense and breathe in lavender! Whew! I feel better already! Breathe dude, breathe!

  228. I’m a fan of olive oil and oregano.

  229. I love using certain essential oils, but I hate that so many people think they work so well. I’m horrifically allergic to lavender, and its friggin EVERYWHERE. Sure, its relaxing for you, Amber, but please for the love of god get it AWAY from me.

  230. well I put them on my skin sooo….

  231. Sacha Inchi?

  232. Can essential oils be harmful?

  233. Why does this even have to be asked? Lol

  234. Some ancient aliens experts suggest….

  235. Placebo effect.

  236. FBI OPEN UP

  237. I have a ton of essential oils just because I like the smells. I use them in a lot of cleaning and bath products I make. I definitely don’t think they have any major health impacts, but they are pleasant so I keep using them.

  238. Excellent explanation! Keep up the good work mate!

  239. At the end of this comment is a link to a site that sells essential oils and carrier oils. My sister and I use the oils in soap and my daughter uses them in aromatherapy. I am NOT trying to sell their products (so I hope SciShow does not take out the link). What the site provides is, in my opinion, a comprehensive single source of information on the oils, including botanical information, historical use, method of preparation and precautions to take in using it.
    Here is the link:

  240. My mom gives me pills of the oil…

  241. Hey I just posted a new cover in my channel! I’m trying to get to 100 subs so if you can check it out it would be awesome!!

  242. The amount of research you did before making this video is disappointing, because you didn’t do enough research. Get it together!!!!

  243. and also


  244. Maybe oranges and lavender are just associated with past (positive) experience, and that’s why dopamine is released

    1. @イレ they can improve mental state yes, but for me the way they changed my life drastically was physically. They gave me a normal life when I had no hope… when all doctors and specialists could do was to keep me high as kite drugged up of pharmaceuticals trying to keep the pain away and allow me to function… still in pain.

    2. @Jessential Life they helped you with your mental state?

    3. @イレ haha, that’s ok ;-). I think essential oils are great though. They changed my life :-).

    4. @Jessential Life I was just joking, sorry, lol. I’m not really interested in essential oils.. they make for good memes, though

    5. @イレ I’m not allowed to make claims like that, but I would like to encourage you to look up how essential oils might be helpful for you ;-). I believe essential oils are a powerful complementary therapy for A LOT of things including emotional and psychological difficulties

  245. They don’t help me .. they tend to put me in a worse mood as all the ones I’ve encounter smell horrid

  246. Our olfactory sense is key in picking information from our surroundings. The smell of the essential oils, which is perceived as pleasant, tells us the surrounding is pleasant and safe and there’s nothing to be worried about. Hence the calmness.

  247. Dear Friends, Jesus Christ is THE RISEN ONE who shines upon you always. Understand when you worship Jesus Christ you are worshiping a living Deity, not an idolatrous man-made image. Your relationship with Jesus the Christ is meant to be vibrant and challenging as He enters more and more into your life. Do not fear change for it is He who is making you a new creation, with old things passing away and new things continually on the horizon. Embrace all that Jesus Christ can do in your life and find your security in Him alone. Give your life to Jesus Christ this very moment and be ready for a loving, miraculous and awe inspiringly relationship that will span all eternity. ❤️❤️❤️ (John 3:16; Matthew 28:5-7; 2Corinthians 5:17)

  248. good info


  250. Legend has it that essential oils increase one’s IQ up to 35 points

  251. This video is fake news! Wake up sheeple, my yoga teacher told me that essential oils can cure cancer! “Sci”Show just wants you to give all your money to Big Pharma!

  252. cannabossom oils🌿

  253. For the calming effect, would not the obvious explanation be psychological association ?
    If we associate the pleasant smell of these oils with calm and comfortable situations at home or with relatives, the smell of those oils would in the future help our brain come back to those situations and have a calming effect.
    The oils themselves dont have to have any biological effect to work, all we need is to build an association in our brains for the cues to become effective in the future.

  254. Wonder what would happen if you were to give shock therapy to someone and before you did it waft smell of sweet lavender 5 minutes before therapy. Would the person feel more relaxed towards getting the therapy done compared to someone who just got the shock therapy done without smell?

  255. Great video… When you get a chance, please check out “Glam Doll Si” on Youtube

  256. I use some and they work for me. If they work for you, use it. If they don’t, don’t. Placebo effect? Who cares, if it dulls or eliminates my chronic pain I don’t care, I’ll use it.


    1. Callate

  258. Please never use these on the skin they are extremely irritating & damage the skin over time. Nothing wrong with smelling them though!

  259. Farts can be sold as essential oils then

  260. Kinda has a john mulaney voice

  261. Essential oils aren’t just used in aromatherapy some are used as preservatives, insecticides, topical and oral medicines. They are drugs and like all drugs they have effects and side effects and can be dangerous if used incorrectly. For example, getting orange oil on your skin will make your skin much more sensitive to UV light and make it much easier to get a sunburn and Lavender has been shown to affect hormone levels in humans.

  262. An Asian member of the Peanut Gang. Cute. Charming.

  263. i love the smell of oranges above all others named.

  264. The power of placebo.

  265. TL;DR – Only via placebo effect.

  266. I used a mixture of lavender oil, ylang ylang oil, and chamomile oil and the effect on my anxiety was stronger then the persciption I was taking.

  267. Yuri 🅰️pproves 👍

  268. One lady at my church told my mom she could have healed my sisters heart defect with essential oils…we don’t talk to her anymore

  269. Peppermint oil helps me with headaches 🤷🏻‍♀️

    1. I believe it! 🙂

  270. does anyone have information on whether other oils applied on the skin are effective? (tea tree, jojoba, rose hoo, etc)

  271. Eh says its gotta go up the nose up the booty lol

  272. So……. does it work or not?

  273. What we taste, see, hear and touch can effect how we feel- wouldn’t it be silly to assume that the sense of smell can’t?

  274. Essential oils have physical affects on many animals, we humans are animals too.

  275. Never trust someone who swings their arms/hands like a trex while talking!!!

  276. So let me get this straight. you did a whole video about how you don’t know the answer? thanks a lot.

  277. Lavender oil is the only thing that ever effectively treats my acne. I have chronic cystic acne in my late 20’s and it sure beats everything else I’ve tried!

    1. That’s so awesome to hear! I believe it!

  278. Sci-show episode currently at #9 Trending… that’s at least a good start.

  279. Interesting how he doesnt even mention essential oils work great for PETS, especially training! This channel has zero research skills lol

    1. Davan stated that it is difficult to get “accurate” results from the research that has been done so far. Right now what we mostly have is word of mouth, not scientific research. Which is apparently on-going.

  280. At a very basic level, just liking the smell will have a positive impact to some extent, in the same way that the smell of food you like can have a positive effect. All of the senses work this way, like seeing a man/woman you find attractive can lift your mood or seeing a animal you think is cute. Feeling a light breeze on a warm day, tasting nice food/drink, hearing a song you like. Our emotional state is very much influenced by our senses.

  281. Yeah, I’ve had one of these snake oil salesmen tell me aromatherapy would help me even though I have no olfactory bulbs.

  282. I experience horrible anxiety often. I find that the strong smells of rosemary or lavender help me concentrate on something besides those thoughts in my head that make my anxious. I don’t really believe they have special properties because many other things can help distract me from bad thoughts as well. I’ve tried the homeopathic stuff in specialty stores that are supposed to help your mood but they don’t do the trick as well as concentrated oils that smell strongly do.

  283. I work at a place that sells the NOW Foods brand of essential oils, and I know they affect peoples’ mood because I dropped a 1oz bottle of basil oil once and felt rather embarrassed when it broke on the floor and filled practically the whole warehouse with it’s strong scent, causing everyone to get peeved at me. But really though, while I doubt that they cure cancer, they can indeed help you feel calm, happy, and peaceful. And if you’re sick, using the eucalyptus oil has a similar effect to using Vick’s vapor rub except it could be a bit cheaper when you consider you need only a few drops of oil to make it work.

  284. It’s not a massage tho it’s a aroma touch

  285. I had horrible morning sickness with my son and found out, by accident, that my nausea was lessened or stopped with the smell of pink grapefruit. I don’t know why it worked, but it kept me out of the hospital.

  286. I’m not really big into essential oils, but smelling smelling peppermint oils really clears me out when I have a stuffed nose. No placebo going on since I was a complete skeptic when I tried it. I figured, “what would it hurt to just try it”? Lavender is rubbish though lol. Hate the smell and it gives me a headache!

  287. Essential oils really change my mood, I feel nauseated!

  288. What is the difference between oils having an effect and the experience of oils having an effect????

  289. Asking someone how they feel before and after a stimulus is terrible science, and this kind of nonsense effects research in MANY areas, not just essential oils. There are many questions about nearly the entire body of psychological “research” because of this.

  290. Do crystals heal

  291. The Most powerful drug ever found.
    The Placebo…

  292. I’ll save you five minutes. There’s studies that show lavender can calm you down, but they aren’t conclusive because they weren’t taken in a legit way.

  293. Scishow, 4 minutes video of texts and a man moving his hand and head while reading the texts.

  294. I don’t care if it’s a placebo or not…. If they help people then in my book it’s as valid as any other form as medical treatment. Doesn’t matter if it’s technically all in their head. Although I do wish people would educate themselves more on how to use them. Essential oils belong on your skin with a carrier oil or in the air…NOT in your mouth! And there’s NO SUCH THING AS “THERAPEUTIC GRADE”!!! Doesn’t matter how “pure” it is, it doesn’t belong in your mouth. Not everything that’s natural is safe. Remember, cyanide comes from seeds and plants.

    1. If all it is is a placebo then it’s still not worth it because the two biggest essential oil companies are pyramid schemes and are way overpriced.

    2. I wouldn’t have a problem is Essential Oils if some didn’t claim for them to be a miracle cure that cures everything. You see, at least the people who say the Bible is the cure for everything don’t actually try to sell you a Bible. They should be upfront with what the oil does instead of lying

    3. @Matthew Howard Lmao have you read anything I’ve said AT ALL?! Because if you had you’d know I’m against using unsafe substances. I believe that as long a substance is safe, it may be used as placebo treatment if it works for an individual.

    4. @Snatched. So you are advocating for snake oil sales, since you are fine with nothing more than directly lying to the consumers and allowing them to be tricked into using false cures….

    5. hun alert

  295. im no scientist, but i can already foresee this man going bald within the next few years

  296. Essential oils are W A C C

  297. there are few if any rigorous studies, people are busy, things are complicated… anything alone can do anything toe bee, yur own purchase of an essential oil product, may have innumerable effects, both on yurself, and others, including which is curing cancer, of yurself or others, or causing cancer, or exacerbating existing cases, trends vary, stats are oddballs, step up to the plate, if Yu so wish

  298. Surely they have health benefits but it’s not some magical cure-all.

  299. The thing is that i had a cold and my mom gave me some e.o. and i didn’t think it would work at all but it did make a difference

  300. It would be interesting to see just what essential oils do to the body. For example I read that human skin has olfactory glands that seem to react to some scents and heal faster in response. Does that mean certain scents could help with certain skin problems or have mild anti-aging effects, and does it have any effect on other cells? I don’t know, but I’d love to find out.
    There’s also the properties of different oils that can have an effect: some oils like tea tree are antibacterial, and sweet almond oil is a muscle relaxant.

  301. this…get’s on trending?
    great episode but..

  302. Not always good:

    “Lavender oil and tea tree oil pose potential environmental health concerns and should be investigated further”

    Chemicals in lavender and tea tree oil appear to be hormone disruptors:

  303. One clear benefit not discussed is that pleasant, natural smells encourage deeper breathing and the increased oxygenation of the body could also provide many of the positive benefits.

  304. Can I just enjoy it smelling good? I put mine in if my cat makes an unruly poo.

  305. I think essential oils help in the short term for some things, not all things. In the long term to cure moderate to severe conditions I don’t think essential oils help. Now to help with mood, allergies and joint pain I believe they help tremendously. It all depends on the person. I have many essential oils and I think they help me but having said that I believe in western medicine too.

  306. I havent seen sci show in a while. Nice to know that Dobby has found other work after Harry Potter.

  307. You can’t just enjoy the smell??

  308. Ok, so this video talked about the oils being air-borne, but what about them being on your skin? A lavender bath-bomb, is supposes to help relaw your muscles as your body absorbs some of it through the water, and I know from experience that frankensence essential oils can can help heal nasty/infected cuts on your skin. Then there’s some high end essential oils that ere even safe to injest that are supposed to help with health. An obvious on that has a lot of backing already is peppermint oil soothing an upset stomach, but then there’s some other, less likely claims as well.

  309. Hello, Humans. In life, we try to hear what can’t be heard. Perhaps, the ears can hear everything. Perhaps, not. If you train your ears, you can hear everything going on in the universe. Your world is but one of many. Expand the talent that is in you. Believe yourself to be more. The Universe is big, yet small. Small but big. Nothing makes sense until you think about one thing, what is the true purpose of life?


  310. When i come home after a long day i unwind by taking a glass of tea a cigarette and the newspaper and sit on the toliet and take a big poop.

  311. important research mechanisms displayed there….I got a few “holistic” friends that should watch this…

  312. You sort of forgotten the waking of unborne babys. That works really reliable and is absolutely bias free.

  313. all they do for me is get me horribly agitated and on edge 🙁 even after leaving a “scented” room i still feel like the smell is burried up in my nose somewhere….

  314. thanks for informations 👍👍👍

  315. I always assumed that essential oils were pseudoscience until after a surgery, I asked a nurse to give me something for nausea. She pinned a cotton ball with peppermint oil on it to my shirt. My reaction was to immediately think, “Well, what’s this supposed to–holy crap, it works.”

  316. Well clearly, essential oils can have a positive effect, if used correctly in a given situation… Young Living has the best essential oils, it’s actual food grade, cold-pressed I think. Versus the “essential oils” found at department stores which is usually nothing more than chemical fragrance.

  317. There certainly are essential oils that do work as advertised to varying degrees, but the one thing they are 100% proven effective at is making DoTerra rich.

  318. Great video.

  319. pleading you include this crucial yet recent study

  320. stop spreading partial research info about something that hasnt been fully researched, or atleast get the full picture that it isnt safe. you aren’t sending a clear picture that they aren’t safe yet, and dangerous. please include negatives and risks as well if you care for your listeners. essential oils affect the endocrine system

  321. Stefan, why are you not discussing the indoor air pollution these products create?
    And the asthma, migraines, inflammation and fetal abnormalities they trigger?
    You veer from talking about oils to “lavender scents” , so now you’re including air fragrances and air ‘fresheners’.

  322. Cannabis plants are rich and terpenes, and it is the main psychoactive differences between indica and sativa highs. For example Limonene is known to be wakeful and decrease stress.

  323. I think there is hype but at the same time I think it has to do with humans being around natural things. I don’t have oils but I love to pick things from the garden, those smells are amazing and I feel good. Maybe just as seeing green plants around you helps to be more stable so does the smell.

  324. Then there’s those of us with chronic auto-immune illnesses like ME/CFS who find the smell of essential-oils (& perfumes) extremely irritating!

  325. I love how this guy is saying “hundreds of studies show this to be true, BUT maybe its not.” this guy is so ridiculously suspicious about it that no matter what scientific and doctoral studies say, there just HAS to be a different or additional reason.

    It cant be the oils. It mustn’t be. There has to be drugs that are better for you than plant based remedies. There just has to be.

  326. This is a scam

  327. SNAKE OIL

  328. Flat ring theory.

  329. does Poop contain essential oils too?

  330. Other ways to explain the effects? That’s simple. It is called the
    Placebo Effect.

  331. Hello, this is a person that has been using essential oils for over 2 years. Many different types of oils are fake and can do damage if ingested. The real Essential Oils are the type that wont say “Do Not Consume” or “Not recommended for Consumption” The Essential Oil company that i rely on is Young Living. There is a specific oil called Thieves that has many different plant based oils in it. It is an immune system booster. If you are sick with a sore throat or a virus, you could rub the oil on your feet and in 1-3 days of rubbing it on constantly, you will most likely feel a lot better. It is not a psycological effect as you say it is. Also it is harmless to all things. Although some oils like Orange or Lemon have strong acidity in them so if you get them in your eyes, it will burn. If that happens, Coconut oil and Olive oil will work if you just put a little in your eye. I’d say the best oil company is Essential Oils. If you would like, please order some of these oils and try them out. If you need to sleep but you cant, rub a few drops of lavender oil on your feet and breathe the aroma in, but make sure not to get it in your eyes. It will help alot. Please try this!! Thank you!! Have a good day!!

    1. Those who tell you ingest EOs should not be trusted. They are doing it to boost their sales while many people get hurt (you can see that by looking at injury reports). You should not ingest oils unless under supervision of someone trained in aromatic medicine. Oils can be toxic. Young Living is not known for their oils either, as they have failed testing on multiple occasions and the founder was such an unethical human being that he thought holding his baby underwater until it died and threatening his family with an axe were good ideas.

      “Not recommended for consumption” is a label that responsible, safety orientated companies use. It is not necessarily because their oils are fake (though it happens).

    2. I second this. I’ve made bath and body products for many years now and can definitely state that essential oils can be dangerous substances, and can cause chemical burns or be extremely harmful to pets. Most are not meant to be ingested, few are meant to be used topically undiluted.

    3. Olah
      I wouldn’t just go around telling people oils are harmless to all things. I’ve worked with true essential oils for over ten years now, and they can be very harmful to small animals. Not only if ingested, but just having the scent molecules in the air. People put tea tree oil in ionizing diffusers and then wonder why all their parakeets dropped dead. Even if I am just making lip balms or hand salve, I always heat or mix formulations outside, and a lot of the oils aren’t even allowed in the house. They can be very beneficial, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are benign.

  332. essential oils like peppermint and lavender with castor oil worked greatly for my uncles hair loss and as well as my friends male pattern baldness. it did not regrow hair but made the existing hair darker and more coarse.

  333. Essential oil business.. making house wives rich since 2015

  334. I’m not farting, I’m difusing essential oils!!

  335. even worse than the essential oils people are the healing crystal/vibes/energy people

  336. I got the peppermint because it’s smooth to the nose and mouth

  337. I think a big reason they are effective is because you are inhaling deeply thru your nose. I’ve always found that when I’m anxious, breathing deeply thru my nose is very relaxing. The pleasant aromas are just a perk.

  338. To relax if found the scent of thieves is most effective. For studying I prefer the smell of cocaine

  339. *99% of y’all won’t read this*

    Click here: >

  340. Today’s my birthday guys 🙂

  341. Not sure why Hank cut me out of his show. We seemed to be agreeing about rainbows being man made. Luckily I recovered the lost Sci FI footage. Keep asking questions

    1. Our Founding Liars I saw that!

  342. I wanna go to Lush now 🛁✨

  343. “Consumers should be mindful of health fraud scams which are products that claim to prevent, treat, or cure diseases or other health conditions, but are not proven safe and effective for those uses.. this is from the FDA. it’s a scam, That’s why so many Mormons believe in it.

  344. As far as I’m concerned, they just make me breathe more deeply, because I like the smell.
    So of course, when one breathes more and deeply, he tends to be more relaxed.

  345. this guy is a fri*ckn robot

  346. I would consider the effects of essential oils to be a placebo and the feel good stuff to be the same reason why people like to sniff and/or breathe solvent fumes…

  347. I bet half the women espousing/hawking essential oils as miracle cures or panaceas are mormon. There are so many mormon women who sell this garbage.

  348. I have a better one: Do religions work?

  349. They smell good, are okay for adding fragrance to home-made cosmetics, and that’s about it.

  350. Interesting. I didn’t know much about research on aroma therapy. They neglected to mention other proven uses for certain oils though. Tea Tree oil is antiseptic/antifungal – think cuts, acne, cleaning, athletes’ foot… Clove oil is antiseptic and analgesic – magic for a tooth ache until you can see the dentist. Lavender oil is also a disinfectant. Plus – if you’re allergic to synthetic perfumes like I am, you can probably still use essential oils to smell nice.

  351. I don’t know. I hate the smell of the things. It’s distracting and unpleasant. Any strong smell is, as far as I’m concerned. Strong in that “I’m aware of a smell right now.”

  352. Spoiler alert: it’s a placebo effect.

  353. Clove oil basically saved me from financial ruin before. I had finally got a good job when one of my back teeth started killing me. Pain so bad I couldnt work or do anything. My sister gave me clove oil and it took away the pain. I ended up receiving my insurance and went to the dentist to have the tooth removed.

  354. #6 on Trending! WOO-HOO

  355. Natural insect repellent with cedar wood oil, rosewood oil, juniper oil and others smells nice and will not have the health problems of DEET. Cedar chests were used to store bed linens and clothing to keep insects away for centuries. Just check for allergies first. Citronella candles work as well.

  356. _I have a roll on anxiety release, it helps when I roll it on my temple and chest. It doesn’t make my anxiety go away but the smell does give a calm relaxing feeling when I’m smelling it_

    1. Yes! I believe it!

  357. Friends recommended me to buy some so I did. The one I bought smells awful! Makes me more stress!!

  358. K now explain to my Mom plz.

  359. my channel have funny video

  360. Did SciShow answer the question it posed? Then why phrase it this way?

  361. No, it’s all hogwash

  362. i feel like i got clickbaited…but idk how

  363. Folks are using EOs far far beyond aromatherapy– It would be great to do another video on the research (if there is any) for using EO’s for household cleaning, topical and internal use. I’ve heard some pretty wild claims (and seen some really horrific results). It would also be great to see video on the environmental impact producing EOs have.

    Naturopathic doctors are concerned with the rampant use of EO’s by unqualified people, for situations that require allopathic medical care– especially by those involved in MLM companies. One herbalist has described EO’s as a sledgehammer when a situation calls for a light touch or a different tool kit. Example: infant with a serious diaper rash that has become a staph infection– and a group of internet moms insisting that this or that EO in coconut oil WILL cure it. Same goes for fevers, ear infections, lung infections, GI upset, etc etc.

  364. Lavender and Tea Tree are the only oils that give a benifit. The other ones just smell good.

  365. Oh my word he says to many words, my head was full halfway thru the video

  366. I use essential oils as lube when I beat my cock

  367. Did you know that any pharmaceutical drug is permitted to fail an unlimited number of scientific studies until it gets the right results?

    1. He was talking about the design of an experiment. If a substance is profitable, you can design an experiment to make sure of a positive result. That is why many psychological experiments are just nonsense. The placebo effect is also a large part of modern pharmaceuticals.

    2. That… makes sense, I’d rather it work before they start shipping it and science doesn’t have a limit on the tries you get


  369. Im sure the CDC will quickly start on rigorous testing of essential oils healing properties SMH. Could you imagine healing without perscriptions, pharma companies going out of business?

    1. if you wanna return to 11th century Germany

  370. There is a lot of are a lot of people on social media asking if water is wet obviously it is but could you guys settle the argument in a video or comment please

  371. I really like this guy, does a good job. but anyways, I use these oils in my diffuser mainly just because I’ve learned that if there’s a pleasing smell around me I’m typically more prone to being relaxed. Maybe this has something to do with my underlining problems and the smell good scent is getting rid of the problems that causes those issues to flair up like bad smells or what not. But I’ve noticed that just having something pleasant to smell tends to make me feel better. It’s odd, but I loved the video

  372. Essential oils are probably as effective as healing crystals. As in, they don’t work lol

  373. How about 🐍 oil?😁

  374. There are so many other things that people say essential oils can do. Please do more videos on this

  375. I am skeptical of these oils as well, but my in-laws have a poodle that was missing most of its hair for as long as I remember. They rubbed essential oils on that dog for a couple of months and its hair came back! Pretty amazing. Just saying.

  376. People going crazy about essential oils and using false informatiom about them for personal gains is another example of people convincing themselves that there is some concrete benefit to a habit they have developed in order to make themselves feel important (knowing a “medical secret” they get to share as an insider) or like they’re in control over something in their lives (placebo effect medicine). Essential oils are great for use in all sorts of things but can’t we just admit we like them because we like pleasant smells, and that pleasure activates our brains in a positive way like any other sensation we enjoy? There is NOTHING wrong with that. I don’t need to invent a psycho-medicinal reason for me liking the smell of coconut oil. Like, I’ll rub coconut essential oil on my butt and that will cure my gas after eating Mexican food. TA DA!

  377. NO JOKE!!! I heard “lavender” then started noticing a scent. It smells EXACTLY what my lavender handwash smells like

  378. Time to buy more bitcoin

  379. Just one question… does it really matter? I love the scent of white sage incense!! Don’t care if it’s actually doing anything. Just know it helps me center my spirit! Don’t care if it changes this or that. Or whatever. It’s psychological for me. That’s all I care about. Cause that’s essentially what essential oils are for!!

  380. I’ve read studies wherein students were given a scent to sniff during study sessions and then they took a whiff of the same scent before going into the test. and the scent seemed to link to the previous memory and the students did better on the test. So this essential oil fad is probably working off the same general principle where these scents will activate regions and memories of your brain with past experience to the scent. Which means that the scents will not have the same effect on everyone. Lets say there is an ax murderer that always smells like orange oil, and you are one of the survivors from an encounter with him, orange oil will therefore never have a calming effect on you ever again. You will instead tense up and maybe remember horrible scenes. Essential oils are using food and nature scents since that is normally what people do to calm down (ie take a hike in the woods, or enjoy some tasty fruit) Under a traumatic event with the same scent you would have the complete opposite effect.

  381. Big… Fat… Placebo…

  382. What about eating or rubbing them on the body?

    1. Andrew Knorpp I rub lavender oil around the back of my neck and it relaxes me and the tension goes away. Also you can add a few drops to unscented lotion,ix well and apply to skin

    2. s b you can digest some essential oils, you can eat lemon oil in your water and other ones. Just saying.

    3. they do as much good as rubbing water on your body

  383. Glad to see you’re getting more screen time!

  384. Peppermint oil does work at least for me. But I know others it doesn’t work for me. And I use it in a spray bottle so I doubt its the experience.

  385. I always thought this was pretty obvious. Pleasant smells trigger a small pleasure response, and encourage deeper breaths to get more of it. Both of these can diffuse stress, which can make a person feel slightly better.

  386. 💙

  387. I think we like smelling good smells. Like taking a fresh bath, putting your favourite deodorant.

  388. I got the aches and pains oil mix. I didn’t believe it would work at all, but it often helps more than the over the counter pills I take. I don’t massage or use a fancy defuser, I sit and sniff a bottle like a weirdo

  389. I would have assumed that any change in mood/calming effect would be to do with what you associate those smells with. So because oils tend to be used in relaxing things (candles, body oils etc.) it would make sense for you to subconsciously associate that with relaxation and thus calm down a little.

  390. Very distracting pocket…or lack of?? Pretty sure I’ve seen the outline but I’m also pretty sure that I haven’t.

  391. It often works on the limbic system.
    And like everything else- not all oils are made equally. They should do studies on that as well. Certified Therapeutic Grade are pure where as the cheaper ones bought in the store are basically to smell nice. And may include fake scent compounds.
    Only CTG should be taken internally, and it’s basically a super concentrated version of the plant it’s taken from- so use care if you choose to use them internally. And obviously- not all plants are safe to eat, so do your research yourself first.
    I would love to see better research studies comparing CTG vs others, and real proper studies. I personally think they are helpful- but not a miracle mix as many say.
    I WILL say- the best help with toddler meltdowns and booboos was my necklace, BUt Only because telling a wee child to breathe is hard- they don’t understand to slow their breathe down and breathe deep to calm themselves. So wearing a smelly necklace or having them on hand (any scent really) has been the greatest discovery in my mom hack stash- whenever they’re upset- have them smell the necklace and they’re instantly calmer.

  392. Idk but i find that pure lavender spray on my pillow makes me calmer and sleep better. Eucalyptus is also good for clearing a blocked nose.

  393. While you’re giving natural medicine a bashing, I hope you won’t overlook a bunch of hippy scammers who claim that extract of willow bark can be efficacious as an anti-inflammatory , pain-killer and moderator of blood pressure. Ludicrous! ( they call it aspirin)

  394. Whatever the science says, I love my oils.

  395. There’s no such thing as ‘essential oils’. What they mean is ‘oil with essence (fragrence)’. If you talk about ‘essential oils’, it would mean that it is essential (neccesary) that one uses this oil…. They could use ‘essence or sented oils’, but it would likely sell less.

  396. Thank you so much for this, getting reAlly sick of people claiming these oils changed their lives, including curing their back pain and cancer

  397. comment section is people who have never used essential oils arguing like they used to use them daily, and people who are here for L A V E N D E R O I L

  398. Relevant anecdote: I used to chew dried lavender at work whenever I was anxious and it would immediately mellow me out, as does a good dose of peppermint. I would be interested in seeing research about various mint-family plants and how people respond to them; they’re used so prevalently in medicine, cooking, and aromatherapy that it’s worth focusing specifically on them. Of course, they also just generally smell and/or taste good and that pleasant and often bold sensation could be doing it too.

    Also, catnip is a mint, and definitely triggers a feel-good response in (most) cats; the mechanisms behind that could be similar to what goes on with humans, and possibly other mammals. It’s definitely worth a good look at the very least.

  399. If I had to guess it’s just pleasant smells and good smells feel good and they aren’t like waxes we’re they cause you to breath in plastic which could cause stress

  400. As others have pointed out, aromatherapy isn’t the only use case for essential oils. Some of them are quite excellent when applied to skin. One example is peppermint which contains both antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. Other essential oils are beneficial when ingested. Some examples of these are cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and lavender. All of which have been studied and verified. If you only want to know more, look at peer-reviewed studies like those found on examine (dot) com.

    Exert example on Cinnamon: (with citations to medical journals)
    “When ingested in human trials, cinnamon shows much promise in reducing blood glucose levels[9][10][11] and sometimes markers of lipid metabolism (LDL, Triglycerides, Total cholesterol).[12] ”


  401. Syzygium aromaticum† (Clove) bud oil, Citrus limon† (Lemon) peel oil, Cinnamomum verum† (Cinnamon) bark oil, Eucalyptus radiata† (Eucalyptus) leaf oil, Rosmarinus officinalis† (Rosemary) leaf oil †100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil more about

  402. I don’t understand why the placebo effect is not considered medicine in the science world. Because if you give me medicine and it makes me feel better or I have a placebo effect and it makes me feel better then the placebo effect, depending on the topic and the condition, is just as good as the medicine which means I am my own medicine so why is that not considered. Medicine is just a stuck on the hidden connection we have with herbal plants and organic matter as much as astronomers and quantum sciences are stuck not understanding black holes or dark matter. Ironically there is a nation that has proven it could keep its citizens alive with herbal medicines and the constant administer of that medicine has now led them to be 1 billion in size. The same goes with India who is a vegetarian nation by religion. There’s something to it but if it didn’t come from a study we don’t care what other countries have to say. ” 1 billion people? Where’s the study data proving is not corn but rice that’s a better option….behbehbeh” -_- western medicine. What a sophomore….

  403. Who else has tea tree oil

  404. People like things that smell nice. We don’t need scientists to tell us this.

  405. Really wish you would re-do this video, and focus more heavily on the other side of the pseudo-crap that salesmen try to push. Like dabbing essential oils on your feet to cure sickness and disease. I had a friend call me once because her kid had dumped a half bottle of essential oils on his foot, and she was afraid he had overdosed because the essential oil he had used was sold to her as a blood thinner.

  406. The reason there aren’t many scientific studies in medicine on essential oils is because they are complex compounds of chemicals and the medical scientific process requires focusing on one specific chemical. (According to The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils)

  407. Can SciShow prove SciShow is not as biased as other sources on YouTube?

  408. NOT only aroma therapy rose geranium oil keeps ticks off my dog and my self in areas where we would get dozens when unprotected. Tea tree oil is proven to treat dandruff. This video is a bit of a bait and switch titled “essential oils” then discusses “aromatherapy”.

  409. Aromatherapy does work if you were in a hot bath with the oils it makes people feel calmer and relaxing. Aswell as adaptation herb rhadola rosea has countless siberian studies proven it works. But ofcourse science does not like plant medicine. Plants are more powerful than pharma drugs.

  410. “No concrete studies done”
    Essential Oil distributors (and people who think they cure everything): So it could be true.

  411. Nice smelling things make you feel nice. I it’s likely all down to personal preference what smells make you feel the best.

  412. Essential because they’re the “essence” of plants

  413. How would you do double-blind with essential oils, I mean you might not know who was assigned what oil, but as they smell it you kind of know what they got- or at least the test subject knows.

  414. I’m really sensitive to smells. Almost all fragrances give me an instant headache. Guess i’m doomed to live a stressed life.

  415. if you are sensitive to smells they will just make you uncomfortable…

  416. I’ve never thought of it as aroma therapy, but certain scents definitely make me feel good. But I always thought that was more psychological? Like. I associate citrus fruit with freshness and comfort. So when I smell citrus (like, the way a lemon or orange smells, not that weird citrus smell that dish soap sometimes has), my mind just goes into that place of refreshment and comfort.

    1. They are toxic. Avoid inhalation!

  417. Cannabis oil works tho

  418. Safroleeeee

  419. Smelling “essential” oils makes me angry. I hate anything that isn’t neutral smelling, except maybe coffee. Nothing worse than walking into a room with some shitty lavender smell smacking you in the face, so aggravating.

  420. Well dont use them if you have a cat or dog. A lot of the compounds or oils can cause severe internal organ damage or a series of “slight” complications (chronic asthma, chronic sinus infections, respiratory infections, bouts of vomiting, etc).

    As for those orange/lavender changes, I tend to think things are CLEANER if they are orange, lavender (even though I hate lavender), lemon, fruity smelling, etc. So if Im sitting in a doctors office and it smells like orange, I think its cleaner, whereas if Im sitting there smelling someones personal bodily manufactured fragrance… no thanks.

  421. I have a bottle of sweet orange oil. Not for whatever it says it helps but because it smells good compared to the other oils they had.

  422. Essential oils as in the essence of the plant or flower it comes from. The name may be confusing, but I don’t think they are mislabelled.

    Please do correct me if I am wrong, but I keep seeing this argument and it seems to have missed the point and been deliberately confused by alternate medicine practitioners.

    1. They are toxic.

    2. Make sure you define how ‘they’ are. Natural holistic practictors didn’t come up with the labeling of essential but some cimoany that markets them did. It’s been used for so long it will be hard to change that. However, stating them as plant oils is a better descriptive.

    3. loqkLoqkson o

    4. loqkLoqkson I was thinking the same thing when he said that. The term isn’t human centric! It has nothing to do with us. Consider it extracting the essential aromatic molecules from the plant. Or, as you put it, the essence of the plant.
      It hurts when they get something so wrong as this 😥

  423. Essential oils (EOs) are often very good antioxidants and possible antimicrobial agents – its a very interesting field.
    Actually, these are very often studied combined with food systems in the reasearch field of “Bioactive components” and in agricultural studies, both on medicin plans and as potential pesticides.
    And more often than not they do pose a somewhat positive correlation so health in foodsystems and on the body.
    So EOs do really work, depending on which plant they are from, and which mechanism one is looking at.

    Oh and if anyone is reading this and thinking “oohh interesting, so they are always good then?”
    Then the answer is short – no.
    While EO’s are usually a think we as scientists positivly look for in food systems and agricultural studies ,
    atmospheric chemists might have a very different view on them.
    EO’s like alpha-pinen (which is present in many gymnosperm trees and some herbs like rosemary) is a major problem to our topospheric stability.

    So again – they do work in all sorts of interesting ways!

  424. oil memes

  425. They can help you feel better but they don’t cure anything.

  426. Some of the terpenes do target specific receptors. I have definitely felt psychoactive effects from various EOs (transdermally).

  427. Clove Oil helps with tooth pain 100%…… I needed a root canal done, anyone that has ever gone through that knows its the most painful thing you will ever go through, and I used clove oil on the tooth and it relieved so much pain its not even funny…….. So they may not help psychologically they definately do physically

    1. It wasn’t their brain just numbing the pain. The brain doesn’t work like that. You can’t will the pain of a root canal away with your mind. Clove oil literally causes the area to become numb.

    2. The painful part of a root canal is before the actual treatment when your tooth likely has a very painful infection. The pain people experience with that can greatly vary. Some people won’t even know they need one while others will be up all night in serious pain. During the actual root canal procedure you should not feel any pain if you are properly numbed up. Your tooth should feel a lot better after the procedure. Clove oil can definitely help a sore tooth but I’m not sure how much if it’s applied topically… My husband is a dentist and I also work with him as a dental assistant and he will shove IRM in an infected tooth during a root canal to calm it and have them come back after it’s had time to settle down (with help of antibiotics) to finish it. IRM contains eugenol which has clove in it. This is not an uncommon practice among dentists.

    3. The reality is that pain is incredibly individual. So all these sweeping generalizations about pain, clove oil, root canals and other nonsense is irrelevant. There is no constant when it comes to pain. I’ve needed two root canals and clove oil did literally nothing but make my mouth taste gross. I’ve also survived extreme child abuse and am currently disabled with a neuro condition from that trauma. hurts like he’ll all hours of the day. Your brain can 100% numb out pain all on its own. It’s called dissociation and those who are in agonizing pain use it all the time.

      Not only that but imagery, meditation, distraction and placebo are all capable of reducing pain. Ask any kid with an ache who had “cream” put on it if they feel better a little while later. Doesn’t matter what cream, it could be lotion, most will still say it feels better. Even studies of high intensity pain meds have shown that some imagine considerable relief just bc they THINK they got the narcotic. Essential oils can have the same effect, but others do genuinely boost healing and comfort. But they don’t have the same result in everyone bc eevery single person’s body is different. Their pain threshold, their natural inclination to dissociate, their susceptibility for placebo and even distraction, as well as their nerve fibers that will react to different oils/meds/etc differently.

    4. When I got my wisdom teeth out, one of the things suggested by the dental surgeon was to put clove oil to numb the pain if it got too bad. I love it when a certified medical professional recommends a non pharmaceutical product 🙂

    5. I know!!I had an infected tooth pain once. Nothing worked I even went to the ER and they gave me pain meds didn’t touch the pain just made me sleepy. I tried clove oil and completely got rid of the pain. I was shocked.

  428. Some oils are known to have healing properties. Tee tree oil, and sage will help at least beat back fungus infection of the foot along with other things. People have forgotten that the majority of our medications come from a plant. Not all are synthetic man made medications.

  429. Why don’t you make a video on the alternative theories about the Universe on YouTube this would be interesting and good for the YouTube community!!!


  431. Can you truly design a double blind study with scents? It’s easy to do so with normal drugs but in that case you have to alter the olfactory nerves of people.

  432. soooooo what about massage, ingestion and home cleaning possibility with oil ?????

  433. Studies only based on quantitive and not qualitive methods is easier, but miss a lot of information. People like me, with the help of essential oil that got out of chronic schedule 5 medicine are not beign interviewed. I have a tropical desease, and pain management with conventional drugs gets deteramental to my personality.

  434. Brain scans.

  435. Don’t forget memory association with sents

  436. My sense of smell is extremely acute and consequently these smells stress me out and make me feel anxious. They also make me wonder what’s being covered up. Is that dentist office stinky without the smells? I avoid places with these things as much as I avoid cats (due to my allergies).

  437. A nice smell can help you feel relaxed. Who’d have thought?

  438. Do Essential Oils Really Work? PROBABLY. And Why? WE DON’T KNOW EXACTLY.

    Thanks, SciShow.

  439. Efficacy of something thankfully is not and never will be made invalid by this show

  440. I can share 3 that I know work, one is orange oil that will make basically anything sticky no longer sticky, stickers gum it works on stuff like that fantastic. Second, anything that contains menthol or Menthol itself, it is extremely cooling, think the opposite of hot peppers, third is clove or cinnamon (true cinnamon) oil that is very warming, combine with menthol and you basically have IcyHot.

  441. Experience tells me essential oils help. And it’s not the smell. I swear by Deep Blue Rub.

  442. essential does not mean vital or necessary, in this regard: it means essence… just saying… english is hard…

  443. 2:20 this is the problem… western medicine focuses *Too Much* on _specialized_ parts of the body (not a negative, but also not a positive/superior). body and mind are interconnected, sorry that the rest off the wor

  444. Citric stuff would do the opposite of make me calmer, it being deadly for me and all.
    I sure hope, even if studies end up showing that they’re really useful for people to have, that places don’t start using them.
    One person’s relaxing smell is another person’s oesophagus closing

  445. “essential” in essential oils refers to “essence” essence of lavender or essence of tea tree

  446. Making videos about something that is better understood would benefit more

  447. Essential oils are great when you make the choice to get them, not when somebody you last talked to in high school messages you randomly asking if you want to buy some off her. These people act like it’s a cure-all, but man I just like the smell of lemongrass after exercise or before sleep…

  448. Do we really need scientific studies to figure this out? Your body has hard-wired responses to smells. When you smell something rancid you become physically ill and want to get away from it because it might be toxic to you. When you smell something good you begin to salivate and wonder where it’s coming from because it might be nourishing food. It’s basic survival instinct really, to think there are psychological effects tied to aromas is not that far of a conclusion to reach at all.

  449. *IF YOU HAVE PETS:* Please do not use essential oils around them. They are DEADLY. Pets all over are dying painful, needless deaths because their humans didn’t know this was a serious issue. When in doubt, either don’t use it, or do your research thoroughly.

  450. I don’t usually get nervous at the dentist or any other doctors offices so you gotta take that into consideration, like maybe the patient was already calm

  451. Personally I think it’s memory. For example if you had a really good study and And you have a lavender while in the air while you were doing it.Your brain no relates could studying with that smell. If I think it’s basically Memering

  452. No studies needed, the oils cover my farts.

  453. What if (and bear with me) we just like smelling things that smell good? And anything that smells good makes you feel better when smelling them? Maybe?

  454. This video isn’t about essential oils, it’s about aromatic oils and aromatherapy. There are essential oils that have proven effect when used topically.

  455. So it’s “essence” oils (essence of the plants) instead of “essential” oils (necessary).
    Psychological reasons may be a good explanation since nice fragrant aromas can soothe people’s minds because… they smell nice. What kind of human beings don’t like nice smells???

  456. Why are all of the sci show hosts so nasal?

  457. I think it make people calm because smelling something pelesant make them take slow and deep breaths

  458. Not just essential oils, almost all scents pleasant to you can cause this effect, probably because of positive association. My dog died a few weeks ago and I still smell her bed every now and then because it smells wonderful and makes me feel like she’s still with me.

  459. Fresh Rosemary Oil from a living plant, is awesome. The essential oil from rosemary and dried rosemary, doesn’t smell as good to me.

  460. I have a theory that the scent links oneself to a calming experience in their life. The scent then relaxes them because of the relationship they have with that scent. They may then feel more relaxed because they’re thinking of that calming moment. Scent can affect memory quite a lot. There are various scents that cause an emotional response from me. I can’t remember the link between scent and memory but I know it can affect a lot of emotion.

  461. So just learned this today: peppermint is a neurotoxin. At 30mg/kg of body weight, it can be lethal enough to kill. Oil concentrates of peppermint can have 500mg/mL of peppermint in them.

    This means that a quarter teaspoon can be fatal to a 40 lb or under kid. There is nothing to help them, either. Just supportive care and waiting, watching, and praying.

    Keep essential oils out of the reach of kids.

  462. Scishow psyche has a very soft science spisode too but they present it as facts instead of giving the warnings. Thank you for looking out for me more than they do.

  463. Wait what so all the phyto and pharmacognsy I am studying right now in college are useless or you are just talking about the aromatherapy?

  464. A mix of essential Oils, warm showers, darkness/naps, and painkillers are my go to for migraines. Lavender, eucalyptus, mint, chamomile, and orange cause orange helps my nausea, I’ll even smell orange peels if I’m feeling really nauseous, helps immediately, don’t know why.

  465. What’s the point of this video. To tell us we don’t know that yet? Nice click bait.

  466. Tests should be done on people who are aware it’s being tested. We should discover that even if you don’t like the smell, does it still do its job? Like medicine and taste?

  467. CBD oil

  468. We come from the “garden”. Our ancestors come from the trees. When you’re in a sterile box, having those scents or tastes of a fruit is a sweet reminder to something deep within us.

    1. We come from the “garden”. Our ancestors come from the trees.
      The trees are speaking in Vietnamese.

  469. It all depends what you use it for, really. Peppermint essential oil helps clear my sinuses during allergy season (as does strong mint candy). Rub some under my nose, and I can breathe easier for a bit. Better smelling than that vapor rub crap.

    1. It can make you sick if ingested.

    2. That vapo rub crap actually is MADE of essential oils, if only you bothered reading the ingredients list : camphor is synthetic, but is based on natural camphor (Cinnamomum camphora) essential oil composition; then you have eucalyptus essential oil, menthol (i.e. a component of mint essential oil), cedar essential oil, nutmeg essential oil, thymol (a component of thyme essential oil) and turpentine oil, i.e. an essential oil extracted from pines wood.
      Question is: a LOT of them are actually very irritating for skin and mucosas, so you have to use it sparingly and far from eyes, nose and mouth. In fact, mint essential oil is very irritating too, and if you can rub it under your nose without a problem, then very probably it’s not a real essential oil, or maybe it’s diluted.

    3. Why should Wintergreen not be ingested? Do you have any sources I can read?

    4. Wintergreen is also good for clearing your sinuses and is safe as long as you don’t ingest it.

  470. The pharmaceutical companies would never want research done on it since they can’t control the market 😁

  471. …Or a pavlovian response.

  472. Lavender has actually been really relaxing for me

  473. *Essentially* the new snake *Oil*

  474. At least it’s not snake oil

  475. I’m a skeptical insomniac who doesn’t benefit from sleep medication, I have around 20 essential oils ranging from fruits to tree bark and there are only four that I find help me sleep, not because of the scent, most probably because it’s an extract from a plant that aids in sleeping. Plants have been used medicinally for centuries so it’s not too crazy to think that by diffusing a concentrated extract from a plant and inhaling the vapour it can benefit you in some way. What if the molecules from lavender oil, interact with certain receptors in your brain that triggers the feeling of relaxation….

  476. now explain why magick actually works . . . I am talking about real ceremonial magick

  477. for me good smells = better mood
    whether it be bacon or lavender

  478. Its weird but I used to burn peach’s pits and it would calm my anxiety
    it smells like a fireplace

  479. The term “essential” refers to the “essence” i.e. the scent. The modern meaning of “essential” meaning fundamentally important is figurative and has overshadowed the older literal meaning.

  480. Because it smell good so we take pleasure in it just like how we enjoy delicious food. That explain why and it is really simple.

  481. I once had a NP in training try to tell me essential oils “cured” her sons chronic sinus infections. They were living in Phoenix Az and suddenly humidifying the air in her sons room stopped the sinus issues. She didn’t pass her licensing exams and now practices “ natural medicine”

  482. I enjoy essential oils because my sense of smell is super weak, but most of them are strong enough for me to smell. I feel like a big reason why they “work” can simply be attributed to experiencing a pleasant sense, especially if a particular stimuli is associated with any positive intention or memory. Feel good physically, feel good emotionally.

  483. This is going to be a huge field of study very shortly. There is good evidence that some of the effects of cannabis come from the flower’s terpenes. Can’t wait for the science to come in!

  484. oooooo we’re about to tick off some oil fanatics 😉

  485. I’ve been thinking about getting a diffuser and using the “breathe” blends because my son and husband have asthma. Not sure if it’d be worth it to try tho

  486. Afsakiđ.. semsagt meiri rannsókna er thörf? Heh.

  487. I️ don’t even care if essential oils are scientifically “mood boosters” or whatever. I️ just love a good nose feel and a good nose feel makes me feel better.

  488. Who came up with the name “essential” oils?

    1. “essential” comes from it being the “Essence” of the plant it comes from, my guys, not “essential to us”. It’s the plant chemicals and oils reduced very far into a concentrated form, thus it being the plant’s essence. People misinterpret this all the time because they come from the same root words.

    2. Hwee Teng Lee same people that label thing “all natural” or “chemical free”.

  489. What about the bacteria killing agent in essential oils? Like tea tree oil.

    1. Lots of toxic substances in EOs.

  490. Essential oils are just another money making strategy like organic food. Not enough regulation and too many dishonest scammers.

  491. I think that part of it is that people can link smells to people or something that has happened to them. Like for me I found some oils that smells like my boyfriend so I use it a lot when he’s away.

  492. Finally!!

  493. Should have mentioned the entourage effect and terpenes

  494. I agree with a lot in the comments, I wished this would have touched on the topical application because that’s how a lot of people have been using them. Fragrance can be nice, I personally love the smell of juniper berries, but what about tea tree and treating acne?

  495. All I know is: my insomnia is cured. Placebo or no, they got lasting results and that’s all I care about.

  496. They smell great, use them all the time. Only morons eat them.

  497. Hey, could you do a scishow episode on Himalayan Salt Lamps?

    1. I’m not saying they do, I’m just requesting a video topic since there are a lot of claims around what they can do to the air.

    2. They are lamps made of salt, how could they affect your health?

  498. if only advertisement we’re as honest as this!!

  499. Things that smell good help to create an atmosphere that feels more pleasant.

  500. I’m guessing it’s mostly the ritualized behavior that creates a conditioned response. If you take the time to set up your aromatic compounds, you’re more likely to start to relax. This helps you associate the smell of the oil with relaxation, and is further accentuated by the strong effect smells have on invoking memories.

  501. Not actually it is a song from xxxtentacion

  502. I think it’s biological to love essential oils: we like what smells/taste good because it’s good for our bodies, we hate some aromas cause the smelly object is venomous or dangerous, so unless a traumatic experience with vanilla, you will be relaxed with the candles.

  503. I am never worried or anxious when waiting for dentist….I worry or panic when the doctor said something along the line of “this is not going to hurt”

  504. peppermint extract helps with nausa, at least thats what i ahve found.

  505. I use ylang ylang to lower my heart rate. My heart rate monitor doesn’t lie lol. I wish you guys would have done more tests yourselves, I use essential oils and a lot of them definitely work.

  506. your paying for this really important science with your taxes.

    1. Jennifer Isaacs Are you implying going to the chiropractors doesn’t work? I will say that alot of chiropractors are in it for the money and only relieve just enough pain to keep a person coming back over and over again but if you’re able to find a good one, you’d be amazed at how much good they can do.

    2. arkatub paying chiropractor , homeopath , essential oils, and naturopath “health care” with tax payer money.

  507. He just said Pussyblo 🤔

  508. As a cosmetics maker I have to be very careful with my warning labels because there //are// some essential oils that historically are KNOWN to do things we don’t want them to. Like Peppermint and spearmint during late term pregnancy or while nursing, or abortives like clary sage. A bath bomb with peppermint and clary sage may seem really good for a Mom-to-be when it comes to controlling the aches and pains that come from growing a human inside you, but they can also encourage early contractions and miscarriage. Obviously that can’t be double-blind tested on expectant mothers, cos, like, ethics. But we do have a hundreds of years of people using these essential oils for these exact reasons so I label like crazy and warn people before they buy anything. Because I don’t want Aunt Denise’s baby shower gift of bath products to end up in a horrible tragedy.

  509. It’s as if positive stimulus of the senses had positive effects…

  510. Hey I like my oils, they’re nice and relaxing. They have all sorts of uses.

  511. So as long as the findings aren’t conclusive yet then using essential oils can still be preferred.

  512. Then there is the group of people that get very bad migraines in places that spew this stuff into the air.

  513. How would you construct a double-blind study based around an aroma?
    Surely someone on the testing side would catch a whiff of the scents and thus be able to tell which was the control

  514. I was explaining to my niece proper car maintenance and told her, “Regularly changing the oil is essential.”
    She replied, “Essential oils? I know all about that.”

    1. The irony!

    2. I’m trying to get a top comment but this one commenter keeps beating me to the punch(line).

    3. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!hahahahaahahaaa!!! Kids! 😀

    4. You win!!! Douche of the century for that corny ass joke🖕🏽😂🖕🏽

    5. Master Therion almost the same story with my niece ! Hahaha!!!! I was changing my oil….she asked what I was doing…I explained… she then said I have some lavender oil you can have if you don’t have enough of your oil…lol

  515. What about placebos?

    1. Yes.

  516. 0:42 “They are sometimes used for ‘protection'” *Evil laughing*

  517. It might just sound like pseudo-science but it’s really just alternate-facts-science.

  518. I guarantee that lavender does have a mild effect on GABA. I know because I even feel a little comedown with anxiety after an hour .

  519. If you don’t get how the oils may work then perhaps you should consider the following, the chemicals in the oils may only have an effect (as a chemical) on the olfactory bulb chemoreceptors, the rest is nerve impulse patterns, like music or any other sensory input that has measurable emotional responses.

  520. I have no doubt that smell affects mood – and that there is a scientific explanation. Raising dopamine and serotonin levels is fairly easy to do through any positive associative behaviour. Rocking gently, as in a rocking chair for example, does this and I could easily hypothesize that scents from natural sources could trigger innate responses in the human brain related to the natural world. We know that prisoners exposed to nature – trees and water behave far less aggressively. The sound of water lapping lulls people to sleep and is generally very soothing. Whether these are merely associative or innate responses, there physiological responses are clearly real. Why should pleasant scent be any different?

  521. Stay away from me with your expensive oils

  522. The only thing products like that do to me is trigger migraine headaches.

  523. maybe should have mentioned that it is very likely that some oils work and others don’t. since the oils are basically the lipophilic phytoalkaloids in a bottle and alot of plants have real effects.
    n u a n c e p l s

  524. Terpenes in marijuana are what cause anxiety, giggles, ect… I have known for years certain scents were supposed to have certain effects now I know I gots ta gets its froms the sources!

  525. Legit guys, I take essential oils like oil of oregano for my sore throats. It burns like fire and hurts for a day but I guarantee that the sore throat will be gone instantly. I guess it kills bacteria or something.

  526. Love how statistics referenced so heavily

  527. Also, be aware that pets can be sensitive to certain oils, such as eucalyptus. Small animals such as cats can even develop seizure disorders from overexposure to certain oils. So if you’re going to use infusers or candles in areas of your home frequented by pets, use only pet-friendly oils.

  528. Well, considering essential oils are a millennia-old treatment that were even mandated by the Bible as an important medicine…

    1. Trashis Trash um, yeah, they kindda did.

    2. Essential oils didn’t exist in biblical times because distillation didn’t. Infused oils did. Any oils in the bible mentioned were not essential oils

    3. lol yeah and people from that era sure lived long

    4. Your comment is an appeal to tradition fallacy. Try again.

    5. The ellipses imply that the comment is rhetorical. The unspoken completion is, “yes they do.”

  529. Nothing like a little lavander kush to relax.

  530. Test it on people with no sense of smell. If they can’t go, “Ahh, that smells nice” the smell won’t have anything to do with it. Only the chemical interaction in their body. Then you might find that the essentials of dog diarrhea are the most soothing of all.

  531. How would you do a double blind when it comes to smells? The scent of oranges isn’t exactly hard to identify…

  532. There is not such smell that would calm me down when I hear the drill, waiting for a dentist appointment. Good luck to calm down when all you think is “it’s going to hurt. A lot”.
    If anything, it would make me scared of oranges or lavender instead.

  533. My money is on placebo…

    1. Brian B some essential oils give me migraines. Is that placebo effect?!

  534. I love schi so schike!

  535. The C at the very end always reminds me of Studio C

  536. PSA: A friendly reminder to anyone with pets, be sure to do a little bit of research about whether or not those essential oils may be toxic to your pets. (:

    1. Michelle Winters Eucalyptus, pine derived oils, and so on can cause seizures in young children. And cedar wood oil is known to be extremely toxic to pets. People definitely don’t do enough research when exposing young children and pets to oils.

    2. Renime89 bravo!!! 👏

    3. @Catastraseedwell, maybe they just needed a bath, needed their litter clean or both. pets aren’t as smelly as you think.

    4. That’s right, peppemint oil is toxic to cats so my mother had to be careful about using hers. Luckily our cat was repelled by the smell so he didn’t even try to go near it.

    5. Mohammad M, wtf why

  537. Scent diffusers can be dangerous to pets. May essential oils are toxic to small animals.
    Please be careful about this.

    1. Toxic fumes are dangerous to inhale.

    2. This is true! Some essential oils are toxic to cats and others to dogs. So if you are using pure quality essential oils, it is important for people to do some research for their fluffy family members :). I would keep the door open so the animal can leave if they want and to diffuse intermittently (eg. 15 min on and 30 min off) instead of continuously for hours

    3. Avery Milieu The scents are toxic to everyone, you might as well smoke cigarettes.

  538. Do a video on massage therapy! I’m a licensed massage therapist & there are a few things that I was thought in school that haven’t been backed up by science. Like massage improves blood circulation & helps your body get rid of toxins. I’m trying to do my own research & find out facts so I don’t sound like an idiot when I’m talking to my clients.

  539. Name comes from French word “essentiel” which nowadays means essential but one of the old meanings was “extracted from plants”. It’s still found in some biology or chemistry books and to this day woodworkers still use the term “essence” to mean a specific kind of wood.

  540. You’ll notice a lot of butthurt comments about essential oils being a “great” or whatever and those are just butthurt snake oil salesmen stuck in that pyramid scheme…my ex is one of those snake oil salesmen 😂

  541. A lot of them also smell like food. It would seem advantageous to have a system that rewards the smell of edible fruits or the like, both for foraging and not getting poisoned purposes.🤷‍♀️ Are there fruits that smell good but are super poisonous?🤔

  542. Okay, I have a question that I genuinely want to hear people’s opinions on. What would y’all think of a thing that worked entirely by placebo, and is safe, but didn’t advertise it to keep the placebo? However, they also sell it very cheaply and make it clear that it is only meant for mild headaches, stomachaches, etc. and that if you have anything more serious, you should see a doctor.

    Basically, what if a “drug” worked off purely off placebo, but did not scam people by making it cheap, or make people avoid medical treatment by making it clear that it cannot stand in for medical treatment. Would you have a moral problem with that?

    1. It’s dishonest

    2. There is also a thing called a nocebo. The nocebo effect exists.

    3. Aunty Agony that’s why you make them yourself. Just buy the empty capsules, grind the ingredients, fill them. That’s what I do.

    4. of course thats morally wrong.

    5. It should also be noted that placebos don’t work on everybody. They generally work on people that are easily persuaded. I suppose you can call it more of an open mind but that wouldn’t technically be correct. I’m one of those kind of people who have an open mind however placebos don’t work for me.

  543. I hear Popeye ate Olive oil.

  544. Aromatics, in the smell sense, are they not Ketones? include a benzene ring (which is also deemed aromatic). But thats organic chem, smelly stuff/food industry I believe ‘aromatic’ means it has a ketone group (if necessarily part oif a benzene-ring containing molecule).
    Please correct me if I’m wrong


  545. It has a lot to do with whatever the essential oil is OF. Lavender is a sedative so in any form it’ll probably relax you but it’s going to have a different effect to say… mugwort which is anti-inflammatory. Though I think mugwort also may be sedative, lots of the herbs that get used are.

  546. *america needs oil*

    the only reason why this unoriginal comment exist is because the title has “oil” in it

  547. Does it matter if it is the oil or the experience that gives the desired effect?

    1. @Fist Full Of Java Suddenly, I understand cats pushing things off ledges and tables. They’re just doing science.

    2. yes

    3. It matters if for no other reason than to prevent charlatans from making outrageous claims. It matters because snake oil salesmen are out there claiming that essential oils can prevent and/or cure cancer and other devastating diseases and are charging desperate people large amounts of money that could be better spent on almost anything else … like real medicine that actually does what it says it does … and has the science to back up the claim.

    4. Pa Pinkelman If you think you don’t feel symptoms of an illness because of a placebo effect but you still have the illness, you aren’t any healthier.

    5. Its science. It’s required to beat everything into a fine powder…then figure out why its a fine powder.

  548. Once tried to use a homeopathic mint oil remedy for my migraines, because i was willing to try anything to relieve them. Relief was not received.

    Basically it called for one drop on each temple and one of the roof of the mouth. First I did the temple ones, which felt like i’d poured burning alcohol onto my face. The oral one was even worse, combined with the extremely strong and repulsive mint taste.

    Thank christ for my Fioricet prescription.

    1. yeah, those instructions were really bad it probably just should have told you to put it in a diffuser or oil warmer omg. EO’s should never ever be put on your skin undiluted. sorry, you had to learn that the hard way :/ peppermint EO is one of the worst, too. can cause severe chemical burns. Used properly? eh i’ve gfound mint to hep with some of my tension headaches but not my big bad migraines.

  549. i would like to see the same studies performed with other scents.

  550. What about essential oils as skin care?!

  551. Yeah music and art can change the way you feel too. Doesn’t mean those candles are magic

  552. Our vet has given us essential oils for our dog, Lucy, to use when cleaning out her ears. She is 15 years old and has extremely painful ear infections that causes black stuff to come out of it, and whenever we treat her she screams out of pain and it is very hard and heartbreaking. Ever since the vet gave us the oil to use during the treatment, she has been much more relaxed during it and has stopped screaming. I think it definitely works.

  553. Lol, he said but.

  554. But essential oils are used for more than scent therapy. For example tea tree oil is a natural anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial treatment for hair, skin, and nails.

    1. s b Lavender is good for fleas and ticks too, Huh?

    2. s b Seems expensive but worth it.

    3. s b Thank you. I’ll be looking for it.

  555. I’m sad

    1. It is a song from xxxtentacion

    2. Want a hug?

      Not from me… I’m just asking. I could get someone else to hug you.

  556. Smelling orange and lavender is more relaxing than smelling Listerine and burning dental drill bits.

  557. I can tell you it might work but i know right now my knee hurts.

  558. essential oils have SO MUCH MORE use than only aromatherapy, i expected way more research from you guys on a topic that’s already so overlooked by people who believe they know everything about everything.

  559. Are there perhaps any researches on people who are unable to experience smell? I think this might help in distinguishing between the effects of the smell itself, kind of like a placebo, or the actual chemistry of the compounds

    1. Lars van den Biggelaar my son has this problem, but strangely, gets similar symptoms whenever I’m working with essential oils as if he could actually smell them like a normal person. Not to the same extent as I do, but… It has to be seriously strong before he can smell it, and by that time I’ve had to leave the house due to the potential for an anaphylactic reaction. (it’s happened a few times and really sucks)

  560. Hey, @SciShow, I also heard lavender essential oils can be hormone disruptors, and function as a weak antiandrogen. Can you do a video on this topic?

  561. Okay but you’re singling out just one use of essential oils: aromatherapy. Take a look at the topical applications of many essential oils. For instance, frankincense oil, which we use in Arizona to treat scorpion stings, not to inhale.

  562. They can’t be that essential, I’ve survived for years without them

  563. Indeed, it does seem this an unconscious response related chiefly to nostalgia or pleasant memories related to the smells

  564. I would have thought that aroma therapy was mostly a placebo effect.

  565. Know why I use essential oils? They make my room smell good lol

    1. Hell yeah I can’t get enough!

    2. Brandon Johnson
      Best you’ll get out of these oils.


  566. Endocannabinoid system is working with the terpenes, this is exactly why Cannabis is so effective at alleviating symptoms from a wide swath of ailments

  567. Pretty cool!💙💛💜💜💛💙💚💚

  568. -1 subscriber.

    1. Gustavus Adolphus They have medicinal uses. They aren’t just “smells”.

    2. Are you really upset over a video on smells?

    3. Zombiesize


    4. Zombiesize rude

  569. It’s probably great for your lungs!

  570. CBD is the way to go😉

  571. at the very least they can smell good

  572. Those extensive studies cost money. And are only ever funded by institutions who could stand to make money from the results of those studies. Cannabis has an absurd number of uses and is extremely helpful, buuuuuut you can’t patent it, so it’s not studied and was even made illegal.

    Why would anyone pay to rigorously study these essential oils if they couldn’t possibly make money off them in the long run?

    The lack of studies isn’t evidence of anything other than the lack of studies.

    1. abcd efgh cannabis was made illegal in order to create racial paranoia against mexican immigrants, not because it cant be patented.

  573. I have never seen ANY aromatherapy products advertise that aromatherapy ALONE will cure cancer or anything else. As with most things in life, it’s a number of modalities that can and do positively impact and benefit those with a myriad of illnesses.

    1. The majority of people related to a MLM truly knows little about the actual chemistry and safety of oils

    2. Peter Lonjers No doubt. The world is filled with charlatans and good sense should be applied. Anyone who would make a claim about “guaranteed” outcomes or cures, is in it for the money.

    3. There are tons of MLM companies that sell these as cures for everything from cancer to aids. I few of them got hit by the FDA so now they just hide it. Their more open advertising avoids claiming they cure anything but tell their sales people to push them as if they do when they talk about them in person.

  574. Nothing beats a mint oil rub for driving away fleas, ticks and mosquitos – as long as you don’t mind smelling like a breath mint for a week

  575. *Fact:* Certain essential oils are extremely efficient in killing bacteria (Eg. Tea tree and Oregano oil). Depends on how you use them.

    1. Got to go to my spice cupboard and rub my hands on some spices, and no need to wash hands before cooking ever again.

    2. Expensive oils are better than just affordable soap ?

    3. A Eucalyptus-Tea tree- sweet almond oil mix killed the dust mites in a old house we rented.
      We finally stopped itching.

    4. gotta agree that regular soap is just as good and is less likely to create resistant bacteria, I didn’t know antibacterial soap was more drying than regular soap, I mean I guess it does depend on the soap

    5. Bethany Lade that’s fake news XD alcohol or soap is the best way to kill bacteria NOT essential oils!! besides it’s citronella that repels blood suckers

  576. Perhaps I should start selling essential oils. Nice presentation.

  577. Essential oils solved problems I had that no antibiotic or pain killers ever managed.
    But not by olfactory means. Contact and small oral dosage.

    1. kitse_xiii so specific that they became basically useless.
      When I was a kid I was pumped with antibiotics and I just had flu. Lucky me.
      Now I could have IVs of anything and it just does crap.
      Later on in life I had an oral infection that almost got out of control. Those bacteria were not giving one crap about what doctors were prescribing me.
      Not to mention flu I got as an adult.
      Problems solved: imune system (colds, flu, alergies), oral infections, skin burns, ticks, mycosis and related problems. 🙂

    2. Pașca Alexandru what problems? Antibiotics and painkillers are specific in their purposes and mechanism of action

  578. This guy did a great job, but he is not very pleasent to look at. Looks like a god damm mouse.

  579. it’s not essential as in ‘necessary’, it’s essential as in ‘essence’.

    1. The essence of a plant 🌿We recently made a video about this!

    2. The plants the oils come from wouldn’t be alive without the oils. Therefore the oils are essential

    3. River Amazon I always want to go to Lush!

    4. Agreed, there are several things mentioned in this video that throw up red flags. They clearly didn’t research very well, or purposely neglected some things. 🙂 :0 😉

  580. Essential oils are great for relieving some symptoms. I don’t believe they CURE anything. However, EOs are pretty inexpensive (as long as you stay away from rose absolute!), so who cares why they work, if you find relief from them, go for it. On the other hand, there’s homeopathy, which is a disgusting con. I’d love to see a video in this charade…

  581. I woke up at 1:11pm today. Now it says 111 comments.

  582. Essential oils are fine but a lot of people into the oils really get into the oils and treat them as magic cure all. Don’t join the oil cult.

    1. AtarahDerek

      Nonsense. They contain toxic VOCs!!!!

    2. So I’m torn on the subject of essential oils because I’ve used them twice for injury and they seemed to work. 1st time I was barefoot at a waterpark and i burned my feet from walking on the hot concrete for too long and a lady heard me say my feet hurt to my mom so she gave some essential oils and the pain went away immediately. The 2nd time I ate a walnut (which I’m allergic to) and it left an open sore on my tongue so my grandmother put essential oils on my tongue and the pain went away and it was completely healed by morning. I believe in studies and what they show but I’ve had them work so I just dont understand. Someone please help me understand.

    3. Essencial oils will actually heal you, but you have to eat them. XD
      No idea why everyhone here talks about smell.
      They smell nice, I guess.

    4. Exactly. They work but don’t over estimate them

    5. @official clown business
      You know what’s more stupid than you?
      People who think arguing with you will do something

  583. Seems to me it’s just the scent having a psychological effect.

    1. Robot Wolf who said anything about sniffing pharmaceuticals? I simply meant that if you had a psychological effect from smelling the scents, you’d have a similar psychological effect from taking pharmaceuticals. I also said that I don’t really do aromatherapy. I’ve also experienced a powerful physiological response to a combination of oils *without* being told what effects to expect ahead of time. Sometimes the simple things from nature work just as well or better than the complicated stuff we concoct in laboratories. I don’t have the scientific background or detailed research to explain _how_ it works; I just know it does. I’m also not saying it can fix or cure everything, not even prescription medications can do that. But you’d be foolish to write it off just because it doesn’t fit modern medicine’s pretty little narrative.

    2. Brandon Stoppel not even close. Any psychological effect present would accompany pharmaceuticals as well. I mainly use them topically and each oil and blend I’ve used has had distinct physiological effects. I know it can’t be a placebo effect for two reasons; I started as a complete skeptic and I noticed a change in the effects from two different recipies of the same blend *before* I saw that a different recipie was used.

  584. Faith and memory are two of the most powerful forces in the animal heart. Scents that evoke the times when you felt a certain mood, when combined with faith in the cure, have real effects on things like pain and depression. That’s not false hope, it’s real, scientifically-proven power!

  585. Im gonna guess no

    1. if it’s about mood, then sure, if it’s to cure canser, no

    2. Its neither yes nor no, its kinda both.

    3. TheACEcompany would that burn

    4. Lubricant is pretty good too.

    5. Yes they do work I use them and they do

  586. Great video.

    Check out “forest breathing” and phytoncides – it’s like the ‘out in nature’ version of essential oils / aromatherapy, apparently with many similar positive results.

  587. anyone know why do noses get itchy when you’re using both hands, like for example, you’re carrying something heavy?

  588. There’s also a good amount of work on animals using essential oils that looks promising, namely horses and dogs

    1. I tried it on rescue centre dogs 🙂 How did the e coli react?

    2. Yep. I even tried it myself on E. Coli (Not the pathogenic strands of course) and they turned out to be pretty effective.

  589. Essential oils don’t really work for me… and I can’t even smell them after a minute

    1. Fruit Cat I have used eden’s garden oils they did have a stronger scent but I don’t think they made a difference for me either

    2. Do Terra is over priced try Edens Garden oils they are much cheaper and work pretty well.

    3. yay juiws not really, I’m generous with how much I use and still 🤷🏽‍♀️