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Do Supplemental Vitamins Actually Work?

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A vitamin a day keeps you healthy to play. Or does it?
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Want to Stay Healthy? Don’t Rely on Vitamins. By: Sifferlin, Alexandra,, 11/12/2013

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394 thoughts on “Do Supplemental Vitamins Actually Work?

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  2. ffs

  3. I do low carb diet and intermittent fasting and in general I consume very small amount of food now. How can I get all vitamins and minerals needed. Besides in today’s fruits and vegetables we don’t have many of these . Thanks .

  4. Huh… Shouldn’t this kind of stuff be easily measurable?

  5. this guy obviously works for big pharma it’s amazing how doctors today are prescribing omega-3 for certain patients and doctors are prescribing D

  6. This video is trash… he’s attacking supplements and bring up variables that big pharma always brings up.. you want good studies look up DR ALEX VASQUEZ ND,DO,DC books he cites SO so many studies in his textbooks are used in medical universities… another giant is ALAN GABY he spent 30 years writing ONE BOOK just one and it’s THICK in evidence on the subject of vitamins!!!!!! It’s not like this trash that cites one or two and doesn’t even talk about actual good forms of vitamins or the methylated version etc

  7. For me the takeaway is 2:22-2:32: they’re insignificant.

  8. I rather by worth 30$ of beers than multi vitanims now choose wisely!

  9. This video answered nothing….

  10. Great video!

  11. This guy is spreading nonsense

  12. Really think this video makes no sense. Inspite of proper food intake i had sever hairfall..i started consuming HealthAid Biotin 10000 mcg and HealthAid HairVit and my hair has become thick and beautiful.

  13. If supplements doesn’t work, we can eat all bad food everyday coz doesn’t effect.

  14. In conclusion, it may or may not work depending on your needs.

    It’s is like an aid in case you need it and can absorb.

  15. The moment I take these “Alive” gummy vitamins you made fun of I feel more energetic and could sustain that energy throughout the day

  16. We don’t take sun at chicago is too cold.

  17. I want to know if their chemical structure is same as natural why they are not absorbed through our gut.. the reason??

  18. Vitamins are a scam.

  19. I got my blood results back. On B12, Magnesium and D
    B12 (range 193-986) 660
    D (range 30-100) 30
    Magnesium (range 1.8-2.4) 2.3
    Looks like I could benefit from a D and magnesium supplement, but it wouldn’t hurt to boost the B12 level a bit more.

  20. My vitamins work. My favorite is polynerve for my carpal tunnel syndrome.

  21. because it’s better to have it, then have not enough unknowingly 🙂

  22. vitamins have zero regulations= they are pure trash,!

  23. I want some vitamin pills but my mom doesn’t allow me to have it and say i need to eat fruit and greens. I don’t like greens pears are okay to me
    But i don’t wanna eat alot of fruit so i want to get the pills, i hope they have them in denmark.

  24. Dont buy that cheap farmacy vitamin stuff, unless it is a specific deficiency. One should consume the most absorbable forms and for that should look into iherb or Piping Rock. Folic acid is synthetic, its natural form is Folate, and to some people, folic acid just blocks the receptor from absorbing Folate. Also it has little effect without methylcobalamine. B vits work in synergy. Thats why they say you have to eat them fruits and veggies together with vits. But nowadays, we can buy them natural forms of vitamins and minerals. Depending on genetics there is a higher need for some mineral or vit, but if we live in a place that doesn’t naturally provides it, we supplement, ex: italians in Brazil lack magnesium which is abundant in Italy. Also processed food has little to none minerals and vitamins… and bad habits consume them too, like excess masturbation and drugs

  25. You can try this best natural supplement ever just click the link here for more infor >>>

  26. I take a generic vitamin say 3 days a week. Hopefully the MV gives the 1 or 2 v/m I am missing or low on. Working on the road only provides processed foods during the week even though I eat some fresh fruit. It’s not much money. I was told if your body doesn’t need or use a certain V/M then it will excrete it so all is safe hopefully.

  27. W A S T E O F T I M E

  28. Alternate Title: Research shows very little or no benefit.

  29. …stupid is as stupid does…not knowing science has real world consequences , all bad

  30. This is total BS. In transformed foods, which most people consume, there is not much left and certainly not many vitamins,
    because the good stuff has been destroyed by transformation!!

  31. If you are deficient in something, vitamins will help. You won’t know what you are deficient in unless you get thorough bloodwork done.

  32. either way,there’s NO
    substitutude for REAL

  33. this video subject should
    have millions of views.
    when millons of folks USE

  34. Our bodies can’t tell the difference between vitamin c coming from something we eat and the one we get through a pill. Vitamin c has a molecular structure unique to it and that’s how the body recognises it. This is true for all vitamins. The only reason you might be getting benefits from Vitamin c when your body gets it from something you ate is because what you ate contains other vitamins and minerals besides the Vitamin c.

  35. I use vitamins all my life. and started taking super “B” complex and it healed up cuts and scrapes on my legs very well so I do believe they do have benefits also for circulation and heart health. I also notice a sexual increase of erections and more sexual energy and desire and have been on a regular exercise. I am older in my 70’s and trying to make my life last longer and enjoy what I can. It is your life and your choice, make the best of life and live long and prosper. Small price to pay for longer life. I do think vitamins are worth the cost. They don’t have be the expensive type. I alternate one a day vitamins with minerals and super “B” complex when I am out doing my walk it helps and I am trying to built some long term endurance. Exercise and circulation is key to good health. No pill can do this so you must be up and active. Wear out or rust out  take your choice. Not much fun laying around like a couch potato and just a matter of time till you take your last breath. You wither each day you don’t move. Get up  and out the door just a little more each day and better you long term life. Doing about 5000 to 6000 steps each day and spring is coming will do even more as weather permits. But eat good food and lose to a reasonable weight(check with your  doctor) you will feel better and wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed. Low fats and low carbo’s and low sugar are best. Better than a lagging life and aches and pains. It is your body to take care of you. if you don’t you won’t live as long and your time will be cut short.Be sharp stay sharp and be active. Mother nature likes active guys. Just move you don’t have to be gym rat just keep moving.

  36. So it’s like the matrix,we’ve been lied to by vitamin manufactures ,do I take the red or blue pill ? Well studies suggest the pills won’t even work 🙂

  37. What happens if the pill you’re taking isn’t really efficient but that fact you think it is and the placebo effect makes it actually work ? Think about that.

  38. Did you see how he handled vitamin A using the state of being a smoker to imply the same effect in increasing cancer in non-smokers.. I mean personally I’m not a smoker so why would that evidence matter to me ?

  39. OMFG just say yes or no

  40. Your hair vitamin aint working

  41. January in Boston enough sun i dont think so

  42. Vitamins don’t work, earth is flat, 9/11 was inside job.

  43. How are we supposed to do research when not a single damn vitamin group can give us a straight answer….

  44. The people in my eyes are confused and don’t know what to believe, I mean let’s come away from supplements and look at food! What if a banana isn’t a banana anymore ,how’s ur veg grown ,what’s it sprayed with!
    Chicken shop chicken was found to taste like fish because that’s all the chicken was ever fed.God damm I believe none of you guys “trust no one source, especially governments”.

  45. Take chlorella&spirulina

  46. I feel better when I take Centrum every night. So … I’m just gonna keep on taking it.

    1. Roger Levy placebo

  47. If you lost all you hair probably you have or you got some deficiency. Despite the fact that MC is poison, it this world full of contamintans, poison , and poor vitamins foods , some may be beneficial, vitamin C, D and Zinc are common issues. It’s not all white or black.

  48. Being a nutritionist i would say most of the vitamins & minerals you get should be from real whole foods cut out the junk & sugar wait a couple weeks you will notice alot of benefits!

  49. Why would the vitamins from pills work differently? Sounds like a bunch of bullshit to me. I’m continuing taking them.

  50. This is such nonsense.

    It’s a shame, people like you are leading people to suffer from vitamin deficiencies.

  51. Yes, they DO work providing you take a good quality supplement. Grabbing a standard, commercialised multi vitamin off the shelf in a supermarket store isn’t likely going to produce any good effects. You’ll have to look into things a little deeper I’m afraid and most likely spend a little more (you really do get what you pay for).

    For example, a fair few vitamins and minerals compete for absorption and some help aid absorption. For example take calcium and zinc. Zinc can’t be absorbed when taken with calcium and vice versa. However vitamin C helps with absorption of zinc. That’s why when I see a multi vit with ‘300mg calcium and 15mg zinc’ in the same tablet I laugh to myself because you won’t gain any benefit what so ever.

    B vitamins for example, you want the Methylcobalamin type of B12 – NOT the Cyanocobalamin B12, this is the shitty manmade version and does not absorb well at all and I can guarantee that 90% of off the shelve, commercialised multi vits/b bits contain the Cyanocobalamin type. I guarantee it.

    Also, any mineral that ends in ‘ide’ (oxide being the main one) throw them in the bin. Useless. Anything that ends in ‘ate’ (citrate, gluconate, glycinate, piconilate) is good and absorbed much better and naturally.

    And lastly, even if your diet is perfect, the quality of soils and meats nowadays impacts the nutrients. Soil is depleted of magnesium and zinc for example. Most farmers have to feed their livestock ‘magnesium bullets’ as the soil just doesn’t provide it anymore. It’s always worth popping a good quality multi vit to fill the gaps.

    1. What’s a good brand that doesn’t contain any synthetics like that “Cyanocobalamin” which I read is actually Cyanide? I did read that “Methylcobalamin” is most effective and best. And what amount of mcg is recommended?

  52. Wow criticizing Vitamins well I cant totally out that because im Anemic and shot on B Complex Collegen Hand Hair And Nails they All Work

  53. Hmm I just bought them because I’m anemic and winter is coming and I just couldn’t be bothered to buy two separate pill containers when one container has both (Vit C, Iron)

  54. I can’t stomach sea food so fish is not now nore has it ever been part of my diet, same goes for milk. My father is lactose intolerant so we grew up with lactose free milk in my house. I myself am not lactose intolerant but I can only drink so much milk before it starts making my stomach feel uncomfortable. I don’t throw up or any of the other stuff but I just don’t drink a lot of it. I hate the sun and avoid it at all costs due to horrible migraines and easily to burn skin. So it comes as no shock that my vitamin D was pretty low on my blood work. Also I’ve never been a meat eater, I’m not a vegetarian or anything but I just have never had a taste for stake or any sort of red meat, not to mention my sensitive teeth don’t allow me chew tough meat down properly. I really only eat chicken, so my iodine is also pretty low. I just think that in this day and age almost no one can make sure they hit every recommended vitamin intake every single day for one reason or another. Busy life or medical reason, I don’t see why taking vitamins just to make you u get some sort of vitamins in your system as opposed to potentially letting something drop low to a dangerous level, is being discouraged.

  55. Thanks

  56. i can say from personal exp vitamin supplements works ..esp b12 zma and 5 htp

  57. Here is why you need to take this video down

  58. Omega 3?

  59. if you think taking a supplement is bad (other than overdosing) you may as well believe in unicorns

  60. I came here to say yes they do work because when I had a blood test done I had to explain the high amount of vitamin d was because of the recommend supplement from my doctor

  61. I’ve never taken vitamins and I’m skinny, heathy, and 100% fine.

  62. You souldnt open your mouth if youre not shure of what youre saying. No offense intended

  63. what about minerals?

  64. I always read the food lamps but it rarely ever mentions some of the vitamins that it is supposed to have or it has very little plus when you cook the food the nutrients go away

  65. sup·ple·ment
    1.something that completes or enhances something else when added to it.

    Not vitamin replacement…
    So expect much from just a pill make sure you eat your vegetable kids…

  66. Man I don’t believe anyting I’m going to take my bulshit pills and kill myself

  67. Lies i dont make 12 billion dollars a yea asshole

  68. This was a good video but why do people always talk about health benefits purely in terms of “preventing cancer and heart disease”? That’s a very narrow view on what being healthy means. What about organ, brain, heart and muscle function, hormone balancing, brain chemistry, cell reproduction, fitness, mood, bone health and general well being?

  69. And… Ironically I see all kinds of vitamin suggestions under your video

  70. Could it be that this video was promoted by Big Pharma in order to discourage people to take vitamin supplements so that people can be more vitamin deficient and therefore causing more people to get sick so that they then can profit off their illness??

  71. Well I’m pretty sure my B12, calcium, and omega-3 pills are working.

  72. Please, provide the PubMed numbers of the research papers that you are talking about.

  73. So your folic acid point has evidence from a ten year old study at Harvard (6 years at the time of this video) yet your vitamin c point has zero evidence or validation? Who proved the pill form had less or no effects than the dietary form?

  74. ILL SAVE YOU ALL 5 MINS. THEY DONT DO SHIT. how about showing us all just where you get your information from. what “advertisement company” paid you to say all this. no one does this shit for kicks and giggles. eat chalk you make get more out of it…… at least you can play hop scotch with chalk.

  75. This garbage propaganda has been brought to you by your good friends @ Agenda 21 & Codex Alimentarius

    Back to sleep now little sheep 🐑😴

  76. I think Ill just get a bunch of fruits veggies and nuts etc then put em all in a blender and just try to stomach a potentially nasty drink everyday.

  77. I’m happier with my Vitamins thanks.

  78. if you live in seattle you need VIT D , period

  79. Only works if you have a deficiency that needs balancing. It’d be like taking painkillers without having any pain otherwise…

  80. I just got cured from an iodine deficiency. Boy was I a complete zombie for the last 6 months! What I thought was P.A.W.S. was actually me not getting any iodine because I wasn’t eating anything which had it. Well, I found the strength to get to the grocery store and knew I needed salt, so I saw iodized sea salt, and I figured sure why not? When I got home, I made a plate of spaghetti and salted the water this time and after I got done eating, guess what? I felt myself beginning to snap out of the zombie state I was in! This last week has been perfect. Just like eating a banana every day cured my swollen ankles for good(from standing too long), iodized salt has cured my all day lethargy for the most part. Yeah, I still feel a little tired but not nearly like I was!

  81. call b.s. on this one. ignores so much research.

  82. Just started to take a multivitamin and omega 3 fish oil and feel worse not better.

  83. i’ve wasted money
    but i don’t understand why my hair is growing since i started taking them

    1. Efia Serwaa because it probably has biotin

  84. 3:29 when you turn into an android

  85. Good host (Y)

  86. Like so many yt videos…first few minutes was complete waffle and only after that did he get to the Q…we live in a push button world…why do people think that anyone wants lots of fancy footwork…no we just want answers..

  87. Unfortunately were not all perfect YOUNG thirty somethings. I’m sixty. Few teeth. Veggies can be a problem. rheumatoid arthritis for years. I have taken a multi for many years and drink or sprinkle veggie powders. Walking is an issue sinse being an ra sufferer means my feet are out a shape.

  88. Interesting. The last question “why do we take them?” is probably the most important part…

  89. why doesn’t anyone talk about if vitamins work like potassium which needs essentially an absurd amount ideally (like 10 bananas worth). So if I eat 4000 mg of potassium and then supplement it with 1000 mg would the vitamin help?

  90. Just smoke cigs they prolong life longer than this idiot will.

    1. haha, this is the brightest comment I have seen all night give yourself a pat on the back you dummy, I can tell you cigarettes are no joke, been clean for two months , and i can attest to the harm it has caused, I’m coughing up nasty ass tar every day all day ridding of the body of the man made atrocities, still hard to breathe but improving surely and slowly

  91. I want to know if it’s better to crush up the vitamins & snort it , or just take the pill as is….? Thanks

    1. Take a spoon put vitamins there heat it below from lighter. Take a syringe put it there. Tie your hands and inject it. And say ya science ya science.

    2. Personally I like to crush my vitamins and snort them off a hooker’s titties

    3. @S k u l l • D a d is that the bottle or the contents lol

    4. inject it in your heart

    5. Better effects if you shove it in the anus.

  92. This video is BS

  93. Puritan’s Pride is a good brand.

  94. Marketing.

  95. I bet the studies had people eating diets that met their needs already or people consuming no vitamins other than suppliments lol

  96. most ignorant person exist i ve ever seen

  97. Where can I get that cool shirt??

  98. The reason why the useless FDA does not regulate vitamins and supplements, is because when they tried, the supplemental industry lobbied hardcore to stop it, and more people sent letters to Congress to stop a bill to regulate them, then they did for the Vietnam War.

  99. I think because of minerals depleted on our soil, taking vitamins supplements with help better our healthy?

  100. I thought you just have to eat something with it

  101. Its true. Not all Supplements are Created Equal.

    We need to ensure that this 5 Criteria are met

    1. Complete
    2. Balance
    3. Potent
    4. Bioavailable
    5. Safe

  102. I hate this videos based on what the guy who is talking… Get real man you cant prove aany of what your speaking…. go learn some physics

  103. What about mineral absorption from multivitamins? and what is the difference between food thata fortified with vitamins and minerals vs taking the pills?


  105. Why does your pee get yellow when you take multi vitamin pills?

  106. EAT FOOD!

  107. One cannot dismiss the entire idea he makes some good points. It’s good to have some neutral points when making decisions about your health. Ekosi thank for the video. hiyhiy (I use a expensive multivitamin and it works soooooo well)

  108. Deficiencies are real, so vitamins that address that do work.
    How do multivitamins do not interact with each other chemically?

  109. My question is? Does someone eating: one pack of top ramen noodles, one bologna sandwich, one glass of kool-aid and maybe a TV dinner a day for a month, need a multivitamin? A very broke persons diet, might I add. I think most of us have been broke like that before. This is why I would use a vitamin, there is plenty of times the money comes in, than I buy nice foods and do away with the suplments all together. Someone should totally make a video on this. 😂

  110. Why do we take them? Business

  111. There are huge amounts of evidence, that these Vitamins are of benefit. He is lying!

  112. That’s why you need whole food nutrition. As for the label on the product, it should have a “nutrition facts” label and not a “supplement facts” label. There are better ways to bridge the gap between your nutrition

  113. 100 people from vitamin industry disliked this video.

  114. Yes stop and think if it will add value before you buy them 🙂

  115. Most people have no idea how toxic vitamins are. Anyway here is a whole food vitamin that I enjoy taking – so happens that this is more than just a vitamin. Its purpose is to boost brain health, energy clarity and focus.

  116. I take multivitamins so my pee can glow like a radioactive isotope

    1. Cool, isn’t it? Especially when you don’t flush in the middle of the night. 🙂

  117. Lack of vitamins = Bad teeth

  118. dear brain stuff, your information is bogus. you have just said meat and eggs are healthy and we get vitamin b12 from meat. but did you know the people with b12 deficiency are meat eaters… and it is very hard to absorb b12 from meat you need strong digestive enzymes, which get weaker and weaker due to meat consumption… world health organization recognizes non vegan diets such as meat and dairy being the main causes for cancer and other disease… you need to understand that when you promote false information like this you are influencing others to do bad for their health… dear friend you are not a scientist on veganism… so what are your credentials for what you are talking about?

    1. I agree, he said that you might need a vitamin if you are a strict vegetarian, but there is nothing in meat that you can’t get from vegetables, grains, beans and nuts etc. including b12

  119. I’m so sick that I can barely keep a meal down without vomiting. Even if may not work for all, I need vitamins considering I can barely eat.

    1. rip

  120. Yes its true a lot of Vitamin Company’s lie but that does not mean they all lie.  Everything this clone says is flat out wrong.  Check out Dr. Bruce Ames and Dr. Rhonda Patrick or even Joel Wallach for that matter.  This knows thing about what he is claim.

  121. I believed what you said about multi-vitamins being unnecessary – then I got Multiple Sclerosis – not all because of lack of vit. D, but it is substantial component. I could hardly think, or speak and lost my ability to walk. Giving gov’t accepted health advice is dangerous. They lie about fluoride, chemtrails, vaccinations, and so much more. Be responsible!

    1. Rebecca – did u check your b12 levels ?

  122. Coz I’d rather take them than not and suffer down the road? No way my diet covers all the bases.

    1. obviously you read it, because you had to comment on his misspelling

    2. Philson I stopped reading when you spelled cause as coz

  123. Just as winter was starting to get underway I was perpetually ill for about a month. I started taking Vitamin C in the form of an effervecent tablet everyday and not one cold or bowt of illness since. Maybe its just a psychological effect, but for a £1.50 tube every month I’m willing to continue with it!

  124. Where is this guy getting his guy get his info.. You don’t need b12 and vitamin D.. lol

  125. Placebo Effect is damn powerful …. !

  126. Eating a balanced diet impossible here in the US. there’s so many complicated preservatives in our food you need a 6 page flow chart just to eat a regular diet.

  127. I had severe deficiency in both B12 and D and i was consuming fish, eggs and diary on a daily basis. B12 is mostly produced by the bacteria in our gut and most of us have really bad good vs bad bacteria ratio, so we’re B12 deficient. And we only get D from sun exposure. Anyway, methylcobalamin B12 and vitamin D3 helped me tons – my motorics, muscle strenght and cognitive ability returned to the normal and i feel much better taking those 2 on a daily basis.

    1. @JD if you test for low b12, take a supplement and your b12 goes up, it means it works. That is how scientific research is done. Only you can do it yourself. Test your iron for example, then take 1 18mg iron capsule for 2 days and test your iron again and you will see that your iron levels are higher.

    2. @demi m jones and I’m just stating this probably shouldn’t be interpreted as “they work”

    3. @JD so he can’t use his own bio feedback as his own reasearch? He is not saying to others what to do, he’s just stating his own experience.

    4. JD works diff for everyone eat before you take it

    5. Anecdotal evidence. Can’t conclude much from that.

  128. I have been taking adult chewy vitamins the past month and now I have strep throat and a cold

    1. AngryChair03 That’s not because of the vitamins

  129. if placebos work then couldn’t supplements just be effective placebos at the very least? I take genseng, D3, and B12

  130. Thank you for the sharing.! nice..

  131. I’m glad he used the word ‘drugs’ after the word ‘medicine’, or my simpleton mind would not have understood what he meant. =D

  132. I used to get sick every winter multiple times and started to take vitamin C and have been taking vitamin C for about half a year and while everyone around me has been sick at least once I havent got sick yet. it might be luck but i doubt it

  133. but nowadays they was the food is processed takes away alot of vitamins from food. it’s hard to find the proper diet to get right vitamins your body needs.

  134. ohhh that hot bitch at GNC lied to me, wait till she gets home we are for sure breaking up

  135. You can better try me product ,made of seeds so only pure nature , ask me for more information. so take care and stay healthy 🙂

  136. not correct at all for vitamin d.

  137. I’m so conditioned to take my vitamins everyday because I don’t eat enough food and worry that I don’t consume enough vitamins and nutrients. It’d be a great experiment for my next fasting blood lab to quit taking my vitamins. Maybe I should check with my doctor first!! 🤔

  138. I don’t usuakky take multi-vitamins. Maybe one-two weeks per year when I feel kinda weakend and confused. Uh and maybe an efervescent multi-vitamin pill after a night of heavy drinking.

    But I did have had a bad experience when living in the US for 4 months :
    not taking vitamins and having had a protein rich and frozen vegetables diet got me into such an anemia that I could hardly get out of bed and move. After taking the pills in about 1-2 days I was back to normal.

    I think it really deppends a lot on the diet.

  139. good video to open the mind of people who don’t question if they actually work. but even if they didn’t work they still can serve to give this placebo effect. the mind is powerful, and the thought or belief that one took something that does good to the body could actually be very beneficial 😀

  140. so That the consumer will buy their product whether it helps or not its money making

  141. Good video thx dude..

  142. Subscribed! ^_^

  143. i just incinerated my vitamins in butane. thank you scientist

  144. I had low vitamin D levels (shown by blood test results). Supplements prescribed by my doctor raised them to normal.

    My diet and lifestyle did not change much in the period between, so I think there’s some efficacy in those at least — for me, anyway.

    1. The vitamin d supplement was flowing through your blood and the blood test picked it up, unfortunately we don’t know if your body actually absorbs it; All because it’s in your blood doesn’t mean it’s being absorbed. I remember a study a while ago conducted found that like 20% of a supplement is actually absorbed. I’m not entirely sure though this was a while ago. I have a feeling we will figure out that we don’t absorb any in the future and supplement industry was a hoax. Hopefully not

    2. most of us are missing out on a few vitamins due to bad diets, therefore it seems like all these videos spread negativity about multivitamins when in reality they are what they say they are.. supplements… there not intended to be a full on diet replacement there merely to HELP our diets get the nutrients we need….. thats why i dont get why so many of these videos seem to talk negative about them…. all they do is HELP in reality… at least for me they did… same thing vitamin d

  145. take a natural supplement that makes me feel high.

  146. There’s a good chance I’m experiencing the placebo effect, but every time I take a vitamin I end up feeling more energized and alert.

  147. Vitamin C is a good vitamin.

  148. i read smwhere that we can not digest vitamin in tablet it so ? nd also plz mntion wht to look for when buying vitamins .. and also wht form of vitamin C and E to take

  149. I’m a big science lover, but I don’t know if I totally trust this information.
    I go to Stanford Hospital, one of the top hospitals in the U.S., and they prescribe me a multivitamin, Vit D and Calcium. It would seem that a prestigious top medical school would not prescribe vitamins if it were bunk.

  150. The ad before this was for Centarium Vitamins for Men…

    1. The ads are very likely due to what you search for on google or other browsers, not really related to the video you’re watching. Had to watch the funniest and contradictory ads on youtube myself!

  151. Well that depends If the supplements are GMP/NSF that you won’t find In the store at all so you have to do your own homework and find an company who really stands by what Is actually on the label Is what’s In the bottle also being that I have looked Into that we can get everything from food but that Is wrong because their Is no way we can get all 90 essential nutrients from food and that their Is hardly nutrition In our food.

  152. Vitamins are to be taken as a suplement, remember that my YouTube friends. I take pure encapsulation multivitamin, along with a healthy diet and I like to excersice. Don’t sit on your fat ass all day, eat like shit and then complain that the vitamins did work. They help you maintain your health, they don’t do miracles.

    1. yep yep

    2. Well said!

  153. why do we still take them? easy, it’s a billions of dollar industry, so supplement manufacturers promote them through the media. We’re also lazy and don’t want to research what our bodies need in terms of diet so we pop a multi-vitamin.

  154. whats the point of selling these vitamins if they dont do shit for us? i had a feeling they dont work.

  155. Alternate title: “We Don’t Know”

    1. 😂

  156. dose he even know what he is talking about just this maby blablabla… there was almost no scientific substance in this video.

  157. And you recommend the comsuption of fish? Fish are the food with highest mercury levels. You think that is best to eat fish than to eat fish oil insent of all the dangerous chemicals that our oceans are field with??

  158. Other thing, you talk alot about cancer and excessive comsuption of vitamins, but you recommend more comsuption of whole milk and meat to susbtitute multivitamins???
    The comsuption of milk increases celular growth in a scale that is not normal in a human adult, if you consume milk and have a cancerigenous cell by drinking milk you are just increasing the growth of that same cancerigenous cell therefore developing cancer. Stop suggesting increase in meat consuption!

    1. @khatansuudal evsanaa “I wouldn’t even waste my time on some one as narrow minded as you are.” Same. what the fuck. why would I cite mine if you don’t cite yours. Good luck with your butthurt. Next time don’t bother comment it’s just a waste of time of both our times

    2. +Fernando Sousa please cite your source of information. I wouldn’t even waste my time on some one as narrow minded as you are. Good luck with your cynical life perspective!!! Cheers~

    3. @khatansuudal evsanaa
      shusshhh dum twat. This video will most likely only be watched by people on developed countries and in those countries all milk is treated with growth hormone. And the satatement “there are so many countries with high dairy consumption yet have lower level of cancer rate.” is simply false

    4. @khatansuudal evsanaa  what? “Stop regurgitating what you heard what media is filling your head with.” what media?! the same one you watch?!

    5. You really don’t know what you are talking about! Stop regurgitating what you heard what media is filling your head with. Yes! Milk can be harmful if the animal was treated with growth hormone or antibiotics. There are so many countries with high dairy consumption yet have lower level of cancer rate. Why? Because life style is a contributing factor of cancer as well.
      Never ever take new research studies as a “final verdict”. The research methods change all the time. Excessive consumption of any food product will only poison your body which is why BrainStuff said”do you research”.

  159. For example i have crambs in my legs when I do intense exercise, but if I take a suplement of magnesium I don’t. So what you’re saying is wrong. Btw it is not placebo effect because I tried other supplements before and it didn’t cure the crambs

    1. Fernando Sousa Aaaaah there you go, you see you didn’t say your doctor prescribed it, you just said you started taking it. You should have mentioned that originally otherwise it just sounds like you tried it willy nilly.

    2. @Trajan of course that the supplement is only effective when there is a lack of what is being supplied i never said otherwise. you are generalising and being really aggressive and ypur point is lost on that build up anger. People can have an healthy diet and lack some nutrients because of poor absorption by the body and in those cases supplements are necessary. I had cramps and my doctor after testing did prescribe magnesium as a treatment. It is dangerous to generalise as you do. More important than studies people should be treated individually and with doctors, not on YouTube.
      A life lesson to you: learn to be nicer

    3. Fernando Sousa Your anecdotal examples do nothing but display how placebo works. More than 15 studies by 2013, like countless more since then, and none of shown how supplements can ease crumps or any other condition UNLESS you have a chronic lack of said nutrient, like iron, which most people do not. You’ll need to show me a study which shows that Magnesium can cure crumps otherwise you just have an anecdote that is mostly likely explained by placebo. Personal experience really doesn’t matter beyond just you.

    4. @Trajan what? I gave examples and it is not proven to be placebo. A testimony is a valid argument

    5. “It’s no placebo because I say it isn’t” lol

  160. You can’t compare the results of a single vitamin with a multivitamin. Of course just a single vitamin while have low rates of absorption but in a multivitamin the story is different since there’s other elements in the mix that change absorption rate

  161. free vitamins in fact are absorved differently from vitamins in food, because in food there is other elements that help with absorption. Nevertheless, multivitamins have does same elements that help with absorption. So saying that ingesting only vitamin C by itself is different that saying you’re ingesting a multivitamin

  162. the information is correct but you’re not presenting all the facts

  163. Have enyone obderved that food industry is puting 60 esential minerals into fields, so that crops actualy contains those minerals when consumed by humans?
     They DO NOT!
    Only 3-5 minerals are used to boost crop, what about other esential minerals? After decades of industrial exploatation of fields without proper suplement, it is safe to say that earth is depleted of esential nutriens, and as logical result human food is depleted or very low on minerals that we all need to live healty. So we all must supplement, but question is by how much and by what quality.

  164. I like the “just eat a balanced diet”. People most of the time do not agree on what is balanced or healthy.

  165. Advertising!!!

  166. I take a multi vitamin and b vitamin complex but I’m a vegan and I need to supplement. I think it helps me personally

    1. And where do they come from haha vegan 😀

  167. does this mean taking prenatal vitamins are pointless for pregnant women?

  168. One big thing this video leaves out is that vitamins that come in pill form are generally different from the natural ones. Think of it like this. If your body needs left hands, the ones that can be synthesized into pill form are right hands. They look very similar, and both are called hands, but it’s the biggest reason why consuming hands in pill form doesn’t help, and often hurt, the body.

    1. They’re not different, that’s a lie. There is something called an RDA and the f.d.a. doesn’t like to get involved with vitamins and minerals because they’re the very cornerstones of ALL LIFE but when they DO

      they HAVE to put that R.D.A. there because if critters not given THAT version of THAT substance get a DISEASE and will often DIE when their diets are stripped of that vitamin. The substance can’t be put in there unless it’s been tested and verified to RAISE animals’ blood serum levels of that substance.

      This goes on with Vitamin C mainly when people claim attaching it to a sodium atom makes it different than when not. It’s falsehood the stuff can’t be used in a package with an R.D.A. % on it unless THAT substance has been shown in THAT amount to raise your fluid levels THAT amount needed by the f.d.a. to fulfill that R.D.A. %

  169. What about someone like me. Who hasn’t had a leafy green in over a month? and can only afford things like grains and starchy foods and occasionally some tree nuts. Would a Nature’s Own multivitamin be beneficial? And yes I live in the states and have a fulltime job. But still cannot afford fresh fruit and vegetables.

    1. William Merzlak stop spending your money on hookers and Taco Bell then.

    2. fruits and vegetables are usually pretty cheap unless your country Is under embargo

    3. +William Merzlak
      How much do fruit and vegetables cost where you live?

  170. As a person suffering from ARFID (avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder) I can very confidently say that it is thanks to multivitamins that I’m still alive. I do not eat any fruit or vegetables, I do not eat meat (except bacon), I pretty much only consume dairy and grain. My blood works have always shown me to be quite health with no deficiencies (though I’m sure I’d be MUCH healthier with a proper diet). Thank you Vitamins!

    1. Since I was 5 I’ve had severe allergic reactions to raw fruits and vegetables. After going to a specialist, found out I’m also allergic to wheat, almonds, soy, and all trees and pollen in my area. Some things don’t hurt me as badly as others but I usually don’t chance it.

    2. @Sam You have the reading comprehension of a toothpick.

    3. Same

    4. @Sam you sound like a real bitch

    5. could have been the vitamin pills or the placebo effect.. yup.. could have been your mind making you sick and then healing you.. and then u took a big dump. what i said is gold except for the dump part

  171. This video is a bunch of crap! Check out Dr. Wallach and learn the truth. I take beyond tangy tangerine everyday. I also take Nascent Iodine everyday. If I get sick which is rare, I take colloidal silver to get well very fast. I feel awesome and have all kinds of energy. Most supplements are crap, so do your research. Just like there are three forms of vitamin b12. If your vitamin b12 isn`t methylcobalamin then throw it out.  Vitamin and mineral supplements do work! The Japanese live longer then anyone else , because they eat about 5 types of different seaweed everyday. Seaweed is loaded with iodine. I guess now there seaweed is probably unsafe to eat, as well as most of the pacific ocean wildlife. That is what’s left alive in the Pacific ocean. Hey lets build some more Nuclear power plants. I have always wanted a third eye. lol

    1. +John Dough Do you feel a difference when you’re not on youngevity supplements & iodine? Have you ever been off of it for a few days or even a week? Let us know, I’m curious. Thank you.

  172. the last 7 seconds of this video were very weird and creepy

    1. 35-40 year old dude considering himself a boy with a “twinkle”… Yes, VERY weird.

    2. cris z right 😂😂

  173. Gel Pills work best, next is the powder in the shell pill, next is the solid. With them most pass threw your system before they are opened to get them in the stomach.

  174. Oranges have low vitamin c compared to a lot of others actually, so don’t use an orange to compare vit c

    1. well some people love oranges.. let them use orange to compare ….

  175. Personally I think taking a basic multivitamin isn’t a bad thing. Yes people can and do over do it. Since not everyone eats a healthy balance meal or can eat a healthy balance meal. It’s better to be safe then sorry.

  176. Right, because I’m going to take health advice from this guy.

    1. +Steve W lol well that got hostile. chill bro lol

    2. +Steve W lol No my example was correct. If it went over your head then idk what to ttell you lol. Well anyways keep taking your pills and if nothing bad happens the good lol I hope nothing will.

    3. +AreFallout First of all, they aren’t facts, they’re vague studies, and they’re also inconclusive, which he states right at the beginning. He uses the phrase “Some experts believe…” not saying who the “experts” are or why they believe what they believe, etc…
      Your example isn’t the same either. It would be like a smoker with yellow teeth and a nagging cough telling you that cigarettes really aren’t that bad. Would you believe someone like that?

    4. +Steve W That meams his facts are wrong? He is just saying what the studies say lol. Would you believe a smoker if they told you that smoking causes cancer?

    5. +AreFallout. Let me answer your question with another question: Do YOU think this guy is in particularly great shape? Does his physic impress you in any way? Because to me, he looks like an average, middle aged, overweight man.

  177. Rat oil works best for me

  178. My body is sensitive to a lot of foods so I don’t eat enough of the things I need, I was also born with a low immune system, there’s not a day I remember where I’m not sick, ever since I started taking multi vitamins it’s improved a lot of things for me, I don’t get random organ pains anymore and I have energy and sleep better, I also don’t get sick as often. They work for me ^^

  179. Where did this guy get Charlie Sheen’s shirt

    1. Lmaooooo

    2. At the Charlie Sheen store of course, shop there and you’re ” Winning “

    3. From your Mom, who in-turn got it from Carlos Estevez himself!

    4. From the Charlie s Sheen museum in Vegas

    5. James Bone i want one of charlies shirts

  180. OH, SO, IF you eat a Balanced diet with all the necessary Vitamins you do Not need the Supplements, like Wow!? and, what if you DO NOT Eat right, do the studies incorporate people not eating right? like those who eat off the dollar value menu, have you studied vitamin AND mineral supplements in them? and, vitamin C in an orange vs vit C in a pill, soo now, please DO Identify the mystery component in an orange that delivers the substance more effectively, do the studies, ANY STUDIES, show mechanisms of biological delivery that are superior??? my inquiring mind, would like to know.

  181. No, i stopped eating multivitamins several times and feel much better

    1. +VicariousReality7 several times?why do you keep going back to them?…lol

  182. The world is a scam

    1. research flat earth

  183. This is a debate that, in my opinion, will never be concluded. There are far too many variables. For one, every body is totally different. I saw one comment that suggested lab work – the only way you can truly narrow down your individual needs.

    Also, there are far too many vitamin supplements available out there, with unregulated ingredients, to narrow down this study. Take for instance the supplements from Target, GNC and Walgreens that were recently forced to be taken off the shelves due to the fact they had mis-labeled their ingredients.

    Another factor: RDA measurements were set long ago to determine how US soldiers could be assisted in prevent Rickets and Scurvies.

    Still one more factor: soil depletion – leading to lack of nutrients in fruits and vegetables, which leads to the on-going debate in regards to Certified Organic produce and the use of GMO’s.

    I do like when BrainStuff presents their argument, they say to conduct your own research.

    Problem is, the majority of what we find on the internet is based off of opinion or blogs. Even sites that claim to be medical sources are often paid-off by companies that create the products.

    One last thought; our cells regenerate roughly every 6-12 months. Therefore, if a supplement truly did have beneficial factors, it would take that time frame to determine if they have having a positive affect on your health.

    I’m 36 and I stay almost as active as I did when I was a teenager; just returned from surfing my seventh country. I found supplements two years ago that I am convinced have helped my body to function at it’s fullest potential, ALONG with plenty of fruits and vegetables (they’re called SUPPLEMENTS for a reason).

    Stay healthy friends. Wishing you a long a prosperous life.

    1. It’s already concluded: hey – I grew up treating breeding and ADMINISTERING VITAMINS to EVERY CLASS of LIFE on the PLANET from BACTERIA to PRIMATES in my parents’ commercial animals businesses.

      You go look in some depth at EVERY SINGLE DISEASE MANKIND CARES ABOUT from ACNE to AIDS

      and YOU’RE gonna see for EVERY SPECIFIC DISEASE, a SUGGESTION you take somewhere between the STANDARD RDA for something like potassium or sodium, calcium – to 5 TO 10 TIMES THE RDA – again RECOMMENDED to CURE a SPECIFIC DISEASE.

      The REASON there’s an R.D.A. is it used to be called a Daily Minimum Requirement – is because



      WHEN YOU GIVE IT TO ANIMALS, after feeding them a diet with THAT vitamin or mineral not IN it.

      The RDA which used to be the daily minimum requirement, is the AMOUNT per KILOGRAM body weight needed



      HERE’S a TEST for ANY HUMAN DOUBTING IT: if YOU or a FRIEND has a PET simply GIFT that ANIMAL a JAR of it’s VITAMINS and when the animal’s given the minimum – or recommended – watch the difference in how that animal acts.

      Eventually you’re gonna give em human vitamins generally cause it’s so much cheaper AND – you’ll be taking them too.

      IF you want to check YOURSELF whether they work, FIND a little CORNER STORE NEAR your HOUSE and WHEN you STOP BY and get GAS or COFFEE

      MAKE YOURSELF BUY ONE of those MAXIUM PACKS per DAY. Break em all in half, this is a big trick to it – and take them with something, NOT at the IDENTICAL time you eat a lot of food. CHASE it with a little food sure but MAKE SURE they don’t get MASHED into the … you know… feces in your intestine and get NOT absorbed.

      WATCH how you ACT and FEEL when you’re on them.

      Energy returns 3-fold.
      THINKING becomes powerful and FAST;
      REFLEXES get much, MUCH better.

      E.m.o.t.i.o.n.a.l. resilience goes through the roof: nothing can shake you as badly as others around you yet you’re FULLY in TOUCH: you’re JUST more emotionally STABLE.

      You should NOT believe what this video said except as the WAL*MART of information. It’s PUT TOGETHER by HICKS who don’t KNOW wtF they’re saying because they did Z.E.R.O. RESEARCH: THEY did ZERO real research.

      ”EVURBODIE DUN SED” is HOW we got the entire Western world HOOKED on PHARMACEUTICALS while screeching ”ThiM PoT”S is LAIK HEROIN I KILLED HIM CAWSE HE WUZ OWN tha DEVIL WEAD YAW!”

      It’s how we wound up with metabolic disease going through the ROOF and people KNOWN to have – about a 120 year lifespan living indoors – to SHITLOADS of people dying at 55 from – METABOLIC DISORDERS.

      They put IODINE in DOG FOOD and brought the number of dealdy thyroid cancers in dogs down from about 4% or something

      to .38& – ONE TENTH the THYDROID CANCERS in DOGS- JUST adding IODINE.

      Don’t take ONE vitamin a day

      take two or three multi vitamins and two or three B-COMPLEX with C, either before, or after, EVERY meal.

      And adjust it to hard physical work. If you’re gonna go work out take 3 each.

      If you’re gonna go work hard all day take 4 each in the morning then two or three each after lunch.

      ALSO – LEARN what the stuff called ‘lite salt’ is. It gives you POTASSIUM that you need something like NEARLY FOUR GRAMS OF

      EVERY DAY ; it’s a HUGE amount and you CAN NOT GET IT ALL through FOOD.

      Even though these molecules are in bottle form and people say ”thim aint real, thay ain’t evun signtsie thangs, thays fakes!”

      this is NOT true that animals’ BLOOD SERUM AMOUNTS of the SUBSTANCE dont RISE, they have to PASS TESTS to GET th substances OKAY’D as CONTRIBUTING to that one legal amount vitamin makers CAN and MUST put on the bottles.

      Sometimes yes, you find people cheating, this is like buying a type car that breaks. SOME scamming is in ANY field but-

    2. I agree, well written. Ive noticed that when I take vitamin supplements. I feel like I’m gaining a little extra energy and brain function. I’m no expert and am unclear on exactly what the effects are. To me, it makes sense to take both the vitamin and eat right if everything is to process correctly. To much of anything can be damaging, so maybe switch between the two, depending on cravings and how much one feels they need energy. this would include: proper excersize, full healthy diet and reading all directions and ingredients first, of course.

    3. Very well written, Kevin!

  184. Ha, trying to do research for a new job where I sell vitamins and can’t find one positive video… I don’t take them myself because I always intuitively believed that we weren’t designed to metabolize vitamins that don’t come from ingested foods, so this job should be real interesting…

    1. Just lie and tell them you where malnutritioned until you took the most expensive pill yall sell thats what i did and im buff as an ox now

  185. My Dad lived to be 94, he smoked a pipe chain smoked incessantly, i could barely breath when i visited, he ate the nastiest greasiest meats, sat and watched TV did not exercise, ate cooked green peppers and onions and no other fruits or vegetables. i had a friend who ate right, exercised right, and died in his 40’s!!! sooo, hereditary factors and “lifestyle” factors of those under a study NEED TO BE DETERMINED! IT IS LIKELY that pill poppers are couch potatoes and fruit/veggie eaters have  dynamic, not static, lifestyles – what we inherit internally and learn environmentally. do NOT Trust Studies if you have Not Examined that STUDY!

    1. @Jar Dolph
      Actually, that thing with sweating heavily after taking a shower happens to everyone. After you take a shower you take all the oils off your skin. Your skin detects this as abrasion or you interacting with a fluid that strips oils. Either way, your skin over produces oil to try to protect itself from whatever took oil off your skin. If you do an activity that will make you perspirate then your body will add oil on top of that, making you sweat even more. That’s why if you do something like sports or manual labor you find that the more someone tries to dry off sweat with something abrasive like a rag the more they will sweat excessively. Our ancestors ra rarely had this problem because they didn’t often use soap (that did indeed exist in certain cultures), so they would have microbes on their skin that would deal with excessive oil and also the smell of sweat. It actually takes several days to replenish this bacteria after you shower, which is why people smell impeccably rancid when they fail to shower daily, or at least between periods of high physical exertion.

    2. “while certain people of Nordic ancestry have more efficient cell replication which allows them to age slower than other Caucasians”, I am 62 and I look 45, I can stand out in 14 degrees F in a t shirt comfortably, 1/2 hour after a shower/bath, if I wipe my forehead, you can see the yellow oil that came out of my pours. so, yes,, genetics play a role in many things,

    3. Jar Dolph
      Yeah, some people were born with better genetics than others. For example, some people of Western African ancestry have a heart gene that gives them a more efficient and healthier heart, while certain people of Nordic ancestry have more efficient cell replication which allows them to age slower than other Caucasians.

  186. i have been looking at studies On Studies!  special interest groups OFTEN have something they want to Prove, then skew the elements of the study to give the Conclusion they desire. IF YOU do NOT eat Right are Multivitamins good for you – YES!!! if you already eat Right are they any benefit – NO!
    example: is honey better for you than sucrose or fructose – NO! and actually the impurities the bee’s bring along can be HARMFUL!  sooo, just because someone,, attractive and with a great personality in the News or in Social Media tells you something,, even if they quote the generic “Studies indicate” diatribe…. No! research it deeper,, because,, studies indicate, that most studies have alternate studies that refute them 😉 ,,, and,, btw,, caffeine Is GOOD for you if you do not OD on it,, the chemicals [dry cleaning agents] they use to decaffeinate coffee is BAD, except the water method which is $$$EXPENSIVE$$$ and rarely used.

  187. What about Fish oil?! Is that still good for my brain?

    1. Yes omega 3 is great!

    2. Mike McK I believe so with omega 3 or 6.

    3. +Prophet Prophet 😐

    4. @Prophet Prophet LMFAOOOOO

    5. @Mike McK Fish oil promotes heart attack

  188. So y isn’t the government banning them and making more farms hello wake up people we obviously have improvement to be made asap!!!!)

  189. thanks !

  190. What a silly suggestion: “do a little research”.  As if lay people can critically evaluate the evidence and draw trustworthy conclusions on a topic as complex as this…  What a disappointment!  It’s your job (as the explainer) to talk to the most knowledgeable experts and summarize the findings to date!  Not the audience’s job to ask google and hope for the best…

    1. Very well put dingai. It’s called click bait huh

  191. where do the #vitamins   come from #GMO  or #nongmoproducts  

  192. This video guy was only talking about synthetic vitamins and not whole
    food vitamins. There is a big different between the two and our bodies
    need more nutrients and vitamins than we think. We don’t get enough even
    from a healthy diet because most foods are not rich in nutrients

  193. Don’t take them because I don’t need them. I eat a very balanced diet therefore I have no need to waste my money.

  194. Most of the info in the video is total BS. Stop kissing the pharmaceutical industry’s ass!!

  195. Whilst I appreciate there’s an arguement to be had against a “more is better” approach when it comes to vitamins and minerals, is it not true to say that vitamins and mineral supplementation would at least prevent/ correct deficiencies in those areas?

  196. Dear brain stufff , that’s a controversy

  197. There was a period, when I was taking multivitamins. All I got was a rash. My dermatologist said to stop them immediately 

  198. Good stuff. I have seen so many studies where supplements either didn’t contain what was claimed or had no verifiable effect that I am rather skeptical about many of these products since it seems to me that the health and nutrition industry has become the modern equivalent of “snake oil”. Even so, I confess that out of fear I do take multivitamin and amino acid supplements so long as they are from a manufacturer with a reputation for quality and ethical practices.

    1. Emperorofluto, do you have any recommendations on manufacturers who care about quality and are ethical?

  199. I have supplement powder that’s made of real food. I don’t see anything synthetic in there. 

  200. I suppose Multivitamins do have a fairly great effect: the Placebo effect, which, of course simply means that since you think you’re going to get healthier by taking certain vitamins, you will, at least, unless you overdose etc.

  201. From what I have heard, Vitamin C supplements just end up turning into expensive piss.

    1. eat some kiwi and orange – much better

  202. Hm. Maybe it would be smart to add a disclaimer about folic acid, as it has been found to be important in preventing the birth defect Spina Bifida:  You certainly wouldn’t want to give the impression that it is useless (or harmful) to supplement in pregnancy, right?

  203. I take hair and nail vitamins, are these kinds of vitamins effective and increase the growth of hair/nails or are they pretty much useless?

  204. WOW Really bad science.

    Start by eating a healthy balanced diet.

    Get your blood labs done.

    Take the vitamins you are lacking in. Don’t take more than you need.

    1. Bad science?
      You’re right though, get blood work done and if theres a deficiency, take a pill for it or rework your diet.
      But that’s essentially what the video is argueing, don’t buy over-the-counter unregulated miraclepills you dont need.

  205. Maybe something abut the Leidenfrost effect. Bigger Red Hot Nickel Ball In Hot Water


    1. Thanks Tulio. That could be fun, especially since we also did an episode on the Mpemba Effect.

  206. When 23andMe launched Wojcicki and Linda insisted that the information about genes was still not accurate to make a certain diagnosis. They began making a ranking with 4 stars for how good an article was.

    We rely so much in what articles say because it is scientific and ethods are there, but wouldn´t it be necesarry to make a ranking ofr every article in the wolrd?

  207. Vaccines immunogenic effect is known. But are conservatives used in vaccines safe?

    I love your videos. Nice team in HowStuffWorks.

  208. Is that Chandler Bing’s shirt?

  209. Omega-3 supplements are needed by almost everyone. 

  210. Didn’t find video personally that helpful.
    Video only commented on “risk of x” and “help people with y” where x and y where contriversal health issues like cancers that are tossed in all health topics, because there are thousands of variables that increase or decrease the risk of them, and even those are sometimes reversed from increase TO decrease, or vice versa with new research.
    I personally eat vitamin supplements to prevent problems caused by a direct deficiency of vitamin/mineral x and this video didn’t even touch these!
    I’m very disapointed to the quality, because the representation immediantly gave me a big cynical negative reaction, because this is too much like the videos, that certant “heath crusaiders” make and talk and this caused unfortuned negative feeling of your whole channel.

  211. I actually like to Keep a liquid D Supplement at home for winter time and also, I get sunburned to easily for Long exposure, but I use it with caution 🙂

  212. This is really bad science.  You can’t just lump every single “multivitamin” into the same category.  There are scammers everywhere.  And just his tone @2:05, fucking gross.  There are studies that show Vitamin D increases the bioavailability of calcium, that’s why they fortify milk with Vitamin D, but I guess that’s just an idiotic scam too.

    The first thing a doctor will do for seasonal depression is recommend a Vitamin D supplement for you.

    Lots of supplements work, the “skeptic community” have just latched onto this cause because they don’t like the meatheads that usually take them.

    Nobody says that multivitamins will make you healthy or cure any ailments, but the so-called skeptics pretend that they do so they have an easy strawman to destroy.

    1. @George Abdo I don’t take any vitamin supplements, and I do indeed eat lots of vegetables (more than I used to thanks to my wife’s cooking). I was pointing out some flawed arguments from @frankvonfrauner. Also, the person I was arguing against supports using multivitamins. I have no idea where you are even coming from.

    2. @George Corley what dude just because the easy way out doesn’t work does not mean you should get upset on the guy, why don’t you go your vegetable and work out like men used to do back in the day and stop being that bitch thank you sir.

    3. And yet he mentions specifically that B12 can be helpful, and ends the show telling people not to trash their vitamins, but to do some research into whether they are actually beneficial, which I assume you would be in favor of given “scammers are everywhere”. He also mentions fortified milk products neutrally as a source of vitamin D.

      In other words, you are arguing with a straw man.

  213. Why does our skin gets dry?

  214. Seems like its taking a REAL long time for the halo thing

  215. 1:35 – I get that it’s an unregulated industry but isn’t there any accountability for what’s in these if they’re not always consistent with what their label says is contained?  How are they skirting the law on this?

    1. You get that it’s an unregulated industry but don’t understand how they are getting away with crap?

  216. we are flinstone kids!

  217. I took accutane for a few months and while on it I had to avoid vitamin A. Accutane is essentially high dose vitamin A and the amount in Accutane was already at the liver damage threshold. too many carrots and BAM, liver damage.

  218. I know there’s already a HowStuffWorks article on this, but it needs it’s own BrainStuff video! What came first, the chicken or the egg?

    1. We don’t mind occasionally revisiting questions. I’ll add it to our list of future topics to cover! 

  219. i worked for a vitamin manufacturer as their marketing executive, and I can confirm that the evidence for some of vitamins are really scarce. Seriously, do your research because lot of these vitamin companies are flat out lying (or just bending the truth as they see it). Whilst some of them are genuinely honest companies who are looking to improve the health of their customer.

    1. zzbullan that’s confirmation bias… one you’ve only worked for A company not for the whole vitamin industry second there’s god material coming from LINUS PAULING INSTITUTE.. this all comes Down to quality vs quantity

    2. NATURELO multivitamin. #1.

    3. zzbullan Idk. It can be very burdensome trying to find a legit company

    4. GNC is a good company

    5. “Whilst some of them are genuinely honest companies who are looking to improve the health of their customer”

      Now is the part where you name a few examples of good companies and products.

  220. I never take vitamins, i eat extremely poorly, i never exercise, but im never sick, and i feel great soo yeah…

  221. Hi, I have a question:Why humans can’t shake as fast as cats, dogs do? I always wonder, if I can do so, I may not need a hair dryer

    1. if I could shake that fast maybe I could get my partner to orgasm

    2. I don’t know about you but I be shaking pretty fucking fast

    3. Probably you need to walk with your hands first.

    4. My guess is it’s less a matter of how fast we shake and more about those animals having short fur. But I’ll add this to the list and maybe we can find some scientific research with an answer!

  222. maybe placebo effect plays a role here!

  223. I used to take 1000% of B12 daily. I had an abundance of energy and my mood was fantastic! The downside is that it’s not water-soluble so your liver has to work harder to get rid of excess. Everyone is different and 1/3 of all “recent studies” are later proved to be wrong, but there is seldom a big article proclaiming it to the world.

  224. vitamins work better if you chop them up and snort them.

    1. @Jermaine Jackson sarcasm dude

    2. Is that true or a joke because I just want the facts?

  225. You failed to mention the dramatic difference between real vitamins in their natural forms vs synthetics forms. Almost all the studies showing no or ill effects are done using the synthetics. 

    1. That’s simply not true, that’s a scam unto itself. There IS a check on vitamin effectiveness in order for there to be an R.D.A. on the label. I raised animals commercially, thousands of them and there are TESTS done before an RDA can be put onto a bottle of vitamins for YOU and YOU use the SAME ones RODENTS and DOGS and BIRDS and SNAKES use: which is AGAIN – WHY there is an RDA.

      Synthetic vitamins are fully absorbed or they could NOT BE PUT INTO BOTTLES for HUMAN CONSUMPTION with an RDA.

    2. @erthworm13 Thanks. That didn’t turn up in our research but it sounds interesting. 

    3. @BrainStuff – HowStuffWorks
      There are a few companies manufacturing natural whole food supplements as apposed to the majority which are synthetic. You get dramatically different effect from the real whole food vitamins vs the synthetic component ones since the synthetics are not actually the whole vitamin but just a replica of a part of it.

    4. That’s why we use the term “supplements.” And we make sure to distinguish between healthy eating (natural form) and supplements (synthetic).

  226. In this @BrainStuff – HowStuffWorks video, Jonathan answers the question: Do you actually need to take #vitamins everyday to be healthy?

  227. I had to go to the ER twice with whole body cramped muscles and palpitations. They gave me fluids thinking maybe Dehydration. After a few hours of getting blood tests they stopped the fluids and had me drink this horrible salty orange flavored stuff. The fluid was making it worse because I had very LOW Potassium. Fluids were diluting it worse. So had to stay for 4 hours until the level got back to normal.
    But I also had too much Vitamin A. The “multi” vitamin I was taking for help with energy was labeled completely wrong. It was mostly dried Sweet Potato or Potato Root and none of the other stuff on the label. It raised my A levels too high and dropped my Potassium. I avoid vitamins now and read foods, it’s way better than dying because a company was saving a few cents a bottle by substituting or even having nothing of what they claim, using possible dangerous fillers. 

  228. I never knew that. Thanks for letting me know!

  229. You could also ask why we give diamonds to our loved ones when we ask them to marry us. The answer would be the same. Because some one told us to and sold it to us!

    1. diamonds???? lol

  230. Your make-up looks better in this channel.

    1. Nope. No makeup for BrainStuff. That’s my natural beauty shining through. But to be fair, I took a LOT of fish oil before this video. (That last bit was a joke. Okay, the natural beauty part was also a joke).

    2. I’ll let Jonathan know. Although I’m 90% sure he doesn’t wear makeup when he does BrainStuff.

  231. Alot of it is probably psychological

  232. “Vitamin C increases the risk of lung cancer”  Actually studies have shown cigarette smoking to deplete your Vitamin C reserve in your body, therefore Vitamin C is good for smokers.  Studies have been done on vitamins for decades and there’s a reason we need them. There are much MUCH more unhealthy habits humans do that make the Vitamin Supplements ‘problem’ negligible. Sitting through this video instead of standing is probably more unhealthy than dropping a multi-vitamin after a meal.  I thought this was a video on debunking supplements on not the vitamins themselves.  Unsubscribed.

  233. I object!
    I am no scientist and I know that a case study on one person (myself) is far from conclusive evidence, but I find that with large quantities of vitamin C  taken at onset of symptoms of a cold, it reduces the duration of symptoms by roughly 3 days as compared to colds without treatment of vitamins.
    *The colds in this study, both in the control and the experiment group were not treated with any other medication
    *the form of vitamin C in this study was pure powdered form

    1. i have the same experience with vitamin C (i use tablets that dissolve in water if I feel a cold coming).

  234. Thank you BrainStuff for helping me sound smart in conversations. These videos are highly informal.

    1. Informal is not the word for what I think you were trying to say. Then again the speaker is dressed pretty casually.

    2. @Neo I literally posted that comment nearly 2 years ago .-.

    3. +Angel Wins There’s more to it then whats said, it sounds good but i could make corrections virtually every 5 seconds

    4. +Toyoku Kuriyama –
      Well.. it’s only been 5 months..
      I’m sure they’ll get round to it.

    5. Glad to hear it Sean!

  235. What about the minerals? Mg for example.

  236. I am type 2 diabetic so what I eat is very limited so I take pretty much everything in the vitamin isle in the supermarket. When I hear things like this it makes me question if theres anything I can do. I already went from 260 down to 180 and that wasn’t enough to be truly heathy so I take the vitamins and cross my fingers and hope that they will help.

  237. Heres a question how come i feel a feeling of being “high” when i eat alot of hotsauce?

    1. @Jonathan Strickland Done. Your name is added to it on the MASTER LIST.

    2. @BrainStuff – HowStuffWorks Oh please let me do this one!! I LOVE hot sauce.

    3. We’ll look into it, but off the top of our heads it might be an endorphin release from the hot sauce? We’ll add this to our list so we can do proper research and cover it in the future.

  238. What’s up with your left shoulder?

    1. @Jonathan Strickland Dang I had to re watch to see what those things were about because compulsive curiosity. I used to be self conscious about one of my eyes being bigger until i noticed almost ALL people have an asymmetrical “double” feature! Ears, eyes, nostrils, boobies etc. When you start looking for it you see it everywhere. 

    2. @DaranDragon Born that way. I used to be really self conscious about it. But most folks end up forgiving my imperfections when they get to know me. 

    3. It’s actually my right shoulder that’s the problem. About a year ago, I injured it and it continues to bother me, so sometimes I unconsciously shrug it because it feels like that should help relieve the discomfort. It never does though. 

    4. Or nostril.

  239. my teacher says it as “Vit-Ah-Mins” so she was wrong.

    1. Shes not wrong …coz its how the british say it

  240. in all my life, out of all the people i’ve known, i’ve only ever seen one person take vitamins. i guess we don’t spend as much money as you do in the US then.

  241. well im now in an area were its pretty hard to find fresh fruit so i take vitiman c tablets while im here

  242. Does probiotics have any benefits

    1. @Gilberto Dominguez lol

    2. Yes. They helped make my dick grow 9 inches.

    3. Yes they do. Specially for women; for vagina health.

    4. Tons, most illness starts in your GI tract. Also aids in digestion. Research bio-k and natren brands.

    5. Thanks for the suggestion Mohammad. We’ll look into it and add it to our list of future topics!

  243. Why do we take them? Advertizing and cultural inertia, emotional responses to super-normal stimulation. The regular reasons we humans do dumb things.

  244. *cough* Usana
    *cough* herbalife
    Cough cough

  245. I eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, I don’t need that shit. I suspect that even if you’re on a diet of mostly burgers, the bits of lettuce and tomato give you plenty of vitamins.

  246. The reason we still take them?  Why do we buy diamond rings (something that has no quantifiable benefit in the first place).  Because DeBiers, only about 75 years aho, started making ads that said a guy shoudl get a girl a Diamond Ring for an engagement AND wedding ring.  So now, it is tradition that would be seriously frowned upon if a guy didn’t do it.  All of this came from advertising.

    But, look at vitamins; something that is actually a health issue.  We are told, through advertising, by scientists (why wouldn’t we believe these people, they are smart, right?) that we need to take them, so we do.  All because of advertising.

    1. They DO work. I raised THOUSANDS of animals in SEVERAL DIFFERENT FAMILIES and CLASSES as a boy PROFESSIONALLY and had access to the vitamins to give them on PROFESSIONAL levels and they make EVERYTHING about the animal’s life better.

      Given to BIRDS they make their feathers FAR brighter; the birds are more RESILIENT and ACTIVE.

      Given to MAMMALS – ALL MAMMALS, it makes their COATS SOFTER, SHINIER, and THICKER; it makes them MORE ALERT, it STOPS many of them like dogs from having SEIZURES as LONG as they’re given the vitamins.

      The entire REASON there is ONE LEGAL REQUIREMENT on the PACKAGES for VITAMINS is that for E.V.E.R.Y. S.I.N.G.L.E. VITAMIN and MINERAL in that package,

      the words R.D.A. REPRESENT the fact that in the EARLY 20th CENTURY it was discovered the RDA which is basically a wild shot at how much per AVERAGE kilogram of weight – they’re all nearly non toxic except a couple, NONE of which we get NEARLY enough of –




      The RDAs are WAY, WAY LOW, TOO.

      IF YOU delve into the CURING and CONTROLLING to whatever degree – of A.N.Y. D.I.S.E.A.S.E. on EARTH,

      YOU will see a LARGE number of PEOPLE RECOMMENDING SEVERAL TIMES THE DAILY R.D.A. (recommended daily allowance) in some SPECIFIC VITAMIN.

      Dr’s PRESCRIBE them in CONJUNCTION with OTHER PHARMACEUTICALS or tell patients to TAKE them.

      I’ve given vitamins to HUNDREDS of animals being around THOUSANDS MORE that GOT none and have seen the difference not in ONE type like DOGS or CATS or a specific BIRD but ALL BIRDS – ALL DOGS – ALL CATS – ALL RODENTS TOO.

      Skunks, Ferrets, MONKEYS, SNAKES – you NAME it

      and THAT fuckin CRITTER does MUCH BETTER with about FIVE TIMES or so the R.D.A. – particularly the WATER-SOLUBLE ones.

      You CAN make yourself sick taking too many of the FAT-SOLUBLE ones mainly vitamin A. But the RDA is NOT

      The Recommended Daily Allowance is NOT a TOXICITY level, it’s a MINIMUM RECOMMENDED AMOUNT for FULL DISEASE SUPPRESSION.

    2. No, were are NOT told this by “scientists”.
      We are told this by advertisers.

    3. Not to mention how much money is made from selling them. If nobody buy them, then it’s a big financial loss for pharmacies.

    4. true. i’d probs get my fiancee a gaming style ring, like a gold triforce, without any diamonds, and she’d be happy.

  247. The problems mentioned in the second half of the video with the vitamins are true whether you take a pill or eat food containing it.  This is not an issue with the vitamin supplements, it is an issue with taking the proper vitamins in the proper amount.

    Also, according to Vitamin D specialists, the FDA requirement is too small and it should be increased; especially during pregnancy and while the baby is growing.

  248. I never take vitamins, and people are amazed that I am almost 60. Pills, a multibillion dollar business. There’s your response my friend.

  249. im black does this still apply to me?

    1. you may or may not be getting enough vitamin D since having darker skin (comparing to white people) makes it harder for the body to produce vitamin D but if you eat fortified foods you should be good. other than that I don’t think you should worry too much but you and I even though we’re black need vitamins and minerals like every other race 

    2. @metafiction26 No, but it can influence his Vitamin D production.

    3. you are human, aren’t you? I don’t think nutrients discriminate based on skin pigmentation…

  250. We take them to convince ourself we are looking after our bodies and so don’t need to eat fruits

    1. @whatdacurl94 Ignore him. Judging by his comment, he clearly works out his body and not his mind.

    2. @whatdacurl94 why don’t you go out there and eat your fruits and vegetables and work out and stop being a little bitch. You always looking for the easy way out

    3. have you ever tried a good salad? trust me, a home made salad can taste like the bees knees, and can get those bonuses, especially if it’s all home made. or at least, as home made as you can get, buying food from a supermarket in your respective country.

    4. or vegetables lol

  251. So my whole life is a lie?

  252. Why do we still take them? Propaganda works.

  253. B12 (sublingual) is also good for alcoholics.

  254. Do you actually need to take vitamins everyday to be healthy?

    1. @EqualsThreeable

    2. NATURELO multivitamins. #1 in the world. Its a miracle. I love it!!!!!!!

    3. BrainStuff – HowStuffWorks Well like you said, I think you can eat certain foods for the nutrition you need. Some vitamins recycle itself in the body so no need to take certain ones daily. When I Assist with administering medications to patients at the nursing home I work at, I found out that a lot of the elderly residents, that take vitamins don’t really work or there is no improvement on vitamin deficiencies in blood work and they may not feel better mentally or physically.

    4. +TheGamingColin yes it doesnt cure anything but it helps you get through it

    5. In my opinion, “no”. however, with a proper supplement they can help you in areas you feel you are lacking. Or realistically if you don’t have the time to eat the appropriate servings.

  255. First

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