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Green tea diet extract: Is it safe and does it work? (CBC Marketplace)

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Diet pills with natural ingredients are popular for people trying to lose weight. But are they a waste of money? And are they always safe?
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640 thoughts on “Green tea diet extract: Is it safe and does it work? (CBC Marketplace)

  1. Liver injury or failure .. how scare ….

  2. I got a headache from the camera movements after a minute!

  3. 0:51 Who is here in the coronavirus period?

    1. Me. I’ve been taking these. I am scared now

  4. I think it has lot to be with Pepole taking it the wrong way and more than the dosages recommended and if they already have a health problem and not knowing about it it depends on individuals I been take it thi pills for years but just once a day and one pill a day Ctally just for the caffeine that helps me with the craving of caffeine on me of course not a magical pill but because something bad happend to someone doesn’t mean it have to affect everybody it’s about caution don’t pretend to take 20 pills in 1 day and no to have really bad effects jus just saying my opinion,my experience.

  5. I just love to watch this channel..,love from India 🇮🇳💓🤗..

  6. Even though it has been more than 10 years ago, but my friend past away because of drinking weight lost pills that sold over the counter. This industry should be stopped. You can lose your loved ones.. like my friend. She had abdominal pain, she vomited, rushed to the hospital but was too late. I found out a day after she passed away when her mom called me. This type advertisement must be stopped as soon as possible!

  7. The thing is if you’re a teen a young teen or a young adult it’s not necessary to take two pills I’m only 18 years old only take one pill a day nothing has happened since

  8. The way the camera was just swinging around

  9. Here is the secret elites don’t want you to know: you can put tea in a cup and add hot water, and *boom* I saved you few hundred dollars

  10. There must be so much corruption or back hand deals in health canada because in every episode that warrants an interview with them they are always either unavailable for comment or CBC just get fobbed off with a quick phone call from the press secretary. Never mind investigating the drugs health Canada should be investigated.

  11. I drink green tea and it makes me hungry and wanna eat more. weird 😕

  12. 16:45 the camera man doing his crazy things! by the way all those scams are the same and repeated for generations in every western country .it s frustrating how naive is people

  13. I just came from the video before and when searching for this video the first thing I see are four adds linking me to sites who sell that “natural supplements” and “weight loss pills”, and I’m pretty p*ssed. >:(

  14. how about green tea .to drink like tea?

  15. Thanks

  16. I was going to buy these pills today.. but decided to do my research first… I’m so glad I saw this video!!! Thank you! Imma stick to normal green tea 🍵!

  17. There is NO SHORTCUTS when it comes to your health!

  18. Lose weight by losing your liver? I don’t think so…

  19. So sad, so scary and senseless. Warnings for serious side effects should have a minimum typeface size of 14 or 16 pt, about 60 to 80 percent larger than newsprint AND be on the front of the package or bottle of “health products”.

  20. I just bought a bottle of the green tea pills. Now I’m scared to take them.

  21. Omg I just bought this today thank God I look stuff up on utube before taking it so yes I will be taking this product back to CVS store for a refund of my money

  22. I have actually implemented this unique “Yamzoko Weebly” (Google it) for a few weeks by now and also the results are wonderful. They offer me plenty of energy and also reduce my urge for food, yet I don`t quit once they wear off which I like, and they don`t cause me to feel jittery. I did absolutely nothing special on my very own diet and I still manage to get rid of my weight to 7 pounds. .

  23. technically loosing the liver means they lost weight…

  24. In case, like me, you’ve already been wasting your time seeking for a diet program that works, *2WeightLossFast. Com* . ” I have dropped 15 pounds in A single week. I would recommend this program to any person who’s looking for a really efficient plan.?

  25. If it’s on the shelf it’s safe for most people. Read the damn warning label yourself.

  26. Something is fishy on this story. Natural herbs do not have these types of repercussions. There must have been something no so natural in this product.

  27. I’ve been drinking pure green tea with drops of lemon 🍋 or lime. The taste becomes better and the lemon or lime help boost the benefits of green tea. Also you can add natural honey and it’s super amazing.

  28. Just eat less dont belevie on pills 💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊⚰⚰⚰⚰⚰⚰⚰⚰⚰⚰⚰⚰

  29. That’s the reason to read the fine print

  30. I take egcg but not in diet pills format. It’s daily supplement for health. Now I’m worried…

  31. well i rather had a bike ride(exercise) , rather than to drink green tea pills per day for weight loss as drug i thought to be “commit suicide pills” (i guess)

  32. Just exercise and install healthy eating habits

    1. It’s cheap and natural

  33. Lol I take thum I never got that think it’s probably a allergy sickness

  34. To be honest, I think having no liver or being dead does decrease your weight so… The pills aren’t totally wrong

  35. There’s no such thing as; you take a supplement and you get the perfect body…thats just hogwash! …the only way is exercise and a healthy diet, over the course of years….it’s literally a lifestyle that you have to adapt….there’s no miracle cure

  36. Thank you for such an informative video. I had no idea it was harmful, or deadly.

  37. Cut sugar, eat only about 1100 calories/day/24 hours, and occasionally fast. I lost 9lbs in 12 days by doing this.

  38. People aren’t posting their thinner bodies to make everyone else feel like crap that is how you perceive it. How about you take responsibility for your delusion and say I felt a certain way seeing other people be successful losing weight. The culture nowadays is to shift blame away from ourselves: “my problems are always someone else’s fault!!!”

  39. Losing weight is great!….. but popping pills to lose weight is a delusion.
    If you want to be lazy, just eat much less of what you are currently eating (and stop eating fast food and stuff like that).
    It’s not hard.

  40. I got an advertisement for green tea extract while watching this…

  41. Dun mix ur tea with vodka🤔

  42. I’m so glad I saw this video I took the green tea pills in the bottle and it didn’t work. I lost 45+ pounds quicker by just dieting and just being hell bent on losing weight after being unhappy.

  43. Yeah, just researched my multivitamins and found I was taking 8000 the amount of biotin that was necessary

    natures bounty hair and nails gels

  44. All this is making me wonder how the gouvernment is doing nothing compare to these guys… Why are we paying those in those offices? Last time i tried to find something on Canada’s gouv. Web site, it was so badly make i couldn’t find anything at all. I think it is intended in fact. it feels they are protecting the companies that sell all those craps instead of protecting the population…

  45. The weekend after the first transplant… an infection kills Joyce– *cue VRBO ad*
    Like bruh stop putting your ads in the most inconvenient spots. Have some respect, jeez.

  46. Anyone else got weight loss medicine comercials beforehand?

  47. Can we get a show like this in the U.S

    1. For real, love this show.

  48. …technically the one lady did loose weight. Her liver.

    Seriously though, that’s really scary!

    1. @Jessika Piche 😂🤣😂

    2. you should be a layer… 😉

  49. I offense but I think it’s the girls fault for drinking the tea without her mother permission

  50. the daughters could drink my green tea everyday. I mean when they are both 18..of course..of course.

  51. technically speaking if you lose your liver you lose weight.

  52. Health Canada has been shown over & over again to be more corrupt than the USDA or the FDA. 
    – And that’s an incredibly low bar to start with.

  53. A lot of pressure? Stay tf off the internet if your that easily influenced!!! These parents needa do better

  54. Companies producing these dangerous products shall be jailed


    Watch out wanting:

    (Yes I am shouting!!)

  56. She’s a healthcare professional, not knowing how to help even herself (losing her weight is one example)! How can she help others? There must be something wrong with the Canadian healthcare system.

  57. Man they sell that crap here in the states too. I’m so glad I put that crap back down 😱💀. I wonder if all other extract pills ie cranberry extract for the urinary tract health, are not safe as well. I’ve been wanting to buy some but something always makes me put it back 😯

  58. So, green tea is dangerous?
    Or is it only dangerous when you put it in pills?
    Sounds like there is a lot of info missing.
    Taking tea in pills is not really different from drinking tea. The point is HOW MUCH do you consume?

  59. One of the reason why many extracts don’t metabolize the same as the original source, is because the original item contains other compounds. Example: green tea extract is just concentrated ECGC while green tea has ECGC, ECG, EC, flavanols, polyphenols, kaempferol, quercetin, myricetin, etc. Don’t expect the extract (of anything) to work as well as the source its derived from.

  60. Cameraman …stay still!!!

  61. There is no quick fix dieting to lose weight. Eat healthy, exercise and hard work.

  62. Why are comments disable on some of your videos? Specially on slimband.

  63. Eat less and move more. Very simple, very hard.

  64. I have a friend who is 67 yrs. Young and is hyper too. She recently started on the keto diet, and I think it may be bad for use. No sugars, little to no fruit or some veggies,all kinds of meat,eggs. I think that the diets are bad.

  65. I lived in texas,where my mother picked the tea off the ground and made tea. To me the tea that you are injecting is not what you think it is. Stop doing this scrap and stop going on diets. You wish to lose weight EAT LESS, WORK MORE.

  66. man canadian news seems on top of it lol. biggest stories my local news get are on skateboarding dogs

  67. So can drinking green tea hurt your liver?

  68. 22:25

  69. You shedding nothing but pounds of money.

  70. Always do research, ask for medical advice from your physician, find support if you don’t have it at home. Only use those supplements if it is cleared by physician and to only aid in weightloss if you do exercise and eat well. Don’t just jump head first into it. Nothing is a quick fix. And also keep up with how you feel while taking it and update with the physician.

  71. Hey There! Thank you for this useful video. By the way, I notice many people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets (google search it), but I’m not sure if it is good. Have you thought about Custokebon Secrets? I’ve heard some incredible things about it and my friend lost lots of weight with it, but she refuses to tell me 🙁

  72. I trust market place. They have done alot for their comuunity. I would like them to investigate the nutritional weight gain drink.

  73. Heads need to roll at Health Canada, they’re as useless as teats on a bull.

  74. @16:44: I can’t agree with him more.

  75. I have little sympathy for someone so self-absorbed by their own vanity to the point they wouldn’t do at the very least some basic research on the “miracle” product they’re interested in.

  76. I bought it from Costco, then later at home I saw the caffeine is very high so I returned it.

  77. *Cut Back The Carbs Fatty.*

  78. Matcha (Japanese tea) and green tea is the same.

  79. Is Fenoboci Diet Plan helpful to lost a ton of weight? We’ve learn numerous good things about this popular lose weight diet plan.

  80. dum people will take it anyway.

  81. Tired of idiotic people unwilling to take responsibility for their own issues blaming ‘social media’…..’pressure’

  82. just cut off refined carb&sugar

  83. Less calories less weight loss
    Calories in VS calories out

  84. I can appreciate this series. But these people (all of us, me included) need to READ labels! Especially these days, with the Internet you can read and research before making your decision in the store. I mean dang, the company had the warning printed on the box. They cannot hold your hand. And the pharmacy department….they’re surrounded by literally HUNDREDS of OTC pills and potions…they cannot hold your hand either. Stop blindly trusting strangers with your health….it’s YOUR LIFE! 😊

  85. I took green tea supplements for maybe 2 weeks last year because I’d read that the antioxidants could help your eyesight; but I started getting terrible headaches. The only thing new was the green tea supplement, so I stopped using it to see if the headaches would stop, and they did! I was really surprised because it was advertised so well, and I wasn’t even taking the full dose. Its definitely intense stuff. I’m glad they looked into it, its worse than I thought!

  86. Why fight Darwinism? There is a reason for it….

  87. Gotta love Canadian health care. Anyways. Don’t take the easy way out friends.

  88. I work in a store and since I’ve seen this video 2 years ago, I refuse to sell these. Drink the green tea, but don’t do these pills.

  89. Why didn’t they take those green tea extracts to a lab to find out of it was synthetic or not?

  90. Green tea itself when drank on an empty stomach can damage the liver as well. So please take green tea with food.

  91. It’s like playing Russian Roulette with your liver. Unsafe products should be taken off the shelves if even one person becomes mortally ill

  92. Is nobody remember how much Dr.Oz promoted these types of products on national TV to millions of people? his endorsement brought credibility to these types of pills and instigated the purchase of millions of products.

    Public figures need to be held accountable when their words carry so much weight and influence across such a large audience!

    Didn’t we all learn this lesson what Oprah said what about cows?

    1. Don’t take green tea as well in an empty stomach as it can also do the same.

    2. That’s what we call bandwagoning.

  93. So how much is safe? Is there a safe dose or a safer level EGCG ?

  94. How is one in a hundred thousand small when millions take these.

  95. Sadly America’s PBS would never do this, they may lose some funding

  96. I’m allergic to green tea. One cup and I’m breaking out in hives. At least my allergy will keep me from ever trying one of these green tea products!

  97. What pills is the camera man on? Dude can’t stand still 💊💊💊💊💊

  98. The only way to lose weight…well is…to actually lose weight🤷‍♂️

    1. Hello

  99. “Natural”….Arsenic is natural. Chlorine is natural. Uranium is natural. So is a charging rhino. Why do people assume something that is natural is safe and good for you. That is a marketing word that people fall for without a second thought .

    1. Marketing and advertisement.

  100. The short and long answer: NO

  101. I seriously could not wait around to test the weight loss program “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it). I was extremely energized. I advise you to Google this strategy also. My buddy has shed 10 lbs by now due to this weight loss program. .

  102. I’m shocked that a pharmacist would even take a medicine that she knew little information about, completely goes against teachings.

  103. Oh please. They were probably overdosing and making no changes. She said she wanted to fit into her prom dress. She probably over did her doses tryna get a speeder results. How many of us use these and never had no issues. I took these daily with change of diet and goinf to gym.. No issues. These things are not magic. You have to change your diet and work out. Plus use for a month. Then stop. You cant go months taking these things. Come on people

  104. Just DRINK, the GREEN TEA without sugar, ALONG with water
    It’s great, BUT NOT THE EXTRACT
    Diatomaceous EARTH is dangerous if breathed, HOWEVER it’s really good for joints.
    People need to DRINK WATER with DE.

    1. Don’t forget that you need to take these with food. Otherwise it will also damage the liver as well. I’ve read about this.

  105. The doctor that said it doesn’t work ever is incorrect but he is right not to endorse l!

  106. She’s beautiful & looks healthy. She doesn’t need to loose weight. Everyone isn’t meant to be skinny.

  107. Green tea pills gave me heart palpitations.

  108. i think its all about weight loss green tea not all green teas

  109. Damn people are to damn lazy got to make everything convenient & easy. When really the logical thing to do is eat right & exercise to lose weight! 😡🤬🤯

  110. 17!? She don’t look 👀 that young at all!

  111. The cameraman is making me feel sick ! stay still please !

  112. Watch a 30 mins video in 3 mins. The BEST extension in google chrome store.
    Plus,the state of the art Artificial Intelligence algorithms automatically analyzes videos to locate and pull the precise location of key points of interest like – topics, scenes, people, sentiments, brands, expressions, labels and much more. Allowing you to rapidly gain intelligent insights from any video.

  113. @8:29 hello daddy!! He is my future husband!!!

  114. If you want to learn more about the US politics behind “dietary supplements” start with Orin Hatch and his family’s involvement.

  115. damn. I remember ephedrine which killed you but it actually worked at least.

    1. i loved white cross ephedra but took small 1/4 pieces, it had a cross scored into it to break easily throughout the day and never with caffeine, most pills contained ephedra and caffeine, was hard to find a brand that didnt in stores so i searched online and found white cross but im in US and its banned

  116. There are certain people who can get seriously ill from things that don’t affect most people, things from ordinary aspirin to peanuts. We don’t ban aspirin and we don’t ban peanuts. And if we are sooooo concerned about liver damage, then why haven’t alcoholic beverages been banned?

  117. I just bought this box of pills,, i am extremely happy to have seen this video before I took any,, thanks for saving my life ..

    1. You look great, you don’t need it but walk more if you want to drop a few. ☺️

    2. Me to I bought it today 5/13/2020 for some reason my inner spirit told me to look it up before taking and thank God i did

  118. Thanks you so much tell me that

  119. Ask doctor first green tea and

  120. These are trolls they hiring on social media and they have alot of them on youtube stop believing everything they put are a testing animal if you apply with they’re programs

  121. What is Wrong with these people?…of course taking supplements without consulting your Family Doctor is a JUST asking for trouble…its over the counter meds what did you think is gonna happen?….

  122. Interesting🎱🌎

  123. I have been drinking green tea over twenty years and it has nothing to do with weight lost. I have lost 60 lbs but with exercise, diet, and dedication for two years.

  124. Lisa would be dead in America 🙁 no way she’s getting a liver that fast

  125. Waaaahhhh it’s not me, it’s someone else’s fault, Waaahh.

  126. “At x company we offer our customer a valuable service. We supply them with weight loss pills. These pills work by forcing the users into removing their liver, therefor reducing their weight substantially.”

  127. 0:47 Kim kardation ?

  128. We have known for MANY years that we cant trust anyone else to take care of us. Why would you not research the ingrediants before taking something, when the ability to research is RIGHT AT our fingertips. Even with grocery shopping the best advice we can be given us is to read the label BY THE PHARMACIST.

  129. This doesn’t have enough info about the people who took these pills, how they took them, health background etc. The directions are on the bottle and it says to take 2 to 3 week breaks at a time also don’t over dose who knows what they did

  130. Oh… i just took 4 of these pills yesterday (2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon) and 2 today. I’ve been wide awake for about 40 hours now and idk if it has something to do with these pills but my heart also feels like it’s about to pump out of my chest? That might just be highly increased energy from the pills and it’s not that big of a deal idk

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  132. im on oolong tea and healthy exercise atm. ive lost 5 kg so far and have never looked back.

  133. what about going to the gym everyone want shortcuts for some reason

  134. I use to take green tea diet pills tripple Brun I was fine everything ant for everybody

  135. I feel like this is just as bad as what I do I just go about not eating

  136. All bad

  137. Put down the Cheetos, cake and fast food and you’ll be a normal weight. Not rocket science

  138. Humanity is soooo bad! It is unreal!

  139. Natural means nothing. I don’t know why people love to think that natural is good or better…

  140. people will do anything to lose weight, except eat healthy and exercise 🤦🏾‍♀️

    1. Lol😅

    2. @KatariaGujjar There’s an ingredient called deionized concentrate. This is usually labeled as “fruit concentrate”, but it’s the result of a process that isolates the sugar from fruit. This is what’s often in juices. It’s labeled “fruit extract” or “fruit concentrate”, but it is 100% sugar.

    3. O Allie I’m not overweight. I was referring to people wanting to lose weight.

    4. Bry_Barbie Bling! Blame it on yourself, stop searching for excuses. Delete your social and boom! Benefits 🙂

    5. Sem yea and blame there weight on social media 😑

  141. Biofilm = obesity? Bad tap water = Obesity? Big International hungry for Canadian tax dollars, FOREVVVEEEERRRRR get ready Canada ur CBC has sold out!

  142. 17:18 Dr. is down with the man *EVVVEEERR!!!* he’s like you have me 100%

  143. *She didn’t even ask what could be the side effects?*

  144. could it be she had a biofilm infection that led to a herx reaction? What if she took Alpha Lipoic Acid to chelate the tea and help the liver?

  145. Sorry but youtuber have more skills with filming than this supposed professional 🤔

  146. Without watching, No. As someone from Japan. No. Its marketing garbage. Green tea in Japan, real green tea is good. The stuff sold in Canada called green tea, isn’t green tea. Its low quality, chinese green tea (which isn’t same as Japanese real green tea). Yes, green tea is healthy, and katekin (found inside the green tea) does help lose weight, I doubt it can be found in a lot of these products. You all want real green tea. I will help you well. Go to Japan, get on a Shinkansen, go to Hamamatsu station, inside the station there is a souvineer shop and they sell Real Green tea from Shizuoka (province famous for green tea). You can of course find decent green tea anywhere at supermarkets in Japan but the real deal good stuff thats worth stocking up, you gotta go to either Kyoto (go to Uji) or Shizuoka. They sell Oi-ocha in Canada, but its like basically the dollar store quality of green tea in Japan.

  147. No comment on the source of the ingredient.. I.e. country of origin. And no tests for contamination. How do they conclude that green tea is deadly with no evidence? I’m not implying who is right or wrong here. But testing the source would be step one for a legit investigation.

  148. Well…people should just be smarter.

  149. Stop being LAZY and run everyday + eat small portions and I guarantee you that you will loose weight!!! It works for me and friends. ABSOLUTELY NO FAST FOOD!!! REAL WEIGHT LOSE COMES WITH HARD WORK!!!! FAST DROPS MAKE PEOPLE SICK AND YOUR BODY WONT HANDLE THE RAPID WEIGHT LOSE!!! DON’T BE LAZY!!! AND IF YOU CANT RUN THEN WALK IF YOU CANT WALK THEN FREAKING CRAWL!!!!!!!!!! OR SWIM!! STOP WASTING MONEY! And do it the RIGHT way!

  150. This documentary leaves out a critical detail…. were these people taking the recommended dose??????

    1. Kafwatula: You are assuming that the dose in each pill is the same. Green tea was considered safe, so the amount of concentrate could vary wildly from pill to pill and product to product. It wasn’t considered a drug, so there was no standard dosage.

    2. Right?!

    3. I’m wondering too

    4. The best question everrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    5. Recommend dose is 2 pills every 24hours.

  151. Stop eating carbs. There you go.

  152. Dear God, hold the camera still man! Please and thank you.

  153. I have absolutely fallen in love with Marketplace!! Thank you soooo much to all the investigative journalists, producers, lad technicians, doctors & all those willing to share their stories &/or expose those fraudulent companies & then some.. etc. etc..
    We definitely need more shows out there like Marketplace, paying the bills & doing the legwork to get to the truth!

  154. Everyone saying that losing weight is hard it’s not all u have to do is burn more calories than u take in

  155. From what I can find on the internet, Green Tea Extract is the same as Matcha tea- which is just finely ground green tea leaves that are consumed whole. I’ve been drinking Matcha Tea for a couple years now, but for the anti-oxidant properties, not weight loss. Obviously, I haven’t had any issues. This show failed to explain WHY these pills are dangerous. Is it an additive they are adding to the mix? is green tea extract really just ground up tea consumed whole? Does green tea become dangerous when consumed in pill form, as opposed to a drink? Or do these people have a genetic trait that causes this issue? CBC did a great job of scaring people into not taking this product, but I would rather be EDUCATED so I can decide if or how to continue consuming green tea or matcha safely. (If anyone else knows the answers to these questions, feel free to comment below, as I cant find these answers anywhere) Thanks!


  157. *Don’t use green tea capsules Just buy ORGANIC GREEN TEA & DRINK🥃*

  158. You guys should do It Works! They are fooling millions with their products.

  159. I took ECGC for my pneumonia, a doctor made me… It helped.

  160. anyone else geting a Chris Hansen vibe from this guy?

  161. Why just exercise

  162. Nothing natural is magical.. If it’s natural… It’s more likely that the health benefits are seen long term use…
    If something is claiming do it in 6 weeks, 8 weeks… It’s a fraud…

  163. I don’t think it’s the green tea extract to blame. 
    Apparently, there are some extremely powerful missing ingredients purposely hidden by the producers. 
    After all, quality green tea is not that cheap, not to mention the extracts..

  164. That girl looks perfect, don’t change a thing.

  165. Madeline and her sister are absolutely gorgeous. The thought that she felt she needed to take pills to lose weight is nuts! Madeline is stunning just as she is.

  166. I think these people took too much.. The green tea pill i take is only supposed to be taken once every 8 hrs with 10ounces of water.. I haven’t had any problems, But im sure the people in this “documentary” didn’t admitt that they took more than the recommended dose.

  167. I am glad that there is less people who believe in this type of natural drugs.

  168. Uh oh I used the exact same supplement as on the picture.. one thing I can say, you can lose weight or get fit just by exercise and good food alone. The supplements can help. I still take a multivitamin and mineral and omega complex supplements. But stick to the basics, veggies fruit whole grains, lean white meat, fish etc. Don’t buy into every new diet. You don’t need to deprive yourself of nutrients to lose weight! And be patient! It doesn’t happen over night. I worked hard and it paid off.

  169. I feel awful for this girl! There’s so much pressure on teenage girls to be “pretty” and “skinny” and “desirable” but not “skanky” it’s ridiculous!
    You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t, so just quit trying to be whatever the hell “perfect” is supposed to be and just do what you want! The right people will like you if you’re just you.

    Lastly, if a dress is too small, buy a bigger dress!

  170. Sorry but they don’t even say how many mg a day these people consumed. Facts are important. Some of the supplement bottles suggested 2 – 500mg a day which is too much in my opinion… but 250-500 a day shouldn’t do this. Those weight loss branded ones often dose too high.

  171. When you drink green tea, there is a limit to how much tea you can drink every day.Max 3 cops a day. So by taking green tea pills you might get a to high dosis. Nothing his healthy in larger amounts.

  172. Things people would do to earn extra cash. smh

    Thank you, CBC for doing this.

  173. Just stick to meth, you be fine. I promise. Nothing bad could possibly happen while taking meth.

  174. It’s hard to feel bad for me to feel bad for these people. The warnings are on there, it’s your responsibility to read and be aware of what you’re putting in your body. Do your research. And also, the hardest things take time. If you want an easy way out, it’s normally too good to be true.

    1. Samantha Petersen It is hard to feel bad for anyone who buys these allnatural pills.

  175. Hi Marketplace can you guys do an investigation on Amway company products

  176. Technically, losing your liver is losing weight.

    And your life.

  177. People must be soooooooo careful about what they take I had medication induced hepatitis after taking a drug called Keytek twice for upper respiratory infections. Now I read up on EVERYTHING before I take something.

  178. She looks great.

  179. I took that “green tea triple” one, i was like 18 and hid it in my room. After 2 days i lost 5 lbs…water weight of course that i gained back… but i didnt know that. After 1 week i didnt loose more and felt really guilty hiding it so i just stopped. And thank god too. Now I changed my eatting and worked out for 3 month and lost 30 lbs. Im so angry that I turned to a pill

  180. One of my friends began selling a weight loss supplement and tried to sell it to me. I was sure it would just be some sort of purgative and didn’t use it. My friend did use it though, and she died not long after that of a mysterious illness that dissolved her bones. She was a young person.

  181. Wow what a surprise ER visits in Canada so don’t work. I’m so shocked😑😐😒

  182. Decompression Sickness (a.k.a. The bends) is also natural… naturally a detriment!

  183. that 1st girl had no reason to loose weight shes beautifull nothing beats running on grass to keep weight down or cycling

  184. never let socialmedia push you… be you’re self.

    1. musicsoundsification even YouTube;)

  185. Ladies, really, pay attention…I’ve just watched a separate video by a nutritionist with a PhD who is selling diet aid with promising ingredients which she describes at length (you can get all the pills for the herbs from the store) but now that I saw what a concentrated dose of ECGC can do (and, no, I wasn’t planning to buy any) such as cause necrosis of the liver…geez). Tell any women friends, all…not to buy into triple concentrated versions of this ECGC (just drink some green tea).

  186. lol blames social media on diet pills. GIVE ME A BREAK

  187. I took green tea pills for 12week never had. A problem with it.

  188. The first girl dose not need to loose weight she looks good as she is.

  189. R.i.p

  190. 😭😭😭

  191. omg😲 last year my liver enzymes where super elevated after taking this pills I didn’t know what the cause was until i watch this video.

  192. The same thing can happen with a herb call “CALAGUALA” for you to know :/

  193. Why is the cameraman dancing tho

  194. Iam a person that believes in taking supplements but only to balance hormones. That’s they key to weight loss or being healthy in general. Replenishing your body with nutrients and minerals either by food or supplements. Why not drink green tea instead of a capsule? Same effects beautiful people 😊

  195. Either contaminated food or not

  196. well 1-100 000 is not a bad rate at all
    and for this one person to be the one who is morbidly obese
    only furthers the idea that your at danger when you eat unhealthy to begin with

    i dont get how they didnt see that they undermine their own point when the show only unhealthy people having health problems
    did they drink alcohol ?
    or do anything else that damages their liver
    why not show the whole picture ???
    how are the 99 999 people safe eh ?
    its sad that they died but come on

  197. 2017: *Made in China*
    2117: *Made in Canada*

    Get it?

    1. Oh…

    2. Tommy Johson no one has 😆

  198. I can’t believe I am reading this. I had thought about going back on these due to weight issues. But now I take a all natural pill which hasn’t worked as good. But is supposed to be healthier. So glad I didn’t buy anymore of them. But I will be telling my friends about this as I feel awful now for even suggesting the product. 🙁

  199. These pills are a waste of money. After I started eating “plant-based whole foods” I lost all my 35 extra pounds and kept them off. Took me 30 years of failed diets to figure it out. Google it! It works.

  200. I live in Kentucky U.S.A. and would like you to know I enjoy the videos you post.

    1. I love across the bridge on Ohio, I enjoy them as well

  201. HMH! It must have something new in it. I us,ed to use these for YEARS and never had any problems. Especially in my twenties. Honestly, I think these people were taking too much at once!!!! I know they were cause I asked my tarot cards! LOL

  202. Weight loss suppliments are very effective in targeted weight loss: in your wallet.

  203. This is what happens when people are too lazy to exercise and watch what they put in their bodies.

  204. Dr Kevork Peltekian = Dr Kevorkian

  205. So the conclusion is we people as a consumer should be very very smart while buying any product because nobody cares about our health. It’s our own responsibility.

  206. 1:12 if everything she drank was puked back out maybe it’s because the weight loss crap was working >.>

  207. body cleansing

  208. Well, that was a waste of 2 livers…

  209. Madeline is hella fine tho

  210. Move more, eat less

  211. I’m wondering how many pills these people took, if they overdosed themselves everyday then the product itself isn’t the problem

  212. How many are they taking? Lol take one and eat food.

  213. Any public media even “independent” is little more then state ran media.

  214. I have a green tea for sales

  215. They should contact the local news. That’s one way to spread awareness and to get people to stop taking these deadly supplements.

  216. “So weakened after the transplant, an infection kills Joyce”, followed immediately by an ad with happy music and people dancing.

    1. PercyLeMat 🤣

  217. who knows what is really in those capsules, have they checked?? and just how many of them did these women take every day?

  218. Stopped ordering supplements from iherb when I realized the US didn’t really regulate the supplements on the market like they do with pharmaceuticals. They can basically make any claims they want, and the FDA are powerless because of lobbying. Basically the manufacturer and distributor is responsible for making “safe” products, and as long as money is a motivation, I’m not trusting any of the brands. My country made it illegal to order supplements from other countries about two years ago, which I’m grateful for. But then I read about the laws in my country, and found out that basically the same thing applies here, except the food safety authority will step in if anything is unsafe to sell. Eh… I think I’m just gonna stick to my trusted cod liver oil and stay away from anything weird.

  219. Never take Diet Pills kids, no matter how natural

  220. So Madeline had two visits to her local hospital visits and they didn’t find a problem. Then they went to a hospital in Ottawa they told her liver enzymes were 60 times normal levels. Seems pretty basic. Why didn’t the first Hospital find it?

  221. I my country pharmacy’s cannot sell items that aren’t medically under continuous control by the states public medical institute. For stronger medication you need prescription from your doctor.

  222. I am sorry but Lisa is pharmacist and took weight loss pills. Please with or without information available about exact product, you should know better (you went to uni to get your degree did they teach you basic biochemistry) all those pills are BS.

  223. Perhaps there’s a concentrated amount of pesticides in the capsules? They never really said why they were toxic.

  224. Half of me blames it on the ignorance of these people not realizing nothing will make you lose weight besides exercising and eating healthy.

  225. I can across your video on Teatox Tactic Formula – there are lots great videos there that may help you

  226. I’ve been investigating the best tea detox and discovered an awesome website at Teatox Tactic Formula (check it out on google)

  227. There seems to be a problem with Health Canada. Why are we paying these people if they cannot pull dangerous products off the market? I might have been tempted to try this product if I had not seen your report.

  228. Camera person is awful. Got sick just watching it. He is weaving in and out and camera moves non stop. Awful could not finish due to him

  229. There are no shortcut to health and fitness

  230. I’ve tried the garcinia cambogia because of the hype and I didn’t even lose weight all I got was a mild case of gastritis

  231. Cinammon is also bad for the liver. If you ingest it often you might find your liver enzymes increase.
    Rather use a stick of cinammon for flavour and remove it afterwards. Not cinammon powder.

  232. A word of simple advice: If you are healthy and don’t have to take pills, then don’t.

  233. If it were that easy to lose weight, there would be no obesity epidemic in so many countries…

  234. If you grease Health Canada your product is safe.

  235. People say there’s no magic pill for weight loss
    People make up and sell magic pills for weight loss

    ok then….

  236. These companies dont care about anyone. All it is is about getting your money, if it kills you they dont care , they got your money. Everyone is looking or a quick fix. take this pill and you can loose weight. Instead running and watching what you eat, everyone wants a quick fix. Take this crap and you can loose weight. you still have to diet and exercise BUT you can loose your LIVER and your life…….I took this one time but I recommended that you drink lots of water and I mean lots of water, at least a FULL glass of water. you have to drink lots of water with any diet pill because it goes through your liver and the water helps it process through the body so keep this in mind. Needless to say I dont take these anymore.

  237. Herbal TEA for those that want to get fit & LOSE WEIGHT! & don’t forget the females over 40 who want to get / stay trim:

  238. Health Canada is a joke again …. as usual …. nothing new here !

  239. Try l carnetine and just work out hard

  240. 18:30 incorrect. he should’ve said nobody knows if the product works cos the science behind had mistaked in it. there was no evidence of it not working, so his statement is inaccurate.

  241. Doesn’t say HOW MUCH THEY WERE TAKING?………more is better? NOT
    Some of these people are so overweight and every organ was overburdened for how long?

  242. NOT SAFE

  243. Its still on our counters in AMERICA…smh

  244. And a year later, today, it is still in our local grocery stores.

    1. …and a year later.

    2. 😡

    3. Unfortunately in Canada the red tape is so thick effective action usually takes MUCH longer than other countries…in my state these pills are under the counter now meaning you must show ID and be 18 plus the pharmacist must tell you all the risks associated with the product…if you look at other issues in Canada such as labeling on certain foods is severely under regulated compared to food in the US…

  245. This girls look so beautiful how can they want to look better

  246. 15:40 She actually sells the pills that nearly killed her. She don’t even warn about the risks, UNLESS THEY ASK. I get she needs to pay her bills, and don’t make the products, but she sells them without a word of warning and she bloody knows how dangerous they are. I don’t get how she can look a someone in the eyes and sell such a dangerous product. “Have a nice day” for sure…

  247. is she part mexican because she sounds like it.

  248. The human body needs adaptation to weight gain or loss. So if it takes you 1 year to gain 20 pounds it will take the body almost same amount of time to lose them back and stays there rather than just drop to that weight and bounce back right away.

  249. I’m going to take green tea til it kills me. It works that well without exercise.

  250. All three of those siblings have different accents

  251. Great show, but who ever told the cameramen to move back and forth constantly, should change his job to something less mentally intense : )

  252. Green tea is great for weight loss!

  253. meds from Wal-Mart that was her 1st mistake ,2nd not asking her mom

  254. how do we know these people didn’t overdose?

    1. Exactly if you take too many of course something bad will happen

  255. Omg! Just do meth! Guaranteed results!

  256. We’ve existed for 1000’s of years. If there was a miracle cure for anything, like green tea extract, we would’ve found it by now. Don’t believe everything a candy wrapper tells you.

  257. That is how pharmaceutical companies want for people. They want people to get sick. So you pay for medical bills and still get sick from it. There are warning labels and side effects but people are too lazy to do their own research. Ignorance is bliss.

  258. Omg that’s near where I live. 😮

  259. Well it smells like manure, it is manure.

  260. Nothing is ever that easy. It took me almost 3 years to lose just over 100 pounds by eating clean, fitness routine, healthy sleeping habits etc. My brother who has over 20+ years of body building helped me so much! You CAN do it but it takes dedication and perseverance. Spend that money on fresh veggies, proteins and healthy fats. I promise you it works!

    1. @SkinnyThicc Legend Um…. that depends on the person lol. It’s not a fixed thing. Btw it’s “lose” not “loose”…

    2. It takes one jear to loose 100 pounts

    3. Yep, took me 4 years to lose 180, and I have 50 to go. It’s HARD, I yo-yo like crazy. I also have lupus, fibromyalgia, and degenerative disc disease in my back. But if I can do it, anyone can. Cut out the carbs and sugar. I can’t move very well so mine is mostly diet. Congratulations to you and I hope you don’t have as much trouble yo-yoing as I do!

    4. @Topanga Reyna Its methamphetamine fyi not MINES tho i know you want it all for ur self (:

    5. @Topanga Reyna lmfaoooo

  261. I was just about to purchase some of these pills. I am very grateful for this information.

    1. Yashida A Jones While you are at it stop buying any “natural” supplements.

  262. My mom has been buying these sparkling waters called Sparkling Ice, and each bottle contains 50 milligrams of green tea extract. Would that be harmful to the body?

    1. Michaela Albury Its not harmful at all. Just like it was said in the video, 1 in 100000 people react poorly to it. The rest are fine.

  263. If only ppl stop being lazy and do exercise and cook their own food! 😒

  264. Man I love these videos I feel like there’s so much untrustworthy information around

  265. i tried diet pills but i had to stop at it was making me puke and they were expensive

  266. Just buy MATCHA GREEN TEA

  267. Why not just eat right and get some exercise?

  268. I love marketplace ❤❤❤❤❤

  269. No pill will ever replace proper diet and exercise and unfortunately some people had to learn that the hard way.

  270. There is no easy way me. I been through it but with the brand Hydroxycut. After 1 use my urine turned dark brown. I thought my whole inside was going to fall out.

    1. Ibought hydroxycut ultra lean its sitting in my car now. I noticed I was less likely to fall asleep during my overnight shift and I was using he bathroom a lot like diarrhea a lot. Nothing told me it may be unhealthy gkar I’m watching this throwing them away. I’ve diet and exercised several times and have lost weight but because I can’t stay consistent and now work full-time I was desperate to lose weight easier. No diet pills ppl just do it the natural way.

  271. Here’s the thing about Natural Food products––People believe they are safe. Anything Natural is good––well, sulfur, lead, and arsenic are also naturally occurring. So, buyer beware! Read the labels and shop around the outside of grocery store. Please. The best way to lose is a good diet of lots of protein, fruit, vegetables and regular exercises.

  272. I feel glad that Canadians at least have this channel to help take note of scams and make informed decisions.. Thank you CBC 🙂

  273. Hurt so much she wanted to sit down and do nothing? I must be hurting a lot too.

  274. North American people are strange people. Why do they want quick fix? No Japanese or Chinese would take concentrated green tea/powder made to pills. We drink infused form and drink it. Scary mentality. Same with soy products…. First Soy is Good then screaming “soy is BAD!” who would eat Tofu in such a huge amount and eating only soy products instead of balancing it with other food? One American man nearly got killed by drinking soy sauce! Who would do that? I never understand the mentality.

    1. I think it’s partly fear of being unable to find unprocessed food and everything you eat being unhealthy. So we latch onto anything that is supposed to help. I don’t understand drinking soy sauce either.

  275. Stop Table salt. Reduce sugar. Go vegan for 5 days in week with home cooking. Avoid alcohol…Regular Yoga-Meditation-workouts….
    Others quick methods r all bogus..

  276. jesus people think for yourselves. There is no conclusive evidence these pills will hurt you UNLESS you overdose or have a weak liver to begin with. This is how reporters try to sway public opinion and create mass hysteria. Look at the statistics and incidents on case to case basis before you spread false information

  277. That Madelyn teenager is 17 so why is she even taking the pills? She’s underage. Also, just because one case says the pills don’t work doesn’t mean that it doesn’t for everyone. And furthermore, NOBODY should have to read the pill label to you, read it yourself, you’re old enough to buy the pills you’re old enough to read the motherfucking label. You shouldn’t have to be spoon fed information. You learned to read when you were a child. ALSO, green tea pills are NOT unsafe at ALL, NOT AT ALL.

    1. They are unsafe, there’s proof of it!

    2. Simonne Well said Simonne

  278. I am also starting to see pills, ALL PILLS, as evil. If you see a quick fix, avoid it like the plague. If you want to lose weight, eat healthy (veggies, meat, yes MEAT and water, also wine with your meals), you should also avoid sugar, root veggies and grains like breads. Try and take in more fibre which helps slow your bodies intake of sugar and of course, get more excersize. There is no quick fix. The only weight you may lose by taking these pills is the weight of your liver, possibly your life! And PRAY FOR HELP, it wouldn’t hurt to pray to God, he IS real you know! Have more faith in Him, less in these witch doctors and scammers. Definitely do not trust the government to watch out for you!!!

    I used to be a type 2 diabetic on four pills a day. I prayed to God for help and suddenly one day the pharmacy messed up my prescriptions. I took that as a sign and went off the pills. I had also been learning more about sugar and the like in unrelated searches. So I cut out carbs, basically remember this acronym: GPS… cut out or down on all Grains (breads etc), Potatoes (all root veggies, starch = sugar) and of source Sugars; NO liquid sugar drinks, no pop AND no fruit juice!!! Fruit juice is only good for you when it comes packaged WITH THE FRUIT. Want orange juice? Eat an orange! It comes packaged with the fibre you need. You cannot eat the amount of oranges or say grapes to total a single glass of the juice alone. This should tell you something. Eat more meat (yes MEAT!), meat proteins do not produce insulin like sugar does in your body, and insulin leads to weight gain. But it provides the energy you need and you stay full longer. Eat more fibre, it slows the absorption of sugars, basically in your above ground veggies and of course, excersize. Learn to love water. Believe it or not, you’re probably addicted to sugar, so expect withdrawal just like quitting smoking, but you WILL get over it! I LOVE my water now, more than sugar. Keep ice cubes and cold water in the fridge and love it. But I also have herbal tea with honey, honey is good for you, unlike sugar so that can help.

    You can do it, but it won’t be easy right away, it’s not supposed to be easy, but it will benefit you greatly. If you see an easy way, avoid it like the plague it probably is!

  279. loss your weight and become good fitness health

  280. so wait…you’re telling me that from 3 months of taking green tea pills this lady had her liver damaged so bad that she was put in first position for a liver transplant? I dunno……that doesn’t seem like great journalism to me because it’s a false positive unless you know that ladies medical background. I’m not saying she’s lying, i’m sure all those extra ingredients (green tea extract should just be green tea extract and whatever material they make the pill capsule out of) had something to do with it too.

    1. Good point

    2. You sound like a green tea corporate lackey

  281. Took these and when I stopped I gain way more then before I started. Lucky nothing happened. I’ll never do that again!

  282. It’s the job of the consumer to READ THE PACKAGE. READ THE PACKAGE. THE STORES ARE JUST SELLING THE PRODUCT. it’s NOT their job to know this it’s the consumer’s responsibility to research before using.

  283. I’m not taking the risk

  284. I would love to know what diet they were on ….

  285. Just drink green tea. The pills aren’t helpful and only harmful

    1. Mrs. Kay Great tea has no proven health benefits either.

  286. Hey we have a Dr. Kevorkian!

  287. Abowt!

  288. Well loosing weight or bean healthy//

  289. I don’t believe it I take green tea and I’m living my hair is soft and j maintain my weight I think it is a poor diet and exercise and not enough water (water) is the key

    1. Amanda-Crecer más sin preguntas green tea does seem to help hair

  290. If you go whole food starch based, you will lose weight easy

  291. after seen this no more green pills for me

  292. The only thing i am wondering how much of these pills the people were taking.

    1. it’s only supposed to be 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening. and you’re supposed to take it with food and lots of water.

    2. I’m sure they probably abused it by doubling it.
      Hoping for faster results.
      That is usually the case.
      Too much of a good thing
      Is bad for you. No matter
      What it is. I took it on many
      Occasions. Ephedrine is a
      Perfect example. People abused it. Did from it. Now
      It is banned. I took it back with caffeine in 90’s.
      But who knows?

    3. Anyone reading this, max dosage is (2) 400mg green tea pills.

    4. documentary is iresponsible for avoiding this question

    5. It still is not beneficial ⭐️

  293. just drink tea on tea bag

  294. This was a good video and this information should still be spreading but it can be taken as biased. You did see expert opinions and surely the point was to advocate for and spread the message of those affected but outside of asking this which green tea extract they took you should have asked for or given more information on these victims.

    It seems clear that these weight loss miracle drugs are a joke and more needs to be done to regulate them. But now i’m wondering if there was more to these cases, did these people have increased risk for liver disease. Where they trying other weight loss drugs or diets. Did they share any abnormal habits. Did they take a lot of Tylenol maybe… idk, it wasn’t clarified for me here! i’m stuck wondering ‘why was it only these people’ (realistically i know there are more then just these 3). You need to dig into both sides of the story so we can judge this clearly and removing any doubt and biases.

  295. Dude just drink normal green tea. I have been drinking normal green tea since time immemorial and i am fine.

  296. People, there’s no shortcuts to slimming down. Stick to the basics and learn how to cook, substitute artificial sugar with fruit slices or dips, substitute Powerade/Gatorade with homemade smoothies/shakes, and have a balance workout routine.

  297. Dear Friends Jesus Christ wants a deep relationship with you. He love you SO much. Give your life to Him today and make Him your Lord and Savior. When we are in love with our Lord, obedience doesn’t cost us a thing. Stagnation in our spiritual life comes when we say we will bear all of our problems ourselves. We cannot. When we are faithful to the total goals of God, the moment we obey Him, He can move mountains in our lives, wash us clean and make us anew. Let go of the world and let God, through Jesus Christ, be the head of your life. It will be the greatest decision you will ever make. John 3:16. ❤️❤️❤️

  298. Weight loss pills is dangerous. I never forgot my mom had heart disease and died of taking it for many years. The pills she took contained many good herbs thought it’s good and no dangers. It started to cause side effects after a couple years of taking it. Her body was so swollen too. It was so painful ;(

    1. Bóm T I’m am very sorry to hear that…

  299. They should look into Herbalife

  300. -binging the series- -sees a product I use- NOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  301. People still buying magic weight loss pills lmfao. Getting in shape requires work, simple truth, nobody wants to put in the work

  302. 14:02 LOL only 2 asian ladies were truthful about it

  303. Dr. Kavork(peltec)ian?

  304. hi cbc, is there anything that actually works or is it safe. Or anyone who is not scamming? Just curious.

  305. OMG!

  306. This is why everything should have an FDA approval seal on it. I see similar brands of pills in shops here in the uk, though they say “Don’t take for longer than 30 days in one cycle” and warns that taking more than the recommended dose could harm you, some people (not all people who use them) pop these pills like candy which is why they get hurt, it’s a shame that as advanced as healthcare is today that things like this happens. I usually do one week on one week off for safety as a large concentration at once in the body is dangerous even in a 30 day period.

  307. I know that fda does not regulate all health supplements, only food. Tea is not the same as a pill. health supplements can contain anything.

  308. i took it for one month now having an abdominal pain … what shld i hv to do now?

  309. 楽して痩せられることなんてないんだよな

  310. Whar does health canada say about meat and processed animal products’ impact on people’s wellbeing?

  311. 3:00 yeah blame social media for her trying to lose weight.. People have been under pressure to look certain ways for thousands of years !

  312. Why can’t the cameraman hold the camera steady?

    1. 🤣🤣🤣

    2. They could use a tripod…

    3. He is also on green tea

    4. @Lesbian Amazon Sister aww so sweet of you!!! <3

    5. He might be going through a stressful time in his life & shake due to nerves.

  313. The marketing is so powerful that even the pharmacist herself got caught up in it? I question her competence as a pharmacist.

  314. If you have no diseases. Drink simple water. Eat less. Eat 4-5 times a day. Do not eat 2-5 hours before sleep.
    As I understand, if you eat much at start of the day than at the end of the day, your body has time to burn all you eat.

  315. Glad to see this being exposed. Now we need to see warnings on cow dairy, hen eggs, and animal muscles (meat). People need to know the massive dangers of eating these (foods).

  316. Quit buying weight loss miracle remedies. See a nutritionist and a personal trainer instead.

  317. wth was up with the camera man? Especially around 18 minutes in…. Shaky filming, jumping frantically from person to person… It made me so dizzy that I had to switch to another window and just kept the audio running in the background because I couldn’t watch it any further

  318. I LUVVVVVVV diet pills!!! I had the Green Tea and theyre not all that! Garcinia is better!

  319. People know to stop eating unhealthy, to cut out cals and such but like every other addiction it’s not easy, People become despret and buy this stuff. I have tried something similar but all it does is a plasibo effect (not sure how you spell it) when in fact it’s not doing anything.

  320. I have a feeling that CBC marketplace office is going to get burned down one day!! You guys are like AWESOME!!!

  321. Talk to a dietician about your goal first. Then, exercise whether it be a treadmill or walking outside..lay off products made with refined sugar..stick to fresh veggies and baked chicken (no skin) fish. No fried foods or those high in complex carbs..pasta, potato. Make a list of how many calories you take in a day. Your dietician will work out a menu for you. There is no such thing as a magic pill.

  322. Guess that’s what happens when you’re too lazy to work out…

    1. Zombie Barbie but you’re working out tho. It’s not like you’re swollowing pills while sitting out the couch all day

    2. NoBS I’m exercising and dieting while using a type of weightloss pill so that’s not true lol.

  323. Health Canada toughens green tea extract warnings

    Shared via the CBC News Android App

  324. Eat whole foods and exercise. Just watch the pounds fall off.

  325. I used these and lost 20lbs in two months…
    But I was also exercising…sooooo I can’t say that these alone did it…
    However,everything works differently from person to person

    1. latisha mitchell Plasibo is a real thing. But the pils don’t work.

    2. It was probably just the exercising that made you loose weight…

  326. I just wanted to see if there where any videos about people who workout, watched what they ate and had some green tea Drink.

  327. Exercise more eat less. Wow 😮 new discovery.

    1. neoTGX Easier said than done. Now that I slowed down with my food, intermittent fasting, and working out everyday….All I think about is lunch 😢😢😢

  328. The two girls are beautiful, you should feel beautiful, too.

  329. She threw up so this stuff must work! Buy more pills fatties.

  330. I would like to know about Garcia Cambodia safety!

    1. See Zee I don’t recommend it at all!! That’s the one supplement that ruined me for life. I’ve suffered extreme insomnia after taking garcinia!

  331. the extract generally are just chemicals and not real extract from real food

  332. I think gyms should be more welcoming

    1. Plus have to pay all these types of memberships and everything just to stay healthy and in shape and most of these gym don’t really have certified pt

    2. That’s just an excuse, I didn’t care what people thought at the gym I just wanted to lose weight, ended up losing 40 pounds with no diet pills

    3. Have you heard of SLACKERS don’t like any types of work or exercise ?

    4. S a d S u c c And what is that supposed to mean ? Why are gyms not welcoming ?

    5. S a d S u c c More welcoming how?

  333. My goodness – I’ve just thrown away my green tea tablets – being extremely strong. All I had was feeling nausea shortly after intake. I didn’t take them for weight management. I had read scientific articles that green tea helps to prevent dementia. Well, the MD who found that out drinks the tea. Maybe that’s the safer way. But I heard about pesticide problems in teas in general and also in the green one.

  334. I can bet these people weren’t drinking enough water or eating.

  335. Technically she did lose weight. How much did her liver weigh?

  336. jesus just drink green tea like a normal person and your metabolism will go up and sugar cravings will go down…

    1. Daina Zhou Green tea has no prove health benefits. But if you believe it dose it really dose so go on believing.

    2. @Rainn Chen I love green tea…1 cup 2 sugars done…BUT it effects people differently personally I haven’t seen an INCREASE in metabolism but I have seen a reduction in appetite…green tea is good for you either way just saying 😉

    3. If everyone likes drinking green tea, there wouldn’t be an obesity epidemic.

  337. Oh so Madeline is the 17 year old listed on the Canada Health site Canada Vigilance Adverse Reaction ONline Database: when I did the search for Green Tea Extract to see which products with it have reported issues.

  338. I went to the Canada website that you talked about at 7:39 to check if the Green Tea CR from Purity First () I just ordered from the USA are listed. Should I not take it? I already have high liver enzyme levels as it is before even ordering this but I thought it would be okay…

    1. Please watch block three of this story @16:11

  339. Snake oil

  340. Want to lose weight? Stop shoving food down your throat hole. It’s free and effective.

  341. I just naturaly eat well and dont buy dessert or cooking.
    My snacks if im ungry are my left over.

  342. Lol the 20 second at the bigening tell it all

  343. They are doing it wrong to remove the product of the shelfs. They should use false data and report it to health canada.
    A 10000 of false reports is more effective than just 3.

  344. Same reason why i run 2 miles a day and take fish oil and glucosamine and apple cider vinegar i keep a healthy diet thats the entire difference

  345. The Green Tea diet was debunked over 30 years ago. Samantha Fox (well known British page 3 model) was at the centre of the scam at that time. I remember it very well. If you want to loose weight, do it the old fashioned way, there are no short cuts. If you are unable to find information on a product, use the internet. There is plenty of information available you just have to do the leg work yourself. At the very least that pharmacist would have discovered that green tea does not aid weight loss.

    1. Many people (like myself) were not alive during that time, and thusly can’t remember something we were never exposed to in the first place.
      Big news stories debunking any kind of unsafe supplement should be re-aired periodically to make sure people know!

  346. Exercise
    Eat right

    Rest is garbage

  347. Stop eating bitches and hit a gym regularly! Damn!

  348. TL;DW No they don’t work and no they are not safe.

  349. No such thing as weight loss pills people!!!

  350. I try the green coffee bean extract but nothing bad ever happen to me when I took it I like using it because it boost up my energy thruout the day. Maybe it helps you lose weight with the enegry you gain so you use that enegry to lose it? but also i wish marketplace drives deep whether or not if they have healthy livers in the first place could had play a role in it.

  351. I’ll get banned but they’ll just rename it and rebox it and resell it.

  352. I love Marketplace’s camera crew

    And the revelations too.

  353. fix your diet !

  354. Here in USA unlike Canada they banned many of weight loss drugs. Also they need to start testing medicines and banning things found dangerous in many things in them. You can’t replace a persons life. The Canadian government should hold the drug companies liable for injuries and deaths with a prison sentence and fines

  355. Eat healthier and work out more blah blah blah, some women have pcos and its harder for them to lose weight. I can see why she would feel the need to lose weight.

  356. Just a comment; it is not the supplements that are causing liver damage, but GREEN TEA itself. The people presented here all likely had some kind of predisposition to liver damage/hepatitis. I took the supplements myself, and obviously they don’t work, but if you don’t overdo it it won’t harm your body…same with drinking green tea. Everything in moderation, right?

  357. I wish people wouldn’t take supplements for weight loss they are all a lie, the weight loss comes from eating in a caloric deficit, combined with exercise. You could eat in a caloric deficit and not workout and still lose some weight but it would be slower and you would plateau eventually without good exercise combined with the caloric deficit.

  358. Health canada allows homeopathic “medicine”. I tried to see why they allow it and what testing has been performed. I could not find anything.
    I looked for contact information on their site and nope! There is no contact information.

    Homeopathic “medicine” is just a con game. They are just sugar (sorbitol) pills.

    This is what Throat Ease contains:
    sorbitol (makes it taste like sugar)
    caramel (for color and flavor)
    sodium benzoate (bacteria inhibitor)
    potassium sorbate
    citric acid

    This isn’t medicine. It is your run of the mill, everyday compounds that you find in food.

    1. Citric acid actually helps, it keeps your stomach from producing too much acid, acid reflux is a common cause for sore throat. I’m fine with homeopathic medine as long as it’s safe and non-harmful.

  359. Plain yogurt, lose weight. That simple.

  360. Why can’t you just drink green tea? 🍵

    1. bradythepackage It dose not have any proven health benefits.

  361. Thank you CBC makes me smarter

  362. I think the people that are selling products like these are scammers.

  363. What if you just take it at a lower dose?

  364. I’ve tried the whole green tea pill thing… Took it maybe 2-3 weeks and I had to stop. It made me so sick. 😔

    1. Justiceforall lol, read the label next time.

    2. Even is something IS NATURAL, doesn’T mean it is safe! Can you people understand that for once!? J…

      Cyndi Lou, this is 2 years ago, but did you have your liver check ? I hope you did! if you, you should have it check and explain to the doctor why you need it check!

    3. @roxanneworld11 They are pills with a ton of chemical additives & caffeine. My daughter was hospitalized in college after taking these without my knowledge. She passed out on the bathroom floor & they had to cause an ambulance. They are NOT all natural, like my daughter thought!

    4. Cyndi Lou Who was green tea extract?? all by itself?? or as part of a supplement formula??..and what else were you eating with it?? regular, bonafide healthy meals..or special healthy diet meals, at least 3x/day??..if so, what diet were you also on??…we want to hear from others, so, were you taking any other supplements or medications??..thanks!! 👍👍

  365. I don’t like the camera man…

    1. Sapphire why

  366. There are no short cuts to weight loss. Watch your diet and exercise. Nothing else.

  367. green tea extract. hm? looks like why cocain is so dangerous, chewing the leaves they extract it from has a harmless efect akin to drinking a cup of coffee, but extract the cocain from the coca leaves and you create a highly adictive supstance that will destroy your heart. so do your research and make sure its safe to take what you are taking, remember atleast in the us, diatary suplements like vitamins and even energy drinks are not regulated by the fda, so be careful.

    1. True, just like heroin is an stronger form of cocaine as well and morphine

  368. I have had weight issues since being a teenager but I have never used slimming pills.
    I vaguely remember seeing on the news he case of a chinese actress that sued a company like this for causing her liver issues, I must have been 14 or something at the time. But I clearly remember that her boyfriend donated part of his liver for her.
    That left me horrified and I have never ever used these kind of pills to this day.

    1. How to lose weight, donate an organ. That is what I got from this comment.

  369. I love CBC 🙂 Great job!

  370. I got a weight-loss AD before this video. It told me to not watch their video so I skipped there ad.

  371. *An apple a day keeps the doctor away*
    Apple seed extract will take all your problems away!

    1. @Paul Baltodano Well, captain’s job is also to keep the crew safe and sound… and i am not sure everyone knows it contain cyanuric acid…which is deadly.

    2. @Jessika Piche that was the joke, captain killjoy

    3. apple seeds contain cyanuric acid. Very lethal thing. Eating apple seeds is ok if in moderation, but apple seed extract in a concentrated form… i think i would advice against it.

    4. Beach Lasagna Wha- I just ate a lot of almonds

      That’s a lot of almonds

    5. @MissGuided Me a one pound bag of almonds also has a fatal amount of arsenic in it

  372. My friend is currently fighting for his life in the hospital after taking another type of Green Tea

    1. Kombucha is not green tea. It’s not a tea at all. It’s a fermented drink. Did your friend make his own kombucha? That I would never do. But I have been drinking store-bought kombucha for years.

  373. But I just bought those

  374. It’s not the product in my opinion . I think they just happened to have Health problems and at the same time using weight loss pills

  375. EHHHHH I am living in Saint John

  376. only way to lose weight is caloric deficit, a healthy diet, no sugar intake and regular exercise…

  377. Does not work.

  378. Are these things considered pharmaceuticals, or is the supplement industry different? Do big pharm companies produce these?

    1. No, these are not pharmaceuticals they are supplements. Most big pharma comapnies just does medicines and/or vaccines. Supplement companies are different and supplements are not controlled the same way or have studies to back up claims etc.

    2. KnightyMike great question

  379. this is a very biased show, Canada’s population​ is huge and they only have a hand full of people who had liver failure. they can’t even directly link it to the sublimints.

    1. sethias141 no it’s not; there have been thousands of such cases. It’s just not publicized very often.

    2. Please stop trying to be like Adam Conover!

    3. sethias141 your are right. When their research could not find the link with weigh lost ,it doesn’t proof it’s not. It just mean they can not find the link at that time!
      There could be other complication n no conclusive evidence point to the Green tea extract. Purity of Green tea extract range from 30 to 90% for variety of usage . Some contain caffeine some are not. When these professionals talk about proper drug test, how about vaccines with toxic chemicals which only rely on lab test of pharmaceutical ?

  380. Watch out for extremes, people. Somewhere in the middle is usually correct. I drink a lot of tea (and twice as much water), but when I tried EGCG capsules *as directed* for the antioxidant effect I didn’t like the way I felt. I’m using up the last of the bottle very slowly, then I won’t replace it.

    And a pharmacist that uses the word “never” is speaking in the extreme, especially because he can’t know all the people on the planet who’ve used some amount of the item in question with positive results. Furthermore, the man in *this* video is referring to weight-loss only.

    1. Green tea has no proven health effects but then again it is basically water.

  381. 누가 자막좀 써줘ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  382. But I researched and came up with a recipe that was helping me lose weight, reversing my type 2 diabetes, and got rid of my diabetic nerve pain. It was working till my blender broke and the ingredients became too expensive. I started a campaign to get the money I need to get back on it. It worked for me. Trying to stay healthy on the budget I’m on is next to impossible. I also deal with chronic pain due to a bone disease called Perthes and I have to get both of my hips replaced. If I was able to stay on that recipe I would be ready for surgery right now.

  383. Why aren’t the US and Canadian governments requiring proof of claims made by those who produce this crap and all the others? They should have to prove the safety of their products, so people can make informed choices. Of course this would eliminate the shysters and save lives as well as cash mainly female customers waste on this BS. Both country’s departments Health Canada and the FDA have to work together or people will just order it from on-line sellers in the country without the ban.

  384. Lastly, I have seen a diet plan that is effective for me. My partner and i only wish that I had come across this diet a long time ago. I know I would of lost a minimum of 8 more pounds. Google “sowo hope site” to find out more.

  385. They are still selling that here en us. Nj 😣😣

    1. Edlyn G facts

  386. I used these too, than I just switched to green tea itself

  387. Believe in math and science, monitor your calories, eat good healthy food, less eating fastfoods, most candians freely obese..and exercise,,

  388. Don’t Trust Alex Jones advertising.

  389. Honestly these could be completely unrelated to the use of green tea pills, with such a low occurrence, should not be something that is taken off the market 1 in 100,000? Think of everything that kills in a much higher amount

  390. Looking at the comments a little and I see people giving advice for weight loss, ”just do this”, ”just do that”! While it seems obvious for some, the reality is that losing weight is difficult and requires a lot of sustained effort and motivation. This is exactly why these kind of extracts and natural products sell so well, because they are marketing it as a magic solution to lose weight. They are making TONS of money out of it, which means people out there are struggling to find ways lose weight.

    Please consider acknowledging how difficult this journey can be. At the end of the day I think we will end up having more respect for one another. For example, not looking at an overweight man or woman and thinking to ourselves: why doesn’t that person loose weight already? Thanks for reading!

    1. @Maureen Neilson-Sewell Similar logic: “I don’t like the quality of work from road construction workers. They’ve proven time and time again to do a poor job for expensive salaries! Let’s put an end to road maintenance and construction!”

    2. Most things worth doing are difficult and involve challenge. If you’re lucky, you enjoy this. If you’re unlucky, you have to make yourself suffer through it.

    3. Toyon95 it still is helpful considering events where ppl are stranded or can’t find food easily

    4. They can help when used with exercise and a healthy diet. It will say that on the package. People want these things to work on their own because they have busy schedules and are tired. Unfortunately it’s not that easy!! But in time it becomes habit and you will crave the good food and the exercise. Stay strong and committed everyone who is trying to become healthy!! It will pay off.

    5. I’m more concerned with people spelling lose with loose.

  391. perhaps it has something to do with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease from high sugar and refined carbohydrates that is linked with obesity?

    1. Chris Kim ..The Medical Specialists and Doctors would know this! And they did Not diagnose the disease you had mentioned!

  392. Just stop eating like a pig and start exercising. That’s how I went from a fatty to slim in about 6 months. I was only 15 and had never even heard of calories. You don’t need any special knowledge or products, just motivation and common sense.

    1. But i wanna eat donats and not exercise no pill! Can i just be fit and strong! Lol eat like a pig lmao! I just want miracle!

    2. Kristina S. Just not eating like a big is enough to lose weight

    3. Yes, but often times people with really bad diets need time to transition and educate themselves about this kind of approach. You can’t expect them to just do it overnight. I had a very healthy diet to begin with, and it took me over a year to really understand the kind of diet that is best for me. I did lots of reading during that time. Some people are busy and don’t even know where to start. I try not to be judgmental and realize that everyone is at a different place in their journey.

    4. doritos80 you’ve obviously never gone through the menopause, when weight piles on for no reason, I’m eating so little, exercising hard and my spare tyre around my waist is super stubborn. I’ve been thin all my life, eating clean and exercise isn’t shifting it, vicious circle means, I’m gaining weight so running is much harder, running is hard so I’m gaining weight.

    5. Of course it’s not easy. Gorging on food and putting on weight is easy. Losing weight isn’t. Smart people think about it BEFORE they put on weight. 😉

  393. These are all liés told by this report

    1. the lady doth protest too much methinks

    2. This video?

  394. I’m sorry but these people are probably predisposed especially being over weight and eating unhealthy or drinking while on the pills. and the 17 year old shouldn’t have been allowed to purchase a supplement till 18 at least its like that in USA

    1. Trey Sullivan I doubt it is due to their weight! You are blaming the Victims here, looking to fault them! It could be their genetic sensitivity to certain chemicals, meds, foods! Regardless, it is not worth the risk!

  395. STOP eating junk food and live a healthy life style.

    1. If everyone can just stop when you command them, there wouldn’t be an obesity epidemic. So, thank you very much for the ‘advice’.

    2. Johnson Wang yes the tea from is safe. Not the pill stuff.

    3. I’m kind of confusing right now, can I go to store buy some real green tea? Is it safe?

    4. Elessar Yávëtil I just drink the tea 3x a day

    5. exactly dont need green tea pr green tea pills unless you enjoy drinking green tea which is good for you

  396. Even big pharma products are not safe remember they take and show what tests pass and destroy the tests that fail. They said oxycodine was non addictive and was safe.. we now know how that turned out.

    1. My dad is addicted to it.

    2. shay pharmaceuticals are regulated and standardized you know exactly what’s in the medication and how much of it. Supplements are unregulated and most of the time have no idea the amounts of the ingredients in the supplements.

  397. that was a waste of a kidney , should of let porkchop kick it the first time around

    1. Liver, not ‘kidney’! What a horrible comment!

    2. vaali d00mer She is someone’s mom. Cruel thing to say.

  398. Madeline is hot, and fine just the way she is, but i’m glad she is doing well. Madeline, call me? LOL.

    1. Looks good but is as dumb as a rock.

    2. yt comments still classy as ever

  399. 1st world countries logic and problems, they drink pills to loose weight and yet they eat meat 3 times per day…

    1. IamIUareU One does Not gain weight from eating meat! Overeating anything for long periods and not using up the energy produced causes weight gain! As well as genetics and slowed metabolism, such as past menopause!

    2. Meat is actually better for you then bread for weight loss, bread and sugar are the devil.

    3. IamIUareU It’s about what you eat as well. Carbohydrates are not great for people who want to lose weight.

    4. its not how much you eat, its how much you work out…

  400. what about drinking the actually tea?

    1. Still no health benefits but I like the taste.

    2. Drinking the tea is fine. It’s the extract that’s toxic. I looked it up.

  401. lol women. Call me sexist all you want, but look at the spending habits of women, it’s all based on marketing and fads. If you can market it, you can sell it to women. From all sorts of mystery supplements, clothing and food/drinks all the way to over-priced Apple junk (in my university practically 95% of the girls have iPhones and Macs, while the guys mostly have Android phones and windows machines). Our marketing classes are almost entirely filled by women! They see value in these types of programs because they know they’re being impacted by it on a daily basis. If somebody can explain why women are so much more susceptible to nonsense marketing, it’d be great.

    1. Because of men and the over-sexualizing of women in media

    2. GG haha you are so right. Apple products are mostly bought by womens and moms buying gifts to kids. Overpriced junk

    3. punxie89 either way this women were desperate. Anyone who is desperate would do anything to achieve their weight loss goal. Men do it too.

    4. punxie89 well said!

    5. GG Because women are taught from a young age that their only value in society is if they’re pretty and thin, and have nice things. So they grow up believing it. They see it everywhere; TV, movies, music videos, ads. Thin and beautiful (often edited) women are featured all the time and aren’t the norm or average at all, creating low self esteem and eating disorders. Society and sexism is the problem, not these girls.

  402. Weight Loss Green Store Tea is great tea! It’s so good, so full of flavor, a big one for me! Excellent!

  403. Why don’t you just drink green tea instead

    1. @BlackRose Thats the reason. Would you see an average British/East Asian household would got into such situation during hundreds and thousand years? No. Becoz they consume the actual tea product. But NOT the Extracts.

    2. Black tea !!!!

    3. @Sarah McMurtry Well, green tea is good for you, but it’s not a cure for anything at all. Except maybe a sore throat, but that’s just because tea is hot.

    4. Trying to lose weight while sitting down watching TV and eating my potato chips.. no time to drink green tea.. what are you talking about lol

    5. Yeah,and its better to put honey instead of sugar

  404. Maybe kids under 18 or 21 shouldn’t be allowed to buy weight loss supplements? Just like kids aren’t allowed to smoke or drink they shouldn’t be allowed to buy weight loss supplements!

    1. Right! They’re straight up PILLS that weren’t regulates by the FDA. You can easily overdose them too just because they’re “organic.”

    2. Yes only adult women should lose livers!

  405. Green tea causing more damage than MDMA.

  406. before I buy any supplement for myself or my pets.. I research it and check reviews also.. 7 times out of 10 the product usually isn’t quite as it claims and I don’t buy it..

    1. amanda currin You shouldn’t buy supplement at all. 99 percent of them don’t do anything if you don’t have a deficiency.

    2. amanda currin there is marketplace research about online reviews also 😜

  407. but why not actual green tea? drink it as half your water for the day and matcha is also good but harder to find -_-

    1. @General Nuisance No animals drink milk past infancy, except humans and domestic pets. Used to skeptical, but now I think milk may have negative health aspects, and definitely ethical questions with regards to dairy and veal (as by product).

    2. @Poodleinacan acidic foods by their very nature have negative counter ions. And yes, some like fluoride are toxic to certain receptors such as chloride channels.

    3. @Myke Prior Cut the ions crap. If acidic foods have dangerous magical negative ions, then your stomach (which digests food with strong acid) is counter-intuitive to our own bodies.
      Many foods are made thanks to ionic interactions between atoms and molecules in food stuff. Tofu is one of them. Thanks to ionic interactions between the soy proteins and salts (in addition to heat), it form a gel.
      Ions don’t exist as-is.
      Positively or negatively charged molecules don’t and can’t attack your body. While they want to become neutrally charged, they achieve that by attaching to other stuff in the food you eat and the enzymes and acid in you stomach take care of them anyways.

      And if you are so scared about having your “chlorine channels” reduced, just eat more Sodium Chloride (table salt. comprised of sodium and chlorine). lol

    4. They are lazy and want immediate results while putting none of the efforts. They are being duped.
      Basically, they want to pop magical pills while continuing to stuff their face.

    5. @Always watchin’ o_o no coffee contains more caffeine then Green tea.

  408. Diet pills are dangerous! Friend’s mum died two weeks into a diet treatment. Body shut right down. She was brain dead before her kids had a chance to say goodbye. I tried a green tea diet tea and experienced stomach cramps for a week and severe hmm hmm…later I read the warning label – which advised to seek medical help if cramping occurs (oops!) I dont think I lost weight and I do think it wrecked my stomach. Those products should not be available over the counter, if at all.

    1. Little Saysha 🚿💩💩💩

    2. Severe what ?

    3. curl whurl that’s cus those tea are
      Laxatives not teas in the traditional sense. That’s how it makes you lose weight by ejecting all your water weight through the cha cha chas. That’s why I hate those Instagram ads; they’re promoting an acceptable, marketable form of bulimia.

  409. They are not consider drugs. So there is no vetting.

  410. Methamphetamine is a proven tool to lose weight! Try some today!

    1. Pickles phentamine

    2. Pickles Noooo 😂😂😂

  411. I appreciate the information

  412. Great job Marketplace.

  413. Awesome job once again Marketplace!

  414. I am one of the lucky one that only experience liver damage from these products …. I know it is weird to say lucky about only having damaged my liver but at least I’m here to help spread the word that these products are NOT safe by any means. Also the emotional damage that follows is just as damaging.
    So please spread those episode and the word to everyone you love and care for to not purchase these type of products.

    1. did you take regular doses?

    2. Linda Dumont did you take more than the recommended dose?

  415. your camera guy needs to go back to school

    1. He’s doing the shaky 90s cam lol

    2. Wait

    3. Jordan Smith Wait why?

    4. Lmaoo

    5. Jordan Smith & the one behind him!

  416. i would just exercise and eat healthy

    1. someasiankid and also making your own healthy food is also good right.

  417. tea is super high In heavy metals like fluoride, not safe to take in high doses.

    1. david sandlin sodium fluoride or calcium fluoride ?

    2. Kyle Osnack Osnack flouride is the negative ion of fluorine and is a non metal. However the fluoride added to water is combined with another element such as flourosilic acid or sodium flourosilic acid and not just fluoride.

    3. Pedro Chazarra sorry fluoride is a heavy metal. maybe you mean fluorine?

    4. Just letting u know that fluoride, is a non metal. Metals are on the left of the periodic table and non metals on the right. Just a bit of high-school chemistry helps.

  418. when are they gonna make pills that help you gain weight.

    1. They already do. Its called periactin.(Spell Check?).

    2. They already exist by the name Juicy Bacon Pills.

    3. jbmop Not for everyone. They do make pills to gain weight as well. I wouldn’t trust them either.

    4. jbmop ik

    5. Randall Sikveland gaining weight is easy, you don’t have to do anything but eat junk and watch tv. there are bodybuilding supplements too.

  419. The first girl is hot!

  420. well, losing a liver is technically losing weight 😛

    1. Not funny

    2. Im sure the children of the deceased woman does not find humor in your comment. You are insensitive tacky and rude.

    3. u funny bro

    4. Yeah she is going to be super skinny due to liver failure

    5. Someone just died from losing a liver.

      not funny at all. DISLIKE.

  421. 4:17 whats wrong with real lemons?

    1. Noone haha

  422. when your’e watching from a different continent. i’m watching it from U.S.A.

    1. Alexander Melnichenko When* you’re* I’m* from the USA*

    2. Alexander Melnichenko haha!

    3. CBC Marketplace is Canadian. Canada is a part of North America do you mean Country?

  423. much controversy. why

  424. why eat pills when you can just get real food

    better whole foods then GNC

    1. 3世 村正 that’s what I say…..I just drink green tea

  425. If you want to lose weight, green tea ALONG WITH A WHOLE FOODS DIET may help. But please, DO NOT TAKE THE PILLS.

    1. Natasha Geyerman Green tea has no proven health benefits so don’t be dumb and clam it dose.

  426. What is that Canada site to see side effects from supplements?

    1. Andreas Wesley sweet thanks!

    2. Enlightened Person

  427. Just drink water! Cut off sodas or pop!

    1. @jholotan best the green tea leaf is not 2 part hydrogen and 1 part water

    2. Steven Kim How is this related to green tea extract? And green tea is basically the same as water.

    3. And drink regular green tea

    4. Steven Kim people just want a magic pill

  428. More Marketplace plz

  429. cut out added sugar and cook at home. stop eating packaged food and u’ll lose pound after pound.
    (my advice fell on deaf ears)

    1. Homie I be eating home cooked food cause of this coronavirus quarantine and I’ve been eating like a mf 🤤🤤

    2. What works for someone might not work for everyone, everybody’s body is different. Best thing is to just try things and see what works for you! 😊 Since everyone’s giving different tips here, sleep schedule contributes to weight too!

    3. Hard work and healthy diet and exercise. Work hard and take the time to make it work.

    4. True but, it’s so hard for many of us. If it’s that easy, everyone would be doing it. I’m sure you eat fast food sometimes too. Man, it’s hard. I’m really trying. Im juicing vegetables. No packaged foods. But I can’t lie and say that sometimes I don’t fail 🙁

    5. @doritos80 the gym??!! For what!!?? Waste of money and time!!

  430. Hi

  431. Damn son! They’re living the thug life at 12:39

    1. jaybrown29 The door they go through says ‘do not enter’

    2. MrRicearonie how ????

  432. If you want to lose weight, just adopt a *low-carb* diet. The rest is bullshit.

    1. Dâniel Fraga e

    2. i exercise to much haha no blackout yet 60min cardio intense and 45min workout with power train or freeweights every day the same routine

    3. Dâniel Fraga Low carb is considered 100-150g of carbs a day which cuts out pop, candy, and junk food.

    4. If you exercise too much you might blackout because your body will have less energy

    5. dont it is not necessary

  433. 2nd

    1. brothergun 6622 I’m curious

    2. 『Blank』 why

    3. brothergun 6622 who’s the character in your pic?

  434. 1 st

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