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Hoover Powerdash Pet Compact Carpet Cleaner FH50700 REVIEW

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We are starting a series on super compact carpet cleaners and today I am happy to be testing and reviewing the Hoover Powerdash FH50700, Its small, its super inexpensive and people seem to love it, So links in the description for current prices and lets get started.

But first, who is the Hoover Powerdash for, As far as I understand it these new smaller carpet cleaners are for people who mostly need a carpet cleaner for the little messes their pets make, and don’t really plan on using it for large areas. So its kind of like a spot cleaner, except you don’t have to get on your hands and knees and scrub like crazy to get the stains out.

Its light at about 12 pounds empty or 17 pounds full off water, which is really light for a carpet cleaner, and I found it fairly easy to assemble. To Use it, you basically just add hot tap water to the water line on the clean water tank, and the solution to the solution line. You Put the bottle back in the holster turn it on and start cleaning.

You push the trigger which sprays the solution on to the carpet, and you generally want to make a pass or two while spraying solution, followed by several passes without the trigger pressed to clean up the water from the carpet.

With our cleaning tests we applied Georgia red clay to a thick medium pile carpet along with red wine vinegar, green vegetable juice, bacon grease and BBQ sauce.
I let it dry for almost 24 hours and vacuumed up the remainder.

I should also say that I did not pretreat any of these stains but only used the basic shampoo that came with it in order to best judge the actual performance of the machine, but Hoover recommends pretreating any actual pet stains with their Pretreatment spray which is not included in the box but I will link in the description as well.

Ok so after 4 passes 2 with water and 2 without, here are the results. Its actually much better than I expected at this point as it cleared most of the stains directly in its path, not perfect but close.

Its true that the Hoover Smartwash or the Bissell 2x did slightly better at this point with the same test conditions but that can be chalked up to those more expensive units having 2 brush rolls instead on just the one like on the powerdash. But in general yeah I was pretty impressed.

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130 thoughts on “Hoover Powerdash Pet Compact Carpet Cleaner FH50700 REVIEW

  1. Great review! Just purchased and after reading through the manual was looking for review on how to use- this did the trick, thanks!! 🙂

  2. Very helpful, thanks!

  3. The power button doesn’t always work. I have to leave it for a week before it work again.

  4. I just received mine today, put it together, turned it on and the cleaner would not dispense. I’ve tried removing the bottle, unscrewing the black screw and crewing it back on but the cleaner still fill not dispense.

  5. I just got this and I love that its light and easy to move around – I’m older now and can’t lift or bend like I use to. I use it to clean the rooms where we walk, NOT the whole room, so Im not removing furniture and so far it did a great job. I also tried it on the steps, like I said I don’t want to be on my hands and knees with hoses. so if you put it sideways you can do one half then turn it to the other side and do the other half of the step . looks a lot better.

  6. I had the bissell compact spot cleaner and Same cons! Always hard to clean them out.

  7. Sorry i dont own cats or dog’s only pet I have is a scorpion they don’t make messe’s. So less work for me.

  8. So i just bought this today. Refilled it twice and not the power button won’t stay down. So how am I supposed to use it??? Smh

  9. And remember stupid people this is written instructions for you don’t groom your pets with this machine

  10. I got this for the reasons he cited-inexpensive, works, lightweight and compact. I already had the small bissell pet pro that I now will just use on upholstery. Would be nice to eventually get a cleaner that does it all. I have many area rugs with wood or tile underneath, and an older female dog with a leaky bladder. I think this will be perfect to use on a regular basis. For my large 11’x7′ and some inches, I went thru two canisters. I may have to clean it twice, but I’d rather that than have the water soak thru to the wood. I would not recommend using the hoover on the underneath side of your area rugs because it is a bit harsh on the fibers, fraying and slightly pulling. I did this before I realized the mess I was making and then switched to the bissell pet cleaner for the pee spots. Luckily there’s no visible damage on the top side. In a dry climate with open windows I think this will dry quickly, no more than a day. Just for additional piece of mind, I also pre sprayed with vinegar water and let it sit for bit before I cleaned. So far so good, and smells SO much better!

  11. It got rid of years worth of cat vomit, and some dark spots. I plan on buying the Hoover stain remover spray bottle, hopefully it gets rid of the dark spots. I did have to refill the bottle a few times, wish me luck trying to clean every room in my house. For the money I paid I give it 4/5.

  12. I bought this carpet cleaner, and it is the best purchase I made in 2020.

  13. Reviews our probably four times in as year and the power button has stopped working

  14. I bought one from Walmart and I didn’t have a nozzle 😑😩

  15. Great video.

  16. I accidentally purchased this thinking it was a vacuum. Will it still do the job?

  17. This works very good with light carrot adding a tiny bit of bleach as well as dawn soap for me

  18. the 3/4 gallon clean water tank “con” isn’t even relevant, the bissell pro heat x2 revolution that you praise so much has just 1/4th of a gallon more capacity, and I have to refill it a dozen or more times to carpet clean my whole house.

    not to mention for any carpet cleaner that’s under full size, you’re lucky to get half a gallon, and for a spot cleaner, that’s great.

  19. Mine only worked for a few months. Now I have to find a new one.

    1. Mine will not stay on.

  20. I haven’t used it in 3 months. Now it won’t spray. Help. I have tried pumping the handle. I also cleaned out the brush area. Please help!!!!

    1. I suggest calling the customer service to get help, 1-800-944-9200.
      You are covered for 1 year warranty.
      Have the serial # ready. Hope this helps. 🙂

  21. Best review of any product I have ever seen!

  22. Thank you so much for your reviews, on top of just enjoying watching them, I really needed a carpet cleaner as my daughter had both gotten sick and spilled red juice on the carpet, and I had seen this unit at Walmart for $88 and wanted to know if it was worth the money at that price, I knew I wasn’t going to be getting full-size features, I just needed something to help clean up some spots on the carpet and this worked great thanks for the reviews.

  23. But I use it for my whole apartment 😆

    1. How is it holding up, if I may ask especially with wet carpet time?

  24. I used this cleaner for the first time today. The first round was great it worked exceptionally. But after I emptied it out it kept leaking a ton of water. Couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it. I cleaned out the filter and it worked for a few more minutes before it started leaking like a sieve again.

  25. This machine kicks ass…. yes you have to fill and empty…. ever five minutes….. but it will get tuff, deep, left in for weeks stains out…. and wow, it does a good deep clean

  26. Helped us out on my end! Thank you so much!

  27. Bought this today after being super disappointed with a Rug Doctor I had rented last week. I obviously didn’t expect it to do better than a professional grade unit but I figured that since I wouldn’t have to return it within 24 hours, I could get a lot more out of it. In my case it honestly has impressed me so much more considering the price and size. I went back over the stains left by the Rug Doctor and the spots are much lighter. Not trying to bash Rug Doctor either. They’re popular for a reason. It could be a difference in solution, or that the rental unit is past it’s prime. Don’t really know but I can definitely say this is worth every cent. Lastly, I had actually purchased the Bissell Turboclean first a couple of days ago but mine was leaking from the dirty reservoir. I returned it and they didn’t have any left so that’s why I got this one. It was just a perfect storm of bad experiences that led me to this amazing contraption. And again, not trying to bash Bissell either lol. I love my Bissell vacuum and steam mop. It’s just the way things worked out.

  28. 2:30 I wonder if a water flush using a hose would get the gunk out. ??

  29. How to you get the handle to move out from the upright position

  30. Can this be used for a small studio apt?

    1. It suits students in dorms perfectly with its compact design. And as a spot cleaner, I’d guess it’s more than enough for those accidental spills from a soda or beer. So for a small studio apartment, this would be plenty.

  31. Seems good for our area rugs, nothing huge. The brush cleaning definitely seems annoying but I am handy so i don’t mind cleaning it out. One would think they would make it easier to clean but I’ll definitely try it out. Thanks for the review.

  32. Great video! Thankyou!

  33. Thank you for this video!!! So much help

  34. Just took mine out of the box. Doesn’t work. No water coming out

    1. That sucks

    2. tami hall I’m having the same problem. Just took it out of the box. No water at all coming out. I’m not sure what to do about it besides call them in the morning. I checked and rechecked it was all put together correctly. I’m a little irritated

  35. My niece is moving into an apartment with her boyfriend and wanted to used my 15yr old Hoover carpet cleaner (nice workhorse). I have been cleaning the basement berber and it sounds and feels like a shaft for the motor let go (metal on metal sounds, shaking and that wonderful electrical smell mixed with hot oxidized metal)
    I was going to get the BISSELL PowerForce PowerBrush for her as an apartment warming until I saw it side by side with the Hoover Powerdash shown here.
    Side by side they are night and day.
    The Bissell is mostly hard plastic with an unprotected collection tub at the base. One accidental kick and the collection tub is cracked.
    The Hoover’s collection tub sounds more supple when tapped and is up higher and not part of the exposed base of the unit.
    If a kick from the side hits the Hoover base, you may just take of a piece of the skirt and still have a perfectly functional unit with a just a scar.
    The Hoover looks nicer, sturdier and feels sturdier than the Bissell does.
    She wants the apartment dirt to be hers so she can feel better sitting on the carpet or laying on it, nevermind the use she’ll get from owning a cat…

    1. I got the Bissell last year and hated it. It worked ok for the plush carpet but it dragged on the flat which is in most the house. Just got the Hoover and it moves so smoothly on my flat carpet and the suction is way better.

  36. I wish I had seen your video. I purchased o e of this cleaner, yes, it does not go far. All I want to clean was my living room so I did not go for the bigger one…WRONG! Now, what are my options? To clean it and…send it back to Hoover?

  37. Whats the front part number the plastic for the suction didn’t come with mine.
    When I got it on Amazon.

  38. You didn’t mention the Heatforce Power (hot air from the motor blowing onto the carpet) if it was effective or not in shortening the drying time.

  39. thanks! which carpet cleaner machine do you recommend??

    1. Bissell pro heat 2x

  40. Just bought this vacuum and it’s not dispensing water/solution like it’s showing in the video

    1. Ever get it to work? Mine is doing same thing

  41. I had mine for about a week and its broken… it’s making a loud noise and I smell burning but it’s not the brush roll belt bc I’ve removed that to check it. I need guidance on getting to the motor next ..i think lol

    1. Mine won’t stay on!

    2. Heather Citrano mines to

  42. How to clean it without dis-assembly!

    Once you’ve emptied the dirty water tank, put the tank back in.

    Run about 1/4 inch of water in your BATHTUB.

    Place the cleaner in the bathtub, plug it in, and start it up.

    The clean bathwater gets sucked in and cleans the path which you can not reach without unscrewing.

    Enjoy your clean up-take without removing screws and rollers.

    Let me know if this works as well for you as it did for me!

  43. Perfect review. Thank you

  44. Great review,I decided not to purchase this because it’s too much work cleaning, thankyou

  45. I just got this cleaner for my apartment and I have to say it’s done a fantastic job getting up all the pet stains. Highly recommend for the price

  46. If they made the clean water container bigger it would add more weight. I think the more perks they add the more weight it would gain and oh by the way the more money. Keep it light and simple and use it for what it’s meant for, light every week cleaning. What’s the big deal about removing a few screws to clean the roller? Are we that lazy?

  47. Could you test the Hoover React? Seems like a decent vacuum that goes on sale for $99.

  48. For pet stains no! You need a subsurface carpet extraction tool with some strong cleaner, hot water & shop vac

  49. You should put this newer Hoover carpet cleaner against the Hoover SteamVac Spinscrub.

  50. I would use it if i live in a apartment as a 11 year old kid who loves vacuums i still live with my parents just had my Bday when it was jan 29

  51. It kinda looks like a dyson small ball vacuum cleaner

  52. Can the next vid be the other one you have and mabye can you find one with a hoes? Thanks

  53. I love it! It is super powerful, sucks it practically dry!And the brush is like a vacuum cleaner so it really gets into the carpet

  54. Could you possibly do a series on backpack vacuums?

  55. The Bissell that you showed it has a base instead of the regular hose

  56. Why haven’t you guys ever reviewed the Bissell DeepClean Deluxe Pet Carpet Cleaner and Shampooer, 36Z9?

    I was hoping to see a vs video with that against the Bissell Pro heat 2x and/or Bissell Big Green.

    I can’t find any through reviews on this deep cleaner which is disappointing…

  57. I literally bought this 2 days ago. I used it to do my living room and dining room. Yes, lots of refills but at its size and price it was expected. I wasn’t looking for hoses and was more than happy to not have to pay for things I don’t need. Very easy to maneuver. This little thing did an amazing job, better than my previous full size Machine. Great review.

    1. what about cleaning it?

  58. Great video! Do you have any plans to make videos on Shop Vacs or Central vacuums ??

  59. I have seen that you upload a video every 3 days and I just wanted to say that uploading every 2 days will make your channel amazing

  60. Do more reviews on the sharks

  61. You are the only vaccine review channel which has good quality and well made videos

  62. Please do a video on the shark UV 810

  63. I love you so much, I’m only 10 and I watch this channel for entertainment

    1. Go build a treehouse lol jk

    2. bruh go to the library or outside please

  64. This is another budget upright carpet cleaner to try out and make a video on, the BISSELL PowerForce PowerBrush.

  65. You do the public a great service by reviewing this stuff.

    1. winebox facts

  66. How about a video on the Hoover smartwash

  67. Nice on the new on the new series! I been looking over a bunch of cleaners and even heading over to the professional forums. I have come to the conclusion, even after testing, none of the home or rentals work that well with just water and solution. All the Pro use a Pre-Treat and then a Solution Rinse to get the carpets clean and I believe this %100!

    I have a found a pre-treat will get the carpet cleaner just by agitating it from the cleaner rollers with out spraying out the solution.

    1. @Vacuum Wars Maybe you can do another series on pre-treats to see what works best and cost and use just water for rinse or one if these without solution and agitate it to see a difference.

    2. True, then it comes down to choosing the right pretreatment and solution for the type of stain you have.

  68. Not a fan of proprietary “solutions” that these companies want you use.

    1. I think its most a gimmick you can intrchange them as long as they are the same type of carpet cleaner, I.e using the same method for carpet cleaning.

  69. 39th🏆🏆 lol and thanks

    1. lol 🏆🏆

  70. Oh I’m excited for this series!! Love your videos, especially the carpet cleaner ones.

    1. Cool! Thanks Ill keep that in mind for the future. its been a while since I have dome a carpet cleaning video.

  71. Try the bissel big green

    1. Yeah I really liked the Big Green. If I had a realy big job to do that is the one I would choose.

  72. *I love the idea behind these machines, but in practice, they ruin your carpet!*

    The problem is is that putting detergent on a carpet like this, or with any cleaner for that matter, is that the detergent is ground deep into the carpet, but only part is vacuumed up. Obviously detergent is there to attract dirt and dust, traps it, then it is supposed to be removed. Manufacturers know this, so they make you add the detergent with the cleaner so that once the detergent is in the carpet, it attracts dirt more than what your normal carpet already would have. This means you use the machine more, buy more detergent, buy new machines and etc… however if you apply the detergent with some kind of sprayer, it means that it isn’t ground down into the carpet, the dirt then rises to the top, and the cleaner full of hot water can pick up the dirt that has then risen to the top. This is what should be done.

    Thanks for the interesting video Vacuum Wars!

    1. EcSight Games it depends on how slow you’re moving the machine, if you move it too slow you’re allowing more water into the carpet. Hoover instructions says to move the machine forward and backward a foot per second which isn’t super slow and you won’t get a lot of water onto the floor. When sucking up water you will need to move it very slow. And repeat the whole process with a rinse so there so solution left to attract dirt.

    2. Vcafr0 there’s my point. If the floor still has solution on it, it’s going to attract more dirt.

    3. EcSight Games I have the Hoover power scrub and it doesnt soak through my carpet/rug. It might be a bit moist, but not soaked unless you have those cheap thin rugs.

    4. Vcafr0 the problem is Machines like these do not have an ounce of the power needed to get water out of the carpet. Especially if the carpet if fitted, the water is pumped straight into underlay, which will be susceptible to mould, damp etc. For example, if you have one of these machines, and a rug on hard floor, use the machine as described on the instructions… I can guarantee you will have wet hard floor underneath.

    5. EcSight Games people that don’t rinse their carpet after shampooing are idiots and it’s not going to getting the carpet more wet if you take your time moving the machine slowly and allowing it to suck as much water out as possible.

  73. Try the Hoover smart Wash carpet cleaner.

    1. I did not see it on your page

    2. Already have, I have a video on here somewhere.

  74. Whoa!! Cool!!!🤩🤩🤩

  75. Rug doctor is coming out with new rental machines in the grocery stores and in Walmart replacing the older machines.

    1. I’ve had a lot of bad experiences with rug Dr those machines are nasty just think of how many horrible things they have cleaned up in there life span.

    2. Too heavy

  76. what about the pro vacuums

    1. Amazing Friday if u watched his video on the VDTA you would see that there was a numatic stand. Numatic’s aren’t Uk only either they can be purchased in Europe and America, not sure about Asia tho

    2. Vacuum Wars HOW DO YOU AFFORD THESE. And product review

    3. I will be using a Numatic Henry in the commercial vacuum series. Technically it is a commercial grade vacuum.

    4. @EcSight Games Hi I am not with vacuumwars or something the reason is becasue there are not henrys in the us is becasue it is for the uk only

    5. Vacuum Wars what about a numatic henry, or is that for another series?

  77. First view

  78. I think 5th or 4th

    1. lol yep, 5th.

  79. Yayayay carpet cleaners!!!!!!

    1. Yeah I am going to do at least one more of these, maybe more.

  80. Second

    1. lol, well technically you are 4th

  81. First

    1. @Vacuum Wars did you move houses I noticed the testing area looked different

    2. 10 seconds late! Soo close.

  82. First

    1. Literally 1 SECOND late. 🏆🏆

  83. Do the bissell

    Update: I just realized you put the one I wanted you to test in the ending. Iol

    1. @Vacuum Wars Nice! I hope you will have time to do a review on the Shark nv70. Though after you do all the other series. Sorry if I’m being persistent.

    2. Cool yeah, Bissell makes one almost identical, I have it now, I will probably start testing it this week, video will probably be friday of next week but not sure. I am testing the TIneco A11 at the moment.

    3. You got it again, Nice! 🏆🏆🏆🏆

    4. Like do the one that is black and is $70 dollars. I for got what it called

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