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Dr. Oz and Nutritional Supplements: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver outlines what, exactly is problematic about Dr. Oz and the nutrition supplement industry. Then he invites George R.R. Martin, Steve Buscemi, the Black and Gold Marching Elite, and some fake real housewives on the show to illustrate how to pander to an audience without hurting anyone.

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5,238 thoughts on “Dr. Oz and Nutritional Supplements: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  1. Carver T
    an issue john didn’t address:
    WARNING: EATING DISORDER, might trigger.
    when I was fourteen, I was diagnosed with anorexia, and I would do anything to become thin and “beautiful.”
    I starved myself, fasting for days or weeks at a time and couldn’t see how dangerously thin I was becoming. then, I went to a pharmacy and bought a bottle of diet pills. they were completely over the counter and when asked, I said my mum wanted them. no follow-up questions were asked. I used them for a long time before I attempted recovery and began to go to therapy.
    these pills could have killed me. they helped me continue my spiraling behaviour and god only knows whats in them. issues like this need to be adressed. thanks for reading.

  2. Me watching this while drinking my gamer sups lmao

  3. America land of the Free… *and fucking DEAD* …

    Somewhere between open nuke silos and fucking snales salesman, i just can hope you end your own suffering, because it simply hurts to watch!

  4. Love this guy

  5. This episode should go well with the multilevel marketing episode.

  6. We need to have a limit on how many terms Congress can stay in office. This is ridiculous.

  7. He says he was merely using “flowery language,” but nobody who knows anything about general health and weight-loss would EVER refer to any supplement as “magic.”

  8. mel gibson in a conspiratorial anti government video didn’t age well.

  9. I need a montage of john oliver making gay comments including but not limited to the adam driver ones

  10. Anyone that eats a regular healthy diet doesn’t need any vitamin supplement. It is just plain stupid & uninformed to do so. Those that take vitamin supplements pee a most expensive liquid. 👎😒

  11. I dont know what is worse, Dr. Oz’s ignorance of his fraud or him lying intentionally

    1. @S pol …you are in a different world. Read my comment slowly cause that’s not what I meant

    2. Oz is not ignorant he is a smart salesman.


  13. Anyone that gets there medical advice from a TV show should have understand that the shows #1 reason for existing is ad revenue, #2 entertainment, and #3 personal gain. With all that being said we do live in a world that needs sharp warning signs on saws.

  14. Dr Oz, the most educated dumbass on the planet.

    Lets not forget the reefer madness Oz also pushed.

  15. best dietary supplement for 2020

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  17. Remember 2014 when we could worry about Dr. Oz?

  18. 11:16…” Lobbying “

  19. Burn!!!!!! 😏🇺🇸✊🏿

  20. Let’s be real here, the disease is not some legaislative problem, it’s the rapid decline in average IQ coupled with the extreme anti-science sentiment fostered by religion, corporations and even government.

  21. maroon 5

  22. This is…very relevant today

  23. So wait…. Legal cannabis – one of the least toxic substances known to man, a substance that has 0 recorded deaths directly linked to its use. has to carry health and safety warnings on packages, but supplements don’t?

  24. I’ve watched all these videos multiple times thanks to pandemic downtime. John Oliver is truly one of the funniest guys and his researchers are top notch.

  25. If you water plants with Gatorade nothing grows, see 2012

  26. Deregulating things and lobbyists, sounds like bribes? Ask daily show

  27. Just like how it’s not prostitution if you’re filming,
    it’s not bribery if it’s campaign donations….

  28. ‘Proprietary blend’ can mean literally fucking anything

  29. OZ ?
    He’s no Australian

  30. When Oz was touting his cookbook, I bought it and made one of the meals. This is THE ONLY MEAL I ever made AND apologized to my husband for serving him “bird food”. We laughed and threw the meal and cookbook in the trash. Oz won’t make another $ off me but I’m glad J.O. made one off him.

  31. Can’t get enough of John in this pandemic

  32. 8:20 regulatory agencies certainly can be overzealous…

    They aren’t however when it comes to supplements that’s for sure.

  33. We need campaign finance reform #movetoamend

  34. It’s not illegal according judge its called puffing and not actionable

  35. I had to envision a thimble filled with otter semen with my own brain.

  36. Dr. Oz went to the same medical school as Dr. Dre.

  37. The littlest drummer is so friggin cute!

  38. Steve Buscemi’s fake tap dance gestures were amazing!!!

  39. YAS!

  40. I only just realized what was really in the background. Lmao

  41. It’s not that Dr. Oz was talking – but that anyone was talking to couch potatoes in Florida. They’ll buy anything you tell them buy with the promise of appearance improvement, sanity, or depression relief for living in hell. FDA takes it even further … a lot further … how about going after the FDA sulfide fluoride pill scam. FDA creates the disease and the cure that does not work! Surprising I have not yet seen a promise of an intelligence pill that actually dumbs you down.

  42. Dr. Oz promotes anything he gets paid for, just like promoting fake Covid-19 treatments. No one should be listening to him. Idiots list to a snake oil sales man.

  43. That was confusing and delightful and sad.

  44. Joe,…your a dumba##!!
    Oz…your a snake oil salesman!!

  45. I need more of that puppy

  46. Who is picking his shirts for this show!?

  47. Man, that marching band was fucking sickkkkkkk

  48. What a choice of an outfit



  51. 🧙‍♂️

  52. Oz is on his medication.the medication is making him the label before you take this shit

  53. 15:14 When some random guy appears on your show:
    “How do you do, fellow viewers?”

  54. We all have ridiculous daydreams and chaotic thoughts. What I appreciate the most about John Oliver is that he actually makes such thoughts a reality. Women in trashy dresses, Steve Buscemi and a TV host tap dancing to a marching band. Oh and a puppy.

  55. 3:16 Three blind mice. Nice reference!

  56. PS, please have your writers create, “Schill: The Mehmet Oz Story” the musical. Even if it’s just a short skit.

  57. John Oliver, I feel blessed for having watched you every time I view your videos. Thank you.

  58. Here in 2020 just trying to ignore the world on fire

  59. Dr Oz gives miss information out on his show! He sells out for profit. Oprah needs to appoligize to the world for inflicting Dr Oz and Dr Phil on us!

  60. Let’s talk about doctors, I’ve seen a few

  61. Thing is, aspirin has been shown to lower the risks for some cancers, particularly colon and rectal cancer. Wish he would’ve actually gone over that

  62. Wouldn’t it just be exquisite if the asshole at 10:15 later died from consuming tainted dietary supplements?

  63. Neden türkçe yorum görmüyorum

  64. I used to work in a pharmacy, and the pharmacists there HATED Dr Oz with a passion. It was truly a surreal moment to see a man come to get his cholesterol medication refilled and his wife literally talking over his shoulder insisting that I tell him he doesn’t need his medication and he should just get ginger supplements instead. (for the record, I’m not legally allowed to tell customers what to do, because that’s considered patient counselling and I’m just a clerk, not a doctor, so I called over the pharmacist and the customer proceeded to lecture her – a person with a medical degree, I remind you – about how ginger is more effective than statin drugs)

  65. Holy balls people born in 2002 are 18 now

  66. Dr. Good is better

  67. Hands off my vitamins!

  68. The wizard of oz was a scammer I find it ironic that a scammer is using the name of a scammer

  69. that was beautiful tap dancing


  70. rockhound can tap dance

    he is so fucking awesome

  71. Steve Buscemi and The Black and Gold Marching Band? Cancel Dr. Oz and replace his stupid shameless marketing hour with more content like this❣️

  72. I wish the government would make it illegal for industries and corporations to air/print any ads that are political. It should be against the law for corporations to create propaganda about the government in order to avoid more regulation in their industry. It’s manipulation, and it needs to stop. If they want to create propaganda, we should make it is hard as possible for them to disseminate it to the public.

  73. No mention of Oprah. She elevated charlatans like Oz and Phil to their current celebrity. Fail

  74. I don’t know why but it bothers me that John only fired off one T-shirt.

    Dietary supplements are horse-nonsense. Just eat healthy. If you have a specific condition (such as anemia), then take your necessary supplements. Otherwise don’t bother.

  75. fix your hair john

  76. I used to watch Dr Oz back when I was 13-14 (on Oprah and otherwise), and even back then I knew he was full of shit and there wasn’t anything that I would have bought because of his advice

  77. Holy shit, the amount of stuttering and pure embarrassment on the Docs face! Having to eat his words

  78. Shout out to everybody who actually knows The Emperor’s New Clothes!😅😅

  79. Oz? Likable? He’s a canonical case of a used car saleshole…

  80. My boyfriend was taking the first supplement john mentioned, probably around the time this episode aired, and he blacked out, doctors couldn’t figure out why so his license (he’s a truck driver) was suspended in case it happened again, he stopped the supplement and it hasn’t happened since but there was no reason other than those snake oil capsules

  81. He’s so pumped!! 💃🏽

  82. Ever seen goop by Gwyneth Paltrow? That website and company is disgusting. JonTron already did a video on goop and it is atrocious.

  83. Morning Joe is a comedy…..I thought everybody knew that…..Joe has a parrot who wears a blonde wig and repeats everything he says…..I think it’s female and named…..Mika…..Micka….or simply Polly…..

  84. 6:36

  85. Steve Busheme.

  86. When Dr Oz first showed up on the TV, he was doing demonstrations of first aid. After pressing the AED button, he said that’s it, and I was like, mmmm….no, that’s a bad doctor.

  87. Dr. Oz is a super TV salesperson. He can sells anything, even a piece of garbage.

  88. Dr reopening schools is appetizing sounds like something a pedeophile would say.😕

  89. I am!

  90. Wow! Imagine what would happen if this happen with the regulation of Water and food!
    Well, you don’t have to wait long to know.

  91. Openly bought.

  92. Dr Oz’ methodology is very reminiscent to how televangelists work too..use fragrant language into hoodwinking us all..what an arsehole!

  93. It’s not Arya, right?!

  94. I miss the good o’days when our problems were things like unregulated vitamins. 2020 is a year that makes 2014 look like a walk in the park. May the 4th be with you. 😷 also happy Cico de Mayo tomorrow on taco Tuesday. I’ll be enjoying them with a corona beer.

  95. Just wait until you see what he [Oz] does he in 2020.

  96. Corporate pressure from Herbalife kept ephedra on the market much longer than needed. Our FDA is bought & paid for by lobbyists, political donations & outright gifts. They do NOT work in our best interest!

  97. How you didn’t get Jon Stewarts show is beyond me. So much better than that wiener Trevor Noah

  98. I heard ‘Dr.’ Oz’s alma martyr is discussing pulling his credentials. They should. He violates the hypocritic oath by shilling for any product that a company will pay him for.

    1. @WaLApA117 Dr Oz reminds me of Dr Nick from The Simpsons.

    2. well, it’s Oz we’re talking about, so it might as well be the Hypocritic oath.

    3. I agree with your point, but here’s a little assistance: *alma mater, *Hippocratic Oath

    4. Alma martyr could work as a pun

  99. Is there a mashup of this version and the VAVA version?

  100. The scale says WTF.

  101. Tap dancing Steve buscemi for the win!!

  102. I have been trying to wish that asshole into the corn field for decades.
    Dr. Phil and his weird wife can go too.

  103. Even though in a sense, it’s a giant waste of money, I support the US being the only place in the world with a $100 billion market for placebos (and a few dangerous chemicals — It’s fun to guess what’s which!!)

    Seriously though, how about we do like other countries do with tobacco: you create the product, we’ll create the label

  104. dr oz and dr phil are both high profile people in america. one does medicine the other does psychology.

  105. Just pull any of Dr Oz degrees and associations. He parotted Trump and the silly hydroxychloroquine thing. I mean, we had studies from 2005 saying no go and we had even earlier studies saying quinine and its synthetic derivatives killed people or made them crazy. Derp, changing the ph in your cells makes the cells not function properly?!

  106. The most unrealistic part of this story was they implied George RR Martin was writing.- fake news

  107. oh John Oliver you are naive, kids won’t learn to subtract anything from the current year, they just have to scroll a lot the year of birth until they can pass.

  108. Until I realized there was laughter I figured Dr. Oz messed up with his Corona advice 😅

  109. John fucking warned us.

    He is an American treasure.

  110. Who here knows Mehmet is the Turkish version of Muhammad?!

  111. lmao @joerogan

  112. It’s bizarre watching these older Last Week Tonight episodes….

    John looks much younger.
    And…..he seems _smaller_ somehow. Anyone else see it too?

  113. Only idiots watch and listen to dr oz

  114. Black and Gold came out strong !!!

  115. And… He’s been back at it again selling Hydroxy chloroquine

  116. Classic episode of a classic show.

  117. What people fear if vites and supps are regulated is having to get Dr prescription for them.

  118. He lost his integrity LONG AGO! The depraved money grubber has become a SNAKE OIL SALESMAN….I WOULD NEVER BUY ANYTHING HE TOUTED!

  119. I could empty pixie sticks into capsules and sell them as diet pills

  120. I haven’t trusted doctors for years. The only people they really help are those with money.

  121. The FTC and FDA need an overhaul. Add it too the looooooong list the next political regime has to fix.

  122. Speaking of doctors, Canada hold aplenty Charles Smith *google that shit*

  123. Savage capitalism in the US is a freak show.

  124. Fuck him and Trump

  125. Fuck oz..nut job

  126. Consequences.

  127. Dr oz turned out to be a quack

  128. Just like homeopathy. All praise James Randy.

  129. Check out Dr OZ’s comments about COVID 19.

  130. I have known that Dr OZ is a quack for quite a while….

  131. Bastard congress.

  132. You can’t convince me that Steve Buscemi didn’t need to be there to fake tap dance

  133. Cher once said, “If a good body came in a bottle, we’ed all have one.”

  134. And now he is a fox news doctor

  135. Oh constantly hearing vitamin pronounced wrong.

  136. I think the President watches a lot of Dr Oz

  137. Dr Oz is turning into a QUACK
    He sold himself out ! He lost his credibility.. just like Dr. Phil

  138. Five Years later and Oz is still a fucking issue.

  139. 14:45 is that kellyanne Conway sure looks like her

  140. This aged well and now covid19 isn’t that dangerous.

  141. Nice to see government corruption crosses partisan lines.


  143. Deport Oz back to Turkey. NOW !!!

    1. I think that’s a bittttt to far…

  144. the sham of dr oz is more relevant now than ever

  145. This is why MLM’s like Herbalife sell Nutritional Supplements. They don’t have to be vetted by the FDA or anything. They could literally sell sand and claim that it helps you lose weight. There’s a lot of dummies out there with money, so I guess that means these people will always exist.

  146. We are selling the face masks recently.please contact me whatsapp 8615284042434

  147. 13:54 lol remember when game of thrones was good

  148. TV Doctors are just as bad as TV Evangelicals. It’s all about the money people.

    1. You forgot psychics! Hilariously dismantled by Mr. Oliver as well 😉

    2. What about TV evangelical doctors?

    3. Exactly

  149. Dear God america is full of soft headed idiots.

  150. “Atta Turk”!

  151. Go to any auto show (after CV19 gets resolved) and in the cheapest locations, you’ll see non-car-related modern day snake oil salesmen selling all sorts of fake crap.

  152. Didn;t he just go on fox and say sacrafice 2% of our school children so that we can send the servants back to work?

  153. I’m here from Community why am I so dumb these people are funny Professor Duncan is funny ahaha I need sleep 😔

  154. This ep really should have been the end of “Dr.” Oz’s career.

    1. It’s amazing how so many can get away with anything and still be relatively popular in America, take Trump for example.

  155. What a painful cycle we’re stuck in.

  156. now I do not agree with oz and the lobyest but is claiming to signalize is that not what you do when attacking someone you do not like

  157. Love his (Dr. Oz’s) comments about sending children to school*.

    * sarcasm.

  158. Returned to this during Corona 2020 after hearing Dr. Oz say we should sacrifice childrens health so we could get them back to school.

    1. Actually? That’s dumb. Those with either weak immune systems or none at all are those at risk. If you wouldn’t push an old person into a hospital in New York, you wouldn’t send your kids to school with a bunch of other kids for long hours each day for multiple months 🤷

  159. Interesting watching this in April 2020

  160. now we have this nutjob wanting kids back in schools, and if we lose a few *shrug* fuck dr oz

  161. John Oliver will always be the little boy that got spanked by Liz Wheeler.

  162. We just can’t tolerate people like Oz in our society.
    We need to learn that we brush people like him off when there’s no crisis, *but they don’t go away when there is ones*
    At time of writing, over 32,000 people have died in this country from the Coronavirus. Over 4000 people just yesterday.
    And charlatans like Oz have been lying and using this disaster to flog their products!
    This isn’t about health freedom, not when one dupe who believes their malaria drug makes them immune can infect dozens of other people.

    And even if someone like him doesn’t personally spread misinformation, they habitually turn people away from actually medical advice!

    But ain’t that just capitalism?

  163. Dr. Oz, Fox’s all-purpose coronavirus pundit, apologizes for pushing the ‘trade-off’ of reopening schools

  164. Hey John if you’re reading this please go back and flame mehmet again please

    1. mehmet was on hannity today saying the idea of risking children going back to school ahead of the proposed return was “appetizing”

  165. Did that lawyer in the courtroom asked Dr. Öz if it was real magic? 😀 Dude, it’s just a saying, Apple says their iPhone works like magic, but no one takes Tim Cook into a courtroom and asks him if it is a real magic. Like wtf? 😀

  166. Dr. Oz is being terrible again

  167. Yeah, like senators are so innocent. How many of these guys are in the pockets of the pharmaceuticals? If they weren’t making money, they would care less what Oz was saying. And you think people aren’t getting sick and sicker from being over prescribed with medications that don’t work, don’t cure anything and barely manage symptoms? Drugs that get prescribed to “fix” the side effects of the ones already being taken? I call bullshit.
    Sounds to me like Oliver is just a shill for the pharmaceutical industry and the AMA.

  168. Hey now, I speak from experience, Garcinia cambogia does work well!, you just have to exercise two to three times a day and not eat hardly anything and you will lose weight like crazy!

  169. Ephedra isn’t dangerous if you take it properly – just like anything. Hell it’s in Sudafed.

  170. Annoying bird can’t take you seriously with your tactics

  171. this guy is really funny 😀

  172. Bcoz of Corona Virus Look what she got for her 18th bday.🤔

  173. Love how you get to the heart of each issue,so that I learn. And then you have me laughing hysterically!! Thanks for the laughter, and the information is great🤗🤗🤗💙

  174. PhD = piled high

  175. *Thanks, Good Show*

  176. I feel so guilty, I lived in California at the time and I signed a petition to help keep the FDA out of the way of natural supplements. I was 20, pregnant and convinced by the store owner who said the FDA would add foods we normally eat such as garlic or honey to the list of “Must Be Tested For Veracity”. Sigh………..never sign a petition under duress.

    1. Not to be rude, but what was your problem with things like garlic of honey being tested for veracity?
      Maybe he said something different, and it makes more sense in context, so I can only take your story at face value, but if some guy came up to me while I was buying a bag of, say, potato chips, and he had a clipboard and said “Sign this, to prevent the government subjecting potato chip bags to veracy tests” I’d spit that bag of chips out on the spot

    2. The important lesson here is to educate yourself about an issue. Don’t just listen to what one person or one advertisement tells you.

    3. Never sign anything on the street or in a store. Or on some wacky online page for that matter. People should realize that they don’t have the knowledge nor the experience to judge these things. Which is why you let the people who do call these shots publicly.

  177. Whereas the FDA regulates prescription drugs and treatments, OTC supplements fall under the jurisdiction (probably not the most accurate word?) of a separate entity, U.S. Pharmacoepia. FDA approval of a treatment requires that it pass FDA testing for efficacy regarding its own claims, and the mouse-type beside an asterisk at the bottom of the bottle of anything non-FDA-approved will specify it as such (“These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA..”). This also speaks volumes as to whether a product is effective in whatever it claims to do, but, regarding any negative side-effects or whatever a product ACTUALLY does, it means that you are “on your own” with these. **Medically legitimate claims tend to want FDA approval, which is lucrative even as it restricts some access to their product.** If these supplements did what they claimed, they would be marketed as medicines, as they would be treating a medical problem; rather, they are just pills. They are exactly that: supplements (introducing something into your body- for better or worse, but often for both).

  178. Did anyone else get a look at that cloud in the ‘Jack & Beanstalk’ illustration? It had an interesting shape. 🤔 ~ If your weight/metabolism seems entirely divorced from your intake, activities, or genetics- that is, if there’s no logical reason for it or there’s been a confusing fluctuation- it’s likely hormonal and part of a medical issue in the first place. If something you can’t control or understand is going on with your weight, it’s worth trying to understand and work with whatever’s causing it. You will waste money, feel like hell and go nuts trying to change it if you don’t really know what’s going on with your body. It may or may not be something you can or should change, but it’s better than trusting or hating celebrities who don’t know you worth a damn.

  179. One of my local news stations have been presenting Oz as an expert on the COVID19 situation.


    1. I seen that as well, makes one wonder no doubt. Maybe society believes status and fame no matter what is said be it true or false.

  180. Anyone else sitting in quarantine binge watching all these old episodes of John Oliver or just me?

    1. Yuuuup

    2. Not just John, also Bill Maher, The Daily Show, Star Talk & whatever else they drop onto my playlist.

    3. << guilty as charged. :)

    4. Aye!

    5. Oh Hell Yah !!! Favorite One Would Be the Time He Read The Letter From POM, What Would Be Yours??

  181. Vitamins are not regulated in the US. Extremely dangerous.
    Hatch and his ilk are a bunch of pukes. For the Right, it has ALWAYS been money over American lives.
    Way more people need to figure this out.

  182. John Oliver is like a conspiracy theorist but he something

  183. The disease is not the lack of regulation so much as it is widespread stupidity.

  184. Why dont you look at how many deaths from bad drugs, 1000’s

  185. When he still partially had the infamous bangs

  186. Scientific mustard.

  187. Brilliant!

  188. What song is it at 16:18 ?

  189. Nice upload

  190. 6 years later George RR Martin still hasn’t finished the book…

  191. Only in America.
    So many people think that if something is ‘natural’, it is safe and good for you. It’s scary.

    1. Some have had an one time experience with mushrooms…

  192. Why does YouTube bring me here on auto play all the time. I’ve seen this already

  193. This furthers my view that the government is a Legal Mafia. It’s not what is right or good for the people, it’s about what can make the government system money.

  194. The TV ratings whores brought us #45. They’ll show anything for ratings.

  195. ……and he IS Dr. Oz because of Opraaaaahhh!


    1. @Schoolius Delta i had no idea i was Dr. Phil, I thought I was MiniSage

    2. @MiniSage …and this must be Dr. Phil chiming in on queue….


    3. @Schoolius Delta so like could you put your eyes back in your head

    4. Oprah has given at least two Medical Doctorates out…..


  196. 3:15 – Anybody catch the three blind mice?

  197. Horrible people like these make us regular doctors look like shit.

    1. There is an agenda against him… hes still one of the best heart surgeons in the world. The big pharma doesnt like him bc he promotes preventative care.

  198. It’s official John Oliver is awesome.
    I’m always laughing 😂

  199. Band at the end was awesome!! God I love this man!

  200. Magic beans by the Wizardly Doctor of Oz…

  201. I’m not interested in myself. What a lying sack of $#!+. Hey Donald get out of the room you put Mike in charge so STFU! We want to hear what Mike has to say.

  202. The real shocking thing in this whole show is learning what Dr. Ozs name is

  203. That Lobbying product sounds like a perfect cure for financial deprivation. And corruption doesn’t sound too bad a side effect.

  204. Hey! That’s my friend! (But you right tho)

  205. Fucking charlatans. Stupid people do stupid things. Smart people outsmart each other.

  206. When did Chandler Bing start working on Morning Joe?

    1. That’s not Chandler Bing, that’s Dr Oseransky the dentist.

  207. I know this video is old, so I doubt people will ever see this, but update on the bullshit supplement industry. I saw an add for an essential oil made from a plant called “Mother-in-Law’s Tongue”. The actual name for this plant is “Dracaena trifasciata” but it’s other name is the Snake Plant. These people are literally hawking snake oil. It is insane. Also, you know how Orrin Hatch was an early catalyst in restricting the FDAs ability to impose limits on supplements? Interestingly, Mormons have all but CORNERED the supplement and essential oil game, literally like 90% of the biggest supplement quackery businesses are run by Mormon families. Sometimes lobbying is so transparent it is mindboggling.

  208. Only 16 million vuews? : )

  209. Sadly they want to make good supplements illegal to secure money for big pharma. So no, we dont want the m to have more regulatory ability.

  210. Dude, never realized how life-affirming Steve Bucemi’s dancing could be. Movies need to utilize this talent of his.

  211. Here’s John Oliver trying to support the democratic, jewish, zionist, military, industrial, pharamacuetical, agricultures, poison industry and the most important thing is to discredit and villinize any alternative health practitioner who offers natural, effective alternarives to drugs, vaccines and surgery for health conditions that can br traced back to eating toxic unnatural foods that comes from the same people who will sell you drugs to relieve the symptoms of their food, Monsanto. John Oliver really is a stupid little democratic ninny. He never get’s it right, such an idiot

    1. Have a cup of tea & a lie down dear. It’ll be all right.

  212. I’m sorry but who trusts Dr. Oz? Idiots so you get what you get! Most people understand it’s about $$$

    1. I do. Hes a real doctor… went to harvard…

  213. I don’t care what kind of doctor anyone is, they cannot possibly do the adequate amount of research needed to have a daily show with different “cures” for every possible health problem. Just the fact that they pretend to do so makes them a fraud.

  214. I don’t trust anything Dr Oz says. He sold his soul… he’s turned himself into a snake oil salesman peddling lies and dangerous products

    1. I disagree. He was a massive target for big pharma lobbyists few years back… most of what he preaches is preventative care… big pharma wants you to get sick so america relies on pills.

  215. The truth is people want to lose weight be healthy without doing any they want the little magic pill in a bottle. the supplement business was always stay in business cuz people always be too lazy to get off their ass and go for a f****** walk

  216. he cant say 69

  217. are those dresses actually trashy? 🙁

  218. subtract 18 you say? I just say I was born thousands of years ago

  219. Anyone who thinks Dr Oz was serious when he called the meds “magic” needs a magic pill to boost their social skills. He’s obviously exaggerating. And even if he were outright lying with the intent to mislead he’d still be a more trustworthy media personality than J.O. if years of blanantly leftist propaganda is any indication.

    1. @a a yeah. The man’s really a great tv doctor. I’m willing to bet the only reason J.O. did a smear peice on him’s because Dr. Oz, from what I’ve seen, has republican views.

    2. I listen to Dr Oz. He gives g8 advice on nutrition. Big pharma hates him tho bc they lose money if ppl start getting healthy

  220. Wait, wait, wait… his first name is Mehmet?!

  221. This shows fans: The government must regulate vitamins!
    Also them: The government must decriminalize drugs!
    How about the government fucking off with regards to both of them and people not being stupid enough to abuse supplements.

  222. Wait, do people actually think they’re going to the doctor when they watch the show? 🤔

  223. Dr OZ the sellout to big business

  224. He so missed quoted the guy when he said ” the scientists said this ” why would he say that he said it…wtf?

  225. Wow the kid from home alone really aged badly.

  226. Dr oz fingers shitholes

  227. Is John Oliver is the ONLY brave person in the world?
    There is NO ONE else in the world who has a problem with “”Dr.”” Oz?

    1. Can’t tell: i never watched the movie. But I thought he was a wizard..

    2. Big pharma hates Oz. They deliberately target him so that ppl dont listen to his preventative care philosophy. Big pharma loses tons of money bc of dr oz

  228. For the health of you and your family, please wear professional P95,R95 and N95 masks.For $2.50 each, please contact me at

  229. I’ve never, ever, clapped for a YouTube vid before. Amen, I feel the anticap spirit! Lol years later, ya pull me out of a depressed moment. Ty!

  230. I guess you could say, he tried to be the WIZARD OF OZ

  231. LuMbAgO

  232. I know I’m a few years late but …

    It’s pretty brave to wear a solid dark color tie with a pink plaid shirt. That he pulls off surprise well

  233. The world will be worse off with out John Oliver.

  234. I actually fell for that one many years ago. “Free” my ass.

  235. Steve Boosheemee? Does he not know who Steve Buscemi is?…

  236. It’s tragic that stupid people mistrust people who actually know about stuff but believe “some guy” who tells them he’s got the truth.

    To complain that the government shouldn’t be allowed to check things for safety is idiotic. Same with guns, same with religions

    America is a failed state due to too many stupid people

  237. Oz looks like johns older brother

  238. all of the doctors telling patients to buy this or that are quacks

  239. 5:50 “SEEEEEH-GUUUUUH” in my head after like 30 years of not hearing/seeing/thinking about sega

  240. abandoning all hope for good vet

  241. Well he’s popular because fat Americans are too lazy to do the only thing that works, mainly diet.

  242. He looks like Charlie Sheen but is as Influential as Alex Jones!

  243. Wizard of Oz without the curtain.

  244. Why the fuck they are advertising medicines ?

  245. Dr Oz looks like the Green Goblin. Ew.

  246. How to lose weight: eat less fat, delete sugar and move your fat ass. That’s all.

  247. A muslim making up stuff – wow, he turned out to be a hack?

  248. Either you regulate too much or too little. There is no perfect balance. Suppose that Omega-3 fish oil supplements were suddenly put under government regulation. We’d probably lose access to molecularly distilled omega 3 supplements until some future date waiting for millions in investment and bribes to soften the hearts of the whomsoevers up in the ivory tower at some government tax sponsored mafia dome.

  249. Oz is a scumbag

  250. 16:24 adult sites: teaching kids how to lie since ’69.

  251. Why is any politician allowed to speak about any industry, or vote on any bills, which could impact on any company or group from which they receive contributions, or any other benefits?? Corruption, pure and simple…….

  252. 😂😂😂 I love John Oliver

  253. Magic coffee beans sound like weed infused coffee from some hippie

  254. John Oliver is comedy for people who don’t understand what comedy is.

    1. wrong influencer are no longer comedian same with billionare

  255. It’s sad because Dr. Oz USED to be a good doctor, but fame and love of money went to his head.

    1. I disagree. He became target of big pharma… do u watch his show? He gives g8 nutrution advice. Big pharma doesnt want ppl healthy. They want u buying their pills until u die. I think u should check out his channel. G8 stuff on health

  256. I didn’t hear him mention anything about the countless prescription drugs approved by the FDA that have injured or killed people. Many of these drugs are often recalled, pulled from market, or simply re-branded, when it comes to light that people are dying or being irrevocably injured by them. Ever see one of those litigation commercials for people who have died or suffered using the FDA’s “safe and effective” drugs? I know you have. So….I think you get my point. Far more people die from Iatrogenic death (death by doctor or prescription medication) than by taking unregulated supplements. In fact, Iatrogenic death is the number one cause of death in the United States. More people die in this manner than all top five causes of death combined. But we really need the FDA to step it up so I can’t get my hands on Vitamin C gummies without a prescription. lol. What a joke.

    Let’s look at one of Oliver’s damning examples that supposedly proves his point. Ephedrine. The segment on ephedra use included stats showing the number of deaths blamed on its use. There were 155 deaths and 16,000 adverse acute effects reported. Do you have any clue how many people have taken ephedrine just as a part of their allergy protocol alone? A LOT. Well over a billion. The only people who are at risk of adverse effects are those who either take more than is directed, have a preexisting heart condition, or use it as a performance enhancer while engaging in strenuous physical activity. Not smart. In other words, these over the counter “supplements” are only ever a problem for people who have a problem. And that problem is more often then not just old fashioned irresponsibility Dont’ you understand? The reason any of this shit is available over the counter is precisely because of its safety profile. Also, the FDA cannot by law regulate something produced by the human body or found in nature. That is a very VERY good thing. If they could, they would place conditions on not only your use of medications but the very food you eat to survive. And that is not hyperbole.

    In summary, the FDA doesn’t give a fuck about you or any of your fellow Subjects. Did you know that they are fully aware of proven cures for cancer that are not available to cancer patients? One of them includes a simple and safe compound called di-chloro-acetate or bi-chloro-acetic acid. When was the last time you heard of someone with cancer surviving because their oncologist treated them with BCA? NEVER. That’s when. And why is this? It can’t be patented. Therefore, the FDA and Big Pharma can’t make any money from it. So no more life for you, motherfucker. Fuck the FDA and fuck Oliver. Fuck everyone who listens to this moronic bantering. His premises are false and just-plain-crazy.

    bowing out.

  257. A fools mouth will be his ruin,and his lips are a snare to his soul.Proverbs 18:7 .

  258. The Wizard of OZZZZzzz.

  259. Unfortunately GMartin is a pig, but,,,thank goodness, the likes outweighs the thumbs down. Unless people are confused, thinking that thumbs downs means they are mad at Oz. He makes money by endorsing products, duh!!! Would you believe Mel Gibson either, the drunk?? Nah

  260. Fucking snake oil salesmen

  261. if dr oz was a conservtaive doingthis crap they would not let him sleep.. is weird how liberals follow this guy.. and still go after him the same time. ie john oliver.. staunch liberal who hates trump

    1. Didnt Trump make him like health minister or sumtin. He is conservative i think?

  262. That band was awesome tho.

  263. This is a really good episode LMAOO

  264. What do Mel Gibson, Orin Hatch and John Oliver have in common? They’ve all aged like Heroin addicts…

  265. Shout out to wendy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🎿

  266. Graph: 69%
    John Oliver: …nearly 70%…

  267. Jeez, what is it with people and their endless need to be fooled, tricked and lied to?? And those anchors liking the moron – talk about braindead aliens.

    Still, the most shocking is again to get an insight into how corrupt the US government really is.
    But, most important is of course that there aren’t any regulations on anything, so people can be smiling and happy while being fooled and eating dangerous shit. And really – what is ruined kidneys and heart attacks compared to regulations?!?

  268. Lumbago 😢😢

  269. If there is anything we can come away with this is that the US has a culture of believing BS.
    Vitamins ARE a scam. Get it in your heads. By the way believing BS goes for all thing (Politics for example) not just Vitamins.
    Face it, Americans are Gullible and will believe anything they’re told, and anyone arguing that point should think about the fact you elected a President who is a Habitual liar….and believe his BS to this day.

  270. Let’s appreciate the fact the Steve is in pretty good shape.

  271. I have now seen everything this world has to offer.
    Steve Bussemi tap dancing to a matching band.

  272. Check thier taxes from 2014… I’m sure you’ll see these companies lol

  273. He’s got a good point there. If you just showed me Steve Buscemi tap dancing, I’d probably buy whatever rhino testosterone pills you’re selling

  274. This asshole is just a money seeking fraud.

  275. Quack Quack!

  276. 😅🤸🏿‍♂️ Steve b !? That’s awesome

  277. That’s science, Disney science

  278. Steve Buscemi is christ

  279. I saw the poop thing while I was eating :/ I wasn’t readdyyyyyy

  280. He has been plugging remedies for years for profit at the cost of peoples health. He should be struck off and band from TV.

  281. Way to burn fat: intermittent fasting. Healthy, safe, and saves you money. Add in low carbohydrate and some exercise and you’re gold.

  282. Been a year since I first watched this and I still don’t know what to do with the fact that Dr. Oz’ first name is Mehmet.

  283. he also stole Dr. Eric berg’s content

  284. The 2nd season of the podcast The Dream is focusing on this subject if you want to know more. Really good podcast, highly recommend!

  285. I thought the country was going to effectively deal with false advertisement back in the late 80s early 90s when a child’s parents sued m&m for 200,000, and was successful with this lawsuit. Meanwhile the mass majority can wish or pray combination of both for leaders to be held spiritually accountable to the end results of the laws be set in place. I mean if life is not free you might as well get your money’s worth in death

  286. It’s fascinating how many people enjoy the natural raw wild organic sensations mother Earth has to offer, but yet the majority of the population is not doing anything to demand from leaders that we improve upon and maintain the quality of standards pertaining to our air, water, foods, landscapes, working and living environment every day home products to be made manufactured mass-produced in a way that doesn’t disrupt or diminish the quality of life, by leaving excess poisonous ,toxic, wastes behind you can’t be pro-life if your doing business with outdated power sources, inferior materials, poisonous, toxic substances that have been scientifically classified, religiously verified as petrified death! Better known as coal, oil and gas the chemical industry. Which now that Donald Trump has been bought off and paid out by lifting sanctions and deregulating! Putting Caps ON restricting what the EPA FDA drug and food ministration, health and human services environmentalists can present to the public. Our air ,water ,landscapes ,working and living environments are going to be facing oil spills, gas leaks, toxins being burnt off in to our airways) much more frequent with less consequence which is going to result in, cause environmental financial global collapse. Combined with all the health risks that have already been established from business being conducted in this, low-quality outdated manner, by top scientists leading physician specialist the EPA,FDA, drug and food ministration Surgeon General’s warnings. They say not to use a generator inside your house or car garage for carbon monoxide poisoning is a leading cause of death! So very soon you will have pipelines from coast-to-coast burning off this petrified death! It is basically bringing the generator inside our house. The oldest trick the Republicans have been using preventing these programs from doing their job is by defunding them. It’s what happened the whole time during Obama’s presidency it is irritating negligent that Democrats are not bringing these points out sharing these facts would Americans. Talk about play hardball! Talk about pro-life ,women’s rights and gay-rights. How about the right to clean air, water, high nutritional value foods. Democrats are only bringing up social classification rights. There not hitting the fundamental rights which is air water, foods, landscapes ,working, living environment and every day home products being made with advanced materials resources substances, that are stronger, lighter more versatile easier to work with+ plus the + these products can freely be used manufactured mass-produced as much is the people need or want without leaving any excess poisonous waste behind. Democrats are pushing how important it is that women have the right for a abortion. Will do the fathers have the right to make sure the kids have clean air, water and high nutritional value foods available 24 seven. As ignorant as the Democrats are behaving right now, the Republicans are celebrating being vindictive. By doing everything they can to keep the majority of the population of Americans) overwork, underpaid, out of shape, sick weak ,desperate ,overfed’ undernourished’ with them dirty low-paying jobs, that come from outdated! Power sources) inferior materials, poisonous, toxic substances, pesticides ,chemicals that never change their killing composition.
    Which means whether it is a solid liquid or burnt off into our airways atmosphere as a vapor,

    it is always going to be poisonous debilitating deadly to the body’

    at the same time”polluting corrupting devastating to mother Earth) and all the various different forms of life that live within this world. In layman’s terms you cannot promote life by doing business with material resources substances that have been scientifically classified religiously verified as petrified death or worse which all stem from coal oil gas the chemical industry dirty low-paying jobs which has resulted in today’s people living dying to a diminished quality of life. At the same time living dying having only used the smallest percentage of a fraction of the true potential one is first born with. Adding insult to injury Dirty low-paying jobs that have the potential of causing environmental financial global collapse. Here’s the deal there is no profit to be made in the demise of the planet. The bottom line is we have the manpower technology capability resources, to create clean high-paying jobs from coast-to-coast that will improve upon and maintain the quality of our air water foods landscapes working living environment every day HOME products. We have the manpower technology capabilities resources to manufacture mass produce in a way that benefits the body planet soul spirit. We can create clean high-paying jobs coast-to-coast that come from advanced power sources that are self sustainable renewable New Age high quality material resources substances that are stronger lighter easier to work with far more versatile making the design possibility practically limitless. Allowing people to be able to rebuild faster stronger and half the time at a fraction of the cost. That type of leadership loyalty devotion and commitment passion desire to live. Will allow the best chance for each person’s generation to become stronger smarter healthier happier better off physically mentally financially possibly spiritually than the previous generation. You tell me which way you think life as a whole will be better off spiritually dirty low-paying or clean high-paying S.R.F.XOXOX

  287. Damn! These kids know how to groove!!!!

  288. 2020 yeah I’m still laughing at this😂💯

  289. Watching this show for the first time. John Oliver is a gift from God.

  290. In all fairness, the FDA wanted to eliminate ALL supplements instead of investigating and regulating their safety. Yes, there are supplements that are made with unhealthy ingredients that tout unrealistic results, but pulling ALL supplements because of that is throwing out the baby with the bathwater

  291. Dr oz is a sham….just like dr Phil
    Glad someone finally noticed!!!!!!!

    1. I believe the use of Dr. in front of Phil’s name is wrong Just a “TV title” to give him a boost

    2. Fully agree Dr Phil is a quack

    3. Dr Phil is much worst. That old potato

  292. See? Democracy….by money

  293. This is EXACTLY why he wins every Emmy. Steve Buscemi tap dancing just out of the blue? Lol An A list actor just having fun. John rules. Cant get enough.

    1. @James Bennett my aren’t YOU just a jolly ray of sunshine?? Seriously who died and left you in charge of everything????

    2. @DonPonscho Neither, Stevee Buschemi just isn’t someone I hear of very often, and I don’t like many of his films.

    3. @James Bennett Dont know if you are sarcastic or really that ONE Guy 😀

    4. @James Bennett well thats just … you know … your opinion man

    5. @James Bennett Oh calm down, “taste maker”, your opinions on films aren’t facts. Get your head out of your arse before it pickles. Steve Buscemi’s a great guy. And am I the *only* one who remembers ‘Spy Kids 2’, from back in the day?

  294. All this tells me is that we need to get rid of Dr. Oz and kill Warren Hatch and the other guy.

  295. Most of these new foods and herbs to our deit being pushed on us, are Estrogenic, and Testornone Inhibitors…

    1. Local retård believes plant hormones affect mammals, more at 11

  296. Fuck you Dr. Oz. I hope you burn in hell. You’re responsible for more harm than good. And BULLSHIT he doesn’t get compensation for recommending products.

  297. Nice job John oliver.

  298. The horrible thing is the comsumers believe that these assholes are actually telling them the truth.

  299. Dr. Oz: “I have this magical drink that will cure everything, this 12 ounce bottle will only cost you $24.95 / month for life”.
    Consumer: “Looks like water”
    Dr. Oz.: “That’s the magic of it, It looks like water”.

    1. And I magically get 25 bucks for selling you what is essentially water

  300. 😂🤣

  301. Dr.Oz is A damn QUACK!!

  302. “Dr.” Oz is nothing but a shill for the makers of untested, unregulated supplements. Whatever he may have accomplished as a doctor he has negated by lending his name and his title to the sale of snake oil. Shame on him. The people who listen to his pitch are idiots.

  303. Teaching Treachery:

  304. MSNBC are just as dispicable as Fox any day.

  305. He will sell ANYTHING.
    How dare someone call themselves a dr. & ever utter the words “burn body fat in a bottle” vs physical exertion.

  306. Yah supplements dont work, just watch Texas Buyers Club……

  307. John Todd explains TV industry

  308. No end to the Devil Bills

  309. These people are the «Deep State». Lobbyists, gouvernors and Senators overliving all presidents, representing themselves and greed.

  310. Forget about islamic terrorism … fucking lobbyism is the greatest threat to western democracy and our personal health.

  311. John: “hey Steve, you wanna be on my show for a minute or two?”
    Steve: sure, want me to provide some scintillating commentary on the latest issue?
    John: nah man just tap dance

    1. “I can do that too!”

    2. @Annalisa Norman I can actually hear him saying this

    3. thefaceofinsecurity Steve, dusting off his tap shoes: Finally, after all these years!

  312. Based the average length of a human life, I’m slightly over the halfway point of my life. In that period of time I’ve learned one thing: morons run all of society. Morons believe in nonsense supplements, holistic medicine, and are against vaccinations. Morons constantly elect millionaires and expect them to care about the poor. Morons would believe mythology rather than science.

    Nihilism is the only way to go. Stealing money from these morons is the only way to succeed. The rich and powerful will always manipulate these morons into war after war because they think armies protect countries.

    This is not a rant in support of leftist ideals, because the morons will be placed under heel in that ideology as well.

  313. five years later youtubers selling “vitamins” the same way tv host did back then… yes, the problem is the companies, the government, and shitty people willing to sell scam products, but it is also the people who buy those products and to engage in causes without informing them selfs

  314. I hate dr ozz. He should be sued. He’s fake and I’ve always known this

  315. Hey! I remember that commercial.
    *Deadpan* It was stupid then as it is now.

  316. It’s about to be 2020 in 16 days and “Dr.” Oz is still up to his bullsh!t.
    He’s got my elderly disabled parents snow-balled into believing his bullsh!t.
    Thankfully, I have control of their finances and I make sure they aren’t ripped off.
    Every week there’s some new “magical”, “cure”, “fix-all” I am told about. I just reply, no he sold his actual degree when he started this sh!t, he isn’t anything but another con artist and a sh!tty one at that. Sure, he is likable, but that’s because he prey’s on the elderly, the desperate, the easily deceived.
    He needs to have his license revoked for this bs

  317. 0:56 looks like a Jared Polis commercial…

  318. You know, castor beans are pretty magical…
    Even the oil is magical. It makes you shit all the shit he forces down your throat….

  319. Guaranteed that “Doctor” Oz has never ingested any of the crap he plugs.
    Hes probably on a combo of meth and heroin which makes him so grotesquely skinny…

    1. Or some placebo which he’d equally sell to consumers

  320. “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtains of money…”

  321. ” our lives and occasionally our balls are in their hands”😂😂😂

  322. “I don’t get constepated…and instead of that you get tempted to over strech”… come on that was on purpose

  323. What is more annoying your accent or your hypocritical socialist shill position constant ripping of USA which is feeding your stick figure. Your position re that we should give more power to the FDA sucks. We would then need to get an RX from Docs like OZ for Vitamin C all this makes the medical industrial complex more powerful. Because you are the epitome of vibrant health coming from the Dickensian nightmare of organic England living on spotted dick and tea eh governor. Why dont you do your schitck on how 100k are dying from medical mistakes every year that go under the radar?

  324. 3:47 okay those people are mind controlled. C’mon people, look again. You know I’m right.

  325. Lobbying is an another word for bribing

  326. Modern snake oil salesman

  327. L i m b a g o

  328. Snake oil salesman. Lol

  329. You have to be an utter twat if you believe the shit coming out of the mouth of dr. Oz.

  330. Bro you want some magic weight loss going on you better go on a slim fast and adderall diet for like 3 weeks. Aint no motherfucking natural supplement finna make you lose weight unless its a fucking laxative.

  331. I love how Arya was his favourite character 🙂

  332. Ah lobbying, the first worlds remix of bribery.

  333. oh, you just gotta do that for cosmetics!

  334. Even before the US TV show really starts, there’s commercials/adverts, show starts, multiple interruptions with commercials, show ends, more commercials. Almost every time, the commercials are high fat/sugar food/drinks followed by magic anti fat/ageing pills/creams. Now it’s the same in China so I don’t watch terrestrial TV.  I heard somewhere an ad creator say something like, people think commercials are created to go between the tv shows, when in fact it’s the commercials that are the important thing and the TV shows are just secondary fluff to fill the gaps.

  335. Orrin G. Hatch is no longer a US senator. Small victories. He retired. Utah residents are fucking morons for 40 plus years.

  336. We know that private companies, individuals, and government squash or buy up many competitors. And that many beneficial things are buried. That’s a fact we know.

  337. I had a live in gf and she believed this schmuck and fraud with a medical degree. She was intelligent enough to become a lawyer, and a wonderful, kind and loving person – not a combo of words you always associate with each other. It was really sad to watch her be taken in by this snake oil salesman. She believed him 100%. But when she needed medical advice from doctors in one of the best hospitals in the country she didn’t have quite the same faith.maybe the stakes were higher in real life and that’s a good reason to have a healthy degree of skepticism. But she fell for everything Ozzy boy said.

  338. Ultra-rich corporations are a fucking danger to democracy and freedom around the world.

  339. “Who ever said supliments dont have long lasting effects?” Idk but I think death is a pretty long lasting effect.

  340. Good to know that Orrin Hatch has been a complete shithead for over 25 years now…thanks Utah.

  341. Nobody actually knows what is in the diet pills lol.

  342. My mom wasted so much money on supplements and still died at 61 from cancer.

  343. But they don’t take creationist or TV Evangelist to task for scamming the more vulnerable members of society – what a country!

  344. #MorePanderingFromJohnOliver!

  345. Dr. Oz? More like doctor soz’.

  346. I miss when this was what we had to fight against instead of basic rights or deportation of DACA recipients who have lived noble lives and now have graduated college/have careers.

    Really depressing to think we were somehow better off in a lot of ways back when both parties were accepting way too much corporate money instead of just one now :/

  347. Dr. Oz , ‘write it down chlamydia balzfrozya, ‘ oh shit 😳😒😞 thks doc. My balls just fell off ., weight loss is the end goal tho’ 👍👍👍

  348. Hatch didn’t surprise me. I met him a couple years ago while he was still a senator and gently argued about the fact that the FDA had no recall authority on personal care products. He was sure they did. My little girl who was with me was not impressed. 🙂

  349. Meth will burn your fat too –look at Florida

  350. damn it
    I’ve refused to buy cable TV and didn’t discover John Oliver until early 2019.
    now i spend 30 minutes of my late night Sundays staring at my phone.

    1. Only 30 minutes? I do this all day fuck this

    2. I’m in the same boat, also Praise Be

    3. @Kathryn Praise Be.

    4. Daryl Leckt welcome the wonderful world of John Oliver. Oh, and please remember you are also part of Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption. Praise Be

  351. While I tend to treat Doctor Oz worshippers with a sigh and an eye roll, I have GOT to give credit to the Marching Elite! I want to hear more of that!!!

  352. There is a magic weight loss pill out there, it’s called Adderall lol

    1. @Quinntus79 you are completely right 😂 Same same I reckon

    2. Steve Lolz Why not just go with meth then? Don’t need a prescription for meth.

  353. Öz not oz

  354. *Steve Buscemi crush intensifies*

  355. Even porn can’t trick me into doing math… i just pick a random year that seems like it was a long time ago.

  356. Dr Oz looks like a serial killer.

  357. Morning Joe , what a shocker ! I always thought that both of the people in the morning joe show are people who are reasonably intelligent ,logical and practical , also that both are individuals who realist and not idiots who have no problem about what they are saying while still on the air because that is exactly what I saw and the reason for this comment . Morning Joe my two fat balls!

  358. how fucking stupid is society that they can’t research their dietary supplements and make sure they’re safe…

    ephedra!? that’s not a supplement that’s a drug, a stimulant.. do fucking research..

    christ save us all please lmao

    glad my friends know how to use a search engine and avoid taking pointless, harmful shit

  359. He’s a suprisingly good dancer for someone who looks like a human cigarette…

  360. People who watch Dr. Oz then need to go and visit to double check what he said. At least they have Ph.D’s and actual statistical data where they find sources and show the upsides and downsides of whatever supplement it is.

  361. Dr. Oz is sooooo full of shit. Also, John Oliver, I don’t like those short bangs🤨.

  362. Now this is what I call news! 👍

  363. The baseball player who died from taking Ephedra had a history of heat stroke and was training in Miami Florida during extreme heat and he took half a bottle of ephedra. It wasn’t the fault of the ephedra it was the fault of a dumbass

  364. PLEASE do dr.phil, dude commodifies mental health and illness to a dangerous degree

  365. Fuck the FDA!

  366. To think he was once a respected heart surgeon.

  367. How to Accelerate your Kids Athletic Development | Nutrition Principle #1

  368. Back when mel gibson still had his Australian accent. How did he lose it over 20 years in America? My doctor is from England and lived here since she was 18 and still has a strong English accent.

  369. garcinia cambogia and apple cider vinegar helped me lose 30lbs and keep it off.

  370. “Mehmet Cengiz Öz  known professionally as Dr. Oz, 
    is a Turkish American television personality, cardiothoracic surgeon, Columbia University professor, pseudoscience promoter, and author.”
    Mehmet has shown that he can be a highly respected MD and a snake oil salesman/circus barker at the same time
    if there is money in it.

  371. Hmmm. the whole Me Gibson thing on vitamins is true… at least 10 years beforehand.


  373. No no no doctors are bad they give opiates out like candy, and never have a good plan to get a person off of them.

  374. Revolving door business system.

  375. This whole segment is a demonstration of how stupid the majority of people are. The idea that adults fall for magic beans is just pathetic.

  376. Notice how Oprah has stayed radio silent

  377. John Oliver: making the stupid silly so you don’t have to.

  378. 11:23 onward. Just brilliant

  379. Mehmet is not attractive.  Because he has little integrity.  John Oliver is incredibly attractive, because he has a great deal of integrity.  Quantity does matter.

  380. IF i saw Dr. Oz walking into the operating room to do my surgery..i would jump off the table and run like hell….. NO way would i ever take any medical advice from this QUACK !!!! ever !! he should be barred from ever practicing medicine !!! his dopey daughter Daphne is total airhead

  381. Dr. OZ. Seems GaaaaY To Me

  382. Oz is no doctor, HE’S A PUBLIC MENACE.

  383. “Like the sunlight shines on the hidden, grassy meadow, so does chlamydia cast a warm glow on your private parts.” That is such a Monty Python-esque moment.

  384. And if he’s got magic coffee beans I want some of that. 🤔

    I like Dr. OZ to 🤗😂😂😂😂 Oh Lord!!! 🙄

  385. He is soooo young in this.

  386. Okay, unpopular opinion, there is good lobbying.

  387. I’m surprised Dr. Oz hasn’t promoted ayahuasca or other psychedelics yet.. Just a matter of time (hey, at least they have science behind them)

  388. he didnt thank the puppy

  389. I know a doctor who passionately studies the work of great composers, but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t say it’s a scientific pursuit. And if he recommended Chopin for blood sugar issues, I’d find another doctor…even if he was REALLY likable and passionate. But then, I’m no Morning Joe.

  390. Joe Scarborough looks like Beaker from the muppets

  391. It’s amazing how many celebrities they get to participate on LWT.

  392. #Boo

  393. “Dr” my ass, this Oz guy is the biggest charlatan next to Alex Jones

  394. It’s crazy how obssessed Americans are with suppliments, when everything is in their food, but I guess food is cheaper so

  395. He never did shoot that shirt cannon. :/

  396. 2:44 : I am rewatching this in September 2019 and i still cant believe that he didnt mention the senzu beans here

  397. So funny. He should market Chinese herbal tea for miracle weight loss.

  398. “people want to be able to live a healthy life.” THEN LIVE A *HEALTHY* LIFE!

  399. I love marching bands!

  400. garcinia cambogia worked for ne and ive never seen dr oz

  401. So are vitamin supplements bad? I want to be clear because my doctor told me I have to start taking some for vitamin D.

  402. Good morning good afternoon and welcome to finding America so on the news today there’s talking about homeless people living on the streets special in California because they are Renta tension to their self oh wow can you believe this is like it’s something new and you just Discover it no I got news for you this is been going on for the longest time and everyone who become president in the White House was ignoring the problem didn’t want to face the truth homeless people been around from 1920’s theme for the back and what does the Senate do representative United States nothing they ignore it and once in a blue moon the sun me address the issue and then just sweep it under the rug so the homeless people are now on the sidewalk with a star’s whatever that’s that sidewalk so now they get like 2 minutes of fame and it just disappear what can American do about homeless people well first of all let’s talk about the backs yes the ones who promised you a great loan for a fraction and then you end up paying big interest so what happened to these families they lose their home because of a lie and they draw you in because you can get a beautiful poem for this Mount off money and then Sun Lee everything hit rock bottom you end up in these shelters where it’s not even safe for children who get hurt kill assault so what now no one is paying attention to finding a solution just like student loans Public School an affordable house it these are the issues is upon us every single time only once in a while they bring it up just to get attention so that you know that it have a Consciousness and awareness no it’s not enough how do we solve this problem first of all this talk about fordable housing hoc is permanent open of course it is they don’t have any money there’s no opening for housing for anyone this is a solution to this problem no because you know what happened was you decided which is the Senate you represented give land to these real stayed who only interest is to make a profit they don’t give a damn about fordable housing cuz they’re not making money from it is all about making money for their self and every part of the United States wherever you go you find these expensive Condominiums townhouses this single family houses over $1000000 and let’s talk about the bank who literally Mac there own loans for the customers and make it seem that is no problem nothing’s going to happen and you’re good lying to you because you do not read the fine print they tell you about the interest that you have to pay trusting them no don’t do it so here is what is going on out of here is the the loans the real estate let’s not forget about the jobs that people lose so once in a blue moon again I say this you find someone trying to figure it out let’s give them some housing oh yeah that’s fine how are they going to pay their bills I’ll take care of what they need to do without a job you can’t just give them a house or an apartment to live in it..
    Most homeless people have issues and problems and I need to deal with their what is going on with them and you just cannot throw them into an apartment and everything is all the new you won’t see him on the street no is more to it is about what they went through in their life we need to talk about it I need to find a solution that’s the first thing so they didn’t have the confidence to believe in yourself being homeless on the street sleeping underneath Bridges tents it can put a strain on your emotional you will not believe what it does to you physically and emotionally again we need to build better places it brings together what needs to be done so they can be prepared to go back into society and live their life how do we do this well first of all those Who want to improve to make their life better he needs to change the way you look at the problem. First of all you separate the family from the single person the mail going their own building the single females have their own resident like a college dormitory the families that live in apartments there’s certain rules that they have to follow if you find them on the street begging no you cannot do that you put in this residency libraries jobs resource social workers who comes in for food stamps Psychiatry to help everyone was the solution especially with children because it is very hard for them you also have your own transportation to the kids go to school and parents also work on their solution and how they feel a handle what is going on in their life you have everything there a cafe a restaurant so they don’t need to be on the street waiting to come back to see if they can get a place for them to sleep no no more they live there while they work on getting a better life for their family through the programs from schools colleges Workforce all-in-one building why the kids go to school and each person work with their own counseling there’s a church also so they can go to so we know this is the beginning and somehow we find a way to complete so they can find affordable housing 94 the family was single people to what kind of budget so they can also live among the needs. And for the kids they have their own play area and Council to help them to what is going on in their family very important so that’s one solution in my idea for Education this country needs to stop and being weird if you want a better education for United States you need to put more money into the budget for the teachers so they have better pay no one can leave them $43,000 a year finding a place to live under such salary is impossible so the government needs to put more money into the salaries for teachers XXX not a T3000 150000 year for teachers stop acting like you don’t have any money to put into public schools and salaries for teachers no one can live on take care of their self and their family under $43,000 a year and also put money back in because school supplies is not available you need to walk the walk and do the right thing yes like Spike Lee said we love you Spike Lee let’s talk about student loans 40000 to 50000 to $100,000 especially if you are going to be a doctor is more how can we solve this problem it’s all I grant you know I remember when I did my research looking for money because I refuse to take out a loan and I found Grant and it needs to be more available to students where someone talks to them about how you can get a grant so you can go to school I remember seeing how much money is put into these Grant and no one is touching them there their they’re available sitting there waiting for one person to apply and fill out the application.
    Affordable housing president Jimmy Carter after he left the White House started habitat where people can build the housing and you own it you don’t have to pay any money put in the hours and when the house is finished it’s yours is a wonderful idea cuz there’s one problem it’s not enough money because they need the funds to continue on this is one of the things I love about President Carter no one else comes up with anything better yet they’re not even considering donated funds for this program to continue on can you imagine if he had five billion dollars to walk West Hollywood change everyone’s life so here it is yet it’s just being ignore no commitment to complete to achieve knee Solutions right in front of you is once in awhile when you want to run for your candidate and you want people to vote for you you bring up certain one of these issues and then after you get what you want you ignore everything else is like going around in circles and chasing your tail thank you all very much until next time finding America peace be with you

  403. SO, Basically, add “Your Right” in any supposed Protest and Americans will get their Beast Mode will be On. Very Interesting.

  404. doctor Oz’s face is a perfect image of what a total hack looks like

  405. There are a number of studies that have shown that there are dangerous side effects to taking most supplements. They are incredibly simplistic compared to the form they come in natural food. I personally take two B12 pills a week since there is a chronic shortage of B12 in the modern world of antibiotics. Other than that, I stay far away from all that stuff. Just eat your fruits and veggies. Trust me, you’ll be just fine

  406. Can we appreciate that three of the little lab mice are visually impaired and have tiny canes?

  407. You can’t make this stuff up!

  408. Only people with dietary and/or health issues need to be taking nutritional supplements. If you don’t trust your own diet, talk to your doctor with your food diary to hand and they’ll give you some advice. If you don’t eat enough veg because you don’t fancy eating them much of the time, just remember that your gut is a second brain and you can train yourself to like certain foods by eating more of them. If you’re already in reasonable health, you can do simple things to make yourself healthier without reaching for pills. And I know many of you may not be able to afford fresh fruit and veg, so let me tell you — frozen fruit and veg is just as good, as long you cut down on cooking salt and don’t overboil them.

  409. _What Your Poop Should Look Like_ with Cameron Diaz. I’d watch that show.

  410. “If you’re a lab mouse with diabetes, you got off easy. Good luck getting any sympathy in the lab mouse support group. ‘Oh, I’m sorry you can’t have any candy. I’ve got an EAR GROWING OUT OF MY F***ING BACK! JEFF’S GOT HERPES! Sorry, Jeff.'” That joke would be hilarious enough on its own, just the way it’s typed. But delivered in John Oliver’s British accent, with the visual representation right over his shoulder? Beyond hilarity.

  411. Orin Hatch is one of the truly evil people in US history. Nowhere near as evil as Moscow Mitch, but evil nonetheless.

  412. Many plant extracts do not preserve genetic material. A DNA test would be pointless and somewhat stupid in that context.

  413. I think a solution would be to feed senators Hatch and Harkin the supplements they shill for and they can be the Canary in the coal mine and if they snuff it they’re exposed to the same risk as the consumers affected by them.

  414. i love the marching band!

  415. Bruh i got L U M B A G O

  416. 6:05 sure puts a perspective on the gun debate – like all good comedy whether intentional or not. “Only one who can stop a bad guy with vitamins is a *good* guy with vitamins.”

  417. Greed FTW

  418. Our government is so corrupt. Without campaign finance reform nothing will change.

  419. Magick coffee beans are roasted, ground & with caffeine. I like mine dark, I tried beans from several different countries. Raw & unriasted? You’re not supposed to ingest them like that. Right now I wish I could easily fart.

  420. It was not arya it was Daenerys and he meant character in a whole new way

  421. Porn site: When were you born?

    Me: 1728

  422. Ppl are obese and desperate, unfortunately.

  423. Hes obviously a sell out now.. He needs to be taken off the air.

  424. Why the hell can’t we approach regulations with common sense? Some people are pathologically opposed to regulations for no logical reason. But there are cases where the FDA or other regulations are a bit too much. But each case should be taken on its own.

    1. Almost like extremes are rarely good, it would seem.

  425. “How you doin’ fellow snake oil salesman?”

  426. Oz is a huge phony grifter. Do yourself a favor – avoid ALL like him: anybody from Oprah, Oprah herself – Goddess of fake medicine, “Dr” Phil, disgusting G Paltrow, etc… All frauds. Just listen to your doctor or do REAL medical research from legitimate sources. Never “mommy blog”s etc. Avoid chiropractors, osteopathy, naturists, acupuncture, TCM woo-woo also. D.A., J.D., NYC

  427. 🎶We’re off to see the fibber, the wonderful fibber called Oz! Because because because because, because of the backhanded things he does! 🎶

  428. I work in natural supplements and vitamins where we are required to emphasize that these things enhance health, not help conditions, and even years later ads online and things mentioned on television shows (including re-runs of Dr. Oz) get bought up in hordes by people. The presentation of anything on television is marketing; no doctor should be allowed to talk about any one product on television unless it’s a congressional hearing about a drug’s lawsuit issues!

  429. This oz thing is likable?!? To intellectually challenged only. To me, he’s an obvious crook.

  430. Another comedian that people give too much voice too. Though I do agree Dr. Oz is a fucking joke

  431. Real talk… my wife got me a few bottles of those green coffee bean pills…. I have since then been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

    Not saying they did it necessarily… but apparently they could have.

    1. @Viper Thx for the tip. Though I went vegan, because I had heard others had their Type 2 diabetes vanish by eliminating meat… and to my surprise it worked… I stopped taking my meds… and just cut out meat and dairy… and my blood sugars stabilized themselves almost immediately. Its been 2 years now… and while I did add fish and cheese back into my diet… I’m still not taking my meds and keeping my blood sugar in check.

    2. Zandeus. Aloe water, the gallon from Walmart, with freshly ground ginger and garlic. Drink half a gallon of that natural concoction every day. My grandmother has type 2 diabetes and got rid of it with aloe water, ginger, and garlic. If it doesn’t work for you, at least flies won’t go near your face.

  432. 18 from the current year? man I was dumb… I took my own age and added to it untill it was 18 then took that nuber and subtracted it from my birth year

  433. Can a tap dance instructor tell me how good/bad Steve Buscemi’s technique was? Because I know that wasn’t the point, but it’s honestly been bugging me for years that I can’t tell…

  434. Whats “lumbargo?”

    1. Pain in the muscles and joints of the lower back

  435. Awesome! So entertaining! Doctor’s should be the last ones to be consulted for our food requirements. They know that and the good doctors will refer you to nutritionists. I am yet to meet a certified nutritionist in Canada that would recommend food supplements. The solution is get your information from the right people. The problem is that we assume to much on the doctor’s knowledge and some will take advantage of that.

  436. i bought a 100$ bottle of ” free testosterone booster ” and got violently ill after taking them, thinking i just got a flu, i took it again a few months later and got violently ill again so i threw those pills out lol

  437. Buscemi’s got the moves!

  438. Dang. Dr. Oz’s parents nerfed him with the name ‘Mehmet Oz’. I can see the confused elementary teachers now

  439. you dont need dietary supplements for weight loss, what you need is cocaine.

  440. Thank Oprah for this OZ nightmare. The AMA should revoke his license. He is nothing but a snake oil salesman, showboating for the ignorant masses.

  441. Is it any wonder religions prosper in America when people will zealously follow even the craziest claim in the absence of any evidence.

    Oz is a snake oil shill just like Dr Phil peddles cornball trite advice. Soccer moms just love these two for some reason. I blame Oprah.

  442. Clever 😂🤣

  443. 5 years later.. still full of shit and still giving out bad medical advice on tv

  444. are there magic pills that help with weight loss..well yes actually there is…it is a pill that runs in a cycle that gives the person taking said pill tape worms and then at other points flushes the tapeworms out of the persons system…not yet legal in USA but is used in other parts of the world…

  445. Whats funny as hell, thats why LSD/shrooms/por was illegal cause of protesting lol. But Even more funny supples has a higher DEATH RATE compared to drugs like lsd/shrooms/pots lol. Ah people.

    1. Shark attacks are guaranteed.

      Lottery jackpots are absolutely certain.

      Car accidents are extremely improbable.

      Smoking won’t affect me.

      Stochastics are some maths thing nobody needs.

  446. Funny how in any other career, lobbying is called bribery.

    1. You have the money, you rewrite the social standard

    2. It’s awful, it has a gaseous state thats known for causing severe burns!

    3. Welcome to the plutocracy

    4. original post: lobbying = bribery
      lobbying comments: 5%
      water jokes: the rest

    5. I would say in any other country

  447. The real Dr Sabi is gone.

  448. Glad I didn’t listen to my doctor when she told me to take vitamins. 😫

  449. So basically, the supplement industry is just as corrupt as the medical drugs industry. But at least the supplements all come with a warning that says not approved by FDA

  450. Aww … hope J. Oliver actually READS this comment. This is the 3rd long monologue I am watching by him (Johnson/Brexit and Mental Health being the others), and I am going from really being in this guy’s corner – to a complete rejection of his motivation and talking points. Do I watch Oz or even CARE about popularized health ‘fads’ for money making – no, I do not. Never, ever have. However, I still take some 50 supplements per day, based on MY OWN extensive research regarding their value. Oliver is welcome to attack Oz (and other snake oil showman, who are in it for the big bucks) all he wants; power to him. But his writers (and big pharma and the FDA) fed him a totally mixed message with this; he equates attacking the messenger with attacking the message. It reveals a horribly bad choice on his part, and I guess, he has just LOST me as a fan.

  451. Practicing medcine without a licence is a felony offence so are improper procedues oz is a dangerous quack

  452. THANK YOU!!!! i quit managing a GNC because they wanted us to push this trash!!!

  453. Willie stroker

  454. I miss episodes like this…

  455. What’s wrong with caveat emptor in this case? If people want there to be a class of products they take at there own risk, I would let them assume that responsibility — just make it clear that they are assuming it.

  456. WOW!! That marching drum ensemble at the end….. I WANT ONE!!!!! Freakin’ awesome.

  457. Damn, John really aged well..

  458. This is the John Oliver effect people 😎👊🏼

  459. Steve Buscemi tape dancing~! Was worth the wait~!

  460. A woman in the 90’s taking one of the more popular weight loss/diet pill died of a heart attack during a tennis match with my mom. The pill was suspected as the cause. But we still liked to joke about that time our mom killed someone.

  461. If people like this are going to hawk snake oil then they should not be allowed to use the “doctor” title to do it.

  462. I am surprised that all those activists have not yet grabbed this modern day snake oil scumbag, and parade him in tar and feathers,

  463. Magic pill I have a pill that will keep you young forever 28 forever and if you die you simply just start over again you know reincarnated back to we’re you started from you will remember your first thought “ah man I have to do this all over again” guaranteed to be the only pill you will ever need for just 99.99 down for your first trial

  464. You say one in three milk bottles jokingly… but can skim really be considered milk?

  465. My mom falls for Dr Oz, hook line and sinker. “They’re all out of raspberry ketones!” Ugh

  466. biggest con artist Dr Oz

  467. 12:19 No we’re not. But that doesn’t mean we’re unaffected by it, as this situation proves.
    Saying something is “magic” had the same effect here of saying something is a “miracle” and who doesn’t want to believe in a miracle drug?

    13:39 But it sells so well though. Just like America’s news in general.

  468. This is all OPra’s fault. She put him on TV!

    1. Well, Oz started well and legitimately, but later digressed and sold his soul!

  469. Fda should be burned alive for creating ard chemo and radiation therapy

  470. Fda should be burned

  471. Obviously nobody took Dr. Oz’s advice, never saw a fatter bunch of morons than on my last years visit to Orlando.

  472. Ammmaaazing.

  473. Someone needs to get really creative and sell all their drugs like cocaine mixed with whatever and market it as supplements until the public outrage forces the govt to finally do something. Only way to change the laws is make those old lying crooks in Congress have to vote against the companies.

  474. I’m disappointed with him, my mom loved his show and it was how we learned about the link between vinegar and higher metabolism (which works for me because I love pickles). Though he does bring up that exercise is necessary to go with diet supplements

  475. And westerners say that africa is corrupt LOL. Lobbyists are just professional bribing groups. How the hell can we have faith that the system works in the favour of the average american?

  476. All I know is, vitamin C drinks helped me alot! But then I couldn’t find any Vit C without tons of other things I don’t want. I can’t drink orange juice because I have ulcers. I still watch Dr Oz, but after trying rosehips and Acai berries (zero effect) I ignore that stuff.

  477. David Cross finally, finally, finally someone who brings a tiny bit of the old Letterman Show back with some improvisation and ‘trauma’ that used to draw people in. Letterman was original and it took years to pave over his actual show without a single speed bump. Corporate BS has bull dozed entertainment into a seamless runway of smooth, useless repetition.

  478. Morning Joe is the worst morning show..besides fox and friends!!!!!!

  479. well all I can say is I take kratom in the fda’s attacking Kratom and if they have the authority to Bennett they absolutely would so although I believe that people should be safe I do believe that the FDA having too much power is not a good thing because it’s so corrupt

  480. John, never heard of the Aspirin a day thing?

    1. For stroke prevention! Not as a treatment for ‘cancer’!

  481. Mika and Joe your reaction is the same as the Republican towards Trump. The hipocracy.

  482. dr oz thinks astrology star signs has jack all to do with personality and health, what a load!

    1. very funny @lazy homebody

    2. All scientists believe that. They only believe what they are taught or read in textbooks, they don’t think for themselves

  483. 3.2k dumbo.

    But thanks heaven common senses prevail

  484. People are gullible dumbshits……the Vatican knows all too well.

  485. Lmao. Want to lose weight-find a physical activity you love and become addicted to it, don’t eat shitty processed food, and hang out with someone who thinks you are sexy just being you. Miracle pills, flowers, whateverthefaq are a joke to take your money.

  486. poor lab mice… getting diabetes because of some scam doc

  487. Just turn the main thumbnail sideways and it says Dr. NO.

  488. He looks like Kenneth Copeland

  489. I watch this one a few times a year. The best.

  490. Wish the FDA had that zeal with the pharmaceutical industry! Unfortunately they sleep with each other.
    No conflict of interest here, huh?

  491. Makes me laugh

  492. Oliver

  493. Was that the guy from The Profit handing him that puppy?

  494. Dude you’re obsessed with feet just tone it down a bit 😂😂😂

  495. Tuned into YouTube with the John Oliver effect is awesome af😊👊🏼

  496. Hey Senator Harkin Senator Hatch, here’s a shit-ton of money. Please tell everyone how great supplements are. Please pass a bill saying that they don’t need to be regulated because in reality many of them can be dangerous to ingest. Isn’t that exactly what bribery is?

  497. The supplement industry is the biggest con in the history of this country.

  498. How could anyone trust his huge scam? I never understood when people said they loved his show.

    1. I used to like his health tips, but later, he went extreme and I can’t stand him now!

    2. @just me Oh, sorry. I thought it was just me I was talking to.

    3. @Onkel Pappkov No one said thousands means most. The fact is that it’s shocking so many rational people fell for his scams. Why are you even trying to argue with me about that? Go find something else to do

    4. @just me Yes, but “thousands” is not “most”. For a scam to work, you need to hit the vulnerable minority.

    5. @Onkel Pappkov What I’m saying is that most people recognize and obvious scam. This guy is practically screaming snake oil salesman but thousands of rational people still fell for it.

  499. Everything happens to always come back to which Elected Officials are getting how much from what Industries.

    And little will change until we start electing people who can pledge to NEVER accept money from anywhere but their VOTERS.

    END the corruption, end the problems, period.

    1. To do so would take an act of god

    2. It feels really bad when you can’t even do that. In Arizona outside of Tucson all we have are conservatives or hicks that think low taxes and lots of land are all that matter. Even in Tucson we have a lot of those types of… individuals (if they actually have differing personalities, they are all the same person tbh) but we don’t have senators or representatives we can vote for that truly through a lack of corruption.

  500. Just remember that Donald Trump appointed Oz to be a member of his Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition in 2018.

  501. you could put rat feces in a pill
    this is ratshit

  502. Garcinia works. Know someone who lost 200lbs

  503. God knows we have a snake oil vendor in the White House.

  504. Hello Jesus

  505. I don’t think the Dr is as much of the problem as stupid people believing and buying this crap. We all have an amazing thing in our head called a brain learn to use that. Maybe the Doc could come up with a vitamin supplement which would stimulate your brain to recognise bullshit.

  506. “Lobbyist” is a term for the self reported positions people have due to their relationship with others in power. Make lobbing (sic) illegal and you just make it illegal to peddle influence. Influence must be peddle-able or it isn’t influence so, you may as well have the people who do it, registered as lobbyists , so if they start going way too far, you might stop it or know who is talking to who. There is no simple answer to your mind, however Rivera.

  507. We are doomed

  508. All I noticed is Dr Oz looks exactly like Michael Bluth😂

    1. And jeff dahmer

  509. I miss my Ripped Fuel with ephedrine. That stuff worked. Let people take their damn pills in peace. Jk

  510. it’s so ez to criticize the supplement industry, & yet turn a blind eye to rx drugs that cause more deaths than all illicit drugs combined. some of what is stated about the supplement industry is also true about the drug industry. for example, the drug cos police themselves. the FDA takes in money from the drug cos for approval of their drugs after research funded by the drug cos, “proves” their safety & efficacy (does anyone smell conflict of interest here). the l-tryptophan deaths & sicknesses were traced to a manufacturer w/bad sanitary practices, which resulted in a tainted product. it was not the fault of the supplement itself. drug cos & the supplement industry r in competition. how great is it for the drug industry have a govt agency as their ally?

    1. how butt hurt do u have 2 b to have to comment on it. poor baby.

    2. How lazy to you have to be to abbreviate a four letter word like easy?

  511. The wizard of Oz. Don’t look behind the curtain. Just eat your magic beans and wait for a sprout to pop out of your back end.

  512. Financial industry: We need to sell high interest loans to suckers, er people who can’t possibly pay them! Deregulate us!

    Supplement industry: We need to sell random stuff to people with minimally verified claims of health benefits! Deregulate us!

    Fossil fuel industry: We need to extract every last bit of carbon to be burned, and we don’t care if we render the planet far more painful to human life! Deregulate us!

  513. Ephedra doesn’t do shit when compared to the problems Advil and aspirin cause yearly when taken as directed. In the hundreds of thousands. Then look at pharmaceutical drugs. They kill 179 Americans a day. But ephedra killed people that were also doing performance enhancing drugs at times. Also at times, it was found in the system along with cocaine. They don’t mention this when they go after the supplement.

  514. Dose niggas at da end can reely beet dose drums

  515. Hatch and Harkin shouldn’t have still been in office. The rules for who gets those positions are WAY too weak. Those 2 idiots were WAY to old to represent their constituents, and WAY too out of touch with how their constituents live. It’s ridiculous how many of our government officials are geriatric white men that haven’t had to go shopping for necessities in over 40 years.

  516. Why did Steve Buscemi suddenly become sexy?
    (and Dr. Oz is a horses ass – his show should be cancelled and his license to practice medicine should be pulled).

    1. Are you kidding? I’ve had the big time hots for Steve Buscemi 4 eva. Look at those bags under his eyes! Woof!

  517. I cannot be the only one to think, for a split second, that at 14:39 that was Kellyanne Conway… which… and let’s be honest, would have been fucking brilliant.

  518. Sir, I’ve never taken a dietary supplement in my life, and I don’t need the government to take and spend my money so that bureaucrats can supposedly protect me from myself.

  519. We need zealous regulation by the FDA.

  520. Well, that escalated quickly!

  521. We can’t even get rid of pennies, even though consumers and retailers both hate them, just due to ‘contributions’ from the zinc industries to the Senate…

  522. is it still working in 2019?

  523. Oh God please not more regulation

  524. That guy is a quack

  525. Propaganda disguised as comedy. Yes, some valid points, other points not in the least valid. Bait and switch. Give some facts and lie about others. This guy is a shill. Not funny. My opinion.

  526. They should just put vaccines in all dietary supplements, and call it a wash. – j q t –

  527. The desiese is not that dietary supplements are not regulated its that’s people in general are stupid and dont want to take the time to research something on their own.

  528. All of his diet advice, even when not obviously shilling is questionable. He completely missed the significance of low carb and keto approaches which now even the American Diabetes Association (after decades of resistance) has endorsed.

  529. I think Dr Oz is creepy

  530. he’s the biggest pusher of subliments

  531. Regardless of what Dr. Oz knows or doesn’t know, or what findings become of this, he is likable, so therefore, he will remain high in popularity with many people

  532. this is the ever time i try to hit the like button more than once during a LasrWeekTonight episode video … goddamn you Jon this never happened to me before , i think i’m in love !

  533. There is a real weight loss miracle pill called 2,4-dinitrophenol. You will lose weight, sweat all the time, and probably die, but hey you look great.

  534. Ozzfest has miraculous qualities… Fry your brain on drugs for over 40 years until you are barely legible when you talk…

  535. give it up for the drums at the end

  536. Yeah, I remember that letter-writing campaign. They had a TV ad with Mel Gibson being confronted in his kitchen in the middle of the night by “jack-booted thugs” for taking “just vitamins, guys.” If an industry-funded disinformation campaign has that racist, superstitious, drunken bully as its spokesman, you know you can trust it completely.

  537. And we say India is corrupt and the government don’t give damn about people.

    1. You can blame the libertarian zombies who have been so successful at pushing government policy towards de-regulation.

  538. Ew, no, Dr. Oz’s chair is not the hot seat. He’s so gross. He seems like someone who would talk incessantly about his bowel health

  539. I only took one vitamin pill my life, that was went I went to Florida for a trip to Universal. My aunt had me take it as to make sure we had everything we needed to get through the day. They had been prescribed by a doctor to her for her weight lose and diet she needed to go on.
    This thing was about the size for my thump from the nail to the first knuckle and about half it’s size. So yeah a bit pill to swallow.

    However, I didn’t take it the second day and was just as fine without it as I bothered to eat a good breakfast.

  540. TBH “Check This Shit Out With Some Guy Named Memmet” sounds more interesting than “Dr.Oz”

  541. I fucking love Steve!

  542. Orrin Hatch – The asshole that never stopped shitting lobbyist favors.

  543. I did photograph Steve Buscemi

  544. George says “I killed three of your fav characters” so cute lmao

  545. Ugh let the corporations sell us literal poison while calling it healthy in peace

  546. This is 2 separate issues. First issue, false claims, second issue regulation of the sale of vitamin compounds. 2 separate issues. The gov “should” regulate false advertising, but should not stop the sale of vitamins.

  547. 14:00 It wasn’t Arya

  548. All the vitamins and minerals can be had from natural foods.

  549. You forgot to mention that dieting itself is dangerous and doesn’t work and that the weight loss industry (including unregulated diet supplements) is a multimillion (billion?) dollar market that creates body insecurities in people then preys on their insecurities by claiming that being overweight is unhealthy and unattractive and benefits greatly by people developing eating disorders and encouraging the harmful, possibly deadly, and intimately unsustainable cycle of dieting and bingeing/purging. Shockingly you can be healthy at just about every size.

  550. HBO’s Dragon Money,
    Helping John Oliver do stupid stunts to send a point across since 2014

  551. Oprah thinks he’s great so it shouldn’t supprise anyone that he’s a fraud…

  552. How do you not insult all the stupid people but only those who they commit to. I have come to a conclusion the smart ones are trying their best for stupids to survive

  553. The man is a god damn genius! Thank you John Oliver.

  554. More people die of overdoses of medicine.

  555. Some people give natural medicine a bad name. I try to be aware of scams. There is a lot of things that work. Just like how chicken soup is the best thing to eat when your sick. Even the CDC says that.

  556. How dare you are talking trash on Dr Oz!! I hope you choke on your vitamin pill on the street and and Dr Oz saves your live by mouth to mouth CPR. I can hear you saying “hey how come he can save me by mouth to mouth while I am choking on a pill”.. BECAUSE HE IS GOD DAMN Dr OZ!! He can do tonsillectomy while giving you a prostate exam. Because he is Batm.. I mean Dr Oz!

  557. So umm… Where can I buy this Lobbying?

    1. From this guy 15:06

  558. John Oliver has no more business talking about dietary supplements than Dr. Oz. This is just propaganda. Prescription drugs, properly administered, kill over 100,000 users every year. That doesn’t include 70,000 more overdose deaths. Nutritional supplements — except for blatant weight-loss scams — haven’t killed anyone. The nutritional content of even fresh produce has diminished significantly due to factory farming practices.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. I’m trying out nutritional supplements and I feel a little better. My prescriptions had devastating side effects. My supplements have none.

  559. This makes a very interesting back-to-back with the Medical Devices segment. I think what we might have is an under-valued, under-funded FDA. So, when do we stop contracting with for-profit services, and hire regular government scientists again?

  560. Dr, oz is a textbook snake oil salesman

  561. Dr. Oz? “Oz” mk ultra?

  562. There are miracle pills. If there wasn’t then performance enhancing drugs wouldn’t be banned for competitive sports. 😁👌

    1. Lissy London 🤣😂🤣 he’s out run a Cheetah and his heart would explode.

    2. I’ve always been depressed that we can’t make everyone in sports take drugs. I don’t care how fast Mo Williams runs on his own. I want to see how fast he runs on SPEED people!

  563. I shot, photographed Steve Buscemi

  564. Dr. Oz looks creepy. Reminds me of the bad guy from human centipedes.

  565. Daymn,Jeff got the raw end of the deal!

  566. Shitting money indeed………

  567. weight loss supplements are GARBAGE!! think about it, its 2019, if there really was a supplement that worked… that’s all we’d friggin hear about from every outlet out there, we wouldn’t be constantly barraged with “NEW” and “EXCITING” weight loss gimics, we would only hear about one, the one that works.

  568. Hehe John Oliver are in my dreams being comedian loves you!💞💞💞💞🌟✨✨✨✨😄

  569. Dr. Oz and magic beans seems like a plot line from W.S. Gilbert.

  570. Dr. Oz and Supernatural Supplements

  571. You’ll never go broke appealing to the gullibility and stupidity of people, especially Americans.

  572. This is why John always wins the Emmys. He’s spot on about these doctors abusing people’s trust in them to make tonnes of money!

  573. Dr Oz should be working in a health food shop. He lacks the scientific analysis skills to be an authority on anything medical. Most information is misrepresented by him. How do I know? I’ve been a medical practitioner for over 45 years.

  574. most supplements, mandatory vaccines, are made in asian sweatshops

  575. Robert F Kennedy, Jr., whose film, Trace Amounts, about toxic mercury in vaccines, was getting no media coverage, made this comment: “I talked to Roger Ailes [then CEO of FOX News], ‘I just want to go on one of your shows. Nobody will allow me to talk about this or debate me.’ He said to me, ‘I can’t allow you on any of them. I’d have to fire any of my hosts that allowed you on my station.’ Because he said, ‘My news division gets up to 70% of advertising revenues during non-election years from the pharmaceutical companies’.” Being aware of Joss Whedon’s story line… Fox found a pretext to kill prescient Firefly television series. Whedon’s crew heroically responded with the film ‘Serenity’ where an entire planet is destroyed by the atmospheric injection of a fluoride based ‘Paxil’. 99.9% of the planet’s population became so passive that they lost interest in work, moving to point that they simply lay down and die. The remaining 0.1% of the planet’s 30 million people had the opposite reaction to Paxil, becoming mindlessly violent reflecting contemporary mass shootings by Paxil pharma zombies across AMERICACA. Search engine pages are exposing this link. Also be advised about Fluoroquinolones (especially Cipro). Fluoxetine Hydrochloride ( PROZAC ) is linked to school shootings. Fluoride and school shootings study published by International Society for Fluoride Research. 

  576. Dr. Oz Children not getting Vaccines! in his own words….

  577. They totally framed it as vitamins and herbal remedies being under attack…. not as weight loss supplements, which are basically reformulated meth.

  578. This load of nonsense launched by that lunatic Oprah Winfrey.

    1. That’s going extreme! She made a mistake by bringing him on the show! She is a decent, caring person!

    2. So was Dr. Phil. lol

    3. She did give everyone a car once.

  579. I never liked Dr.Oz, I don’t think he’s charismatic

    1. Michael Fixedsys im sure hes gutted

  580. It’s hard for me to be worried by potentially harmful or ineffectual supplements when I can’t turn on a TV without being bombarded with drug adds from pharmaceutical companies that so often end with a quickly worded warning that the most common side effects of their product are terminal diarrhea, chronic dick failure, and felonious flatulence.

  581. Steve Buh-sheemy

  582. mel Gibson is far more intelligent and has more character than practically all the rest of the Hollywood scumbags. thats not saying much I know, but id be more likely to take his advice than say George Clooney.

  583. GRRM: I just killed three of your favorite characters.

    D&D: hold our beer *kill an entire season*

  584. … so snake-oil never went away. ( what was Oprah thinking ?!)

  585. 16:25 – white mystery liquid

  586. Huh…. I guess that’s why half of my customers wanted Garcinic Cambogia & Green Coffee Bean supplements back in 2014 & 2015.

  587. Real doctors use u as ginea pings anyway for the new chemicals that come out pharma anyway to keep making mony by patents, sold by sexy sales girl that go to their office anyway. Ill take my chance with nature

    1. You’ll take your chance with nature? You do realize that the average life expectancy before the Advent of hygiene and modern medicine was abysmally low, correct? There are plenty of legitimate criticisms that you can make of the greater medical industrial complex, but to say that you will just take your chance with nature is almost profoundly stupid

  588. Run please run I will write you out a check right now run please run I will write you out a check right now did you ever write that check out dumbass

  589. lol

  590. How was this industry allowed to operate this way? This is life and death

  591. <3<3<3

    Best one I've seen yet. Awesome pandering. Even before you were actually intentionally pandering.

  592. There must be millions of shit products out there, and not to mention journalists who mislead and lie to the public. But we’re not hearing about that. But be a popular well known doctor who openly said he don’t vaccinate his kids… well that’s a problem for all the statists.

  593. This man is so amazing an so underrated. No talk show guests, just pure awesomeness. He next to Graham Norton and Craig Ferguson flirting is the best talk show host ever in the history of talk show hosts. Screw Kimmel, enough with Fallon, fuck Ellen, fuck Oprah, fuck the lifeless alien that is Colbert and cut the political boring biased Trevor Noah crap and all the other cunts (although I like Conan, but he is just boring now). Great show, John, great show.


  595. Ohhh my god, that mouse joke fucking killed me.

  596. That life and balls joke almost got me to spit milk and cornflakes out of my mouth. Good one.

    1. ZuRriX corn flakes was invented to cure masturbation

  597. Damn. I love John Oliver, but that was some terrible dancing.. Don’t look at your feet!