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Home Workout Hacks Using Household Items!

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Use House Hold Items to Hit Biceps, Back, Chest, Triceps and Abs!

Bedsheet in a Door | Inverted Rows, Face Pulls
Door | Pull-Ups
Table | Inverted Rows, 21’s
Chairs | Dips, Tricep Extensions, Incline Push-Ups, Decline Push-Ups
Water Jugs | Curls, Shoulder Press, Squats, Tricep Extensions
Towel | Pull-Overs, Core

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Want to perform pull-ups without a pull-up bar? Hit biceps from home? Work your back using a bedsheet in a door frame? These bodyweight workout hacks will help you do just that. BUFF DUDES STYLE.

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376 thoughts on “Home Workout Hacks Using Household Items!

  1. Thor is that you? :O

  2. I was expecting the kid to say
    “But wait, there’s more!😃” lol

  3. God damn, why didn’t I think of these?

  4. His furniture is quiet strong…mine isnt🤣🤣🤣🤣😝😝

  5. 1:10 what if i fall?😔😬

  6. *done with lifting movements, time to do cardio*

    *time to look around the house for cardio equipment*

    ‘oh wait, im married!!!’

  7. true story: watched that and went exercising

  8. I truly think you are very good at what you are doing; Obviously primarily about your guidance for fitness, but also with your sense of humour and involving your kids and father… Wish continuation of your success… 👍

  9. These exercises were literally shown by Jeff.

  10. Rip that door off that hinge.

  11. Side note:
    If your table is made of glass, you probably shouldn’t use it for the workout

  12. The ending was hilarious

  13. Nooooooo!!! lmao!!

  14. wut cn i do if i dont hav kidz???

  15. what about legs ? lol

  16. do you sell any kids in your website? I have all the things you mentioned except those kids. Need them asap

  17. tearing sheets but it’s not what you think

  18. Tried the pull up, hurts hands like hell like jesus I have lines imprinted in my palm

  19. Face Pulls? Jeff would be proud haha

  20. I learned how to bend horseshoes during this quarantine

  21. Showed this to my friend who doesn’t own a pair of dumbbells, I’m supposed to convey you a message, that he broke his IKEA door in half and when he fell, he broke his rib. Doesn’t complaing though since it was a first time in 3 days when his wife finally talked to (yell at) him again (she was mad, because he forgot their daughter in the woodland playground – girl was fine, didn’t even noticed he was gone for an hour).

  22. I tried the pullups im glad i still have the door.

  23. I have the exact same chairs

  24. I wish my only depression was scapular…

  25. ماتعيوش من الترين النم

  26. I love Hudson’s voice

  27. If I break my damn door is all ur fault

  28. Athlean-X is watching (spooky voice)

  29. Я дверь оторвал , спасибо

  30. If you do door pull up can get bruises and hands instead the best exercise reverse snow angles, shoulders blade squeeze and push and pull with towel those are back exercise no equipment. Only if you do it correctly cheek this webside can get effective workout and correct technique

  31. this really did work and really easy wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. One thing we do is dips on higher chairs. and even better, if you have a 6 or 8 sided dumbbell put that in the chair and grip the dumbbell.

  33. That little find you guys made with a tiger should be turned into a Netflix series

  34. Finally someone who’s not skinny

  35. the door thing one with the bedsheet is 200iq

  36. 21s at the table. Absolutely genius!

  37. Look like asotv commercial 😄😄. Thank for the tips

    1. haah

  38. Great buddy😎😎😎

  39. that tiger king MEME .. LMFAO

  40. Dawg ain’t no way I’m fooling around with the doors like that.

  41. what to use next? wife…

  42. I don’t trust my house enough for this

  43. 0:37 If my mum she me doing this.. She would beat me so bad

  44. 1:05 hahahah

  45. Problem: im homeless

  46. hum I dont have kids,,, but Ive seen some going around at my neighbors… I´ll get one or 2.

  47. These are sooooo helpful! I have been searching for ways to workout at home and this has answered my prayers! On a side note, I love how you used your kids too! They are so cute!

  48. 2:54 that seems effective

  49. Thor treinando ? Muito bom

  50. PETA is gonna come after you for beating up that Lion.

  51. Pro tip: dont do anything in the video

  52. I think a lot of gyms wont reopen and many people will decide they would rather workout at home any way


  54. I have five kids from 19 pounds up to 45:)

  55. 1:05 Did Hudson realize he had his son dangerously behind his back? 😄

  56. Optional: I prohibit my kids from exercising so they can become fat and heavier. That way I can lift them and get a better work out.

  57. Doors off the wall, and table split at edge. Now what ?

  58. Just found this channel and I’m already subbed
    Funny yet useful video

  59. Informative, creative and entertaining. One of the best youtube vids ever.

  60. Nice

  61. You guys should try the all bodypart high frequency training X5 per week for your next 30 day trial flex or no flex.

  62. do the towel rows!

  63. Everyone go to London Real something’s huge is happening!! Be part of it!

    Sidenote : may 3rd, be there, Buff family especially y’all ! For your kids and gran kids, let’s go

  64. Lion wrestling has been the only i workout i have done for years now, those big Cats really help you hit the core. Plus you always give 110% effort every workout because you don’t want to die.

  65. Yeah don’t think my mum will approve me using her expensive furniture for exercise 😂

  66. What if my kid is too fat for my biceps?

  67. Instructions not clear: ended up marrying Carole Baskin

  68. gotta say the door frame pullup is asking for trouble

  69. VIDEO REQUEST: (Home) kettle bell work-outs!
    It’s the only weight I managed to get in this blooming quarantine :/
    Keep the good stuff coming, dudes!!

  70. I wonder how many people this video hurt.

  71. Great 💪

  72. the door frame came right off, wouldn’t recommend those pull-ups

  73. Can’t wait to see a fail. Complication on these

  74. Lol my palms ached watching you do the door pull ups ane the door squeaked too in response.

  75. 1:00 FACE PULLS

    *Jeff Cavaliere has entered the chat*

    1. Sliding ab exercises on floor and pullovers as we

  76. 😹😹😹😹😹

  77. Ripped the door off my hinge the other day doing pullups. Don’t do the door thing.

  78. 1:54 that looks dangerous

  79. i don’t have kids so it won’t work for me.

  80. You know what i found out during this enforced gym closure . . . . . . I found out i dont gave a table or chairs. Yep, no table, no chairs.

  81. Instructions unclear… I cant lock myself in for covid 20…( yeH the zombie version )

  82. Yea pull up is a good idea on a door if you want to rip it off the hinges don’t do this people!

  83. Now which one of these can I do at 420 pounds

  84. Strong door dude.

  85. Not on the doors..unless you want to buy new doors…

  86. This buff dude much better than the other.

  87. I don’t want to break my door. I am ok with push ups, sit ups and skipping.

  88. Yeah I don’t think you should be able to pull up on your door LOL

  89. Athlean x is that u?

  90. Hi….My house broke

  91. No owner occupiers do pull ups on a door like that!

  92. well… Turns out that my door isnt that strong

  93. Buff dudes is the best…wish they did a workout music album I think it would be awesome

  94. Please guys PLEASE!! Use KNEEPADS on towels or something else thicker, PROTECT those knees, damnit!!

  95. 😂😂😂

  96. The Ono nice thing about this video was the kids and their reactions. Such cute little amazing kids.. loved them 😍😘

  97. Ok i just walk in my other room and do my workout as usual😅👍

  98. 1:03 *FacePulls❤*

  99. Gosh, because we could hear Buff Dad laughing at the end, I thought it was him in the tiger-lion costume. But it was Brandon, right? Right???

    Also, isn’t a gallon of water about 8 pounds? I might stuff a backpack with them and/or books and use that instead.

    But some great advice! I like the bedsheet utilization. I was gonna use a towel, but I think this is better.

  100. Here’s my version: I shot it last year though but when I saw your video I remembered it and uploaded it here. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂 No pain no gain!

  101. Nice and funny. But for me, the easiest and effective exercise is the plank and its variations. No excuses. Stay healthy and buff.

  102. 🔥💯

  103. Don’t do door pull ups… support or not support that will still rip your door off its hinges

  104. If you wanna destroy your door hinges then thats what you do. 😂🤣😃

  105. Interior doors are not built to support the weight of a person. That is a very dangerous thing to be promoting. Also if the door swings it could smash your fingers. Buff Dudes are better than this!

    1. Just because you support one side all you have are 9 small screw sholding your entire weight. Plus a magazine or paper is not going to keep the door from swinging.

  106. I like doing push ups with both of my little ones sitting on my back.

  107. Nice cameo from the Tigre King at the end there!

  108. What kind of door is that?

  109. Love the way he’s presenting the workouts

  110. The ending was hilarious. I want to watch a full season of that big cat wrestling stuff.

  111. Band Buff Dudus workout 🏋️‍♀️ please, remember your first 100k subscribes, it’s crzu how time goes and you guys still look the same except view changes like big shoulder’s, legs and great work etich

  112. Do it in someone else’s home!

  113. I’m 6’6″ and 260 lbs. Anyone got a good idea for doing pull ups at home? No way I’m putting a pull up bar in a door frame or trying anything like in the video.

  114. Love this🙌

  115. The door was moving during pull-ups. Or you reinforce under the door until it doesn’t move or that magazine won’t do nothing. Otherwise i won’t suggest do thoose kind of pull-ups.

  116. Door pull-ups are stupid. I do t care what you put under there unless it’s a 2×4 which probably won’t fit. Guaranteed after a few sets you’ve fucked up your door and frame. Just go find a bar or a rafter in your attic.

  117. 1:05 Move kid. If he falls on you, you’ll become a pancake
    Awesome video btw guys

  118. ”Still near the door?”

  119. Did these same workouts in my jail dorm when I was locked up: bed sheets pulls off of bars and table pulls in the day room section of dorm

  120. All good but chin up on doors… might pass that one, pretty sure door frames are expensive to repair

  121. Mom can we have Jeff Cavaliere,

    Mom: We have Jeff Cavaliere, at home

    Jeff Cavaliere at home:

  122. Yeah, dont do pullups on a door with only that one solution. Funny video otherwise

  123. PAPA… buen video!

  124. Cold 🥶 shower 🚿 for 90days 🤔

  125. Guys, pls never try this at home. Because your home doors are not strong enough to withhold that much weight for long time, so pls dont do it, otherwise pls ready to regret

  126. if you want to destroy your home just follow the video 😛

  127. 😆😂😅😁🖒🖒🖒

  128. Why are tou making a light water jug look heavy as fook lol, meant to make heavy stuff look light buff dudes

  129. Media is the same visual vomit everyone else is watching yes

  130. What if you’re homeless?

  131. Я так дверь себе сломал

  132. Muricans, I know it isn’t easy for y’all, but you can use the 1 liter of water 1 kg hack.

  133. I have the same couch.. makes me feel closer to being a better buff dad 💪🏼

  134. Hey buff dudes, I’ve been doing single arm rows with a backpack filled with books. Would this be enough to develop my back!?
    Sort of limited to my room, Don’t have a table in it or anything. Think prison cell style workout haha. Just been doing pushups, squats and bag rows.
    Cheers buff dudes, kris.

  135. I broke my door 🚪 and my table 😢

  136. Dips in the corner of countertops

  137. Im
    Sick of all these hacks i see everywhere why cant life be simple where we had a dumbbell and a barbell

  138. the little boy at the end, looooool.

    killcore workouts are good workouts…….

  139. I was going to ask who as in the lion suit, but there’s no mistaking that laugh. Go Duke (the OG Buff Dude)!!!

  140. Literally just solved my inverted row problem 👍

  141. This guy is the real Thor lol

  142. That door pull up excercise. Thats a great way to rip the door off. 😂👍

  143. someone that does door pull ups probably rents their place. it’s such a high risk

  144. You guys need to collaborate with Brofessor Dom Mazzetti.

  145. People have been in shape way before gyms came along!! Where there is a will there will always be a way!!!

  146. Tried this workout. My parents kicked me out, now I am homeless and can’t find a door to do my Bicep Curl 😭😭😭

  147. Duplicate Thor

  148. Don’t drop the kid weights and make sure to rerack the kids

  149. 🤣🤣🤣 I haven’t even seen the Tiger King but this was all I needed and more! #staybuff

  150. Yea that Tiger King shit is definitely sponsored by Brawndo the thirst mutilator

  151. We’re trying to stay paperless at home so i dont have a magazine to put under the door, will a kindle work?

  152. Does pull ups lifting his hole body weight then curls a water jug weighting no more than 5kg
    the gains we will get.

  153. I thought my headphones where broken

  154. I’ve been wondering where I could do dips here the entire quarantine!!!!

  155. Hang off the door so you can rip it off it’s hinges!
    Kids if you do this, support the door by placing something underneath it .

  156. THANK YOU!

  157. Face pulls Jeff will be happy

  158. thanks

  159. This is how you keeping it real. No shoes when working out at home 😀
    Also very detailed and quick video. Well done!

  160. Hudson Exotic

  161. Love it! Waiting for the superhero plan book to come in then im moving into that. I already do the child lifts, my kids love it.

  162. Love you guys! Very useful and hilarious.

  163. 😂😂😂

  164. Nicely demonstrated!!💪🤩💪😲

  165. Video reporting false information, didn’t have kids in the house to perform curls. Disappointed unsubscribed

  166. Thanks doors broke. Kids are crying.

  167. I only have sliding doors in my house 🙁

  168. If you have an upright vacuum cleaner you can also use that to do one armed lifts.


  170. 02:48 that’s actually how I wash my floors

  171. Lmao the ending with the lion 😂

  172. Hydration & Hypertrophy 💪💪

  173. was 1:05 meant to be a pun??? like…hitting your lads?

  174. Your editing reminds me of kung fury! It’s so fast paced and funny as hell, have you seen it also?

  175. Tip from a carpenter: Guys don´t do pull ups on your door 😉 But stay buff

  176. Great video. Extremely useful and funny 🙂

  177. I worried whether those door pull-ups were Buff Duke approved, but then saw the functional hack and was reassured. *Not gonna try them myself,* but enjoyed watching.

  178. Man I love the voice over work.. what a laugh I just had 💪🤣👍

  179. Hahaha awesome intro

  180. I remember when I was in college I tried some pull-ups at my bedroom door. The result was I accidentally dislocated the hinges. I was scolded by my mom. Haha! When I remember this. I laughed out of myself. 😁

  181. I don’t have a table, or door, or sheets. Do a video on total body workout for homeless forest dwellers

  182. All hail the buff babies!! 🥰

  183. I’ll send you my bill when my door snaps in half from my heavy ass. Hahaha.

  184. Awesome video I will use that bed sheet one with caution though.

  185. Out of all the fitness channels, the buff dudes are the most entertaining.

  186. My door was too old.

  187. Luckily I still have to work and there’s TONS of scaffolding. Instant bodyweight gym.

  188. But my wife will kill me if she seen me pulling up on that door like that

  189. It’s best to also have a folded towel on top of the door for added hand comfort and more reps, been there done that.

  190. Think you guys are past the ‘stay sane’ bit already! 😉 =)

  191. So damn tired of all the YT home workout vids.

  192. Everyone keeps complaining about what they dont have verses what they do have…. thankful Im healthy enough to even workout, have the time to do it and so greatful I’m not hungry, sleep well in my bed at night without fear of being robbed… people are so ungrateful these days but things could be so much worse! Im thankful this channel puts out entertaining vids that do have meaning and do work! If I had it as bad as some of these countries, places, people do then yeah Id maybe be a bit more sensitive but most of these viewers need to just shut up and be glad they have the ability to sit there and kick back and either get a good laugh in or workout but either way I love the channel! If I were you I have to ask these people why focus on what you cant do, how old their house is or reasons why they always seem to not be able to do something and again focus on what you can. Thanks BD you made my day better!

  193. 1:04 dad can I please have my
    Bedsheet back

  194. “Idiot racy is a documentary” yeah when watching tiger kingdom I felt like I was watching ow my balls

  195. Fantastic, my friend!!! Great to see you barefoot all the time on this video

  196. audio is only coming through left side. Did you make the video surround sound?

  197. You got a door! You got a gym!

  198. Door pull ups are the best way to work out your credit card when you have to replace the hinges

  199. This video was sexy

  200. what up with the paolo from tokyo soundtrack?

  201. Just remember the number for 9-1-1.

  202. Buff Duke needs to get a raise for doing things like that! 🤣🤣🤣💪

  203. Just buy the dumbbells for fuk sake

  204. I lost it when he started squatting with his kid lmfao

  205. Dat kid is a cutiepie!!!!! <3

  206. I broke my door but thank you

  207. I can honestly say I have enjoyed every single one of your videos guys!!! God bless you and you families and thank you for your content!!!

  208. Haha, great ending👍🏻😂

  209. Curling the damn offspring😂

  210. Shit

    I don’t have kids

  211. For a second there i thought he was just gonna yeet the kids across the room.

  212. Cheers for the hacks guys, just need a girlfriend for the bicep curls and I’m done!

    1. Girls for the curls! Wait

  213. As much as trust you guys, I won’t be trying those pull-ups….

    1. They are hard as fuck.

    2. I won’t be doing them on my door because I can’t do them at all

    3. @mattisart hardware store. Pipe and flanges

    4. @Tyler Alexander YOUR door won’t break

    5. Just grab the air and pull realy fast so you pull yourself up- there you go …

  214. Nice video great tips for home workout, but for me its better to use workout resistance bands. I gain some great muscle with that and its simple to use. You can do everything with bands. I will use it after this pandemic 100%. If you want to get it get at its awesome i love it so much.

    1. Nice thing thank you

  215. Just finished a home workout wearing my new #yatsffub shirt. More motivated than ever!!

  216. It’s funny as fuck but also informative, plus the mad towel slidey thing? Fkn love it mate!

  217. Im never gonna financially recover from watching this.

  218. The real question is: where did you guys found a real lion to film this?

    1. He’s spanking the corona out the Bronx lions

    2. GW zoo, Oklahoma

  219. man, I wish my furniture were this strong

  220. LEGS!?

  221. Racist!

  222. Protip – Start a door repair company soon, because a lot of doors are going to be broken after people rip them off the hinges.

  223. Fun video. I love it. Chairs, not just for sitting anymore.

  224. Who would have thought that the state of the world would lead to you spanking your dad’s ass in a big cat suit. What a time to be alive.

    1. 🤣 yeah no kidding

  225. This was an inspired YouTube.

  226. Strong door dude

  227. I would suggest using a towel over doors to do the pull ups. Bare hand over the sharp edge is too much for many people.

    But overall it’s really good simple tips 🙂

  228. Clicked for a workout, learned how to catch a cat lol

  229. Perfect. Loved the child lifting and lion wrastling. Little guy – esp. older one – did a great job! 😁 Also, the arm tattoo sleeves were a nice touch! Thanks for the end footage of the lion – we all needed to know who was in that suit so – good to have confirmation! 😁😂😂😂 Honestly, I could definitely go for more of a Buff Dudes’ take on the Tiger King. But even with the brief but ridiculous bit we already saw, this vid will have me laughing for a long time. 😁😂😂 And honestly there were some solid tips here – the door/sheet exercises – v. useful!

  230. i dont have towels and doors and bed sheets please do another version 😔

  231. Awesome vid really needed the motivation guys!

  232. My heart just melted out when i saw your children. ❤ They are cute, and makes this video so real.

  233. lazy douchebags always find some excuses don’t be one of them

  234. Cute kids

  235. That Tiger King parody on Hudson’s TV at the beginning was great.

  236. Nice hacks👍,
    Except for the tricep dips in the chairs 2:11 please do another excersice for your tris, im serious!!! They cause to much Stress in your shoulders(especially with this compromised hand positioning).
    You are more prone to hurt your shoulders than this excersice is worth.
    I tried them once, so i speak from experience.
    Sorry for being negative but if someone injures him/herself, you cant workout at all.
    Be Buff not injured.


  238. I pull up to my girls house, but I don’t even pull out when I’m with her.

  239. Impractical jokers Bob cat vs big cat from buff dudes

  240. This is the best one of these ‘no gym, figure something out’ ones I’ve seen. Entertaining, to the point, practical, excellent.

    1. Indeeeeeed

  241. Please, everyone who attempts these: please record video so we’ll have the hugest workout fail Youtube video ever compiled when this is all over.

  242. The Buff King the documentary I didn’t know I needed …

  243. Nice video!

    Buff Dudes must be telepathetic! I was thinking the other day to use a door for pullups, but was worried about breaking the door!

  244. Not sure whether I want to test if the old door can handle my 135 kg mass 😀

    1. User discretion is definitely advised 😀

  245. Will Brandon marry Mikayla after covid 19 pandemic moments? Just saying that will happen for real this year or next year

  246. That intro Is just hilarious, I unsub just to sub again. 😂😂

  247. Great instructional video on how to break your door.

  248. The door pull-ups it’s definitely dangerous for both you & door..😁but thanks anyway 👍🏻

  249. It’s called prison workout 💪

  250. Thats the way to go.
    The gym at home style.

  251. Is this video really made for educational purpose? Or just for fun

  252. 2:59 Can’t tell if those are cries of joy… or terror.

  253. Love it man omg made my day

  254. No hard feelings here i can see the good intention behind this vid (altho i never liked the idea of humping doors and shagging tables) but most of these are dangerous for you and your house..try them at your own risk and when quarantine stops make sure to get yourselves a barbel and a set of dumbells for the next one…

  255. I’m reporting this to child services.

  256. Your guns really grew back. You’re a buff dude again.

  257. Thank you Buff Dudes! Not everyone can afford dumbbells/barbells/weights, or places are already sold out. I sincerely appreciate you guys posting videos like this that everybody can benefit from.

  258. In a hotel right now. They were not happy how I destroyed their bed sheets.

    1. @Buff Dudes savage lol nice workout buff dude

    2. Their bed sheets have seen worse.

  259. Climb the door challenge accepted

  260. Please don’t use your door for pull ups. Just get a bar for $10.

  261. How the hell is Hudson getting buffer and leaner during these times?

    1. Free time = Buff time 💪😎

  262. “Why aren’t you working out.” I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t lose these gains

    1. Bro I am working out I’m trying to lose weight

    2. Good on you mate

    3. Armando Salinas your videos would kill me

    4. Armando Salinas I may or may not own a gym and still workout🤔🤔

    5. Armando Salinas I lost mine a long time ago lol

  263. Don’t hang off a door the hinges aren’t made for that shit

  264. Where can I get the kids from?

    1. Reproduction

  265. Why does everyone in the world have the same ikea couch that I do. Seriously. I moved half way across the world, and I’m still seeing this couch.

    1. @Buff Dudes I think you’re right. Anyway, great videos guys. Hope your family and friends are staying healthy and buff!

    2. It’s like that GTA car glitch

  266. My door is on the floor

    1. Don’t open it, it leads to a most nefarious destination

  267. 1:05 a wild toddler appeared!

  268. I applaud the creativity, but using door for pull ups is such a bad idea. Despite protecting the hinges somehow with books, or any fold, the upper door frame is still fragile, so you could crack it from above. Something will fail eventually.

  269. Just buy gymnastic rings

  270. The M.V.P here are those chairs and doors, i try it and destroy my entire house

  271. You buff duded
    We need diy barbell video!
    The world and i would thank you

  272. 1:04 “dad we hungry pls stop, moms crying”

  273. Buff Dudes, I’d just like to thank you for pushing us and not allowing us to make excuses for not working out. Can you also please make a video purely of resistance band workouts ? God bless y’all

    1. Just started using bands, right on Buff Dudes, right on!!

    2. Working on it now, look for it later this week! 💪😎

  274. Great vid guys. Can you do a buff dudes bands workout compliation? Thanks and stay Buff!!

    1. Got one coming out later this week, look for it soon! 💪🧔🏼

  275. Nice t-shirt

  276. Perfect ❤️💪

  277. Cute toddler

  278. Lol this is a good video, just be carefull with the door though if your door has glass in middle like mine it can easily be broken.

  279. That door is doomed.. (heavy assed bodyweight)

  280. F for all the chads that now dont have a door in their room

  281. @buff dudes.

    I remember following you guys back when you had only couple 1000 subscribers. I love your videos and your personalities.

    1. Thanks Lucas!

  282. Whats the song in the video????

  283. I moved into my new home just before this quarantine started and sadly i dont have chairs right now. I used mostly Hiit training exercises with bodyweight , dumbells exercises and my FUTON BED in combination with a strong rope i do back, chest, bizeps, trizeps and a little shoulders. I knew i should hold on to it. #BUFFVIDEO

  284. My house is over 100 years old so everything could break. Good thing I live near a playground to do pull-ups.

    Edit: Never mind the playground near me is closed. Now I am frustrated.

    1. I live in a house from the 18th century. I don’t even have normal doors,they are the old type ahahahahha good thing I have a couple dumbbells and a bench

    2. @aber warum I know that’s what I do 🙂

    3. Go to the playground at night

    4. @AeroGold1 Hilarious, considering that he could have bought himself shit load of gym equipment for that money. Including the pull up bar.

    5. Richard Blizzard I do have a tree it’s not the best but I can do pull ups. I was just excited to use a bar again.

  285. What about those towel pulls huh

  286. That’s fake tattoo Hudson and is that Duke in the lion disguise and one more thing Hudson can you sing us a song of Michael w smith Place in this world

  287. A duffelbag filled with books also goes a long way

    1. @Olivier Seurin Or dead children if you live near some anti-vaxxers.

    2. Or little children muhahahaha

    3. Or can goods.

  288. Door is great for pull-ups also because it keeps you still, you don’t swing so you get more accurate work out.

  289. It’s insulting to think that a couple of door hinges and woman’s fashion magazine would support an actual buff dude.

  290. Just what i need it thanks buff dudes or should i say joe the tiger king lmao but im pretty sure u watched the whole documentary lol that bastard carol baskins or baskin whatever …

  291. and as a bonus your floors get clean lol

  292. The reason I can not workout is not because I don’t have any equipment, the real reason I can not workout is

    Carole Fucking Baskin

  293. So y’all down to pay for broken door 😠?

  294. Ι wanna see Brandon as the toothless husband lol

  295. What if i dont have a house?

  296. My left ear enjoyed the voiceover

  297. this is exactly the video i needed! thank you so much buff dudes!!

  298. spank that cat’s ass yeah

  299. This video is so creative guys! I love your creativity. These are no ordinary videos you do. Keep up the great content 😊🙌🙌

    1. Karla Cook Sexy woman

  300. i broke my door hinges thanks

  301. you guys are the best!

  302. Nothing will stop a Buff Dude from making his gains💪

  303. Tore the bedsheet, ripped the door straight out of the frame because my home was constructed by idiots, table collapsed because all I had was a cheap card table, chair slid and I chipped a tooth, finished all of the water before I could do curls, lost the children to my ex wife. Excellent workout!

    1. This is both funny and sad.
      I don’t know if I should pay ya on the back or get ya a beer.🤣🤔

    2. Hahaha

    3. But still managed to survive the Lion.

    4. @Hamdingo sounds like all pain no gain 🙂

    5. Brendan Fligger 😂

  304. I’ve been making use of my two 5L water jugs

  305. my fatass will still break the door

  306. Amazing video as always, informative, funny and entertaining! 🙂

  307. If you have any old fuel containers. Fill them with water. And then you do some farmers walks. You even use chairs for bicep curls.

  308. Doing pullups on a door is a terrible idea. Please stop advocating this.

    1. Yeah, and people cant grip square ledge, painful in the hands

  309. BD!!!

  310. LMAO
    THANKS, Buffdudes . Needed a good laugh on Monday morning.
    Never thought of doing pull-ups on a door💪

  311. I hate to be that guy but… HOME GYM MASTER RACE reporting in!!

  312. I think more people are going to get hurt falling off of their door trying to do pull ups than during any other time in history lol

    1. Too late.

    2. That and people are going to crush their fingers when they remember that doors swing around their hinges

  313. First time I was this early WHO was a serious organization 😂

    1. Savage

  314. All I can imagine are all those vines/tik toks next month with clumsy folks wrecking their house from trying these exercises.

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  317. Awesome vid now I can not lose all my muscle from staying home, THANKS BUFF DUDES


  319. First to comment. Buff Dudes please like my comment ! Day 4 of my diet. I’m 250lbs, my target is 185!! Comment for some motivation!

  320. Second

  321. I DID IT

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