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Household items for General Cleaning + Restoration!!!

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246 thoughts on “Household items for General Cleaning + Restoration!!!

  1. I finally know how to make soap and water 😂😂

  2. What did you just do man?

  3. I’ve been looking forever to find a way to clean my white shoes and this is the first one that actually works thank you

  4. You know them is just melamine foam right?

  5. Shit

  6. Dog them SHIT out of dem joints yo! The shoes I wear to wash my cars in aint even that rough looking 😂

  7. my mans cleaning the exact same shoes I was gonna clean

  8. What about patten leather

  9. 0:24 lol in ukraine mr.clean called “Mr.Proper”

  10. Song ?

  11. Anybody here in 2020?

  12. Clickbait

  13. yow yow yow, do you just leave the soapwater on the shoes or is there a special way to dry them?

  14. So you just take a little soap and water thanks for watching 😂😂😂😂

  15. I just throw mine in the washing machine and boom , clean

  16. How can I make the Bordeaux 7 look fresh again with house cleaners and what can make the maroon 6’s look fresh again to

  17. All of these videos are literally worthless… Im trying to restore these shoes and I keep finding useless jerkoffs like this

  18. yall clownin’ on dude for his tips, but its just helpful hints. i know when i first stated cleaning my shoes, i used 3/4 dawn and 1/4 water, and when my shoes would get wet when i was wearing em out, or it started raining, they get all foamed up from alot of soap still deep in the material. maybe some people have 1k yeezyz and dont know if they can clean it with soap and water. he explains what materials u can and cant use it on. thanks bro, i always used a toothbrush and a microfiber towel for suade and delicate materials, but id have to scrub hard af forever. i tried ur magic eraser technique and i got these mud stained ’10 nike sb blazers special editions back to deadstock type look…and i was gonna get Reshoevn8r lol

  19. but

  20. we didn’t see the end product…thats important for viewers. jsn (just saying) i made my own emoji 🙂

  21. Can i send you a pair of cement 5S that need some repainting

  22. Lost for words 👎🏼👎🏼

  23. Wait, I’m confused how do you make soap and water

  24. Le-ther

  25. 500,000 views, WOW. #1More

  26. How do I clean my yeezy 350 zebras

  27. “I made a video on how to make water soap” ?????

  28. This was clickbait them shoes don’t look nothing like the front photo

  29. 🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾

  30. can I use this to clean suade because I don’t have any solution left

    1. and it’s for my anthracite 9s

  31. Uuhh the great og broke nigga cleaning product..great

  32. U

  33. Retro sneakers not snickers

  34. What do i use for suede then fool i got a pair of skate shoes that are covered in dirt

  35. wouldn’t it make more since if the name of his channel was retrosneakers??

  36. sounds like he is saying retrosneakers not snickers

  37. bro those 4s are beat to hell

  38. Not useful , considering the things used are not even found in local markets .

    1. madmukesh i found the magic eraser in east Beijing

  39. What material is on the Bordeaux 7s

  40. Before reshoeven8tr 😒

  41. Shout Auto Cleaner is the best cleaner

  42. Reshoevn8r don’t provide him with the supply no more 😂😂😂 didn’t even know what the fuck to say, and he said he was goin to show the shoes and all he did was quit the video lol 😂 rather watch Restoration with Vick fucking dumb ass

  43. Him cleaning the shoes is satisfying

  44. Retro just to make sure you can use the tooth brush to clean the mesh right?

  45. yo next time know what you’re going to say , stop saying “UMM” the whole video

  46. holy shit they came out super clean
    yeah right !

  47. anyone know how to get the dirt out the hols of the ultra.flys

    1. toothbrush and soapy water, scrub with medium pressure, hard if you have to. it worked perfectly for me. If it still doesn’t work, throw them in a washing bag/dust bag and wash them in the washer, it won’t damage them

  48. eyyy can u make a video about how to make the bubbles and how to make the tooth brush go 360 dégressif

    1. scrub in circles

  49. Mi

  50. anyone know joe to clean jordan ultra flys? i can’t get the dirt off of the material that’s in the holes between the rubber

    1. richie baba I have the same problem

  51. U did all of this soap and water and I watched half of the vid just for u doing that shii man and u didn’t even clean that shoes good dumbass😂😂

  52. this dude really just taught me how to make soap and water 😂😂

    1. @Joe Johnson i just s
      The video

    2. Andrea Hudson sorry you three years late

    3. Boy

  53. I’m bouta go on his other video and learn how to make soap and water I’m still confused

    1. Real Aphid1233 you wild ASF

    2. Real Aphid1233 hahahaha

  54. ass boy

  55. Will this work on prime knit ultraboost 2.0

    1. yes

  56. “Make sure the soap doesn’t turn to the color of the soap”😂😂💀

    1. He meant make sure it stays clear but bruh

    2. LMAO

    3. 🤣🤣🤣

    4. lmao i was like “WATER!!!”

  57. This fake😡

  58. Will this work on mesh

    1. How about you shut the fuck up 🙂

    2. No

    3. yes

  59. hey! I have a new client that will be launching a new sneaker cleaning product. If we send you a sample can you do a review?

    1. Hey, I Can Do A Review.

    2. I would do a review if you want because i understand it is hard for you to be recognised by big youtubers

  60. does it need to be a mr clean or can i use a reg. sponge

  61. That work for me

  62. Hey man i Got som airmax 90’s and they have stains in white parts what can i do to clean them? please anybody tell me. Thanks

    1. I can do yours

    2. I can I do shoe restorations I just did a pair of LeBron 11s

  63. does it work on Kyrie 2s

  64. is it advisable for kobe 10 team?

  65. 2:55 that’s what she said 😂

  66. hi

  67. In Germany, Mr. Clean is named Master Propper.

  68. i just now noticed its spelt snickers and not sneakers. wow

  69. You said “um” so much 😂

  70. Thanks.

  71. how can i fix icy soles



    1. remove factory finish

  74. Do you know some good paint nd brushes to use for repainting

    1. +Jeff Gonzalez Angelus Direct 😑

    2. +MidnightCaption where can i buy them at

    3. I have found that the Princeton set that Angelus Direct sells is great.

  75. anyone

  76. they reds

  77. can someone clean my 5s

  78. How did they turn out 🤔

  79. bruh love the videos great restorations u give a lot of good advice apretiate it

  80. How much will it cost to restore my Jordan 14 black toe

  81. Mrclean is gay like really actually gay search it up

    1. +MkArmy101 hahaha, shhh trynna get these nudes

    2. +Javier Salgado boi

    3. You’re cute hmu

  82. that was all

  83. Nigga u ain’t do shit no pint in this video

  84. Mr. Clean is called Meister Proper in Germany 😀

    1. Is It Really? 😀

  85. How do you get ceases out of 10s

  86. it worked thanks

  87. wow there so dirty just buy a new pair

    1. +The House Of Kicks where your js at

    2. +. 😂😂 ill buy a brand new pair for 260

    3. Why if you could just clean them 😑😑

  88. can you use the soap and water on swade

  89. How do u restore suede

  90. How do u take the soap off after the tooth brush method

  91. his name is retro Snicker a.k.a chocolate bar

    1. 😂 did think about that

  92. can u do one for oreo 5s sueude and paint thanks

  93. yo jose I wanna know how to reglue my last shot 14s the sole is separated and people are saying it’s hard to do

  94. I wanna see you restore those

  95. I just washed mine with hand soap and water on a wash cloth and they are better then ever!

    1. +Tyler Idk both

    2. +Duckymomo316 dish soap of hand soap

    3. That’s one way to ruin your shoe, I heard all those chemicals in the soap will ruin the shoes

  96. damn u beat the fuck out of ure shoes

  97. Yeah Those magic erasers are the truth

  98. U said leather twice😂

  99. Who was wondering how to use a Mr clean magic eraser?😂😂😂

  100. I didn’t understand the soap and water tutorial can you make a full video. Thanks

    1. lmaoooo 😂😂😂😂😂

    2. its self explanatory lmao

    3. 😂😂💀💀

  101. At 2:39 he said he was gonna clean up his toro 4s but at 3:09 those don’t look like toro 4s to me

    1. +wasup crew ohhhh ok

    2. tour. tour 4s. look them up

  102. does this method work on the lebron 12 all stars

  103. thx for the videos, really appreciate it, greets from argentina!

  104. That video was the worst video ever

  105. Can we use the magic clean eraser on kobe 9 flyknit

    1. thanks for the tip bro!

    2. i did on the 10s and it got water inside so i would say no

  106. shoe

  107. how much do u charge for a show restorations

  108. you do foams

    1. +Demontre Barker i hate cleaning foam i get scared when i do it because i think im going to remove the paint

  109. messed them up

  110. Personally when I clean my sneakers for example if its white I use alcohol or whitening toothpaste as well as soap and water for colored sneaker I use the magic eraser soap and water. I see dudes paying mad money for reshoevnator and get the same results I get after I clean my sneakers but dont get me wrong reshoevnator is the shit I love it but not the price tag

    1. +Toño Smith rubbing

    2. What type of alcohol?

  111. stop saying retro sniggas

    1. Snickers*

    2. Hahaha 😂😂😂😂

  112. Dope video. All your vids are on point.

  113. 👍

  114. dude ur Js are ugly af dude even for 2008 niggah

  115. what did he say not to use the magic eraser on??

    1. Suede & nubuck

  116. How much will it cost for you to restore my 5s?

  117. Thanks man this worked awesome. Thank you so much!

  118. Good vid

  119. Should I wipe the soap off or wash it off with water?

    1. He wipes it off. It’s just preferences. Or if you don’t want to wet other parts of the shoe

  120. Nice video bro

  121. dude taught how to make soap and water LOOL good vids tho

  122. Anyone know how to clean flyknit

    1. Washing machine

  123. I thought this was a video for snickers 😢

  124. can you do a video about how to clean the boost material from the d rose 5’s?

    1. +Joshua Rabulan dish soap i have them

  125. did he really just try to teach us how to make soap and water

    1. Oh wait he did. 👌

    2. He did. My man should have made a separate video on the matter. 😂

    3. +freshyb1o3 1o3 next video he’s gonna show us how to breath

    4. And he has a separate tutorial video on it!

    5. 😂😂

  126. are these for sale?

  127. can u just use a magic eraser

  128. Magic eraser is basically a extremely fine piece of sandpaper that’s why you can rub off the paint very easily.

  129. Can you do pure money 3’s cleaning session

  130. I would love to know why you don’t show the sneaker after you clean why is that

  131. Did you said Toro 4s?

    1. nah he said tour 4s

  132. can you use the soap on suede?

    1. +ZengaiaGaming Yes you can

    2. No

  133. Its just a slogan

  134. Yo you should make a tutorial on how to clean aj6 white infrared. With white shoes like that a vid would be nice

  135. I hope you know its “sneakers” not “snickers” snickers is a type of chocolate bar

    1. No shit

    2. he knows its snickers, as u can see in his videos there is a snickers bar as his name logo

    3. @Nicholas Foster puns are wordplay idiot

  136. Can you use bleach to clean jordans

    1. Tf is this video soap and water

  137. What about suede what can I use

    1. +Carmelo Green dish soap

  138. Give me a pair of your shoes plz

  139. Can you do one for anniversary 11s?

  140. The mr clean regular magic eraser rips easily

  141. you should make a video on how to rewhite the rubber n mesh on 4`s

  142. dope vid. bro. can you show the repainting on the leather.? need it bad bro. 

  143. I work at ID4Soles which is a sister company of ID4Shoes. Anyway, we clean all shoes before shipping and here is a lost of what we use.
    – Eraser for dirt and light stains
    – Rubbing alcohol for stains
    – Sponge with hard bristles
    – Goof Off stain remover
    – Penguin Sneaker Cleaner

    We also use paint sometimes. Pretty much everything is good with these but Nike Air lose paint really easy on the heels and flyknit lose paint on the soles really easy.

    1. @tapport ok

    2. Alcohol dries real fast and the shine goes away. Little secret I have at home is to use some gloss enamel and it protects the shoe and makes it really shiny.

    3. @tapport some Jordan’s especially leather makes the shoe shine when it isn’t if is not used properly

    4. @leonel leap Air Max lose the paint on contact with rubbing alcohol Jordans hold up fine but Rosherun and Livestrong are pretty weak against it too.

    5. Rubbing alcohol can mess up the paint sometimes

  144. Thanks bro

  145. Can you make a vid on how to restore suede? Cause my oreo 5s are hella messed up

  146. Can you make a vid on how to restore suede? My oreo 4ever are all messed up that’s why

  147. Whats the song thats playing?

  148. How do you restore nubuck to it’s original color?

    1. HahahxXavier Lopez

    2. Use dye. You can buy From angelus

  149. Not on sb8s it I’ll rwmove color on shoe

  150. How to clean suede.

  151. Dope vid bro!

  152. can i use this on foamposite soles when i seaglow

  153. These videos are AWESOME,If you can, can you make a tutorial on how to clean white stitching i would really appreciate it.

  154. If you restore the shoes can you put a video up of showing before and after

    1. Franklin Rodriguez go to the beginning and end

  155. how are you going to go about repainting the tour 4s?

  156. Aye bro I need my grape 5s sauced up but no sun outside:( do you do indoor saucing? If so how does your set up look like? Anyways great video like always. Keep up the good work like I’ve told you in the past.

    1. RetroSnickers

    2. yeah i do indoor but rarely cuz it can be slow unless you buy a lot of uv bulbs

  157. great vid but whatsup with that sole detach video lmao?

    1. Yo that’s cool but if you notice listen to the music in the back-round.

    2. lol you had fire red 5s

  158. Those magic erasers are amazing I’ve used them before

  159. Damn fool. Did you use those 4s for PE or what? Hahaha

    1. Javier Lomeli you even censor your own comment lmao you a clown

    2. RetroSnickers Ahhahahah lmao

    3. SneakerHeadInTheBay you have started a comment fight

    4. SneakerHeadInTheBay how

    5. SneakerHeadInTheBay lit channel

  160. Nice job Jose!

  161. Good video keep us updated on the shoe cleaning

  162. You should keep us updated with ure tour 4 like what steps U are doing to.restore them

  163. Can you repaint jordan 4 netting?

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