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Household Helpers I can’t live without – Cleaning Tips and Tricks

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Let’s get organized!
Here are my favourite Household Helpers. These are the products and tools that help make housework so much easier. Get a clean house with less time and less effort using these tips and tricks.

Check out A Place To Nest’s video here:

Products Featured in this Video:
Roomba – Great price on this Roomba :
Rubbermaid Reveal Mop:
Shark Pet Vac:
Method Multi Surface Cleaner:

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388 thoughts on “Household Helpers I can’t live without – Cleaning Tips and Tricks

  1. My favorite homemade cleaner is peroxide. I just fill an amber bottle with peroxide and a little essential oil and done. It’s super cheap and the best part is that it kills bacteria way better than vinegar.

  2. Make them all battle!!! LOL

  3. You look awesome with your hair pulled back

  4. So I’ve recently discovered that I prefer Target for my containers because their plastic shoeboxes are 99 cents, and much better quality.

  5. Get the Bravo mop

  6. Great hints. Love my roomba”s” as well. I have one upstairs one down stairs and one at our other house. I am guilty bc I don’t use them on a regular basis as I should.
    I must say, I am physically exhausted after watching your videos. You have enough energy to charge all my roombas at once. I wish I had your enthusiasm and energy, keep it up. It is inspirational

  7. This is one of the first videos of yours I watched when we started to declutter our home 6 weeks ago. After watching it, a co-worker and I were incidently talking about cleaning. She mentioned Roombas. I did not own one, but remembered your video. After a lot of consideration and research, I decided to purchase one. We settled on the i7+. OHMYGOODNESS!!!! My only regret is not purchasing a Roomba years ago!! We have 4 kids and a 4300 square foot home, and I was ALWAYS, ALWAYS cleaning the floors. Enter Roomba, who we named Wall-E. He is THE BEST!! THANK YOU SOO SOO MUCH for giving such a great list of household helpers. I probably would never have given it much more thought, but you’re right, it keeps your floors so very clean without having to do all the work. I schedule him to do the floors while I’m at work, and they are in perfect shape when we get home every afternoon.

  8. Lol. You are adorable. 🙂

  9. I love mops like the one you have. When I get a place of my own, I want one just like that.

  10. I hope you’re not keeping that bird alone!!
    Birds need constant company, they need a flock to belong to, they really are only happy in the company of at least one more bird. By the look of the one you have, he gave a strong impression of feeling isolated and detached. I hope you read this! Buy another bird! Please!!!

    1. Liselotte Nilsen that’s not true it depends on the bird. We’ve had a conure and he was a lovely little bird, but he didn’t get along with any of our other birds and much preferred to be in a room on his own with just humans. Birds don’t need a friend if they have lots of human interaction. It depends on the breed and the bird itself.

  11. I love rewatching your videos ☺️

  12. Ok my favorite is what I call my Hans box. It is a wire box with 12 to 15 dollar store hand towels and a crock for dog brushes and combs. Hans is large furry and his “pet” name is digger. I can easily wipe dirt off his feet and water off his coat when its raining

  13. Loved this video!

  14. I wonder about the generic brand robotic vacuums

  15. I want one too! I wonder how the suction is on carpets

  16. You are making me excited to clean!!! Lol. That is crazy!!! Thanks!!

  17. Omg I need more roombas! You can buy skirts for the bird cage, kind of like a bed dust ruffle in reverse, to catch all the mess.

  18. Thank u 4 the tips. And ur eyes r so beautiful its like the blue sky color☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️

  19. Bahaha we have 2 roombas now and we love to make them “battle” lol

  20. hockey totally makes me sick! you are so relatable and energetic. i love your channel and the tips in your videos are fabulous!

  21. Why are you so adorable ? You are like real Disney princess that lives with us! Love ur roomba battle !!

  22. Good help. I think birds can make you sick. Droppings? Feathers? Especially, upper respiratory illness. 😳

  23. My 11 month old is watching with me and hes all smiles and waving at you lol and keeps squealing

  24. Great Tips on household helpers! Enjoyed this video! Not sure how a Rumba would work in my house, I’ve never used one before. I actually use a broom and dustpan and a vacuum cleaner. Lol

  25. I love those little Roombas! I have to get my home organized first before I get one of those… Do they stop at the edge of stairs?

  26. How does a round vacumn clean in the square corners?

  27. I love my Roomba too!

  28. Birds are sooo messy, I wish I could add a photo to show you the fruit that is stuck to my wall 😐 😂 they’re totally worth all of it, and it helps I paid extra to have scrubbable paint 😂

  29. Love your ideas!!
    Poor bird 🙁 (not trying to be negative, but seeing a caged bird bothers me)

  30. local dollar store? I have to drive like 30 miles to find a dollar store. It’s nice when you talk about the products available at more mainstream stores that everyone has access to.

  31. Great suggestions, I’ve been looking for a hand vacuum.

  32. My one product wonder is Oddoban. It also comes concentrated and it brings a spray bottle. You mix it with water and you can spray it everywhere. Even on mattresses while you are washing/changing the sheets. It kills bacteria, including the one that causes MRSA… (staphylococcus staphylococcal- something like that 😂). It’s an eucalyptus based formula and it smells amazing!

  33. You’re so beautiful thank you for sharing 😊

  34. I wish we had the Dollar Store here in New Zealand – it sounds awesome.

  35. Best video ever!!!! 😘❤️

    1. Thank you!

  36. You are so organized and fun! Thanks for your videos.

  37. I had a swiffer jet twice and they both broke.

  38. Scrubbing like Cinderella sure is necessary if you have three dogs, and a man who is a heavy machinery mechanic. If I didn’t, my floor would never get clean 😂
    You’re so funny, I lost it when you said “Let’s have them battle!”

  39. why so many? … you are great and really interesting and generous person but if I may suggest, you may benefit from having less
    no household need that may vacum robots or anything else for that matter. Love O

  40. For more information

  41. Love the video. Please get that bird a better cage…. They need space!

  42. My dollar store barely gets in any of this stuff and it goes fast when it is in so getting the same colors, right sizes, etc is so incredibly difficult! I keep hearing how great they are and I always look for recommended items, but I just fail finding them at my store. 🙁

  43. Your hair looks really good like that, so fancy!

  44. You make it so easy.

  45. I miss Vim! I loved it while living in Canada. ☺

  46. Great job.

  47. I had a Roomba but hated the noise! It was so loud…

  48. My wife has the same swiffer duster. She’s likes it very much.

  49. Don’t move the product so we can see the product!

  50. Excange your Mop to a irobot Brava, and you will be even Happier!

  51. I love my roomba. I can’t decide which is better–the fact that it vacuums for me or the beeping sounds. (Same with my rice cooker, actually.)

  52. how often should the pad on the Reveal mop be cleaned?

  53. the robots arent thorough it doesnt get the corners.. or under the couch ya have to move the couch.

  54. I love my Roomba but I only have the one. Thanks for the tips.

  55. Bad Luck, Dollar Store has no shop in Switzerland 🇨🇭!!

  56. I love my Roomba!! I couldn’t live without her and it’s the best money I’ve ever spent. I named her Roxanne and when she wears out, I’ll have to get another one. She really is a life saver and I can’t imagine anybody would ever regret getting one. She frees up so much of my time to do other cleaning jobs……or time to do absolutely nothing!!

  57. U rang a bell when u said can’t use vinagr on some surfaces!
    I did not know that each surface have a special way of handling . Plz make a video on that.

  58. The robotBug is a Roomba…. 😊

  59. hi. TQ for such nice video.

    I am a ^LadyBug^. My home surfaces are all clear with no decorations. Since 2018 onwards I have to do my own house cleaning (before that have 2 maids – they will come to do laundry and all house cleaning 3 times a week). So more stuff is given away and store place all clear up. Easy Cleaning is my No. 1 aim now.

    I love the robotBug… TQ for sharing. will get 1 very soon. All though it cost USD500 for normal one and USD700 for the one with “mop” too instead of USD 40…. Plan to get 1 with mop too…. Have a good day. 🌺

  60. I had my reveal mop for about 8 months then the sprayer mechanism stoped working… do u have a way to fix that?

  61. Just an idea you need to try Melissa Maker’s microfiber clothes, and do a review i would like to know what others think i love them you can get them online at they are AMAZING

  62. Omg! I love my Roomba too. My kids have nicknamed her Candy. She is on a timer to start at 9 and then I manually put it (her) on again later in the afternoon. I would love to get one for my basement too. I will have to check out Kijiji.

  63. I whatch your videos while i breastfeed my 7 week old. I have 2 other children that are 5 and 7 so i am always trying to find quick ways to tidy up. Your page is so helpful, keep up the great work 🙂

  64. I, I’m from Chile and I have a question if anybody can answer. I have always rinsed when I use any product on any surface. Don’t you need to rinse (wash away?) The cleaning product once you applied it?? How do I find a product that needs no rinsing?
    Sorry if my English is not appropriate at times. Thank you!!!!

    1. ClutterBug thank you for your answer! I wanna take the time to thank you for the book you wrote (the 1st one) I read it 2 weeks ago and I’m in the process of cleaning my life hahaha now I’m just binging in your videos!! You are amazing! I have the feeling I will stay clean and clutter free for good. Thank you!!

    2. I’ve never rinsed a product before…maybe I should? I guess I assumed if the products were natural cleaners you wouldn’t have to rinse

  65. So smart to keep the old ones for parts!! 😮

  66. Great video! I knew you were from Canada. I can tell by your accent ☺.

  67. They do robot mops too, love them, so much easier!

  68. I got the roomba! Any tips?! I have a little one

  69. What can you not use vinegar on

  70. I totally agree with you !! I love love my Roomba❤️

  71. yours are the FIRST collabs with another you tuber I have ever seen where you are NOT in each other’s video’s. how did you collaborate? are you sharing her tips and she’ll share yours?
    not trying to be rude. I love your video’s and they always inspire me but I am honestly confused on what exactly you collaborated on. all I saw was you advertise her video..thats not collaborating…??? is it? I mean I guess you collaborated together to advertise each other’s video’s but that’s it.

  72. I love watching you, it gives me motivation to clean. I loved the video on the menu planning you did recently. I’m working on a meal planning book & menu board from old cookie sheet, I recently made a DIY dining room centerpiece with flowers I was given in a tote everyone said throw away (they missed the gem in that tote) that I found. I also got my candles on my centerpiece that’s all on a serving type tray & it can be changed out each season. Great video ladies!

  73. Love your videos I keep forgetting that here in England UK we have Pound shop just like your dollar stores but when i am writing notes for myself i keep putting dollar stores thanks for making me smile

  74. Does the room a do carpets?

  75. I am happy to hear you love your Rumba. I hate mine. I’m putting mine up for sale. I hate how often you have to dump the tray. It is to small and stops to often. It misses alot and take way to long to vacuum. I paid lots of money for this and so disappointed.

    1. Nancy Edwards I’ve had a few roombas over the years and I’ve figured out a few tricks. The one that might make you love yours if you haven’t sold it already is to buy the upgraded bin if it’s available for your model. It’s larger, quieter and the roombas I’ve used them on perform better. Also using the invisible walls (they have been called many things over the years) on the models that came before the most current models help a lot to contain it to a decent sized area that it can clean if your floor plan is problematic.
      A seam ripper helps if the brush bar is annoying you to clean. I clean the bearings etc as the manual instructions say to do but I also take mine apart and clean the inner compartments once a year. You’d be surprised what gets in there…. Wiping the sensors is quick but surprisingly efficient and easy to forget.
      Overall though, I hope you keep yours and check out an aerovac upgraded bin (or whatever the name is for the model you have).
      The upgraded bin/filter though, I would not own a roomba if it wasn’t for finding out about those back in 2008-ish. I was frustrated with mine back then as well. Now I’m on my fourth and it’s been working great for over five years with my little tricks.
      (Btw I’m kinda lazy hence the roomba, so the tricks I mentioned I do not spend a lot of time on and I don’t do any time consuming maintenance except for yearly).

  76. I love my Swiffer mop! Well actually mine is an O-cedar brand, but I can still put in my own formula & rewash the pads. Luv it! I also have a duster like that. My old hand-vac died on me so I guess Santa’s gonna have to get me a new one.

  77. I have the Rubbermaid mop and LOVE it! my husband said recently…”why can’t we get a ‘real’ mop? I hate this thing.” and I told him if he wanted to be the one to ACTUALLY mop all the time he can go for it otherwise shut it! I love my rubbermaid mop!! lol

  78. Thank you for your amazing advice

  79. Hi Cas, I wondered if you might do a video about how to take apart Roombas =) with tips on extending battery life and stuff. I have one from 2002 and just bought a functioning (somewhat) one on eBay for $40+$20 shipping. I bought a new battery for $21 (eBay, but not iRobot- Amazon looks like it has real iRobot batteries for about $42) and it ran for about 3 hours altogether, but battery won’t recharge again. I also found some REALLY cheap little robot vacs on eBay for $16.97~! Half the size of Roomba and twice as loud, but a super affordable option. There is also a $20 robot dust mop, but it doesn’t work well wet as claimed. It DOES work dry. The mini for $16.97 has the best battery life! Pretty awesome lol So, yeah, you’ve totally sparked the Roomba hoarder in me haha and I’d love to see you geek out even further on Roombas~!

  80. Omg your roomba graveyard 😂 👍

  81. put a dollar store cookie sheet with contact paper under the bird cage!

  82. I have that mop, I love it, I mop the floor a few times a day just bc

  83. t was so inspired by this that I bought both the expanding duster and a similar mop yesterday. How did I love without these?!! Roomba on the wish list. THANK YOU!!!

  84. I LOVE watching you!!

  85. Show demonstrate then done

  86. Boring GOSH MOVE ON

  87. my one product cleaner is the young living thieves cleaner cuz I can use it with my daughter nearby

    1. I got my mop at Aldi and even use the cleaner in the solution. plus with dollar tree you can go online and order to ship to store. while it does have to be in bulk things like containers if your buying a bunch anyway may bee a good option

  88. love u and enjoy ur videos

  89. I love you! Do you mean dollar general or which one?

  90. I had just tried your 30 min clean up a few weeks ago and was totally surprised sweeping was not on your list.  Now I know why.  I have never bought a Roomba.  I always figured they were an expensive fad thing.  Now I’ll have to get myself one!

  91. You are hilarious and your tips are awesome! I’m your new biggest fan! : )

  92. I am so stoked that you are in Canada 🇨🇦 yay!! Oftentimes I cannot get the products that Us bloggers would be speaking about. Your channel is amazing. I am binge watching 👻

    1. Where were you 59 years ago when I really really needed you? Love your ideas👍

  93. pls tell me how to clean my wood cabinets in the kitchen

  94. I had to return my rumba because my first floor has no walls. It was too much space (1500 sq ft) and it would kill its battery overnight and not find its dock. Also… this is a fun story 😂

  95. You’re video’s are so helpful and i like you’re voice lol

  96. You are just adorable!

  97. I used to have one of the round floor broom but it didn’t sweep everywhere. it was like the first map it did it just kept following the same path so I stopped using it

  98. Do you let the bird fly around????
    I love your videos by the waaaaayyy I’m so addicted!

  99. im from canada too, where do u get your method cleaners from?

  100. I’m new to your channel and I live it! 🙂

  101. Simple and easy. Use an almost clear fabric and velcro, these two items will help you to make a (skirt) for your bird cage. place it around the cage and every little mess the bird makes it will be kept inside the cage. see that the skirt should be fitted bottom and top. God bless.

  102. poor bird. please buy him a friend!

  103. So, it wasn’t until I went to Canadian Tire that I realized that we use “method” foam soap in our bathroom. Lol. That’s where I found your all purpose cleaner. Right below my favourited soap. I bought the pink grapefruit and it works amazingly. Thanks for the suggestion as I wouldn’t of tried it without out it.

  104. They need to make a roomba carpet cleaner.

  105. Ah, you’re in 🇨🇦 cool. Me too.

  106. Send the bird to a sanctuary….birds were never meant to be caged. 🙁

    1. ClutterBug
      Aw, it’s good that you let him out to fly free everyday. A lot of people don’t 🙁
      P.S. Love your book so far! 🙂

    2. 🙁 I love my birdie. He spends at least 3-4 hours a day flying around free.

  107. You mentioned that you have a few pets. How often do you empty your roomba? I have an Akita and he sheds a lot. We are hesitate to get one sine we are worried the amount of fur would break it.

    1. I’ve had large super hairy dogs that shed massively for years lol I always upgrade the bin to the aerovac one (My newest roomba is 5 yrs old now and still working great!) the bin upgrade as well as the regular cleaning it mentions in the manual helps a lot.
      You can find videos about this next Roomba life extension trick but I’ll type it out anyhow:
      1) After awhile your warranty will expire (I recommend Squaretrade) after that you can
      2) Clean out the inner machine before it breaks! You’d be surprised what finds it way inside a roomba!
      Basically all the models I’ve had, take the plate, assembly etc off (where you see easy to reach screws, those areas come off and go back on easily).. Get in there and marvel at the dust and hair you find and the accomplishment you’ll feel after rescuing your Roomba!
      Oh and replacement parts that are generic work fine. Exception is a battery. Be very picky and research a replacement battery if you should ever need one. A lot of them are junk and you might regret wasting the money. I learned the hard way…Or go with the name brand replacement.
      My late 500’s series just got its first (generic) replacement battery. Woot! So, Go Team Roomba! 😂

    2. My sister had an Akita…such a beautiful dog! My dog doesn’t shed, so I only have to empty it once a week or so. You may have to empty everyday. It beeps and says “please empty roomba” when it is full!

  108. 👍🏻

  109. u save my life

  110. eeeeeeuuuuuuue

  111. Buy or make a skirt that goes around the bottom of the cage. It was a life saver when I had a parrot.

  112. Hello Cass, just caught up with this video and wanted to let everyone know that with 5 kids and a husband who died from cancer, I hated cleaning. Worse still I hated cleaning with chemicals. I found “enjo”. It is a little expensive to start, but pays for itself as you go. Also you dont have to buy it all at once, just purchase as you go along. Best of all it cleans and disinfects, YES DISINFECTS using only water!!!!! This product does a better job than anything else on the market. I challenge you to try it. I personly wouldn’t be without it, and I don’t even sell it. BTW I LOVE LOVE LOVE your chanel. Thankyou.

  113. Are the all in one cleaners available in the USA? I don’t think I have seen them, but I will look again.

  114. Is there anywhere that we might find these tips in print? I don’t have time nor the desire to sit and watch a bunch of videos with a bunch of added stuff thrown in. I just want something that I can quickly look through and see if any of the tips are of interest and if not, then I can move on.

  115. A maid! lololol (I wish!)

  116. I have just started to watch your videos! Such great advice. When we get into our new house I am hoping to get a roomba. I love the parakeet you got your daughter. With a bird in the house cleaning your house could be more of a challenge. Yes they are very messy , but they also have very sensitive respiratory systems. So any cleaners that are smelly can kill the bird. Also, non-stick pans can also be deadly to them. You have to make sure your pans are PFOA AND PTFE free. If they have those ingredients in them, then it could kill the bird. I know all about this as I have 4 parakeets, and 3 parrots! Using cleaners with a lot of smell good stuff is not good for them. I have some Norwex products and they work really well. I have a cleaning cloth and a shining cloth that require no cleaners. And they work really well!! No I don’t sell these, and am not being paid by them.

  117. your rumba battle!!! lol!

  118. you are so funny and real! love it!

  119. OMG Roomba collection. Hand held vacuum. Yes please

  120. HU, What u can’t use vinegar on everything?? lol why not ..:(

  121. So glad I found your channel, Im gonna have to sub, especially now that I find out u r Canadian..;) Where iN CA? XOXO L

  122. i need a rumba i got 4 kids sweap 3-4 times a day

  123. When you say “Dollar Store”..which are you referring to?  I seem to never find anything storage wise at Dollar Tree..and ours is brand new.

  124. omg I love you lol

  125. If you still have your bird and you haven’t heard of this you will LOVE it!! We have 7 birds and it saved my sanity!! Seriously!! Lol Love your vids!
    Tidy Seed No-Mess Bird Feeder

    1. Thank you soooo much. I just ordered one now!

  126. HELLO Cas U am new to your site im getting carried away with your enthusiasm i end up potting you on hold then ive hurried off cleaned some of the kitchen clutter made a cup of tea (british ha ha ) and then came back to watch the rest .I have never seen a roomba I want one Im if the check ebay by for now x

  127. The reason why you are better than other organizer vlogs is that you keep it real and don’t get extravagant with organizing and cleaning. You have a real life.

    1. True

  128. OK I’m new hello and I love you !!!! great ideas and excellent solutions to a lot of my issues!!!! I have a 19 yr old daughter and a 6 yr old boy who is Autistic which brings in a whole new “got to get and stay organized situation” thank you I’m sharing he heck out of you on fb as well!!!!!

  129. CHECK IT OUT ! Move: Passengers……. Why? You’ll love the futurist Roomba’s
    I just saw the movie and Roomba’s and instantly thought of you

  130. I can’t do without my Shsrk Steamer. My 1 product cleaners are Windex with Vinegar(doesn’t strip my finish. I just put a little on a paper towel and use it like a light duster cloth) and Mrs Meyers All Purpose Cleaner.

  131. I got a Roomba for Christmas thanks to you! Thanks Cass!

    1. Already use Method. Great product!

  132. We have a shopvac in our garage for my and my husbands vehicles! We never go to the car wash unless we are traveling.

    I am getting a Rubbermaid mop! I’m tired of having to buy swifter cleaner!

  133. you look so good! I haven’t been on your channel for 8 months or so. seriously blessings to you. I’m trying to lose and keep it that way. slow >_>

  134. I like this lady.

  135. bahaha. “Frankenstein them back together!”

  136. I am looking for a roomba as we speak. I have all hardwood floors and I think it’s a great idea to have multiple room as……

  137. Can you use those cleaners on stainless steel?

  138. have you tried the Braava by iRobot?

    1. No! I will have to look into it

  139. nope the battling roombas set me off again…… good video 🙂

  140. slight problem…can you not be so funny. I had to pause the tape while I stopped myself laughing about the roombas lol the Frankenstein bit was the last straw…

  141. youtube made me buy it. thanks, clutterbug….i now have a cheap version roomba and a
    hand vac. well worth the money. what was i waiting for?????

    1. ClutterBug can u plz subscribe to my channel so I can have at least 1 subsciber P.S. if anyone sees this plz subscribe to me and like my videos

    2. So glad you like it!!! They are life changing

  142. Where do you keep your roomba’s?

    1. Plugged in different rooms on the floor

  143. That’s just a waste of everything! Energy, recources, money… but yeah, it saves time. So it must be…

  144. You’ve turned me into an aspiring roomba collector 🙏

  145. My life is so much easier with bins!!!!

  146. Omg…I love my Roomba. Only have one though.

  147. I have one Roomba and am planning to get another so my kids don’t need to schelp ‘Jeeves’ up and downstairs (my 2nd Roomba will be called Wooster – I’m from London LOL). My real question is – I heard the Roomba scratches hardwood floor, is that true? Have you had this problem- or can recommend a good model for hardwood floors. Thanks!! 🙂

  148. my vileda map got broken 3 months after i bought it 🙁 but it’s a must

  149. Love your channel! Thanks for the tips!!

  150. you dont get extra points scrubbing like cinderella! bahaha! 😂😂😂

  151. Can you start adding the dates on your video… I can’t fine the latest one

    1. Like, in the title? Are you subscribed to me? I will check my channel to see if latest uploads are at the top! Thanks!

  152. Your a great speaker , you should have your own show. Wait you doooo.
    Keep it up, I’m sure you get haters… people like that will never change.
    On a good note we are in your “Like Club” which I’m sure has more people.
    Do u have a video on getting kids ready for school in the morning

  153. You probably would Love the iRobot Braava or Scooba. Its the Roomba style mop

  154. i loved my roomba. it was such a help with all the dog hair…. unfortunatley i had to sell it and it is the worst mistake i ever made.

  155. What do you think rumbas for carpet? I love your tips

  156. I just ADORE you girl!!! Yore so funny & so real! I love your videos so much– helped me in lots of ways- AND I totally GET the weight struggle– can you say “YOYO”?!?! But, like my husby keeps telling me: its NOT hopeless!!!! I have thyroid & menopausal issues that make me insane about my weight– I’m pretty much 100 lbs over what I should be- & I refuse to eat plastic or take drugs to help me. But the older I get the easier it gets MENTALLY to eat healthier– plus, now that my kids are out of the house- nit as much CRAPPY FOOD in the house,too 😜( sorry– that doesn’t help you though–) I want you to know that you crack me up, lighten my load, energize my world & let me know I’m NORMAL!! Lol😉😁take care, girl!!! Thanks for all you do!! 💗💐🌷🍹

  157. you are awesome cass. love your channel. loved the rumba battle that made me laugh.

  158. You dont get points for doing it hard way.. COrrect…

  159. Try Norwex enviro cloth and the polishing cloth. They are top notch microfiber cloths. You use only water and the mirrors are streak free.

  160. My mop leaked. Have you ever had that problem?

  161. this was great. now I want to buy all your cleaning tools.

    1. I DID~! haha I bought everything she showed in this! She should be a QVC presenter =)

  162. I have the mop and it’s great! Still need a roomba, vacuuming is killing me. Try the stuff for car windows for your windows, water beads right off;)

  163. I have one cat and the fur is killing me ! please do a video on how to clean up easily after pets. you have 2 cats..a dog and now a bird. you’re my hero !

  164. Oooh…LOVE the cordless Shark vac…and will be getting one for my car now! GREAT tips here!!

  165. I miss kijiji!  The US version of kijiji changed to eBay Classifieds several years ago.  And now that changed to some other thing that is ridiculous.  Anyway….I love your tips!  And I love you!  🙂

  166. Birds are messy. But there is something you can put around the bottom of their cage and it will keep the seeds and mess a little more contained.

  167. I love and like you soooo much, but please do not have the bird in (t)his cage.The cage is soo small.

    1. I’m on the hunt for a bigger one…and a friend

  168. Darn. I was going to buy a roomba till I saw this craziness.

  169. Try a Neato, we had a roomba before and liked it, but we are sooooo much happier with our Neato now. incredible. you must.

    1. 😀

    2. Maybe when one of mine dies I’ll give it a try!

  170. Bought my spin mop yesterday. I’m in LOVE! Been searching for a new mop for months and hated everything I tried. It doesn’t leave streaks on my laminate floors. Thank you!!!

  171. I appreciate your loose screw! lol😉❤️

    1. Thanks!

  172. very helpful video

  173. I love the way you talk !!! And very good tips always.

  174. method ❤❤❤

  175. I really need that rumba thing! You are so funny a “screw loose” ! Thanks for the tip I will hunt on kijiji… I have 3 dogs 1 parrot and a cat now and it is HELL! LOL!

  176. I love your channel!! makes my life easier!! 🍂🍂

  177. Roomba is always on my wishlist! I love how you let them battle 😉 Great Collab!

  178. Treat yo self!! Love it lol

  179. My main problem is when i go sick as a working parent, then Everything gets messed up and clutter builds up

  180. Omg I love your channel! I feel motivated to clean and organize now LOL I’m for sure getting that mop! xx

  181. lol I’m a room a collector too! I have three and I also Frankenstein them as needed. I couldn’t live without my roombas- mine are even named “wall-e and eve” from the Pixar movie lol and Rosie (like the maid on the jetsons) have you noticed that you have a favorite? lol

    1. Stupid autocorrect above — room a should be roomba

  182. Came over from LIVING ON A DIME with Tawra! Just getting back to going through things that I need to get rid of and thought I would check out your channel. Thank you for the videos..Now I will go check more out!

  183. I love that you have FOUR! Love you, Cass! Work smarter not harder, an I right? ❤️👍

  184. Birds Are Freakin Messy! Measure around the bottom perimeter of the birdcage with about a 5 inch strip of material. Place Velcro on the ends and, voila! You have a bird cage skirt. Easily removed if you need to get into the cage. 🐥

    1. Thanks, I will try that!

  185. I love, love, love your enthusiasm for all these products. You’re hilarious! Thanks for the tips & tricks.

  186. I absolutely looooooove my Roomba! I named it “Roger”. He’s my cleaning assistant! 😉

    1. Love the name Roger!

  187. Since you are so crazy about Roomba, curious to know why you don’t use roomba mop. I am considering it and hence the question

  188. Command hooks too!

  189. Your videos are always so entertaining!

  190. Does the portable Shark vac have good suction?
    I’m asking because I tried one by Dirt Devil and it was horrid, it barely had any suction so it was useless. Brands do matter, if one works better than the other! 🙂

  191. Newer subscriber here 🙂 I am really considering buying a Roomba (you were hilarious btw!!) but with 2 active & playful cats I’m worried they’ll disrupt it…Did you have any issues using it with your pets? Thanks!!

  192. Love your floor color, thanks for showing off your favorite household chore helpers! #ytmm

  193. Can you tell me if ot gets under your living room furniture? (Roomba)

  194. Give me that robot!!!😄

  195. Awesome

  196. Awesome video! Your energy is great! My life is better because of many of the helpful hints you suggest.

  197. Cas check out Norwex videos on YouTube. They have changed my life!

  198. Omg, I love my Roomba! I’ve had mine for 7 years.

  199. My Kenmore Progressive eliminated 3 of those products. I am in love and just as quick as a Rumba. I love my vac, maybe too much! 😂

  200. I love Dollar Tree containers but they are only out seasonaly, like after Christmas and in the spring. My local Dollar Trees haven’t had many good containers in awhile. I’m thinking I have to wait for after Christmas to get some more good ones.

  201. The clip of you and the roombas was awesome. I’m totally convinced I need one now. Totally going to check out kijiji. Also that handheld vacuum…girl, seriously. Where has that been all my life?? As you were explaining I was realizing how very badly I need one of those guys!

    1. Look on eBay, too! I got one for $60 total that just needed a battery!

    2. SweetlyHome – Mandi Hahaha. Me too!!

    3. I read that! I was dying! My husband was seriously confused, until I read it to him (he was driving) and he started cracking up!

    4. Also – I’m sure you did, but if not, you’ve got to google the story about the Roomba that drove through dog poop. It was hilarious! I thought of you when I first heard it. 😂😂

  202. Hi! Thanks for the video. Made me laugh out loud, I do
    Love your vacuum cleaners lol

  203. Love your video! I sometimes clean my entire home with some liquid dish soap in a bucket with warm water and a rag. It works just fine! 😀 Money spent = next to 0.

  204. i saw u using the rubbermaid reveal a few vids ago and went and got one. OMG! best thing i have ever had thank you so much.

  205. Great tips!

  206. Love it

  207. please share the solution you put in the mop. I have one and did equal parts of some Myers floor cleaner and it’s always sooooo sticky. I’ve watered it down and still doesn’t work. I’d love to know what you put in yours.

    1. I put a squirt of Dawn dish-washing liquid and filled it with water and it’s been great even on laminate flooring =) I’m so glad she shared that Rubbermaid mop! My neat freak friend was in awe when she found out the microfiber pad was washable =)

  208. method brand is my favorite! no chemicals, cheap, and smell divine 😍😍 i love your videos!🙌

  209. How does the Roomba do on hard word floors,, porcelain tile, and rugs? I don’t have any carpet in my entire housel Just curious what you think.

  210. I was the 1,000 like…….kinda neat to watch it go from 999 to 1,000. It’s the little things, right? haha Great tips! My favorite all-purpose cleaner is Mr. Clean concentrate that smells like Gain…..add water to a tad of solution and it cleans everything (although I still use Windex for all glass and mirrors). I also use blue Dawn a lot. You also have me putting toilet bowl cleaner in a spray bottle to clean my tile shower surround with… so great on the grout! Just have to set the spray to more of a stream because if it gets too misty, it runs you out of the house! 🙂 TFS

    1. I am obsessed with using Dawn in the green apple scent to clean everything in my kitchen. I love the smell!

  211. A roomba is on my wishlist.

  212. Fun video.

  213. i always wanted a Roomba!!!! haha you have 8! that is crazy!!! lol

  214. Great tips thanks Cas! u just bought a vileda mop and love it!! I actually mop now

  215. All the rumbas in the beginning cracked me up!

  216. I just bought a roomba and the reveal mop on your recommendation and I love them both!! I love a clean house and I’m lazy so it’s a perfect combo lol

  217. The bird be like…messy who?I don’t even move let a alone spread seeds!

  218. you look amazing, i wish i had your will power

  219. Awesome and wow u have a lot of roomba’s lol love this video 🙂

  220. Looooooove this video!! And of course your personality!

  221. I LOVE your videos! You speak my language… I’m a clean freak, but completely lazy. You’re systems work for me!! 🙂

  222. What do you put in your mop? Vim? I wish I could find vim here in the USA. Do you know what an equivalent would be?

  223. Loved this video! Please PLEASE do a separate video dedicated to your use of Roombas. I’m so curious do you set them on a timer, have different ones in different zones, etc. We have to know. Thanks for all you do.

    1. Sure!

  224. Your BEST video everrrrrrrrr!!!
    Well done!

    1. @ClutterBug REALLY!!! 🙂 🙂

    2. Yes, the Roomba battle was hilarious. 🙂

    3. Really? Thanks.

  225. My cat’s litter box is in the basement so I have to leave the door open. Will the vacuum fall down the stairs?? I think I need to invest in a programable vacuum.

    1. No, it has a fall sensor. It won’t fall down stairs and the new ones don’t bump into walls or furniture either

  226. I enjoyed cleaning the old fashion way just only because a 1000 calories can be burned which replace gym time..Great ideas for those lazy weekends.

  227. My mom used to announce when she was starting the Rumba, and we’d run to the living room, grab a seat, and watch it do its thing lmao.

    1. Lol…I announce so my kids will run and pick up their toys! “The Roomba will eat anything on the floor”!

  228. Love when you do helpful tips & tricks videos like this! Thanks Cass! 🙂

  229. get that bird a bigger cage!!

    1. ClutterBug
      Birds should not have to live in a CAGE. Very sad. 🙁

    2. and a friend for the bird 🙂

    3. It is pretty small, isn’t it 🙁

  230. A Roomba wouldn’t work in my would get stuck under our beds lol My main cleaning product is a Dollar Tree spray bottle full of rubbing alcohol. I use it on everything. It is streak free, disinfects, and I love the smell of it. I can also add essential oil to it for refreshing fabrics, furniture, mattresses and pillows. It’s my go to for everything 🙂 I’ve never found a little vac that is strong enough…. how would you rate the suction power of yours?

    1. Thanks!

    2. It is pretty good, gets all the bird seed no problem

  231. Wow! I have not seen you in a while (just less time for youtube) – you’ve lost some weight! You can totally see it in your face. Awesome! You look great!

    1. I can relate 🙁 it’s OK, you’re beautiful no matter what

    2. I’ve been gaining so much back! Food and I are not friends.

  232. I just love you! any your eyes are the same pretty teal color as your accent color!

  233. My Dollar Stores around here have the worst container selection!!! Is there some trick of when they get delivered to stores? Every time I go in, they are totally picked over and I can’t find much at all! Also, I would LOVE a Roomba. I want to set it to run for when I’m at work. I definitely don’t want to spend a fortune though, so a used one might be best. It does scare me a little that I might get a piece of junk though. Any pointers? What model would you recommend?

    1. @ClutterBug what is the mop solution you make? Thanks, love your stuff!!!!!!

    2. As long as you can test it when you get there and it runs for over a minute, you should be good. Anything 500+ series is great, the 400 series was pretty crappy.

  234. For hard floors and shedding dogs the robot vacuum is great! The Rubbermaid mop is the only one I haven’t broken from applying too much pressure- best mop ever. For people with tile or surfaces that can handle it the bissel steam mop is excellent ( better than the shark).

  235. Thank you for the tips! I love how you highlighted the fireplace. Maybe you can do a video on that!

    1. It is just up lights from Walmart. Just $9 each!!!

  236. haha, i’m definitely guilty of cleaning EVERYTHING with glass cleaner 😂😂

    1. It works so great on so many surfaces!!!

  237. just wondering if anyone else has noticed when I thumbs up her tutorials the number does not change 🤔

    1. Yes that happens some times.

  238. wanna see your fall decor this year 😆

    1. I will!!

  239. i want one of those you have too many. lol

    1. Lol, but I love each and everyone…even my dying one that needs to be repaired every month and only runs for about 15 minutes and then dies…I get really attached to my

  240. Cheap wood like me!!! Love it.😂

  241. Lots of great tips. Thanks for sharing.

  242. LOVEEEEEEEEE!!!!! 💕💕💕💕💕

  243. No bonus points?!?! 😰😰😰😂😂😂😂

    1. I KNOW! Sorry about that. Tomorrow I have a sad story to share!

  244. oh I use 50% vinegar and water on everything! Yikes, why can’t I do that? I don’t have granite but I do use it on hardwood, tile and laminate. I have an OLD roomba and need a new one! I also love my steam mop.

    1. Actually vinegar will strip the shine off your laminate flooring, but tile is ok.

    2. Vinegar can strip the finish off some surfaces. It striped some poly off my cabinets!! Yikes! Tile and Laminate are fine though!

  245. Omg I am in shock you didn’t mention lint rollers!! I use those on EVERYTHING!!! I am obsessive and it’s scary. 🙂

    1. Definitely a must if you have dogs.

    2. Awesome idea ladies!!!! Thank you for that – using the vacuum attachment to vacuum the lampshades is just annoying!!!

    3. Great for lampshades and upholstery!

  246. Do the Roombas stop when they come to your rugs?

    1. No, they just go and vacuum the rugs!

  247. You talking about Roombas is my favorite every time!

  248. You look so lovely Your blouse and earrings are very pretty

  249. Great tips! I have one for you too! I used to have parakeets and you can buy (Or make) something called a seed catcher that keeps all that seed from being tossed all over. It really cuts down on the mess!

  250. I love birds, but they are the messiest animals I have ever owned. Ant suggestions?

    1. My best advice to you is to do a quick daily clean. It really helps with the amount of dust. Also you can get food cups that have a cover, or deeper ones that keep the mess in. Hope that helps!

    2. Any

  251. You always give the best tips…thank you!!

  252. great tips,you always look so very pretty ☺

  253. Bot battles!

  254. what about corners? would the bots get them?

  255. I went to buy the reveal mop and they don’t sell them at walmart anymore… They have a walmart brand just like it for 15.00 .. I love it, it works perfect . Thanks for all your tips!!

  256. What cleaner do you use in your Rubbermaid mop to clean your wood floors?

  257. Cas you are so funny with the number of Roombas. Got my first Roomba last week and love it like a family member too. My entire downstairs is tile and was thinking of getting the Scooba…anyone every own one? Are they worth buying?

  258. You are too funny! You could have your own web series battle bots – roomba version! 😂

    1. Shelly Jones

    2. Shelly Jones ROOMBA BATTLE!!!!!!!! Lol

    3. The 360 swifter duster (2 combined basically) are awesome to clean blinds.

  259. My original roomba is 8 years old. I’ve replaced the battery once and need to do it again. We got a second roomba 3 years ago so my old one moved downstairs. I find them at Sam’s club around Christmas for about $200. A game changer for sure with dogs and the dusty environment I live in. I run them every single day! My dream is to someday have the mopping roomba (swoon).

  260. Rumba Queen! 👑 You are hilarious 🙂 Thanks for the tips. I need to look into getting one of those mops.

  261. Great tips! I really want to get one of those portable dust buster vacuums now! I can’t agree that “scrubbing floors like Cinderella” isn’t worth the time. Lol! I always scrub my kitchen floor on my hands and knees with a rag but last time, for the first time, I first scrubbed a few squares with a hard bristle brush then wiped with a rag. BOY did I get a ton of dirt and my floors had looked clean before I even did it! It’s because my vinyl is textured and rag scrubbing (or using a mop on a stick) just doesn’t cut it. I suggest using a hard bristle brush every few mop cycles for other people with textured vinyl floors.

  262. Great tips might consider buying a Rumbas

  263. I gotta get one of those roombas. I vacuum everyday. It’s so time consuming. I’m going to try that reveal mop.

  264. Where did you get the hamper that’s between your washer and dryer at?

    1. Bahaha yes, ma’am. I’m still very new at this YouTube comments thing. Sorry for the confusion.

    2. Hilary Hart I think you meant to leave that comment for me, correct? I got the hamper at IKEA. 😊

  265. Love your loose screw. Makes me feel human!!

  266. Great tips. I do use most of these. My favourite all purpose cleaner is to fill a spray bottle with water and add about 1 Tbsp of dish soap. I also add a few drops of essentialmoils, but that isn’t necessary.

  267. we have the same mop its amazing. i need get a hand held vacuum i keep pulling out big vacuum 3 to 4 times a day lol

  268. your personality has given me life for years! thanks for the tips

  269. Rumbas, OMG I am cracking up!! Thanks

  270. yassssss girl yassss!!!!

  271. love your video clutterbug

  272. I enjoyed collaborating with you on this Cas and as usual, you made me laugh! You and your Roombas are so funny. I can just imagine your kids coming home one day and you’re sitting on the couch stroking the Roomba like you would a cat. lol Great video and great tips! 🙂

    1. Linda Shelley Hahaha, I’m dying!!!😂😂😂

    2. I know..that was so funny! 🙂

    3. aplacetonest When she turned them all on at once it was just like Robot Wars but with Rhumbas (sp?) – Rhumba Wars!!!

    4. abbylayla2000 Thank you so much!

    5. Your video was amazing too. I loved all of your tips 🙂

  273. Another great informative video beautiful 😍 I need to get the cordless vac

  274. Do you decorate for Halloween? Would love to see it? Thanks for the awesome video!

  275. Dust Buster! Flashback to my childhood! 🙂

  276. I want a Roomba so bad because I have 3 dogs and dark hardwood floors. The issue I have is that I have seen where they get caught on area rugs and burn them. Does this actually happen or is it a fluke? I need to stop sweeping everyday!!!

  277. That cage is quite small and sad for a bird 🙁

    1. Better than in the cats mouth 🐱

    2. I thought the same thing 🙁

  278. We need more footage of the Roomba battle!!!

  279. Hi Cas!! Great tips!! I am going to look for a roomba!! Tfs, Liza :))

  280. I would LOVE a roomba but it’s out of my budget right now 🙁 I hate hoovering, it hurts my back and with 4 kids, 2 cats and a messy husband (and me too…I’m not the tidiest person in the world) I feel like I need to hoover twice a day atleast!

    1. The Bashford Bunch they are so expensive where I live to. I really want one but I don’t have the 700- 1000$ it costs

  281. Does your room a clean under furniture well? I love how I can save money with my mop instead of having to keep putting money into like how you do a swiffer!

  282. Please get a second bird…..😒

    1. I will not buy a bird because I think it’s so strange to keep it in a cage, idk I feel like it has to be flying free

    2. I lost a dove and a sparrow because I owned them at different times. 🙁

    3. We are hoping he bonds with us. I have him with me for hours during the day and then Abby plays with him at night. We are giving him a bit of time. If he won’t bond, we will get him a mate

  283. Great tips, Tfs

  284. great video and tips x

  285. I need that mop and handheld cordless vacuum! 🙂

    1. Yes, I got the Rubbermaid Reveal mop and it was wonderful. I use it with a solution of vinegar, water, alcohol and a few drops of dish detergent and a little bit of essential oil for scent. It cleans wonderfully. I cannot say enough good things about it. The cons of the mop — having to wash the reusable heads (I bought a whole bunch) and I have read that the nozzle will clog if you leave your cleaning solution in there. I always take the solution out after I’m done mopping, rinse out the bottle and fill it with clean water and spray five times to clear the nozzle.

  286. I understand the Rooms obsession. I have the same problem with actual vacuums. I’ve lost count of how many in our house😫

  287. Great ideas, Roomba Queen!
    You had mentioned you love your Roomba before but you didn’t tell us that you LOVVVVE it that much! :b

    1. this video will shut those people who say she would endorse any thing for money . Her genuine review shows . love her

  288. A roomba is going on my wishlist!!

  289. I love all of these ‘helpers’! Definitely going to look into a roomba, hate vacuuming it is way to painful to bend with my health issues and my partner dosn’t like doing it often enough!

  290. Great ideas. Going to have to look to investing in some of those. Any robotic dishwashers out there? lol. That is what I hate as do them by hand.

  291. This is the best tips and tricks for housecleaning that i’ve ever seen. Many Thanks:-)) Fabulous Channel!

  292. I love your videos. You have so many good ideas and u inspire me to be more organized. I love your roombas(I know i didn’t spell correctly ) lol TFS

  293. Ok, I realise this makes me incredibly immature, but….

    teehehe. Your daughter’s pet bird ‘spreads its seed’ all over the place. (chuckle!)

    Sorry, that’s out of my system now. I won’t be offended if I discover this comment has been deleted :). Great video. Thank you for all your hard work!

  294. still loving my roomba, pet hair is nasty and traditional sweeping wasn’t cutting it.

  295. We have a robot vacuum too and when that one is done running, we have a Swiffer robot! Love your tips and tricks!

    1. Terry Hansen swiffer robot?

  296. Great as always!

  297. Love this video! What great tips and a great concept

  298. Love love love this video! I need one of those mops. I used to own a wetjet but didn’t liked having to buy the cleaning solution. Also really into homemade/natural cleaning products right now. So the Reveal mop looks just perfect. Thanks so much!

  299. You are such a delight.  You have such great ideas and you inspire me to organize my spaces, home, office, work space.  Thanks for being such a great motivator.

  300. Great tips, love your videos and your personality!

  301. I love the idea of the Roomba’s but I’m concerned that my two small dogs might continually bark at it or try to bite it 😀

    1. Before you buy one see if any friends have 9ne you can borrow to try out on your dogs for their reaction.

  302. looking very Glamour’s today hun ! Great tips there !

  303. To help the bird mess, line the sides of inside of the cage so any seeds/ food doesn’t fling out the cage as easily and buy a grinding store so it doesn’t start chewing on the paper lining, cage, or their wooden stands.

  304. Great tips. I had a Roomba as a single woman and it saved me so much time and effort.

  305. Great idea with Rumba. How Rumba cleans corners and between furniture and walls if the space do not allow (like in your video under chairs)

  306. Great ideas.

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