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Other than my voice, the sounds in this medley were made using only things I found at my friend’s house in the Netherlands while I was visiting. 😊
2015 version!
And 2016!

New album:
Sampling techniques:

The songs:
1. Clean Bandit ft. Jess Glynne – Rather Be
2. Lilly Wood & The Prick and Robin Schulz – Prayer In C
3. Pitbull ft. Ke$ha – Timber
4. Pharrell Williams – Happy
5. Jessie J ft. Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj – Bang Bang
6. Taylor Swift – Shake It Off

The items:
1. Beer bottle
2. Shoes
3. Couch cushion
4. Trash can
5. Soda bottle
6. Frying pan
7. Rubber band
8. Bag of kale
9. Office chair
10. Pants zipper
11. Car
12. Spray bottle
13. Water
14. Mugs
15. Glasses
16. Spoons
17. Candle holder
18. Balloon
19. Firewood
20. Coffee machine
21. Vacuum cleaner
22. Faucet
23. Salt shaker
24. Soccer ball
25. Pen
26. Spatula
27. Pot
28. Forks

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Andrew Huang


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  1. Hmmmmmmm he left the caps lock on for his account and for his song name

  2. Good job mate

  3. This has inspired my cover for my music assessment.

  4. asome job

  5. Brazuca in a music cover 🔥

  6. This is awesome ya!

  7. Daughter: Daddy, what did you do when u were a teenager?
    Andrew: I-It’s complicated…

  8. Wow

    1. Hi

  9. So Instead of a xylophone,
    You need a group of glasses.

  10. I subscribed because of this.

  11. wow!AMAZING😍

  12. Wow just wow this is awsome

  13. Wtf

  14. Wow

  15. Music with Household Items

  16. What app

  17. that was cool i think



  20. you are god

  21. Hi Andrew,

    I’ve been wondering how you handle sample chopping vs. video editing. Which softwares are used? and do you first edit the whole audio thing and then sync videos into it? or do you cut the video clips together with their sounds?

    1. Just found this video, which gives some kind of an answer:

    2. @Hydra NZ I B03 Glitches _ 😢

    3. you think he would reply, this is 6 years old

  22. i did not even know what sound came off witch item cuse it sounded so good

  23. We are using this for our music lessons while off with the coronavirus!

  24. Took a lot of time a guess

  25. Is there a tutorial making these?

  26. *slight chuckle*
    household item *car*

    also the transitions are so smooth

  27. Thanks wierd al I can’t listen to Happy without thinking : “Because I’m tacky”

    1. HAHA

  28. dude it’s realy awesome i want to do like you man and i started now

  29. _uses timber to play timber_

  30. hes seams american till u see his car

  31. Hey Andrew could u make a tutorial on how you make all the sounds at the same time and like so Andrew can see

  32. This is sooo good

    1. The whole channel is pretty amazing.

  33. Really nice!! Have a look to this one!!

  34. my bf with the salt:
    me: babe uhhh I said a pinch of salt but thanks

  35. back when music was good…

  36. Come on is this for real? Absolutely brilliant and the amount of editing that went into this video is something majority of viewers will never understand. I loved it.

  37. We saw your video today at school 😊 i m from France 😉

  38. Fandastic!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Amazing

  40. That is sooooo awesome!!! Made my day. 😀

  41. wait the mouth is a household item?

    1. HA!!!

  42. I was going to ask if that was your house but I see it is your friends, its very cool. Not as cool as your video of course.

  43. It was amazing, I loved it.

  44. Much better than the originals 👍

  45. RESPECT!!!😄

  46. You are a fucking beast

  47. Idol can you do it without singing?😅 just for basis for our activity in mapeh😅

  48. First of all- *the youtube algorithm*

  49. One of the most essential house items: two giant triangle pieces of wood

  50. Wow he made music using a bag of weed 😂

  51. *opens microwave* oh that’s where I left my logs

  52. Hey guys, I have a music assignment. Do you guys know why andrew decided to make this video?

  53. Lol 219

  54. What did you used in editing this video

  55. Acoustic INSPIRATION!!! 😁😍 🎶 🎵

  56. Mad whip

  57. You are amazing! 🙂 if you have any music education (middle school) resources please let me know! thanks and keep it rockin!

  58. what app can you use to do this

  59. OMG…. i mean OMG❤️❤️❤️❤️blank totally blank🙄🙄🙄

  60. THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!

  61. good work
    make song using clothes and utensils only please !!!!!!

  62. 2019 anyone?!?

  63. That was supper cool 👏👏🤯

  64. The applause is the one who can cut it

  65. Mu cousin is asking me if she can marry you

  66. Bts song plsss

  67. the nostalgia

  68. How can you dislike this?!

  69. That was amazing

  70. Aí você não sabe tocar, mas manja de Edição kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  71. Fucking brilliant!

  72. I remember watching this in music class

  73. is that a giant bag of weed

  74. Did anyone else burst out laughing when they saw him using his fly as an instrument?? 😂😂

  75. Wtf I was literally listening to rather before his ummmm

  76. Woooooooooow you so top. Congra.

  77. Im surprised its actually good

  78. Andrew Huang is a household item to me

  79. Whats app

  80. Wow

  81. Nostalgiaaaaaaaa

  82. Please don’t tell me that’s a bag of weed.
    Edit: oh it’s lettuce.

  83. Is that a Weed

  84. 2018?

  85. to study this though?

  86. I like that at 1:40 he used a car when he did the part of the song talking about being in a car

  87. What is the beat of the glasses in prayer in c?

  88. 2018 😊

  89. hey Todd filmpje man.
    Voor ckv moeten we ook zo’n liedje maken.
    Zou je even naar het NASSAUCOLLEGE willen komen om ons te komen helpen?
    Zou tot zijn!

  90. pink fluuffy unicorns dancing on rainbows

  91. *says he makes a video using only using household items*
    *uses logs when playing timber*
    Andrew: What? I’m Canadian. This IS a household item.

  92. i wonder if i can see a andrew in mah home…

  93. do you think you can make something out of this video

  94. 2018 ?

  95. he is good, he should be in the Guinness world records book!!!! Who is watching this in 2018?

  96. No words just raw and pure talent✨

  97. This deserves more view

  98. Amezing

  99. Lol hahahaa

  100. Your zipper is a household items

  101. I’ve always wonder if there was someone out there like me, musically. You’ve made my day. Keep it up.

  102. OMG, THIS IS SUPER EPIC! 😀😀😀😀😀😀

    1. I am serieus

  103. Wow, Great video Andrew!

  104. First Andrew Huang video that I’ve watched– from 9gag in 2014. Then, clicked subscribe 🙂

  105. My teacher made me listen to this song and answer some question.

    *thank you teacher*

  106. Just noticed, Andrew has wood as a household item…

  107. Throwback

  108. This mayed my night

  109. U leaked ur licence plate 😨😨😨

  110. 😂😂

  111. this is awesome i love it

  112. lol

  113. the like to dislike ratio though

  114. Very creative! Nice one dude!
    And also loved your eyes!😅😜😍

  115. That’s a dutch car in 0:29! Nice


  117. how do you sync the music with the video? do you have to remake the whole song with the videofiles?

  118. COOL!

  119. Netherlands? 0:29 da car it should be censored to 🤔

  120. Me name is Andrew

  121. A car isn’t a household item

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  123. Andrew sure loves those balloons

  124. Lol 😂 was that a bag of weed

  125. I don’t mean to be captain obvious but he is TALENTED!


  127. Hes super ASIAN!

  128. “household items” *Uses Blocks Of Wood*
    Me: Yea “household”

  129. You have a tutorial

  130. Love it do more

  131. Sweet beats

  132. Scrunch that kale Andrew

  133. Song artists should be crawling over each other just trying to get him to help out in a song…

  134. Household car?

  135. Next thing you know he’ll make a song from farting sounds on his eight track recorder!

  136. I love it too much

  137. that has to be soooo much salt

  138. 1:27 what car is it?

  139. 0:17 yah cuz weed is a household item

  140. Andrew! TELL ME YOU DID ONE THIS YEAR!! (;

  141. what program does he use?

  142. Sounds sad to me

  143. I really liked this. It sounds just like the music itself, though some parts are a little off, but that’s alright, it’s a unique sound, and it works really well.

  144. Wait youre a household item?

  145. pls make hit songs played by only hitting things

  146. If I could have one wish, it would be to have one whole day to hang out with ANDREW HUANG and make some music!!! 💓😊😝😉

  147. wow

  148. ARE YOU GOD?!?!?!?!?!?

  149. Household items challenge 😏

  150. Can I use your music for some of my vids?

  151. I was about to say “why does everyone think the lettuce looks like weed. Weed looks completely different!”
    But that would sound a little bad on my part. 🙃 I’m just gunna move on

  152. #2017

  153. you sing well

  154. Your voice is a household item? Okay. Good to know!

  155. Let’s see what you can make in this year (despacito)😂😂 2017

  156. did he just use his fly as a instrument

  157. no chearleader in it.. but its awsome anyway

  158. 2014 had good hits unlike 2017

  159. Oh my I miss old music

  160. You are awesome

  161. N-n-no-no-no no place I’d rather be

  162. First…

    Wait, I’m almost 3 years late

  163. that is AMAZING
    you are something.

  164. That number plate confuses me…

  165. I remember these songs so well 😱 I can’t believe it was 2014 and now it’s 2017

  166. Why a dutch car

  167. Amazing! I just subscribed to you!!! 😄 You have an amazing voice!!! ❤️❤️❤️ You sing really well!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😍

  168. this is seriously amazing

  169. You’re crazy

  170. when you are bored

  171. our house is filled with instruments, you just gotta NOTICE and IMAGINE with your CREATIVITY 🙂

  172. Is that weed

  173. nice.

  174. AWEOMEEEEE!!! So cool!

  175. Hahahahaha! The balloon!!! That balloon! It made me laugh

  176. Are you a household item ANDREW
    Why didn’t you tell us😡

  177. watching this now makes me feel like 2014 was 2 months ago

  178. 0:22 zip that back up, we don’t need to see that


  180. Even stronger nostalgia than the 2015 one!!!! Damn!!!! :DDD

  181. Damn that first song feels new yet it’s fairly old

  182. What’s the first song

  183. Man your amazing, love your vlogs or wahtever it is…. LOVE YA

  184. Nice

  185. imma get friends and do dis cuz IM BORED and i wanna do it.

  186. oh yes because everyone has a rubber band in their house.

    wait you guys don’t have the problem where there are always rubber bands around your house until you need one?

  187. whos watching this in 2017?

  188. Your voice is not a household item

  189. timber is from 2014!!!!!!!!??!??!??!???!??! WHAT

  190. i found Andrew smacking the pillow to be absolutely hilarious. am i the only one?

  191. I dropped my Andrew huang behind my couch…. It’s lost forever

  192. Welcome to the assassasination of music😂😂😂😂

  193. Ah THE old time when I use to listen to American songs

    Kpop has taken over my life now

  194. What camera does he have its amazing

  195. Do they sell Andrew Huangs at Walmart or do I have to go to Target?

  196. holy shit i was in 5th and 6th grade back in 2014. im going to 9th grade now. life is going by too fast.

  197. umh…what about the video software for multiple frames??

  198. Respect!!!

  199. What about “Turn Down for What”

  200. First video already subbed 🙂

  201. I’m not the only one who just has timber lying around my house

    ok then

  202. he are very smart

  203. how about he make a fart song

  204. How’s here from the 2017 edition?

  205. Nice car dude is that your mom’s car?

  206. I dare u to do music with rubix cubes

  207. what app did he used?

  208. The throwback is amazing 😄


  210. I subbed and i love ur singing and creative beats

  211. 😮

  212. dat balloon doe

  213. When these songs where out; I was a freshman in high school. It brings back memories because I graduate today

  214. Ok so. I just wanna ask…. am I the only one who tries to distinguish which thing makes which sound?

  215. That’s so cool

  216. That was so amazing Andrew! Keep up the great work!

  217. 0:24 who thought that he was really gonna open his pants?

  218. That is amazing

  219. how did u learn this…could u give online lessons….do shape of u and where are u know also

  220. ANDREW IS THAT A WEED?!?!!1?

  221. Man… I’m realizing now that as I go backwards in time the songs get better (not Andrews performance, I’m talking about the actual songs)

  222. anyone else watching
    this in 2017?

    I am xD

  223. who else came here because they saw this on the news

  224. This was three years ago. Good grief

  225. i am from india i am also trying to make some good music like this… can u help or give any suggestion.. il b very helpful.

  226. Who’s still watching in march 2017?

  227. 0:23 WTF? Was he unzipping his pants?!?!?

  228. you go bro fantastically done keep it up

  229. Rather be I love that song

  230. who is watching this in 2017

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  232. This is lit! Even better than the regular songs

  233. Очень круто)
    (From Kazakhstan)

  234. I was smiling through the hole thing. Loved it


  236. 한국인얼굴이시네.비하하는거아님…ㅡㅡ;;;

  237. “household item”
    Tree Bark

  238. pop huangthology 2014 xD

  239. Hold up… was that license plate from the Netherlands???


  241. I didn’t know a car was a household item


  243. 1 like equals 1 piece of salt saved from being abused

  244. Ahh I love the old songs

  245. I’m just wondering how many people are watching this in 2017

    Read more

  246. when u realize ur listening to three year old songs and u suddenly feel old and nostalgic

  247. Lol and people still ask for expensive materials to make “quality” music.

  248. Technically Acapella Definition of acapella isa cap·pel·la  (ä′ kə-pĕl′ə)adv. Music Without instrumental accompaniment.

  249. Greetings from 2017! 14 was such a good year now that I look back. Hope you all have a good year!

  250. I don’t remember any of these songs because I’m watching this on the 6th April 2017

  251. Who’s watching this in 2017?❤

  252. I’m watching in April 4th 2017 like srsly I only remember 3/4 of these songs

  253. How are the logs “household items”?! I don’t have logs sitting around!!!

  254. That bag of weed tho …



  257. Look in the discriprion

    THE NETHERLANDS!!!!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱

  258. How many days did it take to make this one

  259. watching in 2017 and barely remembers these songs

  260. Are you dutch? Because the car has a Dutch numberboard.

  261. this man needs 20 mil subs !

  262. Nooooo Andrew…. Wood is not an household item.

  263. At first I thought he was Eugene from Buzzfeed

  264. This is amazing I am subscribing right now!

  265. Not 1M subs the fack?!

  266. Does he live in Netherlands because the car that he shut’s license plate was Dutch


  268. Are u a household item Andrew WHAT ARENT U TELLING US!!


  270. Were these in order from late-ish 2013 to late 2014?

  271. you are so damn creative.

  272. you are very talented and creative. love it. i have just follow you in facebook.



  275. I wonder what his neighbours thought

  276. he was wasting all that salt

  277. Wasn’t Happy from 2013?

  278. Remember when music used to be good?

  279. the ballon XD

  280. awesome


  282. Title lies, a mouth isnt a common household item

  283. please will you do starboy by the weeknd

  284. that video must’ve been a b*tch to edit… not to mention the sampling and the mixing…

  285. I watched this at school at music and everybody was singing

  286. 2014 was the last year music was actually good IMO

  287. how long did all this take?

  288. how u do dis

  289. When you realize how recent these songs were made and your mind is blown

  290. Holy heck. Time really flies. I can’t believe this was from three years ago, it honestly hasn’t felt like three years. Wow!

  291. is a log normal in your household it ain’t mine

    1. LOL

    2. If you have a fireplace it is 😛

  292. It’s the balloon from 99 red balloons!

  293. Oh god I’m scared.

  294. amizing

  295. U have missed a really good song its called I’m an albatraoz

  296. don’t think wood is a household item just sqying

  297. you’re gonna need to rub that salt you put on your hand on your shoulder >:3

  298. colab?
    I make short films and I am really struggling to find sutable music for them. I am wonderin if you could write some music for me?
    ill dm you on Instagram for more details,
    or just reply to my comment if your interested!
    I have just come across you and I like what I see already!
    if not keep up the good work,



  299. song with recicled items

  300. what is the first song

  301. good job man ! u’re so original ! u should have milions of subs..

  302. The time music was GOOD.
    Today music is just sex lyrics.

  303. Who knew that he was a household item…

  304. Who else is seeing this for the first time in 2017?

  305. you need to try to make a song with an otamatone!!!

  306. These songs are from 2014?? f#ck me I’m getting old

  307. I thought he was holding weed in the beginning with the bag of leaves

  308. I dont even remember popular songs from 2014 haha

  309. That was awesome

  310. Amazing. Borderline hard to believe lol.

  311. Andrew has Brazuca??

  312. 1:06 dat weed?

  313. That’s amazing!!! Thank you!

  314. YOUR DUTCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  315. When I grow up I want to be like you 🙂

  316. You are definetely insane…

    …insanely awsome <3

  317. recorded in the netherlands right?

  318. A car is a house hold item. So are leaves and logs.

  319. what about turn down for what??

  320. Wait. Holland? Andrew, i didn’t see you here ;-;

  321. Huh just waiting for 2017 hits

  322. Nostalgia… So much has changed for me since then.

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  327. bit embarrassing that I recognised these songs and not the 2016 ones. Can’t believe these songs are so old????

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  330. Apparently timber is now a household item…

    1. MelodyFluff fireplace wood (plus timber with the song with timber wood ,3,)

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    1. Harambe’s Ghost kale

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  333. The amount of effort you put in this you deserve more appreciatetion

  334. Hey, guys. Is there anyone with all song`s names?

  335. wow I thought for a moment that andrew Huang was dutch 🙁 Would be cool

  336. This makes me sad and nostalgic af

  337. i thought the kale was weed at first

  338. Andrew considers himself a household item.

  339. I JUST REALIZED IT SAID “THE NETHERLANDS” IN THE DESCRIPTION…. Comment if you come form the netherlands!

    1. I do lol

      Dutch learns:
      Hello= Hallo
      Hoe gaat het? = How is it going?
      Goed = Good
      Not so good = niet zo goed
      I am bored = Ik verveel me
      Ik ga stoppen met dit schrijven = I’m gonna stop with writing this.

  340. Is there more easier for that?

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  344. Is he in Danmark cus i Think i live near him

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  346. 2014 was a great year for music in my opinion

    1. I like these way more than the ones in his last video.

  347. this songs are better than the original

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  353. wait, is that a dutch licence plate? you’re not dutch are you?

  354. I don’t have an “Andrew Huang” in my house

  355. After listening to this, I realized how fast time passes…

    1. 1cY True

  356. great content but work on ur face when ur singing, looks like ur giving birth

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  359. Everything is awesome performed with lego bricks?

  360. Wait that car at 1:50 or something has a dutch car license… Are u dutch andrew?

    1. AjayGio no he visited a friend in the nederlands

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    1. I’m a 2019 😎

    2. Man 3 days into 2017 already

    3. Brianna Copeland right here

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  367. “HOUSEHOLD ITEMS” Has a car

  368. In the begging when it started I knew that shit started to get real

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    1. Are you fucking stupid p.s im dutch

  370. Andrew, first of all, I subscribed. Second of all, Andrew is my nickname!

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  372. me

  373. Darude sandstorm

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    1. @RedLolz Gaming okay, thank you.😁

    2. he made a commercial for the albert heijn

    3. yes… yes it is

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  377. Dutch licence plate on the car? Huh? #Stalker

  378. whats the first song?

  379. Who’s here from the 2016 edition 🙂

    1. JEC Plays what video editor did you used

    2. me

    3. JEC Plays me

    4. Venoman62 he meant what hit song thing not the current year. i know for sure that there isn’t a 2017 as of july 20th, 2017.

    5. JEC Plays not me I’m 2017

  380. I wish I was cool like you

  381. Memories

  382. Who else I watching in 2016

  383. i tought the bag was full of marijuana

    1. Michael Wieling it’s called kale in english lmao


    3. It’s boerenkool though! A dutch food!

    4. roger annas lol

  384. Andrew… Happy By Pharrell was created in 2013…

  385. 2016 anyone

  386. Who else feels old?

  387. omg…THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!

  388. 1.Woke up
    2.became rich
    3.bought a mansion
    4.Kissed my crush

    Sadly the order was 2,3,4,1.

    1. @Skyler Montajes Galang What misery! Bless ya!.

    2. Hi Guys lol

    3. Sugar Pebbles oh lol I will copy paste that

  389. who’s watching this in december 2016

    1. Houssem Eddine Mhiri not me


  391. all I have to say is popdanthology would love you!!

  392. this is so inspirational

  393. Don’t get me wrong when I say this, I love this guy’s music and I think he’s awesome as a person too. But MAN. Those be some weird eyebrows…

  394. it’s funny how you made it funny

  395. why i just discovered this now?

  396. 2014 was a great year for music. especially compared to 2016

    1. @Lady Pandicorn Actually that was a song i really hated. Imao

    2. 7 Years was a good song 🙂

    3. The only good and meaningful music was twenty | øne | piløts.

    4. @Diderotronics Its not just about hip hop. I’m mainly talking about the bigger hits.

    5. ScreenScraggy 22 yeah

  397. No offense but who keeps wood in their house 😂

    1. Um…..I live in NY so it’s not common for us

    2. Creative Crave I have a family of six, and my dad always brings in wood and puts it next to the fire place. Anyway, wood is usually outside of your house, making it a house hold item


  399. Who got here from hit songs of 2016???

    1. me

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  402. Why is the Number Plate dutch?

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  406. I think it’s very appropriate how a Brazuca ball was used at 1:01, with the 2014 world cup and all


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  411. dou you live in the netherlands ?

  412. yes he definitly is

  413. omg kitchen sink-twenty one pilots played with a kitchen sink!!! xD

    1. JessTheLioness5 did u just xD

    2. JessTheLioness5 YAAAAAS OMG TOTALLY

  414. what is that your big ol bag o weed?

  415. 1:32 that car is dutch 😀

    1. i saw 2 dutch things in the vid tho

    2. there is NL on the plate

  416. new favourite youtuber. thnx!

  417. 0:23 the middle one ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    1. (^¿^)

  418. this guy is going to make it big. He’ll be the next pewdiepie

    1. Elizabeth G. No, he needs humor and trendy videos, yes he has great quality but you aren’t makin it to far with that kind of videos

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