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Egypt to send 10 tons of medical supplies to China

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A number of countries have offered help to China to fight the novel coronavirus. Egypt has decided to send 10 tons of medical supplies. Here is CGTN’s Adel El Mahrouky with more.
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409 thoughts on “Egypt to send 10 tons of medical supplies to China

  1. Oh Thank you Egypt

  2. They did the same with america, even through they’re struggling, egypt has a hearts

  3. Meanwhile Egypt cases growing exponentionally

  4. hahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  5. and now china is selling back to other countries…. sweet

  6. I am Egyptian and I am proud….Thank you Egypt from Canada 💖

  7. The first country to do it, good job Egypt 👍

  8. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. gold Egypt ! love from China !

  10. As Egyptian I want all countries do the same this the perfect way to help each other as humans

  11. Good job

  12. Thank you Egypt! God bless! This is true humanity.💖

  13. 🙏

  14. Make that 24 days! Seriously

  15. Awesome 👏🏼 🇺🇸

  16. From Egyptian to our brothers And sisters in China get well soon You can defeat that disease easily.

  17. ❤️❤️

  18. Heaven know what you done 👍

  19. 🙏

  20. America will never help

  21. Thank you Egypt ❤

  22. Thank you Egypt. We will always remember this very kind act of mercy!! By the way, I did help one Egyptian Student to settle down in Hong Kong for a short-term academic study just a couple of weeks ago. It is really comforting to know we are all living in One World where we are helping out each other. Therefore, we are even more devoted in standing against the Previous Violence/Terrors/Riots/Protests created by the Demo-crazy parties in Hong Kong and supported by countries from the Western World.

    1. ❤️❤️🇪🇬 Chaina 😘

  23. Yes, during times of need, China will know who are her ‘friends in deed’. Thank you Egypt for being so. ❤Malaysia.

  24. ALL   BS

  25. i hope for speedy recovery for chinese people love you from egypt

  26. Well done for joining the UK, the USA and Russia in sending medical supplies 👏🏼👏🏼

  27. Fantastic


  28. Hope they sent lots of body bags

  29. Tried to comment but some of my words were being flagged.

  30. Blah

  31. Thanks Egypt !!! Cheers !!!

  32. And it’s all going up for sale at increased prices on Alibaba 😂

  33. Thank you for your generosity to the Chinese people 🙏👌

  34. Thank you Egypt.

  35. Thanks, Egypt!

  36. Well done. Thank you!!!

  37. N USA taking advantage of china

  38. Gratitude to the government and people of Egypt.

  39. Not only Egypt, there are dozens of countries sending monetary, material aid and moral support to the Chinese people! THANK YOU ALL!

  40. Keep fighting, Wuhan! Stay strong, China! We Egyptians love China so much and our chinese friends May Allah protect and bless them always 🙏

  41. Thank you so much Egypt from China. And thank all countries, organizations and persons that helped.

  42. In solidarity with uyghor Muslims in China as a kurdish 🌹

  43. we are on the same planet..

    stay strong China ❤️you will beat the virus

  44. Such a historical nation with great country . Love you China from Egypt . God save you

  45. Thank you Egypt

  46. Honestly
    They don’t deserved help. They got coronavirus for killing and torture every animals and pets. Only animals and pets deserved help.

    1. Majority of them they dont eat those exotic animals..

  47. Humanitarian at work your kindness will always be remembered

  48. And on behalf of all Egyptians im ready to help Chinese tourists in Thailand too if you’re left behind your tour group or missed a flight or have nothing to cover your holiday or need any kind of support food or booking a place to stay
    Comfortably im ready to help as i am just 1 person but i will do my best as much as i can if anyone in troubles please let me know and i don’t want anything back its for the sake of love between our countries and humanity … You will never be alone 🇪🇬🇨🇳

  49. thx Egypt !

  50. Thanks Egypt. Very kind. All other countries please help China. What is who doing?

  51. Wow. I didnt know Egypt helped as well.
    As a canadian born chinese, Thankyou Egypt for helping the asian population.

    1. Don’t worry we love your people and as i am just 1 person im ready to help any Chinese needs help in the foreign country where i am maybe im not rich guy but still able to help from my heart at least for food or extending their hotels booking during this hard times for whos forcely cannot back home .. i will try to care them as much as i can .. all love from Egypt

  52. Good, spend money on China and stop giving rockets to the Palestinians.

  53. It will be written in China’s history … THANK YOU EGYPT! God bless your hearts.

  54. Someone better write this out on papyrus with hieroglyphs. Whoever planned to do this helpful action towards China should be the new modern pharoah.

  55. Love! Thank You Egypt. Every bit counts!

  56. Once this doctors come back home they’ll infect the country;( goodbye my country

  57. I thought china so big? How come not enough supplies? Everything is made from them. The irony tho. China is full of BS.

  58. Excellent help.
    What the hell has USA, the UK, EU and Australia Done So Far?????
    Nothing except Evacuate It’s own Citizens & to closed off borders AND criticise China !!!!

    1. They don’t deserved help. They got coronavirus for killing and torture every animals and pets. Only animals and pets deserved help.

  59. I’m Filipino-Chinese: Thank you EGYPT and God bless.

  60. Respect to Egypt!

  61. Qur’ana virus can be cure with medicine from Egypt? China needs Egypt help? Amazing.

    1. China needs every hand even from my country egypt.

  62. In times of crisis in China, reveals your true friends and allies

  63. On behalf of all Chinese & China
    I would like to say:
    A big thank you to Egypt for your kindness

    Without asking, you, Egypt extended a helping hand.

    May your Allah bless you all in Egypt.

    1. Thanks

    2. ⁦🇪🇬⁩⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩🇨🇳

    3. We love you too

    4. You are most welcome! We are thinking of you and wishing for a speedy end to this crisis! 🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬

  64. good boy Egypt, good boy🤗👌

  65. Well done Egypt. I wish my own country (UK) would be so generous…tbh, I don’t know why we’re not…perhaps there’s a good reason :/

    1. Political issues

    2. Indeed there’s a lot of political issues between UK and China, but that’s not a reason to not helping other countries

    3. UK . US . What’s the difference?

  66. Please go to H1N1 Outbreak: scroll down to “2009 H1N1 Pandemic…CDC”. Read
    June11 2019 – in the spring of 2009, a novel A H1N1 virus emerged. IT WAS DETECTED FIRST IN THE USA AND SPREAD QUICKLY ACROSS THE US AND THE WORLD! Please read the whole article.

    So, the USA is the epicenter of this pandemic H1N1 and nobody blamed her for it. Now the country is smearing China for the spread of the coronavirus. How hypocritical, how evil!!!

  67. China have more than enough medical equipment but thank you Egypt for your nice gesture a friend in need is a friend indeed.

  68. … and Malaysia also donated 500,000 gloves to China (not mentioned in main stream medias). Shame to western hypocritical standard.

  69. China kitna hi nafrat karle le ugar muslim se, par nabi ke manne wale insaniyat ka hamesa madat kiya hai,

    1. America and Israel ,even all west and turkey say hi

  70. 非常感谢🙏🙏🙏

  71. One World Order coming soon people. Repent Trust in Jesus, live for him, hate sin. Receive everlasting life, the free gift of life that Jesis Christ paid for.

  72. beautiful world friendships helping each other

  73. thank you so much, Egypt

  74. This is a great gift, but China should have let people know about it sooner. Hundreds of people might have been saved. Thanks Egypt.

  75. thank you so much egypt for help the to china fm philippines

  76. Thank you! Egypt people and government! Chinese people will remember this!

  77. We should all come together to fight this virus. This was a great action by Egypt.

  78. India to help it’s friendly country china.

  79. God will bless egypt..

  80. I just feel more infected by trolls/tudes than any virus going around. Always such highlighting incidents.

  81. Very generous of Egypt since they themselves have economic struggles.

  82. you,re not a rich country but you have golden heart, God blessed egypt

    1. Thank you so much god bless you whatever religion you support

  83. How sweet! China will not forget it..



  86. 谢谢埃及

  87. great news !

  88. wow a poor country helping the rich one…china must not forget egypt when this is over.

    1. A.I. Dimmer

    2. @Mohammed Zaid it is,wake up.

    3. Egypt isn’t poor

    4. What if china didnt exist after the virus?

  89. It’s funny how egy gov don’t even bother to support its own citizens but at the same time is willing to donate with tons to china.. rofl

    1. @GeeGne yes we have a corrupt government and a puppet but he have everything we want only if the elite use it right we might be like the usa but that will never happen

    2. @Sherif Elshahawy dude do you know what so called “stating an opinion” ever means? Freedom of speech hello!! or you were possest by your government that apparently it’s corruption had impacted you aswell, I’m from middle east and I for the most part aware of what’s going on there

    3. GeeGne 🖕

    4. GeeGne please stop talking about stuff u don’t know about we hVe ever thing here in Egypt and the government support us we have free medical care here in egypt

  90. You, Egyptians helping the suffering Uyghur Muslims in China too? I think not.

    1. Ask millions of muslims in xian,china..

  91. Countdown

  92. Thank you for your kindness & help Egypt, China will not forget this & will repay you in time with business. Much respect to the Egyptian people, from an Asian brother to Egypt, love & respect.

    1. Thank you a lot.. our Lord will repay us in our helth and our children. .God bless

  93. Thank you 🇪🇬
    Strong friendship

  94. Thank you, Egypt.

  95. 🙏🙏🙏

  96. Nice one.
    We have a saying “有恩必還,有仇必報” which means “kindness must be returned, a grudge must be repaid”. We Chinese remember those who have been good to us.


  98. thank you but please keep some for yourself….china will repay such support and gratitude

  99. Thank you so much for supporting China. Action speaks louder than words.

  100. China dont forget

  101. Thats what we all should do. Its time to unite and fight the real threat

  102. thanks Egypt!

  103. Africa helps China in time of need, while West creates further xenophobia and bashing China.

  104. Awesome move Egypt. Very kind, there’s hope yet. To see this is a help for the strain of such catastrophe.

  105. We love you China, love from Iraqi Kurdistan. Stay strong China

  106. Love wins always!!!💜💜💜god bless

  107. This is what friend is, thank you Egypt.

  108. Thank you Egypt !

  109. God bless Egypt government

  110. Ten tons?  What are they?

  111. thank you Egypt!

  112. Thank you Egypt

  113. China this is to little to late

  114. Also, Some encouraging news: “The corona virus won’t last long because it was made in China!!!!”
    Other people say: “The problem that Coronaviirus spreads so fast, is because it is Chinese one: efficient and hardworking.”

  115. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Well done Egypt

  116. All of us need to help Wuhan. There is food shortage there. They have enough rice, but still lacking rat, bat and frog meat.

  117. s

  118. Egypt will be sincerely rewarded once this epidemic is over 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

    1. We want no reward but to see you all in good health and getting over the pandemic❤

    2. We wish you the best man, our reward is to see China win the war on this virus.

    3. Ahmed Fahmey You all are very nice 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    4. We are all brothers in humanity
      God bless you and you got out of this crisis so soon 🙏

    5. We don’t want any reward, we just want to see the proud people of China eliminate this virus and stronger than ever

  119. Sending stuff to China? Isnt that like tribute? haha

    1. Or a medical aid.. you know?

  120. Nice egypt

  121. Doesn’t preach human rights but practice it. Thank you Egypt!

  122. Please deliver these to the public hospitals!! Not the private ones. It is the public hospitals that have these patients.

  123. Thank you Egypt 😊

  124. thanks Africa 谢谢埃及

    1. We have big land inside asia

    2. Egypt is not africa egypt is in africa

  125. This is how humanity should be for one another! Good job!

  126. Egypt is helping the enemies of Allah
    Palestine & Sudan are next to you

    1. Allah can help himself 🖕

    2. If we helped palestine so much we might get invaded and we dont want to help sudan which we already hate it bec they want some of our land and they support the dam of Ethiopia

    3. No one is the enemy of God!
      One doesn’t create his own enemies!
      He created them so he loves them!
      Egypt was involved in a lot of wars that is not theirs because of Palestine and lost thousands of people and billions of dollars! Find another stupid country to fight for you!

  127. Thanks Egypt.

  128. THANK YOU

  129. Bravo, Egypt, bravo ! China will not forget your kindness ! This is how nations should relate to one another ….. help each other instead of destroying and killing mindlessly and unnecessarily.

  130. Where is the support of Jews? You have been welcome to stay in China during WWII that saved your life from Nazy…

    1. lol

  131. It’s god to help each other but Egypt !!! This guys don’t have the basic medication for their own poor peoples !!! It’s politics at its best !!! I think the richer countries should send help because this problem is an international issue , if it’s not eliminated in China it will spread everywhere , don’t forget birds travel all around the world , event if you quarantine China it will come out . It’s a flue like human idiots , no one can stop it , but we could help each other’s to save lives .

    1. those people are poor bec the corrupt government they dont have enough money to buy medication

    2. F.B.I AGENT , you mean this basic medication is very expensive , it’s the same , but I did see videos of peoples in Egypt that couldn’t find medication for chronic cases !!!!

    3. We have the basic medication it’s the money that is high

  132. God bless Egypt…. Great…

  133. I wanna cry, very nice to know a country helping another country.

    1. @M E agree.

    2. We are all humans after all, we have nothin but each others.

    3. I actually cried

    4. We are all brothers and sisters in the family of humanity 🙂

    5. Sokiditary first 😭👏👏👏

  134. No medical supplies/aid from AmeriKKKa, only bitter criticism….Thanks Egypt!

    1. What’s goes around comes around my friend 😂😂😂😂

    2. @nino nikki All governments an most organizations are corrupt to the core

    3. America has been trying to go there an help solve it but China keeps denying them. Your an idiot an the articles are everywhere

    4. @Marcos M of course not all of us are bad. But our government officials are corrupt to the bone.

    5. Ankh Maat Hotep – You too brother. Not all Americans are bad. There are some of us who appreciate other countries and wish nothing but health and wealth for all.

  135. Good for eygpt

  136. how about Taiwan ?

  137. I have some ORS Packets please someone collect them as someone to come from China

  138. Hopefully more Chinese will be spent,Allah is one.

  139. Philippines be like: no chinese allowed in the country 🙄🙄

    1. Come on just greet a hood message. Philippines is also doing its best to protect the people same as other provinces in China. Wuhan itself lockdown its places to seal the Virus. Wag na tayo umepal, basta di lang tayo mang bully

  140. Yhanks egypt , cairo mesir

  141. Glad to see our Earth people to helpl each other! Kudos to Egypt!

  142. Good work

    Please remember this appears to have started because of mishandling of livestock in a food market let’s be reminded that this is 2020 there should be health and food safety standards in place in every industrialized Nation.

    1. There need to be food safety but also people need to be ethical and stop killing animals.

  143. Listen people. This is not a China issue alone. It is a worldwide issue that demands your attention.

  144. The us (Pompeo) is now pondering on this and how to sanction Egypt.

    1. @Egyptian Homeland Security الأمن الوطني المصري حصل وانا بضاني ورمت

    2. @Dredd NecroBull 777 ESF معلش اصل ماريا دمها خفيف بقا وكدا اهخهه

    3. @Dredd NecroBull 777 ESF
      US:he got a point

    4. Lol us can never do any kind of sanctions toward Egypt, we have suez canal and we can ban any country from passing through it.

  145. ha, egypt will send extra ebola

    1. Egypt doesn’t have ebola lol

    2. Ebola is in south africa and beside Congo

    3. Egypt doesnt have ebola or any kind of viruses

  146. thank you Egypt 😃👍
    China ALWAYS remember who helps !!!

  147. I salute egyptians thanks to help china,

  148. and meanwhile Czech Republic and Slovakia sending nothing, we are ashamed . .

  149. Thank you Egypt!🇨🇳

  150. thank you Egypt.

  151. I hope the entire world will work together to over come this virus. My prayers to Chinese people and others affected.

  152. Thank you Egypt. The China Chinese will not forget your generosity. 🇨🇳🇪🇬👍🙏👌❤️💪👏

  153. While the racist western world do nothing but ridicule China, Egyptians come to help Chinese. Thank you Egyptians from Korea. You are true friends and humanitarians.

  154. 感谢埃及!❤️🙏🏻🇪🇬


  155. This is so nice of Egypt

  156. There comes a time
    When we heed a certain call
    When the world must come together as one
    There are people dying
    Oh, and it’s time to lend a hand to life
    The greatest gift of all

    We can’t go on
    Pretending day-by-day
    That someone, somewhere soon make a change
    We’re all a part of God’s great big family
    And the truth, you know, love is all we need

    We are the world
    We are the children
    We are the ones who make a brighter day, so let’s start giving
    There’s a choice we’re making
    We’re saving our own lives
    It’s true we’ll make a better day, just you and me

    1. @阿修罗 Rude af,没家教。

      Lmao always wanted to use that phrase. 谢了啊。

    2. We are all brothers and sisters in the family of humanity

    3. @I’m INDIOT cow head don’t match horse mouth.

    4. @阿修罗 :
      In time of disaster…there the GOOD and the EVIL of humsnity are clearly exposed.

    5. Old Fart.

  157. strategic self-interest… suez canal brings international traffic, if they can help stem the spread where it started, this is their goal and/or perhaps leaving open channels to purchase chinese made military weapons in the future.

    1. You idiot, we have 5 factories of medical grade A protective gear, we help with out thinking, this is who we are. We probably end up helping our enemies too if their innocents are suffering.

    2. @Danny Fergusson lol we kicked all NGO”s out of Egypt, we only have 2 strong partners Saudi and UAE, u don’t know shit

    3. egypt has relied heavily on international NGOs and other organizations for its development and modernization.
      Im sure that theyre more than excited for the next step of african development BRI and wants to allign with CH because of such prospects.
      Sure it might e strategic self-interest but there was no need, this is a very friendly gesture and why should it not be encouraged and praised ?

    4. this is your 3rd comment and by now I can’t help thinking you really are a cynical creature.

  158. Thanks Egypt. You are the real kangz

  159. So… exactly where did a country that is almost bankrupt come up with so much genrosity ??

    1. your info is 6 years old

    2. Yeah.. it’s media
      “Was”, my friend is a better word than “is” for almost bankrupt

    3. You need to catch up, Egypt is stronger than ever

  160. This is the true face of friendship and humanity to help each other . Not that you hear from many people they start to hate Chinese people those are living in foriegn countries . Thank you Egypt .

  161. good

  162. Great job Egypt, the first country kind enough to help China.

    1. Egypt isn’t the first country, but they’re still doing a good thing 👍

  163. I Appreciate to Egyptian government…
    Thank you..

  164. I am not Egyptian but i am very proud of them to help others…

    1. Adel mc 10 tons to show off are u dumb? 🤦🏻‍♂️

    2. this just 4 show off

    3. It is a human catastrophe that must help others in a difficult time egypt also send a facemask to italy when The Czech Republic stole aid sent to Italy from China

    4. Thx that means a lot 😁

  165. Why…your people suffer

    1. Actually we don’t… the only medical issue we suffer is diminished number of doctors and surgeons in hospitals because they tend to open private clinics… not a problem in medical equipments.

  166. I’m from China, and I want to thank Egypt for helping us. I’ve kinda lost hope by now but maybe we still have a chance of fighting this virus.

    1. I am coming from the future to tell you that China is better now. We Egyptians love to help even if we are not a rich country.

    2. Stay strong! You are a great nation! Love from Egypt!

    3. oh dont say like that man and never lose hope It’s our task as a humans on that planet i love china from Egypt and hope things become better so soon keep it up we got your back 🇪🇬❤️🇨🇳

    4. There are few bad enemies, but China has many friends and will overcome this bravely. Just eat well and keep healthy. 加油

    5. Why lose hope when the world is at your back.

  167. Thank you. Egypt, for your generousity from an oversea chinese. Once again, thank you so much.

  168. Thank you my brother Egypt….👍👍💟

  169. Decency shown by a country with a long civilization.

  170. Really???? Hard to believe Egypt who receives 1.2 billion dollars from USA and 700 million pounds of aid from the UK ..will squander aid to the **supposed new super power* commie China……..this while 28 percent of Egyptians live below the poverty line……crazy fools

    1. These aid from the US is given to Egypt because it was part of the camp david peace treaty you fool not because Egypt is poor …
      we have a Proverb that says “الحدايه مبتحدفش كتاكيت ” lol

    2. david david lmao you are deluded enough to think like that. There’s no facts there. The US aid is to keep peace with Israel and israel receives the same amount since camp David accords. The U.K. isn’t paying aid it’s paying back the money owed to Egypt since war. Go back to school. Bye

    3. egypt has relied heavily on international NGOs and other organizations for its development and modernization.
      Im sure that theyre more than excited for the next step of african development BRI and wants to allign with CH because of such prospects.

    4. And the aid from us is to keep peace with israel and be able to sanction them for ex when Morsi came to power usa stopped its aid to Egypt see?

    5. That’s medical supplies not food and money

  171. It is better to help a peaceful country like China who have no intention of spreading war or become world police than countries like USA who have been destroying societies since the dawn of 20th century.

    1. Don’t mix you’re political opinions with a situation like this.. I can only see Humanity

    2. @bob morane China historical country with a respectful culture don’t compare it with US which is shit

    3. bob morane lol no China is no where near like the US. The US is one massive corrupt shit feast.

    4. Actully China is exactly like USA

  172. Lets pray & help each other.

  173. 谢谢,thank you

  174. 1.4 billion people thanks Egypt

  175. It will be happening again next year.

  176. Good job Egypt. Humanity first.

  177. Thank you Egypt for your support to n co-operation with China. Pray that all Egyptians back from Wuhan will be healthy n free from the Coronavirus!!! GOD bless you n your country.

  178. We are living in the same planet 🌎. Egypt 🇪🇬👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    1. Happy Venom ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  179. To all friends of China in time of needs, China is grateful, thanking you and will always remember your kind deeds. To all haters and rumor-mongers, China will also remember you

    1. Righteous and cultured people will always help those in trouble (not necessary material aid, but moral encouragement will do). Evil and demonic people will back stab and kick you when you are down. No prize for guessing who’s the biggest DEVIL!

  180. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

    1. @Mogaaj Fghgf Beijing is helping the Uighurs much much more than the Han people. E.g. the Uighurs were allowed to have more than one child (during the one-child policy in whole of China), they are given more economic help with education, tourism, infrastructure, etc.
      Those concentration camps mentioned by the West are NON-EXISTENT, this is propaganda and slander. The West can’t produce any proof.

    2. I’m just angry about the ughuir i really like china but what they’re doing to ughuir

    3. mohamed ahmed haha no a lot of Egyptians such as myself care about the wellbeing of others

    4. @Youssef Mostafa bot ?? Ok let’s play pubg…

    5. @Heather Larson Is that all people like you do is point fingers at someone else to blame them… No wonder this world will never see peace. It’s people like you that keep the H@te flowing.. Also watch the News more because US and China’s CCP are working together to see what can be done to help this virus.. Here in Canada even our govt is trying to think of things to send or do to help those in the city where this outbreak is.

  181. It is in times like this that you know who your true friends are.

    1. And who the quality human beings are who the trash are.

  182. What has USA sent?

    1. Usa send them the virus it self

    2. Border closure and ban Chinese.

    3. 2019-nCoV?

  183. Thanks Egypt 🇪🇬 👍👍🙏🙏

  184. Stay strong china help is coming

    1. In time of disaster…there the GOOD and the EVIL of humanity are clearly exposed.

    2. Richard Martin Sison help is coming……. just joking 😂😂😂

  185. I hope all nation will help china..

    1. Luna Goddess of moon So for the children ,young adults ,grandparents ,families ,all the people who never hurt animals thy should suffer ?? It was wrong for them to abuse and eat animals but it is also wrong to not help when help is needed being a bystander is equally as worse as being the bully (not saying anyone’s a bully it’s just a saying)

    2. Yes exactly..all humen are on one planet

    3. @Teh Chuan which 5?

    4. Yes except 5″

  186. Thanks

  187. Wow, great to see countries stepping up to help China in this worldwide crisis.

  188. China needs soap to keep other diseases from developing

    1. Report this troll

    2. Still on about soap, You have been soaping everywhere in multiple CGTN videos. Do you believe that if you keep saying the same thing your imagination will come true? Nosey Rosie.

  189. These are the symptoms of someone infected with the coronavirus shows:(warning graphic)

  190. China won’t remember that, they never do, they just brain wash their public, they won’t tell their people who helped them

    1. ofcourse they would lol

  191. *China Will Remember That*

    1. Will they remember that the UK, USA and Russia have already sent medical supplies and a hell of a lot more? Probably Russia but not the uk and definitely not the USA.

    2. Muhamad Aiman Like it has done over and over again? When did China does that? Did you or your country help China during the past or now to make such a boastful comment? Just shut up, China don’t need no help from its adversaries either.

    3. @BigNoseJəw agree from Egypt 💕😅

    4. Thank you, Egypt! It will never be forgotten

    5. @Muhamad Aiman :
      In time of disaster…there the GOOD and the EVIL of humanity are clearly exposed .

  192. Now, this is surprising. Nice, but surprising. Or they usually do it but seldom get to other news.

    1. Surprising ??
      Egypt used to give aid to European countries after WWII like Belgium “they were literally dying from famine but Egypt were there to help”
      and always used to help other fellow African nations but we just have an economic crisis now .

    2. Few weeks before Egypt helpes Israel with its fire

    3. Of course Egypt never hesitate to help any friend country as possible as we can. After all, we are all humanbeings.

    4. Of course those “mainstream media” won’t report this.

  193. Thanks very much, Egyptians.

  194. Bravo Egypt! thanks that nice of you

  195. All whole world helping China! Thank you !!

    Only left Taiwan this selfish country don’t help but keep bad words on China!

    1. if only you followed your own words… taiwan is small and vulnerable, how can they help the mainland, it would be the other way around. but attitudes like yours, show the real chinese character, plenty of hate running around china towards ‘others’

    2. Abuse Taiwan and then expect them to help ???.
      Wow that’s great thinking.

    3. @passerby no im not, im not a taiwanese nor Chinese,

    4. @sherlyn cueto Please don’t flatter yourselves,

    5. Right

  196. 👍👌🏼

  197. Thanks Egypt 🇪🇬 💕🙏👍

  198. we will never forget! brothers. may allah bless egypt!

  199. USA sent virus and more threats to Tibet HK Xinjiang instead of medical aids
    Karma will get to USA very soon this year

    1. I am from the future and Karma did Get USA, They are economically and politically failing now, Long live Egypt and China.. ❤

    2. @Hot Sauce No, English colonists gave Native Americans infected blankets. That was before America became a country. Since then, the US signed the Geneva Convention which prohibits countries from participating in biological warfare.

    3. @L01 J The Americans purposely gave Native Americans blankets infected with small-pox virus, and it wiped out 95% of their population. The US has history of using bio weapons and weapons of mass destruction. Anthrax was used on Chinese during the Korean War. Agent Orange was used in Vietnam war.

    4. That’s not true. The US does not engage in biological warfare. This is according to international law.

    5. If it’s true the world need to condemn the US war criminals.

  200. Well done Egypt. Thank you. Thanks to all frontline workers.
    Great to see cooperation rather than infighting.
    Stay strong Wuhan. Wishing a speedy recovery for all affected.

  201. China very cruel people.. They torture animals to death.. Payback time now idiots

    1. @DREAM TEAM do they help the poor animals when they peel them alive???For their own satisfaction???

      Lol, why dont you complain those hunters???, they shoot and kill poor animals when them alive too??? And for their own satisfaction too right???

    2. @Hot Sauce Na, bio engineered isnt that weak. Though it couldve been picked up and dropped off at key locations.

    3. Metabolism (/məˈtæbəlɪzəm/, from Greek: μεταβολή metabolē, “change”) is the set of life-sustaining chemical reactions in organisms. The three main purposes of metabolism are: the conversion of food to energy to run cellular processes; the conversion of food/fuel to building blocks for proteins, lipids, nucleic acids, and some carbohydrates; and the elimination of nitrogenous wastes. These enzyme-catalyzed reactions allow organisms to grow and reproduce, maintain their structures, and respond to their environments. (The word metabolism can also refer to the sum of all chemical reactions that occur in living organisms, including digestion and the transport of substances into and between different cells, in which case the above described set of reactions within the cells is called intermediary metabolism or intermediate metabolism).

    4. @pau d do they help the poor animals when they peel them alive??? For their own satisfaction??? Im not crazy dear

    5. @DREAM TEAM I ask myself a same question, are people like you a human, like to talking crap in the situation like this instead of helping.

  202. Good. Made a deal. Hope 10 tons will be enough. They will need a few hundred tons….

  203. But china is still opposite the Islam

    1. From what u said I believe what shady srour said was right a lot of muslims are racist

  204. Just show Arab way of doing things

    1. @Egyptian Homeland Security الأمن الوطني المصري لول

    2. @ϥⲣⲁⲟⲛ F.B.I!!!! are You spy?

    3. @Ramy El serag we only speak egyptian Arabic not the original Arabic

    4. @Kenneth Perry we are not arabs we only speak the language, the real arabs are the gulf countries: saudi arabia, qatar etc

    5. Egypt is not an arab country we even dont speak arabic

  205. Egypt is betting on the RIGHT horse.

    1. Keng m. r. c. Right on pal.

    2. @GeeGne , I’ll insist

    3. @Margaret Neanover how about no? I ask you to ignore me, the way you type doesn’t make any sense i literally can’t understand anything from you.. sorry pal

    4. @GeeGne , gee, I didn’t reach out to you, quite the opposite. We aren’t personal or aquainted yet you send such concerned response. How about leaving my response that’s not to you as a personal message, and leaving me without the connection you made.
      Good day

    5. @Margaret Neanover that’s the issue is that even if you tried to Impress me you failed miserably to do so, what attention I’m striving for? I don’t know really i have no answer for that, it seems like you feel offended over nothing, carry on

  206. that is so good news
    let us all help one another and no disaster will win over us humanity.

  207. We express our deepest gratitude to the people of Egypt! Thank you!

  208. Thank you Egypt👍

  209. 👍👍💕

  210. China will never forget anyone who helps China

    1. @Florida Man Better than those who send vile hatred.

    2. I’ve helped them by eating more chinese food

    3. that’s how all of life works

  211. Thank you Egypt.

  212. what a waste…………….

    1. @Rosie Her another Troll!!!

    2. I agree. They need tons of soap to keep up with hygiene and properly handling food

    3. 咔噗咔 yeah, just like your existence in this world, what a waste.

  213. This is a purely diplomatic move isn’t it? I don’t think China really needs Egypt to buy its medecines for it.

    1. Do u think someone will help u? Usa Maybe lmao

  214. لا حول قوه الا بالله مصر تدعم الصين بين ما شعبها ميت جوع
    يا موزع المرق اهل بيتك احق

    1. الصين في حاجة الي أدوات صحية و احنا المفروض نساعدهم عشان المرض لا ينتشر

    2. Its medical supplies not food m8

  215. EGYPT…. Really…….?

    1. For your knowledge… here’s another fact that I knew lately… Egypt is world’s no 1 medical face mask producer in a world poor of it. More than countries that have larger economies like China US and India. So if there’s a country that can export face masks that should be Egypt.

    2. @Eugene S oh yeah like ebola in half of south of africa

    3. @Andro Barsoum Avian flu has an R0 of 2, nCov is 4-4.5. In just 10 generations, Avian flu infects 1000 people, vs this could infect 2 MILLION. Also, avian flu transmits through birds and only when you have symptoms, that makes it far more likely to be stopped, because anyone who’s sick will know to stay away from others. Finally, avian flu kills more than half of its victims, so the virus gets stopped when the dead person can’t spread it any further. This has the potential of being significantly worse than Avian flu, this could be Spanish flu type of severity.

    4. @Eugene S avian flu was a serious problem as domestic birds is a culture in Egypt. People have them even in cities. We have migratory birds.. it’s avian flu (or H5N1) paradise… but even so it wasn’t that bad because of some measures and laws that were put… we even made our own veterinary vaccine for birds

    5. ​@Mo Awn You didn’t state their output, you simply said that 5 factories is enough. You literally made the mistake you’re blaming me for making. Bird flu is currently looking like a joke compared do 2019Ncov, I honestly wish the absolute best for you, but I’m incredibly concerned about the potential catastrophic outcome. If quarantines are necessary (because of an R0 of 3+), then comparing Africa to China will be apples to oranges. This can potentially make SARS look like a cold.

  216. Beautiful people with beautiful heart😍😍😍

  217. Good job, Egypt!

  218. Thanks!

  219. That is good and will be remembered by China

  220. What a nice gesture! 👍🙏🏼

    1. @passerby hater like him is gonna stay hater forever until his death

    2. @shawn foogle Yeah Shawn, say it 100 more times and it will become true. We all know your tricks by now.

    3. shawn foogle <<<< source please?!

    4. China bought this. Not a gift

  221. Shame for polish gov… Why we are not helping? :/

    1. @shawn foogle I’m sorry but How the hell did you know that China bought these medical supplies From Egypt???

    2. @shawn foogle these are medical aides
      Not deals

    3. @shawn foogle
      for free not deals
      Egypt send them as a present

    4. Strange days for Poland

    5. Poland likely just helps research only. Its better then nothing.

  222. thank you Egypt on behalf of other african nations

    1. Hi i m from Morocco god bless you all amen ☺

  223. All religion of peace followers should move to china

    1. @Broken Arrow well you’re wrong, that’s all tho

    2. A guy with an anime profile nice to see you with your new ID, what is it this time? Hunting Bunny? 😂😂😂😂

    3. @A guy with an Anime profile I couldn’t agree more with you tho

    4. @Hunting Bunny Being Xi is far worse than being an idiot lol

    5. @Wuhan Virus Yo wumao duplicate, where is my dog soup?!

  224. Like to see the World helping one another.

    1. @shawn foogle
      It was a donation on behalf of the Egyptian people i saw it on the local news

    2. Yasoboy 😳!! Wow Indian, didn’t expect helps from Indian either, but thier hatred for China/Chinese seems taken to another levels.

    3. Lol the site u share was a scamer site

    4. shawn foogle no its free

    5. Well it’s better to help than being next

  225. Very good

  226. thank you!!!

  227. 谢谢埃及人! Thank you Egyptians!

    1. Hopefully the world makes it out this crappy situation then thank us😂

    2. May Allah help all of us my friend

    3. 🇪🇬💖🇨🇳

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