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Doctors Resort to Black Market For Medical Supplies As Trump Refuses Pleas for Equipment | NowThis

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This doctor had to buy COVID-19 gear on the black market because of the nationwide lack of medical supplies.
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In US news and current events today, this doctor spent $17k on black market medical gear because of the nationwide lack of supplies to fight COVID-19. Hospital workers across the country are forced to get creative with how they protect themselves while treating COVID-19 patients.

A NYC nurse who treated COVID-19 patients died from the virus. He worked at a hospital where nurses have taken to wearing garbage bags as protection because they ran out of gowns. Health care workers and state officials are calling on Trump to invoke the Defense Production Act, which would order businesses to produce protective equipment. Trump says that enough companies have been volunteering.

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549 thoughts on “Doctors Resort to Black Market For Medical Supplies As Trump Refuses Pleas for Equipment | NowThis

  1. I am sorry but the math is wrong …need 30000.. get 400.. that 29600.. isn’t it

  2. When the country’s leader is not brave enough to let go of profits, they wont help. Look at them frontliners with no help.

  3. So when is America gonna be great again?

  4. Trump: you are a bad reporter for sending a wrong message.
    Same person: blame China for hiding information

  5. There are 2 things I fear most: Trump would outlive even myself and contaminate the US with his stupidity and vile corruption and the mass scale of trash we will be creating from these PPEs and face masks that are single use only since we can’t recycle them… I fear we may leave the world a mess bigger than before covid19 hit us.

  6. “You pick the 26,000 people who are going to die”

    This line literally broke me. 🥺

  7. The Federal, States and hospital administrations failed our medical workers and it’s citizens.

  8. So sad our healthcare workers, first responders, etc where is the help for them? Where are the supplies? A million thanks for your services.

  9. 10,000 ventilators in the national stockpile and jared kushner says those vents held back and states need to find their own and trump backs him up.

  10. The same thing had happened to Chinese doctors and nurses in the first weeks of the lock down of Wuhan, but the difference is the Chinese doctors turned to the private donors rather than the black market.

  11. This is so American, profit, exploitation, supplies only available on the black market,
    I bet it’s the fed stock pile and it’s trump and kushner behind it. I wouldn’t doubt it. Seriously,
    Good on you man, but your putting your lives at risk, we understand if you don’t want to. So many healthcare workers will die due to lack of ppe.

  12. OMG.

  13. Fake news will take every opportunity to slam Trump. Do nothing Democrats and some Republicans take this Crisis to add alot of pork into the stimulus package. Like 25 million dollars going to the Kennedy center and many others. A die hard supporter of any party is dangerous. Many of those politicians dont care about you. I didnt vote for a president in 2016. Trump is no politician that’s why many politicians in both parties and the media hates him. Sometimes he doesnt use the right words. Be in these times we need a real leader. Not someone that makes decisions based on poll data. Sometime good decisions doesnt feel good. Sometimes it requires everyone to sacrifice not just the rich. Instead of having your hand out for money you didnt earn . let’s have are hands out ready to work. And not rely heavily on the government for any problem because we act foolishly with our money.
    The most important thing to do is seek Jesus while he may by found. Many of these thing are happening because we turned our back on Jesus. We need to humble ourselves seek God and turn from our wicked ways. Then we can hear from God.

  14. Maybe you all can buy towels . Then use as face mask



  17. Trumps America. Hope everyone who voted for him is proud.

  18. This is crazy!!!!! WHY DO THIS DOCTOR HAVE TO DO THIS!!! I just don’t understand Trump.

  19. Cuomo closed MANY NY hospitals so rich realtors could come in and gentrify those buildings for profit.

  20. Man Trump doesn’t GAF about anyone but himself. He’ll definitely go down as the WORST PRESIDENT IN AMERICAN HISTORY!

  21. They supported decades of even worse things that result in human torture and death. They never “had” to do that. Their community needs to step the f-ck up and make masks with slide in filters but they aren’t. As a humanitarian it’s frustrating to know that few people are assisting with the crucial things when the vast majority could help. Instead I only hear people complaining about themselves or breaking quarantine. It’s selfish and so irritating because it’s the prime reason why all of us helpers are overworked!

  22. land of the free. rotflol.

  23. So these is america hording a critical equipment. During very dire situation.. God bless America..

  24. The entire world is running short of medical equipment and basic supplies.
    Thats because China, between Jan-February, clandestinely gathered masks, gowns, medical supplies and basic equipments from all over the world to stockpile their own.
    All the while telling the world that there was nothing to worry and they had it under control.
    This is not a conspiracy bull theory, this is proven fact.

  25. There is no supplies anywhere. Nobody is withholding supplies. Pence has literally had to shut down global shipments just to hold off the shortage in the US.

    They were trying to buy masks from S.Korea and they said they were still waiting on a shipment from the US.

    Just like the IV bag shortage after the Puerto Rico Hurricane. The supply chain is shutting down because epicenters are where it all comes from.

    There will be massive shifts in manufacturing because of this and will result in manufacturing returning to the US for essential products

  26. Its sad 95% of the American people are pulling together,
    except those few causing trouble, Right Mr. Trump, sir?

  27. The morons of this comment section is great look at the people blocking all legislation aka the democrats since the start all of this proves the the medical industry needs more completion not nationalized health care

  28. If people reelect this jackass after this I will be ashamed to be an American.

  29. Wow, this is messed up. How do they know that the black market supplies are real?

  30. Drug dealing style

  31. Let’s prepare legal representation. Class action lawsuits against the hospitals, the local state and federal governments, and some of the media for misleading and failing to protect the public.

  32. Stop allowing the government to tell us what we can and can’t have we literally give them the money to use so if we need it we can take it people need to stand up

  33. Americans learning through hard ways before electing their next president. Never get a bussinessman to decide in wars….oh god please save americans…..

  34. Americans and the world don’t need bullets and soldiers, we need doctors and medicine. People remember after corona crises are over, we protest against Wars, guns, and armies. We demand for next generation to be made of doctors, engineers and build hospitals. History have proven to us disease is out biggest enemy.

  35. Hit like if you use to support trump ,now your thinking about it.

  36. in China, th private companies turned their machines into making ventilatirs bybthemselves

  37. strump refused KN 95 masjs made in china, says it is below the standard of N95 masks made in usa. kn 95 and n 95 are 3 M products. 3 M is usa company makes Kn39 in china , different name. similar madks donated by javk ma well received by cuimo.A decent mask may not npbe tge best is better than re using dirty masks.

    trump needs to stop his anti china trade games at this moment in time.

  38. Imagine if Trump wins for 2nd term and another pandemic hits how many Americans will be left

  39. 30000-400=29600, not 26000

  40. Chump says,” if you die, that’s ok. But I survive. That’s all it counts!”

  41. Ask Biden why is it the Obama Government did not replenish the medical supplies.

  42. There are 4000 ventilators not yet used. Asked Coumo or de Blasio.

  43. Why is there no more H1N1 flu now and only covid-19? So the H1N1 flu that happened in the U.S. since September 2019 is covid-19 Corona Pneumonia? It has also been proven that the origin source of covid-19 corona pneumonia is the United States.

  44. Imagine this. It’s more secretive and sketchy than drugs. Drug dealers gonna be having a field day.

  45. Why aren’t Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, and General Dynamics producing ventilators imediatly? Time to pay their debts to society

  46. This doctor risks his life to help us only to have to risk his life to get supplies to do so and we call ourselves a first world country.

  47. America… Ur government has failed u.

  48. Incredible this is real, it sounds like a bad B-movie plot.

  49. It is disgusting

  50. Black markets are better then trump i guess

  51. Lol tell me why do u vote for him again?

  52. Tsk tsk
    America is worse right now than third world country. I feel sorry for you Americans. Well your election is coming right?

  53. …all THIS because we have an incompetent fool for a POTUS!

  54. Again Trump is not at fault here it’s the business that decided to move to China for manufacturing things this is the issue when it comes to making things in another country. Next time don’t have all of your monopoly in 1 Country…

  55. 30000-400=29600🤔

  56. Remembered the time when the Soviet Union citizen had to bought stuff from black market to survived?
    Guess who’s next?

  57. *29600 people are going to die*
    Just want to fix the math there.

  58. Not sure if that’s illegal cuz it sounds shady af, but if it is, this guy should be jailed. You don’t get a free pass in the eyes of the law.

  59. All you leftists look and see only trump doing wrong. Yet you fail to look at stats. If 100k masks are made in one day, all those masks have to be sent not to just one place. They have to be doled out fair and if they run out before they get to them, there is not much that can be done. Where do you send some to. To a hopital like in new york compared to giving that amount to someplace that has 5 testing positive and no deaths. You people are completely blind to many things involved. Pathetic that you still put hate above the dire situation all americans are going through.

  60. It’s all trumps fault 😠

  61. Trump is doing a great right? lol

  62. In spain the situation is bit different. Doctors here are telling us to NOT go to the hospital if you show symptoms, go only if you are having dificulties while breathing. That way urgencies dont get swarmed instantly.

    Other tip, a doctor/youtuber from spain, called “Spiriman” has funded an organization to collect money from anyone who wants to help. Just by giving everyone about 20-30€ they are buying tons of equipment and are distributing it to the hospitals of Andalucia. Its working. Of course its not as effective as official government support, but its something.

    Stay safe everyone

  63. Ahhh yes Trump…. leave it to NowThis 😂

  64. The government and police need to raid these warehouses, reclaim the equipment, and donate it all to hospitals in NY and elsewhere!

  65. What a shame.

  66. I have a slight feeling this won’t help his presidential run

  67. It is proof beyond compare that this fake president is not up to par in this situation and will blame the Democrats for his lack of leadership. Now that’s a good one.

  68. Furious. The disease is not that scary after all. Its us that we have to be afraid of. Its humans that the earth is afraid of.

  69. This is unbelievable! I can’t believe that our health care workers r subjected to this! Shameful!

  70. Fearmongering…

  71. Trump stand up for America. Help American doctors. They are rescuing american lives. Behave like American. We have voted you. Be an American, don’t blame others for your mistakes.

  72. FALSE. American hospitals have plenty of supplies. This channel is trying to spread fear. NOW THIS NEWS you should be ashamed of your journalism it is a joke.

  73. that warehouse is run by trump organization, most likely…

  74. Lol because trump is ready to spend money on his next campaign rather than the people.

  75. While the rest of the world has nationalized Medicare services for its citizens, here in America if you don’t have insurance I wish you the best.

  76. Black market huu

  77. why you all like so chill… do you think you look so cool acting so “chill”?
    And stop with the “don’t panic” shait, this only apply to countries with no death- but, you, the top 10, all should start panicking and do something,
    Or do you want to wait till all the doctors and nurses gone first….?

  78. He sacrificed 17k of his own money for the greater good to protect his people! What kind of country do we live in now? The longer it takes to put the defense production act into the place the more people will die

  79. Omg

  80. It is a disgrace and blackmark if healthcare workers cant be protected. They are fighting for the people on frontlines.

  81. thts jus sad, but I’m happy he was able to get some (even if it was a lil bit) maybe we (the citizens) need to set up GoFundMe accounts to help them as much as possible…

  82. Thanks president Dump

  83. Laws should be in place to prevent price gouging of face masks and medical equipment.

    People out there are taking immoral advantage of this catastrophe. Trump doing nothing only proves he’s part of the problem.

  84. Utopia for the riches and dystopia for the rest.

  85. Regular citizens also fail doctors just as much as the government. People wanna make a profit of the situation we are in, instead of them donating the equipment to the hospitals.

  86. This mans is talking about 30,000 ventilators, says he gets 400 and that now 26,000 people are gonna die. Big brain

  87. Why didnt he show up with law enforcement and raid their whole supply?

  88. 1 22 2020: USA confirmed its FIRST case of Wuhan China Coronavirus Covid-19 disease. NOW 4 1 2020 USA has 188,639 confirmed cases & 4,059 Deaths. Free trade? April Fools’ Day!

  89. And to think this incompetent precident will be able to stay for another 4 years is just crazy.

  90. Why Mr. Trump is so cruel when he is so rich and evn a president 😭😭😭

  91. This is the country which is super power of this world and they can’t save the doctors and nurses.

  92. And trumps approval ratings are up?! GTFOH!

  93. Strange world… We’re desperately saving humanity so we have enough humans for WW3….

  94. How is he complaining about ventilators but won’t back the idea to quarantine to stop the disease spreading .. ?

  95. The liberal media is pushing the “orange mans bad” narrative so heavily of late 🤔 this “news” is false 😂

  96. So much for America first hey Trump.

  97. The BLACK MARKET is more dependable than the Trump Administration. Thanks Trump

  98. This is sadness 🙁

  99. Listen to me. It is not our elected officials that is the problem. It is the deep state.
    They own millions of people in the USA. Nothing goes anywhere unless deep state lets it. And they will keep supplies from us. Like they did in Puerto Rico. Like they did in Katrina.
    We are having our freedoms stolen.

  100. Americas really losing hard here.

  101. Hospitals new this was coming, their administrators order supplies. Hospitals r Incompetent n Cuomo wanted to wait 4 federal funds b4 spending any money. The bottom line is Hospitals r responsible 4 ordering their own supplies. 4months these hospitals could have been ordering supplies they failed not Trump. Trump isn’t the hospital’s supply clerk.

  102. Is this for real? My God, what has our nation become?

  103. It’s not like he is the one refusing. He has actually been trying to order companies to make respirators and companies are just not able to come through.


  105. Wow and the president say these are available, liar liar

  106. A black market is still a market.

  107. I call BS on this if he had an address and number he could contact FBI or homeland security and those trying to price gouging would not be tolerated just like the man who bought all the hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes he was given a letter by the courts and ended up having to donate all of what he had come on people don’t listed to every thing you see on the internet But this story is BS and if not shame on the Dr for not doing the right thing and reporting those that are price gouging

  108. what a load of garbage.
    he’s the one trying to get the equipment to people and the corrupt governors & others are even withholding it, in storage.
    They found heaps of ventilators that were being hidden, in NYC.
    Get your facts right.
    Scam news.

    1. Try getting yourself tested. Oh wait u can’t because ur president is stupid.

  109. Freaking wild doctors shouldn’t have to do this 🙁

  110. WoW this Americans have really come up a way to extort frontliners. So proud to be an American

  111. I use the 3M masks too. It’s easier to breathe in them.

  112. So sad🙁. They put an insurance of 5 lakh something for them. But if black markets have the gear. The gov system must have a way to find resources, there are fbi and everything …. there is a leak somewhere.

  113. Isn’t it sad it takes pandemic to show you what the world has been telling you. You voted a moron into office and now people are going to die because of your decision. Bravo!

  114. So sad how they have to get supplies!!! Smh how they are making money off of medical supplies that the doctors need!!! Jerks need to donate everything they have for the sake of mankind!!!!

  115. If there are limited supplies and very high demand, prices go up. That’s called Free Market, Free Enterprise, Capitalism at its finest. Anyone advocating differently is a Socialist or a Communist. The Law of Supply and Demand has nothing to do with decency and humanity.

  116. They should not have had to buy black market for PE.

  117. I’m sorry to say but if more than a million people die because of his incompetence, every that is covid positive needs to invade the White House and ax trump out of office. He is purposely killing his citizens and lack empathy.

  118. Breaking bad has gotten to be real

  119. Wow America how embarrassing

  120. 444

  121. Fake news fake doctor

    1. Reported

      1. Fake

  122. Baruch needs help to raise bail so he can skip to Isreal:
    A Brooklyn man claiming to be infected with the coronavirus coughed on FBI agents who were investigating him for hoarding medical supplies, the US Attorney’s Office said Monday.

    Baruch Feldheim, 43, is facing charges of assault and making false statements to the feds on Sunday outside his Borough Park home where he allegedly peddled and stored massive amounts of N95 respirator masks, federal officials said.

    Feldheim is also accused of price-gouging. On March 18, he’s suspected of selling a New Jersey doctor about 1,000 of the masks for $12,000, a markup of roughly 700 percent, authorities said.

    The accused fraudster also directed another doctor to an Irvington, NJ, auto repair shop to pick up another order. There, the doctor reported to investigators that Feldheim was allegedly hoarding enough medical supplies “to outfit an entire hospital.”

  123. Here is why the Trump Administration and the Federal Gov’t isn’t doing jack.

    Because M.O.N.E.Y

  124. Companies that make supplies for doctors, nurses, hospitals, and firefighters are essential they need to be available in times like these.

  125. Trump, republicans, and establishment democrats: socialism is going to hurt this country, while the same people saying that are holding this country hostage for their greed and berating the poor and disenfranchised, while pocketing the money from their tax breaks and super pacs!
    Socialism: basketball players using connections to get ppe for medical professionals cause the government won’t, politician(Sanders only from what the mainstream media isn’t showing) raising 2 million dollars and donating it to get ppe for medical professionals. Another basketball player giving up 500k to the team workers that keep their team running smoothly so they wouldn’t have to take a pay cut while the owner is sitting pretty in his mansion or penthouse floor apartment!
    I say socialism is helping this country more than capitalism!

  126. 30k- 400= 29600 not 26000

  127. You’ll add them to the 30,000 ventilator you already have ,Fredo!!!

  128. Thank you doctors, nurses, paramedics and medical professionals for getting yourselfs dirty physically, mentally and professionally just so the rest of humanity can be kept clean! We owe you more than this president actually believes he does!

  129. here’s an idea……call the NYPD on the garage and have it broken into by police where U get the first pick of what protective wear U need and then the rest is sent to other hospitals and the seller gets NOTHING !

  130. Do the doctors pay for the black market purchases out of their own pocket?

  131. 🔥This is fine.🔥

  132. The Thing in the white house is enjoying watching the numbers rising! Remember he said that he could go out on the street & shoot a man dead & no one would ever do anything to him. Well now he is killing by the thousands and no one is doing anything about it! He needs to stopped now!

  133. sounds like anther trump business

  134. $15M for Venezuelan President 😳 but can’t protect their own citizens. Corrupt America 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😂😷😷😷😷

  135. They do not care about the people let alone the healthcare workers who put their lives and their own families lives on the line every day just to treat patients.

  136. This is outrageous

  137. Then why is China in America buying up medical supply that needs to stop legal or illegal to stop them no care America comes first

  138. This is absurdly misleading. As De Blasio himself admitted, he requested far, far more equipment than would ever be necessary for NYC under the worst possible conditions. Yes, some shortages are inexcusable, but it’s certainly going to delay aid if a governor or mayor are vastly overestimating their need in a time of extreme shortage. That’s a big issue too, and it DOES matter in the context of this issue.

  139. Ppl still hold on the travel ban defense. Bro the virus spread to other country is inevitable. But theres no prepared medical action when it get to the usa

  140. Someone Tweet this @ Trump.

  141. So, Trump was right when he pointed out somebody is hoarding or stealing PPE’s?

  142. Black market….more like the ORANGE MARKET! You know this is just another DRUMF FAMILY BUSINESS SCAM!!!

  143. The world’s biggest mafia group CCP is giving out PPE to medical workers for free

  144. I wouldn’t wish COVID-19 on anyone… But it would be ironic if this irresponsible person was infected and NOT ONE doctor available to handle his care…. Fat chance!! The reason hospitals need so many ventilators…. the shocker… is because this virus attack the lungs. We need lungs to breathe… Ventilators help weak lungs……

  145. Trump just told the media to look into finding out where all this equipment is going. stop blaming trump and put your resources to find out who’s got all the supplies to put it on the market.

  146. Meanwhile back in the UK our NHS is doing just fine.

    1. @Art Smosh just a fact. Nothing more, nothing less. This is the UK we’re talking about, not a backwater country like merica. We have standards. High standards. And health comes before money in this part of the world.

    2. I’m sure that’s a fat lie

  147. America is being Trumped.

  148. Smh…

  149. Slacktivists: *r e a l S h i t ?*

  150. Now we know that the globalist economics is deeply flawed. Relative advantage is a scam. Medical supply is and will continue to be part and parcel of national security. But I guess big pharma and Wall Street will never learn.

  151. Wait a second….did the New York governor just deduce that 30,000 minus 400 = 26,000?!?!
    He said “that’s great Fema, 400 ventilators! I need 30,000! Are you going to pick the 26,000 people who are going to die?”

    1. He did yes… Bwaahaha!!! The guys obviously in a panic give him a break… Plus he is american

  152. The richest and most powerful nation on earth, eh? Those fake titles don’t mean much when our first defense against this have to buy their gear from back alley serpents.

  153. And Trump says he’s doing a great job. That’s bad enough but him cult member believe him and try to defend him… now that’s the sad part!

  154. THIS IS BS!!!

  155. I’m sick & not from the virus it’s from watching our country suffer & die from lack of leadership. This is heartbreaking 💔.

  156. Capitalism in full effect people. Time to resist.

  157. So sad.

  158. at same time he was fear mongering and overreacting and underreacting

  159. Trump has A stash in the white House it’s all his fault thought he was racist for closing travel from china

  160. “protective ear equipment” 1:45

  161. It’s insane! The country’s largest populated city is having to BEG for more medical equipment because they’re currently the hot zone and McScrooge over here thinks they’re bluffin!!! Dear Lord help us all, I’m done with this. Ughh this place is such a disgrace honestly. This pandemic has showed us our politicians true colors.

  162. This expiring billionaire is too stingy to buy much needed ventilators! Goodness, it’s the taxpayer’s money not your own!!! Let the people have what THEY want and desperately need godammit!!!

  163. Here we go with orange man bad. I’ve come to expect that from this site. Why tell the truth when a lie is available.

    1. @Courier 6 Well Batty, given the constraints put on him by the law, President Trump is doing an awesome job. Unlike small countries with low population and land mass, what do you propose President Trump should do. Remember, the President is not a tyrant. The federal government does not have the power to control everything and everyone. The States are the ones who control what happens. The federal government can advise but it’s up to the state to implement or not. What solution do you recommend?It’s always easier to criticize.

    2. This news channel is quite bias against Trump, but their message is kind of true…
      US has the most number of infected cases, with over 100k people infected. Yet it’s one of the countries that has been doing the LEAST with regards to containing and treating COVID-19. Just look at all the Asian countries. Even Malaysia, MALAYSIA IS DOING MORE THAN US.

      Come on man, US is doing worse than a country where their health minister told his people that the digestive juices in our stomach will kill the virus for us.
      That’s saying alot.
      You can look at Singapore as well. They have been dealing with the virus for over 3 months now, since Chinese New Year, and is doing a million times better than US. Go and watch the speeches made by Mr Lee (the prime minister) and compare it to Trump’s speeches.

      After reading up on these, I dare you to come back and tell me that Trump is handling this situation well.

      Spoilers: He’s not.

  164. If President Trump did this, all the haters would say he over reacted, didn’t have the right, didn’t have. …,you name it! All I can see is the Deep State just waiting to BLAME him for EVERYTHING!

  165. Donald Trump has become a disgrace to this country and its people.

  166. The scenario of the every c rated movie ever made. There is a shortage but come on ….come on

  167. The Government is letting this Happen? Why not send in Marines to raid these demons!!

    1. Marines lol 😂 hopefully the feds do a investigation

  168. Don’t you get it, they want people to die. Population Control. The World Governments know this and they don’t want to do anything.

  169. This channel is far from what it used to be

  170. The doctor ought to go to the police with the address of the criminals hoarding the supplies. That’s a valuable tip that would stop the price gouging ring in its tracks.

    1. as much as we’d all like that it’s just not how it works, it’s called the black market for a reason

  171. And some of y’all voted for Trump lol. That’s your president alright wave your flag wave it while you cough up your lungs and he sits there doing nothing just like the rest of the government. 😂😂😂 Where’s our checks to. Hmmm

  172. This is utterly ridiculous! Trump needs to get on with his job and stop worrying about freaking TV ratings and focus on our front line workers and the dying American people!😡😡

  173. This is not the time to play politics, or russian roulette with people’s lives. For once act like the title you hold, and take care of the citizens, all citizens, not just the ones who can your pockets or bow down to you. Karma will eventually get all who took this as a hoax.

  174. Will you vote for Trump as the next president? Like if yes and dislike if no.

  175. That’s insane.

  176. Is it possible to have like testing swabs sent out to people so they can swab themselves at their house without contaminating anyone else? Like if we also do it with like our providers or if you don’t have a medical provider then some medical staff online so they can instruct us on how to properly test ourselves at home? Then we like seal it properly and sanitize it before we send it out to like our local hospital or wherever we do the testing? Just an idea. I’m not sure if it’s a good one.

  177. The cartels are sealing them now is more money then drugs right now

  178. This is just awful, even if you need to make a dollar this is just below. Even in Desperate Times all anyone can focus on is this stupid green piece of paper that we’ve given some kind of value to. If this mindset keeps up then the world really is screwed.

  179. Winning so hard right now.

  180. Capitalism baby, hope you are enjoying it.

  181. This is why you should do drugs and decriminalize them!

  182. Use disposable rain coat, it’s cheap and abundant.

  183. Is it possible it’s run by Trump’s cronies?

  184. Oh you must be hording it according to trump

  185. *Profiteering, and hoarding to resell at markups, is being met with immediate arrests India, as should be the case everywhere in the world.*

  186. Is there really no such thing as sanitising and reusing equipment?

    1. It can ruin the integrity of some of the masks.

  187. we are in a real life nightmare

  188. Isn’t this president great? Deny the virus, then downplay the virus, then wonder why America is so unprepared.

  189. It’s not trumps fault, China bought alot of the equipment from around the world and left everyone else with none. Please correct me if im wrong but that’s the information I know.

  190. How corruption operates in the middle of the crisis

  191. This is sick. Thank you for doing what it takes to take care of your staff and patience. Americans need to wake up, we have states biding against each other for ventilators at extremely high prices and doctors going to the black market buys supplies at hight prices. Yea capitalism is just great, I love that companies are in control of whether or not my state gets ventilators and masks. This is just crazy.

  192. And yet you want Americans to pay for mecial insurance? imagine that, just wow how much money a month do some people pay per person omg

  193. President Putin is sending a plane load of medical supplies, God bless Russia and the American people 😇😍

  194. I can’t believe our health industry is resorting to this. Where is the govt? All you filthy rich should help your fellow man!$$

  195. Honestly, at this point, I have no more words to say about how disgusting it is that the medical professionals risking *their* lives to save our own aren’t even being given the right supplies.

  196. That’s what you get for not being adequately prepared you leaders had ten years to prepare. There was over 5 exercises funded by very prestigious top experts and our leaders failed at preparing for this event I guess they thought it was some fairytale joke

  197. What a lie

  198. Trump, Republicans, fox news and all their supporters are actively going to kill hundreds if thousands of Americans due to their incompetence and utter failures. Save your family, save the country and get rid of all republicans, trump supporters and fox viewers immediately

  199. We pay federal taxes for?

  200. Sharpen the pitchforks.

  201. This is Joe Biden under COVID-19 pandemic: I just forgot your question. Vote for the other Joe (the guy) and not Medicare for all. I approve this message and I’m running for Senate.

  202. Where is Law enforcement on this? There are Laws on Gouging! 😎💪🇺🇸

  203. Future News: President Trump is outraged.
    President Trump believes that the Doctors and medical staff treating cofefe virus patients did not give him the due credit. He and his followers believe that he should be awarded the Nobel creativity prize as because of him the stable genius, the Doctors and medical staff running out of protective gowns were given an opportunity of a lifetime to get their creative juices flowing and VOILA Garbage bags are now protective gowns.

  204. Cannabis production all over the country uses every PPE the medical field used. Why haven’t we been asked to donate what we have?

    1. They should be giving everyone free Cannabis, maybe the won’t care so much about the coronavirus!

  205. When has Trump REFUSED medical supplies?
    You guys are so misleading. What a joke.

  206. Nothing new….oh right some people believe this doesn’t happen lol

  207. Seriously, we’ve somehow had to resort to this to help the American people. Way to go America, really showing to other countries how it’s done

  208. Trump is a complete stooge. He thinks he is very intelligent. HE IS NOT, HE IS DANGEROUS.

  209. There are _thousands_ of listing on eBay/Amazon of people selling overpriced masks etc. Because of what we’re going through I think those sites should release the sellers info to the government to make them sell their stock to them at the actual cost so our medical staff can have them. I saw a bidding listing for 10 N95 masks going for $250 which is ridiculous.

  210. Great job trump, great job maga

  211. Now you who know killed the American people… literally….well it’s not the terrorist …or the corona ….it’s their own leader…

  212. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊

  213. If only I was rich to donate money to the hospital and place that need it to help citizens 😪

  214. Sadly…cost of life..i have expenses at my legit job that I dont enjoy…rn ya gotta do it..

    Moral of the story….I would suggest our society changes their voting pattern or representation structures

  215. This is really really really really strange….I thought capitalism was supposed to work for all who “pulled their boot straps up”…I’ve never heard this part of the deal. I wonder how many hospitals are having to do this…*smh*…this is strange

    1. Whats strange is you just tried to turn this into a “Wahh Capitalism” and somehow thought that made sense…

  216. If you cant give 30000 at least give 10000

  217. Able to provide weapons to aid wars in other countries but not medical equipments to your own country? Pathetic

  218. God bless doctors the hereos here on our soil, they risk daily and our own government cant help

  219. What happened to $2.2 trillions?
    Are they gonna use it after all the doctors have died?
    I don’t understand Americans still support this guy.

    1. @HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA I haven’t mentioned liberals at all… It’s always left and right with u Americans…I talk about the president because he has the most power and most effect. Liberals and Republicans have both been so busy trying to retain their authority and show off their power, trying to please the bloody corporates, they have both slowed down the entire process and now u Americans are dying. When will u all stop squabbling and acting like hypocrites

    2. Rumiko Bailey ohh you mean the aid package liberals have denied a few times? You understand that money would have been given out two weeks ago if it wasn’t for liberals right?

  220. welcome to trumps world, that demon only cares about himself 😡😵

    1. Trump’s World? He’s only in control of America and not even then really because the state governments are all over the place.

    2. Galactic Nova so do the regular citizens need that money for food, for bills, etc…. so over pricing PPE doesn’t help your fellow people. You just taking their hard work money,

    3. @Wicked 1323 People need that money for food, for bills, etc…
      Some have donated in online fundraisers.
      It’s due time for the elite to pay their fair share. Their behavior is unescusable.

    4. Galactic Nova we know rich people are selfish but that doesn’t excuse the other people to do the same. People are getting sick and doctors need the supplies. So people just holding supplies till someone buys the overpriced item, are making things worse. People need money yes, just like many other citizens. They don’t have the extra $20~40 people are asking for 1 mask. They need that extra money to buy food and other essentials. So selfish people rich or poor are making this pandemic worse.

    5. @Wicked 1323 The rich could. The regular person needs their money. Most of the others do not, and are just as rich regardless if they donate.

  221. You had money to build one B-52 bombardier or any warplane worth about 2 trillion dollars without any doubt because you need to defeat the ‘enemies’ and ‘protect’ your people but you can’t spend that same amount for healthcare equipment in an emergency response to ‘protect’ your people despite being the country with the highest medical costs. How ironic..

  222. Nice trump ads👎🏻

  223. The richest country in the world –__( ” _ ” )__–

  224. Where are all the 1%billionares in America?y aren’t their helping??I bet their are hoping that alot of you die,to maintain their agenda

  225. such a rich country and they can´t cope with this as good germany and korea.Even china is doing a better job.

    1. Leon China has had 21 million cell phone users disappear due to the coronavirus they spread and lied about 🤔 Germany has done nothing to combat the illness. They literally just had their finance minister commit suicide due to the fear of what the sickness will do to Germany 😂

  226. Lol that “black market warehouse” was probably just the ventilators trump gave that where SITTING IN A WAREHOUSE.

  227. Cuts to a clip of Cuomo with STACKS of masks behind him lmao

  228. You mean the 29600 people who will die

  229. I hope trump goes the coronavirus

    1. I hope you get smarter some day.

  230. The Republicans and the Democrats have turned America into the world’s richest third world shithole!

    1. Atleast you’re none partisan with your xenophobia..

  231. Problems in a for profit health care system? Doctors and nurses deserve better than this; people deserve better than this.

  232. The way governments have handled this world wide shows they don’t care for life. The sheeple who I’ve seen in comments believe every word of their leaders, scoff at this virus saying it’s over hyped will at least get to realize they they are bafoons within the next couple of months. Sadly Justice isn’t real and the vermin always seem to survive .

  233. trump should be ashamed of himself! I know I am, and most of the country I’m sure!

    1. We’re all ashamed of you, Daisy. Don’t worry.

  234. Trump : We care about Economy (Money) more than people.
    Hospital officials/business : We care about profit more than Doctor and patients.
    Hearth Insurance : We are here for profit too.
    US medical gear manufacturers : If they don’t care us, why we would care them? Let’s sell them in blackmarket and make more profit.

    US people r getting what they actually deserve .

    1. Hasnat Rbm: I can’ts thinks too goods soooo I jus spasms anythin on keyboards… 🎀🥔💩😟🎶🧼🧻🛶🈚️🆖️🎷🔗🧷🕌🎠⛄

  235. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  236. What has this country come to?

  237. Im old and I’m tired but I hope I’m still alive in November and the election is conducted on time. Don’t want to die knowing Trump is still president.

    1. @HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA karma exist remember that. If I’m you I will watch what I wish to someone else

    2. Fumbles views don’t mean much when he’s doing such a bad job. The public is taking notice of that. Hope this will finally get him kicked out of government position.

    3. Staycool Twom you know his ratings have gone up since this started right? His addresses are getting tens of millions of views even with liberal media trying to suppress him 😂

    4. Fumbles no ones voting for him once this is over lol

    5. You’ll die knowing he’s getting another 4 years 😂

  238. Ask Como how many people died in New York because he decided to store the 6,000 ventilators Trump sent him in warehouses?

    1. Do some research your ignorance is showing.

  239. Sure let’s just ignore the fact there’s a black market profiting of off this.

    1. Nobody ignoring it

  240. And this is what the white, powerful people wanted. And we all have the suffer because our so called president, government doesn’t want to take action.

  241. I am from france. Our doctors and nurses are struggling too but they, at least, don’t have to do that … I am really shoked … America, find strength!!

  242. this is just sad😢

  243. When the black market is more helpful than your US president holy sh$t

  244. Yet Trump and his deplorable followers get “offended” when asked by reporters about his lack of support for these hospitals.

    1. True

  245. The American public’s ignorance is a weapon of mass destruction 😪

    1. Not a coincidence….the wealthy want that….that is why you have so many reality shows and so little education, and political education. They want sheeps, not rebelious….

  246. America. You have this one chance. Don’t let Trump cancel the election. You need a competent leader, not a man that takes absolutely no responsibility for all the missteps he’s taken and claiming he is an expert whilst having no experience in medical and arguing with actual doctors.

  247. Clothing should be recycled and used for masks

  248. This is sad the fact that medical professionals have to spend money on the black market for basic medical supplies smh ! Though I truly thank every single medical professional for helping and spending their own money on supplies you guys are awesome ✨🦋

  249. Capitalism

    1. Ferenginism

  250. America is finally great again

  251. It’s unfortunate that only a fraction of ventilators are sent, but keep in mind supply is low and other places may need it just as much. I googled the price for a good one and it can cost $20k. If 10,000 ventilators were sent at that price, that’ll be $200,000,000 worth of them. I understand that some people don’t like the decisions trump made, but now is not the time to be pointing fingers at the president. If he can’t do things right, go ahead and try to make an impact yourself. Show him America has already been great this whole time even without him.

  252. Here in my third world country with 37 death cases and already been locked down 15 days and our government already prepared for the worst like extra bed etc!
    And working people got allowances because lost of income!
    All of us always say thanks to the government and their actions!

    1. If you named your country, we could be envious.

  253. What to do stupid USA sell of their science technology to China .Now USA begging help from China and other countries

  254. Cuomo’s bad at math lmao 30K- 400 is not 26k lmao

  255. Money looks after money in america and the rich looks after the people that make them rich hence why the democratic system doesnt work because they are proportionally more rich in America then middle class because the way the system works

  256. Here in my third world country with 37 death cases and already been locked down 15 days and our government already prepared for the worst like extra bed etc!

    1. Same.. In my city there is only 11 confirm cases but if you are outside from home after 7p.m you can get arrested

  257. This is a lie The Masks are there. Companies are hoarding them and stockpiling them. People are just wanting to make a profit. They don’t care if people die. All masks should be free right now. And go to the places where they’re needed. Now they want to sacrifice the General Public To preserve the health care workers. You are contagious for 2 weeks before you show symptoms. Everyone should be wearing masks. Even homemade masks are better than nothing. That’s real nice show how New York is hoarding PPE. Thank you for proving New York is hoarding PPE.

  258. Doctors and nurses should not have to do that but what choice do they have. They are risking their lives every single day

  259. These are normal everyday Americans, not angry democrats. This isn’t a deep state conspiracy. This isn’t spin from the media. Donald wants Americans to fight and become divided. We are not enemies. We are Americans.

  260. Mhm mhm mhm
    Trump’s stupidity is killing America

  261. Trump stupidity is nothing new hope for America that he will be pushed out from his position very soon. The black market is insane to selling medical supplies for a high cost 🤦🏻‍♀️. I hop and wish for the best be strong. Greating from Turkey.

  262. I bet it’s cheaper to go to the vet than the hospital in America. Republicans say you can have access to healthcare.
    Access doesn’t mean you can afford it and if you can’t you die

  263. China doesnt give the supplies and its Trump’s fault? i agree some of this has the blame on Trump but is he fully to blame for this? if criminals kill your family member do you blame the cops or the criminals?

    1. If the cops took their sweet time, stopped by, saw what was happening and did nothing…. then yeah. I’d blame them and the criminal alike.

  264. No judging from me man

  265. For all the people saying the US deserves it for voting for Trump.

    Hillary actually won the popular election.

  266. My great Aunt in Ohio has now bought a second sewing machine, and has been making 100s of washable masks for healthcare workers in her area. There is a pocket for a replaceable filter of choice. WHY ARE NO POLITICIANS TAKING NOTE????
    These women can sew 100s of hospital grade masks a day…… why not set up emergency stations for those who want to sew, even as freelancers? It’s possible, just not profitable for any exact corporation 🙄 plenty of Americans are looking for extra revenue. If my Aunt can do DONATIONS for surrounding hospitals in her area, why can’t unemployed, healthy Americans???? 🤨

    1. The feds would consider what your aunt is doing a crime. Stealing money from the corporatists.

  267. They’re the ones who stole the 300k masks themselves aren’t they

    1. They probably started when they first heard about the out break

    2. Yes

  268. This situation is not the one I expected from a superpower. They should act as an positive example to third world countries, not vice versa.

  269. As a health professional, I find this so sad and revolting. As a European, I find Trump’s offer to send us ventilators and hospital protective material disgusting. In exchange for what, in the future???

    1. @helena n What are you talking about? We were a bit short, but the emergency centers are still being supplied and both private and public industry is picking up the slack.

    2. @Daniel fmatosrivera After just a week, the numbers speak for themselves, Daniel. If you still want to see it as numbers. I see it as human lives. Unfortunately, medical supplies in the USA are not enough even for US healthcare professionals. I wish they were. I hope you can stay home healthy and safe, Daniel.

    3. Fine, dont take our help. The US may have more cases overall, but per capita its you guys.

  270. Trump already invest all the money on MAGA hats.

  271. China build a hospital in 6 days.

    The USA and Europe ?

    1. @隋宏超 Shut it, anime profile pic, we all know you shill for China given that it wanst one doctor, it was multiple, and most of them got arrested or disappeared altogether.

    2. @Daniel fmatosrivera China didn’t actually jail the doctor…He was told to be quiet, and nothing else. btw, he wasn’t fired like Crozier…

    3. @HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAAstatement from a guy who live in 1 of the top red zone on earth🌎… How convincing 😂😂

    4. Daniel fmatosrivera keep drinking the kool aid son. People are dying out there and your president is proving he’s just as stupid as you are lol.

    5. Estefany Murillo look at who’s salty they don’t live and the US so they have to bash it 😂 the US will outlive China which will die in the next 15 years and they’ll outlive the EU due to Europe not being Europe already 😂😂

  272. It’s a post-apocalyptic world when doctors need to deal on the black market for supplies.

    1. Gonna take more than this to kill us.

    2. Morons in charge of this joint.

    3. If you believe that than you better stay inside.

  273. You my friend you are a human being that cares human life. You are a Angel and we love you for caring for those that can’t care for themselves but even for those that are lost in the system that they think are helping them. Please do not stop you are our hope for our kids. Lots of love

  274. Trump makes more on the black market that’s business, just ask any business man.

  275. OMG. How did America come to this point?

    1. Pride comes before destruction, and an arrogant spirit before a fall. Somebody thought this saying up thousands of years ago. still true today.

    2. Oh Please. They need to be humbled for once. As much as I hate China. I want to see the western civilization fall first.

  276. Trump: i mean, they just suddenly needs a lot of medical equipment that needs to be cleaned off regularly in the middle of pandemic sounds like fake news to me

    Trump supporters: we believe

    1. @chief yovany Of course, that’s why Trump loves the poorly educated.

    2. @chief yovany sheep

    3. @chief yovany you validated his point

    4. Rather believe him than you any day

    5. Until it’s one of them in NEED of something only when it hits close to home will they care.

  277. Meanwhile in India the government is issuing raincoats to Doctors as PPE supplies.


  278. This is ridiculous!! The Government has to offer masks and supplies to doctors and nurses. Why don’t do that? Korea Government gives all equipments and masks without shortage. America also has to do that.

    1. Now your government is doing its job and acquire more medical supplies. Happy. They are now taking medical supplies meant for other countries. blocking the shipments and taking them for their own use. Nobody cares about small nations with no global political pull filled with brown people. Islands in the west indies/carribbean need supplies too. A shipment was sent to the bahamas but was not given because of a memo and was sent back to the US.

    2. f feaghafh44 because your country is ran by a conman followed by a cult of white supremacy.

  279. Hats off to this man for his hustle, adapt and keep HIS and OUR ppl safe. God bless you sir and stay safe.

  280. This is an inflammatory and absurd headline and I don’t even support Trump; nor am I a republican. The governors of their perspective states need to do more. There also isn’t enough supply globally to keep up with the demand for medical supplies. Trump isn’t going to be able to wave a magic wand and sort it all out. China should be producing medical equipment free of charge for the world…doubt we could trust it but hey that’s where most of it was already coming from!

  281. 30000-400=26000 ?

  282. Trump is slower than a peeing sloth.

  283. Why test.. just isolate everyone. Really thats the only solution.
    Isolate everyone, then use the test on the sick people who need adequate threatment, then on healthy people at low risks to allow them to work with other non-infected people.
    There is very likely already 1.8million cases in the US.. just isolate everyone, like its done everywere else.

  284. Trump is bloody useless.

  285. so tell me again why single payer health care wouldn’t work in the states? explain to me why socialism is a horror and capitalism is “god’s way”. ffs. and this is only the beginning- The Hunger Games only for medical supplies.

  286. Unregulated capitalism

  287. Why cant trump be tested positive and rid him of this world…this world will b such a better place without this buffon

    1. we are all waiting…

    2. Don’t forget cuomo the guy responsible for how heavy the spread in NY is! Add pelosi to since she fought to keep the borders open for illegals til the last possible minute 😂

    3. Alexander oh how I wish this would happen. He is a monster.

    4. Hey dnt forget Devos!!! Nah in fact most of his administration

    5. Jackie Benancio Well both then!

  288. He deserves virus In his body

    1. You need to get a life

  289. So eBay ?

  290. Isn’t that illegal? How come they forced a guy to give away all the hand hanitizer he had and couldn’t sell in Amazon, even threatened him with jail and this other guy is selling masks at 20 USD a piece

    1. The guy with the hand sanitizer wasn’t related to the right gov. official.

  291. Embarrassing for a major power and a member of the UN capable of veto

  292. Doctor also high charged .

  293. What? Really? There r so many companies giving away supplies!!!

  294. So he was lying.The masks do help. We were just lacking any.

    1. The masks people are saying don’t help are surgical masks. Those only help prevent people who already have the disease from further spreading it by blocking their cough. The N95 mask is what actually filters the air to protect healthy people.

    2. I always knew they helped because I listened and was following the countries who are actually containing this virus, like south korea. When the U.S said masked didn’t help I lost most of my trust in our govt trying to help.

  295. meanwhile here in australia chinese people are stock buying masks, surface wipes, sanitisers and selling them to china through two chinese real estate agencies to profit off them when Australians cannot buy more than one item nor could they find any at all. they pretty much started the panic buying initiative because they did the same with masks in korea when china was hit with the virus first

  296. I felt pity for you. I am malaysian. Western always call my country third country but our majesty and prime minester is really responsibility. They not only give medical suppliers but also allowance to us. Be strong for your country and people.

    1. Hope you and your family stay healthy 💜🖤💜

    2. Thank you

  297. Not to make a joke but the NY Governor didn’t do his math right with 400 out of 30,000. But it’s still crazy when hospitals needs that many ventilators

  298. U.S.A facing the consequence for voting him….. Know that a single vote is very important.
    E.g. Adolf hitler after he is elected, millions of people died.
    So know your votes…..
    Dont made mistakes again.
    This is going to be historic.

    1. Unfortunately not every single vote counts here Hillary Clinton got 3 million more votes, but still lost.

  299. Can’t trust the government to make swift action against such practices. Truly corrupt.

  300. $20 Is just like how much a mask costs on Amazon now xD

  301. We need doctors like him.

  302. Remember when trump said americans will all be tired of winning? What a visionary

    1. @Daniel fmatosrivera No, all the people who got the infection ( whether showing symptoms or just a carrier ) were already in the U.S. mainland way before the world knew that this was a pandemic, so tbh shutting down the border ( or more precisely, international air travel )during that period won’t do jackshit about this crisis.. Same thing can be observed around the world, including South Korea, Iran and Europe.
      Most of U. S. states with high population especially on the Eastern coast did begged for federal help, Trump administration did got all the available information they get but still, what they get is the lack of response.

      The problem is not whether they can avoid the problem in the first place ( No. They can’t. It’s already there. )but when the infection toll shown is rising up, they don’t deal with it properly as what Obama administration had done during H1N1 pandemic.
      ( though Puerto Rico did a good job for acting quickly, lucky for them they did have a time for dealing with this crisis. )

    2. Yes he has the best ppl, best brain, best words, etc. Well I’d hate to see what his worst would look like!

    3. @Mitsumi Kyoya Given the information his team had to work with I dont know how you can make that case.

      Remember, he wanted to shut down the border and screen people coming in only to get called racist for even suggesting it; if you want to blame Trump then you have to blame the people ignoring the measures him and his team were suggesting that governors ignored.

      New York ignored it, they have over half of all US COVD-19 cases.

      Puerto Rico enacted a lockdown immediately, and we have the situation under control.

    4. @Daniel fmatosrivera Yes, a part of this global pandemic can be blamed on China, but you have to admit once the disaese got to U.S, Trump downplayed the crisis too much. Not to mention the health budget cut that he approved just escalating this crisis even more.

    5. @Daniel fmatosrivera you sound ignorant.

  303. Can’t trust trump

  304. Trump’s stupidity is getting people killed, and naturally, he still hasn’t figured out that little fact.

    Aaaaaand here comes the Trump Defense Brigade, the only people dumber than him, to make excuses and to protect their lord and saviour from the harsh truths anyone lucid has to throw at him.

    1. @Daniel fmatosrivera where does he say that he’s going to supply hospitals with more vents and other medical needs? Because all I hear from his speech is about him doing the exact opposite.

    2. We could also argue China’s outright lies has killed thousands but sure, just make it about Trump.

    3. @Samy Bouzaglo Sammy, you are either willfully ignorant or blind.

    4. Are you high? He is sending help as fast as possible, NowThis just likes to lie or exagerate.

    5. @Hip Hop Library Silence, European.

  305. Trump 2020. If your people haven’t lynched you hah….

  306. Can we donate to this

  307. What wrong with u Trump?? This is not business world. This is nation. U asked for President n u got it. U should take care of your peoples!. This is your responsibility. I feel so sympathy for american right now.

  308. thanks to trump administration

  309. Thanks drump! What a great leader, not!

  310. Well these hoarders buy every thing… being a medical worker and running out of mask and gloves is really frustrating, i used commercial mask 😷 for a week and had to pay 50% more for a single mask. Have been using same mask for 3-4 days , washing and using alcohol to make it sterile every day. Bad time to be a new healthcare worker.

  311. If this doesn’t prove how awful Donald trump is then I don’t know what does, he only cares about investments and making money for himself, makes me so sick. How on earth has he Been made president? Blows my mind

  312. Where are the million dollar actors an actreses from holliwod

    1. If they had compation for others it wouldnt matter how mucht they spend

    2. A lot of them have donated Millions, this isn’t their job though. It’s the government and health care system’s that is failing us.

    3. Very shamfull that they are not helping , we shoult think about it next time we pay for a movie

  313. has he reported where this was at because it’s illegal and that could help more hospitals? companies are struggling to meet demands because of this type of companies.

  314. You can’t seriously be proud to be an American at this point and call America a 1st world country.

  315. Why US not change their clothing factory to make medical gown? It is a big bussiness for now. Or maybe make mask? They already have the people, and the equipment. They only need to find the right fabrics and standard design for medical gown.

  316. China may have started this but from here on out trump will have blood on his hands with his incompetance

    1. @Michele Cox kindly take note dear lady that i dont live near or want to “smell” a “swamp”.fyi i dont live in the usa but i dont have to live in your supposed “great” usa to know that your country is screwed not just because of the virus but because of trump and idiotic pathetic followers like you.keep swallowing your benevolent leaders orange pill and see where it will get you

    2. Gina, font forget your local governor’s who were found hiding medical stock while complaining the the President wasn’t giving him enough. Believe it or not there is a swamp and certain governors are able to manipulate certain transfers of such stock to be sold out of a warehouse for 2 X price of retail and make thousands ar the expense of you and I the taxpayers to line his thug pockets. Its the real world sweetheart. Wake up and smell the swamp.

    3. The virus was all over the news since December. It is just that Trump doesn’t think it is “real threat.”

  317. Wait, i thought 30000-400=29600.

  318. 4:12 great math right there

    1. Thought i was the only one!! 😭

    2. quick maffs

  319. Trump is a good man and I bet if he new what was going on he would fix it right away…

    1. You cant expect trump to take care of everything. Hes 1 against millions of Americans

    2. The problem is that he knew very well what is going on since january.
      Plus… his the president, his job is to inform himself of what are the problem and to decide how to solve it

  320. Trump be like: I give myself a 10, I would make it an 11 actually, lets make it a strong 10, a tremendous 10+

    1. I literally read this in his “I’m trying to get elected voice.”

    2. & his supporters be like:
      dont forget, we should be PRAISING him
      Hallelujah!!!! god bless my president!
      he’d also look better playing golf in those new jordan 5 fire red anyone else agree?!😏

    3. Lmao

  321. Makes America great again…..

  322. This governor is gearing up for the presidency in 4 years. You heard it here first. (… hope I’m right 😂)

  323. Do what you must. The white supremacist wind bag that is trying to lead our country is going to run it into the ground. We will all pay for having such a waste of a man as our president. I hope all you Republicans are proud of yourselves. Truly. Trump does not care about the people, he only cares about his position. He doesnt belong in office, his house doesnt belong in office, his supporters are just as corrupt and mentally inept as he is. Like I have said, Trump and most of the Republican party are a dark stain on our country. They only support the rich while we, the people, are in the trenches. What they seem to fail to understand is that we, the people, are actually what makes this country flourish. We will all see how they think of us as we all try to survive below. Mark my words Republican party, you will not be able to get rid of the stink that will constantly be swirling around you. If there wasnt a line between us, there certainly is now. The people who want us to shine in the future, and then you lot, who seem to want to hold us back 80 years in the past. As a people we should come together after we weather this storm and make sure these people who fail at life are never in charge of running our country again. We must help each other survive this so we can make sure the postcorona US is free from the grasp of people like Donald Trump and his whole waste of a party.

    1. Anticsofasocial nobody sweet christ you sure are ignorant 😂

  324. Wow, you guys are screwed
    Not only is the u.s. the new corona virus epicenter, but you also have a president like this, who doesn’t even take it seriously
    ..I wish you guys good luck

    1. I hear in Brazil, ironically the cartel issued a quarantine order for the slums.😂

    2. @Estefany Murillo And it’s anger they shall get.

    3. @Estefany Murillo how right you are! By the end of this, there will be no one to vote…

    4. They need to vote better, to fight the billonaries running their country…they don’t need luck…they need anger

    5. Thank you man. I hate government and decided never to vote. Until this rotten orange with hair decided to want to run as president! I voted against him and so did many people. Yet he won. I’m glad your president isn’t a piece of trash

  325. Disgusting!!! Doctors put their lives on the line for every one of us!!!! This needs legislation, no auctioning of profiteering from their safety! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    1. catalinacurio nvm forget everything I said

    2. catalinacurio wait do doctors still get paid?

    3. catalinacurio to be fair they want to and get paid to

    4. @Jimmy Kueh
      I wonder if this doctor got their mask from the dude recently arrested by the FBI for price gouging masks after buying out 5000 boxes of em.

    5. Jimmy Kueh no you imbecile.

      There is a process to get to them. They aren’t dumb. It’s a high value product.

  326. Stay home and stay safe everyone.

    1. @Gaming 777 If you lived near me I’d tell you to swing by and pickup dinner. ;o)

    2. Deliver me food

    3. Missouri still isn’t.

  327. Black market??? If that happened in a TV show I’d call it unrealistic

    1. Real life really is stranger than fiction.

  328. Buys black market. Immediately snitches on himself. *facepalm

    1. @catalinacurio exactly

    2. If he didn’t tell us, how do we know if the scandal that he Has To Do this to save American lives…

  329. It Wouldnt SURPRISE AMERICANS to LEARN trump was the person running these black market sales!! . Trump sent TONS of Medical Supplies to China at start of pandemic . So if trump wants to say we are stealing masks..THATS HIS CRIMINAL MENTALITY. He gave or SOLD China TONS of Medical Supplies!! This is on TRUMPS HANDS .

    1. Don’t forget the Republicans who sold their stocks just beforehand….

  330. The country is rich, but it’s people is not

    1. *The US is not a country, its a business*

    2. You Americans must demand more healthcare

    3. Rich? 23 trillion below 0 buddy. That’s beyond poor.

    4. The country is not rich, other stupid and bullied nations, allow America to print money then give aid to keep them quiet. With a $25 trillion debt that will never be paid. The day other nations stop using the petrol dollar, it will be game over! 😂😳😷😷😷😷

    5. The country is trillions in debt. People like Trump are rich.

  331. If this is true it is utterly, utterly scandalous.

    1. You have millions to spent in wars like Irak, but money for public health in a health crisis??….NAH MAN….

    2. This is very inappropriate…

    3. The doctors don’t have any other options and the president should start taking this seriously:(

  332. If only Trump would think with his heart💔 and not his pocket💰 America needs a leader like us NewZealanders!👍

    1. Narcissistic sociopaths don’t have emotions, that’s why the make either great mass murderers or trained elite soldiers…

  333. Trump is so out of touch with the public. He really is doing the worst job possible during this coronavirus crisis. I cant believe american let this happen without action.

    1. He doesn’t care if people die. That’s why he’s seizing these supplies. He wants people to die.

    2. Hongster Hong I’m so confused I never knew individuals as stupid as you existed. I’m trying to process this but I can’t. They let people with extra chromosomes comment …

    3. I’m ready to hit the streets but everyone else is scared… I wouldn’t get very far on my own…

    4. @HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA Jokes on you, Mexico ( the country you trying to build a wall against ) not even had the highest case of covid unlike U.S.. Bigots like you will always gonna be bigots. Stop pretending you’re otherwise.

    5. Guaranteed you’re one of many liberals that shouted “racist” when trump wanted to close the borders to stop the spread of coronavirus 😂 if you want to blame anybody blame liberals and their “PC” culture that cares more about feelings than their own citizens dying from the illness they fueled.

  334. ㄒ尺ㄩ爪卩 丨丂 卂 ᐯ丨尺ㄩ丂

    1. Jr new 🤭

    2. @MrOneye ok


    4. @God is Great ok

    5. @God is Great ok

  335. Hearing trump describe the conditions of his home town hospital was absolutely sickening. How he kept describing all the body bags. A president should not speak like that at all. A president should know not to spread fear.

    1. @Pak De He’s using the supposed “stealing supplies” thing as an excuse for the government to take supplies from the states who need it the most.

    2. James imagine shilling for a foreign country for free? you know China pays people to spread misinformation on the internet and you’re over here doing it for free 😂😂

    3. Fumbles
      Who are you quoting? Trump did in fact downplay this virus.

    4. Wasn’t the liberal narrative that trump was downplaying the the virus now it’s “he should down play it to not spread fear” 😂 if you don’t slow down you’re going to injure yourself in confusion.

    5. I can agree to that but let’s not pretend everyone was thrilled when he said there’s nothing to be afraid of.

  336. You can’t send to just one place
    They have been equally given out as fast as they are made
    This is just a lie
    Paper or cloth masks don’t work anyway it takes a painters mask or what the cdc ppl have

    1. cloths masks’re okay a little bit.

  337. This is the libertarian and anti-government people’s economy. Corporations can only do so much so they are going to want seek and fill in the void and charge big price tags.

    1. Very true this is the wrong time for the anti government people to be running the show

  338. I’m just bummed out that the name yellow fever was already taken.

    1. aww the racist is sad….

  339. The president is a joke, he claims that a miracle will save America and instantly clear this outbreak. Where did that go now Trump?

    1. @GeneralKenobi75 Dude, what? We just got news that NY and NJ are both keeping control of the situation as supplies are getting delivered, what are you TALKING about???

    2. He’s seizing these supplies to distribute them to red states. Rather than states like New York and New Jersey where the most cases have broken. The man has no regard for human life unless it benefits him.

    3. @Daniel fmatosrivera why don’t you post some sources to your claims?

      because they seem like all exaggerations, misrepresentations and half-truths

    4. They will also call him a dictator for enacting wartime powers.

    5. @alexander williams Aw, thats cute. Yes, he said the virus would be gone, like a miracle. Obviously he was wrong. Now…

      Remind me who called Trump racist when he said we should shut the border and screen people coming in?

      Remind me who immediately created a task force to plan for the virus when individual states refused to listen to him?

      Remind me who tried pushing through a stimulus bill to help Americans only to have it blocked by Democrats because it didnt include a written diversity quota?

  340. Are you proud now TRUMP!! you disgusting excuse for a man.

  341. Ppl are going to throw eggs and stones at Trump if their families die because of this

    1. You’re being to generous.

    2. Pak De wasn’t it trump that tried closing the borders and airports to prevent coronavirus from spreading so rapidly but it was liberals like pelosi and cuomo that held those flood gates open til the last moment? Imagine not wanting to offend the Chinese so much that it led to a pandemic in the US? Who was eating boiled bats? The Chinese? Who then spread the virus to every corner of the globe? The Chinese? Yeah just because they carry a highly contagious illness doesn’t mean they shouldn’t lose their privilege of being able to freely spread it 🙄

    3. @Lauren me like gurl im not worried about u normal ppl ur soldier the medical ppl is literally fighting without any bullets and ammunition and need to bash corona with their rifle instead of shooting it and this clown only worried about his image than their own soldier and ppl lives and u tell me not to blame him cmon.

    4. @Czankx Duites nah, if his wife won’t touch him; what makes you think the virus will?

    5. No their not.
      It’s almost like people are hypnotized. I saw a prepper nurse tell his listeners that it’s not Trumps fault. He got ‘bad information ‘, he is the president of the USA, he has access to any and all information. Yes retired nurse said that. We are so screwed.

  342. This is what happened to dr mike on youtube. He went and bought masks from some drug dealer

    1. *Black market

  343. Probably friends of Trump at these warehouses!!

    1. Careful Mark. They know where you are.

    2. I just wanted to write that .

  344. We are off to a bad run with this mess

    1. Nicholas, we can PRAY.

  345. What are you going to do after Trump’s reelection? America knows the Left are liars. We are looking forward to all the Liberal Leftist meltdowns

    1. It’s incredible that you think Trump will be reelected while he’s actively suffocating the US health care system in real time. And most incredible is that you are probably going to vote for him, against your own interests.

    2. William I wish on you Karma

    3. I don’t understand how your brain works. You saw him saying it with his own mouth, and you saw doctors struggling and showing why trumpster’s wrong. How can it be so clear infront of you and you still siding with him? I bet my entire life you’re brainwashed by fox news.

  346. “I don’t believe”

  347. Thats discusting!! Where the f0@k is the FBI? Seize that vital material right now!!!

  348. Hopefully Trump gets the virus, then we’ll see how the doctors will handle him with limited equipment and supplies

    1. Trump and g20 leaders have immunity to the virus. It’s a public health crisis. And if shtf them 1% can go to Antarctica where public is not allowed to go

    2. XAnonAdviserX


    3. Why would u even say that?

    4. And there is also a chance of recovery, but the recovery chance is less than 2% that is most likely between the certain age of the virus’s lethalness

    5. @evra alexandrite the republican party is in favor of letting the elderly die for the economy . So Trump would GLADLY sacrifice himself for our economy RIGHT? LMAOOOO

  349. When people at the top are failing you, you gotta take things into your own hands and make ways to survive the battle, say I did my best and did not give up on these who needed my help in times of crisis.

    1. @C W Last time I checked the masks literally need to be replaced every hour plus they are obviously working ridiculously extended hours because of this virus. They are literally breaking health care rules by forcing them to wear one mask for days. Why are you acting dumb?

    2. @C W Ok so how many masks do they need then?🤔

    3. U realize this is what trump was talking about when he told the reporters to check the back doors. How do you think these people got the product to sell on the back market. Literally doesn’t make sense the amount of masks that NY is asking for. The numbers didn’t add up since the beginning.

    4. @RealEyeRealizeRealLies We are responsible for our own well being then why do we have to follow their rules? If I’m my own boss then why tf is uncle sam constantly hovering? If they are going to try to put their authority on us then the least they can do is make sure we’re well off..

    5. @RealEyeRealizeRealLies why are they at the top’ of they are gonna be useless? They are the ones who have failed us, and if you foolishly side with them you only look stupid

  350. What a leader of the world. What a shame to humanity.

    1. @NickXplore Thanks for your view

    2. Woah hold on leader of the WORLD? 98% of the world sees his incompetency and has laughed at him ever since YOU (the us) made him your leader. Don’t drag the world into this he’s all yours 😀

  351. Yup Trumps an Absolute Dumbazz. This ain’t new

  352. This is when you know you have a problem with crony capitalism…. look at the American healthcare industry. Our healthcare is a joke here. *It is truly one of the most inefficient industry in USA.* Throwing money at it isn’t going to solve the problem. Canada, along with other developed countries pays significantly less for their healthcare. Why? Collective bargaining.

    Imagine paying a few more dollars in taxes to invest into collective bargaining so you can have $15,000 dollars surgery for only $150 dollars right out of your pocket.

    Collective bargaining is the reason why many countries healthcare system are so significantly cheaper than ours and yet performs better than USA’s healthcare system.

    We need both public single payer system WITH private healthcare insurance competing against each other.

    Foster competition! Foster the free market! Keep the playing ground even!

    1. What you just stated is so ignorant that just shows you don’t understand healthcare and Canada 😂 you get free Xrays not brain surgery for pennies 🙄 of course low IQ plebs want free health care as long as someone else pays for it right? Why shouldn’t I pay 40% in taxes so you can go to doctors and try and figure out what gender you feel like choosing every other day?

    2. @DIBIS
      No. Social capitalism is the answer.

    3. @DIBIS capitalism has the same right of existence as socialism, communism and all those other isms. But its like it is with everything, pure, its evil, better to pick the good sites of it and other isms to make a better government. Like Singapur did it with his healthcare system after SARS, they looked around what others did, what worked well and implemented it on their land/city and they reacted way better as most other countries. Or South Korea, they tested everyone!

    4. the problem is not crony capitalism, the problem is capitalism

  353. Capitalist at its best. Trump must be proud of the sellers. Perfect market manipulation!.

    1. @Questions Answers Antarctica is fully anarchy though.. 😂

    2. @Dylan Tan Can’t believe that they even battle on death count too. Hope all is well, US folks! Stay healthy, be aware, don’t panic and stay hygiene.

    3. That’s where Antarctica is the best place to be!
      Freedom and extremely cold!

    4. @Dreamless Nights The US and China will have a competition on who will be the most kills on their own citizens at this rate.

    5. At this rate and condition, Trump will literally, deliberately, commit a genocide.

  354. Even in govplanet, all surplus medical supplies they’re selling is being sent to the government.


  356. WTF

  357. This Doctor has initiative..
    It’s a shame a hospital has to come to this because of a lame as president..
    I’ll be honest, this act alone makes me wanna work again as a paramedic and give everything I got again.

    1. Wasn’t it trump that wanted to close the borders and close down air travel but liberals cried “racist” and kept the flood gates open til the last moment? 🤔

    2. @funny eyes virus still bringing up the airport travel restrictions? How long are you gonna hold onto that? It’s a literal shitshow now and that’s the best excuse you can come up with?

    3. @funny eyes virus you’re just a pawn to him nothing more special the only thing he’d consider you useful for is your vote

    4. @funny eyes virus We’ll stop the ‘crying’ when he’s starts behaving with maturity and starts taking this crisis seriously. He doesn’t seem to be able to grasp the severity of this global situation.

    5. Haha lol I can tell you hate trump and will say anything about him.. Trump wanted to shut down airports but no you just all called him racist for wanting to do that.. Stop the crying

  358. He should have brought police with him, seize the warehouse and investigate culprits behind this.

    1. Why go after the black market? Price gougers and hoarders are the culprit.

    2. @# a2ad9c Robin Hood gave to the poor not sold to the poor with a 50% mark up value.

    3. @# a2ad9c
      “Back to corporations”? Did what was described sound like it was operations of medical supply corporations? Or thugs taking advantage of current situation?

    4. 林子倫 terrible idea. Federal seizing of items like this means they will just fall back into the hands of greedy corporations; this time not some Robin Hood figure

    5. I’m sure it’s that easy /s.

  359. I hope prices spike up more. I have n95 mask to sell.

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