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Do You REALLY Need Vitamins On A Vegan Diet? | LIVEKINDLY

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Are supplements necessary on a vegan diet? We explore this topic in this week’s video featuring Mic the Vegan.

Mic the Vegan’s Channel:

A whole foods plant-based diet is full of vitamins and minerals. However, over the years, there has been a decline in the nutrient-quality of our soil. The best way to get required nutrients is through food, but if you are interested in supplementing, here are 11 to consider.

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308 thoughts on “Do You REALLY Need Vitamins On A Vegan Diet? | LIVEKINDLY

  1. What are your favorite nutrient-rich foods or supplement brands?

    1. Goji berries

    2. Liver

    3. Goat, broccoli, herring(fish), cucumber, and feta cheese

    4. My only supplememt is B12, I don’t need any other supplements at all, I keep it as simple as possible. Btw, my last cold/flu happened roughly 10 years ago, I never had any other deseases 😉

    5. @David Mcgregor Stop spewing the same shit as everyone without actually doing any research yourself. Its actually the total opposite. We’ve done plenty of studies for 5 years at my University. Fiber is not essential and is not digestible.

  2. Vegan that still kills insects. Not a hypocrite?

  3. How has humanity reached this far without all these supplement peels?

    1. By eating animal products.

  4. too much suplements encouragement,, THOSE ARE ALLL TOXIC LONG TERM ALL SUPLEMENTS NO EXCEPTions,, even b12 sadly,, tho that one we dont want to miss,, rest gotta get from food,, wonder about vitamine D mushrooms

  5. Yes you need, so STFU and eat meat, egg and milk

  6. From the extremely small requirements we need each day it seems were being ripped off by health gurus and shops with the multiple tablets.

    Can these not be rolled into one supplement?

  7. is there not a vegan multivitamin i can take?!?! so many vitamins!



    The Inuit Paradox

    How can people who gorge on fat and rarely see a vegetable be healthier than we are?

    By Patricia Gadsby and Leon SteeleJanuary 19, 2004 7:00 PM

    (Credit: sirtravelalot/Shutterstock)


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    Patricia Cochran, an Inupiat from Northwestern Alaska, is talking about the native foods of her childhood: “We pretty much had a subsistence way of life. Our food supply was right outside our front door. We did our hunting and foraging on the Seward Peninsula and along the Bering Sea.

    “Our meat was seal and walrus, marine mammals that live in cold water and have lots of fat. We used seal oil for our cooking and as a dipping sauce for food. We had moose, caribou, and reindeer. We hunted ducks, geese, and little land birds like quail, called ptarmigan. We caught crab and lots of fish — salmon, whitefish, tomcod, pike, and char. Our fish were cooked, dried, smoked, or frozen. We ate frozen raw whitefish, sliced thin. The elders liked stinkfish, fish buried in seal bags or cans in the tundra and left to ferment. And fermented seal flipper, they liked that too.”

    Cochran’s family also received shipments of whale meat from kin living farther north, near Barrow. Beluga was one she liked; raw muktuk, which is whale skin with its underlying blubber, she definitely did not. “To me it has a chew-on-a-tire consistency,” she says, “but to many people it’s a mainstay.” In the short subarctic summers, the family searched for roots and greens and, best of all from a child’s point of view, wild blueberries, crowberries, or salmonberries, which her aunts would mix with whipped fat to make a special treat called akutuq — in colloquial English, Eskimo ice cream.

    Now Cochran directs the Alaska Native Science Commission, which promotes research on native cultures and the health and environmental issues that affect them. She sits at her keyboard in Anchorage, a bustling city offering fare from Taco Bell to French cuisine. But at home Cochran keeps a freezer filled with fish, seal, walrus, reindeer, and whale meat, sent by her family up north, and she and her husband fish and go berry picking — “sometimes a challenge in Anchorage,” she adds, laughing. “I eat fifty-fifty,” she explains, half traditional, half regular American.

    No one, not even residents of the northernmost villages on Earth, eats an entirely traditional northern diet anymore. Even the groups we came to know as Eskimo — which include the Inupiat and the Yupiks of Alaska, the Canadian Inuit and Inuvialuit, Inuit Greenlanders, and the Siberian Yupiks — have probably seen more changes in their diet in a lifetime than their ancestors did over thousands of years. The closer people live to towns and the more access they have to stores and cash-paying jobs, the more likely they are to have westernized their eating. And with westernization, at least on the North American continent, comes processed foods and cheap carbohydrates — Crisco, Tang, soda, cookies, chips, pizza, fries. “The young and urbanized,” says Harriet Kuhnlein, director of the Centre for Indigenous Peoples’ Nutrition and Environment at McGill University in Montreal, “are increasingly into fast food.” So much so that type 2 diabetes, obesity, and other diseases of Western civilization are becoming causes for concern there too.

    Today, when diet books top the best-seller list and nobody seems sure of what to eat to stay healthy, it’s surprising to learn how well the Eskimo did on a high-protein, high-fat diet. Shaped by glacial temperatures, stark landscapes, and protracted winters, the traditional Eskimo diet had little in the way of plant food, no agricultural or dairy products, and was unusually low in carbohydrates. Mostly people subsisted on what they hunted and fished. Inland dwellers took advantage of caribou feeding on tundra mosses, lichens, and plants too tough for humans to stomach (though predigested vegetation in the animals’ paunches became dinner as well). Coastal people exploited the sea. The main nutritional challenge was avoiding starvation in late winter if primary meat sources became too scarce or lean.

    These foods hardly make up the “balanced” diet most of us grew up with, and they look nothing like the mix of grains, fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, and dairy we’re accustomed to seeing in conventional food pyramid diagrams. How could such a diet possibly be adequate? How did people get along on little else but fat and animal protein?

    What the diet of the Far North illustrates, says Harold Draper, a biochemist and expert in Eskimo nutrition, is that there are no essential foods — only essential nutrients. And humans can get those nutrients from diverse and eye-opening sources.

    One might, for instance, imagine gross vitamin deficiencies arising from a diet with scarcely any fruits and vegetables. What furnishes vitamin A, vital for eyes and bones? We derive much of ours from colorful plant foods, constructing it from pigmented plant precursors called carotenoids (as in carrots). But vitamin A, which is oil soluble, is also plentiful in the oils of cold-water fishes and sea mammals, as well as in the animals’ livers, where fat is processed. These dietary staples also provide vitamin D, another oil-soluble vitamin needed for bones. Those of us living in temperate and tropical climates, on the other hand, usually make vitamin D indirectly by exposing skin to strong sun — hardly an option in the Arctic winter — and by consuming fortified cow’s milk, to which the indigenous northern groups had little access until recent decades and often don’t tolerate all that well.

    As for vitamin C, the source in the Eskimo diet was long a mystery. Most animals can synthesize their own vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, in their livers, but humans are among the exceptions, along with other primates and oddballs like guinea pigs and bats. If we don’t ingest enough of it, we fall apart from scurvy, a gruesome connective-tissue disease. In the United States today we can get ample supplies from orange juice, citrus fruits, and fresh vegetables. But vitamin C oxidizes with time; getting enough from a ship’s provisions was tricky for early 18th- and 19th-century voyagers to the polar regions. Scurvy — joint pain, rotting gums, leaky blood vessels, physical and mental degeneration — plagued European and U.S. expeditions even in the 20th century. However, Arctic peoples living on fresh fish and meat were free of the disease.

    Impressed, the explorer Vilhjalmur Stefansson adopted an Eskimo-style diet for five years during the two Arctic expeditions he led between 1908 and 1918. “The thing to do is to find your antiscorbutics where you are,” he wrote. “Pick them up as you go.” In 1928, to convince skeptics, he and a young colleague spent a year on an Americanized version of the diet under medical supervision at Bellevue Hospital in New York City. The pair ate steaks, chops, organ meats like brain and liver, poultry, fish, and fat with gusto. “If you have some fresh meat in your diet every day and don’t overcook it,” Stefansson declared triumphantly, “there will be enough C from that source alone to prevent scurvy.”

    In fact, all it takes to ward off scurvy is a daily dose of 10 milligrams, says Karen Fediuk, a consulting dietitian and former graduate student of Harriet Kuhnlein’s who did her master’s thesis on vitamin C. (That’s far less than the U.S. recommended daily allowance of 75 to 90 milligrams — 75 for women, 90 for men.) Native foods easily supply those 10 milligrams of scurvy prevention, especially when organ meats — preferably raw — are on the menu. For a study published with Kuhnlein in 2002, Fediuk compared the vitamin C content of 100-gram (3.55-ounce) samples of foods eaten by Inuit women living in the Canadian Arctic: Raw caribou liver supplied almost 24 milligrams, seal brain close to 15 milligrams, and raw kelp more than 28 milligrams. Still higher levels were found in whale skin and muktuk.

  9. Favorite brand: Pure Encapsulations

  10. You somehow managed to not mention riboflavin (vitamin B2) but did mention choline for some reason, which isn’t even a vitamin. The vast majority of vegan foods are nearly devoid of this vitamin since it primarily comes from meat like B12.

  11. some of these are not just vegan, vit D for example. and you left out taurine. wait, you probably didnt know so how could you leave it out. taurine is one of them hidden ones for now. i only know cuz i was sick for over 10 years and finally found taurine was the problem. it was hell.

  12. I recognize the necessity of saying consult your physician, however it’s a quandary. We’re advised to do this before making dietary changes, supplementing or starting an exercise program yet our PCPs have the least amount of knowledge in any of these. Someone close to me had breast cancer surgery, chemo and radiation. Because she lost too much weight the doctor referred her to a nutritionist. You’d think that was the right thing to do except that the nutritionist advised her to fill up on dairy – drink milk, and eat lots of cheese and ice cream! We now know Thor’s evidence linking dairy to breast cancer.

  13. Was surprised that woman 19-50 need 50% more iron than male adults over 18.

  14. dont you just hate it when you leave the house and you forget your suitcase of supplements

  15. Yay! Two of our favorite channels collaborate! Excellent breakdown of supplements we need! Our favorite brand so far is Garden of Life.

  16. I’ve found that wheat germ is really good source of Choline but does it have to be consumed toasted or can I just eat it as what it is in the supermarket?

  17. Nice to see on here Mike!

  18. Chlorella powder, irish sea moss powder!!

  19. I love comedy! wonderful laughs trough the whole video, plants have feelings too!

  20. My go-to “supplements” are lentils with a side of raw/steamed broccoli and some cooked carrots or sweet potatoes, with fruit for dessert.

  21. I track my nutrition intake on Cronometer. On a vegan diet, I systematically overshoot my vitamin and mineral intake except B12 and D3 which I supplement. As for vitamin A, I never get anything less than 400% of my DR. The only nutrients that I almost never get 100% of is Calcium and Zinc.

  22. I did start taking K2. Natto is not readily available. I’m not really into fermented foods – except on rare occasions, I generally don’t eat them. The brand of supplement varies. I generally buy the supplement I need in the brand that makes it soy-free.

  23. Just so you’re aware. Garden of Life is owned by Nestle’s. This is a list of all of their products. é_brands I banned Nestle years ago. I haven’t, knowingly, bought their products, but there are so many of them. It’s difficult to keep up.

  24. Get away from supplements and western medicine. Dont supplement B12 or eat fortified foods. I dont think this guy knows but fortified foods means they add synthetic minerals to the food. They use made from the minerals in rocks which our bodies cant use. Theres rock minerals like iron which can be made into iron metal, and then theres iron thats naturally found in plants. They are not the same thing, the only kind your body can absorb and use is plant based minerals. And if you think im lying about them using rock minerals, pour a bowl of cereal with water or milk or whatever so the cereal floats and then get a magnet and then try to put the cereal with the magnet. And you’ll be shocked to see that you can fucking pull the cereal pieces with a damn magnet. This is what fortified foods are. Dont eat them lol. And that iron thats in iron fortified foods can clog up your organs and cause things like type 1 diabetes because its literally fucking metal that gets stuck in your pancreas and other organs. So just eat Purple Laver seaweed for B12. Its a type of seaweed thats used for wrapping sushi. But you can buy roasted sheets of this or raw dehydrated versions sometimes. If you’ve ever seen that green seaweed sheet in packages, thats roasted purple laver. It turns a dark green color when its roasted and its dark purple when its raw. Raw obviously has twice the B12 and other nutrients so its best to get raw but roasted is most common. Either way if you just eat this one thing every now and then you’ll never be deficient.

    Iodine is found is purple laver too. You can just eat the same seaweed as listed above and you wont have to worry about iodine. If you have hypothyroidism. I would suggest you take a species of seaweed called Bladderwrack. It will cure your hypothyroidism. It is very high in iodine and has been used for centuries to treat iodine deficiencies.

    Also why dont you tell these people about the study done on elderly people who drank animal milk to those who didnt? Because i think it would be note worthy to tell everyone how the study showed that those that drank animal milk experienced significant amounts of bone fractures and osteoporosis while the people who drank none showed little to no fractures of instances of osteoporosis. I’m guessing you just havent done your homework and you just didnt know this. So it would have been better to just say this instead of making it out to sound like animal milk is okay. Its a good rule of thumb to follow that when there are food allergies for a certain food, that means you should not eat it. The body is trying to fight something you put into your body, so it cant be good for you. Animal milk, peanut butter, and soy are good examples of things people are commonly allergic to, so dont eat these things.

    And adding to your recommendation of soy milk, tofu, and tempeh. Soy has been proven to be extremely toxic to the body. Many people are allergic to soy, experience severe bloating and gas. And soy has been shown to strip your body of minerals, that includes iron. So eating a lot of soy can cause anemia because it not only robs you of your iron, but it also blocks the absorption of iron. Soy also attacks the thyroid and if you eat soy too much you will probably get a condition called Hyperthyroidism. I would know because i got this condition after i put soy sauce on pretty much everything. I was obsessed with it and i got hyperthyroidism. I was told there was no cure and that i would have to take pills for the rest of my life and they told me i should have surgery to have my thyroid gland removed. I told them no and i didnt learn about how soy was for quite a few years after this. But once i found out, i dropped all soy things immediately. And in just a few months, i no longer had hyperthyroidism. Simply but just not eating soy anymore. Soy is so dangerous that infants fed soy milk have died. Yeah you heard that right, newborn babies have died from being fed soy milk.

    You can find about this and much much more in the book “The Whole Soy Story: The Dark Side of America’s Favorite Health Food” by Kaayla T. Daniel PhD

    As for getting iron from dark leafy green vegetables: Dont eat kale if you are anemic. I learned this the hard way. I had no idea that kale actually blocks the absorption of iron, which makes this an anemic vegetable. Other things that block iron absorption are of course anything made from soy (soy milk, soy sauce, tofu, soy meal, soy flour, textured vegetable protein (TVP), tempeh, soy lecithin and soybean oil) coffee and the tannins found in nuts that are unsoaked all make you anemic. So if plan to eat nuts, you should soak them so they release all their toxins meant to protect them, into the water they are soaked in and drained, so that you can benefit from all the positive benefits of nuts.

    Omega 3’s are so easy to get and my favorite is soaked walnuts. They are not only good sources of Omega 3’s but they are also good sources of omega 6’s. So its a two in one deal with walnuts. But remember to soak your nuts and dry them before you eat them. And dry them fully if you intend to store them as they can grow mold if they arent fully dried. A dehydrator can be used for this and it makes it really easy.

    A good source for all the other minerals and everything else you didnt list can be found in Himalayan pink sea salt which should be used as a replacement to salt. It has trace minerals of majority of all the vitamins and minerals that exist and table salt has been known to cause many diseases and be one of the main reasons for health related deaths. Replace your meals with this and it not only tastes amazing and is really salty, but its all good for you! imagine that, salt thats good for you lol.
    My other recommendation for all your vitamin and mineral sources is sea moss. which as 95 of the 105 minerals and all the vitamins. Ive heard that bladderwrack also has the other 10 so you could be getting all of your nutrient needs from these two sources.

    Here is a link showing you the difference between real sea moss and fake sea moss. Both go by the name of Irish Moss and the latin name “Chrondus crispus” but they are two different types of seaweed. Sea moss is the translucent yellow one. Irish moss (the fake kind) is usually a dark red color. There is also actual fake sea moss, which natural healer Dr Sebi (the man who taught me everything i know about healing and nutrition) explains the difference between ocean grown sea moss and pool grown sea moss. Only the ocean grown has the 95 minerals. Pool grown sea moss has no nutritional value. As Dr Sebi teaches, never eat anything created by people. Only eat things that nature makes.

    Dr Sebi is the only person proven to cure people by a court finding from the United States Supreme Court. I suggest you all to research him and learn his teaching. This is optional but he can teach you the cure to all disease and how to prevent it. I have cured many people including myself of incurable diseases. Nothing is incurable thanks to his teachings.

  25. Meat eaters often criticize the vegan diet because supplementation of nutrients like B12 is advisable. Actually, most meat eaters could use some sort of supplementation or another. Forty percent of people are B12 deficient, which would include mostly meat eaters. Reasonable doses of supplements are good insurance that your diet is complete.

  26. What about potassium and magnesium?

  27. I would also consider getting calcium from plant based supplements like red algae. Since algae is a plant, it’s no different than getting calcium from collard greens or soy milk etc….

  28. These comments saying if vegan diet requires supplementation, then the diet is deficient. My mom needs to take B12 and D3 supplements and she is a meat eater. Supplements are not for vegans exlusively. Actually they are recommended not only to prevent deficiencies but also to preserve optimal health.

  29. So basically, I just need to eat a ton of peanut butter, tofu, grains, bread, fortified milks, and fruits + veg. That’s basically my whole diet.

  30. I bet Mic was conflicted recommending zombie beverage orange juice instead of whole fruit.

  31. “Male adults” otherwise known as men. ” Adult women”, as opposed to child women. Nice handle on the English language.

  32. I love this segment featuring Mic the Vegan. Great info! Thanks! I thought this was his video until I saw the LiveKindly at the end. I didn’t even realize I was on Jodi’s channel. lol. Keep up the amazing work!

  33. I use one supplement and that is Herbland B12 and D3 gummie. So good!

  34. that’s why we need syntropic farming 🌳 as basis for vegan diets

  35. There is no Vitamin A in plant foods you expert! It´s called Beta-Carotine and CAN be converted to Vitamin A in the human body.

  36. I really needed this video! Thanks for the amazing info! 🌱❤️ Plus, I love Mic! 👍

  37. Or… Just eat eggs and diary 🤷

    1. There might be some fiber in that diary.

    2. Or just dont 🤷‍♀️

  38. What a stupid video. Take your medication mentally ill vegans. All nutrients are in meat. Oh but meat is soooo baaaaaad.

  39. You might. I needed them on an ovo-vegetarian diet (10+ years)

  40. Awesome to see you and your excellent research expressed here <3. Thank you!
    I can chime in that, after 22 year vegan I began taking supplements more just this year after having a few health challenges - not all really diet related (family history of hypothyroidism, heavy metal toxicity from fillings, grain sensitivity I did not realize was affecting my baseline health).
    I have cut ALL grains and pseudo-grains from my diet (the pseudo's on a trial basis) and I feel better than I ever have. The other game changer for me has been taking Vitamin C and MSM daily, along with Iodone, Magnesium, Zinc and B12. I also take Vitamin D in winter here in Vancouver. And, eating Brazil nuts regularly, too.
    Long-term plan is to grow more foods myself, from small farms at farmers markets and monitor how I feel with all these considerations.
    We all have slight differences, but I truly feel that an organic plant-based diet with just a few supplements is easy and optimal.

  41. Nice red filter you applied to the video since youre a pale malnourished goof. Your starvation diet is why your voice is high and why you conduct yourself in a feminine manner. Eat some meat and lift some weights.

    1. @Dani J also, we do have a carnivores digestive tract. Thats why when you eat beans pasta and vegetables you will fart all day and smell like crap and nobody will want to be near you. Go eat some steaks and the farting will disappear because thats what we are supposed to eat.

    2. @Dani J nope. It happens to most vegan men, even the ones who eat a so called healthy vegan diet (no such thing exists). Ive known guys in my own life that became feminine and mentally unstable and angry all the time after years on a vegan diet. Its because the body is starving for food that it can actually absorb. So it starts eating itself and the person goes crazy.

    3. @Benjamin Schwartz Those people starved themselves, stared at the sun all day and drank piss. Their disordered eating had nothing to do with healthy and balanced vegan diet. You need to look at actual science instead of believing in silly anecdotal videos made by a mentally unstable self-proclaimed “carnivore”.

    4. @Vegan Sunflower There are many anti vegan videos on youtube that show people before and after veganism and they point out and show how men become more feminized and have a much higher pitched voice after years on the vegan diet.

    5. You do realize voice doesnt have to do with that right? You’re literally just claiming something you dont know anything about. I know many men that have never been vegan and eat tons of meat and dairy and have higher voices. Its called genetics.

  42. Beef liver and you’re good with most vitamins, minerals and elements. I was vitamin A deficient on a plant based diet despite eating lots of sweet potatoes, carrots etc.

    1. Chichikov thank you for contributing to the National databank that can be hacked for bio weapons 😒

    2. have you ever done a DNA test? i have a 23andme account and i found 4 or 5 mutations in the BC01 gene which have been linked to poor vitamin A conversion. Betacarotene supplementation has been linked to various cancers, so i wonder whether eating lots of carrots and sweet potatoes might be hazardous for low converters like myself.

      btw did your teeth decay badly when you were plant based?

  43. I really love your videos!!! Please don’t overexpose yourself on camera because Meat eaters use it against you!

    Thanks again for your amazing content you have educated me so much!

  44. Mic without lighting and a filter is a scary site, dont be fooled he needs more vitamins.

  45. Content starts at 2:21

  46. DON’T just take supplements. If you have enough money to continuously buy supplements, you should have enough money to do a simple blood test every 3 (if you’re teen or younger) to 6 months to see whats your situation. If you are eating properly and living a healthy lifestyle, you probably have more chances to have an excess of a micronutrient rather than a deficiency.

  47. Most physicians know nothing about nutrition. Better to discuss with a dietitian or just supplement.

  48. beta-carotene supplemention has been linked to various cancers. having massive doses from plant sources might not be a great idea, especially if you are a low-converter due to mutations in the BCO1 gene.


  50. I need to have a portable breakfast, so I usually make a chocolate banana smoothie (yes, I eat chocolate every day for breakfast- you can keep your eggs and bacon thankyouverymuch) with cocoa powder, hemp seeds, and some blackstrap molasses. I get about 60% of my RDA for iron just at breakfast! And adding the hemp seeds gives me some good fats and Omegas. 🙂

  51. The UK VeganSociey sells ‘Vegcaps’ that haveVitD £& B12

  52. Been a healthy Vegan 35 years without any Supplements except B12 which I’ve alway got from Yeast Extract. Never would take a supplement!

    1. how do you get enough iodine? ever been tested for it? dha?

  53. You should address specifically the claims about K2 and not just K and also the claims about the low conversion rate of carotene to true vit. A.

    1. You can get K2 from eating natto

  54. There is no vegan/vegetarian source for COQ10. When I was a vegetarian, I found that too many hours were spent, each day, figuring out what to eat. I’m now almost 81, haven’t been a vegetarian for 40 yrs., I’m healthy and feel great. My last blood test, in Sept. this yr., showed everything in balance. I think most people’s health has to do with their genetics. I come from a long lived, into their 90’s family of Eastern Europe and Ukrainian/Russian descent. Tough people who had to endure a lot to survive. Maybe that makes a difference, don’t really know.

  55. I feel this video overestimates the benefits of supplementation and underestimates the risks. Dr. Pam Popper recently did a video on the lack of benefit and the danger of taking vitamin D supplements. She says there is very little good science that supports supplementing with vitamin D. The same goes for all the other vitamins in question, it seems to me . There’s very real health risks associated with taking too much of these vitamins which is easy to do in concentrated form and there is very little control over the supplement industry so you can’t even be sure as to what you are taking.

  56. If you have a nutritional diet you dont need vitamins. Eat meat.

    1. From a guy who comes from a country with massive off the charts heart disease and cancer rates . Keep up the good work. Smart .

  57. Everyone needs vitamins you moron. LOL. What stupid title is this?! On any diet. A high carb , low fat , low protein vegan diet rich in fruits, starches , legumes and veggies is full of vitamins. You dont need supplements. Supplements cause imbalances to the body and therefore diseases . You confuse your dumb ,ignorant, gullible audience with your nonsense. Educate yourself you ignorant idiot. “Mcdougal – Do NOT use any supplements : —–> “

  58. learn one think so liver got b12 reserves that last years perfect i got an argument against vegan food from vegan channel, sweet, now where does a diet that lack a key vitamin b12 and need supplementation is healthy.

    1. @Fatehjot Singh always the same lie. no the b12 is not produce in the soil is produce im cattle guts by bacteria dont lie ok. even the guy said the vegan diet need fortification because he knows is impossible to the some vitamins on an vegan diet

    2. syntropic farming 🌳 🥕

    3. you learned nothing obviously. b12 is produced by bacteria in the soil, a healthy agriculture provides more than enough b12.. unfortunately our system is broken.. so vegan is the most natural and always best diet to eat.. just do your research

  59. Did you mention magnesium? A lot of people are deficient in magnesium. It is said that eggs and fish have magnesium, but of course their are plant foods that contain magnesium and it can be supplemented. I felt like absolute crap and was on my knees crying thinking I had to eat animal products to feel better, but I took magnesium and felt better.

  60. my fav is protein

  61. That was an interesting video on the basic vitamins the body needs to stay healthy.

  62. Lol, all you vegan zombies have no knowledge of nutrition whatsoever, I sure hope you all get wiped out or die of starvation very soon. Pharma zombies.

    1. @C a t a l y s t you can’t win an argument with someone so far gone. He’ll learn. Just a matter of time.

    2. @younesom fixed a typo though

    3. @younesom Nah, I didn’t copy and paste shit. I’ve been studying nutrition for so long that I can formulate sentences like that from memory. But it doesn’t matter, because they’re still accurate. What other objections do you have to veganism?

    4. @C a t a l y s t Nice copy and paste, now explain in your own words what you just copied.

    5. @younesom Omnivores convert 2-3% ALA to DHA, but its been shown that those who abstain from dietary sources of DHA & EPA(vegans) may increase their efficiency up to 6% which isn’t much but the prevalence of ALA in plant foods such as flax, hemp, walnuts, chia, allows for plenty to be converted with a calorie sufficient diet.

      The ratios of specific amino acids varies, but all plant foods contain every single essential amino acid.

      Anti-nutrients like phytates are significantly reduced or eliminated via sprouting and/or cooking.

      Seriously, you should take you own advice and do some research. While you’re at it, look up Dunning-Kruger Effect.

  63. Supplements supplements supplements, vegans sure do need a lot of them. I can get everything from Pastured raised animals, wild caught fish and pastured raw dairy!

    1. Sure you can buddy. When you get your 100% guaranteed heart disease and/or cancer, ask the doctor if the tumour or plaque looks ” clean and pastured ” . Yikes .You just don’t get it.

  64. He has a filter on to make his skin look healthy. Vegans can’t fool me, you can tell by the reddish tint to the hair on his head.

    1. You seem pretty foolish and shallow without the help of vegans.

    2. power house

      Right, the light is soo bright

  65. Been eating 99% vegan for a few days now(except for pesto). Nuts. Seeds. Fruits. Grains. Tofu. Greens. Beans. Enriched alpro products. Tatos. I still do add some “bad stuff” like bbq sauce to some recipes. I think I kinda over eat at the moment. But then again. I ate way too little good stuff on my meat and dairy diet.

    1. Funkyray87 that’s awesome! nothing wrong with a little bbq sauce every now and then. To my knowledge most brand is vegan. Our diets don’t have to be pristine and perfect all the time, just leave out animal products and try to eat some veggies. Starting is most important, and you already did that!

  66. i know one thing i dont need to listen to someone who use a filter to look good for people to spread the “truth”

    1. Wow, thats a deep meaningful criteria . I guess you vote for people if they have nice hair ? You are not shallow at all skippy .

    2. Amen to that

  67. I take a wide variety (30) of Non-GMO fruits and vegetables in powder form which includes the pulp and skin every day additional to what I eat and my blood work is always great!

  68. This gent has the bright eyes of clarity and the information of life.

    1. @Paola Rosichetti oooooo, the s h a d e.😮

    2. And he has a wonderful dark circles, but he covers them with a good concealer.

    3. Truth! 😊

  69. What you need to learn about this video: EAT TOFU 😉

    1. @Hugin Phytoestrogen is not the same as estrogen. To get estrogen, consume dairy products.

    2. If you want estrogen.

    3. @Some Guy Same!

    4. I used to avoid soy products, but then I learned that soy products in reasonable amounts are super foods. I love tempeh and edamame too.

    5. Yesss! 😊

  70. another reason to eat quality animal products

    1. I like drinking quality varsol. Great antibacterial properties . Sounds stupid , right ? So do you .

  71. Mushrooms make their own vit d in any UV light. I charge them on the windowsill.

    1. @Marijke Oude Meijers Maybe dried mushrooms would be safer.

    2. @WeAreOne then it probably doesn’t hurt to try on those rare sunny winter days

    3. @Marijke Oude Meijers yeah, I only looked online as well but apparently it doesn’t matter if they are sliced or even dried they still produce vit d in UV light. I only put them in the light a few hours before I cook them.

    4. I came up with the same conclusion, but I looked online first to see if it would work. So far I’ve only seen people recommend against doing that because you are dealing with slowly decaying parts of the fungus and not the living thing. I have thought about maybe growing them in my garden, but I have so many other plants that I also want to add, so I’m not sure yet

  72. Vitamin D3 10µg = 400 IU is a dose far too small in winter – and a negligible contribution when you get sun higher than 35 ° above the horizon (you get ~15.000 IU within minutes when unclothed and not too old).

  73. 💚💚💚

  74. I dont use any supplements. I probably should start B12?

    1. Definitely. And don’t worry about getting a fancy expensive brand. Just a regular store brand is fine.

  75. Sacha inchi seed, “the peanut 🥜 of the Incas” is a good source of omega 3 too (With a omega 9, 6 & 3 ratio of 1:3,5:5 (7 grams of ALA per ounce!). And it’s more easily absorbed than flax or chia seeds. They are high in protein too and could be eaten whole, as a butter or even in oil form.🌱☺️🌎greetings from Peru 🇵🇪

  76. Plant based diet is well being for the:
    1. Body
    2. Mind
    3. Animals
    4 . Society
    5. Planet

    It is not just about me, me,me.

    It’s about broadening your circle.

    1. Kawaii_Chiarra alright hun

  77. Is it true that just 2 Brazil nuts contain all the Selenium that you need in a day?

    1. Take one a day to one a week

    2. Randomly Se can be to low or seriously high. Many other problems with those nuts on a regular basis. See the comment to the other post on that subject.

  78. Too many people in this comment section that don’t supplement B12. People please, just take your B12 supplements

  79. Ooh like for Mike!

  80. Do research Moringa leaves and pods. The super nutrition loaded plant. Hope you’ll make a video on that…

  81. Thank you!

  82. Fun fact: eating liver once a week will give you more than enouth of every nutrient that was mentioned in this video

    1. @Philipp G thats a silly thing to say . if there was no abuse and murder of livestock, there would be no availability of liver. You’re confused as to which comes first . Do what you like . Forgive them , for they do not know what they are doing. Animal products are not healthy nor nutritious, FACT,

    2. Gross

    3. @Citizenthirteen By no means did I try to criticize the vegan lifestyle. but I would encourage anyone to look after yourself. Organs are the body part that is mostly thrown away, so you usually do not cause any extra demand for meat by eating liver. Do not forget, you also owe something to your own body…

    4. Citizenthirteen

      How is it not healthy? Do you not know that humans are omnivores not herbivores

    5. @Citizenthirteen Are you trying to convince us or yourself?

  83. Vegetology is my favourite brand. They provides Omega-3 supplement with lowest price compared to others and more discounts with more orders. They also have online shopping.

    1. @Hugin omega 3 can be also found in algae. you can see their product info from this link and then search ‘algae’ word from the page :

    2. And where do they get them? Omega 3 are animal fats.

  84. Cronometer shows high selenium contenct for corn and oats.

    1. Thats (average) data from US/Ca via USDA / NCCDB tables – e.g. oatmeal 379kcal : 28.9µg Se.
      Compare data from EU/France (Ciqual2017, EFSA FCD): oatmeal 367kcal only 3.05µg Se.

      So it varies strongly with soil content. In China there regions with severely low Se soil and some with 1000x higher toxical concentrations.

  85. Awesome collaboration. Thought provoking, thorough and informative. New subscriber here 👍🌱💪🤙

  86. Adding Irish sea moss is idea to, the plant has 92 minerals the human body needs

  87. For each vitamin you mention tofu haha

  88. Great video! Keep up the good work Mic!

  89. Please stop the music.

  90. Deva vegan multivitamins!

  91. Mic, LOVE seeing you here. I predict you will be remembered years, decades after your death in the late 2090s, for your immense contributions to our species and world. #NobelPeacePrize

    1. Shannabanana McInnis-Hurd I could light up a joint with woody

    2. memefeed I know quite a few actually but I am involved with many vegans doing activism. Even Woody Harrelson has been vegan for 30 years. ❤️🌱❤️

    3. @memefeed In person? No, but that’s largely due to living in a heavy meat eating culture. However worldwide there is a fair number, and there are people who do know many of such vegans, perhaps not ”many” among the whole world’s poulation, but definitely the vegan community, small as it may be, but it’s growing every day.

    4. Kristers Krūka do you know any 30-60 year vegans?

    5. @memefeed Naaah, he gonna live to 150, he a bae tho 😛 I mean, you may never know 😛

  92. Last week Brian Turner this week Mic The Vegan.

  93. Good morning from Australia Mic. Quick question, do you do vegan meal plans, I’m looking for something to use in conjunction with going gym twice a week. (I know i could Google, but thought I’d ask you, since I’m already here).

    Thanks for any help.

  94. I can hear this through the ears of a new vegan, but trust me, it’s easier than you think! As a healthy vegan of 15 years, I have never had a problem with deficiencies and I haven’t supplemented with anything, not even b12 (not recommended!) I also have not been taking any kinds of pharmaceuticals in a decade! Recently I decided to start supplementing with b12 occasionally, but not because I was deficient, but because better safe than sorry, vegan or not! Don’t just fall for the “I am vegan so I need all these supplements.” Eat a wfpb, don’t live on junk, and you’ll be fine. Just get a blood test and see that everything is fine – if not, supplement! 🙂 I’m turning 40 this month and I am feeling better than when I was in my mid 20s! 💪🌱


    2. I totally believe in the same. It’s crazy to buy all those vitamins, even so world changed and veggies doesn’t have same nutritional value. So I’m thinking how to get out of this trap without becoming a farmacy industry vitamin addict.

  95. Broccoli, Kale, carrots, oats, soy milk, mushrooms, seeds (flax, pumpkin, sunflower, chia), nuts (walnuts, almomds, brazil), legumes and fruit/berries.
    These cover pretty much every vitamin you need other than iodine.

    1. @Peter Greenwood lots of things are fortified with b12 Including the tortured dead animal on your plate. Some say the cheaper the better when It comes to b12, but for me I like high quality whole food sources or as close to it as I can get. The consensus is out there, you should always take a b12 supplement no matter what you eat, if you live in modern sterile society because b12 is very difficult to accurately measure. His soymilk is filled with estrogen blockers, phytoestrogens, while your milk is filled with real estrogen. Think about it. Good luck.

    2. Lb96 Sounds like your soy milk is fortified with b12 which is good.

    3. @Lb96 everyone try’s to prove that there is at least one nutrient in meat that we need but no one can do it. Don’t argue with me or take someones word for it on YouTube that might be using skewed scientific studies in a bias manner. Look at the research yourself.

      THAT WAS MEANT FOR, 2MAZ Beatz, lol my bad

    4. @2MAZ if an herbivore can convert b12 from bacteria into its necessary hormone state then we (an herbivore that loves starchy tubers) can too, just like we convert amino acids from plants into protien. Also we convert d3 into it’s hormone state in the body, either from sun or lichen or sun grown mushrooms.

    5. @2MAZ hmm I eat around 4500-4750 cal so I do get all my b12 from soy milk but according to cronometer 250ml of soy milk gives you 42% of your rda. I drink about 600ml a day. I do have b12 sups from my protein but I never take em. I guess people eating 2000 should

  96. On a whole food plant based diet, other than B12, there is no need to supplement. (And vit D is a hormone, not a vitamin.)

    1. @Grahame’s World true. There is an opinion out there that by our modern cleanliness, we wash the vitamin d synthesis from the oils in our skin before it has time to assimilate. I don’t know if theres any truth to that, but it is fat soluble, so not a terribly far fetched idea. How quick is vitamin d absorbed through the skin. Does it wash off with the oils on our skin. Question that need an answer.

    2. @Ezra Daiquiri Your body makes vit D from sun exposure. Just a few minutes a day is enough.

    3. @Ezra Daiquiri Here a source:
      Shiitake is also one of the mushroom with the highest antioxydant and nutritional density’s score, i don’t know why but this mushroom is so lucky, king shiitake.

    4. @Tyrel Blaxis holy shiitake! That’s cool, I thought sun drenched mushrooms still only provided d2. I’ll have to look into it, thanks!

    5. @Ezra Daiquiri Shiitake actually develops a lot of Vitamin D3 and D4 if exposed to any uv, it’s shame a there isn’t any exposed mushroom where i live. I hate taking supplements, and exposed mushrooms could easily cover any vitamin d”s need. Same for the vitamin b12, i prefer eat Chlorella than eat isolated b12.

  97. Per calorie, Cucumbers are a great source for all minerals. Honeydew and cantaloupe are a great source for omega 3s.

    1. @I like Potatoes,
      Who do you define as “you people”? What is there to look at besides evidence?
      Would you consider 2 bachelor of Science degrees and one MS degree beyond 6th grade? Why is it that you are avoiding my questions? It almost seems like you are trolling.

    2. @Ryan Welsch you people love evidence and studies but most of you don’t make it past 6th grade.

    3. @I like Potatoes,
      What are you talking about? What games? If you have evidence to disprove my statements I would like to see it.

    4. @Ryan Welsch comeeeeeee onnnnnn. Stop playing games troll.

    5. @I like Potatoes,
      If you are referring to me, how is it that I am trolling? Mic asked that we share our sources and that is what I was doing.

  98. It’s not broccoli….it’s brock- REEEEEE!

    1. It’s Brock Lee. Ask Brian Turner. He’ll tell you.

  99. Death by nutrient deficiency is a myth, ¿how were our ancestors able to meet their daily values of vitamins and minerals, If they didn’t have a wide range of foods available to them year round like we do?

    1. Humans only needed to live long enough to pass their genes on, many of the defiencies will not kill you but will effectively hinder you

    2. @Citizenthirteen You need to discuss this with your local natural History museum, not me.

    3. @Swiss Lady Driver great anecdotal stories . Tell us some more cool stories. We love to hear your stories.

    4. They just died during times of famine or when the hunt didn’t go well. They usually had no Problems with Vitamin D because they were outdoors A LOT MORE.

    5. @Lb96 They lived long enough to keep humanity going, so if they made it then that means that we should be able to as well, without a doubt.

  100. Does he ever sleep ? 🙂 Have an annual blood test and that will determine what you need to eat not be prescribed.

    1. Also an excellent time to consider becoming a blood donor!

  101. How is it you say we need all these different fruits and veggies, and Dr. McDougall of the Starch Solution says potatoes, alone give us every micro and macronitient we need?

    1. @casey miller A last thought….you are correct that it’s as much what you don’t take in. Used to have colds and flu nonstop until I found out soft drinks have enough sugar to shut down you immune system for the day. Haven’t had a cold in years now. And although I stopped at lacto-ovo vegetarian, I may go on to Veganland. I’m using eggs and dairy mostly for recipes, but there are viable ways around them. Just had a starch based meal with boiled potatoes and gravy, beans and some tomatoes along with flour tortillas. Didn’t have to mess around with meat products. A simple to prepare, enjoyable meal. Even clean up is easier. Best wishes.

    2. carpe diem good chatting with you as well, I have turned a lot of curious people on to McDougall simply because they see me eating my baked potatoes like apples, hopefully it made an impact! Enjoy being pain free and keep eating those spuds!!

    3. @casey miller So true. It’s very difficult to give up meat, in particular. And veggie burgers and soy hot dogs only work for so long. What Dr. McDougall and his wife came up with was a breakthrough with their vegan comfort food meals. What gets me is that it was right in front of us and nobody could see it. Because we were all “fed” to believe green was the only way. Point is, vegan comfort food is the only thing that will ever come close to replacing meat and dairy. And it works. It’s the real game changer. We just need to get the word out. Thanks for the conversation!

    4. carpe diem that’s awesome it’s working for you, seems like health improvements are found mostly by subtracting, not adding! I overcame some serious health challenges by changing my diet, I wish that was the headline- not “what no meat or cheese?!” Health is so much more enjoyable than any food!!

    5. @casey miller Thank you so much. Because that was my exact experience. Years ago, I was forced to go veggie due to health concerns. It worked, but I cheated and went hungry a lot. I ordered tapes from Dr. Furhman but never listened to a single one when he started on salads. Then Dr. McDougall said I could live on potatoes. I turned him off also, skeptically. But came back. I just love it. He’s talking my language with potatoes and gravy! And add some color here and there. Yes, he’s got an attitude. I love a person with guts. It’s because of his stroke while only a teen. He’s had to struggle and it’s made him a fierce warrior. I’m so grateful. Might want to know my severe hip pain, almost completely gone within a few weeks of the Starch Solution. I suspected meat was inflammatory and proved to be correct.

  102. Eat all the tofu!

  103. Freshly ground flax for ALA!

  104. Veganism = when you want to sell supplements to rubes who refuse to study science

    1. What science? You mean the science that shows the most common conditions like: heart disease, stroke, cancer, diebetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, allergies, inflammtion, anxiety, autoimmune disorders, skin ailments, etc. Can be treated, reversed and prevented with a whole-food, plant-based diet?

    2. That’s right. Eating dead animal corpses and cow pus makes us strong and vibrant.

  105. There’s no reason to supplement on a cultured whole foods plant based diet


    2. @2MAZ you aren’t funny

    3. Grzegorz Widła this is probably a vegan AI robot. LOL

    4. @Grzegorz Widła so what fermented staples are you eating everyday in poland?

    5. @Daniel Reynolds your tone is funny.

  106. I just completed the Plant Based Nutrition Certificate Program from the Center for Nutrition Studies at E-Cornell University. According to Dr. Campbell, when we follow a Whole Foods Plant Based diet, we don’t need any supplements except for Vitamin B12 and maybe Vitamin D if we are not getting enough sun exposure. The key is to consume a VARIETY of plant based foods. 🌱

    1. I agree with this except for iodine. I had some thyroid problems until I added iodine to my wfpb diet.

    2. Nearly yes for North America – if you get enough iodine from fort salt and possibly sea vegs.
      But in many other regions Selenium is very critical – #1 in time (T/2 = 150 days) and #2 serious next to B12.

    3. Sage advice from a truly wise man!

    4. Congrats Jennifer

  107. This video was sponsored by the supplement industry.
    I’ll follow a whole food plant based diet and only supplement B12 and go walk early morning. That’s all.
    3.5 years vegan. No deficiency. Thanks.

    1. get your rda of iodine?

    2. Yep it’s easy

    3. That’s great for you! Not everyone can do that though.

  108. I use a vegan prenatal!

  109. Great video for all the new B vegans out there…Thanks Mic…!

    Vegan whole plant based foods on Instagram == mikewakethefoodup

  110. Everyone needs vitamins!

    1. Daniel Reynolds dude wtf are you talking about? I eat a vegan diet and I got b12 deficient at one time. That supplement saved my ass. Advising against b12 supplementation is reckless and stupid. Calm TF down, you are making a big deal out of a non issue. Why don’t you use your energy wisely and go yell at some carnists you blow hard.

    2. @casey miller stop trying to act like you are well versed in nutrition science- your caveats are simply antivegan propaganda parrot ed from uneducated doctors.

    3. @casey miller that’s bullshit. All b12 intake is supplemental, and the best way to get it is through environment. There is no alternative for a healthy cultured whole foods plant based diet…

      Billions of dollars ate wasted on b12 supplements that people don’t need.

    4. Dr Grey the caveat b12, wise to supplement for most people not just vegans!

    5. Yep in real food not pills
      Whole food plant based and you have it all

  111. My favorite vitamins are my kind organic.

  112. Hey. Two of my favorite channels in one. As for nutrient-rich foods, is it crazy to say that I’d like to think we’d crave what we need? Or rather, we should. I know that recently, I really wanted to try out making pancakes with vegan eggs. I craved pancakes with hot fruit on top. I normally don’t eat a lot of fruit, mostly because it’s not picked ripe, and it’s super expensive. But I bought some strawberries and pineapple for a good price, and cheated with cherry jam–I know, lots of sugar. I made my gluten-free pancakes in the morning (have had to be gluten-free for the last 10 years), and smothered them in these fruits. I felt absolutely great! So I’m off to buy more pancake mix. I used the product: neategg, made of chia seeds and garbanzo beans. You can’t eat them like omelettes or scrambled. This is just for recipes. Yum! And no I didn’t gain weight. I gain more when I load up on too many veggie burgers and soy dogs. I do love them. Luckily, have been supplementing with B12 for over 40 years, many of which I was unaware that they weren’t at times, vegetarian or vegan. I always try to take other Bs, especially B6 when I do. I feel like it may not be good to isolate B vitamins too much, but that could just wrong. Dunno. I also love Violife cheese. It’s fortified with B12.

    1. Instead of jelly, jam, or syrup, I use unsweetened apple sauce. Not a whole food, but less processed and excessively sweet compared to the others I mentioned. If it still isn’t sweet enough, try adding some raisins or crushed dates.

    2. Pharma junkie. Vegan food “so good”, right? Lol

  113. Now i am scared of vegan diet

    1. @Citizenthirteen No you are not. Stop spreading lies.

    2. @Citizenthirteen i am……actually……

    3. You should be a million times more scared of eating animal products. You are guaranteed to get heart disease or cancer .or both.

    4. atul bhute nothing to fear. Some people like to know every tiny detail before transitioning to a more plant based diet. Videos like this are good information for people who are worried about individual nutrients and don’t feel comfortable moving forward “blindly”. I am not one of those people lol, I just eat a variety of foods, take b12 and d in winter since I live far north. A blood test every year or two and I’m good to go, no worries!

  114. Love this video !

  115. Sos free, wfpb vegan with b12 sup. and feeling fine. Thanx for the info 🙏🏼

    1. “Feeling fine” does not equate to good health.

  116. I don’t think I’m eating enough fruits and vegetables.

    Wine is fruit, right? Crisps are vegetables?

    1. you dont need fruits,, they all toxic,, less toxic then nuts and fatty seeds (except alge flax chia leafygreens,, still unsure about flax and chia) but none berry fruits are all toxic,, cant get rid of acne and 33 other health issues with fatty nuts and seeds
      ignore me
      – Sustainability
      -2030 After ITS TOO LATE ..11min
      -Dairy Industry, 5min
      -Gary Yourofsky Speach
      -JamesAspey Speach
      -ALL In One Video
      -HealthChoices ActualDetails
      *Earthlings* (Care Hard to watch)
      -Perils Of Dairy (VERY Detailed)
      *What The Health* Trailer (Netflix)…
      (HEALTH Impacts Caused By AnimalAgriCult, Many Prefer Fork Over Knives, More Doctors)
      Netflix or youtube,, if you lucky,, activists keeps reposting,, cause anoying youtube keeps closing them down.
      **GAME CHANGERS** Trailer PURE POWER (Netflix)
      -Home Documentary,, my first most important life worth Documentary (now its cowspiracy)

      —Française Section— (dur de trouver traduction française Cowspiracy et WhatTheHealth)
      Dsl pas trouver mieu :'( AniPlanetSanté
      -*Bayers *
      -Demain Trailer
      Cambio climático
      Vale más que mi vida
      -Economics & Laws

      -Oceans (Details)
      -Are We Designed To Eat Meat?..
      -Ocean 3D Farming
      -Fork Over Knives (Many Doctors) ,
      -CHASING ICE (INSANELY Beautiful)
      -EatingOurWayToExtinction (Intense)
      -Dominion (luv de Trailer)
      If you want much more medical/nutrition education FOR FREE,
      you can Start by VegSource Youtube,, (Ignore the owner/ check WFPB doctors).
      China Studie,, Longshadow Livestock,, The Cheese Trap,, White Wash,,
      ——————————IGNORE THE REST——————————-
      So Many Others
      (Free On Youtube)
      -*Plant Pure Nation ,
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      -Silence On Vaccine
      -Food Inc (Workers In Animal Ag)
      Etc etc etc…
      Knowledge IS POWER
      Doctors No Education in Nutrition 80%+++ of all health issues.
      Pharma?… Pills, SideEffects=+Pills.
      Suplement Industry Creates Fear of Lacking Education. Same For De Fat Industry.
      CORRUPTED Medias Withold EXTREMELY CRUCIAL INFormation.
      & All Use !Industry Funded Research! Brilliantly Twisted… (Dr. T. Colin Campbel).
      Funny Dat Economy Crashing,, While People Only Buy Necessities… (Covid, FB Picture)
      THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS GOOD FATs,, ITS ALL TOXIC!!!!!..,,, (Xcept Alge & LeafyGreens)
      Eat -WFPB-, NO NUTS, NO FATTY SEEDS (Many NoneBerry Fruits Can Similar Symptoms and other not included effects in de list, start by FATS)
      Clean Ur Fat Addictions (YES YOU ARE AN ADDICT) for 1 week to 1 month, then Cheat after every 4-6 clean days, to understand what i mean, & B Careful of the Fat/Sugar Craving State,, very hard to get out,,, (Denial/Ignorance/NoAwarness, me Included).
      NO SUPLEMENTS THEY ALL TOXIC (sadly b12 IS CRUCIAL, INFORM YOURSELF on that one,, toxic if too much and none is permenent defiencies) (VegSource or any Other Sources)
      (ALL Organic : ALL NUTsFromShells,ShelledHemp,Tahini,Pumpkin,apples, pears FrozenMangos(gona test real organic WHOLE mangos soon),, WTF AlreadyPrepairdDattes?
      FATS Symptoms (Animal Oils Nuts & FattySeeds). (&SomeFruits). (incomplete) :
      1-Acne X
      2-Irritable (FatsFruitsSenses)X
      3-Frustration X
      4-Tiredness/Fatigue X
      5-Mood UNSTable X
      6-HarderWakeUp X
      7-ADDICtionState X
      8-BrainFog X
      9-Depression(FatsFruitsSOLitude) X
      10-Constipation(veryveryMild X
      11-Hypospadia (DelayedPeeDrops)(FATS) X
      12-INFLAMATion (ExcerciseFatsFruits) X
      13-Cramp (FATSExcercise)X
      14-Muscles&Extremities,Numbness(FatsFruitsInactive) X
      15-ITCHING(Skin/Hair)(SCENTED SOAPS!!!!&Fats) X
      16-inActif/+LazyChores/Excercise X
      17-Rheum (Eye crusts(Fats&Fruits) X
      18-BackPain X
      19-Erectile Deficiency (unknown X
      20-Sex- UnknownX (sproutseem2helps)
      21-Headacks X OneENTIREYear
      22-Wake Up Pain Hair X twice
      23-+Sick/last longer X
      24-+Addicted To Anger X
      25-+Weight (ChefAJNutsStory X
      26-Blood Vessels Permanent Scaring of EndothelioCells & Reduced Elasticity X?
      27-ItchingRed(Inflated) Extremities(Winter Toes) X
      28-Night Sweats X
      29-Greasier Skin X
      30- -Veins Elasticity (during stretching) X
      30-Neighbors being FKIN LOUD ANOYing (XTREM LOT +sensible to it) Goes with more IRritable BUT I HAD TO MENTION IT AAAAAAAA lol D:= X
      31-Torticollis X
      32-stomack Ache (mom? (FIBERS) X

    2. @JE Hoyes sweet potato crisps are 1 of your 5 a day

    3. Lb96 Don’t worry, I always check that the wine and crisps are vegan.

    4. I’m pretty sure a lot of wine isnt vegan cos it has egg whites in

    5. JE Hoyes lol that’s what my husband says too, just to annoy me – and then he eats the broccoli I give him lmao

  117. How funny a egg advertisement before your video 😂

  118. This video made it seem more complex than it needs to be. I eat a mostly whole food plant based diet. I take a daily algae Omega-3 and multivitamin 3 or 4 times a week as cheap insurance. Done.

    1. @Tyrel Blaxis it’s so hard for people to accept

    2. You don’t need at all to supplement in omega 3, eat seeds than contains a lot of ALA is totally enough, all the recents studies using new and best performing methods concluded that ALA could convert enough DHA and EPA.

    3. @J-S M Why would a vegan need to supplement b12? You need to do more research and stop parroting antivegan propaganda

    4. @Karl Cramer multivitamin isn’t ideal because the substances react to each other and sometimes become analogues that block the receptors

    5. J-S M B12 in the multivitamin but just as insurance. It’s covered with nutritional yeast.

  119. 🌱 🎤

  120. My kind organics wholefood vitamins ❤

    1. Pills 😋

    2. Tofu Tina 👊

  121. @Mic Thanks for supporting LIVEKINDLY! Put Shiitake caps gills up in the sun to multiply the vitamin D content exponentially.

    1. @Wearephuct O Good to know. Thanks.

    2. @Some Guy Paul Staments found it worked best with shiitake

    3. @Some Guy yup it does, mushrooms grown in the sun have vitamin D

    4. That should work with other mushrooms too, right?

  122. This is awesome! I love Mic the Vegan! Good job on this video. This is something that I talk about over on my channel to in my recent video debunking Joe Rogan and Chris Kresser’s debunk of the Game Changers. Spoiler alert: the only supplement you need is b12.

    1. @Aspen & Emery That’s awesome about your iron levels.  I do get where you are coming from about the vitamin d. Not everyone is exactly the same, but much closer than not? Yes.

    2. Rabbit Food Fitness I think everyone is different. I am vitamin d deficient without a supplement and I spend so much time outside. I also tested deficient in the summer. I will admit going vegan my iron levels have finally been great without supplements!

  123. Why do you need science in your diet! – I am 63 fit as a fiddle – don’t take meds – don’t go to doctors or dentist – never had a TV or read a news paper!
    But guess what – total sugar free vegan! – its not about the food – its about the creatures – I love wild creatures – I have a pigeon – a cat broke its wing – I bandaged her and gave her food and shelter – now I give her flying lessons – I jump off boxes and flap my arms because it melts my heart to see her copy me – all creatures are magical – please don’t eat them

    1. @BetterYouBetterWorld V my bad, i assumed you had research skills

    2. @Daniel Reynolds .. a study about making fermented oat bevereges.. no mention of b12.. you are sooo funny

    3. @BetterYouBetterWorld V

    4. @Daniel Reynolds oh my god you are crazy, if you cant find even one study on ncbi to back your claims then just shut up because everything you say is insanity

    5. @Jh5578 show me the data that says a cultured whole food plant based vegan CANNOT get adequate amounts of b12 from their diet.

      You haven’t provided any evidence to back up your claims…

      Also in that video the guy says he is summarizing, and has all the data, and I fucking told you it was just a reference and I don’t agree with everything he is saying, and you still just parrot other people telling you there isn’t enough b12 in a plant based diet… EVEN THO THERE IS PLENTY OF B12 IN A PLANT BASED DIET…

      seriously- what is wrong with your brain..
      You have belief persistence…

      You know I’m right.
      You know meat eaters are the ones at risk,
      But you still refuse to relent.
      You are a shill for the b12 industry.
      The same industry that made current intensive animal agriculture possible..

  124. So if I just eat a balanced and varied diet and take a vegan multi vitamin I’ll be all good then?

    1. Check the amount of B-12 in the multi sometimes it can be low. You need at least 2,000mcg a week. Other than that you’re good.

  125. Wow ! First Brian Turner and now mic the vegan! I’m loving that you are having my favorite vegan content creators hosting episodes lately !!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  126. A vegan diet can vary from poor (fried foods, processed foods, soda) to nourishing (lots of whole plant foods). So yes, for some vegan diets supplements will be necessary. Is there a vegan diet really? It should be called “plant-based diet”, not a vegan diet. Veganism is ethics, not a diet. Just my opinion.

    1. I think the definition of plant based is changing. Dunking donuts makes what they call plant based breakfast sandwich that consists of a muffin with egg, cheese, and beyond meat.. 🤦🏼‍♀️. And the lady that sold it to my husband said that’s what was on the plant based one but she could remove the cheese for him. He just said no thank you..

    2. Actually I think on the contrary ‘vegan diet’ makes it clear there are ONLY plant foods. One could make the distinction between vegan diet and vegan lifestyle including diet as well as no leather etc. Plant Based on the other hand could be construed as being only based on plants, or mostly plants as the base but with some other things in smaller quantities. All sorts of finishes, trimmings etc, could, arguably and theoretically, be added to something based on plants. 100% Plant Based is more clear, the 100% is necessary to remove confusion. Like a plant based dessert with dairy cream decoration or flaked milk chocolate garnish, or even a bit of butter or gelatin in the plant based major portion.

  127. ‘Is spirulina dangerous…’ about kelp and B12
    DHA reconsidered
    Thanks. This seems to be a good comprehensive and concise video. One important point: for years I’ve been taking vegan DHA and more recently vegan DHA and EPA but a recent video by Dr. Michael Klaper pointing out the link of high levels of these with prostate cancer made me stop the supplement at once, as has Dr. Klaper himself. It’s probably good to have ALA from walnuts, flaxseeds and vegetables, and a good all round diet plus B-12 supplement for the co factors needed for the body to convert this to the longer chain Omega 3’s. Regarding kelp etc. there was a caution not to take these within a day or two of taking a B12 supplement, I think in a video of Plant Based Science London. I shall try to share links here of the two videos. A minor point: the melon shown being eaten while pro vitamin A was discussed had whitish flesh, I should think that would be found in much greater quantities in yellow, orange or green fleshed melons. But I’m not sure of this. But thanks, a very good video overall.

  128. Great information! I take 8greens supplement each morning for my kick of B vitamins

  129. I take iron, d and b12 supplements. The iron is dr ordered because of anemia. The others i have been taking for years

    1. @Brandon Swan i know. Caffeine slows down the breakdown of certain vitamins, which is why i take mine at night before bed.

    2. You probably know already but I thought I should tell you 2 things about iron. 1 plant iron doesn’t Absorb can as well unless you add vitamin c in the meal. 2 green tea and matcha interfere with iron absorption. So it’s not good to have green tea close to meals.

  130. 2 Brazil nuts a day for selenium ✌🏼

    1. Adina Ramirez 4 a month is enough selenium. I don’t know what happens (or any) if you eat more than 1 a day or 2 in one go…. but the amount in 4 Brazil nuts has enough sale Kim for a month…

    2. So Brazil nuts yes or no?

    3. TOO MUCH!!

    4. 1 nut a day to one nut a week is sufficient

    5. 74griffo I just sprinkle a nut over the families stew or pasta or anything really. I do this once a week or so.

  131. I use fortified nutritional yeast and miso in one meal each day and eat a wide range of fruits, veggies, and legunes/beans/nuts as well. My blood panel was pretty stellar when I got it checked a few months ago. My B12 was actually hugh because of my supplementation, so I cut it back.

    1. Are you counting on miso for B12? This link says that it doesn’t contain B12.

      Also, it takes a while for the B12 in your system to become low, so if you went vegan recently, you might still need to supplement.

  132. *Create a Better and Sexier World by……GOING and Living VEGAN*

    1. @Wearephuct O okay…..maybe I should! 🙂

    2. @Louis Gedo Good. I have a funny funny idea. Get a long white beard at a costume shop or amazon. The reason this will be evident any day now.

    3. True… We will then see less morbidly obese ppl

    4. @Wearephuct O No…….I sometimes don’t check emails for a week…….this could take a while

    5. Hey Louis, did you do your interview with F. yet?

  133. I just take b12

    1. @Daniel Reynolds a black belt in nutrition science and you think we dont need b12 lmao what about iodine? doesnt sound like you have read alot of studies on deficiencies, you sound panfully missguided and oblivious to anecdotal claims

    2. @Citizenthirteen the only reason I’m not making sense is because you haven’t don’t your research lololol..

    3. @Daniel Reynolds you are not making sense buddy . You OK ? Stroked out ? BTW you are misusing the word ” irony” Thats Ok , most people have no clue when to use the term. Just like 99% of people are clueless about nutrition . Not your fault.

    4. @Citizenthirteen I’m actually at the top of my class in nutrition. I’m a black belt in nutrition science

    5. @Citizenthirteen the irony is that I do understand b12.. it is you that hasn’t done your research…

      Plus I’ve been vegan for 5 years now, and plant based for 10

  134. Cool cross over. Good topic.

  135. We will see a vegan world in our lifetime. The demand for plant based foods are extremely high. Much love to all of my fellow vegan youtubers and Influencers. =)

    1. @Daniel Reynolds cars and machines made horses useless. Did we a horse mass murdering? 30 years of people having to take care of them? Wilde horses destroying cities? No.

    2. @Lloyd Christmas A problem is that lab meat cells require intense agricultural pre-production and pre-processing, while livestock feeds from meadows, b grade crops and remainders. The ecological impact at least may be worse than with classic meat. Also, will lab meat be as unhealthy ?

    3. Juice let say it happens in just one year… again, you could die today or tomorrow….

    4. @Daniel Reynolds Sorry you view my analysis as some sort of playing at morality. And yes, I have three vegan dogs and a cat. Ethical people decide to alter companions, and rescue abandoned animals. I get that your main concern is the environment. I assume, like me, you’ve acquired property that you cleared of all foreign invasive species, planted dozens of Natives, and got it registered as a Wildlife Habitat with the NWF? No? Meanwhile, I dont expect everyone on Earth to share my abilities and concerns. While your concern level is super admirable and necessary, do you actually care about the animals themselves? And why are you so keenly focused on them, when it is seven global companies and the U.S. military contributing about 80% to the problem, with urban sprawl being a huge side issue?

      I don’t want to assume about you, as I don’t know you, but as adamant as you are about our personal daily consumption, I would expect you to be vehemently anti global military world policing, and anti Big Carbon corporations first, because of your environmental priority. But we’re all different. I won’t knock you for your extreme focus, in spite of you knocking and baiting me and others about diet and global mass killing of animals. Preaching to the choir is one thing, but admonishing the chorus just because we aren’t all singing the soprano part makes no sense. We’ve heard each other out. We don’t hate each other, so that’s good. If we all tried to focus on just one thing at a time, very little would get done, so I ask you just one consideration of my my analogy: Having a variety of perspectives and forms of activism is like having an eight part chorus, as opposed to a unison chorus. The other parts aren’t working against you and each other, rather, they are supporting your role, in harmony, allowing you to accomplish more than if we all did your thing. If you want a conductor role, stop being a diva, and instead explain how we are to accomplish your vision. How can you use the variety of us to your advantage? Without first changing hearts and minds, how do you prevent people from simply birthing more animals after your Great Slaughter? This isn’t me egging you on, it’s a serious dialogue, deserving of respect.

    5. @Daniel Reynolds Animals aren’t destroying the world.

  136. Wait where have I been lmao? Never new Mic worked for you guys, probably because I didn’t really pay attention to this channel 🤷🏿‍♂️

    1. @Mike’s Man Cave He means “knew.” I suspect that you knew that from the context. Even a gnu would know that. 😉

    2. I like this channel. Especially their weekly vegan news.

    3. @Jaskaran Diu thanks man

    4. New?? Old?? No idea what you are trying to say. What do you mean new?

    5. Love the red background muscle pic

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