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Feminine Hygiene Tips Everyone Should Know

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Eliminate odour and stay fresh down there with these quick and easy feminine hygiene hacks!

It’s time to talk and address these issues, and these feminine hygiene hacks is something everyone should know. If you have any other topic you’d like us to discuss do let us know in the comments below!

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180 thoughts on “Feminine Hygiene Tips Everyone Should Know

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  2. U guys are so bold many ppl gets nervous to speak and very informative and I’m gonna subscribe Ur channel

  3. Please tell another name of alum

  4. Hey glams I am 13 can I use menstrual cups or tampons which is better 🤔 for a start please reply

  5. Hi very informative vedieo thanks

  6. In one vid u said coconut oil is not good around vaginal area and in this u used..!! Why so

  7. But, what is alum? I don’t know about it. @Glamrs

  8. What is alum and where do u get it

  9. I couldn’t buy alum what can I use instead of this

    1. Alum means pitakhdi or pithkari, it is available at any general store!!

    2. Hi Sharmi, there’s no alternative for alum! -Team Glamrs

  10. The real reason 8 million people are watching this video, is because nobody has ever told us this irl

  11. I heard that drinking alum is considered bad,as it can make one nauseous. Are you sure that it doesn’t harm the body and does the opposite ?

    1. Oh!Thank you for the advice😊

    2. Hi Bhawna, you need to consume it once a week and not daily. -Team Glamrs

  12. I think many people don’t know about Douching .. thanks for the information

    1. You’re most welcome, Mounika! -Team Glamrs

  13. Is intimate wash safe?? I am 18 years old…can u pls tell me??

  14. Vaginal hygiene are like the most important thing to women. Thank you so much for sharing healthy ideas. Literally no one brings some awareness about these type of hygienes am glad you did❤❤thanks a lot team glamr❤❤😊

  15. Alum is not good for health

    1. Hey there, we recommend drinking a very small amount and not regularly so it is fine. However, we recommend consulting your doctor if you have any doubts. -Team Glamrs

  16. I just wanted to ask you guys that which one are better among these,
    Sanitary pads, tampons or menstrual cup??? [ i just wanted to know, no bad comments please : ) ]

    1. Pads….😉
      Because I am afraid using tampons😓

    2. @Healthy wid Dr khushi thq

    3. Dear..i am a doctor..just went through ur comment…sanitary pads with wings and which are not ultra in nature are best…but you should change them in3-6 hrs for sure…m sure i helped u☺️☺️

    4. Pads 😊😊😊

  17. Awesome sis love this 💓💓💓💓

  18. Make video on whether to remove pubic hair..and it’s best methods.

  19. Thank you

    1. Hey Sai, glad to know this video was helpful! -Team Glamrs

  20. Thank u I got very detailed information ….that’s the reason I got boils on my thigh as I didn’t wash my body after ending my workout ….only wiping the sweat does not work

    1. Hey Subhasree, thanks for watching, glad you loved the video. Stay tuned for lots more coming your way. -Team Glamrs

  21. Anything that you can replace alum with?

    1. Hey Vmin, as such there is nothing that can be replaced with us! We suggest you use that only! -Team Glamrs

  22. Neverr eveerrrr…drink alum.water

    1. @Glamrs it leads to inflammation …but if the alum.water applied in daily basis for 20 min on skin reduces the growth of hairs to great extent

    2. Hey Palbhi, , drinking it once in a while will not cause any harm! We have tried and tested it! -Team Glamrs

  23. I think it would be great if you research more and informing….

    1. Hey Yerra, we will definitely do more research on this topic and make a video soon! 🙂 -Team Glamrs

  24. Please make a vedeo fof Veginal Problems like,,, When My periods comes and I used market pads then My skin Rubbed and Infection,, and my Vegina Has dark color,, buy my all Over body Skin colour Fair.. Please suggest some home remedy for this nd DIY sanetry napkin

    1. Heyy dear…u better know the time of periods…just trimm ur hair at that time…use plain winged pads only and change within3-6hrs…and use potato and lemon at ur inner thighs not on vaginal area,they will get lighter😊😊

    2. Yes please ❤️

  25. Please suggest me a hime made tips for my vegina area is too much black, even my all body skim tone is fair.. After few months i got merry so please tell me…now days everygirl passes this setuetion

  26. Keeping good living habits is a prerequisite for health.
    To master health knowledge is an important way to keep healthy.😊😊😊😉😉😉

  27. After periods I had a vingnal acne what to do for it ?

    1. U can also steam

    2. Scrub it twice a week and put coconut oil Daily

  28. Hi, I see your video and after finishing this part for 7 days , what exercise I do to get ref off mummy tummy

  29. please make the video in hindi also

  30. Mam alum drink kb peena hai or day mein kitne time

  31. What’s alum ?

  32. What is alum ??

  33. Thank you so much lady 😎😎😇😇❤️❤️

  34. Impressive ☺

  35. Akka tamil la podunga pz

  36. How to remove black mark from private part

  37. I need to tell you that you haven’t involved the dark skinned women of India in your opening shots.. world is including women of all colours as well.

    1. @Real Talk it’s my opinion. Why don’t you enjoy instead of scrolling through my opinion.

    2. Vineetha Mohan human are humans why do you look at the colours just enjoy the video

  38. It doesn’t exist

  39. Awesome video❤️

    1. Hey Niribili, thanks for watching this video. Stay tuned for more. -Team Glamrs

  40. Thank you , this video is good

  41. *Rip English 😑😑*

  42. Hey I am Anusha. I have very itchy eyes please recommend me a solution

    1. I had the same, it was caused by dry air. I use eye drops , they help when i feel it. Now its much better

    2. @Manasa Rao ok I will try 👍

    3. Apply coconut oil to lashes and eyebrows, itchiness may cause due to dandruff too. Check with doctor once. Apply oil to scalp.

    4. By the way you are an doctor please suggest me a solution

    5. She isn’t a doctor dear

  43. Great job guys

    1. Hey Ruhi, thanks for watching and appreciating. Stay tuned for lots more coming your way. -Team Glamrs

  44. I think most of the information given wrong

    1. thik koisoos mui hala puri

  45. alum safe to consume?

    1. Hey Pathisha, yes it is safe to use in smaller quantities. -Team Galmrs

  46. 🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙

  47. 🤘🤘

    1. Hey Prathamesh, thanks for watching. Glad you loved it. -Team Glamrs

  48. Hey.. Where is helly vyas..

  49. Go pee before you get hot and heavy 😀

  50. You would.look bomb in a long bob.

  51. No to intimate wash. It’s never needed. It washes away good bacteria. Also it is not known weather it is carcinogenic or not. As products like soaps and powder used in private parts are found to be carcinogenic. Yes our body itself cleanses so no need to use anything except water .Also not sure about alum thing.

  52. what is alum?

  53. Very informative video but one thing to point out that intimate wash it’s not good on everyday use.

  54. Hlo hw can i get rid of acne

    1. @Glamrs thanks

    2. Hey Hiba, watch this, Hope this helps. -Team Glamrs

  55. So obsessed ❤️

    1. Hey Khushi, thanks for watching. Glad you loved the video. Stay tuned for more. -Team Glamrs

  56. Plz make this vdo in hindi

    1. Hey Pinky, follow our Hindi channel for Hindi content, here is the link, -Team Glamrs

  57. I think I have seen this video earlier too. How come it’s having today’s date

    1. Hey Aashna, it went up on 21st July. -Team Glamrs

  58. U don’t need to use intimate wash daily, if need be use only during periods or itchiness.

  59. Thank you very much

  60. How to deal with abnormal vaginal discharge

    1. @Glamrs I have been on medication for a while now but no relief yet . Tanks for the response

    2. Visit gynaecologist dear so simple

    3. Hi there, it looks like you might have an infection. It’s best that you visit a gynaec who can treat you for the same.
      -Team Glamrs

  61. You should not use intimate feminine washes in your vagina it can give you thrush even during your period. I have learnt this from my doctor 👩‍⚕️ so I WILL NOT BE FOLLOWING THAT PIECE OF ADVICE👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

  62. Love your advices💋😍♥️🙌

    1. Hey Khushi, thanks for watching. Glad you found this video helpful. Stay tuned for more. -Team Glamrs

    2. Hi there, glad you liked the video. Keep watching for more.
      -Team Glamrs

  63. Wrong information …. intimate wash like v wash have chemicals in it and may damage uterus .. leading to infertility …

    1. Yess only plain soap and water are more than enough..

    2. My gynaecologist said warm water (not scalding hot) is more than enough. And to wear loose fitting pants / shorts that are more breathable.

    3. Use clean Nd dry

    4. @Sapna Shukla no if you ask a gynaecologist they always advise not to use any intimate wash.

    5. but lactacyd is a good choice when it comes to intimate hygeine its really good.and has good ph level too.

  64. What are the benefits of alum…and what it is exactly

  65. Heyyy sachi always lv Nd like ur video….

    1. Hey Mansi, thanks for watching. Stay tuned for more. -Team Glamrs

  66. There is so much Stress in these 5 days. Can you please recommend me a solution

    1. Thanks.btw I am Anusha

    2. Hey Gururaj, we have a few videos on period yoga, it will definitely help you release all the stress, here are the links,

      Hope this helps.-Team Glamrs

  67. Amazing di 😍

    1. Hey Monali, thanks for watching. Glad you loved the video. Stay tuned for more. -Team Glamrs

  68. Nice

    1. Hey Prema, follow these tips and let us know how it goes. -Team Glamrs

  69. Apki vdo to bohot achi pr ap thodi hindi m bhi bt kijiye ya to thoda english km boliye adi vdo to ese hi samj ni ati 😅😅😅😅😅

    1. @Glamrs
      Thanku mam 😅

    2. Hey Mayuri, aap hindi content ke liye hamara hindi channel follow kar sakte hai, yeh rahi link, -Team Glamrs

  70. Hoo-ha ???? Just say vagina !!!!

    1. Hi zalak, we understand that but through the course of the video, we’re saying vagina way too many times, so just to lighten the topic we decided and went for hoo ha, lady bits.
      -Team Glamrs

  71. The way they explain. Ugh 😍❤

    1. Hey Pradnya, thanks for tuning in. Glad you loved the video. Stay tuned for more. -Team Glamrs

  72. I think it’s replete vedio

  73. #1 Alum Hacks can do a preganant lady?

    1. Hi taniya, it’s best that you consult your gynaec. The rest of the hacks are pretty common try those!
      -Team Glamrs

  74. Good information…….👍👍

    1. Hey jo, do follow these tips and let us know how it goes. -Team Glamrs

  75. Hello my dear friend today I went to write a sweet rhyme for the hard work to show the love
    Though we are apart
    I am in your heart
    Sweet memories keep haunting me 🎹🎹🎶🎶🎵and deep and my soul and my heart belongs to you💜🎼🎼💟🎹🎹🎹 this is a special rhyme for you all love you so much my dear friend 💜💜🎼😊❤

  76. What we use instead of alum

  77. Nice video

  78. What is Alum..????
    And please provied link in description box…!!
    Jisse hume chize aasani se miljaye…😔

    1. its phitkiri

    2. Surekha Shetty patkari

  79. Recently , I hav found some hardened parts ( like lumps inside the Breast ) .. Inside breast .. They are not so hard … And then the size of breast have also incresed .. But i dont have other signs .. Plz help me wid dis

    1. Does it happen before ur periods & do u experience a hell lot of pms symptoms?? If so it may be because of estrogen dominance & other horomonal imbalance.

    2. Hi there, you should definitely go and visit a gynaecologist asap!
      -team Glamrs

    3. மேகமோ அவள் you should see a gynaecologist ASAP

  80. Are you from India? Please mention which sanitary option do you use

    1. 😃 OK guys

    2. 90%opt for sanitary napkins are we don’t re-use them like menstrual cups. It’s old fashioned but defenetily the safest.

    3. Muskan Koshti go for sofy.

    4. Hi Muskan, yes Glamrs is from India. And most of use tampons or menstrual cups during our period. But pads like stayfree, whisper are said to be great! Thanks for watching!
      -Team Glamrs

  81. Pls share some formal wear ideas for women

    1. Hi there, here’s a video that will help you out:
      -Team Glamrs

  82. Wht is alum?

    1. Alum means ftkri powder

    2. Phitakiri in Hindi.

  83. I have pcod and have itchiness in vaginal area.. what should i do? Is this yeast infection?? Is alum safe for me?

    1. Use V WASH .I was also having same problem, whole day and night itching.muchh in night. Unable to control myself. So this V WASH helped me. I got relief within 12 to 15 days. Let it (vagina area) breathe. Keep hygiene. And don’t forget to use V WASH during your period time. eat curd every day. iam sure this tip definitely will help you. Thanks

    2. Hi poulami, if it’s itchy down there, then it can be a mild infection. What you can do is apply coconut oil all around it, wait for a few days. If the itchiness still persists then visit a gynaecologist asap. Hope this help!
      -Team Glamrs

  84. Omg alum drinking water any said effects 🙄🤔

    1. Muminazer Shaikh
      Alum means,” Fitkari”.

    2. @muminzer Hussain Shaikh fitkari

    3. What is alum

    4. “Alum stone destroys the vaginal flora that helps protect women from sexually transmitted diseases. … Finally, if a woman uses alum stone regularly, it will cause the vagina walls to become rigid, and they can then tear when they give birth. This technique should absolutely not be used.Jan 31, 2014” from Wikipedia

    5. @Glamrs thanks for the important information 😘

  85. What is alum?

    1. Fitkari

  86. Never heard of alum… What is it exactly?

    1. Alum mixed with water is used to wash vagina aftrr pee. It is antifungal and stops itching in vagina stops smell n discharges.if applied to skin

    2. It is Aluminium Sulfate

    3. Phitkari

  87. Thank you for the information 😁😆♥️!!!

    1. Glamrs You’re welcome!!

    2. Hi there, happy to help! Thanks for watching!
      -Team Glamrs

  88. This information is much needed. Thank you for sharing

    1. Hi neha, we are happy to help! We think it’s time to openly talk about feminine health issues. Thanks for watching!
      -Team glamrs

  89. Alum water drinking?

    1. @Glamrs ok thnks

    2. Hi rusha, a lot of people put alum to keep the water clean. So either you can keep it in your water tumbler or water pot or have it the way we mentioned. Hope this helps! Keep watching for more.
      -team Glamrs

  90. Good information

    1. Hi there, glad you found the video helpful! keep watching for more.
      -Team glamrs

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