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How Clean Are Your Household Linens? Our Investigation May Shock You

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Just how clean are your towels and sheets? The results of some tests submitted by Inside Edition may shock you. New York mom Kristi Muccini, who runs a busy household and regularly does laundry, allowed Inside Edition into her home to test the linens, towels, and slippers to gauge their levels of bacteria. Microbiologist Jesse Miller and his team at NSF laboratories in Ann Arbor, Mich., examined the samples from the Muccini household.


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958 thoughts on “How Clean Are Your Household Linens? Our Investigation May Shock You

    Me:you telling me to throw out my gucci slippers? (Jk i cant afford gucci😐

  2. Nope

  3. It could just be the girls

  4. Fun fact: Lysol wipes actually kill the coronavirus. Now exsuce me while I bathe in Lysol wipes

  5. Him wash your sheets about1 time a week

    Me: how about once a month

  6. That cat looks soft

  7. Right now my towel is bundled up on the floor right now 😐

  8. who’s watching this 2020

  9. I wash my sheets 1 a month

  10. is the scene where the lady puts the towel on the radiator reversed?

  11. yea I’m not a white kid who wears the same socks for 2 weeks straight and leaves my room dirty

  12. this is why i sleep on the ground, much more hygienic

  13. Toss your slippers after 2 months! *WHATS THE POINT OF BUYING THEM!! MORE LIKE TOSSING THEM AFTER A YEARRRR. ive been having my slippers for like 4 months lol. Still wearable!*

  14. I am here for coronavirus

  15. That laundry room is disgusting


  17. I Don’t Remember The Last Time I Washed My Sheets…

  18. Still not Kicking my dogs outta mi bed

  19. *Wash your sheets once a week*

    Me:Last time a washed it was 3 months ago

    Dont tell us what to do!

  20. E.Coli on slippers? How the heck do you get feces in slippers??

  21. OK but like how we gotten sick or died you know sometimes bacteria and germs help you build a better immune system

  22. Heck nah im not gonna throw out my slippers within ONLY TWO MONTHS

  23. Noice idc tho

  24. Hasn’t affected me so far, so I don’t care.

  25. Sorry ima still sleep with my dog

  26. But…the water bill,?

  27. It is impractical to be 100% clean anyway

  28. Do u guys have like nothing better to do

  29. “DISGUSTING bacteria”

  30. Right..

  31. Wash your sheets once a week I do that once a month oh dear.

  32. Who really about to wash their sheets once a week lmao

  33. Well if you use a towel after a shower the towel is clean because the soap from your body washes it, so the germ test is fake

  34. Shut up that is fake idots


  36. What happens if you don’t have that kinda hanger HUH

  37. After this video i’m washing everything lmaoo

  38. i wonder if they found some sperms as well

  39. Is any one gonna talk about how many medals and trophies the girls have?

  40. Iv had the same slippers for 2 years

  41. next: how dirty is oxygen?

  42. I mean I haven’t washed mine in like 5 months. So eh I’m still gonna use em.

  43. I am still gonna sleep in my 2 years blanket. 🙂

  44. This is WHY you don’t sleep with your SOCKS!

  45. I wouldn’t let my mom take my bed sheets.

  46. When inside edition told her there’s E. coli In her bed: surprised pichacu face 1:51

  47. I wash my sheets and bed covering every 6 months that’s too much washing I’m using and have to buy to wash every week

  48. I don’t use these things i use FliPfLoP’s!

  49. The cat is so cute

  50. That’s why vitamins c is good for you people

  51. Bacteria yes might cause illnesses, but if your gonna live fully bacteria free then your immune system will be weak…

  52. I have a blue nose pitbull and he’s not allowed to sleep in my bed. I found out that animals bring in bugs and then walk all over ur bed and then u have bugs and bacteria all over u😬

  53. If I’m not dying they’re alright

  54. Me: ok, DOGS GO DOWN

  55. I sleeped with my dog but I don’t care

  56. Now your invading our home too?


  57. Jojo

  58. 2:02 *you know she trying to blame it on the cat why fecale matter is on the bed knowing its her and the daughter’s fault🤣🤣🤣*

  59. one of the many reason’s my dog has his own bed

  60. I sleep with 6 pets so what does that mean

  61. *My cat does sleep with us*

    Cat:gets kidnapped
    Also gets blamed for sleeping on the bed


  62. Once a week…. Bruh… I got a waterbill to pay

  63. I’m still sleeping with my dog


  65. My cat pees in my bed…

    It wasn’t me i swear

  66. I wash my sheets 2 times a year LOL

  67. My cat sleeps on my face so I couldn’t care about the bacteria on my sheets

  68. Who pooped the bed

  69. Asians have joined the chat

  70. I would leave my bathroom door open if my grandma didnt die in there.

  71. I WOULD NEVER SAY NO TO MY DOG TO SLEEP NEXT TO ME: I had to sell my dog away 🙁

  72. *Fungus*

  73. I dont mind any of this I have never gotten sick or anything

  74. ive been using my slippers since last chirstmas 😶

  75. Now I have to wash my sheets after 2 years

  76. Does Anyone Else Clean Their Mattress Every Other Day…

  77. Who the hell throws towels on the floor? My East Asian mom would throw curry on my clothes…

  78. So basically I’m doing everything wrong…

  79. ʟᴏᴏᴋ ᴀᴛ ᴀʟʟ ᴛʜᴏsᴇ ᴀᴡᴀʀᴅs

  80. I don’t have a hook


  82. UHHHH…….I have a dog and a cat that literally sleeps with me every night and I haven’t washed my sheets in like a month.🤗

    1. Me either we don’t care if it has bacteria WE LOVES OUR PETS 😉

  83. I live in Ann Arbor

  84. Next up one inside edition:YaLL wONt BeLiEVe HoW dIRtY YoUr aSs iS!

  85. At the beginning i saw 3 kids not 4

  86. Americans 🙄

  87. Did anyone else notice the dog under the covers

  88. Why don’t you just use those rubbery slippers instead of fluffy ones….
    They’re great

  89. Yea no

  90. I haven’t washed my sheets since I got them from my birthday 3 months ago…

  91. But if I leave the door open after I have a shower the fire alarm goes off, what do I do?

  92. You will never be clean, ever.

  93. Ummmm shut up 🤐 why can’t you really be quite not mean but not cleaning 🧹 🧼🚽🚰🚿🧺🦠🧴🧽🧻🌡🧪🧺🧼🚽🚰🧽🚿🧴🛁🛎🛀🏼

  94. I hate when they do that its a house of five if course

  95. The leaving you4 door open after a shower I have a problem……. my bathroom doesn’t have a door.

  96. What if you have a toddler that likes the toilet (I mean she touches the toilet water)

  97. I clean my sheets 1 time a year or two years later 2019

  98. 0:17 thaAaAnk you!

  99. Bruh bacteria gathers on your stuff even if you wash them 10 times a days.. it’s in the air idiots

  100. WEAKKKK

  101. I don’t care

  102. How about they live in new damn house.

  103. Idc im a

  104. That’s a cute ass cat 😂

  105. Omg I don’t care everything has bacteria like damn

  106. U know wat i drool on my pillow n i still put my face on it. Them yellow stains don’t stop me lol

  107. do u have ocd?

  108. Hi can we come in

  109. I’m absolutley not going to toss my slippers.

  110. I don’t even remember the last time I washed myself 😂😂😂

  111. I’m changing my sheets now because I haven’t changed them in 3 months

  112. I changed my sheets every 2 or 3 months

  113. I have 2 sisters and 2 brother and my 5 people

  114. Yea but if you left the door open the beep beep will go on

  115. 2:10 is no one gonna talk about cute that was, like how the dog was rolled up and then just ran out

  116. 2:09 when My mom brings food home


  118. Rain bow vans

  119. I dont care what bacteria my animals have on them i will never make my dog sleep in the floor

  120. *im not gonna wash my bed sheets once a week…*

  121. Just got a ad from jimmy jones

  122. To bad I love my doggie she will always sleep with me no matter what!

  123. I honestly don’t care

  124. I don’t think I can keep my door open after I take a shower because my dog will eat toilet paper

  125. Why does this matter


  127. clean your bedsheets once a week

    me *cleans bedsheets every 3 weeks*

  128. Omg I know them XD

  129. Clean home? Have you seen her laundry room?

  130. I sleep with my dog and my sheets haven’t been cleaned in a least a year so…

  131. Tbh they want us to go broke throw lur slippers away after two months of use ? Im not gonna buy slippers for like 10-30 dollars every two months thats bull

  132. 0:24 what is that on her feet!!!

  133. Their whole house is polluted

  134. 2:05 I had my dog sleeping right next to me and you have to say that…

  135. SHOCKER😱😱

  136. i run a bed and breakfast and after seeing this video I sent my pillow case and bed sheets to get tested and they found sperm, blood, and urine on all of them. Even the walls and floors were covered in all 3 bodily fluids after checking with black light….I hope a majority of it was urine….FINGERS CROSSED

  137. Ummm yeah I’m the opposite sooooo not washing to lazy

  138. That’s why I push my dog in my bed because HE. GO. IN. MY. FREAKING. BED.


  140. That’s cool the lab was in Michigan

  141. Don’t tell me how to live

  142. When you leave the bathroom door open after your shower, isn’t bacteria spreading throught the house?

  143. I sleep with my puppy now I I’m not even gonna sleep with him😣😣😣😣😣😣I’m gonna miss him

  144. Anybody in Michigan??

  145. Umm mu mom had 8 kids so my mom is way more busier

  146. I’m going to keep my dog with me, she will scare away the bacteria

  147. What if you have 3 cats and two of them will pee in the bathroom an you have to keep the door closed

  148. My family clean our Dog ever day and all so sheets 🙂

  149. My cat gets on my bed evry time it is my sisters cat but he doesent sleep with her lol

  150. Just let the people live

  151. 2:29 when you put on different kind words of flip flops

  152. With nine people in your family washing your sheet once a week will not happen

  153. Wait you’re meant to clean your sheets?

  154. *who was watching with a sheet?*

  155. Well what about your sheets
    Don’t tell people about their house. I bet you don’t do it

    Edit:I meant the person who told the woman the results

  156. But what will happen if you have a little brother thar plays with the toilet

  157. At least there clean enough to live in the same household!

  158. My dog never sleeps with me he pooped in my bed and I was so done

  159. Butttttt I can’t open my bathroom door because my dog will eat the toilet paper…..soooo there’s more germs for me😁

  160. I haven’t changed my sheets in months

  161. When they left she probably was like….


  162. Been wearing the same flip flop sandals for 2 years. I guess the experts have a lot more money than I do.

  163. Blames the fecal matter on the cat. Ugh.

  164. Its not like you can sterilize everything. Its perfectly normal for some bacteria to be present

  165. Is is just me Or Does She Sound Like Ellen DeGeneres

  166. I can’t leave my bathroom door open it closes and my dog gets stuck

  167. My mom said your channel is just a gossip

  168. “NO, I WILL NOT THROW AWAY MY SHOES AFTER 2 MONTHS” the ladies say.

  169. I get my sheets washed not even once a week, Since my sheets stay clean alot.

  170. wow, they make me feel like the water I drink is dirty lmai

  171. Expose*^

  172. Why yall expise her like that😂😞😭😭

  173. 2:36
    What if they’re my favourite slippers? 🙁

  174. haven’t washed my sheets for 2 years and i rarely get sick…

  175. I haven’t cleaned my sheets in a year

  176. Ok I’m leaving the bathroom door open so everybody can smell my poop

  177. So if you buy some yeezys you have to throw them away after 2 months…

  178. Wow.That sucks.Turns out im gonna be sleeping on this bed until I go to college so…..

  179. 2:08 aww

  180. Yeah i don’t clin my Bed and rume

  181. Ok I didn’t care before but once she said Ecoli I instantly told my mum to wash my sheets because I had an Ecoli infection and I had to be treated in hospital for a week and stay home from school for three and a half months

  182. Oh shiiii I hang my towels on my door

    But I’m not dead so idc

  183. Still gonna sleep with the same sheets for the next 9 months.

  184. Yeah I don’t care I love my dog

  185. Bruh of no one knew they wouldn’t care

  186. Inside edition: Clean your sheets to be clean! 👍🏻
    Me: *Eats chips and dogs lay on bed with a double chin* Oh..Welp suck ass.

  187. I’m not kicking my cat out my room like who would do that

  188. Im not dead imma still keep my dog in my bed idgas tbh

  189. Bruh

  190. *my pet can can carry any bacteria u can think of, I couldn’t care less*

  191. Who else looked down on floor and saw their towel balled up :/ 😂

  192. I like you’re videos

  193. I haven’t washed my sheets in years…..

  194. How many times did the scientist say moist

  195. Person: don’t put your pet on your bed it spreads germs
    Me: HoW bOuT I dO AnYwAy

  196. Idc anymore about it

  197. Inside edition:clean your sheets once a week
    Me:haven’t even washed sheets in 1year

  198. *Too bad, I’m gonna let my cat sleep with me anyways 😋*

  199. I don’t wear slippers nor shoes in the house bcuz I’m Asian. .-.

  200. I wash my bed sheets 5x a week

  201. That’s so crazy

  202. I haven’t washed my sheets in 4 months…😳

  203. Umm I barely change my sheets every month…

  204. It’s always inside edition they can’t find anything good to spread it’s always gay stuff next thing you know they make a video called how to tell if your dog is sick

  205. Did anyone see those vans on the floor like yassss


    SO CUTE 😢😍

  207. Don’t ever use your outside shoes 👞 inside your home please.. imagine the germs and viruses that you’re spreading every time you walk around 😑 and always vacuum and wipe your house 🏡

  208. I’ll wash my sheets once a months

  209. I sleep with 3 dogs each night and I wash my sheets and pillow cases like…. every 4 months … so…..

  210. 2:08 awww so adorable and cute! 😍😍💘💓💖💝💘

  211. Im a kid

  212. I can’t leave the bathroom door open when I shower the smoke alarm is right next to the bathroom

  213. Question who noticed all those trophies and awards they won

  214. I can sleep were I wanna sleep

  215. does anyone notice a dog under the sheets on clickbank

  216. Idc 🙂 at least I wash it 🙂

  217. I love my dog and she will sleep with me!

  218. At 2:07 I have the same pajamas

  219. I’m 10 I don’t know what it means?!

  220. Aww Scottish Fold kitty!

  221. this is so dumb lol

  222. Never shocking

  223. *well I sleep with my dog I don’t use slippers and I don’t wash my sheets….but I’ll stick with that :)*

  224. who pooped on the towels

  225. Holly cow the girls room had a ton of trophies

  226. What if u have Gucci slides 😭😭😭

  227. I don’t wash my sheets once a weak I do it like 6 months 2 I’m not sure.

  228. Yo yo-yo hey from Michigan

  229. Can’t leave my bathroom door open unless I want a trail of toilet paper and napkins from the trash can leading to a dog ;>

  230. I live on Long Island

  231. Caca

  232. Im scared know 🙁

  233. Ok what u have to get is that some people don’t have a lot of money sooo….. they would rather have food on the table instead of having new slippers ever 2months and washing for like 1 dollar each load for just like one or two pair of sheets

  234. Not everything have to be so clean


  236. No they aren’t clean. Imma tell you start myself. The most disgusting bacteria in the house is me and my mum. We aren’t gonna die from. The harmless bacteria

  237. I can’t leave the door open to my bathroom … because of my dog she makes a mess

  238. Thanks for the new exuse when my mum yells at me from leaving the bathroom door lol

  239. every thing she said of what not to do i actually do so funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  240. I have 3 brothers and i am only girl

  241. I would be so embarrassed because they would find cum on my sheets lol😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  242. Eh…It hasn’t killed me yet. Hopefully it never will.

  243. *My dog is still sleeping with me no matter what….*

  244. Yeah and I’m Asian so I gotta save money and laundry once a month

  245. My cat sleeps on my bed all day

  246. I dont use slippers and i still sleep with my cat cuz my cat is so cute and fat

  247. I haven’t washed my sheets in a few months

  248. Omg those girls in their room have like a thousand trophys and medals 🏅 0:32

  249. 2:15 mmm…. Maybe but I’m not dead yet Soo I’m still going to do it

  250. Having a pet is healthy you get healthy microbes.

  251. I ignored most of it and got the important stuff. Here go to 2:39 for the important stuff.

    Obviously this is a joke and I did not get the time frame wrong. I littearly was saying the closing of the trash can was the most important part so don’t reply in confusion and ask me weird questions.

  252. I literally only change my sheets when one of my animals pees on it.

  253. Omg my dog gets a bath 🛀 2 times a month

  254. I will wash my sheets once a week when you start paying my water bill

  255. Nobody tells me how clean my house or tell me to clean my stuff daily or whatever MY HOUSE MY RULES !

  256. I don’t remember the last time I washed my sheets…

  257. My dog has his own chair

  258. my mom cant afford to keep washing the sheets once a week though.

  259. As she said the animals can have a bad bacteria my cat is sleeping on my pillow… I’m screwed

  260. 0:24 DISGUSTANG bacteria

  261. i wana ice pop

  262. Those slippers were ugly anyway

  263. yamy mom has like 4 kids including me so,she has to do the same thing

  264. Who’s watching this in bed with a cat

  265. Tip#2 open bathroom door I can’t do that or my dog chews on the paper towels

  266. Yooo what if they found cum stains?

  267. When I leave my bathroom door open it goes into my room and makes my room corners black and even when my bedroom door is shut it still does the same thing so ima just stick with keeping the bathroom door shut

  268. Well if you sleep with germs you’re never lonely 😁

  269. Just wash the slippers

  270. Who wear slippers

  271. My dog is still sleeping in my bed

  272. Oh my gosh I wish my sheets once every two months

  273. IDC I love my dog

  274. Idk I don’t sleep with my dog

  275. Yeah not kicking out the animals

  276. I don’t really care

  277. Can you guys subscribe to me please ?

  278. If everyone throws away their slippers every two months, it would be horrific for our landfills and the environment! That’s extremely irresponsible advice!

  279. I wash my sheets every day….

  280. I wash my stuff every 4 days… bedding, towels. I need to wash my slippers more tho.

  281. Jeez how many trophies do the have!?

  282. I always leave my towel on the floor

  283. I live in a Household Of 7 kids(i am oldest)(13) 2 parents,5 dogs,1 goat,1 snapping turtle,and 1 bunny(all that in a double wide trailer)

  284. Inside edition you showed there house number in the video i would cover it

  285. Sometimes I feel like they have nothing better to do…

    I still love their videos though.

  286. The kid’s room is really atractive it has a lot of medals and throphys🏅🏆

  287. My cats sleep in my bed but I just kick them out when I go to bed or when I lay in my bed because they take up half of the space and lay in the middle so it gives me like no place to lay down

  288. “Wash your sheets once a week.” *washes them a month later*

  289. Oh well I’ll die happy with my Yorkie

  290. I haven’t washed my sheets in six months….

  291. Well , im pretty sure my bedsheet is clean…..

    Where’s this stain come from???
    Looks like im going to wash it all over again…..

  292. Can you make a video of How clean is a new store bought towel and a online purchased towel?

  293. 2:35 goodbye 👋 for good

  294. I just changed my sheets after about 5 months as I am too lazy just changed them before this video

  295. My cat always sleeps in my moms or bros

  296. For tip #1 what if you don’t have a rod

  297. But my mum gets alot of blankets if she has to wash them once a week and now its almost winter and it isn’t good to hang out washing in the rain….

  298. I love my dogs n cat but they can’t go in any of the rooms (living room,hallways garage r good) n bed he’ll nah

  299. Who gives my pets have separation anxiety

  300. I can’t leave my bath room door open after I take a shower because the smokes goes to the smoke alarm and it SOOOOO LOUD OMG

  301. Kittu

  302. As soon as you said no pets on the bed my dog runs in my room and jumps on my bed

  303. …nothing is goin to ever be clean so I’m still not scared

  304. idc i mean why would i kick my pet out?! i love them! urgh i hope inside edition die

  305. *Throws cat off bed*

  306. I’m in my bed rn :’)

  307. Sxxxxxxxdddxxdfdfdddreswsewsdewsseaasewssewssewssewssewasewwa

  308. Do that family not wash there bed sheets

  309. I don’t think anyone cares unless your obsessed with cleaning <-<

  310. Bacteria help ur emun system (I can’t spell)

  311. Oh geez he said moist so many times

  312. “top ten pranks that went too far”

  313. How often do people really wash their sheets? I hardly ever wash mine.

  314. She sounds so shocked because they have a family of six, I have a family of 9

  315. 2 months? I keep them for like 2 years!

  316. BOI really silpers I’ve had mine for 3 months how about that

  317. Uhhhh um I have a lot a lot of towels sitting on the floor in my mums bathroom

  318. I wash my sheets once a month

  319. My dog is sleeping in my bed now idc tho

  320. I honestly don’t care

  321. I swear inside edition and nature makes me not live bc of this world

  322. Poor cat and dog

  323. wash your sheets once a week do they even know how much money that cost

  324. I live in Michigan

  325. Not every house is perfect

  326. Aye Long Island!!

  327. Don’t people shower tho ?

  328. *looks at bed sheets and 2 y/o house slippers* Well… I’m gonna die soon

  329. My names Christy ;-;

  330. My mama let me to kazillion tours


  332. I had ecoli

  333. Or get slippers that can be washed so you aren’t throwing them in the landfill.

  334. It’s simple.

    They aren’t.

  335. Haven’t washed my sheets in like over 6 months and I’m not sick so…

  336. I have about 5 sheet sets and change my sheets every Sunday morning. It’s a habit. I don’t know how some people only do it 3-5 times a year wtf 🤢🤢🤢🤢

  337. I don’t care about my pets hair everywhere lol I even get it in my food wth 😂

  338. Just wash the sheets every 2 weeks.

  339. Me and my brothers dog sleep in between our bathroom but at night everyday we sleep with our dog on the bed

  340. is it weird I’m not surprised.

  341. I wear nike slip on sandals has my slippers

  342. I can’t sleep with the doggy on my bed 🙁 COME ON DOGGY LETS SLEEP IN YOUR BED

  343. Woah

  344. My mom had 8 kids and now 9 kids

  345. idc my doggo gotta sleep with me i can’t leave my child alone

  346. The reporter said there’s 4 kids.
    at 0:05 pause and Count. Only 3 kids

  347. “Wash your sheets every week.”

    Me:”oh… ahahahaahahaha yeah….”

  348. well I’m not dead so..

  349. Jumping kids

  350. Leave my clean cat alone

  351. uh when am taking a shower i leave the door close and yes our towel falls all the time Also, i leave my towels in a hanger on the door and my dog does sleep with me

  352. I clean my bed sheets 3 or 2 years until I do it again lol

  353. So this is why my mom doesn’t let me have dogs or cats.. LOL

  354. Ł

  355. A

  356. Neat Freaks. 😒

  357. My dad doesn’t believe it

  358. Wait. There needed to be a tip to advise not to leave towels on the floor? …is storing a wet towel on the floor actually a thing for some people? 😱

  359. The cat was so cute I would have to have it in my bed idc what they say!

  360. My mum has 5 kids

  361. That is amazing


  363. No fake

  364. we can’t keep the bathroom door open then my baby sis will go in it

  365. I don’t care I will still sleep with my dog and ur not going to stop it so bye

  366. Lol

  367. I’m a fam of five it’s not that busy

  368. I have not changed my bed since christmas

  369. Nosy people

  370. I live with 8 people😉💖

  371. Omg!!!!! Who doesn’t have bacteria in there house this is so stupid everyone has bacteria in their house

  372. Lol

  373. Your nasty

  374. Well, 16 years later I’m still here
    My dogs make excellent cuddle buddies

    1. Lily .x2_ true

  375. That’s why my cat ain’t allowed on my bed

  376. you think kids it’s hard and seven kids

  377. I wash my sheets every like 5 months lol


  379. Someone please tell me why the male scientist looks like Troy’s Dad from High School Musical..

  380. OMG I saw there arens it is 320

  381. Asians use their feet to walk in their own house

  382. *hi*

  383. My cats still sleeping with me, I don’t care

  384. We Asians don’t wear shoes inside home. There is diff shoes for kitchen and restroom.

  385. cuz they have all the money in the world they don’t care about washing every time and they dont even pay rent bills and more! so I am still keeping my slippers and my bed sheets cuz we can still use them and a little bacterial won’t kill us

  386. i have 6 sis

  387. Wait, E coli? That’s scary!

  388. Those cloth slippers she can throw in the washer. Im a barefoot type gal

  389. I clicked to see the puppy hiding in the thumbnail….

  390. That cat is cute

  391. Gross, but not scary.

  392. Poor kitty… not her fault her mom is extra. Like seriously nobody cares if their pet sleeps with them these days and does it really matter. I’d sleep with my dog if he actually liked me over the rest of my family

  393. We don’t have sheets because I was coloring and the cap wasn’t on right so it came off I didn’t get in trouble but it wasn’t t fault because it was on my dads shirt I didn’t even use but it looked cute because it had blue tie dye explosions <3 but I wasn't charged for the shirt or te sheet so we normally use a old blanket we had for years to have as a sheet 😀 but the blue beautiful shirt that was once white was thrown away =< but it's ight because I didn't have charges =3

  394. It be too cold after u shower to leave the door open

  395. We’re gonna test everything in your house and if we find even 1 bacterium we will tell you how gross it is

    1. Electro oof

  396. See this is why you wear chanclas.

  397. No! Now you made the cat suffer and she / he can’t have a comfortable bed😢

  398. OH MY GOSH. Look at all those AWARDS and I think marathon stickers!!! 2:09.

  399. 701

  400. Hi

  401. I can’t leave the bathroom door opener is my babe rather put his hands in the toilet again LOL😹😹😹

    1. What I meant to say was I can’t let my baby brother put his Hans the toilet so that’s why I can’t leave the door open

  402. NOOOOOOOO. Poor cat

  403. that mom is hot ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) dammmmmm

  404. R.i.p my dog has a bed under my bed so *HA*

  405. I hate u

  406. You Dick

  407. Wow that mom’s so pretty!

  408. I can’t keep my door open because my garden door is open and cats come in my house and when my bathroom door is not closed the cats will come in the bathroom and pee.

  409. Ya gotta toss those Gucci flip flops

  410. What i you doubt. Have a rack

  411. I don’t care my bed feels good 🤷🏻‍♀️

  412. My cat doesn’t go outside so
    I can sleep with it

  413. White people

  414. I lick my cat I share food with my cat I sleep with my cat I’m as healthy as can be 👍

  415. I never wash my pillow yet I haven’t gotten sick in almost 7 months

    1. Nevaeh Duplessis SaMe

  416. I don’t care if my chubby dog carries nasty stuff
    He my Baby and he sleeping with forever

  417. I always do those tips im clean

  418. Her slippers be crusty af tho😂😂👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

  419. Probably why towels *STANK*

  420. I always have my bathroom door open cause what if someone is in there?


    1. It’s Jessalyn Issa?

    2. It’s Jessalyn ..

  422. And you don’t care about wearing shoes around the you come inside my house with shoes on the floor you’ll be dead.

  423. I live in Michigan

  424. Idc if I’m clean

  425. ok but is wooo good

  426. Ehhh

    Not a lot of people care soooooo…..

    Is that the death of us?

  427. I sleep with my cat cuz it has it own pillow in my bed + that cat never goes outside lol

  428. Does inside edition just go around making mothers and family’s feel/look bad?

  429. Those animals were adorable

  430. yous need to test their wash house now

  431. We can’t do #2 I have a baby sister and she makes a HUGE mess

  432. Tbh ur not gonna die for sleeping in the same bedsheet for 1 month. UNLESS u have an infected bedsheet that had something..idk ebola germs on it?( thats an example plz dont kill me ;-;)

  433. yeah

  434. My family already follows these rules already

  435. My Mom has 5 kids.


  437. This is animal abuse
    Wash your pets ywet

  438. I don’t care I’m still sleeping with my cute cat 🐈 😘

  439. That cat, Looks so done😂

  440. At least they get stairs

  441. 🙄

  442. Wash your towels and bedsheets

  443. Why the #!$& does the cat have to not sleep on the bed while the dog goes outside and sleeps on the bed?????????

  444. I was my bed sheets once a month 😯 😐

  445. Who doesn’t wash their sheets once a week??? And who didn’t know pets can carry “pretty nasty germs”

  446. I’m taking risks also I’m not dead yet so I’m gonna keep my pets in my bed

  447. my mum does all of these (the tips) 👏👏👏

  448. Oh no my mom is also a mom of 4 so it’s hard to wash everything right

  449. Leave the bathroom door open after you shower
    But what if I got to peeeeeeeee? People can’t see all of that!!!

  450. I wash my sheets every 3 months

  451. I don’t even have a system for washing my sheets. It’s too much trouble.

  452. They make such a big deal over this stuff like a wash my sheets every 3 months or something and i never throw away my slippers

  453. i leave my towel on the floor😅

  454. Wow just wow

  455. Look at 3:00 mom:let me take a shower with my clothes on…(just pause it)😂😂😂

  456. Since when does something not have bacteria? Comment if you agree!

  457. Ummm….

  458. M

  459. I watch this laying in my bed with sheets that haven’t been washed in like 3 months…. I’m still alive.

  460. Who would i wanna leave the bathroom door open after taking a poo?

  461. Wow

  462. I cannot leave my bathroom door open after I take my shower because the smoke on this right next to it it will go off.

  463. My room is dirty af but I’m still alive so…

  464. My step dad will not sleep with me dog and he says to many germs and it smells bad and I just want to slap him.

  465. my bedsheets have crumbs on them

  466. I am watching this while laying in my bed. WOW!

  467. Last time I checked

    Bacteria didn’t kill anyone.



  470. Fecal matter= farts or queefs

  471. I never sleep under the covers. So I don’t need to wash my sheets

  472. Clean freaks

  473. And here i am with my dog in my bed

  474. Keep your bathroom window at least CRACKED to circulate fresh air and to deter the development of microbes.

  475. 0:20 Suddenly, shoes from outside doesn’t seem so bad now 0_o

  476. IDC I’m a only child and I don’t even sleep on my pillow

  477. Hello you can put the slippers in the machine on 50-60 wash

    1. Nope. Buy some clogs…they what ? $5 bucks ?

  478. As my dog is in my sheets that I haven’t washed in months

  479. I can’t open my bathroom door bc my cat

  480. Jeez they have so many medals and trophies! And those paper things that they use for running!

  481. I really don’t care!!

  482. That woman is a single mother with kids and pets i dont think she needs that stress

  483. They live in NY but they had to test how dirty they’re clothes but they had to go to MI,really?

  484. Me laying in bed with my dog right now: screw this

    1. Hopefully you die soon

    2. Me with my cat

    3. Cooper Covington me too my cutie pet will get 💔 if i didnt let her sleeo with me

  485. You destroyed there personal belongings to prove a point. I’m disgusted

  486. You could put a blanket on your bed and your cat could sleep there that’s what my Nan does

  487. I hate germs

  488. My does laundry every two times a day. Yeah I’m a family of nine

  489. L

  490. Stain

  491. If it has no physical satin it’s fine

  492. 1:51 fecal matter…..

    *someones been doing the dirty* 😞

  493. These people ruin everything

  494. Well at my house no pets in the house no wearing shoes inside wash feet when come back from somewhere

  495. Idc it’s my house xD

  496. You know whats in my bed 🙂

  497. E. coli is in mud

  498. i am still sleeping with my pets

  499. Wash your sheets once a week i wash it once a year

  500. I barely wear slippers around the house so I don’t really need to care about it

    1. Same

    2. Jew Jew Bee and Moo Moo Show d,dle

    3. Jew Jew Bee and Moo Moo Show Mee tooooo

    4. Jew Jew Bee and Moo Moo Show same

    5. Lots of Mongolians wear slippers in the house

  501. I have not changed my sheets for 8 months 😂

  502. 0:34

    The room my parents want me to have

    1. Peaches&Oranges lmaoooo

  503. <-- That is me. I am mad at Inside Edition so I want mr sheets to be dirty. 1 like = 1 piece of dirt.

  504. When I found out I got out of my bed

  505. Once a week! It would take my family three days to wash all of our sheets!

  506. I have not washed my bed sheets for YEARS!!!!

  507. like, there is bacteria everywhere. i don’t really understand the point of this. there is literally thousands, no more than the human population x2 on your body. it’s everywhere, and it helps us in quite a lot of cases, this is kind of dumb to me…
    sorry if you believe you can be bacteria free and still survive.

  508. Ayyye any Ann Arbor Michigan-eres

  509. Good thing I don’t wear slippers. I only wear flip flops

  510. There trying to make us have our house empty

  511. I like how they said you should throw away your slippers every 2 months who in there right mind would do that

  512. My dog is sleeping with me right now 😂😂😂 I’m not giving that up

  513. 2 months? mine has been for 3 years

  514. I haven’t clean my bed sheets in months

  515. Omg people!!! Get a life.

  516. I wash my sheets almost never. I sleep face down. I’m not dead.

  517. I literary only change my sheets like 2 times a year

  518. Brb I’m going to sleep in my with my bedsheets I haven’t washed in Weeks

  519. i change my sheets every 3rd month..

  520. Ok well I’m gonna clean my room now

  521. I wonder why the children don’t do their OWN laundry

  522. Why do your videos always energize me???

  523. Why aren’t the kids helping with the laundry.

  524. I cant leave the bathroom open because my dog goes and pees there

  525. On thing I definitely know played into that is that they wear their outside clothes on in their beds…😟

  526. bruhhh, 4 kids

  527. I haven’t washed my sheets in 1 year but I’m still gonna gonna sleep in it for 3 more years and probably gonna still sleep in it

  528. my sheets get washed every 3 days ( I’m still gonna leave my towels on the floor)

  529. I think at this point I’ve just excepted there’s germs everywhere

  530. cat: *sneaks into bed at night*

  531. 500 comments. Since I feel bored, gonna make it 501 comments 😊

  532. “Definitely think the kittens not sleeping in a bed anymore I miss her but she’s got to go” I found tgat funny cause if that were my dog, I wouldn’t care at all😂

  533. kids in Africa could of eaten those slippers

  534. Person living in the house: The cat won’t be sleeping with me

    Me: I’ll always sleep with my cat

  535. I wash my sheets once a week and wear socks I put on while sitting on my bed.

  536. Yea there’s no way I would kick my dog off the bed. 😤

  537. Wash your sheets once a week……..i do it once a season. 😂
    I’m not dying so…

  538. I don’t care about bacteria😕 I’m not gonna throw away my fluffy Disney slippers away and get freaking a new pair every 2 months👀 and I love my dog and she still is gonna sleep in my bed❤️

  539. I don’t care about a butt hole bed, my doggo is sleepin with me…

  540. If you’re bothered by common germs in your bedsheets you need to stop and thank God you have such a good life.

  541. my pet doesn’t sleep with me i have birds

    1. Youzzile well do the birds sleep with you?

  542. just freaking walk barefoot it saves money

  543. nope not going to follow the tips

  544. I don’t care.

  545. this is stupid

  546. Sounds like bs

  547. No bacteria can be harmful to because then your more immune to stuff.

  548. She said the slippers were dangerous as she’s touching them. Does that make sense?

  549. Washed my sheets last night

  550. leave the animals out of this 😂

  551. still gonna let my cats on the bed..all 9 of’em

  552. Raided literally raided

  553. the but in the miror

  554. I wouldn’t let them check my bed they would find cum

  555. i dont wanna look how my bed looks like under UV lights🤣Never washed since 7 month…. probably looks like a giant glowbug.

  556. Ain’t nobody got time for that

  557. They say after two months toss ur shoes um….. You know how many people do have any shoes at all that’s wasteful👎

  558. She rolls her sheets together and throws them in the wash instead of separating them. She needs to be taught how to do laundry anyway.

  559. Wash your sheets once a week? Nah I will still wash it once a year

  560. My cat sleeps with me oh nooo

  561. Wash your sheets once a week.

  562. Still gonna let my cats sleep with me.

  563. me during interview- Yes cat/dog is not sleeping in the bed anymore
    Me when everyone’s gone- come up pupper they’re gone now

  564. WHAT THE 🙍🙍🙍🙍🙍

  565. I was just watching this with my dog in MY BED 😂😂

  566. What’s next? How clean is your body?

  567. my room gets moisture if you know what i mean 😏

  568. 1:11 I can’t open it my dogs XD they poop

  569. my house is filled with bactiria…. XD

  570. I’ve been using my slippers for over 1 year and a half and I’m not dead 🙂

  571. 0:32 al of those medals 😵

  572. My mom has OCD and she cleans our sheet everyday

  573. besides the cum and drool? perfectly clean

  574. 2 months?! wtf I’m not rich!

  575. Still gonna sleep with my cat tonight

  576. Is anyone else wondering why the girls have so many trophies??

    1. kw track

  577. We only change sheets every year

  578. my mom has nine kids. can y’all imagine that?

  579. The real question is how clean is their washroom😂😂

  580. happy 399000 views

  581. Who cares about your germs on your bed you only live once be your self..

  582. Damn if you brang a uv light into my room it would light up like a Christmas tree

  583. Oh who cares people used to barely bath and worked hard outside all day whoopdy doo. I’m sure I got fecal matter everywhere I got animals Rubin their bums all over the place and this lady don’t love her cat it’s like oh poo now u have to leave while all that time u didn’t know it wasn’t hurt u so jsut unknown it and love your cat lady

  584. I clicked because the bed in the thumbnail looked so comfy

  585. 2:05-2:08 my dog was on my lap the whole time

  586. It is night time and I can’t get to sleep now… No screw it I’m sleeping on the floor.

  587. What type of cat was that?

  588. i don’t have a sheet

  589. Eh, my cats have been sleeping togheter with me for over 10 years… Still gona continue doing that =3

  590. This lady is like nope my cat won’t sleep on my bed no more and I’m just gonna sleep with my cats extra close to me now

  591. Oh no my slippers help keep bacteria alive…..oh well I guess I will get sick because I will never get rid of them……..I don’t care I have been sick for a week then weeks later sick again which is now so eh……

  592. Now wtf is this…I clean. My sheets and whatever on my bed like twice a month *depends if I dirty it* but that’s just…like wtf I would sleep with my dogs I FRICKING love them

  593. What da heck this investigation is useless why is it so technical 🙄

  594. I wash my sheets once a week and change my pillowcase everyday. I also must shower everyday and can never, and i mean NEVER, go to sleep with my feet feeling dirty. I must wash my feet every day no matter what before bed. … And yet, I just find out that my beloved cat Chloe is most likely tracking *fecal matter* all over my bed. smh.

    1. M. S. O. C. D!

  595. Keep in mind nutrient agar can grow bacteria just from the air

  596. Everything has poop on it because poop has a battery that is on everything soo who cares


  598. u can never b 100% clean so I’m just gonna keep sitting here…

  599. lol i don’t even use sheets or pillow cases soooo I’m. good!

  600. I will let my dog in my bed no matter what

  601. Her house is actually pretty dirty

  602. Did you die not knowing there were bacteria where you sleep? No you didn’t do you don’t need to kick the cat out of the bed

  603. damn I wash my sheets like once like every seven months

    1. I would shorten that by just a tad..

    2. Beanie boo Master kinda same😂

  604. Idc about all of this stuff because who takes their sheets off there bed and i have a queen bed so its even harder
    Thats why im not even going to think about taking their stupid advice

    1. Melody Wolfhard it’s just gross your bed starts to smell and dirt and everything just gross 🤢

  605. If I’m sick my mom will chance my bed sheets

  606. I like my cats to sleep with me. as for slippers, I put them in washer too

  607. I never wash my sheets, i buy new ones 😂

  608. Wash your slippers in hot water, or put them in with your towels. Mine survived many washings.

  609. I will always sleep with my cats

  610. People use hooks because of limited space. Not everyone can have rods.

  611. I don’t care at all, as if I’m going to die -.-. I would rather lie down on my bed with my pet dog shih tzu smh.

  612. there is not a single place u can go without bacteria so i am still going to sleep with my dog 😊🐶😊🐶😊🐶😊🐶😊🐶😊🐶😊🐶

  613. Hey what the hell is on her foot??? 0:24

    1. Sponge Bob Square Pants tatoo

  614. I do the towel tip and the shower tip 😂😂

  615. that dogs face tho

  616. Who has the money to keep buying slippers every 2 weeks?!

  617. I have a baby at my house we don’t leave it open because she put her hand in the toilet so we just close the door do you have a problem with that just come down we can make the rule you not the rule Missy I said you over like

  618. OMG I LIVE NEAR ANN ARBOR a I may live in Ann Arbor I’m not giving it out

  619. If I can’t see it it doesn’t bother me. Yeah I could get Ebola and die but I would never kick my honey baby sugar plum sweetie pie dog off my bed.

  620. I didn’t mr even have sheets on my bed

  621. “Wash your sheets every week”… well I’m nasty …

  622. can i speack the the girls, their metals. GEEZ teach me some tips

  623. my last name is seenie

  624. Me:


  625. I am scared now, I don’t want Ecoli

  626. we can’t leave the bathroom door open because my baby sister washes her face and hands with the toillet water 😲😲😲😨😨😨😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😷😷😫😫

  627. I think that yes, we should clean things and what not but excessive cleaning constantly with chemicals and killing ALL bacteria is just as harmful. We have to build our immune system to a certain point. If you’re chemically cleaning EVERYTHING all the time you’re immune system will have no reason to keep functioning well and then when you come into contact with something horrible it’s more likely to kill you. If it’s so common to find bacteria on towels why is it a huge deal? Have we heard of people dying from using their bath towels lately???? Nope.

  628. I have eight siblings

  629. my excuse is just saying theres a drout😂😂😂

  630. Idgaf

  631. Still I will have my cat sleep on my bed ! I am sure we do need some bacteria in our system

  632. P

  633. If your cat sleeps on your bed, simply place the cat in the wash machine on hot with bleach once a week. VIOLA!

  634. My pets sleep with me, and they still going to sleep with me, because I love my pets

  635. I eat and sleep in the same place. Haven’t washed my bed sheets in 7 months :^)

  636. nothing is clean in my house my house is the opposite of clean I went to spend the night at a friend’s house and came back to a huge mess and it turns out my sister had a friend over my mom did nothing about it they literally turn the whole house upside down

  637. no milf comments about the mom?? I am shocked

  638. So you’re telling me there’s bacteria on fabric you rub your sweaty body all over?! whaaaaaattt?! I’m so shocked.

  639. i wonder what they would find testing a guys bedsheets?😉

    1. 😉😙😉😙😉😙😉😙😉😙😉😙😉😙😉😙😉😙😉😙😉😙😉😙😉😙😉😙😉😙😉😙😉😙😉😙😉😙😉😙😉😙😉😙😉😙😉😙😉😙😉😙😉😉😉😙😉😙😉😙😉😙😉😙😉😙😉😙😉😙😉😙😉☺😉😙😉😙😉😙😉😙😉😙😉😙😉😙😉😙😉😙😉😙😉 find the difference

  640. Uh I’ve had the same slippers for almost 3 years… oops


  642. Oh, please… A 2009 study found that 48% of all fountain soda has fecal born bacteria and 11% contains E. Coli.

  643. What about your belly Button

  644. If you live in a apartment or house without a laundry room, then you wash your sheets like once every month.

  645. I don’t follow the tips

  646. my dna would proberly include canadian american and Australian i have ancestors from there

  647. my family has 9 people in it

  648. I will always let my dog and cat sleep with me

  649. Wash your sheets once a week.
    Lays down on sheets that have been on for more than month.

  650. Can you be really clean if you do not wear shoes inside your house (I do not wear shoes inside my home)?

  651. I ain’t throwing away 200$ worth of Ugg slippers. Stupid Inside Edition


  653. Or don’t leave the bathroom door open if you have no bathroom window and your fire alarm goes off from the heat or moisture

  654. The cat is soooo cute

  655. Then would it be alright if I haven’t cleaned my sheets since July 2016?

  656. I haven’t washed my sheets in like a year

  657. I don’t really care 😀

  658. tbh I’ve lived 11 years I can live more no harms been done….

  659. I’m usually only wash my sheets once every 4 months



  662. 10 years

  663. Still could care less. Only will wash my sheets when I get my period on ’em thank ya very much.

  664. 0:28 when a 10 year old has more medals and awards than you have got in a lifetime


    2. wow

    3. That’s because she does sports or other things

    4. She’s not ten

    5. wifeu i dont even have one…

  665. I wash my sheets like 1 every 3 months

  666. What if their ugg slippers…

    That’s 100 dollars down the drain

  667. If I leave my bathroom door open my dog will go on and go though the garbage can smh

  668. Who got uncomfortable when he said moist

  669. I wash my sheets about like three times a year lol and they aren’t dirty

  670. that is a waste of money

  671. Ew. Now I’m. Never going to let my pet rock sleep with me.

  672. I go months without washing my sheets😳

  673. Whats the use of slippers if your only having them for 2 months :T.

  674. As I was watching this, I was laying in my bed….with my dog….

  675. I just washed my sheets and everything like 2 weeks ago. But I’m not gonna wash it for a while cuz putting my sheets on my bed and everything is a really pesky job 😕

  676. It’s recommended to wash your sheets every two weeks.

  677. and by the way, EVERYONE has some ecoli on them. Not much, but some

  678. I feel like Inside Editions ultimate goal is to get us to waste more money on slippers and bedsheets

  679. I wonder did the kids get bullied after this aired.

  680. Wait so your parents do your laundry and she knocked on the door my parents do neither they just come right in and if I want clothes I have to do it myself.

  681. Most slippers can go in the washer machine so why not wash them in there it will save you money

  682. why would you buy a slipper that you will just throw after 2 months? get a flip-flops and you will never have to throw them in a years to come

  683. I change my bed sheets ,duvet covers and pillow case every 3 days. It’s becoming a habit ✌🏼️it actually feels really clean and refreshing ✨makes a big difference in my family’s life. I used to be lazy but once you have a baby 👶🏼 everything will change. My opinion 😘

  684. Poor cat

  685. I wash my sheets/duvet cover every other day and exchange clean pillow cases every night with the side my face touches being folded on itself. Everything must also be folded inside out before making contact with the washing machine. Disposable gloves, paper/plastic cups silverware plates, alcohol pads…. This is my clean ocd life. For those who would like to know, my pale butt cheeks have not touched a toilet seat for close to a decade now… Paper is god, as well as the color of white.

  686. The real question is: HOW MUCH LINEN IS ACTUALLY IN YOUR LINEN CLOSET?!?! The answer is not that much;)

  687. Never washed my bed sheets since I bought them…

    I bought them yesterday

  688. We have a thing called an immune system….

  689. I’m a germ freak, I couldn’t sleep with my cat. Even though I would love to cuddle her hahah

  690. So many God damn medals

  691. Ugh he said moist🤢

  692. One been in it for ages I’m not sick so why worry

  693. well im not getting rid of my dog soo no

  694. My cat put all cat hair on my bed

  695. your experts say toss them after 2 months of use
    I say your expert has a slippers business

  696. that cat looks like it just went through a paper shredder

  697. Good stuff!

  698. i wash my bedding every two weeks…

  699. I wash my sheets once a year, I sleep very well and I haven’t gotten sick for 3 years.

  700. Er, E Coli is almost everywhere. There is bacteria that is in fecal matter that the world is made up of.

  701. Ughhhh why I will bother then -.-

  702. I wash my sheets once a year😲

    1. This is why I hate sleeping at other people’s houses

  703. My dogs gonna still come in my bed 😂

    1. Because I Can do you understand a joke? Lol idiot

    2. Because I Can thank you for letting them know but you could of been nicer about it

    3. Jen-x *come* learn to spell before you make yourself look like an idiot

  704. * sits on bed while watching*
    inside edition: pets can cause a problem too

    me: hey kylie if you’re on my bed get the heck off of it

    (kylie is my cat )