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Do Vitamin Supplements Really Work?

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This week Reactions is taking a look at the science and chemistry, or lack thereof, behind supplements. You’ve seen them in late night commercials and at your local pharmacy—little pills that claim to cure your cold, help you wake up or maybe help you lose weight. Vitamin and mineral supplements are everywhere and generate billions of dollars in revenue in the U.S. each year. But do they really work?

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Should you take multi-vitamins?
Prenatal vitamins:
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Large multivitamin studies showing no significant benefits for healthy people:

Some experts recommend multivitamins as “nutritional insurance”:

For those with diabetes, supplements can help:
Adverse effects:
Fish oil claims not supported by research:
Other sources: Trials for supplements don’t show adequate evidence of benefits


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190 thoughts on “Do Vitamin Supplements Really Work?

  1. Not a fan of the “Studies show they don’t help you, because they didn’t reduce early death and cancer”. I’m pretty sure people aren’t taking multi vitamins to stave off cancer and random early death. They take them to be the best they can be, nutritionally, easily.

    To really say if they’re worth it or not, early death should be a very minor point unless they resulted in an increase, same with cancer.

    The facts people will be most interested in are things like, alertness, sleep, concentration, joint health, etc

    But hey they don’t reduce early death and cancer, mustn’t be worth it.

    Really does sound like a massive cop-out because someone just doesn’t like them.

    Statistically less people crash at over 160mph than at under the speed limit, so, it must be safer right?

    Proving a point, with an irrelevant but true statement really doesn’t do anyone any favours.

  2. At 4:18 I thought a porno movie was starting lol

  3. One time I was told by a doctor that I was vitamin D deficient prob bc I didn’t get out in the sun and I noticed my skin cleared a lot which was weird. And then when I stopped taking my acne came back so I guess my acne was being caused by the vitamin deficiency. So THEN I tried sitting outside and getting the vitamin from the ~sun~ and my skin started clearing up again so ~yeah~. Prob not worth anything if I can get it for free.

  4. I just spent like 20 dollars on vitamins. I wish I had seen this sooner.

  5. out of topic but he looks like a young Hugh Laurie !

  6. I take multivitamins every morning and I can’t remember the last time I was sick. I think it is helping.

  7. They work! ! Due to placebo effect. LOL.

  8. Ehh I will continue to spend my average of 15$ a month on vitamins just to make sure because this video leaves A WHOLE LOT OF PROVEN SUPPLEMENTS OUT so yeah I’m good .. Because when it comes down to it IT’S NOT VERY MUCH MONEY PER INDIVIDUAL AND I PROMISE YOU THIS IS JUST A GENERAL TOPIC THEY DO NOT GET INTO PROVEN SUPPLEMENTS THAT WORK VITAMIN K2 FOR ONE AND CO Q 10 AND SO ON SO TAKE WHAT THE MEDIA SAYS AND TAKE A SHIT ON IT FOR THE MOST PART ..EDUCATE YOURSELF !!!! supplements don’t work but take all the pharmaceuticals you want .. FUCK THAT HORSE SHIT !!!!

  9. No they don’t

  10. Hello, I loved your video. I liked and subscribed your channel. May be check me out, i do the same kind of videos you do (). Make sure to keep up the good work. thanks for sharing.

  11. Well, I know that vitamin D supplements saved my life and took me out of a depression. So, food wasn’t enough there.
    I think that getting all you need from food is a romantic illusion. Or have we forgotten how milk, orange juice, cereal, etc are often fortified with many vitamins?

  12. Considering some people live for years with ridiculously unhealthy diets, woudn’t it be simpler (and more correct) to only take supplements in case of deficiency? The concept of “nutricional insurance” sounds really stupid. I guess if you have money to waste, why not. right? Whatever makes you feel better, even if it is a waste of time, money and mental energy. The idea of “balanced diet” seems to be kind of limited too, since to my understanding, people have different biological needs and I don’t know if everyone realizes this when they hear this words.

    I don’t think a body can adapt to everything, but doesn’t the organism adapt to support reasonably different diets? By the way, this is just an assumption, I hope no one takes it as truth – not a scholar.

  13. Why is there an invisible girl in this video?

  14. I have several food allergies, so I have a pretty limited diet. I can’t have dairy, or even most dairy replacements that would vitamin d added. Despite having the most sufficient diet I can without having a reaction, I’m still very deficient in vitamin d even with spending a lot of time outside. So I have to take vitamin d supplements. And according to my blood work they have made a difference.

  15. Pharmaceuticals line his pockets

  16. Understand that big pharma would rather you take prescriptions to line their pockets

  17. One thing is for sure. There are a lot of opinions and conflicting facts on this topic!

  18. Because they are synthetic, you need to buy RAW WHOLE FOOD vitamins.. and folic acid is not a vitamin.. it is the synthetic form of FOLATE which is the natural form.

  19. I suspect that the emphasis on eating a “balanced” diet is somewhat misplaced. We would probably all be better served by eating LESS of whatever we do eat. In fact, a period of absolute caloric deprivation…even malnutrition…may be beneficial in terms of longevity and disease risk reduction. Of course, one would not want such a period to be excessively long or badly timed, such as during the body’s growth and development.

  20. What about all the medical evidence to suggest that megadosing some vitamins (namely Vitamin C) cures a number of diseases? Research Dr Thomas Levy, Linus Pauling, Dr Klenner for real medical cases.

  21. Lmao 😂😂… this is funny!!! Research how flawed the studies are on supplements!!! Smh… then ask yourself are these pharmaceutical drugs doing any better??!

    1. Joshua Williams

      Yes, pharmaceuticals are much better

  22. Vitamins do work, synthetic or not.

  23. thanks reactions i have been wasting money on those little motherfuckers for years

  24. I only take vitamin D, but I also live in Sweden where we get no sunshine for 6 months

  25. I take 5 kinds of vitamins and it definitely helped. I had chelosis from my poor diet but i really cant change how i eat so my doctor recommended supplements and luckily it helped.

    1. Asae how did the suppliments help u


    1. fresh foods are dying off the shelves. go look in the supermarket, almost everything has corn syrup, some doesn’t but majority does. please people, take your vitamins, that’s all that will be left. There is a “war” on vitamins because the government doesn’t like educated and / or smart, intelligent people.

      remember one thing, the government likes stupid people because they can make money on them or off of them.

  27. I love all your videos, but doesn’t this in a certain way contradict your placebo video? Iv’e always been slightly skeptical of some supplements iv’e taken from GNC or some other source, but more comfortable with things like vitamin C or D, or other more “ordinary vitamins”. I don’t know

  28. Also I can put anything into a pill and call it a proprietary blend

  29. Great video

  30. y the immune system again

  31. շատ. վատն. էր

  32. i don’t get your beef with pizza… You can put whatever you want on it! including those veggies that where fried in the video! PLEASE KEEP PIZZA OUT OF IT!

  33. It’s true that we need to select nutritious food… and supplements are just that — TO SUPPLEMENT what may be insufficient in our food, FOR OPTIMAL HEALTH.

    Contrary to the video, intelligent supplementation is indeed likely improve one’s health and ability to ward off disease because it is nearly impossible to attain optimal nutrients from today’s grocery stores, even if shopping organic.

    For example, this video states that taking 1000% more than the daily recommended dose of  vitamin C will NOT reduce your chances of getting a cold. True, but that would be 900 mgs — which is still not very much C. We humans cannot make vitamin C in our body, but almost all animals do. Corrected for bodyweight, animals average around 8,000 mgs/day. Vitamin C experts say we should be getting about that much C for optimal health.

    And those of us who have done so for years, have discovered we have far less colds than we used to have, and we have other benefits such as better skin (look younger than our age) and better health in general. By the way, vitamin C is “ascorbic acid,” which is very inexpensive. Just get the powder.

    1. supplements are needed because the foods have nothing nutritional in them. take your vitamins and say your prayers because things are only getting worse. go look at the ingredients in your local supermarket, most things have corn syrup or some form of it hidden.

      This is a secret agenda to cause cancer within the human population, i’m not the smartest guy or man but I do know what their goal is. Vitamin and mineral deficiency is growing among the population, that’s what they want. Same thing with physical cash aka paper money.

      Everything is about money and control (power). People should be taking their vitamins and minerals in some form liquid or pill / tablet. That’s why people are bugging out or misbehaving in the public, some matter of vitamin and mineral deficiency.

      I do believe there is more or other vitamins or minerals out there but it isn’t discovered yet.

  34. I only take whole food vitamin c and spirulina. and omega 3. Let’s face it most people have shitty diets that are not balanced. I did not eat a lot of fruits and vegetables too expensive. And I don’t get enough omega 3 to 6 ratio due to my peanut butter diet causing acne breakout. Supplements is more about fine tuning your nutritional intake to achieve the perfect balance.

    1. Vitamins are a real thing. same with minerals. Don’t expect to be buff when taking them or have more muscle, they only help for the insides of your body, not outside, well some parts of the outside, like hair and nails, the skin, but mostly helps the inside organs, etc, etc.

      People should be taking more of it. And No, i’m not a paid expert or ad-man from any vitamin or mineral company.

  35. I love the girls voice, there is something about that sounds nerdy but cute

    1. @BrendanJTshow
      That’s what I love about it

  36. Vitamins do work. I tried it and got blood tests. There’s a reason the FDA doesn’t promote or support vitamins — it’s because they need people to get sick to make profit , such as cancer and other diseases. If everyone knew that vitamins could prevent or lessen these diseases, they lose their profits or big bucks. Think about it. Is it their best interest to get you healthy?

  37. I’m still going to keep taking my vitamins. Honestly, it’s super expensive to make or buy healthy meals 3x or more a day so there will always be a part of your diet that a multivitamin could help fill in. It wont hurt anyone to take them as long as they stick to 1 a day. It may not cure me of cancer or make me live to 100, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t AIDING in helping me stay healthy along with eating well and working out. The FDA doesn’t recommend vitamins because of the same reasons the DEA won’t decriminalize cannabis or the cure for AIDs still hasn’t been “discovered”.

    1. People will never eat less.

    2. Vitamins do work. Pauling won awards for his crazy talk of vitamins but the food companies don’t like the fact that people can eat less of something but take a vitamin and still be healthy.

    3. +Jess 1
      There is the question if it is good or bad lie. Placebo still plays major role in our health.

    4. Vitamin supplements (taking to much can make you sick) Linus Pauling was a celebrity sciencetists who in the early 70s became obsessed with the idea of living forever and went vitamin crazy claimed many things about vitamin pills like it could cure cancer,cure sickness,prevent sickness, & prevent death since he was popular everyone bought it 1994 died of cancer ironic. Many scientists have proven him wrong

    5. won’t ever try to change your opinion bro. As the start of the video she says supplements are a multi billion dollar industry. so why would I wanna F that good business up? go on spend away. it benefits the economy on a whole. and benefits me by extension. so don’t be mistake. was in my way trying to sway your opinion. but like I said. they would he proud that theory advertising budget has reached its targeted audience. and for that I’m thankful. being in the ad business and all. more money for me. lol

  38. They really helped me,i stay healthy during the year because of vitamin c.Before that I was sick all the time during winter.You can see what I take daily in my video if you want.Take care if your self

  39. What about a vitamin D supplement? I had a blood test which included a vitamin D test and it showed I was deficient. I eat dairy but apparently it’s not enough. Doctor said a lot of people lack vitamin D and you should strive for 2000 IU daily.

  40. I take a b12 supplement since I rarely eat meat, but that’s about it. Everything else I can get from food.

  41. I been taken vitamins for one week and I feel better then I did without them , they do work !

  42. That is AWESOME!!! I am definitely going to check this stuff out

  43. add a little more popularity to this video, and cvs and Walgreens and all other other big pharmacies’ business is going to crush big time. haha cant wait to see what’s gonna replace them in the near future.

  44. sucks I bought 10 dollar gummy multivitamins know what?

  45. Food doesn’t have the same nutrimental value it used to. Food has declined NV since the 1930’s as we grew mass produced food in overworked soil (doesn’t have time to re-nutrify). We eat the deficient fruits and veggies. The Nut.Value equivalent of (3-4 servings) in the past, is now (9-12 Servings). EVERYONE needs to supplement today. Don’t buy tablets -they are too slow dissolving. If it hits the stomach the acid destroys them. Get capsules or powder.

  46. a lot of people buy organic food, grow himself, collect wild plants and consume more than 50 years ago. The
    diversity covers the luck of nutrients.

    Yep, in my area of Europe there is not common to have recommendations for supplements without blood tests and I have a lot of people around me that didn’t consume any pills in the last years, and of course, no supplements. Yep, I hate these
    cheap people 🙂 , they didn’t feed big pharma but well feed theirselfs.

    It is any independent laboratory where we can test the ingredients of a pharmaceutical product?

  47. Well, in my experience, Ive been sick with dengue twice, and my platelet drops to less than 115 both time, also the hemogloin drops too, and I took a multivitamin and minerals that has Vit-C and Iron in the mix, and by taking them in 3 days the level of platelet went to 180+. Doctors did recommended some weird fruits mixture, but I didnt trust that.

  48. “and other good stuff”… yeah, that sounds like really professional … You CAN’T possibly eat all the minerals and vitamins from food because now fruits and vegetables don’t contain as much vitamins they contained 50 years ago…. because of artificial fertilizers, and contamination etc. Please don’t make videos about stuff you don’t know because you will look like a fool.

    1. And who are you? Just a nobody…..make sense? LOL!

  49. I liked your video a lot, but there was something in it that confused me greatly. You say “But everybody agrees that even if you take a multivitamin, it won’t help if you’re taking a pizza based diet”, but then directly after that say “the idea route to getting your vitamins and minerals is through good food, not supplements”. I feel like there is something not explained here, because it makes it seem that the opposite of what is said is true. If the ideal route to getting my vitamins and minerals is through food and not supplements, why isn’t the supplement more useful if I have a pizza diet? It would seem that if my diet is lacking in a variety of nutrition, that’s when supplementation would have the most effect. Sorry if that’s a small detail to get hung up on, but it’s sticking in the back of my mind quite a bit.

    1. You got it wrong – she said it IS useful if you’re eating pizza

  50. I’ve taken fish oil supplements along with other supplements when I was working out hard, they do help with my joints.

    1. fish oil, just like vitamins and minerals, are a real thing. i’ve been telling friends and family for years, to start taking them to feel better, lift better, run better, overall health, don’t expect miracles but it does do something for a fact. unlike others, you are a smart person carson.

      I do manual labor, lifting 500 cases on a daily basis and when my joints hurt, i take a fish oil / omega 3 , with a multi and then bamm, like 30 minutes to maybe 1 to 2 hours later, my joint soreness is slowly fading away.

  51. Nice video, thank you for sharing

  52. Why doesn’t taking vitamins works?
    A molecule is a molecule, not like your body knows that this particular Vitamin A came from a pill and decides not to absorb it…

    1. +Athrun000 Your gut wall doesn’t allow many vitamins to pass into your bloodstream when they are taken by themselves. In veggies, for instance, there are hundreds (If not thousands) of other compounds that “open the door” in your gut to allow absorption. You can create a vitamin in a lab, but often it just passes through the body unless the other compounds, required by the gut for absorption, are present.

  53. what about Vitamin A never herd that in this video

  54. i would not give a shit if it gave me clear skin without noticable side effets some can

  55. If you really want to make a life altering change to your health you need to understand the mitochondria(engines) in our cells. Utube “the secret to stop aging via oxygen” a 10+ minute animated movie

  56. Great video. Can you please answer my question – I am vegetarian and take Fish Oil supplements. Since fish is not a part of my diet, will I not see any benefits from consuming fish oil?

  57. this is bullshit! you get at some degree vitamins and minerals from food but not all of them and also for athletes the mgs included in food are not enough!

    1. Well thank you captain know it all! Anything else? We can wait….LOL!

  58. What about DHA supplement for children?

  59. I would add one case where a specific vitamin, namely Vitamin D, can be very helpful is for those who are nightowls and rarely go outside. Or go outside always with sunscreen on, blocking the UV rays from interacting with your skin (which is how the body produces Vitamin D through sunlight).

    Or also, if you live up north especially during the winter, it’s hard to get enough Vit D from sunlight unless you’re outside a lot.

    So I take Vitamin D supplements, I think it’s a good idea. Also, calcium supplements if you avoid dairy foods (although spinach is a good replacement instead).

  60. please do episode on protien supplements also.

  61. …aver studiato, alle medie ed al liceo, per otto anni il tedesco mi ha dato molti e diversi vantaggi nei sessant’anni successivi, ma un problema: niente inglese. Mi sarebbe utile pertanto se alcuni interessanti post venissero presentati assieme ad una, anche sintetica, traduzione in italiano. E forse non sono il solo ….

  62. You mentioned that 20,000 people go to the ER each year due to adverse effects of supplements, but you said at the start of your video that you were going to focus on multivitamins. Since supplements include herbs and non regulated substances you are confusing a potentially beneficial substance, vitamins, with whatever someone packaged in a bottle and sold on a shelf.

    I would also recommend speaking with a dietitian for dietary advice and not a general practitioner doctor. While doctors do take classes in diet the bulk of their education and practice revolves around disease and injury. How about you do a video on the education required by doctors and what percent of their in class time is spent on what aspects of medical care.

    I would also like to see a video on vitamins, not supplements, the benefits of each vitamin and documented cases of people who overdosed on specific vitamins.

  63. Just name us that vitamins which Mark Watney from Martian consumed with potatoes. We’ll buy it and will be set forever.

  64. Yes it’s true you would better off eating the correct amounts of healthy foods.  You also must consider how much of certain vegetables/fruits you have to eat to get the same amount as a multi-vitamin.

    You would have to eat 1lb. of broccoli to get 45% of your B6, 44% of your A, and you would have 660% of your C.  Unfortunately there’s no super plant that gives you a nice amount of everything so you’ll have to mix and match accordingly.  Last time I checked, fruits/vegetables are expensive pound for pound.

    I’ll stick to my Flintstones vitamins to fill the gaps for now.

    1. Flintstones eh. Sounds like you did a lot of research on your vitamin selection? LOL! Good luck with that.

  65. Would taking a multi vitamin or fish oil capsule still benefit those without any form of fish in their diet?

  66. This video lacks so much, it was almost pointless. Sorry. I’m not necessarily a proponent or opponent of supplements…..but this video is missing so much information that it is misleading to the general public. For example, that there is “no evidence” of the efficacy of certain supplements, and that we can label every substance sold on a supplement aisle as a supplement and call it all the same? It’s like saying that all recreational drugs are the same because they make you high. What about the fact that most produce (whether conventional or organic) sold in stores is nowhere near as nutritious as that which humans have consumed previously in history, due to agricultural practices that lead to problems like soil mineral depletion, which is not effectively remedied by fertilizers (unless they grew on soil using traditional methods of compost, manure, etc)? Or that the slow cooking practices and use of medicinal/cooking herbs in traditional cuisine that provide and unlock nutrition are not really that easy to incorporate in the modern, fast-paced lifestyle? Or that the studies available exist only if there is funding from supporters (i.e. corporate interest in profiting from the studies). I mean…..this video has a very narrow scope.

  67. please blow Ur nose before recording, otherwise great video

  68. so happy seeing this while eating a home-made salad with 5 different vegies and chiken brest in it 🙂

  69. You cannot get Vitamin D without supplements unless you are exposed to the sun daily (and that isn’t good anyway).
    Also, you cannot possibly get enough Magnesium because foods simply don’t have what the body requires.
    The crop’s soil has been pretty much depleted of minerals after being over-used and pushed to the limits for decades,
    so I wouldn’t count on the fact the food we have today has the same benefits as a hundred years ago.

    Here are some sources of intelligence on the matter:

    This a very good book:

    I also want to say that asking people who have being taking supplements how they feel after some time of taking them
    isn’t scientific and cannot possibly determine if supplements help or not. I take supplements and am feeling the same,
    but perhaps I would have gotten sick more times a year if I haven’t, or was a bit more tired. or perhaps wouldn’t get
    the same good night sleep as I do. The changes are so subtle you cannot possibly notice them. Also, some benefits can only
    be seen after years of taking supplements (40+) and I’ve never seen such study. Also, the best way to know if they help or
    not is to have a complete understanding of the human body (it also various between people, ages and sex) and run a computer
    mathematical analysis on each vitamin and mineral and how it actually works. but has yet to be done because science still
    doesn’t know everything about the human body.

  70. Can anyone say one sided abysmal research? How much did the insurance and medical nazis pay you to lie for them?

  71. Protein powder is most definitely good if you’re working out hard. That is most definitely backed up by science.

    1. @Ognjen Adamović
      You make to many assumptions

    2. +Kyleschannelz They do, but people don’t eat,sleep or exercise properly, also they think it’s a miracle powder not a dietary meal. I’ve noticed B complex helps me fight fatigue more quickly. I use it maybe once a week when it sums up from all the training and working. It doesn’t do miracles just helps me get more rested over night.

  72. I’ve tracked vitamins and minerals on a “good diet” and often it doesn’t result in the recommended daily values of certain vitamins (and the daily values are usually a bare minimum)

  73. That guy is eating Pizza with Coffee! Jeez, my insides would burn through to the outside.😖

  74. What a useless, dumb video with zero sources and credibility. You guys are the quaks here, because you completely disregard other evidence. Here’s a good comment from a reddit thread regarding this vid, quote below:

    What a bullshit video! They literally skip all the stuff that has been proven with studies where supplements do work.
    “Fish oil – short on evidence that it helps with heart.” Yeah, that’s true. Why did you skip the fact that it’s been proven that fish oil helps with inflammation?
    Are most of the vitamin supplements useless? Yes, definitely. Should you take supplements out of boredom? No, of course not. But by avoiding to point out supplements that have been proven to work, this video completely lost credibility. Use ALL the data; don’t cherry pick; be fair to the evidence! This is just a different type of quakery.
    Zinc –
    Fish oil –
    Niacin –
    Iron –
    Vitamin D:

    Probiotics –
    It’s not as black and white, and you shouldn’t eat them like candy, but just don’t go and tell me that no supplements work, and that they have no effect at all, because that’s just a plain lie.
    Also, it’s not “better” or “easier” to spend money on food, because you have to eat a ton of food to equal the amount of nutrients you receive from a supplement. It’s expensive, and it’s not always healthy either.

    1. First; you are totally right with but i think you missed the point of the video at 0:42 it mentions that they will focus on the over the counter Multivitamins, the ones that have “ALL” you need in one pill. The problem with this “all your vitamins in one pill” is that the companies advertise it like we all should take one pill a day to stay healthy and that is wrong.
      And yeah you may need to supplement one of those vitamins or minerals because your diet doesn’t cover for certain micronutrients like vegeterians diets that need a B12 supplementation or pregnant women that need Folic Acid and Vitamin D.
      Using your vitamin D example in tropic countries like mine (Costa Rica) there is NO need for Vitamin D supplements because we have more than 12 hours of sun all year long and the skin synthesize it, but in Iceland they need that Vitamin D supplement but they do not need a “ALL your vitamins in one” pill and i think that was the point of the video.

    2. Whoa, calm down crazy! LOL!

  75. Funny how there was no mention of a study a few years ago that showed taking 200 mcg of the mineral selenium per day cut the risk of prostate cancer by about 54% and ALL cancers by about 38%. The late Dr. Carlton Frederick used to cite a study done in some Scandinavian country in which they followed 5,000 people for 15 years who only had one thing in common: they each took at least 200 IU of vitamin E per day. An insurance company was then asked to predict, using their most accurate actuarial data, how many should have died after the 15 years and the company said it should have been over 800. How many actually died? I think the figure Frederick cited was something like 17! So, I make sure I take my vitamin / mineral supplements every day. Not megadoses because that is a waste of money. Just enough to assure that my “antioxidant status” is optimal. Studies done with lab animals show that the ones with the highest intakes of antioxidants lived something like 33% longer. Translated into a human lifespan, that means someone who would ordinarily die at age 75 can expect, by taking his antioxidant vitamin and minerals every day, to make it to 100 and to do so in good health. Vitamins too expensive? Well, being sick for a decade before you finally die and in and out of hospitals can be a LOT more expensive.

  76. hallo lieve mensen van het internet ik David Kappele ben 10 jaar oud en jullie like alvast de video en abonneer danku meneer of mevrouw trouwen ik ben er niet mee eens dat eu….. je internet met een T aan het einde schrijft

  77. Unless you’re in the 0.001% of the population that comes anywhere close to eating a healthy balanced diet, you WILL benefit from taking a multivitamin. You will start to feel better, you will have more energy, you will never get a headache again, you will never get a hangover again, your mind will always be alert and active when you need it,

  78. I eat anything but veggies. Whoops.

  79. The best vitamin supplements are called fruits and vegetables.

    1. @Eliza Jornales true

    2. @@Jeff Donlon Thanks Jeff. Yeah it is better to buy in the market. But, are we really sure that they didn’t sprayed pesticides and other chemical to the veges and fruits? And due to repeatedly planting in the certain area of farmers land, the minerals of the land is depleted that unable to supply enough nutrients to the plants that is growing in there. Therefore, either market or supermarket we can’t really say that it is best to buy in there.😁

    3. @Eliza Jornales get your fruit and veg from a market not a supermarket

    4. Gammareign yeah before it is. But this day the food ,fruits and vegetables we eat aren’t safe because of chemicals and pesticides. So we need supplementation in order to obtain the optimal nutrient needed in order for us to be healthy and i recommend USANA.

  80. Unfortunately most of this info is about useless multi-vitamins for people who don’t need multi-vitamins. There are millions of people who are deficient in very specific elements that can benefit greatly from targeted supplementation, who would otherwise be turned off because of both misleading manufacturer claims and cynical de-bunkings. Better advice would be to see a doctor or Naturopath if you feel chronically unwell and have some blood work done. Many medical doctors are putting people on Vitamin D supplements, Naturopaths finding patients with MTHFR mutations doing extremely well on methyl-folate, and endocrinologists who treat thyroid disease with iodine and selenium. While these conditions and regimens are certainly not appropriate for everyone, that doesn’t mean options should not be available to anyone.

    1. Eric Morrison yeah I’m vitamin d deficient ☹️ and I’m pretty sure C and I love oranges

  81. I don’t know about other people but protein powder changed my life so I don’t trust anything this video says since it undermined it.

  82. Thats the only reason i drink orange juice , is to make my pee more orange !! Orange pee is in style these days

  83. Propaganda for Codex Laws that protect Big Pharma profits…a whole load of crap!

  84. I’m sure some may contain some vitamins, but the question is, where do these vitamins in the pill come from ?

  85. I never developed much of a taste for vegetables, despite growing up with a dad who maintained a 1/2 acre garden which provided us green beans, butter beans, corn, cucumbers, lettuce, melons, zucchini, tomatoes, bell peppers, and potatoes. (Mom was a blanching, canning, pickling virtuoso — she filled a huge freezer in the garage every summer so we had those veggies all year long.) We also had several kinds of fruit trees. These days while I rarely eat fried foods and I bake from scratch rather than eating processed sweets, I do feel like taking a daily multivitamin gives me some stuff I’m missing by not consuming the recommended daily servings of fruits and veggies. But maybe the benefit is all in my head. *shrug*

  86. It’s funny to me how the people who use their bodies to make a living like athletes (football, soccer,baseball player, MMA fighters, boxers, top nutritionist) all say that taking vitamins and minerals are a very important part of their regiment.

    But the people who don’t really look after their health and are not in shape are the ones recommending not to supplement or to cut it all out together.

    Here is a link to contradict everything on this video:.

    That is Dr. Rhonda Patrick and if you ever listened to her (on Podcast or her youtube channel) you will realize very quick that she knows her shit.

    I spend around $60 a month on my supplementation, can’t remember the last time I got sick or even had a cold. I think those $60 a month are much cheaper than treating any of the deseases you can get from vitamins and minerals deficiency. I believe in taking care of your health, eating right (kale shakes everyday) and exercising, after all, you only get one meat vehicle per life.

    I love this channel and subscribe to it but my advice to anyone reading this comment is to get informed. Take care of your body and be the hero of your own movie.

    1. Those people are paid a lot to spread misinformation that we need those supplements. Go ahead and be a sucker, and continue enjoying the placebo effect you get from your vitamins and minerals. If it works for you, great; just don’t call others out for telling the *_actual_* truth.

    2. Thanks for the link. She really knows her stuff

    3. Victor Valdez you can get more meat vehicles…err, maybe computer vehicles in teh new futere.

  87. In the North, like in Finland, it’s recommended to have vitamin D supplements for like half a year, in autumn and winter, when there’s not much sunlight. I’ve read that the “recommended” amount is some number determined by what keeps the deficiency diseases away, so that’s why it’s safe to eat more Vit D than the “100%”. There was also some discussion about raising the recommendations.

    I’ve also heard that B12 isn’t really around anymore except in meat products (others say it’s because they put it there as well.)

    I don’t think there’s a downside for taking water-soluble vitamins, like B and C, a lot. Those aren’t going to get stored inside your body, unlike the fat-soluble ones. Taking Vit A, and some other fat-soluble vitamins can perhaps be too much more easily.. So I’m careful with at least A.

    I don’t care if it’s a waste of money. I like using supplements. I take multivitamins and probiotic bacteria rather regularly… they sorta give me some piece of mind, it makes me feel better about myself, and it also helps me remember my other meds.

  88. I still have a hard time letting go of this one – I want to believe that multi-vitamins really can fill in those gaps in my micronutrient intake, but it seems that the best thing to do is get a blood test to see if you’re deficient in any vitamin or mineral and go with your doctor’s recommendation for diet changes and/or supplements.

  89. There are supplement companies that use actualy vegetables and fruits to press them into pills.
    are they any different?
    (for example “lifeplus”)

    would be greatly appreciated if you could answer on this as someone i know speds hundreds of dollars per month on these :/.

    1. +jonas samuel Hi. I believe the point of using actual targeted food (a ‘whole food’ approach?) is to try and combine as many ‘known’ co-factors & enzymes along with the vitamins so that the body isn’t taxed as much when it attempts to utilize the targeted vitamin/supplement. I think that some have figured out how to create the vitamins & some of their co-factors (in the correct bioavailable, molecular shape) in the lab now. This hopefully will knock down the manufacturing price of a great product as there won’t be as large of a quantity of material to put into so many capsules. I’m guessing that it might be simpler in the end to just lab manufacture some of this as it appears to take a huge effort to extract the desired elements from nature without harming or altering them. Also, a great deal of time and expense goes into making sure that ubiquitous contaminants (lead, etc)from our world are not also found in these natural combinations.
      I know people who sadly spend hundreds of dollars each month (after insurance has paid) on the treatment of symptoms… just trying to control the symptoms… of disease via prescription medications. I admire anyone who cares enough about their own health to take responsibility and educate themselves and are trying to keep their oil changed and their engine tuned up as much as is possible. 😉

  90. Vitamins taken by non-athletes is a long game, it’s like compound interest, if you take it from an early age; the benefits as a senior citizen are tremendous.

  91. i’m here because Joe said so..

    just saying

    1. already did that 

    2. +Rizka Sanggar Darmawan And he also said to subscribe to our channel, I’m pretty sure…

  92. You say they do nothing, then that you can overdose on them. Make up your mind.

  93. get a cover for your mic, I would subscribe but not if i have to listen to crappy audio

  94. When babies are in their mums stomach do they have brains

    1. Thank you!😀

    2. +ploi bates The brain begins to develop at around 5 weeks, and after several years the brain is developed enough to enjoy our videos

  95. i’m going to drop my 2 cents on the situation. i’m an athlete. i know first hand that if i dont sleep well and drink enough water and eat well, my vitamins do nothing. but when i do all those things, i feel great. but when i don’t take my vitamins, i have a noticeable lack of energy and/or power and endurance (i’m a distance runner). i guess what i’m getting at here is does it make sense that vitamins could actually help me improve as an athlete along with my relatively healthy diet? i only ask because this video seems to be talking about a person who lives a wake up, 9-5, go to sleep-style life (not literally, but you know what i mean)

    1. +CaptainCat 15 This might not necessarily be the case, but it may be the Placebo effect. (That’s the recommended video by It’s Okay To Be Smart at the end.)

      I eat my vitamins and probiotics, and while it may not actually give me results, they sure make me feel better and more secure about myself and my diet, and mentally I feel more ready for things. I’d say, that feeling alone is good enough a reason for me.

    2. +CaptainCat 15 Actually, it drives corporate America nuts that the supplement industry has not been destroyed yet. They lose way too much money by not having patents on natural medicine etc. This video here is the stuff of recent click bait and science skeptic prowess. I am disappointed by the cocky tone of the presentation that really has not researched much of anything but the before mentioned typical talking points. Although it is true that some supplements end up having unauthorized chemicals in them or have not been tested well enough for purity.. it is possible to screen for this. The vast majority are decent. (It is very dangerous to consume many larger fish from mercury laden oceans, too, but what can you do about it than hope to source it correctly). Pharma now makes their own versions of many of these natural supplements and their own versions of Rx fish oil etc. It is our right to be able to make alternative decisions on our own too. We need choices that do not require an office visit and lots of money expended (i.e. supplements). There are (sort of)whole food type vitamins & minerals available that have the co-factors right there in it so that everything is highly available to the body. Not everything is made the same at all. You can check for third party verification and to see if the company has good practices or not. I just feel bad that it appears that perhaps these young people are not using critical thinking here.

      Several Rx fish oils as a matter of fact. Just pointing out that this is rather at odds with the video presentation.
      Theory: Replacing the inflammatory omega 6 fatty acids in the phospholipid layer of our cell walls with omega 3 fatty acids is the difference between degenerative disease and health in many cases. This is hard science. See pubmed for thousands of studies by researchers on all of these matters. The Nobel prize was won for discovering vitamin C and the role that it plays in our cell energy metabolism. This is not something frivolous.
      P.S. I am not in the business of selling or promoting supplements or anything else. I’ve just spent my working career in healthcare & have come to realize that it is not the well oiled, cool machine that people seem to think it is.
      To negatively jump on alternative paths to health as if it were a soundly based public service is just not good science.

  96. I feel accomplished when my pee is clear.

    1. +Jacob Nguyen #LifeGoals

  97. just a bit of constructive criticism, the woman’s voice is very nasal. This is something that can be corrected! Good video.

  98. What happened to the life hacks man

    1. Coming soon…

  99. Yeah I don’t take any supplements, except for a vitamin a day pill.

    1. @Martin Landart Right, but it’s just for that: for deficiency.

    2. +Neceros that’s a supplement, though

  100. I wonder how many people (even health nuts) get *all* their RDA requirements satisfied by only food let alone on a daily basis. Case in point, the RDA for Potassium is *4700mg!*. Even if you focused on the highest potassium sources, that’s about four baked potatoes a day, or five cups of beans. You just can’t logistically or calorically do this on a daily basis. Plus, the large meta studies always qualify their conclusions with saying that such-and-such subgroup may benefit from this-and-that supplement. *Everyone* is part of some subgroup, you just can’t negate the thousands of studies that show that specific supplements are beneficial for specific populations by saying that *no one* should take *any* supplements at all. It’s like saying that I shouldn’t get a prosthetic for my missing leg because most people have two. There are just too many variables regarding lifestyle, personal physiology, genetics, and environment to make wholesale statements like that. The real problem is that we are still a long way away from personalized medicine, so much so in fact that the main position papers on nutrition imply that population evidence should be applied to *individuals* across the board.
    PS. My gripe is not with this video, just many of the position papers that were cited.

    1. +poshzombie This! When they say ‘there’s no point taking a supplement if you get all your nutritional needs from food’ – well, duh. The point is that very few people get their nutritional needs from food. 

      It IS true (mostly) that overdosing isn’t going to do anything and any excess is just going to be filtered out by your body and have no benefit. But that’s not the same as saying that a supplement has no benefits for most people, who often struggle to meet their RDAs. It’s a bit like saying ‘drinking water has no benefits if you’re already getting all your hydration from fruits and vegetables’. Yes, it’s technically true, but unless you eat tons of water-rich fruits every day, it’s probably not possible to meet your needs in this way. Seems to be the same with vitamins. Obviously nobody should use them as a substitute for eating a balanced diet, but as the poster above has said it can be pretty difficult to do this, even if you’re a ‘health nut’.

      The jury is out on a lot of stuff to do with vitamins. I only recently realised that RDAs are different for each country, so it’s hardly an exact science. And there are people who eat very monotonous diets and yet seem to suffer no harmful effects – but it’s probably not worth taking a gamble, as you could end up seriously ill.

  101. actually, the potassium supplement, along with the advil and centrum *do* help me get through the morning

  102. In the words of Sheldon Cooper, they are the ingredients for very expensive urine.

    1. +Holstered Cactus lol ”The Sheldons” who made this super cool video sound like they take quotes like that as gospel.

    2. +Sean Peacock I’m aware. It’s a quote.

    3. +Holstered Cactus Sheldon is a fictional tv character who’s dialog is written by someone with no medical background. I would avoid looking to Hollywood for any kind of advice on anything.

    4. +Holstered Cactus Sheldon might be happy to know that the excess B2 excreted in the urine was well worth it!
      soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur 😉

  103. Kirkland daily multi cost £0.03 per day. 500 tablets for £15.

  104. Tell this to the guy living off Soylent, he’d have a few things to say.

    1. +Daniel M ~ Soylent isn’t a multivitamin or a supplement. It is a “Manufactured Food Replacement”.

  105. To help avoid those “p-pops” when you speak, try and put your finger or a pen in front of your lips. It’s just “ear”ritating to hear.

  106. It was awesome to do a video with you guys! I guess this means I can finally stop taking Flintstones vitamins every day?

    1. I’m going to go out on a limb and say cartoon character sugar pills are well worth their placebo effect investment. I wouldn’t underestimate the psychological value of self care.

    2. Flintstones Chewable Morphine.

    3. +It’s Okay To Be Smart Thanks! We’re super pumped about how they both turned out. And I mean, you can still continue taking your Flintstones vitamin, just as long as you’re only taking it purely to enjoy the deliciousness of it!

    4. +It’s Okay To Be Smart your videos are good too! hope we will be partially as good!

    5. +It’s Okay To Be Smart isnt that for kids

  107. i love Joe. good plug on IO2BSmart.

    1. +Jose Chaparro We <3 Joe too

  108. Did anyone else think their Youtube Red failed at the very beginning for a minute? lol

  109. The sad thing about this is that I have to take iron supplements with vitamin C and daily vitamins (Plus get iron and the likes from normal meals as well!) just so I don’t nearly pass out or vomit from headaches. It might be the Placebo effect? I’m not sure. I just know that if I don’t get the iron I need, I’m pretty much out of it for the whole day not including all the headaches.

    1. +Abigail Smith Vit C and the Bs are water soluble, and they don’t get stored inside your body afaik. So you can’t really overdose on them. Better take the extra if it makes you feel better! 😛

      It’s the fat soluble vitamins that you might want to keep an eye on. It’s easier to get too much of vitamin A. Especially if you eat supplements and something like liver. I guess that’s why many multivitamins have 50% of the recommendation for A, while others get 100%.

    2. +Matt Bayes I do, that’s why I have to take them. It’s a family thing and I also got diagnosed by a doctor. It’s not really safe to take random stuff like vitamins if you don’t need to. It can harm you more than help at that point.

    3. Maybe you just naturally have low levels of them?

  110. It’s ok to be smart sent me. And I subbed 😀 I like this info 😀

    1. @Reactions 😀 me too <3

    2. +Ketobbey Waters WOOT! Glad you like it!

  111. Luckily 90% of my favorite foods are from meals

  112. Can a doctor have that hair? 4:17

    1. Only because he’s got the stylish nerd glasses.

    2. I was trolling.

    3. Just comenting on the hair, not the skin color

    4. +Cesar Jimenez
      Are you saying that LeSean can’t be a doctor? Racist!

  113. Hey Reactions, I was wondering what do you guys think about Soylent?

    1. +yujinRed We’re really interested in this topic however we haven’t researched it enough to have any thoughts or opinions. But it’s certainly interesting.

  114. And if you are vegan, you should definitely take b12!
    Great video and thanks to this handsome biology Phd for showing it to me 😛

    1. +DerSergal Yep. I’m vegan and I started getting extremely light-headed and would faint for several weeks. The only thing I changed in my diet was that I started taking b12 and I got better in no time.

    2. Oh no D: A vegan
      Quick! Hide!

  115. Mega foods is actually bio available fyi!

    1. +Narc Narc lol organic whole foods is the dream, man.

  116. I guess they never heard of USANA Health Sciences.

    1. Or Nutrilite.

    2. +Jerry VanNuys Yes, there are a lot of 3rd party researches as well. The most popular one is the NUTRISEARCH by Dr. Lyle MacWilliam, MSc, FP and along with other scientists who study a whole bunch of supplements of different brands.

    3. +Karlnito Sy ~ So a Utah-based multi-level marketing company that produces nutritional products doesn’t have a biased opinion on the subject? Really?

      If you truly believe that, then I have a bridge to sell you……..

  117. very intresting!, but yeh.. i problably need supplements anyways since… i never eat fish.. or.. umm.. vegetables.. xD

    1. Alejo Tassile well what you can do is add each other on Google Plus and then use hangouts. There you can exchange details you don’t wanna post on youtube.

    2. @Daniel Newsome i dont like its taste ^^

    3. @EnderCrypt Try using dressing?

    4. @Daniel Newsome i basically never eat veggies or fish… i know, not healthy but.. i try eat vegetables and.. yeah, i just cant.. the taste..

    5. +EnderCrypt You reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally should eat at least some veggies.

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